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  9. Burn up w
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  13. whos YOUR favorite character?
  14. wow!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. Rio used to advertise...er...Orange juice.
  16. That Sux!
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  18. ok....confused: X and the VDS
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  22. *Pokes everyone*
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  27. favorite person
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  33. I just Burn Up W… That's right people…
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  36. Nanvel, Physics, and Fan Service
  37. Xcess is now in production
  38. Aaah... finally got the W DVD
  39. Hmm eva01 in Burn Up W
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  48. Burn up W >.<
  49. yet another lesbien thread
  50. appropriations
  51. when is Xcess being released??
  52. Excess Being Released!!!
  53. be happy, burn up Xcess fans!!! dvd 1 of 4 to be released 8/20/02!!!!
  54. nanvel's japanese name
  55. Hmm Lilica's battle suit thingy
  56. Burn Up Manga?
  57. release date for excess 2 and new adv excess site..coming soon
  58. Nanvels uniform
  59. 2 days, people
  60. Jiggle Counter(TM)
  61. Release Today!
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  63. Burn Up Excess (sp.)
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  65. The death of that bulky guy with the chaingun by Maya
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  67. Lilica does indeed have a battlesuit
  68. Cameo
  69. Burn up Excess episode 4...?_?
  70. Now I really want a transfer to the Tokyo police!
  71. Excess volume 1 impressions
  72. Nanvels teh best girl!
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  74. looks like someone got a visit...
  75. The ending of xcess *Spoilers*
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  77. Wheres the virtual drug syndicate!
  78. Gambatte Yuji!
  79. If there were to be a sequel ...
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  82. Belive it or don't, I have yet to see Burn Up Excess (Predictions on the eps)
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