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  11. Yushiro Gowa *spoilers*
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  39. I'm curious about this series.
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  53. Did Gasaraki get their design from Star Wars's AT-ST
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  57. The Crazy Pilot - Major Taniguchi - TA's Mile One Tissue - A Kai
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  59. It's time to Focus
  60. What genre would you call Gasaraki???
  61. Gasaraki... What's it about? And what's your rating of it?
  62. Innovators
  63. Miharu and Yushiro under Symbol's control???
  64. Symbol's Objectives???
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  66. Miharu and Misuzu related??? (Spoiler... Maybe)
  67. The Missing Gap
  68. The Ever Changing Opening
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  70. Is there a difference between the two Dances of Gasara???
  71. Kazukiyo wanting to be a Kugutsu (puppet master)
  72. NO! You can not see Yushiro
  73. Just how unstoppable are the TA's???
  74. Thoughts on the end of Gasaraki
  75. Is this series actually good
  76. Who want to steal $20,000,000,000,000??? (Minor Spoiler)
  77. Fake's/TA's... Realistic???
  78. Thanks to Wolfpac
  79. The death of the Minister of Justice, Kashiweda
  80. "I'm Rich, I think I might buy a city or two"
  81. Questions about Miharu and Yushiro's sister
  82. Mr. Nishida's dream for Japan
  83. Unappealing characters
  84. My retelling of Gasaraki
  85. The New and Improved... (Spoiler)
  86. Hmm, alright. Can someone tell me a bit about this anime?
  87. Symbol's Rulership?