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  2. Ai Yori Aoshi released on Feb?
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  4. I got Ai yori Aoshi 4 days before release in the states :D
  5. Aoi the perfect wife
  6. preordered but still waiting. don't know what to expect.
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  9. Ah....A Sequel!
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  12. Ai Yori Aoshi sequel licenced by Pioneer/Genome
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  14. *sets up a noose to hang Mayu*
  15. Sequel for Enishi????
  16. Anyone know how far along the manga is compaired to the Anime?
  17. The Ai Yori Aoshi fan thread is HERE!! Now, if I could attract some one to talk to...
  18. guys helpme !!! please with this
  19. Ep 15 Song Help!