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  1. Tenchi Muyo!!!!!
  2. Welcome to the Tenchi Muyo forum
  3. Thread 2 hehe
  4. OAV Ending Song
  5. OAV Time Problems
  6. Characters special abilities
  7. After OAV series ends on CN, and some editing stuff
  8. A Show About Nothing
  9. Is anyone else confused?
  10. Tenchi Manga?
  12. Tenchi In Tokyo
  13. Daughter of Darkness.
  14. Where to get Tenchi OVA DVD set
  15. About the tenchi oav
  16. Kamadaki
  17. Tenchi pen and paper RPG?
  18. three?
  19. I missed.....
  20. anime similar to tenchi muyo
  21. who should get tenchi
  22. Tenchi Video Game?
  23. Yagami
  24. The Magical Girl, Pretty Sasami!
  25. Who's the best character?
  26. tenchi ova series, dvd
  27. Lady Tokimi, Washu and Tsunami?
  28. Love sucks
  29. Tenchi OAV?
  30. Fanfictions
  31. Who shouldn't get Tenchi
  32. Top 5 Fav Grls
  33. OAV?
  34. The new Tenchi OVA series
  35. Aeka, the OAV Princess
  36. How many eps in ova?
  37. Why Tenchi...?
  38. Love Potion?
  39. How many series are there?
  40. Why is Tenchi so lucky???
  41. Why is Tenchi's dad a PERVERT???
  42. I was wondering about Ryoko & Ryo-ohki?
  43. The OAV Mystery
  44. Minagi
  45. --------------> Is Tenchis voice done by the same person who was Shinji in NGE<------
  46. About the manga
  47. Mini-Drama's
  48. Lets talk about how sexy sakuya is!!!! AND TENCHI!!!!
  49. Ryo-oh-ki ish kawaii, but how kawaii?
  50. tenchi movies
  51. Which character do you most identify with?
  52. Who do you think is the most scariest mom, Masaki or Washu?
  53. why is that called this.
  54. Tenchi?
  55. Tenchi Universe
  56. Tenchi Muyo! RPG
  57. My Washuu Puppet Obsession...
  58. What is everyone's problem with Ayeka?
  60. TEnchi Muyo (not tenchi in love)
  61. another cabbit board
  62. The Best Anime Villian is....
  63. A Tenchi Girl 4 U
  64. No Need For Censorship
  65. Kenny has finally seen some more
  66. Cabbit Question
  67. New Tenchi Series....But what?
  68. Tenchi In Tokyo......Is that Tenchi?
  70. Oh Tenchi!
  71. I HATE HER!!
  72. Can someone pleeze explain me what is Tenchi Muyo????
  73. For the ladies... Relate.
  74. *Cries, Laughs, Ponders, Critisizes...*
  75. age old question...
  76. aM i A tEnChi FaN? Or JuSt AnOtHeR PsYcHo?
  77. Tenchi Forever animation
  78. Masaki curse
  79. Foryth- question about the TM RPG and refference book
  80. Is it true?
  81. Does anyone know how Cabbits reproduce?
  82. Anyone got the Tenchi Ultimate Edition?
  83. How Come...
  84. Age factors:(
  85. Censorship
  86. Which Tenchi Series is the Best?
  87. Washu's labratory..
  88. For all you hardcore Tenchi Fans Out There
  89. Doh BlueSubmarine #6 taking place of Tenchi until Friday
  90. Tenchi Muyo Info
  91. Tenchi late night
  92. Tenci and El Hazard Tie In?
  93. Tenchi OVA - Is that All?
  94. Tenchi is Tenchi is Tenchi is Tenchi is
  95. Tenchi - English Voice Actor question
  96. Sasami
  97. Question...
  98. 3 Series 3 Stories 1 Disturbed Kiyone
  99. My Ryo-Ohki arrived today :)
  100. 5 Girls You'd Love to Hate
  101. does Ryoko have a tail?
  102. Confused
  103. The Third Tenchi OAV petitions
  104. mullet!
  105. Shin Tenchi Muyo?
  106. Who we have to thank...(sarcastic)
  107. Aeka H shirt
  108. Ahh, a nice review for once..
  109. the ryo-ohki song!
  110. Ryo-OhKi photoshoot (yes i have no life)
  111. why does everyone love Tenchi so much?
  112. anyone...
  113. I picked up my Ryoko today :)
  114. Why was it even created
  115. New Tenchi series!!!!
  116. Tenchi Forever the Movie...
  117. Question about the new Tenchi series
  118. tenchi movies
  119. I'm confused
  120. Ryo Ohki and Sasami page with pics and stories and links here!
  121. Is this serie any good?
  122. Ayeka or Ryoko?
  123. is tenchi gay?
  124. Favorite Tenchi songs?
  125. I tenchi newbie
  126. Tenchi Muyo in Love 2
  127. My fav ep was on today: Mecha washu!!!!!
  128. ?
  129. Who hates Ayeka?
  130. Washuu's Sexuality?
  131. Washuu's Incredible Hair!(tm)
  132. Tenchi's school...?!?
  133. Tenchi Action Figures?
  134. Tenchi Muyo! Newtype 100% Collection (OAV) book
  135. Kagato's Return
  136. What is Tenchi Muyo
  137. I'm a little confused.
  138. what exactly is tenchi muyo?????
  139. Is tenchi in love...?
  140. a question that needs answered???
  141. Whats it about
  142. How many episodes
  143. ryoko gets tenchi?
  144. Favorite Tenchi Seris?
  145. There is gonna be another tenchi series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Tenchi Muyo TV
  147. Mihoshi and Kiyone...
  148. tenchi items?
  149. could any of you out there help me???
  150. Muyo Ending
  151. Ok... hands up who thinks Mihoshi and Kiyone are a couple?
  152. Tenchi OAV's 3-5
  153. Polygamy of the Juraians.
  154. Threat of ANOTHER ultimate universe
  155. Gotta check this out
  156. Pretty Sammy
  157. Ryoko's death??
  158. Stop bagging Misaki!! She's a fine Lady!!
  159. What is this song?
  160. I finally figured it out.
  161. Who likes the American voice actors?
  162. who is best lookin girl?????
  163. what is ur favorite tenchi series??
  164. ages of everybody
  165. Which seres is best
  166. Probable Live Action Tenchi Cast/Crew
  167. What do you think ....
  168. Which is the best Tenchi Artbook?
  169. What was that!!??
  170. Tenchi Muyo character selector :)
  171. Doesn't quite make sense...
  172. Tenchi is HOT!
  173. wat u talkn bout
  174. Just Started...
  175. Question...
  176. Is Washu in the KKK?
  177. Questions...
  178. My Tenchi postcards arrived today
  179. Tenchi Soap Opera?
  180. did i miss something in TiT?
  181. why is it use less?
  182. Hi there! New Member & Thoughts about Tenchi Muyo!
  183. how long will it take?
  184. Who would make the best dominatrix, Ryoko or Ayeka...
  185. pretty sammy questions
  186. Little Ryoko
  187. Mihoshi the Genius
  188. Who is this?
  189. Has anyone got this pic?
  190. Pictures! I want pictures!
  191. HELP! Song lists needed!
  192. Yay seen the first series..
  193. New Series
  194. *sniff* sad...sad...
  195. Tenchi vs. Luke Skywalker
  196. Best Tenchi Web Page
  197. tenchi locations
  198. How badly cut is tenchi on CN
  199. What i just won on ebay
  200. Lady Tokime and the 3rd ova.
  201. not exactly tenchi, but same creator...
  202. Today's tenchi muyo episode
  203. Look!!!
  204. The ultimate tenchi muyo dvd collection?
  205. Will very soon be very happy =)
  206. Curious about universe
  207. Tenchi Movies
  208. washus full name
  209. I'm sure this has been done but
  210. _happy Startica!_
  211. can i get em in.........
  212. Any updates??????
  213. show insperation
  214. Gotta check them out
  215. Hidden tenchi ep 13.5 on dvd - where?
  216. Which girl should get Tenchi? A solution!
  217. Mihoshi - Love her or hate her?
  218. Which Tenchi character would you be?
  219. stats!!!!!!
  220. Anyone know where I can find sims skins?
  221. Whats it about?
  222. Finally i got it im sooo happy yay
  223. Mihoshi Merchandise?
  224. Can Ryoko Produce Lighthawk wings?
  225. Is Washu Mihoshi's.....
  226. If you had to kill on Tenchi girl to save another...
  227. Aeka's sticks?
  228. Great Scott!!!!
  229. WHY Mihoshi differs from the 'stereotypical dumb blonde'...
  230. What makes a good Tenchi Muyo fanfiction?
  231. Who does Tenchi prefer = Ryoko or Ayeka?
  232. Where do the movies fit in?
  233. what's wrong with tenchi in toyko
  234. How it all fits....?
  235. Tenchi OVA 3
  236. Whos the hottest?
  237. Aeyka What do You think?
  238. What would you do if you were Tenchi?
  239. Who would you have for a mom Ryoko or Washu?
  240. ova #3
  241. Is it just me...
  242. Ayeka's spaceship
  243. Cutey Cabbits!
  244. Ayeka's Powers
  245. Tenchi Muyo! and Dual! (Spoilers)
  246. Ken-Ohki pictures
  247. Sakuya...
  248. A scary Ayeka theme
  249. Tenchi Movies
  250. Tenchi 3rd OVA
  251. OVA3 production art in DVD re-issue?
  252. Check out this pic that I found
  253. Possible new pic
  254. "Galaxy Police" Spinoff Series
  255. Tenchi Universe Box Set?
  256. Ryoko or Ayeka?
  257. Is Ayeka All That Bad?
  258. Does Anyone know How much tenchi Merchandise is out there and The Cost?
  259. Post your tenchi stuff to help me out.
  260. Should Tenchi Even get any of the girls?
  261. Series Guide???? PLease Help!!!
  262. Whats the difference?
  263. Tenchi novels
  264. do you think ryoko should get so mad at Ayeka?
  265. Which Tenchi project is the best?
  266. FREACKY $h^! (must read!)
  267. Tenchi in Tokyo question
  268. What........
  269. Kagato is Washu's Child?!?
  270. Taro/Tarou!!!
  271. newbie to Tenchi!
  272. Dub vs. Sub
  273. Oav........
  274. Ryoko Fans
  275. Does Ryoko Ever Get All Three Gems And Form The LightHawk Wings?
  276. the best tenchi movie?
  277. ryo-ohki virtual pet
  278. Tenchi Muyo RPG
  279. OVA/OAV Season 03
  280. OAV 3!!! are they for real on Ebay?
  281. Kiyone... a lesbian?
  282. Will Pretty Sammy come to dvd?
  283. The inconsistency of Washuu.
  284. The meaning of Lady Tokimi's name
  285. Ryoko169 want to build a Tenchi Muyo site. Help!
  286. Which member of Tenchi's harem...
  287. my views and stuffabout Tenchi Muyo
  288. Tenchi Muyo questions.
  289. Anime RPG
  290. Did I miss someting?
  291. New solution!
  292. Tenchi Quiz! check it out. Find out if you have what it takes to be a proud member
  293. Finnaly finished watching Tenchi Muyo OAVs
  294. One more Thing!
  295. Any new stuff?
  296. Baka! by Ryoko169. go for it!
  297. Do you like Tenchi music? then check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  298. Tenchi in Tokyo episode 7 loop holes
  299. Ryoko, And Ayeka In Love?!?!?!?!?!
  300. favourite character? -uh sorry if this thread has been done before-
  301. Tenchi Music
  302. Pretty Sammy Tenchi & Ryoko?
  303. I finally saw it
  304. Tenchi Movies
  305. What's so good about it?
  306. Mysterious Silhouette
  307. What's age got to do with it?
  308. The Light Hawk wings are fake?
  309. Tenchi Resin figures
  310. who is more kawaii? Sasami or Ryo-ohkis humanish form?
  311. Misaki = Daidouji Sonomi of Card Captor Sakura?
  312. Winamp Skins
  313. who has the best hair?
  314. which Tenchi series is this picture from?
  315. What Deserves the "Tenchi" title?
  316. Ayeka's fans: are they annoying?
  317. New to Tenchi
  318. We Tenci Fans are like a community right?
  319. IF you were Tenchi...
  320. who is the ugliest.
  321. 10/10/2001
  322. the Mihoshi special? has any1 seen it
  323. Who are you most like?
  324. so after the feedback i decided to get the Mihoshi Special
  325. Who would you like to see
  326. AYB...Tenchi-fied
  327. who would you go out with?
  328. Does Tenchi actually have "Light Hawk Wings"?
  329. Why isnt Kiyone in the OVAs? this is what i think
  330. The "Mass" is it?
  331. What Exactly Is The Mihoshi Special?
  332. 22nd of October, the gates of hell open!
  333. The Day of Tenchi! (Official GXP/OVA3 site up)
  334. Favorite thing!!
  335. Tenchi's Nosebleeds
  336. Does anyone know what's in the 4-CD Tenchi box-set?
  337. Tenchi Muyo!: Tenchi in Love question
  338. Who would win?
  339. Official show us what you've got thread
  340. whaaa??? GXP?? or OAV?? or nothing at all.
  341. Where has Tenchi gone?
  342. Interesting.
  343. If i had to choose one movie
  344. Ok People!!!! Do Think Tenchi Should Really Be With Sakuya?????
  345. Tenchi 101. welcome to the class.
  346. Who's Your Favorite, And Why????
  347. character bashing: good or bad?
  348. Tenchi is STOOPID!
  349. Mihoshi Fans Unite!!!
  350. the best Tenchi site? any1?
  351. Pretty Sammy OVA DVD status
  352. Ayeka has a mullet?
  353. Tenchi Universe youth memories?
  354. Washu's hair...
  355. Ryoko desktop image
  356. Am i the only 1 that likes Tenchi in Tokyo?
  357. Fav. Badguy?
  358. Worst Tenchi Auther's
  359. New Tenchi Muyo! GXP commercial!
  360. What is this picture of? Please help me!!
  361. Tenchi Chara Stats
  362. Tenchi Muyo Chara Measurements
  363. Best Episode
  364. Just Wondering...
  365. Gxp
  366. Comprehensive "Tenchi Muyo!" Family Tree!
  367. The Best Tenchi Episode....??
  368. Who would you go Costumed as?
  369. Ayeka
  370. Die Die Die Die Ryoko
  371. 3rd OAV
  372. Kagato needs your vote!
  373. Tenchi Continuity Chart
  374. New Tenchi series in production.
  375. post your picture thread
  376. The offical Tenchi site sucks
  377. Tenchi Muyo-whats "Muyo"?
  378. Tenchi Muyo rpg at Playweb.com
  379. What's your reason for hating?
  380. Who or what is your favorite ship?
  381. Ryoko and Ayeka - both liars ? (Tenchi Universe Spoilers)
  382. Post Your Tenchi Sites (or other anime sites) Here!!!
  383. Which is your favorite, Muyo, Universe, or Tokyo?
  384. Shin Tenchi Support Group
  385. ryoko and ayeka, in love?????
  386. Tenchi Universe - Time and Space question (spoilers)
  387. Funny scenes on Tenchi
  388. A mundane question?
  389. wanted- "Jbtenchi"
  390. Ryoko against.....?????
  391. The shadow of a demon.
  392. Ayeka
  393. Ending song on Tenchi Universe
  394. Yuzuha and Yosho: the tragic love story…
  395. Tenchi Muyo question
  396. Aeka-kore hip hop vol. 1: Goody Bag
  397. Say has anyone noticed...
  398. Sweet Baby Buddha's left nut… Tenchi Muyo! Is back on Toonami!
  399. Does anyone else suspect...
  400. not enough time to watch Tenchi...
  401. Kagato Music
  402. tenchi jurain battle gear
  403. an interesting though
  404. What is the best Tenchi picture?????
  405. Tenchi Muyo GXP!
  406. Ayeka and Ryoko: Who is better?
  407. my new tenchi cels
  408. The 2 wooden things . . . y'know the 1s who protect Ayeka
  409. 3rd OAV Format? Are they gonna box it up?
  410. Ryoko and Sasami/Tsunami: who's better
  411. I Finnaly Saw It!
  412. Tenchi Muyo! RPG for the Super Famicom
  413. washus dimensional shifting machine
  414. funny quotes and comments
  415. Tenchis Perfect wife
  416. PSX Game
  417. No Need for Tenchi Manga
  418. hello!
  419. Ryoko169-one of the best Tenchi Muyo posters
  420. Galaxy Police and OVA 3
  421. How do U watch tenchi?
  422. no need for tenchi in tokyo
  423. who's that d00d?
  424. Best Tenchi site . . .
  425. Sakuya: not a 2D character
  426. Which Tenchi series is *missable*?
  427. It's debate time! Yaayyy!
  428. Misaki and Yosho
  429. Washu's Lullaby
  430. Time and Space Dimension Part 3
  431. i NEED to get this off my chest, heh
  432. Did the Juraian grunts from evil TU have guns?
  433. Worst Tenchi lemon ever
  434. Tenchi on Jurai?
  435. What if
  436. OVA 9: Who din't like the ending?
  437. Our Very OWN Tenchi Muyo RPG!
  438. Ages in Tenchi Muyo
  439. Tenchi Muyo GXP
  440. Hey! What's up with TMFFA?
  441. Fanfics for the People!
  442. Ryoko vs. Bruce Lee
  443. which tenchi girl has a better body
  444. my tenchi muyo fanfic
  445. it is called the tough ones
  446. Can the Aeka fans please stand up?!
  447. True Tenchi Muyo! Book 2: Yosho. Ryoko's Assault
  448. Looking for a specific picture
  449. Ryoko
  450. When did Tenchi come back to CN?
  451. Who is to blame?
  452. favorite CN censored Tenchi scene.
  453. Tenchi in Tokyo is back on Toonami!
  454. OVA/OAV Or TV series on Adult Swim?
  455. One question on Tenchi Muyo
  456. question on Ryoko X.X
  457. Adult Swim Tenchi Muyo!: Worst Case Scenario has occurred…
  458. Who was the badass?
  459. Could a fanfic pass as real literature?
  460. Opinions wanted
  461. International bash Ryoko week starts now!
  462. ...not that theres anything wrong with that...
  463. Ryoko's motive?
  464. Tenchi the luckiest guy?
  465. I don't get it...
  466. Adult Swim new lineup for those who dont know with Tenchi!
  467. Biggest sadist?
  468. Tenchi In Love
  469. How many episodes are in tenchi Muyo
  470. Real Player Video's from Tenchi Muyo!
  471. Did Ayeak suspect?
  472. Galaxy Police Spin-off?
  473. Tenchi Muyo vs. Yu Yu Hakusho
  474. Tenchi Muyo Video Questions
  475. Which series is on AS?
  476. Worst Tenchi Episode?
  477. "Fun" Tenchi thread
  478. comments on Riooki anyone?
  479. Tenchi on toonami?
  480. Summoning Demons
  481. Tenchi gettin' blasted.
  482. 3rd OVA release date?
  483. Tenchi - Muyo - Universe - In Tokyo
  484. I have no clue.
  485. Has anyone ever noticed how hot Tsunami is?
  486. Call against violence in Tenchi Forum!
  487. Call for violence in the Tenchi Forum!
  488. The millions of Ryo-ohkis.
  489. How did Mihoshi escape?
  490. no need for a swim suit . who should of won???
  491. Is there another series in the works?
  492. Who is the girl in the pic?
  493. Washuu's character...
  494. The Debate
  495. Ken-ohki!!!!!!
  496. Random thoughts on who Tenchi will pick in the upcoming OVAs
  497. Mod Request
  498. A rivalry more bitter than that between Ayeka and Ryoko
  499. Ova3
  500. Sasami and Tsunami fusion.
  501. It's Debate Time! (kind of)
  502. Tenchi Muyo GXP Thread
  503. Overall Favorite Tenchi Series/Movie?
  504. Is Tenchi Muyo on DVD?
  505. who's the girl?
  506. Tenchi meets Oh My Goddess, what would happen?
  507. Ryo-ohki and the Mass.
  508. Washu Fan!
  509. Tenchi's cat
  510. Battle?
  511. Here's A Question
  512. Aeka/Aeyka lovers paraphernalia
  513. all new tenchi......yahoo!
  514. Third times a charm.... I hope.
  515. Let me get this straight
  516. Tenchi Muyo GXP's american premiere
  517. Tenchi-Muyo! Galaxy Police Transporter
  518. GXP's character designer
  519. Who would you have write the Tenchi manga?
  520. How old?
  521. help with other Tenchi series
  522. Ryoko lovers paraphernalia
  523. Id kill off one of the girls, but which one . .
  524. If you were one of the girls how would you persuade Tenchi into picking you?
  525. tenchi in tokyo: should i get it? two tapes for $5 at suncoast
  526. I'm back. Yay.
  527. Free Tenchi GXP Sub Downloads
  528. GXP Translation Site
  529. Tenchi Fan site...
  530. What's the diff...?
  531. The top five reaons why Kagato rules.
  532. Whats the new Tenchi series like?
  533. New Tenchi Muyo Ova!!!!!!!!!
  534. dose tenchi.........?
  535. Ryoko VS Ayeka, come on, it's gotta end sometime here
  536. Tenchi OVA vs. Tenchi Earth Chronicles
  537. 10th Anniversery DVD Box
  538. The Tenchi Muyo pics post tread!
  539. The age of the Females
  540. Aeka
  541. it's not Aeka
  542. did they ruin tenchi? (opinions)
  543. GXP - A warning
  544. Bias anti-Tenchi person..
  545. do you guys want a surprise?
  546. pretty sammy, sailor moon mix up
  547. GXp Brief Episode Summaries
  548. Tenchi Haiku
  549. For your enjoyment
  550. Sakuya and Tenchi's love.
  551. AEKA In Effect
  552. The best of AEKA on the web
  553. Are Ryoko and Ayaka Lesbians???
  554. Hold It!!!
  555. Hey ineed some Washu Pics
  556. Best of A(y)eka on the web -- again![img]
  557. Sakuya pics
  558. Tenchi Muyo humor/jokes
  559. Tenchi-Web Update (10/10/02)
  560. Official Tenchi Arguing Topic
  561. Who would you date?
  562. The OFFICAL(not really) Washu website!
  563. Tenchi Muyo Pic Post mk II
  564. Minagi???
  565. Tenchi Humor, let's try this again
  566. What is Sasami?
  567. Pretty Sammy OVA and Magical Project S
  568. What's the order???
  569. Every Girl in Tenchi Muyo is Really a Lesbian
  570. Nevermind OVA 3 What About OVA 4?
  571. story time, make a contribution
  572. Is Tenchi a Virgin?
  573. Who else has named their cats after Tenchi characters?
  574. Uh...
  575. Whats the latest news on OVA 3?
  576. tenchi muyo computer themes?
  577. Tenchi Forever: The Concept
  578. Good Tenchi Muyo Pics!
  579. Tenchi can't be gay!
  580. Shin Tenchi, NOT the abomination anime (well maybe not)
  581. Where did Tenchi go?
  582. Ryoko Alive?
  583. Identification of Hasegawa novels with scans
  584. Spoil me, please! GXP hints to OVA3 wanted.
  585. Anyone else get the new Tenchi DVD's?
  586. What is Tenchi Tokyo?
  587. Natural Selection.
  588. Info on 3rd OVA
  589. When is the new ova coming out
  590. Tenchi Muyo OVA set Madman disk 2 audio
  591. Tenchi muyo third ova not pioneer
  592. The Future of Tenchi Muyo
  593. Ayeka and that seed
  594. Japanese dialouge
  595. News -- International Channel airing Tenchi Muyo
  596. Third OVA video clips
  597. Tenchi 4-koma manga humor
  598. No Need for Episode Count! The Article in Newtype USA
  599. Tenchi Novels
  600. Who is Noike?
  601. 'Tenchi Muyo! GXP' trailer available.
  602. help...
  603. AIC BBS closing at the end of July
  604. GXP: Seen It?
  605. Anyone keeping up with the Third OVA?
  606. Tenchi Muyo - Ryoko
  607. The new series Complaints/Comments
  608. Tenchi's final choice (new series mild spoilers?)
  609. Tenchi movies confusion
  610. GXP questions
  611. Release Dates for Ryo-Ohki volumes 2 & 3
  612. Tenchi Universe Time and Space question
  613. Age question
  614. Daughter of Darkness
  615. I'm Disgusted w/ FUNimation's release of the Ryohki saga
  616. *Confused*
  617. Ryoko X Ayeka is an Official couple