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  1. Anyone seen Nadesico the Movie: Prince of Darkness?
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  7. Anybody see Nadesico?
  9. How many volumes are there?
  10. The ending (yes, SPOILERS)
  11. First Impressions...
  12. Eva parody episode
  13. I don't get it...
  14. Favorite Nadesico song?
  15. International channel?
  16. Got WEBSITE?
  17. Favorite Character??
  18. Test
  19. Cool
  20. Has anyone noticed that Nadesico sounds like Nabisco?
  21. Gekigangar 3 OVA
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  23. Influences on Nadesico
  24. Is Nadesico worth seeing?
  25. my recommendation...
  26. Nadesico music
  27. Does it bother anyone else...
  28. ADV's DVD presentation: Should I endure for the sake of the series?
  29. Just bought the 1st DVD!
  30. Comedy vs. Space Opera
  31. Howmei and the Howmei girls' song
  32. Has anyone here read the Manga?
  33. A little help here.
  34. A request for clarification (spoilers)
  35. Dubbed Version: How good?
  36. Nadesico Newbie ^-^
  37. Gekiganger 3
  38. Evangelion parody parts..
  39. Megatokyo parodies Nadesico's parody of Cosplay
  40. What does....
  41. Prince of Darkness Movie?
  42. Nadesico Eps
  43. Could you fill me in.
  44. how many discs is Nadesico
  45. Australian release coming soon....
  46. Ruri Hoshino Pic
  47. Manga vs Anime
  48. The UK Miss episodes12345and6!
  49. Who's the sexiest crew member?
  50. It's all gone wrong
  51. Inez Fressange
  52. Pic request
  53. What's with the orange?
  54. A really stupid question
  55. Finally... a translation of the name.
  56. Ryoko the Mighty
  57. Why 'Prince of Darkness'?
  58. And so it ends ....(*spoilers* -- of course)
  59. i dont understand...please explain (spoilers ahead)
  60. Nadesico Mecha Design...
  61. (Nadesico: Prince of Darkness)...Stop Asking when its coming out and read this!
  62. The ONLY place to buy Nadesico on DVD!
  63. Other stuff by the Nadesico team
  64. The Howmei Question
  65. Is this the end?
  66. New Release Info On Nadesico Movie!
  67. Hooray... I finally get my own copy
  68. 6 hours to go...
  69. Opening Theme Lyrics
  70. Ruri Hoshino Voice Actors
  71. That Inevitable Question: Which one would YOU go out with?
  72. Oh my god! The worst ending of anime ever!
  73. What happen during these periods?
  74. Other "guest appearances"
  75. Admiral Ubetake!
  76. Consideration, guys
  77. What IS Nadesico?
  78. How did the Jovians come to be?
  79. Should I get the dvds
  80. Half-life simmilarities?
  81. First impressions
  82. Akito's an idiot!
  83. Who did you expect The jovians to be?
  84. Nadesico Music CDs
  85. Nadesico on TV?
  86. How did the Jovians get so powerful
  87. Nadesico Awards
  88. The Ultimate Battle: Nadesico vs. Eva
  89. You know you've watched too much nadesico when...
  90. Ok.. Tried this before but...
  91. Nadesico Avatars
  92. First episdoes more slapstick?
  93. The incest Admiral!
  94. Help me!
  95. Ain't you guys Lucky
  96. How come the UEAF never attacked Jupiter?
  97. ending of nadesico
  98. Translator's homepage
  99. question on Ines spoiler beware
  100. What's your favourite and worse episodes? episode?
  101. See Aesti Valis, Akito and others on your PS2!
  102. Aussies get screwed by madman
  103. Jovian/Gekiganger connection.
  104. Are the Jovians better known as Space Monsters???
  105. yamada jiro?
  106. Almost got the full series
  107. A Gundam connection!
  108. Nadesico Movie Release Date
  109. Anime Credit Cards
  110. I got the full series!
  111. EVA fiend should watch more.
  112. Nadesico/CB/Gundam/ FF inspired RPG site
  113. Yurika the Priest
  114. Yurika becomes a milkman
  115. Nadesico/CB/Gundam/ FF inspired RPG site(cont. due to error)
  116. "fan service"
  117. Wheres the love gone
  118. Need Aesti Pics
  119. :dot:
  120. Nadesico Video Game
  121. Nadesico Vs Vandread
  122. who here actually has the whole series?
  123. Ruri and Rei
  124. All the parodys!
  125. Gekigan FLARE!
  126. Who's your favourite female Nadesico crew member?
  127. Nadesico Forum Slowing down!
  128. Poor Quality DVD?
  129. Just another stinkin' war
  130. TENKAWA is a whiny prick!
  131. The Popularity of Ruri
  132. Who thought this sucked?
  133. Girls and Nadesico (DNA, don't kill me)
  134. Who is your Favourite Character?
  135. blue villain....argh
  136. I found these really good Fan Arts
  137. If you were to change one thing?
  138. nadesico is/was not meant to be serious
  139. Song Titles?
  140. I'm really confused
  141. Peacefuldays.org Spring cleaning request
  142. Nadesico wallpapaers
  143. Just got done with my first taste...
  144. Which one? Confuse!
  145. Nadescio the movie 2
  146. I don't like the movie.
  147. Look at my avatar!
  148. Hypothetical Question
  149. What's with Yurika's arse?
  150. About the ending of the series....
  151. Who gets it better off on the Nadesico?
  152. The Blank of Three Years
  153. Nadesico goodies!
  154. Nadesico fics?
  155. Gekigangar?
  156. Aestavalis Pic Request
  157. the Nadescio Vs. Macross
  158. n00b Question
  159. How many?
  160. Wanted: Aestivalis Pilots
  161. Nadesico: sub or dub
  162. Just Finish Eva Box Set. Nadesico Still #1
  163. Who here has their own....
  164. TV series OVA bundle just arrived
  165. common question: favorite episode(LIKELY SPOILERS)
  166. THe Popularity of Gai
  167. What has Madman done to my Nadesico DVD?
  168. CD Music Question
  169. What the?
  170. Your Thoughts on the Movie
  171. Do you think Erina is with the big Q?
  172. Name that Nadesico Song!
  173. New Nadesico Hangout online
  174. Translator Wanted for peacefuldays.org
  175. Minami Omi Music Vid?
  176. how many DVDs?
  177. Nadesico Boxed Set
  178. Pic request?
  179. the popularity of Yurika
  180. silver/blue haired girl in opening sequence
  181. ova spoiler
  182. Ruri collectibles
  183. So many Ladies...
  184. Yurika Captain... Now really
  185. Red Dwarf and Nadesico?
  186. Ms. Inez
  187. After Nadesico movie
  188. Gekiganger fans unite!
  189. Which one would you fall for?(seriously)
  190. Is Nadesico....Good?
  191. lesbians ahoy... Oh wait, they've been lost overboard on Nadesico
  192. id like this one to be group organized...
  193. Crisis Over!
  194. Finnally finished the series..
  195. Best Lines
  196. nadesico fanart
  197. REAL nadesico T-Shirts
  198. Nadesico manga?
  199. Let's Go Passion!
  200. What Would Ruri Do?
  201. Nadesico VS Evangelion
  202. What id Nadesico was on Toonami?
  203. Gai Daikouji, not Jiro Yamada
  204. Nadesico???
  205. nadesico movie capsule figure ?'s
  206. Nadsico on TV!
  207. Addendum to WWRD
  208. Ruri-Chan's trippin' hair ^.^
  209. Ruri avatars
  210. Nadesico character quiz
  211. Yurika: Job or Love???
  212. The popularity of Nadesico
  213. Yurika's Mother
  214. Which Character would you go out with?
  215. Was the only reason why Megumi was hired as a crew member of the Nadesico was...
  216. What is Jun's Motivation???
  217. That big Guy that Minato likes
  218. Why did Goto join the Nadesico???
  219. Is Yurika a Good Captain???
  220. Gai's Death... A complete waste
  221. Gekiganger IV???
  222. Ruri. The most grown up person on the Nadesico
  223. Cook or Pilot???
  224. Nadesico Box Set?
  225. Prince of Darkness Sequel?
  226. Just when you thought ruri was pure imagination...
  227. Nadesico Script
  228. Nadesico Popularity movement
  229. Spike 558 Poll: Who is the most sane out of...
  230. Why is Ruri so popular?
  231. Nadesico movie?
  232. Catching Fishies
  233. Izumi's Humour
  234. Tentacle Love Goddess
  235. Everything I know in life, I learnt by watching Nadesico
  236. Amusing
  237. Jun... 2nd in Command???
  238. Captain Contest
  239. Akito's attraction.
  240. what is it!? contains spoilers
  241. Artwork change?
  242. Why is Omoikane, Ruri's best friend???
  243. Opening up Pandora’s Box
  244. Mission to the Red Planet
  245. The Nadesico ADV box set is here!! (i know this is kinda late)
  246. In an attempt to boost activity... (Pic Thread Inside)
  247. Does Yurika only love Akito for the Hero Factor.
  248. Poor old Admiral Mutetake ***Spoiler Ahoy!***
  249. Is the preview why Nadesico isn't as popular as we hope it should be???
  250. baka baka
  251. Ruri inspired art
  252. PoD, here I come!
  253. The Jovians first attack
  254. Who do you think Akito should have ended up with in the end???
  255. Sexy "Ruri"
  256. Jovian Lizards
  257. Nadesico and Evangelion
  258. Should Ruri be dipped in white chocolate or should Eddy be castrated???
  259. I want the Nadesico Movie!!!
  260. Nadesico... What's it about? And what's your rating of it?
  261. Is Jun the Son that Admiral Misumaru (Yurika's Dad) never had???
  262. Minato Uniform
  263. Why doesn't the Military want the Nadesico to do anything outside of their control???
  264. So what happens next?
  265. Gai Daigonji! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! *spoliers*
  266. Lilly!
  267. Why is the Nadesico treated as the most Powerful Ship?
  268. What's this Nadesico Thumbnail theater I'm hearing about?
  269. Full Metal Panic should be ashamed of themselves
  270. OVA's
  271. When we first see Ruri.
  272. Why was Yurika made captain?... And now just for looks
  273. Would a ship really Mutiny if sexual relations weren’t allowed???
  274. Does Akito like being the Hero???
  275. Izumi's Jokes
  276. Australian Perfect Collection
  277. Susanoh is an oxymoron
  278. Cartoon Network!?
  279. OH MY GOD! Did'nt i tell you this would happen!
  280. The U.E.F's wanting the Nadesico.
  281. Ruri Hentai Pictures… Well isn't that cute… BUT IT'S WRONG!
  282. Nadesico Is the Yamoto?
  283. The Narrator's disappearing act.
  284. Anybody get choked up?
  285. Your resident Nadesico expert is back!
  286. Watching Nadesico
  287. Hikaru reason for piloting
  288. ADV announces Nadesico movie
  289. Is Megumi too emotional to be a crew member???
  290. I've just lost what little respect I had for Akito
  291. Nadesico movie
  292. Ai
  293. Arrrr, Grasshopper.
  294. This is for you Eddy
  295. Why does everyone love Akito?
  296. More Nadesico......Not so fast!
  297. Akito: Like the old or the new one?