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  2. Record of Lodoss War
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  5. Record of Lodoss War
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  16. is RoLW good?
  17. Why can't they let Ashram Win for once!
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  20. Evil does not extinguish love.
  21. OVA vs. TV Series
  22. Why did Ashram fight Parn in the end?
  23. Parn and Deedlit
  24. Question: has anyone here heard of.....
  25. What is it about?
  26. The Love between Parn and Deedlit
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  31. why is lodoss war so great
  32. For those who want to know just how *close* Parn and Deedlit are....
  33. Chronicles of the Heroic knight picks up after the first part of the Lodoss War?
  34. Wooh!... My RoLW TV boxset finally arrived
  35. Berzerkers need love too, ya know
  36. RoLW confirmed for toonami...
  37. does anyone have a pic of shooting star?
  38. Is Toonami lying to us?
  39. Which Record of Loddoss War do u think was better?
  40. Record = Dungeons & Dragons?
  41. Yay!I finally got the Chronicles!
  42. Need help
  43. Chibis at the TV series!
  44. Ashram is... (spoiler)
  45. Chronicles comments *spoilers*
  46. Lodoss War
  47. Chronicle's Ending
  48. Wishful thinking...
  49. Lodoss War Quiz: Prove your Lodoss Knowledge!
  50. The Answers to the Lodoss Quiz, Ya bunch of BUMS
  51. For those who have seen Trigun...
  52. Hiya, i'm new to this Forum and ROLW
  53. DragonTooth Warriors
  54. blue villians...argh
  55. Why does Parn have all the luck?
  56. Fire Dragon Mountain
  57. I need a RofLW pro! I gotta know ...
  58. ETOH is a guy? ROLFMAO
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  64. TV or OEM boxset?
  65. Dead?
  66. watching "Chronicles.." - FINALLY - to view obsene comments, CLICK HERE.
  67. Soul Crusher's Influence
  68. if parn took karlas offer (spoilers beware)
  69. mama dragon or the bad a$$ dragon ???
  70. chibi quotes
  71. OVA vs. TV series
  72. Deedlit VS Pirotess
  73. Who's The Better Elf
  74. Record of Lodoss War on Toomani Reactor
  75. Advent of Kardis
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  77. The Lady of Pharis: Or More ROLW Manga
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  81. The Duel between Kashue and Ashram
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  85. Lodoss Tune (Unknown)
  86. Record of Lodoss War the game
  87. Remastered OVA collection now out!!!
  88. Need help finding "Fantasia of the Wind" in English
  89. Deedlit
  90. Sick thoughts while rewatching Chronicles
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  92. Chronicles?
  93. Just finished Chronicles (1st time)
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  95. What is it?
  96. chibi episodes/movie?
  97. AD&D players
  98. The liberal use of the "F" Word in Lodoss
  99. My recognized differences between Novels and OVA/TV series so far
  100. Crystania... huh?
  101. dub?
  102. Karla
  103. Questions regarding difference betwen TV and OAV
  104. Uh, yeah, so I kinda like stopped watching it
  105. Karla Goddess of History or Old Hag
  106. New Lodoss manga
  107. Looking for a list
  108. If you can compare this to any anime what would it be
  109. The Sacrifice Friends make...
  110. Possession
  111. ? - How are will we go for what we believe?
  112. Wood Chuck
  113. Lodoss Elf/Dark Elf design