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07-02-2001, 11:42 PM
Birth and Flight to Recruitment...

Klaxon alarms and the rush of military footsteps in a commercial district were the only signals of the miracle of a newborn life, the new computer programmer of Endo Systems weapons department was 'killed' and the AI program entitled 'v.1243' was terminated, bringing about the birth of a new being, that could only identify itself as Panzo Hur.
His memory of the escape from the highrise remained, even in a highly developed memory system, a blur of shouts, gunfire and blood.
"I...I...killed...?" Panzo whispered to himself in the grey daylight of an empty street, in the township of Servia just outside the city.
Suddenly ten royal soldiers lined the road ahead, with high energy rifles aimed at his body...

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Forever Z.E.R.O.
08-02-2001, 04:46 PM
BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Energy bolts from the rifles shot forward and dissipated into particles against and electrical field. The guns explode in their opponents hands, giving each soldier 2nd to 3rd degree burns in their hands. Panzo who held up his arms defensively opens his eyes to see a skinny boy who was about 5'8" holding both his palms forward forming a thin electric barrier. The wall dissipates quietly as they all stand in the darkness frozen.

The enemy commander is the first to move. He rips his gun from its holster, "You think we werent completely briefed on you freaks before retaliating?!" he says pointing the gun. "A plastic gun kid. Sure, sounds dumb enough right? They've got rubber and plastic shell casings too, and each round is a Safety Bullet, made to explode once they enter your body, but considering where I'm aiming, there wouldnt be anything to explode, it'll just take your nexk off. You make a move and you become 1 foot shorter. Now put your hands up and give yourselves up. The boy thrusts his arms straight up hard. "Good, enthusiasm, I'm glad your taking this so well." Suddenly, a mass of circuits from beneath the ground smash through the concrete streets sending the soldiers flying into walls at hundreds of miles an hour.

More blood and human tissue litter the ground from all the splattering. A tear runs down the boy's cheek. Without turning back, he says in a low, monotone voice, "lets wake the others before their killed in their sleep."

08-02-2001, 10:27 PM
"W-Who are you? What's happening?" Panzo stuttered nervously.
The scene of carnage defied logic when matched with the childlike frame standing before him. Blood and human tissue assaulted Panzo's senses, sending his mind into a hypnotizing spin. However the sound of more soldier's footsteps snapped him awake.
"I am Alfred. Defend yourself, I will awaken the others." The boy responded, before darting away.
Without warning a barrage of bullets animated the air in front of Panzo. He raised his arms again in defence and was thrown back as the rubber bullets exploded against the mettallic shell protecting them.
Panzo's response was frighteningly mechanical. A thin, long blade emerged from his right arm, and he evasively rolled to the right before jumping skywards in an arc that landed his body directly in front of the next unit of soldiers. A small part of his consciousness reviled against the carnage which ensued, as the blade tore through human flesh and bone. However the instinct of survival overcame this fleeting resistance, and he ripped through with terrifying speed.
"Get back!" The boy's voice yelled. Panzo realized the overwhelming numbers he faced now swelled around him, and prevented Alfred from using the previous destructive technique without severely damaging him.