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11-04-2001, 10:54 AM
First of all - no my name dosn't stand for anything. It's something random I typed in for a name in a game of Bolo in middle school. (Anybody remember Bolo? :lol: )

Anyway, my first anime was DBZ, but I shifted quickly to Tenchi on toonami once I found it. DBZ is still fun, but it's just for fun, now.

Since then I have watched several anime series (some not in their entirety) and these are my impressions:

Aa Megami-sama! - I love this anime! The DVD should be out soon here in the US (www.animeigo.com) and the movie - I'm so excited! :D

Golden Boy - I've only seen 2 episodes but it's definetely the best comedy! ****/**** It's great!

Pretty Sammy - Looked like a sailor mood rip off. I only saw part of one episode, so it probably gets better. I definetely love the soundtrack though!

Tenchi Muyo - My first big anime. I own every Pioneer DVD release (just picked up universe #8). The OAV takes a while to get going but is great, Tenchi universe is okay but it's kind of a rip-off of the OAV and not done as well (Kiyone's a great addition to the cast though), Tenchi in Tokyo is fun and ends up having one of the most dramatic plots I've ever seen/read, 1st movie is fun and touching, 2nd movie is odd but okay overall, 3rd movie is amazing.

Princess Mononoke - SO GOOD! Very much a tree hugger movie. ^_^

FLCL - Haven't seen the last 2 episodes. Very odd, but intreaguing.

Evangelion - I WILL OWN IT ALL!! This series has had more impact on my philosiphies and emotions than anything else I can recall, including major events in my life. Seriously, this show is simply amazing. The movies better come out on DVD soon after the series is released (I've seen them already once, though).

Utena - I've only seen up to episode 13. This show I rank up with Evangelion so far, but for different reasons. Definetely a well thought out show with great drama and comedy.

Fushigi Yuugi - I've heard that it's great. :sweatdrop:

Trigun - I saw the 1st DVD. It was great! All I can say is "Love and Peace" :D


Gunsmith Cats - good characters but a weak plot

Jubei-Chan - I have seen the 1st DVD. The crowd i was watching it with was annoying so I had trouble enjoying it, but it was fun.

Vampire Hunter D - good characters, the plot was weak in areas but it was enjoyable.

Nadesico - Good characters, manic pace, Jovian Lizards?? :lol: This is a fun anime. I've only seen the 1st DVD. The fighting is kind of pointless though.

Black um - the one about the guy who plays guitar. Black Heaven, that's it. The characters are great but the fighting is COMPLETELY pointless. I've only seen the 1st DVD though.

Blue sub #6 - Interesting story, great animation. THe music was good but sometimes out of place. The Trill are obviously not a soundtrack group.

I've been watching anime every thursday at a local store for quite a whlie now so I've seen quite a bit. This list is only the ones I can remember seeing. Soon I will have started watching um... /me pulls out Eva DVD for trailers... Coyboy Bebop. That's showing this thursday.

Anyway, hi all! I hope to be around to help keep the discussions lively!


The Captain
11-04-2001, 11:31 AM
Welcome to Animeboards, gft!

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hiya gft :wavey: welcome to the boards :D

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hi welcome to ab!

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Welcome gft!! I hope to talk to you sometime! Hope to see ya around!

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Welcome! btw, Fushigi Yuugi is great, you should try it ^^ anyway, have a beer! :beer:

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welcome to da AB and hope you have fun!!

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Wow, all these replies are very touching. :bawling:

I've already posted my Tenchi-series girl preferances on the Tenchi board. ;)

See ya around!

Doumo arigato,

11-04-2001, 08:47 PM
i love bolo! i still have winbolo installed on my network!!

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Welcome gft! :wavey:

Hope you have a great time herer at AB!

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nice to meet you
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Jedi Knight Dawber
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i think you'll find nearly everyone has been deeply changed by one anime series or another!

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welcome to the family.

You should check out Gatekeepers and Vandread.
It might be hard to find, but its definately a must watch.

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Hi gft . love your name....j/k heehee .Welcome to the AB

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