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11-04-2001, 08:06 PM
I'm bored of waiting, so if you get mad at me for starting this, SO WHAT!! Here's my starting off thing.

Mina sat down, bored of listening to her mentor talk more and more nonsense. I wish I could go and have fun...but noooo I have to be the heir to the stupid Angallian race...life sucks bad... she thought. She yawned, and the mentor still went on and on, until finally, the school session of her day was over. She walked outside, and stretched her huge wings out, letting the sun shine on her, then walked silently to her favorite place-which was a lake with a waterfall at the end of it.

When she got there, she laid down and let the sun warm her...

Ty Twinblade
11-04-2001, 09:41 PM
((This is gonna be a long one.))

*The darkness of the room was shattered only by her utter beauty. Though evil had no form, men would fall at her feet. Knowing death was the price but unable to resist the temptation. She was the Dark Mistress. Queen of the Death and the purest form of Evil. Her past was written in the folly of men. Her future, the current war. This battle intrigued her. Mostly because it was of her design. So here she sat. Though no mortal or immortal could touch her because she was never there. Yet she radiated an aura too bright to ignore. Her luminous voice broke the silence of her chambers.* War is like a chess board. *the clink of a piece being moved fell like a flood upon the listener's soul.* Long ago, when the game was began, a queen was lost. Not to us, of course. But to our enemy. Today, a daring pawn has made it past our lines. Our knights have failed to stop her. Our bishops are weak against her. So now she stands at her goal.

*In another part of the world, a glory of colours filled the open field behind the Dragon's Mountain. All dragons had gathered for the corination of Kinrratiyath. In the center of the great circle sat the Silver Leader... and Kinr. Solumn, as she always was, Kinr bowed her head and recieved the mark of her new rank. A slash of red beneath her right eye to mark a commander. The white dragonness, last of her family and now taking her father's place as leader of the white armies. The Silver Leader bowed in hommage. As did all other dragons. Kinr waited, patient, watchful, silent.*

*And the Dark Mistress continued.* The queen revived, the pawn gives up her previous life. An interesting turn of events. *then another clink of a chess piece.* But be weary, dear Kinr. My rook has you cornered.

*Kinr bowed in return to the Silver Leader then rose and retook her place next to her father. The circle joined again, the dragons were dismissed.*

*The Dark Mistress leaned back in her chair. Though darkness concealed her, a chill ran through the air as she smiled.* Call my children to me. *she commanded.* The white dragon and my lord's servant.

13-04-2001, 11:14 AM
Behamon felt a tug at the edge of his beastly mind.
Blasted wench. He thought to himself. The bloody field of battle stretched out before him in an awesome display of gore and mutilation. To pull me away from my work...
He growled terrifyingly and took a nearby imp in his right claw, slowly crushing it and sattisfying himself with the agonised squeals of the lesser demon's slow death.
"This battle is done." He growled to a human officer, who cowered under his awesome voice. "Slaughter the survivors and make this field a museum of horrors."
Two soldier demons snickered at this and the human hesitantly assented.
For a moment Behamon considered killing the fool, but then the field blurred out of existence before him and he found himself in the presence of the Dark Mistress.
He knelt on one knee, leaning reverently on his sword.
"Mistress." He greeted her, then he stood and the impatience of his nature entered his voice. "Why've you called me from the field? There is much more slaughter to be done, if more of these fool humans choose to resist."

Ty Twinblade
13-04-2001, 04:55 PM
*the Mistress merely chuckled lightly.* Such impatients. You would be a fool to act so quickly. *another piece clicked on the chess board.* You have a new target. A pawn at the moment but she will grow in strength. I want her destroyed. Her name is Kinrratiyath, the new leader of the white legions. *the fire's of hell burned in her blackened eyes as she swept her gaze to him.* Do not disappoint me.

Ty Twinblade
13-04-2001, 05:01 PM
((and now the dragons.))

*the meeting ended, Kinr quickly called her ranks together and began issuing orders. Each dragon followed with respect and sureness. Though she was still young, Kinr had earned her place.* The demons have moved onto the west plains. We circle around from the east while the Silver Leader makes a head on strike. You act only on my command. Any who do otherwise will be executed. Is this understood?
*in reply, the dragons snapped to attention, including her father. Kinr nodded her approval then lead her legions out of the war room and onto their mission.*

*By the time they reached the fields, the silvers, reds, blacks, golds, and blues had already begun their attack. Bronzes and browns waited opposite them with similar orders. Kinr settled along the highest ridge, knowing that behind her waited patient soldiers, trained solely for this purpose. As she was. She waited, watching the battle. Suddenly, the tallest and grandest of the silvers let out a bellow of rage. Kinr felt the thunder rolling in her throat as she returned with her own. Power surged through her limbs as she spread her massive wings and launched into the air.* ATTACK!!! *she cried before diving among the demonic army.*

13-04-2001, 10:50 PM
Behamon growled and waved dismissively.
"Dissappoint you?" He said grinning. "The Master did not choose me for the slaughter of this world without good reason."
With that, he took up Ragnarok in his claw and tapped into the dark energy that would transport him to the greatest army he had ammassed. The Dark Mistress's chambers faded out violently and Behamon found himself upon the field.
Several units of human mech units were gathered in tight formations keeping at a pointed distance from the demonic hordes that frothed like an ocean all around them.
A young Familiar suddenly appeared next to Behamon in the shape of a beautiful woman.
"The dragons are attacking the western plains." She stated calmly. "They have no support from the rebel humans or any other faction it seems."
"Excellent, they should be easily crushed then." Behamon laughed. He then called the five hundred Dark Priests that were scattered throughout the field.
"Transport the humans and ten thousand Demons to the Western Plains my Dark Priests. If you must, use my imps for the sacrifice if the survivors of this battle are not enough."
Impatient for the battle, Behamon did not wait for the ritual to be completed. He transported himself directly to the relatively small horde upon the Western Plains. The dragon's were decimating his forces, but it did not trouble him. With Ragnarok in his claw he bellowed a rallying cry and ran through a blue dragon, that screeched in pain before collapsing.

Spike Spiegel
14-04-2001, 12:12 AM
Lucian Raven stood, allong with five of his most trusted psionics, at the ridge where Kinr once was and watched the battle through a pair of binoculars. He saw the carnage of battle, the twist of soldiers as blades slashed into them, and the look of horror as ther knew their time was up. Lucian sympathized with them and started chanting-

"Those luckless enough to die in battle,
hear my call,
rise up again,
and become my soldiers,
for I am your new master,
learn my name well,
for it will be burned upon your very soul,
Lucian Raven!"

Suddenly, the dead rose from their eternal slumber and struck arms against the demon forces. Lucian could see the faces of the enemy soldiers as their own forces struck them down. He turned towards the first psionic, a man in long, black robes.
"Arngrim, send a message to Kinr and tell her 'that the dead are on her side'. She'll understand what that means."
He then turned around, barking off more orders to another psionic, a female wearing knight's armor.
"Lavian, send a message to are new forces to attack the demons."
He turned back towards the battle.
"The rest of you, call in our army as back up. If you need me, I'll be at the front."
After saying that he lept off the ridge and, using his necromantic abilities, flew towards Kinr.

14-04-2001, 02:18 AM
As she lay in the sunlight, she had no clue about the battle raging about a mile away from her hometown, the battle between the demons and dragons, and soon her whole world would be turned upside down.

Mina heard a terrible cry as one of the members of the Angallian village staggerd to the home of the village leader, bloody and torn from battle. She ran towards him, helping him through the door and got the leader out of his quarters. The man soon started to tell about the battle, and what was going on, and how he was chased out of the battle by raging demons and beasts, barely escaping death. He told of the dragons, Kinr, the Dark Mistriss, and how terrible the onslaught was going. He said the demons were heading toward the village, and that they needed to get everyone out.

As Mina listened to what he had to say, she grabbed her weapons and headed out the door. As the heir of her race, she had the duty of trying to protect it. She ran out to the edge of town, and was ready to fight the army of monsters coming to slay everyone in town. The one in front that was obviously the leader came down to her and said, "Move or die."

She stood there, and he struck her on the head, knocking her both to the side and unconscious, while the army went in and many screams of agony were heard in the night.

14-04-2001, 03:54 AM

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Tia lay on her bed sleeping, until she was awakened by the sounds of fearful people. She quickly got dressed and walked over to her balcony. Through the glass she could see people crying and screaming things. Tia decided to walk out onto the balcony and as she did the sounds got louder and shriller.

"What's the matter?" Tia asked the crowd below. "We're all going to die!" shouted one lady. "Something evil is coming, I can feel it" shouted a man. Tia didn't understand what evil forces could be coming to the Dragon Kingdom. "I'm sure everything will be fine." Tia reassured the crowd, but she couldn't reassure herself. As the crowd began to go back to their houses, Tia went back inside her room, and sat on her bed.

Worriedly Tia mumbled "maybe evil IS coming, but what kind of evil? And when will they strike? All I know is that I must protect the Dragon Kingdom, being their princess and all. If it's the same force that killed my parents, I'll get my revenge!"

16-04-2001, 08:26 PM
<<so we're allowed to start now? okay here goes!>>

Tia lay on her bed sleeping, until she was awakened by the sounds of fearful people. She quickly got dressed and walked over to her balcony. Through the glass she could see people crying and screaming things. Tia decided to walk out onto the balcony and as she did the sounds got louder and shriller.

"What's the matter?" Tia asked the crowd below. "We're all going to die!" shouted one lady. "Something evil is coming, I can feel it" shouted a man. Tia didn't understand what evil forces could be coming to the Dragon Kingdom. "I'm sure everything will be fine." Tia reassured the crowd, but she couldn't reassure herself. As the crowd began to go back to their houses, Tia went back inside her room, and sat on her bed.

Worriedly Tia mumbled "maybe evil IS coming, but what kind of evil? And when will they strike? All I know is that I must protect the Dragon Kingdom, being their princess and all. If it's the same force that killed my parents, I'll get my revenge!"

Ty Twinblade
16-04-2001, 10:13 PM
*informants swooped quickly around her as Kinr hacked through her foes. Each demon that was caught in her ice blue gaze was dead within seconds. Kinr let out a fierce roar, encouraging her troops not to fail. She herself fell back momentarily, searching. Finally, a blood stained silver body surged from the dark masses. Kinr dove down and broke through the wave of evil. Her spiked tail slashed through a crowd of them while her claws worked continually to drag the others far enough away from the Silver Leader.* More enemy troops are headed our way! We also have some aid from... unexpected source. Dwarven necromancers have risen the dead to our side.

Silver Leader: Good. Take your whites and proceed to the Angellian kingdom.

Kinr: Sir! *Kinr took to the air immediately. Her white wings pumping furiously, she lifted her eyes to the sun and let her voice ring loudly over the battle. Hordes of white dragons rose to meet her then follow her to the Angellian kingdom. The Silver Leader was left alone again. Though all his current foes had been killed.*

Silver Leader: I fear there is a great darkness approaching. Be safe, young one. *He lunged back into the bulk of the battle with his silver forces. The army of reds that had stood by with Kinr was now headed towards the Dragon kingdom to place defenses there.*

*Kinr brought her army to the kingdom which was now under attack. She began barking out orders which were quickly followed then dove to the front gate. Snapping her wings out suddenly, Kinr brought herself to a sharp halt above the comotose body of the Angellian princess. Her razor sharp teeth tore into the dark commander then tossed him aside like a ragged doll.* Close off the inner portion! We'll keep those inside, inside. You three, take up the other gates! No one gets out or in. *Her commands given, Kinr continued to fight viciously with the waves of demons, forever protecting the princess.*

17-04-2001, 02:25 AM
Behamon growled as another familiar - in the shape of a young boy appeared.
"Kinr has transported herself to the Angellian kingdom... you will not be ablt to follow until this field is taken care of. It also appears as if a Dwarven necromancer is aiding the dragons."
The demon forces had been reduced to a far smaller number than from when he had arrived. However in that instant it appeared that his Dark Priests had succeeded in casting their teleportation spell.
Several units of human mechs and a horde of demon's spilled out of a portal right at the centre of the dragon forces.
"Where is this necromancer? Who is it?" Behamon fumed. The familiar pointed at a floating figure in the sky.
"Lucian Raven." He said.
Behamon grappled with a white dragon as the Familiar watched on calmly. As he snapped its neck, he whispered in its ear: 'Your soul is mine', and infused the limp body with his own energy. It screeched in agony as the scales of its body rotted and fell away, till only its wings and its bones were left.
"Go." Behamon commanded the newborn Bone Dragon, pointing to Lucian in the sky. "Show him the real power of necromancy."
It called silently in the air, and five more bone dragons arose. Behamon grinned to himself. :evil:
"Return to the Dark Mistress and tell her that I will require more energy to carry her task out." He told the Familiar.

17-04-2001, 03:17 PM
She awoke in a soldier's tent, which had the dragon emblem on the side. It was clear to her that the dragons had came and stopped the demons from wreaking havoc for now but she was unsure of what was happening. Soon, a female dragon walked in, she appeared to be a commander of the forces (this is Kinr)..

Kaosu Megami
17-04-2001, 07:22 PM
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Spike Spiegel
17-04-2001, 11:03 PM
I think I should 'ave started out with a "Ghoul" barrage. Lucian thought as he pulled out his "Decay", a Daito (Long Sword) forged from the finest Holy Mithril and charmed against the Undead, and holding it at a underhand stance, waiting for the inferior Bone Dragon to attack. It closed to Lucian quickly, sending a clawed fist across Lucian's chest. He barely dodged the Dragon's attack and retaliated with a deep slash across it's exposed chest, in which it exploded into a firey skeleton plumeting towards the ground. Lucian sighed in relief of his kill, but it was short lived, as the other Dragon's incircled him and began their attack. Lucian, already tired with his trip here, slugishly bent around their slashes and bites. He made one final strike, a lunge towards the closest Dragon. The blade plunged through its chest, wrenching the sturnum and thorasic spine away from its rightful place.

Lucian thought he felt the cold wave of death creap towards him, but was dissapionted when he realized he was still alive.

Lucian looked around only to find himself on the ground, in front of a Mantis and in Lavian's arms. "What happened?" He asked.
Lavian stroked his brow with a wet cloth. "Your in a Angellian Village many miles from the front." She smacked him upside the head. "You should know better than to run into battle without back-up. If it wasn't for the squad of Mantis's you would have been dead."
Lucian pulled himself out of her embrace and stood up, rubbing the back of his head. "How'd we get away?"
Lavian stood up, hand's on her hips. "It's just like you to worry more about your troops rather than yourself." She flicked her short blond hair behind her left ear. "I ordered the dead to act as a rear guard for our escape. The army is just outside of town, setting up defences and starting up the anti-teleportation barrier."
Lucian looked up at the sky. "I need to rest."

(OOC: This is a Mantis
ARMAMENT: 30mm cannon and 2 40mm Auto-gl's in main turret, 2 .50cal MG's, 1 flamethrower, 2 7.62mm MG's, 6 smoke cannisters.)

18-04-2001, 04:51 AM
Behamon grinned at the necromancer's escape.
An interesting individual. He thought to himself. His will for death is intriguing.
Fallen dragons all around him were beginning to rise undead at the call of the other risen. Soon he would have to curb the unstable form of necromancy he'd employed or the Bone Dragons would begin to turn on his own forces. The human mechs were engaging squadrons of mantis's that swooped from the sky in a fantastic display of destructive ordanances. A barrage of PPG fire and LRMs streaked and brought alive the sky, whilst 30mm fire tore up the ground.
The battle was slowly turning to Behamon's favour.
A large group of dragons wheeled away from the skirmish with the newly arrived forces and turned towards Behamon.
"You will die Dark Lord!" The pack leader called. Behamon grinned at the irony - a traitorous black dragon. Ragnarok pulsed in his grip, thirsting for blood. Fire spilt forth from the dragons incinerating the remainder of the demons that surrounded him, but failed to even singe Behamon. He skewered the black dragon from its maw to its tail, emerging bloody and sulphurous from its split body. Then he called for his bone dragons who returned to him in a pack of twenty.

Ty Twinblade
18-04-2001, 07:50 AM
*the Silver Leader spread his great wings and took to the sky. Surveying the damage so far, he numbered his troops to be declining.* ~Perfect. Just move them a little more.~ *Then all the demons had managed to push the dragons to the rims. The Silver Leader smiled to himself.* NOW!!! *he cried. A bellow rose from the throats of all the living dragons as each speared towards the open sky. Suddenly, a blinding light overtook the field. Even the Silver Leader was forced to look away as his army of gem dragons arrived.*
*Diamonds in the lead, the dragons used their brilliant scales to blind the battle field. Then they began the attack. With chromatics and metallics below, the dragons began swooping down upon their pray and finishing them off mid-air. The demons were at a disadvantage now. With the new troops of dragons, they were suddenly numbered evenly. The sheen from the gem's scales was aimed directly into the middle of the fray. Soon, all chromatics and metallics adjusted and began picking off demons. One by one.*
*Another battle cry rang through the air as hordes of griffons took up the edges of the field. Hemming in the demons, they gave the dragons an easy prey. Once again, the battle had turned to them.*

*Kinr walked into the tent slowly and lay down across from the Angellian. She simply watched her for a few moments, quiet and emotionless as always. Another white came to the tent flap and asked to speak to Kinr.*
Kinr: You may speak.

White: Ma'am! The outer rims of the village have been secured and the inner parkade is clean of demons, as you ordered. All wounded have been taken to the infermery. Permission to speak freely, commander.

Kinr: Permission granted.

White: There haven't been as many wounded as first thought. I believe our priests and priestesses can handle the casualties so far. You've been weakened from battle. Please-

Kinr: Your concern has been noted but I still must fulfill my duty. I will be at the infermery shortly.

White: Yes, commander.

Kinr: Dismissed.

*the white bowed and left. Kinr returned her attention to the princess. Once again, she was silent.*
Kinr: That was a foolish thing you did today.

18-04-2001, 06:19 PM
"I didn't say it wasn't. But you can't blame me for trying to protect my people. If you were in my position, what would you do?" she said, looking straight into Kinr's eyes; she had sadness in her eyes as she thought of all the people dead in the village.

"I know it was foolish. I didn't have the chance to transform...you have no clue what I'm talking about...I'll tell you. Angallians have the ability to transform into huge powerful beings with massive strength and speed. The reason no one apart from Angallians knows about this is because when we declared peace/no war with all other kingdoms 5,000 years ago, everyone-even the criminals and scum of our race-promised in a kingdom-wide oath that we would keep the transformation a secret....until now.. Only warriors of the Angallian elite know how to transform..."

Ty Twinblade
18-04-2001, 09:14 PM
*Kinr nodded slowly, listening to her words.* In your place, I would have done as logic dictates. I am a warrior, born and raised. This war is all I know. Had I been in your place, I would have fought, knowing that my life could be spent to protect others. Yours cannot. You are a princess.

18-04-2001, 11:54 PM
The blinding flash of scales blinded Behamon temporarily, however it affected the attacking dragons in the field as well. Then the griffons appeared and began pushing the demons back again. Ragnarok was bloody and angry, hacking and slashing through dragon and griffon flesh, but in the skirmish - though he loved the smell of blood - Behamon was having little effect.
Dispatching another foe he leapt to the sky high above the mantis's, griffons, dragons and bone dragons. Then focusing his dark mind distinctly he prepared to cast his persona into the demons on the field.
"<Dark minds come as one
I am the omniscient Lord of Hell
BEHAMON.>" He spoke in the demonic language.
An impenetrable black sphere surrounded his body in suspended animation and then his consciousness was spread throughout the field. He now commanded the army on a personal level. From the edges he commanded the human mechs to loosen formation and fill the sky with pattern fire of energy weapons. At the heart of the fray he created temporal rifts in the sky with his dark priests - rifts that tore at the fabric of reality and destroyed without prejudice. The bone dragons he drew away to recover and regroup, before attacking at the flanks of the griffon regiments. Demons battled on with a redoubled strength. The battle swayed precariously, as Behamon implemented the strategies learned over a countless millenia of chaos.

19-04-2001, 01:20 AM
"I was trained to fight if need be. I have all the knowledge of the most talented warrior in the Angallian elite squad, and I have all the strength. Kinr, I may be a princess, but I am not weak. These times call for even royalty to be warriors. I still need more to learn. This war looks bad, I could see if the Angallian race would help, but you need to help train us as well. Being at peace for centuries makes a race very vulnerable, and we need to protect ourselves. You obviously have enough war techniques here, we need help. It would be wrong to have an entire race destroyed because they weren't ready for a war. I'm sure we can help, especially if we teach the people to transform." she said, with fiery determination in her eyes.

Ty Twinblade
19-04-2001, 07:43 AM
*The Silver Leader called his informatants to him as Bahamon began his focused attack.* I need five Diamonds to create a direct light beam into the center of the battle. Keep all dragons away from the rifts! Blacks, browns and bronzes, begin a pincer movement. Drive the demons towards their own creation. Get as many of them towards the rifts as possible. Golds, and all gems, get to the edges! We need to keep them within the circle. Silvers, take out the mechs. Use a combined lightening breath if needed. The rest of you, follow me! *as different colours began their orders, the Silver Leader took off towards the eastern edges of the battle.*

Ty Twinblade
19-04-2001, 07:44 AM
*Kinr nodded slowly* This is a time of war and, though we are your protectors, we need as much aid as possible. I will suggest a training session to the Silver Leader when he is finished in the western plains. *she stood slowly, snapping her wings at her sides.* For now, I must attend to your wounded. *Kinr bowed her respect then turned and left the tent.*

19-04-2001, 02:26 PM
Mina thanked Kinr silently as she walked out the door. She sat up. Life is so complicated.. she thought. She saw some clothes laid out for her, and she put them on, and walked outside. She saw they were at what was the Angallian crop fields before the battle. Walking around, she saw people dead or worse, and there were also the few that were lucky and got out of the battle almost unscratched.

"I need to go to the council, so they can get the entire kingdom rallied, ready to begin training...these people aren't the only ones being hurt, many other kingdoms are being devistated because of these demons...it's too obvious that we aren't the only ones being targeted. If we could get people learning to fight and transform, we could help the Dragons out tremendously... I'm sure of that.." she said to herself as she was walking along, careful not to step on the wounded lying there waiting to be treated...

I can help them, too. Kinr is kind, but these are MY people... some of these wounds can't be treated by simple bandages... she thought.

Ty Twinblade
19-04-2001, 05:15 PM
*As she walked along, she caught a glimpse of Kinr, standing before a critically wounded Angellian. Kinr gazed down at the man for long moments. Had she been able to feel emotions, her eyes would be filled with tears for his pain. Instead, the fierce warrior's eyes lidded slowly, blocking out their gleaming centers of icy blue. A shimmer of magick sparked around Kinr then engulfed her. Before the eyes of the onlookers, Kinr's regal draconic form began to shrink and soften. Soon, a white haired woman, dressed in robes of white with a red slash beneath her eye stood before the fallen man. Kinr knelt beside him and gently placed her pale, human hands upon his bloody chest. The only indication that she was draconic at all was the pure, rock shield displayed on her gentle face and the graceful white wings extending from her back. The man looked up at her with frightened eyes. Kinr held his gaze as she began her blessings of healing.* May you, child of Lilth, beloved of the Gods, friend of the dragons, be healed. Keep faith in us, my friend. We are your protectors. *a white light spread out from her hand and across the man's body. Soon, he had passed into a restful slumber as his wounds closed over and healed. Kinr stood and walked to the next wounded.*

19-04-2001, 06:56 PM
Shadow stared at her hand, a dark scar running down the middle of her palm blazed back at her. Tears pricked her eyes as she remembered a night filled with horror. Absently, she touched another scar at her eye and this time fury took hold.
She was going to make those against her pay dearly for what they had done.

Shadow stood outside the great doors that lead into the audience chamber where she would meet the dark mistress, and a swell of affection filled her at the thought of her friend and mother figger.
At last she was permitted to enter and she stepped inside, as silent as her namesake. She stopped when she reached the end of the great hall, not lifting her eyes to gaze on the dark mistress. There, she knelt, her scarred hand clutched to her heart as she bowed her head in reverence.

"What would you command of me, my mistress?"

Ty Twinblade
19-04-2001, 09:52 PM
*silence filled the chamber as the doors boomed shut. Then, the faint shuffle of robes penetrated the darkness briefly. A chill touch was placed upon Shadow's head. The Dark Mistress' hand.* My child. Rise before me. *she waited until Shadow was standing her full height then spoke again. Though her the room stank of her presence, nothing could be seen but the firey depths of her eyes.* You are my dearest, my loved. I will provide for you, a future no other could. Unfortunately, your sister wishes to interfer. She doesn't trust me as you do. *her icy fingers touched Shadow's cheek briefly* I have sent Behamon to destroy her. We cannot have interference. Yet, if you reach her first, perhaps you can persuade her to join us. Please try, my child. I have faith in you.

20-04-2001, 03:58 AM
A deep tremor of dark energy disrupted Behamon's possessive spell and awoke him from the omniscient control he had taken of his forces. The quickly turned in favour of the dragons as Behamon dazedly attempted to pinpoint the disruption.
The Dark Mistress is sending the dragon Shadow onto this plain of existence. The realisation came quickly, then he laughed.
Suddenly he realised that the dragons were pointedly driving his forces to the center of the field. Something was afoot, but the concentration of their assault dawned on Behamon quickly as an error.
"Fools, you leave the ground open to my power!" He bellowed from the sky, then:
"<Fires of Earth, Fires of Hell, unite and arise where I command.>"
The ground erupted at random points in a roughly circular formation throwing up molten rock and flame and setting alight dragons and Gryphons. The circle of death which the dragon army had become was thrown into chaos, allowing the demons to push forward and spread out amongst the enemy.
Now send me your dark Dragons Shadow, and crush these foolish whelps.

Ty Twinblade
20-04-2001, 07:51 AM
*as chaos erupted, the Silver Leader hovered over his flailing troops. He needed a new plan. Quickly!* All elemental gems and silvers, over here! *His voice boomed over the confusion, immediately inacting response. Those commanded drew to him quickly.* Circle the rim of the fire. We'll drive it upon them. Use wind magick. *Instructions given, the Silver Leader flew off to the nearest blaze. Whirling around, he called upon the magicks of wind and began a gust that would blow the blaze towards the demons. Soon, the other dragons caught on and began the same, recreating their circle of power. The griffons, not being too bright in the first place, continued to fight those demons on the rims of the circle.*

20-04-2001, 07:30 PM
She watched silently as Kinr healed her people...Maybe I was wrong.. she thought. Walking down to the lake, she watched as dragon warriors walked about and chatting, and how Angallian children that weren't severly injured played in the cool water. For a brief moment she felt at peace, and sat at a tree, still silently watching people in what was now a dragon base camp.

Ty Twinblade
20-04-2001, 09:09 PM
*those whites still in dragon form were keeping a constant vigil around the Angellian kingdom. The others, which included most of them, were in human form as Kinr was and helping the injured. Most of the people took to them better then to Kinr. For her, this was simply another duty. They, at least, tried to show a bit of emotion.*

20-04-2001, 11:45 PM
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21-04-2001, 01:54 AM
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A soft voice could be heard. It was Tia singing as she usually did. Suddenly she stopped in mid-sentence and listened. There was no noise within her house, nor was there any noise outside. Worriedly she said "The crowd must of left while I was sleeping." She wandered over to the balcony doors, opened them and went outside. She screamed a shrill scream as she realized what had happened. "No this can't be." She shouted in shock.

What she saw was dragons, humans, and angallians all injured or dead. She was mortified, how could this be happening to her peaceful kingdom?

As she looked down she could make out a figure which looked like the human form of Kinr. Tia was wearing her favorite black outfit and running down her many stairs. In a flash she was out the door, she was hit with a stench of blood and flesh.

There were many human forms helping injured people. Tia ran over to Kinr yelling "I've come to help my people, just tell me who to help, and where to start."

Spike Spiegel
21-04-2001, 02:22 AM
Lucian walked through the piles of wounded soldiers, conversing with Lavian, a female samurai, and a hooded soldier with a large sniper rifle. "Clive, give me the status report."
The sniper cleared his throat. "We've taken losses, including the 1st, 5th, and 27th mantis divisions. We're tending to the wounded as we speak."
"Good," Lucian said. "what about the barrier."
Before Clive could answer, Juno, the female samurai chimed in. "The Anti-Teleportation Barrier generators are running smoothly."
"Better," Lucian spied Kinr in the distance and smiled. "I think we should make nice with the Landlord." He gestured for them to follow him and walked over to Kinr.

21-04-2001, 04:32 AM
I would, only you guys seem to be gaming while I'm not on the net, so my replies are gonna be long and few and far between.


Shadow Knelt by the dark mistress, a swell of pride in the mistress's faith in her. "You can trust in me. If I cannot... she will be destroyed, if that is to your liking." She stood and with the dark mistress's leave, walked down the hall and out.
Shadow shifted into her dragon form and blinked out of the demon plane, into the midst of the chaos. She took in the devestation, absorbing the images. She felt little pity for those who were dying, and felt little remorse for those dragons that were dead.
*fools. why do they fight so?*
She made mind contact with Behamon.
*You're wasting men, Behamon. you're both using force against force. Any true leader knows that a feint is more constructive.*
She paused briefly, then continued. *Use their own strenght against them. Bend to let them come forward then use their speed to make them fall. Deceive and you will win.*
Before he could reply, she shifted again and found herself in the dragon camp, out of the way of prying eyes.
She hailed a passing dragon. "Where is Kinr? I have urgent news!"

Ty Twinblade
21-04-2001, 12:34 PM
*the dragon standing guard nodded to Shadow.* Hail Shadow! Your sister is within, tending to wounded. *he moved aside, allowing her entrance.*

*Kinr looked up sharply from her work as the two figures approached her. One, Tia, the other, a dwarven man. She acknowledged their presence then went back to her work.* If you wish to help then try calming those still awake. I will be to them soon.

21-04-2001, 02:17 PM
She saw as new people entered the camp. Not recognizing them as part of Kinr's troops, she walked up to find out who they are. "Kinr, I don't know who these people are...is it safe to allow them among my people?"

21-04-2001, 02:53 PM
Following Kinr's advice, Tia went out to comfort those still awake. When she was out of Kinr's hearing range her stubborn side began to show. "I'll listen to Kinr, but I'm sure I could be even more help. I may not be as skilled with my healing techniques as Kinr, but I could still do something."

Tia found an old lady who was awake and not injured too bad. She sat down next to her and tried to confort her.

Ty Twinblade
21-04-2001, 10:23 PM
*Kinr looked up briefly, studying the new comers.* They are of the dwarven camp. It is alright.

Kaosu Megami
22-04-2001, 12:35 AM
The silver draco clinked her scales together, annoyed with the situation. She paced back and forth on the ledge, her serpentine tongue flicking in and out as she tasted the blood on the air. Behind Kaosu, or Chaos as she was known among the other races, her command waited. The group of twenty draco were equally as annoyed with the situation, but they were not permited the liberty of pacing. They stood in three perfectly straight rows, not one of them even daring to blink. Beside Chaos stood Tiana Below the draco commander the battle between the Dark Mistresses forces and The Silver Leaders army raged on.

"Commander." Sub-Commander Naito, or Night, touched her superiors arm. "There." The black draco pointed to a form in the sky.

Chaos squinted to see the form. "Is that her?"

Night nodded. "That's Shadow. She's who we're supposed to talk to."

Chaos smiled. "Then let's get her attention." The silver draco leapt to the air, the sun glinting off her shining scales. She flapped her powerful wings once, then twice, taking her high above her small troop. She hovered in mid-air, her scales reflecting the light and drawing the dragonesses attention. Chaos waved and shouted. "Hail Shadow!"

22-04-2001, 08:37 AM
Behamon growled angrily at the brief appearance of Shadow.
A haughty dragon. He thought. Perhaps I should not have expected more from the Dark Mistress.
With that he dove back down into the bloody violent fray. The gryphons numbers had been cut down viciously by his volcanic dark magic, but the dragons managed to draw away from the assault in the last instant and regrouped. It was clear however that they generally rallied to a single point around a great silver dragon.
Lifting Ragnarok over his head he shot a barrage of fireballs in the direction of the dragon to get its attention. Then he boldly flew into the air and summoned up flames to light himself up.
"Behold your doom Silver Dragon, I AM BEHAMON"
Then with his mind he sent out a summoning beacon across the continent where they fought.
Come to me my Familiars, in the cloak of dragon scales and gryphon flesh. Move amongst them as and be the hidden daggers in their sides.
With that he charged headlong at the pack of dragons around the Silver, Ragnarok blazing brightly, sensing a powerful opponent.

22-04-2001, 09:01 AM
ROFL, you don't take handy hints well, do you dazman? *Chuckle*

oh, and sorry Kaosu Megami, I've already entered my sister's camp.


Shadow nodded to the dragon and entered hall. There she saw her sister.
Anger filled her. *Why does my sister waste her time with these humans?* but she forced herself to look horrified, remembering how she had felt all those centuries back when their brethren had been slaughtered, and let the feeling emenate from her very core.
"Kinr! I saw the battle field! Our forces are being slaughtered!"
*If that doesn't get her attention, nothing will,* she thought to herself. *I wonder if I should give the same advice to her, as I did Behamon. But surely she knows it already.*
she waited for her sister to reply.

Ty Twinblade
22-04-2001, 10:08 AM
*Kinr was growing annoyed with all the inturruptions. Again, she looked up. This time to see her sister standing there. She nodded briefly before moving on to the next Angellian.* Sister, you show too much emotion. We are still on the battle field. Do you bring news from the Great One? (silver leader)

*The Silver Leader let his hidden anger rise in his throat and burst forth in a mighty roar. He whipped his neck back and reared mid-air.* Behamon! You cannot win! *again he began giving out orders in rapid succession. Black necromancer dragons dove into the field, spewing their acid breath upon the demons. Red warriors continued to fan the flames with their fierce strength. Silvers, the knowledge of the dragons, spread out among the haze of colours in the sky, giving out orders from the Silver Leader. The gryphons regrouped and were aided by bronzes, golds, and blues. The Silver Leader dodged Behamon's attack and roared again before diving towards him. A blaze of silver flame lighted his shining scales as he tore through the demon ranks, aiming souly for Behamon.*

Kaosu Megami
22-04-2001, 04:39 PM
((please ignore my last post. I was really confused. *glares at Ty* She doesn't explain things really well. But I think I've got it figured out now. This is going to be long, I'm sorting things out.))

The silver draco clinked her scales together, annoyed with the situation. She paced back and forth on the ledge, her serpentine tongue flicking in and out as she tasted the blood on the air. Behind Kaosu, or Chaos as she was known among the other races, her command waited. The group of twenty draco were equally as annoyed with the situation, but they were not permited the liberty of pacing. They stood in three perfectly straight rows, not one of them even daring to blink. Beside Chaos stood Naito. Below the draco commander the battle between the Dark Mistresses forces and The Silver Leaders army raged on.

"Commander." Sub-Commander Naito, or Night, touched her superiors arm. "There." The black draco pointed to a form in the sky. The figure headed towards the Angellian Base.

Chaos squinted to see the form. "Is that her?"

Night nodded. "That's Shadow. She's who we're supposed to talk to."

Chaos nodded. "Take Lieutennant Takara and give our greetings to Shadow."

Night grinned and saluted. "My pleasure. Takara, with me!"

The two dracos took to the air, landing in front of the white sentries. Night and Takara lifted their arms to show that although they were armed, they were not threatening. "You talk, they'll trust a metallic more." Night whispered to the gold draco.

"Hail Sentry!" Takara smiled.

Ty Twinblade
23-04-2001, 07:11 AM
*both sentries looked down at the odd creatures with suspicion. The taller of the two spoke first.*
Who are you and what is your business here?

23-04-2001, 08:30 AM
(ooc: well s*katt, i was thinking you were gonna come in with some cavalry ya know, can't expect a seasoned warmonger to take tactical advice too well ya know... considering he is a general almost at the top of his food chain)

Behamon grinned as the Silver began to show rage.
"Ragnarok, drink this fountain!" He lifted Ragnarok to meet the pure energy of the silver flame, if the Silver's blast hadn't been tainted with angry intent, it would have merely reflected the shot upon Behamon's own forces. Instead the malice of the attack became as a new energy that wove around Ragnarok.
"Now, taste your own breath DRAGON." Behamon pointed the tip of Ragnarok to a thick patch of Reds that were fanning the flames and commanded Ragnarok to release the dragon's breath attack, amplified twenty times by the blood the blade had drunk today.

(ooc: very star wars you know... fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering... *runs away as a basket of fruits is thrown in his general direction)

Kaosu Megami
23-04-2001, 08:26 PM
Takara smiled warmly at the white dragon. "I do not blame you for your caution, there are a lot of demons, and worse, around. I am called Treasure. I represent a troop of dracos. We are hear to talk with one of your order. Her name is Shadow."

Night smiled as well, ~Takara knows how to talk her way out of anything~.

Ty Twinblade
24-04-2001, 05:23 PM
*The Silver Leader dodged the blast and watched as a large portion of the reds were blown out of the sky.* ~Blast! A deadly mistake.~ *He immediately returned to his emotionless state and looked down upon Behamon. And waited.*

*The sentries conversed briefly then the first nodded slowly.* Be aware that you are being watched, draco. *both sentries parted way, leaving the path to the base clear.*

24-04-2001, 08:02 PM
3 aircraft approached the Angellian territory. After broadcasting an IFF signal allowing them to pass through the defenses, they approached the camp and circled around waiting for clearance to land. The clearance came after a few minutes, and the three craft, a small 4-seater and 2 large transports, landed a hundred yards from the medical facilities.
A hatch on the the 4-seater opened and a lone figure came out. The figure, a human dressed in green combat fatigues, with the only sign of rank being 2 gold stars on his cap, warily surveyed his surroundings. Once he satisfied himself with his surroundings, he turned back to the craft and motioned for the other 3 passengers to come out. After looking around, one of the people, a 2nd lieutenant, turned to his commander and spoke.

"Sir, shouldn't there be someone here to greet us? I thought we were here for some sort of negotiation."

"Yes lieutenant, we will be negotiating. And while I don't see why no one was here to greet us, the negotiations will be only at the absolute highest level. As such, we'll have to wait for the dragon and Angellian leaders. For now, I want you to get the medical corps and have them set up near that camp and start treating the wounded."

"But sir"
It was a major that spoke up this time.
"Didn't the council order that they were not to be released until the negotiations were finished?"

"Major, I don't care what the council thinks, and neither will the medical personnel. Besides, it would be a much better gesture if we were to offer a measure of assistance BEFORE we start negotiating."

With that, the General turned away and the lieutenant went to the other two ships. Within a few minutes, an entire hospital corps was set up and treating wounded.

Spike Spiegel
24-04-2001, 10:29 PM
Lucian smiled. "Dwarven camp? We haven't been called that in ages. Mostly we're called "pest's" and "my god, the're comming this way", but the nostalgia refrence and kind words are gratefully accepted." He pulled a obsidian Dragon scale case, about the size of his palm, from his cloak. It made an near inaudible squeak as it opened, inside were cigarras, miniture versions of their larger brothers and four times as potent. He pulled two out and stuck one in his mouth and handed the other to Lavian, lighting them simultainiously with a ball of embers he created. "Now Kinr, this brings me to the task at hand. You have an amasment of dead soldiers in and out of this village. If you give me, let's say half of those, I'll send in back-up consisting of medics, healers, engineers, and my personal guard. If not, then my forces will pull out, leaving you with a large blind spot. I think that's fair now, don't you."

Kaosu Megami
24-04-2001, 11:45 PM
The two dracos entered the camp, smiling to each other. Takara almost laughed as they passed the two sentries. Naito glared at the gold draco. "Watch it." She whispered in her own tongue. "Don't act suspicious."

Takara nodded and wiped the grin from her face. They walked solemnly and with purpose. Anyone who tried to stop them got an annoyed look and quickly backed away. They searched for Shadow. Takara touched Naito's arm. "Ma'am. There. That's her."

Naito looked at the white dragon. "Are you sure?"

Takara nodded. "Possitive. I never forget a face."

The black was unsure. "It looks like she's doing something important."

Takara shrugged. "We could hang around here, if you want Sub-Commander."

Naito glared. "Sarcasm noted, Lieutennat. Let's just hope the white remembers us as well as we remember her."

The two dracos approached Shadow and the group with her.

25-04-2001, 12:41 AM
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25-04-2001, 04:10 AM
ooc: I'm on a big bastard battlefield, most of the others are at the Angellian camp with Kinr, Ty is kind of everywhere... did I miss anyone?

Behamon grinned knowingly as realisation crept upon the Silver. Then he laughed as a disruption in their forces appeared heavily along the southern front. It seemed that the dragons began to fight amongst each other.
"Look upon your forces, they are in disarray! HAH HAH HAH!"
The first shapeshifting Familiars had apparently arrived, they would be few in number, but they were masters of illusion and subterfuge, the very root of the human alliance with the darkness.
With that, Behamon leapt into one of the volcanic tempests created by the dragons and plunged beneath the ground...
Where will I emerge then Silver one, can you guess?

25-04-2001, 05:22 AM
SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!! been wroking, earning $$$$, getting home late, going to bed even later, being to tired to get on the net.

I'll abuse myself later.

Dazman: The dark mistress told me to try to get Kirn over to our side, so that's what I"m doing.

Shadow Swallowed a tart response as anger flared inside her, and shook her head. "Nay, I have but only seen the devestation and the killing." She thought once mroe of the battle field she had seen and felt sick to the heart. "Such waste of life. There has to be another way." She clenched her jaw, "But if you wish, I'll go back there to the silver dragon's side."

Ty Twinblade
25-04-2001, 01:18 PM
*Kinr lifted her head as the four planes circled high above, the dwarf began talking negotiations and two unfamiliar figures strode into came. She swore fluently. Pulling aside another white in human form, she began giving out orders.* Tell the sentries that -no one- is to enter camp! At all. I want four guards on those ships. We are not about to let the humans infiltrate us here. Two human guards on the new figures. They are unfamiliar to me.
*she turned to Lucian.* Dwarf, while I have always held respect for your kind, I am in no position to bargain at the moment. Please, if you wish to aid us then do so. If not, then leave.
*she turned to Shadow* No. For the moment, you are under my command. Take two others and go meet those new comers.
*Turning again, she motioned to the other healers.* How many injured are left?
White: Six, commander.
Kinr: Take them to the medical bay of this camp and heal them there. All others are to remain in their homes.
*she turned quickly and began marching off to meet the humans. Though her mind remained emotionless, Kinr was permitted to swear in a tight situation. So she did. The entire way.*

*Out on the battle field, a blue flew up to meet the Silver Leader. He brought news of the illusionists.*
SL: Take a troop of magi and destroy them. Focus all acid breath weapons on the demon troops. I want the ground cleared!
*He then dove downwards, slaughtering any opponants in his way as he searched for Behamon.*

Kaosu Megami
25-04-2001, 05:16 PM
Realizing that the other white dragon had noticed them, Naito grabbed Takara's arm and stopped her. They watched as the white sent Shadow and some others over to greet them. Naito smiled and silently thanked the white. She was saving them a lot of trouble. They waited respectfully for Shadow to acknowledge them.

((OOC: I have two characters in the angellian base. The rest of my dracos are postioned near the battlefield, but not taking part in the battle))

25-04-2001, 11:20 PM
Not liking the situation, she turned to follow Kinr. "What are those human ships doing here? Please explain. You may be the commander of these troops, but I am the heir of the Angallian race. I want to know what's going on. Right now." Getting really ticked off with the whole thing, she went ahead of Kinr and stopped her. "I'm not a little girl. Don't treat me like I'm helpless."
she said, now getting angry.

26-04-2001, 12:16 AM
As the old lady felt comfortable now Tia escorted the lady to her house.

After doing so she glanced around and realized that most of the people had retreated back to their homes. There were still some injured people around though. Tia saw people healing the injured people. "This is insane, there aren't enough people to heal everyone. I must do something!" Tia then went over to a man and asked him what was wrong. "I have no feeling in my leg I think it may be broken"man replied. "He won't be able to walk anywhere, and if anyone else attacks he'll die" thought Tia. "I'll help you out, okay?" she said. Without waiting for him to reply she shouted "O mighty healing powers." Throwing her hands up to the sky she continued. "I call upon you to please come to me and be released to heal this man's leg." She then stopped yelling as a ball of energy formed in the palms of her hands, although not quite touching them. She held her hands, with the ball of energy towards the man's leg as he watched her cautiously.

"Heal!" she shouted and the energy ball went to the man, wrapped around his leg and began to do it's thing. "There I knew I could do it!" Tia said happily. At the same time the man screached in what seemed to be pain "aahhh what's happening? What did you do to me, are you on the demon's side?"

"What have I done?" Tia mumbled under her breath. As she realised that the man was in more pain now than he was before she screamed "somebody help, I don't know what I did" At that moment some people glanced up and then began rushing over to her.

Ty Twinblade
26-04-2001, 11:59 AM
((*stops, sits down, tries to sort out this confusion.* Ok, the Silver Leader is commanding the big ass battle on the western plain. Most of the reds and a few blacks are at the Dragon Kingdom with Meilinrei. Kinr's leading the whites in the Angellian Kingdom. I'm good. *stands up, continues.*))

*Kinr stopped and looked down at the Angellian princess.* I know as much as you do about these humans at the moment, princess. Now, if you please, help your people into the medical bay and stay there. As your protector, I cannot allow you to be injured. Once this is worked out, I will send one of mine to inform you of the situation. *satisfied with her explanation, Kinr stepped around the princess and continued towards the humans.*

*The Red Leader, Scar as he was known, approached Tia in human form. He snapped his wings against his back irritably and stopped the magick. As he glanced up, a stray lock of firey red hair fell across his right eye, partially hiding the long, black scar marked there.* Please, leave the healing to us. If you insist upon helping, then calm your people and organize them into groups of worst injuries to least. *He bent down beside the human and lay his hand gently on the man's leg. As a glow surrounded him, the man relaxed into a healing sleep. Scar stood again and moved off to the next injured.*

26-04-2001, 12:01 PM
: Phionex, the Elven lord, look over the battle papers, and scouting reports. Just then, a scout broke into his room, bringing news.:

Scout- 'Sir!'


Scout-' we've just heard that the human army is advancing!'

Phionex-'so...they're finally making their move...'

Scout-' and sir!'


Scout-'The dragons have sent some men to meet the humans head on!'

Phionex'.....i see. Dissmissed'

Scout-' Sir'

~Hmph, the humans are on the move~: Phionex thought to himself.:~i'd bettefr make our move now...~

26-04-2001, 08:22 PM
Erwin watched as the dragon approached his men. Judging from the reactions of the dragons and Angellians, it seemed that they were not expecting him. Had one or more of the council members set him up? Or was it just a simple miscommunication? Well, he'd find the answer to that later. Right now, he had a serious situation that needed fixing. After a moment of thought, he turned to the Major.

"Major. Your sidearm."

The major was about to protest, but a stern look from the General stopped him, and he handed Erwin his weapon.
With that, Erwin turned toward the dragon, and held out the weapon, making sure the barrel pointed to the ground. He then worked a switch on the side of the pistol, and the magazine slid out. To complete the gesture, Erwin worked the action of the weapon, ejecting the unfired bullet from the chamber. With that, he returned the gun to the Major. The other armed soldiers caught on, and disarmed their weapons as well.

26-04-2001, 08:31 PM
: Phionex was talking with his army's leaders about what to do next.:

Leader- well, if the dragons attack the humans, I say we attack from behind

Phionex- Ugh, I still say split the army into 3/3's, and put 1/3 on each side, the back, right and left, where the dragons are in the front.

Leader- I see sir, but remember, some creatures have gone t...

Phionex- YES! I KNOW! some of our men have gone too, but I say we can do it, post gaurds around to see what the dragons do, if they attck, attack, if they don't, report back to me.

Leader- yes sir!

Ty Twinblade
26-04-2001, 08:35 PM
((Psst. Monty, could you please post your stats on the Character Creation thread?))

*Kinr continued forward as four dragons landed by the ships. She halted just before them, raises her hand as a ball of flame gathered there.* I do not know what you are doing here human, but you are not welcome.

26-04-2001, 08:57 PM
"Thank you, Scar, for fixing that man's leg...and...I'm sorry I didn't help very much...." with that Tia stopped talking because she had nothing else to say. Scar dismissed her, so she left.

Tia thought "how could I have done that. What was I thinking. I put that man's life in danger to prove...to prove what? Oh, I'll never make a good enough princess of the Dragon Kingdom." With that thought in her head she ran home and lay on her bed crying.

26-04-2001, 09:12 PM
Angry knowing that Kinr was right, that she should go help her people, she stalked off, and helped an injured woman to the sick bay. Helping others to their destination, she thought about how much Kinr was being so disagreeable. I am going to make her understand.. she thought, getting madder and madder. Keeping her eye on Kinr all the time until she was finished, she walked over and silently stood there glaring at the humans, and listening intently on what Kinr was saying. Standing there stiffly, she stared at the humans, glaring more and more.

26-04-2001, 09:46 PM
Noa comes in unsure of what to say..."hi" looks around at all these dead and injured people not sure which are allies or enemies so just continues walking by them "oops...gotta go" Noa runs off in the oppisite direction.

Kaosu Megami
26-04-2001, 10:34 PM
Kaosu couldn't help but pace back and forth, impatient. She remembered that someone had once told her patience was a virtue. She also remembered sending that person into orbit. She smirked to herself at the memory.

"Commander." Lieutennant Kirameki, another silver draco, drew her attention back to what was happening.

She glared at him. She hated being caught day-dreaming. She clinked her scales angirly, hoping he'd get the message. He didn't.

"There Ma'am. The humans are moving. It looks like the elves are getting in on the fight too."

Kaosu swore silently and looked in the direction of the Angellian Base. "Where are Takara and Naito?" She whispered to herself. Behind her, the command shifted uneasily from foot to foot. The dracos were raised in violence and lived for the battle. They could taste the blood on the air, and wanted a good fight for themselves.

But not one of them would move before the order was given. The dracos were well disaplined, they had to be. In a world where any kind of half-breed was looked upon with scorn they had a lot of enemies. Kaosu had assumed leadership by proving that she was the strongest fighter. She'd remained in control by continuing to defeat anyone who challenged her leadership. She'd been Commander of the troop for almost 15 years. They wouldn't dare disobey her now.

She continued to pace anxiously. "We will fight today. If Shadow rejects us, than we will simply fight all who dare challenge us."

The dracos behind her didn't cheer, for the noise would give away their position and they were too well trained for that. Instead they all smiled, waiting for the action to start.

27-04-2001, 12:30 AM
Sorry about the long wait, last ngiht when I checked, they said that the board wasn't functioning.

Shadow Gritted her teeth as her sister dismissed her and went towards the strangers. Then all tension and resentment melted at the sight of those strangers.
Shadow nodded to them when she reached them. "Kaosu, well met."

Ty Twinblade
27-04-2001, 10:42 AM
*Scar walked away as his troops took over.* ~Fool hearted child. She is too weak to fight.~ *he paused and gazed around the battle field of the Dragon Kingdom.* Second, report. *a black in human form approached him cautiously.*
Black: Five of ours are lost. All of theirs. The injured are being cared for and the well are in their homes, as you commanded.

Scar: Good. Tell me, do you have any knowledge of this kingdom? I thougt the WingClaws were the last clan to survive.

Black: As did I. I can send a messanger to the Silver Leader if you wish, sir.

Scar: No. He's busy at the moment. Take your troops and return to battle. My section will remain here.

Black: Sir. *the man bowed, snapped his wings against his back then left.*

*Scar watched as the few blacks that had come with them took to the skies. Reds were stationed at all entrances while a few remained in human form, healing the injured. He stepped down from the wall and joined his commerads.*

*Soft footsteps approached the Angellian princess from behind. A white dragon in human form gently lay his wrinkled hand on her arm.* Lady, please do as my daughter commands. She is wise. *Kinr's father winked quietly and began to move towards the infermery.*

27-04-2001, 11:19 AM
Behamon tore through the magma currents viciously, contacting his demon commanders with his mind one by one. It seemed that the Silver was no concentrating on acid attacks.
Withdraw north where I've broken the red lines. Behamon sent out the command. If he knew how these dragons functioned, they would already be sniffing out the Familiars with their magi, efficiently cutting off each weak point that Behamon exploited. This distraction would suffice for a time though. He contacted his Familiars.
Spread throughout all the dragons my Familiars, delay their witch hunting magi.
Then with keeping the locations of his troops in mind, Behamon began to randomly set up new eruptions throughout the field, breaking up the acid blasts as effectively as possible without harming his own soldiers. As the Silver could not see him, the eruptions would also draw fire from the dragons, though Behamon was quite safe where he lurked.
What a tiresome battle... if I did not so love the value of slaughter and bloodshed... I would have left this worthless piece of land already... Behamon thought to himself.
Any resources the land held were now rendered destroyed by not only the devasting volcanic eruptions, but the dragons own toxic attacks. Behamon smiled at the irony.
How easily these goodly dragons fall to their primitive and destructive tendencies.

Kaosu Megami
27-04-2001, 08:13 PM
((hey shadow, you're talking to Night. *grins* I'll just pretend you said Night instead of Chaos.))

The black draco smiled and bowed slightly. "Shadow, always an honour. Commander Chaos bids us bring you a message." She clinked her scales together and looked at the guards. "We are willing to fight under you again."

Ty Twinblade
27-04-2001, 08:24 PM
*The Silver Leader growled and soared into the air. He could waste no more time. Whiping around quickly, he glided above his troops.* Blacks! Weed out the magi. Keep them to the fringe. Everyone else, formation!!!!!!
*dragons dropped out from their immediate attacks and began flying to the ridges of the battle. They lined up in what appeared to be a perfect, flying circle. Even the gryphons caught on quickly and took to the skies. The black necromancers efficantly pushed the familiars to the back of the battle and fought them there. As his troops gathered, the Silver Leader let out a tremendous roar. As if awakened by his voice, the ground began to shake violently.*

*Below ground, earth dragons swam and dipped easily through the rivers of magma, some of them being their own creation. A group of five surrounded Behamon, capturing him in a cage of white energy.*

*The Silver Leader winged back to his silvers and took place by the edges as the ground erupted beneath the demon forces. Slides of rock rose up and dragged the dark army beneath the ground. Again, the Silver Leader roared. This time, a swell of dragons dove towards the buired army and used their acid breath to seal and burn the demons into the ground.*

*The two guards, seeing that Shadow recognized the new comers, looked to her for commands.*

28-04-2001, 06:58 AM
Behamon grinned at the dragons that believed they had captured him. Ragnarok began to shudder violently. The hot temperature of the magma was causing the black steel to remember the place it was birthed in the furnaces of hell. He supressed its power momentarily, simply sitting and grinning at his 'captors'.
Above, the ground was opening up as the dragons began to tear it open with their acid.
Beautiful. Behamon beheld the carnage and destructive energy. Finally, he brandished the blade above his head and tore a whole in the energy cage, dispersing it and throwing aside the dragons. The amount of energy generated by all the death and magma made him tremble with ecstatic pride.
"Oh stunning battle Silver one." He called up to his adversary. "You may take this victory, upon a single condition."
With that, he turned his palm facing up through the magma to the sky and slashed it downwards. It was as if his claw ripped through the fabric of existence and a black rift was created that rapidly expanded. The terrain that was being gradually destroyed by acid was now being swallowed up the dark swirling rift. Behamon's demonic troops were also swallowed up, along with any foolish dragons that flew too close to the ground. Behamon himself levitated a short distance above the very center of the rift, daring them to approach, with an infuriating grin.
"Who would join me and my army in hell?"

Ty Twinblade
28-04-2001, 07:01 PM
*his troops had drawn back from the rift, seemingly afraid. The Silver Leader hovered before Behamon, his silver scales shining in the glory of the sun. His face was a mask of emotions, power swelling about him. In that single moment that he waited before the gate to hell, an aura of raw energy surrounded him, seemingly not of this earth. Of all the dragons remining alive, he was the only one who still believed.*
In the beginning, only good existed. When chaos entered the world, the Guardians were born. Beloved Gods of Lilth, creators of life, I, your child, call upon you. As Guardian of this land, I command you to send me your strength. By the light of the Heavens, empower me!
*As if the sky had opened up, a tear of white light blasted down and struck Behamon and his rift. Beams of the light snaked out, surrounding the Silver Leader. Though no other dragon knew where he got his power, they all stared in awe as the Silver Leader fought ultimate evil with ultimate good.*

29-04-2001, 01:35 AM
She looked at the old dragon in human form, and showed her concern by the look on her face. Waiting for him to understand that she was determined to do everything she could to protect her people, she turned back to Kinr and stood there again silently, again glaring at the human troops, seeing as how easily it would've been to snap their backs with one of her wings just to ease her loathing of the demons...She then shook the evil thoughs out of her head, because if she started thinking like that, she would most likelly be easy to be deceived and switched over onto their side..

30-04-2001, 02:40 AM
Behamon was stunned by the bolt of pure energy from the skies but recovered a short moment later. The stray streaks of energy that shot past were only absorbed by the rift. Ragnarok seemed to scream in his mind at the searing blow delivered to Behamon. The energy was wholesome and untainted, unlike anything else of this world.
Clearly this Silver Dragon's power was not of this plain of existence. The gears in Behamon's mind began to turn quickly at this thought.
If its energy is not of this world than it is not limited by this world.
Chaotic evil thrived, because chaos on a plain of free thought thrived. But where was the Silver's power coming from?
Dark Mistress... you gave me no warning of this interloper... what is playing over in your mind? He thought to himself.
"You're armies are helpless to my dark gate, Silver Dragon." He met her challenge with a grin. "Do you intend to goad me into single combat here and seal this rift?"
With that he bellowed out an evil laugh and sunk down slowly into the gate returning temporarily to his homeland. The gate would remain at its largest size for seven more days. Enough time for Behamon to get some answers from his greater master.

Ty Twinblade
30-04-2001, 07:46 AM
*The Silver Leader stopped the energy flow, watching as Behamon left. He whispered another prayer to whatever gods he believed in.* Gods, contain this dark hole. *A shield of white energy surrounded the rift, fed by Behamon's own chaotic energy. As long as the rift remained, so would the shield. When he finished this spell, two informants arrived, one from the Dragon Kingdom and the other from the Angellian base.*
Red 1: Sir! Another clan has been found. They call themselves the Dragon Kingdom. Scar wishes to hear your thoughts on this new finding.
White 2: Sir! Humans in the Angeillian base!
*The Silver Leader nodded slowly and turned to his troops.*
SL: My silvers, stay here and take care of the remaining enemies. Blues, watch over the injuried and heal as many as possible. *he turned back to the informants.* Tell Scar I will be with him soon. First, I must see to these humans. The rest of you! Back to the Mountain.
*Dragons began flying off on their various duties, the Silver Leader following after the white informant to the Angellian base.*

Ty Twinblade
30-04-2001, 07:47 AM
*The Dark Mistress smiled and chuckled to herself.* Confused Behamon? *another piece clicked arcoss the chess board, followed by the clink and rattle of another piece falling to the floor.* You should be. Come here, my lord's minion. I have much to tell you. *she raised her ember red eyes to the tortured corpse of his informant.* And even more to show you.

30-04-2001, 03:04 PM
Erwin looked at the dragon before him. So far, he was hardly impressed by this one, yet he probably wouldn't get anywhere without going through it first, so he spoke up.
"I am Major General Erwin Kerensky of the Katorian Republic Military. I am here to discuss a possible alliance against our common enemy-the demons."

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30-04-2001, 03:18 PM
: A scout burst into Phionex's Quaters.:

Scout: SIr!
Phionex: Yes?
Scout: Humans in an Angelian Camp!
Phionex: damn, so they've moved...
Scout: and sir!
Phionex: Yes?
Scout: The dragons are cleaning up the remaining Deamon troops at that battle.
Phionex: I see, tell some troops to go, basicly some spearmen and archers, and bring some healers, we must help the dragons.
Scout: Yessir!
: As the scout walked out, Phionex went and put on some armour, as he was taking some troops to go to the angelian base. Phionex walked outside, and mounted his steed. He gathered the remaining troops for the army he sent out before, and told 5 troopers to go and tell the others to head back to base. He then started the advancement to the angelain base.:

Ty Twinblade
30-04-2001, 04:17 PM
*As the Silver Leader landed before the front sentries, the two whites exchanged nervous glances.*
White 1: Sir. Um... we have orders from Kinr to allow no one access.
*The Silver Leader chuckled to himself and smiled.* ~Smart. Young but smart.~ *He nodded to the sentries.*
SL: My command overrides hers. Let me pass.
*The two whites nodded and parted way for the Silver Leader. As he walked through the gates, he didn't have to search long before finding Kinr and the humans. Sighing softly, he shrank to human form and approached her.*

*Kinr glared darkly at the human before her, unaware of her commander's approach.* Why are you here human? *she spat out the word as if it left a bad taste in her mouth. The Silver Leader stopped beside her and gently pushed her hand down, keeping his eyes focused on the humans.*
SL: I am Silver Leader of the Wingclaw clan. I'm assuming you know of the current war so I will give you far warning to leave now or be destroyed.

Kaosu Megami
30-04-2001, 11:06 PM
Night noticed the appearance of the so-called Silver Leader in the camp and was slightly uncomfortable. She looked to Shadow. "Maybe we could talk more privately. Your guards..." She nodded towards the two whites, still hanging around, "...probably have better things to do. We could catch up on old times!" The black draco smiled convincingly, hoping the white guards didn't take offence and turn on her and hoping the Silver Leader didn't notice her. These other dragons could be fooled by outward appearances, but could this supposed ultimate force of good be so easily deceived? The draco wondered how Shadow kept up that deception day after day in the presence of such a leader.


Chaos was fed up. She clincked her scales angrily and stormed back and forth across the edge of the cliff. It was obvious to her that the battle below was over. ~If Naito and Takara don't get back here in 10 minutes, I'm going after them. And when I find them, I'll....~ She trailed off into angry silence.

Ty Twinblade
01-05-2001, 11:08 AM
*the two white guards looked nervously back at the Silver Leader. He had appearently not noticed them yet but it was their duty to follow him. Yet Kinr had ordered them to stay here and she didn't seem about to change her orders.*

*Kinr blinked at the sudden appearence of her leader and bowed her head slightly, stepping back. Another informant tip toed up to her silently and told her of the end of the battle. She nodded and looked to the Silver Leader for dismissal. He nodded his approval and she drew back, casting one more suspicious glare over her shoulder at the humans. Striding quickly towards the infermery, she called some of her warriors to her for updates.*
White 1: The battle has ended and our Leader has massed a shield around the dark rift. The Dragon Kingdom is still in need of healers yet all those in need of aid here have been healed.

Kinr: Losses?

White 1: Six Angellians, none of ours and all of theirs.

*Kinr nodded again.* Take a troop of whites to the Dragon Kingdom and help Scar. I must inform the princess of the happenings.

White 1: Um... premission to speak freely?

Kinr: Yes?

White 1: The princess is with the Silver Leader, facing the humans.

*Kinr swore fluently, turned on her heels and stormed back towards the princess. Whites began milling about the base, all draconic guards keeping their posts while those in human form took to the sky and headed towards the Dragon Kingdom.*

01-05-2001, 10:48 PM
After moping around her room for a while, Tia made a decision. "I can't just sit around here all the time and cry. If I ever want to be able to use my healing magic I must work on it. Not just my healing magic needs work either." Tia went outside to practice her magic. She found a bird that didn't look so well. It was a calm night right now. Tia sat down and began to try and heal the bird.

02-05-2001, 04:14 AM
:devil: <--- this means as Madriel the Familiar, not Behamon

Madriel landed at the Angellian camp amongst the dragons after the battle. He wondered vaguely what Behamon had in mind retreating to the homeland like that. He quickly banished these demonic thoughts however, shifting into a more righteously dragon-like mindset. It was something that a Familiar only learned after many centuries upon this world: that it was not only the shape which made one's form.
"The Demon's retreat is a good sign!" He growled to a nearby dragon, who grunted affirmitively.
"With our leader, we will surely win out over these demons." It replied.
"Aye." Madriel replied agreeably. Then the unit of dragons began to shift into human form. Madriel thankfully followed suit. The dragon shape was an uncomfortable one, especially the thoughts that accompanied it.
"Assist with the wounded here." The commander of the unit ordered. Madriel assented with the other dragons and dispersed to the Angellian camp.
Almost immediately he noticed two half breed dragons (or Dracos)speaking with a full breed dragon.
He approached them. Just before Behamon had departed through the rift, he had left Madriel with an instruction. To carefully monitor the task that had been given to the Dark Mistress's adopted daughter.
"Ah greetings!" He hailed jovially. For a brief moment he let a flash of red cross his eyes, to signal his true identity. Familiars were surprisingly polite creatures amongst their comrades and brethren.

Kaosu Megami
02-05-2001, 04:42 PM
Night narrowed her eyes at the newcomer. She didn't recognize him. The sub-commander looked to Takara. The golden draco shook her head. Night was about to demand who he was when she saw his eyes flash red. She relaxed and smiled. She stepped ahead of Takara to show that she was higher ranking.

"I am Night. And this..." She nodded her head towards Takara. "Is Treasure. What do we call you?"

"Friendly." Treasure smiled and muttered. Night ignored her.

02-05-2001, 10:55 PM
Standing next to the Silver Leader, she stood there watching, not noticing Kinr come up behind her, annoyed, to say the least.

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03-05-2001, 04:36 AM

Madriel grinned at the two Dracos. These were incredibly greedy creatures of discerning taste. Though considered outcasts in both human and dragon societies, Madriel often found Dracos to have taken the best traits from both gene pools.
"You may call me Madriel..." He said amiably. "... a pleasure to meet some tasteful creatures among all these wretched, righteous dragons and Angellians. And to you Shadow, Behamon sends his regards."
He pitched his voice so carefully that only the two Dracos and Shadow would be able to hear him, no matter how sensitive any particular creatures ears were. In addition his lips moved to form different words from those that he projected, so no voyeur would be able to pick them out from a distance.
Caution was something that all Familiars were always spawned with a vast treasury of.

03-05-2001, 04:41 AM
:evil: (Behamon)

Behamon opened another temporal gate from the plain of hell into the Dark Mistress's chamber. He had been in an enraged state since the lost battle. Most of his distinctly violent rage had already been quelled however by his trip into hell. Torturing damned souls and killing useless imps always had the tendency to calm his wits.
"Where is our Lord Master?" He demanded as soon as he entered the Dark Mistress's presence. The Lord of Hell had not been present within his monolithic homestead, and this was a bizzarre state of affairs, especially with the war as it now stood.

Ty Twinblade
03-05-2001, 07:43 AM
*The Dark Mistress sighed lightly, clicking another piece across the chess board.* You are too eager to take out your rage, Behamon. A downfall of yours. *her eyes flashed red in the darkness* Had I another warrior as skilled as you, I would have you killed. *she smirked lightly and cuckled* But I don't. *the red flames in her eyes dimmed and she moved yet another piece across the board.* You sent me a messanger, Behamon. Asking for more troops. Yet you know I dispise inturruptions. *a faint glow illuminated the twisted and tortured body of Behamon's informant, his face still held in a death mask of pain. Or what was left of his face anyway.* Still, I've thought upon your wish and granted it. *a dark portal opened, revealing a mass of troops. 5000 rock golems, 10 000 vampires, zombies and the likes and 2000 liche dragons.* This should sufice for now. *the portal snapped shut quickly.* But you will recieve them only when I have the head of the Silver Leader in my hands. Understood?

Ty Twinblade
03-05-2001, 07:44 AM
*Kinr cleared her throat and watched the princess for a moment then spoke in quiet tones, trying not to disrupt her leader.* Princess, I thought I had told you to stay at the infermery.

03-05-2001, 12:48 PM
She whispered back, also trying not to disrupt him, "You may be my protector, but you are not my mother. I can take care of myself, and I don't trust humans. Go ahead, make me go back. I dare you." she said, smiling evilly, and went back to watching the humans.

Spike Spiegel
03-05-2001, 07:52 PM
Lucian thought to himself. "Humans brave enough to atack a garrison protected by Dragons AND Dwarves? Couldn't be, even a Human has at least that much inteligence. Could they be here to start a peace talk?" He turned to Clive, who as of this moment was conversing with two runners, at witch they ran off. "What were you talking about?" Lucian asked.
Clive replied. "I was just telling them to get my snipers to their positions just in case this goes south and I called in the Diablo and the Grim Reaper. They'll be here in twenty miniutes."
Lucian laughed. "You really have no trust in these humans. I'll go out there and prove to you that those humans can be trusted." With that he walked out the front enterance and aproached the humans.

03-05-2001, 08:36 PM
:as Phionex approched the camp, he told the 'army' he had with him to stay back as he went in. He dismounted infront of the camp, and waited a bit before peaking in quickly:

Kaosu Megami
03-05-2001, 10:19 PM
Night clinked her scales together testily. She didn't like new people/creatures. She had trouble trusting even the other dracos at first. Shadow had earned her respect, but not her trust, this new.....whatever was suspicious to her.

Treasure took note of her superior's discomfort and took caution. Night was suspicious of everyone, but it never hurt to be careful. She herself felt no hostility towards the familiar. He seemed polite enough, and compliments always worked well with her. That was one of the reasons the gold, even though she technically ranked higher, was not in control of the command. She swished her tail back and forth, anticipating a fight. Whoever this familiar was he knew both Shadow and Behamon. ~Maybe we will get to fight today after all. Talk is beginning to bore me.~

Night raised an eyebrow (or gave the draconic version of raising an eyebrow). She noted the familiar's caution and was impressed. She didn't show it though.

Treasure and Night had known each other for almost 14 years. Treasure could read the sub-commander like a book. She noted her expression and smiled. ~Score one for the familiar~

Ty Twinblade
03-05-2001, 11:12 PM
*Kinr glared at the princess then shrugged and took up position beside her.* Fine. We will wait here.

*A sentry decended upon the elf and lay a massive claw before him.* Speak your name and your reason for coming here.

04-05-2001, 04:20 AM
Madriel grinned open at the two Dracos after his guarded speech. Shadow seemed to be regarding him with a silently suspicious gaze, not surprising considering the fact that he directly served Behamon. Although they were allies, Behamon never hid his dislike of the fact that the Dragon that had been given so much power by the Dark Mistress without consultation to either him or the Lord of Hell.
So instead he played to the two Dracos whilst discreetly watching Shadow's reactions.
"I bear news of the battle upon the Western plains!" He said out loud without camouflaging his speech. "Behamon seems to have torn the place open with a dark rift... some kind of gate into hell, and disappeared into its depths. Though we won the day, I'm a little concerned by this bad omen."
The topic was inconspicuous enough, and the Familiar was certain that many nearby dragons that had lost comrades to the dimensional rift would be relaying similar messages. Then cautiously again:
"Perhaps it would be better for these discussions to take place outside of this camp. If I've learned anything, it is that dragons are highly sensitive to impure intentions."

04-05-2001, 04:01 PM
: Phionex looked at the dragon, then it's claw.: well well...nice welcome. I am Phionex, ruler of the elves. I heard from a scout that humans were here with my allies you dragons. I didn't want something to happen here without me knowing, after all, us Elves are defenceless....: Phionex smirked.:

Ty Twinblade
04-05-2001, 07:53 PM
*the dragon growled softly at the sarcasism then lifted his head and peered over the fort wall. He bellowed loudly and was soon answered by another dragon. Turning his attention back to Phoenix, the dragon nodded and drew his claw away.* You may enter.

Kaosu Megami
05-05-2001, 01:41 AM
Night continued to give the familiar odd glances. She knew better than to trust him. He wasn't a draco. All other races aren't to be trusted. To tell the truth, Night didn't even want to be here with Shadow. She disliked dragons, even ones she'd fought alongside.

Takara's heart sank when she heard the news of the fight. "The fight is over?!?" She couldn' t believe she'd missed it.

Naito whirled and glared and the golden draco. Takara realized she was in for it and cringed slightly, but stood at attention. Naito started to whisper, looked suspiciously at the familiar and switched to their language as she whispered. *What do you think you're doing? Just because you're away from the Commander you think you can break code?*

Takara was uncomfortable. She'd been pushing the Sub-Commander all day, and now she was in for it. *Ma'am. No Ma'am.*

*Then what the hell were you doing?* Night swished her tail angrily back and forth.

*I don't know Ma'am.* Treasure answered honestly. She didn't know what possessed her to push Night this far.

Night glared at the Lieutenant. *Commander Kaosu is going to hear about this when we get back, and since I'm telling her from my point of view, if I were you I'd shut up for the rest of the trip. You're breach of conduct combined with the knowledge that we've missed the fight won't put her in a forgiving mood.* Night quickly turned back to face the familiar and dragon.

Takara continued to stand at attention a step back from her superior and kept her eyes on the ground. ~I'm in for it now.~ She moped to herself. Next to fighting honour and skill, obedience was the most important thing to the dracos.

Night was in a bad mood. She glared openly at both familiar, Shadow and any passing dragons. "I agree with Madriel. Let's get out of here."

05-05-2001, 05:25 AM
*Rubs tired eyes then reaches for the tissues as she hacks up her lungs* As you can read, I am sick, unfortunantly, I'm still working, and they've also got me doing more days than usual. So if you can, Twinblade, would you mind NPC'ing my character for a while? I"m up for another full week of work, and when I get home, I just feel like crashing into bed.

Shadow Watched the exchange with grim amusement, aware of how Night felt. She nodded her assent and gestured for Night to lead the way.

Ty Twinblade
05-05-2001, 11:14 AM
((No prob. S*Katt. *pats you on the head.* Go to bed.))

05-05-2001, 11:43 AM
Madriel noted significantly the quick exchange between the two Dracos. It was clear that they didn't trust him to any great extent... which wasn't particularly surprising... however there was an evident disappointment at missing the battle in the Dracos named Treasure.
Behamon had said nothing about the Dracos allying with them at this stage of the war. He was also unaware of any such intent from the Dark Mistress.
Ah! I understand now, there've never been Familiars among the Dracos before. Madriel realised. That they came forth without any manipulation was a very strange fact but it was pleasing to see earthly creatures with the same penchant for war as demons.
"I will create a small distraction for you to leave unnoticed and join you in the woods." He said.
Before they could respond he morphed into a giant Liche Dragon and flew up high into the sky, spitting acid all over the camp. He then hastily morphed into a small swift - the fastest and most agile creature of flight he could think of and ducked into the woods. Once within its green confines, he morphed himself several times from birds to insects and other animals that dwelled within. This would make it almost impossible to track him visually, and as the animals he morphed into were small, it would also be difficult to trace him by any sixth senses possessed by the goodly creatures within the Angellian camp.

Kaosu Megami
05-05-2001, 02:24 PM
Night watched semi-awed by the familiars magical powers. Dracos inheirated ((sp?)) some magical abilities from their dragon ancestors ((sp?)), but Night herself didn't trust magic. She didn't bother to watch and see if Takara followed her, or even if Shadow accompanied them. She simply leapt into the air as the Liche dragon dissappeared and flew, with all speed towards the woods. She landed and wasn't surprised to see Treasure right behind her. She whirled, still annoyed at the golden draco. *Go report to Commander Kaosu. Tell her all we know and tell her I will bring Shadow and this Madriel to talk with her if I believe it will be a favourable alliance. Go.*

Takara nodded and ran. She wasn't going to risk drawing attention to herself by flying. Naito began to wait for the familiar and dragon to show up. She tapped her foot impatiently, but was really in a better mood after leaving the angellian base.

Ty Twinblade
05-05-2001, 08:45 PM
*Kinr grabbed hold of the princess and dragged her to the ground as the acid spewed over head.*
SL: Kinr! Go!
*the white commander leapt swiftly to her feet at her leader's command and took to the sky in her draconic form. She saw her sister do the same out of the corner of her eye and only guessed that she was going to help. (Which she isn't). Flying swiftly over the forest, she scanned for the familiar. To no success.*
~Blast~ *Kinr cursed in her mind yet continued to circle above the area where she had lost the familiar.*

Kaosu Megami
06-05-2001, 01:37 AM
Takara saw the other white dragon, Shadow's sister, flying around above her. The golden draco kept to the shadows and barely kept breathing. She silently prayed that the white dragon didn't see her. She snuck along the underbrush of the forest away from the dragon and ran almost smack into Akumu, or Nightmare as the others called him. The golden draco sighed when she saw that it was only the black Second ((Second is Akumu's rank in the command)).

"You nearly scared the life out of me." She put one clawed hand on the black dracos shoulder.

"Ma'am?" Akumu was slightly confused.

Takara quickly regained her composure. "Second. Why are you here?"

"Lieutenant." He snapped to attention. "Commander Kaosu sent me. She was wondering where you and Sub-Commander Naito went."

Takara nodded. "I was just going to report. Let's go."

Akumu nodded, knowing better than to question his superior. The two dracos silently returned to the rest of their command, leaving Naito to talk things over with the dragon and familiar.

Takara secretly hoped that their discussion would be so stimulating that Naito would forget to report her to Kaosu. The last thing she needed was to be demoted. She looked the the black draco walking beside her. ~He's next in line for my position if Naito tells on me. I wish you a long talk Sub-Commander.~

07-05-2001, 10:22 AM
A lone wolf tramped lightly along a well marked wolf trail beneath the great wings of the White Dragon that flew overhead. It wasn't this wolf's territory of course, but the previous owner had met with an unfortunate demise at the fangs of a deadly spider. That wolf's corpse was now vulture meat as this wolf's sensitive nose picked up the Dracos Night's sent quickly and followed it.
As soon as it saw the Dracos standing well hidden beneath the forest's canopy, it changed shape slowly into a humanoid that had earlier been seen at the Angellian camp.
Madriel threw a grin to the Dracos, letting red flash in his eyes again to identify himself.
"Dragons are quite powerful... but stealth and cunning with the correct execution can easily evade their senses."
It was not often that the Familiar got to exercise the full extent of his shapeshifting abilities, but he enjoyed the thrill of it when he could.
"Well... regardless of that I gather that you seek an alliance with us? Quite an intelligent choice considering the benefits. Did you know..."
Madriel shifted into a stubby nosed dwarf decked out in battle gear with a pickaxe.
"... that deep dwelling mountain dwarves can actually smell out precious metals... just with their noses!"
He sniffed around a little, utilising the dwarven talent.
"Well I'll be!" He turned around and drove his pick axe into the ground by a particularly gnarled old tree. After a few strokes, Madriel gestured for Night to look. And there lay a small vein of gold intertwined with the tree's roots.

07-05-2001, 10:31 AM
Behamon fumed for days in his citadel on earth (ooc: sorry can't remember what the world is called) at the Dark Mistress's request for the Silver's head. He had grown no closer whatsoever as to the source of the Dragon's power, and the Lord of Hell was no where to enlighten him.
I have been a loyal servant yet now I must stoop to seeking my own information. He brooded.
"Very well!" He growled standing up and checking Ragnarok in its scabbard at his back. "I'll take this whelp's head and crush some more dragons while I am at the task.
Briefly he checked on the Familiar he'd left with the task of watching Shadow. It was a cunning creature named Madriel that had served him for ages now.
Excellent He thought as he located and examined Madriel's psyche. allies of a more pleasant nature than these humans. But it seems the area is blocked by temporal nullifiers
With that he stormed out of his chamber and gathered together his field commanders.

Ty Twinblade
07-05-2001, 01:26 PM
*Kinr skimmed silently above the tree tops, her agile white wings casting deep shadows onto the ground below. She gazed intently at the ground before her, seeking more with her magick then her senses. A lone wolf walked beneath her, probably going on a hunt. Yet weren't wolves night creatures? Kinr doubled back and repeated her scan of the area. And hadn't she seen a similar wolf only a short ways back? Only dead. Kinr brought her wings sharply to her sides and was about to dive when another blur of white inturrupted her. Kinr growled and quickly righted herslef, glaring at her sister.*
Kinr: What?
Shadow: That's a wolf, sister. Not a demon. Come on, the Silver Leader wants you back at camp.
Kinr: Acknowledged. You keep scanning the area.
*Kinr backwings and twisted her lithe body in an arch, heading herself on a course back to the Angellian base. Shadow dove down to join Behamon's familiar.*

Kaosu Megami
07-05-2001, 04:51 PM
Naito snorted at the familiar as he appeared and casually listened to his babble as she watched for Shadow. The mention of precious metals caught her attention though. She peered over the dwarf's shoulder at the vein of gold and smiled to herself. A black hadn't made it to the rank of sub-commander on looks alone. She clamped the dwarf/familiar on the shoulder, in an immeadiately better mood. "A small hint of what's to come eh? Your master can make the fight worth our while?"

08-05-2001, 06:18 AM
"Oh there's no doubt about that...."
Madriel tapped the vein gently with his pick axe loosening a small rough section no bigger than a thumbnail into the dirt. Picking it up he examined it closely.
"Hm... poor quality, but what do you expect so close to the surface." He scratched a thick beard that had sprouted from his chin, taking on dwarven characteristics as naturally as could have been imagined. Noticing the lapse, he quickly morphed back into his humanoid form.
"Now, where is Shadow?"

Ty Twinblade
08-05-2001, 07:44 AM
((Eh... guess I'm playing Shadow for a bit.))

*the white dragon landed by the Familiar as her sister headed back to camp. She growled under her breath, glaring up at the disappearing figure then turned her attention back to Mandriel.*

Kaosu Megami
08-05-2001, 06:30 PM
Night inclined her head slightly at the white dragon, showing her respect. She waited to see what the dragon would say to the familiar. She'd already decided to bring Madriel back to meet Commander Kaosu, Shadow or no Shadow.


*Commander!* Takara and Akumu approached the Draco camp. In the time they were gone the silver draco leader had ordered a small camp set up for protection and punched her fist through three trees. She was the only draco visable, the others were hiding in the makeshift camp. ~Dragons must be patrolling the area~ Takara thought to herself as she approached. *Commander Kaosu. I bring news from Sub-Commander Naito.*

The silver draco muttered under her breath than approached the two draco. *Second Akumu, report to your squad. Lieutenant Takara, report.*

The black draco left the two metalics alone. Takara saluted. *Sub-Commander Naito is talking with a familiar from the Dark Armies and Shadow. If she likes what they are saying, she'll bring them back here.*

Kaosu grit her teeth. *Like hell.* She swished her tail angrily back and forth. The Commander was not known for her patience. *Report back to your squad Lieutenant.*

Takara quickly left to meet with her squad. ~I'm glad I'm not Naito right now.~ She did a head count of her squad and then sent them back into hiding. They all waited, hands on their weapons. No one knew what Kaosu was going to do next. She decided to wait ~After all I'm getting good at it.~ She slammed her fist into the trunk of another tree. ~Almost.~

08-05-2001, 10:34 PM
(occ: Sorry for not bein' here, I was banned from the comp. XP)

Mina stood close the Silver Leader, startled by the sudden turn of events. Looking up at him, she wondered if they would have the time at all to even make half the short journey to the Angallian officials' building, much less live to next week. She stood there, wondering more and more, getting a serious look on her face..

Ty Twinblade
09-05-2001, 07:29 AM
((*grins* It's ok. I know the feeling. ~_^))

*Kinr landed gently beside her leader again, reverting back to her human form. She walked silently towards the princess and took up her position beside her once again.*

*Shadow watched Mandriel closely.* Who are you?

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