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Danielle McCloud
01-05-2001, 10:34 AM
Another Universe II people please post on this thread now, the other is getting filled. Thanks.


Danielle McCloud
01-05-2001, 10:40 AM
"I feel a lot better, now. I think I'll make a stir-fry in the Wok again, if you don't mind making the salad." Danielle said to Blade, as she got out of the tub and dressed and headed for the kitchen.

She wondered if Reicko was having a good time on the ship.

(OOC: I have been trying to think of suggestions too, but none worked into the story. That is the perfect solution and believeable. I like it.)

01-05-2001, 03:15 PM
(Ho-k, nother theard, got it:D)

: Reicko walked around the big, massive ship, looking at the map. It was just then, that he saw the dried blood on his hand.: Oh ya, i forgot about that. : Reicko walked around somemore, hopeing to find a water fountian.: Hmm.....too bad those aren't marked here....wait a second.....: Something on the map caught Reicko's Eye.: AWSOME! an Arena!! : Reicko ran in that direction:

Blade McCloud
01-05-2001, 03:54 PM
((the thing about sphynx is that he's shy when it comes to meeting new people, he's only brave when the people dont know who he is or when Phoenix is around to back him up, perhaps him and some girl could like each other but are to afraid to say it))

Blade got out and dressed as well, walking into the kitchen he said, "yeah ill make the salade, hope you like tossed." Being a smart allec he threw all the salad ingrediants into the air and sliced them up with his claws. Catching the salad in the bowl he said, "theres nothing like tossed salade."

01-05-2001, 10:07 PM
: Reicko walked into the arena.: whoa..shweet! : Reicko looked around for a regestration desk.: ah there it is! : Reicko walked up.:

Reicko- i wanna sign up
sign-up dude-sorry, haft'a be 18
Reicko-: pulls out a gun.: what did you say...?
sign-up dude- sign by the X!

: Reicko signed up, and went over to his locker room.: oh ya...kick'in butt Reicko style!

Danielle McCloud
02-05-2001, 02:02 AM
"Very funny Blade, ha, ha, ha." Danielle laughed, jokingly, shaking her head. "If I tried that there would be more salad on the floor and less on in the bowl." she said as she finished the stir-fry Beef and Brocolli to go with the fried rice she had just finished.

Blade set the table and Danielle put the food onto the table while Blade got the drinks. "I feel like having a cup of hot chocolate with those little marshmallows." she said to him.


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I have posted.

From reading the other threads, it looks like the moderators post as the creatures we attack, posting any injuries made to them and when they die. After the battle, we get items, etc, like a real game, which seems pretty interesting.

In Dawn's post, I added a shy girl named Meilssa who likes Sphynx.)

Blade McCloud
02-05-2001, 06:39 PM
Blade set the table and pulled out Danielle's chair for her, pouring a cup of hot chocolate he added marshmellows and placed it in front of her plate. Pouring himself some orangejuice Blade proceded to put food on the plates, as always Blade ate a tremendous speed.

((yeah i like the concept of the whole board itself, sphynx is very grateful that you added Melissa))

Danielle McCloud
02-05-2001, 08:28 PM
Danielle watched and smiled as Blade ate his food as fast as she had seen him before. She ate hers and sipped her hot chocolate and it left a circle of milk around her mouth.

"Where do you want to go when we are done?" she asked him.

Blade McCloud
03-05-2001, 10:28 PM
Blade looked up saying with a sort of glint in his eyes, "well we havent been here in so long i thought perhaps we could go on a walk, where is a secret."

Danielle McCloud
04-05-2001, 02:13 AM
Danielle smiled at Blade as they left the room for their walk, hand-in-hand.

"A secret, huh. Well do I at least get a hint?" she asked him , very curious about their destination.

Blade McCloud
06-05-2001, 09:39 AM
Blade thought for a moment and said, "alright lets see if youcan guess where were going, youre only hint is that we visit there alot and have very fond memorys and feelings for each other there.

Danielle McCloud
07-05-2001, 07:36 AM
Places on the ship flew through her mind as they walked along, but the one place that they went to alot and had so many fond memories for her was the beach. The smiled softly at the thought. She didn't want to ruin his surprise so she kept it to herself.

The beach was where Blade had proposed to her so many months ago. She held extended her hand and looked at her engagement ring and wedding band, the diamond sparkling in the light. They had numerous picnics there and one time he had made an image of dolphins jumping in the waves that resembled the pictures they had bought together in Balamb.

"Well you'll just have to surprise me won't you? Thank you for remembering..." she said as they walked along, and she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Blade McCloud
08-05-2001, 03:30 PM
Blade smiled saying softly, "i think i will have to suprise you," he was pretty sure she knew where they were going. In a few minuets the sounds of waves runing up and down the shore could be heard.

Danielle McCloud
09-05-2001, 05:48 AM
Danielle looked at the water and smiled, giving Blade a tight hug and a kiss. "The beach, this is great, Thank you for remebering, Blade." she said with a smile as she hurried over, wallking through the water, the waves hitting her legs, the salty air hitting her face.

Blade McCloud
09-05-2001, 03:55 PM
Blade smiled watching Danielle walk along the beach just barly being lightly hit by the waves that came up, He walked along a bit more slowly. He looked to his hand and raiseing it his figners danced a little, his fingers being burnt a little the area around became what it once was. An illusionary lake with dolphins and the enitre works as it had been before.

Danielle McCloud
09-05-2001, 06:11 PM
She looked back over her shoulder to Blade and saw him looking at his hand. She slowed down until he caught up with her.

"You did it again...It's beautiful Blade," as she watched the dolphins jump around in the imaginary lake. "I love dophins, and I love you, too." she said, softly, as she leaned her head against his shoulder and watched the image in his palm.

"I thought I heard over the loudspeaker that Reicko is going to fight at the arena, maybe we can go cheer him on, later." she said.

Blade McCloud
10-05-2001, 02:33 PM
"yeah thats a great idea im sure he'd like to have someone cheering him on," Blade said as he looked to Danielle, waveing his hand once the image dissapeared from his palm and soon after appeared on the actual lake.

Danielle McCloud
12-05-2001, 02:33 PM
Danielle watched with amazement as the image appeared on the water as it had before.

"That is so nice, Blade, Thank you." she said softly, tears foming in her eyes at his thoughfullness, as they stood together looking at the image in the sea.

Blade McCloud
12-05-2001, 06:21 PM
Blade smiled looking at the image he had created, he felt totally at peace standing there with Danielle, he took a deep breath and put an arm around her.

Danielle McCloud
14-05-2001, 01:07 PM
Danielle relaxed with Blade, and smiled. "I feel very happy when we are together." she said, leaning against his shoulder, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Let's get something to drink and head over to the arena when we are done here, to see If Reicko is still fighting." she said.

Blade McCloud
14-05-2001, 04:51 PM
"yeah i'd like to see just how good he is, i do belive there is a place along the way for drinks," Blade replied as they began walking slowly towards the arena.

Danielle McCloud
15-05-2001, 10:38 AM
Danielle and Blade walked along towards the arena, hand-in-hand, the beach as she took one last look at the image on the water. "Thank you again. I was really surprised." she said as they reached the main street of the ship with the railroad track running down the center.

"I think the arena is all of the way down to the left, she said as they walked along looking in store windows. When they reached a baby store Danielle pulled him in to look at baby furnishings, cribs dresser, etc. She pointed to a dark wood crib with a picture of a teddy bear with balloons engraved on one end, and a matching rocking chair and a dresser. "What about something like this, Blade, then could get get 2 cribs, with sheets and wallpaper to match and that teddy bear lamp to go on the dresser." she said, as they looked around. The smiling saleswoman walked over and asked if they needed any help and when the baby was due.

15-05-2001, 05:55 PM
: Reicko looked around the locker room.: Ouuuuu, lets see : He looked at all the other people in there. He pointed at them and said comments in his mind, and tried figuring out stratigies.: hmmmmm...... Oh, i'm next. : Reicko got ready, and stepped out into the arena:

(sorry, I haven't been over on AB all too much, busy. i wasn't on all weekend, and i have school concerts and stuff, like i have one in about 2 and 1/2 hrs.)

Blade McCloud
15-05-2001, 08:55 PM
Blade looked to the woman saying, "were just looking right now, the baby(s) are due in about another month i think," he looked back at the crib and smiled as he replied to Danielle. "it'd look great."
(( dont worry bout it, we may actully get to see Reicko fight in the arena because of all that stuff ))

Danielle McCloud
16-05-2001, 12:26 PM
(OOC: Reicko, that's allright, things come up.)

Danielle and Blade left the store and headed back towards the arena. Next door to the arena they stopped at a fast food seller and Danielle ordered drinks and took them inside and found two seats close to the front to watch Reicko fight.

When they sat down, Danielle took a sip of her chocolate shake and looked around. "It looks like a good number of people are here to watch," as she looked at the spectators in the other seats talking and cheering at the two people fighting now.

Blade McCloud
16-05-2001, 04:20 PM
Blade sat down next to Danielle and watched the two current fighters with intrest, he glanced around thinking he had felt something but shruged it off. Looking back to the arena he said, "this is so much fun, perhaps i should register after Reicko is done."

16-05-2001, 04:25 PM
: Reicko watched the fighters.: ~dang how long they gonna take!?~ : He saw Danielle and Blade across the arena, and waved.: oh, my turn.......

Danielle McCloud
16-05-2001, 04:40 PM
Danielle watched as the fighters finished their fight and they announced that Reicko was next. She sensed a presense around her that came and went, but glanced around her and could see nothing. "GO REICKO!!" she yelled and waved back at him. "He should do good" she said to Blade.

Then Blade mentioned that he might register too, since it looked like fun. "That is a good idea," she said. "You know I alway enjoy watching you fight." she said to him.

Blade McCloud
17-05-2001, 02:38 PM
Blade sipped his drink as he watched the fight end, he looked at the board above the arena and said, "hey Reicko's up next, i wonder who he's going aginst."

Danielle McCloud
17-05-2001, 04:21 PM
Danielle shrugged her shoulders and looked at the board, but couldn't make out the name of Reicko's opponent.

"I'm not sure who he is fighting, but he should do pretty good." she said as she drank her milkshake and watched the arena, waiting to see who came through the door.

18-05-2001, 09:05 PM
: Reicko looked around for his opponent.: Hmm... seems to be late. : Reicko glanced at the screen and saw that his opponent was also part deamon.: Oh boy....: Just then, something jumped out from the crowad at him.: CRUD! :Reicko went smashing into the oppisite side of the Arena.: Damm..... : Reicko slowly got up, but was knocked down again by the breakneck speed of his opponent. Reicko finally got up, but couldn't see where his opponent was. He found out when he turned around, and was kicked in the gut. As he hunched over, the chalanger lifted his hands above his head, and smacked Reicko down. Just at that moment, Reicko looked at the board while getting up to see this was a deathmatch.: ~Oh great....just great~ : Reicko thought to himself. He mustered up enough strength to knocked the man away, and that bought him time to get up. As his foe stumbled, Reicko charged, and slid through the opening between his legs.: Time to up the Anty! : Reicko punched him in the back, sending him flying foward, and with his speed, met him before the wall and kicked him back.: Now THIS is more like it! : He said, getting ready to charge.:

Danielle McCloud
19-05-2001, 07:51 AM
Danielle watched as the fight began and the announcer said it was a death-match. Danielle was surprised when Reicko's opponent came out of the audience and attacked and overpowered him. "Be careful...Reicko...." she yelled as the fight continued.

"This looks like a pretty tough opponent, I didn't know it was to the death" she said to Blade as the fight continued, with Reicko beng hit repeatedly, and Danielle began to get worried. Then finally Reicko was able to knock him away and with his agility and speed attacked the half-daemon from the back.

"Go, Reicko, You've got him now," she yelled, as Reicko continued with his attack.

Blade McCloud
20-05-2001, 05:33 PM
Blade watched the fight intently, he glanced around agine feeling the same sensation as before, he looked back at the arena saying, "these arnt supposed to be deathmatches, the rules state they arnt allowed, someone pulled some strings....." He yelled to Reicko, "come on, you can beat him, he's just a weakling."

Danielle McCloud
21-05-2001, 01:01 PM
Danielle looked at Blade a very worried look on her face, at his last comment.

"I know what you mean. These matches are never supposed to be to the death, just until one of the fighters is unable to fight. I hope that Reicko is able to defeat his opponent since I don't want to lose a friend. He is doing a good job though, " she said as she continued to watch the fight.

Again she felt that senastion pass through her body again and she became very wary. Leaning closer to Blade, she whispered, "I sense another immortal nearby, could it be Gant or someone else? Do you feel anything?" she asked as her gaze went slowly around the arena, but she saw no sign of their friend. The feeling was still with her though.

Blade McCloud
24-05-2001, 05:34 PM
Blade shook his head, "gant wouldnt do this, he knows whats its like so its someone else, i dont see who it could be though, theres to many people." Blade watched the fight hopeing that Reicko would win.

26-05-2001, 08:24 PM
: Before Reicko connected with the charging blow, the man leaped up high. Reicko stumbled to turn around, and it proved to be his downfall. When he recovered from the trip, he got hammered in the back, and smacked to the ground. As he was getting up, he saw something sparkle in the mans hand. Now, unknown to Reicko, this was a knife. As Reicko got up, his foe charged. Reickp ducked as the man flew above him, and turned around. He found the man had landed only a short distance from him. His opponent threw the knife at Reicko, and hit him in the right leg.: ' Shoot, this guys practically broken every rule except no beams or special energy!.: Reicko said, and fell to 1 knee. The foe came right next to Reicko, and in a deep, cold vocie said. 'Time to die, boy outlaw!'

Danielle McCloud
27-05-2001, 07:57 AM
Danielle watched as Reicko went down from being hit in the leg by his opponent's knife.

"Oh NO...Reicko...They are supposed to be unarmed....Blade could you help him...Please...This match has not followed any of the rules and it looks like without help Reicko will be killed." she exclaimed, to Blade, worriedly.

Blade McCloud
28-05-2001, 07:42 AM
Blade jumped to his feet unseathing his kitana, he ran towards the arena as fast he could, two other people got up and ran after him, they were carrying three swords. Blade jumped and landed in front of Reicko, takeing a blow aimed at Reicko's head from a metal pipe in the shoulder. Blade swung his kitana hard and fast, the man stumbled backwards a large cut from one side of his chest to the other. Blade steped next to Reicko and put out his free hand saying, "how about we get you out of here and into the infirmry to take care of that wound." Looking up there were now three men standing next to each other holding swords, only one of which was injured. Blade took a step back saying under his breath, "this isnt happening, this is not happening, damnit how the hell do they always find me."

28-05-2001, 08:58 AM
: Reicko started getting up slowly as Blade took the blow, and fought back.: No...I think I got enough energy to fight these guys. : Reicko said, blood comming out of his leg.: I'm ready, what about you?

Danielle McCloud
28-05-2001, 03:36 PM
Danielle watched as Blade hurried into the arena to help Reicko, taking the blow meant for him, in his shoulder from the pipe, then they both were left to fight the daemon who had been joined by two others, with Reicko having been inured in his leg.

"This doesn't look good..." she said to herself.

"You two be careful and do you best to beat them..." she called to Blade and Reicko, from her seat.

She looked around the arena hoping someone would try to stop this but only saw spectators yelling and stomping their feet.

Blade McCloud
30-05-2001, 09:47 PM
"yeah im glad youre ready," Blade said takeing another step back as he positioned his kitana at the three, he took deep breaths an hoped they wouldnt attack alought he already knew they would.

10-06-2001, 12:31 PM
(just making sure everyone knows this is up again...:D )

: Reicko staggered as the 3 men charged. Reicko ran at them, but not as fast as he would hav liked. He was hammered into the ground, and got up slow. He saw Blade trying to fend off 2 men at the same time, and it looked good.:That's it, they cheat, I'll cheat. : Reicko ducked as the remaining man lunged at him. He held hid right leg, right his right hand, and drew his left back.: Here's the remaining rule! And you're not gonna break it! I WILL! : Reicko brought his hand foward, clentched as a fist, and shot out an energy blast at the man. It hit him dead on in the chest, and he fell, supprized.: Yea, that's right.... : Reicko said: I think it's YOUR turn to die mister......

Blade McCloud
10-06-2001, 04:55 PM
Blade fended off 2 of the attackers, he blocked there attacks with his trench-coat which was fited with two layers of chain mail on the inside. He sliced one attacker 4 times in the chest and was stabed in the leg by the other, he looked to Reicko and yelled over the noise of fighting, "you have to decapitate these guys, they wont die any other way."

Danielle McCloud
11-06-2001, 05:56 PM
Danielle watched as Blade and Reicko fought the three fighters. She was surprised when Blade said they needed to cut off their heads to kill them, and knew what she had sensed before was that they were Immortal like herself and Blade. She also knew that they would try to cut off Blade's head as well. She watched as Blade stabbed them but was cut by one in the leg.

"You two be careful...." she yelled to the them.

12-06-2001, 03:19 PM
: Reicko turned: Say what!? well, I guess I gott'a. : Reicko started punching the man in the face. Reicko jumped back after a bit, and before he hit the ground thought of what to do. He searched the floor as he landed, and sprinted to the left. The knife! Reicko fell though, because of his leg. He struggled foward and the man got up. Reicko grabbed the knife, and threw it. It pinned the man by his shirt to a wall, and Reicko searched everywhere for something sharp. He searched his pockets even, and all he found was a straw.: O......k : He said: this WON'T be easy.......

Blade McCloud
12-06-2001, 05:33 PM
Blade moved between the two so one was at his back and the other in front of him, he hadnt tried this move before and hoped he could pull it off. He raised his sword slightly keeping it in front of him, he kept his eye on the person in front of him and waited for some form of signal. As the man in front of him nodded his head slightly, Blade ducked and stabed backwards, the sword missed his head by a foot and the owner dropped to the floor clutching his chest. Blade waisted no time in sprinting forward and to the left his sword following as well, in a few seconds the person who stood in front of him was headless. Geting up he faced his opponet and kicked Reicko a sword, as his fallen oponet rose Blade crashed to his knees as from the pain of the quickening. He fell flat on his face with the next jolt and attempted to get up, his remaining opponet came up behind him with his sword raised over his head prepared to decapatate Blade.

Danielle McCloud
13-06-2001, 07:10 AM
Danielle watched as Reicko and Blade continued to fight their opponents. Reicko had pinned his guy to the wall with a throw of his knife, but he couldn't finish him off without another weapon.

Blade got between the other two opponents. He stabbed the one behind him in the chest, wounding him and decapitated the other one. He then kicked a sword to Reicko he could use to finish off the other one, that he had pinned to the wall.

"REICKO, PICK UP THE SWORD...." she called as she pointed to the sword sliding across the floor to stop by his feet.

As she waited for Reicko to finish off the opponent, the other one walked behind Blade was weak from receiving the quickening.

"BLADE...LOOK OUT....." she called as the guy raised his sword ready to cut off Blades' head. She drew her kitana and started to head to the arena to help Blade by attacking the guy form the back.

14-06-2001, 11:09 PM
: reicko picked up the sword, and threw it sideways, slices off the man's head.: Ouch...that's GOTT'A HURT! : He grabbed the sword back, and ran to go help Blade with his guys.:(eh, short one, *YAWN*)

Blade McCloud
16-06-2001, 09:12 AM
Blade rolled along the floor the guy's sword sliceing deep into Blade's shoulder then hiting the concrete floor, Blade got up holding his cut arm.

Danielle McCloud
17-06-2001, 08:16 AM
Danielle stopped before reaching the arena and took a seat at the edge, keeping her sword by her side just in case as she saw Reicko behead his opponent and race over to help Blade. Blade was able to turn when the man attacked him and received a wound to his arm instead of beheading. That left only one opponent left for them to defeat.

"You two are doing great, just defeat this one, and you win the match, Just be careful." she called out.

Blade McCloud
19-06-2001, 12:44 PM
Blade backed up as he held his bleeding shoulder, his blood began driping off his hand onto the floor, Blade raised his sword to block a downward swipe from the man. The two swords sparked upon hiting each other, the two strugled to push the other one backwards to trip them. Blade was starting top win when the guy head butted him in the face, Blade stumbled backwards and soon felt steal piercing his scales, going through his stomach and then out through his back. Blade fell backwards to the ground a pool of blood forming under him, Blade layed there on the floor outcold.

Danielle McCloud
21-06-2001, 05:42 PM
"OH NO!!!" Danielle yelled as she watched with anger and disbelief as Blade was stabbed by his opponent, and fell to the ground in a pool blood, wounds in his chest and back. She raced into the arena, coming behind the man before he could behead Blade sliced his arm holding the sword with one sword, and his sword fell to the gound with a loud clanking noise. When he turned swiflty to look at his opponent she moved her other sword in a side motion cutting off his head, and the headless body fell to it's knees and then flat to the ground, as the Quickening occurred, causing energy to go in all directions, like lighting bolts, in the arena and finally entering her body. She fell to her knees, and took a few minutes to get come to her senses again.

She stumbled over to where Blade was wounded on the ground and placed her hands on either side of his chest and concentrated on healing him. Her hands began to glow, and perspiration covered her brow, as and his wounds began to heal completely. "Thank goodness," she whispered, when she saw his eyelids move and his sea blue eyes open to look at her she stopped her healing and sprawled on the ground over him, unconscious from the healing spell.

Blade McCloud
22-06-2001, 01:18 PM
Blade opened his eyes and noticed that he was looking at the ceiling, he imeditaly knew that the three guys must have lost, his only question was how long had he been out, usually it took about 8 hours but it was still light out. Siting up he noticed that there was someone on top of him, evidently it also occured to him that it was Danielle and she was unconscious. Lifting her up a little so she was resting in his arms he looked around for reicko who he didnt imedaitly see.

Danielle McCloud
22-06-2001, 09:37 PM
(OOC: Reicko is on vacation from 6-18 for 8 days.)

Danielle opened her eyes to find herself cradled in Blade's arms as she looked around the Arena to see the bodies of the opponents strewn around and Reicko coming towards them after finishing his opponent.

"I'm glad that is finally over. I was not planning on fighting." she whispered, still regaining her strength.

Blade McCloud
23-06-2001, 04:40 PM
"im glad youre alright, and very thankful that you saved me from death." He said as he huged her lightly while rocking her in his arms.

Danielle McCloud
23-06-2001, 11:35 PM
"I couldn't lose you that way, Blade, and we are fine....." Danielle said as she relaxed against him.

Blade McCloud
24-06-2001, 05:34 PM
He smiled to her, and leaning over a little bit he kissed her lightly, while he rocked her, some of the people in the crowd were yelling at them to get out of the rink so the next fight could take place. Blade glance's around and says, "perhaps we should get going, some of these people may get a bit roudy if they dont get to see the next fight."

Danielle McCloud
25-06-2001, 08:37 PM
Danielle looked around at the rouwdy group and nodded.

"Yes that is a good idea, let's get off the arena, now." she said a little wary of the group as the announcer named the next two challengers.

Blade McCloud
27-06-2001, 10:36 AM
Blade helped her up and then picked her up as he procded to exit the rink, he spotted a few empty seats and headed for them, he tried ignoreing the comments which were shouted at them from the audence. As he was about to sit down he caught a rather lewd coment from someone not to far off, he stood back up and said lightly, "ill be right back." He walked towards the person, as he passed by the punk he quickly threw a punch into the guys face, his tail wound around his neck and Blade lifted him in the air cuting off the guys circulation.

Danielle McCloud
28-06-2001, 08:39 AM
Danielle blushed a little at the comments being said to them as they were about to sit in to sit in their seats in the arena. Blade scowled in anger and headed over to the man and started to teach him some manners.

"Okay, be careful." she said as he walked away, and proceeded to beat up the guy, and ended up with his tail wrapped around his neck, gasping for breath.

Blade McCloud
30-06-2001, 11:49 AM
Blade watched the guy's face start to turn blue before he said, "now that i got youre attition, you will sincerly apoligize to the lady that you were makeing coments about, or i will strangle you to death with my tail." Blade set the kid down and forced him to walk back to where he and Danielle were siting as they got there Blade said, "honey, this young man here would like to apoligize for what he said earlier," Blade nuged the guy in the back. The young man apoligized for what he said as most sincerly as he could and turned to leave as he sprinted off, he was stoped short as he ran into someone almost knocking the both of them over. Gant looked at the kid and said, "hey what the hell are you doing, get off of me," Gant proceded push the kid backwards down the isle before takeing a seat near Blade and Danielle as he mumbled something about kids nowadays.

Danielle McCloud
30-06-2001, 10:55 PM
Danielle watched as Blade sent the young man down to her to apologize for his lewd comments.

Just make sure it doesn't happen again." she said, trying to supress the smile that came on her lips as he gasped for breath and sent frightened glances at Blade before he ran off in the opposite direction as fast as he could, but his progress was stopped when he ran right into their friend, Gant, who had been coming down the aisle to join them.

"Thank you, Blade, he was very rude," she said as he sat back beside her.

"I know what you mean, Gant" she said with a smile as he sat down near Gant and Blade.

"What have you been up to since we have been gone? I don't know if you saw the match before or not, but something strange is going on...." she asked as she took Blade's hand and cast an occassional glance at the match and around the arena, looking for Reicko.

(OOC: Blade I'm going to post us at the coffee shop on Matron's thread.)

03-07-2001, 03:55 PM
(i'm back, didn't forget :) )

: Reicko was in the back, looking for the person who ran this hell hole.: Yo, what was that out there? : He asked: What was what/ :replied the owner. Reicko was mad.: What was the idea of the death match, and having all those guys come and my friends and I almost getting killed!? 'Entertaintment':replied the man. Reicko got really mad, and punched him out.: Stupid Idiot... :Reicko said, and thought of what to do next.:

Blade McCloud
04-07-2001, 12:56 PM
Gant nodded saying, "yeah i did notice the match but i had a prior engaegment with 4 people, and 4 1 on 1 matches take awhile, of course Danielle you do relize that you are now open hunting since you helped Blade during that fight." Gant sliped his kitana down under the seat as he looked around and added, "there is something really wrong going on around here, im not quite sure just what though."
Blade was resting back in the chair just noding to what Gant was saying.

Danielle McCloud
04-07-2001, 03:41 PM
(OOC: Hope you had a good vacation, Reicko, welcome back.)

Danielle watched as Reicko ran into the area behind the arena where there looked to be some offices.

Danielle looked at Gant and absorbed his words.

"Well then that is the way it has to be. I will not lose Blade, PERIOD!! If that means I broke some Highlander Code, then that is too bad. I'll just have to be more careful than I was before." she exclaimed, to Gant.

But inside she was very worried....

Danielle McCloud
10-07-2001, 02:08 AM
(OOC: Last post for Blade and Danielle, Blade doesn't have time to post and keep up. Thank you for all of your support Reicko, it was fun.)

10-07-2001, 02:02 PM
(OOC: Okay, see ya. Tell me if ya' come back!:D)

21-08-2001, 10:34 PM
(Sigh...I wish i could revive this with others, but I have no clue at all how to...We need a new story...hmmmm...dammit)

Danielle McCloud
26-09-2001, 04:43 AM
Reicko...What kind of story are you thinking of...I would post as Danielle.....

28-09-2001, 05:46 AM
well, I've got 2 ideas. I like 1 more than the other though, i'll post them here in a bit, I gott'a get off right now(stupid, gott'a let my sister on ><)

Danielle McCloud
30-09-2001, 08:09 PM
OK...I'll be watching.....


02-10-2001, 11:20 AM
hm..... weel, one Idea I have brianstormed would be that these Blue shape-shifting gels things called Simbians Invade. It takes the role of wanting to rule the world kind of thing. Well, anyway, They are ruled by a Person who Reicko(-.') used to know.(Until he got possesed by the simbains and now looks all derangded). Anyway, His name is Teapo. And well, we gott'a destroy him so the simbians go all crazy because they're kind'a stupid without someone to boss them around. But, the thing is, The people in the story know nothing about the Simbians until they find out that they're everywhere. ....Kind'a messy discription...

The other idea I brainstormed sortt'a got all fumbled up and would probably be better in a fantasy novel of about 234564554 written pages......:dodgy:

.....I keep coming up with ideas though. This is one I thought would sort of fit the timeline and setting and stuff. I got like the whole thing in my head(heh, my friends and I are making a comic about this, I just stole it and replace the certain characters, move this and that around the way I think it should be...) Well, I fI get anymore Ideas, If we start w/ this idea, we can add on later, or we can wait until i come up with a better one...:( It's just been Kind'a boring without and RPG to post in now.......:(

Danielle McCloud
03-10-2001, 04:06 AM
I think I like the first one better with the invading Simbians.


03-10-2001, 05:21 AM
ok :D

03-10-2001, 03:34 PM

Danielle McCloud
05-10-2001, 03:26 AM
Start how you like and I will join in.

I will be posting with only Bahamut as a GF. Danielle will be mortal, and still be dragon-humanoid, with her two swords and magic. She will wear a pendant from Blade who is missing.


(OOC: disregard post for Danielle, that was me...)

05-10-2001, 07:28 AM
OOC:( heh, I guess we're not continuing on the ship then?....Unless you wanna start over there like after the tourntament, I'll post off the ship this time, just tell me if you wanna do the RPG on the ship, and i'll edit the post)

: Reicko walked along the many Allyways of the city: "heh, I remember those" : he said, looking down them. They were full of trash cans and dead ends, literally DEAD ends. Reicko remembered them. Dark and damp, cold, but the perfect place for an outlaw.....only he wasn't much of an outlaw anymore. He sighed and started to head home, still looking down the allys with the garbage and gangs,:

Danielle McCloud
07-10-2001, 01:01 AM
(OOC: We'll say we're back on Earth again, or Reicko's world...sometime after the the ship...Reicko and Danielle can be friends/associates..)

Danielle walked along cautiously....her swords drawn ready for any type of attack that would come their way, a shiver going up her spine at the sight of another body.

"What is going on here....there shouldn't be this many bodies around, Reicko" she said as she looked away from the decomposing form beside the dumpster. A black and white cat hissed at her as she startled it from it's rummaging through the garbage and it took off in the streak of fur into the alley, where gangs of hoodlums jeered at them as they walked by.