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Aku Shi
03-09-2001, 03:54 PM
Ok, before you start with the Dawn of Darkness RPG, then you must submit a character and be approved by me. Calm down, I'll most likely approve ya. ^_~ So, no worries. If, for any chance, I do not reply to your submission, then please contact me in some way, and I'll get to it. That means, if you see me snoozin' on the job, give me a quick slap in the face. Now, on with the form....

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Character Name:
Alignment: (good/evil/neutral)
Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither)
Special abilities (if any):
Weapons (if any):
Brief history:
Location: (village, forest, temple, etc)
Personal quote:
OOC contact info: (AIM sn, email, whatever)

Aku Shi
03-09-2001, 04:24 PM
Character Name: Akureinoyou Yosei
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Species: Demon/Faery
Occupation: Whatever she can get
Alignment: Whoever pays more
Affiliated with: neither religion
Special abilities (if any): skilled at sorcery, weapons battle, and seduction. Is also a bit of an apothecary.
Weapons (if any): anthing she can scrape up, including various daggers, swords, and glaives. Her most used weapon, however, is her body

Description: Elven maiden with long silver hair and blood red eyes. Her skin has a metallic blue tint to it, and much of it is usually exposed due to her revealing outfits of tight black leather and sometimes armor that covers so little, it is basically just for look. Her long ears have multiple piercings, and her bellybutton is also adorned with a loop. Despite her already tall stature (5' 9"), she wears knee-high black patent leather boots with heels.

Brief history:Has been a rogue all her life, even when she was being raised by her demonic father. Her mother died giving birth to her, as a result of the conflicting forces raging in the womb. As long as she can remember, she had been taught that it didn't matter who was "good" and who was "evil," it only mattered who was willing to shell out more dough. Directly resulting from this, Yosei tends to be a shifty character, one who'll switch loyalties in a blink of an eye. She was never taught love, friendship, or devotion. She was, however, taught how to seduce.
Location: Lacking the money to stay at an inn, usually camps out in the forest
Personal quote: "Nothin' is worth ---- if ya ain't gotta pay for it."
OOC contact info: AIM: Ryoyuigi Email: lost@jonathandavis.com (Use either only when needed, please)

Ok, you're turn! ^_~

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03-09-2001, 07:17 PM
Character Name: Neil (last name is unknown)

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Species: mortal human

Occupation: Soldier

Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) good

Affiliated with: neither religion

Special abilities (if any): Has good aim with long range weapons.

Weapons (if any): Skilled at using long range weapons, a gun of some sort. Best when using a cross-bow. Has very little experience with a staff, sword and a knife.

Description: This man stands 5'12" with magenta short hair. He wears glasses with dark blue tinted lenses so at times it is hard to see his dark brown eyes. His skin is caucasion white. He normally wears a cotton shirt with a thick brown leather shirt and thick leather pants underneath instead of the traditional metallic armor. Black gloves are worn on the hands and boots on the feet. Finally, he wears a navy blue cape behind.

Brief history: Neil has no memory of his past. The only thing he remembers is a fall from a cliff that nearly killed him. He was rescued by two humans, a teenage girl named Rei and her little brother Adam. The two kids' parents have died of an illness. Since then, he felt they were his family. Later, the three of them became members of the new religion. Weeks later, Rei was raped by a priest of the new religion and was killed. Adam witnessed the murder and was killed also. Since then, Neil has left the new religion and become a lone soldier who will take revenge on his friends' deaths. Killing some members of the new religion and may consider moving to the old religion, he has become a traitor.

Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) Forest

Personal quote: none - he's one of those quite guys

OOC contact info: (AIM sn, email, whatever) AIM is malee802. Or you can just send me a private message.

04-09-2001, 06:44 AM
I've been reading Milton's Paradise Lost lately, so I'm going to go crazy with references here, don't mind them too much

Character Name: Moloch
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel
Occupation: Priest/Prophet of the New Religion
Alignment: evil
Affiliated with: New Religion
Special abilities (if any): Wings for flight, a powerful powerful fighter in the heat of battle... angelic strength and speed
Weapons (if any): Spear/Lance
Description: Traditionally, Humanoid, Angelic figure, his skin is made of gold and his armour is encrusted with diamonds and gems, as a priest he wears rich purple silk robes and gold chains about his neck, not shedding a drop of the pride that caused his fall
Brief history: 'The Sceptred King' in antiquity, always regarded as the idol of primitive cultures, ancient artifacts exist throughout the world bearing his image in golden statues and ikons.
Location: Temple
Personal quote: "These mortal creatures only seek quick answers to questions the enthroned God fused into their beings, I answer their answers kindly with praise and riches..." (not a Milton quote obviously)
OOC contact info: yo just Private message me :D

04-09-2001, 06:06 PM
Character Name: Fujii Kaori

Gender: Female

Age: unknown

Species: unknown, but looks human

Occupation: Mercenary

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliated with: Neither

Special abilities (if any): Skilled at sorcery, swordplay and the martial arts.

Weapons (if any): A katana blade made of tritinium as well as a magical dagger and kunai blades.

Description: Kaori's origin is unknown, however her appearance suggests human (though with her skills it is quite obvious that she is not). She has shimmering black hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a metallic blue, though they have been known to change when engage in battle. She wears single, silver-hooped earrings in each of her ears while her ankle adorns a silver bracelets that jangles as she walks. Her arms are bare except for the tribal band tattoo that circles her upper left arm. Her clothing reflects her personality; cool and laid back. She wears a short, sleeveless, kimono style dress that is tied tightly around her waist with a sash. On her feet she wears moccassin-like shoes, pliable and comfortable. Her katana blade is sheathed in a leather casing and she almost always has it strapped behind her back. Her dagger is tied to her right thigh and her kunai blades are tucked away in her sash and are hidden behind her back.

Brief history: Not much is known about Kaori besides the fact that she is a skilled and highly intelligent warrior. Often perceived as weak and child-like (because of her petite 5'2" stature), enemies often underestimate her ability, that is until she has their throat pressed against her katana. She has spent muct of her time wandering the world she lives, helping the weak and ill-fated. Occassionally she takes the job of a mercenary, but only if she deems the cause "worthy" (i.e. is it for a good cause). Her chaotic nature has earned her the title "Deadly Sorceress" for she has been known to go to any length to win a battle. As said above, Kaori is also a master in the magical arts, wielding deadly, as well as beneficial, spells.

Location: none

Personal quote: I did not come here to die; I came here to watch you cease to exist.

OOC contact info: PM me, email me (mitsukai@blackknights.com) or IM me on AIM (Hi no Mitsukai)

Aku Shi
04-09-2001, 07:06 PM
All of those who have just submitted are accepted. Hold on, and the RP thread will be up in a bit. Then you can start havin' fun!! :D

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Mr Smith
13-09-2001, 02:31 PM
Sorry but I didn't See this thread until I had posted. But here He is

Character Name: Drax e'Shagorth
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Draconian.
Occupation: Quester, just starting and looking for action.
Alignment: Goodish
Affiliated with: old religion
Special abilities (if any): a nautral resistance to heat.
Weapons (if any): lizard claws, teeth, and a light saber wiht gold hand gard and finely work patterens up the blade.
Description: Man shape with white scales and lizard claws, teeth and eyes. About 6 foot 9" Medium build. Wears white robes with a hood when near towns and villages, to hide himself, but also has a leather tunic and brown leggings with soft leather shoes. When robed he conseals his sorwd beneath.
Brief history: You now the story evil Dragon lays egg, dragon gets kill, benoviolet god takes the egg hatches and raises it and Draconian is born. Raised by an old god, he is loyal to the Old religion
Location: forest, for the moment but travelling
Personal quote: If Mans worst enemy is himself, then I'm a close second.
OOC contact info: goddammsonofabitch@start.com.au

Reika the Dark Angel
28-09-2001, 06:03 AM
Character Name: Seishi Midori
Gender: Female
Age: 20-200 (no particular age really)
Species: Phoenix
Occupation: Guide/Priestess
Alignment: good
Affiliated with: Gaia aka Green Goddess
Special abilities (if any): heal and speak with animals
Weapons (if any): none
Description: Long, spiky red hair with golden highlights, her eyes are golden and slitted like a cat. Her skin when not covered in feathers is pale gold. She's about 6'1'' and she rather willowy. She usually wears shapeless gowns in pale and dark green. In her hair, she wears a garland of ivy.

Brief history: Seishi does not remember her parents and so she was brought up by a priestess in the temple where she now lives. The priestess was old and so Seishi brought new life to the temple. She was taught all the rites of the Goddess and given a special pendant that tells all that she is a priestess. Seishi called the old woman, Nana and cared for her like a daughter cares for her aging mother. Seishi learned that she was a phoenix given human form when Nana told her the story of how she got to the temple. When Nana died, Seishi was heartbroken. Now, she lives with a few servants from the neighboring villiage in the temple.

Location: Temple of the Green Gaia
Personal quote: The fire made me and from the ashes I will rise again!

OOC contact info: AIM sn: SlrSeraphim email: angel_of_vengence@hotmail.com

29-09-2001, 01:18 PM
Character Name: Ty'ier
Gender: male
Age: 27* (comparatively, truly unknown)
Species: Were-Fiend
Occupation: Guardian
Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) What ever side holds the key
Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither) An ancient guild
Special abilities (if any): Werewolf form, ethereal being
Weapons (if any): in elven form, two wide bladed scimitars made of a light blue, almost cloud like substance
Description: in elven form, thin with long silver hair, springs of similar silver hair flow off his forearms and shins, a long tail as well. His light armour is not much more than pouches and a scattering of silverlaced black jewelry. In werewolf form he elongates to 7 feet, and can become anywhere in a spectrum of wolf like forms. He is completely dedicated to whoever holds his amulet, a similarly silver laced obsidian figurine of a pouncing wolf, going to any lengths to protect the holder, without this purpose he is lost and confused.
Brief history: A mystery, Ty'ier is a quiet one who tells little of himself. Might be because he knows little- his life has been nothing but fighting, killing and murder for as far back as he can remember. Truthfully he is introspective and prefers the quiet solitude of the forest to ponder his being, but the curse laid on him long ago ties him inextricibly to the amulet.
Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) If not with his curret 'owner' he wanders the paths of the woods, absorbing natures beauty. The amulet appears on its own whim, and once it has been found, Ty'ier is close behind.
Personal quote: I kill 'cause i can. I live cause it suits me. If you don't suit me, you die. Simple logic.
OOC contact info: AIM sn HioImTradeMark, email etm2@aol.com

30-09-2001, 05:48 AM
Character Name: Hesiod'Arkhan; 'Wind of Darkness', 'Dark Wind' in the Old tongue; normally just called Hes; 'Dark' in the Old Tongue, which roughly translates to 'Death' in context

Gender: Male

Age: 137(in standard human years)

Species: Draconian(Daemon/dragon mix)

Occupation: unknown

Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) very very evil

Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither) The Brotherhood of the Kahrakas

Special abilities (if any): Immune to fire, Can transform into human form

Weapons (if any): two massive double-sided battle axes, claws and magic

Description: 2 humans tall, broad, black, with large demonic wings
(in human form) Tall and pale, gaunt, with long black, flowing hair. No facial hair, thin drawn eyebrows and a cruel gaze.

Brief history: Created by the evil brotherhood in the depths of the great Ghirak volcano in the center of the Kahrakas mountains, Torindst exists only serve those who made him, a bastard child of demonic magic and dragon flesh. In his lifetime he has never questioned, nor needed to question their orders and serves them unyieldingly. A powerful fighter, whos favored attack is to light his fists on fire and burn/bludgeon his opponents to death, he is also very stealthy, utilizing his ability to fly and his adeptness at magic to hide himself from his prey. Never one to run from a fight, he has yet to know defeat at the hands of an armed opponent, due to his daemon blood, which turns to stone upon meeting air, disarming those who attack him with weapons.

Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) the Kahrakas Mountains, far to the north of the human realms.

Personal quote: Never fear death, for those who do are already dead.

OOC contact info: (AIM sn, email, whatever)hiigaran, mattrkarns@yahoo.com

02-10-2001, 12:17 PM
Character Name: Ravko Maikar

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Species: Demon-god

Occupation: deomon-god of shadows

Alignment: good/chaotic(read history)

Affiliated with: neither

Special abilities: ability to control dark magiks, and shadows/darkness, lycanthrope(werewolf)

Weapons: sword

Description: (look at the lil pic to the left) Dark clothing, brown eyes, has Black feathered wings that burst from his back at will.(think escaflowne).

Brief history: The offspring of demons and gods, the Taelanorian are feared and distrusted by the both of the races that sired them. Creatures of passion, Taelanorian are driven to extremes of emotion and often are driven to madness by the imbalance in their blood. In previous Ages it was believed that the offspring of demon and gods were the vessels of Chaos, creatures of spirit rather than soul, consumed by demons of madness as they grow older. Taelanorian children are often marked with magical tattoos to keep them sane. (from animeshack.com forums)
Ravko is not of this realm, He from the realm of the Shadows. A realm where Demons rule. he didnt like it and sidded with the gods and was exiled to this realm.
Ravko and Psyche's character Arne are lovers. they met one day while Arne was a servant at a pub, they fell in love and Ravko, soon took Arne away from the owner of the pub.

Location: depends

Personal quote: Stare into the shadows and you will see me standing there, staring back at you.

OOC contact info: WOLF4R@aol.com or ravko243@hotmail.com

02-10-2001, 01:14 PM
Sorry I am a newbie and never knew that there were so many rules!

Project Akira
04-10-2001, 12:46 AM
Character Name: Azrael Firesword

Gender: Male

Age: Since the first living creature was born he has been waiting

Species: Angel

Occupation: Angel of Death and Destruction, Executor of the God's Wrath, currently farmer

Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) Neutral for now

Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither) Old Gods

Special abilities : In his ascended form Azrael can cut through most things(except other weaponry and armor made by the Old Gods) with the Sword of Fire (which answers only to his beckoning), and is capable of flight. Has a mastery over Fire Magic. Also in his ascended form he is virtually unkillable with his only exception being magic spells that entrap spirits or astral weapons. However as much energy as he expends in this form is taken out of him when he returns to normal. This means that if he does many powerful attacks in Ascended form he will be out of it for several days after as a human.

In his human form he can be injured but has incredible self healing capabilities but these only work if he is allowed the time to heal properly. He is able to fly in his human form as well since he can summon his wings if he has need for them. His sole weakness is while he is in human form.

Weapons : Carries with him the Sword of Fire capable of cutting through most matter and capable of channeling firespells 100x.

Description: Azrael has two forms; one his form as what appears to be a normal human, the other his true form that of the Angel of Death and Destruction known as his Ascended Form. As a human Azrael looks to be in his late twenties and early thirties. He has shoulder length black hair and piercing red eyes. He is also about 6'1 in height with a good build to him. He also has if the need arises a set of black angel wings that can be summoned if the need be.

In his Ascended form, Azrael is about 8'6" and wears black armor that covers his entire body. He wears a helmet that covers his face and all that can be seen are his piercing red eyes which burn. On his back is a pair of metallic grey wings that are actually armor for his real ones. Tends to become psychotic if stuck in this form for too long.

Brief history: Azrael is quite simply the Old Gods very own Angel of Death and Destruction. He has lived since the beginning of time and with his very appearance cities, civilazations, and even entire continents have been destroyed. It is said that with the appearance of Azreal comes the end of an age possibly the end of the world. However Azrael has recently appeared again but this time not to destroy anything. In fact it is believed that he has come to save the world. Why this change of heart no knows or understands yet.

Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) Gahmara Village for the time being.

Personal quote: I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the beginning and the End (from Revelations)
OOC contact info: AIM- ProjectAkira82, email-Dm26229@wcu.edu

04-10-2001, 03:10 AM
I'd say cool...but then I'd be left to wonder how anyone is supposed to be able to have a fair fight with this guy..... :p

Project Akira
04-10-2001, 03:46 AM
Changed it and weakened him a little.

04-10-2001, 06:32 AM
Originally posted by Project Akira
Changed it and weakened him a little.
Overall, he is still overly powerful and invincible IMO. I mean he 'carries with him the Sword of Fire capable of destroying anything that he touches with it.' Isn't that being excessive? The weapon should wound another character, not instantly kill. You also stated that he is also virtually invincible with a few exceptions, yet he is still invincible. Honestly, I think you should reevaluate your character's strengths. After all, you are already on the wrong foot....

04-10-2001, 06:40 AM
(sounds cool)Character Name:
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Half mermaid half human
Occupation: none really, but she tries to protect the water, where she speands a bit of her time
Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) meutral in the beginning but usually sides with someone later on
Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither) Beleives in gods and goddesses but doesn't worship them
Special abilities (if any): her fin can change to legs, and shes a pretty good tracker
Weapons (if any): not really one that fights
Description: Long brown hair with brown eyes, thin and usually wears a blue skirt in human form and a Blue fin in mermaid form
Brief history: She lived in the water most of her life, but one night her sisters and mothers were captured. Since then she roamed the sea, until she discovered that she could turn her fin into legs. She then began to roam, wondering what she should do.
Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) A wander but usually sleeps in trees or water.
Personal quote: "I could if I wanted to"
OOC contact info: (AIM sn, email, whatever) waterfireGirl@hotmail.com or PM me

04-10-2001, 07:13 AM
Character Name: Dai
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Species: Avatar
Occupation: Guide of the Dead, Guardian of Destiny
Alignment: (good/evil/neutral) : lawful neutral (I put this in AD&D term)
Affiliated with: (new religion, old religion, neither) Old religion

Special abilities (if any): can see&speak with the dead. Because he is an avatar he cannot truly be killed. He can be slain but he will just vanish and take form farther away, now unable to harm his killer for the next 99 years. Also because of the weakening of his creators power, it is now possible for a person of strong faith (be it in any deity other than his own) to denounce him as an evil spirit and banish him, forcing him to remain away from the person and the area around him. As he is an avatar of a god, Dai is physically extremely strong, agile and hard to kill. To "kill" him requires chopping off his head or damaging his body beyond him being able to resist his opponent.

Weapons (if any): A magical claymore. The claymore looks like an old and rusty sword, but it has magical powers which allow it to strike down spirits and ghosts. When striking at an living creature, the blade harms their spirit/soul directly and does no damage to the flesh. Therefore it cannot harm constructs such as golems, etc. It will work on the undead as they do exist in the land of the dead.

Description: 5'7 tall with black hair that stands up, he wears the robes of an ancient monk, his claymore slung over on his back in its scabbard. His eyes are completely white and there are no notiable marks like scars on his body, his physical form seemingly flawless.

Brief history: Dai is an avatar of an unknown deity or power, who only exists to guide the dead to the land of the dead and protect them on their journey there. He was also given the task of guarding destiny, so that no being would interfere with what must become, be it good or evil. So he wandered around the world for ages, doing his duty. When the new religion began to spread, the power of his creator slowly started to diminish and the being know as Dai began to vanish with him. But because there are still those who believe in him, he still continues to wander and fulfill his duties. But it is yet unknown what role he will play in the fore-told beginning of the end, for throughout the ages, on those rare moments he has taken an active role in the world, he has been seen aiding both causes good and evil.

Location: (village, forest, temple, etc) anywhere his duty is

Personal quote: " You cannot see the road ahead of you, so I shall be your guide."

OOC contact info: (AIM sn, email, whatever) PM at AB, AB 7thKeeper at AIM.

Well anyone tell me if there's anything wrong with this character. I don't plan on him taking any sides yet, just being around as that's his role in life. ^.^ Hmm..I think I was suppose to add something more but I forgot..oh well I'll edit it when I remember..

04-10-2001, 05:06 PM
Character Name: "Eδrelith Isil-Gawiel" is what the elves called her before they got angry. "Chastity" is what the whores call her for a good laugh.

Gender: Female

Age: (using DnD High Elf standards here. Please forgive me.) 158

Species: Elf (High Elf)

Occupation: Thief (prefers "Nypper")

Alignment: She's got a heart of gold, kids. Good... sort of.

Affiliated with: Old religion

Special abilities: Excellent pick pocket, con artist, and burglar. Cooks a mean omlette. Good with throwing knives, shuriken needle (BESM term. Since shuriken literally means "concealed in palm" then the needle isn't actually of Asian origin. It's a needle. She can throw it.) and daggers. Can fight with two daggers at once! Picks a lock like she was born knowing how. Bar fights- she's a legend.

Weapons: Four daggers, one in each boot and one on each hip, six shuriken needles and two throwing knives.

Description: 5'3", white/light blue hair that reaches her shoulders, scarlet eyes. Wears a pair of extra baggy black breeches she probably stole off of someone, black boots and gloves, a white shirt and a black vest, two belts crossing at her hips, and a black cylindrical hat edged in silver that flops backwards and looks slightly ridiculous. There's a scar on the back of her right hand and on her stomach. She looks somewhere between the ages of thirteen and fifteen.

Brief History: Chastity was born to a very colloquial group of elves on a night when the moon shone red. Some of the elves said that it marked her eyes red and it was an evil omen. Her parents died when she was still relatively young and the other elves kicked her out of their village, accusing her of being possessed by a demon. She left, absolutely furious, and made her way to one of the cities. Unfortunately, no one really wanted to take in a scary looking elf child, so she spent a week or two as an urchin until one of the whores from a brothel took pity on her and gave her something to eat.

It had about the same effect as giving a puppy a scrap of food. She followed the whore back to the brothel. The whores there took her in, gave her a job as a cleaning girl, and took good care of her. They thought her elvish name sounded like "gibberish" so they gave her the name Chastity because 1) it was pretty and 2) they didn't want anyone getting any ideas about turning her into one of the whores.

In her adolescent years she was introduced through the whores to a group of thieves. She was, and still is, excessively small. This made her ideal for passing through windows to unlock doors for burglars. After a while, they taught her all the tricks of the trade, so to speak, and she became the resident thorn in the city guards' sides.

Since then she's taken a perverse joy in waiting in the forests and "robbing the rich and giving to the poor". Since the poor, in Chastity's mind, are so very hard to locate, she gives it to herself. Hey, she's poor, right? There are times, however, when she goes to the street urchins and gives them a little money for food and clothes.

Like it was said earlier. The girl's got a heart of gold.

Location: Wherever the money is. (usually a forest)

Personal Quote: "Anything that isn't nailed down is fair game for a thief. And if the nails can be pulled up, then it isn't nailed down."

OOC Contact: AIM SN "Nimoko Rin" EMail "kiva_chan@hotmail.com" or PM me.

I'd love to be accepted into this RPG. Please?

04-10-2001, 11:59 PM
Character Name: Wynd
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Species: sword
Occupation: wonder
Alignment: neutral
Affiliated with: no one
Special abilities (if any): unknown
Weapons (if any): long light wight sword
Description: a tall dark figure that wonders the planes. Long gray hair with ice blue eyes. wear a black trench coat and carries a long sword. Looks to be a ex-solider.
Brief history: unknown
Location: unknown
Personal quote: "there's only one point in fighting"
OOC contact info: twlightstar0

Aku Shi
06-10-2001, 12:30 AM
waterfireGirl, 7thKeeper, KtHM, and Rayn are in. But, only on the following conditions (for some) :
waterfireGirl---You need a name
7thKeeper---Tone it down a little... No immortal beings. Banishing doesn't cut it. You gotta be able to die. Nothing makes you more special than anyone else. ^_~
Rayn---Could you perhaps develop your char a tad more? There's quite a bit unknown... And, the location is supposta to tell us where your character would most likely start out, or spend most of his time in the RPG.



06-10-2001, 11:19 AM
Charcters name: Eria

Project Akira
12-10-2001, 09:58 AM
Hey I have an idea for a second character. Would it be okay to make another one?

12-10-2001, 02:34 PM
Originally posted by Project Akira
Hey I have an idea for a second character. Would it be okay to make another one?
I knew it!!!! I knew someone couldn't resist the urge to ask that question.

Project Akira
12-10-2001, 03:51 PM
Originally posted by Rulakir

I knew it!!!! I knew someone couldn't resist the urge to ask that question. You're just jealous that you didn't think of it first. :P

15-10-2001, 02:53 AM
character name:Silverbolt
occupation:try to become something
affiliated with:neither
weapons:boardsword and dagger
description:dark hair with a pair of blue eyes and wearing a silver armor with a broadsword at the back.
brief history:unknown
personal quote:none
ooc contact info:just private message

Blade R
18-10-2001, 11:46 PM
is it too late to join?
Name:Kensara (meaning Wolf Star in the old tounge)



Species:Wolzenar (half-breed between a werewolf and a human)

Occupation:hunter, and bow master (the one who teachs others how to make and use bows and arrows)

Alignment:tends to be nuetral, but has been known to play both or one of the sides every now and then

Affiliation: old religion if any, but tends not to bother with religion at all

Special Abilities:able to become a wolf during a full moon or ecllipse, stays a wolf for as long as the full moon or ecllipse lasts.

Weapons:a bow covered in dragon hide, and arrows with griffen feathers, or other feathers off a legendary animal.

Description:has a wolf head, tail, and feet, but a human body, legs, arms, and hands. is covered in gray and black fur with white markings around her eyes. she wears geen or black shorts and short sleeved tops. has black shoulder leanth hair is kept in a ponytail. golden eyes, and a nasty temper. can run on all 4's of on 2 legs.

Breif History:mother was a werewolf, father a human. all she knows of her past is growing up in a small town and being taught archery. her parents died when she was 10 and she is now the bow master of a small town in the woods.

Location:small town in the deep forest

Personal Quote:live your life to the fullest, enjoy it while u can for tommorow u may fight for it.

OOC Contact Info:masterthief@shinra.org
hope i'm not too late!

Aku Shi
19-10-2001, 08:21 PM
Ok, those new submitters, I like what you got, but could you please make it more related to on of the main religions? As things are goin' in the RP, we are strayin' from the original theme too far, and we really need people to help pull us back. Thanks.

As for creating more than one character:
Yes, but I think two would be max. For now, anyway.... Submit the profile, and I'll see.

Blade R
19-10-2001, 09:03 PM
does that mean i'm in? and i'll be old religion if u want.

Aku Shi
19-10-2001, 09:44 PM
Ok, you're in.

22-10-2001, 03:16 AM
How about me????

22-10-2001, 05:30 AM
I think that includes you too michael....namely where Shi says "Ok, those new submitters, I like what you got... " Im pretty certain that means you are in too.

26-10-2001, 12:12 AM
Just thought I'd let you all know that I changed my AIM, so it is now 'Rulakir Lee' if I need to be contacted for whatever reason.