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14-11-2001, 07:13 AM
Ok, heres another one. I was supposed to be taking my computer in for repairs, and it turns out that the store I bought it from doesnt actually exist anymore. :| So hopefully it won't fall apart on me while I do any other carry overs.

I'll just say, I'm only bringing over the RPs that people specifically request. So PM me if you want any of them done. If you have and I haven't replied, then I apologise, but I probably missed it in the deluge :(

I saw there were some problems with the last one, so I've put this one in text format. If in future you want them copied directly into posts, then please tell me.

14-11-2001, 09:23 AM
WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :p :P :teleport: :tongue3: :tongue3: :dance: :dance: :music: :bigclap: :bigclap: It's back!!! (I was starting to wonder if you've forgotten to get this rpg Pen2!) :Burnup:

Blade R
14-11-2001, 05:55 PM
yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!
*pumps fist in air*
not like i need another rpg to be involeved in, but.........I'M GLAD IT'S FINALLY BACK!!! now who was i in this again......

Black Vixen
14-11-2001, 06:03 PM
I'm the dead one.

Blade R
14-11-2001, 06:34 PM
... i forgot u were dead....i'm the dragoon....errm, anyone remember the name of the shapeshifter/dragoon friend of mine? :heh: let's see, it was the forces of the laberinth against the dragoons, shapeshifters, and sun dragons that were locked in there......that's about all i can remember.:lol:

Black Vixen
15-11-2001, 01:20 PM
:heh: Didn't it begin with 'R'?
::Goes to download text file...::

Black Vixen
15-11-2001, 01:29 PM
No it didn't begin with 'R', his name was 'Haplo'.

Blade R
15-11-2001, 10:41 PM
how could i forget? all i had to do was read the death gate cycle again....heh heh..

Black Vixen
19-11-2001, 05:23 AM
I'm here now.

Blade R
19-11-2001, 05:15 PM
ummm, so how should we start agian?

20-11-2001, 01:53 AM
hai.....Is this a joinable RPG?.......

20-11-2001, 02:00 AM
Yeah can i join and add some of my Charicter's in?

Black Vixen
20-11-2001, 01:17 PM
Ok, you got the main story / background right?

The last bit we did was: - Uh actually let me get the file (again) I seem to have lost it.
(The file :p )

Okay - here it is...

"Aerlin climbs off of solara and walked over to the person her spear had hit.* their leader. *she stands in front of the fallen mage* that's for my friend and for my kin. *she pulls the bloody spear out and walks away*"

Uh, Blade - since you seem to have killed the leader (Eternity?:confused: ) Then the battle is over? Or not?

20-11-2001, 02:32 PM
i got killed? how? did it happen somewhere in all them posts that are in one clump? oh well; i've sort of got another idea for my char anyway. (if im not really dead yet DON'T kill me!)

Black Vixen
20-11-2001, 03:17 PM
I think Blade may have killed you, however it may not have been, as she only wrote 'the leader' and you had a couple chars running. :)

Black Vixen
20-11-2001, 03:18 PM
Why, you got something against 'dead' people?

Blade R
20-11-2001, 03:48 PM
yeah she's dead now remember!! and sure u others can join, i think........hey, for the 3 of us who were originally in this. PM me to vote on wether or not to continue where we left off, or to start an new one. PM me and well try and work this out

21-11-2001, 04:29 AM
I have an Idea.An Evil Villan has come to Earth possesing an Evil Oracle and unless some one fetches the Good oracle ,he will suck the Universe into an Horrible Zone.

Black Vixen
21-11-2001, 03:01 PM
Sounds interesting - especially if we can follow that on from this one?
So like as the battle has wound down, now a new enemy takes the place, and sets the stage for a new challange.
Perhaps causing the original enemies to work together?
Or something?
Who's gonna be the baddie?

Blade R
21-11-2001, 04:32 PM
ahem....i have one thing to say for what happens before we atart this.
A:the dragoons, shapeshifters, and all creatures of the laberinth (good and bad) have gone out the laberinth and into the "outside world"
B: eternity, yes i killed u, but we can change that if u want. shiana, decide what to do with ur dead character.
C: soloara (my sun dragon) and i got shot out the final gate and are badly injured, and r surronded by blood dragons, and haplo in his dragon shape.
D: now that that's settled, decide who, or what, ur going to be. any questions?

22-11-2001, 05:42 AM
Who's gonna be the baddie? [/B]
Wellllll it could be an Ice Golem..

Black Vixen
22-11-2001, 12:44 PM
S'okay, she'll be back soon. Maybe with a lil amnesia - but Rubaii can fix that. ;)

Uh, not bad but an ice golem when the chars are surrounded by dragons?
I dunno how well that'd work.
Unless of course it was strong enough to freeze the dragons?

Black Vixen
23-11-2001, 12:40 PM

Black Vixen
23-11-2001, 12:45 PM
Lady Takara:

"Come on! Fight back!!" Lady Takara fought with her might; but there was simply too many of them. As she ran, weaving the odd magic and swinging her daggers at them as they came at her, she felt a sharp pain in her lower back. Her vision went blurry for a slight second, then she started seeing black spots dancing infront of her eyes. The light was fading, she thought; but it's not even dark yet.... Glancing down, she saw a spear had gone through her, and blood was dripping from it.

Just a lil reminder.

24-11-2001, 08:10 AM
Dd i do that? Or is someone else playing my char? (Just wondering - I'll be back when we get our phoneline fixed, don't know when though.......) :)

24-11-2001, 05:07 PM
Originally posted by Black Vixen
S'okay, she'll be back soon. Maybe with a lil amnesia - but Rubaii can fix that. ;)

Uh, not bad but an ice golem when the chars are surrounded by dragons?
I dunno how well that'd work.
Unless of course it was strong enough to freeze the dragons?
Oh,Oh an Idea!!! AN Insane Powerful Dead Fighter (In Skelington From)

Black Vixen
25-11-2001, 06:25 AM
Originally posted by Eternity
Dd i do that? Or is someone else playing my char? (Just wondering - I'll be back when we get our phoneline fixed, don't know when though.......) :)

I'm pretty sure it was you.

Originally posted by Tseng
Oh,Oh an Idea!!! AN Insane Powerful Dead Fighter (In Skelington From)

Sounds like fun - could be interesting...Whaddya think Blade?

Black Vixen
25-11-2001, 07:00 AM
Role Play - Role Call

Eternity Busted phone-line. :(
Blade R Gone away for Thanksgiving. :cool:
Michael Disappeared off the face of the planet without a trace. :(
Tseng Around here somewhere...:confused:
Black Vixen Also around here somewhere...:D

Blade R
25-11-2001, 11:07 AM
i'm back!!!!!
so how was everyone's thankgiving????
anyway, i don't think blade, solara, and haplo really care what it is, blood dragons r extremly deadly and hard to kill, almost unstoppable in numbers. so uh, the skeleton thing is fine.

Black Vixen
25-11-2001, 11:56 AM
So, that's that sorted.
Just gotta get Eternity and Michael back in and we're ready to play.

25-11-2001, 11:14 PM
Wow, i'm back.I just hate when something stopping me posting in AB.So now we wait for Eternity.

Black Vixen
26-11-2001, 05:20 AM

26-11-2001, 04:28 PM
I am an Alive and Ready For the RPG..what should we calll the bad guy?..Whats Evil Skelington in Japanise?

Blade R
26-11-2001, 07:03 PM
ok, so now we got an evil skeleton, AND blood dragons!

Black Vixen
27-11-2001, 03:44 AM
That's cool - mayhaps the Blood Dragons are minions of the Evil Skeleton?

Evil = Aku / Warui
Skeleton = Gaikotsu

Helps? :cool:

27-11-2001, 03:45 PM
Originally posted by Black Vixen
That's cool - mayhaps the Blood Dragons are minions of the Evil Skeleton?

Evil = Aku / Warui
Skeleton = Gaikotsu

Helps? :cool:
Aku Gaikotsu...I like it...shall we add some sub-bosses???

Blade R
27-11-2001, 07:22 PM
'i guess"

28-11-2001, 02:02 AM
How about an Few 'Naughty' Nuku-Nuku girl's

*Tseio-ohki raises an eyebrow*

28-11-2001, 02:57 AM
:o ...............

Black Vixen
28-11-2001, 07:35 AM
Originally posted by Tseng
Sub bosses?

Ryuu the Blood Dragon Leader.

Blade R
28-11-2001, 07:45 PM
fine by me. there r enough blood dragons, one should be a leader.

Black Vixen
29-11-2001, 06:03 PM

30-11-2001, 07:10 AM
Ok..here is the Chart of Villans i have thought off.

Skelington Guards =-Aku-Gaikotsu Verka-=Cat-Girls

Acid spiders =-Blood Dragon Midgarder-=Blood dragons

The B-Senshi are on the an Quest to find the Missing Cat-Girls.B-Senshi descriptions and Attacks are in the B-Senshi RPG.

30-11-2001, 08:30 AM

30-11-2001, 08:38 AM
Hi people! :D I'm still a baddie right? Me and Sapphire? So what's happening? Looks like we're recruiting new peeps! :D

Black Vixen
30-11-2001, 10:21 AM

Blade R
30-11-2001, 04:22 PM
everyone's back!!!! now let's start!!!
hey i have an idea! someone can play the shapeshifter haplo if they want, cause i can't play 2 chars, i get too confused. if no one can i'll just drop him, u know........blood dragon dinner.

Black Vixen
30-11-2001, 04:59 PM
Aww. Oh well. :)

04-12-2001, 04:21 AM
:D :D :D :D :D :D

Black Vixen
04-12-2001, 05:18 AM
So we gonna start yet or what?
I wanna PLAY!

04-12-2001, 05:35 PM
Yeah I'm in! But erm, where about's ARE we in this?

Blade R
04-12-2001, 05:53 PM
(i'm starting, were in a forest, did anyone want to be haplo??? if they did tell me and i'll delete this post.)
haplo and blade wake to find a circle of blood dragons around them. solara fighting some more outside the cirsle.
"we're out of the laberinth haplo!"
"it's so beautiful-"
he didn't have a chance to finish the sentence as the blood dragons lunged at them. thanks to her dragon armor and her spear she avoided the attacks...but haplo had no time to shift and a dragon got his arm and lifted him in the air.
she tries to get to the dragon but others hold her back. haplo mouths some words at her and then looks at the sky as the dragon tosses him into the air, and impails him on it's tail.
"leave the girl," the dragon booms "she's no threat now, our breathren need help with the other shifters, dragoons, and sun dragons"
blade falls to her knees as the dragons let her go. the one who killed haplo picks him off it's tail and tosses him on the ground. she loosk up at his still form and crawls over to it.
"no.....no....NOOOO!!! D@MN IT NO!"
she puts his head on her lap and feels the tears fall down her cheeks. solara in her smaller form comes up to her and curls around her neck.
"what did he say?"
"he wasn't afraid, cause he would wait up there for me. because he loved me, and that itself was better in his few minutes outside, than years in the laberinth."
she pulls his head to her chest and crys into his hair

04-12-2001, 06:23 PM
ok, so we're still fighting then? just want to clear this up; am i dead or alive? Cause i remember reading somewhere you killed me.

Blade R
04-12-2001, 06:50 PM
(i don't care....but if u read the post ( :bawling: ) we r outside the laberinth, u can be dead if u want, the blood dragons have created their own faction, and god knows where the other creatures from the laberinth r......i think i saw a wolfaros running through a feild...)

04-12-2001, 11:59 PM
(can i just join in or what)

Black Vixen
05-12-2001, 12:14 PM
(You killed Haplo? Okay. I'm just gonna repost all my prewritten stuff and come back in a bit. :) )

My Death. By Eternity.
"No?....Too bad. One-" SWISH. The coldness of the sword just barely touched her neck, but spraying sum of her hair on the ground below. "Two....."SWOOSH. It cut even more of Shiana's hair. "And - THREE!!!" Swish. The sword went directly past her throat, cutting it deep, and a lifeless vessel fell to the ground with a THUD.

The next bit. By Me.
Shiana's limp corpse lay in a pool of blood on the floor. Rubaii was still on the cliff top. "SHIAAAAANAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" he screamed, as though in agony, as if he felt her death's pain. He leapt into the fray below, fighting, clawing, biting whoever was stupid enough to get in his way. He got through them, and walked to his fallen friend. As he came closer his paws were stained with her spilled blood. He ignored it, and trotted over to her sadly, and licked her face. He pushed his cold wet nose against her, as if trying to waken her - to no avail. A single silver tear rolled down his cheek, and dripped, leaving a clear coloured dot in the red puddle around her. Suddenly the clear circle splayed out into a seven pointed star, the original sign of Chaos - then turned all the blood clear, and disappeared. Shiana's body blazed with the black glittering flames - for the last time he thought bitterly to himself, and then they faded out, with no trace of her existance, but that of her sword left in her enemy - the once glowing crystal dull and lifeless.

The bit after that. (Also by Me.)
Everything was black. She didn't know if she was awake or asleep - she didn't remeber going to sleep... She sat bolt upright - she hadn't gone to sleep - she was dead! She had been killed by that guy with those blue eyes... She tried to stand, but couldn't get up. It all came back to her in a tidal wave of memory - her arm and back, her leg, and then - then her throat had been slit. She rubbed her neck, the itchy tingling feeling was there, but there was no wound. ~ Where the Hell am I? ~ she thought to herself. ~ But maybe that's it. Maybe this _is_ Hell!? ~ She still couldn't see much, just herself in this lifeless, lightless world. Alone.

(P.S - Michael, just jump in. :) )

Blade R
05-12-2001, 05:07 PM
(yes, i just killed him :bawling: it was so sad!!!)

Black Vixen
05-12-2001, 05:28 PM
(Impaled on a dragon's tail. :heh: )

The next bit.
She wondered it she could still speak. "___?" she mouthed, but no sound came out. *cough cough cough* "Hello?" she called in a whispery voice. She needed a drink. She took a breath. "Hello?" she called again, louder, stronger this time. No answer. She struggled to stand, and climbed slowly to her feet. Looking aroung she saw still nothing but blackness, dark all around. *sigh* She started to walk.

And the bit after that...
She walked a few steps but seemed to get nowhere. But she refused to give up - there must be more than this, this endless darkness. She continued, and found to golden-yellow orbs of light in the distance it seemed. She went further, and they fluttered. It was then that she realized what they weren’t lights - they were eyes. “Hello?” she called to them, into the surrounding darkness. They moved closer, accompanied by the noise of something large coming towards her. Her instinct told her to move away, it was dangerous - possibly lethal. ~ But what does that matter, if I’m already dead? ~ She stood her ground as it came forwards - it’s footsteps echoed closer, closer…


The moving noise stopped. Suddenly it was as if someone had turned the light on. They stood still in the room of darkness, but she could now see the other with her. A Dragon. A large Dragon. A large, Red, Dragon. ~ Red Dragon? ~ The thought echoed in her mind. Why did that sound so familiar? ~ Rubaii…~ a single tear threatened to fall from her eye at his name. She blinked. She would not cry. ~…Rubaii once told me of a red Dragon…

(Does she remember?! Course she does! :D )

Blade R
06-12-2001, 10:46 PM
(let's just continue.....i killed haplo!!!!!:bawling: )

06-12-2001, 11:34 PM
(So where is everybody in?)

07-12-2001, 12:21 PM
So Michael, do you want to be a good guy or bad?

(Hi BV, thanx for the recap! :) I tried to read through all that what Pen2 brought over, but reading it in that format was just too weird).

Blade R
07-12-2001, 04:03 PM
(eternity, i revised your ideas and sent u areply back, tell me what u think of my ideas)

Black Vixen
07-12-2001, 05:14 PM
And the bit after that...:heh:
“Visit?” she asked confused. He nodded. “But how did I get here?” “This is the realm which separates Chaos and Order.” “But - I died.” “You are not dead, you’re just not alive.” “Oh, well that helps my confidence soo much...I have a headache.” “You were in one of the many lands which make up the Realm of the Living. This isn’t part of that Realm.” “…I think I follow.” “Yes, well, let’s go home.” She decided not to ask, she didn’t think it’d help much either. Instead she simply walked after him…

A minute passed...
There seemed to be a smoky mist approaching. She looked at Yan-ri, but he simply stepped through it. She followed. On the other side was indeed Chaos. It always was night-time, though brightly lit, due to the large silver-grey moon. The stars shining brightly in the velvet black sky. Fires burned in randomly placed stone plinths, and the occasional fork of lightning lit the skies. There was no rain. She smiled - a sense of comfort washed over her. “Home.” She said simply. “Yes. Now come to the hall. There we can talk in peace.”

And another...
The hall was in fact a large structure of pillars, with no roof, built in black, red and silver marble. They were all intertwined, and almost looked as if they’d flow like water if touched. He sat at the head of the table, and offered her her seat. “Such a shame that the others couldn’t have joined us.” Shiana looked at him, truly confused. “Reishi, Rubaii, and Ruani. This place is so plain when it’s empty. The Eldorn are not much for conversation, and keep to themselves. Though you being half-Eldorn would already know that.” “But Father, I died.” She said again. “Your soul was split from your living body. Therefore, you ‘died’. But it followed you here. So, if this was one of the lands in the Realm of the Living, you would be alive anyway.” “So, I’m not dead?” “No.” “Then I must go back!” she cried, jumping from her chair. “The others - they need me! I can’t leave them there. And what about Rubaii?” At that moment there was a noise like the beating of wings, and Akijun landed in the hall. Akijun was the leader of the Chaos Dragon clan who lived in the mountains of the Chaos realm.

(Just carry on without me, I'll jump back in when this is finished. :nod: )

08-12-2001, 02:25 PM
we r outside the laberinth, u can be dead if u want, the blood dragons have created their own faction, and god knows where the other creatures from the laberinth r......i think i saw a wolfaros running through a feild...) - Blade R

Ok. Well, i had this idea brewing for some time before everything just went awol. Sorry for any mistakes, i'm just gonna make this bit up, as I have no idea how haplo died.

I stood on the battle field, alone, and was about to call a Wolferen to come to me, but then i felt a sharp, cold pain that pierced my back, and went through my stomach. Blood was dripping everywhere, and the sky was starting to grow darker by the minute........I gabbed the lance which had gone through me, placed both my hands onto it, and focused all my remaining strength-

The result was a blinding surge of energy lashing out from the lance, but the main charge stayed intact with the metal, which consumed the holder of the weapon. Eight-yellow tentacles grasped the holder, and killed them instantly. Takara turned around to find it was Haplo.......

Sapphire was at my side almost immediately, and tried to keep me standing.

"Let me be." I grunted. Most of my energy had gone into killing Haplo.

"No! I can save you......Takara." A tear tore down his cheek; this, I've never seen him do before. It suprised me to say the least.

"I didn't know you cared, Sapphire."

"I do care, and I'll always care! Now just let me save you godammit!"

"Fine." He hauled the lance out of me, and I fell to the ground as my legs gave way, with Saphire catching me just in time. He held me in his arms, but it was too late - even he couldn't save me this time. Or could he?


I'm baaaack! :D:dance: So what do you think? I'll make the next post 'more' interesting; just watch this space........the fun is out there. :p

Black Vixen
08-12-2001, 02:44 PM
(*Wanders off whistling bits of some tune or other...*)

And the next bit.
She [Akijun] spoke in an ancient tongue, yet Shiana found she could understand every word.
“Greetings Dragon, M’lord. I see you have company.”
“This is my daughter Shiana, surely you remember-”
“Of course. I haven’t seen you since you but a hatchling. Welcome home.”
“-Thank you.” She bowed in reverence to the Dragon Queen. She was again surprised when she laughed, and returned the gesture.
“M’lady Vixen, there is no need.”
Shiana nodded and sat back down. Akijun gave her report, and left, after saying goodbye to them both.

And again...
Yan-ri glanced to Shiana.
“I need to go back.” She said plainly.
“You can. Anytime.”
“I can? How? Can I go now?”
“You and Reishi, being my daughters, therefore of God-born blood, can travel between the realms as you wish.”
“But I still don’t understand how.”
“You just can. You must visualise the place, and then your soul will go. But you must take your physical self too. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Which is why you should give it a shot.”
~ I bet Mei-ri didn’t say that to Shoran and Andren. ~ She thought.
“That is why I am of Chaos, and Mei-ri is of Order.” He said.
“Sorry.” She’d forgotten that he could hear her thoughts.
“I tell you how to do this, because you must come back sometimes and visit me. Bring your sister, and the others too. Don’t worry. I’ll take you this time.” She nodded, and a faint smiled flitted across her expression, nervously.
“Than we shall go back now.”

Hmm hm hmm...
They were almost ready to leave, when Akijun landed by them. “M’lord-” she started. “Please, you know I don’t appreciate formalities.” She nodded. “Vixen, this is for you.” The dragon queen held out her claw. In it was a black bladed dagger. “Thank you.” She accepted it, and slid it into her belt. “It’s from our treasure horde, there is also a silver one for Reishi, but I will give it her when she comes. Goodbye.” She flew off again. “Right.” He said. He took her hand and opened his wings [purely because her prefers to have them out, it’s more comfortable] Shiana blinked, and the world, again, went black…

(Right, I think that's all of it. :D )

08-12-2001, 02:57 PM
did you just type ALL THAT?! OR did you just fish it out from the bundle of posts that Pen2 brought over? Anyway, it's very good! :D

Black Vixen
08-12-2001, 03:00 PM
(Don't worry, it's old posts from the shack. :D )

08-12-2001, 06:28 PM
Oh right; I thought you just fished it out from what was brought over, i tried to read upto where we were, but it was just too much. :heh: anyway, do you think five people's enough to start playing seriously?

Black Vixen
09-12-2001, 07:43 AM
yeah, why not? :)

Black Vixen
10-12-2001, 12:56 PM
So? Come on people?
Once I know where you guys are I can join in.
Actually, maybe you're not such a good idea Eternity, considering it was your char Sapphire who killed me. :heh:

Blade R
10-12-2001, 11:29 PM
...eternity, read my last big post. i already killed haplo and i like my way better. that way most of the bad and good creatures/ppl r already out of the gate and i give a beter reason for haplo's death because i was the one holdign the spear. am i making any sense or does everyone ignor my former posts???

Black Vixen
11-12-2001, 11:14 AM
I don't. :D
Anyway - we gonna get this show on the road or what?!
I wanna play!

Blade R
11-12-2001, 07:20 PM
eternity, haplo is my char, i decide how he dies, ur death can be taking place outide the laberinth in the outside world. we continue from MY post. oh and BV?? when the fight was going on the gate was shaken and connected to modern Earth instead of the outside world.....this was eternity's and my ideas. so lets go!

Black Vixen
12-12-2001, 01:07 PM
Cool, I got the PM.
So let's go!

Blade R
12-12-2001, 09:46 PM
blade, solara, and nighthawk help dig a grave for haplo. the set him in it and bury him. nighthawk sticks a stone in the ground where he's buried and solara uses her claws to scratch a message into it. blade sheds a few more tears then walks away to find the others, ignoring the blood dragons. she looks arounf the outside world and then notices something.
"it's not the same world as the outside world......"

Black Vixen
13-12-2001, 12:31 PM
(Yeah! Let's go! Okay, considering my char is effectively 'coming back from the dead' there's gonna be a lil handicap - it's called amnesia. Yep, that's the one, format the memory time! This however is easily solved, as long as Rubaii makes contact with Shiana, and reminds her of her identity, and situation. But that can only happen if Rubaii is around, right? :evil: Rubaii is not to be killed, but he could be injured after wandering away from the battlefield after Shiana's death. Any takers?)

A little way away from Haplo's grave, a dim shimmer is visible in the brush - though only for a second. Blink, and you'll have missed it.

Look a little closer, and you would have seen a young woman, and another figure - yet he disappears with the faint glow.
The woman lays face down in a crumpled heap in the leaf litter, yet there are no wounds or signs of battle on her.
She is simply unconscious.

She lies alone, dressed in black jeans and a red t-shirt, covered by a long black coat. Her dark hair covers her face and shoulders.
There is no sound, save that of a tiny pulse-beat.
A leaf falls from the tree above her, landing in her hair.
She doesn't move...

(Shiana's back! :devil: )

Blade R
13-12-2001, 05:34 PM
blade thinks she saw something and goes over to investigate. seeing nothing at first she begins to walk away. then stops and looks behind a bush.
she kneels by her friends side andshakes her.
"solara, see if u can find rubaii, i hope he made it out here. nighthawk, gaurd us.....ithought she was dead, but.....that doesn't matter."

14-12-2001, 09:59 AM
(Heh, sorry bout the delay, got homework crisis. Blade, sorry about the mixup on haplo's death; i didn't read that, and so thought it would be ok to work with it. Let's just say Takara's dead for now ok? So are we in the 'other' world now?).

".....Farewell, Sapphire...." Takara croaked, then she gasped, tears streamed down her face; it had been years since the last time she cried, and that was when she decided to become evil, and to never allow herself to be hurt like that again - ever. Her body flopped lifelessly in his arms, and it took a few moments for Sapphire to take into account what had just happened. It was all he could do to hold her tight, burying his face in her neck, his own tears mixing with hers; now he had lost her, forever........

Black Vixen
14-12-2001, 02:15 PM
She lies confused, with one :devil: of a headache.
She rolls over, her muscles ache as she does so, she is weak.
Trying to sit up she looks up, her vision a blur of colour, and brushes her hair from her face.
She blinks, then again harder, trying to clear her sight.

Blade R
14-12-2001, 05:55 PM
"hey1 it's me blade. shian r u ok? solara is trying to find rubaii, don't worry. what happened? i thought u were dead."

Black Vixen
15-12-2001, 05:40 PM
(Hey damn it! I answered this last night! :confused: )

The voice is echoed in her mind, but she doesn't quite understand.
When she speaks, it is not in the same language.
"Suneoh Shiana? Hem Blade?...Sate meh sukoh Blade?"

(I told you she had a headache! :lol: )
[Who is Shiana? And Blade?...Are you Blade?"]

Blade R
15-12-2001, 06:03 PM
"what? i can't understand what she's saying. nighthawk, can u understand her??"
"no, she speaks a different languege. not even a dragonwolf like me knows it."

16-12-2001, 07:55 AM
"They will pay dearly for this." He lay her body on the ground, stood up, and set off for the gates, his boots trudging through the mud with ease. In a moment he was on the other side, and was glad to be back........


Black Vixen
16-12-2001, 08:43 AM
She shut her eyes, the girls voice echoed in her mind...
She didn't understand...
'...I can't understand what she's saying...'
"Sate meh sukoh Blade?" she repeated, pointing at the girl.

Blade R
16-12-2001, 12:29 PM
"yes, shiana? r u ok. of course i'm blade! what'd u do, lose ur memory?"
she laughs and then stopps, relizing that that could indeed be what hapened.

Black Vixen
17-12-2001, 05:27 AM
"Blade?..." she frowned, lost in concentration, but her mind was a blank sheet.
She'd better control her anger, else she might hurt someone.
She calmed down instantly, she didn't want to hurt innocents, let alone those who were trying to help.
Could they be her friends?
An ugly male voice rang in her memory.
'Pah! Don't make me laugh! A halfbreed ----- like you has no friends!'
She shut her eyes, and then looked up at these people.
She must remember something?...

17-12-2001, 10:00 AM
Sapphire walked straight into a road, not looking, not caring where he went, so long as he was moving. A car skidded to a halt, and the driver shouted abuse at him, but he didn't care. Not one bit. Another actually went through him, as if he were a ghost.

Black Vixen
17-12-2001, 03:53 PM
(Cool! :cool: Hey, isn't Sapphire the one who killed Shiana? If they meet up before she gets her memory back there could be some fun - Poor :confused: Sapphire! :lol: )

Blade R
17-12-2001, 07:41 PM
solara returns, empty clawed.
"i couldn't find him......i saw his tracks though, and some odd looking tracks too. 2 of them, in a row."
just then another dragoon lands on his sun dragon.
"blade!! there r strange things everywhere!!"
she clibs onto solar and flys into the air. above and around her several groups of sun dragons (w/riders and w/out), dragonwolves, and blood dragon circle. looking at the cars, buildings, and other things.
"what the h3ll is all of this??! this, this is a different world!!"
they all hear a noise and look around to see several helecoptes heading towards them. several of the dragons, sun and blood alike, and several dragonwolves hover in the air, chalenging the strange "creatures". others land and even more scatter, looking for a cave or something. nighthawk, grabs shiana and flys up to solara and blade.
"let's go"
they all fly away, over the city.

Black Vixen
18-12-2001, 12:13 PM
(Oh, this is really gonna help her work things out! :lol: :devil: )

The next thing she knew was she'd been lifted up my someone, and was flying over a land covered in large square mountains. And grey rivers.
All the houses were square and looked odd to her.
~As does most of this.~ She thought to herself sarcastically.
She had worked out that the girl was named 'Blade' and she had a little gold dragonet. And that her name was - was...something beginning with 'Sh' anyway.
She ignored the fact that she was currently being carried over this strange realm, and struggled to remember...

Black Vixen
19-12-2001, 04:17 PM
"...Blade?..." she said, still trying to fix the name to the face.
"Shima ne-"she paused.
"...Where am I?...No, where are, we." correcting herself, looking around at the assembled group of 'friends'.

Blade R
19-12-2001, 10:58 PM
"well, as far as i can tell, we are over a city. i read about them in some books on ancient cities. i never knew they still existed in other worlds!! this is cool...unless they capture us, experemant on us, and put us in a thing they call a zoo."
the oters look at her
"what? i found an old town in the world i'm from, and there were actually books there!! it's the only place in that world with books!"
looks down.
"i can't be sure, but i don't think most fox wander around in the day"
"then it's rabaii?"
"umm, on of those things is coming after us, better put ur helm down"
blade pulls her dragon helm down and pulls out her spear.
"time to show um the agility of a dragon and dragonwolf"
nighthawk and solara let out cries and dive down at the buildings. shiana somehow is now on nighthawk's back. the 2 winged beasts zigzag therought the streets and buildings and they see others doing the same thing off to the side. the helecopters fly sbove the bulidings, but soon loose sight of the others.
"what the hell are those things john?"
"beats the crap outta me, they look like dragons!"
"but, they rn't real...right?"
"i have no idea..."

Black Vixen
20-12-2001, 10:55 AM
Although she was still pretty confused, she could tell the difference between her friends, and the enemy.
Half jumping, half falling she dropped from 'Nightwing's back, and instinctively her black dragon-like wings were exposed from under her cloak.
She flew up and around behind one of the enemy 'dragons'.
It was making a loud roaring buzzing noise, and there were semi-visable blades whirling from it's back.
Diving closer under the blades she grabbed onto it's leg, finding it hard and cold.
The thing itself didn't seem to notice her there.
She hurriedly drew her sword and swung it heavily at the enemy's underbelly. There was a heavy clang and the blade left nothing much more than a dent and a scratch.
Although she wasn't one for retreating, she didn't see a good outcome of this battle...

Blade R
20-12-2001, 07:51 PM
''oh no.''
solara and nighthawk stop and turn to face the 'dragons' solara pulls her head back and launches a fireball at it. nh (nighthawk) sends a lightning bolt from his mouth and it joins the fireball. one of the chopperes explodes. blade stands on solara's head and the dragon launches her onto the chopper shiana is on. with her dragon armor on, she looks pretty dangerous. she draws her spear and rams it into the winsheild
"the hell!"
blade holds onto the edge of the spear and swings her feet around. they hit the glass and shatter it, sending her flying into the cocpit. loud moans of pain soon come from within...

Black Vixen
21-12-2001, 06:44 AM
Doubting this thing is gonna stay in the air with a spear stuck through it's 'head' Shiana let go and glided down to the nearest rooftop.

Blade R
21-12-2001, 07:05 PM
the pilots taken care of blade jumps out and lands on the roof next to shiana. the chopper hits a building and explodes
"well, that was fun"

Black Vixen
22-12-2001, 05:35 AM
Shiana nods in agreement.
"Okay - now why are we here?"

Blade R
22-12-2001, 12:29 PM
"from what i can gather. the final gate got hit during the battle and it shifted to hook up to a different planet. that what i think anyway."

Black Vixen
22-12-2001, 02:13 PM
"Final gate...final gate, oh right, ok. So now what do we do?"

Blade R
24-12-2001, 12:44 AM
"well, from what i learned in the outside world. every world has 5 portals that lead to the other worlds. there are 6 worlds. the laberinth, the outside world, terra, earth, aquasari, and lagara. each world is an element. aquasari is the world of water, lagara the world of sky, terra the world of fire, outside world the world of lightning/light, laberinth the wold of void, and earth the world ground/land/earth."
she looks around.
"we know the portal from this world to the laberinth is gone. we need to find the portal to the light world, the outside world. where, i'll know once we figure out where we r. we cant be in void or light, so that leaves earth, water, fire, and sky."

Black Vixen
24-12-2001, 05:59 AM
"This doesn't look much like fire to me, nor water."
She cringed as something flashed in her memory:
Fire - lots of fire. All around her was burning- then it was gone.
She buckled, but did not fall.
"I'm all right - I think. Nothing to worry about."

Blade R
24-12-2001, 10:53 AM
she looked oddly at shiana and shruged.
"ok. then is this sky, or earth? i can't tell but i'd guess earth."

Black Vixen
24-12-2001, 11:29 AM
"-Blade? Where are the others? There were others, weren't there?"

Blade R
24-12-2001, 11:55 PM
"yeah, i guess they all scattered"
solara and nh circle above.

Black Vixen
25-12-2001, 05:47 AM
(Oh man this is getting slow. I dunno what to do...any ideas Blade?)

Shiana was standing next to Blade on the rooftop when she heard a voice. It said:
~Shiana, find me, I can help you...~
She looked around but no-one was there.
And Blade didn't look like she'd heard it.
~Great.~ she thought. ~How am I gonna find anyone if I don't know who they are, where they are, or what they look like?~
~You will know when you find me - if I don't find you first.~

Blade R
25-12-2001, 09:59 PM
(what happened to eternity? and michael? oh well, want the blood dragon king to start burning things?)
blade looks around then at shiana.
"u confused about something?"

Black Vixen
26-12-2001, 05:21 PM
(That's what I'd like to know. Well, Michael is grounded, and Eternity has a bad connection, I think? Yeah, I guess he could do.)

"-huh? Oh, confused. Well - yeah. Tell me please, who is this Rubaii? It sounds so familiar, but I cannot see them, cannot picture them - do you know who it is?"
Something told her Blade did know, and would help.
She was obviously a good friend - that was proven by her other friends too.

Blade R
26-12-2001, 05:50 PM
"rubaii, let me see how to describe him. he's always been your companion and best friend."

Black Vixen
27-12-2001, 06:01 AM
Shiana felt an intolerable wave of guilt.
Her best friend, and she couldn't remember him.
This was getting way too frustrating.
"Anything else you know that I should?" she asked Blade, eager for information.
She hoped that names and places would bring back memories...

Blade R
28-12-2001, 01:26 AM
"there is much. haplo was a dear friend of mine, and yours. he was the dragoons/shifter i saved when we firest entered the laberinth. he's dead now. and shiana? u were dead too. how did u come back??"

Black Vixen
28-12-2001, 05:41 AM
"I died?"
She stood silent for a moment, thinking it over.
"If I died, then surely I shouldn't be here with you? Unless your dead too, with I don't think you are. Am I a ghost? Can you see me ok? Shiana you say - yes, that was- is me."
She was getting a little confused by all this, but she knew it was important, she felt more confident now, now that she knew more about herself.
She was quiet again, after the torrent of questions, but one still remained.
"Blade?..." Her friend looked at her.
"...How did I die?"

Blade R
28-12-2001, 06:04 PM
"errrr, umm."
she thinks
"well. i really didn't see. u'll have to ask rubaii."

Black Vixen
29-12-2001, 06:02 AM
~This Rubaii again...~
"Anything else? Was it sickness, battle, what? I think it was -"
She paused as an image flashed in her mind.
There was a tingle of pain, a burning at her back, on her shoulder...

"-THREE!" a man yelled, and there was a swish of a blade passing through air, then nothingness took her, black darkness all around.

Then it was gone.
"-Battle. I died in battle. A man - a man killed me - with a blade."
She said, opening her eyes.
"-I, I remember, tiny bits."

Black Vixen
29-12-2001, 06:18 AM
Blade notices that this Shiana has not got the strong and calm will and control of the original.
But that's merely because she hasn't learnt it yet.
"I think we- I need to find this Rubaii."

Blade R
29-12-2001, 05:01 PM
"unless he finds us. hey solara, nh, u guys see anything up there?"
"no, only these towers and ppl looking at us."

Black Vixen
29-12-2001, 05:19 PM
Shiana suddenly felt over exposed at he thought of people watching her - she prefered it to be the other way around.
"I'd feel much more comfortable in some cover." she stated suggestively, looking around for anything which could be classified as suitable.
She smelled rain on the breeze.
She also noted that her wings were still out, and tucked them in closer around herself, allowing her cloak to do it's job.
It started drizzling.
The clouds spat raindrops at them up on the roof.

Blade R
29-12-2001, 11:57 PM
"at least my armor protscts me and it can't rust. it's dragon scale."
solara and nighthawk land, nh gets under solaras wings.
"hey, i have some fur u know, that doesn't dry eaisily"
blade begins laughing and she turns her head up to the sky

Black Vixen
30-12-2001, 05:43 AM
Shiana quite liked the rain, but she didn't like getting soaked, so she drew her cloak tighter as it got heavier.
Whilst being pounded by the rain, she could just make out another buzzing sound, like that of the fire-creatures [helicopters] they had met earlier.
"May I suggest we leave?"

Blade R
30-12-2001, 07:03 PM
and it was then that blade did what dragoons r known best for, high jumps. she began to jump from building top to building top, solara, shiana, and nh flying after her.

Black Vixen
31-12-2001, 05:28 AM
Surprising herself Shiana found that it wasn't as hard as it looked, and as long as they were out of there she didn't mind how they did it.

Reishi Dalvara
31-12-2001, 01:37 PM
Reishi was all wet and suddenly she felt something.
She smelled the air.
~What a surprise.~
She spread her black dragon wings and flew into the air. She saw Blade R and Shiana. She flyed over to them.
-Hey! Long time no see.

Black Vixen
31-12-2001, 03:55 PM
(Lol, Shiana & Blade = Trowa when he forgot everything & Katherine looking out for him, and Reishi is Duo coming in with no idea of what's happened. :heh: )

Shiana stopped and looked at this newcomer as they stood on a rooftop in the rain.
She looked familiar, so familiar - yet she couldn't place a name.
"Shiana, what's the matter? what's wrong?" the winged girl asked, looking as confused as she felt.
Blade came back to them.

Blade R
31-12-2001, 06:45 PM
"oh wow, man, really long time no see. err. have u seen rubaii? shiana lost her memory, and she was dead for a little bit."

Reishi Dalvara
31-12-2001, 07:08 PM
(hahaha, how funny.)

Reishi looked at Shiana eyes, they where lost, empty.
-Shiana, sister what happened?

Black Vixen
01-01-2002, 04:34 PM
Shiana frowned, annoyed with herself.
'Sister...' she whispered aloud, almost as if hearing it would bring back the memories.
But it didn't.
Although she did accept that she was probably her sister, as Blade had said so, and she had the same dragon-like wings as she had.
"Era uoy ym retsis?" she asked.

Reishi Dalvara
01-01-2002, 05:52 PM
Reishi knew Eldorn, for it was her mother language.
-sey.Shiana s'tahw gnorw?T'nod uoy esingocer em?

Black Vixen
01-01-2002, 06:06 PM
"No. I couldn't even remeber my own name. Which Blade has told me now is Shiana."
She looked up at the sky, the rain was lessening off now.
"I don't know where I am, or where I'm from, or who my friends are..."
~Or my enemies.~ she thought.

Blade R
01-01-2002, 10:40 PM
(like my sig? they're all from my list of "my phrases, sayings, and philosiphies of life" i got a million of um. :p )

Black Vixen
02-01-2002, 07:57 AM
( :D Cool - Ilike the last one best. :littledev: )

Thinking she heard the whisper of enemies on the wind, Shiana headed for the edge of the roof.
"We should leave now, find someplace else to stay."
She dropped down onto the fire escape on the side of the building - the rooftops were too easily seen from above.

Reishi Dalvara
02-01-2002, 03:01 PM
Reishi was a bit shocked.Shiana lost her memory.She calmly followed her.In her head she was already thinking over a plan how to return back her memories,but how?

(I'm even confused in real life!:( )
~That's good I have found her. She might need my help right now,more then ever before.~
Thouught Reishi.

Black Vixen
02-01-2002, 05:26 PM
(I said something about Rubaii fixing it before, but I'm sure that Reishi could have a go too. If she wants her memory back...or Yan-Ri could have something to say about it...)

Blade R
02-01-2002, 06:36 PM
blade calmly steps off the side of the buliding, her arms r crossed and she looks around her as the ground gets closer and closer. finally she bends her knees a bit and un crossed her arms. she land on the ground, cracking th pavement a bit, and jumps up a short distance before breacking into a run. (hey, dragoon r know to jumps very high distances, that drop was just the last part of a jump to her.)

Black Vixen
03-01-2002, 05:28 AM
(I knew that. Reishi, your turn...)

Reishi Dalvara
03-01-2002, 08:37 AM
Reishi landed near Shiana.
-I think it's would be nice if we come to my place for a while and there we'll have some rest. Come with me.
They follwed Reishi. Reishi lead them to a lil house, where she stopped before meeting them. There they had some hot fod and drinks. Then they sit around the fire.
-Shiana, come here and sit near me. I want to show you something.
Shiana didn't say anything but did as she was asked.
-Close your eyes...free your thoughts...
Reishi started whispering something in Eldorn. Fire turned blue,violet then bloody-red. And the image of Yan-ri eppeared. Shiana opened her eyes.
Yan-ri:"I know why you called me, my daughters.But it wont be that easy to give back your memory, Shiana. You must go to Temple of Life and there you'll meet you past, get throught all the pain again. Reishi and Blade may go with you.It's the only way."
All room was covered with fire, as Reishi Shiana and Blade.

Black Vixen
03-01-2002, 12:45 PM
(Interesting idea.)

Shiana said nothing, but gazed into the fire's image of this man.
She was still confused, but even as this was happening around her, things were playing out in her head...

Reishi Dalvara
03-01-2002, 04:36 PM
(thanks,I knew you'll like it:D )

All around them was, forest and the rain. With the flash of the light,they saw it in the night.It was near Temple of Life.
They went through the door,he was standing in the hall. An old man with a bierd of shineing white.
He said:"I've been expecting you,let me show you to your room."
And he took them all the way by candlelight.And lying on the bed,a book,black and red,Shiana's name was written on the front in gold. And when she opened it up,there were pictures of her life.
Reishi and Blade stood aside, now it was Shiana's turn to face the truth.

(I hope you'll like this bit too.)

Black Vixen
03-01-2002, 05:10 PM
(Hmm. Now we can do this the long way, or the short way...Whaddya think?)

Blade R
03-01-2002, 05:29 PM
(i'm just enjoying the ride)

Reishi Dalvara
04-01-2002, 05:33 AM
(Well as you wish. We can wonder in the Temple of Life in Shiana's past or we can do that in few words and go back to where ever we've been.You desisde.)

Black Vixen
04-01-2002, 05:34 AM
(Cool. Hmm...)

04-01-2002, 04:53 PM
hey people!

Black Vixen
04-01-2002, 06:05 PM
(Wb Eternity! Okay, I'm gonna keep this short sweet and boring as I really don't wanna go all the way through Shiana's past right now - it's a damn long road.)

Shiana gently stroked the cover, down along the edge.
Did she really want to know?
A voice of a memory ran in her mind.
'Curiosity killed the cat - but it never did the fox any harm...'
She opened the cover, only to be half-blinded by the glare of it.
The light changed from white, to red, to black darkness.
She screamed...

Blade R
04-01-2002, 06:31 PM
blade turns
"what goes on in here is none of my bussness. i'll be out side."

Black Vixen
05-01-2002, 06:38 AM
Shiana lay somewhat unconcious on the floor.

"How long will she be like that?" Reishi asked.
"As long as she needs to be."
"Oh." Reishi took a seat. It could be some time then.
Fortunately, she was wrong.
Shiana stirred, rolling onto her side with a low moan.
She brushed the hair from her face, and made to stand up.
"Shiana! Shiana retsi era ay thgirla?" Reishi says, helping her up.
"I am fine, thank you, Reishi Dalvara. Where is Blade?."

In the corner of her eye Yan-ri winked to Reishi, then walked silently out.
~Thank you, father.~

"Blade? Blade's outside. This way."
They went out to find her...

Blade R
05-01-2002, 03:49 PM
blade hears them call her and she walks to them.
"r u ok?"

Black Vixen
05-01-2002, 05:27 PM
"Yes, thank you Blade. We should return to-"

The landscape around them changed, and they were back in the alley way again.
"-Earth. Hm. Anyway, let's find someplace to stay, I'd rather not sleep here." she said, looking round at all the trash.

Blade R
06-01-2002, 12:12 AM
"yes, a forest maybe?"
looks around

Black Vixen
06-01-2002, 05:49 AM
"I didn't see much in the way of a 'forest' around here, but there is a small copse of trees that way- I saw them from the roof."
Points down the alley, to the other side of the block.

Blade R
06-01-2002, 02:10 PM
"sure, that sounds good enough to me."

Black Vixen
06-01-2002, 04:41 PM
(Where's Eternity? This thread is getting slow.)

*Arrives at copse of trees.*

(That was quick. :heh:)

Blade R
06-01-2002, 10:36 PM
(teleportaion...we need some action here!!)

Black Vixen
07-01-2002, 12:36 PM
(As far as I'm cocermed, it's now dusk, and getting dark.)

"We can scout out the locality under cover of night, without drawing attention to ourselves. It would e wise to know the area better, just incase."

(Blade, what's your char's looks right now? We may need to get her a change of clothes, just to be less conspicuous. )

Blade R
09-01-2002, 05:54 PM
(probably. she's wearing red dragon scale armor and a dragon head shaped helm. i drew a picture and should be sending it to u via e-mail soon!)
blade looks around. solara changes to her smaller forma nd curs around blade's neck. nh changes to his wolven form and tros up to them.
blade looksa round
"i thought i saw something...."
time to bring our little friend rubii in!

Black Vixen
10-01-2002, 12:30 PM
(Yay! Uh, what now?)

Blade R
10-01-2002, 11:11 PM
(......i didn't get that far in thinking...)

Black Vixen
11-01-2002, 01:31 PM
(Hm, maybe we should meet Eternity, then be about to fight when something else happens, say, the next bad guy comes, and we are (reluctantly) forced o work together. (So we don't get eaten.:heh: )

Blade R
11-01-2002, 05:41 PM
sure, if u can get eternity

Black Vixen
11-01-2002, 06:10 PM
(Yeah, could be a problem. So for now? We scout?)

Blade R
11-01-2002, 11:53 PM

Black Vixen
12-01-2002, 05:51 AM
(I'll PM Eternity)

It was now dark, the night sky looked odd when it wasn't it's usual blue-black. But then, this wasn't their usual world.
It glowed with an eerie gold, from the tall metal posts out on the main street.
"Want to explore now? I like to know my locality, just incase- you know."

Blade R
12-01-2002, 01:19 PM
"sure, i just wish i knew where the other portals r. i know where everysingle portal is in all the other worlds, and i've beent o those worlds. this is the first time on this world for me, i have no clue where they could be!!! all the other worlds had dragons, elves, half breeds and other creatures and people like us. this place has nothing in common with the others!!!"
she looks around and sighs.

Black Vixen
12-01-2002, 04:51 PM
"All the better reason to check it out, particularly under cover of night, so not to be so-" she paused. "Conspicuous."

Blade R
13-01-2002, 12:50 AM
"yeah, but i need to find a change of clothes. this dragon scale armor is a bit noticable"
nh trots around them and whines, bane looks around and shivers.
"the gates wouldn't be in populated areas where anyone could walk into them by accident. we need to find....to find......gods i don't even now what to look for!!!"

Black Vixen
13-01-2002, 05:52 AM
There is a almost silent rustle in the bushes nearby.
Blade tenses, ready for-
"Rubaii?" Shiana asks-
The fox walks calmly from the bush.
"'Bout time I found you." he says. "How are you all?"

Blade R
13-01-2002, 04:23 PM
blade give him 'the' look.
"need you ask?"

Black Vixen
13-01-2002, 04:57 PM
He shrugs and gives her the 'I was only being polite' look.
"So, what's the next move?" he asked
"We were gonna scout the area and hang around here for a while- but we can leave now since we've got you back. Been anywhere we'd want to go?"

Blade R
13-01-2002, 11:18 PM
"......what do you mean we can leave?"
she eyes the fox and nighthawk trots up to him and guves a wuff of greeting. solara uncurls herself from blade's neck and begins chittering at him.

14-01-2002, 07:51 AM
He sits down on a stone wall, and decides that his clothes are acceptable in terms of fashion here; long black coat, boots, trousers, and a shirt/top of somekind. Opening his hand, a lot of familiar looking coins materialize from thin air, some big, some small, half are different colours with different values. Time for food.

"Where AM I? What is this strange place?...." A woman walks along the solid grey path, which she was sure wasn't the battlefiled she was at before...a small animal crosses her path, see's her, then scampers off. Another woman catches it, and ties some rope around it's neck.. It stares at her, petrified, while the woman, wearing very strange clothes, looked everywhere for -nothing.

"Hey sutty, what's the matter? There's nothing there." She kept saying. Who was sutty? And what was it anyway? She was walking dangerously close....

Black Vixen
14-01-2002, 12:00 PM
(Hello Eternity! :D )

"Leave, as in go someplace else."
Blade gave him another look.
"Well, there's no need to stay here, unless you wanted to?"

Blade R
14-01-2002, 10:38 PM
spits on the ground
"no way. i want to leave before the pound or zoo or police or something comes after us....i hope the others are ok."
her eys become suddenly downcast and she blinks back a threatining tear.
"good bye haplo. i'm sorry you had to die on such strange soil, i'm sorry haplo, you never got to see the outside world, my world...i'm sorry. i've failed everyone...." she whispers to the air and ground.
she begins walking before the others see her tears. solara and nh sense her emotions and keep quiet. solar utters faint chirps of sorrow and rubs her small head against blade's cheek.

Black Vixen
15-01-2002, 03:44 AM
*Picks up stuff*
"Right then, let's go. Rubaii, your leading."

Blade R
15-01-2002, 10:55 PM
puts her dragon helm back on and follows them.

Black Vixen
16-01-2002, 03:39 AM
Rubaii: *sighs and wanders off* Follow me.
(^*and everything is alright, I'll be the one to tuck you in at night, if you leave me I can guarantee, you'll never find nobody else like me*^ :heh: )
Shiana: So Blade, no idea what this gate looks like then?

16-01-2002, 04:11 PM
The dog still persisted near her. So, getting VERY annoyed, Takara held out her hand at the animal and the woman it obeyed, and an energy beam with crackling intensity flew at them, killing them instantly. That will teach you, she thought. As Takara walked on, she got the sneaking suspicion that she was being watched...


"Hi, how can I help you?" Said the person behing the shop.

"Er...I'll have one of those." Replied the man, pointing at a picture of meat and bread.

"A hotdog? Yeah ok; do you want any sauce with it?"


She drizzled some blood coloured liquid in a strange way, then did the same thing with some yellow coloured liquid. (anyone feelling hungry? :lol: )Placing it on the counter, they said. "That'll be £2.50 please."

" £2.50...did you say?"


Er......how do I pay for this? Ah! The coins! Delving a hand into his trouser pocket, Sapphire brought out a load of loose change, vaguely remembering that the big yellow and silver coins were worth the most; he chose two of each, and gave it to them.

"Thankyou." They said as he left. Suddenly it was, "Hey wait a minute!!" Sapphire froze. Great. What now? Haven't I given the right amount of money or something? He timidly went back to the shop.

"You gave me too much." They put one large silver coin into his hand, and smiled. Sapphire smiled back, then hurridly went away before they could call him back again.


watch this space for and interesting storyline folks.......just out of curiosity, who is reading this?

Blade R
16-01-2002, 05:42 PM
( :lol: this is quite entertaining!!)
"no, all gates look different I can opnly tell them from regular gate because of they way i react near them."

Black Vixen
25-01-2002, 03:44 AM
(Interesting sig - paid for in pounds? £_£! :lol: )

"Great. Okay, well, maybe we should leave this area, and try to find someplace to call camp for the while."
"Back there would have been good, excepting the little skirmish we had earlier."

25-01-2002, 12:07 PM
(That was NOT a sig! I was trying to see who reads our rpg! oh well:rolleye: and yeah, in pounds, as i'm not used to dollars!). :D

Takara walks along the grey pavement on the busy street of this huge city, when she comes across a big window pane, and lots of small boxes had images of people in them, talking - but to whom?

*News flash*
"Just a few hours ago, a woman was found dead in the dimly lit Aneston road, a dodgey area most locals wouldn't go anyway NEAR at night; police say they were alerted about the incident when a small dog ran towards a couple, who found it had a lead and name tag. They followed the dog, to which they found the body. Police also say that they don't know HOW the woman died, as there DOESN'T seem to be any significant injuries to cause her death. For such strange circumstances, police have called in the MI5 to help them to investigate the case. The search for the killer goes on. This is Rebecca Morrison, reporting on the six o'clock news, ITN."

(Hey Blade, this is how British news is done over here - hope you like! :D BV, this bit's important as to what happens with my chars later on. ).

All those twelve or so images of the same woman were saying the same thing. Everyone around Takara was shocked and horrified, and some were even frightened right now.

"But who could've done such a thing?!"

"I know!! It's terrible!!"

But even so, she didn't care. So she carried on walking, walking away from the growing crowd huddled against the pane of glass. She minded her own business, when she bumped into something.

"Oh , sorry love!."

(Wolf whistles) "Hey, check her out, now there's one foxy lady!"

Takara ignored their comments, and walked on. Not knowing where she was going, she just kept turning down random streets, nit noticing that with each one the lights diminished and faded into darkness. She was near a big field full of crops, with only a single pavement to view for yards. The only light provided was by a single lamp, and it was some five or six metres til the next one.

"Hey gorgous."

"Get lost Tom, she doesn't want a loser like you!"

"Oh yeah? And I suppose you're not one either?"

"Okay! I know how to sort this out...who's with me, follow me."

So, they followed Takara; by now, she knew what was going on, but the question was, how to deal with it? Before long, they were surroung her, giving her no escape route what so ever. Weighing up her options, there wasn't much she could do without drawing unwanted attention again. The were closing in, and she was ready to gie it her all, when a familiar voice shouted out;
"Oi! You lot over there! Can I join in?!"

"Sure, why not? The more the merrier!"

Traiter, Takara thought, as she saw it was Sapphire who had shouted. He looked different, but only slightly, yet she got the impression he blended in very well. And to think i thought you loved me...

"So, what we doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Okay, now think of something!...................bingo!

"Yeah, yeah, sorry pals, I've er.....just had a few to drink that's all; it makes me abit slow on the brain y'know?"

(They all cheer in unison). "That's cool with us mate, you're forgiven." Said the leader. But I won't forgive you, he thought.

"Would you mind?"

They all looked abit annoyed, but gave him the go ahead anyway. Sapphire marched upto Takara, and grabbed her hand.



Oh really? You'll thank me for this later, seeing as you didn't manage to keep a low profile earlier. You know what I mean.
She heard his mental message, but was still angry with him.
Sapphire grabbed her other hand, and pulled her towards him.

"Oi mate! We're not at dancin' class y'know!" One bellowed.

Sapphire didn't hear. He didn't care. When they were almost face to face with each other, they melted into the shadows.

"Wh-what?! Whee' they go?!"

Searching, they were almost helpless, blind as bats in the semi-darkness. "OVER THERE! GET THEM!!"

Takara and Sapphire are already a good distance away, with Sapphire leading her to safety.


(No this isn't a sig either, but anyway, what do you think guys? BV? My accent isn't too bad is it?)

Black Vixen
25-01-2002, 01:32 PM
(lol, ok ok, chill! lol MI5 - heh heh.)

(Heading for the mall Blade?)

Blade R
25-01-2002, 04:11 PM
(:naughty: yes, lets.....ummmm what's MI5 and ITN?)
As the three travled they came apon a large bulding, which appeared to be open. There were many people going in and out. Blade takes off her dragon helm and straps it to her back with her spear and walks in.
"what is this place?"

Black Vixen
25-01-2002, 05:22 PM
(MI5 is like MI6, y'know, who James Bond works for and all that stuff - like your FBI I suppose. And ITN is a news programme. :) )

"It looks almost like a Marketplace, but inside a huge building." said Rubaii.
Shiana didn't fancy the idea, too many people - but then she thought she heard the enemy on the wind again, and it was the best cover around...

(Bill & Ted's excellent adventure - Napoleon, Gengis Khan, Freud, Lincoln...:heh:)

Blade R
25-01-2002, 07:37 PM
Noticing the looks she got from other people. Blade quickly goes into a bathroom (amazing, no matter where you are you can always find the bathroom!) and takes off her armor. taking some clothes out of a small bag she hade under it all she slips on a red t-shirt (like Van's from Escaflowne), black pants, and black boots. Considering it was from another world, it looked very modern actually. taking her helm and armor she stuffs it into the small pouch which remains the size of a small money pouch.
"I love magiced items."
Then, taking her spear, she tells it to be calm, that no battle will come yet. and the spear becoms a small staff. attaching the staff to her back she walks out again and re-joins her friends.
"That's better. Now we may explore."

Black Vixen
26-01-2002, 07:56 AM
( :heh: These two must look like twins or something - red shirt + black trousers. :heh: )

Shiana nodded in approval of Blade's change of clothes.
As they passed those who'd seen them previously to those who had not, they were ignored, which was how she prefered it.

(Assuming we're in England, according to Eternity? If not, no problem, but I can think of a few things that could happen...)

Blade R
26-01-2002, 05:10 PM
(do tell :littledev )
Blade looks around.
"good, I prefer going unnoticed"
She looks at all the shops and her stomach suddenly growls. :sweatdrop

Black Vixen
26-01-2002, 05:43 PM
(Hm, some charming young gentlemen *extreme sarcasm* could find interest in Blade and Shiana. ie, #wolf whistles#...you can guess the rest. Also, the hungry idea is good, fancy a McD's? (Yes we do have them in England too - but no sign of Taco Bell of yet) or Thornton's, the chocolate specialists...:D )

"Blade, when was the last time you ate?"
Shiana asked, hearing a growling from her partner, which wasn't Solara.

Blade R
27-01-2002, 12:25 AM
Hearing her name the small dragon chirps and crawls off of Blade's neck to sit on her shoulder. In response NH looks up and yawns, his tail wagging.
"Ummm, I haven't had a thing since before the war in the Laberinth started."
She laughs a little and NH shakes his head, his tail waving in laughter.
She looks around and points to a McDonalds.
"How bout there?"

Black Vixen
27-01-2002, 05:46 AM
Shiana nodded.
"A strange looking tavern, but I have learn not to judge by appearance."
They walked over, and noticed the people sitting in the window, eating some kind of bread, with something brown in it, which vaguely smelt of cooked meat, with a red box full of thin yellow strips - they seemed to be enjoying it, so they all went in.
(Ignoring the sign on the door, a little black do with a red circle and line through it.)
The assistant on the bar gave them a strange look, but didn't say anything, yet...

Blade R
27-01-2002, 04:41 PM
"Ok...now what."
Blade looks over at Shiana.
"Any ideas?"
post by my friend who is sitting next to me
"This is how you get food, watch!" Dagg (half snow leopard), runs over to order food,
"GIMME FOOD!" Dagg yells. The guy hands her a happy meal and faints over.
"They do it all da' time."
my post !!
:goof: "ummm.....I didn't think ther were anthros on this world...except those that came through from the Laberinth."
looks all the fainted people around, jumps over the counter and preceds to take food.
"Thnkas buddy...what's your name and how did you get here?"
"My name's Daggmar. Don' call me dat. Call me Dagg. I came from the whole in the sky!"
"I think we found another portal."
"Ummmm. It's a gate to another world."
looks around and begins eating.
"Hey Shiana, you want this. Its....a.....a burger? I think that's what's it called."
*eating lots of milkshakes*

27-01-2002, 04:53 PM
(Heh, yeah, they'd be VERY funny ideas BV! I'd say go for it! How about they go into the disabled's toilet by acident, and get locked in and cause a riot? :lol:, just a funny idea. yeah, we'll be in England- is that ok with you two? and what happened to the guys?? ) :D

"Let go." Takara tore her hand out of his, even though the feeling of his touch still lingered on her skin.

"See? Now, even if they WERE to report us to the officials - "

"The police."

"....Yes, the police, and no one would believe them - "

"Because they would only be seen as weirdos or the insane, and be chucked into aslyums, heavily guarded, locked away for life."

Sapphire grabbed her by the arms, keeping a tight grip on her, and saying ; "H-...how did you know?! I thought you were born and bred in the laberinth!! "I" was born here, and spent abit of my childhood growing up here, and YOU know more than me!"

"I was," Staring him directly in the eye, she teased him by nearly pretending to kiss him. "But you see, my father came from this place. I don't really remember how, but that's how they met....."Smilling, she ran away from him, and he was left, alone, and pretty much bewildered a what she's doing.


"No, i won't tell you how I know. Maybe some other day."

"Fine. You asked for it!" And so, Sapphire chased Her into the busy streets of the city, and weaved in and out amongst the crowd, laughing all the while she was just out of his reach.

"I WILL get you someday Takara!!" He shouted.

"Yeah yeah! Dream on playboy!"


"Oh really?"

Before long, they had found themselves in a place full of people, bright lights, and the smell of food. Sapphire looked at Takara, and hel out her hand.

"Alright then Sapphire, give me the money."

He delved a hand into his flat and empty trouser pocket, and produced lots of multi-coloured coins and coloured paper, with picrues on it.

"Now, "I" will buy us some food, you couldn't even do that."

He gave her the evil eye, to which she just ignored and walked off without him, and he had to run after her again.

Black Vixen
27-01-2002, 05:26 PM
Shiana looked suspiciously at the 'food' and picked at some 'fries'.
"I'm not really that hungry she said, ripping the lid off the milkshake and drinking it from the cup, rather than through a straw.
Rubaii sat chomping at her feet on her burger.
Apparently, he was. And if she didn't want it he certainly would.

27-01-2002, 05:33 PM
Bv you chec the PM i sent you? we've got a new member! :D well, soon, just check ur private message.

Black Vixen
27-01-2002, 05:37 PM
Just done it.

Blade R
27-01-2002, 08:11 PM
Blade poishes off her burger, NH another, and solara sat munching a chicken nugget. She looks out the window and jumps up blinking her eyes. She shakes her head and sits back down.
"I thought I saw our old enemies. Must be seeing things"

Black Vixen
28-01-2002, 03:44 AM
"Old enemies? Which ones? (Had so many)"
Shiana looks out the window, sipping her chocolate milk, and pinches one of Solara's nuggets, much to her disgust.
She screeches at Shiana, but then goes on to eat the rest before anyone else joins in.

Blade R
28-01-2002, 08:49 PM
"The leaders of the army in the Laberinth. You remember them right?"
She grins evily
"Or were you dead at the time?"

Black Vixen
29-01-2002, 03:50 AM
She frowned.
"Sapphire and Takara." she growled "Oh I remeber alright..."
She was pretty sure it had been Sapphire who'd 'killed' her. She was still somewhat confused about the whole idea - I mean, she'd been killed. She was dead, right? Wrong. Somehow she'd come back again, and remembered everything now - except how she'd got back.
Maybe that was best, she didn't want to think about what kind of hell she may have crawled out of.
Thinking of this she smiled, with a wicked thought forming in her head- would they really expect to see Blade here, in this new world, let alone her, she was supposedly dead, killed in action.
They'd have some more action to come if they ever met up again...

Blade R
29-01-2002, 05:59 PM
"Ok then, shall we go?"
Getting up Blade begins walking, Solara curling around her shoulder and Hawk (NightHawk) padding along behind her.
"Oh well, if it was them, and I meet them, I'll kill um."

Black Vixen
30-01-2002, 02:49 PM
"Leave? Yes, we'll head for the 'hole in the sky'?"

(Is the other player coming back Blade?)

Blade R
30-01-2002, 08:17 PM
(She might, if the registration thig ever gets back in order.)
"Yes, But whole in the sky where?"

Black Vixen
01-02-2002, 04:23 PM
"They said-" she paused, she couldn't see the newcomer around.
"That they fell from the hole in the sky - surely they'd know?"

Blade R
01-02-2002, 07:02 PM
"Yeah, but good luck finding her.." :sweatdrop

Black Vixen
02-02-2002, 06:15 AM
Rubaii: "We should just head out from here anyway, this place is making me uncomfortable."

02-02-2002, 06:11 PM
"Oi you! Don't walk away from me!" Shouted an agressive male voice.

"She's a fit bird isn't she?" said another. Takara turns around, and altough the immense crowd were quite loud, she could still hear the male voices from a distance. As she and Sapphire walked closer, they saw a group of youths surrounding a toung girl; the closer they went, the more they heard. And the boys were now looking at them, apparently annoyed. One was very close to Takara, and was eyeing her up. Sapphire was grew suspicious.

Blade R
02-02-2002, 11:52 PM
Blade looks out into the crowd to discover 2 men looking at them..
(time to put your idea in BV!)

Black Vixen
03-02-2002, 05:59 AM
"It would seem we are being watched." Shiana said quietly.
"Hm, we or you two?" Rubaii replied, a glint in his eye. "It would seem they have an interest in you both."
"Any second n-" she was cut off by a shout.

"HEY GIRLS! Out on a shoppin' trip? Or the zoo!?!"
*Raucous laughter*

Rubaii growled. He looked up at Shiana, with a look that said 'Can I?'
"No." she said.

"No? So you takin' the mutts for a walk?" he called back.

"Keep walking."

"Hey!? I ask you a question! I wan' a answer!"
"Maybe they don' wanna talk to us Mark?"
"Shuddit Paul." he snapped. "Cmon girls, we wanna talk to ya!"
No answer.

Blade R
04-02-2002, 11:02 PM
Finally blade can't resist. Her fists clemched tight Blade whirls around, a look of utter disgust and hatred in her eyes. Hawk growls while Solara flys off Blade's shoulder to land on her arm.
Paul: "Whoa, cool bird!"
Mark: "Shuddit Paul! So, you want to talk now?"
Blade grins evily and begins laughing as she craks her knucles.
"Oh yeah, I'd love to talk, but I don't think you you could respond once all your teeth are gone."
Mark: "Yeah right! A wimpy girl like you? HA!!!! Don't make me laugh."
Ginning even more now Blade rushes the guy and her fist connects with his nose. Then she calmly begins walking.
"Well, I guess a 'wimpy girl' like me can't brek your nose either."
She feels a pull on her shirt and looks at Solara.
"Yes you may, but not to much."
Mark: "Huh?"
Solara's eyes change from their happy gold to a memacing red as she launches a fireball at both of them before curling aroun Blade's neck again, her eyes now green with laughter. Re-joining Shiana Blade begins to whistle and skips along.
"I rather enjoyed that."

Black Vixen
05-02-2002, 02:29 PM
"Yes." She agreed, they had been irritating. "-Though I suggest we leave before any authorites arrive?"
She gave Blade the 'Well I don't wanna get caught' look.

Blade R
05-02-2002, 08:39 PM
"Ok fine."
They quicken their pace and go out of the mall.

06-02-2002, 08:41 AM
(I am very sorry it is taking so long to enter, but I have had to have my password reset a total of 4 times because the system kept rejecting me. Destiny will enter the story as soon as I get home from work tonight)

**blink, blink** Destiny looks around at the strange world around her, there is a star bathing the relm in yellow white light.
"What a strange color for a sun" She thought to herself as she stood up serveying the area around her. Then noticing a man as out of place as she, she follows.

06-02-2002, 10:39 AM
hehe! cool post BV! fanilia, here's my last post:

"Oi you! Don't walk away from me!" Shouted an agressive male voice.

"She's a fit bird isn't she?" said another. Takara turns around, and altough the immense crowd were quite loud, she could still hear the male voices from a distance. As she and Sapphire walked closer, they saw a group of youths surrounding a toung girl; the closer they went, the more they heard. And the boys were now looking at them, apparently annoyed. One was very close to Takara, and was eyeing her up. Sapphire was grew suspicious.

"Hey babe, want to go out with me?"

"Hmmm, yeah alright then, but only if you let her go first; it's not nice to pick on ladies."

What are you doing? You're not serious are you? Look at them';if they can do that to her, then they can definitely do that to you.

Takara turned around and gave Sapphire a wicked smile for his mental message.

"Sorry love, no can do."

She was about to leave, when one of the guys grabbed her arm; Takara tried to yank it free, but found him to be 'quite' strong.

"Leavin? You're comin' wi' me darlin'. "

"I don't think so." She pulled his hand which held her arm, twisted it, and snapped it in half. He howled in excruciating pain on the floor.

"YOU - B*TCH!! - LADS!!"

They encircled the three of them, and were closing in on them too.

"Get ready." Said Sapphire.

"Oh I will, don't worry." Then one of them struck first, using his fist...

(your cue fanilia!) :D

Black Vixen
06-02-2002, 02:30 PM
(Thanks Eternity. Welcome Fanelia :D )

Getting away swiftly, they hear a loud shout from nearby, and recognising the same kind of arrogant male yob, they pause.
"Want some more fun Blade?"

06-02-2002, 09:14 PM
Destiny reached out with her minds ability to feel the emotions of others around her. She felt waves of aggression from the youths that had cornered her, but the knowledge and ability to kill she could feel in the minds of the two that had come to her rescue. The male was indeed a deadly fighter, the woman a close second.
Destiny winced in pain and fell to the floor as one of the attackers struck her in the face laughing and looking as if about to kick her for good measure. "Don't damage the little bird too much, it'll ruin our fun." another called out. The boy, well he wasn't a boy but not truly a man either, looked over in the direction of his commard and smiled. He grabed at Destiny trying to pull her away from the others.
Destiny hated to borrow abilities from anyone other than her beloved Demitri, but she didn't see any other choice. She linked quickly with the man who had come to her rescue to gain the ability she needed. It was all there in his mind, skill, moves, how to best place a killing blow, all that I need to use the Dragon sword. She saw him stagger slightly as he felt her mind join with his, and she saw the disaproving look on the womans face as she felt it too. The woman has a link of sorts to him too Destiny realized.
She pulled hard at the one dragging her breaking his grip long enough to get to her feet as she pulled the golden head of the dragon from it's place on her wrist. She didn't need the ful length of the sword for defence in such a small area so only a daggers lengh of liquid metal shot out from the dragon's mouth to form the jagged edge of the dragons flame. The boy, for now he looked like a boy in his fear, stopped where he stood. Destiny moved the blade before him in the motion that the man she had linked with would have. The blade sliced at him quickly cutting through his shirt and making contact with the flesh below it. The blade glowed with orange fire as it tasted blood. The attacker now turned victim howl in pain, his cries louder than those coming from his friends as they were all finding themselves to be at a disatvantage in what they thought an easy fight.

Destiny could hear that others coming to join in, and she wondered if they would help her or the ones who attacked them. She turned to see them approach. They were dressed as strangly as she appeared to be in this relm and it was odvious that they knew the two who had come to her rescue, but they didn't look as if they were friends.
Destiny broke the link to the man slumping to the floor as the blade retracted into the dragons head. "By the six relms please let this cease."

**A little long (lot long) but I just couldn't help myself
Thanx again for asking me to join**

Blade R
06-02-2002, 11:19 PM
"Now this is my kinda fun!!"
Blade jumps into the frey, and lands a hard punch on a guys nose. She whirls around to finish what seemed to be the last guy, and found her self grabbed from behind by 3 men.
"Damn, more of um have come," she thinks.
Suddenly she hears a loud cry of pain as Hawk runs ar a man, using his claws and fangs to attack. Suddenly a sharp pain fills her mind and her vision seems to explode.
"Damned b@st@rds.."
And then, everyone seems to be running. She looks around to see a full sized dragon standing in the mall, protecting her. Solara had always been able to control her size changing ability, inother words going from the small dragonet that could rest apon her soulder, to the full sized dragon that she could ride. Solara was shrieking and atacking anyone, but Shiana, who came near her. Hawk also stayed near, but did not betray his true form.
And then she hears no more and the world goes black.

(don't worry she only passed out from loss of blood, I'll leave it up to you to decide her injury.)

Black Vixen
07-02-2002, 02:47 PM
They seem to have run out of the bullies.
Or rather, the bullies ran out on them.
Those that could still move. :littledev:

The girl they'd been attacking seemed to have been able to defend herself, and had no obvious injuries.
Blade however seemed to have been hit or something, cause she was out like a light.
Solara and Hawk stood by her, while Rubaii stood on lookout.
The Shiana noticed who the other two who'd help the girl were...

Blade R
07-02-2002, 10:40 PM
(I'm gonna wait for Eternity or Fanilia to post again before i do)

07-02-2002, 10:57 PM
Destiny took in the sight before her, the uncousicense bodies of a couple of the youths of this relm where laying inert on the floor forgotten by their fleeing commards. The inhabinates of this relm ran in terror at the sight of a large dragon looming over a wounded woman, and the others with her had locked stares with the first two that had come to my rescue. The hatred of the two groups was so strong I staggered, but it was nothing compaired to the emotions projecting from the large dragon. The longer the woman on the floor remained unmoving the more enraged the dragon became. If something wasn't done quickly the innocent ones of this relm would become victims.

Destiny walked slowly up to the dragon, eyes locked with the beast. Her mind reached out entering the swirling mass of color and flavor what was the emotions of the mighty protecter. She sent waves of clam to her as sweat began to bead on her forehead with the effort. Reading emotions was second nature to her, but trying to influnce the emotions in another was not. Destiny smiled at her, she was such an intelligent being that she felt ashamed to have thought of her as a beast.

The dragon lowered it's head toward her. She could hear a shout of warning from one of the woman's companions, but ignored it. She had calmed down considerably, and her rage was replaced with a new emotion that of fear, fear of loosing her friend and companion.

"Her wounds are not that bad, O mighty one. Is there not magic within you, a dragon's flame can destroy, but it can also heal."

She looked at me confused, had the dragons forgotten their own power?

"Look deep within you soul, find the blue flame which exists there, and bring it forth."

The beautiful creature closed it's large eyes for but a brief moment, then from it's mouth shot a flame pure and blue. It engulfed the woman and in the flame she healed.

The dragon lowered it's head to the woman as she opened her eyes, bewildered, without the pain that had been the last thing she had felt

I heard a voice from somewhere beside me "What the....

Blade R
07-02-2002, 11:10 PM
(Fanilia? Solara is a girl, just thought i'd tell ya)
Blade opens her eyes and looks around.
"Wha? Solara? huh?"
Solara's eyes meet with hers and she tells Blade with her mind.
"Thank you my friend." she looks over to destiny, "And thank you."
Suddenly her eyes see the other two, and a loud growl comes up from deep in her chest. Hawk joins her growl, and soon Solara too turns her head on them and takes up a growl.
"What are you two doing here. I thought you'd be helping to kill someone, not helping someone."

07-02-2002, 11:18 PM
**I fixed it sorry, still get confused with all the characters**

Blade R
07-02-2002, 11:22 PM
(Dun worry bout it! when I get on chat room, many people think I'M a guy! :lol: )

Black Vixen
08-02-2002, 03:46 AM
Shiana stood, but she wasn't angry.
Oh no, she was almost laughing.
The look on their face (Takara & Saphire) when they'd seen the dragon, and Blade, but now they noticed the other.
"Good Afternoon." she smiled at them, then laughed aloud at the bewildered look on their faces.
Rubaii didn't approve of her behaviour, but she'd rediscovered sarcasm, and was loving every second of it.

08-02-2002, 06:11 PM
erm, what's going on? i'm like, kinda lost!!! Fanilia, when you said two strangely dressed peeps were walking towards you, did you mean Blade and BV? or someone else?

Blade R
08-02-2002, 11:59 PM
(she ment us)

09-02-2002, 04:03 AM
**Sorry Eternity, since destiny doesn't yet know these peeps names I had to refer to everyone as them and they. The two coming to my rescue were Sapphire and Takara. I linked to Sapphire to use the dragon blade, but Takara felt it too (I noticed they talked mentaly so assumed there to be a link between the two) the others that arrived strangly dressed (you had said that Sapphire blended with the inhabents of the relm) Were blade and BV's characters.**

09-02-2002, 08:09 AM
**Sorry Eternity, since destiny doesn't yet know these peeps names I had to refer to everyone as them and they. The two coming to my rescue were Sapphire and Takara. I linked to Sapphire to use the dragon blade, but Takara felt it too (I noticed they talked mentaly so assumed there to be a link between the two) --->Fanilia

hm, yeah i guess so. haven't really thought about that, nice one Fanilia! :D yeah, Sapphire talks to Takara menatlly, so that only she can hear him.

the others that arrived strangly dressed (you had said that Sapphire blended with the inhabents of the relm) Were blade and BV's characters.** --->Fanilia

yup. :) so are we all gonna have a humungous fight then? How about it people? I'll start.


"Well well, if it isn't Shiana, the fox fool." Takara's bitchy comment made Rubaii stir and want to hurt her, but Shiana made him stop. She seemed remotely unfazed by it even.

"Unless you want more trouble, keep the dragon where it is." Sapphire warned, but the other two, Blade and Shiana, were a little distracted by his boyish good-looks and smooth, deep voice to pay much attention, so Takara re-enforced the point.

"Listen, keep your distance, and this will stay between us; if not, then you pathetic creatures can expect to lose. If you don't believe me, then go ahead, try your luck." She seemed to be enjoying this, tormenting them. But she had yet to reveal her true colours. Destiny, meanwhile, had not a clue as to what was going on between these people, but thought guessed they wer something like old rivals, and thought it best ot stick with her saviours; after all, they knew more about this strange place than she did.

"Shall we?" Takara took a confident step forward towards them, walking with a commanding stature that told everyone she was not a typically "weak" woman. Staring at them, a malicious smile played on her lips.

"Why not?" Came Sapphire's answer, and although he stepped forward also, he vanished. Then a searing heat came from above, and Takara suddenly dragged Destiny away from them. Blade and Shiana galnced upwards, and saw a huge, blue flame falling on them...and falling fast.


Let the fun begin! (but remember not too fast rp-ing!) :)


Dreams are dreampt to be chased,

Ambitons are made to come true,

Friends are there to make you laugh,

Famillies are there to love you, and to keep you sane.

Black Vixen
09-02-2002, 10:24 AM
Thinking Blade could still be slightly dazed from her previous injury, Shiana dived, pushing them both out of the way.
Rubaii ran the opposite way, dodging the flaming blue sphere as it hit.
"Sapphire..." Shiana growled, looking up. He was laughing, although disappointed they'd dodged it, he still found it funny.
Shiana leapt and clawed her way up to him.
"You should finish what you start." she told him quietly, as she jumped the last part and landed near him.
"It may come back to haunt you."

( :lol: )

09-02-2002, 06:17 PM
"Precisely what I'm doing, wench." Snarling, he punched her in the shoulder, tendrils of yellow energy flying out in all directions. The light kept flashing as a result of the intensity; the few ordinary people down below screamed or went beserk, running for their lives; some even came round from the other corridors, and still did the same. It wouldn't be long until the others arrive.

Shiana got a direct hit, and screamed.

Meanwhile, Takara prepared to defend Destiny, watching Blades everymove. Why she didn't just attack like Sapphire, was worrying her alot.

09-02-2002, 08:29 PM
quick question--- what is the yellow energy, and why, how is it used. need to know before I post.

Blade R
09-02-2002, 11:48 PM
In a matter of seconds, Blade had called her armor fromt he bag and it was now assembling itself around her. Last her dragon came down on her head. Grabbing her spear, it fully exetends. Standing still, you could almost mistake her for a true wingless dragon from the scale armor that now rested all over her. Solara bugles and hawk take a few steps forward. Sudenly he runs. jumping up right before he reached Takara, he changes inot his true dragonwolf form in mid air. Seeing his intentions, Takara jumps to the side, but not before Hawk's tail blade cuts her arm. He flys over and lands next to Blade.
"Now, I really get to have fun."
She begins to laugh, as Solara bugles another attack warning, this time hawk joins with a howl and Blade a war cry. All at one the three seperate and attack. Blade runs and jumps into the air, doing what a dragoon does best, air attacks.

Black Vixen
10-02-2002, 05:47 AM
Originally posted by fanilia
quick question--- what is the yellow energy, and why, how is it used. need to know before I post.

Ditto. :heh:

10-02-2002, 06:23 PM
**Well I will post anyway because I am working 5am to 11:30 pm every day this week except friday and I won't be online**

Destiny let the woman Takara pull her to the side, and now she stood there watching the mayhem all around her. There were still innocents of this relm running and screaming. But worse was the viousness of the ones attacking each other, She had assumed that the fighters of Outer world and the Labyrinth had worked together, not that they had freeded themselves and others accidently while trying to kill eachother, but that must be what had happened.

Destiny was still linked with the male Sapphire one of the others had called him that, and she saw that he possessed more abilities than just his fighting skills. And she had decieded to finish this mess. She strenthened the link between her and Sapphire, drawing on his ability with the yellow energy and then finding the part of her own energy to use to duplicate it. The energy crackled to life in her hand and shot out weaving around to seperate the fighters and draw attention to her.

She let the energy disapate as she heard Sapphire yell "Hey how you do that?"

"Will you all stop, Please." Destiny was almost begging she was now so desprate. "We have to get out of here, I don't think the inhabints of this world will just let you tear it up."

Destiny along with the others could hear the faroff wail, which couldn't be anything good.

"I have been sent to find the warriors who freeded the void, but if you all endup in some dungon here...." I broke off as I heard a strange bodyless voice sounding through the now empty Mall.
"This is the Police

**Sorry I know it's not very good, but I wanted to post now or I wouldn't be able to till next friday**
See you then


Blade R
10-02-2002, 11:31 PM
Solara snorts.
"And what of it?"
Blade smiles at Solara's mental joke to her. SHe turns around to see many guys with guns and things come at them. Then Solara and Hawk look at them, and the police stop where they are.
''You all are under arrest..."
Blade and Shiana look at eachother and burst out laughing.
"That's a good one. You see, we'd love to go with you, but our friends woun't let us!"
Solara takes a step froward and one of the guys fires a shot at her. The bullet bounces off of her golden scales and she frowns.
"Look what he did to me!! He dented a scale..."
Both begin laughing and Blade climbes onto Solara's back.
"Now, I think, is the time to make our exit."

11-02-2002, 01:29 PM
the yelow energy is just like my special powers, sort of like magic really. :)

"See what you've done Blade, threy're here, the police. Thet can't touch us - but they can." Takara made another wicked smile, then grabbed Destiny's arm, and left, ignoring her plea for peace. Before Destiny could speak, she said: "There is no peace here, not if you open your eyes and go out into the real world. And as for Sapphire -" Now she gave her an evil eye; "Leave him alone, it's in you're best interest." As they ran, Sapphire was right behind them, shooting shots of power at the other two, with the police, and lots of men in black suites chasing after them all.

#This is the FBI, stop right there and put your hands where we can see them!!#

"Not a chance." Takara turned, and shot one in the chest, a pool of blood bursting from him as he fell. Others like him continued teh persuit. One threw a round thing near them, which began leaking out white gas.


"I'M ON IT!!" A man dressed in black, wearing some black thing over his eyes, stood, aimed, and fired; five bullets left his hand-held weapon, and hit the five strangers directly. They instantly fell to the ground, some unconscious. The man who fired walked up to Takara, tholy person who was still conscious.

"Hmph. You will pay for this." She snarled.

"Sure we will. What can you do?" Just as he was starting to laugh at her feebleness, Takara squinted her eyes at him, and he yelled in pain, clutching his head with his hands.

Black Vixen
11-02-2002, 01:42 PM
(5 as in Sapphire, Destiny, Takara, Blade and Shiana?)

12-02-2002, 02:48 AM
**FBI where are we wouldn't it be interpole?**

Destiny was about to plea to the ones around her to stop the insanity again, when the woman with Sapphire grabbed her making her run as soliders swarmed the area. At least they appeared to be some sort of Soliders, she wasn't sure anymore, this place was so strange, what had happened to the relm, it was earth, it should have been a place that was guided by the lord it was named after. But instead it seemed un natural, but she hardly had time to even think about it as the woman pulled her away. She gave Destiny a hard look as they moved, speaking to her with venom in her voice. "There is no peace here, not if you open your eyes and go out into the real world. And as for Sapphire -" Now she truly gave Destiny an evil glare; "Leave him alone, it's in you're best interest."

Again the 'soliders' those in black with strange black things over their eyes shouted out a warning to hault. The woman turned as she and Destiny ran, shooting one in the chest. The man hit the ground, a pool of red spreading out from his lifeless form. Another of the black ones pointed a weapon at them, all of them, why hadn't they left when she had first begged them to, he fired the weapon and Destiny felt the impact of something sharp in her side. She only made it a step or two further as a strange numbness spread throught out her body and the world went black.

**just got home from one job and have to be up and to the other in three hours, well off to bed**


Black Vixen
12-02-2002, 04:12 PM
I had a post right HERE and it's just DISAPPEARED!
I wouldn't mind, but it was a DAMN good one, and pretty lengthy too! :mad:
This connection is not making me happy...

Okay, summary:
Shiana leave Sapphire on top of building and flies off behind Blade, Solara etc.
(*thinks about going off to sulk somewhere...then remembers that that never gets you anywhere, so goes to find another thread...*)

Blade R
13-02-2002, 06:55 PM
(Hey eternity, Shiana, Solara, Hawk, and Blade were out of the building before the guys actually started running after you.)
Blade watches the scene below her and shakes her head.
"I can't leave them. I don't trust these 'police' even more than i don't trust them."
"Solara, when they leave, follow them. You too Hawk."
"As you wish"
"Shiana, Will you come too?"

Black Vixen
14-02-2002, 01:55 PM
"Unknown worlds can get boring all alone. I'll come with."

15-02-2002, 04:47 AM
**not sure where to go from here, but here goes**

Two strangly dressed women lay on the ground, but others have escaped the men dressed in black. Figures from above watch as the two are approached by the man that used his weapon on them. And on another rooftop two figures square off for a battle of their own. Destiny is one of the two on the ground, she is uncounsicense but her mind hasn't sunk into the depths with her body, it registers all that is taking place around her. She feels the anger and hatred from the two, Sapphire and the woman on the rooftop, she knows the concern of the one the dragon refered to as blade for the capture of the strange woman, and her enemy, and she can hear the cry of agony from the man that dared to approach Takara before she was completely out.

"Cal. Cal, what's wrong?" The voice of another of the black clad men comes from the distance as he rushes to the side of his commard. The man just continues to clutch his head as if trying to shake off an invisible opponent. He pulls the man, Cal away as yet a third man approaches the two.
"Hey mate look at the weapons this one has, and the other, have you ever seen clothes like that outside of the cinima?" He motions to his partner as the one who helped the man Cal returns to study the two.
"God, the press will have a field day with this, I bet they try to link it with both the 'reports of Dragons', and the charded body of that woman today." He shakes his head in a negetive movement.
"Better use Prime One clean up and controll procedures on this and get it leaked to the press that there was a accident at a movie shoot, that should at least take care of those F*cking reporters"
"Yes, Sir." He replies then speaks briefly into a small dark thing used to communicate. "Hey would you look at the bracelet that bird is wearing, I bet that's real gold, and the gems, if it's real, that thing is worth a fortune." The man leans down for a better look at the dragon bracelet. Then makes the mistake of touching it.

From above the dragon Solara gasps as the man first touches, then removes the golden dragon from it's holder on Destiny's wrist. "Blade, this isn't good, I can see an aoura from that thing, its consuming the man." The thoughts burst into blade's head at the urgency which her friend conveys them. She turns to eye the dragon but turns back instantly when the man rights himself.

Destiny can feel the curse of the dragon blade as the man is taken over by the spirit that is trapped in the dragon. An all consuming evil takes ahold of his mind and body. He takes a step closer to his companion as the liquid metal blade shoots out from the dragon's mouth. He smiles as it slides almost effortlessly into the gut of his friend. He pulls up twisting as he pulls the blade back out. The blade glowing orange fire from the blood covering it. He smiles again as the man, wearing for all eternity an expression of shock, falls dead. With the blade in hand he goes to show his finding to more of his friends.

Destiny's mind reaches out to the dragon Solora, "Help us please." In the distance is the sound of death, brought on by the insanity of the soul of the dragon blade.
"She needs my help." Solora relates to Blade and at the knod of her friend Soloar takes flight to retrieve the two woman.

The man stands holding the blade covered in his commerads blood, and still smiling raises it to his own throat, slicing into his own flesh. Destiny feels the dragon's head return to it's home on her wrist at the same time she feels her body lift off the ground in the strong grasp of the female dragon.

In the shadows a lone man watches, eyes intent as he surveys the carnage. His gaze follows the dragon as it lifts the women into the air and away. He lowers the small camera he had used to take close up shots of everything for furture study, placing it inside the pocket of his black long coat. He quickly gets on a nearby motercycle and prepares to follow the strangers......

**like it we keep it, hate it, and I delete the post and start over. **


Black Vixen
15-02-2002, 07:14 AM
(Okay, not sure I follow the reason he stabbed himself, but yeah, it's cool.)

16-02-2002, 12:08 PM
er, hi! :heh: i will post properly soon, in like a few days or so, cause i'm really busy right now! sorry!

Blade R
16-02-2002, 01:03 PM
Solara lands back on the roof next to Blade.
"Solara, how is she?"
"She will be fine."
Suddenly Hawk's head shoots up and he sniffs the air. a low growle comes from his throat.
"Someone was watching us. That person has now made the mistake of moving upwind."
His ears perk to catch the faint sound of the motercycle. He opens his wings and Prepars to follow.
Blade get's on his back.
"Solara, follw us with her but stay above the roofs. Shiana, you too, unless you want to have some fun."
Hawk leaps off the roof and glides to land on the road. He sniffs the air and then takes off running at a pace to match or beat a car.
"This path is too small for my wings."
Somewhere above them, Solara, carring Destiny, follows....

Black Vixen
16-02-2002, 05:24 PM
'Fun?' she said to herself...and smiled.
~Right, I'll catch up later then.~
She dropped down the fire escape, and let her wings disappear.
Then, walking casually down the street, she stopped to look in a darkened window - the reflection was good.
She took off her cloak/coat, darping it on a fence, while she tied her hair in a ponytail.
The red shirt and black jeans seemed to fit alright in this place, so she needn't get some new clothes for now, although they were a little battle-worn.
Bushing herself down, and straighting out the creases in her shirt, she slings her cloak over her shoulder, and continues down the street.

Blade R
16-02-2002, 09:06 PM
Hawk spots the man and lets out a howl, his running becomes faster as he bares his fangs......

16-02-2002, 10:31 PM
Destiny feels herself coming to the wind singing in her ears as she opens her eyes to see the ground below. She quickly closes her eyes swollowing hard in an attempt not to faint then slowly opens them again. She would enjoy this feeling of flight if the ground was closer, a lot closer.

She looks up to the woman, Blade atop of Solara. "It looks like were being followed." Blade yells down to Destiny. Destiny nodds that she has heard above the sound of the wind as the dragon sores above the roof tops.
"Where is Takara?"
"We left her behind, she can fend for herself."
Destiny looks down to see the man Blade had been refering to. He had been following on some metal beast of some sort but had slowed and stopped. Destiny wondered if he was brave or stupid, the wolf that now followed him was close and even from so far above Destiny could make out his fangs bared and ready to find flesh.

Jacob slowed his motorcycle down when he saw the wolf approach in his rearview mirror, the beast was gaining and quite sizeable even with the words "Objects are closer than they appear" under his image. He stopped and with a heal of his black boot lowered the kickstand and got off to face the animal charging him. The wolf slows showing a full set of fangs ready and wanting him. Jacob stands there without fear raising his voice to be heard, not by the wolf, but hopefully by the one atop the dragon. 'A dragon, I still can't believe I'm actually seeing one, real, solid, I wonder if they really breath fire?' "If you want to get out of this alive, then come with me. The men you disposed of back there were but the beginning, and I'm willing to guess you have no where safe to go. It's up to you, but kill me now, and they will find you before you find the portal."

Up in the sky a soring Solara relays the information to Blade.
Destiny can't hear the mental conversation between the two but Blades reply is spoken aloud and very audible "Damn."

Blade R
18-02-2002, 12:58 AM
(ummm, I'm on Hawk....but oh well, I like your idea better!)
"Solara land."
The golden dragon lands infront of the man, and the draognwolf, known as Hawk, stops beside her. Blade dismounts and walks up to him, her scale armor flashing in the dim light of the moon and lamps. she takes off her helm to look at him.
"Who are you, and how do you know of the portal?"

18-02-2002, 02:42 AM
**sorry about that blade, I get confused way too easy still. Say could you pm me a short bio on each of your characters, so I can print it out to keep them strait. Same with you BV. Pretty please. And as for throwing Jacob in, I thought maybe we should have a native to hide us, and help us. Besides Destiny needs a fighter, and Takara has already warned Destiny to stay away from Sapphire. I'm too tired tonight to post for Jacob, but I have half a day off Monday and will try then, night all**

Black Vixen
18-02-2002, 09:14 AM
(Nice one guys)

Not knowing what the 'done' thing was in this realm, she noticed a gathering of people near a doorway to a building.
~Do I trust some...~ she thought to herself. ~Hm, it's not like I'm helpless.~
She walked over, to see what was going on...

Blade R
18-02-2002, 04:17 PM
(ok fanilia, I'll just wait for you.)

Black Vixen
18-02-2002, 04:49 PM
(I'll pm you the info asap Fanilia)

18-02-2002, 05:40 PM
Jacob stared first at the Dragon, and then at the woman who dismounted it. Well at both women, the one stood proud, almost regal and had demanded an answer to his bold statement. The other seemed unsure and frightened, but none the less determined. She stired memories in him, the same memories that had at first led him to discover, that they the peoples of the planet Earth were not alone, but unlike the sicentists that searched the stars, he knew that the others existed not there, but in relms, linked by portals. He had devoted quite a bit of time researching the reasons behind his belief, and had discovered through mostly the internet, that there were others like himself, that had the memories of that knowledge. The portals, themselves he had never found, but with the arrival of these newcomers, he knew he would find them, and find the way to the answers his strange memories taunted him with.

"Answers you will receive, but not here, we must hurry, even now, I'm sure they are accessing a global to pinpoint your location." He held a hand out as he spoke, out to Destiny.
"Ride with me, I won't bite." He chuckled in a deep and compelling voice.

Blade stepped inbetween Destiny and Jacob. "Not so fast." She didn't even know this woman, and letting her go would be easier than having to protect her, but Solara liked her, and felt she was desirving of their protection. And besides that, Blade had seen Destiny (for Solara had told Blade the woman's name) She had seen Destiny not once but twice use abilities that she reconized as Sapphires to defend herself. Blade wanted to know how she had done it, and more importantly, could it be used against Sapphire and Takara. "We will come with you, but she stays with me."

Jacob just shrugged and returned to his motocycle. He was beyond excited, for he knew that this was the beginning of an adventure and that he Jacob would never find his life to be the dull existance he had lothed.

18-02-2002, 05:46 PM
**I will get us to Jacobs flat later tonight after I do some more thinking, at which time there can be alot of questions about who we all are. That might help since we haven't stopped long enough to find out anything, and now Blade, Destiny and Jacob are all together, but strangers, and Sapphire and Takara are who knows where and BV' character (I really must learn names) is going to have a run in some of earths finer men.**

Blade R
18-02-2002, 06:32 PM
(hey Fanilia, i'm drawing pics of Hawk, Solara, and Blade. so when i'm done them, i think it will give you a better idea of my chars.)
Hawk, a bit disapointed at not getting to attack the guy, bends down to allow Blade to get on. Solara does the same for Destiny. Blade puts her helm back on and signals for Solara and Hawk to follow him, on foot.
"I cant believe i'm trusting this guy," she mutters.
"Same here."
"thank you for your encouragement Hawk!"
A guy on a motercycle, a girl on a dragonwolf, and another girl on a dragon made an interesting team, but no one saw them.

Black Vixen
19-02-2002, 06:38 AM
Shiana walked straight at them, which was uncommon for her, as she'd rather go around, and find out what was going on, then go in and have a closer look, but she'd also noticed that the people here took no notice of her- so far.
She said nothing, and stood at the back for a while, though she still couldn't see- these men were big and bulky.
Then someone shoved, and a couple stumbled backwards.
She skipped aside swiftly, but on of them stumbled so he almost fell, and she caught him somehow.

Paul was about to swear at the idiots who'd knocked him down, when he realised someone had hold of him, and stopped him from landing on his @$$.
He looked up to find some bird standing there, which surprised him somewhat.
No one else had yet noticed her there.
He stood up and gave her a good eyeballing.
Reasonably tall, quite skinny, therefore not well endowed, with long dark brown hair, and brown eyes.
'Scuse me, you ain't from round 'ere are ya?' he said, in a rough whisper.
She shook her head.
'Ah, well, I don't 'spose you know whas goin' on then.'
She shook her head again.
'Well, ol' Mike's takin' crap from some lil' upstart, an' then allus came and gave 'im an 'and, see?'

Shiana stretched up and tried to look over, but still couldn't see.
She looked back at the man, and shook her head again.
'Ah, tha's cute. So whas a gal like you doin' roun' 'ere? I'll bet-'
"Yeah, well you can shut it pal, 'cause I don' like ya. We don' like ya, ain' that righ' Paul...Paul?"
Another man looked around.
"Paul!?" he called, then he saw her. "Ooh, what we got 'ere then lads?! Paul's gotta girlie!"
'You'd best leave- they're a tad pi$$ed if ya get me.'

Blade R
19-02-2002, 05:48 PM
(Shiana is the one "girlie" I wouldn't want to mess with.)

20-02-2002, 03:14 PM
This little person is very very sorry she hasn't posted in donkey's years. :bow:

Is Jacob a new char Fanilia? And what's the rpg stats? Because I don't know how to coem back into it!

20-02-2002, 03:27 PM
I pm'd you, Eternity.

Black Vixen
21-02-2002, 07:14 AM
She wasn't sure what he meant exactly, but thought maybe leaving was a good idea.
Afterall this wasn't her world, and she didn't know how they'd react to her if she fought them.
Unfortunately she didn't have the chance, as the one she guessed was 'Mike' reached for her arm.
She moved.
He missed.
"Hey! Stand still girlie I wanna talk wid you."
He reached again, and she moved.
He was getting annoyed now.
"Look 'ere you!" he yelled.

Everyone turned around.

"Aw c'mon Mike, leave 'er she's not your type." Paul joked, pulling his friend back towards the door.
"Whacha doin' Paul! Don' wan' me hittin' on your girl, s'that it?"
"No, now c'mon, calm down..."
Paul held Mike firmly, and looked him in the eye.
"Let's go back in. Now." he said sternly to his friend, and winked at Shiana over his shoulder.
She nodded and walked away silently - the attention now stolen by the drunken man.

Shiana spun round to find Paul laying out on the floor, he wasn't moving.
Mike was holding his fist and cursing about those with thick skulls.
Her temper flared - the only person she'd met so far in this realm who put himself between her and the rest.
She walked back with a strong stride...

Blade R
21-02-2002, 11:10 PM
("Now he's done it. You got her mad, Not even I would do that." Hides behind a box to watch. Pulls out some popcorn.)

Black Vixen
22-02-2002, 08:00 AM
Everyone else seemed to have gone back inside, save Mike, still staring confused at Paul, lying out on the floor, and a couple who were leaving.

She strode up to him, and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.
He turned round and grinned stupidly as he recognised her-
"Hi girl-" *THWACK*
She punched him square in the face before he had the chance to finish.

"OW! Dammit!" he held his face with both hands, a trickle of blood ran down over his mouth.
"Y' broke m' nose! -----! Y' bro-"
*whoosh-thud* she kicked him in his stomach, winding him.
"*cough-cough* Auh..." he stumbled back from the silent girl, and tripped on a broken paving slab.
Crying out and floudering, he didn't know what was happening - beaten by a harmless girlie?

Shiana stood towering over him as he lay patheticly on the floor.
He looked up, a fearful look in his eyes.
As he stared up at her, paralysed though fear he swore her eyes glowed green.
'That-' she growled, '-was for Paul.'

She placed her foot on his chest, and pressed down.
'Never underestimate anyone...' her eyes flared again, and he was almost sure she had fangs 'especially me.'
She frowned at him, eye contact never broken - he daren't blink.
Then she walked over him, and away down the street.
He lay there, still not moving, not sure if she'd left yet.

She strode on down the street, and round the corner.
She prided her self on her control, who knows what would have happened had she gone all the way.
She shook the thought from her head, and walked on.
~Wonder where Blade's got to...~

23-02-2002, 03:20 AM
Destiny gets on the dragon's back. Solara took flight following the man on the machine to his destination. As they traveled she lets herself think back to Demitri, her mate she left behind when she came through the portal. The last she saw of her fighter, friend, and lover he had taken a direct hit from an energy bolt ment for her. The force with which he was hit had knocked him into her and her into the portal. Destiny wondered if that bolt had been the reason for the shift in the portal, since it should have taken her to the Labyrinth, and not to the relm of Earth. Tears silently slid down her face as she wondered if Demitri was now dead, or worse captured by the Great Lords men. For that would be worse, they would have him tortured and then they would alter him, and possibily send him after her.

Solara could feel the sadness of the rider on her back and wondered just how, and why the woman had ended up with them, she knew that Blade wondered the same thing. But there had been no time for questions to be asked or answered yet.

Jacob pulled his motor bike to a stop at a block of modest flats not that far away from where the strangers had first entered this world. He parked and headed to the building, entering it as he pulled a key out to unlock the door. Destiny had followed, but the others had hung back, she knew they were speaking, not in words but in thoughts as they had before.

The room they entered was shrouded in darkness, and then flooded with light as Jacob flicked the switch on the wall by the door. "The flat's not much, but it's all mine." He spoke cheerfully as he shrugged off his black leather bomber jacket and threw it over a chair. He walked over to his desk and pressed buttons on the large metal boxes located there. One seemed to hum as the display above it lit up, and the other had a series of flashing red lights, and instantly began to talk. Destiny jumped back in alarm at the sound.
"Don't worry, it's just a scanner. The police use it to communicate. I have a feeling that the ones you came here with will be easiest to find this way, from what I saw at the Mall, they tend to leave a trail of bodies where ever they go."

Destiny used her ability to reach out and check the emotions of the man she was now alone with. Too late she had realized that she should have done it before she even entered the building, but to her relief she felt nothing evil or corrupt in him. His mind was amazingly bright, and he was skilled with weapons, as well as a great deal of knowledge of machines. And there were memeories there that were of things he had never seen, but knew existed, memories of the other relms.

Destiny smiled at Jacob, now allowing herself to get a good look at the man. He was tall, almost two heads above her height, and had the blackest hair she had ever seen. The majority of it was tied at the back of his neck, but the few tendrals that had escaped curled slightly around his ears. His eyes almost matched his hair, they were of such of dark color as to almost be pools of black themselves, and they danced with intellengience. If Demitri with his white hair and violet eyes had been day, then this man was surly night. Destiny shook herself mentaly blushing as she realized that she had been staring, and that he had noticed.

"You don't have to stand there, I don't bite, promise." Jacob extended his hand to her. His grasp was firm, but gental and his hand was warm. "You can speak, can't you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that, well... Do you really know where the Lord of the Earth sleeps?"

"The what?"

"The portal, the one in the Lord's crown.....

Black Vixen
23-02-2002, 07:12 AM
Shiana wandered some more, and found herself near the indoor market again.
Thinking that perhaps it wasn't a good place to be, she turned down a side road, and continued her walk.
She noticed a noise down an alley, and looked down there.
There was a fox.
'Rubaii?' she whispered
It looked up at her.
No, it wasn't Rubaii.
It had a scar across it's left eye, and a lighter coat.
However, rather than running for cover, or ignoring her, it stopped what it was doing, and walked towards her.

Blade R
23-02-2002, 01:27 PM
After talking, all three decided it best to go inside and find out more. Hawk took his wolf form, and Sloara became smaller again. Flying up she curled around Blade's neck. Then Blade and Hawk walked in. Blade ignored the machinas (get used to her calling them that) and leaned against a wall, while Solara chirped at the scanner and Hawk explored. Blade still said nothing.

23-02-2002, 03:09 PM
He was on top of a building, I supect he had better grab takara and get out of there

Ok, this post is going to go by what I've been told, so 'scue me for any mistakes. Thanx. :D

"We're leaving." He snuffed, and Sapphire grabbed Takara's wrist, pulling her away. The men in black suits were pursuing them, but Sapphire merely sunk into the ground beneath him, which rippled like water, along with Takara. The men were left bewildered and confused.

"Let go." She huffed. Sapphire looked merely bemused by her.

"You don't seem yourself right now." He was looking at her from side to side, trying to suss out what was wrong. But she wouldn't let him, and proceeded to punch him instead. Catching her wrist, he said; "Why? "

"Because." She stared at him with anger in her eyes. "Just go away Sapphire."

"No, tell me, I want to know."

"Forget it."

"You're jealous, aren't you? Because that woman touched me, isn't it? I'll tell you now, and vow, that I didn't want to touch her, she touched me. I want you to understand, that if I saw it coming, I would have avaoided it at all costs, you know it."

She wouldn't look at him then, and tried to walk away. He stopped her by appearing infront of her. "Listen to me! Please!."

"Why? It's not like I care."

"Then why are you crying?"

"I don't know and I don't care."

"You..love me, don't you?" he whispered softly.

"No, I never loved you, and I never will. Stop dreaming, jouvenile." she said agrresively.

"I'm only a few years younger than you. And if you don't love me, why do always get jealous, or possesive, whener another woman is around? Tell me that." He stared at her with his own eyes, vivid with passion and deepness.

"Shut up, shut up and get lost."

"But why?" Sapphire wrapped both his arms around her, holding her close to him and his heart. "And why do you let me hold you now?"

"Please...Sapphire......just...don't ask.....dont' ask me..." She still wouldn't look at him, and instead, was staring at the floor. The wind blew her long hair like a curtain, and Sapphire couldn't help but put it behind her ear, and lovingly touching her cheek. She shuddered at his touch.

"Do you love me? Just tell me a straight answer, Takara, it's all I want from you, nothing else. Honest-"

"Honesty can hurt, Sapphire, has no one ever told you that?" Finally, she looks him in the eye, her's being stained with pain and tears, and he ached to soothe them, to make her fell better.
"I can't love you."


"I can't love you. I'm not allowed." Gulping, she let him wipe the tears away, but then she was starting to shake.

"What do you mean, you're not allowed? Is it somekind of rule? I'll break that rule." He was determined, but it wasn't enough. Or that simple.

"Do you knw who I am, Sapphire? "

"....Not really -"

"Then that's reason enough." She slid out of his grasp, but still he kept close to her.

"Please, Takara, tell me!"

"If I tell you, it will destroy you-"

"But this is killing me!"

"Don't say I didn't warn you, as consequences go deep with hurt and pain; I am the Dark Lord's daughter, who ruled The Laberinth when he was alive, and my mother came from Earth. He was a heartless being, half human-form and half devil, he was anything BUT kind. But then, one day, they were alerted that a woman wearing strange clothes had appeared; he went himself to purposefully kill her, but even when his sword was at her face, the sharp edge ready to dive in and kill, she just stood there, ready, as she knew she had no chance against something like him, and especially in a world like that.

The mystery still goes as to how she went there, but after that incident, my father grew to respect and to know her, eventually meeting his downfall; he fell inlove with my mother. The empire failed, crumbled, and I was left to rule. The empire if half rebuilt, before the prisoners began their ebellion. My mother died in giving birth to me, my father....because.....he lost...."

"And so, if you begin to love, you will become,"


"Human." He breathed the last word effortlessly. "So what? I will look after you, I swear it."

"I know you will, but I fall inlove, I will die, Sapphire, and I don't want to die. If I don't love, then I will stay immortal." Takara's face was dominated by desperation, finding it hard and difficult to stress out her point. "And I will lose my powers."

Sapphire stood there, in shock and utter disbelief, his mouth hanging wide open. Takara had taken several steps away from him by this point, the wind still blowing her hair gently, making it sway and shimmer. Still the tears ran, even more quickly now, and all he wanted to do was go and comfort her, and protect her.

"No but's. No exceptions. Sorry." And with that, she turned around, and began to walk away, leaving him behind. In the past, a forgotten memory, an unwanted part of her life. She held up her hand, made some strange indications with them, and chanted; suddenly, a doorway opened, and she stepped through, vanishing. Out of sight. Out of reach.

Takara... Now it was his turn to cry, and a single, silent reas ran down his cheek, the trail burning with pain, and drawing in the coldness of tha air around him. "I love you. I will always, love you."

23-02-2002, 03:48 PM
**oh god, I am going to cry** That was great, I can't wait to see what else happends, and her father, he is still the power in my relm, could be interesting to see if she fights with us or against us. Eternity you have outdone yourself, **bows to the queen** I can see this story is getting interesting. See you all later, when it's Jacobs turn to post. till then....

Black Vixen
23-02-2002, 04:36 PM
( @_@...? Interesting twist. )

Shiana stood, wondering what it could possibly want.
She half expected it to speak - but it didn't.
Just walked up to her, and rubbed itself against her legs, like a cat would.
She smiled slightly, and stroked it's head.
Kneeling she took it's head in her hands as it crept closer to her looking for warmth.
'Yu'oh alri, tico su.' she whispered in it's ear.
It made a noise, and walked away a few steps, then looked back to her, as if wanting her to follow.
Shiana nodded, and walked on into the darkened alleyway...

(Translation: *It's alright, little one.*)

23-02-2002, 10:57 PM
Jacob couldn't believe this was all happening. In his wildest dreams he had never hoped for more. He was going to find out what lie on the other side of his dreams.

He had taken the time to quickly size up the warrior 'she must be a great fighter' She stood with the dragon and the animal that appeared to be a cross between a dragon and a wolf. She didn't seem that old, but one look at her face betrayed her as a hardened solider, a fighter ready, willing, and able to take a life. But he had also seen a glimps of how she looked at the Dragon, there was love and devotion there, which in his book only made her that more dangerous, she was a protecter. The other woman, the fragile looking one, he would have to study her later after they were out of here.

Jacob quickly mounted his bike and headed the short distance to his flat. He was anxious to find out what the cops were doing about the situation at the Mall and his scanner was the best way to get the information quickly. He pulled up to the flat but didn't wait for the others, after he mentioned the portal, there was no doubt in his mind that they would be coming. He unlocked the door, swithched on the lights, and headed for his scanner and computer. That fraigle looking bird had followed him in, and she jumped when the scanner went off. He almost chuckled out loud, but held it in. He now got his first good look at her, she was a petit woman, shorter than him, but then at 6'2 he was tall man. She wore a gown, that although tattered and dirty in spots was of supberb quaity and completely out of place in this day and age. His sisters clothes would fit her, the sooner she blended the better. He continued to study her. Her wavey brown hair was the longest he had ever seen, and thick all the way to the ends. But it was her eyes that drew him in, they shimmered like blue/green water, and there was a sadness to them that was more than personal, she seemed to carrier the weight of the world in that look. She had been staring at him for such a time that he knew she had been unaware that he too had been looking at her for so long.

She blushed, it made her almost glow, and he had to correct himself ' it's been to long since a bird took your fancy, better go slow with this one, she looks about to bolt.'

"You don't have to stand there, I don't bite, promise." Jacob extended his hand to her. His grasp was firm, but gental and he could feel how cold her hand was. "You can speak, can't you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that, well... Do you really know where the Lord of the Earth sleeps?"

"The what?"

"The portal, the one in the Lord's crown.....

She broke off as the others entered the flat. To Jacobs suprise the dragon had changed size, the once large creature was now perched on the shoulder of the warrior. "Mass displacement, combined with a reduction in organic density." He exclaimed as he approached Blade and Salara. He reached out to touch the dragon, but pulled back at the last second. "May I?" he asked, but Blade didn't answer instead the dragon on her shoulder nodded it's head. "This is incredible." he mumbled as he gentely stroked the dragon's neck.

Just then the scanner went off. "You won't believe this we were in pursuit of two of those suspects from the mall incident, and they just vanished, like the earth swollowed them whole. I don't think any of this is going into an official report. More of them black suits are showing up to clean up the mess from that one going bezerk and killing his team." There was a pause. "I got a pretty good look at most of them. You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Then crackling as the person answering spoke. "I want Jimmy to meet me at the station, he can do up some sketches, but they don't go any further than us, I want none of this taken by the coats, is that clear." silence "Over and out."

"Looks like the fun begins." Jacob announced with what could only be discribed as a wicked grin.

Blade R
23-02-2002, 11:16 PM
Blade stiffened as the strange man came up to her. Then relaxed a little as Solara alowed him to pet her.
"Do you trust him?"
I trust him enough Blade. He has helped us, and not done anything to harm us in any way."
"I suppose.."
Looking at the man Blade clears her throat and waits until he looks at her.
"Damn he's tall."
"For a human yes. He is tall to your 5'7"."
"Shut up Solara."
I am Blade Razer, Golden Dragoon of the Laberinth. This is Solara, and my other friend, the one in wolf form now, is NightHawk. We call him Hawk."
Hawk wuffs a low greeting and Sloara chirps.

Black Vixen
25-02-2002, 01:21 PM
(Okay, now I'm :confused: I posted here, and it was a good one dammit! *sigh* okay, basically, she follows the fox into an uninhabited (but for the fox) house, and makes her way to the roof.)

*Is currently standing on the roof.*

25-02-2002, 02:49 PM
I can't believe this...it can't be real, it just CAN't!!!" Paralysis gripped him, but only for a moment, as he tried despserately to control his heart; it was easier to kill someone that to control your own heart. "I WILL find you again....my love. Even if you don't love me, I will always love you..."

He began walking, where to, he didn't know, didn't particulary care either; he let his legs take him where ever they wanted to go, and however far. It was hours since he last ate, but even his hunger could not natch the pain in his heart. They had always fought together, side by side, in every battle, in every situation; she was his teacher, who taught him how to hold a sword, then how to use it; she was his mentor, for when he thought he couldn't handle it anymore. She never seemed to mind that he cared for her welbeing, but now, when he asked if she loved him, was probably the biggest mistake in his life. Now, he has lost her. Gone. Only memories of her will stay with him, for she will not. Sapphire tried, as best he could, to hold himself together, but deep inside, wished Takara would hold him.....

A large house came into view, then some streets lined with people; people who didn't care, and people who would never know how he feels...ever. Takara now knows, but the cost of his confession could be greater than he imagined...

Sapphire wasn't really looking where he was going, but only loked up when he realised he walked upto a strange group of people; with a gigantic dragon.

"STAY THERE SAPPHIRE!" Blade's hostillity didn't seem to affect him, not that he noticed what she did; Balde held her spear to his face, the shapr end just millimeters away.

"GET LOST! NOW!" Shiana joined in too, warming up her powers.

"I'm not here to fight...I'm here to die." He looked at them - his face were stained with tears, his eyes seriuously bloodshot, so much so, that he looked almost ill.

"What...happened...to you?" Destiny was hurt to see him like this. She was a gentle soul.

"Destiny watch yourself, it could be a trap."

"This is no trap Blade; I don't want to live anymore." A ball of energy glowed in his right hand, and he smashed it into his forehead, the blow knocked him out instantly. Falling, his body slumped onto the ground with a sickening "thud". He didn't move, but was he breathing?.....

Blade R
25-02-2002, 10:51 PM
(Ummm, eternity? ok I hate to say this, but A: Shiana is not with us. B: Solara is in her little form, and there are no other people around. Other than that, it's fine.)

26-02-2002, 03:13 AM
**Easy fix**

Jacob turned down the volume on the scanner, then went to the window to check for signs that they may have been followed. He saw none, but what he did see confused him. "Hey there Luvs isn't that one of the others that was fighting with you at the Mall?"

Destiny and Blade both turned to the dark haired man speaking in unisom."Luvs?"

"Well I don't know your names yet do I, but look, isn't he acting strange?"

Both Blade and Destiny came over to look out at the scene Jacob was watching. Sapphire stood alone on the walk in front of the flat, alone but talking as if engaged in a conversation with others that only he could see. "It's got to be a trap, where Sapphire is Takara is never far behind." Blade announced but Solara didn't seem to agree, and neigher did Destiny.

"He's in great pain, Oh No!" Destiny was bolting for the door as both Jacob and Blade could see a ball of energy forming in Sapphire's hand.

"Damn!" Blade exclaimed thinking Sapphire ment to attack the first one out the door, and that was the strange woman, Destiny.

Destiny ran as fast as she could, but felt that it wouldn't be fast enough. The ball of energy was ment to end the man's own life, and Destiny couldn't let that happen, to take one's own life was to damn the soul to eternal torment. Quickly she linked to his mind, using her own minds energy to shield him as he slamed the boldt into his own forehead.

Blade and Jacob were just emerging from the flat when they saw Sapphire hit himself in the head with a ball of energy powerfull enough to sear himself to ash. But the boldt didn't have that effect, Sapphire collasped to the ground, could he have survived what he had done to himself, Blade had doubts. Then they saw Destiny as she crumpled to the ground a scream of pure anogy coming from her small form.

"What happened she was no where near him when he did that." Blade asked in confusion.

'She shielded him from the energy, to save him. He only received part of it's force, but she took the rest. I believe they will both survive, but they may be out for a while.' Solara told Blade, having felt what had happened.

Blade turned to Jacob. "Solara says they are both going to be ok, we'd better get them in before we start to attract attention." Blade said as she effortlessly lifted Sapphire up and over her shoulder to head back to the flat. Jacob picked up the woman Destiny and followed.

**see told you easy fix, boy I am loving this** **waves to eternity, blade and B V**

Black Vixen
26-02-2002, 05:15 PM
(Glad to hear it. :) )

Climbs up and sits on an air vent, cross legged and silent.
Her cloak flaps gently in the breeze as she closes her eyes...

27-02-2002, 03:13 PM
**now I'm confused again, BV are you still at the abondoned house with the old fox?** Sorry to ask dumb questions all the time. Well off to work now **waves bye**

Black Vixen
27-02-2002, 03:33 PM
(Apologies Fanelia, you are correct.)

27-02-2002, 05:01 PM
Ah, Fanilia, thanks for fixing my dodgy post. :heh: sorry Blade, i didn't know as i can't rp all the time now, but i'll see what i can do. :D

"My......my body......why can.....I still feel it? Why....can.....I still even...think? Something must.....have .....gone...wrong....."

Opening one bleary eye (mind if I make it daylight? Pretend sometime has passed). The morning sunlight filtered through the blinds to the window like straws of gold, touching everything within reach. He shielded his eyes from it with one hand, and noticed it was bandaged up, and felt sore. "Have I.....been to.....a hospital?"

Sitting upright in the comfy bed, he looked around fully, taking in his surroundings; the walls were a calming pale blue colour, nicely furnished with matching or complimentry furniture; a wardrobe to his right, the door at his feet, and to his left... Destiny. "Why?"

No answer.

"Why? I wanted to die, yet you want me to live......Why?"

"Because taking your own life is more damned than having it taken from you. No one deserves to die, as we all will die eventually. " Physically, Destiny was still asleep, but Saphhire wanted answers, and he wanted them now. So he sent her another mental message; just one of his gifts.

"You don't understand, you will never, understand - girl. He said the word 'girl' with strong aggrresion. Don't meddle in things unfamiliar to you." He snarled. Then getting out of bed, he staggered to gai his balance, and put a hand to his head, then realised that that too was bandaged. Looking in the mirror, he saw that one of his eyes was covered by the bandage on his head, and left the other to stare at you with intense ferosity, paralysing, and even controlling you, should you let yourself be distracted by him.

Carefully, Sapphire tip-toed down the stairs, thankful the soft carpet dampened his footsteps. Upon reaching the last step, he cautiously waited silently, hoping the house would be empty.

At least I'm still in my own clothes. Could do with some food though....

Walking towards the kitchen, he smelt meat cooking, the scent wafting teasingly to him, increasing his hunger. Then he froze, as he heard ghostly faint voices belonging to no one, and coming from no where, say;

"Ring-a-ring-a-roses....." They chanted. It was the sound of small children, and everywhere he looked, saw nothing. Still they chanted;

Then, he saw them; a group of six children, no older than seven years old, held onto each other's hands, dancing in a circle, all looking at Sapphire.

"....a-tissue, a-tissue...." They had somehow managed to encircle him, and were now dancing around Sapphire, still chanting. But when they chanted this part in particular, they moved faster, gradually becoming a blur and making him feel sick;

"...and-we-all-fall-DOWN!!! At once they all fell, and promtly disappeared.

"GO AWAY!! ALL OF YOU!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" His voice bellowed throughout the entire house, hitting the walls and bouncing off again. He was loud enough to be heard half way down the street.

"Hey pal, gud mornin'. Whaddaya want to eat? Help yourself." Jacob had heard him shout, and wasn't even scared of him; Blade, on the other hand, had her eyes popping out of their sockets at the sight of seeing Sapphire shout at no one again, and stood wearily behind Jacob, who was still as calm as anything. "So how 'bout it? Come and grab somethin' to eat. Your more than welcome."

Calming down, Sapphire skulked to the kitchen, and tok a piece of bread from a pile on a plate.

"Thanks." Was muttered in a mouthful of toast, and he still didn't look either of them, prefering to hide under his jet black hair


Heh, like the creepy chanting Sapphire got? It'll all make sense later on, promise. :D BV, did I get the nursery rhyme right? Alright then, now you all know. :lol:

Blade R
27-02-2002, 06:10 PM
(Yeah that's right)
Blade, Hawk, and Solara watche Sapphire with hate, waryness, and even a little curiosity.
"I think he damaged his brain"
"I've always thought that."
"Hawk, be nice."
"To him? Never. I'll never forget what happened to my people, your people, and Blade's people because of him and that b1tch."
"Ok you two, knock it off. I'm as concerned and confused as you, but I don' tthink this si a trap. Something happened, but while he's here, maybe I will go looking for Takara."
A small grin spreads across her face.
"I will get you for what you did," she whispers to herself.
Solara jumps off Blade's shoulder onto Jacob's, and then onto the table. Blade laeans against the wall, and Hawk sits down next to her. Solara, moves on the table, trying to look into Sapphire's un bandaged eye.
"Uh, what ARE you doing?"
"It's another ability of us dragons Hawk. They eye is the key to the soul after all."
"Interesting. SO you plan to try and see inside Sapphire?"
"Right Blade. I want to see what his story is this time. Nothing ever seperated him from Takara before."
"Ok, then."
Looks around.
"Destiny up yet?"

28-02-2002, 03:00 AM
**I'm tired so if this isn't very good, smack me later**

Destiny linked quickly with Sapphire to keep him from the death that he was bringing upon himself, she could almost see the energy of the mass he slammed into his head as it coursed through the link and hit her. I engegized her mind with power so strong she screamed out with the pain of it. And that was the last she remembered for a time.

Swirlling lights and images danced around Destiny 'where am I?' she pondered as the images started to form around her. She could see many things, some from her past and some not. She saw Sapphire expressing his inner most feelings to Takara only to be rejected by the woman he loves. She could feel the depth of his hurt at the woman's rejection. Felt as a part of him died when she left him choosing her heritage over the man. Destiny could see that she too hurt, she wanted to love, but the power of being what she was, that she wanted more.

The the secne shifted and she could see Demitri as she last saw him, placing himself in front of her to shield her from the attack when they had tried to go through the portal. Destiny could feel her own deep sorrow, as she now realized that she has lost forever the man she shared almost her entire life with. For that bolt of energy must surly have killed her love. Destiny thought she would drown in the feelings of her loss and of Sapphire's loss.

Then she could hear him, hear Sapphire in her mind ranting at her for saving him. He called her "girl" and told her she could never understand his feelings. But she could, and not only did she understand them, she had felt them.

Destiny started to wake, but she lay there as she heard movement in the room she was in. It was Sapphire moving around, she could feel his presense there. She tired to open her eyes, but all she saw was blackness. This confused her, because when she closed them, she could see in her mind light filtering in from blinded windows. Her vision was strange, as if something was covering one eye and she wanted to tilt her head to see strait. It was like she was moving, but she wasn't and then she looked at herself in the mirror, but it wasn't her that looked back it was the bandaged face of Sapphire. Destiny realized that she must still be linked to the man. But why was she seeing through his eyes, or more precicely through his eye. She watched in facination as he made his way down the stairs and then stopped as she could hear the sounds of children singing, then she saw them they were there, but not there, it made no sense. They sang a rymth, "Ring around the Rosey" it started as the children skipped in a circle around Takara faster and faster as the rymth was chanted by the young voices till they chanted "and we all fall down" and dissapeared.

Destiny again tried to open her eyes only to see darkness. Something was terribley wrong. She couldn't see a thing. She got up and tired to find the door, but tripped over something in her path and almost fell. She closed her eyes again and concetrated on the memory of Sapphire's journey out of the room and down the stairs. She made it out into the hall and to the top of the stairs, but stumbled again and tumbled down the stairs landing in a heap at the bottom with a loud thud...

01-03-2002, 04:43 PM
They sang a rymth, "Ring around the Rosey" it started as the children skipped in a circle around Takara faster and faster as the rymth was chanted by the young voices till they chanted "and we all fall down" and dissapeared. ---Fanilia.

Um, Fanilia? They dance around Sapphire, not Takara. :sweatdrop:

On with the story!

He felt something, and stopped chewing his food. But what was it? Dunk.

"Ah..." His head jerked to one side by itself, as if it were hit by something invisible. He could feel another presence, but didn't quite know where. And didn't care either.

"Get up."

"Who you talkin' to now?" Jacob inquired.

"Go to the stairs. Help the girl." So they did. But he didn't. While they went to investigate the "thud" near the stairs, Sapphire seized the oppotunity to escape. He hastily finished the piece of bread, turned to face the wall - and went straight into it. Everything was dark, but all became light again when he stepped through onto the other side. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone around, otherwise things could get messy again. He clicked his fingers, and got an instant change of clothes in a matter of seconds. He also felt rejuvinated, as if he really did shower or wash. Sapphire just thanked the fact that he paid attention when learning Dakra magic; it was a blend of both dark, white, and blue, giving those who can accquire this kind of power, infinite superiority. Such is the fate of his kind.

After walking for what seemed like hours, Sapphire decided to look up and check where his surrounding's; he had somehow, gone to a desserted place, a derelict bit of land obviously unused, where the grass had grown long and wild, and weeds bullied weaker plants. Sapphire still wore a bandage over his head and one of his eyes, and practically ignored the one on his hand.

"I know your here. Stop hiding."

"I see your injured. Tried to kill ourselves, did we?" A female voice teased in a menacing manner. Then a vague vision of a young woman appeared to be "floating" around him, keeping some 5/6 feet of distance inbetween them.

"You know me better than I know myself. So where
are you?"

"Huh." She glared at him, and a lance of fire flew towards him, which he dodged with full grace, and stared back at her with one eye.

"Six-thousand years old, and only just learning to love, or rather, just begining to fall inlove. "

"My father was eons older before he met my mother, his love, and his downfall. " Suddenly, she gasped, as Sapphire was working some Dakra magic. Takara become solid form, and stood right before him, a good distance away. "Leave me alone Sapphire."

"So long as I live, and even when I'm dead.....never. My heart belongs to you, whether you want it or not. Someday, I hope to accquire your heart, and the love you guard so fiercely."

"I don't guard anything but my powers."

"Tsh. So why do you keep coming back, to check on me?"

"We need to round up the others in this world, since the Earth's defences, even the best, can't stop or keep them. Pathetic."

Sapphire was walking to her, and she found that she couldnt' move, and was paralysed to the ground. Her eyes blazed with shear fury and hatred.

He put a hand to her cheek, cupping it with such tenderness and longing, his blue eyes said it all.

"I will kill you for this..."

"Go ahead, it that's what it takes to be with you."
He leaned in, closing his eyes, holding her arms, wrapping his arms around her; Takara could feel his breath, all the while she tried to hurt him, to make him let go, but still nothing happened, but....


I'm chasing a fading dream, one that I cannot reach, and one which seems to fade more each day;

the reality beneath the dream I can't see, yet I still keep on running;

running after the only thing clear to me; writing stories.

Blade R
01-03-2002, 07:02 PM
Looking around the corner, the others had gone ot the stairs, and she had watched Sapphire leave. Throwing on her cloak she opened the door. Solara jumped to her shoulder and Hawk trotted out. Closing the dorr so as not to make any sound. She takes off following him. Staying in the shadows, she follows, until there are no more shadows. Then she was forces to crawl along in the weeds and grass. She sees him stop. and then Takara appears.
"I should kill them now.."
But instead, she stays in the grass, her curiosity overtaking her hate. Solara and Hawk both stay quiet as well.
"What's he doing?"
"Be damned if I know."
The trio continue to watch, looking more like statues than people. You'd swear they didn't even breath or blink.

Black Vixen
02-03-2002, 07:15 AM
As the morning sun arises from it's sleep, the scent of a new day is brought with it.
She opens one eye and looks around.
No one.
She stretches and stands on the vent, yawning to the wispy cloud in the pale sky.
Jumping down, she walks to the edge of the roof, and looks down.
There are not many on the streets at this hour, the people here seem to spend as much time asleep as they can.
She decides even though there is no-one around, that perhaps the stairs would be a better way down...

02-03-2002, 12:32 PM
Jacob heard the thud at the same moment as the others. "Go to the stairs, help the girl." Was all Sapphire said as he continued to eat his food.

Jacob glared at the man as he stood to do just that, he was followed by Blade as he went to the hall. There at the bottom of the stairs in a tangled heap of gown was Destiny moaning softly "Shimatta meido Kasoushakai"

The tongue she spoke was very simular to Japense, and if he understood correctly she was cussing. He smiled knowing that if she could spout curses she must be ok. He turned to Blade only to find that she had left, and so had that man Sapphire. Jacob was relieved to see the man leave, but Blade and her two companions, he had liked them and thought they had given him no information he had a good feeling about them.

"Are you Ok?" Jacob asked as he helped Destiny to her feet.

Destiny shook her head as if trying to clear it. "I was having some trouble with my sight, from the energy I guess, but it seems to be clearing" She answered as she took two steps, her foot became entangled in the ripped hem of her gown and she fell again.

Jacob saw Destiny start to go down, and stepped in front to catch her, but the impact knocked him off balance and the two landed on the floor. Jacob lay on his back with Destiny's face only inches from his own. He eyes were a beautiful color and he just stared into the dephs of those green orbs inchanted. Destiny sighed and his gaze followed the sound to see her tongue dart out and lick her lips. God he wanted to kiss her. 'Take it slow.' his inner voice warned him. Jacob brought both hands up to Destiny's shoulders and helped her off him to sit as he stood up. He then extended a hand to Destiny to help her. "First thing we do is get you some user firendly clothes from my sisters stach. She keeps a couple of changes here, I know she won't mind, and you seem to be about the same size." Jacob helped Destiny into the kiction and put a plate of food in front of her. "Back in a second, enjoy." Jacob was out the door and up the stairs in a flash. He went into the spare room and got out a pair of his sisters denim hip hugger capri's and a soft green crop top. He was just about to leave when he realized she might need something to wear under them. He opened the drawer and pulled out the whispy scraps of lace that his sister prefered.

Destiny looked up and smiled as Jacob walked back into the kiction. He seemed to be blushing for some unknown reason, but she let it pass. He almost thrust the clothes at her. "The's the bathroom over there. It might be safer for you not to try the stairs again."

Destiny took the clothes and headed to the room he had indicated being careful not to fall again. When the door closed behind her she stripped off the gown letting it lay in a heap on the floor. There was a full length glass on the door and she took a moment to study her reflection. She had a few small bruises, much less than she would have expected. But her hair was a total mess. She looked around and found a brush to fix that. Then she picked up the strange garments Jacob had given her. There were mens breeches and a pair of small legless breeches, most likely to wear under the top pair to prevent chaffing. these she got on with no trouble. The breeches fit strange the legs stopping under her knees and the top around her hips below her navel. It was when she tried to figure out the little corset that she started to cry, the thing was obviously ment to go over her breasts, but how was beyond her.

Jacob sat at the table waiting for Destiny to come out. Well some things were the same no matter what world, or in this case relm a woman was from, it took every one of them too long to do something as simple as change clothes. Jacob had gone over to the counter to put away the remains of the meal when he finaly heard the door to the bathroom close. He turned to ask Destiny what took her so long, but the words never came out. There she stood in the capri's her navel showing, a strange tatoo around it, but that was all she was wearing, from the waist up she wore nothing. Destiny walked toward Jacob, and he could see she had tears in her eyes. As she got within a few feet of him she held out her hand. In it was a bra. "I can't figure it out....

Blade R
02-03-2002, 02:32 PM
:goof: (God I loved that post!!!!!!)

Black Vixen
04-03-2002, 12:54 PM
(*Is going to go play FFVII*)

*Is wandering round someplace*

05-03-2002, 08:22 AM
:lol:HA..hahaha! WHAT a funny post! :lol: (I didn't know you were follwing me Blade?) He-he-heee, another tear-jerker is on the way guys! Read on and find out.......if you dare.

His lips came down softly onto hers, her burning tears stinging as she cried them, unable to move or do anything. Sapphire had wrapped his arms completly around her now, so she was helpless.

"Damn you, damn you for eternity." Even her mental voice shook with emotion; emotions that she didn't want to have or to feel. She was born and rasied an iron maiden with a heart of ice, but that frozen heart is soon to melt....

"Curse me all you want, I don't care. Kill me if you want, even."

"I will. Mark my words.This will be your death as it is mine."

That was enough to shock him into letting go, and she seized the oppotunity to smash an energy bolt into him, sending flying only a few yards away, but the distance is a comfort to her. She fell to her knees, supporting heself with her hands. Takara began laughing, looking at him with pure irony, saying;

"Well, who would think that I'd die?"


"And Blade, stop hiding; the shows over."

Then she literally keeled over, lying on her side, and although Blade was shocked at the fact that Takara knew she was there all along, the trio continued to watch the "tragic" play. Sapphire ran to hold her weak body, as she had no strength left to fight with him anymore. Eyes half open, they revealed slits of mysterious brown, the colour of The Laberinth; her home, and her birth place. He held her tight, he held her close, but it was too late for Takara, evevn she knew that.

"I can't believe....I succumbed to the worser part....of my heritage.....I will never stop cursing you....." Against her will, a pain shot through her, causing her to hunch up closer to him.

"That was what made me fall inlove with you, your human side; the other part of you was what made me admire you, and your strenght and wit in battle. You are unique, Takara, treasure it."
He spoke softly, softly enough only for her ears.

"Huh...." *coughs* "....Now I shall leave you, a lonely man without a love.....to die alone.....to be pitiful....."

"I will never be alone, as I wil have memories of you to keep with me where ever I go; as for dying, it could only bring me closer to you."


"It has. Whether you want to believe it or not, I am closer to you now, than I ever was. There is nothing either of us can do." He brushed a part o her hair off her face; still she cried...... tears.............human, tears.

Then the colour drained out of her beautiful eyes like quicksand in an egg timer; she started stuttering, gulping the air in a bid to stay alive, she grabbed him with her hands, and leaning on his chest, she whispered painfully;

"I....I love you."

Blade, couldn't believe it; Solara, couldn't believe it; the other one, couldn't believe it. After all this time, Takarar had locked away her heart and thrown burnt the key to ashes, condemming for herself, a lonely life without love or a lover, still, it was her decision, her choice of the path she wanted, and yet, she still managed to have someone who gave his heart to her, even though she would only crush it, shattering the delicate thing into millions of untraceable pieces, all because it was the one thing that could truely destroy her......feelings, paired with emotiong, was not what dark, souless beings like her were meant to deal with, nor to ever have. As a result, the pushed the man who vowed to stay by her side as far into infinity as possible, each time trying her best to kil him; and still, he returned.

Why, she coudln't understand. But now she could, and wanted more, wanted his love, and the warmth of being held by him in his arms; the joy of having someone, the feeling of companionship, and the fact that she won't live alone anymore.

But, it was not meant to last, this peaceful moment.

"Takara? Do you, really mean it?" He looked at her, those soothing eyes that hid a dark secret, and behind it, a lost soul. The colour had completelt gone from them now, and he remebered, all the times he looked into them, and all the times he would simply irritate his superior, just to get her to look at him. They were blank, empty. All that remained, was two grey iris's in a face too beautiful to let go, even for second. Sapphire was going to have to let go for longer than a second...

"Yes." Then her head slumped onto his chest, which had been breathing in an even rythm, and up until now, he had stayed calm, the presence of Takara near him, keeping him sane.

"Takara? Takara!!! WAKE UP!! PLEASE!!" A grown man never cries, or so the people say, but this man did. His tears nearly matched the colour of his eyes. Sapphire had managed to accquire Takara's love and heart truhfully, and truthfully, because he could've used his Dakra magic to manipulate her, he didn't; if he did, she would sure as hell kill him. But the cost of her love and heart, was....her life.

Takara's limp and lifeless vessel lay motionless in his arms, and he cradled her, mourning the biggest loss known to him.

05-03-2002, 08:27 AM
"This will be your death as it is mine."

And it was true..........

Or was it?

05-03-2002, 03:00 PM
sniff, sniff, **and I have to follow this!**
Eternity you have outdone yourself, agust, love, death, I could read this over and over again. Well I will have to do alot of thinking before posting. Sniff, sniff.

**fanilia loweres her head in sorrow for the passing of Takara, but wonders if it is really the end of her**

Blade R
05-03-2002, 06:41 PM
( :bawling: )
Blade, Solara, and Hawk were stunned, shocked, and unable to beleive what they saw.
"Good gods....."
"I wanted her dead, but not like that."
Blade and Hawk mearly noded.
"i think we should go."
All three get up and begin walking.

Black Vixen
11-03-2002, 04:43 PM
*Is around someplace*

12-03-2002, 03:30 PM
Hee, so you guys like? :D Good, i will make my next post just as good; just bear in mind; Takara will make a comeback in true style. And not just in the obvious inclintation i'm making. :)

"I bet you feel happier now." Sapphire choked as he spoke, still gazing into the blank eyes of the only woman he ever truelly loved, and who took away with her, his heart and soul. The three were shocked that he knew they were there, and didn't know what to do or say. He may be their enemy in this battle for freedom, but pain and sorrow is the worst any man can suffer.

(be back and will write a longer post soon.) :)

13-03-2002, 02:05 PM
"I can't figure it out.... It was hard for her to utter the words, to say that she was so lost in his world. It was not just the small corest that made her feel this way. She was out of her depth, and without Demitri she was alone. Even the presense of the man Sapphire in her mind did not calm her. In fact the man's rollercoastering emotions only made things worse. And now the man Jacob was staring at her, at a loss for words. Then he smiled, just the way his lips turned up slightly made her feel better. He walked over and removed the corset from her hand holding it out.

"Slip your arms into it." His voice was soft, and trembled slightly. Destiny did as he said, staring at him the entire time. "Now turn around."

With the thing finaly in place Destiny went back into the "bathroom" and pulled on the top. It fit tight, but the effect shown to Destiny as she again looked at herself in the glass was not unplesant. "Totaly unbecomine a woman of my station." Destiny chuckled to herself as she again left the small room.

"Can we talk now, or would you prefer to have some more to eat." Jacob asked as soon as Destiny had joined him again.

Destiny shook her head indicating she had eaten enough, and followed Jacob into what appeared to be the main room of his small flat. Destiny looked around in wonder. The room was barly larger than a dressing chamber, but filled with things that must have reflected the man. She went to the wall and was studing the small intricate portraits there. The man in them was most definately Jacob. He had his arm around a younger woman, she resembled him in appearance, so must be the sister from which he had obtained the clothes.

Jacob watched as Destiny looked over the photos on his wall. She was like a child, filled with wonder. He switched on the stero and smiled a small laugh escaping him as she jumped when the strains of "Stain" singing Sacrifice filling the room.

"Where are the minstrils and why do they sing in such a manor?" she inquired.

"They arn't here luv, it's called a CD and I put it in this machine and can hear them sing when ever I want."

"Are there many such technoligies here on this relm?"

"Yes there are, and some of them may help us to find that Lord of the Earth that you spoke of. My computer holds vast amounts of knowledge from all over the world, erm the relm. I will help you find the portal, but only if you promise to take me with you."

Destiny nodded in the afirmative, she liked Jacob. He was a straight forward man, and hadn't laughed at her for not being able to figure out the corset even though she could see he had had to hold his reaction in.

Jacob had sat down on a long covered bench and patted the place next to him. Destiny joined him there, her mind full of questions about his relm and the machines he spoke of. They talked for a long time, Destiny avoiding most of his questions till she found out more about his home.

Time seemed to pass quickly and the morn gave way to high sun and then to late day. Suddenly Destiny felt a jolt in the link that still held her mind to the man Sapphire. She closed her eyes and concetrated. She saw as the woman Takara appeared before him. Heard her speak of weakness of human emotion. And she realized that this woman was more than Destiny had known, she was one of the few span of the Dark Lord himself. Destiny was frightened by this, but the scene playing out there in her mind and else where was not to be denided.

She saw what Sapphire saw, felt what he felt. He kissed the woman with all the love he had held in his human heart for her. "A kiss is just a kiss" Destiny's mother had told her once, but this kiss was much more. It signaled the birth and death of love eternal as Takara died in her lovers arms. She had cursed him told him he too would die alone with no love. She heard Sapphires reply "I will never be alone, as I wil have memories of you to keep with me where ever I go; as for dying, it could only bring me closer to you."

Jacob was alerted that something was very wrong when Destiny stopped suddenly in mid sentence. She closed her eyes and was very silent for a time. Then she began to cry as silent tears escaped her still close eyes. Jacob gathered Destiny close, holding her letting her cry with out trying to find out the reason. Destiny's crying finaly subsided as she opened her eyes staring at Jacob sadly.

"I feel Sapphires pain....

Blade R
13-03-2002, 04:19 PM
Blade stops and looks back at Sapphire. For once, he didn't seem like an enimy.
"Sapphire?" calls to him.
When no response is made she turns and walks back to the flats. When she get's inside she stands in the doorway for a little, then throws her spear against the wall, it imbeds itself and comes out halfway in the next room over. Then she rips off her armor and also throws that at the wall (she still has her shorts and t-shirt on). It lands in a heap under the part of the spear still visible from that room.
"DAMN IT!!!!"
She slams her fist on the table, and then sits down in a chair.
"I've always wanted her dead, then why do I feel so damn miserable."
Feeling something wet on her cheek, Blade wipes it off.
"I cry for the one who caused me so much pain...how ironic....."
Memories flash in her mind. Memories of all those who died, the last one ending with Haplo.
Getting up, she walks back outside, Hawk and Solara following silently.

14-03-2002, 06:37 PM
Funny post fanilia, and thanks for simplifying what i said in my last post! :D (this is the second time im tying this, as the weather disconnected me from the internet loads of times). :bawling:

Anyway, on with the post! ( i probably won't be posting untill next thursday, as i'v got a major (-ly stressful) project to deal with first. But read on and enjoy! Remember what i said earlier about Takara?....*eerie music starts to play* :lol:

"You cursed me, said you'd kill me, and yet you left me first."
He gently swept a strand of hair off her face, using such tenderness that it hurt. Her body was still warm, a cruel reminder of the fact she had just died moments before. Still crying, he took one last look at her beautiful dark eyes for as long as he could bear, knowing they would never stare at him again, before closing them. He took her up into his arms, carefully carrying her, her head lolling to one side, arms dangling like a wilting flower; Sapphire knew, that they could never be together again, for even death is more powerful than them. Since she died, he felt that he had died with her, even his spirit, mind and soul. She took it with her. Everything he was made of; quick-agillity, lightning speed, having magic way beyond his years, were now useless. Pointless. His life, was pointless without Takara. Their last moments together was like a play; when she finally admitted to her love for him, not being able to control it anymore, eventually giving way to the human heart she convinced herself she didn't possess, letting her human heritage take over, making her vulnerable.

The very essence that made her the woman Sapphire loved, and always will love, she was unique.

Who could have guessed it was the thing which could also kill her, and was the soul reason why she had denied herself so much more than she already had. Suffering the same fate as her father, the Dark Lord also died the same way; by falling in love. Creatures like them , evil and dark, were not meant to love. Love was for the weak, was her saying, and power was for the strong; Takara tried for eons, to stay there, in power and in control, but eventually succumbing to what she and every living being has; a heart. While one inheritance gave her the stature of fear and strength, the other half of it was her downfall. Now Sapphire understood, why she never even went close to him, or revealed anything from within; she was afraid of dying, prefering to live a life of loneliness without love, in return for power.

Walking slowly, life seemed to move in slow motion, as if it were being kept from returning back to nomal, for in reality, his life will never be as it was. Letting the wind dry his stinging tears, Sapphire trudged aimelessly on, not giving a damn as to where he was going, so long as he was moving. Merging into a wall, he ignored the gasps of shock and the gaze of a few people in the street who watched him go through the wall. Walking up a flight of stairs, he stopped at the doorway to an empty room, and suddenly a four-poster bed materialized in the centre of it, and a chair also appeared in the same way. He then gently placed Takara's body onto it, and sat down into the chair. Grief gripped him with cruel force, and he watched, as she didn't move, or breathed anymore. Sapphire knew that Destiny could feel what he was feeling, and knew the link was still there, but he didn't have the care to worry or do anything about it. Takara's gone. And so was he. Only a phsyical vessel was still there, because eveything else had gone along with her. Cutching her hand inbetween his, words escaped his heart into his throat, determined to make themselves heard.

"I still love you...And I will never, love another....I swear." He whispered into the quiet air surrounding them. Whilst staring at her, what Sapphire couldn't see, and was aware of, was of the single, silent tear tearing down Takara's other cheek, leaking out from under her closed eyes...


Need any more tissues? :D


I'm chasing a fading dream, one that I cannot reach, and one that seems to fade more each day;

The reality beneath the dream I can't see, yet I still keep on running;

Running after the only thing clear to me. . .writing stories.

Blade R
14-03-2002, 11:01 PM
(dun dun dun! and the plot thickens!!)

Black Vixen
15-03-2002, 05:09 PM
Shiana, a strange wave of depression in the air, decided that she had nowhere to go, nowhere to be, therefore, no reason to be wandering.
Although it was her usual thing to be doing, it didn't seem right in this foreign world, it was so alien to her...
She was sure Reishi would know what to do, but Reishi wasn't here, and she was uneasy.
She stood for a while, on the corner of the street, the humid damp air like a blanket, holding her down.
She turned on her heel, and made for the alley again.
5 minutes later, the silent figure had returned to the rooftop, a fresh wind in her hair, and there she stayed...

(If you - can't stand - upon the water - I will see you on the ocean floor...)

17-03-2002, 11:57 PM
**Well I'd better post now, who knows when I will get another chance till next weekend. Eternity, I will be buying out the tissues at the store if you don't stop. Blade nice entrance and exit, next time stay awhile, BV where is your character now, I wish she would see some more action. I just love doing this with you all, thanx again for the oppertunity**

The sound of a door crashing open brought Jacob's head up with a start. He was about to get up to investigate when a spear came through the wall. Jacob threw himself and Destiny flat on the sofa as the blade came through right where their heads had only moments before been. Jacob could hear other things hitting the wall and then muttered curses from the kiction. He recgonized the voice as the Warrior Blade, deciding to stay put, he wasn't sure what had caused the woman's fit of temper, but was not about to confront the woman to find out. It was only a matter of moments before he heard her again leave his flat. Only when the room was again filled with silence did he turn his attention back to Destiny.

Destiny heard the sounds from the other room, but since Jacob had pushed her down and was still on top of her, she couldn't see what had caused it. When all was again quiet Destiny watched as Jacob again turned his gaze on her. His eyes were so black, like pools of the darkest night. She couldn't tear herself from looking into their depts. His breath was warm against her skin, and she couldn't help herself, bringing her hands up to cup his face, she drew him down the last few inches to her and parted her mouth as she kissed him. He didn't hold back as she had feared, but returned the kiss with a heat and passion she had not expected. It was such a strange feeling to feel his fire and the same time as she was expierencing Sapphires overwelming pain in her mind.

Sapphires thoughts were invading her mind even as she tried to block them out with the kiss. Then she realized he and possibly the others, belived the Dark Lord dead, killed by his love for a woman. He couldn't be killed by anything, not even an emotion as strong as love. He had been wounded, retreating to the hidden relm as he regained his power and strength. And if he couldn't be killed, what of Takara, was she realy dead?

Destiny pushed back on Jacob, a bright flush blooming on her face. "I had no right." She whispered.

Jacob couldn't believe he had just been kissed by Destiny, it was the thing he had wanted ever since he first laid eyes on her. And the thing he had kept himself from doing, fearing he would frighten her. "Don't be." He muttered as he claimed her lips again. This time he could feel Destiny respond more intensly, her a arms twining around his neck, one playing with a lock of his long dark hair. This time it was he who pulled back, afraid of the reactions in his own body, it wanted more, but it was too soon.

As Destiny sat up she saw the spear sticking out of the wall. Her eyes stared at it and then at Jacob. "Close wasn't it."

"Too close." He replied as he stood. He could see that Destiny was uneasy, not at all sure what would happen next. "I don't know about you, but spears through the wall make me hungry. Lets have a snack." He hoped he had defused the situation, and was rewarded by a bright smile on Destinys face.

As the two sat in the kiction eating a food called ice cream Jacob asked Destiny about the tatoo around her navel. "It's the emblem of my clan. The Dragon is the gardian of my people. The goldne ring through it's nose a mark to show that I am of the Noble Class. That was in times past when the Nobility ment something, now it means we are no more than breeding stock for he that rules. He is looking for the one that bears the proper offspring, when that happends, he will take the woman to bear him a child, It will be a son, so he can steal the body to replace his own and again move about the outer relms and bring to them a darkness never before seen. An old wise woman warned me not to bear children, the chances were great that I would be the one he sought. My mate, Demitri and I heeded her warning, but it was becoming appartant that he and I would not porduce, so another mate was being chosen for me. We escaped and joined others fighting the darkness. Demitri was killed when we were escaping into the portal, to find those who you found me with. The are all more important than any of them realize, they freeded many beings in the Laybrinth even though I now believe they fought on opposite sides. They can save us all if only I can get them to work together." Destiny sighed as she finished what had turned into more than the answer to the simple question Jacob had asked.

Jacob just smiled as she finished, this bird was a so complex, yet so simple. She had said a lot, but he senced there was more. Before they delved what promiced to be an exciting adventure, she needed to have a good time, in fact so did the Warrior Blade, who Jacob could see still sitting outside, a small dragon purched on her shoulder, and a wolf nuzzeling her as she looked to be pondering her own tragadies. He walked over to the door opening it, the sound making the warrior turn and look at him.

"What you lasses need is a night out, and I'm just the guy to show you a good time....

Blade R
20-03-2002, 06:39 PM
"No thanx," she muttered.
Solara chittered something in her ear and at the same time gave her a mental message. Hawk gave her one too. Her eyes went wide for naught but a second. Then she stood up.
"On second thought, I will go with you."

Black Vixen
22-03-2002, 03:44 PM
(You and me both Fanilia - I'm back on the rooftop. If Jacob & co pass me, I shall follow, if not join you. I grow bored on my own, and my mind wanders to places inwhich I'd prefer my thoughts not to linger. *Wonders vaguely where that came from?*)

22-03-2002, 03:50 PM
**Cool, cool, this is what I was hoping for, it will be so much more fun to have everyone together. I will think on my post tonight at work, as I have the day off Sat.**

Black Vixen
22-03-2002, 03:52 PM
( :goody: )

Blade R
22-03-2002, 10:38 PM
(Hey fanilia. I've been reading By the Had of Destiny, I love it!! Oh, and the way you did my character? IT'S PERFECT!! Jus thought I'd let you know! Tell Hell and Tayles for me will you please?)

Black Vixen
23-03-2002, 09:20 AM
Shiana waits in silence for something - she knows not what.
A faded vision of her father appears in her mind, but is gone.
She wonders why...

Blade R
24-03-2002, 10:06 PM
(hmm, me thinks we are both waiting for Fanilia)

25-03-2002, 02:47 PM
Well now that Jacob had opened his mouth, he was at a loss as to where to take the birds. Then an idea came to him, well make that two ideas. He had been watching a special on the newest Jedi film in production when his scanner had gone off about the mall. He could take them to the cinema. Lord of the Rings was playing. The second idea conserned how to explain Blade's companions. He couldn't say they where her pets. For one thing when they found out what a pet was they would both be upset, and he didn't want to be on the wrong side of a wolf or a dragon that could change size. The idea had holes big enough to drive a dump truck through, but he was willing to try.

The evening air was cool as it blew against the two riders on the motocycle. High above and hopefully un noticed by any a red dragon followed the bike to its destination. Jacob slowed and pulled to a stop in an alley a few blocks away. He had to pry Destiny's arms from around him. The lass had seen battle and death, but was frightened as hell of traveling on his machine. He turned his head slightly and sighed. "Open your eyes, we have stopped."

"Oh we have." Destiny answered as she cracked open one eye to see if he told her the truth. She was suprised that they had quit moving, her fear had been such that she hadn't registered the lack of movement till he told her. She blushed as she released her hold on him and quickly got off the 'thing'.

Blade landed silently and the dragon shifted shrinking in size till it was small again. Solara then hopped up onto the warriors shoulder and wrapped her tail around Blades neck. Jacob was still amazed, not only by the dragon, Solara, but by the wolf, it could fly too.

"Now follow my lead, I will have to explain the presense of you two in a way that is acceptable to others."

Solara and Hawk turned to look at Jacob.

"Anim...Uh beings of your kind don't exist here, I need to explain you in a way that won't be questioned."

God they were still staring at him.

"Do you want to come or do you too want to go back to the flat, your choice."

After a couple of seconds, long seconds, Blade spoke. "Yes they do."

The cinema was packed as usual. Teens out for fun and couples there to enjoy the dark and each other. Jacob purchased the tickets. As they were moving further into the thong of people the manager approached. 'Well that didn't take long'

Jacob stepped away from the others and spoke to the manager for a short time. The man then left grinning ear to ear.

"What did you tell him?" Destiny asked as he returned.

"That they were created at Lucas light and Magic for the newest Jedi film. I said that Blade's old man worked there. He was impressed at the life like ness. I can't believe he fell for it."


"I said they were machines."

Again Jacob became the subject of looks from Hawk and Solara.

"Expensive machines." He added with a wink.

The film as Jacob had called it was wonderful. Destiny was amazed at the magic used to capture the beings and show them to the group assembled. It was the start of the quest of a young being called a hobbit. Frodo Baggins who inheieted a ring of great power. Destiny thought the strange being had a very pleasent face, and his eyes reminded her of Demitri. But at the same time she was saddened by the fact he was on a quest not of his own design, but one that he had no desire to embark on. It reminded her of the reason she was here in this relm. The film ended with out the quest being fulfilled. Destiny started questioning Jacob about that as soon as the lights brightened. She had been quiet through out the time unlike Blade, who had several comments on the fighting ability of the various beings, along with comments on leaving such a important task to such a small creature. She it seems would not have been infulenced by the ring's power and would have destroyed it as soon as she had herself cut the thing for the hand of the one who wore it.

"Where to next." Blade asked as they left the building.

"Well we could grab a bite to eat, or we could get something stronger at the pub."

"Not like that mall food at the place called Mc Donalds I hope."
Blade wriggled her nose in distaste.

"No at the pub they serve food, but also drinks, like the ale the hobbits drank in the film."

"Oh you mean spirits." The warrior nodded her head. "Let's go to this pug then."

Destiny was silent as she walked next to Jacob and Blade. A place like that could mean trouble......

**I believe you two can take it from here, knowing Blade there will be trouble at the pub, and it is right next to the roof BV is on now.** I can't wait to see what happends next


**I have new working hours so I will have a little more free time to post quicker. I work 3pm till 11:30pm at one job, then over to the other to start at midnight and work till 5am**

**Blade thanx for reading Destiny, I know you had a very long wait. I am sorry there wasn't more with you in it so far, but Tayles has had problems and hasn't written as much as we had hoped she would and your character is with her. but neve fear, you enter with grand style in one of my later chapters**

Blade R
25-03-2002, 08:32 PM
( :lol: God Fanilia! I love your writting! I was laughing the whole time I read your post!)
"Machines? He called us machines..I won't forget that, tell him would you?"
"Sure Hawk, sure"
"Hey. Hawk wants me to tell you that he won't forget the fact that you called them machines."
Hawk grinns in a wolf kinda way.
"And to make matters worse, I got sticky stuff on my paws now!"
"So lick it off!"
"Shuddup Solara. You got to watch from Blade's shoulder, ya little pipsqueek."
The little golded dragon hisses at Hawk, who growls back.
"Knock it off you two."
Blade scolds them as they enter the pub. Sitting down, everyone looks at the girl who was wearing very, well, interesting clothes and then to the wolf who was seated at her feet. As the 'serving girl' came over, she looked at Blade and jumped back. SOlara had climbed from Blade's shoulder to rest her front claws on the top of Blade's head.
"Well, what a cute little lizard and dog you have there."
Hawk rolles his ears and Solara lets out a chirp. Blade orders a dark 'spirits' and something called steak. Then ordered another 'steak' for Hawk, she said to make that one raw.
"If I get called anything but a wolf or a dragonwolf from now on, I'll bite the person."
"Feel free. I won't stop you."
"Hey Blade, I'm gonna look around."
"Sure Hawk."
He gets up and begins walking around the pub. Walking outside for a bit of air, he runs into a police officer.
"Hey mutt! Watch it.....Hmm, no collar? It's off to the pound for you buddy."
Hawk growls and then leaps away as the police officer tries to grab him. Running back into the pub he makes his way back to the others, the police officer still following. Trotting up to Blade he sits, a sly grin on his face. The guy walks up to Blade and she stands up.
"Is that your dog miss?"
"My wolf, yes."
"Wolf?! Umm, ok. Well, wolf or dog he needs a collar if you're going to keep him...."
He looks at Hawk who is shaking his head.
"Wait a minute. Did you say wolf?!!? I'm sorry miss but no wild animals allowed. Unless you have a pass?"
She looks at Jacob.
"What the hell's a pass?"
"Umm, miss?"
"Hold on a second will ya?"
"Miss, if you have no pass I'm afraid I will have to take this wolf to the zoo."
He grabs for Hawk and this time catches him by the scruff of the neck. In the blink of an eye Blade has one of her hidden daggers drawn and pointed at the cop's throat.
"I suggest you let him go, now. Or my friend and I will become quite angrey."
SHe points to Solara who had now grown to the size of a cat and had her wings fully extended in a threatening manner. Her eyes had changed color to red.
"Wha! What?! You! It's YOU!! The ones from the mall!!. But how?! It can't be!!"
"Well it is," Blade snarled, pushing the daggers point a little more into his throat.

(how's that for excitement!)

Black Vixen
27-03-2002, 09:30 AM
(Was that 3 or 4 times? Looks like the copper's up for a nip or 3.)

From where she sat on the rooftops, a strange wailing sound could be heard, distant as yet, but growing louder and closer by the moment.
It would soon fill the air, and although she did not know precisely what it meant, she somehow knew it was trouble.
Climbing to the highest point (which happened to be round an old TV aerial) she could make out the odd glimpse of the blue light, on top of the white, blue and flourescent coloured carriages.
The same type as had been at the indoor market.

In her own realm, she needen't worry about authorities, they were bent and easily bypassed.
Most didn't know who she was anyway.
But here.
These were not shameless harriers working under a tyrant lord.
These believed they were doing the best for their realm, protecting the innocents.

Unfortunately they could not understand the situation, as magic was a long forgotten art of this world, over shadowed by this thing named 'science'.

There must be a reason for them being summoned, and for once she knew it was not her...so where- and who?

27-03-2002, 11:27 AM
......Hi! :heh: Long time no see! Well, i'm just going to start where i last left off, then i'll work something out and catch up with you lot sometime soon! :D

Sapphire got up, and went downstairs. It had been a long day; watching someone you love die just as they say they love you...... he neary couldn't take it, as this was alot worse than any training or battle he's been in before. For one thing, fighting doesn't involve any kind of feeling or emotion, so experiencing these things for the first time in twenty years is hard to take. He filled up the kettle with cold water, and boiled it to make some tea; meanwhile, upstairs, Takara's eyes begin to flutter slightly, then SNAPPED OPEN- her breathing quickly became more rapid, and she was trying to recognise the unfamiliar surroundings. Sitting bolt upright, she jumped out of bed, and shot downstairs when she heard a strange whistling noise (the kettle boiling). Sapphire had his back to her, making a cup for one only, and was unaware that she was even there.....when he turned around, she marched upto him....and punched him, leaving a very red mark on his cheek. Sapphire was suprised, to say the least, and shocked, as he thought that Takara was dead....and yet now here she was, standing just a few feet opposite him. Overcome with relief, he hugged her, but she only buffed(hit him) again, hard enough to make him let go.

"What...did you do that for?"

"I dunno. Just felt like it. Make me some aswell?"


"Some "tea"? Y'know, with the hot water?...." She was using some finger movements to emphasise her point of meaning. Sapphire was still gawping at the fact that she was alive.
"He-llooooooo??? Want me to hit you again pal?!" Takara still had that edge to her personality - her attitude.

"Er....yeah, right." So he went to make another cup for her.

"Hey.....could you like, buy me some clothes or somthin? Cause this costume thing is REALLY, REALLY sad; I'm not going out in this." She stood with her hands on her hip, waiting.


"Are you ALWAYS like this? Have you got a problem with talking or somethin? OR a speech impairment? Well? I only wanna wear somethin more trendy."

Sapphire clicked his fingers, chanted something in a foreign language, and she saw some blue light whizz around her, and before she knew what was happening, her clotheswere changed into what the peopl on Earth wear; a pair of blue flared jeans with silver studs running down each side, a feminine black shirt and denim jacket. Plus trainers to match.

"Cool! How'd you do that?" Twirling around, Takara obviously liked it. She flung her arms around his neck, and said,
"Y'know? you're quite cute with that "mysterious" look about you..." She was about to kiss him, when he pulled away.
"What? "

"....Sorry...it's...I'm just abit shy, that's all."

"Don't lie to me; because I can tell."


"I know your not REALLY shy; you're just modest. I like blokes like you."

"blokes? since when did Takara ever talk of men like that?

"And you seem different, like you don't just want to get with a women for "fun". Basically, you seem like a nice guy, and not like a playa. God, there are too many blokes around who mess us around. I'd probably beat them up and sow 'em whose boss! No seriously! I would!."

"Guy? .....and Playa?...What....." Then it dawned on Sapphire' Takara was back in the land of the living, but not as the way she was; she's become...normal. Just like any other woman her age. If she was living on Earth, she'd probabl be at University right now, being 22 years old.

She doesn't remember a thing about the past....
It made him feel sad, with abit of regret. Takara picked up on this, and kissed him off guard. When they came up for air, she grabbed his hand, draggin him out of the door.

"WHERE ARE WE GOING?" He was still in a state of shock, even more so since her suprise kiss.

"YOU'LL FIND OUT! TRUST ME!!" Se shouted back as theyran through street after street, ignoring any funny looks people gave them on the way.


Takara eventually stopped when they reached the entrance to a building fille with bustling people entering and leaving.

"This is it." Takara smiled. That smile gave reminded him of so many memories....

"Huh? The pub?"

"Yeah. Let's play pool. C'mon!" As they went in, some drunked blokes wolf-whistled at Takara, even though she wasn't wearing nayrevealing clothes, she was still pretty enough to attract attention. It made Sapphire want to fight them.


Meet me in the pub; i'll post again in a few days, and we can have a major pub brawl (fight) if you lot want? :)

27-03-2002, 02:31 PM
**this is great, I love it!!!**

Destiny looked around in desparation. The woman Blade had the hottest temper she had ever seen. Trouble must follow her like a second nature. She needed to help, but how, the only way would be to link to Blade and help her, but she was still linked to Sapphire....

Sapphire... She closed her eyes to try to locate the wereabouts of the magician. What she saw shocked her. She could see through his eyes again. And what she saw as herself, Jacob, and Blade who was holding a dagger to the Centurian of this relm. He was here in the pub looking at the comotion with the rest of the pubs inhabintes. But he wasn't alone.

Waves of nasua hit Destiny at the knowledge that Takara lived. And the words of the old woman screamed in her head. She had warned Destiny about the Dark Lord. But there had been more to it than that. She had thought that the old woman had been trying to help them, but she had pushed them in his direction the entire time. Not only could she, Destiny bear him a child, but Takara could too. She was now the perfect vesel for the task, no longer immortal, but still carrying the essence of her father. Two children with him as sire would be able to produce the perfect body for him. And to make matters worse. Just like in that film, when the ring had called to its master. Takara's death and rebirth would have been like a bright beakon in the night. The Dark Lord now knew where the escapees of the Lybrianth were, and that met not only were they now in periel from the athourities on this relm, they were soon to be hunted by the minons of the Dark Lord. Destiny seemed to be the only one who knew at this point that the man still lived. Could matters get worse.

Destiny shook herself. She had been brought out of her daze by the sound of sirens wailing again. That met a battle was fast approaching, and she would need to borrow again to defend herself.

"Sapphire, I need your help again. Don't get involved, you are safe at this time from discovery. And I can see things have taken a deffinate turn for you." Destiny could feel the resistance in Sapphire's mind. He hadn't intended to help in the first place.

"Please." Destiny virtually screamed into his mind. Then drew on his ability anyway.

Destiny drew the Dragon Blade from its resting place on her wrist, and the blade extended full in the crowded area at the same time as more of the uniformed men bust in the door...

27-03-2002, 07:15 PM
ok well acording to Mam there is an opening 4 a character and she has sugested than an assassin such as hell would be perfect as the dark lords minion. Now i am a lil dubious to say the least that u would want me to become this new character... :( i really dont have time to read the entire rpg - its FAR to long so does anyone havea any info to help my character along. Just any info that is conected 2 her? If u agree and give me the necisary info then i will b on on sat/sunday and will post my enterance into the rpg. lv hell.x Oh and blade - glad u r enjoying destiny :)

Black Vixen
28-03-2002, 05:36 AM
Watching the street below, she saw two people running into the tavern - and recognised them instantly.
'Sapphire and Takara.' she whispered to the wind.
Not rushing, yet moving with swift fluid motions, she jumped the fire escape, and dropped into the alley beside the buildings, and followed them.

Upon entering the bar, she blinked, slightly surprised as to the occupants, but not to their situation.
Trouble seemed to Blade as a wake to a boat.

(Of course, Shiana is unaware of Takara's death.)

(Welcome Hell, are you to oppose us?)

Blade R
28-03-2002, 09:11 PM
(trouble is so much fun though, what's life without it?)
Hawk pulled away from the guy and also began to grow. Scales formed on his legs, face, and tail. Scaly wings burst from his back as he let out a howling cry. bigger than a horse, the full grow Dragonwolf stept towards the cops, his elongated fangs glistening. Solara, the same size as Hawk, began advancing too. Seeing Takara and Sapphire, their tempers only raised, the all three took a step as the relized that Takara was alive. The cops took advantage and pussed forward, then chaos started.

29-03-2002, 06:43 AM
She had thought that the old woman had been trying to help them, but she had pushed them in his direction the entire time. Not only could she, Destiny bear him a child, but Takara could too. She was now the perfect vesel for the task, no longer immortal, but still carrying the essence of her father. Two children with him as sire would be able to produce the perfect body for him. And to make matters worse. Just like in that film, when the ring had called to its master. - by Fanilia.

huh?!?! What?!?! Okay.....explain?

"Sapphire, I need your help again. Don't get involved, you are safe at this time from discovery. And I can see things have taken a deffinate turn for you." Destiny could feel the resistance in Sapphire's mind. He hadn't intended to help in the first place.

"Please." Destiny virtually screamed into his mind. Then drew on his ability anyway.

Destiny drew the Dragon Blade from its resting place on her wrist, and the blade extended full in the crowded area at the same time as more of the uniformed men bust in the door... - also by fanilia. I'm writing from this quote.

Farewell, little girl....my powers were not for ANYONE, to borrow...

Destiny could see him giving her a malicious grin, one of pure evil. So it's true. Takara was back, and so was Sapphire's old self.

"Don't worry dear, I'm sure they'll look after you in their science labs..." Then she made a chilling laugh, and looked at her with no regret as she saw them walking in, and searching around the place for her. Destiny also felt a sharp pain, like was like having a nail knocked into her head, and realised, to her horro, that the link between her and Saphhire, was inevitably severed.....

Black Vixen
29-03-2002, 11:43 AM
For the moment deciding to keep low profile, as she would not be recognised by police - they had not got a good look at her then, and were somewhat indiposed at the moment.

Taking advatage of this she slipped in round the back of the group, throwing a wink at Blade and the gang, then she disappeared, hidden behind the rushing mass of people.

Some were running for the exits.
Some were running in panic.
A few wanted to join the fun.
A pair of drunk old men in a corner were sleeping throough it all.
And one lone figure at the bar ignored them all.

She ducked and weaved through the crowd as it thinned, and got out the back - to find another police carriage.
"Everyone stay calm! Move away from the building!"
Stay calm? Everyone was in a panic.
She figured she could use this.

flowing with the crowd until she reached the police, she slipped into the back seat, while the officers were out trying to either calm the crowd, or gain entry to the building.

Shiana crouched in the car, and listened to the conversation taking place, on what she would learn to call the 'radio'.
As far as she could tell, backup was on it's way, and would be here in 5 minutes...

Blade R
29-03-2002, 03:21 PM
The three were glareing at the two infront of them, as well as at the police.
"Bring it on."
Now with both dagger drawn, she, Solara, andHawk stand ready to attack, or be attacked.

Black Vixen
29-03-2002, 04:49 PM
Their backup was due in 5 minutes.
But they had no backup - but her.
She thought for a moment, could she pull this off?
Sure she could.
She was the Vixen, and she could be just as sly, swift and cunning as her namesake.
There was a spare uniform in the back - how convenient...

Blade R
29-03-2002, 11:04 PM
(BV.... :dodgy: )

Black Vixen
30-03-2002, 05:47 AM
(Whaat? We've got more interesting guys to fight - rather than just cops.)

Blade R
31-03-2002, 10:07 PM
(true true)

Black Vixen
01-04-2002, 08:44 AM
(Lol, I gotta draw this pic - btw, she has her tied up, therefore looking a lot different rather than just a change of clothes :D')

A new officer enters the bar, and 'rescues' one of her 'fellow' officers.
"Sir, backup will be here in less than 5."
He gave her an odd look, but then it passed.
"Right, well I uh-"
He paused as she walked past him and right up to the strangers.
They growled at her.
Straightening her cap she folded her arms, and looked at them.

Blade R
01-04-2002, 01:06 PM
Hawk steps forward and sniffs the air.
"It's Shiana."
Blade tries not to crack up, and manages to keep the same expresion of anger on her face.
"Guess we should keep up what we've done before."
"Thought I told you guys to stay away."
She looks at the others past her.
"Guess you're hard of hearing."
She shifts her stance to one slightly better for attack.

Black Vixen
01-04-2002, 03:53 PM
"I was jus' wondrin' what you'd be doin' here." she said, mimiking the speak of the locals, and not sounding the slightest out of place.
She hoped Blade wouldn't crack up laughing, but she decided it'd be less suspicious to the officer behind her.
"If you're lookin' for trouble, it'll be here soon."
Her expression was perfectly serious, yet there was a mischievous glint in her eye...

01-04-2002, 04:26 PM
Sapphire glances over, and does something with his fingers; muttering under his breath. Then, one of the officers started jumping on the spot, looking like they were dancing or something with a blue flame clinging to their heel. The drunken people howled with laughter, much to the officer's expense, and they gave everyone an evil-eye as they looked aroung to see who had done it; at once, they marched straight upto Sapphire and Takara, because they were just about the youngest people there.

"Oi, YOU there!!"

"What?" Sapphire said.

"Don't gimme that lad!! You're booked!! come with me now!!" The officer bellowed.

"Really? Then come and arrest me - if you can." Then Sapphire stood up, and took a step side-ways; the officer marked him, blocking his way out - but he wasn't looking for a way out. Suddenly, Sapphire's image began to mutliply before their very eyes, going around them, and surrounding them, making them look like the fox in the burrow. The other people were backing away, both from him and from Takara, who was making a direct bee-line for Destiny, who was all by herself at the bar, minding her own business....

Blade R
01-04-2002, 05:46 PM
"Hey, I don't look anywhere for trouble, but if it comes to me......then I don't see anyreason to turn it down!"
Hawk noded his agreement, while Solara rolled her eyes.
"As for what we're doing, we were mearly having some drinks and something to eat when one of your fellow, ah, officers is it? Odd name...Anyway when he tried to take Hawk away."
Hawk snorts and laughs a little.

Black Vixen
02-04-2002, 10:36 AM
"Well, I think-" she was interupted by the first guy.
"That's a dangerous animal - and shouldn't be allowed in a public place, at least without a lead!"
Hawk bared his fangs at the officer just to prove a point.
Shiana stepped forwards and stroked him.
"I think he's adorable." she said, scratching under his chin.
The other officer took a few steps back and gave her a weird look.
"I think you're crazy!"
'Blade, you may wanna high-tail it - I don't know how safe Destiny is.' she whispered as she fussed over Hawk, then with a kiss on his nose, she stood up and spoke with the officer...

Blade R
02-04-2002, 07:45 PM
"Hightail it? Me? You should know better than to tell me that."
Hawk snickers at her response, and the clydesdale sized dragonwolf shakes himself before laying down on the floor.

Black Vixen
03-04-2002, 03:01 PM
The sound of sirens is heard - getting louder by the second.
She glances at Blade and co- then at the other two...

(I wanna give Fanilia & Eternity a chance to post soon)

03-04-2002, 03:38 PM
(very tired from work, promise to post thur before work in the morning.) I like it so far though. **waves**

Black Vixen
04-04-2002, 06:19 AM
(*waves back* That's ok. :) )

Blade R
05-04-2002, 08:36 PM
(*waves at everyone for the heck of it*)

06-04-2002, 02:51 AM
Just as soon as the Dragon sword had sprung to life, it shrunk again. At the same time Destiny felt the pain, not only had the link between her and Sapphire been severed, but he had made sure Destiny felt pain as a punishment for establishing it in the first place. Her hand went to her head as she moaned wondering why she had bothered to save the man in the at all, but knowing even if he was not necessary to open the portal, she would have done it anyway. But what was she going to do now?

Jacob grabed Destiny pulling her away from the Blade and her companions. "Shhhh, they are quite capable of getting out of this by themselves, if the mall is any indication." He moved Destiny slowly over to the bar, and ordered a drink from the barkeep. The young man behind the bar winked knownly at Jacob and served Destiny a very stiff drink. "I've got to check a couple of things our. Stay right here. Robert don't let this lass move from this spot." Jacob tossed a couple of bills at the barkeep and dissapeared into the crowd.

Destiny drank the liquid in the glass down rapidly, placing the glass down on the bar.

"Wow, want another." Robert smiled at the nervous woman. "This stuff will make anything or for that fact anybody lood better." Destiny nodded and he fixed her another. She drank more slowly this time, enjoying the fruity flavor along with the strange bite it left afterwards. The drink was cold, but it seemed to warm her from the inside out. She watched as an officer 'yes that is what those soliders refered to themselves as' strode up to Blade. The female looked familiar to Destiny, though she couldn't quite place from where.

Destiny looked around for Jacob but he was still nowere around. Suddenly the woman Takara walked up to her. Destiny turned to Takara and smiled....

**I know not my usual length, but I'm not sure what eternity has planned, so I end here and let her take her best shot**

08-04-2002, 01:32 PM
:wavey: Ah, you know me so well Fanilia. :lol: But not quite. :p
# - represents muffled sound.

Takara smiled back, but not in a friendly way; she looked...evil in a way, but this bewilderment is going to cost Destiny, and having downed a few "stiff drinks" (voka for a guess? Hm, voka and tonic should be pretty stiff- ah! Actually, how about a tecquila slammer? :lol: ) Her reactions weren't exactly up to stratch.....and then, out of the blue, she gave Destiny a stunning right hook ( a punch i think) ; as she hit her, an alarming surge of energy transmitted into Destiny like electricty, causing her to jump a few feet into the air. Destiny caught hold of the bar for support, and was also prevented from smashing into all the glass bottles filled with alchohol by Robert, the barman. He was just glad she was alright, and abit dazed because she wasn't bleeding from a blow like that.

"Ah, I knew I was right to listen to my master in the beginning." Takara said smugly, loking at her hand. Sapphire raised a brow.

"What master?"

"You didn't know? Course you wouldn't; she said that because I had such strong natural powers, that if I wasn't trained then it'd get out of...con...trol....Where did THAT come from?" She even suprised herself.

"I see powers are coming back to you."

"What are YOU on about?...."

"Oh my god....PAUL! DID YOU SEE THAT?!"


The people in the pub had scrambled out; or the women did anyway, as the rest of them who were mainly men, has stayed to watch, but kept a good distance away from Takara who was relishing in the fighting. Robert let Destiny down, but stood infront of her to protect her from this mad woman who obviously had a serious grudge against her, but didn't want to jump to conclusions yet. He tried to creep around the corner where the phone was in the hallway, and when Destiny saw him going, she clung to his arm.

"I'm gonna phone for more help." He whispered as quietly as he could.

"Really?" Sapphire had materialised in the middle of the hallway, completely blocking their path for help. He had appeared with his arms crossed across his chest, levitating a few feet off the ground on an "invisible" lounger. Sapphire stood up, and faced them. Now even Robert was beginning to shake.

"Want your mummy, little Robert?" Sapphire sneared.

Meanwhile, Takara sat down on a stool at the bar, drinking her orange juice, watching her adversaries struggle to blend in, especially now that the local authorities had been called in. In fact, she decided to rub it in.

"Erm, officer, isn't there ANYTHING you can do to get rid of this animal? I mean just look at it; it's not normal is it? To have weird things like that in a place like this? The pub could get closed down for fear of lethal bacteria spreading across the city, and you will be held repsonsible, because there are plenty of witnesses to back me up."

"Why you-" Shiana began.

"Oh! Is this thing yours Shiana? (I wouldn't own up to it if I were you- wouldn't want to go to jail; I hearf they love to experiment on subjects like you; so rare....)" That, did it; Shiana went to do something to Takara, but the officer stepped in the way, making her stop as he was an innocent in this.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to book you two...and your...'pet'."

#"What's your position? Over." #

The man held a small balck thing attatched to his shoulder and spoke into it, saying; #"We need LOADS more backup in here, seems like we have a dangerous woman on our hands. Over."#

#"Right. We're nearly there. Can you hold out? Over.#

Gives Takara, who was being very sly indeed; Shiana, Blade, and Hawke a dodgey look. "Don't think so, Hurry it up will ya?"#

Suddenly, the pub doors burst open, and a crowd on armed officers wearing bullet-proof vests made their entrance, went into battle mode, waiting....

Black Vixen
10-04-2002, 02:25 PM
(But Rubaii isn't here...or did you mean her...:confused:')

Blade R
10-04-2002, 03:40 PM
Blade looks at the officers with blood red eyes.
Pulling out the little magic bag that contained all of her armor, she tosses it up into the air and hits her dagger into it. A silver mist covers her, and when it disapears, she is in her full blood red dragon scale armor, spear in hand.
"Bring it on."
Solar let's out a scream of rage, as Hawk snarls. Blade mearly glares at them from within her dragon helm. Moving as one, al three lunge forward, but at the last second split, Solara going left, Hawk to the right, and Blade right at Sapphire....

(Heh heh, my char's tempers are as bad as mine! :D )

10-04-2002, 05:07 PM
;)L'immaginazione è il chiave... My friends... È il chiave...

I'll tell you the meaning tomorrow; unless you can translate it yourself? ;)

10-04-2002, 05:11 PM
I'll say lui lui, buona notte tutto! For now. :D

11-04-2002, 09:33 AM
BV; er, i thought YOU were shiana?

"HEY!! WHAT THE F*@#% IS GOING ON?!?!" Shouted one officer.

"Ooooh, I'm so scared." Sapphire, quick as lightning, grabbed hold of the closest officer and chuck him infront of himself, using the man as a human shield; Blade's spear pierced his stomach easier than a fishmonger can slice open a fish's belly. When he let go, the officer fell to his knees, before flopping onto his side, lying on the floor, his colleages watching in terror, helpless.

"Lasci la battaglia cominciare...." Sapphire snarled, relishing in the feel of a coming battle. The words rolled off Sapphire's tongue like water off a duck's back. The language a chilling reminicent to anyone who's ever been captive in the laberinth. Hearing what he's just said, Takara instantly replied;

"Ucciderlo tutti?" She spoke with a distinctively strong accent and strength in her voice. Almost as suddenly as she had said it, she looked both shocked and amazed.

"What did I just say?...."

Shall we kill them all, is what you just said. Sapphire smiled at her while he dodged yet another attack from Blade, who was stabbing innocent men instead of him by pure accident. She was getting more and more infuriated each time she missed.

"But how? I non conosca come to speak another language." This time, Takara was unaware that she just did it again.

#"Sarge, we'll be there in a few minutes at most; can you hold out till then? # Over."# Came blaring out of the little back thing attatched to the bloke's shoulder.

"Don't think so.# Send back up# NOW# Over."#

Suddenly, a more men dressed in the same uniform as the ones that were already in the pub came rushing in, each armed with some sort of black-coloured weapon, and then everyone heard a universal "clicking" sound go all around the place.

"RIGHT!! ARREST THEM ALL!!" The bloke with the thing on his shoulder barked; and at once, all of them started to move around Blade, Shiana, Sapphire and Destiny, keeping close to the walls behind them.

"Pathetic." Sapphire said, an pushed one of them with little effort into the wall, but instead of crashing into it, he fell through it. Disappearing. Gone. "This won't stop us." He said confidantly. The rest of them didn't show anything, remaining like
moveable statues.

Then there was the sound of tyres screeching outside, doors slamming hard, and a massive group of men and women dressed in black fro head-to-toe, also carrying similar weapons to the officers, barged in, scanning everything and everyone.

"Oh? I don't think so boy..." Sapphire threw a blue firebolt at his head, which missed thanks to his colleage knocking him out of the way.

"Don't call me boy......sciocco anziano...." Sapphire growled back.

"Sir, we'll take it from here. You take you're men and leave now." A woman who just came in with the group said.

"Right." And they left. All the officers left, leaving the others behind, poised and ready to fight.

"You know, having a black belt in karate won't be of much assistence to you here..." One man blinked as he said that. Sapphire went on;

"And neither will all those gadgets you've brought with you be of any use." The woman carrying a briefcase and several others didn't even shift at having their cover blown like that.

"Le potenzi che sono...." Takara was chanting with her eyes closed, and a strange lilac light was glowing in the middle of her palms;

"aiutili....give noi la resistenza ed occupisi di...." It grew bigger within seconds, the light intensifying with it as it grew. But two of the men in black stealthily moved sidaways whilest everyone else was bust watching Takara unconsciously weave magic right before their very eyes; they edged closer, quietly closer, nearer to someone....Sapphire saw, but even with his level of magic, he wasn't able to stop them from doing it....

"PER UCCIDERLO!!" She shouted, her voice echoing throughtout the room, and rocketing off the walls. Takara was ready to hurl the lilac ball with it's lashing tentacles and crakcling energy at them all, when someone gasped in a tiny voice; Destiny had her arms held by one man, and the other had one of their weapons pointing at her head......

"Don't anybody move, of you want this woman to live."

Takara, just smiled maliciously.......

Black Vixen
11-04-2002, 12:46 PM

Having seemingly been discovered, Shiana removed the uncomfortable hat, her hair tumbled out in a chaotic yet smooth fall.
She glanced around at their situation, it didn't look good.
Knowing Blade would want to fight, as would Solara and Hawk, though not about the man who'd been with them had gone.
Now Destiny was being held hostage.
She doubted either Takara nor Sapphire would care.
If neccassary she had an idea, a means of escape if absolutely no other way was there - but she'd never done it with so many people before, let alone in this world.
But all the realms of existance were linked, some of each in every one.
If it came down to it, it'd have to work.

Blade R
11-04-2002, 05:42 PM
(Ahh, But you forgot about Solara, and her little size changing bit.)
As soon as SOlara saw her friend held hostage, she became lizard sized. Sliding in and out of feet and leggs, she came up to the one with the weapon. Coming up to her leg, she breathed a bit of fire onto the pant leg, which caugh afire in a snap. Adding some flame to the other pant leg, she crawls away, and waits to see what will happen.
"I think our 'friend' will be danceing soon."
"You little devil Solara, what did you do?"

Black Vixen
12-04-2002, 12:37 PM
(Naughty lil :littledev )

Blade R
14-04-2002, 12:16 AM
(Yeah I know)

15-04-2002, 01:50 PM
The drinks and a very hard blow from the woman Takara had served to not only stun Destiny, but her head was spinning. Her arms held behind her, and a strange metal thing shoved into her head she stood there and mused about the scene going on all about her. She looked down and giggled.

"What's so funny?" The man tightened his hold on her arms as he spoke. Hostages were not supose to giggle.

"Your friend's on fire." Again she giggled as both men looked down. Her arms were released at the same time as the one on fire let loose of the thing he held to Destiny's head. Both trying to put out the magical dragon fire which would not estinguish. Destiny caught the thing and waved it around. It was heavy and she didn't realy know what to do with it.

Several of the soliders of the relm hit the floor, others pointed their own versions of what she held at her.

"Put the weapon down." Destiny heard someone yell.

'This thing is a weapon?' she thought as the dizzyness cleared. 'If I only knew how to use it' She scanned the room quickly as her training with Demitri took over. She found what she was looking for. The one solider the others were giving sly glances at. That would be their most skilled.

Destiny quickly linked to the man. In his mind was calm and a readyness to kill. He was the best and knew it. Destiny smiled and looked at the weapon in her hand. She let the man's movements fill her and then she moved.

She turned and fired the weapon at the same time as the man fired at her. His shot missed by millmeters, hers. The gun flew out of the mans hand, Destiny had disarmed him with her shot.
"That was just a warning." Destiny shouted to the men there. "Put your weapons down, you may get me, but I will take that one out." She smiled at the men sweetly as she spoke. "What then will you tell Nancy. What will she tell Chad and Steven of their father, is it worth it." The things her mate had instilled in her were flooding her. Disarm the greatest warrior then use him to throw the others off balance.

The men were startled, most having thoughts not only of that man's family, but of their own. Several more lowered their weapons. But there were still the ones who had no families to think of, and the ones that glory at any cost was the top prize.

Destiny felt it as Jacob came up quietly behind her. He whispered to her from behind. "What now?" His question held so much more meaning then the two words he spoke. He could see no way out and his guilt at having brought them here was so strong Destiny could almost taste it.

Destiny turned her attention to Sapphire and Takara. "This is personal with you too. Are you going to let one of these LOWER BEINGS kill your enemies. Death is only sweet when you deliver the killing blow. Shiana and Blade will die and you will be robbed the pleasure of doing it yourself." Then she looked directly at Takara and her smile widened. "You owe me, If not for the link that one would have ended himself, and you would be alone. I've seen his fanticies concerning you. I don't need physical contact to feel pleasure, his pleasure." Destiny couldn't help but throw in the last, the woman had hit her. "Get us out of here!...

15-04-2002, 02:06 PM
** I just asked BV about IM but it occured to me to just give my IM, Eternity already has it.** At MSN its rbuski@msn.com and at yahoo its fanilia_gaea. I have both regular chat and voice chat, but yahoo works better for that. Well one more hour and the hetic work week starts again. **waves**

Blade R
15-04-2002, 05:28 PM
Solar, who had now perched her self on Blade's shoulder, watched what happened and laughed. Blade began to laugh too, and Hawk could barly stop from joining them. Grinning Blade turned to the ones whose guns were pointed at her, soon her laughing grin turned to one of slyness.
"Hello boys."
She took a step towards them and one of them fired. Waiting for the pain, she was surprised to watch the bullet hit, and drop. Looking at her armor she saw only the faintest dent.
"What did you expect? It's dragon scales!"
Grinnign even more she continues walking towards them, Hawk staying back.

Black Vixen
15-04-2002, 05:41 PM
To her advantage, only half the cops seemed to think she was the enemy.
The rest ignored her because of the uniform.
She wasn't sure what Destiny was playing at, and hoped she knew what she was doing.
Blade wanted to fight, but was just scaring them $4|^less by walking though their shots.
By not fighting she avoided taking sides, in doing so avoided being seen to be on one side or the other.
The authorities, although realising that there were two sides to this situation, had no idea what they were dealing with.
Let alone who.

16-04-2002, 07:11 AM
Jacob stood by Destiny as she cried out for Sapphire to get them out of there. "What can he do." Jacob whispered quietly to Destiny as in front of them all He!! broke out. Blade had started to laugh and then to move towards the men still holding guns. One shot at her, but the armour she wore was as strong as the newest bullet proof vest the men wore. She just laughed at their febil attempts to take her down. Destiny still had the weapon in her hand trained on the officer she had disarmed. At least it seemed to be keeping the number of officers that were firing off rounds to a miniman.

"Sapphire is a very powerful mange, he controls forces that you do not yet understand. If he so wished, we would be out of here."

"Why don't you just link to him like you did before, you could use his abilities to do it yourself."

"He would be shall I say displeased should I try. And I would be nothing buy dragon fodder after he finished with me."

Jacob noticed that the other woman, the one dressed in uniform was moving slowly, un noticed by the officers there. "What do you think she's doing."

"I don't know, but I hope what ever it is she does it soon. Uh Jacob, please tell me you can use a sword."

"I'm pretty good, why?"

"Take this primitive weapon then." Destiny replied as she handed the gun over to him. "Just keep pointing it at that man and look like you arn't afraid to use it."

"What makes you I'm not."

"I can feel the fear coming off you."

Jacob watched as Destiny again pulled the dragon from her whrist. He felt a short wave of dizzyness as she entered his mind with hers. The sword grew its blade the jagged fire from the dragons mouth. Jacob looked at her in almost shock. There she stood the large blade in her small hands, her long hair reaching down to her hips wearing his sisters capris and t-shirt. He didn't know wether to laugh at the absurity of her appearance of be amazed at the fact that in one swift motion she had drawn the officers attention from the others back to the two of them. If someone was going to do something, it had bette be soon, or... He couldn't finish the thought. Several of the officers were taking aim at the new target that stood out. In a matter of seconds they would gunned down.

Blade R
16-04-2002, 03:40 PM
Blade, Solara and Hawk took their chance. With all attention drawn to the others, they lunged. Several Officers cried out as three being landed on or near them. Loving this dissaray, the tro begin their attacks, not really trying to kill anyone, just make them unable to retaliate.

18-04-2002, 04:10 PM
Aaah, it's good to be back! But remember, Takara still has amnesia.


"WHAT are you talking about? Since when did Sapphire want to die? You're insane." Clearly, Takara has no memmories to her past, and is oblivious to past events.

"He wanted to die, because you did, and I stopped him." Destinty said in a matter-of-factly fashion. Suddenly Takara's eyes narrowed, and she spat vicioushly (can't spell);

"I couldn't care less if he did die; the boy is a fool to love me." Indeed, it was apparent to anyone, that Sapphire was a young man, and not a boy, yet Takara refers to him as "boy", making the other Earth people wonder what the hell SHE was talking about.

"Let's start the party." Sapphire clicked his fingers after Takara's spell failed because she was interupted, and dozens of rifles and other lethally dangerous weapons magically appeared in the men dressed in black's hands and arms. They looked shocked and suprised, even more so after listening to their conversation, which only gave them a fraction of their relationship with each other, and what is really going on between them all.

"I forgive you, as long as you're with me." Sapphire whispered only for Takara's ears to hear, but she didn't understand, and was as confused as the FBI people heself.

"What for? I haven't done anything - have I?"

Another blackout....why does it keep happening to her......and will it affect my loved one?....

He just hugged her reassuringly as he put an arm around the bewildered Takara, giving her a gentle kiss, and together, they walked straight into the bar, vanishing as they made contact with it. Now the FBI agents gave a reaction, and almost jolted away from the rest of them, but still had a firm grip on their new found weapons. Whether they worked or not was another matter to looking like they had some kind of self-defence, especially since there was a scaled beast near them.

Now it was them, against the agents, who stood still as a rock, neither side daring to make the first move incase it was their last....

Suddenly, mist seeped through the pub doors, and a woman burst in, carrying no weapon whatso ever; she was tall and slender in build, just like Takara, except she had pale blond hair, and fierce green eyes that stared right into their very souls. A mysterious wind blew at her hair, and she seemed defiant, and certain about her actions.

"Come with me." She said softly but firmly. "I won't hurt you."
Blade, Solara, Hawke, Destiny, and Jacob, all found themselves edging closer towards this woman without them even reasling it, and the mist got so bad that the agents began choking, but it wasn't affecting them.

"Don't ask questions. Just keep moving."

"Where to?" Destiny said.

The woman simply smiled, and turned to lead them to somewhere safe, and to somewhere more peaceful......


Don't worry, you lot are still going to be on Earth, I won't ruin your idea if you're worried about that Fanilia. Let's just say Sapphire and Takara won't be around for a bit, and this woman will be instead. :) Another great masterplan in the works. :D

Black Vixen
18-04-2002, 04:46 PM
(Would rather not be left behind again...)

18-04-2002, 04:58 PM
Still got writer's block? If no one's posting right now, then I might not post again until tomorrow or next week. Hectic coursework schedule; I had to put it aside since last Saturday, and would rather move this along now. Otherwise I'll just leave my post hanging.

Blade R
18-04-2002, 05:52 PM
(Err, eternity? you forgot to say the Shiana was witht he group...)
Blade found herself moving closer to the woman.
"Who are you?"
Shaking her head, the trio began to follow her.
"So much for my fun.."
"Our fun."
"True Hawk, true."

18-04-2002, 06:15 PM
(sorry- i'll post 2moro cos it's about 11:20pm over here).....goodnight. :)

19-04-2002, 07:20 AM
**Totaly confused now, but then I didn't exactly say who to get us out of here. hehe It's almost 6:30 am here and I just got in from another long night at work. So no post from me till tonight. I only have to work the one job so home around midnight. (central USA time) Hopefully Eternity will post again with more on this new mystrious person. "The plot thickens" I can't wait.


Black Vixen
19-04-2002, 10:58 AM
(It's okay. :))

19-04-2002, 01:54 PM
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Yep, the plot is thickening. :D

From behind a rock, the mysterious woman lead Blade, Shiana, Destiny, Hawke and Solara (sorry if I missed anybody!) to the open plains; long thin straw-coloured grass swayed above darker, greener grass, which formed soft hills and to the eye, seemed to roll on forever into the horizon. The chirping of hidden birds echoed everywhere, a soothing sound compared to the frenzy of earlier events. They looked to their right, to the left, behind, and infront; but all they saw was an endless place, surrounding them with peace.

"This is the Moorlands; we're no longer in the city." The woman was soft spoken, and didn't shout ro even raise her voice so that they all heard her. The enticing scent of something made them all take deep, long breaths of air.

"That's the smell of lavender; it should calm make you feel calm." She walked over towards some big flat rocks, and used them to sit on, gesturing for the others to do the same. When Destiny sat down next to her, the woman had a look of pure sympathy, saying;

"Poor thing." Putting a hand to Destiny's forhead, no one really knew what she was doing. Suddenly a burst of light appeared from her hand, but Destiny wasn't feeling any pain from it. The others just watched, as they could tell she was of gentle nature.

"How do you feel now? Is your head still spinning?"

Blade R
19-04-2002, 04:14 PM
Hawk took his much prefered wolf form as he layed down by Blade's feet. Solara again coiled herself around Blade's neck. Blade herself crossed her arms and looked at the woman.
''Who are you?" she asked again.
The trio felt a bit clamer, but could never be truly calm. They had grown up in the Laberinth, and calm was a word never used there.

22-04-2002, 11:47 AM
"Do you really wish to know? I fear the truth may be more than you'd want to believe."

won't be posting anymore til the weekend; too much stuff to do!

Blade R
22-04-2002, 04:30 PM
"At this point in life, you could tell me you were my mother or God and I wouldn't care."

Black Vixen
23-04-2002, 12:47 PM
Shiana smirks behind her, her attitude never failed to amuse her.

(And besides, she shares a similar heritage to Shoran...after all, they are cousins.)

Blade R
23-04-2002, 03:34 PM
(BV what are you planning this time?)

Black Vixen
24-04-2002, 04:56 PM
(...Nothing...:goody: anyway, unless the others have been reading other RPs withuot replying, no one but you and I know what that is. ;)' Btw, wanna come on the RP on Banshee?)

Blade R
24-04-2002, 05:07 PM
(Banshee?......oh...erm gee, I haven't been there for...um, a few months....)

Black Vixen
25-04-2002, 02:42 AM
(Really BladeCat? I hadn't noticed...:rolleyes:')

Blade R
25-04-2002, 04:36 PM

26-04-2002, 11:33 AM
Are you two fighting? *raises a brow* care to share?

The woman stood up, and said to them all;
"I will help to ease your pain and suffering, I promise; we all knew this would happen to her someday...." Then she got a distant look in her eyes, and waited for her to continue, anticpating what she was talking about.

"It is not the end...."

Black Vixen
26-04-2002, 01:37 PM
(*points @ Blade* She started it! :heh:')

Shiana waits for what she has to say...

Blade R
26-04-2002, 03:10 PM
(Tattle tail.)
For once, the trio were silent. All waiting for her next words.

26-04-2002, 04:52 PM
This is Fanilia, using my son's signin. My internet went by,by last sunday and won't be fixed till Sat. I just realized I could sign in here as Devon and let you all know what is up. I lost everything for the time being, including your addys and im's. I'm going now to read the last weeks worth of posts to see where we now are then I will post something. Again, it will for the time be using Devons signin. I will have to get a new password and that takes some time here. I do have a way now to also access my email. But half of my addy's are also gone, so if you all could send then to me again..... rbuski@msn.com.

Again sorry for any holdup I might have caused.


26-04-2002, 05:28 PM
At first the drastic change in location made Destiny feel even dizzier than she first had, or was it the drinks. She had heard that lower classes, and even the nobility in secret) had made and consumed drinks with small amounts of poisons in them to change the way things looked and felt. 'if this is the result, they can keep them' Destiny thought as a pounding began in the back of her head.

The strange woman indicated that they sould all be seated, so thats what Destiny did. She took the place closest to the strange woman; she felt compeled to do so. She wanted to question her reasons at doing so, but the pounding and the dizzyness were growing steadly worse.

"Poor thing" Destiny heard the woman say as her hand moved to touch Destiny on the head.

Destiny didn't pull away, her abilities allowed her to sense that the woman would not harm her. A bright light bust from the womans hand. The pounding and dizzyness vanished as if they had never been there. "How do you feel now? Is your head still spinning?" The woman inquired.

No I um, I feel much better Ma Lady." Destiny answered with her eyes averted from the woman.

Jacob came up beside Destiny and laid his hand on her shoulder. "Who is she?" He whispered at the same time as Blade again addressed the woman with the same

''Who are you?" Blade asked again.

"Do you really wish to know? I fear the truth may be more than you'd want to believe." The woman answered.

"At this point in life, you could tell me you were my mother or God and I wouldn't care." Blade snapped back as Shaina smirked.

Destiny whispered in reply to Jacob. "I don't know who Ma Lady is, but I feel nothing but goodness from her. I don't know why, but I feel I trust her."

Jacob sat down next to Destiny, wrapped his arm around her to pull her closer, and handed her a sprig of the lavendar. "I thought I'd lost you back there in the pub. I'm sorry I took you all there, I didn't know any of that would happen."

Destiny heard the words, but was aware only of his arm around her. It felt right. He felt right in a way that Demitri never had. She frowned slightly at that thought, Demitri had been her only love, it was too soon to feel for another. But feel for him she did.

"Why do you refer to her as Ma Lady?" Again Jacob was whispering so only Destiny heard him speak.

"I feel she is a great woman, and as such should be addressed with the respect do her. I know not if the greatness is due to her heritage, or from her lifes deeds, but it is there neverless and I will not show disrespect by addressing her any less." Destiny's attention was drawnen back to the woman along with that of the others as the woman stood up and spoke again.

"I will help to ease your pain and suffering, I promise; we all knew this would happen to her someday...." Then she got a distant look in her eyes, and they all waited for her to continue, anticpating what she was talking about.

"It is not the end...."

"Happen to who some day?" Jacob asked. Was he the only one confused, or......

27-04-2002, 03:39 PM
Hey Fanilia :wavey: i was wondering why i saw the name Truks! :lol: gald to have you back.

"Why do you refer to her as Ma Lady?" Again Jacob was whispering so only Destiny heard him speak.

"I feel she is a great woman, and as such should be addressed with the respect do her. I know not if the greatness is due to her heritage, or from her lifes deeds, but it is there neverless and I will not show disrespect by addressing her any less." Destiny's attention was drawnen back to the woman along with that of the others as the woman stood up and spoke again.

Er, Fanilia, have you suddenly become psychic as well?

Somewhere else, a young couple walked into a busy place, and sat down at a table in the corner. A waitress went upto them, said something, scribbled on a board, then scuttled away.
It was a nice and sunny day, and the place was just full of people. A man took a sip of his drink, before slamming it down with a shudder; his companion looked worried.

"She's here." Sapphire mumbled.

"Who?" Takara was totally oblivious.

Sapphire looked grim, and said in a serious tone;

"A woman who claimed I was her's to keep and cherish, for life." He snorted in revulsion, because Takara was the only woman for him, wether she wanted him or not, he'll always be by her side.

"Il wench pietoso..." Takara spat viciously.

"Yes, that woman. She's tracked us down somehow; what do you reckon to a scicilian? The square pizza with everythin' on it?" Sapphire quickly changed the subject and carried on as if the blackout had never occured.

"Hmmm, yeah alright then. Now we've gotta see where the waitress is."

This is getting ridiculous.....it's like Takara's developed a split personality.......it happens at random and is unpreditable, yet when it does happen, Takara's her old self again......but when it's over, she doesn't remember a thing.......
He casually looks around, and, pretending to have the sun glaring into his eyes, he squinted, but was infact, using his Dakra magic.....

"Takara will not stop at mere world domination, should she achieve it; she may not be herself now, but in time, she will return. What you see now is not her true form, but merely her former self, what Takara would have been if she were truely mortal." The woman closed her eyes, and breathed in the calming scent of the lavender, letting out a heavy sigh. But the others still didn't know who she was.

[I]"Leave us alone Paria......it's for your best interest." Sapphire's voice echoed throughout the moors like thunder. At once, the woman's eyes filled with tears, pain apparent on her face, shouting histerically;

"W-where are you? Why won't you let me see you?!" When she realised he wasn't there, she fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrolably into her hands.

If i don't post soon, it probably won't be till next weekend again.

Black Vixen
01-05-2002, 02:26 PM
Shiana looks around at first, not recognising the voice for a second-
Then she did.
'Sapphire...' she growled.
Her death by his hands was yet to be repaid...

05-05-2002, 11:24 AM
Suddenly, the calmness the woman known as Paria possessed was shattered like a broken mirror by the voice of Sapphire; hearing his voice had caused her to feel so much grief, that it gave the others the impression that her relationship with him is very deep. She brutilly wiped away the tears, and struggled to stand onto her feet, shaking from head to toe. Paria's eyes looked bloodshot, but she remained strong by not letting her emotions kill her completely.

"Forgive me....I....I don't know what got into me-" Just then, the sentence barely finished, a yellow bolt of flickering energy came rushing past Paria with great speed, narrowly missing her, and blew the little rock boulder some feet away into dust; just like that. Without a single word, she walked into nothing, yet vanished as if she had walked past something like a screen, and disappeared.

She knew at once who tried to attack her, and went in search of them, a move not so wise; the street was busy and ful of people, and she thought it must be a market town where the tradings took place, and puched open the doors to where she felt his aura.

Takara was sipping pepsi, when she started choking quite badly; an alarmed Sapphire patted her back, and when he looked up he saw why she had choked - Paria. When Takara was ok again, she had a certain something about her. Those dark eyes flashed a bright golden colour, and she slammed a fist into the table, smashing it to splinters with her powers. The other people around them backed away, some even scrambling to the door to escape. Sapphire wanted to look at Takara's face and so lifted her chin to face him, but in the same instant she whacked it away with her own hand, holding a fiercely aggressive expression.

"How dare you." She growled. "If you weren't my best 2nd command I would have killed you now."

"You're back.......you're finally back.....I'm so glad." Sapphire's voice sounded alittle shaky, and he withdrew when he tried to wrap his arms around her again like the way he used to when she had amnesia, but remembered she didn't like intimacy. Takara suprised him, by grabbing the back of his head and bringing it right up close to hers, their faces just centre-metres apart, close enough to see all the fine strands of each others irises.

"Don't try that again, boy, for you might not live to regret it..... as for looking after me when I had amnesia.....I commend you for that......" She gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, a kiss so gentle and soft, that Sapphire lost his breath and nearly stopped breathing, his chest heaving heavily, and a distant gaze was in his eyes.

"Paria...... so what brings you here? Oh! I know! You must be looking for your missing heart......but I thought it died eons ago?" Takara knew full well why she was there, but decided to dig it in anyway. Again Paria looked abit tearful, struggling to keep her feelings inside as she spoke;

"You....you know why....I'm-here....I came for-for Sapphire."

"You know how I feel about you. Now leave us- before I make you."Sapphire's authoritve side showed, and so did Takara's.

"Sapphire stay inline; "I" give the orders remember, or have you forgotten?"


"Are you going to let her speak to you like that? I'd never speak to you like that." Paria said in a rush. Then he looked at her straight in the eye and said;

"Want to die?" And he launched at her with his sword, but then something happened; a wormhole opened up next to them and pulled them trhough, and Takara was well; when they stopped flying and everything was a blur, the first thing they all noticed, was the smell of lavender....

Before landing on a group of people below....

Black Vixen
05-05-2002, 02:45 PM
The mysterious woman disappeared, only to reappear not long afterwards - with company.
She recognised them instantly -
"Sapphire and Takara. How convenient."

Blade R
05-05-2002, 03:58 PM
Blade Solara and Hawk inmediatly stood up at seeing them. All calmness gone, the hatered seeped back into their eyes.
"Yes how conviniant," Blade snarled.

17-05-2002, 08:26 AM
At once Sapphire began to start another war, firing blue bolts everywhere, setting the grass on luminous blue fire. Takara landed on her feet, and proceeded to kill the woman Paria who tried to get up and had only barely managed to run away when she trip on her long dress.

(you two can start the war if you like). :)

Black Vixen
18-05-2002, 05:22 AM
(So polite- Eternity, at one point we must get in an rp where we are not trying to kill each other.)

(Blade, I nominate you. ^_~)

18-05-2002, 04:07 PM
Well we did just go through two periods of not-killing eachother and just concentrated on stuff like character backgrounds and history (I did anyway ) But I decided maybe it's time for a war where we fight, as I was kinda worried you two might be getting abit bored, as your post inputs don't seem the same as before, like in the shack. But anyway let me know what's up ok?

Anyword about/from Robin? haven't seen her posted for ages. I've been quite busy myself latel; what about you Black Vixen?

Blade R
18-05-2002, 05:02 PM
(I'm having a bit of writers block right now, I haven't the faintest of how to continue...)

19-05-2002, 10:54 AM
:lol: thought that might be why. :) Well, hopefully I'll be able to write more in my posts when we get a one-week break soon before summer; my college work and the- would- be- driving- lessons need dealin' with now, as much as I love to write. Heck, once I even went for onw or two months without even TOUCHING my pen to write for my original story, that's how hectic it is now. Imagine not writing for a whole month! :eek2:

Still, any word from fanilia anybody?:rolleyes:

Black Vixen
19-05-2002, 12:06 PM
(Nope, I guess she's just busy/tired working. As for my posts, my connection's been bad, and typing the same thing 2 or 3 times over ain't really a whole lotta fun. I don't mind what's going on at the mo, I have my exams this month too, but I'll be around someplace.)

19-05-2002, 08:50 PM
So confused, computer still sooo messed up. And until now I couldn't even sign in as Truks. Seen BV several times on yahoo, but shuts down when I try to contact. ???? But my computer now has a life of its own and is possessed by the dard lord himself. **lame excuse, but all I have** All I do is work and sleep, but I am so sorry for dissappearing like this. I hope the truks connection doesn't go all the way. So I will post but I am confused as to what is taking place here.

The next events startled both Destiny and Jacob. First the strange woman had promised to explain all, next the air was filled with the sound of Sapphire's voice causing the woman to break down before their eyes.

"What is hap...." Was all Jacob was able to whisper before the woman seemed to pass through a invisible wall. He was about to speak again when some sort of well it could only be discribed as a portal opened and the woman, Sapphire, and the woman he had seen a glimps of at the Mall just sort of dropped back in.

"Sapphire and Takara. How convenient." Destiny heard Sahina's sarcastic greeting followed by Blades echo of the same. Each took a stance ready for the attack they knew would soon follow. But Destiny didn't. She stood up confused by the events and started towards the new arrivals. To her horror Sapphire began to firing blue bolts of energy everywere, setting the grass on fire and exploding off the surrounding boulders.

Things went from bad to worse if that is possible as Jacob seemed to tackle Destiny from behind as a bolt zipped over both. Destiny could see out of the corner of her vision as Takara killed the Lady that had brought them from harm to here. She then turned her attention to Destiny who was scrambling up with Jacob.

"Oh No!" Destiny exclaimed as she locked eyes with the woman. Destiny knew she was next, if she didn't do something fast she would be sharing the Lady's fate. "Be ready to run." Destiny told Jacob quickly.

"What about the others?"

"The seem to thrive on the conflict, I fear not for them, but neither you or I possess skills on the level they do. And I am unwilling to take a life no matter how dark the soul, and those two know it." Destiny was thinking quickly all the while. She only saw one chance to save herself and the human drawn into this deadly game with her.

Love to Takara is pain, Destiny had seen how feeling her own love had caused her to die for a short time. But she was the offspring of evil, and as such the curse of death seemed to be only tempory at best. But pain is pain and better to inflict some then to die at the hand of evil here and now.

"If this works Sapphire won't forget me till he tracks me down and eats my living heart in front of my own eyes." Destiny mumbled more to herself than to the man next to her.

"What are you planning, and what did you mean..." He was cut short when another of the blue bolts caused them both to move quickly or be cut down.

Destiny quickly drew her ability in and then reached her mind out to link with Sapphire, she then formed a bridge with her energy to link with the woman Takara. Before Sapphire could react Destiny drew his love for Takara accross the bridge and flooded the mind of Takara with it. Sapphire's love for Takara was the only thing in his being that was pure, as true love must always be. The very pureness of it caused Takara to scream in pain, doubleing over and clutching her head in both hands.

Sapphire knew that his own emotions had just been used as a weapon against Takara, and he knew without a doubt who had done it. Takara had set her sights on the empath just before he felt the woman enter his mind. Anger flared so strong that it hit Destiny in a backlash form the link; which effectively broke it.

"Run." She screamed as blue bolts angled directly at the two.

Jacob didn't need to hear the word from Destiny to know now was the time to get the hell out of there. They both ran as bolts hit close to them sending chunks of grass and ground flying up. As he took a glance backwards he saw that Takara had regained her stance, but the diversion caused by Destiny's actions had given Blade and the others openings to increase their own attacks. Sapphire and Takara were now dealing with the others as Destiny and he ran.

The stars shone brightly in the night sky through a large hole in the roof of the small shack the two had found in their escape from Sapphire. Jacob smiled at the woman sleeping in the cradle of his arms then gently shook Destiny to wake her. She had been so drained, but not only form their flight from the newest war waged by the refugees from the Labyrinth, but also from the power it took to link with the minds as she had.

Destiny came awake slowly then sat bolt upright as memory flooded her of the days events.

"It's ok, they didn't follow, you were right those people, all of them seem to live to try to kill each other." Jacob chuckled at the thought, it was just so absurd and alien to him, but then wasn't the world of big business the same, just not as direct. Even at his young age he had been one of the best, still was. His company had beaten and crushed several smaller enterprises before he had lost heart and decided to live like the man he tried to pretend he had always been. He pulled Destiny back down and shifted position to get comfortable. "Tell me something, that last thing you said before you did whatever it was you did, what did you mean."


"Something about him eating your heart."

Destiny sighed she hadn't really meant to say it out loud. But having done so, she knew if she didn't explain, he would not let it drop. "Sapphire is a mange, you know of them do you not?"

"You mean something along the lines of a grand wizard, right."

"Well a wizard is mostly good, a mange on the other hand can be as dark and as evil as it is possible for a human to be. I know not the truth of it, but it is said that a mange can destroy you by eating your living heart in front of you. The heart contains the soul, and the soul is the source of beings abilities, wether it be human or not. It is a fate worse than death. With out your soul you can not die and journey to the next world. By eating the heart he steals your soul, obtains your abilities for his own and takes away your ability to die. Your mind is trapped in a souless body. Some say it is a story to frighten children, others say it to be ture." Destiny shook slightly from the images it brought to her mind.

"We call them fairy tales here, and I'm sure that is all it is." Jacob rubbed Destiny's arms in an attempt to drive the shivvers away.

Destiny felt Jacob begin to rub her arms then the action turned more gentle, the action starting a slow fire in her. She turned in his arms and looked deep into the dark depths of his eyes. Her eyes slowly closed as his lips decended to hers and she let the desires of her womans body take over, inviting him to do more.....

I may be a while before I can post again, but you all have lots of fighting to do, and I think some character developement between Destiny and Jacob will be what I concetrate on for the time being. Destiny is a lover not a fighter, but not in detail. So don't worry. (I know Blade has been reading my fiction, but this destiny is different) So I leave you now to your war, I know you will have fun with it.


Black Vixen
20-05-2002, 03:36 AM
(Comp troubles - know the feeling. ¬_¬' S'kay Fan, don't worry 'bout it.)

Destiny and Jacob left in a hurry-
Takara was in a rage, and Sapphire was as bad.
Shiana wasn't sure what Destiny had done, but it must have hurt them, for the pair were ignoring them now, concentrating on the retreating duo.
~They won't fight now...~

She looked to Blade, she was readying for a surprise attack.
Sighing inside she knew the battle must go on, in therory, she must gain retribution for her own death, and to fight someone so evil made it easier- but this emotion, this love Sapphire held for Takara confused her, how could he?
Blade seemed to be watching Takara's every move.
Fine, she could take her.

The enemy were still firing at the runners-
They needed a distraction.
She looked back to Blade.
Blade looked up at her.
They nodded simultaneously, and took the attack-

Blade R
20-05-2002, 09:34 AM
Lettign out a battle cry Blade charged. Beside her, Solara adn Hawk did the same. with in a second Bblade was takleing Takara. Another second, and the battle truly began...

20-05-2002, 02:29 PM
Way to go VB, kick ass!!!!! longer posts with more detail, I love it. I will try to post more by next weekend promise!!

Black Vixen
21-05-2002, 04:24 AM
(Not as long as yours...:heh: heh)

21-05-2002, 07:14 AM
**the computer is still working**

Feel lucky BV, my avarage chapter in a fiction is around 20 pages. So these posts are short by my standards. Besides I can't help it, once I start I can't stop. OH well.....

Question: I don't know much about England (understatement) so exactly how far are we from London now. I don't want the journey back to be too long or too short. And would like to add some about the changes in country as we approach the city. Let me know if any of you has suggestions. (thanx)

Have to go now, can't wait to see what Eternity does next......

Black Vixen
21-05-2002, 10:10 AM
(Hey I wasn't complaining, I like to read your posts...London? Oh, right...uh, I'd say about 20 or so miles.)

23-05-2002, 05:02 PM
Hi fan! was wondering what happened to you! :) I'll unravel all the confusion as the rpg picks up again; you guys might be intrigued as to what the new twist to the Takaraand Sapphire relationship is.....:p

Uh, we were last in London before i took us away in the form of Paria, and now we're in the english moorlands; (or just moorlands in general) :heh: but i don't know where it is, so kept it vague. would you say it's in yorkshire BV? or somewhere abouts?

yeah ok fanilia, it'd be interesting to see what Destiny and Jacob's relantionship will be like; i'd very much intrigued myself. :)

here we go! may the force be with everyone! :lol:


"CURSE YOU!!...CURSE YOU DESTINY!!! I WILL MAKE YOU SORRY YOU WERE EVEN BORN....." Takara's vision was blurred, and could only make out very vague shapes infront of her - a huge disadvantage in battle. Suddenly it got worse, and in one eye, she saw everything was in....red......then just as she saw what colour it was, it quickly shfited into black again, her normal blood colour; she put a hand to her head which was thobbing in pain from the dangerous, and fatal feelings she never wanted to be familiar with ever again, consumed her like before, striving to revive her dead, cold, and lost heart.

BLOOD. her blood. But; why was it red?

It was like dying all over again, but just as people get stronger with time, get more used to dealing with certain situations should they be exposed to it enough times, will learn how to deal with it. And Takara has; as Destiny put her abillitties to the ultimate test, using them on the eve of war, one that she and an innocent was present in, was a daring move, if not vulnerable for should it fail, could have backwards affects on the spell caster....

"She tried to change you.... through me....." He went to help Takara to her feet, knowing such contact could earn him his death, but instead, she accepted it without a word or glance, and she lost her balance, but Sapphire caught her.....and held her. He should have wondered why she just stood there, in his embrace admist the attacking Blade and Shiana who barely even cut his clothes as he dodged them with a dancer's grace; he should have been suspicous as to why she mysteriously turned towards him, snuggling into his chest, allowing his warm strong arms to wrap around her, and to protect her as he fought with the oppostion; he really shouldn't have been so careless about holding the woman he had always loved; who had always loved him; the one woman who would do anything for him, who would even DIE for him if she had to....

All the fighter's stood still for a few seconds when they eventually parted, to steady themselves for another gruelling combat when they rejoined. When he was some distance away from them, Sapphire smelt Takara's soft, silky-smooth hair, loving the sweet scent of flowers in it.......liking to actually hold her, and that she actually let him hold her.....and so close to his beating heart......not being able to rest his head on hers like he did before, but that didn't matter now, nothing did, so long as she held him like he was holding her......

But Takara never ONCE held him, not even when she was dying; she only let him hold her then, because she didn't have the strength to fight back or push him away......Takara was born and bred in the laberinth, a baron place full of suffering for all those who were not pure evil; flowers, in the extreme of even having any flowers in their realm, they were poisonous with deadly perfumes. Scented hair is too "girly" for someone like Takara, who was more of a fighting leader than a feminist, who likes all things assosiated with women; dresses, prefume, giggling, make-up........Takara hated all those things, preferig to be a tomboy instead, as it's more convenient in a world like theirs...... Sapphire only got the chance to hols Takara close to him once, and it was that time when she died because of his love for her; but even then, her heart wasn't beating, and yet, and yet she was still alive..... probably the way she's meant to be, being The Dark Lord's daughter, possesing half his heritage but all of his black powers...... Though they never did or ever will hold eachother like that again, or to hold her properly when she's well again, there were occassions when he'd forgotton the abillity to speak, like in the beginng when he first joined Takara's army and empire, she stood infront of him, a foot or so apart, and looking directly into his eyes, asserting her authority, making sure he knew it inside out, she was almost the same height as him, Sapphire standing 6ft tall, and Takara a close 5ft 10/11 inches......

At once he blasted a terrific amount of blue energy into whoever it was he was holding, not caring one bit if they died right there and then or not, all he wanted was to kill them, and if he didn't manage that, then he'd use all his strength to injury them until they're on the verge of death. As they were blasted away, he wasn't careful enough, and Blades spear sliced through his sleeve, which would have been his arm cut off, clean, and completly, if it wasn't for his high skills as a Dakra Mage; he saw them finally going away, tendrils of long, blond hair trailing with the falling tears......

And blood.


"I've always been inlove with you... (always with you)

I guess you've always known it's true; (you know it's true)

you took my love for granted why, oh why,

this show is over say goodbye

say, goodbye.....

say goodbye..."

Madonna, from the song Take a bow, I think the lyrics are apropriate to this, and it really suites the Sapphire/Takara relationship don't you think? I do. :D

23-05-2002, 05:27 PM
I've got a question to ask everyone; could I possibly , use your character's names, in a fic? See, I want to put my long posts up as original fanfics because their so long, and have such detailed and complex character relantionships aswell, I thought it might be wasted just as an rpg post (but I still like the rpg so don't gte me wrong ok!) I think people will like it, as fanilia has said that this "flows" more in terms of writing than my other fic does, so I'd like to give it a try, with your permissions please. :D :D

Blade R
23-05-2002, 09:58 PM
(ponders away to respond to resond to the fight scene...)

Black Vixen
25-05-2002, 11:34 AM
(*Thought Sapphire was holding Takara - just blasted who he was holding - blasted Takara? I don't think so...0_o?*)

Blade R
25-05-2002, 11:37 AM
(i'm confused!! @.@ )

25-05-2002, 04:31 PM
he saw them finally going away, tendrils of long, blond hair trailing with the falling tears......

Recap; the new woman Paria;

1; has blond hair
2; is affectionate, unlike the cold Takara
and 3; note how it changes from a good feeling, to a sudden BAD realisation? see below
All the fighter's stood still for a few seconds when they eventually parted, to steady themselves for another gruelling combat when they rejoined. When he was some distance away from them, Sapphire smelt Takara's soft, silky-smooth hair, loving the sweet scent of flowers in it.......liking to actually hold her, and that she actually let him hold her.....and so close to his beating heart......not being able to rest his head on hers like he did before, but that didn't matter now, nothing did, so long as she held him like he was holding her......

everything is perfect and ideal; and then......


But Takara never ONCE held him, not even when she was dying; she only let him hold her then, because she didn't have the strength to fight back or push him away......Takara was born and bred in the laberinth, a baron place full of suffering for all those who were not pure evil; flowers, in the extreme of even having any flowers in their realm, they were poisonous with deadly perfumes... [/QUOTE]

The alarm bells start ringing.

Ok ok alright; Sapphire was holding Takara, but then she nearly fell over when he went to help her, and then I tease by describing some differences and changes to her, hoping you'd get it that by the end of my post it isn't Takara he's holding, but someone else. And also at the end, I mention the blond hair and tears. Remember what happened when Takara cried? She died. :) Any clearer?


She fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Blood was leaking from her mouth, indicating her severe internal injuries. The tears sparkled in the light. The blood comsumed the light. She lay there, with no strength to move nor fight. So she just watched, trying to crawl to the nearest boulder for shelter. But even that cause her pain.

"Paria.....WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?!?" Sapphire bellowed to the extent the veins in his neck were vivsble, and formed a long sword with his magic, clashing and dodging with the two rebellions. Never had she seen him bear such firey anger.

"I don't have much magic. Nothing that can match yours, anyway."

Sapphire repeated his question " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?!? WHERE HAVEYOU SENT TAKARA!?!?" Clash. Bang. Bang. SLiiiiish Sparks flew from the weapons.

"WHY DO YOU STILL LOVE HER WHEN YOU'RE LOVE KILLS HER!? ALL SHE EVER WANTS IS TO KILL YOU!?!?" Paria was lying next to a boulder, holding herself up on one shoulder.

"TELL ME...." SWoooooooosh. Blades' spear cut his arm, but had no affect on a man like him; he returned it by cutting off the end to the dragon's tail (Your partned blade; sorry my memmory's not working today). "WHERE SHE IS!!!"

"Somewhere.....She is immortal, and powerful; how can she die?" Resentment was in her voice, and she longed for him to return her love, but such a wish is never destined to come true.


To be contiued, soon. :D Sorry, coursework calls.

25-05-2002, 04:32 PM
he saw them finally going away, tendrils of long, blond hair trailing with the falling tears......

Recap; the new woman Paria;

1; has blond hair
2; is affectionate, unlike the cold Takara
and 3; note how it changes from a good feeling, to a sudden BAD realisation? see below
All the fighter's stood still for a few seconds when they eventually parted, to steady themselves for another gruelling combat when they rejoined. When he was some distance away from them, Sapphire smelt Takara's soft, silky-smooth hair, loving the sweet scent of flowers in it.......liking to actually hold her, and that she actually let him hold her.....and so close to his beating heart......not being able to rest his head on hers like he did before, but that didn't matter now, nothing did, so long as she held him like he was holding her......

everything is perfect and ideal; and then......

But Takara never ONCE held him, not even when she was dying; she only let him hold her then, because she didn't have the strength to fight back or push him away......Takara was born and bred in the laberinth, a baron place full of suffering for all those who were not pure evil; flowers, in the extreme of even having any flowers in their realm, they were poisonous with deadly perfumes...

The alarm bells start ringing.

Ok ok alright; Sapphire was holding Takara, but then she nearly fell over when he went to help her, and then I tease by describing some differences and changes to her, hoping you'd get it that by the end of my post it isn't Takara he's holding, but someone else. And also at the end, I mention the blond hair and tears. Remember what happened when Takara cried? She died. :) Any clearer?


She fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Blood was leaking from her mouth, indicating her severe internal injuries. The tears sparkled in the light. The blood comsumed the light. She lay there, with no strength to move nor fight. So she just watched, trying to crawl to the nearest boulder for shelter. But even that cause her pain.

"Paria.....WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?!?" Sapphire bellowed to the extent the veins in his neck were vivsble, and formed a long sword with his magic, clashing and dodging with the two rebellions. Never had she seen him bear such firey anger.

"I don't have much magic. Nothing that can match yours, anyway."

Sapphire repeated his question " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?!? WHERE HAVEYOU SENT TAKARA!?!?" Clash. Bang. Bang. SLiiiiish Sparks flew from the weapons.

"WHY DO YOU STILL LOVE HER WHEN YOU'RE LOVE KILLS HER!? ALL SHE EVER WANTS IS TO KILL YOU!?!?" Paria was lying next to a boulder, holding herself up on one shoulder.

"TELL ME...." SWoooooooosh. Blades' spear cut his arm, but had no affect on a man like him; he returned it by cutting off the end to the dragon's tail (Your partned blade; sorry my memmory's not working today). "WHERE SHE IS!!!"

"Somewhere.....She is immortal, and powerful; how can she die?" Resentment was in her voice, and she longed for him to return her love, but such a wish is never destined to come true.


To be contiued, soon. :D Sorry, coursework calls.

Black Vixen
26-05-2002, 01:18 PM
(*dun dun dun!*)

31-05-2002, 01:54 PM
Heeeeeeeeey what is this a one man show or something? Come one you guys!! BV, you still got writer's block? I feel like I'm the only one writing at the mo'.

Blade R
31-05-2002, 11:50 PM
Solara roared as the tip of ehr tail was cut off. But this simple made the trio more mad. In a flurry, they rush him. Any words said was lost to Blade, her eyes were a swirling blood red, and that ment only one thing to those who knew dragoons......death. The secret of the Dragoon, Berserk. Blade had gone berserk, and nothing save the death of her foe would stop her. Running with intense speed, she charges him. Her spear whistleing through the air with a force to be reconed with.
Screaming, Solara enters the frey,a nd then Hawk. ..

Black Vixen
01-06-2002, 05:37 AM
(Uh, yeah I guess so. ¬_¬' Sorry guys.)

05-06-2002, 03:13 PM
s'ok. i just wanted to know what was up that's all. :) him? u mean sapphire??

At first, it seemed that Solara and Hawke ramed straight into Sapphire, the impact knocking him off his feet. Yes, victory would now be theirs. At last. But just as they thought they had him, he looked....different; his hair begun to grow and change colour, his form changed in appearence, and his face.....wasn't his. If Solara wasn't a dragoon with beserk, then mabe she would have stopped and saw who it was. Paria had somehow managed to swap places with Sapphire, who was no where to be seen - yet. Then they found him standing some way off, watching the fight. Paria hung onto Solara's horns as she charged everwhere, losing more blood as time went on.

"So we are twin sisters.....what does it matter to you?"

"You know why!!! WHERE IS TAKARA!?!?"

"She will survive....."

"How did you use magic, you have none....."

"True, but a strange thing happened......I had some of her powers-"

s'ok. i just wanted to know what was up that's all. :) him? u mean sapphire??

At first, it seemed that Solara and Hawke ramed straight into Sapphire, the impact knocking him off his feet. Yes, victory would now be theirs. At last. But just as they thought they had him, he looked....different; his hair begun to grow and change colour, his form changed in appearence, and his face.....wasn't his. If Solara wasn't a dragoon with beserk, then mabe she would have stopped and saw who it was. Paria had somehow managed to swap places with Sapphire, who was no where to be seen - yet. Then they found him standing some way off, watching the fight. Paria hung onto Solara's horns as she charged everwhere, losing more blood as time went on.

"So we are twin sisters.....what does it matter to you?"

"You know why!!! WHERE IS TAKARA!?!?"

"She will survive....."

"How did you use magic, you have none....."

"True, but a strange thing happened......I had some of her powers-"

s'ok. i just wanted to know what was up that's all. :) him? u mean sapphire??

At first, it seemed that Solara and Hawke ramed straight into Sapphire, the impact knocking him off his feet. Yes, victory would now be theirs. At last. But just as they thought they had him, he looked....different; his hair begun to grow and change colour, his form changed in appearence, and his face.....wasn't his. If Solara wasn't a dragoon with beserk, then mabe she would have stopped and saw who it was. Paria had somehow managed to swap places with Sapphire, who was no where to be seen - yet. Then they found him standing some way off, watching the fight. Paria hung onto Solara's horns as she charged everwhere, losing more blood as time went on.

"So we are twin sisters.....what does it matter to you?"

"You know why!!! WHERE IS TAKARA!?!?"

"She will survive....."

"How did you use magic, you have none....."

"True, but a strange thing happened......I had some of her powers-"

Blade R
05-06-2002, 03:20 PM
(um...Solara is a DRAGON. Blade is a DRAGOON. Blade is berserk, not Solara. and yes him was Sapphire)

Black Vixen
05-06-2002, 04:32 PM
(Triple post, alright...but all in the same post? :confused:')

06-06-2002, 01:21 PM
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhh what the hell is going on !?!? :lol: never mind..... Sorry blade, i always forget which is who :heh:

Blade R
07-06-2002, 10:41 PM
(poor eternity, it's ok just remember this:

Blade: a dragoon, carries a spear, wears red dreagon armor, is a berserker, can jump very high.

Solara: Sun dragon (AKA gold dragon), gold in color, can become small lizard sized, Blade's best friend, uses flame and brute force attacks.

Hawk: A Dragonwolf, can become a wolf, black/grey fur and bluish-green scales, only attacks with fang and claw.

That help?)

15-06-2002, 11:25 AM
yup. :) got your PM too. Much clearer now.