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The start of Limbo! Now this character, Kouraa, is a God and I'm playing him and I know that's breaking my own rule but he's not going to be of any use to any of you anyway so it won't be power playing. He's mostly there for introductory and comedic purposes.

Now let's try to have fun folks.


There are few things that a God can actually tell a person. The most commonly asked question was about the meaning of life. That is, the most commonly asked question is "what is the meaning of life" is the person asking happens to be a human.

However, the Gods of Limbo did their level best to avoid being seen as the inhabitants of the planes asked questions like "Who played the red-shirt who died in episode 27 of the original Star Trek series?" and "Where's the head?" while swaying drunkenly on their feet (sometimes paws).

Some of the more coherent (and less inebriated) residents would ask questions like "Why did the corrosion happen?" and "Why aren't you people fair?" which are pretty hard to answer. It can be especially hard to defend oneself when one is cheating at cards and slipping someone else's money pouch into one's holy Godly robes.

So the Gods (and Goddesses. They were a forward-thinking society after all and a chits got as much a right to fling lightning bolts and eat their own children as a man does.) picked up their things and went off somewhere else. No one is terribly certain where but a lot of people speculate that they're off on holiday in Florida on Earth.

All except for one.

His name was Kouraa and he was terribly mad, but in the amiable sort of way that kept people from getting too nervous about him. He was the God of the Homeless Insane and he took his work pretty seriously, given the fact that he slept in a cardboard box and had a habit of screaming incoherently at earthworms. He'd done a stint as the Angel of Spilled Vanilla Milkshake on Black Velour Skirts for a while but hadn't been doing much business so he'd decided to be insane for a while.

He was quite good at it.

Just then he was sitting at the bar, drinking castor oil and cammomile tea, holding a conversation (to the best of his half-lucid ability) with Chard, the bartender.

"I tell you, it's enough to drive a man insane the way she's always flouncin' in here a half an hour late saying something about the damn toaster attacking her bagel and the Gods know I'm not certain if she's talking about a breakfast food," Chard shook his head with disgust. In his mind, if it wasn't fried and slightly translucent or alcoholic it shouldn't be going into your system before noon. Or into your system period. "Or that last boyfriend of hers, Bagel Vances. You remember him, right ol' chap?"

"Buggerem buggerit," mumbled Kouraa, the mighty God.

"Right then," Chard nodded to him. "Then she comes prancin' in here and starts gettin' on me case sayin' I'm drunk as three princes which I'll have you know I wasn't." His dark green clawed hand was carefully drying a cup in the age-old gesture used by bartenders. The cup, actually, was dry, but if a bartender wasn't rubbing glassware with a white rag then they looked sort of lazy. "I was just a tiny bit drunk and I don't see the problem with it. I hear the French down on Earth have wine all the time."

"Toaster toaster buggerem buggerit," mumbled Kouraa, the mighty God.

"I don't see much a difference between wine and gin," Chard said with a sniff. He didn't really. He enjoyed serving drinks in of the fact that alcoholics and the homeless insane tended to have sympathetic ears (either that or they were unconcious) and could listen to him complain. He wasn't a particularly talented barkeeper but Soy had insisted that if he were working at the Drunk Tank Chard would work there too. "I gotta question for you, ol' chap. What in the bleedin' hells is wrong with women anyway? Always gettin' on a man's case... it's a wonder to me Chekkusu and Torisukatto don't just strangle her. So really, why d'they always get their panties in a twist over us men an' what can we do about it?"

"Buggerem buggerit," mumbled Kouraa, the mighty God.

"I thought so," Chard replied with a sigh.


The young girl stood with her hands on her hips, beaming across the near empty room to the stage where the sound-nerds, a couple of elves, were doing mic checks.

"We're going to pull in a good crowd tonight, eh Chekkusu?" she glanced over her shoulder at the bull-man who rolled his eyes expressively.

"S'pose so," he muttered. "But I don't think it's anything to get excited about."

"Oh, come on," she said, grinning. "How often does something get to celebrate their fiftieth birthday?"

"As many times as they want to," Chekkusu replied, unruffled.

"Honestly celebrate," she asked archly.

"Nothin' honest about birthdays," Chekkusu said easily. "It's a scam to get presents."

"Then why are you complaining?" Peppa shrugged eloquently. "You get presents."

"I don't know, it seems a little silly, don't you think?" He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Celebrating the birthday of a bouncer."

"I've been saving up for this so that I can buy everyone a drink tonight and have them toast to you and you're just telling me now that you don't want this party? I coulda bought a pair of boots," she said with a roll of her eyes.

"All right, all right," he held up his hands in defeat. "Thank you Peppa. It's very considerate of you."

"I know!" She grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "With free booze though you know some people are going to get rowdy. We'll be working hard tonight, your brother and I."

"I can help out, y'know," he grumbled.

"I hardly think so," she laughed. "Work on your birthday? On my fiftieth birthday I hope to be enjoying a bagel at home and laying in bed all day."

Chekkusu paused.

"What, like an onion bagel or Bagel Vances?" he asked, eliciting a shriek and a lecture from his friend.


You might notice some Terry Pratchett homages in this. That's right. I love Discworld.

Phantom Angel
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"That's it! I quit this stupid job!" Alynthia screamed, and threw down her tray and napkin.

A tall greasy man, with dark eyes stood up from his seat. His clothes were dity, and his hair looked like a bunch of wires stuck together. His face was soiled, and he had a nasty scar over one eye. Slowly, menacingly, he took a step towards the elven girl. She cowered away, her body shrinking in fear, yet her eyes showing the bold rebellion hidden there.

"What did you say?" he asked in a low growling voice.

"I said I quit." Alynthia told him, surprised at the power in her own voice.

The man laughed, a racous and cold laugh, that made Alynthia's insides tremble.

"Really, and how do you plan to do that, elf?" he asked in a mocking tone.

"I'm going to get my stuff, and walk out." Alynthia said, her voice wavering. The strength which she had found minutes ago, was fading quickly.

"I don't think so." He said again.

"I'm not your slave Brutus, and you can't make me stay where I don't want to stay." Alynthia told him boldly.

The man laughed again. "Do you, a pesky insect, think you can stand up to a warrior like me?" he asked, evidently amused.

"Well... yes... I.. I.. wwwil stand up ... tto you." Alynthia stammered. The mad glimmer in his eyes told her she was taking a dangerous course of action. However, Alynthia knew it was the only way.

Suddenly, Brutus's eyes flared. Alynthia saw that, and tried to get out of the way. However, her agility wasn't quite trained, and the beast grabbed her by her long ebonite hair.

"Listen to me, you wretched elf. You are an asset, you belong to me. You are my property. Get that through your thick skull. Or are you too stupid to understand, my dreamy little maiden." Brutus hissed.

"If you, for one minute think you own me, you're dumber than I thought you were. The only reason I stayed, was because I had no better place to go. And I don't think your father would be very happy to see how you're treating your employees." Alynthia bit back.

"My father's dead wench. It's my household now. My restaurant. My rules." Brutus said, grabbing on to her hair tighter.

Thinking quickly, Alynthia seized the warrior's hand and bit it so hard, she tasted blood. Brutus screamed with rage, and let go of her.

"You -----! You bit me! That's it! That's the last straw! I'll show you how to treat your masters!" he yelled and launched at her.

Alynthia ducked, and the warrior missed. However, the elf girl knew that she wouldn't last very long against him. He was strong, and she was weak. Seizing a kettle of boiling water on the stove, she dashed for it.

Brutus saw her, and madly clutching his bleeding finger ran after her.

"You're over now, little girl!" he screamed.

Alynthia seized the kettle, and without any delay threw the water upon him. Immediately afterwards, the brute fell to the floor, screaming and wailing. Alynthia bent down, to see how much damage he took. It wasn't too bad, but he was burned, most of it on his upper body and face.

"I'll get you for this, you miserable slave. You'll pay!" he muttered through pained groans.

Wasting no time, Alynthia collected the money she was being owned, took her bag. (the only belonging she wasn't wearing) and left.


Strobory Alynthia Mythal was walking down a dusty road, the sun high up in the sky. Yes, Strobory was her first name, but she preffered her middle one. It used to be the name of her mother, and the name of her grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great grandmother. It had been in the family for years. Of course they all had other names, but part of the tradition was to give girls the name of Alynthia. Few people knew it, and Strobory thought it would have been better if she used this one. For the nth time that day, she found her thoughts turning to home, the beautiful forests of the Elven lands, the place where she had grown up, her home.

"Stop it, you know very well you can't go back. Just stop thinking of home. It will make this adjustment better." her mind dictated.

Alynthia sighed and continued walking. Away from that awful place, away from that awful man. She was amazed at the fear and hate of some people towards the unknown. The different. Humans, in her oppinion, were weird creatures. Noy knowing what they wanted, not wanting change, yet wanting it. Always undecided, always different. Not that Alynthia minded. It was quite a pleasure from her otherwise boring life. Elves were renowed for their solitarity, for their tranquil life, yet Alynthia didn't want that. She liked change, she liked the different. In her innocence, she thought that all change was fascinating. A process worth to remember. Yet now, after living in the human world, Alynthia had learned that not all change was good. In times like these, when she was alone with her thoughts, the young elf girl wanted the solitarity and the tranquility back. It was like a warm comforting blanket. Her common sense told her though... that she would never have them back. Once she stepped into the cycle of change, there was no turning back. Now that her blanket was whisked away, Alynthia found that she missed it desperately.

"Human conception and reaction." she muttered, slowly chuckling at herself.

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Raw stood in the lobby of the "Limbo Children's Foundation," waiting to be admitted into the director's office.

'Damn I hate waiting.'

He sat for a few more moments until he was ushered in.

The fat balding man sitting behind the desk smiles broadly to him as he walks up to the desk.

"Ahhh! Mr. Dinna. I am so glad you have come in today. What may I do for you?"

Raw slaps down a check on the man's desk, causing the desk to vibrate violently under the strain.

"A donation for you foundation, Mr. Director." Raw smiles at the man, baring his teeth for show. "See that it is put to good use."

Raw walks out of the room and quickly down the steps, out of the building. A brisk wind blows through the city streets as a cold front approaches.

"What I wouldn't give to be in Florida right now...." Raw muses wistfully, thinking about his last trip to earth. Glancing across the street, he notices a restaurant and suddenly realizes how very hungry he is. Folding his wings tighti into his back, he crosses the street and walks up to the door. Looking inside hs notices that it is nearly empty, and it appears that they are preparing for some kind of party. He pushes lightly on the door and it swings open, ripping the lock out. He steps inside to the protest of a few people and makes his way to a table, sitting down and looking for a waitress. He notices a bull headed man and a thorian in the heat of a small argument. 'I wonder if she's the one in charge here...'

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*** ***

Kuranberi stared at her toes. At the toe, who had made the little hole in her sock bigger and was pointing it's cheerful little head through it, she glared back.

"Stupid potatoe!" she muttered and drew a happy face on the nail. She knew that it had been a good idea to bring more socks, why hadn't she brought any.

Walking into the middle of the road, she looked up and down the street. Looking people up and down and blinking curiously at them. She had never been this far away from home before, and not for this long.

"Excuse me..." she raised a delicate finger towards and scary looking man, from her standards, but he just walked past ignoring her.

"Pardon..." A extremely tall female looking thing pushed her out of the way.

She shoved out her lower jaw and frowned, this wasn't going to be easy. Hoping up and down the street trying to get someones attention, but they seemed to be oblivious to the little girl, squeaking something to get their attentions, turning a blind eye.

She looked down at her free toe, which smiled back at her. "This is all your fault!" She pointed accusingly at the happy little face, the toe just wiggled back.

Whilst standing there, arguing with lower parts of her body, she neglected to spot the bulk rushing towards her, until it was too late. With her eyes wide in fear she just put her hands over her head and squealed slightly, before being pushed around, she could count two turns before falling down on her bum on the ground. To her horror all her prized possesions had fallen out of her little shoulder bag and were scattered about.

Crawling on her hands and knees she collected them before anyone else got their dirty mitts on them, her brush, a can opener, an old metal clothes hanger, a small box of cookies and an old roll of cello tape, she liked the smell of it.

Feeling frustrated and grazing both her knees she plonked down on the steps of a house, resting her head in her right hand whilst blowing at her hair that had fallen into her face. She was not having a good travelling day she should've stayed at home and peeled carrots.

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“The sun will rise, the sun will set, but which sun where hasn’t happened yet.”

Blank faces replied to his words, a sea of ignorance. Yet the sea was his influence, his words were what changed the tides and coddled simplistic ideas into their heads.

and better yet, coddled their funds into my pocket

“What has went is better gone than returning to be a bother again. You toil, you privileged members of a constructed society of which you are mortar, a foundation which creates the very laws given with your adherence to them as such.” Maruranu Bru Crabbu knew the ways of beguilement and guidance were one and the same when used as such. Give the man a guide and he returns the guidance with profit. Bru even had it in his journal, on his page of hard and true proven rules.

Converted = Follower
Follower = controlled
Controlled = Suggestible
Suggestible = $$$

It was a good book. The rules had proven true before and shall again. That was also a rule. There were many rules. But a rule isn’t bad as long as the one who makes them is the only one following them, for if others follow his rules to himself they become him. Personality and being are merely ones adherence to ones own rules. The difference between Bru and others is that he had identified this fact. Even wrote it in his journal, same page.

I am the rules that am are I

Sometimes he wrote when tipsy. Actually he was often not ‘all right’ in the head, indeed rarely have people called him sober. But once again there was a difference between intoxication of others and Bru. Bru’s intoxication was only a shallow skin hiding the truth, it was in his book even-

Sobriety is the weakness of the masses, intoxication on knowledge makes life a journey, not a chore

So his journey of life had led him here, before a reputable bar perched in the center of the threads that formed the pathways his journey could move upon. Journeying wasn’t cheap. Journeying cost… well cost. Bru had found a way around that as well- followers. Followers were really great to have around, they provided amusement, manual labour, provisions. Look in the book.

Followers provide provisions

It’s a good book. A fine book. A magnificent book. Its even got stitching. Good stitching. Fine stitching. But enough about the book, back to Bru, the author of the book. The good book. The fine book. The magnifice- o right… Bru.

So Bru gave his followers a little speech every now and then to keep them in line then would have them adore him in quiet admiration most of the time, he liked his quiet time. Other times Bru would have them chant his name, or sing songs for him. Bru liked music. In fact… Bru wanted some music right now.

“And in the spent setting of the sun of dreams, the sounds of suffering was the silence of the night. The sounds of suffering encompassed all and every, the silence permeated the very essence of all things and stifled to song of life. And so you must sing with the harmony of the thread around you, feel the thrum and hum of reality flow through you and have your voices become conduits of the whole. I hear…” Bru’s hand cupped his ear as his followers listened intently, trying to discern the fabric of time itself in a bid to know of which Bru spoke. “I hear… nothing. The music is absent and muted, both gone and smothered in your disbelief !”

The crowd of faces grew frightened, rampant unhushed mumblings of tithes and doom consumed the three dozen or so who stood before him.

Bru raised his hand. “Silence.” And with his word, the crowd immediately fell into a deathly still, breath itself was a burden on their morals. “Listen to the voice of the unconstrained, there.” Bru pointed to a shaggy and unkempt man, covered in the rags of newspaper and torn socks and a musty odor that could have come from no stretch of a gods imagination. In the still of the hush, a faint mumbling could be heard emanating from the man who rocked back and forth to himself.

“…I’m a soul man… do do do do dodo do do I’m a soul man…”

And so it was done, the resounding chorus of adherents to his will banded together to serenade Bru.

“Coming to you, on a dusty road. Good lovin’ I’ve got a truckload…”

Heh, thought Bru to himself, smirking in his own glory, This is why I converted a choir first

It was always a good day to be Bru.

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"Peppa!" Maachini Oribu shouted down one of the long sweeping staircases. "You get Remoneido out here to take orders!"

"Yes'm," Peppa said obediently and went to fetch the cat-girl.

Maachini was proud of her establishment. The Drunk Tank was doing well and so was she. If a bar can become such a focal point that it's proprietess can be named a standing Council Member, then something must be right in the world of alcholics.

There were several things people knew about Maachini.

The first was the Oribu was her maiden name. She'd been married three times and three times she had lost a husband. Many people smirked about this behind their hands because they knew that Maachini didn't have much of a heart, at least not a romantic one, but what there was in her chest did go pitter-patter at the sight of money, little black souls of all shapes and sizes. And her husbands, until directly after their marriage, had each had a lot of money. Then they had put it into some really nice life-insurance policies. And so after three unfortunate deaths Maachini had become a very rich woman.

Once she had been interrogated as the police had suspected foul play.

"How did your first husband die?" the officer had asked.

"He died in a fire," Maachini had drawled in her thick, Southern honey accent.

"And your second husband?"

"He also died in a fire."

"And your third?"

"Smoke asphyxiation."

Some people laughed about it. Others said that Maachini Oribu was only as good as she had to be.

Some of the younger and more attractive men out there would smile into their hands because they knew she was a lot better.

And right now she was feeling divine. She shifted a fall of dark red and chestnut curls over her shoulder and smiled in sinful scarlet. Honey Keikki was singing tonight, she had a drunk God at her bar and a popular bouncer's birthday party which meant that money would be flowing in after the initial first drink was given to everyone for free that evening.

It was a beautiful feeling.

She watched as Remoneido served up the demon who had just entered and then turned her attention to Soy, the small reptillian demon who had just come up to her in his strange hop-skip-run, adjusting her spectacles.

"Ms. Maachini," he said brightly. "The black raven shipment came in. You said I was to tell you when it did."

"So I did, Soy," she patted him on the head, "thank you."

It was good to be Queen.

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Honii Keikki sat at the mirror looking at what she saw..
"D*mn I hate growing older" she whispered aloud. Not that she had a real reason to complain for at 26 she was far from being ready to be put out to pasture.
She could not even imagine herself as 50 like Chekkusu was turning.
Maybe it was just her boredom at where she found herself now.
She had to admit she could be doing something far worse.
The thought of what could have been doing caused her to shiver just a little.
Or just maybe it was the greentea icecream she had just taken a spoonful of and had finished.
She always liked to eat some before her show.

She continued to look in the mirror her mind wandering.
She applied some sparkles to her pale cheeks.
This gave her a glow and she knew the lightning would reflect nicely back as she did her set.

She wanted it to be special for Chekkusu he was a pussycat really such a big imposing bouncer and had come to her rescue and defence a number of times.
He always treated her like normal not like some pampered princess that some men would do.
Always sending her flowers and small gifts wanting something that she was most definately not going to be offering.

She applied some lipstick to her lips.
How she loved this colour of silver it would go well
with her blue sequined halter dress.
She grinned at the fact she had been given the great fortune of getting a new pair of high heels to match her dress as well.
If there was one thing Honii loved it was dressing like a women.

There was a knock on her door to her dressing room.
" Honii 15 minute warning" the elves voice called from behind the closed door.

"Sure thanks" she replied.

She moved the shoes closer to her and stepped into them buckling the silver straps. When she stood up the shoes gave her an extra 3 inches of height. Somehow this made her feel better, it was not like she was tall to begin with at only 5'5" but now she was 3 inches taller. Plus unlike some women she could run in heels and this had proved of great help now and again.

Smiling at herself she smoothed her long baby blue dress down. It came to just above her toes she did love this dress and
how it was halter style and plunged down her lower back.

"Hmmm I need more sparkles" she said looking in the mirror once again. She rubbed some on her pale white bare shoulders.
She wore her silver white hair down tonight and put on some long drop diamond earings an admirer had given her.

"Perfect" she smiled.

She played her first song over in her head the words
flowing endlessly............
'How can I keep from singing'

she loved that song and always opened with it.........

My life goes on in endless song
above earth's lamentations,
I hear the real, though far-off hymn
that hails a new creation.

Through all the tumult and the strife
I hear it's music ringing,
It sounds an echo in my soul.
How can I keep from singing?

While though the tempest loudly roars,

I hear the truth, it liveth.
And though the darkness 'round me close,
songs in the night it giveth.

No storm can shake my inmost calm,
while to that rock I'm clinging.
Since love is lord of heaven and earth
how can I keep from singing?

When tyrants tremble in their fear
and hear their death knell ringing,
when friends rejoice both far and near
how can I keep from singing?

In prison cell and dungeon vile
our thoughts to them are winging,
when friends by shame are undefiled
how can I keep from singing?

Putting on her serious face which was sometimes mistaken for boredom,she opened the door and stepped outside making her way to the stage that she had callled home here at the Drunk Tank for sometime...

Such good posts doth Trinity see here........ anyways if you are interested the song that Honii will sing first is by Enya.....just so you know.......

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Raw watches the waiter as he brings his food. Taking it he begins to eat slowly and carefully, testign the food. It wasn't good by any means, but it was passable.

'Not a bad place, this "Drunk Tank." Best to stay away from the bar though...'

Raw thoughtfully continues eating, glancing around the place and taking note of everything. Again he sees the attractive little thorian and the large minotaur, the minotaur trying his best to relax but simply forcing himself to sit still at best. He was antsy, Raw found himself thinking that maybe the minotaur would rather be somewhere else.

'I wonder what's going on...'

Looking towards the bar, Raw notices the man sitting there. Seemingly a homeless bum, the man reeked, Raw could smell him from the table. But there was something disturbingly familiar about him....something just on the tip of Raw's memory.....it was a very long time ago, before he first started going to earth.

'Who is that old beggar?' Raw continues looking around as he thinks about it. As he looks up to the next level he notices one of the most beautiful human females he ahd ever laid his ancient eyes upon. Beauty like that doens't happen often...maybe once every few millenia and it sin't an image you easily forget. He finds himself starig at her and quickly turns back to the drunk beggar, regarding him intently.

'It was before I left for earth....back when i still worked for the gods...'


He watches as the god turns to him, and stands up suddenly, knocking his chair over as he makes his way to the bar.

"Kouraa! Do you remember me? I'm Raw! Raw Dinna...i served under you for a while before I left for earth...."

Raw studies the man and waits for an answer.

07-01-2002, 11:25 PM

There are very few things a God can actually understand. Oh, underneath it all they understand everything really. They have to. They're Gods.

But there are a few problems.

For instance, God's are notoriously unimaginative. And they aren't very careful. The volatile mix that had resulted in humans, who scared the beejesus out of the Gods.

Kouraa wasn't much scared of anything. Of course, Kouraa's most recent, comprehensible thought was "The park squirrels are after me Lucky Charms!"

That had been a week ago.

"Buggerem buggerit!" he shouted at Raw, hopping up and down. He looked over and noticed Maachini fastiduously approaching, a kerchief over her nose and mouth.

"Now sir, Mr. Kouraa isn't hurting anybody. He's always welcome here," she said kindly.

"Wit clothes off, buggerem buggerit?" he mumbled.

"Certainly, you just sit down and enjoy a nice big cup of treacle, Mr. Kouraa. On the house," she said reasuringly as she exchanged a Look with Chard.

"What?" he asked and then sighed. "Bloody women, always gettin' their wossnames in a twist over nothin' they can't do nothin' about. Kouraa's crazy as bleedin' monkey. Ain't much t'do for it but give 'im 'is damn treacle I'm supposin'..."

07-01-2002, 11:50 PM

Hiigaran says to me "Describe characters you gots runnin' around!"

I say "I is lazy!"

Hiigaran say "Do it!"


The God of the Homeless Insane stands about five feet two inches with skin like crepe paper, tanned and splotchy and eyes with two pinpoints of pale blue lights hidden beneath bushy brows. He has a long scraggly beard with bits of food in it and ends every sentence with "buggerem buggerit". He might be bald but he wears a tattered pointy hat, so no one can tell. The smell coming off this man is worse than a fish house in the hot summertime. Your nose just shuts off when he comes near and your eyes begin to water. It's actually hard to move through the thickness of his smell.

Soy and Chard

Physically identical, Soy and Chard each stand four and a half feet in height. They look like miniature humans covered in green scales. Soy wears a blue Chinese mianzi and glasses and Chard wears black trousers, a black leather vest and a studded collar.


Older than Chekkusu by about sixty years, Torisukatto is more of a golden than brown Minotaur. He's quite charming and very kind, despite the fact that he's a bouncer.


A couple inches shorter than his brother and more reddish than brown, Chekkusu is painfully shy when it comes to women, even though he has a long line of ex-girlfriends.

Maachini Oribu

Red hair in the large, soft curls women pay hundreds of dollars for and sharp jade eyes. Tan skin and full lips, she makes quite a sight. The aging counsel members absolutely LOVE having her at the meetings.

08-01-2002, 12:06 AM
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08-01-2002, 12:23 AM

He lies.


The girl squirmed in place. "Torisukatto," she hissed. "What's taking you so long?"

"I've gotta wrap it, don't I?" he muttered. "Now be quiet. You know he'll go gaga over it."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Peppa sighed and peeked around the corner of the door, noticing Ms. Maachini looking fresh and cool like ice cream.

"Nee, Torisukatto," she said in a low voice. "Do you think I'm pretty?" Torisukatto froze up, a myriad of anime-style sweat-drops appearing on his head.

"I really don't think this is the time to be talking about... that is... er.... eep!" he managed, blushing bright red through his hair.

"Hoe? You're all red? Are you coming down with something?" Peppa asked with the sweet innocence of someone who doesn't understand.

"Don't mind me!" he said with a forced smile, "I'm fine!"

Peppa couldn't hear his thoughts and therefor missed out on She wears things like that and then goes asking a man to pay attention to her body. Thank the Gods she's with men like me and Chekkusu to protect her.

Peppa sighed. "I wish I looked like Ms. Maachini."

"You worry too much, Peppa," Torisukatto told her. "You look just fine."

08-01-2002, 12:49 AM
*Looking down at her old, tarnished silver watch, a small smiled crossed Namazu's lips. "It looks like we made it out of the trailer at a reasonable time," she stated to the other members of her band.

Shioni, a rather tall drummer, who was demon and had known Namazu since they were young spoke up. "If you didn't spend so much time squeezing into your leather we'd make it on time to sets once in a while... What time is our set at the Drunk Tank tonight?"

Namazu shrugged, time never mattered much to her. "I don't know... but I think we're early. There should at least be time for a drink or two."

The band seemed contented with her answer and soon they found themself at the Drunk Tank. Namazu, like usual, went straight to the bar and ordered herself a drink. From there she watched an elven girl sing her set, half impressed... and half regarding her scornfully.*

OOC: eh... that wasn't one of my better posts... but I've got lots of stuff going on right now...

Phantom Angel
08-01-2002, 12:52 AM
OOC: fine.. since no one wants to meet up with my flimsy character... i'll just get to the drunk tank myself! *pout*

It was almost dark when Alynthia reached a city. Wearily, she entered the first building she saw. Her tired eyes spotted the name. Drunk Tank.

Humans give weird names to simple places." Alynthia thought.

Wearily, she let herself slip down to a chair, in a shielded corner. That way, she could see almost everyone, and all of those that came in, but no one could really see her. From her experience with Brutus, Alynthia was still nervous when talking to humans. She understood that Brutus had been a beast, yet she couldn't help it. She knew she wasn't a gret fighter. She had barely escaped from her encounter with Brutus. Alynthia didn't feel like meeting any more troubmakers.

A waitress came to her.

"What would you like to order?" the waitress asked.

She was a big woman with red hair, wearing a green apron. She looked at the elf girl sternly. A look that told Alynthia she shouldn't waste more of the woman's time. Alynthia smiled back sympathetically. A while ago, she was in the same position.

"Just some water please." Alynthia said weakly.

The waitress turned around, and immediately appeared with a glass of water.

"Don't worry honey, it's on the house." she said with a smile and left.

Alynthia got up, and went to the waitress.

"Here you go." she said slipping a few gold coins in her hand.

The waitress smiled, and went back to work. Alynthia went back to her table, and sat down with a sigh, pondering what to do from there. Time did not pass for elves as it did for humans. She merely saw the last few months as a blink of an eye. Yet she knew she must do something, to support herself. Dying was not an option. Not when she'd risked so much.

08-01-2002, 01:18 AM
Oi Hiigaran you leave poor Kiva be she is a busy gal..:D

08-01-2002, 01:22 AM
It was painfully obvious to Raw that Kouraa was playing stupid for the sake of hiding. He looked around and noticed that since he had arrived the bar had become significantly more crowded. Some idiot outside was preaching a new religion to any fool who would listen. As Raw watched, an elf took the stage first as people filed in for what appeared to be someone's birthday party. He turns to the bartender.

"What is going on here my good man?"

The imp replies, "A birthday party for one of our bouncers....the chap is turning 50 you see."

"I see..."

Raw turns from the bar and Kouraa, and begins to glance about the room. He notices a small elf girl huddled in the corner. As he continues to glance about, he sees the preacher outside again.

'He looks familiar....kind of like Kouraa there.'

He turns back to the bartender. "Where's your bathroom?"

The bartender motions vaguely off to the right and Raw quickly makes his way there. He steps just inside the door and says a quick word. His body begins to shrink and he begins to take on human form. His eyes turn to a deep purple color and his black hair falls to just above his ears. His unkempt beard and tanned skin give the impression of some kind of surfer.

'I thought I had cut the damned stubble off....being in human form is so troublesome.' He quickly exits the bathroom. He is still easily taller than most of the people in the bar, save the two minotaur, and has a bulk to match theirs. He quietly makes his way to the seats near the stage area and finds one in the back, near the wall and sits so he can easily glance around the bar without being noticed.

'I can't go home until tomorrow so I might as well enjoy myself while I'm here....'

He sits down and watches the show, intermittently peering around the bar, taking careful notice of the preacher outside.

Aku Shi
08-01-2002, 01:26 AM
Gentle singing drifted on the breeze through the forest and reached Mintochipu Aisukuriimu's pointed ears. He perked his head up, his ears twitching a little as his frosty green eyes scanned the surrounding trees.

That song... I love that song! It's one of my favorites!!!

"Pay attention...." the North Wind scolded as it rustled through the leaves.

But... I love that song, sensei... Can't I take a break to listen to it for just a little bit?

"No. You are always putting off your lessons... It's bad enough I have to talk to you through the wind all the bloody time because you're never here!"

But, sensei.....

"Stop whining! You're far too old to be pouting like a child!"

You're no fun, sensei...

The elf crossed his arms and glared forward. It was far to lovely an evening to waste it on lessons. Minto would rather be doing other things, like sleeping or partying or buying new clothes... Speaking of which.... The boy looked down at his blouse, a look of dissatisfaction upon his fine features.

Hmmm... I think I need a new shirt...

"You just bought that one yesterday! Now, stop worrying over your wardrobe and listen to your lessons! How are you ever going to cast a correct spell if you never listen?!"

Of course, Minto didn't listen. Sighing, he jumped down from the tree branch he was on and dusted himself off. Another warm and gentle breeze carried the singing his way and again the ears twitched.

I know! I'll go listen to music, and while I'm there, I'll get a new outfit!

"Oh, why do I even bother?..."

Dude, KtHM! Kouraa reminds me of Happy Noodle Boy a little. I like 'im!

Trinity, I love that Enya song!!! XD

Princess Samari
08-01-2002, 02:58 AM
It wasn't noisy..it was festive. Or so thats what Miss Udon Nuudoru kept telling herself.

Poor Udon. She had seated herself at the far end of the bar and was nursing the last of her rum and coke. "Don't worry..be happy..doo bee doo do"

That song! that damn song! it had been stuck in her head for days! and not even Honii's singing was helping her.

Poor Poor Udon. There she was a relativly young Kitsune surround by music and all she could do was sit there with her face planted on the bar top, the sticky feel of the sweat of the glass pooling onto her forhead sucrose and alcohol undoubtly cloging her pours. But she wasn't going to worry about it. She wa gonna be ha-..noo. She was going to sit there and sulk.

How miserable. "cause when you worry your face will frown and that will bring everybody down"

"Damnit all! I do not need some stupid song to tell me to be happy!"

Sitting up suddenly after her rather abrupt shouting Udon motioned for another rum and coke.

No dumb song from the era of spandex was going to rule her life. No way. Why she should just stop worrying about it and be ha- "NO!!"

08-01-2002, 01:30 PM
Honii looked out into the assembled crowd. The seats were almost filled a ragtag collection of different species. But that is how she liked it for variety was the spice of life. Well that is what she had always been accustomed to having been raised to accept everyone.

Putting on her show face and smiling.The lights dimmed and
A younger male elf introduced Honii.

"For your listening pleasure The Drunk Tank would like to present
Miss Honii Keikki.


The lights raised and Honii sang 'How can I keep from singing'
standing still as the light reflected off her sequins and sparkled body paint.


She bowed gently and made her way to the shiny black grand piano.Her dress making a slight swishing sound as her legs brushed past each other.

After her first song she would then always play a piano piece.
Honii moved to the piano and seated herself. Folding her dress underneath her.
Before taking a deep breath and placing her hands in the ready position.
She loved the sound the piano made the notes playing as she moved her delicate fingers over the ivory keys.

This evening she played a simple haunting tune known as


After she had finished she stood up and bowed.


Her training in music had left her with a strict code of
how one should behave and she smiled slightly.
Honii stepped down from the stage moving past the imp that was seated at the first table.
She immediately noted a elven girl seated among the patrons.
She always noted elven,maybe it was because of her own bloodline.
She nodded at her before continuing to pass by.

She began.......
"The next song is dedicated to Chekkusu in honor of his 50th
birthday. I believe it is one of your favorites" she grinned and nodded at the band and they started.
Her attention strictly focused on the now embarrassed and extremely shy Chekkusu.

"Gravity Of Love"

"O Fortuna
velut Luna" "O Fortune
like the Moon"
Turn around and smell what you don't see
Close your eyes ... it is so clear
Here's the mirror, behind there is a screen
On both ways you can get in
Don't think twice before you listen to your heart
Follow the trace for a new start
What you need and everything you'll feel
Is just a question of the deal
In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love
"O Fortuna
velut Luna" "O Fortune
like the Moon"

The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom

The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom
Try to think about it ...
That's the chance to live your life and discover
What it is, what's the gravity of love

"O Fortuna
velut Luna" "O Fortune
like the Moon"
Look around just people, can you hear their voice
Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice
But if you're in the eye of storm
Just think of the lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love.

"O Fortuna
velut Luna" "O Fortune
like the Moon"

She was looking straight into Chekkusu eyes as she ended her


" That was not so bad now was it?" she asked as she had to stand on her toes to give the big Minatour a kiss. " Happy Birthday you sweetheart"

The male elven came on stage and said there would be a intermission.

Honii sat at the bar her white hair cascading down her bare back. Almost immediately a drink was sent over to her and she turned to say thank you to who had sent it over. Who ever that might be...


A the formality of piano lessons.....song is 'Gravity of Love'..by Egnima (Enya) CD Pure Moods III.... ok Trin most go to work...

08-01-2002, 02:03 PM
OOC: Kiva told me that since I like senseless violence so much, that I had better make some allies....so awaaaaay I go
As the elf took the stage, Raw leaned back and relaxed a bit more. Elves had beautiful voices, and he enjoyed listening. Music being one of his passions, Raw was not disappointed by the woman. He closed his eyes and listened intently, the song bringing back memories of one of his more recent trips to earth. He had heard this song there too. He would have to thank her somehow....

As Raw watched the show unfold he noticed the one minotaur, the guest of honor he supposed, completely enraptured by her. As the mention of his name he blushed furiously and tried to make himself small.

'Heh...some people just don't know how to handle attention.'

As the soothing sounds of her song washed over the room, Raw watched intently as the elf came down off the stage. He watched as her eyes immediately noticed the small, shy elf girl who had come in earlier. 'Interesting' The elf girls white hair shimmered in the stage light and her pale skin seemed to radiate.

'What an interesting combination....I've never seen an albino elf before.'

At the end of the song he quickly glances around the room again, noticing a newcomer to the bar. A female kitsune...a rather odd looking and surly one at that, sat at the bar nursing a drink. Raw quietly made his way over to the bar and motioned for the bartender. When the bartender came, Raw bent down and whispered to him.

"A drink for the singer if you will....something easy on the throat."

It was the least he could do in payment for such good music. He paid the bartender quickly and took his seat again intently observing the room through the intermission.

Phantom Angel
08-01-2002, 05:03 PM
Alynthia listened to the song of the elf girl. She closed her eyes, feeling the words seep into her being. They brought about a scent of home. The home she now missed so much.

Alynthia opened her green eyes, and began slowly mouthing the words of the song. It was an ancient song she knew only too well. Perfectly suited for the ocasion.

When the elven girl came off the stage, she appeared to be heading towards her. Alynthia quickly opened her braided hair, and let it flow over her face, covering her revealing slanted eyes and pointy ears. She didn't want to be seen. Not by her kind, yet she could feel that the elf girl was not dangerous.

"Better safe than sorry." her mind dictated.

Breathing a sigh of relief, as the elf suddenly turned away, Alynthia pushed her hair back, letting it cover her ears, hoping that maybe the slanted eyes didn't give her away too much. The corner she was currently inhabiting was pretty dark.

She continued to stare at the crowd, and noticed how a few people stood out. The girl that had first sung, and a few more others looked more interesting than the otherwise bland crowd. Alynthia could already see the sprits starting to heat, as the night progressed. Sighing, she hoped she could get away before she'd be involved in any more trouble.

OOC: eheh.. gimme a while to learn all the names..... i'll get there eventually. please take no offence if i mess up the first time.. i'll go back and edit my posts... not to worry :)[I]

Nagha's revenge
08-01-2002, 05:30 PM
0-62.5 mph: 6 seconds
Maximum speed:
Automatic: 155 mph

Number of cylinders: 8
Arrangement: V
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm): 530 / 3150-4500

Fuel consumption (mpg) (automatic)
City: 14.4
Extra urban: 30.7
Combined: 21.7

A sleek body, deep purple colour. It just was love at first site.
The little imp hugged the most beautiful queen of the road mass-produced by man, the Mercedes CL55 AMG.

"She's a beauty sir. You drive a hard bargain, but it's been a pleasure." The salesman said after sealing the deal.
"Yes, yes. Sure thing human-slave. Go go now before I put you on my bad list and kill you when I'm planar ruler." The imp waved his hands, gesturing the salesman to take his sweet words somewhere else. "Now slave open the door !" The imp commanded.
"Sir ?" The salesman looked back as if he actually thought the imp was talking to him.
"No not you human-slave !!" The imp scolded him from a few feet distance," I meant the squirrel-slave."
"Did I actually sell this guy a car !?" The now disgruntled salesman asked himself. As he saw a squirrel jump out of the nearby shrubbery and open the door for the imp.

Now this would not be such a weird thing in the planes only ... The squirrel opened the backseat door!

"Er .. Sir ! Are you not going to drive ?" The salesman knew he should not have asked this, but curiosity and common sense demanded that he acted.
The imp in return gave him a hearse look. Like he said something so universally stupid. After which the imp recited out loud, "metal note: Kill salesman-slave at car lot in forest when planar ruler." The imp sounded quite serious.
"Hgn .. Is he serious ?" The salesman thought as he tried to keep the creeping feeling of maniacal laughter in check. But the longer he stared at the imps 'high and mighty' expression the harder it became, until finally the salesman caved under the pressure and laughed his ass of in front of the imp.
"You laugh AT ME !?" The imp’s tone was furious, "very well." And then calm again. "Scratch previous mental note. Why wait. Squirrel-slaves, face .. now." He said as he pointed towards the hysterically laughing man.

"The rest of you slaves come with me.. we move." As he got into the car and closed the door behind him. A myriad of squirrel emerged from the shrubs and got into the car. The rest hopped onto the salesman, and started clawing and knawing at his face and eyes with their squirrelly fangs and claws. As he gestured the squirrels in the car to get it moving, outside you could hear the mans laughter turning into horrid outings of pain.
"AAAhhh !! Get em off ! Get em off !! My face, my beautiful face !! Noooo !!!!!!! Not the eyes ! Anything except the eyes !! ... Whoa ! They're in my hair !!! They're in .. my hair .. !!" As the screams grew distant, he told the squirrels where to go next.

"The drunk tank."

"Yaaaaawn.. " He stretched himself on the spiffy leather interior, he was sleepy.
"Now none of you ever touch the upholstery ! Yes ! That includes you slaves driving ! Be happy I let you cling to the wheel ! I'm going to sleep and don't anyone even think about speeding ! I didn't collect my shinnies to loose them so easily !" His runty voice resonated thought the car as the squirrels returned his orders with their usual vacant stares.
"Good ! Wake me when we get there, slaves." He closed before napping.

What happened earlier.

"Pull !! You lazy waste of fur slave-squirrels !!" The imp cracked his whip on the backs of the poor squirrels pulling his cart. Until at last the poor things gave out and collapsed infront of the cart.
"What !? You need rest again !?" He screamed in his usual nasal voice. As he peered towards the horizon he saw, what looked like a small bar in the middle of nowhere.
"Very well you may rest. After we arrive at that bar there." He pointed towards the east, "it's only one mile away. So put yer measly backs into it ! And don't ever say I wasn't nice !"

"We finally arrived, remind me to put you guys on Tai bo. You're endurance just plain sucks. Wait here, I have to get a drink."
Inside the shack, there is no better word for it. It was dark, leaky, and rank. It reminded him of ancient earth outhouses or as he called them. Holes in the ground where maggots and other crapfeaders gathered.
Trying to control the gagging reflex he thought, "The things I do for love (of power)."
He pulled up to the bar. The stools were too short for him to sit on ... thank god. There were two men drinking at the bar and one female bartender. They looked to be regulars.
"Say do you people know where an imp can go to find the money and resources for total planar conquest ?" The two minotaurs looked at each other and then at the vampire standing behind the bar.
"Say Moose you remember last month, a nahga came in here asking the same question !" One of the minotaurs said.
"Yeah, only..... he wanted a drink." The other replied. It was obvious they were drunk, then again.
"Yeah ! That too, he wanted a really strange drink too .. Say Garlic ! What did he order again ?"
The vampire blinked and snapped out of her trance. It was obvious she hadn't fed in aged .. she was .. sagging. " Er .. well he wanted gin.. in a clean glass."
"Pfff ! Really ! City folk are strange ! Right Chocolaté ?" Moose said.
"You said it ! Why I remember the time one of them came around here in one of those earth thingies.. those .. those ... whadja call em .. er ... Moose .. it sounds like bars .."
"Oh you mean bar ! Yeah where in one ! Where always here."His voice somehow grew more stupid when speaking these words."
"Riiight ! Bars good .. Say Garlic ! More drink !"
As the vampire refilled their glasses the imp could feel his intelligence dropping by the second. "You know .. never mind,"He turned his attention towards the vampire,"You know any other places near here ? " She gave him a scattered gaze as she replied "There's a car lot down eastwards just a mile from here. Run by some human. And even further west there's the Drunk-tank... " Her eyes became hazy as if staring into the past,"I used to work there I was a waitress, I was so young an-"
"Yeah, yeah beautiful. You made a mistake, yadda yadda yadda, you ended up here. THE END." The imp interrupted. "Tell me more of this Drunk-tank."
"Well it's this huge bar, entertainment, drinks, food, everything."
"Really ? This is interesting"
"Yes it's run by this beautiful and rich woman ... sooo beautiful ... soo " Her eyes became hazy again as her senses wondered off again and took her to, probably, better places.
"Well ok .. thank you all. I'll be off now." He was in quite a rush to get out of there actually. He pondered burning the poor little shack .. but. That just wasn't cruel enough, a fiery death would be easy on these crapfeaders.

"Get up you lazy poor excuses for slaves ! We move !" Once again his whip got the taste of squirrelly hide.

Wake-up calls are a b!tch

As the squirrel made it's way up along the imp's leg. It woke him .. by biting in his right index finger.
"AUww .. You little !!" He lowered the window and threw the squirrel out of the window. The other squirrels rushed too the window to see what happened to their comrade. They're heads following his movements up and down as the squirrel bounced out of the car and rolled onto the road, like a fresh tennis ball.
"Now why did he ? AH ! I can see we're nearing the tank !" he sounded relieved as he rose and climbed out onto the roof. Signing the squirrels to slow the car while they rode into town.

"This is it. "He though.."It begins here, my quest to power.. My ascension." An ethereal mist began rising around him.

Ich Will

Ich Will

As he rode past, his cloak snapping in the wind, with his goggles on.

Guitar kicks in
enter top-hat
Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut

"What's that sound ?" murmers rose from the people along side the road as he rode past.

Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt
Ich will eure Blicke spüren
Ich will jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren

"Whoa .. look at that car !!"
"At least they liked his car. Lucky had opted for that alarm system too."

Ich will eure Stimmen hören
Ich will die Ruhe stören
Ich will dass ihr mich gut seht
Ich will dass ihr mich versteht

"What's that on that car ? AN imp !?" The peoples reactions only made this sweeter for him.

Ich will eure Phantasie
Ich will eure Energie
Ich will eure Hände sehen
Ich will in Beifall untergehen

"I like his scarf !" A young woman said.
"Score !" He though as he grabbed his crotch and did a little spin on his car's roof. "Just like mike." He thought.

Seht ihr mich?
Versteht ihr mich?
Fühlt ihr mich?
Hört ihr mich?
Könnt ihr mich hören?
Wir hören dich
Könnt ihr mich sehen?
Wir sehen dich
Könnt ihr mich fühlen?
Wir fühlen dich
Ich versteh euch nicht

He arrived at the front door. He jumped off and turned his attention to the squirrels. "Park it and get it washed. Scratch it and I scratch you .. Got that ?"
The squirrels replied with the same vacant expression.

He swung open the doors while the song was at it's peak. Guitars wailing, drums banging so loud the crowd inside was silent for one moment.

Ich will


"Good day, I'm Calzone Quatro Fromago XIV. And I'd like a table and gin in a clean glass." As soon as he said those words he was helped to a table on the upper level. Everyone just continued on as if nothing happened, as if something like this happens everyday.


For the record he cannot talk with squirrels nor do they understand him.

Quantity not quality ^^*.

Aku Shi
08-01-2002, 06:31 PM
Cautiously the elf snuck up to the tavern with the name Drunk Tank on its sign. Tilting his head, he watched silently as an imp riding on the top of a car that was driven by squirlls pulled up. As soon as the imp was inside, Minto stuck his head out of the trees a little more.

Strange people this town attracts... Maybe I should have kept moving instead of stopped at the woods nearby the other day...

Suddenly he remembered the singing he heard earlier and he slowly crept along the wall to a window. Careful not to be seen, he raised himself to his tip-toes and peeked in. There were all sorts of peoples inside, but at the bar was a beautiful elf with flowing white tresses.

She must be the singer... I can feel it...

He pulled himself higher into the frame of the window to get a better look.

I wonder if she's gonna sing anymore tonight... Hmmm...

His mind was suddenly distracted as he wondered if there were any good looking young men in the tavern tonight... His ears twitched some more as she strained to hear what the people inside were saying. Pressing his face against the cold glass, he tried to turn his head in order to see more of the people inside. His warm breath upon the glass caused it to fog and his view to be disrupted. Sighing, he kept wiping the warm mist away and continued to look, his cheek growing numb.

08-01-2002, 07:46 PM
OOC: Trinity... are you going to sing some more, or is it time for Namazu's set? Sorry... I'm a little impatient to post again, but if you've got more stuff to do, Namazu can continue to drink at the bar... not a problem.

08-01-2002, 07:50 PM

Must... resist urge to start battle...

Resisting. Character developement, plot, those are the most important things. We will begin with those. Then I can start the violence.


"Chekkusu!" She hopped up, threw her arms around his wide neck (as best she could) and hugged him tightly. "Come on, come on, Kouraa has a present for you! So does Maachini!"

Kouraa's idea of a present was to smack Chekkusu in the arm with the head of a duck while shouting (you know this already) "Buggrem buggrit!"

Maachini gave him a raise which caused him to nearly weep with gratitude. Maachini liked watching men weep at her feet and was rather disappointed that he actually managed to maintain control of himself.

"We got you a present too," Peppa said and looked over at Torisukatto who held out the present to Chekkusu.


They were coming, scarves wrapped around their faces, skulking in the dim moon. They were coming, claws scraping the earth ever so gently.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about their visit. The only unusual piece of the puzzle was the reason.

They were coming for revenge.

They were coming for freedom.


She paused, pressed a hand to her stomach and closed her eyes, trying to force the wave of dizziness away.

The spells were coming closer and closer together. It couldn't be a good sign.

Maachini turned her grin to Peppa and patted her shoulder. "I'm sorry, dear, but could you keep this party running? I just remembered I have a few things to take care of."

Would the sickness ever leave? Would it ever finish what it had begun?

Maachini started up the stairs towards her office.


I hate this post. I'll probably come back and edit it with way more details later.

08-01-2002, 08:33 PM

Hitomi_333 your turn sure.... I am sorry take it away.....*pulls up a chair*

Chesta chesta chesta
08-01-2002, 09:29 PM
She made her way through the doors, pushing her weight against them, she thought it was unfair that there were rules for heavy doors. No doors would've been better.

The sight that met her made her eyes grow with amazement. Why had she never been here before? How could she have missed it? And then she realised why, she thought it smellt. It smellt of...of...she wasn't sure, and she wasn't sure if she liked it, it was like a thick veil floating across the room, sweet but still sour.

She walked around looking up at everyone, who seemed to be towering over her, clutching her bag hard to her chest. She wasnt going to loose it this time, no way siiire. She walked around, staring at the different characters drinking and laughing.
She rested her head against the bar to get a better perspective of everything, getting bored of watching odd things drinking she walked off, with a glass in her hands.

Looking curiously at the yellowish liquid inside, sniffing it and pulling a face at the smell of it. But alas everyone else seemed to like it so she raised the glass with both her hands and took a gulp. And she basically turned green. It was the foulest thing she had ever tasted, worse than spinach. She just nicely put the glass at a random table and walked of with a sandwich instead, which was much nicer.

Something glittery caught her eye and she almost choked at the piece of bread, dropping it to the floor and rushing towards the glittery object.

"Excuse me...coming through...shiny patrol...MOVE!"

Stopping abrupt she saw the cause of her joy, a glittery dress, a wonderful GLITTERY dress, the only cause of concern, someone was wearing this wonderful dress, a small glitch in the glitter aquirement. Narrowing her eyes at the Elf, who was talking to the admirers, at least that what she guessed they were, this would need drastic measures.

She fumbled around in her bag, nothing there, in her back pockets, not there. Checking the pocket on the inside of her blue shorts, there she found it.

"Gotcha!" she triumphantly held up a pair of scissors, and smiled at her small reflection on the blades. Sneaking up, dodging behind tables and guests, she kept her eyes on the glitter, that beckoned her, it basically screamed at her to take it home.

Raising her eye level just above a table, waiting for that perfect moment to jump, grab and run away as fast as her little legs could carry her. Any moment now.

"Go away! Go away!" She whispered, trying to use her non existing brain power to will people away from the glitter, no escape route was clear. "Just fricking ---- off and leave the woman alone dammit!"

She rested her chin on the table. After a while she sat down in a chair, resting her head on her hands. Then she moved to the more comfertable position of half laying on the table, with a tired look on her face and her scissors still held high.

She was damned that glitter was that bloody difficult to get hold off.


OOC: I curse the world!!!! I do!!! Only PlushiE knows why!! Curse dammit!!!

08-01-2002, 09:44 PM
Seeing a man with deep purple eyes and a tanned complexion
doing his damdest to make eye contact with her.
Honii raised her eyebrows ever so slightly.

She must admitt she did find his eyes most interesting.
She gave him the once over and thought that in her humble opinion he needed to shave and maybe clean up just a lil
Honii not being rude gave him a small discreet smile.
As a glass of sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon was pushed in front of her.

" Thank you" she whispered.

She stared into her water and her mind wandered.
Watching the bubbles dance in the glass... it was most hypnotic.

Honii did not handle liquor well and that is why they gave her water.
She thought back to a time this human male had been buying her
vodka and orange drinks all night long.
She had been completely clueless as to his intentions. But luckly for her like always someone had come to her rescue.
And the man was soon sorry he had ever tried anything on Honii.

Soon she was surrounded by some of her admirers.
All jocking for position around where she sat.
She again put her show face on and greeted them
as Chekkusu kept a close eye.
She had this habit of going into star mode, she hated it really for it was not the real Honii that they saw.
But one must play the part.

Honii turned from the admirers for a brief second
and watched as Namazu and her band got ready to play their set. Drawn back when she was asked how her drink was in a deep voice..


Chesta you... you.... would not cut it off while she is still in it...D*amn you are so evil...lol..ROFL...I loved it......

09-01-2002, 12:51 AM
*Shioni walked up to Namazu as she was finishing off her third (or possibly fourth... hell, it could even be fifth...) drink. "We're up in seven minutes! Hurry, we need to set up!"

"Great," she replied hisheartedly, though she was used to setting up in a rushed manner. She then followed him backstage to the room that they kept their gear in; they had decided to haul everything in a day or so before performances after so long of constantly being late.

Amps were set up and guitars plugged into them, the drum set was clumsily arranged, and microphones arranged with the cords making a bit of a mess on the floor. Such was the usual seen... Namazu had grown used to the mess.

Finally it was time to start. "I'm Namazu Mizutaki, and we're PsychoNemesis. The first song we'll be playing is "Too Bad." Shioni clapped his drumsticks together to count down and the song began.

Father's hands are lined with dirt from long days in the field
Mother's hands are serving meals in a cafe on Main Street
With mouths to feed... just trying to keep clothing on our backs
And all I hear about... is how it's so bad

It's too bad, it's stupid
Too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk

You left without saying goodbye, although I'm sure you tried
You call the house from time to time to make sure we're alive
But you weren't there right when I needed you the most
And now I dream about it... and how it's so bad

It's too bad, it's stupid
Too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk

It's so bad, it's too bad, it's stupid
It's too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk

Father's hands are lined with guilt from tearing us apart
Guess it turned out in the end, just look at where we are
Made it out... we still got clothing on our backs
And now I scream about it.... and how it's so bad, it's so bad, it's so bad

It's too bad, it's stupid
Too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk

It's so bad, it's too bad, it's stupid
It's too late, so wrong, so long
It's too bad we had no time to rewind
Let's walk, let's talk
Long time, let's walk, let's talk

Namazu's emotional voice filled the club as she belted out this song... this song hit her the most out of all of the songs that she sang... A couple more songs (paired with her... ahem... dancing. Yes, her leather clothing also paralleled her stage persona) followed until their set was over.

After clearing off the stage once again. Namazu took her guitar, which was now securely in its case and went to the dressing room. She looked into the mirror at her short, chopped-off, white hair and thought of the long, flowing, white hair of the elf who had performed before her. [I]'Her hair was just like Mother's,' she thought nostalgically. [I] A few more minutes went by as she reflected about the past.

Finally she got up from her seat by the mirror, brushed herself off, and went back out for a drink. "That was a great performance, Namazu," Shioni told her. "You were right on the mark."

"Thanks, you did a good job too tonight," she replied half-heartedly before making her way to the bar. There she order her fourth drink (though it could have been her fifth or sixth...)*

Princess Samari
09-01-2002, 01:34 AM
"Oy!" Waving to the leather clad songstress Udon gave a cheerful smile before hopping down from her stool and going over to the young lady?...

"Great..i've gotten so bad i'm seaking out company"

"You were really great up there. I bet there isn't a guy in the room that isn't sporting a woody." "Well...maybe the hulking demon over yonder"

"So...ah...you get a lot of gigs around here? this is my first time hearing you"


OOC: Gah..forgive me...i'm no good today!

Aku Shi
09-01-2002, 02:29 AM
Suddenly someone started singing, and Minto quickly looked back to the white-haired lady at the bar. She was still sitting there, and the singer's voice was different than before.

Dammit... I was hoping she'd sing again... I really liked her songs... Ah well...

Just as he was about to give up and leave the window, Minto's attention was grabbed by a man with striking violet eyes.

Hmm.. He has nice eyes. The rest of him could use some work, though... In fact, no one here really looks that great. How disappointing...

Sighing, he dropped down onto the cold moist grass and sat there for a bit. Although he was going to buy himself a new outfit (or at least a new shirt), the boy suddenly came to the realization that he had no money. Now, this was a sad realization for the poor elf, for he so loved his new clothes. But, lack of fundage would mean that he might have to -gasp- wear something he's worn before! That was, in his mind, bad. He had to think of a way to get money and get it quick before the clothes store closed. The end of a song sung by the new singer reached his ears and he looked up, his eyes bright with an idea.

I can sing! Well...not well, but... Maybe some tone deaf soul will take pity on a poor Keeper in training and donate some money for the "Buy Mintochipu a new shirt" foundation... Well, it's worth a try.

His mind made up, he stood. Then, his eyes widened and he sat back down.

Wait... That would mean I'd actually have to go IN there... With all those people... Hmmm... Maybe I could do something else...
No, Minto! Now is NOT a time to let your shyness get in the way of a new wardrobe! You've got to suck it up and go in there with all those people. What's more, you have to get up on that stage and SING! Sing, like you've never sung before!! This is an EMERGENCY we're talkin' about, Minto! You just CAN'T wear something you've already worn before! The horror! Think about the horror!!!
Alright. I've convinced myself. I'm going to march in there and sing. I need to. It's for the sake of my wellbeing!

Without looking back, he left the protection of the trees and marched himself right up to the door of the Drunk Tank. Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the doors. The place was noisy. Much noisier than he had thought it was from listening outside. The smell of alcohol was sickeningly strong and Minto felt he could slice through it with a knife...or a glaive. The thought made him smirk a little. Why should he be afraid of these people? They were harmless drunks and performers. He was a skilled Keeper of the North Wind...in training. But still, he could hold his own if the situation were to occure. Not that it would. Gods, he hoped that it wouldn't. His smirk faded. Fear once again gripped his elven soul.

Umm... Excuse me...

His voice seemed unnaturally small in contrast to the booming voices of the drunkards around him. He had found his way to the bar and was sitting on a stool not too far from the woman in the sparkly dress. His timid address was directed towards anyone who would listen to him, since he had no idea at all who was in charge. Looking around to see no one even notice him, he turned to the bar tender.

Pardon me, but can you tell me who's in charge here? I'd like to know if I could perhaps perform here tonight... I heard singing, so I thought you might be open to more live music...

Attempting his best suave grin, Minto waited anxiously for the tender's response.

Dude man, I think this may be the longest RP post I've ever done... And it's about 1:30 AM here, so I think I'll turn in... *yawns* Okie dokie... Catch you cats later.

09-01-2002, 10:21 AM
OOC: Well here it is....the final make of Raw in his demon form. Thank you TM for nearly everything.

09-01-2002, 02:02 PM
As this next band started their set, Raw stood up and begin to walk back towards the bar. He didn't care much for most modern earth bands. The beatles....now that was a band.

'I better stay away from the bar just a bit....the last time i hit a bar the boston massacre happened.'

He sat down at a table very near the bar and ordered one of their 36oz. porterhouse steaks, medium. Even though he was a demon, he didn't much care for bloody meat. He ate as the band played their next set.

'Too much bass...'

As he finished eating he noticed that the crowd around the bar was thinning. Standing and cleaning himself up a bit he walked to the bar. Feeling the urge to get a drink rise, Raw forcibly had to tell himself not to get anything.

"dammit! I can't drink! Remember what happened last time."

As he got to the bar he sat down near to the elven singer who's voice brought back such great memories of earth.

Turning his head to her he smiles. "Hi. I'm Raw. Raw Dinna."

09-01-2002, 02:42 PM
"It's fine thank you" she smiled back at the man inquiring.
She immediately realized it was the man who had sent the drink over.
"Thank you for the drink sir" she smiled and listened as he introduced himself.
" Well you most likely know who I am but still it would not be polite, if I did not tell you... I am Honii Keikki" she shook his huge strong hand.
"So Raw I noticed you eating that..that..animal flesh product. I really do not understand how anyone could eat the flesh of another. It makes me shudder to think about it. But I guess we are all different maybe I could convert you after my show."

One of the elven men gave her a nod and she knew it was time for her last song.

"Raw if you will excuse me I have to perform again" she nodded slightly and got up from the stool. "It was really nice to meet you Raw. Oh and one more thing you are sure I could not convert you into an vegatarian?" she winked at him.

Chekkusu clearing a path for her, she paused and gave him one last peck on the cheek "Happy Birthday, sweets" she then took a breath and stepped on stage.

She felt for some strange reason that she was being watched a little too closely and scanned the crowd noticing a strange looking girl holding onto a pair of scissors.

'We attract all types here' she thought.

The lights dimmed again and she sat at the piano to do her last number called

"Only Time"

Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
only time
And who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time
Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
if the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

Who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time
And who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
only time

Who knows - only time
Who knows - only time

As her hands and fingers moved across the the keys, Honii felt like she was drifting away from where she was..Almost floating forgeting all that was around her. She loved this song and she loved to sing it.
Sad as it was, it made her feel free.

Forgeting the The Drunk Tank, the crowds, the admirers, her friends. She just continued to let her voice haunt her surroundings.
Eleves were good at that and maybe hers was even more haunting because of the human blood that flowed through her veins. She was not ashamed of what she was but she did sometimes feel that she did not belong to either race.
It is hard when one is of mixed blood.

Not noticing the tear that flowed down her cheek.
Her senses returning as the song ended, she rose as the crowd applauded one more time.
Standing up she bowed and smiled at the crowd and left the stage.

Returning to her room.
Looking in the mirror she saw the trail the tear had left.
Honii removed her sparkles with a sponge revealing her pale cheeks once more.

D*mn I have to stop listening to Enya I am getting depressed
Wait I already am... Ok not the greatest what do you expect posting from work...
Thx Hii...

09-01-2002, 04:44 PM
" Damn it! I must be late already...never should have stayed to watch at those two ladies... hope they aren't too far into the party."

The source of the voice was a small green dragon, flying at fairly high speed through the streets towards the Drunk Tank and the birthday party being held there. A giftbox was held in the claws of his hind legs. He had been a regular to the Drunk Tank for quite some time already, going there whenever he was around and naturally chose to come celebrate today and now he was late for it, having been delayed by two beautiful young girls in dresses that covered very little and the parts that they did cover they didn't leave much room for imagination for them. Taking a sharp turn to the left, Furu realised that he was now on the streets that lead directly to the Tank.

A smile grew on the Furus lips as he was this close already and he increased speed, zipping past the people walking on the streets and in the case of one young kitsune lady in a red dress, under her. A loud scream followed as Furu emerged from under the dress, a little bit broader smile on his face.

" Nice panties! Red really suits you!"

Chuckling to himself, Furu flew under another dress, an elven girl in a sparkling white dress that reached little bit below her knees and zipping under the girl, a large smile appeared almost instantly on his face and he let out a sound that sounded very much like a cat purring.

" No panties..."

Unfortunately Furu was so deep in enjoying the sight in his mind that he no longer really looked ahead of him and hit head first into the door leading to the Drunk Tank and came into a quick, hard and obviously painful stop and dropped onto the ground. To add to the insult of flying into a door headfirst, a passing lycanthrope, a werebadger, stepped on his tail.

" OOOOOWWW!! Look where you're going you big, dumb and earth-smelling thing!" Furu yelled at the badger, but his cries fell on deaf ears. It was so hard to be taken seriously when you were as big as he was. Letting out a sigh and forgetting about the incident, Furu checked that his gift was still in one piece before starting to flutter his wings and hovering up in the air. With a small tug, the door opened to reveal the Drunk Tank, the party already underway. Furu flew inside, a friendly smile on his face as he looked at the stage where Honii was just singing. The girl had great talent Furu had to admit and she was really pretty on the eyes too. Slowly flying towards the bar to talk to Maachini. The two hadn't met in a little while and Furu was waiting to catch up with what was going on around these parts. Behind him Honii stepped off the stage and left, but Furu didn't pay much attention to this as he saw Maachini, Peppa, Kouraa (the sight of the God being in the bar raised little bit of curiosity in his mind) and Chekkusu ahead of him. They had obviously obviously just exchanged gifts and when Maachini suddenly left towards her office, Furu raised an eyebrow and flew towards the others, landing on Chekkusu's broad shoulder and smiled at the group broadly.

" Happy birthday big fellah! Sorry I came little late, I got delayed a bit. How's everyone doing here? Peppa you're looking fantastic today!" Furu said, quite happy to see them all again. Even though he didn't work at the Tank, he concidered these people some of his best friends. Even though he had all the intention of having a good time and chatting with his friends, his curiosity was beginning to take control of him and he kept wondering about why Maachini had left so suddenly.

Phantom Angel
09-01-2002, 05:05 PM
OOC: damn... so much happened... ok.. time to post...

Alynthia listened to the beautiful song, and felt moved all the way to tears by the singer's great voice. Quietly, she payed for her water, and moved through the crowd, following the elven girl all the way to her room.

If there was one thing Alynthia hated, it was loneliness. The loneliness she was feeling now, the loneliness she had felt before she left. All her life, she had been alone, alone, afraid and scared. She was sick of it. Sick to the bottom of her soul. No more. She could sense that the singer had a big heart, and she could also sense that she meant no harm. Alynthia wanted to see what she could do, since the girl was obviously suffering. She could feel that. Her elven senses told her.

Quietly creeping through the halls, Alynthia opened the door to her room, slowly walking in. The girl was sitting at her mirror, her pale face reflecting in the glass. Alynthia could see tears on her face. She was right, the song did mean a lot to her.

Before catching herself, Alynthia began to softly sing the lyrics of the song.

Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
only time

And who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
only time

And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
only time

She suddenly stopped, as the elf girl turned to face her. Alynthia waited for a reaction.

OOC: eheh.. i couldn't stand writing no conversation posts!!!

09-01-2002, 06:06 PM

Will you guys cool it with the song lyrics? >_< Jeezus H...

09-01-2002, 06:34 PM

"Furu!" The young girl squealed, wrapped her arms around the little dragon and smashed him against her chest under her chin. "Furu-Furu-Furu! You made it! I was starting to get worried!" Torisukatto sighed, rolled his eyes, and went to put the present for his brother back in the office to wait until later.

Chekkusu rolled his eyes heavenward. "Oh good, now we can enjoy the shrieks of outrage while the little scaly bastard looks under every skirt he can find."

To which Kouraa added, rather emphatically, "Buggrem buggrit!"


Round glassy eyes gleamed through the flimsy expanse of scarves tied across moon-pale faces. Wiry, lean bodies that moved like water slid, slices of white in the dark, towards the brick of the building.

One of them went down on one knee and scraped his claws against the solid cement.

"Teikin'da'uindo," one of them muttered in a harsh, gutteral voice.

"Buusute'mi'appu," the other grumbled in return. He stood and stepped on the offered hand before being launched up towards the starless sky.

He hovered, hang time they called it, before landing on a window sill and gently pushing it open with his shoulder. In the center of the room stood a young woman, wearing a fishnet shirt and a miniskirt. She looked towards the window at the noise and opened her mouth to scream, a handful of just-earned souls slipping from her hand to bounce upon the floor. The smell of sex was overpowering.

The man reached out, slapped a clawed hand over her mouth and with his free hand slit her throat easily. She gurgled into his palm before slumping to the floor. One more scent of blood in the Drunk Tank wouldn't make much a difference. Some of the whores did stranger things.

"Yora'kiipin'kuaiatto'nau'ya?" he mumbled at the corpse before going to lower a rope down to the small army waiting outside.


"I'm getting worried about Ms. Maachini," Peppa confided in them. "Ever since that last husband... she's been acting a little strange."

"Yeah," Chekkusu sighed. "I found her taking a nap on one of the tables recently."

"Buggrem buggrit," Kouraa agreed, slurping the vicious smelling treacle. (Of course, next to him, the smell of the treacle paled and ran off with its tail between its legs. Kouraa, somehow, didn't seem to notice that several patrons had fallen unconcious from his stench.)

"You heard she had the scientist by a few weeks ago, right?" Peppa asked. "What was that name... Tuuiinkii I believe it was."

"That was the one," Chekkusu nodded and leaned back against the bar. "Raving like a-"

"Monkey monkey buggrem buggrit!" exclaimd Kouraa.

"Yeah that was it," Chekkusu agreed.


She was stretched out on her floor, waiting for the dizzy spell to past when she heard it. The oh-so-faint click of claws on heavy oak. Her eyes moved to the doorknob as it started to turn and she sat up, reaching for her desk and the weapons she kept there.

Soy stepped inside. "Ms. Maachini-" he began and then gasped when he saw her sitting on the floor. "What are you doing? Did you faint again?"

Maachini sagged with relief. "No Soy. Is something wrong?"

"Well, we're going to light the candles on the birthday cake real soon and you said you wanted to come down for that," he said uncertainly.

"Thank you Soy," she murmured, coming to her feet and walking with him down the hallway. She paused outside one of the doors and sniffed once... twice. "Do you smell... I want to say Earth or... that smell right after rain...?"

"No ma'am," Soy said, raising an eyebrow (or at least the ridge where one would have been had there not been all those scales). Maachini sighed and followed along behind Soy.

"Just my imagination."


Interact some more and then I'll let you have violence. I promise.

09-01-2002, 07:28 PM
OOC: Sorry Kiva... I was just following suit. But you know that the lyrics serve as some form of chracterization...

IC: *"Um... thanks," Namazu replied, a bit surprised that someone talked to her... most times she just ended up drinking alone until the bar closed. "I play here sometimes, but it has been getting more difficult to find gigs, at least for my band. Ah, our set was okay... but we didn't get nearly the response that the elf before us did. I suppose music has gotten softer..." She said thoughtfully, before adding with a grin, "Or maybe it's just racism."

"So what's your name anyway? And can I buy you a drink?"*

Chesta chesta chesta
09-01-2002, 08:02 PM
Kuran sat and just looked at the dress with droopy eyes, her mouth was just hanging half open and she was fighting not to fall asleep.

"Muuuusic.....sleeeeeppy....zzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Her forehead banged into the table and she shot her head straight back again, she should stop doing that, it hurt.

Fighting to keep here eyes open whilst someone sang about...slime? The pain that came from blinking and not shutting your eyes properly, misty.

As soon as the music was over, her head flew back up again, on straight alert, looking around frantically. Where was it? Where had it gone? A flicker, a beacon.

"Bingo!" she gave out a small cry of delight and started crawling along the floor. Sure she was small anyway, but better safe than sorry. She several times managed to avoid getting her hands squished. "Squishy not good!"

And there at the end, past bigger and scarier beings she saw it, like a whisp of pure moonlight, and she crawled up faster, with her scissors held high triumphantly, this was it.

"I am sucha clever cookie!" she chuckled smuggly to herself as she took the first little snip.

Gaining no reaction from the wearer who was too busy fixing her face or whatever, another snip. She smiled the biggest grin she had ever done in her life, it almost started aching, she took one snip after the other.

Unfortunatley the wearer did notice a bit of tugging at the back of her dress and turned around. Looking down at the grinning thing kneeling behind her.

There was a moment where it just seemed to stand still when lavender eyes met blue. Kuran raised her hand, her face stuck in a dumbstruck grimace, she let the scissors glide of her fingers, and then she gave Honii a huge sheepish smile and just patted the dress a couple of times.

"Just admiring your dress..." pat pat pat "...it is very nice!" She took a step backwards and then made a hasty turn, hoping down the small steps and her foot gave way and she fell face forward.

Scrambling to her knees, she made a 'hasty' crawl underneath a table. Good hiding place!

09-01-2002, 08:08 PM
Honii felt a small tug at the same time someone else entered her room singing softly....
She honestly did not know who to look at first, she moved her head back and forth between the two intruders.

Deciding on the older of the two she spoke.

"Excuse me this place is private."

Before then, turning her attention back to the smaller one who had just scampered under a table after telling her how nice her dress was..

"Are you two together?" she asked them both as she stood up.

But before they could answer her dress which had been cut fell down around her waist exposing her breasts.


Honii grabbed it as fast as she could,blushing.
Fumbling madly trying to tie it back up.It was of course not working, Honii gave up and sighed.

Letting the dress fall to the floor, grabbing a blue robe
and tying the tie around her small waist.

"Well at least we are all girls here" she smiled laughing.

She actually thought it was rather funny albiet at her

Peering down at the littler one she realised it was the girl
who had the scissors in the bar.

"You know you really should ask to try it on after I have already
taken it off. I can honestly say I have never been cut out of a dress before!"

" Well since you both have seen me in my birthday suit I believe some form of introductions are in order" grinning at them both
Amazed at the situation she found herself in....

Ok here it is a small post and any comments about another one of my chars getting naked will not be tolerated...Oh but am I allowed to say breasts???

Thx Chesta I love it....you too PA...

Kiva no worries thx....

*Note to self*you got to keep your chars from getting naked....

09-01-2002, 08:17 PM

Naw, Trin, it's okay, it's just that EVERYONE was doing it. And it seemed to be taking up the majority of space. Everyone was singing songs instead of talking with one another. I was getting worried.

09-01-2002, 08:40 PM
OOC: I wasn't singing....

Princess Samari
09-01-2002, 11:04 PM
OOC: Udon could sing..but she would have to get pretty drunk first. And people might not like it too much. <Udon> "Yoooou mke me feeel laaaaaik a natural wooooooman...wooomon..."


Udon nodded empathetically scratching her chin. "Well the economy around here seems to be going to hell anyways. But if you stop in around earth things are pretty much the same. Ah..I shouldn't think about work while i'm at play."

"Whats the difference between work and play?" Canting her head tothe side Udon laughed at the racism comment shrugging "Racism? at the drunk tank? pah...I don't know about that one. Honii has been around there for some time. The crowd knows her a lot better thats all."

"And yes. You can buy me a drink...that would be lovely! i'm drinking rum and coke if you don't mind.."

Phantom Angel
09-01-2002, 11:49 PM
Alynthia blushed. She wasn't used to seeing people getting cut out of dresses, or parading around naked.

"Umm... don't you wanta put something on?" she asked, her sense of practicality returning to her. "By the way, i'm Alynthia." she told them.

The situation was rather comical, but Alynthia didn't laugh. She didn't want to embarass the albino elf even more. However, a grin couldn't help but spread across her face. It was rather funny.

OOC: my character is straight ok? it's just funny... that's all...

09-01-2002, 11:58 PM
PA you are so funny Honii is straight to, yes very straight......only likes males for that umm purpose.....OMG I cannot believe I said that...:blush:

Phantom Angel
10-01-2002, 12:01 AM
OOC: sorry.... i didn't want ne one to misunderstand ne thing... if u find it offending... i will take it off.

10-01-2002, 12:07 AM
OOC: OK then...here comes a really squirrely little f*ck right now. Allow me to introduce Beefu Taako....

The little man was huddling in the corner of the alley shivering. Oh it was cold out, but that wasn't why he was shivering. he knew they were out there, looking for him. They wanted him for that awful experiment again. He was fed up with the life of having 3 mushy meals of gruel a day, being hand fed while wrapped in that nice whit coat they gave him and living in that lovely one room apartment with the padded walls. He wanted adventure,a nd he knew that if he stayed too long, someone else would come for him to steal him away. He looked around and saw the dancing shadows, curling further into himself. Just then something moved in the alley. Screaming and hurling himself through the alleyway, he just narrowly escaped being captured by a small rat. Tearing around the corner, Beefu proceeded to climb one of the rain gutters from the roof of the nearest building. Looking around he noticed it was called the Drunk Tank. Making note of it for future reference he kept climbing. Eventually he go to the second floor, and seeing that no one had noticed his escape or came after him, he stopped. Looking back to where he was, Beefu looked through the window beside him just in time to see some elfgirl's dress fall from her body as it was cut away. Nearly losing his grip on the metal pipe, he quickly pushes opens the window and crawls into the room...relatively safe.

"Oh...uh...heheh...hah....um.....hi?" Beefu blushes furiously and quickly retreats into the shadowy corner.

10-01-2002, 12:08 AM
OOC: I forgot the picture.....it's crappy but it took me all of 30 seconds to draw...maybe I could hire out for someone to clean him up a bit.

10-01-2002, 12:40 AM
*"Can we have a rum and coke over her? And I think I'll have a whiskey sour. Thanks," Namazu asked the bartender.

The most unusual thing happened as she was waiting for her drink... the elven girl who had sung before her ended up naked in a public place. She stopped herself from gaping... it was strange how she ended up in this public place without any clothing... she had never seen anything like that before (heh... that doesn't count strip clubs!)

She began talking again when their drinks came. "I'm afraid I don't pay much attention to the current state of the economy. Most of my time is spent either practicing, or hanging around my band's trailer... of course that means I'm stuck living with four guys, but I think I'm more of a slob than they are!" she smiled again.

Shioni walked up to her just as she finished that. "Um, Namazu, I'm going to leave now. I'm not hauling your drunk ass out of here again, so make sure that you find your way back to the trailer... even if you end up staggering out of here and falling asleep on the side of the road. You're the one who's going to pay for it tomorrow morning," he scolded.

"Yes, Mom. God Shioni, lighten up a bit!" she yelled after him as he began to walk out. Then she turned her attention back to Udon. "He worries entirely too much... I guess he's like a big brother to me. What about you? Do you have any family?"

OOC: I suppose I'd better get the other members of PsychoNemisis figured out... okay, short, quick description time.

Shioni: a rather large and muscular demon. He's a charcoal color, and plays the drums.

Tenshin: an elf who plays the bass (electric). He looks more like a wood elf and has medium skin with brown hair, and is on the tall side for an elf.

Agari: a human, who plays lead guitar. He's blond, and about 6'1... and of medium build (not totally msucular, but not skinny).

Higashi: an angel... he has light brown hair (rather messy, and desperately needs a haircut)... he does everything from keyboards to mixing sound on their demos...

Ok, personalities will have to wait..

Princess Samari
10-01-2002, 12:59 AM
"...well...that show should bring people back for more."

Udon watched as Honii covered herself..sort of and then turned her attention back to Namazu. "Never a dull moment around here..unless you are me of course."

Listening intently to Namazu the now happy kitsune sipped at her rum and coke giggling. "I'm sure you aren't THAT bad...guys can be real big slobs.."

She giggled once more after the hulk of a demon got finished scolding his partner. "I see." but...that family comment made Udon pause. "Well...I think so..but I left a long time ago. Waned to make a name for myself and all. Plus I hated sharing the basement space with Dad." she gave a small shrug and finished the drink. Her head was starting to swim. This was no good. "But I don't mind it so much..I have Tamari to keep me company..."

10-01-2002, 01:16 AM
*Namazu listened intently to Udon's story... she seemed so sad, perhaps family wasn't the best thing to talk about. "I forgot to ask, what is is that you do... for a living, I mean?" Then curiosity look over. "Eh...Who's Tamari?"

She had nearly downed her whiskey sour... 'Perhaps I will end up trying to stagger back to the trailer and end up sleeping in a ditch...*

OOC: I forgot to mention her amazing ability to consume alcohol... but I do believe she has nearly reached her limit... perhaps a few more... lol

10-01-2002, 02:09 AM
She had just finished this sentence when she noticed a small man had just climbed in through her window.

A dumbstruck Honii stood there as he said 'hi' with a crimson blush before hiding in a dark corner of her room.

'That could mean only one thing since her curtains had not been drawn'

"Great" she shrugged her shoulders amazed at the sheer unbelievablity of it all.

Here she was just going to clean her self up, go have a nice spinach salad at the bar before going to home to bed.

Honii rubbing her forhead had a couple of options one being to call out for help.

For it had certainly gotten very crowded in her dressing room all of a sudden.

Peering at the man, who looked scared, cold and hungry.

Or just relax and figure out who everyone was and what they wanted....

"Listen you...you best come out from that corner. No one will hurt
you. Just watch out for the lil one under the table she likes
to cut things" Honii giggled.

"Come out now you might as well join the party. Tell me who you are? I do not bite" she blinked her pale lashes.


Ok I have noticed some lack of reading of the posts Honii is in her dressing room see my previous posts....

*Looks at NR* no comments from you about Honii and the well you know....How do I get into these things??...lol..

Princess Samari
10-01-2002, 02:27 AM
OOC: I have the brains of a flea. ^.^ many appologies! scratch whatever was said about naked elf! since ya know...well it had nothing to do with conversation! ::laughs nervously::


"This and that..I suppose scientist for hire is the best way to put it..kind of like a mercenary..but it doesn't sound nearly as cool as "gun for hire" now that I think about it..." Udon smirked and licked her lips. "Met a wonderful human mercenary on earth..oh he was a winner..smoked and drank..cursed like a sailor..died sadly." Udon's mind wandered for a bit before she caught back onto the conversation

"Tamari? oh it's a fox that follows me around. It was some witches old familar. But the little bastard took a liking to me I guess. Wheeeew...I think I got a little more rum then coke! I should probably lay off before I start dancing on the counters singing irish drinking songs"

10-01-2002, 05:10 AM
Right now Furu was in heaven, or some other plane of existance that people wished they would go to after they died. Well his situation had the positive side that he was still alive and being hugged against Peppas chest. He liked her a lot even though she was a tomboy. Furu purred again and turned his head to the side around, enough that he could look at Chekkusu.

" I'm hurt Chekkusu. I'm not going to look under everyones dresses, you know I'm more selective than that."

After that Furu stayed silent, listening on the others coversation on Maachini. It also disturbed him little that she was acting strange and made a mental note to ask her about it when she came back from her office. He was pretty sure she'd tell him if he asked.

" Oh I missed this place. So tell me...what's exactly up with Maachini and this scientist business?"

(OOC: sorry about the short post, but I'm at school right now)

10-01-2002, 10:06 AM

"Well... gee... huh," she tilted her head back in thought, completely forgetting about the tiny dragon-thing practically attached to her chest. "Well, she's been having 'spells' recently. She fainted right on the floor one evening while we were cleaning up."

"Scared the living daylights out of me too," Chekkusu muttered.

"I guess she's just sort of sick these days. Always fainting and getting dizzy. She can't seem to hold down much food either." Peppa sighed and shrugged as Chekkusu prudently grabbed Furu's tail and yanked him away from The Promised Land.

"Curses of the humans buggrem buggrit," grumbled Kouraa.

Before Peppa could begin to ask the God, who was beginning to slump slightly in his seat, exactly what he meant, Maachina swept down the stairs with a dazzling smile.


I'm feeling lazy today.

10-01-2002, 11:55 AM

He shrinks further into the corner.

"NOOOO! You want me too! I don't want to go!"

He stares at honii with widened eyes as he pulls out a spork and waves it weakly in front of himself.

"St-st-st-stay back! Everyone is out to get me. Government experiments. No more experiments please. I don't like them....don't take me back to the hotel. The people there fed me mush and the dancing platypi....no more of that. I don't like mushy food...."


He watched as Honii ascended the stairs to her dressing room on the next level. Ordering a drink, he waded back through the crowd as the band finished playing. More and more he wanted to go back to earth. There was so much to do there and he hadn't gotten a job in limbo for naerly 25 years now. That was nearly nothing to him, but it meant that he was bored....beyond bored really. He felt the axe hidden at his back and sighed. All the women seemed to have disappeared except for the thorian who seemed to have some small lizard crushed into her chest. Intrigued, and with a raised eyebrow, Raw walked over to her and the minotaur.

"Hi there. I've never been here before and I was curious exactly what the big occasion is today...."

Raw trails off as he looks down a bit and notices that the thing crushed into the thorians chest is a tiny dragon-like creature. How interesting.

10-01-2002, 12:24 PM

"Hoe?" She glanced up at Raw and then beamed. "Hi! It's Chekkusu's fiftieth birthday! Can you believe he's fifty already?" She slapped Chekkusu's arm as he glared down at the little dragon and gave him a hushed lecture on propriety and grabbiness concerning Peppa.

"She doesn't understand exactly why you like her hugs so much and you ought to try to behave yourself around her an-" He looked up. "Huh? Oh. Hello."

"I'm Peppajakku," she held out her hand. "I'm a bouncer here at the-"

"Drunk Tank," Maachina finished for her as she reached the group. "And I'm Maachini Oribu, the owner of this establishment." She sighed and glanced over at Furu. "Hello Furu. I see you've been molesting my bouncer again."

"The crickets are quiet buggrem buggrit," Kouraa growled, twitching. Maachini didn't even bat an eyelash.

"Chard, could you put a double dose of valium in Mr. Kouraa's next drink?"

"Yes'm," Chard said, and began pouring a new glass for Kouraa.


"Uatsu'da'puraan'bossu?" came the gutteral hiss.

"Gou'en'huron'da'iisuto'haaru," the pale creature with the moonstone hanging from around his neck replied.

The room slowly began to fill with warriors, claws glinting in the dim light.

10-01-2002, 01:10 PM
Honii rolled her eyes..

"What!! I want you..I think not....no worries there..fella!"

Honii was puzzled and the other girls were certainly not helping.
The smaller of the two girls had come out from under the table and was picking up her jewlery and holding it up to the light.Completely oblivious to what was going on around her..

Honii looked at Alynthia confused.

" Listen watch these two while I change into something."

Honii grabbed a simple silk pink and blue flowered dress with
short sleeves, under clothes and went behind a screen to change.

The whole time muttering to herself...

Coming back out she spoke to the pariniod man.

"Listen you stop waving that ..that... what the hell is that thing?
Some piece of cutlery?"

" No one here is going to take you anywhere that you do not want to go."

Still the dillusional man waved his sorry weapon around.

"Mushy what?"

'Why do I attract all the freaks?'

"Fine have it your way then stay in the dark corner."

Assessing the situation she decided to back to the bar and order
some food for her assembled side show..

" Look what was your name?...um..Alynthia can I trust you to watch them? While I go downstairs and get some food."

Alynthia nodded.

" Good then thank you, I will be right back. Try and keep that
one....*points to the girl* from cutting any articles of clothing."

Honii slipped into some flats,then pulling her hair into a high pony tail.

Exited the room and went back down to the bar..

She came to the bar saying hello and hugging Maachini, Peppa.
She nodded at Raw and smiled.

Then noticed Furu patting his head she said
" Furu how have you been?" she immediately noticed where his eyes darted to.

" Furu don't get any ideas" she grinned
" Its a thong" she winked at him.

"Chekkusu I need some food up in my room"... Oh" wrinkling her nose I guess some form of animal product will be needed as well"

Just saying that made her stomach churn.

Chekkusu looked at her surprised.

"I have some guests" Honii answered.

Sighing she sat on a bar stool listening to the conversation for a few minutes.

Not one of my best sorry I'm off to work...later...

10-01-2002, 02:34 PM

Being an idiot I missed that Shi-sama's post was directed towards Chard. YES! Now I fix this.


Chard turned his attention towards the skinny kid in front of him.

Does he eat anything fried? He looks so... clean... Oh no. His eyes widened. He must be... His jaw dropped in horror. ...a vegetarian!

Chard had something against vegetarians. It was one of the reasons he always grumbled when serving Honii. Oh sure, he liked looking at Honii. What bloke wouldn't? But then he thought about the weird, un-greasy, leafy things of green color that she put into her system and he found himself shuddering.

Chard fried everything. And he fried everything in beer.

"Well now... in charge, in charge... the lady in charge would be Ms. Maachini," and didn't that just burn his ass. Maachini was a stone-cold ----- and everyone knew she wasn't fond of Soy's counterpart. "You can go an' ask'er if you want, she's right over there." He indicated the group and the woman with the flaming red hair and felt the clutch in his stomach that was completely natural for any man who had just spied Maachini. Well... all except those men who did unnatural things in Chard's opinion. Like Soy.

It wasn't that he didn't like being in the same room as Maachini. Hell, he loved being in the same room as Maachini. The more he saw her the more food he got for his wet dreams. (If a man didn't have at least one misty dream about Maachini then he was ten years dead, in Chard's opinion.) Who wouldn't like looking at her? All those soft curves, those big green eyes, those long red curls, and those lips, those lips by God they were so sexual they were criminal.

Chard coughed and looked away.

Oh, he loved being in the same room as Maachini he just hated working for her. Because despite that soft, hot look about her the woman was like a knife of ice. She didn't have a heart to speak of (but there had to be some artery in her chest that went pitter-pat at the sight of money) and she was a miserly ----- when it came to lending money or giving raises.

Chard sighed and turned his attention to wiping down the bar.

"Maachini's the one you want to talk to," he said shortly.


I hope I've fixed things... sort of...

10-01-2002, 03:58 PM
Furu sighed and looked at Chekkusu and slid off from his grip, flapping his wings enough to move next to the minotaurs head and whispered in return.

" Alright alright...I like the kid too you know. I'll behave around her..."

All the sacrifices he had to make, but Furu had to admit that Peppa really did have no idea and Furu was a good and fairly honest person and didn't want to take advantage of the unaware girl and it wasn't nearly as satisfying. Furu took the moment to look at the man that had just walked to him. He looked like...a man...yeah no doubt about that, though something nagged about him that Furu couldn't put a finger on. At that moment Maachina returned back from her office, soon followed by Honii. Furu remained quite again, just smiling at everyone. He was feeling more cheery being surrounded by people he knew. When Honii patted him on the head, he couldn't help but to admire her form, his eyes slowly trailing down her. Honii just grinned at him.

" Furu don't get any ideas... Its a thong," she said, adding the last part little bit quieter, winking at him. Furu just winked back at her and rose up into the air.

" You're a darling Honii. Hope you sing more today, can't wait to hear your voice again."

Turning around in the air, Furu faced Machiini and fluttered closer to her. Even though Machiini was one of the sexiest women he knew, there was just something about her that caused his brain to snap out from "lecher" setting to "normal". Perhaps it was her nature, but it really didn't matter. She just had that effect on him and Furu concidered her a friend and was worried about her right now. He had been around for a long time now and in the time he had known Machiini, she hadn't been like that before. Peppa was right about her not eating well. It was hard to see, actually it was almost impossible, but Furu was an expert when it came to observing women. He flew next to her, looking in her eyes with a look of seriousness that rarely crossed his face.

"...Machiini...is there something going on?" he whispered towards her softly. Even though he was still quite serious, in his mind the switch that was currently pointing at "normal" was beginning to waver towards "lecher."

10-01-2002, 04:10 PM
OOC: uhh....right now Raw is in human form...i don't know how everybody can tell he is a demon....

10-01-2002, 04:15 PM

She sighed and patted Furu on the head. "I'm fine, dear. Just a little tired these days. The council's been keeping me busy."

"Hoe?! What problem with the cake?" Peppa shrieked after one of the waitresses came out and whispered something in her ear. She paused, glanced over at Chekkusu, and cleared her throat. "That is... problem with the... er... urinal cakes... because we didn't get you a... look at that!" she pointed over his shoulder and bolted into the kitchen.

Maachini rolled her eyes.

She stopped and sniffed at the air. There it was. That smell again. It smelled like ozone, that thick rich scent that came after the rain.

What is that?

With a shrug, she turned her attention back to Furu and flicked his nose. "Don't get any ideas, pervert," she growled affectionately.


Only humans originally from Earth can smell that smell. The rest of you can't.

Phantom Angel
10-01-2002, 05:27 PM
Alynthia nodded as Honnii went off.

"Come here you." she said to the man in the corner. Gently, she moved towards him, her hair wraping about her, like a comforting blanket. Gently, Alynthia extended a hand to the man.

"Please, come out of there. I would very much like to see the face of the daring hero who broke in here." Alynthia told him gently.

Waiting for the man to answer, she turned to the other girl.

"I catch you snippin' anything... you're gonna hafta deal with me..." she said sternly.

10-01-2002, 05:48 PM
Furu blinked as he saw Maachini sniff the air. Taking a small sniff himself, he could smell nothing out of the ordinary expect for the natural smells for a place like the Tank. Furu chuckled when Maachini flicked his nose and growled and smiled at her.

" Heh..no ideas? Like probably every man in this room is getting? Well tell the old men at the council that if they keep working you so hard that I'll come and visit them sometime soon. That should take scare them enough. Just take it easy and rest for a while...they're all worried about you."

Furu started to think of going to talk to Honii next. Maachin did look like she was just tired from too much work, though Furu wasn't sure if that was all. Figuring she'd tell it when she saw fit, Furu thought more about what Honii had said.

Hmm..well she didn't say what kind of a thong she was wearing...

10-01-2002, 06:06 PM
Honii could smell the fried greasy, animal products that Chard
had in his kitchen the smell was stomach churning to her.

She did not understand how anyone in their right mind could eat the decomposing flesh of another.
To her that was what it was. You kill something it's dead
it immediately starts to decompose....

Many times she had tried to get people to understand her point
of view. But it was always pushed aside.

Honii sighed as Chard placed the food in front of her.

'Great' oily fries, greasy decomposing bovine.

Not a speck of green anywhere.'

"Chard why can't you for once serve a salad and some garbozo
bean chili?"

Chard just glared at Honii.

Smiling albeit forced Honii picked up the tray of food.

"If you will excuse me I have some people upstairs" she said
to the others and made her way to the stairs.

*raises hand* I knew that, I knew that.....

As for the short post I am feeling lazy too......

7th keeper lol....


Chesta chesta chesta
10-01-2002, 06:26 PM
Kuran open jewelry boxes, sniffed powder boxes, knocked the mirror a couple of times, and the lightbulb..don't get her started on them.

Turning towards Alynthia, she fluttered her eyelashes and smiled. "Please! Do I look like I'd take something that wasn't mine?!" apart from these here nice earings. She stuck them quickly into her back pocket, still wearing that innocent smile.

"What is this stuff anyway?" she motioned around the room, picking a glittery powder box, sniffing it and then sneezing, getting pink powder all over herself. "Waaaaaaaaah! Get it off! GET IT OFF!" Frantically brushing herself off whilst running backwards and forwards, looking for somewhere, just anywhere to get the offensive powder off, to no avail.

"FINE! STAY! AND YOU! STOP SMILING DAMMIT!" She pointed accusingly at her toe, with the same happy smile. She would crush him someday, oh yes she would.

Rubbing her eyes, trying to take of the pink haze that had made it's home there, she squinted at the man in the room, turns to Alynthia pointing at him, pulls a face. "What's his problem?!"

She crouches infront of him and leans her head to a side, pointing towards his tool in his hand, smiling broadly again, it was fairly ok for a gadget, and anything over 'vaguley interesting' was an item she wanted to have.

"What'sthat?CanIhave it?What'syourname?MineisKuranberi, butyoucancallmeKuranYou'reodd,whereyafromWhatareyoudoin ghere?Youaftershinies?Theyaremyshinies!Youcanhaverustie s!Buttheshiniesaremine!" She took a deep breath, to let her jaws rest.

10-01-2002, 08:41 PM
Honii carring the tray was just starting to move past an
Imp wearing a pink silk scarf who was enjoying a drink.

When she felt something on her.......*ss.


Its.....a ....a.... a hand doing its d*mndest to get in a good feel or grope.

Honii almost dropped the tray right there.......looking down at the lil buggar she spoke...

" Sir kindly remove you hand from my *ss" glaring at the
braizen Imp.

All the while trying to keep the tray in her hands..

"Well halfbreed-slave, I was just inspecting my second wife. When I take over the planes I will need one."

"Well you are quite sure of yourself aren't you?"

Admiring his taste in scarves and his boldness....

Honiii replied" Nice scarf"

The Imp nodded smiled and asked......

"So do you own all of this place ? Does it make lots of money?"[

" No I do not own this establishment, sir I merely work here. The one who owns it is the lady sitting over there *points*her name is Maachini. As to how much money she would be the one to ask..Now if you will excuse me I have people to feed." she smiled again.

The Imp still had his hand on Honii"s *ss....

She cleared her throat and looked down.

The Imp gave her a small pat and smiled.

Honii moved away to her dressing room...


Oh and honii did not slap Calzone why??? caus her hands were in use...but no worries she will not forget the lil Imp....

Phantom Angel
10-01-2002, 09:36 PM
Alynthia turned at Kuran.

"Show me your pockets, and go clean the mess you made." she said sternly.

As an elf, she liked order. Alynthia was positive the girl took the beautiful earings she saw on the table.

"I promised Honii i'd take care of her stuff. Don't you go stealing them. If you want, i'll give you money to go buy yourself a pair." Alynthia told her. She didn't want her kindred elf to feel as though she had been cheated by her own kind. Alynthia believed in honour above all, thus she wanted all things taken returned.

"Please don't be afraid of us. We're only trying to help." she said, her voice barely above a whisper. This time, she hoped the man would answer.

10-01-2002, 11:01 PM

As the elf approached him he shrank into the shadow.


He stands up and flies out of the room, tearing down the stairs, running squarely into Chekkusu and falling onto his back. As he sits in a dizzy stupor he noticed that hes surrounded by people. Several minotaurs, a few people, some elves and half elves....and one kitsune. He slowly reaches for his sharpened sporks as he stands up and scurries into the corner of the room.

"People...coming to take me away.....all around me, want some pie and a nuclear bomb. Blow everything up....no more running..."


"I see....well congratulations on turning 50....care for a drink on me?"

The minotaur seems uneasy under scrutiny. he politely turns Raw down. Looking around, Raw notices several things. First he sees a small human running as quickly as he can down the stairs, promptly running into Chekkusus who looks down, then standind up and hiding in sheer terror.

'Hes shaking like a vibrating bed in a cheap motel...'

Then Raw notices the elf, Honii, distastefully taking a platter of fried foods from the bartender, grimacing at the sight, or maybe the smell. Then he notices the owner of the bar. She looks around quickly, as if she can feel something not quite right. She looks almost....frightened of something. How odd. And she is terribly pale too.

Raw looked out the window and noticed that the man he had thought looked rather familiar was not there anymore.

'Did he come in while I wasn't looking?'

Glancing quickly up the stairs, Raw moves over to Maachini.

"Hello there. I couldn't help but notice you looked rather pale. Are you feeling well?"

Hoping to get some infromation from this woman, Raw begins his questioning.

Phantom Angel
11-01-2002, 12:11 AM
"Wait! come back here!" Alynthia yelled after the man.

However, he was long gone before she got anywhere. Thus, she returned to Honnii's room.

"So, where you from?" she asked Kuran.

11-01-2002, 12:45 AM
*Namazu chuckled a bit at Udon's comment about the rum and coke. "It sounds like you lead a very interesting life. However, I fear I may as well haul my ass out of here before I end up sleeping in the gutters... again. It was nice to meet you, and I hope to see you again," she said upon detecting that the alcohol had effected her. Her voice had become thick and it became increasingly difficult to speak. "I have practice in the morning... well afternoon, but for me it will be morning! Oh, I'm going to feel this tomorrow!" She began to get up, unaware that she was tilting to one side.*

OOC: sorry... lots and lots going on... brain moving at hyper-speed.

11-01-2002, 01:04 AM

She looked up as Peppa and the cooks burst from the kitchen with a huge cake, fifty candles glowing in it. The entire bar took up the words to 'Happy Birthday' in a half a dozen languages as Chekkusu covered his face with his hand and laughed.

Maachini smiled, even though the heady scent of ozone was making her dizzy.

Happy Birthday dear Chekkusu... Happy Birthday to y-

The lights went out. Not the gentle hum of a power outage, but the sudden blackness of a break in the line.

What the hell? Maachini thought before doubling over, the smell of ozone too thick for her to breath for a moment. She coughed, inhaled humid air and pressed her fingers to her throat.

That was when the first person screamed, the sick wet sound of innards hitting the floor echoing through the quiet murmurs of alarm that quickly escalated to shrieks. Someone fumbled with the backup generator in the back room and the lights came on.

Maachini's eyes widened. Half a dozen patrons lay spread out in puddles of blood on the floor. Above them, crimson sliding down claws, stood an army of harvesters.

The owner of the illustrious bar hissed, swore quietly, and then shouted a warning as the Harvesters started forward, archers with crossbows shooting out the lights along the way.

"They can see in the dark!" she warned, but a moment too late as the room was once again dipped into darkness, the only light coming from fifty wavering candles on a cake. "----."


I promised you violence, didn't I?

Princess Samari
11-01-2002, 02:52 AM
Noticing that her newest drinking budy was having a bit of difficulty keeping her balance Udon stepped foreward and steadied the girl.

"Here..how about I wa-"

Thats when the blackness struck. She had been a bit too preoccupied to notice that the cake had been brought out. For a second Udon had thought someone hit the lights on purpose..that was until the screams started. Then..she smelled blood and heard Maachini shout. Sharp eyes caught sight of the harvesters the dead patrons, Maachini..and a human that was rightly frightened out of his mind. What were they doing!?...had she been on earth too long?

"Namazu are you okay?"

creeping slowly to the bar Udon felt around the floor till she found what she was looking for. Her paintbrush. Then still crouching down she came back to Namazu and clenched the paintbrush tightly. "What the hell is going on here" That was the only thing Udon could think to say..

11-01-2002, 10:02 AM
As the lights went black, Raw tensed. 'This is not normal....'

He watches as Maachini nearly doubles over. 'What the hell is going on with her?' Then there were the screams. As the lights flickered, he caught a fleeting glimpse of some creatures, claws coated in blood, standing over the bodies of several patrons. Looking around, he decided it would be best to help out the rest of the people. A single word and the illusion was broken, and again he stood 8 feet tall, wings flexing slightly as he stretched a bit. Pressing a button on his back, the sound of an electric generator and a deep grinding could be heard. Drawing his axe, Raw smiled and stepped forward....

11-01-2002, 01:06 PM
Chuckling to herself after her run in with the bold lil Imp and
hearing the sound of Chekkusu being sung Happy Birthday.
Honii took one more step and the lights went out.


She heard screams and turned her head to the direction of
the noises.

"D*mn, I can't see a thing."

Lights came back on and she caught a fleeting glimpse

"Harvesters!"Honii exclaimed.

Before dropping the tray of food.

Honii watched transfixed as if in slow motion the tray fell to the floor the sounds of more screams in the background.


She knew this would give where she was away.

Honii watched as the lights were hit by arrows one
at a time.

Soon blackness again...

The sickening smells and sounds of death all around her.

'Must hide'

As she felt something take hold of her by the waist.

Listen Honii cannot fight worth a damn....so anyone can jump to her defence...but she is staying dressed.......

Chesta chesta chesta
11-01-2002, 01:16 PM
Kuran shifted from one foot to another, pressing her hand into her pocket hard, no she wasn't going to loose these precious little thing, not in an eternity. She just fluttered her eyelashes, yet seeing this didn't work her face crumpled up in a little frown.

"Finders keepers, looser weepers! She doesn't want them! She left them! I would NEVER leave them!" She screamed and stomped her foot hard into the ground, at the same time darkness fell. "Nice going foot!"

And then she remembered one slight small little detail, she was petrefied in the dark, she could hear things, things that weren't there, this being blamed on an over-active imagination. Grabbing hold of Alynthia's leg, holding onto it as if her life depended on it.

"Dark is scary!" she whimpered, desperately trying to see something, just anything, making her eyes ache. And she was pretty sure those screams were real, which was a bad thing.

Her nightmares had come to take her, she had always said they would, noone believed her, that would show them. That would show them when they found out, and they would be sorry that they never believed her when she had stated that a monester lived under her bed. Now he had come to claim her.

"Please....you gotta help me! He's coming to eat me!"

Sheer panic.

11-01-2002, 01:46 PM
OOC: OH JOY! THINGS TO KILL!!!! *hugs Kiva* Thank you!

As his Axe blades begin to turn, Raw begins walking towards the creatures. He notices from the corner of his eyes several archers in the rafters and upper levels. 'I'll have to get up there soon...'

Charging at the harvesters standing over the bodies, his axe comes down in a wide arc, seperating one from it's arm and lower legs. The spinning chainsaw like blade on his axe chews through it's flesh and bones with a stomach churnign grinding noise. The thing screams in pain as it falls over while Raw reverses the direction of his weapon and comes up under the chin of another, splitting it's face in half. Blood sprays over Raw's face as the slaughter begins......

OOC: Uh....what color blood do these harvesters have?

11-01-2002, 02:29 PM
OOC: Damn Kiva... and I was about to leave!

*Namazu held onto Udon as to keep her balance. "I'm okay... what's going on? My night vision is usually much better, but right now things are rather hazy," she struggled to say the words, and they continued to sound thick.

She wasn't afraid... just rather confused, and not sure if she was up to fighting (if this was a bar brawl) in this state.*

OOC: sorry about the short post... kind of doing this at school, and I don't have a whole lot that I can do.

11-01-2002, 04:16 PM
Furu quickly retreated towards the kitchen (atleast he thought it was the kitchen as he didn't have the best of vision when it was completely dark), his heart racing. Havesters, here? What the heck were they doing here? But then his mind was overridden by a deep primal urge, an instict to survive...


...denying that you had anything to do with the incident. Expect in this case one survival instict overrode the other as a few arrows thudded into wall next to Furu. He was glad that he was as small as he was. A human sized creature would have been hit. Slowly sneaking away from where he was, slipping past the three arrows, Furu felt himself hugging the bartable and hid behind here.

" Damn it...this is bad...I can't even see around here. Wait a minute..we've got alcohol..." Furu talked to himself in a whisper, a small grin spreading across his thin lips and fumbled around for the nearest bottle and flew high enough so that he could pour the contents of the bottle on the bartable.

" Maachini! I hope you won't be mad about this, but I'll pay back and we need the light..."

Another arrow imbedded itself into the wood near him and Furu ducked by reflex and muttered to himself.

" I gotta learn to stop doing that...not good for my health..."

Then Furu breathed in deeply, a small hint of red appearing in his nostrils and blew out hard, his breath coming out as a flame, a short and fairly weak one but nevertheless, enough to burn the eyebrows off a person or to light a campfire. And plenty enough to light the alcohol he had just poured on fire, causing it to illuminate the Tank somewhat.

" Hah haa! Now we can see!"

The sound of a bow being drawn back, several bows in fact, reminded Furu of that he was currenly also quite visible and quickly ducked behind the bar. He had had time enough to see the big demon hacking at the Harvesters and shouted encouragements.

" Go get 'em big guy! We're right behind you!"

Behind you alright, preferrably with you being between me and the enemy.......I hope Machiini is ok...and Peppa and Honii...and the rest..but not much I can do for them anymore..oh well..now that I've got light I can finally find a good place to hide..

With that Furu crawled into one of the small cabins made to hold bottles in them and shut it behind him. If anyone was nearby and listening, they were sure they could hear the sound of a bottle being opened and some swallowing sounds, followed by "dang good stuff".

Phantom Angel
11-01-2002, 04:54 PM
OOC: i can't fight... but mb we'll figure out something!

Alynthia ducked when the lights went off. She knew she had to do something. Soemthing before those evil creatures got to her. Thinking quickly, she grabed Koran.

"Don't panic. It's me. Now move carefully. We'll go hide in the closet." Alynthia told her, not before grabbing a letter opener from the table. Lucky that Honii got a lot of fanmail.

Slowly, the two girls entered the closet, and closed its giant doors. They sat on the floor of the thing, waiting, listening, hoping the terror would go away.

OOC: naggie... take care of Honii... u perv!! eheh... ne how... someone help Honii. Alynthia can't fight for crap!!!

11-01-2002, 05:05 PM
OOC: I'm getting there...sheesh.

Phantom Angel
11-01-2002, 05:20 PM
OOC: naggie=NR.... so.. eheh... but u can save her if u want...

Aku Shi
11-01-2002, 05:59 PM
OOC: Dude, a lot has happened since I last came here to post. O_O Now there's killing and ----! And I was ready to order a steak!! Dammit!!!! >_< Ah well, guess my hungry belly will continue to be hungry. Not that Minto had any money to pay for a steak anyway.... Heh...



Minto sat there looking at the woman with red hair. Suddenly he saw the white-haired woman stand and walk to the stage. He was quickly distacted by the Enya song, Only Time, which was one of his favorite songs by Enya. Sighing happily, he leaned back against the bar. The gently melody lulled him to sleep, a smile upon his lips.

A scream woke him up with a start, and he stared wildly around at the darkness. Now, he was never a very observant elf, but he was pretty certain that it hadn't been so dark before he fell asleep.

That's when he smelled it... The coppery, unmistakable scent of fresh blood.

Oh ----... This cannot be good...

The lights came back on and much to his horror Minto was but three feet away from a harvester. At he feet the terror-struck boy noticed the mutilated body of some poor, unsuspecting drunkard.


The lights were shot out.


He felt an arrow brush past his face in the darkness. Hesitating no more, he lept over the bar and proceeded to crawl at top speed out of the Drunk Tank. This, of course, meant manuvering around the feet of the harvesters. He felt steps under his hands. Not sure if he had to go down any stairs to get in the place (remember, he's not very observant), Minto crawled up the stairs and through a door.

He sat there on his hands and knees and blinked. He was not outside. It appeared as if he had wandered into a dressing room of some sort.

Ok, not where I wanted to go, but I can work with this...

Grinning a little, he stood and started towards what looked like a closet in the darkness. Then someone from the barroom screamed and he jumped head-first into the closet.

KtHM, can I create another char, too? I wanna make a super-hunky, super-straight guy for mine to form a thing for. It's an unrequited love! Sigh... Anyway, I'll even name his Ron Moaa if you'd like. :heh:

Phantom Angel
11-01-2002, 06:06 PM
OOC: is it our dressing room? oh well.. it is now!!

As she locked the door, Alynthia felt someone hit the closet. She urged Kuran to stay quiet, as the jambling stopped. Quietly opening the door, Alynthia snuk out, her fingers wrapped tightly along the dagger. She crept out into the darkness, waiting for the enemy to attack.

"This is it.." she thought grimly.

11-01-2002, 06:27 PM

Go for it, Shi. You have my blessings.

Right now I would post but I am discovering the inner workings of Photoshop. As you can see from my earlier Maachini picture I'm not used to photoshop. In fact that was the first one I really said down and seriously colored. usually I use Photoshop for cleanup. Well today it's become something more!

11-01-2002, 09:39 PM
Whatever had a grip on Honii it was like a vise.
Squeezing her so hard the air escaped from her lungs for
a short moment.
Somehow tho she managed to take a deep breath.
She struggled against it but she could not see what or who it was
in the darkness.
There was gutteral hiss

'That does not sound good.'

Honii knew whatever it was it was big and had a disgusting smell.
Another hiss, some type of language she did not recognize.

It was carrying her under its arm moving her back down the stairs.
She tried to make out shapes in the bar..
Someone had just started a small fire near it or was it on the bar?..
Making out in the shadowed light various body parts and blood lots....
and lots of blood..

There was these sounds swishing,some type of sawing
sound and the screams...

She looked at what had her squinting her eyes..


Honii knew her options were few..

'If I can just get loose'

She knew if she did not get free.......


Well Honii has no fighting ability the wee thing is a wuss....
Where is Arachne when I need her??.....But she is smaller so maybe a well placed kick and she could wriggle free??...

*Looks at PA and Hii's convo discussing her char's savior..*

11-01-2002, 09:58 PM

Eeeeee! I'm having so much fun with Photoshop! I'm getting to be okay at it too! Expect lots of pictures being slapped up soon, Peppa and Maachini mostly (as I can't draw men to save my life, and minotaurs are just out of the question) but I'll take a stab at anyone you people want to see. Don't ask for a harvester, please? I might be able to draw a female Harvester. Hmmm... but men are so hard to draw...


In the dim, outer-reaches of the glow of the bar top fire, Peppa was stalking up behind one of the Harvesters. She had, in her hand, a cocky little Zinfandel from behind one of the bars that she was utterly unaware of the price of.

Peppa did not like to sneak up behind someone for reasons other than yelling "boo" bursting into peals of laughter and giving the person a tight hug.

There wasn't anything particularly cuddly about the Harvester.

Peppa lifted the bottle and smashed it across the back of the Harvester's head, watching as he dropped Honii and slumped to the ground. She knelt next to the singer to help her up. "Are you okay?" she asked quietly as the Harvester behind them rose once more, rather irritated at the nasty bump on the head it was nursing.


One of them was standing before her.

"Uii'keru'yu'foa'oua'foriidon'kaunseru'uoman," he hissed at her.

"That's preposterous," Maachini snapped. "You Harvesters are as free as you choose to be. Free to do many things, one of which is not attacking my bar!"

"Uii'faitto'foa'foriidon," he reinstated.

"You're wrong!" Maachini shouted, fingers fumbling in her pocket. "What have I ever done for you."

"No'moa'taruke! Nau'yu'dai!" He raised his claws to strike at her and Maachini ripped her zippo from her pocket, shoving it in front of the Harvester's face and lighting it desperately, the light of the flame shining directly in his eye.

He howled and staggered back. Harvesters were exceptionally sensitive to the light. Sensing her moment, Maachini turned and ran. They needed light, more than just a little fire. She just happened to know where to get some.

11-01-2002, 10:14 PM
As Raw turned to Attack another set of the beasts who were jumping about wildly, He noticed one of them runnning down the stairs carrying an object. A very pale object, with long white hair.

'Honii!' It also had another object.....it appeared to be the small thorian bouncer.

Turning around, He begins to move toward the stairs, prepared to intercept the thing as it got to the bottom. He quickly punches one of the harvesters in the face as it jumps in front of him. With a sickenening thud it hits the floor, it's face caved in. He reaches the bottom of the stairs and stands, awaiting the harvester's arrival. As he grips his axe though, the thing notices him. Raw watches as it tenses and prepares to leap up and over him. Acting quickly, he spreads his wings and lifts himself off the ground with a quikc thrust of his legs. The thing jumps before it has time to stop itself, right into his waiting claws. Grasping it's head and torso, Raw twists, cleanly seperating it's head from it's body, coating it's cargo in a sea of bright red blood. Looking at her apologetically, Raw free falls to the ground and quickly sets her and the small thorian girl down.


OOC: There ya are, no more pussyfooting, the damsel in distress is rescued. i was tired of waiting for the bloated imp with the scarf to show up:P

12-01-2002, 03:33 AM
Honii was trying hard to somehow kick this thing.

Wiggling, struggling, squirming she felt its grip
on her increase.

"You are an ugly f*ck aren't you?"

She let out a slight grunt and it turned its shadowed
face to look down at her just as something .....


She felt the creature buckle and fall to it's knees
Releasing it's grip Honii dropped to the floor.


Looking up she saw Peppa's face..

"Peppa.....yes I am fine thank you" she answered as Peppa helped her up.

Having just stood up they turned when a shadow fell
across them.

'Oh no not again'

Honii tried to run, but did not get far, the beast had her again in his grip but this time Peppa was along for the ride.

And this thing was pissed its grip tightened on Honii she
felt dizzy the lack of oxygen she was starting to black out.

"Peppa...I'm sor....."

Honii was half unconsious the next events hazey.

She felt the beast rise then this sickening twisting and popping sound.
Honii felt wet something was on her,something warm.

It was then as her senses returned having the beasts grip release again that she saw the other Demon but this one was different.

'Great the irony of it all the vegetarian elf devoured
by a rather large hungry looking Demon.'

Her brain franticly trying to register all what was happening.

This Demon was differrent it was lowering her and Peppa to
the floor.

She squinted the warm substance in her eyes..

'Why is it looking at me like that? Like it's sorry'

Honii felt the floor beneath her feet. She looked into the Demon's eyes puzzled.

'I know those eyes.. I have seen them before'

But before she could say anything it turned and went back into the madness.

Honii felt Peppa grabbing her arm pulling her.


Aww Raw is Honii's hero.....thx...

12-01-2002, 10:35 AM
OOC: Raw is my hero too:P I wish NR would get here with his bloated imp and the nice scarf....

Phantom Angel
12-01-2002, 03:25 PM
Alynthia moved quietly in the dark. She could see nothing. Silently gulping, the elven girl stood more or less defenseless.

"Damnit, I'm putting myself in danger." Alynthia's quick mind recognized the situations. "We have to get out of here."

However, her elven senses told her that whatever attacked their dresser was still in the room with them. Alynthia thought she saw a faint shadow move in the dark.

"What should I do?" she silently asked herself.

OOC: umm... should we meet up some place??

12-01-2002, 08:35 PM
Inside his hiding place, Furu was trying to stay safe as well as he could. The enjoyment of the alcohol in the bottles there was just an extra he kept telling himself. Furu sighed and took another sip from the bottle he was holding in all four of his legs. He was laying down on his back, looking up and listening to all the mayhem outside. Furu slowly peeked out from his hide out to see Maachini light a zippo in front of a Harvesters eyes.

Ouch..that must have hurt the fellow...

Furu didn't feel any pity though. It would have been obvious what would have happened to Maachini if she hadn't done that. He really didn't like violance himself and shed away from it as much as he could. He couldn't fight worth a damn for one. Why couldn't people just get along? When Maachini started to run somewhere, Furu's curiosity got the best of him and he slipped out and quietly started to follow her.

12-01-2002, 08:47 PM

She rushed down one of the hallways through the Employees Only door and came to a skidding stop in front a heavy door. Pushing her weight against it, she eased it open and stepped within, looking at a long line of switches.

Maachini threw one. There was a gentle humming. She reached out and threw the next one.

In the main room strings of Christmas lights left over from the holiday season switched on, blinking cheerily.

She threw the next one.

Two neon palm trees flickered to life in the main room.

She threw the next one.

Four spinning blue and white spot lights hit the stage in an insane dance.

And the next, and the next, and finally the last.

Neon advertisements winked and flashed. The final was a giant, lit up sign reading Happy Birthday Chekkusu that would have turned on at the end of the birthday song. Maachini breathed a sigh of relief just as the Harvester behind her drove his claws deep into her side. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth, a spray of blood dancing across the switch and the white wall, before slowly sinking with a gurgle to the floor.

"Hineshu'da'jabbu," the Harvester murmured, pulling Maachini's head back by her hair and exposing the fragile column of her throat. He raised her claws and shuddered. "Foa'ouaa'foriidon," he whispered.

Nagha's revenge
12-01-2002, 11:49 PM

okok I can take a hint. Sorry anyway .. I gots lots to do :heh:


"Harvesters.." Zone's voice echoed back and forth in his mind. " But wait .. If there are Harvesters .. There are pearls !" A devious expression formed on Zone's face as he reached for his cell-phone.

It rang a couple of times before it was answered. There was silence on the other end as Zone screamed into the horn. " Squirrel-slave ! Did you park already ??" There was nothing but static and noise.
"Well forget it then !! Get the car over here !! We have a job to do." Within five seconds the screeching of tires could be heard through the receiver. Then Zone hung up. "I don't want to run up my phone bill of course.. stupid squirrel-slaves..."
Then Zone got up and walked towards the bar, getting out his whip and flicking it at innocent people trying to escape "Out of my was slave-scum !! Your master is coming through !" At one point he was even able to make a human female trip causing an entire group of people to fall on top of her, this accompanied with their horrid screams of absolute terror was funny to him. "Hehehehe .. Stupid slave-scum"
As he climbed atop the bar, some lights went on. He put his fingers to his mouth and whistled. Then he just stood there waiting for something to happen.


It was cold on the roof of the Drunk Tank. And a squad of flying squirrels were ready to be put to good use.
It was a squad of seven flying squirrels all slightly bigger then normal squirrels and clad in green with night vision goggles and equipped with SMGs (Squirrelly Machine Guns).
The biggest squirrel had a red band around his head with an anchovy emblem on it. It was obviously the leader as well as the oldest. Well lets just say he had grey hairs and one would assume he was the oldest. As they witnessed the lights turning off, the big squirrel started talking to the others. Passing back and forth in front of them, with his second next to him. You could tell he was the second because he stood behind the big squirrel as and he had a red armband with an anchovy on it.
"Squeek-squeek sqee sqeekums sqe .." The big squirrel said while waving his fist in the air. He stopped and pointed at the troop of five squirrels "Squee ! Squee ! Squee ! Squee ! Squeek !" As he thrust his fists towards the sky and inhaled "Sqee ! Squeek squeekedy squeekums !" The five squirrels began to nod in agreement and became more and more rowdy. As the big squirrel stood in front of them he pounded his fist downward into the air .. then stopped .. "Squeeky squeekedy .." He told his second. With that order his second approached the commander put on his helmet and knelt before him. The commander continued his speech only now pounding on the second's head. "Squeek ! Squeeked squeekedy squeeker squeeka !!" As he continued the light below went on and a shrieking whistle could be heard. As the squirrels suited up and prepared to enter through the window, the commander turned around and said "Squeekerdy squeek."
"SQUEEK !!" The entire squad answered in unison.

They decended towards some harvesters bunched together SMGs at the ready. Making hand signs towards each other. The commander signed three squirrels to the bar to prepare the second assault and signed the rest to follow him in a direct assault. The initial attack began as they unleashed u flurry of wood splinters onto the unsuspecting harvesters. Causing great irritation to the creatures, who were already surprised by the sudden increase in light. The harvesters returned the attack but the squirrels easily evaded the arrows .. for now.

As Zone witnessed the spectacle he felt a certain pride in being able to subdue such a great number of harvesters with his special forces. As he grabbed a bottle of Vodka and took a swig "Hmmm .. these slaves have some good vodka .. Bet they won't mind donating some to their soon-to-be leader." He said as he pocketed two bottles. "A bargain is wherever you find it."
At that moment his squirrels pulled up in the car and came out towards him. The bar was mostly empty by now all the other 'slaves' had run away.
"Did you close the doors and turned on the alarm-system squirrel-slave ?" He asked a squirrel as it approached.
The squirrel answered him with a vacant expression.
"Good. Now we must go get our funds to conquer the planes."
Zone leapt off of the bar and started running down one of the hallways, with the squirrels following him.

The Flying squirrels on the bar started collecting all the hard liquor and pouring it in plastic bags. One of them was lugging wooden planks from left to right and was using his SMG as a nail gun .. building something.
Meanwhile the other squirrels were still keeping the Harvesters busy. Flying around them and blasting away. Dodging the arrows from the harvesters. This became increasingly difficult because they were getting tired and the Harvesters were getting used to the light in the room. The commander signed the bar-squirrels "How much longer ?"
As the liquor-pouring squirrels looked at the squirrel building and asked "Squeek squeekedy ?"
The liquor-pouring squirrels signed back "Done !"
As the big squirrel received the message he was about to relay it to the strike force telling them to hold out a bit longer .. Then one of the arrows pierced his chest and knocked him out of the sky. He landed behind the table as all of his silently witnessed him fall.
"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK !!!!" The second screamed in a ear deafening tone. All the harvesters aimed for the second as he dodged them all to get to his commander. The other squirrels landed on the bar .. confused and not sure what to do next.
As he landed next to the commander the Harvesters followed to finish them off.
"Squeek ?!" The second asked concerned.
"Squeeky squeeky.." The commander replied in a weak tone while coughing up blood.
"Squeeky squeeky, squeekery !" The second said as he started tending to the commanders wounds.
"Squeek !"The commander yelled, he yelled so loud that he once again coughed up blood. "Squee, squee squeekedy squee !" The commander reached for his headband.
"Squeek !" The second stopped his commanders hands.
"Squeek." The commander answered in a calm tone.. he pointed towards the bar .. Towards the other squirrels, confused and chattering aimlessly "Squeekedy squeekery sqee .." His voice trailed off. The second released the commanders hands and received the headband.
"Squeek .. squee." The second's voice was solemn.
"Squee squ-"The commander stopped talking, his last words that he was proud of the kind of squirrel the second had become.
The second sat there hunched over his commander’s body ... As he ripped off his armband and tied on the headband.
"Squeeeeeee !!" He heard from the bar as he looked up and was just able to dodge the barrage of arrows raining down on his former position. Utterly mutilating his commanders corps, reducing it to a hopeless pile of bloody flesh.
As the Harvesters set up for a second volley it hit them. A balloon filled with alcohol. The new commander looked at the bar. The catapult was finished. He screamed "Squee ! Squee !". As a second projectile exploded over the Harvesters heads soaking them even more with the volatile liquid.
This gave the commander a chance to escape to the bar. As he met up with the other squirrels one of them already had the makeshift bow ready with a piece of wood lit on fire.
"Squeek !" As he motioned the squirrel to hand him the bow and arrow. As he took aim he whispered a little prayer.. and released. Setting the harvesters a flame. At that moment a sign lit up reading Happy Birthday Chekkusu. The squirrels on the bar stood there and watched them burn in silence. In quiet respect for those that had fallen that night and those that had fallen all those nights before.

As he saw Maachini in the hands of the Harvester. Zone stepped up and started insulting the harvester, his family, his country and making the most awful 'your momma is so fat jokes..' you can imagine. Making the Harvester so mad he dropped Maachini and went after Zone instead. "Yes . just a bit closer ... come on." The Harvester closed in and Zone wrapped his whip around the bottle of vodka and flung the bottle towards the Harvester. Breaking the bottle on it's skull.. But it still advanced ...
"Wait .. this is not how I imagined this .. " He thought as he looked around for a squirrel to fling at him.. Then a squirrel came running with a burning match .. "Good squirrel-slave it seems some of my genius is rubbing off on you !" He praised the squirrel as he grabbed it by the waist, "We can't have that now can we ? Before you know it you'd be conspiring against me !" He scolded the squirrel.
Then he turned towards the Harvester and said "Hastalavista baby-slave." before he flung the squirrel holding the match at the harvester. And stood witness to their fiery deaths.
"Maachini-slave I need to talk to you about planar domination !" He told her without checking if she even still was alive ..


Ok ... er ... Hopefully that was more then just squeeky drivel .. (Yay ! I saved Maachini !! )


Princess Samari
13-01-2002, 02:02 AM
Not happy. Nooooot happy at all. Udon's mind was racing as she dragged Namazu behind the bar and hid along with her underneath. Strangely enough neither one of them had been noticed.

"You are in neeew.. condition to fight and neither am I" Turning her paintbrush outwards Udon guarded Namazu and herself prepared to stab at whatever should appear.

She liked the drunk tank well enough. But Udon wasn't ready to die there. So she sat..feeling only a little cowardly. She sat and waited. Listening intently to the noise from all around.

OOC: Sorry! lots of bad stuff happening. No time to give good post..really sorry Hitomi...!

Phantom Angel
13-01-2002, 05:25 PM
OOC: umm.. i'm still waiting for someone to post.. Cheast... Aku... where r u guys??

13-01-2002, 06:09 PM

*dies laughing* :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh God, NR that was the funniest post I've ever seen!

Phantom Angel
13-01-2002, 06:19 PM
OOC: *sob* where's chesta damnit?? oh well.. i hope u keep the squirrel comandos NR! that was soo good! i loved the EEEEEEKKS!

Chesta chesta chesta
13-01-2002, 06:44 PM
OOC: I am here *rushes in on steed* I just got caught up in 'Lost Forest' and couldn't find my way out. Sorry.


Kuran knelt in the closet, biting her nails. They were coming, the big bogey monsters.

Then from nowhere, well actually from Alynthia's brave embarkation into the room, brought out a sense of braveness, and she slowly crawled out of the closet.

"Do you think it will eat us?" She said, squinting hard to see anything in the room, just hearing noises. Noises bad.

Crawling around, bumping into things, she just wanted to get out.
"I don't want to get eaten, I am not very nice. I am very peppery, Mr Demon!" she cried and crawled under a table, banging her a couple of times.

"I hear Elves are very nice to eat, eat the other one, but not me!" Convinced her excellent talk ability worked and that she wasn't going to get eaten, and hopefully after the bogey man had eaten Alynthia, he'd be too tired to eat her and then she could run away. Good plan. She patted herself on the back cos of that one.


OOC: Yes its rather pants, sorry PA.

Phantom Angel
13-01-2002, 07:01 PM
OOC: it's ok

Alynthia frowned when she heard Kuran's words. Well, she wasn't going to get eaten. She was going to teach that little ungrateful brat a lesson. Sumbling in the dark, trying to be as quiet as possible, Alynthia made her way to Kuran. Grabbing her girl by her shirt, she forced the trembling soul to her feet.

"Move it sch'latory " she said irritated. "Move now or I'll drag you with me." she said through gritted teeth.

Not waiting for Kuran's answer, Alynthia dragged the girl after her, both dashing out the door, and into the darkness of the hall. As they tried to get out, and make it to the bar, Alynthia silently wished she had a lighter. They needed light.

OOC: sch'latory means ungrateful brat in elven. it's an insult. eheh

13-01-2002, 07:20 PM

It was... hot. There was a sheen of cold sweat on her brow and upper lip, and the bitter taste of blood and copper in her mouth. She pressed a hand to her injury, winced, placed her palm on the cement floor to push herself up and slipped due to the amount of blood.

Oh hell, that wasn't good.

Vision wavering she turned her gaze up to the little imp, trying to understand what he was saying. It sounded like she was underwater. She reached up, gripped the scarf and yanked him down to her level on the floor.

"Get... Kouraa..." she hissed, gurgled really, and then did her best to focus on staunching the bloodflow with her fist.

Aku Shi
13-01-2002, 09:22 PM
Outside the closet Minto heard talk of eating elves and beyond the room he could still hear screams of terror and the grotesque noises of flesh being torn apart. Whimpering, he pulled down some of the dresses on the hangers above him and hid beneath them. Then, he stopped short. The feel of the fabric... It was nice... Whatever dress he had just wrapped around him was very good quality. If he got out of this situation alive, he was most certainly going to keep the dress. After all, he never did get his new shirt....

OOC: Sorry it took me so long to reply and that my reply was so short. There's nothing much the little dude can do inside that closet, while his weapons are all still in the forest outside of town... Poor dude...

Phantom Angel
13-01-2002, 09:36 PM
OOC: Aku... how about u follow us, since we're wandering around in the halls?

13-01-2002, 09:44 PM
*"Damn... I shuppose I really shouldn't drink sho much..." Namazu said, rubbing her eyes. Everything was blurry but she could vaguely tell that she was under the bar. "Where's Shioni when I need him?!"

All around there was panic, yet they seems pretty safe under the bar. "What's going on out there?" Namazu repeated... she had heard screams of "harvesters!" but didn't understand exactly what was happening.*

OOC: it's okay Samari, I'm rather busy with stuff as well...

Aku Shi
13-01-2002, 11:02 PM
OOC: Heh.... Well, thank you for the invite, PA, but... First off, Minto doesn't know your characters and being the shy one that he is, he surely wouldn't trust you enough to wander around with you. Secondly, he's pretty much scared shitless right now, and will not move from that closet until he's sure that the evil things are gone and he's safe. ^_~

13-01-2002, 11:10 PM

It's funny, I always figured Minto was out of the closet.

Aku Shi
13-01-2002, 11:14 PM
Originally posted by KtHM

It's funny, I always figured Minto was out of the closet.

Oh ha ha... ¬_¬

KtHM, while you're here, please check out my new character submission... :D

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As Raw pounded through the darkness, he became aware that the number of harvesters were lessening. The staccato sound of gunfire echoed from the bar.....but what tiny guns they must be. They were very quiet compared to any firearms he had heard before. Dimly he could make out the two minotaurs fighting side by side, fending off the relentless assault of the harvesters.

And then....there was light. Brilliant neon light. Blindingly bright. And the screams....he hated those screams....the harvesters were shrieking in pain as the light assaulted their eyes. And in all of the madness, Kouraa sat at the bar, calmly as though nothing was happening.

"Old man! Kouraa! Do something you arrogant fool!"

Phantom Angel
13-01-2002, 11:28 PM
OOC: oh come on... we'll be nice.... please? we need a guy around! i'll come back to the closet and get you if you want to... actually.. i'll do that right now!

As they were stumbling through the halls, Alynthia soon discovered her bag was missing.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed. "My bag! Wait here! I'm going to go get it!" she ran back into the room.

Alytnhia distinctly remembered that she put her bag in the closet with her. Certain that the harvesters had probably gone by now, she opened the closet door carefully.

"AAAAA!" she screamed when she saw someone at the bottom of the closet. He appeared to be conscious, but she couldn't tell. Quickly snatching her bag, she reacted and hit him with it. Only when the man looked up at her, did she see that he was not a harvester.

"Umm... sorry about that.. Let me help you up." Alynthia said and offered her small elven hand.

OOC: eheh.. i just realised Minto's elven! kewl!!

13-01-2002, 11:40 PM

He could hear a faint buzzing happening behind his ears. What did these people want from him? Fight? Protect? What was it?

Sighing he looked over his shoulder and the faint, tangy wiff of a familiar blood came to his senses.


She needed...

Kouraa slowly stood and held out his hand. There was a tremor and then an all encompassing light. When it passed the Harvesters, the attackers lay dead across the bar room floor. All traces of insanity gone, Kouraa strode forward, the sheer force of his will ripping the "employee's only" door from it's hinges. He stopped in front of Maachini and pointed at her, watching the wound on her side begin to knit together, flesh growing back together.

She looked up at him and something passed between them, some understanding. When the wound was closed, Kouraa slumped and his eyes went slightly blank.

"Buggrem buggrit," he grumbled, the insanity having returned.

Aku Shi
14-01-2002, 12:13 AM

The day was hot, and the night was surprisingly cold. Ron sat inside his cabin and watched the fire burn in the fireplace.

Damn, I'm bored...

A log popped in the fire.

I need to get out... To do something...

A window blew open from a strong gust of wind and blew over a pile of books he had on a table just under the sill.


It wasn't so much that the books left to him by his mother might be damaged from the fall, but that he now had to go and pick them up. He hated cleaning up...
Reaching for the last book, Ron stopped short, his head tilted. The book had fallen open to a page with the word "Limbo" written in big red letters at the top. Beneath the giant word there was a brief description of Limbo and how one might get there.

Shadow of an elm?...

He read further... Read the chant on the bottom of the page. It was in elven, but his mother being part elf, she had taught him some. His uncle, being his mother's brother and also part elf, continued his education. Ron looked up from the book in thought. Hey, it would be something to do...

Shrugging, Ron set the book down and went into another room. A few minutes later he came back into the main room, his weapons straps on and filled. The steal of the knives and sword glistened in the firelight. Grinning, he picked the book back up and grabbed a lantern.

Outside, his boots thumped loudly against the porch steps and then the frozen dirt. His breath was puffs of clouds against the chilled night air, but all he wore was a tattered leather vest. It had belonged to his uncle, and was the only thing he had left of his former guardian. The lantern's light fell upon on of the many elms around his house. His grin growing, he set the lantern down, causing the elm to cast a great shadow on the other side. He walked over to the shadow and looked down at the book in his hand. Straining to remember what he had been taught, he recited the elven chant. Continuing with the chant, he slowly stepped into the shadow.

The air grew warmer, more comfortable it seemed. The flicker of the lantern faded, and the world was cast into darkness accented by the pale blue glow of the moon.


No sooner had he asked the night his question when the serenity of his surroundings was shattered by a pained scream. It echoed throughout the forest and rang in his ears. Studying the terrain with his sharp silver eyes, Ron located the direction he figured the scream could have come from. He grinned. Things just got a little less boring. He patted one of his weapons belts happily before running off to locate the source of the scream.

Aku Shi
14-01-2002, 12:29 AM

The closet door opened, and Minto held very still, hoping that whoever it was would not see him among the clothes. Suddenly he felt something hit him...repeatedly. It was too soft to be a weapon or anything, so he looked up to see who was hitting him and why. It was an elf.

"Umm... sorry about that.. Let me help you up."

Ah! Who are you?! Are the harvesters gone? You can't have this dress, it's mine!!!!

Minto frantically pulled his new dress to him and scooted back in the closet, staring wide-eyed up at the elf before him.

Phantom Angel
14-01-2002, 12:45 AM
Alynthia sighed deeply, and shook her head. The second panicked pshycho in one night.

"I'm really sorry. I thought you were a harvester. It was you who attacked us. Really sorry. I was really scared. I'm an elf. You can trust me. And i'm sure Honii wouldn't mind if you kept the dress. Come on. The harvesters may come any second!" she said and extended her hand once again.

14-01-2002, 12:46 AM
Have you ever had a moment of clarity? One where all things interlocked into a puzzle completed, a picture of a scope unimaginable before becomes revealed in a surge of knowledge and feeling, a intuitive ‘intuneness’ where all things seem revealed and all is as it shall and ever was.

Bru wasn’t having one of those.

Sprawled in a gutter outside the Drunk Tank, Bru awoke in a state of stuporous confusion. Why was he in a gutter? Why wasn’t he standing? Why am I holding a conversation with the audience instead of remaining in character? Why can’t I seem to place words together in a designated order with which to convey the utter and complete bafflement that is my mind?

It was then Bru realized he was thinking in prose. Being dizzy as all ---- anyway, he began thinking in verse.

O hark ! for to what doth
memories driven from mine mind
gutter rat am I thine ?

His long hair fell heavily on the nape of his neck, the edges dripping with the gray sludge from the gutter. Raising his hand to swipe the grime from the side of his face proved to be little accomplishment, being that his hand was as covered as the rest of him.

I’m dizzy…

The silent ringing of his catatonic confusion was sprinkled with the first inklings of a disturbance when a body was flung through a window above him. This was his first clue there were occurances occurring. His second clue was when he realized the gutter wasn’t just gray, it ran red. Veins split the skin of the sludge in intricate patterns of interlacing diamonds, each point pooling in a red eye that took in the night’s horrors.

I’d be upset if I had compassion. But I don’t so I’m not. At least they died like they lived… lambs to the slaughter.

Bru tried to stand. The operative word there is ‘tried’, it would have been ‘stand’ but that wasn’t happening in his current state. And so he ‘tried’. Trying is the first step towards failing and Bru’s second step involved him back in the sludge once more.

Ow. Why isn’t this working? What the hell happened to me?

The haze of his memory matched the obscuring grime caking his eyes. The falsehood of memory had always been apparent to Bru, instead he relied on logic and reasoning.

Alright… lets see what happened.

Bru managed to regain his footing and was able to pull himself from the clench of blood cracked filth. The soft slime was thick enough to keep impressions identifiable.

…Harvesters. That explains the, well, mess.

He paused and cocked his neck to the side, sending a painful shiver to bloom under his scalp. His right hand spasmed up with the pain, catching the metal handle of a trashcan beside him and sending the contents spilling out in a cacophy of clatter.

Sonuva… The harvesters must have snuck up from behind… o man am I glad they aren’t known for probing.

While some would be reviled at the thought of a massacre occurring before them, Bru became thirsty. Bru just didn’t care and, stepping around, over, and on top of more than a few bodies he headed for a drink. That’s when it got bright. Very bright. and all he could think was-

O ----, he found me.

This was bad in his mind.


heh, sorry for being gone for a wee, but i had an urge to wander 600 miles. and for my trouble i was stabbed in the stomach with a japanese style knife. But i'm better now, the noodle talking to me is helping me work past that.

14-01-2002, 02:19 AM

Such good posting do I see....Trinity is feeling to lazy to post its an age thing...

Princess Samari
14-01-2002, 02:33 AM
"I think that guy went home some time ago...or off to that trailor..it seems like the noise has died down...did you hear those squeeks?..I thought the drunk tank was clean..hadn't seen any rats in here before..."

Lifting her paintbrush Udon waved it from behind the bar. Maybe..it was safe to come out..and if not..well..um..she would think when it came to that.

14-01-2002, 10:09 AM
*Namazu gradually became aware that Udon had stood up and stuggled to get up on her own. Easier said than done... it was a good few minutes before she was on her feet and clenching onto the bar. Before her she saw the mess that had been created.

The bar had been clean and lively less than half and hour ago (the time seemed like centuries ago to her, but a half hour was a decent guess) but now it was in total disarray. Tables and chairs smashed, pools of blood collecting on the floor. She had frequented here, but the first thought that came to her was. 'I hope our gear is okay, we were planning on picking it up in the morning.' That thoguht was followed by. 'I wonder when we'll get another gig here... I don't suppose they'll allow us to play another set for a while.'

"Do you think it's safe for me to leave?" Namazu asked Udon, who seemed much more aware of what was going on than she was.*

Aku Shi
14-01-2002, 01:09 PM
Dammit, TM! Don't tell everyone about my stabbing you---er---um...I mean... You were stabbed in the stomach?! Oh no! I'll get revenge for you, my friend!! I'll track down the one who did this!
Sarah: (sitting next to her) By slapping yourself? o_O
Me: Shhh! :sweatdrop:

Blood... The scent of blood was strong. Ron couldn't help but breathe it in as he ran. This scent was familiar to him. Nearly everyday he was in the company of fresh blood. The weapons chiming on his straps seemed to smell the blood too, and thirsted for it. They had tasted the warm red fluid countless times in the past and always wanted more. Ron had no feelings towards blood. He didn't hate it and he didn't love it. It was just something that came with his occupation. He was used to it.

Another scream.

Ron quickened his pace. He was getting closer. He could feel it. Hell, he could SMELL it, after all! His boots sloshed through gutters of grime and blood. His strong hands gripped the torn door frame of a small tavern as he pulled himself inside. His eyes fell upon a sight he had never seen before. Races he never knew existed lay in bloody heaps upon the floor. But some... Some he recognized as elven. A shadow near him shifted... Then another across the room.

In a flash, Ron had drawn his sword and sliced a harvester's head cleanly off. Turning, he pulled three throwing knives out with one hand and lodged them deeply into the head, neck, and chest of the harvester across the room.

Looking around, Ron noticed that those were the only two enemies in there...that were alive, anyway. He then noticed two people standing near the bar. They seemed a little shaken, but not too bad off.

Pulling back his long hair as he sheathed his sword, Ron threw them a grin.

You kids ok?

14-01-2002, 01:17 PM
OOC: You were the one who stabbed him? I was wondering about that too....

Raw had to turn away. The light was so incredbily brilliant that even his ageless eyes could not look upon it. It was the power of a god. And as the light dimmed and vision returned to him, Raw saw that the old man had done all that he had begged and then some. Every last harvester was dead or lay dying. Looking around at the damage done to the bar, Raw was amazed that so few had died.

Then he saw another newcomer. A man standing and wearing an arsenal of weapons, seemingly appearing out of thin air. Raw blinked and then shrugged. The immediate danger was over.

Raw walks over to where Honii and the thorian girl are laying. Seeing the elf awake, he turns to the thorian and tries to wake her up.

'She doesn't know that I'm the guy from earlier does she? How would she react if she found out?'

Aa the thorian girl slowly comes to consiousness, Raw keeps his back turned to Honii.

14-01-2002, 01:48 PM
Furu kept hidden in the shadows, watching the situation unfold, but when he saw Maachini get hurt, he almost jumped out of cover. Almost, as he soon noticed that he wasn't needed (like he would have been any use anyway...) and soon Maachini was in no danger when the mad god somehow snapped back into his senses for long enough to blow the door off and heal her. Furu slowly flew over to Maachini and Kouraa, looking at the mad god for a while before setting down next to Maachini, looking in her eyes.

" Hey, feeling better now? You were hit pretty bad...Wonder what those Harvesters wanted... I couldn't really hear what they were talking about." Furu said, putting his tiny left "hand" on top of Maachinis and looked at the mad god next to them who was mumbling ...something.

Was this what had been disturbing Maachini earlier? The others had said that she had been looking ill for a while now already, which would go to point towards something bigger happening. Whatever happened here must have been connected. Furu had been alive for long enough to notice connections and know that somehow, even the most random acts were part of something bigger. But the well-being of his friends was most important right now. He didn't believe his friends were hurt, but he still worried about it. Furu sighed to himself and looked at Maachini, his eyes moving to where her clothes were torn. There was no evidance of her even being wounded there. Good thing about gods, when they did something, they had the power to do it well.

oh yeah.....dang...I never got to know what colour Honii's thong was...

OOC: and ended with a thought that had nothing to do with the rest of what's going on... wanted to edit the post to add little lenght to it

14-01-2002, 01:55 PM
The smell of death was everywhere, she felt cold the once warm
substance she felt on her feeling cold and sticky now.
Honii knew the substance was blood.
"The blood of the dead" she whispered under breath.

Honii's eyes scanned the room, blood everywhere, bodies
and pieces of them.
'Where were her friends, were they ok?'
She saw squirrels standing at attention at the bar.
Slowly the survivers began to come out.
Peppa was being helped by the demon who had helped them earlier, his back to her.
'I must thank him' she thought.

Honii heard a small groan to her left.
She relized it was one of the elves that worked for
She walked over to him, dropping to her knees.
He was dying.
She pulled his head onto her lap, stroking his forehead gently.
" It's ok do not be afraid, I will stay with you" she whispered.
Honii started to hum softly, holding the dying elf.
She then in a hushed voice sang a Elven Song to her friend.

I lie beneath the dappled wood
And feel the breeze float by
I cannot help but feel the Dark,
And yet I wonder why.
For here the glade is green and soft
And the birdsong fair,
And the olvar grows clear and white
And the brook it flows through here.
Yet in this very glade, I trow,
Twas not so long ago
That Berin passed, proud and tall,
Where he never more shall go.
Oh death! Oh wind, that whistles through
And whispers to me low
Where has Cousin Berin gone?
Where does he dwell now?
For here the wood is fair to see
And twilight comes as ever,
But he who fell before the Dark
Shall pass again here never.

She felt something at the exact moment as his spirit
left his body. A small tear fell from her eye down across his face.
Honii could see an outline of a small smile gracing his face.
"You are now free" she whispered as she kissed his forehead.
She held him, before standing to see who else needed help.

The elven song is called 'Berin's Song" found it on a elven site.

****Oh and 7th keeper why doesn't Furu just ask Honii, she might tell him, ya never know.....*******

14-01-2002, 07:04 PM

"Ba... Bagel..." Peppa managed, squeezing her eyes shut in pain. Her head hurt. She felt as though she had licked a battery, her tongue was slightly numb.

She flinched at the feel of someone touching her arm and her eyes snapped open. She sat up, looking at the demon with wide, round eyes and then brought a hand to her temple werew a crust of blood was forming from an earlier wound in the fight.

"Throat dry," she mumbled. "Gotta get water."


Touched by Furu's concerning, Maachini smiled weakly at him.

"I'm not entirely certain what they were after... but they seemed to think of themselves as freedom fighters. I'm going to have to travel to the council house." She sighed and laid her forehead against her knees, waiting for a wave of nausea to pass.


Wow! You guys still can't read what the Harvesters were saying! You guys are going to have a shitload of trouble when you get the Harvester NPC. :D

Chesta chesta chesta
14-01-2002, 07:23 PM
Kuran felt so disgrazed, being dragged along as common theif, something stuck underneath ones shoes, she was better than that.

"Let me go, you big bully you! I know BIG people, and they are very tall!" She kicked and screamed, til Alynthia dropped her and ran off. "Yes be very afraid! Be...very...afraid ...."

She looked around in the darkness and started chewing her thumb. Being alone in the dark, well not entirely alone, but none the less in the dark. She looked into the direction of where she heard Alynthia run off. Then felt something on her leg.

Giving out a loud shreik she rushed back after the elf, climbing up on her back. "IT'S GOING TO EAT ME! YOU GOTTA SAVE ME!"

Looking down at the other elf, she rolled her eyes, great another one. And then the unfairness of it all struck her.

"How come he can keep a dress and I can't keep the earrings?! You are SO UNFAIR!" She stomped her little foot and glared at Alynthia, the unfair elf who wouldn't let her keep the shinies.

Princess Samari
14-01-2002, 08:07 PM
The kistune looked around the room disgust playing across her face as she sniffed the air. "Great scott..." Udon cupped a hand over her face feeling violently ill all of a sudden. "The stench is overpowering.." Unable to hold back any longer Udon rushed past Namazu and began to cough up about a gallon of alcohol and soda that had been floating around in her system. Fortunatly it was off to the far right hand corner of the bar.

Lovely no? "In your life you face some trouble..but if you worry you maaaake it double"

The sheer horror of it all.. Dead bodies and Bobby Micfaren.

Unfortunatly for Namazu Udon was too busy vomiting to hear her.

Phantom Angel
14-01-2002, 08:09 PM
Alynthia frowed.

"You are acting like a spoiled brat. He only gets to keep the dress until Honii reclaims it back. Plus, he's afraid. You're just ungrateful. Don't you think i didn't hear you saying how elves are very good to eat. You should be happy I decided to save your hide. First you come and expose Honii in public, then you steal her earrings... and then u want the Harvesters to eat me. Well I don't find that very amusing!" Alynthia said angrly.

She was cold, tried and scared out of her wits, and the puny little girl acted like a selfish spoiled child. All she wanted to do is get the heck out of the bar and find herself a nice tree to sleep under, and forget the terror she had felt.

"Now, it's either you stay here in the dark with this elf that refuses to speak to me, or you come with, and we get the heck out of this place." Alynthia said, calm washing over her again.

"We can see what went on down at the bar, and we'll help them out if there's wounded. I am pretty sure there are. You should be happy Honii didn't put you in jail by now. I would suggest you grow up and show some responsibility." she said sharply.

Alynthia's green eyes looked at Kuran, anger sparkling in them. However, when she saw the girl's frightened angry and confused face, all those feelings melted into compassion. Pure compassion.

"Hey... I'm sorry. I'm just about as scared as you are. But we can't stay here. None of us can. Let's go help the others, and then we can decide what to do next." Alynthia said in a soft melodic voice.

She then grabbed her bag, and not paying attention to anyone walked out, making her way to the bar. It was their decision if they wanted to come. She had overreacted enough for one day. It was time to put her head to work, and help whatever wounded there were.

OOC: eheh.. come w/ me Chesta.... we gotta help the wounded!!

14-01-2002, 08:15 PM
*"Listen, Udon, I had a lovely time. However, it seems that the trouble is gone so I'm going to be staggering home," Namazu said, unconserned with anything other than how bad her hangover is going to be in the morning.

She lifted one hand in a passive waving gesture as she began to make her way to the door, despite the fact that her stomach felt as if someone had taken a bat to it and that there was still a haze around her.*

14-01-2002, 11:27 PM
Honii noticed the girl named Alynthia,had left
her dressingroom and made her way to the bar.
She was glad she was still alive.
'But where are the others?' she thought.
I must go and ask her. She hoped the lil one
was ok even if she had cut up her new dress while
she was still in it.
And what of the parinoid one where was he?
Making her way over to Alynthia,she spoke to her in elven
an language she must know.
Honii could sense other elves no matter if they were full blooded
or not.
She had always been able too.
She did though always respect if they did not want to show their
true race.
Maybe that is why as she moved over to the bar
she noticed the new stranger among them with
the long dark hair.

ENKWEN ALA EDHELKWEN? waiting for a reply.


Now those who speak elven should know what Honii just asked. If not pm me and I will tell you...

15-01-2002, 01:27 AM
Looking down on the thorian as she woke up, Raw could not helkp but feel pity that one as obviously innocent and naive as her would have to be in such a situation.

He stood up once she finally sat up on her own.

"What is your name little one?"
"Peppa Jakku"
"Are you feeling alright? Can you stand up?"

Raw watches as Peppa stands up and slowly hobbles to the bar, holding her head. Looking around, Raw notices that most of the survivors are making their way to the bar. Looking the other direction, he sees the door to the kitchen completely blown off of it's hinges and lying in shattered remnants on the ground. Walking towards the door, he hears muffled whispers. He stoops down and enters the kitchen to find Kouraa standing over a perfectly healthy Maachini sitting in a pool of blood. Next to her lay the body of a harvester, it's claws coated in blood. Maachini's blood.

"what happened here? What did they want, who were they after?"
She looks up at him. "They were after me of course. Who did you think they wanted?"

Looking from Maachini to Kouraa, he decides that it would be best to leave well enough alone. The immediate danger being gone, it isn't important. The dead don't care why they're dead after all.

Raw slowly makes his way back to the bar, carefully stepping around the bodies of innocent and monster alike. The harvesters did not do this normally. Why would they come after someone so maliciously? It didn't make any sense.

As he reached the bar he saw the two minotaurs, both caring for the wounded as best they could. They worked meticulously, and Raw noticed that the most well known people were actually the least injured...almost as if the harvesters didn't want to hurt them.

The fire on the bar had gone out and the squirrels went about gatherin their dead as their boss, that bloated imp, watched on. The silence was palpable, like dust floating in the air.

And there on the ground, Honii knelt over a dying elf. Her voice rose as she sang to him, and for a few moments, the silence was broken. Then her voice died and she stood, moving on to help others. She stopped though, as she noticed the young elf girl he had seen earlier sitting at the bar. She went over to her and began speaking to her quickly in the elvish tongue. Even though he had lived for thousands of year, Raw had never learned the elvish tongue completely. He only knew necessary bits and phrases for communicating with employers and contacts. Only what was necessary. She said something about speaking elven...he couldn't quite make it out.

15-01-2002, 01:36 AM

She caught sight of Maachini coming through what remained of the employee's only door and felt a surge of relief that she wasn't dead. Peppa looked around the Drunk Tank until her eyes rested on the ruined, gigantic cake, knocked over, icing smearing across the floor.

Maachini came to stand next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you hurt?" she asked and Peppa shook her head, touching a hand to the blood crusted at her temple.

"Just a little," she whispered. "I'll be okay. There are people hurt worse."

"I'm going to have to go to talk to the council about this. I want you to come with me, Peppa." Maachini's voice was forcefully bland but her hand remained a comforting weight on Peppa's shoulder.

Peppa stared at the cake and could just barely make out Chekkusu's name in what was left of it. The big minotaur came to stand on her other side and cleared his throat.

"Well," he said after a moment. "It could have been worse. We're going to want to up the security, probably double it I think."

"Will you get started on that right away?" Maachini asked.

"Sure, sure," Chekkusu laughed carefully, trying to lighten the mood. "We'll want to clean up a bit, yeah?"

"They put 58 on the cake," Peppa said then. "When they read the order, they didn't see a zero but an eight and I had to go and fix it. It was chocolate raspberry. You're favorite."

"Now now, Peppa, it's okay," Chekkusu said softly. Peppa's breath hitched and then broke in a sob as she turned and hugged Chekkusu, crying into his arm, hair catching at the lights from the neon birthday sign proclaiming that it was a happy birthday.

Aku Shi
15-01-2002, 01:42 AM
Turning, Ron spotted an attractive woman with long flowing hair. He flashed a grin.


He tilted his head at her question, then attempted his best to recall what little bit of Edhelkwen his uncle had taught him once.

Ne. Enkwen Drow.

His grin growing, he winked at her.

Different breed of elf, I suppose, eh? I do hope that won't get in the way of us getting to know each other better, though...

Phantom Angel
15-01-2002, 01:52 AM
Alynthia smiled at Honii, for the first time that night, her eyes gleaming. Actually hearing her native voice was a bliss.

"Lle lakwenien?" she laughed softly. "Amin nowe ron n'kelaya." Alynthia sighed. "Mani marte?" she asked concerned, as she splashed cold water in a bowl and looked around for wounded.

15-01-2002, 02:52 AM
To Honiis' surprise the handsome stranger attempted to
speak to her in a dialic of elven she was not to familar with.
She smiled at him, almost blushing because he had taken her off guard with his reply and wink.

Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna 'lye omentuva...

Honii nodded and smiled raising her eyes slightly.

Honii looked at herself in the broken mirror she looked a sight,
covered in dried caked blood.
But that was of no importance at the moment the injured were her first priority.
She answered Alynthia, in english so the others did not think she was being rude.

"I see well as long as they are ok."

"Harvesters did this but I do not know why" she put her head down almost crying at the thought of the dead.
" Such a waste of life here"

Honii noticed that Maachini,Chekkusu were ok along with the imputant Imp who had dared to touch her *ss.
She looked for Furu but did not see him.

Her eyes came to rest on the demon that had saved her life.
She met his gaze looking at his eyes and smiling.
She knew who he was in that instant.
" I thank you for your help before, I am in your debt'
she bowed slightly.

" Now I must help where ever I can if you will excuse me.'
Honii turned to Alynthia, could you give me a hand please?
If you do not mind of course"


And what did Honii say to the handsome stranger?? She said this......Sweet water and light laughter till we next meet......nite Trin has to get up at 5:00 am oh the horror....

Aku Shi
15-01-2002, 04:13 AM

His smile changed to one of nervous confusion as the woman said something else in Edhelkwen, the dialect he knew next to nothing of. Hell, he barely even remembered the lessons of Drow he had been given by his uncle and, and only remembered a few scenes of the lessons with his mother. He scratched his head for a moment, then looked back down at the dead.

Harvesters did this, you say? Just what the hell are harvesters, anyway? In case ya can't tell, I'm not from around here... In fact... And this may sound weird, but.... I got here by walkin' into a shadow of an elm....


The young man pulled the dress tighter to him. She said he could keep it. Not that he needed her permission anyway. He found it, and it was now his! As for leaving the closet, that girl must have been mad! Well, she seemed to have given up on him and left. Minto blinked for a moment then set the dress aside and crawled out of the closet a little to look around. Things seemed much quieter. The slaughter seemed to be over.

Minto reached back and grabbed the dress up again before standing to leave the closet. He wandered around the dressing room, looking to see if there was a way out so he wouldn't have to go back through the bar. High above him was a small window, but it was not big enough for him to fit through, even with his slender frame. Sighing, he turned and walked out into the hall.

The scent of blood grew stronger and caused him to sway and grow weak in the knees. Tossing the dress over his shoulders, Minto prepared to cast one of the few spells he actually knew well. He closed his eyes and folded his hands. Ever so softly, as gentle as a summer breeze through the treetops, he chanted.

Sar itsuko.... Jal shokai lonni nanya...
Bak lonni andea jan... Kam konki keie jal lonni...

He repeated the above several times, each time the wind around him growing slightly stronger until finally there was a ball-like formation of wind surrounding his person. Opening his eyes, he sent the wind out in a burst that caused anything and everything in its path to move aside, clearing a way for him to walk safely. The wind then returned to him and continued to swirl around him until instructed to burst forth again to clear the way once more.
What language is Minto speaking?! I'll give a prize to the one who guesses it! Well, that's not too fair seein' how TM's really the only one who stands a chance at getting it right... It's ancient Charisian. What's that, you ask? Why, it's the official language of the gods and immortals in my novel. ^_^ Would you like a translation?
Wind of light.... A safe way find....
My way has been lost... But you know a way...

Simple, but so is the language at the moment. I'm going to use this as a chance to develope it more. Hope no one minds. ^_~

Nagha's revenge
15-01-2002, 10:37 AM
There was a tremor and then an all encompassing light. When it passed the Harvesters, the attackers lay dead across the bar room floor. All traces of insanity gone, Kouraa strode forward, the sheer force of his will ripping the "employee's only" door from it's hinges.

Calzone had to put on his goggles to shield his eyes from the, otherwise, blinding light. He witnessed Kouraa heal Maachini right in front of his eyes.

The light passed and all was devastated. " Godly might. " He scoffed at Kouraa. " Just don't get in my way ! God of the insane, hopeless, drunk and patheatic. The old one didn't stand for it and neither does his daughter ! Understand Kouraa ?" He spoke rather brazen. The god obviously wasn't listening anymore, and if he was he was too deep in his stupor to understand.. Or was he ?
As he looked about the room he saw precious few dead humans, " Damn, stupid human-slaves got away .. No free pearls today," he thought to himself. " Wait ! ... The harvesters did not come for the dead .. They did not come to drink, just to kill. Kill that Maachini-woman-slave ." As his thoughts wandered into the realms of depravity for a moment he got a grip on himself. " What did he say to that Maachini-slave ?" .. as he recalled the events leading to this mystery ..

" For our freedom ..." The words came back to him. " It seems I am not the only one with slaves." He stated under his breath while looking at the Maachini-woman-slave. " This makes everything all the more interesting. Perhaps I have found my second." He grinned an impish grin. Once again his mind wandered down the path of depravity only to be broken by one word.

" ...Drow. " He looked up in delighted amazement, only to find none present ..
He saw elves .. he loathed elves. They would be the first to perish under his rule. Ah, a gloriouse rule indeed. No more frollicy happy elves, perhaps only a couple of drow females .. for pleasure.
But he only saw demons and halfbreed mongrels. Some pleasing to the eyes but no delicious dark elves. He still delighted at the memories of them from his former life.

Then he saw it a man. " A human-slave ? Able to speak the language of the darkness ? I see opportunity here. Stupid human-slave. Any relation with a dark elf-slave is one to be exploited." He reveled in his own thoughts, and in the prospect of getting even more pearls for his quest onto planar dominance.
As he looked at the man whispering to himself, " XUN IZIL DOS PHUUL QUARTHEN, LUETH DRO. ROTHE." unlike his normal tone, his words were more defined and his tone crude, yet somehow elegant as the words flowed from his lips.


As the squirrels watched how all the harvesters died by a flash of light, they we're still saddend by the loss of their commanding officer. The watched as all the civilians picked themselves up after the slaughter and decided to preform the last honours on their former commander.

" Squeeeeeeek. Squeek ! " With these few words the squirrels formed a line and prepared to carry a bottle of hard liquor to the ground.
" Squeek squee !" They manuvered the bottle to the ground and to the point where their former commander had fallen, now reduced to a pile of bloody hair and flesh.
As the second approached the cascass. He removed some of the commander's blood and some of his hair, before he moved away he took off the commander's helmet and took out a picture that was inside. He nodded towards the rest of the squad. They began pooring the liquor over the bloody remains. When they were done they stepped back ... waiting.
" Squeek, squeekums squeek squeek. Squeek squeekedy squeeker." The second began the ceremonial burning holding the photograph infront of his chest. " Squeekerdy squeeks squeekie squeek.." His voice trailed as a tear came to his eye.
" Squeek squeekerdy, squeeka." He took a smoldering piece of wood from the ground and ignited the alcohol.
They all stood in attention in front of the fire. " Squeeek. Squeek !" The new commander said, the squirrels took out their SMGs and fired three volleys into the sky.
Finaly the commander whispered something to himself " Squeek squee squeek, squeek squeeker squee."


His gaze interupted by the sudden presence of the flying squirrels.
" What squirrel-slaves ?" He noticed black arm-bands around their arms. And they were missing a member.
" The old slave died eh ?" He asked. The squirrels gave away nothing but a blank stare.
" Very well .. Go ! Find me a new one !! Quickly before I change my mind .. slaves." Grumpy with the mere thought that this could be conceived as charity he remembered what he was doing before the flash struck. This time, he was going to take it a bit easier.
" So Maachini-slave ? Why were they after you ? And what does their freedom have to do with anything ?" He yelled at her as he approached.


Trin .. I finally know why . Because of wisdom and experience ;)


Chesta chesta chesta
15-01-2002, 01:11 PM
Kuran followed Alynthia, extremely grumpy, never had she ever been accused of being a spoilt brat. Nasty elves. Elves were going down on her nasty list, second after Bogey man.

However she did not dare to take chances with the dark and rushed after the 'nasty' elf, grabbing her hand.

Smiling shyly at Honii, hiding behind Alynthia, listening to the yabber between them.

'Elves are odd! They don't even have wings, and what is it with that language? And those ear?' She looked from one to the other. 'It's kinda freaky. They are like....tall things...with weird ears and long hair, and they all seem to be obsessed with something or another.' She smiled happily to herself.'Thank the Gods I am not!'

Princess Samari
15-01-2002, 02:42 PM
Stomach now empty Udon adjusted her monocal and then covered her nose trying to make it around the carnage...squirrels, patrons, harvesters..and amid all the chaos she spotted Maachini. "Oy! Maachini!" narrowly dodging a pool of blood Udon made her way over to the rather tired looking woman.

"This seems a bit um...well..not like any of the other parties you have thrown. I doubt those harvesters just had too much to drink. Any clue what happend." Canting her head to the side Udon rubbed the back of her neck " Mind you I was busy hiding under the bar..so I missed some details"

Phantom Angel
15-01-2002, 03:47 PM
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Alynthia felt Kuran hide behind her, and she smiled. Thinking that the girl didn't find her too friendly, she hoped that there was still time to mend the rift between them. As an elf she didn't like making enemies. Sighing, she looked around and saw Maachini. She was hurt. Along with an imp, and a few other people she saw around the bar. She silently laughed at the imp's pink scarf, but her manners did not let her amusement be shown. Picking up the bucket of cold water and the cloth, she ran to the wounded girl's aid.

"Are you ok?" she asked worry crossing over her face. She helped the girl sit down, and began to wash the blood from her. "Tell me if it stings. Do you have any disinfectant around here?" she asked. "Oh, by the way, my name's Alynthia." she said reminding herself that she must remain polite at all costs.

"Kuran, please find the first aid kit." she told the girl gently.

Alynthia wasn't used to taking charge like that, but there were many wounded. She couldn't stand the loss of life that were to happen if she didn't do anything. She knew she must, and all the others that were in the bar looked very shaken up. She winced at the sight of blood pouring from the wounds, but she kept strong as she gently washed it away.

OOC: eheh... i'm brave nurse betty. eheh.. jk! now.. i gtg before they kick me off!!!

15-01-2002, 04:53 PM
As Maachini left, Furu stayed behind for the moment, contemplating on what had happened. He jumped on the dead body of the Harvester, but quickly took off as he noticed that he had caught some blood on his hind legs. He hated seeing blood and especially feeling it and MOST especially if it was his own. Luckily in this case it wasn't and Furu wiped his legs clean on the parts of the harvesters clothes that weren't soaked in blood and shivered at the sight.

" Well this is just plain disturbing... I better get out of here, don't wanna see more blood."

Furu flew out of the room, not wanting to see the body again and made a quick trip around the entire Drunk Tank. It might have been better if he'd stayed with the dead Harvester after all and at the end, Furu had to close his eyes and concentrate to hold his dinner inside.

way..too.. much blood...makes me think of girls periods...periods...girls....girls...girls panties..ok this is working, I'm not feeling that sick anymore..just keep concentrating on this..

Again Furu too late realised the mistake of keeping his eyes closed while flying as he smacked into a wall and dropped down on the floor and muttered something incomprehensible about having a bad day flying. He stood up and dusted himself and noticed Honii little bit away from him. A smile grew on his face as the beautiful singer was alright and unharmed and he took off again, flying to Honii.

" Hey there beautiful...glad to see you're alright..I was worried about you for a moment."

At the same time Furu was thinking about what Maachini had said about going to meet the council about this. Wondering for a moment if he should go tell her that he was coming with her, Furu then decided that it could wait. She probably already had figured it out that being the caring (and overly curious fellow who liked to put his nose where it sometimes shouldn't be) friend that ofcourse he would come with her.

15-01-2002, 06:23 PM
Honii listened to the strangers inquiry about the harvesters.
She could not deal with this at the moment and did not want to seem rude.
She looked at the others at the bar,with her violet pleading eyes.
" They will answer your questions. I am sorry but..." she lowered her head and did not finish.

"Excuse me"

Honii moved among the dead and dying doing what ever she could. When she found an elven she spoke a few words
wishing their souls eternal peace.

Alynthia stayed at her said for a while. The small one peeking
out from around her. Kuran looked like she did not like Honii speaking elven. But sometimes things must be done and at the moment Honii did not care what the lil one thought.

Alynthia, soon moved away from Honii making her way over to
It seemed to Honii that Maachini had enough without
her bothering as well so she stayed back.

Honii was exhausted, a dull ache in her heart.
She knew she must clean herself up she needed to get
the blood off of her.

Seeing that everyone had everything under control she moved
towards the stairs. Just then she heard a small voice pipe up.

" Hey there beautiful...glad to see you're alright..

Honii turned and saw Furu, smiling at her old friend.

" Furu I am happy you are alright I was worried about
you" she patted his small head.

" But at the same time I knew you would keep your little
self out of trouble."

" If you will excuse me I need to clean up"she stroked under his chin...
He made a slight almost purring sound.

"Oh and no you cannot come and watch" she winked
and went up the stairs.

In the hallway she passed another elf who was holding
one of her dresses.
'What is it with my clothes all of a sudden?
She was to tired to even ask, she wanted the blood off.
Shrugging her shoulders and nodding at the elven stranger
she went into her dressing room.
It looked like a tornado had gone through it.

Honii sighed.
'It matters not, they are just material things.'

Maachini had given her the luxury of a small shower in her room.
Honii was about to let her dress slide off when she did a quick check around the room.

"Finally alone"

She let her dress slide discarding it to the floor
and stepped into the shower.
Letting the hotwater wash over her pale body.
Looking down to where her feet were she noticed
a crimson stream making its way into the drain.

"Blood of the dead" she whispered to herself.

After her shower moving as fast as she could.
She put on some blue hippster jeans and a small white
She towel dried her hair and it fell into a mass of white curls that framed her face.


No make up just her fresh faced pale beauty shining through she went back downstairs to see what else she could do.

She grabbed a bucket and cloth and went over to the bar.
To clean up and talk to anyone who should cross her path.


I am not happy with this post...so my apoliges if it is lacking..or should I just say pants...right Chesta...?

15-01-2002, 07:18 PM
*Namazu walked out of the door. It was only a few blocks to the trailer, but it felt like miles to her unsteady legs. A haze of houses went by and she soon found herself vomitting on the side of the road. "Never again..." she promised herself weakly, knowing that she didn't really mean it.

Minutes went by that felt like hours, when finally she staggered onto the front porch. Fumbling with her keys, she finally made it through the door. "You're back so soon?" Shioni asked from the kitchen, where he was fixing himself a sandwich.

"Yeah..." she replied quietly, still walking toward her room.

"Did you get into another bar brawl? You have some blood on your arm," he chided her.

"Eh, something like that..." her vague reply came from her room where she was changing into a loose t-shirt.

Thus she collapsed on her bed, completely wasted from the days events, knowing that she would regret every last drink come morning.*

15-01-2002, 11:32 PM
The dead lay sprawled in clumps of organs, flesh split and spurts of blood pulsing into the air as the pressure expelled itself from their bodies. The tainted air hung thick with the fading scent of carnage, the humidity heavy with the excess of fluid in the room.

But were they still serving drinks ?

The brash and uncontrolled jumble of thoughts assailed Bru in his relief that it was only a lesser God who caused the light. Not that a lesser God is necessarily something not to fear, but in Bru’s situation it was a happy time. He’d jig, but the overpowering background of moans and suffering dampened the mood enough that he realized he wouldn’t get a drink if he acted such.

Okay, figure out which is a waitress, feign concern for common man, subtly work in need for liquor, drink till forget own name. That’s the plan.

It was then Bru realized the difficulties that lie in a room covered in gore. Everything was covered in gore. Everything. Getting a clean glass would be nigh on impossible and with all the confusion finding a waitress- a living waitress preferably, would be a challenge in its self.

A tear came to Bru’s eye. I see the folly of war and destruction now, it’s all too apparent in the chaos of being that the rampant disrespect for the abilities of life in others torn asunder by the oppression of the opposition in the name of antiquated or misguided ideals denies the future of the survivors a drink it their time of need. *sniff*

Fighting is a shame.

So Bru did what he could. That pertained of dumping a decapitated body out of a barstool and taking a seat. The red puddle before him had the faint aroma of vermouth. Looking in the vicinity around him, Bru’s eyes lighted with delight as he found the perfect solution. Raising the disembodied arm, thick with traveling cloths, he used it to mop up the area before him.

I really hope they are still serving. Now how to look both remorseful, consoling, and thirsty?

Princess Samari
15-01-2002, 11:40 PM
OOC: *snicker* you are nifty TM! just thought I should say that.

16-01-2002, 04:21 PM


I lost my post....


"Hn?" She glanced over at Udon. "I don't quite know what they were after other than my life. It seems strange, really. I've never seen them like this before."

Freedom? What did he mean "for our freedom"?

She couldn't answer it. She wasn't certain anymore, what anything was about.

"Ms. Maachini?" One of the girls came up to her and touched her arm. "I contacted the Council."

"They'll be along shortly then to clean up the mess and meet with me." She eyed the charming fellow at the bar and rolled her eyes. "It looks like one of our more callous patrons wants a drink. You'll see to it, won't you Remoneido?" She watched as the cat girl approached Bru and slammed a bottle on the counter in front of him, glaring at him, before flouncing off.

"Wow, she seems mad," Peppa murmured, finished with crying and drying the corners of her eyes.

"She is," Maachini replied, and then turned, heading up to her office to wait for the Council.


Bad post. Baaaad post. I haven't slept since the night before last and I'm having trouble finding the keys at this point. I need a few hours of sleep and then I'll post good again. I will... oh how I will...

Phantom Angel
16-01-2002, 04:56 PM
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16-01-2002, 05:23 PM
*H_333 smacks PA* Don't feel sorry for yourself! Ppl are ignoring me... well, except for Udon.

Don't worry, you should know that it takes a little while to pick up. ^_^

16-01-2002, 05:52 PM

PA I did not ignore your char....when I rp I choose the easiest char to interact with at the moment. Never think that but Honii being a veghead had to clean up....she is back at the bar waiting for some action from someone who cares to give it to her....

Phantom Angel
16-01-2002, 06:02 PM
Alynthia finished washing and dressing Maachiini's wounds. She got up, and moved to the bar, emptying the bowl of its bloody contents.

"How many dead elven?" she asked Honii in a low voice.

Although Alynthia left her homeland for good, with no hope of ever going back, she still cared for the elves. They were her people, and no matter how much she tried to deny it, she was elven. Washing the bowl thorougly, she waited for Honii's response.

OOC: i know u didn't trin, and i thank yah for that. same to u chesta... thanks! *big grin*

16-01-2002, 08:34 PM
Honii turned to Alynthia
" Five that I know of" she answered.
" But there could be more, there are a few decapitations, so I do not know about those.
She glared at the strange man using a severed arm to wipe
away a pool of blood.
' God we get all types'
Honii moved away but lost her footing and slipped in a pool
of blood.
Her feet coming out from under her,
she landed on her back, spread out like a snow angel.

"D*mn it" she cursed as a shadow fell across her face and deep
laugh was heard.

" I am glad you mind that amusing" she spoke as she tried to get up from the floor.

Not able to see the individuals face...

A very large hand was placed as an offering to help her get up.


Any male char can give Honii a hand up, if they want to...
(has story thread in mind)...*thinks* caus NR makes her parinoid...no that is not going to happen either NR..
I know the post sucks...I am sorry...

16-01-2002, 09:03 PM
Raw helped begin moving tables out of the way for people to be laid down, so whatever help they needed could be provided more easily. He saw the man from outside come in and sit at the bar. His indifference to the situation was obvious.

'SUch detachment could only be coming from a higher being.'

As Raw watched, the man sat down at the bar, mopped up a small pool of blood with the cloth still clinging to a severed arm, and sat there, looking for a server apparently.

Raw began to work his way over to the bar, hoping to ask this man a few questions about his origins, when Honii came downstairs again. Her white ahir clung to her face, obviously still damp, and the caked blood that had coated her body previously had been washed off. She was also wearing some more humble clothing. She made her way to the bar and began helping in the clean up process.

Just as raw got to the bar, he heard a slip sound and a thud. Peering around the bar he saw honii sitting in a pool of blood that she had obviously slipped on. He reached down and offered her his assistance. She took his handand he helped her get to her feet. He smiles as warmly as you could expect a demon to smile.

"There you are. It's terrible to get blood all over you right after you just washed it off."

16-01-2002, 09:59 PM
O yes it’s quite a shame, a shame and a travesty and a shameful travesty of a tragedy. O why ! O why ! With the terribleness and travestyhood and the shame of the troubles in the travesty, terrible in its terribleness and travesty like shameful tragedy thingie…

Bru spoke aloud to no one in particular, sweeping his befuddled confusion on the tragedy before him and expressing his most hallowed of sympathies. His hallowed sympathies weren’t exactly sympathetic, but they were better than the truly uncaring feelings he harbored inside. No, no scratch that, he harbored very little. Lets say the small bit of compassion within him was safely parked in the parking garage of his moral soul with the alarm system turned on and a legion of rabid weasels running free within the car. Surly rabid weasels. Not normal happy peppy weasels. These were weasels that would gnaw the leg off a ferret holding a shotgun. They wouldn’t even question how a ferret got a shotgun as they would be too busy gnawing its leg off. Angry, angry weasels.

That aptly guarded compassion was reserved basically for one person, himself, though at one time he did have a liking for a certain brand of rare liquor he was able to procure from a wandering hitchhiker on a thread leading to an ancient and reclusive fortress monastery of Te Monks O’ Te Drunken Stupor, a very religious sect of Catholic Buddhists who somehow managed to be both Catholic and Buddhist, most people blamed the duality on the booze. But damn was it good Booze. When that bottle had been finished Bru had cried. A heartfelt, streaming tears on the cheeks rolling to the chin and losing their grip in a futile attempt to distance themselves from the hurt and ending up merely skooshing themselves on the ground below.

I wonder what ever happened to those monks… O right. The plague of Modern Symbolic Logic. Damn He-Who-Is-Most-Revered-And-Infallible was one hella ----- when peeved. Those cheery drunken monks never saw it coming, driven mad once the realization of all they were and believed could not face up to the flawed logic of a modernistic truth value system based on the o-so-fallible human knowledge. Not a one of them survived the self-imposed massacre. You can only push a drunk so far before they retch and fall off the balcony, and He-Whose-Wish-Is-Law-To-All-Or-You-Are-Screwed pushes harder than most anyone.

Bru’s ramblings managed to find an aching heart who apparently was a waitress. Sure she was in a rage, fuming and slamming the smooth bottle down so hard on the bar it cracked the heavy coat of worn varnish, but Bru could feel the love, the warm tingly feeling that crept up his spine- no wait… that wasn’t the warmth of loving.

Sonuva -----. I didn’t clear the blood off the barstool. Hmm this is kind of nice… I’m starting to see why those Hellions of the Nether Realm I drank with during the last grand Crusade for the Holy something or other insisted on sitting in the disemboweled corpses of their victims. It really is rather cozy.

The drink, the embodiment of all earthly pleasure created by the skill of those inhabiting the earthly plane and the most holy of the not-at-all holy objects found in neither the heavenly nor nether realms, the beautiful mind numbingly coarse and fantabulous contrapulation of the world of mortals, sat before him. Bru was giddy with excitement and the warm blood on his ass only made it feel fancier.

With two quick glances to either side he snaked his hand into his jacket, grabbing the thin metallic vial with the consecrated glass stopper and slyly poured the slightest of drops into the bottle before him. Immediately a wisp, a halo even, of subtle light shone above the drink for the barest of moments. Then it was downed with the passion of thirst known only to those who have no desire to remember.

Nothing, and by that Bru was completely serious and dead sure, made a drink a drink like the ever loving grand wazoo of supplements, the tiniest drop of holy water and brimstone. Volatile to the extreme, but damn it was smooth. The way it amplifies the alcohol content was the grandest miracle that went unknown to all, all save Bru. Bru learned about the combination from a possessed Monkey with one arm who had apparently subdued a Planar Deamon in an epic confrontation that made absolutely no sense even to this day in Bru’s mind, but he had immediately slain them both for the succulent nectar that was the ingredient of ingredients.

Bru didn’t have a problem. None. People who thought he had a problem had the problem. Well Bru had one problem, but he had done a great job of hiding himself from He-Who-is-The-Glue-Of-The-Cosmos-Themselves so far.

Bru downed the drink and fell back from the Bar in a daze of a haze of good time. The last sight he saw was a falling female and Bru thought it was the funniest thing he’d seen all day. It wasn’t hard to be the funniest thing seen all day after Bru knocked back what he dubbed a ‘Happy Satan’, basically the last thing he saw before passing out was always the best. He too connected solidly with the floor, but his fall was completely intentional. Yeah. Intentional. It wasn’t coincidence his head found a great pillow in the corpse he had pushed from the chair.

That was good to the last drop… the one where I hit the floor, superb.

Bru was really, really easily amused after a ‘Happy Satan’.

Phantom Angel
16-01-2002, 10:00 PM
Alynthia gasped. However, none of them showed it. Images flashed through her mind of violent killings. The faces of the unseen harvesters turned to face her, and the void of their figures smiled at her. As she looked around the room and saw the splashes of blood, Alynthia staggered a big forward and tried to catch herself. The whole room was spinning, and she was dizzing. Grabbing on to the counter, she gripped it until her veins popped out of her hands. Frantically looking for a garbage can, she ran to it, violently emptying the scarce contents of her stomach.

After she was done retching, Alynthia wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve. She pushed back the rebellious lack of ebonite hair, her green eyes sparkled. Her skin paled, and the fine lines of her harmonious face stood out, making her elivsh beauty stand out in a sort of weary tired way.

She waved at Honii. "I'm ok."

The sickness submerged and Alynthia looked at all the survivors.
"What happens now? Who else is hurt?" Alynthia asked and picked up the bandages and the bowl of water.

Princess Samari
16-01-2002, 10:47 PM
"Right..." Udon sniffed disdainfully and gagged again. "Gotta remember..breath through..mouth.." tails twitching she looked around and made her way to the girl with the bandages.

"Would you like some help attending to sick..?"

Or...maybe she should help with the cleanup..

16-01-2002, 10:56 PM
Honi took the hand up that was offerd, her hand so small compared to the sheer size of this obviviously demon hand.

The demon pulled her up like she was nothing but a feather of weight.

Listening to his comment about her just getting the blood washed off.

'Something I will be doing again it now seemed' she briefly thought.

Honii could not believe she could have been so clumsy.

Afterall had she not walked through all the death around her?
Helping wherever she could without slipping.

"Thank you' she spoke.

Tilting her head slightly for Honii had a facination with eyes, and like she had suspected before she knew these ones.

With child like curiosity she stood on her toes leaning in slightly towards the demon to get a good look at them before saying.

" It would seem I am in your debt but again....


Raising her white brows " Raw isn't it?"

Honii smiled up at him his towering size encompassing
the area in which they stood.

And waited for his reply a smile across her pale lips.

17-01-2002, 01:06 AM
*Namazu woke up in a cold sweat. 'Where am I,' she thought looking up at the ceiling thinking that she had fallen asleep on the side of the road as usual. She sat up, and realized that she had made it home and was in bed. Suddenly she felt nauseous.

She got up quickly and about ran to the bathroom, suffering from vertigo at first but managing to stumble there fast enough. She kneeled before the toilet pitifully, vomitting all that she had to drink that evening and then some. Her eyes felt hot and as if they were going to burst. Her stomach was completely empty, but she continued to vomit, when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder and saw a hand tuck her piece of loose hair behind her ear.

Looking up, she expected Shioni, who was like a brother to her. But instead saw the gentle face of Higashi, who then handed her a damp washcloth without saying a word. She washed her face, and thus feeling that she had finished vomitting, flushed and got up to brush her teeth.

She felt Higashi's presence behind her, and finally put away her toothbrush after having brushed three times. She looked into his warm brown eyes. 'God, he looks so much like--' She was about ready to break into tears, recalling her past. And not wanting to Higashi to see her like this, she ran back to her room.*

Princess Samari
24-01-2002, 09:20 PM
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~~~~~Time passes~~~~~

"Zah Machini daaahling..you are telling me this but..I cannot believe it." Masupan arched a greying brow placing a hand to her chest as she stared at Maachini. Masupan looked across the room to the other council members and then to the guests. "It is a very serious matter."

Council meetings as a general rule were boring as hell. Even ones pulled together in a 4 hour time period. Usually it took months to get everyone together in the same room. Someimes even years.

How Maachini pulled it off was beyond Udon. She sat arms crossed with a very large frown as Hambagu, a rather aging kitsune shook his head. "I'm worried about you Maachini. As I am worried for the rest of us..."

25-01-2002, 11:11 AM


I guess it's time for some clarification:

Udon isn't a Council Member, she was just invited in. That's one of the perks of being a pal of Maachini's. I imagine Furu was invited to this impromptu meeting as well.


"Worried about me?" she asked and slowly shook her head. "I'd be worried about all of us. I think we all know what the Harvesters were so... angry... about."

Several of the Council members looked at each other guiltily.

"We've been taking too many souls," the spitting image of Patrick Stewart said with a sigh. Dragons, dracos nobilus in any case, were completely without imagination. When they took human form, they had to base that form off of something they had seen. Subsequently t.v., movies, and comic books were very popular with dragons. "We haven't been giving them enough."

"Exactly," Maachini agreed. "We've left them impoverished. Now some spitfire has come up with the idea of rebellion. We're screwed."

"How so?" This was a tall, calm-eyed elf, a man of many years with grey at his temples.

"Think about it. Harvesters can see souls. We can't send in any spies unless you happen to have a couple friendly Harvesters up your sleeve," Maachini snapped. "We could always completely eradicate them but do you really want to do that?"

"No," he admitted gruffly.

"I don't like the idea of Maachini here without a bodyguard," a faye noted. "Maybe we should assign someone to her."

"Make it so," said the dragon.


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Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 12:37 PM
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25-01-2002, 12:41 PM

There is no reason to be afraid.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Your character will be brought in for questioning soon (everyone will be interviewed sooner or later but I am lazy and I need to leave for class very soon)

Ha ha!

25-01-2002, 02:29 PM
Dammit, this is what I hate about the world.

Bru was awake again, his stupor gone the way of the dingo. Not that dingo’s are extinct, but Bru really liked Dingo steak so every Dingo Bru had ever seen was promptly consumed. In that same vein, the coma that had been so enjoyable gave way once again to Bru’s most hated of things- consciousness.

Bru had come to propped against the far wall of the bar, away from the restoration process and, indeed, had a grand time in his latest blackout.

And now, for whatever reason, I am sitting in a room filled with evil.

Not that they were evil per see, but that’s what Bru decidedly referred to most of television as. Of course, Bru knew why he was there, but he always found life more appealing when one could complain as much as possible, both to oneself and to others. Critiquing reality may not seem it, but it is truly a wondrous thing. It was especially catchy when one had been a part of much of the creation of reality, well not so much a part of, rather a spectator. Though honestly, not much of a spectator either, while other angels were off doing the work of ‘He-Who-Is-Too-Damn-Lazy-To-Do-The-Labour-Of-Creation’, Bru was busy inventing the more grandiose aspects of reality- the existence of laziness, relaxation, goofing off, and perhaps the most influential of his ideas, the thought that the belly button should never heal over. He got a promotion for that.

O and Bru had invented disgruntled grumbling, he was quite proud of that and chose to take liberties with it often, being its creator and all. He was allowed, as the creator of disgruntled grumbling, to partake of it at will. And so he did.

…lousy reality always cramping my style with this whole ‘awake’ thing o man if I ever figure out which one of the guys did that part I am so going to stab them with a stabbingly vindictive commentary…

But moving on from Bru’s mental escapades, he had been brought in to this meeting due to someone realizing what, if not who, he was. It’s surprising how easy it is to tell an angel, especially if in their drunken ramblings they had been screaming out things like ‘Shhhh… Iz a secret so don’t tell nobady abowt me ‘cause that’s bad to tell secrets. I’m an ang- *hic* ang- *hic* you can call me a bird man from heaven. I’m tired.’ Somehow, they had figured him out. Maybe it was the mumblings, maybe it was the fact his wings had unfurled and were tripping up other patrons- Bru’d never know for sure.

So Bru had been dragged- yes, literally dragged, he may have been conscious but he wasn’t quite mobile yet- to the meeting. Apparently a drunken angel was not a normal occurance in the drunk tank, especially when that same drunken angel had such appaling behavior. Not that Bru considered it appalling, hell he had invented appaling behavior on what? The 18th day of creation or so? He knew what was appalling, his behavior was ill-mannered at most.

So he was here, sitting in front of something he didn’t know whether to salute or cancel.

But there was spying to be done, and few things spy like an angel. Being that angels, technically, are soulless and have surprising control of their material appearance, it seemed to Bru, from what little of the conversation he caught over his own rambling, that he would soon become James Bru, man of mystery.

That thought lightened Bru’s mood sufficiently that he moved from disgruntled grumbling to irritated mumbling.

Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 02:33 PM
OOC: i'm still confused. r we all at the meeting?

25-01-2002, 02:44 PM

No, you are all not at the meeting. TM talking to me on AIM and we worked something out. If you'd like to work something out, I'm Seraphina Tevien. If you talk to me you will find that

1. You suddenly have a bigger place in the plot!
2. I am Birthday Pie!


She leaned back, settling on the edge of her desk and eyed the drunk angel a little uncertainly before exchanging a exasperated glance with Udon. She sighed, which was something she was getting painfully used to doing, and then Maachini settled her attention back on the "angel".

"That's the man you want to work as a spy?" she asked Tenpura, the dragon-twin of Jean-Luc Picard.

"That's him," he said, brimming with pride at his 'idea'. "We think he'll clean up nicely."

"I'm just sure he will," Maachini said acidly. "Are you going to dry him out afterwards? I hardly see a drunk angel being terribly discreet."

"I think it's the only option we have," Tenpura replied.

"Yeah, maybe for people without imagination," Maachini muttered.

"Are you ready to take this mission?" Tenpura was asking Bru, looking at his glassy eyes. The wavering seemed to be an ascent, and Tenpura slapped him on the back. "Warp speed, then."

"You mean 'God speed'," Maachini snapped.

Aku Shi
25-01-2002, 05:18 PM
Gah! My internet was down for a while and as soon as it came back on, AB was down!!! >_< So, sorry I haven't posted in a loooooong time.... -_- Dammit, so much has happened... *takes a deep breath* Here we go....


The pretty singer passed him by in the hall, only nodding to him for a second. Releaved that she wasn't going to try to take her dress back, Minto pressed forward. The wind around him kept swirling, causing his silver hair to flow like breaking waves. Stopping for a moment, Minto turned his head in his sea of hair and looked at a spot on the wall where the boards seemed to be knocked loose a little from the attack. Tilting his head a little, he held his hand out to the cracked area and sent another blast of wind. It was just enough to make a hole large enough for the boy to fit through. So, closing his eyes, he dismissed the spell. As if never touched, his hair fell delicately back around his shoulders.

Minto then pulled the dress down from around his neck and held it to his chest. Then he leaned over it protectively so that no splinters would catch on it and he quickly escaped the bar throught the hole in the wall. Once out in the open, he stared up at the sky and shook the dress out. Glancing back for just a moment, he bolted towards the forest's depths. Tears formed in his eyes as he ran and he cried out for the wind to come to him. His sensei was somehow able to hear him and sent a wind strong enough to carry him yet gentle enough to comfort him. Clinging to his new dress, Minto lay curled up in a ball as the wind carried him safely home.


No one could be bothered long enough to explain to this ignorant man just what a harvester was. Sighing, he walked over to the creature he had killed with his throwing knives and pulled his weapons free from its flesh. He assumed that this thing was a harvester. It didn't seem that threatening, and he had taken it out with ease. Then he noticed its side was wounded. This was a wound that was as alien to him as the creature itself, for he could not identify what might have caused it. Anyway, that would explain why it was so easy for him to kill it... Ron was disappointed.

Tossing his head back to move his long hair out of the way, Ron turned and leaned against a wall. As he cleaned his knives off on his pants, Ron eyed the newcomer who had pushed a dead body out of the stool and used a severed arm to wipe off the counter in front of him. A smirk came across Ron's lips. This man amused him with his rantings. He continued to watch him as he became drunk and ranted some more. Then he marveled at the man's strange wings. Sadly, his show was taken away. Well, more like dragged away...

So, as other means of entertainment, he checked out the women in the room. There were a couple of lookers. For some reason, though, he kept looking back to the one who had spoken the foreign elf dialect to him. There was also another one who constantly caught his eye... One with green eyes and long black hair. She too was elven. Mmm... Such beauty elven women possessed.

Sigh... This was my catch-up post... I'll do better in the future, I swear! Don't kick me out just yet! >_<

Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 05:54 PM
OOC: *blush* awww... ron's nice. ehehhe if he was talking about me... i m the elf with the black hair...

Alynthia looked around the room. It was still turned upside down, and the dead lay around.

"I think the dead deserve a proper burial. How about we start putting them all in one place? Someone could dig a common grave, and we can bury them with a proper ceremony. We could put a headstone in their memory and mark this day as a day of mourning. The dead must be honoured." Alynthia turned around and told everyone.

As an elf, she had learned to respect life, but also cherrish death. Although elves did not like change, and valued life, they considered death another step in the journey to perfection. A transition from one plane of living to the other. Thus, the dead were honoured in the elven tradition, and burials were done with lots of ceremonies and grace. Alynthia knew the others might not feel the same, but she knew she had to give them a proper resting place, or else their ghosts might haunt them forever. Her brain told her it was a stupid superstition, but she knew she HAD to do it, for her own good, as well as for the other's goods.

Gently, she began ton pulling on a body, dragging it to another part of the room, where she aligned it properly, with his head towards the east, and his hands resting on his chest, his eyes closed. She muttered a few words in elven, and then proceedd on dragging another corpse beside the first one. Muttering a few words for each body, she waited for the others to help her out.

OOC: If you look at Alynthia's stats, she's got 9 for soul and 9 for mind.. so she has to do this... it's her morals in place. Help if you want....

Aku Shi
25-01-2002, 06:13 PM
Sticking his throwing knives back in their straps, Ron watched the elven woman with dark hair drag a body into the other room. She seemed to be struggling a little with the weight of the corpses as she pulled one after another in there. Ron walked over and placed his hand gently upon her shoulder.

Let me get that for you.

He directed her to step aside before reaching down and picking the body up in his arms. He flashed one of his irresistable grins at her and carried the corpse into the room to lay it next to the others.

There is no reason a delicate and lovely woman like yourself should have to strain herself with heavy labor...

His silver eyes shot up at her.

Allow me to help. Tell me, what do you want of me, and I shall do it. For the moment, I'm all yours. Though... I would like to know your name, fair lady.

Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 07:00 PM
Alynthia blushed a crimson red. Despite the present sorrow, she couldn't help but feel the blood rush to her face.

"Don't be stupid." she told herself.

"My name's Strobori, but everyone calls me Alynthia." she told him in a soft melodic voice. "Thank.. thank you for helping me. I..." she couldn't continue, as she cast a glance at the bodies. Her heart filled with sorrow, but her mind dictated she stay calm. "We need to give them the proper burial. It's the last thing we can do in their respect. So, we should put them all here, perform a small good-bye ceremony and then dig a grave. Is that too hard?" she asked him, looking a little worried. She knew the harversters might come back, and she didn't know how much time they had left.

Then, as if a shadow was cast from her face, Alynthia looked up at the tall stranger and smiled, a shy and timid smile. Her green eyes sparkled, and she passed a hand through her raven hair. "So, what's your name?" she asked, tilting her head a little, as if trying to get a different angle of him.

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Aku Shi
25-01-2002, 07:22 PM
Dig a grave for them, hm?

Ron stood beside the bodies and estimated in his head how long that could take. Then, feeling the woman's green eyes upon him, turned to face her. She seemed to be blushing a little and her head was tilted as she stared up at him.

"So, what's your name?"

How rude of me... My name is Ron Moaa, Ms. Alynthia. I'm very pleased to meet you.

He winked then looked back to the bodies.

About the grave... Is it to be dug here or outside? Also, I'll need a shovel.

Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 09:39 PM
"You won't be doing it all by yourself. God no. Everyone should do this. Maybe the others would like to help you. But I guarantee you won't be doing this alone. I think we'll dig it outside. The others probably have suggestions too." Alynthia smiled. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to." she added on low tones.

"And don't call me by any other name but Alynthia. No MS in front of it. I don't believe in ranks." she told him. "And we can see about the shovel later. First lets prepare these bodies for their last journey." she said and gently tugged the body of a dead woman in the long row. She spent a few more minutes cleaning her up of blood and muttering the same blessing. Then she moved on to another corpse.

Noticing that Ron worked along side her, Alynthia smiled mentally. At least someone was giving a damn about the dead. They deserved the respect, and she planned on thanking Ron properly afterwards. He didn't need to do this, yet he helped her. Maybe there were some good humans in the world after all.

Chesta chesta chesta
25-01-2002, 09:53 PM
Kuran sat happily with the bodies, death didn't bother her...as long as the lights were on.

Her reason for spending time with the non living was...they needed no possessions. She needed possessions, and since these were dead, surely they wouldn't mind if she took care of their stuff.

'Finders keepers...' She whispered when sliding of another ring, smiling broadly. 'Losers weepers!' And these people were deffenitely lost, forever.

Possessions galore! What a experience- and useful day this had been, it would've taken her at least two weeks to get this amount of 'junk' collected. Her uncle Abokado would be so proud.

She beamed with pride.

25-01-2002, 10:52 PM
"Raw isn't it?"

Raw sighed. THen he smiled.

"What gave me away? It was the eyes I suppose.....they don't change in the transformation...."

Raw looked down at honii, and then looked around the room again. He had seen death. Hell, remember the black death, the plague? That was his work. He was rather proud of that you see.

This was just freakish though. Harvesters never attacked anything. They were like hyenas....travelled in packs and were pure cowards.

'Attacking a place so blatantly and openly....what could have set them off?'

As Raw watched, an elven girl began to drag bodies to another room.

'I suppose proper burials are in order.'

Then he noticed the newcomer to the bar helping her out. THe man was obviously quite capable of handling the task, so Raw began to look elsewhere. His eyes fell to the angel. Now he knew for sure.

'An angel! Of course....thats why he looked familiar.'

Angels and Demons had all been around during the time of creation. Angels were of course, the creators, and demons were the destroyers. Raw had created the act of murder or rather, invented the destruction of life, and for that he was rather proud. He also had a part to play in gluttony, lust and also in the creation of Television. He was also rather fond of telling people about television.

'That angel.....I know him from somewhere....why is he so familiar?'

And then it dawned on him. He was the rogue angel. The one who created such wonderful things as laziness.

'I never did properly thank him for that one....that was absolute brilliance.'

Raw looked back at Honii.

"I suppose I should go and help with the burials....I'll be right back. These people deserve proper burials at least."

Raw smiled and then, walked up to the elf girl dragging around the dead bodies.

"Hi, the name's Raw. Would you like some help with that?"

Phantom Angel
25-01-2002, 11:04 PM
Alynthia looked up from what she was doing - which happend to be tidying up a very bloody man. She saw the demon come up to her and ask if he could help. She smiled and stood up. That had been the last of them.

"Hell Raw," she said pleasantly. "Take that shovel over there and follow me." she said indicating a shovel resting by the wall. "You can call me Alynthia." she told him.

Taking a shovel herself, and giving one to Ron, Alynthia led them outside to a large wide area.

"You're the experts here. You saw how many bodies there were. How big do you think this grave should be?" she asked them.

OOC: i say two more posts and then we'll bury everyone. R u guys ok w/ that?

25-01-2002, 11:19 PM
" Here let me help as well. I am not one to sit here and do nothing" Honii smiled at Raw. Honii joined Alynthia and the new stranger helping where ever she could..

Ugg bad Trin bad post..*hides head in shame*

Aku Shi
26-01-2002, 12:20 AM

As he walked outside, Ron gave the elven woman with white hair a grin and a wink.

Just promise to leave all the grunt work to us, ma'am. No need for you or Alynthia workin' any harder than ya have to. In fact, why don't you girls take a little break? Surely you could use one by now after all you've done.

Reaching the wide area, Ron and his two companions came to a stop.

"You're the experts here. You saw how many bodies there were. How big do you think this grave should be?"

Ron looked at Alynthia then down at the ground. He poked the soil with his shovel a little, shook his head, moved over a few inches, poked the soil again.... For a while he continued to do this before finally finding a place to begin. Sticking the shovel into the earth for a moment, he cracked his knuckles and neck. Then, with a big grin, he picked the tool back up and burried it deep into the ground in front of him. His muscles perfectly defined as he applied pressure on the handle, he prepared himself to raise his load. The area trembled a little and there was a great comotion of popping as roots and earth broke apart. Suddenly Ron stood there holding a large boulder the size of a shed at the end of his shovel. Carefully balancing his prize so as not to brake the fragile wooden handle, he moved the load to the side of the massive hole it had created and gently set it down. At that moment, the shovel's handle broke.

Heh... They don't make 'em like they used to, eh?... Anyway, I hope this is large enough. If not, it can be altered.

Wiping away the only bead of sweat upon his brow, Ron turned to Alynthia to see if she approved.

Ok, don't kill me because I had him do such a super-human thing when he is but a lowly human. In actuality, he is 1/10 elf, AND he has a body stat of 10, which is just 2 below perfect. In fact, as stated, 10 is "World-class ability". Looking back, I see Raw also has a 10, meaning he can do just as much, if not more (seeing how he's one up on both the mind and soul stats than Ron, and probably knows a few demon tricks...).
Anyway, in my character form for Ron, I even stated unnatural strength as one of his abilities. Ye were warned. This ain't the last time he's gonna pull a Super Man on ya. ^_~

26-01-2002, 12:24 AM
1 question: Exactly how much time has passed... I last posted when it was pretty late at night to really early in the morning... I'd probably say about 3... So about what time is it now?

26-01-2002, 01:34 AM
Honii recognized a flirt when she saw one.
She gave the stranger a small smile lowering her head and flipping her hair back.
'Its like that is it?'

This handsome one was a prime example he seemed to enjoy flirting with the ladies. Even with all the death around them.

Alynthia was already under his spell and while Honii was sometimes taken in by it herself she had also learned from it.
So having already spoken to this stranger. She remembered he had trouble understanding her elven dialect and tried something else.
Honii decided to ask him something to see if he understood this time, something simple.

"vel'bol zhah dosst ??"

Afterall they had not been formaly introduced before, being all the chaos that had taken place.

Then just maybe after this she could get back to the business she had with Raw. She wanted afterall to thank him correctly.
Although she had gotten the impression Raw had been slightly uncomfortable..

Chesta chesta chesta
26-01-2002, 10:36 AM
"I juuuust love you. You are all so pretty." Kuran hugged the purse in her hand, sheer delight. Her pretties.

At least it was better than all them Elves outside, they seemed to multiply by the second, she was sure that wasn't natural. That or they were just attracted to dead people, which she found rather funny considering they were supposedly such graceful creatures. Maybe she should write a book on the subject.

"Elves smells!" She stuck her tongue out at them and continued to look around for any change that might've been dropped on the floor, smiling towards non elf people.

Phantom Angel
26-01-2002, 01:35 PM
OOC: eheh, trin, you're so funny. no problem Aku, that was actually REALLY kool.

Alynthia tried hard to keep her jaw from dropping. Ron had just dug a hole all by himself. That was amazing.

"He's enjoy his five minutes of glory and making the best of it. Alynthia thought.

However, those words were not meant with jealousy or envy. Ron was nice, though tended to flirt a little. Alynthia couldn't blame him. He did have very good looks. But back to business. She inspected the whole, and then turned around to Ron, grinning.

"Why thank you." she said smiling. "If I knew you could do this all by yourself, I wouldn't have brought the others here." she told him. "Come inside, have a drink, relax, you've helped enough. We can do the rest." Alynthia told him softly.

She then led all the others inside, and prepared simple drinks for all of them. She was grateful for their help, and wanted to show them that. Alynthia had never been a leader, but instinct told her what to do, and what not.

After putting the drinks and snacks on the table, she went back to look at the dead. Kuran was still amongst them gathering their possessions. Alynthia looked at the girl, and disputed whether to let her have her shinies. In the end, she decided not to say anything. The dead didn't need them anyways.

After their break, Raw, Honii, Alynthia and Ron carried the dead to the burial place. They stacked all the bodies in the grave, and then Ron covered them with soil.

"May the light guide you towards your resting place, and may you have peace from then on." Alynthia whispered.

The others bowed their heads.

"Come on let's go inside. Time for a long rest." she told them.

They all went inside, and got drinks again.

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26-01-2002, 02:03 PM
As Alynthia offered Raw a drink he politely declined. Last time he drank, God had to sort everything out once the killing was over. Things tended to die when he drank after all....limbs got severed, heads were...uh...beheaded. Bad things happened, which should be more than enough information for anyone who knew him at all.

His axe chafed against his wings quite a bit. Annoying thing that chafing was.

'I really should find the angel who invented chafing and give him a piece of my mind.'

Raw watched as this Ron character buried the bodies. Quite a show off, that he was. Raw preferred not to use his strength and to a certain extent his....power as he liked to call it. All celestial beings, from cherubim to the greater Angels and Demons had powers in some form or other. Raw just didn't care much to use them. He noticed as they re-entered the Drunk Tank that the angel had disappeared.

'I really ought to buy him a drink or something some time.'

27-01-2002, 12:48 AM
Aku Shi I will edit my post here when you have answered Honii's
question so that it flows together but I so wanted to post tonight
so I did...hope you did not mind. And I will add Ron to the top of

Honii let her voice carry over the newly laid bodies, lightly
singing almost a chant really wishing there souls a safe journey.

Knowledge of the Song lives evermore with us
The many-colored song awakens sleeping life
Dancers gold and bright now skyward swiftly fly
To dance a song most rare and shape the Land anew
In Joy's creations, born of spinning Spirit's truth
The Land sings back, as always it has done
"Welcome home, my Friends, yet Time has never passed"
It is now done, and always has been so.

When all was done she entered the drunk Tank and sat at the bar.

Honii looked into her glass of water the way the bubbles

'I must look a sight again' she shrugged and noticed that Raw
had come back to the bar.
He made his way over to her she could tell his mind was filled with other thoughts perhaps.

Honii smiled at Raw, she had never met a demon who was so
filled with a gentle spirit.

" You are a puzzle to me" she stated looking at him all wide
" I guess I would have been one of those lifeless bodies if
you had not rescued me. I realize I have already thanked you.
But it does not seem enough."

She ran her fingers through her hair. She felt like a
nervous teenager.
'How do you tell someone without making a complete *ss
of yourself?'
" Raw, now that this mess is cleaned up and the dead are
laid to rest properly. Could I....."

Honii's eyes wandered for a brief second around at those that were left in the bar.

Taking a deep breath since it was not like her at all to do this.
She could hold her own, but she had never asked someone to dinner, let alone a demon.

"What I mean to say is, would you do me the honor
and let me invite you over to my apartment for
dinner? I realize you are not a vegetarian, so do
not worry. I will not force you to eat anything
" But you never know I might try to convert you!"
she grinned at him waiting for him to reply.

All the while thinking

'Of course there is no way in h*ll I will be cooking anything,
that was a living breathing creature. Just the thought of
decomposing flesh..I will have to send out...'

Her eyes met his in a fixed gaze.

Phantom Angel
27-01-2002, 02:08 AM
OOC: OOO! now i wanta see where THAT goes! eheh, WTG trin!

27-01-2002, 04:39 AM
OOC: Heheh....jumping to conclusions eh PA?

"What I mean to say is, would you do me the honor and let me invite you over to my apartment for dinner? I realize you are not a vegetarian, so do not worry. I will not force you to eat anything
green. But you never know I might try to convert you!"

Raw quirked an eyebrow.


He smiled half-heartedly. He had no idea what to say. It generally wasn't customary for anyone to invite a demon over for dinner. Raw couldn't remember the last time someone had invited him to dinner in which some business matter wouldn't be discussed. WHich is to say it had never happened, because Raw's memory was perfect, or nearly so.

"I'd rather enjoy that."

There was an awkward pause.

"You don't have to go out of your way to make anything special. I'm used to eating whatever someone gives me, whatever that may be. It's something I picked up in my business dealings you see."

He stopped.

'Good go.....I mean, Great satan I hope she doesn't ask what I do for a living. I doubt she'd think very highly of my profession...though I havent actually had a contract for a few hundred years, maybe I could say I've retired...'

Of course she would probably be able to guess. There aren't many things most demons could do that would be in line with their evil nature. Of course now that creation was over and now that Raw was in Limbo, evil was not a priority, hence the fact that he had beenn inordinately nice to everyone lately. He didn't want to start up any trouble, seeing as how it was really just too difficult to clear everything up in the end. And besides, when you were nice you got to meet interesting new people you might have killed otherwise. And beautiful women too.

Raw grinned.

Nagha's revenge
27-01-2002, 07:24 AM

I apologise for the bad post you are about to read. I am suffering from Dale-shivers and need another fix soon .. Sorry.


"Of course she did not know .. She so did. That Maachini-slave is hiding something." The sarcasm dripped from his words.
Zone was comfortably siting on a mound mad of big leaves and bushes right outside the Drunk Tank.
"She thinks she can trick me ... Bah ! " He lectured his minions " I .. The al-knowing omnipotent and most influential being on the planes !" He continued in his ranting until he found himself sleepy. Ranting was quite a task for him, because it required all his strength of mind to truly word the kind of ultimate fantastic being that he was. No normal words or other pre-defined terms could not describe is grandeur. He was the ultimate state of being on the planes, the one thing every being will evolve to. So it was only natural he should have his own word, somthing to describe his full supereminence. "Impyonic".

"Wave faster, slaves !" A couple of squirrels were waving giant palm leaves, causing a gentle breeze to flow over his person. As he sat there, seeing how all the other people cleaned the Tank. He scoffed at the idea that he actually was asked to help.
"Ha ! Me ? There is no profit in charity. If those slaves want to clean up their little pit on the planes they can do it themselves."

He took a nice long nap while the Tank was being restored to it's former .. 'glory'.

"Finders keepers... Losers weepers!"

He jumped up is suprise. "What !?" He opened the the doors of the Tank and saw the big-slaves burying the dead. But one little fairy was loting the corpses..
"NO ! Fairy-slave can't do that ! I should !" His tack-like mind quickle devised a shrewd scheme.
"Squirrel-slaves ! Spread out and Bring me all the valueables and shinies !" The squirrel scattered and skulked about the cadavers, like little squirrely ninjas silent, without noise. While they were out scavanging he pulled out a big hemp bag. "These things always come in handy." For a while he marveled at the bag. It wasn't that it was the fiber was so delicate or that hemp was terribly precious. It was more the fact the it was hemp, and although no longer fit for consumption it held many good memories. He took in the scent and regarded the various blood and dirt stains on the bag. Ah .. those were the days, the profit, the slaves, the copious amount of sex and even worse depravities... Yes indeed the bag took him back.
Tearing himself from his reminiscence of a life past he opened the bag and let it fill.
The bag quickly filled as he tied it off and commanded the squirrels to carry it behind him.
He surveyed the room one last time. Trying to see if he had mist anything. And there he saw it. A hopeless drunk in the corner. As he stared more intensely he could it. The hair, visage. "Bru-slave .. What is he doing here ? The old one didn't like him .. 'Too unpredictable' he said, but he could mix a mean drink. Well at least I now know this is a bar of some repute. " He turned towards Kouraa. " Because we all know a drunk vagrant will drink anywhere, anytime as long as it's free .." Zone turned bitter.

Back on his 'throne'. He began sifting through the former possesions. His pupils dilated as he examend them one at a time."Junk, junk, junk, wallet, junk, poor slave that deserved to die, junk, junk, ow .. Tifany's, junk, junk." He chucked all the 'junk' behind him forcing the squirrels to dodge falling zippos and cereal prizes.
"What's this?" He sniffed the contents of a plastic bag. "Damn some good stuff, these low-class-slaves sure know their drugs and alcohol." Then again after a while it really was all that suprising since it all probably came from the scum-slaves. They probably just stole it right out of the lab.

"vel'bol zhah dosst ??"

"Again !?... Wait, this there's something wrong. This slave's voice is different somehow. Gentle ... MELODIC !" He got his nose you of his bag and for the first time noticed all the minor beings outside. Digging what seemed to be a mass-grave. "The poor pennyless slaves slaves deserve no better."They dumped the dead bodies in the grave, like so many sacks of potatoes.
But one was of interest. The woman singer, she was an elf yet she spoke Drow.. Zone laughed at the irony of this as he exmaned her further. Folowing every curve of her body with his eyes, caressing the subbtle contours that the cloth made on her body. "She is an exeptional specimine perhaps .. there is a pupose for her." He mumbled some more words as he fondeled his left horn with his hand. "Purpose indeed... " He snickered.

27-01-2002, 04:58 PM
A huge grin formed on her face at Raws acceptance.
"Great then, its a date"

Pausing for a few seconds her mind wandering again.

"My apartment is not far actually it is about a block down the street.
She quickly jotted down her address on a piece of paper
from behind the bar.

" I live alone, I used to live with my folks but well you
have to leave the nest sometime right?"

Handing it to Raw.

Funny how she felt almost jubilant at Raw's acceptance.

'I guess demons do not get very many dinner invitations. And it
is a wonder why.'

Honii never judged people by appearance or what they did for a living. For her it was the eyes the eyes tell their story.

"Raw if you will excuse me I have a few things to work out
here. Namely some guests that I must find. I will let you know
as to the time if that would be ok?"

She patted the top of Raws huge hand. Smiled and went to find
that little one who cut her dress earlier.
It did not take long before she found who she was looking for. Her pockets briming with shinies. She grabbed the
girl gentley by the hand pulling her up the stairs to her
dressing room.

" You my dear have some cleaning to help with"
Honii smiled at her.
"Oh and you will be empting your pockets as well."

PA what am I to do with you??

Chesta chesta chesta
27-01-2002, 05:31 PM
Kuran sat and smiled at her newly aqcuired shinies, a job well done with minimum effort. And then a small greyish blur skulked past at the corner of her eye.

She saw some fuzzy little critter sitting there, rather cute little thing, would've been cuter if it didn't hold any shinies in it's tiny little hands.

"HEY! THAT'S MINE!" She lunged towards the squirrel but being smaller and faster it dodged her and ran off. She saw several off them, stealing HER shinies. "BASTARDS! You come back here and I will make winter gloves of you!"

The pain of losing shinies, tearing away at her. The unfairness, not only did that evil elf before make her loose some, now some fuzzy cat treats stole some others. Damn the world, damn it. She would find out who was responsible and then punish them badly, very badly indeed.

Taking one of her sandals off, she clutched it intensley and vainly tried to whack the little critters, running after them. "Damn you! I will...I will...I will do something, which I don't know what it is yet, but when I think of what it is it wont be very nice at all and you will all suffer. Suffer much! Painful suffering!"

A small evilish, as evil she could make it, laugh escaped her and she kept on whacking til she was grabbed. Looking up it was that beautiful elf, who had been wearing the even more beautiful dress, talking about some nonsense about cleaning and emptying pockets.

Being dragged upstairs, kicking and screaming her little heart out. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, you elves are all evil! My shinies, don't make me loose them! Those evil fuzzies will take them, they are MINE! MINE!"

She tugged Honii's arm desperatly, looking up at her with wide pleading eyes, tears forming, sticking out her bottom lip. "Don't make me loose them. I will be nice, I will do any kind of cleaning, please?!"

She picked up a top and started feriously wipe the vanity unit, shinies rules the world, that and cookies. And she was going to prove that she was a good girl indeed as long as she could keep the few precious she had, she was sick and tired of claiming a metal coat hanger was her most precious and these rings and trinkets had just taken it's place, and this evil elf wanted her to get rid off them.

She'd even bargain for them, now what would elves find interesting? trees? Unfortunatley she didn't walk along with trees in her pockets. She did have that little mirror, which was kinda nice but she was rather attached to it.

"I'll give you anything! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase don't get rid off my shinies!"

The power of bargaining, yes that should work.

Phantom Angel
27-01-2002, 06:10 PM
OOC: i dunno Trin... what do u hav in mind?? *smile* i was only TEASING!! oy... you pple are sooo sensitive.

Alynthia sat at the table and sipped in her drink quietly. The dead were all buried Honii and Kuran were arguing, and there were squirrels everywhere. Life was slowly returning to a normal degree of bickering, laughing and fighting.

The squirrels were... interesting. She hadn't noticed them before, when she came into the bar, but now they seemed to be everywhere, taking every shiny thing and luring it over to an imp with a magenta scarf, sitting in a weird concotion with four wheels.

Alynthia hadn't seen such a machine before. She had heard talk of human cars, and by the look of it, that was one of them.

"Very strange indeed." she thought.

Averting her gaze from the imp -it was not polite to stare- Alynthia turned to Ron.

"What happens now? Isn't there a sort of investigation about this sort of thing?" she asked.

Aku Shi
28-01-2002, 12:43 AM
Okie dokie. Since I haven't been able to be here in the last two days, a few things have happened and I'm once again falling behind. Sigh... Anyway, because Ron has to specifically respond to Honii's question while at the same time be able to work smoothly into the current flow of things....I'm gonna say that Honii asked him that once they were all back inside. Otherwise, it's a bit harder to move on after he replies to her without being too drawn-out and basically just repeating what PA-san already had us do. So, yeah. :heh: Here we go...


"vel'bol zhah dosst ??"

Leaning on the bar counter, Ron looked to the white-haired elf and tilted his head. He could easily enough translate the words, but he couldn't see what she was asking.

'What is yours?' What does she mean? What is my what? Ah, perhaps she's trying to ask me what my name is... Yeah, that could be it. Ok then.

Ron cleared his throat and bowed a little to the lady.

Usstan uil Ron Moaa. Vendui'.

He then took a sip of his drink before flashing another of his stunning grins.


Deep in the forest, Minto waded in a small river up to his waist and scrubbed himself furiously with his Jasmine-scented, good-for-the-complection soap.

Dammit... That place made me feel so dirty! So much blood! So much mess! The scent! Oh, I gotta get the scent of that horrid place off me!!! OW!!!

"You're scrubbing yourself raw, Minto...."

You just don't understand, Sensei! The smell!!!! I gotta get it off me! I gotta get clean!!!

"I'm certain you're clean now, Minto."

Maybe... *sniff* Yeah, I do smell better... Well, I guess it'll have to do for now.

He sank under the water to rinse off the soap and came back up taking in a deep breath. His wet hair gleamed as it fell around his bare shoulders and Minto took up sections of it to ring out the extra moisture. Once he reached the shore, the wind swirled rapidly around him until he was bone dry.

Now time to try out my new dress.

Grinning, Minto walked over to the pale green dress that he had draped over the limb of a small tree. In the darkness of the closet he hadn't been able to see what color it was, but he had been delighted to discover that it was his favorite color, and the color that he considered his best to wear.

Phantom Angel
28-01-2002, 01:29 AM
OOC: it's ok aku!

Ron apparently must not have heard her, and Alynthia didn't feel like repeating herself. She went back to just being silent and watching as things unfolded. A thought suddenly triggered in Alynthia's mind. She would have to leave soon. This was only a short stop for her, and by the look of things no one would want to hire a waitress. The place would probably be closed down. It was already in bad enough shape. So where would she go? How much more of this plane would she have to visit before she found a stable place to live in? Alynthia was sick of travelling around, doing nothing, taking whatever oportunty presented itself only to keep from starving. Back in the old days, life used to be much more..... interesting. She smiled, a conspicous smile.

"At least at home I never starved." she thought angrily.

"Yeah, but at home you didn't have any freedom." her conscience reminded her.

"So what? At home it was peaceful, at home it was... HOME!" Alynthia's mind screamed at herself.

"Were you happy there?" her inner voice asked.

"No, yes, SOMETIMES." Alynthia answered sadly.

"Then get off your feet Strobory Alynthia Mythal. You never gave up before, why should you give up now? After all, you made it out!" the voice asked.

"Before things were different. I wanted to leave the elven realm!!" Alynthia screamed.

"What do you want to do now?" the voice asked.

"I don't... know." Alynthia said, and with that, the internal turmoil within herself stopped.

A shadow of worry crossed over the young elf girl's face, making it seem as though a mask of pain enveloped her. She took another sip of her drink and looked around the room, her green eyes watching every corner. Carefully, she reached into an outer pocket of her bag and pulled out a hair tie. Slowly, she took hair from the sides of her head, and pulled it into a braid so that the rest -which was allowed to remain free flowing as it was- did not inconvenience her. Not wanting to hide anything anymore, she moved her pointed elven ears, stretching them from the burden of her long hair.

Alynthia sighed, a deep and sorrowful sigh, and grabbed a small piece of pie. Eating it politely, she continued her grim thoughts.

"What now?" she asked herself.

OOC: that was long and boring.. ehhe, but i felt like posting!

Aku Shi
28-01-2002, 01:46 AM
Sorry I didn't have Ron reply to Alynthia's question, PA, but I wasn't sure if I should continue on with his actions at that point or wait for Honii's reponse. But, since your character decided to play with her hair around Ron, the bloke insisted that I post for him now.


Ron's silver eyes wandered from the elf with white hair to Alynthia. He watched closely as she braided her hair, adjusted her ears, and looked around the room with those dazzling green eyes. A smile spread across his lips.

You look bored, dear Alynthia...

He sipped his drink.

Penny for your thoughts?

Heh... At least the poor woman wasn't able to know what HIS thoughts were. He managed to undress her in his mind; her black hair flowing softly about her gentle features, her emerald eyes staring deeply into his as she ever so slowly wet her lips with her tongue... Despite the heated scene in his head, Ron managed to appear rather cool-headed and kept his eyes above the neckline while looking at Alynthia as he awaited her reply. Although he kept glancing at her hair, longing so much to run his fingers through it.

Me: That's what you drug me over here to post? Ron, you perv! ¬_¬
Ron: Hey, you know you love me, babe. *winks at Shi*
Me: *rolls eyes*

28-01-2002, 03:32 AM

Having read over the posts it seems pointless at this point to have Honii answer Ron, really it would make no sense now..
Instead if you do not mind and since what I had in mind was effectively skewered. Lets just forget about it. Honii will just finish what she is doing in her dressing room. And how Honii knows how to speak Drow will just have to wait.......hehe *winks at NR* to a more suitable time when it will be attempted again..sorry everyone...what can I say except I am picky one of my faults....my apoliges...


"I never said that you had to get rid of your shinies lil one. Honestly they are yours to keep I do not want things from the dead. I have no need for them. I merely suggested that you empty your pockets caus it would make it difficult for you to help me clean up."

Honii could tell the girl was most displeased with the situation that she found herself in.

" You do not like elves I take it. Well listen if it makes you feel any better I am only half elf. Yes thats right "

A twinge of regret for a split second appeared on her face.

I am in all do respects a halfbreed. So in reality you can only hate half of me that is unless you hate humans to?"

The girl giggled at Honii and in return Honii smiled back.

'This girl is a strange one'

" It seems to me you are in need of a place to stay and perhaps some form of nourishment? Do you like greentea icecream?

Pausing briefly Honii's mind wandered as she glanced down at her blood splatterd Tshirt.

'Blood of the dead'

She softly patted the girls head.

" So tell me what is your name? I do not remember if I have been told. And I cannot go around calling you little one all the time."

Chesta chesta chesta
28-01-2002, 09:36 AM
"Huh?!" The elf didn't want her shinies, that was good, unless there were an alterior motive for it all, better to be on guard.

She gave the unit another couple of wipes, before she decided it wasn't for her as she wasn't getting paid for it, why put in effort into something that wasn't worth anything.

"I am Kuranberi Mu-su!" She blew up her chest, beaming with pride. "Treasure hunter and scruge of shinies, you might've heard of me before."

More than likely noone had heard of her, but she was posetive that they had, how could they not? She was blue, fab, fairy, shiny lover and travel sized.

Food sounded fabulous, one slight problem. " Green tea ice cream?!" Even the word left a foul taste in her mouth. "Is it green ? I HATE green, it's the most discusting colour in the known universe and beyond..." She thought for a while and broke into a wide smile. "Buuuuuuut if you have got cookies, i'll settle for that."

She sat down and picked on her toe.

"I have my cookies slightly warm, with some milk. I don't like ginger nuts, but I got nothing against chocolate chip ones as long as they don't have dark chocolate in it. Dark chocolate is not sweet enough and I need my sugar dosage every day."

Kuran stood up again and started going through all the drawers in the room, this was common practise for her, she always did, you found out a lot about a person if you saw what they had in the drawers.

"What were those fuzzy evil litlle things down there anyway? They stole from me, I want to know who is responsible so I can kick them and perhaps throttle them!"

The thought of those shiny stealing fuzz balls made her blood boil, she'd have her revenge when she knew who was the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Phantom Angel
28-01-2002, 01:02 PM
OOC: lol! sorry! i didn't think ron would... umm... INSIST you... make a post then. ehhe, Alynthia was bored of watching adn she demanded I post.

"Dear Alynthia?" Alynthia thought as she glanced at Ron.

It was amusing to her that he addess her with dear. She knew as a matter of fact that she wasn't "dear". She was mereley a woman he knew and nothing more. However, the simple fact that he was trying to create that illusion was interesting. Back in the elven realm, no one tried to do any of these things. They were all "brothers" and "sisters" and treated eachother accordingly. They didn't need an illusion, because in a sense they all knew eachother. However here, where each was on his own, that illusion was necessary. And somehow, it felt warmer, friendlier than the cold politeness of her elven home.

She hesitated a moment before answering Ron. Turning and looking at him with her sparkling green eyes, Alynthia smiled and answered.

"My thoughts worth that little?" she asked in a nonchalant joking sort of tone.

28-01-2002, 05:54 PM
" Well Kuranberi Mu-su I am pleased to meet you. My
name is Honii Keikki" Honii smiled.

She found this girl to be quite amusing.
" Well thats ok if you do not like greentea icecream. If you look
over in that cupboard.
Pointed to the rich walnut doors on the side of the room.

"I am sure you will find some cookies and maybe
even some chocolates as well. Men are always bringing
me things so I put then in there. As for the drink I am afraid
you will haft to go downstairs for that. Unless you do not
mind water from the tap."

" Excuse me I just want to clean up"
Honii went into the bathroom after grabbing some clothes and
watching as Kuran had stood up and was looking through her draws.

~~~~15mins later~~~~

Coming out she grabbed her hair and pulled it up into a twisted bun wearing a simple blue chiffon dress in a pheasant style.
Very little makeup only just enough to give her colour and her favorite pearl earings and necklace that had been a gift from her mother.

Honii looked around the room pretty much everything
had been searched.

'Hmm I wonder what she took?' she shrugged.

"Oh those fuzzy lil things were umm called squirrels. But
I am sure they are long gone by now. They were with that strange lil Imp with the pink silk scarf. The one who had a fondness for a womens *ss."

'Yes, him the bold shite, I am not done with him '

Listen lets go back down stairs now I want to see
if Maachini is back and where Chekkusu had gotten to before
I leave for home.

" Do you have a place to stay?
You can if you like come to my apartment? I could use the company. It is also filled with shinies and we can pick up some milk on the way there."

Honii opened the door and made her way back to the bar.
Decending the stairs looking to see who was present still.

dum de dum do

28-01-2002, 09:50 PM

Sam came visiting! (Yay!) You may have been wondering what the hell happened to your two GMs while you were here acting like a bunch of hormone crazed teenagers (you idiots). We were sitting around, I was drawing, we did a lot of shopping. I have Princess of Power arm-warmers now! They are sooooo cute! And I have a neat-o hat and a purse. All thanks to Samari, who ROCKS!

Since I now also have paper, pencils, and erasers thanks to Samari I'm ready to attempt to do some more character piccies. Just slap me upside the head. I did the cutest SD of Udon, Peppa, and Maachini that I'm going to ink and post. (Bunny Peppa? Something like that.)

Peppa: ^.^ We are evil incarnate!
Udon: Resistance is futile!
Chekkusu: I bounce because they will kill me! o_o

God I can't wait...


She stood in front of Bru and managed to look down her nose at him even though he was a half foot taller than her. The callous, drunk angel was going to save the day apparently. The idea was more than just a little laughable.

"Bru, right?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest. Maachini knew everything, she liked to say (though not usually in the third person unless she was very tired or if she had been fasting) and Maachini did not like angels. This came from being human- not Thorian, an actual human. It also came from something that was basically akin to selling her soul to the devil in a bargain for immortality.

People wondered how old Maachini actually was. The Drunk Tank, it seemed, had been a part of Limbo forever.

Maachini began slowly circling the angel, glaring at him cautiously. "All right, it's something like this. The Harvesters are pissy, in case you couldn't tell, but they aren't violent. Noble people, all that crap. Of course, somebody," here an accusatory glare was shot at the male kitsune, "decided that we should up the amount of souls coming towards some of the other planes. The Harvesters are a little... what's the word I'm looking for..." Maachini nearly snarled, glaring at the kitsune. "Impoverished. Someone must be stirring them up, however. I need you to travel to their plane and figure out who. Now is that so hard?"

Chesta chesta chesta
29-01-2002, 06:44 AM
OOC: Kiva, 'Idiots' is kinda a strong word, don't you think?

And the rest of you are forcing me to listen to Rod Stewart!

Long live the one minute revolution.


Kuran looked at the imp and narrowed her eyes. Revenge would be hers, the pain and aggresion would be heard and he was her target. Damn shiny thief. Maybe scratch that thing of his.

Walking downstairs cautiously, following Honii into the cleaned up bar, looking around at the people there.

"Elves are still odd, halfilings or not. What does she want with me? For all I know she could have a hungry beast at home and fed me to it! Can't let that happen!" She pondered, but the promise of milk and cookies were rather tampting and she had trusted more odd people than a singer, but they had not been elves.

Picking a fork up from the floor as she walked past it, never know could come in useful, that and it had nice patterns

29-01-2002, 03:28 PM
ooc: sorry I haven't posted in a while.. o.o() I've somehow been rpingly drained for a while and I'm only now getting my energy back. But I'll be good from now on! I promise!


Right after Maachinis words, a snoring sound came from somewhere in the room, followed by a "thud!" of something hitting the bottom of Maachinis desk followed by a loud "ow!".
Furu crawled from underneath the desk and fluttering his wings hovered up in the air, rubbing the bump on his head and looked around the room at everyone and chuckled, waving.

" Sorry. I was kinda feeling tired after everything."

Furu flew over to Maachini, landing on her shoulder and wrapping around her neck almost like a cat. In many ways he acted like one, always loving comfort and good food.

" Hmm... well it would be really bad if the Harvesters got really desperate. Heh...who'd know if they'd decide to start World War III on Earth to get more souls."

29-01-2002, 10:21 PM
Raw looked around the bar. Things were certainly winding down now that the excitement was over. Casting one last glance over the room, he stood. Leaning over the bar, Raw roughly grabbed the bartender.

"Where did the angel go?"

The little imp nervously pointed up the stairs. Glancing up and then back down at the quaking bartender, Raw released him and made his way to the steps. He quickly ascended them and found himself in a branching hallway.

'Which way to go?'

Suddenly he smelled it. A familiar smell. A smell any demon would instantly recognize. The smell of home.


Raw slowly began to creep down the left hall. Being as quiet as a demon of his stature could be, he began to hear voices coming from the entrance to a rather large room on his left. Standing outside he heard voices rise and fall in anger, disgust and disbelief.

'...we should up the amount of souls coming towards some of the other planes. The Harvesters are a little... what's the word I'm looking for...Impoverished."

A pause and then:

"I need you to travel to their plane and figure...."

'You've got to be kidding me....they're asking him to help out? They must be more desperate than even they realize.'

Trusting that angel with a task like that? It was asking for disaster. Raw put his hand on the door handle and found it to be locked. He looked down in dismay, and the handle glowed red hot, melting under his touch. He quickly pushed the door open and walked into the room and the council meeting which he had so suddenly interrupted.

29-01-2002, 10:29 PM

Maachini lifted a hand to rub Furu on the head absently.

"World War III? I don't think they could. I just don't get it. They aren't violent people, they're reverent, spiritual... they're like pacifists!" She sighed and put her free hand on her hip.

She saw the door handle go red and then white, and then melt away. The door opened inward and in stepped...

...the demon. Maachini liked to remember the faces in her bar and she remembered his.

Hip cocked aggressively, eyes narrowed, little dragon resting on her shoulder, Maachini gave the demon a Look. One of those stern, school teacher looks.

"I wasn't aware we had invited yo-" she started, when Tenpura interrupted her.

"Raw Dinna, right?" he asked. "You're a man for hire, yeah?" He looked between Raw and Bru and Maachini felt her gut clench. No, the crazy old dragon wouldn't- "How would you like a job? I bet our angel friend here could use a hand."

Somebody just shoot me. Maachini lowered her head into her free hand. She felt the beginnings of a massive headache.

Princess Samari
29-01-2002, 10:36 PM
Udon just sat back and watched the madness as it unfolded. She really wasn't sure where to step in on the whole matter. Udon knew little of the harvesters. But from what she did know Udon was sure that Raw and Bru were going to have some...difficulties.

She arched a brow and gave a sympathetic smile to Poor Maachini. If only she hadn't left that gum/antacid she had gotten from earth at home. The woman looked like she could have used a couple peices.

she coughed and then looked at Maachini mumbling under her breath "this should be rich"

29-01-2002, 10:41 PM
As Raw stepped into the room, the first thing he noticed was the woman. Trying her best to give Raw a wilting look, the kind of look that would send a rabid rottweiler crawling away with its tail between it's legs. Raw took no heed. He had seen worse. He had fallen under the glower of the greatest of all evils. This was nothing to him.

The second thing he noticed was an angel who was stupdily drunk, propped up on the side of the room. The smell of brimstone and .... holy water?! It hung about him as thickly as ugly on an ape.

That was when the old man behind the desk spoke to him.

"Raw Dinna, right? You're a man for hire, yeah? How would you like a job? I bet our angel friend here could use a hand."

As always, the first words out of Raws mouth were:

"How much?"

Aku Shi
29-01-2002, 11:33 PM
Oh, how I would love to be able to post at this everyday.... I'm really enjoying this RPG. *sighs* But, the temptation to stay the night at my boyfriend's gets the better of me once again... So, where was I?...


The vision spoke.

"My thoughts worth that little?"

Ron raised a brow. Then it suddenly dawned on him that being in a different world, they may not understand the common sayings of his world. Then again, maybe they did and she was just teasing him... Ron never liked being teased, unless it was by a lady. He grinned inwardly. He loved being teased by a lady. That was a form of flirting. In his mind, at least. And, if she flirted, then she was interested. If she was interested, he stood a chance.

Dear lady, do not misunderstand. To me, your thoughts are priceless... It's just a saying from my world. I'm sure this place has similar sayings, right?

He took a long hit of his drink, his eyes remaining on her as he did so. God, she was beautiful. Elves were most definatly his type.

Phantom Angel
29-01-2002, 11:50 PM
OOC: ooo... Alynthia demands this post!

Alynthia looked up at Ron and flashed him an irresistable smile. He was indeed very handsome, and she liked him, but past pains told her not to hurry up and do anything harsh. Flirting was ok with her for now. She actually enjoyed it. It had been a while since she had been involved. Her last relationship was what got her in trouble last time, but now Alynthia was far away from old pains and wanted to have a little fun.

"It all starts with a little fun!" she thought, a hidden sort of grin crossing her face.

"Don't worry Ron. I got your point perfectly. Just teasing a little. It is after all... common amongst people no? Just trying to make the best of an otherwise grim atmosphere." she told him.

"As for my thoughts.... nothing important. Just wondering what's going to happen now, what I'm going to do." she smiled again. "Just elementary things."

"Elementary things of crucial importance. God, it's times like these I miss the excitment of old days. But hey, this is pretty interesting too!" Alynthia thought.

She stood up and graciously walked over to the bar, helping herself to a bag of snacks. She left a 0.10d black soul piece on the counter, hoping it would cover for the snack and the drinks she took.

Alynthia seated herself at the table again, and put the snacks and drinks on the table.

"Help yourself. You're probably pretty tired after digging that grave." she told him.

29-01-2002, 11:57 PM
Honii looked around the bar. 'Where the h*ll is everyone?'
Sitting down on a bar stool Kuran sitting down beside her.
"This one would like some warm milk and cookies so tell that so wonderful cooker of animal products not to get any grease in or on them."

The bar tender chuckled, he knew Honii really did not care for Chard' s cooking in fact if anything it drove her mad. But give him his do he did send out for her greentea icecream.

The imp pushed a glass of water in front of her as Kuran a smile planted across her face sat fidgeting waiting for her treats.

Honii sat there sort of drifting away, she did that sometimes. She had been at this bar for a long time. First starting out scrubbing the floors then moving on to singing at sixteen.

'Ten long years' sighing. It was not that she was ungrateful to Maachini not in the least 'the drunk tank' was her second home and she loved everyone here.
She felt so pampered, like a china doll that should be displayed.
That harvester that had her in it's grip almost killed her.
' And you could have not done a d*mn thing about it' the thought streamed through her mind.

Even now if she knew Maachini, things were being plotted, plans laid out and where was she? Sitting at the bar with a teenage girl with an affection for shinies.

Speaking to the imp behind the bar. " I feel so useless you know? I am Honii the half elf singer who could not fight to save her life"
she frowned.

" Ah but Honii no one sings like you" he replied.

" Well a fat lot of good it does me. I want some some adventure, I want to know how to fight how to swing a sword or at the very least a bow."

An elf that was sipping on his drink spat the liquid out onto the bar amused at what Honii had said.

" Sweet thing you are a prize you are eye candy not someone who goes around looking for a fight."

" Well if someone would teach me I could learn!" she snapped back.
The elf just chuckled "and who would teach you."
Honii glared at the elf.
Smiling softly 'Maybe that demon, yes maybe Raw would teach me. I could ask him, whats the worst he could say no. If so then maybe someone else'
Kuran gluped down her milk in one swallow obviously wanting more.
" Now where was Raw anyways?"

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 12:16 AM
OOC: trin, r u mad at me? like REALLY mad?

Aku Shi
30-01-2002, 12:27 AM

He only took his eyes off of the elf to glance at the food for a second, then he went right back to enjoying the look of her features. Releasing a yawn, Ron tore his silver eyes away from her green eyes and looked out a window.

Must we stay around here? Wouldn't you rather go for a walk or something?...


After altering the dress so that it fits him perfectly, Minto tried it on. It was nice. In fact, if he didn't know any better, Minto would think that he was a girl and not a boy! The skirt flowed elegantly from the base of the bodice and the bodice itself fit his thin frame so well that it would make a taylor weep with joy. Giggling, Minto twirled around a little, admiring how the fabric rolled.

Now all he needed was to find a handsome young man to flirt with. That always cheers him up. And, after the earlier incidents, Minto needed all the cheering he could get.

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 12:32 AM
Alynthia looked at Ron, then looked outside. She didn't like it to go alone, with some strange man. But maybe just this one time. She might get to find out more about him. Who knew. He might prove to be a valuable ally one day. He was stong indeed.

"He could be... usefull." Alynthia admited, ignoring the jolt in her stomach.

"Sure. It's a pleasant enough evening." she told him.

Aku Shi
30-01-2002, 12:40 AM

His chair screeched against the floor as she stood suddenly. For some reason he found himself so full of energy. Maybe it was because he was getting closer to a possible score. Yeah, that had to be it.

Well ok then! Let's go!

With a big grin, Ron held out his hand to help the lady up and escorted her out the door. The air was crisp in his lungs and he breated it in deeply.

Ok... Now, since I'm new here and all... Uh... Perhaps you should lead the way... Heh....

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 01:08 AM
OOC: Kiva... sam... we're not acting like hormonic teenagers. Aku's got something in mind kay? (thinks back to last scolding) and since i know absolutely nothing of the geography of the place, umm... let say we're in a place full of nature.

"If he's thinking he's gonna score, he's in for a BIG surprise."

Alynthia got up swiftly, and grabbed her crossbow. She knew she didn't stand a chance against Ron's strenght, but who knows.. maybe she might get lucky. Plus, she didn't think Ron was the kind of man who would force himself on a woman.

"I don't know this place more than you do. I just walked in a while before the harvesters attacked." she told him.

As they got outside, Alynthia breathed in the fresh night air, filling her lungs with it. She loved nature. Nature was her home, and now that she was outside, Alynthia felt more free than ever. Forgeting she was in the company of somone, Alynthia skipped off the steps of the Drunk Tank and spun around in the grass. She laughed at herself, and continued spinning, raising her forest green eyes to the sky.

The velvety blue of the heavens was seeded with the eternal light of the stars. They shone like candles in the dark, lighting a path of full serenity.

"Nature is so beautiful, this time of year. It's showing her true nature to us, and by god it is breathtaking." Alynthia sighed, talking more to herself than to Ron.

Suddenly, she remembered she had company, and abruptly stopped her sensless wandering. Putting one foot down, and the other right beside it, she looked at Ron, a little embarassed.

"Great job! You made a fool of yourself once again!" Her mind told her.

Alynthia nervously played with her hair.

"Woops.. I got a little carried away...."

Aku Shi
30-01-2002, 01:17 AM

He was startled a little by the woman suddenly skipping down the steps and twirling around. But... It was kinda cute... Smiling, he listened to her say something about nature. Then she seemed to remember that she had forgotten him and looked at him with blushing cheeks. Once again she was playing with her hair. That always drove Ron mad. He loved it when chicks played with their hair like that... All sweet and innocent... Just begging to get that innocence taken away by a man like him. The good girls always want to be bad, and the bad girls always pretend to be good so they can still do bad. Either way, girls wanted to be bad. And, Ron was always in the mood for bad. Especially with a girl as hot as the elf in front of him.

He grinned.

Well, I recall seeing some nice areas when I was running here from where I entered this world... It was uh... That way, I believe.

He pointed towards a small, rarely used path cutting through the forest.

Shall we?

Winking, he started that way.

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 01:20 AM
Alynthia looked at Ron a little surprised. So, new to this area was he? Knew some nice areas eh?

"I'm not going to sleep with you!" she thought, but then gasped realising she said it aloud.

"Oh no...." she blushed a crimson red and hoped he didn't hear her.

Aku Shi
30-01-2002, 01:36 AM

Suddenly Ron's boots came to a stop on the path, the leaves crunching under them. He didn't turn to look at Alynthia, or even look over his shoulder at her. At most, he turned his eyes to the side, staring at the tree next to him as if it were her. For a very very short moment, that's all he did. Stare. Then, a strange smile spread over his lips.

You say that now.... he muttered quietly, before continuing on.

Well, are ya comin' or not?



His new dress brushing softly against his ankles as he walked, Minto moved gracefully down a rarely used forest path back towards the town. If he was going to find someone, the town would be the best place, no matter IF people there were rather strange... Suddenly he caught sight of someone up ahead. It was a man!! A young man!!! A young HANDSOME man!!!!!! Oh, how his silver eyes gleamed! Oh, how his dark hair shimmered in the pale light! Oh, the rippling dark muscles! Oh, the well-fitting leather pants!! Oh, the BEAUTY!!!!

Minto was so enchanted by this man that he failed to see the woman with long black hair behind him. So, filled with glee, Minto walked quickly, yet remained gracefully and lady-like. So what if he was a guy? ^_~



The sound of someone up ahead caused Ron to stop short once again. He was a little cautious due to what happened at that bar. Much to his delighted surprise up ahead was no monster or threat of any kind. It was a lovely young woman! An elven woman!! With flowing silver hair! Oh, she was STUNNING!!!!

Hello, Miss! What is a fair thing like you doing wandering the forest at this hour alone?

The woman stopped just a few feet away and smiled.



Miss? The man thought he was a girl? Well, that's expected. In fact, he was hoping for it. Minto smiled.

My, aren't you a handsome one? Tell me, Sir, would you be so kind as to escort me back to my place? I do believe I am afraid to go alone. That's why I was turning back towards town. I live far into the woods and it's soooo dark and scary. But, I'm sure that a big strong man like you could protect me...

Yes. The helpless girl in distress act. They always fall for that. And Minto just couldn't get over how HOT this one was!!

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 01:47 AM
"So! He thinks he's all that great eh? Well I won't be swept off my feet by any misfit who crosses my paths! No matter how handsome!" Alynthia thought in the back of her mind.

Suddenly a person appeared in front of them, and Alynthia saw Ron engage in sweet conversation with him/her. She had a man's built but was wearing a dress... so Alynthia didn't know what to think. At first you'd say she was a woman, but then you'd say she was a man.

Not wanting to be around so many strangers, and upset at Ron's new flirting attempts with the new girl, Alynthia stood there for a few moments.

"I'll show you you arogan't little..." she didn't finish that thought. Picking up a nearby rock, she threw it in Ron's direction, making sure it landed somewhere near by.

"Enjoy your evening. It looks like you found someone willing to share your interests." she said through clenched teeth.

Then, Alynthia turned around, and ran towards the bar, quickly making her way out of Ron's sight.

"Why must all the nice ones be jerks?" she muttered to herself. Stopping on the steps of the tavern, Alynthia decided to sit down and look at the sky longer.

"I'm not wasting this beautiful night on a jerk like him!" She thought angrily. The stars were beautiful, but Alynthia wasn't happy. She'd leave this place first thing next morning.

30-01-2002, 02:06 PM
Bru was thinking. Cog’s were in motion. Monkeys were on the assembly line. There were doin’s a doin, and thinkin’s a thought’n. <insert additional symbolism here for your own amusement, I’m tired>

But in the end the rushing tide of his swirling drain of a mind hopped up on the ideas wrung from the sponge that was his brain culminated in three indelible questions.
1) Where was the bathroom?
Bru took a bit of time to consider that one, then carefully filed it away to ask momentarily.

2) Did James Bond ever have a partner?
Hmm, this was tricky. Many loopholes and judgement calls had to be made on this one, such as ‘was felix a partner or a contact’ or ‘vere ze vimens partners or love interests’ this second one was instantly tossed from Bru’s mind once looking at Raw and when he remembered he wasn’t gay, just had experimented a tad in God-school. But that was different and involved many archaic, mind-altering substances and- Bru pushed his mind from the subject and back to the matter at hand.

3) Where is the bathroom?
Bru realized this question was getting more and more important by the minute. Bru really had to take a leak and all this mental debating was taking too much time.

With surprisingly sobriety and eloquence (when one had been drinking for untold centuries like Bru, any semblance of inebriation was merely his own choice to not counteract) Bru stated one of his most concrete of rules.

”Partners are not something Bru utilizes. Fans, admirers, legions, followers, well-wishers, adorers, forget-me-nots, forget-me-quicklies, cronies, supporters I’m all for using to the extent they are useful. Cohorts, associates, and, well partners, are not a part of my technique.”

Bru nimbly swung open the tome he had at his side to a seemingly arbitrary page, but of course, nothing Bru did was without purpose nor was it random. He spun the book around deftly and pointed at one of the many concise declarations of intellect found within its many fine pages. Magnificent pages. Wondrous pages. Why had a man been attracted to papyrus, they would instantly find themselves instantly overcome with desire to hold and caress the masterfully created sheets within the book.

”See here?”
Nothing covers one’s ass but a piece of cloth or, in the case of primitives, a fine coat of light hair.
Trust no one, the ultimate in deceit is having them trust you.
When on earth, never eat at the Diner on Sixth and Franklin beside the 16-A exit ramp from the threads, bad service and worse chili.

His point made on his lone wolf status and soliloquy of privacy, a single strand of glowing wing crept out from his shoulder and propped him to his feet.

”Now as for this bathroom type receptacle you most certainly have on the premises, where might I find it?”

30-01-2002, 03:51 PM
Wrapped around Maachinis neck, Furu looked as the demon Raw walked in and the dragon offered him a job with the drunken angel. Furu sweatdropped and chuckled nervously to himself and turned to look at Maachini, looking her in the eyes.

" You know..I just had this really weird feeling like this wasn't real. Like this was just somekind of a roleplaying game filled with humour of the weird sort that people had invented to amuse themselves. But then the scary fact that this is real hits me...and I think those two could do it."

Furu didn't say the last part because he really DID think they could. It went more along the lines of "ohmygodwearetrustinganimportantandsensitivemissiontotwo weirdosandallIcandoispraymmmpanties."

30-01-2002, 04:33 PM

*just... dies*

Keeper... you crack me up.


Okay. Don't slap him. Don't kick him. Don't shoot him. Don't kill him. Stay calm.

Maachini was counting backwards from ten. Her life was, quite possibly, on the line. Her life, according to the scary Harvester that had ruined one of her favorite shirts with his claws, was most definitely on the line. It was bad enough that they were trusting her fate to an alcoholic angel too incoherent to find the damn john but they were going to pair him up with a money-hungry demon.

It's like the Odd Couple. I hated that show.

"Game?" she glanced down at Furu at his comment. "Great. I get a couple claws through my ribs and you start thinking about Parcheesi."

She shared a glance with Udon and then sighed and shook her head.

"I think," Tenpura said, "That ten souls, .35 inch diameter, a day should be plenty, Mr. Dinna."

"Ten?! Are you nuts?" Maachini shoved him out of the way. "Move it, Jean-Luc." She turned the full force of her glare on Raw. "Three souls, .25 inch diameter a day plus half of expenses. Knowing your type, you'd charge quite a bit. You can split your pay with angel boy."

Maachini held money very dear. If she could get away with it, she wouldn't give a lot of her's to the two misfits Captain Picard- er... Tenpura had seen so fit to assign the job to.

30-01-2002, 05:05 PM
Raw returned Maachini's glare ounce for ounce. Being a demon he didn't even need to blink either.

"Five a day. Don't worry about "expenses." Quarter inch is fine with me."

It was a fair deal. Raw usually charged for the entire job, not by the day, but this would work fine for him. He'd probably end up donating most of it to the orphanage anyways.

"ANd as for "angel boy," I think if you buy him enough alcohol he'd go along with anything you had planned."

He then turned to Jean-Luc as the woman had dubbed him.

"Before I close this 'deal,' I want to know exaclty what the terms are. What signifies completion of my assignment?"

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 05:05 PM
OOC: i can honest to god say i am very confused. lol, Keeper... you're sooo funny!!!

Aku Shi
31-01-2002, 01:23 AM
Since I'm gonna be doin' two chars that are going to converse with each other a lot, I'm gonna use
Ron: *does stuff* Says stuff*
Minto: *does stuff* Says more stuff
thingies. Yeah.

Ron: *hears the rock land near him and turns just in time to get an earful from Alynthia.* Alynthia, wait!! I was just--! ALYNTHIA!!!! *she disappears out of his sight* Dammit...

Minto: Oh, just forget about her.... *suddenly latches himself to Ron's arm* Why don't you escort me home?...

Ron: Hm. Aren't you the eager one? *stops short suddenly as he realizes that the woman grabbing him has a rather flat chest... In fact, it feels sort of muscular...like a man's* Umm... Miss?

Minto: *giggles at being called "miss" again* Yes?

Ron: Are you really... Um... A miss?... *sweat drops form on his brow*

Minto: *blushes and squeezes Ron's arm tighter* You found me out. I'm really a boy. But, that shouldn't matter... I'm still an amazing lover....

Ron: You're a WHAT?!?!?! *he screams, shakes the boy off his arm, and runs as fast as he can back to the Drunk Tank*

Minto: *stands there pouting with his hands on his hips* The nerve!

Ron: *bursts into the Drunk Tank, panting and eyes wide* ALYNTHIA!!!!

31-01-2002, 02:23 AM
Honii pouted quietly.
'The nerve of that stupid elven man thinking I could not
be taught to fight. Yes I am Honii all I can do is look pretty, sing and entertain.'

This made her angry,she pushed her drink away.

'I will show everyone if there is one thing I learned tonight.
It is I must be able to take care of myself.'

Looking at Kuran she smiled.

" It must be nice to only worry about shinies"

Scanning the room she saw no sign of Raw either.

'Face it Honii, he would not help you. He has probably
left anyway. Most certainly forgeting about the dinner invitation
for far more important things. He is a demon for fricking sakes'

"I must learn to fight I must prove I am of some other worth" she said to the bartender. He shrugged at her.

Honii's attention was drawn to the door looking up when that prettyboy came bursting into the bar like a mad man
yelling 'ALYNTHIA.'

Honii smirked

'Some men never learn. It will serve him right.'

"Lle naa haran e’ nausalle" she said looking at him.


Yes Honii insulted Ron...she said 'You are king in your imagination'

Ok I know this is not a great post but I am grasping at straws here Honii is bored.

Chesta chesta chesta
31-01-2002, 07:24 AM
Kuran glasped the milk glass and took a large swig, and then showing another cookie in her mouth. She looked up at Honii, and it struck her how sad the elf looked.

Damn it Kuran, don't go soft on them, remember, no wings.

She patted Honiis hand lightly, whilst not taking her eyes of the cookies, for all she knew the little 'cat treats' could come back again.

"mmhhhhuuppff mmmuumsi mmmmuufpt."

Reasuring someone with a lot of cookies was kinda difficult, and she didn't like to repeat herself. Even if Honii was an elf, and Kuran had a natural defence against them, she didn't like to see her unhappy. Cos well, she had given her cookies. Besides she also had her eyes on them earrings she was wearing, so it was better to be nice.

It was just there seemed to be more elves there now. Of all places she had to be, she ended up at some meeting place of elves...great!

Phantom Angel
31-01-2002, 04:46 PM
Alynthia walked in the Drunk Tank, oblivious to Ron. He came in screaming her name a few moments before, but she acted like she didn't even see him.

"Where's your pretty girl now?" she screamed at him mentally.

She turned around, after giving him a ferocious angry look. She was insulted for beyond what she'd show him. What guy goes flirting with another woman while he's trying to score with one.

"He does obviously!" Alynthia thought. "Well, I just don't care. He's just a stranger anyways."

She pushed back a few strands of black hair that had gotten unraveled when she had run back, and walked towards Honii's table.

"Hey, do you mind if I sit down? We never got a chance to finish our talk before." Alynthia smiled at Honii and Kuran. "Thank you for helping me with the dead." she told them.

Her back turned to Ron, Alynthia acted like he wasn't even there.

"Let's see how he likes that! I can act just as ruthless as he did!" she thought and smiled at the others.

OOC: Aku Shi, thank you for the pic. it's great, amazing, fatabulous! i haven't got words to say how amazing it is!!!! i love it. She's exactly like i pictured her! amazing job!!!!! *huggles Aku Shi*

Princess Samari
31-01-2002, 06:25 PM
Masupan fanned herself sighing delicatly as she watched Tempura. That man could move but then again that nice looking angel... then she got ahold of herself and cleared her throat standing. "I have a suggestion to make as well Dahlings. Since this nasty thing occured I have decided that Maachini needs a bodyguard. Don't you all think?"

She smiled to Maachini before giving a dramatic wave of her hand. "I know just the one. You vill looove him. He is such a nice young boy and so very helpful"

Udon arched a brow watching the aged dragon ramble on. Why did she come to this meeting? last time Udon had checked she didn't owe Maachini. But then again al the times she had owned Maachini anything she didn't remember why...

01-02-2002, 02:55 AM

Well, I'm putting together a Valor Axis Soundtrack with Samari. Once this game gets into the swing of things, expect more soundtrack of doom.

I haven't been around for a while- well, I have but I've been strangely uninspired when it comes to posting.


Even as Masupan was telling Maachini about the "darling bodyguard" she had lined up for the proprietess-turned-politician, Tenpura was stepping forward.

"Then job will be complete when you bring me the head of-" he let out a startled "oof!" as Maachini drove her elbow into his midsection.

"Shut up old man, before you cause more problems." She shook her head slowly. "If you can find out who got the ball rolling with this 'freedom fighters' nonsense, that'll be good enough. Harvesters don't normally act like this- they're spiritual. Non-violent to a great degree. Somethings going on." Her eyes narrowed and she put a hand up to her generous mouth that a couple of the not-so-elderly council members seemed to be paying a lot of attention to.

Maachini didn't mind that she was gorgeous. Actually, she figured that if it helped business it was okay.

"It's settled then," Tenpura said brightly. "Counselor Masupan will send for this body guard to watch over Maachini," the idea grated on her nerves, "and Lt. Dinna and Ensign Bond... angel... these two will go and find out who's spearheading this campaign, if it was this movement that was behind the other Council deaths, and report back with the information and," his eyes widened, "bring me the head of John the Baptist!"

"I think you know which of those instructions to disregard," Maachini grumbled.

01-02-2002, 03:01 AM
OOC: post will be here in the morning....heheh^_^;;

01-02-2002, 03:11 AM
Honii thoughts were interupted by Alynthia.

"Huh, what sure yeah you can join us and we can discuss the lack of real men in this place"
Honii giggled before speaking in elven.

"Malia ten yulna Alynthia?"

Alynthia nodded

Honii glanced at Ron one last time adding..

"Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle"

Honii was bored really bored, she did not feel like singing in fact she did not feel like doing anything anymore. Well that was not true she did feel like she wanted to do something more with her life.

But at the moment that seemed highly unlikely.

"Alynthia what is it like to fight how do you feel when you have the ability to take anothers life?"

I know it sucks.....I am feeling lazy....pulls the blankey over her head ....is it safe to come out now???

01-02-2002, 11:36 AM
Raw took one last look around the council room.

So that was it. Just like that he had taken his first job in over 200 years. He was more than a little miffed at being referred to as lieutenant, but he wouldn't let them see that.

"Alright then. I'll do it."

'This should prove to be quite interesting.'

Raw turned around and walked out of the room, his immense weight causing the floor to creak perilously under his weight. He brushed roughly past Maachini and then was gone from the council meeting.

'What the hell have I gotten myself into?'

His thoughts on the way down the stairs back down to the main room and bar focused on the mission.

'John the Baptist? What a cliched name. I mean, really, couldn't they at least TRY and be abit more creative than that?'

He left the stairs and walked up to the bar, lost in his thoughts. He sat down heavily and, forgetting his vow never to drink alcohol again, ordered an Open Wound. As the bartender handed it to him, Raw took it without blinking. And as he ordered another(this was the way it usually went once he started...even though it would take him a lot of alcohol to get him to the point he reached last time) Raw looked around and failed to notice anything anything particularl interesting happening. He knocked back the second, and leaned back a bit. He suddenly realized how damned tired he was. All he wanted to do was go to sleep right now. But he couldn't. It really was annoying when he was away from home and wanted to sleep, and there was nowhere he could really go without spending money or killing someone. He remembered once he had broken into some fool's house to catch a quick rest. Then when Raw woke up to find a shotgun pointed at his face, he had been just a little dismayed.

'It's so sad how uptight people are these days...'

He sighed to himself and ordered a third one. This time he looked around the room and noticed a few things. One beautiful elf talking to another. Elves really were the best looking of all the races on Limbo. Raw had really learned to appreciate that kind of things since he had lived to see so many beautiful people come and go. He lived with his music and his money, and that was all he really had. It's kind of hard to make any meaningful friends when you're a demon after all. They always go off and die on you, or turn out to be angels out to kill you or some such thing. It had been a long time since Raw had known anyone who he had truly considered a friend.

'That would have been...ah yes! Julius Caesar. Poor sod, getting murdered by his own people. I showed them though. '

Raw grinned upon thinking about his revenge.

'That had been sweet. Hell Shakeseare had even written a play about it, after I had told him about it while he sleeped. Whispering into his ear had been a great idea.'

Thinking of all the good times on earth reminded Raw that he wasn't there anymore. Damn did he miss that planet. He missed the people there more than anything, their hectic frantic lives that they lived day by day, when not much of what they did would ever mean a thing. It had never failed to amaze or amuse him.

But it didn't matter. He was here, now, so he might as well make the best of it. He ordered a fourth 'Open Wound' and settled down to a long night.

Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 01:02 PM
Alynthia giggled and looked at Honii. She was right. There was a lack of men in this place.

"Ah, leave him alone. I don't think his date with the misterious stranger dressed in a green dress...." Alynthia stopped.

Flashes of the previous events went through her mind, and Alynthia burst out laughing. The girl in the green dress was actually the paranoid man that burst on her and Kuran while they were in the closet. No wonder Ron had come back screaming.

"I'm sorry! I was just recalling past events. I think Ron... discovered his date was too hot to handle." Alynthia said with a naughty smile.

Then, her green eyes flashed, and she became serious.

"Killing others is not a sport. It is very hard to take a life. It always haunts you in the back of your mind. Fighting does not always imply killing the opponent. Just mereley.... striking it sensless." she told Honii seriously. "I only carry this thing," she said slamming her crossbow and accidentally discharging the arrow which went flying in the air and stopped in a nearby wall. "For protection." Alynthia told her, blushing at her blunder. "I can shoot it all right... but I'm not a strong fighter. I prefer to prevent violence. I just couldnt....." she stopped, the breath chocked in her throat. "Take a human life." she told her.

"Why do you ask? Do you want to become a fighter?" Alynthia asked looking straight in Honii's beautiful eyes.

01-02-2002, 01:16 PM
OOC: to anyone who was wondering, these are the instructions for making an Open Wound:

-1 oz. Everclear Whiskey
-Dash Tabasco Sauce
-Small Olive

01-02-2002, 03:53 PM
Honii listened to what Alynthia was telling her and almost jumped
off the stool when the arrow flew into the wall.
The first thing she would have to learn was not to be so jumpy.
Taking a deep breath she wiggled her nose in a cute way. She
did that when she was trying to think of something serious to say.

"To kill something I do not think I could do that Alynthia. I simply want to be able to protect myself to be of some worth. To help my friends if need be.I have always had a nagging suspision that I am suppose to do more with my life. I do not know what but it is still there deep down inside me. When I learned my music I learned it well to be the best I could at it. I know I am not making any sense. But I do know that as much as I like to perform something is missing. I am suppose to do something more."

She played with a swizzle stick. Her bored expression that played so well on her face showing.

It was then that she looked up and noticed that Raw was back.
'He so big and imposing, but those eyes of his.'
She glanced him over a bit noticing he scared the crap out of a human who had just happened to drop their drink in front of him.

'Funny he does not scare me, in fact if anything he has a calming
effect on me how peculiar is that?'

"Alynthia listen I do not wish to seem rude, but I have business with that demon over there. Will you excuse me? I just bet that pretty boy wants to talk to you anyways."
she giggled lightly.

" Kuran, I am going to assume you are in need of some more cookies and milk? I have some business with someone. Why don't you amuse yourself and we will go to my apartment in a little while. I promise I will not be long."
Honii patted Kuran's hand and smiled.

Rising she made her way over to Raw.
" Ah, Raw it is nice to see you again. I thought you might
have forgotten all about me and my invitation."

Noticing he had a drink in his hand. She turned
to the barkeep.
" Could you get MR. Dinna here and another drink please."
She looked at the drink it smelled awful, but she thought
'I must impress him if I am to have any chance of getting him to teach me how to fight.'

"Oh and I will have one of those as well, please."
The bartender started to say something, but knew better from the look that Honii had given him.

"Raw, I have something to discuss with you" she blinked her eyes
at him a slight grin plastered across her face.

The drinks were placed in front of them. An olive floating in it.
'Well it cannot be that bad it has an olive in it and well I like those.' Picking up the glass...

" Cheers"

Honii raised the foul smelling liquid to her lips. Scrunching her nose but all the while smiling.

'I can do this'

As the liquid went down her throat she wanted to spit it out. It burned and it tasted foul. Her eyes started to water and she hoped he had not noticed.
'How does he drink this stuff?'


Ok this post is getting to long so I am stopping and
will post some more in a bit. *winks at Hii* evil grin time....


Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 04:03 PM
Alynthia smiled at Honii and motioned her to go on.

"What am I gonna do! What am I gonna do???" she asked herself.

Sighing, she let her head fall on her hands and rest on the table, her ebonite hair spilling everywhere. She was soo tired.

OOC: i think Aku Shi died or something.....

Aku Shi
01-02-2002, 05:10 PM
No no, not dead... Just SUPER busy. I have auditions in NYC in like FOUR days for a couple of arts colleges... Sigh... Gotta learn monologues and all that fun stuff. Ah well, this is what I want to do with my life, so it's all worth it, no? :heh:


The white-haired elven woman said something in elf. Ron's head was spinning to much to attempt to remember how to translate any of it. He had just had a run-in with a dragqueen who he almost went home with! And now Alynthia was sitting with the other elf, her back to him. He really blew it this time. Back home, he was a sure-fire with the ladies. They couldn't get enough of him. But, in this place, things were a bit tougher.

Leaning against the frame of the entry way, attempting to catch his breath, Ron overheard the other elf say something about self-deffence. He then watched as she got up and walked over to a demon. Ron raised a brow at that. A demon? She'd rather have a demon than HIM? What the hell was so special about a demon? They were big and ugly and mean... Well, he wasn't sure about the mean part, since this was the first real demon he had ever met before, but he had heard stories... In any case, they were sure enough big and ugly. Ron, on the other hand, was handsome... There was something wrong with that elf's logic.

In any case.... Sighing, Ron plopped down in the chair that the other elf had left empty across from Alynthia. He looked slowly up at her, smiled weakly, then cleared his throat.

Um... Alynthia... I... I wanted to appologize... It's just that the girl asked for assistance... She said she was afraid of the woods, and wanted me to help her home... That was all it was.... Not that it matters, anyway... That she was no she at all... The liar... I think it was some kind of pervert who wanted to try to seduce me or something. Seriously! But, I wouldn't have let him do it, no matter what kind of magic he may have used. I mean, I was already placed under a spell as it was... Your beauty...

His silver eyes looked pityfully up at hers, searching them for any sign of forgiveness.



With a sigh, Minto started walking down the path again. All the good ones were straight, it seemed. If only he could find a nice man who was interested in the same things he was... Or, the same gender, at least... But still... That man was very lovely... Minto could not recall ever seeing someone so beautiful before. Perhaps he could convert him? Maybe... He'd have to try...

01-02-2002, 05:34 PM
"No I hadn't forgotten your invitation."

Raw watched in bemused fascination as Honii's eyes bulged out and began watering. He smiled and scoffed a bit.

"You do know that these are 190 proof don't you?"

As she sat gasping for air, her throat obviously on fire, Raw got a glass of water from the bartender and handed it to her.

"You really should ask what I'm drinking before you get one for yourself you know..."

He downed his fifth shot and put the glass down, watching as Honii gulped the water, trying to stop the burning that her throat must be feeling right now. He turned his head to look at her as she finished the water off.

"You have something you want to discuss with me eh? And what might that be?"

His violet eyes flashed in the dim light of the bar.

Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 05:51 PM
Alynthia raised her head from the table, and starred into Ron's silver eyes. Green met silver, and for a moment, Alynthia's gaze softened. Then, it turned icy.

"Oh really? Well since you decided to be such a gentleman, why don't you go back to her? Or did she show you her secret? And I don't need your petty apologising. Give them to someone that cares. In other words, you're hereby cured of my spells." she told him with a wry smile.

Gods, she was so tired, she thought her eyeelids would drop right then and there. However, Ron was making her angry, and Alynthia straightened her back, rightened her clothes not wanting to seem at a disadvantage. Maybe he'd go away, she wasn't all that mad at him, just sort of annoyed with the way he had ignored her. His apology pissed her off though, and she wanted nothing more than to sleep somewhere, in a corner, and not be annoyed by the handsome stranger.

Alynthia could feel how her thoughts muddied and how she wasn't thinking clearly. After all, she had made a long journey on foot, plus the excitement of the Harvesters and all. Now Ron... she was feeling frustrated indeed.

OOC: YAY! You're back!!!

Aku Shi
01-02-2002, 06:07 PM

Worry suddenly spread across Ron's features. It wasn't because of what Alynthia had just said. In fact, he heard very little of what she snapped at him. No, it was because of the look in Alynthia's eyes...

You ok?... You look dead tired... Is there a place here with a bed or something you can lie down in? Do you have a home nearby or anything you can get to? Damn, Alynthia, your eyes are beggin' to take a break....

He leaned over the table a little, his brow now crinckled in concern.


He slowly came to a stop outside of the Drunk Tank, wondering if the danger was totally gone or not. And, if it was, if the handsome stranger had gone in there... He had looked like the type to hang out in bars...

Lifting up his skirt a little, he walked up the steps and into the bar. There, at a table, sat the man. Minto's eyes widened. He FOUND him!


Alynthia, I don't care if you hate me or not... I'm gonna make sure you have a place to rest... Understand?...

He placed his hand to her cheek and stared into her tired eyes. Then, something caused his eyes to break contact with hers. A figure by the door...

Oh my god! It's the perv!!!!

Ron suddenly fell backwards, chair and all.

"Oh, I'm so glad I found you!!!!" squeeled the little "perv" as he ran to the fallen Ron and pounced on him.


Minto just lay on top of Ron, hugging the bigger man's neck tightly and giggling.

01-02-2002, 06:15 PM
Honii grabbed the water choking out the word thank you.
'Great I must be making an *ss of myself that was really
bright girl.'

Her eyes watering and her throat only feeling a little better
from the water. She was determined not to look like a fool in front of Raw.

" Um.. I will have another please" she smiled.
But this time she would drink it more slowly.

"Yes, I do actually Raw" she looked into those violet eyes of his.

At that moment she was sure the room moved just a little.She
rocked on the stool.
"What was I talking about. Oh right yes I remember."
She brought the new drink to her lips and sipped it.

" Listen I will get to the point" the room was starting to spin a bit more.
"I need a teacher. Someone who could teach me to fight. You know chop chop and all that."
She had this big grin on her face kinda goofy looking. She did
not know it of course.
" Hmmm, I feel all warm. Is it warm in here?"
She asked before taking another sip of the drink.
Giggling "I am assuming you would want some form of payment for your services."


Aku Shi:lol:

01-02-2002, 09:39 PM
"You're drunk." Raw looked intently at Honii. He could see it in all of her actions, from the way she was smiling, the way she swayed unsteadily in the chair, to the way she was talking to him.

'No alcohol tolerance. I should have guessed, she's too small to handle it.'

"I'm perfectly.....what's the word? Oh yes! Sober....im not drunk yet...just a little bit," she held a shaky hand out in front of her with her fingers close together, "....little bit tipsy."

She suddenly rocked to the side, nearly losing her balance.

Raw motioned to the bartender. He walked over and Raw leaned down close to him.

"No more for the lady. Bring her water for now if she asks for any more."

Raw sat and watched her as she sipped at what was left of her drink. As she put it down on the bar, she turned to him.

"So what do you say? I'll find some way to pay you if you'll teach me...." She smiled playfully.

'This is about to get out of hand.'

"You're done for the night, Honii" Raw quickly grabbed the glass from the bar and gave it to the bartender

"Where is your apartment? It's time for you to go home."

Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 10:07 PM
Alynthia groaned. She stood up from the table, knocking her chair back.

"Listen you little annoying... woman.... er... man.... WHATEVER YOU ARE!" she screamed prying Minto off Ron.

The boy in the green dress looked at her, his eyes showing no hint of recognition.

"If you want him, you gotta win his heart, and jumping around and attacking him is NOT the way. Can't you see he's a man with class. You gotta learn to flirt and act all girly if you actually want him to like you!" she yelled.

"God, what am I doing? Oh well, as long as I get them off eachother then I can sleep. Yes... sleep!" Alynthia thought.

"Now, if you'll be a good little boy, and keep your hands off him, you can have my earrings, and I promise to teach you how to flirt and actually BE a girl. I'll even buy you nailpolish and do your nails." she told him, struggling to keep her eyes open.

"Please please don't cling to him like that. I beg you!" she told him, her eyes looking up at him pleadingly.

The boy didn't say anything. He just sort of stared, staying off to the side.

"Here you go, come on, get up, yeah, that's a good boy..." Alynthia mumbled as she extended a hand to help Ron up. "And in answer to your question, no I do not have anywhere to stay. I can't find anyone to rent a room here. I'll be gone later anyway. Just need... sleep." she told him.

Barely walking to the table, she righted her chair and slumped in it. Alynthia gingerly put her elbows on the table, and rested her head on them. She hoped Ron wouldn't be attacked any more. She didn't think she could save him again...

A werid form of sleep overcame her in a matter of seconds...

OOC: ahahah, in case you're wondering why i'm so tired, look at my body stat! it's 3 ahaha, no stamina!!! hope you're happy Aku!

Aku Shi
01-02-2002, 10:38 PM
Dude! Minto's dress keeps changin' colors! o_o Hehe, oh well. ^_~



Minto blinked. Teach him to actually be a girl? Was she nuts? He just liked to dress up like a girl sometimes. Besides, judging by the woman's appearance, he figured that he knew far more about make-up than SHE did. And nailpolish was soooo last season, as far as Minto was concerned. Anyway, what right did this strange dark-haired woman have in pulling him off his beloved?

Cranky old hag... mumbled Minto under his breath. It didn't matter that there was a good chance that he was several times older than the woman. Though, one can never tell when it came to elves...



Thank you, Alynthia.

Ron stood up and dusted himself off, glaring at the elven dragqueen standing next to him while Alynthia explained that she had no place to stay.

"I'll be gone later anyway. Just need... sleep."

That snapped Ron's full attention back to the woman.

You're leaving?... Where? Why? *sigh* I guess it doesn't matter... It's your own damned business, I suppose... But... I'm gonna help you find a place to rest, like I promised. Though, I don't think that I have the kind of money that this world uses...
What about you, perv? You got any cash on ya?

No. I'm totally broke. Not that I would give you any anyway in order to help this old hag....

You shut your mouth right now! Don't call Alynthia names, kid, or so help me I'll---

In a rage, Ron grabbed Minto by the top of the bodice and lifted the poor boy off the ground. His silver eyes glared menacingly down at the frail elven boy dressed like a girl.

Ok! I'm sorry, alright?!!? Just don't hurt me, my love!!

'My LOVE'?!?! Who the hell are you callin' your LOVE, you perv!!! You know what, nevermind...

Ron dropped the boy with a sigh, then turned to face Alynthia again.

I'll... I'll sell some of my weapons or something... I dunno... I'll get the money to get you a place to rest. Don't worry, Alynthia, I won't let you down.

Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 11:01 PM
Alynthia's five second sleep was interrupted by Ron and the green dress man fighting. She looked up at them, her eyes flaring.

"Listen you two... STOP IT OR ELSE!" she yelled.

Both of them were quiet. Alynthia turned to Ron, and she smiled, one of her beautiful heartwarming smiles. What he had said had touched her deep inside, and she suddenly wasn't feeling to bad anymore.

"You don't have to sell anything for me Ron." she told him seriously. "I have enough money to buy all the necessary things." she told him, smiling once again. "I just don't feel like going and looking for a room in the middle of the night. That's why I'll stay here for now." she said quietly.

"And I was going to leave, to look for a job somewhere. They money I have won't last me forever." she explained. "But I was only making sketchy plans... it all depends on what's going to happen around here." she told him.

"Thank you for everything." she told him simply. Ron was rewarded with a big smile, and a toss of the hair from the elven girl.

She then turned to the green dressed man, her mood changing completely.


She then turned around, muttering something under her breath which sounded like "Homo", but Minto couldn't hear her well.

"The nerve of him! I'm only 18, and he calls me a hag! Hmpf!" Alynthia thought, feeling a little insulted. She wasn't one to care much about outer appearances, but she did like it when she made a good impression. I mean sure, she wasn't as stunning as Honii, or some of the other elves she saw, but to her personality mattered. However, being called a hag by a crossdresser hurt, no matter how much Alynthia tried to deny it.

"Well, since I can't sleep anyway, you two up for some coffee?" she asked them, or mainly Ron, but she didn't want to be rude to the green dressed man. After all, he was a person too.

OOC: i'll fix the little glitch in the dress colours... sorry.. i was tired...

01-02-2002, 11:06 PM
Honii was feeling really flushed she raised the drink
to her mouth downing the rest in one gulp. She was just a wee bit tipsy like she had just said to Raw, but her senses were just fine. Well at least she thought they were ok.

"You know Raw, this stuff ain't half bad!" smiling I can
see why you like this stuff whats it called?"

He did not answer her, she frowned at him.

"Why are you talking to the that bar..bar.. fella what are you saying?"she giggled some more.

Honii glanced around the room trying to focus on something
everything was sorta spinning a little more faster.

"So what do you say? I'll find some way to pay you if you'll teach me...."
Honii was not in control at all. She gave him that playful look a women gives a guy when she wants something.

Honii stood up and poked Raw in the chest with her small index finger.

" Listen you... you... big scary demon fella, with really nice eyes. I like violet eyes you know they are different!" tilting her head sideways giggling again.

She frowned when he mentioned "You're done for the night"

"What! I am not I have some bizz..nes... with you to umm.
What were we talking aboot?"she shook her finger at Raw.

" Hey you big oaf thats my drink." Honii stood up took a step
and started to fall over. It was at this point that Raw grabbed her
in a most indignent fashion tossing her over his shoulder.

"Hey you big bul..ly put me down at once!!"

She sorta struggled but soon stopped. The bartender handed Raw a piece of paper.
"This is where she lives" he smiled.
There was some muffled mumbling...

"Yes my apartment you want to go there fine.But we have not discussed payment!"

Honii felt herself moving upside down. She was seeing everything in a whole new way.

" Hey you thats my dress, I want it back..yes you ugly girl" she
blurted out and why are you people walking on the ceiling??"
Honii decided to kick Raw just a little as he moved through the tables to the door.

" Do you treat all your dates like this?" You big big....oh wait
lil ...shinnie girl you better come to.. Why are you upside down??"

Honii began to feel a bit sick as the fresh air hit her face.


Ok Hii I trust you so you can take over.(dear what am I saying).
Raw is tired so he is welcome to spend the night at Honii's apartment.

Aku Shi
01-02-2002, 11:48 PM

No coffee. And, none for you either, Alynthia... You need to get your rest.

At this, Ron looked around for materials to make some form of bed or something that the woman could rest on. Broken bits of table caught his eye and he walked over and kneeled beside them.

Ok, this'll work... All I need now is something soft... Like cushiony or something...

He looked back over his shoulder to see the weird boy pouting and Alynthia nearly nodding off. Sighing, he threw a small piece of wood at the perv kid to get his attention.

Hey you! Help me out, would ya!?




Minto narrowed his eyes on her. Granted, his choice of insult wasn't very fitting, but still... There was no need for such harsh words. Wrinkle? On MINTO's face? Not likely. He hadn't aged a day in...hm, he forgot how many years it's been.

A piece of wood landing near his foot snapped him out of his pouting and he looked up at his beloved who was kneeling next to a broken table.

Hm? What would you like, dear?


Minto thought for a second then squeeled and ran off.

I know just the thing!!!

Phantom Angel
02-02-2002, 12:00 AM
Alynthia looked at Ron and GD boy (how she named Minto). Maybe she'd been a little hard on the crossdresser.

"Ron, you really don't need to do this! Honestly! I'm perfectly all right!" she told him in a convincing tone.

Alynthia didn't want to be a burden to others, and especially to strangers. First of all, she didn't know what Ron might demand in turn for his services, and Alynthia didn't like to be in debt to anyone. She had learned, long ago that debts are never fully payed, so it's best not to make them. Thus, she had stayed away. But how should she tell him she didn't need his help when he was so intent on helping her?

"Really Ron, I'm fine. You should get a room and rest. You also look tired. Me.. just a passing thing." she told him smiling.
Hopefully the smiles would lighten her face, and she would seem less tired.

02-02-2002, 12:07 AM
Raw looked down at the address on the small piece of paper. Simple enough to follow. He started off down the street and a slow pace. The little girl, never stopping her endless quest for shinies, skipped along behind him. Not wanting Honii to be terribly uncomfortable(and also not wanting her to ruin his armor) he shifted her around so he was carrying her easily in the crook of his arms.

He hadn't really noticed how truly small she was compared to him before. His forearm was nearly as big around as her waist. She was breathing deeply of the night air, trying to regain her sobriety, but the alcohol ws fighting back, making her pay for every inch of ground she could get on it. If it was possible, she looked even paler than she normally did.

He took a left two streets down and began to search for the correct building. This was about the time Honii started talking again.

" You know.....," she squinted a bit at him, "You look kinda cute in the right light."

"Alcohol will do that for you."

Raw couldn't help but smile a little. Complimenting a demon on his looks....thats a new one. He'd have to include that someday if he ever wrote his memoirs.

He stopped suddenly, looking up and to the left. He had found it. Walking through the door, Raw began working his way up the steps.

'Seventh floor...'

He quickly made it up, not without a little bit of help from his wings and his powerful legs. Taking a left, he soon found himself at her room. He looked down at Honii.

'I hope she's sober enough to give me the keys...'

"We're here. Can I have the keys so I don't have to break the door down?"

Honii giggled. "You'd like to do that woudln't you?" She fumbled in one of her pockets and pulled out a small brass key. Raw took it and carefully opened the door, entering the apartment. It was dark, but not too much. Carefully, he navigated around furniture, making hsi way to the other rooms. The little girl who had been following along came in now, and began rummaging through Honii's belongings.

'I'm sure Honii will deal with her in the morning....'

He walked to the end of the hall, and pushed open the door to find the bedroom. It was pretty large for an apartment this size.

Raw walked in and carefully set Honii down on the bed. She looked at him as he stood up.

"If you need a place to stay you coudl sleep here..."

Raw thought about it. He really did. For about two tenths of a second. He did not want to be anywhere near a drunken female who laughed everytime she mentioned "paying" him for his help.

"Thank you but no. I believe i can convince this Maachini woman to put me up for the night."

Raw walked out of her room and closed the door.

As he passed Kuran, he grabbed her by her arm and spun her around forcefully.

"Don't," Raw hissed, "touch anything."

He turned and left the apartment.

OOC: Edited to include Kuran.

Aku Shi
02-02-2002, 12:30 AM

His arms filled with dresses from the dressing room, Minto comes running back in and over to Ron.

Here you go, love!

That's it. Be as helpful as he can, and maybe the man will like him better. Maybe he won't turn him away so quickly. At the very least, they could become friends....

By the way... What's your name, love?



Thanks, these'll do fine... Name's Ron.

Ron muttered over his shoulder as he took the clothes from Minto and began packing them together in the small frame that he had made from the broken table.

"Really Ron, I'm fine. You should get a room and rest. You also look tired. Me.. just a passing thing."

Not another word, Alynthia.

His voice was loud and stern as he worked on the make-shift bed. He didn't even look back at her. Instead, he kept his eyes focused on what he was doing, and they stared intently on the soft fabrics while he stuffed one garment into another to make a pillow for her head.

The strange boy in the dress kept getting closer, looking over his shoulder to see what he was doing. It was starting to ---- him off.

Look, why don't you go over there for a minute or two, ok? I'm too busy for you to drool all over.

Don't you want to know my name, Ron?

Hearing the hurt in the boy's voice, Ron sighed deeply and set the pillow down at the head of the bed.

Fine. What's your name?

He didn't look at the boy.

Minto. Mintochipu Aisukuriimu.

Ron stood and walked over to Alynthia.

That's great, Minto....

The apathy was bitterly strong in his voice. His cold eyes fell upon the lovely woman, and they remained stern. Taking her arm, he pulled gently, insistingly, urging her to move towards the bed.

Please... Go lay down. That's all I ask. You look so tired I can hardly stand to face you... Your eyes... God, woman, just lay down. Please...

Phantom Angel
02-02-2002, 12:43 AM
When Alynthia saw the makeshift bed, she couldn't peel her eyes away from it. However, she forced herself to look over at Ron.

"But... what about you?" she asked, concern in her voice. It wasn't really fair. They did all that for her...

Ron's stern look told her to quit arguing. Alynthia knew when an argument was lost, and this one was certainly a lost cause. The bar was pretty empty, most of the others drunk, or sleeping around. She had seen the demon drag a drunken Honii away, and Kuran had disappeared. Without any arguments, Alynthia let herself gently lay on the bed. It was quite big, and she felt very small inside it, but it was confortable, and she could feel the weaves of sleep wrap around her.

"So soft.... so warm.... so good! I'll never be able to thank him for this one!" she thought.

"Thank you... everyone..." she said, and then sweet sleep finally caught up with her for the first time that night.

OOC: i m not terribly proud of this post... ah... kiva... what're you doing?? i need some action! please!!!! *gets on knees and begs*

02-02-2002, 01:39 AM

You do realize that Honii is going to kill that cross dressing lil brat when she finds out her dresses are being used for a bed.... and altho she is inebriated at the moment there will be h*ll to pay when she sobers up....hehe yes you best run now...Elves can be at times very nasty when they want to be...

Honii moved from the bed running for the bathroom and promptly threw up all over the floor.
" Oh my head" she said sitting on the cold floor of the bathroom.
" I cannot get up, how did I get here? I do not remember very much."
She turned her head towards the toilet.
"Please I hope I did not make an complete *ss of myself"
She laid down in the bathroom, her head aching. The room spinning around her. She heard a faint sound coming from somewhere in her apartment. But she was to sick to get up.

" He will never help me now" she mumbled as her head hit the cold floor.

02-02-2002, 10:30 AM
Raw had gone back to the Drunk Tank. He had asked nicely, nearly pleaded, and done everything short of begging to get that Maachini woman to give him a room. She refused to have anything more to do with him. She really was quite upset that he had even gotten himself involved. So he had to ask himself:

'Do I take up the offer of a drunken woman? Am I that desperate?'

Fighting didn't really take that much out of him really, but for some odd reason he was very, very fatigued. He was used to sleeping. A Lot. Not having anything to do for a full 237 years had given him plenty of time to sleep. He liked sleep, it was the only time he didn't hear the angry mutterings of the Prince of Evil telling him to perform horrible acts of violence.

So Raw found himself, full of questions as to whether this was a terribly bright idea, standing at Honii's door at 3:57 AM.

He walked in.

Quickly he looked on the room which he had left not more than an hour previously. It looked as though someone had walked in to her apartment and torn the place apart, as if they were searching for something. Quickly he walked in. He heard a sound coming from one of the rooms he had not gone into the last time he was here. Edging closer he heard busy mutterings.

"SHINY....shinies....come out come out wherever you are.....OOH!"

Raw walked into the room, to find the small fairy girl rummaging through the room.

"What did I tell you before I left?"

The girl started and turned. Stepping up to her, Raw grabbed her by her shoulders and lifted her to his eye level.

"Why did you touch everything?"

"The shinies are mine! You can't have them! So many shinies calling for me!"

Raw walked out to the living room and put her down forcefully on the couch.

"These are not yours. If I catch you touching anything else, be assured that what I will do to you will not be fun. Clipping your wings wouldn't even come close to be as painful as the things I could do."

The girl sat rigid and stared at him wide-eyed. Failry certain that the threat had worked, Raw began exploring the apartment. Soon he found himself at an extra bedroom. Walking up to the bed, he prepared to give in to the bliss of unconcsiousness when he suddenly remembered that beds have to be custom made for someone who is 8 feet tall.


As Raw uttered the word, his features began to shrink down until very soon, he was back in his human form. This would fit the bed much more nicely. And as he fell face first onto the bed, he willed his mind to stop working for a few sweet hours.

Phantom Angel
02-02-2002, 12:22 PM
OOC: i know... I'll pay u back for the damage.... by the way... who's making time flow?

02-02-2002, 12:42 PM
OOC: I dunno....just felt like making a reference point.

Chesta chesta chesta
02-02-2002, 01:31 PM
OOC: Meanie demon picking on me!


Kuran sat on the couch, kicking the coffee tble infront oh her, not hard, just enough to make a little thump now and again.

"Big bully!" She muttered as she kicked again a bit harder.

It was war, she was going to do this just to annoy him, just to make sure he didn't get any sleep. And maybe after that she'd put crumbs in the bed. Why hadn't she thought of crumbs earlier.

"He is a big meanie!" She brought up a little pad and a small pen. "You are going on my list of enemies Mister!" She shouted at the door where he had gone in.

She didn't know how long she had been kicking the table, but she felt tired, maybe it was the thumping that just had the effect on her mind or the pain in her toes that made her stop.

She looked around again in the room, no small shinies to keep her occupied. She curled up by the edge of the couch, cuddling on of the large cushions, then started thinking about them earrings.

"Sooon my dearies, sooooooooooooon!"

Aku Shi
02-02-2002, 05:04 PM
Ah, to hell with separating the characters for now. Both dudes are in the same place, so I'll just go with it as if I was writing a story. I'll save the character separation thingies for when their doin' different things at different places.

Now that Alynthia had finally settled down in the bed, Ron sat on the floor a few feet away and watched her sleep. A strangely warm smile was across his lips. A smile that had never been there before. Ron was a very apathetic creature, who never really gave a damn about anyone. Granted, he always seemed nice and caring to the ladies, but that was just his shameless abuse of charm to win them over for at least a night. A night was usually all he needed, and all he really wanted from them. Yes, he was that shallow. He had always been that shallow. That was just his nature. The only person he ever cared for was himself. After all, this world's a cruel place and no one can be trusted but oneself.
"Khaless nau uss mzild taga dosstan," he could remember his uncle telling him during one of his lessons. "Trust no one more than yourself." Ron had taken that far too much to heart...
Even though he didn't trust her, either, Ron seemed pleased that Alynthia had found comfort. It wasn't that he cared for her or anything. Heavens no. He just met her, after all. But still... She wasn't like anyone he had ever met before. Maybe it was just because she was an elf... Maybe it was just because of this world... But... Ron at least wanted to befriend her. Something he had never really tried with anyone before. Friendship was overrated, as far as he was concerned. The effort was so not worth it. In this case, though, he felt as if it would be....

Whatcha thinkin' 'bout, Ron?

Minto sat down next to Ron, his skirt billowing out around him.

How much of a freakin' weirdo you are....

Ron's eyes remained on the sleeping Alynthia.

I'm not the weird one, you are. Just look at you! You look sort of like an elf, yet you look human too. More human, I think... And, you have all those weapons.... Why? Are you a soldier or something? Do you expect a battle? And where are you from? You don't act like you're from around here... You seem very confused all the time... Even if you act like you know what you're doing or what's going on... There's just this look of confusion in your eyes...

Yeah, but I don't go around wearing dresses....

Minto laughed at that and then looked at a piece of wood sitting in front of him. His smile seemed more faint and he shrugged.

You really should try it sometime... They're very fun to wear. But... I don't think this makes me weird. To me, this is normal. Don't you see? Everyone has his own idea of normality. Yours is evidently wearing lots of weapons and feeling insecure.
In any case, I really must be going. While, I did come into town to pick up a nice young man, I can see that you aren't interested. Though, someday you may be. So, just know I'm not giving up. I just have some things to do back in the forest. My training is no where near completion, and I keep putting it off. I better go while I'm at least semi-focused, ya know?

With a wink, Minto stood and brushed himself off. Ron hadn't turned his way once, but was too preoccupied by watching the elven woman sleep. While it hurt Minto a little, he didn't let it get to him too much. Instead, he smiled a little and patted Ron on the shoulder before scurrying out the door.

Outside he took in a deep breath as a tear swelled in his eye. Fighting against it, Minto fell forward and onto the wind. He let it carry him home again, and he whispered to it all his pains and fears.

A few moments after the boy had left, Ron still sat there and stared at Alynthia. She seemed so tranquil and happy. Ron smiled at her and crawled over beside the bed. Yawning, he lay down next to the make-shift bed and fell asleep.

02-02-2002, 05:52 PM

:dodgy: I've PA down on her knees begging me for action. Hmmm... maybe I'll write some erotic fiction instead of a post.

Well, anyway people I'm sorry I haven't been around recently. I figured Sam would take care of everything. *smack* Well, she didn't.


The bar was clean. She had to give it that much. Only hours before there had been death and destruction, the copper tang of blood on the air, and now it was drowned out in the lemony scent of cleaner.

Peppa sighed, as she was prone to do when she wasn't quite happy. Everyone was moving on. There wasn't anything to be done and things were cleaned up now. No reason to think of the dead.

Chekkusu placed a large hand on her shoulder. "Cheer up, Peppa," he said. "There isn't any use in being sad. We have a lot of work to do. I hear Masupan's going to send a bodyguard so we're going to have to show Maachini that she still needs us bouncers."

The word 'bodyguard' kicked at some part of Peppa's mind. She stopped and lifted a hand to her pocket, slipping it inside and running her fingers over the smooth metal disk within. The charm. She still had it. Could it be him?


The name whispered through her mind like a warm breeze. Bagel was coming back for her. He was going to come back and hold her and make everything okay. They'd never be apart ever again. She'd never be alone again.

"When will the bodyguard get here?" she asked.

"Tomorrow morning," Chekkusu replied. "Some hot shot from the dragon planes. He's tough if he can protect them."

There was a bubble of happiness rising in her, making her giddy.

Bagel's coming. Bagel's coming.

She couldn't concentrate on the conversation after that. After a while she said goodnight to Chekkusu and went outside where her "checkered cab" waited.

An old, classic Schwinn painted in black and white checks stood waiting for her. The seat was worn, but there was a working bell on the handlebars.

Peppa rode home, her legs feeling rubbery after she reached the top of the tall hill where she lived. She hefted the bike up and walked inside, waving to her neighbors as she took the elevator to the fourth floor. The cute Satyr couple, children of refugees from the Corrosion, waved to her as she went into her room.

"Long day, Peppa?" one of them asked.

"It'll be better tomorrow," she assured him.

Her room was blue. Light blue, dark blue, all sorts of blue. She shed her clothes and pulled on her nightshirt, climbing into her loft bed and curling up under the down comforter.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Things would be okay tomorrow.


"Don't let him go far," Maachini ordered, indicating Bru. "Set him up with a room here. His work begins tomorrow." She sighed and turned to Udon. "I'll set you up with a room for tonight as well. You must be exhausted. You shouldn't go all the way home. Would you like to call Tamari?"

Things were happening. Even as everyone settled down to sleep for the night, things were happening. Maachini listened faintly as Udon gave Tamari a call, ordering him to stop eating all the cottage cheese. She showed the kitsune to a room and then went to her office and settled behind her desk in the now empty room.

Quiet. It was how she liked it best. She pressed a button on her intercomm and got Soy. "Are you leaving?" she asked him.

"In a little while," he replied.

"Could you bring up some of my tea?" she asked.

"You need food," he said. "I'm bringing up dinner for you as well. You're working too hard, Ms. Maachini."

"I'm working to the best of my ability," she replied and, knowing there was no stopping the meal, took her finger off the button and turned on the computer on her desk. When Soy brought up a bowl of soup and a roll, a salad and tea, she thanked him quietly, barely looking up from the screen as she worked.

She could lose herself in work. It was the only way to be safe. That and the cute little Derringer that lived in her desk drawer.

When she next looked up from the screen, the sun was high and the clock on the wall said it was ten in the morning. The soup was cold.


Yes a whole day just passed sort of. It's now ten in the morning. Everyone seemed to be settling in for the night (and I love you for it. I didn't even have to say "It's getting late you guys". You are all very good.) and yes, BAGEL WILL APPEAR SOON!

Peppa: *swoons*


She had been awake since seven, fussing over her outfit and her hair. She had taken a shower and had forgone breakfast. She was so nervous she was liable to be sick.

"What to wear, what to wear?" she mumbled, going through her closet.

Peppa wasn't normally like this.

"Bagel will be here today," she whispered.

When she finally settled on an outfit it was ten in the morning and she had thirty minutes to get to work. She grabbed her bike and rushed to the elevator. Once outside and on the bike she looked down the huge hill she lived at the top of.

This was the whole reason she had chosen this apartment.

Peppa kicked off and went racing down the steep hill.




Princess Samari
02-02-2002, 06:37 PM

"Thank you very much. Here is yor payment...and a little something extra for yourself." One heavly booted foot stepped out of the old checkered cab followed by another one long muscled legs following. If there had been a camera around Bagel was sure it probably would have panned up to show a torso. Not just any torso but a well tonned torso. The kind that caused women to fling money at the owner of the torso so they could get a chance to smell the shirt that had been blessed with his fragrence.

Bagel streched giving a soft yawn as he turned to give one of his pearly smiles to the lizard woman driving the cab. She snorted and then sped away without so much as a glance back.

Bagel paid her no mind.

Jacket resting easily on his shoulder the elven body guard made his way into the drunk tank eyebrows arched as he assed the situation. For the most part it seemed cleaned up.

Good. He didn't like the smell of blood anyways.

Bagel easly weaved through the room looking for someone he thought might be able to help him find his new job. "Hey. You" he spoted a rather large minotaur and grinned picking a piece of lint from his perfectly ironed black shirt. "I am looking for Miss Maachini. Could you tell me where she is?"

Chekkusu didn't like him fro first glance. But the kindly minotaur nodded and then motioned with a thumb towards the stairs. "You can find her office up there."

Bagel smiled and gave him a wave before going up the stairs "Thank you my good minotaur." He didn't wait for a reply. Instead Bagel located Maachini's office and knocked soundly on the door.

in a room upstairs and down the hall a little ways Udon was peacefully sleeping.

*Snortsmack* she rolled around inher bed dreaming happily of her favorite shojo manga. The one she created herself.

There Udon stood bravely facing the monster of the week her outfit was that of a sailor fuku style and a long white lab coat. Ad instead of a wand she had big gun with several little guns attached to it. The monster she was infront of looked like a giant baseball mecha for some reason. As the huge monster screamed at her Udon called to it. "I am Sailor Nuudoru champion of science!" Then from behind her jumped an odd red cat devil thing waving around a magic wand. "I am Tamari! champion of...of.."

Udon groaned in her sleep mumbling "Tamari...you are the champion of love not cupcakes.."

Udon then rolled over onto her side and went on sleeping.

02-02-2002, 06:47 PM
At the Drunk Tank, Furu slept like a baby. Meaning quite loudly for something so small. If anyone had given a guess, they would have claimed a real dragon was the one doing the snoring. Furu didn't mind his snoring one bit. Actually it was good against thieves. They generally stayed away from where he was while he slept. Also one particular oddity about Furu was that he slept literally like a bat, though during night-time. Meaning he hung upside down from the nearest object that he could hang upside down from when he was sleeping.

Also the time Furu slept was quite precice. He always slept the same amount of time, but only when he was in an good condition. Such facts as how drunk he was, how tired, how many women he had spied upon, etc. changed the amount of sleep he had. One would wonder how did these affect his sleep at all. Simple...they affect on how fast his legs got tired of hodling him up before slipping and...


" Ow! Damn that hurt...oh I guess it must be morning then." Furu said, rubbing his head again as he rose up from the table he had crashed on headfirst. The little dragon let out a looooooong yawn and stretched, looking around.

" Well..I guess it's time to go look for breakfest."

02-02-2002, 06:54 PM

Maachini wrenched the door open and glared at her bodyguard.

"You must be the meat," she growled. "Come inside, sit down, don't move. Just protect me and be quiet. I have work to do." With that, she sat down behind her desk and went back to work. After a half an hour of this, holding up a hand to silence Bagel every time he opened his mouth to talk, she stood. "Come along, I need to oversee the main room."

As she walked past a door she heard a crashing noise and eased it open, holding out her arms. "Did you hit your head, Furu?"


"I'm here!" she raced through the door and slammed into Chekkusu. "I'm here! Am I too late?"

"You're twenty minutes early, actually," Chekkusu explained, watching as she looked about the room.

"No, no, Ba- er... the bodyguard, is he here yet?" she asked, tugging on his arm.

"What? Yeah, he showed up a while ago. He's a real jerk," Chekkusu added.

It IS him!

"Where is he?" she asked, just as Maachini's voice came from the top of the stairs.

"Peppa, there you are. Have you met my bodyguard, Bagel? Bagel, that's Peppa, one of the bouncer's here." Maachini said smoothly, not even suspecting the emotions ripping through her bouncer.

"That's Bagel? As in Bagel Vances?" Chekkusu demanded.

"Bagel," Peppa whispered. Did he remember her? Did he still think of her? Everything seemed to be focusing on that moment. That single moment.

Princess Samari
02-02-2002, 07:08 PM
"Yes I am Bagel Vances, And Yes I have met Peppa before." He gave a slick smile before bowing to Peppa.

The way he looked at her was the way he looked at all women. A game. And much like pinball wizards Bagel knew how to rack up the points. "It is so wonderful to see you again Peppa." Bangs hanging slightly over his forest green eyes he glanced up at her

"I look foreward to working with you."

OOC: I would have given more detail but I don't think they have a tree full of Sakura blossoms anywhere around the DT

Aku Shi
02-02-2002, 07:56 PM

So much noise... And the sunlight was leaking through the windows or someplace and was shining right in his face. Squinting, Ron opened his eyes and sat up. As he looked around, he saw a rather lovely and important looking woman descending the stairs with a man next to her that looked like he could rival Ron in arrogance and lady killing. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Ron noticed as a girl who was already at the bottom of the stairs seemed to nearly die at the sight of the new man.

Gee... It's not at all obvious she has the hots for that guy...

Thinking this, Ron rolled his eyes and let out a little chuckle. Then he turned both his body and his attention to the still sleeping Alynthia. The light was on her face, too. He knew how annoying that got. So, he looked around until he got an idea. He pulled a table up to the foot of the bed, and it blocked the sun from making its way to her face.

He yawned. Then sighed. Now what was he going to do? He had no idea how the hell to get back home. Groaning a little and holding his head, Ron stumbled outside and sat down next to the steps, on a rock.

Dammit... Now what?

02-02-2002, 08:24 PM
Honii woke up the taste of vomit in her mouth, she looked around her surroundings.
'Well at least I am home'
Her head did not feel good at all she slowly raised from the floor
of the washroom. Almost slipping in the mess she had left earlier.
Looking at herself in the mirror over the sink she wanted to cry.
'What was I thinking? I know I cannot drink alcohol. What must Raw think? How did I get home anyways?'
She stared in the mirror, flashes of some of her behavior
popping into her head.
Slowly all be it in segments she remembered seeing everything
upside down. Grabbing a cloth from under the sink she cleaned up her mess. Her head not letting her forget what she had done to herself.After whiping the last of the mess up she ran the water in the shower.Taking off her jewelery and placing them on the counter of the sink.Letting her dress and undergarments slide off landing in a heap on the floor.

The hazy events playing in her mind she entered the shower.
Honii wanted to stand under the hot water washing away all her troubles. But knew that was not how a refined, all be it stupid women at the moment should act.

Grabbing her house coat from the hook and wrapping a towel around her head.

'Well at least I smell better'

She went out into the hall of her apartment to make herself some greentea. Honii didn't get very far when she noticed her apartment looked like a small tornado had gone through it.
Glancing at her couch she noticed a curled up form. Smiling
she saw it was Kuran, sleeping soundly.

'Well that explains the mess'

She was about to enter the kitchen when she heard a rough
almost pig like grunting come from the direction of her spare
room. Honii walked along the hall picking up an umbrella
and opened the door slowly.Tiptoing she was trying not to shake.

'Now Honii if you want to learn how to fight you must be brave.' she told herself.
She saw a rather large lump in the bed, she moved closer and saw some hair.


Honii hit the object with the umbrella, and it was not happy ..


Begs forgiveness from Hii I am so sorry......

Phantom Angel
03-02-2002, 12:19 AM
As soon as the rays of sunshine left her face, Alynthia stirred and woke up. The sun, it had been so beautiful warming up her dream. She was back home, showing Ron all the wonderful sights, all her friends, sharing with him her story. It had been a great dream but the sun was gone, and night seeped in. The night that brought her disastrous demise. Alynthia gasped and woke up, a little startled.

Her half closed gaze scanned the room. Three strangers just walked in, or appeared from somewhere, and something was snoring horribly. She yawned, stretched and noticed the table.

"Hmm.... wasn't there last time...." she noticed.

Clumsily she stood up and looked outside, her head hurting. How long had she been asleep? She didn't know, and didn't care. Alynthia needed some water and a brush. Her hair was sticking up everywhere.

"G'morning!" she told everyone and walked outside.

The fresh air hit her face, and Alynthia yawned loudly and stretched again.

"Ah! Beautiful morning!" she said, smiling at the sun. "Sunlight again! Wonder who moved that table there... oh well... it was great, god, I slept so well. My hair's a mess, I need a brush, I wonder what I'm going to do now..." Alynthia went on rambling for a few more minutes, just random things, as the cool air went past her and woke her up.

She then noticed Ron sitting on a rock, looking all sad and thoughtful.

"Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to walk in on you...." she began, and then tried to smooth out her hair. The braid from before was ruined, and she decided to just let it flow freely. Her hair had a tendency of smoothing out.

"Aww... why so sad? How can you be sad on a day like this? It's beautiful. Come on... cheer up! Have something to eat, it's a beautiful morning!" she said, smiling as she walked closer to him.

"I've never heard of anyone being sad on such a day... just enjoy it... I mean... we all came pretty darn close to death last night! But now... ah... it's just beautiful." she said breathing in a lungful of fresh summer air. She smiled at Ron, her green eyes sparkling in the morning.

Aku Shi
03-02-2002, 01:06 AM

Alynthia came out and started talking to herself. Ron looked up at her, squinted through the sunlight. She noticed him finally and continued to ramble on. He smiled inwardly. Perhaps being stuck there wouldn't be such a bad thing after all... It would mean that he would continue to be around beautiful elven women. Like Alynthia.... No! Was he CRAZY?! What about all his weapons sitting at home collecting dust?! They'd go neglected and rust and be of no use to anyone anymore if he just left them there forever!! It had taken him years to gather all those tools of his trade, and he couldn't just forget about his lovelies. Not even for someone far lovelier...

Sorry... I was the one who moved the table there. It was just that the sun had woken me up, and I didn't want it to do the same to you... You needed your sleep. So... Sorry.

Ron scratched his chin and looked away, giving his eyes a break from the blinding light.

As for lookin' sad and all... I'm just tryin' to figure out how to get home again... I mean, I love it here, and I'd love to stay, but... Eventually, I'll have to go home. Heh... Not that you'd care, anyway, right?

Forcing a laugh, Ron stood up. He glanced at her for a moment then turned and walked towards a large hill, kicking small stones as he drug his feet. A beautiful day? He hadn't noticed a day's beauty in years. Though, when someone works with death as much as Ron does, one should be able to better apprieciate the little things in life. Maybe Ron was just born with apathy embedded in his soul... Nothing but women looked beautiful to him. Well, women and victory and getting paid what your owed. Those were the only things of worth in Ron's world, and not particularly in that order.

03-02-2002, 01:10 AM
Raw was vaguely aware of the thump when the umbrella hit him in the face. Even though he willed himself to be unconcious, he still was fully aware beneath it all. The curse of the immortal being, to never need to sleep. It had been up to Raw to learn how to sleep when he was living on earth.

So when the umbrella hit him in the head, he was vaguely annoyed. His mind snapped back into conciousness and he sat bolt upright, his eyes flaring open.

"What," he demanded to know, "was that for?"

Honii stood in shock.

Raw stretched and got off of the bed, standing to his full height and breathing deeply. He looked down at Honii who had gone ash white and smiled briefly before noticing a dull tingling sensation where he had been hit.

"Not bad...you've got a good downstroke."

He stretched once more, this time his entire body began to stretch, expanding outwards, his wings extending from his shoulder blades. Back in his natural form once again, Raw was cramped in the small room.

"So....are you feeling better now?"

Phantom Angel
03-02-2002, 01:40 AM
Alynthia ran after Ron. She didn't want to seem annoying or anything, but he just looked sad, and she wanted to cheer him up. He had done a nice thing for her last night, and she would repay suchh an act of kindness. He seemed lost, so far away from his home. She knew how that felt, and wanted to help. He was a nice guy after all. Just needed to work on sticking with one woman.

"Home.... that's a word I stay away from. Everyone here in Limbo is away from home, but this place isn't so bad... Why do you have to go if you love it here? I mean, do you have so much tying you back to home that you can't stick around? Sure Earth is beautiful and all, but... this place, it's got a feel to it that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's so alive, so strange, that its exotic beauty enchants you. I mean... just look at today... I don't know.. the days seem much more innocent here. Back home... it was all intrigue, all a dirty plot of lies... manipluation, deception.. lies..." Alynthia let her sentence trail off at the end.

"A wise person told me that home is where the heart is. And be happy you can... go home, Ron." Alynthia said, for the first time actually whispering his name.

She looked up at him, her green eyes searching his features. He looked tired, sad, and lost. He wasn't the self confident, all smily Ron she met last night. Alynthia felt that this was a part of himself that he seldom showed to others. She felt priviledged to see it. Smiling, he put her small hand on his arm.

"You shouldn't go home just yet. I have a feeling you'll be needed here. After all, Limbo is getting pretty freaky. I'm not sure you'll be able to go home just yet."

"And don't think you know everyone just yet. What you see, are only moods and aspects of someone. The living being is like a diamond, priceless, and with many faces. When you've seen all of them, you may say you truly know a person." she whispered softly, just loud enough for Ron to hear.

"Now cheer up you! I want to see you smiling. You're in a beautiful place, and I'm sure the Tank will fill up with lots of beautiful women you haven't seduced!" Alynthia told him, winking at him and throwing him a mischievous smile. She then sort of shoved him over, in a playful way, her elbow making contact with his hardened stomach.

Alynthia sure loved cheering up people. She hated seeing anyone sad. So... operation cheer up Ron was in progress. The elf girl hoped it would be a success.

03-02-2002, 03:31 AM
"Raw, I am so sorry I....I...did not know it was you.
God what you must be thinking?"

Standing there amazed at his transformation the sheer size
of him as compared to her.

"But it serves me right look how I behaved."

Remembering she was standing in her bathrobe with a towel on her head. Wanting to die at that exact moment, no one well at least a male had ever seen her like that and she had known about it.
Honii began to blush. For she was quite a sight a rosy hue gracing her pale white skin.It was one of those akward moments.
She stared up into his eyes, looking for something.But what she did not know.
She wringled her nose, in her serious facial expression.

Choosing to answer his question as to how she was feeling.
"Well actually I feel like shite. But you reap what you sow my mother always said and I guess in this case she is right."

"Listen let me fix you something to eat if you like. Or at the very least some tea. Do you like greentea Raw? I am sorry but I do not have any umm animal flesh products. What is that stuff called eggs and bacon.How do you eat the unborn offspring of chickens and the fatty flesh of a hog?"

Thinking she offered.
"I do though have some bean salad and tofu patties I could whip up. Believe it or not I can cook well" winking at him.
" I have another guest sleeping on the couch and knowing what little I do of her she is bound to be hungry. I mean she should be after what she did to my apartment."

She made for the door of the bedroom, wondering if he would fit through it.
."You forgot something" he said handing her the oh so scary weapon the umbrella.

Honii blushed some more.

03-02-2002, 01:53 PM
Raw nearly broke out laughing when she expressed her distaste for, "the unborn offspring of chickens and the fatty flesh of a hog." That would have been a wee bit rude though, and he did not want to offend anyone. She turned to walk out of the room when he noticed she had left her weapon behind. He picked it up and held it out to her.

"You forgot something"

Just when he though she could not have turned more red, her blush deepened. She looked as though she had the scarlet fever. Quickly she turned attempting to hide her embarassment, and walked out of the room. Raw followed her out and into the main room, where he noticed that the little fairy lay asleep. Not a single other part of Honii's home had been touched after he had threatened her. So now he knew how to keep her in line.

Leading him into the kitchen, Honii pointed him to the left, in the direction of a table and some chairs.

'I can't fit in those....damn. I knew I shouldn't have morphed so soon after waking.'


Back in human form for the third time in two days(which is three times more than he had used it in the last 300 years), he quietly sat at the table as the elf made him breakfast. He was too polite and well trained to turn down her offer. He really hated health food. With a passion. Humans(and demons) were made to eat meat(he was a little fuzzy on elves though). Health food was an abomination. Raw was around at the time of creation. He knew what cows and those animals were made for. Cows were the dumbest animals alive for a reason. And chickens too.

Honii set a plate down for him and he looked at it. THe strange concoction on the plate had soem gray and some green to it....not normal breakfast colors. He picked up a fork and began to eat quietly. He ate like that, in the awkward silence, for about 5 minutes. Honii, obviously tired of the quiet, started to talk.

"So, Raw...I have a question, a favor to ask of you."

Raw stopped eating and looked at her.

"I'm not very strong, and...I've never really needed to be able to fight before."

He knew where this was going, she had asked him this twice in a drunken state.

"But last night" she paused. "Last night, I realized I can't always rely on someone else to protect me."

"I will teach you how to fight. It won't be a problem at all."

Honii smiled, and her entire face brightened.

"You'll have to bear with me. I'm afraid I've never taught anyone before. I may not be very good at it, but if there's one thing I've learned over the last couple of billion years in Limbo and earth, it's patience."

Raw stood up from the table and walked to the entrance.

"I have to get back to the Drunk Tank. Business to discuss with the owner. Coming?"

03-02-2002, 07:32 PM
" You know you have got to stop that morphing Raw, you are making me dizzy" she giggled. Of course you know I am kidding right?"
She went about her business at hand making him some breakfast. Honii watched as Raw ate what she had prepared. Remaining completely silent.

'Silly goose, being so polite and eating it when he most certainly would rather eat something else.' She knew he was just being nice. But she thought he is a gentlemen none the less.
'Hmm a demon who has more manners then any human she had ever met.'
'This was turning into an interesting situation indeed.'
Not being able to stand the quiet any longer she began her asking.She did not really feel comfortable now after her behavior. But at the same time this feeling she had made her ask again.
She wrinkled her nose her seriousness shining through.

Honii was waiting for Raw to say no but instead got a "I will teach you how to fight. It won't be a problem at all."

She wanted to jump up out of her seat and give that big demon a kiss. Even if he looked human at the moment, which in this form she found him not bad to look at all. But she was also ok with his true self. Either way he was still Raw.

But restrained herself from the kiss idea.
'Afterall it was not how a lady should behave' her mothers words ringing in her head.

"Yes you will need to have patience, but I promise I will learn
and make you proud." she smiled luminisantly at him.

Honii watched as he rose from the table moving her eyes in a cute upward look.

'I just bet he is going to get himself an animal flesh product now' she giggled to herself.
"I have to get back to the Drunk Tank. Business to discuss with the owner. Coming?"

"Yes I will be but Raw I cannot expect to have you wait for me. I umm have to get dressed" she looked down at her bathrobe. "Plus Kuran is still asleep I will join you there in about an hour." she smile at him. Looking at his most wonderful
eyes. She liked the color purple, it was not as good as blue her favorite but still purple was nice.

Aku Shi
03-02-2002, 07:56 PM

He had listened silently to Alynthia as she talked about how he may be needed and how wonderful Limbo was and about the lovely women that may show up that he could seduce. Without warning he felt her elbow press slightly against his stomach. It didn't hurt. It just surprised him. He looked at her. She was smiling, laughing, winking. She seemed so up, so cheery. He wanted to join her in that emotion. Cheer up, she had told him.

Ron smiled a little.

Sorry... I'm not usually like this... It's just that... Well... This may sound silly, but... The most important things in my life are waiting for me at home, rusting in my absance. They're my weapons, you see? It took nearly my entire life to build the collection that I have now. I also have a job that's supposed to be coming up soon. Mercenary work. It's not my usual job, but it's money. I'm usually a bounty hunter. If lucky, that's more money. Plus, the thrill of the chase is always so much nicer than fighting someone else's war, ya know?

He glanced at her then back at the dusty road as he walked.

Or, maybe you don't... Heh... I don't think that I'm the kind of guy that you really wanna hang around, kid. I can't believe I'm even saying this to you. Normally I don't even tell women about my occupation unless I think it'll get me closer to a score. And, I sure as hell don't usually tell them that I'm bad for them. But, you seem like a nice kid-uh-lady, I mean... And well...

A small rock caught his eye and he reached down to pick it up, pausing in his speech for a second. Once again he glanced at her, but his eyes again fell to the road ahead, ashamed to even dare look at her. He tossed the rock up and caught it repeatedly as he continued.

What you said about lies and all that... I just want you to understand that that's what I deal with. That's what I am. In my line of work, I have to decieve, lie, and manipulate to get what I want.

Releasing a sigh, Ron threw the rock into a bush on his right. There was a loud POP as the stone hit the wood. His eyes stared blankly at the bush and his feet drug to a stop.

So... You'll probably wanna stop wastin' your time on me now... If so, then it was nice meetin' ya, Ms. Alynthia.

Nagha's revenge
03-02-2002, 08:13 PM
The imp awoke in what seemed to be a cheesy motel room.
"Wha ? ... What's this ?" He opened his eyes and stared straight in to the playful dance of a red-yellow lava lamp.
"What .. A lava lamp !? How did I get here ? " He sat on the bed and looked around the room.
It was a tacky retro-monstrosities with granola on the walls. Stained yellow by heavy smokers. And maroon plush carpeting. As he turned his face he could see the squirrels all huddled together around, what seemed to be ... An issue of a magazine called 'Beaver hunt'.
"Now there is something I don't want to think about.." He mumbled to himself. He picked up the lava lamp and tossed it into the pile of squirrels. "Get up slaves !! I need breakfast !".
It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened .. The squirrel-slaves got him a room somewhere .. But where .. And more importantly did he pay for all of it !?
He scratched his horns and grazed his skull. "Hmm, feels like I have a five-o'clock shadow .." Now this was amazing since imps are bald. More specifically they have or have ever had any hair.. EVER. Yet knowing this fact did not detere Zone from being convinced he had a five-o'clock shadow at eleven AM.
Most of the squirrels were still huddled on a pile in between the magazine and a bottle of good old sweet Jamaican rum. So he reached down and grabbed a squirrel for questioning as he walked to the mirror in the bathroom.
"So .. did you slaves rent this room ?"
"..." The squirrel looked like he had a hangover, but otherwise oblivious.
"I see. So you probably don't know where this place is eh ?"
"..." The squirrel wriggled it's tiny nose.
"You did clean up that mess of leaves in the middle of the road right ? I mean .. I didn't get a ticket. Right ?"
"Because if I get a ticket, I'm taking it out of your hides !" Ah .. yes. He remembered it well. Last time those squirrel-slaves got him a ticket he skinned several of them to gift the policeman-slave's wife-slave with a new hat. He was so grateful he forgot about the ticket and even payed him for the hat ! Well .. that's what people usually do when they get a minx hat from someone.
He approached the mirror and looked at his reflection, rubbing his scalp.
"Ok, open wide slave" He said as he pushed against the base of the squirrel's neck. Zone stated whistling as he scrapped the squirrel's teeth across his smooth purple scalp. Working from his horns outward.
"It's not going smoothly enough ! More lubricant slave !!" With those words the squirrel began salivating and liking the imp's scalp in order to get it wet. Squirrel saliva is the best lubricant in the planes, but everyone knew that. "Better, now keep still." He said as he rammed his thumb deeper into the base of the squirrel's neck causing it to exhale. As the squirrels breath touched Zone's skin he lost his setting and chipped a tooth. Or actually, chipped the squirrel's tooth on his horn. "Idiot ! What have you done !?" He scolded as he chucked the squirrel against the wall. Examining his scaved horn, only to find out it's still in mint condition.
As for the squirrel, well the squirrel-slave union did have a pretty good dental plan. Then they traded it in for an annual prescription to 'beaver hunt'. To this day it is considered the best trade in squirrel-slave history. I mean really, as a squirrel you may not be able to eat once your tooth has been chipped. But at least you really got to live vicariously before you died a slow painful death. Squirrels aren't that big on euthanasia either.
Anyway Zone lost more squirrels this way. As the 'morning' progressed, so did his morning ritual. Taking a bushy tailed squirrel from the pile, funny they where always bushy-tailed after a night with that magazine, and brushing his teeth vigorously. After which he always took in a bloody Mary. He didn't usually drink healthy crap like that, but as Ham always said: "A good breakfast is the start of a profitable day full of cash to ... acquire." The pause was always there .. apparently for dramatic effect. Though after the three hundred and eighty-forth time, it was getting old. Then again so was Ham. Old, rich and powerful.. Oh, yes.
"I think I'll take my shower now .. Go away slaves .. I need to take my shower in peace." He waved with his hands, motioning the squirrels to get out of the bathroom. All this thinking about Ham made him ready to execute another part of his 'morning ritual' The shower-mantra. Usually accompanied by the word "Oh, baby." repeated many times over.
Afterwards he left the bathroom stall, got dressed and left the bathroom. "Who says you can't sweat in hot water." he said wryly.
He stood in front of the mirror looking himself over and getting ready to put the finishing touch on his ensemble.. The pink silk scarf. After he has administered it's beauty to his form, he slightly straitened out and pointed his finger at his reflection saying: "Here's looking at you kid."
Now facing the hung-over pile of squirrels he yelled, "quickly ! To the imp-mobile !" As he stormed out of the door it seemed the squirrels brought him into one of the rooms of pleasure of the Drunk Tank. "Well that explains the furniture," he thought, "these slaves have absolutely no taste !" Rushing towards the .. 'imp-mobile' he stopped as he saw someone on a hill. "It's that guy that spoke Drow earlier !"Zone was actually surprised he was still here, but surprise soon turned into greed. Rubbing his hand together, waiting for the right time "Excellent".

03-02-2002, 08:31 PM
The fresh noon air burned slightly in Raw's lungs. The kind of stinging sensation when something cold touches something hot. It was a good feeling, and he began walking briskly towards the drunk tank. It didn't take long before his wings began to stretch out, and beating at the air, lifting Raw off the ground.

"This was what being a demon should be like....but with more killing."

It had been a long time since Raw had done that though. He loved doing that, but it was generally looked down upon anymore. The changing times had put a damper on his fun. Ah well. Looking down, Raw saw the drunk tank and began descending quickly, touching down at the front door. He reached for the handle...then stopped.

'What would it look like for a demon to calmly walk into this place? I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong impression.'

Raw pushed on the door. It was just a little push, but the door swung wildly on it's hinges, slamming on the wall as he entered the bar. And there he was. The "bodyguard."

An elf. A smug looking prick of an elf. Everything about his demeanor screamed "a$$hole" in every way. Raw instantly disliked him, especially once he saw the eager and adoring look on Peppa's face. This would not be good for the little thorian, he could tell. This was a man used to getting exactly what he wanted, and was damn smooth enough to get it. And he looked strong. One tough bastard.

'Damnit this will not be a good thing.'

Raw walked up to just behind Peppa who stood at the base of the steps looking up. Raw looked up at the man and narrowed his eyes, and the man looked at him, meeting his gaze.

"This must be the 'bodyguard' Tempura was referring to. I am Raw. Raw Dinna. A pleasure I am certain."

Phantom Angel
03-02-2002, 08:47 PM
"You're going home for a... weapon collection?" Alynthia could help but smile. The situation wasn't at all cheery, but she couldn't help smile.

Ron was so serious when he talked about his weapon collection, she wanted to be polite. But come on... he couldn't be that depressed. She truly wanted to help him, and he thought he was wasting her time.

"You're not wasting my time Ron." she said seriously. "And I'm not a kid." she told him smirking. "I'm 18, that IS the age one becomes an adult on Earth no?" she asked him.

Alynthia continued to walk beside Ron, in silence for a few minutes. Inside her, a battle was being fought, between her conscience and her self protection instinct. Should she tell him a little bit about herself? Should she tell him she actually understood what it was to like cheat and decieve? How would he use it against her? Would he even believe her? Alynthia didn't know, but she knew she didn't want to see him gone. It was strange, but deep inside, her gut was telling her she should try to do something. He helped her, he was so kind to her, and she had to repay him somehow. The last things that Alynthia clung to were her honour and dignity. And he wasn't making her attempt to cheer him up any easier. She wanted to get to know him better, he was indeed a nice person, it would have been easy if he wasn't so damn stubborn and stuck in melancholy. Where did the guy she met last night go? It was a remarkable change, and Alynthia was confued, but she decided to give it a shot anyway. Maybe sharing a bit of herself would help him realise he wasn't being a burden to anyone. Least of all to her.

"We're quite a pair y'know!" she told him laughing. "You think no one understands you, but you're wrong. Even the ones that seem innocent and helpless lie cheat and decieve. I mean, you're a bounty hunter and all, but some people... the people you catch... they're on the other side of the law." she sighed. Her brows arched in confusion. Why was this so hard? She was making less and less sense with every sentence she spoke.

"Not everyone is as innocent as they look. And I may be young, compared to you, but lets just say, appearances are decieving. And why would I not want to be around you? You're not as cold as you think you are, and certainly you don't bite, so there's no reason for me not to hang around." Alynthia told him.

She looked at Ron, but Ron wasn't looking at her. Almost as if he were too ashamed or something. Alynthia's eyes sparkled, and a mischievous grin spread on her face. She'd show him how innocent she actually was. If he wanted weapons, there were a lot in Limbo... but first, she'd have to get him to trust her.. or show him that they weren't so different.

"Anyhow Ron, a job's a job, when have you last took a vacation? And is money that important? Let me tell you, it's not. Plus.. everything's so much more interesting here. I can't believe you're in such a hurry to go home..."Alynthia went on about sensless things, while her fingers were gently exploring his pant's pocket. He was so distraught, he didn't even notice, and Alynthia found something interesting. Some papers with figures on them. She took them, smiling, and kept on talking. Then, she slowly unsheated one of his knives and took that too. Smiling at herself, she hoped that would be proof enough that they weren't that different.

Ron kept on walking, but Alynthia stopped, and watched him for a minute. He didn't even notice she wasn't beside him anymore. Well, time for a wake up call....

"Hey Ron!" she called out to him. "I think these belong to you? Dont' they?" she asked him, smirking, and showing the papers and the knife.

Then, she turned around, and began walking back on the road towards the Tank. If he wanted them back, he should go after her and get them. Then, maybe he'd a get a little explanation about how she did it, and possibly see that she wasn't so innocent. Behind her "beauty" there were brains and guts. He'd have to see that. She was no bounty hunter, but she knew the "thrill" he talked about. It had been there when she pick pocketed him.

OOC: shi... if there's anything u want me to change.. tell me

Princess Samari
03-02-2002, 10:09 PM
Bagel arched a brow to the man behind Peppa. He was a rude one to be sure. But now was not the place to loose ones temper. Bagel knew that his job came first. From the look of Raw he wanted to start a fight.

But he knew how to handle hot heads like Mr. Dinna. Just play them off. Unless he was messing with a helpless young lady Bagel didn't want to waste is time. So he smiled, not one of those polite *It's nice to meet you* smiles. But a mocking *What a funny person..they think they are on the V.I.P list* smiles. The kind that et a person know exactly where they stood.

"Mhm yes it is nice to meet you Raw." He then turned back to Maachini and motioned around the room. "Shall we?"

03-02-2002, 11:02 PM

She didn't even glance over her shoulder at Raw. Her gaze was for Bagel alone. How long had it been? She couldn't even count the days she had waited. And now he was there, standing there, with Maachini next to him, back in her life finally.

She had waited. Even as she had worked, talked with friends, practiced, a part of her had been waiting.

"Bagel," she managed after a moment, just as Bagel gestured about the room and led Maachini down the stairs.

"That's him?" Chekkusu said. "That's Bagel Vances? I was expecting someone... different."


Something was going on. It took Maachini less than a minute to figure everything out. There was something between her bodyguard and her bouncer, or there had been something. As Bagel walked with her down the steps she watched Peppa's expression. The girl rushed forward to greet them, stopping in front of Bagel as though she were uncertain whether or not she should touch him.

"Can I get you anything?" she asked. "Drinks, food, anything...?"

Maachini gave her a sharp look. "Peppa, why don't you go watch the back door. You're at station three today." Peppa's face fell and she wandered off. Maachini motioned to Raw. "You. That idiot, alcoholic angel is sleeping upstairs."

03-02-2002, 11:41 PM
Raw immediately took a dislike to Bagel. NOt simply because he was an assh*le. Raw knew a lot of assh*les and even liked some of them. No...there was soemthing about his arrogant demeanor that was dangerous. Raw wouldn't trust this guy with his spare change much less his life. The way he had looked at Peppa. It had been a hungry look. As he and Maachini walked down the stairs, Raw looked at her as she spoke to him in her condescending tone. Good god did Raw hate being condescended to.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

Maachini turned her head and her icy gaze fell upon him.

""I can't be bothered with his sorry self and I won't bother my staff with him. You'll want to fetch him before you take your leave."

Raw walked up the stairs quickly and to where Bru lay unconscious. He bent down and shook him violently.

"Wake up you worthless pile of feathers."

Raw roughly grabbed his shoulders and hauled him to his feet, then hit him in the face. Just hard enough to wake him and leave a nice bruise on the side of his face.

"We're going now. You had best know where we're going to. If you get us lost I will have your wings for dinner."

Raw bared his teeth just a bit, knowing the threat was empty but making it all the same. The angel muttered something drunkenly.

"Dammit, will yourself sober or something. I'm sure you culd at least do that much. There'll be plenty of chances to drink after we get back."

He roughly pushed the angel forward and out the door. As they got to the steps, Bru hesitated walking forward, swaying a bit. Then he fell. And rolled. The entire way down the steps.

"Why did I take this job? Why did I not just go straight home?" Raw pondered upon these questions as he walked down the stairs and hauled the angel to his drunken feet.

04-02-2002, 12:16 AM
Honii's headache was still there all be it just a wee bit better.Raw
had proved to be a complete gentleman. Which she found to be interesting afterall he was demon. She did not like to think of what he had seen, done or been a part of.
She almost skipped into her bedroom, a goofy grin plastered across her face. She changed quickly into into a halter top in blue and her favorite black leather pants. Honii did not wear this often, but she liked it and well it seemed that whatever Honii weared she always looked like a women first. Her job at the drunk tank had afforded her some of the finer things.
She quickly added some make up which included some blue eye shadow on and some shiny blue lipstick to match.
She studied her hair 'Down' brushing it out it fell across her bare back. Her mothers pearls finished off the look. Simple yet tasteful, not slutty.
The only thing she did not like was the strange shaped birthmark on her shoulder. Honii usually covered it up but for some reason today she chose not to. Do not know why she had the make up in her hand but put it down.
She always thought of it as a defect. But her mother said it meant she was special.
"Sure it was special to be gifted with a ugly blemish" she would always say.

She entered her living room and sat down on the sofa and watched Kuran sleep for a few minutes.
" Kuran it's time to wake up and i am leaving so that means you my dear are coming
with me." She saw Kuran look around like she was searching for something.
Honii knew it must be Raw.
"Where's the big meanie?" she asked her eyes turned all serious.
Honii laughed " He left but we will see him at the drunk tank
injust a bit." Kuran rolled her eyes.
"Now you go to the bathroom and get cleaned up."
Kuran was staring at Honii's lips.
"Shiny" she whispered.
" Yes, now come on we have to leave. Hurry up and we will stop
at the bakery and I will buy you anything you like."
Kuran did not take long on hearing this she was out in no
time.They left Honii's apartment stopping at the bakery along the way. Honii stopped in a weapons shop and was convinced by the sales person.
That a PeiDao (Saber) with the characteristics of both goose-quill
and willow-leaf forms, mid-Qing Dynasty.
A differentially hardened sanmei (tripartite lamination) blade with
marked pattern-weld effects, mounted in gilt copper alloy.
Was a weapon that was fit for someone of her size.
" Miss this will cut right into anything and it is so light weight.
Well Honii took his advice and bought the weapon on the spot.
she had never held a saber before. But it did suit her and it came
with a matching belt that just happened to be blue.

She had to drag Kuran out of the store it was so full of shiny items that some how kept ending up in Kurans pockets.

They finally arrived at the drunk tank and Honii scanned the room carrying her saber.A few strange looks were cast her way. She just smiled and walked up to the bar and sat down.

04-02-2002, 01:00 AM
As Raw dragged Bru to his feet, the angel muttered something about one last drink.

"Well Bru...I'm thinking you can have one last drink before we leave. On me even."

He led the angel to the bar, and let him get whatever it was he usually drank. It was then he noticed the angels hand going into his pocket and pulling a small flask out.

"Don't even think it. I'm not going to drag your half conscious ass out of this place. Just drink it straight for once."

Raw turned around and leaned back just a bit, resting on his wings. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a familiar head of very white hair.

"Ahh you arrived just before I left."

He turned to Honii on his left. As he glanced at her he noticed a small but noticeable mark on her shoulder. Like many things he had seen lately, it looked familiar.

'What an oddly shaped birthmark.'

He also noticed that she now wore a sword by her side. He quirked an eyebrow at that.

"That woman Maachini seems to be quite eager to be rid of the angel and I. I unfortunately have no idea where I'm being dragged off to....I have to trust this drunken fool to get me there."

Raw looked to Bru and saw that he was alert(as much as he had appeared since they had arrived) and done with his drink. He put some cash down on the bar to pay for it and stood.

"I'm sure you'll be back soon enough." She smiled slightly. "Good luck on your mission."

Raw smiled, and, dragging the angel along with him, left the Drunk Tank.

04-02-2002, 02:14 AM
Sometimes, once someone thought they knew a bit about Bru, they’d ask him questions. Rarely, Bru’d answer truthfully and on those few occasions where it wasn’t a lie coming from Bru’s mouth, it was just as likely untrue as it was true. See a lie is only a lie if the truth is covered or distorted Bru reasoned, so completely circumventing a query was in fact, a truthful answer.

For example, three hundred and sixty or so years ago (or maybe five hundred…okay it may have been two Thursdays ago, Bru didn’t really care to, or was entirely able to, remember) someone had asked Bru what he thought of Lucifer, the angel of the morning sun or some such, Bru really wasn’t big on titles. Bru had responded Bruishly, that being to grab the questioning woman by the upper arm, smack her ass with an audible clap and send her squealing across the smooth lacquer of a bar top and onto a minotaurs lap at the other end. The minotaur (who was thoroughly inebriated at this point) thought that the woman was the G’narfiin Saer drink he’d ordered, grabbed her by the waist and attempted to swallow her hair. Needless to say, attempting to swallow a flowing head of rather luxurious and full-bodied locks resulted in a sizable hairball to form in his throat, sending the large minotaur into a chocking frenzy which resulted in the death of two additional patrons and the woman being drunk. Bru had avoided the question admirably without concocting a single sentence of falsehood.

Bru was contented at that.

But on this brightest of early mornings (perhaps noonish, Bru wasn’t in the mind to care) any question relating to anything related to the light of anything would have been greeted with a substantial fit of anger and quite possibly a punch to the face.

Bru hated mornings, mornings being any time when there was sunlight and it wasn’t on a beach. See on a beach the sunlight was actually nighttime, just most societies hadn’t realized this and inaccurately named the time similarly to the standard where ‘daytime’ is the reciprocal of ‘nighttime’ in a grossly inaccurate and counter productive manner. Had they realized this then many wars could have been avoided and most places would be generally happier.

So on this brightest of bright (or rather standard bright, Bru hadn’t seen the sun in about four hundred in twenty years, a grand record broken only by the fact he had wanted to attend a sale on sunglasses when they were first invented on a world not entirely unlike the opposite of the norm relating to earth. He had purchased three identical pairs at the time, one of which he’d given to a promising young musician named John Lennon in 1962, one which had been given to a leather worker named Marvin in 1972 in exchange for the jacket Bru wore today (Funny story about Marvin, he was a grand leather crafter and fashion designer, but his extremely poor marketing and business skills left him poor and depressed early on in his career. I mean, here was a man who thought a pair of sunglasses was an even trade for a fine leather jacket). The third and final pair Bru owned to this day and slid on to squelch the harsh light that had been so forcibly thrust upon him. Of course, they were no longer normal sunglasses by any means, but that’s beside the point at this time.

It was then Bru’s reeling mind had caught up with what was going on and he realized something that he all too often realized. He was hungry.

So with an authoritative upraised hand and a movement that can only be described as ‘HolyGreatBejebusHowDidHeMoveSoSmoothly’, Bru slipped from the Deamons grip and walked back through the door of the Drunk Tank.

One moment tall ugly and, well, ugly. First I simply must have a breakfast. Never go out on a mission without a breakfast I always say.

Actually Bru had never said that before in his entire life, but Bru hadn’t had an actual meal in four days. He’d be subsisting on booze and brach’s circus peanuts (not that he enjoyed them, but he had randomly found a package in his jacket pocket two days ago and assumed they were edible. In all honesty, he now realized that when mixed with alcohol circus peanuts are not edible)

Only after reentering did Bru give a thought to how his already irritated temporary employer might respond to his return.

Bru had a chuckle to himself, indeed, Bru did that often.

04-02-2002, 12:11 PM
Suddenly he was by himself. Raw couldn't believe this. How anticlimatic could this possibly get? HIs big exit and the damn fool turns around because he has to have breakfast? Sighing in frustration Raw followed the angel back into the bar. Maachini glowered at him as if to say "Why aren't you gone yet?." In fact...she did.

"Because the angel won't leave without getting some breakfast first."

Raw smiled mentally at the womans seething frustration. He liked to watch people squirm like that. Especially people he didn't care much for.

"What would you like me to do about him then? He'll just keep coming back until he gets his food you know."

"Fine. Let him eat. Then get on your way. Make sure he eats quickly."

She turned and left, leaving Raw to wait for the angel. And wait he did.

Chesta chesta chesta
04-02-2002, 12:18 PM
When Kuran had woken up she realised that the evil thing that threatened her had already left, and she had been so much looking forward to jumping up and down on him in the morning to wake him up, maybe a small chance of bruising him. But nopes, she had been robbed of that chance.

At least the pop tarts had cheered her up, even though it had been strawberry flavoured and not blueberry, because blueberry was just obviously so much better.

Then her newly appointed best friend Honii, maybe she could keep her if she promised to be nice, took her shopping. Shopping was a newly acquired thing for Kuran, she never liked parting with any coins she had but this shop had been wonderful. And now the shopkeeper would have a right hard job of getting all finger marks of the displays, since a wee little fidgety girl had insisted on touching everything. Kuran hadn’t paid too much to Honiis purchase, it was some sword of some sort, big deal a sword, she had seen the most lovely piece of weaponry ever, a long bow. It had been taller than her, not very shiny at all, though it did glimmer a bit from all the extensive polishing of oil it had received. But it was beautiful, pity it didn’t come travel sized, then she would’ve nabbed it.

Oh well, she just settled for three Swiss army knives instead, people said that they did come in handy at times, like when you really REALLY needed a nail file.

The downer, the second one, with the day had been being dragged away from the beautiful long bow, but Kuran had decided she would make it hers, she didn’t care if it was too big or too heavy for her to pull, she wanted it and get it she shall.

Now she found herself back at the beery stinky place, something Tavern, she hadn’t bothered learning the name, watching Honii flutter them damned lashes. Why didn’t Kuran have lashes? Long ones, like Honii, life was unfair.

As she saw Raw leaving she stuck her tongue out at his back and muttered. “Don’t get hurt, cos that would be sucha pity!”

At least Honii wouldn’t be fluttering at him any longer, maybe she could convince her that long bow was nice, of course Honii newly appointed friend would see the whole beauty in it and buy it, then realise that she had a sword and then give the long bow to Kuran, great idea.

“I am so clever.” She chuckled into her glass of milk, cogwheel grinding in her head.

She picked up her little not pad from her back pocket and her tiny little blue glittery pen and started to scribble. She had the whole world domination plan thought out well.

1. Get rid of squirrels.
2. Find Squirrel leader and torment him slowly
3. Torment evil dude
4. Buy long bow
5. Take over world

How hard could it be?

04-02-2002, 02:32 PM
She smiled as Raw and that horrid drunk man left after
having wished Raw a good mission.
But no sooner had they left that they came back in... well the drunk man did. With a visually irritated Raw following behind.
'Hmm, well that was quick'
Watching as the incoharent idiot ordered breakfast.
She wanted to say "you sir smell and need a wash." But chose
not to having remembered that he had no reguard for dead
things having witnessed him mop the bar with a severed arm.
So most likely being that he was a drunk would not get any kind of response from her suggestion.

Honii noticed Maachini less then happy response to their quick return.
'Poor Raw he will be the one to face Maachini's displeasure.'
Some of her back up band members came into the bar.

"Honii sweets you ready to practise that new song?"

She smiled " Yes sure I'll be right over"
'hmm well they would be in a few minutes'
Honii took out her new sabre, 'light weight' the man had said.
She stood up and pointed it in the air. Sorta whipping it
around hap hazardly. Not a good idea really caus she ended up
with the blade firmly embeded in the bar.
"Oh dear" she shrugged and left it there the boys
signaling it was time to practice.
Now Honii was used to singing more refined music almost depressing.
The guys who performed with her had been bugging her to do something a bit more risky..
She stepped up to mike, did a sound check smiled and the music started.
'I hope Maachini will not mind'

Ok then a run through of..."Just A Girl"

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights

Oh...I've had it up to here!
The moment that I step outside
So many reasons
For me to run and hide
I can't do the little things I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those little things
That I fear

'Cause I'm just a girl I'd rather not be
'Cause they won't let me drive
Late at night I'm just a girl,
Guess I'm some kind of freak
'Cause they all sit and stare
With their eyes

I'm just a girl,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical prototype

Oh...I've had it up to here!
Oh...am I making myself clear?
I'm just a girl
I'm just a girl in the world...
That's all that you'll let me be!
I'm just a girl, living in captivity
Your rule of thumb
Makes me worry some

I'm just a girl, what's my destiny?
What I've succumbed to Is making me numb
I'm just a girl, my apologies
What I've become is so burdensome
I'm just a girl, lucky me
Twiddle-dum there's no comparison

Oh...I've had it up to!
Oh...I've had it up to!!
Oh...I've had it up to here!

A few heads turned to Honii singing that song.
Was not like her at all. She felt almost delighted that she
had done it. Even more so with the reaction she was witnessing.
Chekkusu had a shocked if not confused look on his face.

" That was super Honii" the drummer beamed "you rocked"
She stepped down of the stage a grin on her bluelips and went back to the bar to pull the sword out from where it was stuck.
She was trying and pulling when she felt a large hand on her wrist.
"That is not how you do it" the deep voice uttered.

04-02-2002, 04:10 PM
Raw stood behind Honii, his hand over hers as she struggled to pull the lodged weapon from it's place. He slowly pushed down on the sword and helped her slide it from the bar.

"You should not swing it about so callously..."

He jerked his hand to the right, tearing the sword from her grasp, swinging it around and putting it to her throat. He brings his head down next to her face and sneers.

"Objects used to kill are not to be useed as toys. Remember that well."

He flicks the sword out, away from her throat, grabs the blade and extends the hilt to her. A shaky hand reaches out and takes it, attempting to return the sword to its scabbard but still is too shaky to do so.

"And thus your training has officially begun." Raw grinned brightly. Well, as brightly as a demon could at least.

04-02-2002, 04:48 PM
No answer was heard to Maachinis' question about if Furu had hit his head. The answer to why none was heard was because whatever answer Furu might have uttered was lost inside the bottle of liquir he greedily drank down. Furu was amazing in the fact of how much alcohol he could drink without getting drunk. Finishing the bottle of vodka, Furu stood up and smiled broadly. The little drink had really helped to wake him up. Whisteling to himself a song he had heard on Earth called "Hampster Dance" Furu fluttered past Honii and Raw, winking at Honii.

" Morning Honii! Look good today sexy!" Furu whisteled and took good long look at her, smiling broadly before flying over to Maachini. Noticing Bagel, Furu raised an eyebrow (or the equilevant of one)

Hmm..hey that one looks familiar...he's probably the bodyguard..hmm..could he have been the one who chased me from that elven countess? no not that guy...he had fur. Lots of it.. hmm...then there's that bodyguard I saw guarding those cute naga girls on that road...

04-02-2002, 05:40 PM
Before she new it the tip of her sabre was up against her pale throat. Honii frowned looking into those violet purple eyes that were a little cross with her.
" You are right Raw, I am sorry" she said putting her head down pouting.
Pouting by a woman usually got a male to do anything for them.
But in Raw's case it looked like it would not work. Honii tried to get the sabre back into it's scabbard. Finally on the third attempt she got it smiling brightly at Raw.
"Which it would seem Raw that I have already started on the wrong foot. I will remember what you just said and be more respectful."

Furu fluttered by Honii's eyes brightened up at his comment.
" Nice to see you to Furu" she watched him fly over to Maachini.
'Well at least he did not ask what colour my panties were'

Honii blinked a couple of times, some thoughts of what she had witnessed the blood and death. She sighed heavily a sadness settling over her.

It was at this time that she noticed some of her clothes were scattered around the bar. And some were stuffed into each other sorta as a bed.
Her eyes widened.. She looked about frowning, she did not
loose her temper often but this made her mad.
"Why are my clothes in a makeshift bed?" she pointed over to a spot in the drunk tank.
A voice replied " Some elven girl slept on them"
" What, you mean Alynthia! Why the h*ll. You know what don't bother to tell me I do not want to know."
She looked at Raw her face all sad,
"listen I guess I have to see what’s left of my belongings. Promise you will come back safe to me my friend?" she smiled up at the big demon taking his hand and giving it a soft
pat. "I would not want anything to happen to my teacher. Oh and thank you."

Honii called for Kuran "Kuran can you give me a hand please?" she asked.
"There will be something in it for you, maybe some new shoes something with shinnies?"
Honii moved passed Maachini "I will get this mess cleaned up Maachini." Although some people will have some explaining to do." Honii did not want to bother her employer and
friend for she had more pressing things to worry about.
Kuran and her picked everything up and took them up
the stairs to her dressing room.
She turned briefly to nod at Raw down at the bar still waiting for that smelly drunk and mouthed "Be safe"
Opening the door to her room. Her eyes widened she sighed.
"Will it get any worse" throwing her heap on the floor Kuran right behind her.
Honii sat down in the middle of her room and cried Kuran just looked at her puzzled.

04-02-2002, 06:27 PM

"You are right Raw, I am sorry" she said putting her head down pouting.

Watching this cute little exchange, Maachini felt bile churning in her gut. It was a good thing she hadn't eaten anything yet or it would have come up all over the floor.

As Furu lighted on her shoulder, she reached up to give him a comforting pat. "Hope your head is feeling better." As she started to turn away she caught sight of Honii leaving and mouthing 'be safe' to Raw.

That jackass. Is he leading Honii on?

Maachini didn't like Raw. Something about the demon made her acutely uncomfortable, like he was laughing at her. Maachini didn't like that idea at all.

So as soon as the door closed behind Honii she marched right over to him, eyes narrowed and planted her hands on her hips. "I recall that you're being paid for services other than those given to my singer." She sighed. "Listen, Mr. Dinna, Honii is..." Maachini paused and looked for the right word.

Foolishly romantic? Naïve? Stupid?

"...inexperienced." Maachini put it as gently as possible. She had the utmost respect for Honii's singing... that was about it. Maachini didn't respect love, but at least she respected opinions. She usually wouldn't have minded except...

...Raw bothered her. Not only that but Honii had known him for such a short period of time. Maachini didn't like where this was heading. And there was something else that she couldn't quite put her finger on- something that made her uncomfortable. Raw was a demon, and one of the older ones. He was only as good as he had to be.

"Look, I need to know straight up what your intentions are," Maachini said quietly. "The girl is under my protection and not to be claimed for demonic purpose." By God it had been a long time since she had spoken these words. By Goddess, more appropriately. Maachini liked to think of herself as a "practical witch." She straightened her shoulders and gave Raw her patented Ice Queen look. "I have a claim in the girl, she is under my care and my protection. Cross her and you cross me." The words being spoken she slumped. "It's entirely possible that she started this- idiot girl, really."

She crossed her arms over her chest and rested her cheek on Furu's head. "So what is it, Mr. Dinna? Do I have to worry about the foolishly fragile heart of my lounge singer?"

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 06:41 PM
Bagel stood silently by watching the exchange between Maahini and Raw. He didn't look like it but Bagel was ready to step in at any time. But a good bodyguard knows when it is necesessary.

After all there are other patrons around and a fight would get awfully messy.

Plus from the look of things Raw wasn't going to contest Maachini. In fact Bagel was starting to wonder if the woman even needed his help. She didn't seem nearly as helpless as Masupan liked to make herself out to be.

But pay was pay. And he got the extra bonus of being in a prime spot to pick up on the women. They loved the macho man slash sensitive act.

"I love my job.."

04-02-2002, 06:55 PM
Raw stood staring down at his employer. His mouth very nearly hung open. It took a lot to surprise him outright like this, and this did it. He quickly regained his composure and narrowed his eyes slightly at the shrewd woman.

"Although I am a demon, I do not directly take advantage of people. It has been a very long time since I have played the part of a true demon. And even then I did not particularly enjoy anything other than the bloodshed that came with the job. Now I take my money and live comfortably with myself. I don't much care for relationships, but I try to be a gentleman when I can. I find my life much easier and more interesting when I have a few friends mixed in with my enemies. You have hired me to do a job for you, as has Honii. It is now strictly business. Is that satisfactory?"

04-02-2002, 07:00 PM

"So it was Honii then." She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger. Stupid, stupid, stupid females! Certainly Maachini was one, she made no argument of that with the way she dressed, but at the same time she knew better than to become involved with anyone unless they had a helluva life insurance policy. "Well then, Mr. Dinna, I apologize. It appears you aren't the one I should be talking to."

That idiot girl.

Frustration, frustration. Maachini needed some sort of antacid. "Bagel," she snapped, "go get me some Tums. Hurry it up."

God she hated people.

Chesta chesta chesta
04-02-2002, 07:09 PM
Kuran layed a comforting hand on Honii's shoulder.

"Come on don't cry, please. I'll give you all your shinies back if you stop crying."

She crouched next to her, trying to putting her arms around her but they were to short. How on earth did you comfort an elf?

Kuran showed her hand in her pocket and pulled out her small pocket mirror, correcting Honii's hair.

"You are getting yourself into a right mess, look at you, your face is running, your hair is getting messy! That is no way for a lady to look!" But never fear, Kuran had an excellent idea.

She pulled Honii to her feet, pushed her down on a chair, wiping her tearfilled face. Kuran turned her back towards her and smiled widely at the make up table. Yes she had a great idea. Picking up several colours of blue, red and glitter.

Holding a make up brush high in the air, she squealed with delight. "I will do your make up for you!"

04-02-2002, 07:53 PM
She definitely did not like him. He didn't know why, but Maachini did not trust him one bit, thus her reason for being so eager to get rid of him.

All he asked for was his due respect. He was ancient, experienced and damn good at his job. When he met people like this Maachini woman, who only respected themselves, he felt it was his duty to show them who was worthy of whos respect. He had never met someone so entirely bitchy as her though. She didn't seem frightened of him in the least. It seemed as though she simply thought of him as a means to an end. And that was simply unacceptable.

"Don't blame it on her. I realize I am irresistable in this form, we demons are so sexy you know."

He watched her face for any sort of reaction. he no longer cared if she was his employer. This needed his attention. At least his other employers knew their place well enough not to talk down to him. He would show this one her place if he had anything to say about it.

04-02-2002, 08:06 PM

"Don't blame it on her. I realize I am irresistable in this form, we demons are so sexy you know."

She rolled her eyes heavenward. No matter what the race, no matter what the age, no matter what the experience, males were insecure boys incapable of looking up from the size of their own pricks.

If he needed his ego stroked, Maachini sure as hell wasn't going to oblige him. She'd buried three husbands- whether or not it had been an accident was a question. Now this demon had the gall, the -----your-pants gall, to speak to her in such a fashion. Furu she would tolerate it from. That was a matter of mutual respect. But this man was looking to dominate. It wasn't enough to just be seen by her, to even be acknowledged, he felt the need to be seen as better.

"Mr. Dinna, I'm afraid I don't appreciate your unprofessional comments." Maachini's voice was cool, controlled. Nothing made her temper snap. She was the Ice Queen, despite fiery colorings. Her expression was bored, uninterested, and the words that came from her painted lips were as precise and sharp as a well-honed blade, the perfection of insults being one of her hobbies. It was not a worded insult. In this case it was the sheer detachment of the words, the voice, the expression. That in itself was the true blow. "Unfortunately for you, to me you are just another worker. Like Soy, or Chard, or Peppa." That wasn't true. She liked Soy and Peppa. In her own special way she liked Chard. There was something comforting about them, the way they were always there.

"Don't go! No! Don't take her! She didn't do it!"

"She's been found guilty. Now, to save her soul from sin she must be cleansed."

"But she's just a girl! She never asked for this! Let her go! These trials are unjust! This situation is-"

She hissed inwardly, dug her nails into her palm and gave him an arch look. Why now? The pain in her head blossomed. "I haven't the time to-" she felt her vision blurring, "I have't the time..." Her knees... her legs were so weak.

You are Maachini Oribu. You stagger before no one.

Maachini straightened and forced the first symptoms of one of her 'spells', those terrifying episodes where she would wake on the floor to concerned faces looking down at her, and glared at Raw. "I haven't the time for your unprofessional conversation. You have a job to do. Now do it."

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 08:15 PM
"Yes Ma'am." Bagel bowed before Maachini and wet upstairs to her office. He had seen her gulping down the tums early when he had arrived, so it didn't take the elfin bodyguard long to find the tums and be back to her side.

"Will this be enough?" He looked up to Raw frowning as he heard her say "I haven't the time for your unprofessional conversation. You have a job to do. Now do it."

"Or will you need the family sized bottle" Before Maachini could reply Bagel stepped inbetween her and Raw motioning him away.

"I don't mean to be rude but Miss Maachini is very busy. If you have something you need to discuss I shall have to ask that you to make an appointment."

He hated seeing women hassled by unattractive louts.

04-02-2002, 08:40 PM
In all his years Raw could not recall meeting a prick as big as this one. Well maybe John kennedy....but that had been an exception. Nor could he recall ever meeting a person as seemingly in-control of themselves as Maachini. He was rather amused at the lack of a reaction he had gotten from his most-definitely unprofessional and inappropriate comment. He smiled as Bagel stepped between them and said:

"I don't mean to be rude but Miss Maachini is very busy. If you have something you need to discuss I shall have to ask that you to make an appointment."

Raw ignored Bagel, peering down over his shoulder at Maachini.

"Yes ma'am. As soon as my drunken companion has had his breakfast we'll be out of your way."

'Since I know how much you hate having me around.'

Aku Shi
04-02-2002, 08:55 PM

Slowly he turned his body, the sun glistening off of his tanned skin. She had taken one of his weapons, and something from his pockets. While he couldn't make out what the papers were in her hands, he knew that they were his, and that she had no right. But... There was something in her smile. Something that caused his eyes to soften their razor-sharp glare. Ah, he saw what she was up to... She wanted to play... Well, if that was the case...

It was obvious that the girl had not learned from the previous day that Ron's body was a force to be reckoned with. He nearly flew down the hill towards her, his leg muscles working effortlessly to constantly increase his speed. In a flash he had caught up with her, wrapped his arms around her, and tackled her to the ground. But, it was not done in a way that would bring her any harm. When they fell, he made sure that his side took the blow of the ground, and that her body was untouched by even the smallest grain of sand.

I believe you have some of my things...?

His breath was warm on her ear as he whispered those words, his arms still around her. Then, pinning her to him with one arm, he moved his other hand over to her hands and pried his possessions out of her weak (compaired to his strength) grip.

Hm. There we go.

Smirking, he slid his arm out from around her, barely noticing the rough soil scraping against its flesh. She was free from his grip, and his objects were returned to him. He laughed a little as he stood up and sheathed his dagger.

Nice trick. But, if you wanted to play in my pockets, ya just had to ask, hon.
Hehe. Here, let me help ya up.

Still chuckling, he reached out his hand to her.

The following is an OOC announcement, presented to you by Minto!! Yay!! :yippee:

Hey, everyone! Minto here! Shi let me give this announcement because I was complainin' to her 'bout how I never get to be in the RPG as much anymore since Ron came. Yeah, I know she tried to make it up to me by usin' me as her av and all, but... Oh, I'm straying from the point!

Ahem... Anyway, Shi wanted everyone to know that she's gonna be gone for about a week. She'll be back on like Monday, maybe. Most likely Tuesday. She has to go to NYC to audition for college or something like that... *shrugs* I dunno. Anyway, Phantom Angel and Kiva hereby have permission to control Ron's actions as needed. Just as long as he's in character, ya know... But, no one can do ANYTHING with ME! Why? Because I'm special, that's why! :p So there! That, and Shi likes me better than Ron.

Ron: That's not true!!! Take it back!!!!!!!

*ignores Ron and continues* Where was I?... Oh yes! Shi will miss ya bunches and bunches, and hopes that all goes well while she's gone. On behalf of Shi, I bestow huggles and kisses to you all!!! :kiss:

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 09:00 PM

Her head swimming Udon finally pulled herself out of bed smacking her lips. Udon's happy dream had turned into a nightmare once the cat fight broke out between Sailor moon and Venus pink over who got to fight the tenticals first.

"Nrg.." with a great yawn she streched and slowly left the room Maachini had given her. She needed something..something to wake her up. Something warm and utterly disgusting. And no it wasn't the meatloaf that Tamari had made for her in the microwave.


Udon resembled a zombie as she made her way down the stairs her eyes too blurry to see real well

Her hair wasn't brushed and she was missing her boots and her monocol. Even the hair on her tails was frizzy.

04-02-2002, 09:02 PM

*sniff* I just love that Minto. He's too cute for words.

Good luck with the auditions, Shi! Erk... I mean... break your legs! Or a leg! Or an arm or something!


She smirked at Bagel's comment. It was no wonder her little bouncer was so hung up on him.

At that point, a bizarre grunt and groan noise drew her eyes to the top of the stairs.

"Udon," she said with a smile. "However are you seeing without your manacle? Bagel, go help her down the stairs and fetch her manacle and shoes from her room."

She was pointedly ignoring Raw now. Something about that demon gave her the creeps.

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 09:06 PM
OOC: Goodbye Shi! Goodbye Minto! have much fun and bliss! like being in a shiek cafe in a modern town..::slams her head:: too much engrish!! ehehe...O.o take care! break someone's leg!

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 09:16 PM

"Yes Ma'am." Bagel smiled up to the struggling kitsune laughing as he took ahold of Udon's arm and lead her down the stairs. "Be careful now. Its a rather steep drop. There we go." He then manuvered her around patrons and chairs. "So you are Miss Maachini's associate Udon right? it's a pleasure to meet you."

Udon just peered up at him mumbling "I can't see..and I want coffee. Gimme coffee Tamari."

Laughing her ramblings off Bagel placed her in a seat and headed back for the stairs calling out "I'll go get you your monocle and boots Miss Udon. Then talk to someone about that coffee."

Bagel couldn't help but wonder who Tamari was. Was it the kitsune's lover?...


Since when had Tamari been so tall..? and not talk in a high pitched voice? oh she was not feeling good..

Settling down into her seat Udon waited for her monocle, boots, and coffee.

Phantom Angel
04-02-2002, 10:09 PM
Alynthia grabbed Ron's hand and pulled herself up. Then, she brushed the dust from her clothes.

"My my... you sure are protective of your weapons." she told him. "Didn't need to make it back here that fast...." she mumbled.

"I don't allow anyone to 'steal' from me, hon."

"I wasn't stealing. I was merely borrowing." Alynthia told him, her face serious. "And I'm not your hon." she continued.

"Mhm... sure you're not, hon!" Ron shot back.

Alynthia ignored him. She shouldn't have said that. Men were awfully annoying about doing things oppositely from what women told them. Ron was no different.

"Well he is different. Have you ever heard of a guy that's going home to a weapon collection?" her conscience asked.

Alynthia frowed a little. Men were hard to understand sometimes... but she hoped she was up to the challenge. Nothing could stop her... except sudden death.... but elves lived long... She tripped on a rock, and caught her balance, then turned back to Ron and said.

"Wanna go get something to eat back at the Tank?" she asked.

Ron shruged and followed her.

OOC: umm... me go now... sick and tired... aku... sorry if you're not pleased...

04-02-2002, 10:17 PM
Honii sat in a heap amongst her belongings feeling the fool for crying.
But everything was such a mess and for what?
“What is it with peoples obsession with my clothing” she sobbed to Kuran. Listening to Kuran’s pleading, to stop and her ramblings about how awful she looked. Which she did when she got a good look in the mirror at herself. She let Kuran pull her up and sit her back down in the chair.
Honii was amused by this actually, Kuran was turning into a delight. The way she felt at the moment her mood she really did not care much.

She had just seen all the death, almost been killed, gotten drunk, befriended a kleptomaniac, a demon, bought a sabre and all her clothes were strun about and wrinkled. Now while some of this stuff had an upside the majority was depressing. She needed the cry to get it out of her system. Yes she did enjoy the company of Kuran and Raw they were proving to be good friends. She wondered though if her behavior with Raw though had been mistaken for something it wasn’t.
‘No, no one would have the gumption to think it was something more than a friendship.’ she thought to herself as Kuran applied more glitter.
“ Kuran, no red I hate the colour red…it is the colour of blood.’ she pushed her hand away. “ You can use any colour but that she smiled. Honii looked in the mirror and smiled. “You know you have a natural talent Kuran, have you ever thought of doing this for money?”
She smiled up at the girl and thought of something she would have to check with Maachini first. But maybe she could hire her as her assistant you know fetches things helps her out with makeup, keeps the room tidy. And in return Honii would get a friend all be it a young one. But she had kind of grown on Honii. The only thing that really had to be addressed was her obsession for shinnies and how they ended up in her pockets.
Yes she would pay her out of her own wages some token amount since she would be staying with her at her apartment as well.
" Kuran how would like a job? Yes you would be my assistant and hopefully my friend. You can stay in my apartment, in the spare room it will be all yours. Now I will not be able to pay you much but you will get something to buy more shinnies.Maybe even that bow thingy you were admiring at the weapons store. Of course you will have eat my food as well. But you will get use to it.
You can become a vegitarian like me" Honii smiled widely at the thought.

Goodluck Shi all the best you knock em dead....

04-02-2002, 10:50 PM

Her face felt hot. It was the first sign that she was going under. The room was swimming around her and the sounds coming to her were distant, vague. She registered Udon's grumbling in the corner and Soy taking orders at the bar. She almost thought she heard, for a minute, Furu making a low whistle noise.

All of those sounds came to her, but not of them reached her.

Her head felt light, and she imagined it was rolling a bit. If that idiot demon, Dinna, had left her alone she would have had time to get to her office.

"There's still time," she whispered, lifting Furu with weak arms and setting him on the counter. "I need to go get something in my office," she mumbled to him and turned, slowly walking to the stairs, holding herself together with sheer willpower. She she reached the bottom of the stairs she looked up.

...and looked up...

...since when had the third floor been so high? There, the path laid in sleek black carpets and lined with chrome handrails, lay her salvation. If she could just make it up the stairs.

One foot in front of the other, Maachini. She slowly lifted her leg and placed her foot on the first step, carefully placing weight on it as she attempted the stairs. She leaned forward, letting her slight weight drive her steps. That was when she noticed Bagel next to her.

"I need to go take a shower," she told him. "Wait down here. I'll only be a little while." And she continued up the stairs. But Bagel wouldn't be shaken. He continued next to her.

"I'm afraid that's quite impossible," he told her. "As your bodyguard I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't accompany you at least to the door and wait there." He gave her a sly look, "no peeking, scouts honor," and held up his middle and index finger in the customary salute.

"You're impossible," Maachini muttered, her vision wavering in and out, shadowed and hollow. "So, would you mind telling me what kind of past you have with my bouncer? She seems awfully fond of you." This was said in a voice laced with cynicism.

"Peppa and I know each other..we used to date. But life got hectic and we split up. Why do you ask Maachini?" His voice was so far away. If she could just concentrate... she was almost to the elevator that led to her private apartments. The elevator was only accesible from the third floor and required a security key. As she fumbled with her key, she continued.

"I just noticed that perhaps she wasn't entirely over the relationship," she told him as the elevator doors slid open.

Up, up, up. The motion made her feel dizzy and sick. Her hands gripped the chrome handrail on the wall as the elevator stopped and opened to her private apartments. Her mouth felt entirely too wet. She was salivating, perspiring, dizzy. She walked calmly into the bathroom and shut the door, turning on the shower.

Maachini sank slowly to the thick, furry bathmat and closed her eyes, whimpering lightly before unconsciousness claimed her.

04-02-2002, 11:17 PM
Raw watched as Maachini walked up the stairs. Her face was straining, it was evident that something was wrong. She was going up those stairs only through extreme force of will. Something was very wrong with her. He could feel it. It warranted further investigation, but that would have to come later. As of now she was going to her private rooms, and that was a place no man dared to tread.

As she disappeared up the stairs, Raw turned to see that Bru was very nearly finished eating. It was about damn time too. He walked over to the angel and stood looking over him.

"Are you quite finished now?"

Apparently he wasn't, and he expressed his displeasure at being rushed.

'Lazy bastard.'

Raw walked away to let him finish his food and not really wanting to be near him anyways.

Princess Samari
04-02-2002, 11:23 PM

Maachini looked terrible Bagel calmly noted as she grilled him about his an Peppa's past. Of course he didn't reply in full. Bagel figured Maachini didn't need to know his personal history.

But he wasn't about to lie to her. So he just danced around the subject while escorting her. Bagel *knew* he got off easy. Something was wrong with Maachini. But Bagel wasn't sure what.

So he sat where she left him and waited. He would find out what was going on in due time.


It hadn't been Tamari helping her down the stairs. But Udon would have accepted coffee from Lucifer at that point. The dark haired guy had brought Udon her boots and Monocle before dashing after Maachini.

But she still didn't have her coffee.

Sighing Udon attached the little metal clip to her shirt and then the rested the monocle upon the bridge of her nose wincing as the clamp came down making a tiny whirrr noise. It stung but her vision cleared.

Ah the magic of science. The monocle was one of her first inventions. Not only was it stylish but it helped her vision without letting everyone know she was practically as blind as a bat.

Maachini had always known but that was because she had helped Udon out after a particularly nasty spill off the bar. Dancing and singing show tunes when drunk had not been her best idea. She broke her monocle and had to stay up all night fixing it!

05-02-2002, 12:01 AM
Because he could do nothing until Bru was willing to move, Raw made his way to the back of the bar. Through the back stage area he walked, where people scurried about setting up the stage for that night. Soon he found himself facing a door at the furthest rear part of the Drunk Tank, and a small, bored, and more than a little depressed Thorian guarding it.

'She is the one who knows that new bodyguard of Maachini's.'

A small grin appeared on Raws face, making him look more like a true demon than he had for many years.

He walked up to the girl, Peppa he believed her name was.

"Ahh why so downcast little one?"

Perhaps now he could get some information.

05-02-2002, 12:10 AM

"Hoe?" Peppa looked up at Raw and offered him a brilliant smile that was dimmed only slightly by her poor mood. "I wanted to stay in the main room and be with Bagel but I got assigned back here." She sighed and scuffed her toe on the ground. "And it's been such a long time since I've seen him and stuff." Was she blushing? Yep, the little Thorian was bright pink. "I'm so happy he came back!"

Bouncing slightly, she gave Raw a thumbs up. "Even though Maachini says men aren't to be trusted I knew he would! Yay for Bagel!"

05-02-2002, 12:21 AM
"Even though Maachini says men aren't to be trusted I knew he would! Yay for Bagel!"

"Oh she does, does she? How very interesting. And what about this Bagel? Where do you know him from?"

Raw was pretty certain he knew the answer. Peppa had known him before and had fallen for him, but Bagel wasn't interested in settling with anyone. To him Peppa was just another piece of meat to screw before he went to work the next morning. His type existed all over earth but were usually never so subtle, nor so smooth in their efforts to hook up with the fairer sex. Bagel was one smooth bastard. Peppa was completely taken by him. That much was obvious.

"He's my boyfriend!" Peppa exclaimed enthusiastically.

Then her expression darkened to one of sadness and hurt.

"Well... he was my boyfriend. He broke up with me."

"Ahh so. He seemed rather pleased to see you today, I must say. Either that or he was rather proud of himself for something. What is he like?"

05-02-2002, 12:28 AM

"Hoe? He's the best guy in the whole wide world!" She beamed. "He's the best fighter, and the best dancer, and he's so handsome and brave and strong!" As Peppa continued to list off Bagel's many 'virtues' she let her mind wander.

Wasn't this the guy Ms. Maachini was arguing with? No, couldn't be him. He's way too nice!

"Anyway, is there anything you needed back here?" she asked with a bright smile. "I wish I had some breakfast. I didn't eat this morning because I was so nervous about seeing Bagel again and here he is! Yay! Bagel's here!"

05-02-2002, 11:53 PM
Raw smiled gently at the poor lovestruck girl. She was too blind to see what Bagel really was. He turned and slowly walked out to the front of the bar where Bru still sat.

"Are you quite finished yet?!"

OOC: this post is worthless. I was bored. SO sue me. If anyone wants it removed for it's sheer worthlessness, just say so.

06-02-2002, 01:49 AM
*Namazu woke up to Shioni shaking her furiously. "Wake up lazy-bones! We've got to haul what's left of the stuff from last night's set home, and I'm not going to carry your crap for you!"

"Damn it, Shioni. Use a bleeding ax on my head, it would be more humane," Namazu roughly answered back, grimacing as light escaped though her eyelids. She considered asking him why he never knocked, then she realized how that would have sounded to her hung-over head. "Fine, I'm up..."

Namazu dragged her "lazy ass" out of bed and threw on a pair of old boxer shorts over her underwear. Thus she walked into the kitchen with unkempt hair, a long white t-shirt (no bra) and and the old boxer shorts.

"Are you seriously leaving the house looking like that? You look like hell!" Shioni lectured.

"Yes father, but if you prefer... I'll go nude," she mocked.

After a quick "tongue-lashing" the band set out to get their gear from the night before...*

OOC: sorry about the short post. I was gone for 10 days due to back surgery... Kiva-sama updated me a little bit, so I'll be getting back into this RPG soon.

Chesta chesta chesta
06-02-2002, 11:58 AM
Kuran frowned at the whole vegetarian bit, eating just green things. No cheeseburgers. NO HAPPY MEALS! She fidgeted with the make up brush, her forehead wrinkled in deep thoughts.

“So you say, you want me to live with you?”

Honii gave a small nod.

“And just eat vegetables?”

Another nod.

“Can’t I have a cheeseburger now and again? Like on special occasions like Saturdays?”

The pain, no meat. She liked meat, she like that fact that she was chewing on something that more or less was bigger than her, like most things were.

“But I get to play with all this neato stuff, yes?”

She broke out in a wide spread grin. She’d get to play with the brushes, those bottles and those neat little boxes of powdery stuff. She couldn’t wait, she was going to have so much fun and so many shinnies afterwards. Her parents said she wouldn’t amount to anything, now look at her, she was getting an offer thrown at her. How could she refuse?

“I accept your offer, but think about them cheeseburgers yeah?” She stretched forward a small hand and shook Honii’s with joyous delight. Yes, she was getting closer to her goal and hey maybe she could try some of Honii’s sweet clothes on. Like that glittery dress, till she realised that she cut it and it probably was serving its time as hamster bedding or something.

She shuffled her feet and chewed nervously at the tip of the makeup brush.
“Honii, I am really sorry about the dress. It was just…it was so sparkly and nice, and I just really REALLY wanted it.”

06-02-2002, 01:07 PM
Honii was delighted with Kuran’s response although the cheese burgers would be a compromise . ‘Yes this was going to be great fun and do not worry about that dress. Now Kuran help me sort through my clothes in this heap will you please? Maybe there is something you like.”
They quickly got the mess cleaned up and put away. Kuran picked out something shiny naturally.
Honii smiled

Honii was feeling much better. She glanced at the sabre,
picking it up but not unsheathing it Raw was right ‘respect it.’
She wondered when and if her training would really begin, since well Raw was a busy demon after all and had more important things to attend too for Maachini.

She glanced at the time, she had to practice another song something new age more her style. “Kuran I have to go back downstairs to the bar I have a song to practise, you can stay here or come your choice”
Honii opened the door and went back downstairs.
Noticing almost immediately that Raw and that smelly man had not left yet.
‘Well somehow that does not surprise me’
One of the guys in the band spoke “Hons we were just going to send a search party for you.”
“ I know I am sorry to keep you all waiting”
Honii got to the stage and took her mark.
“Lets try it with the black light on, I want to see if it works.”
“Sure, kill the lights Rico”
The music started slowly Honii’s voice started ever so softly but soon filled the Drunk Tank.

And how I've loved
And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learned
As long as you are true to the life that you live
This is the time to feel love

I feel a stirring deep within
Slowly picking up momentum
Like the tide coming into shore
Over and under in it's course

This feeling emblazed inside
Every nerve like a firefly

Hovering above me
glow glow glowing divine

every nerve like a firefly
every nerve like firefly
this feeling emblazed inside
every nerve like a firefly

I never want to loose
what I have finally found
There's a requiem
A new congregation
And it's telling me go forward
and walk under a brighter sky
every nerve glowing like a fire

She finished and thanked the guys .
“ See you tonight then”
Honii sat down at a near by table to sit and do some more thinking or maybe that was planning.

I have to stop listening to this new age stuff I am seriously getting into this and as a metalhead till the day I die this is not good......anyways the song is (Delerium) Euphoria on the Pure Moods II cd.Yeah Kiva I know singing last one for a bit but Honii is a singer, bows to not make Kiva mad....

06-02-2002, 02:10 PM
*Agari drove the truck around back so that they could pick up their gear in the storage rooms. "Would you two cut it out? You're acting like children!" he scolded.

"She started it!" Shioni tugged on Namazu's long section of hair.

"Hey! You about shook me to death this morning!" she elbowed him in return.

Agari sighed... they would never change. Finally they had make the few blocks to the Drunk Tank to get their gear. "What a bouncer in the back... that's strange," Higashi muttered to himself.

Namazu leaned her head out of the window. "We're PsychoNemisis and we're here to pick up our stuff. Um, we usually use the back entrance so that we don't have to carry it through the bar... or have the rules changed?" she asked the bouncer who was standing there.*

OOC: Kiva-sama, you did say that Peppa was guarding the back, didn't you?

06-02-2002, 02:20 PM

She yawned, supremely bored, and leaned against the door jamb. Getting stuck with non-entrance bouncer duty sucked. Hardly anyone ever got it.

I guess Ms. Maachini just didn't want me to be around Bagel. >sigh< I wonder what he's doing... right... She peered at the strange people talking to her. PsychoNeme what now? Hoe? she thought, confused.

"Hoe?" she repeated in her sugar-sweet confection voice. "Oh, no, rules haven't changed." She grinned brightly. "But I do have to make sure you aren't crazy zealots come to kill everyone, okay?" Bouncy, sweet, unprepossessing- unless you counting the spikes on the knuckles of her gloves and the clearly defined muscle in her arms and legs. "Ooooookie-doh, I just need to give you a quick pat and all and make sure you aren't trying to kill anyone, okay?"

With a sweet, innocent, bright smile, Peppa went about her business of 'patting'.


"Hoe" is pronounced:

Ho (like what Santa laughs) A (like the letter, the start of your ABC's, yo.)

It is said in a cute, high-pitched voice.

Peppa is sugar-sweet.

06-02-2002, 02:27 PM
*Namazu laughed. Patting... this girl was too cute! You couldn't have noticed so easily from her get-up, but then again Namazu was wearing a long t-shirt and boxer shorts, in no way could she be one to judge.

She looked over at Shioni. His face was bright red as he was the one being "patted". "God Shioni, get over yourself! It's just regulations," she scowled.

"So, what's with the back-door guard duty? No one ever uses this door... except for delivery men, and bands," Namazu asked the girl.*

06-02-2002, 03:57 PM
Furu sat down on the counter, looking in the direction Maachini had vanished little while ago while he munched on some fruit he had taken the liberty of "putting to good use" from the kitchen. Wondering if her sudden departure had something to do with what Peppa and the others had told him earlier. Furu wrestled with the idea for a moment and then let his curiosity give him the upper hand and ate the last of the fruit he had been chewing on and fluttered towards the door leading out.

" Bye everyone! I'll be taking a little stroll to the bathhouse! I'll be back later!"

With that Furu took off quickly, zipping out of the door and into the streets, acting like he usually does. Meaning peaking under every attractive girls skirt and running away from the angry mob that would soon gather to follow him. But this time Furu cut short after only a few skirts and peeks of nude girls and flew back to the Drunk Tank. Tieing a small black piece of cloth to hide his features (you know what all perverts do while peeping on people). He moved over Maachinis office room and went to search for the nearest window he could get in.

(Mission: Impossible theme plays in the background)Furu slid down the wall, undetected to others around him and slightly parted a window, sliding inside the house. As he came inside, closing the window slowly, he made sure no one had heard him before he quietly flew over to the door leading out. But then something stopped him in his tracks. He was in a changing room...a womens changing room. He looked over to the few drawers nearby. They had to hold some womens clothes in them. But he had to go see what was with Maachini quickly. Furu's mind wrestled with the idea for a while.

panties...Maachini...panties...Maachini....panties...Ma achini...panties..Maachini.panties.Maachini.pantiesMaac hinipantiesMaachinipantiesMaachinipantiesMaachinipantie sMaachinipantiesMaachini...AAAAAAHH!

At that point Furu's mind switched itself off before the poor dragon would overload himself. His last thought came out as something that if said, would have sounded like "damn that Maachini and her panties..", which actually didn't make much sense as whatever the drawers held probably didn't belong to the woman anyway. Slowly Furu came back into his senses and he shook his head to clear it before fluttering to the door, sighing.

" I better hurry to Maachini...besides...a woman wearing panties is a lot sexier than just panties...yeah...just keep that in mind. Don't think of what you may have just lost.." Furu spoke quietly to himself as he peeked out of the door, making sure no one was around, specially that new bodyguard of Maachinis. And the Mission: Impossible music continued to play.

06-02-2002, 11:07 PM

"Hoe? Oh," Peppa sighed. "Ms. Maachini didn't want me getting all distracted because Bagel's here." A pink blush matching the cotton-candy color of her hair rose on her face. "He's soooo neat. He's her bodyguard now and he's the best fighter in the whole wide world! Ee-hee!" Teeth tucked firmly against her lower lip as she gave an impish smile. "He's amazing." She didn't even seem to notice as she pat down especially sensitive areas on Shioni.

After all, this was Peppa. She didn't understand male anatomy. Hell, she didn't understand males.

"Okay, you're clean," she told him and moved on to the next. "La la la!"


The blood was pounding in her temples, a steady, throbbing pulse.

Get up. Come on, don't just lay there, get up. Slowly, shaking, she raised herself onto her elbow and tried to focus on something, anything. The fuzzy blur of her hand helped her up and she emptied bile into the toilet. Then, a few coughs later, about three tablespoons of blood dribbled down her chin from her lips.

Still dizzy she let the blood trickle down her chin, and closed her eyes, caught in a shaft of light from the high window.

"My head," she whispered.

Phantom Angel
06-02-2002, 11:40 PM
OOC: i hereby give up playing ron. i just cannot handle the char. you prolly won't be seeing me post much unti aku gets back. sorry.

Alynthia and Ron returned to the tank, and sat at a table, ordering some food. She was pretty hungry, considering she had no breakfast and it was now lunch time.

She looked over the menu, her mind quickly reading all the courses.

OOC: ok, bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad post. shoot me...

07-02-2002, 12:26 AM
*Shioni turned even redder before she announced him clean, Namazu found it amazing that his head didn't explode. "Ms. Maachini? Bagel? I'm afraid I don't know them, though I assure you that distractions would do little as far as the back entrance is concerned. But, if you're really that worried, we'll go get our gear if you're done taking measurements of the guys," Namazu raised an eyebrow suggestively, though she doubted the adorable little girl at the back entrance understood what she meant.

Shioni continued to stand where he was, his face still red. Agari spoke, "Dude... Shioni's body has stopped working..."*

07-02-2002, 12:32 AM

*just... dies...*

I'm using that quote in my sig from now on.

07-02-2002, 01:12 AM
Sixteen sausages, seven pancakes, five waffles, eight eggs, and an extremely large punch bowl of orange juice later, Bru was tired of chewing. His jaw ached with every savory snippet of breakfast dining. He finished it off trucker style with three large rare steaks and a glass of water (he was watching his figure).

Bru’s nose perked up for a moment as a rather disgraceful odor wafted through his senses, a sort of musty scotch and sulfur stench, basked in the lightest bit of oranges. Under closer inspection, and the realization of the two-stool barrier surrounding him, Bru realized it was himself. This simply could not do for one like Bru, who loved and adored his senses, albeit usually they were sullied with the ‘adjusting’ influence of alcohol, but even then he adored them. Ah, the sights and smells he’d heard and touched and tasted. These were the memories he kept.

Well tried to keep, being that not much stayed in his mind at a time. That’s one reason he wrote things down in the fine book at his side. A magnificent book. A grand book. My O my, I must say, had I the chance to purchase such a book for the cost of my first born child, well say hello to the proud owner of a fine book. A magnificent Book. I mean this journal kicked so much ass, donkeys quailed in fear at its approach.

Bru’s mind meandered back to his current state of, for lack of a better description, ‘stank-ness’, and with a snap he was washed. This was why he enjoyed being an angel and all, the ease at which menial chores were completed.

Moments, and a few sniffs later, Bru realized his clothes still reeked. He examined his snap a few times.

Hmm… my mojo seems a bit off today.

And so, with a complete and utterly disgruntled sloach (the term sloach being one which has been widely disregarded as too seriously and amazingly apathetic and exaggerated) Bru snapped again, his clothes becoming spotless and lemony fresh.

A third exasperated snap later, it was to its normal citrus scented fun.

Are you quite finished yet!?

The deep voice of an overcompensating Daemon queried to Bru. All too often Daemons and such seemed to think that they had to maintain this air of ‘badass-ness’ or some such, trying to assert themselves as strongly as possible. Bru found it terribly boring and wondered what exactly the Daemons were overcompensating over, then again, he really didn’t care. Bru was sober. Not a state he longed to be in, nor one he wished to stay in long. With a stretch and yawn (noticing his breath too was citrus fresh, mmm good) Bru unhurriedly looked up.

Why yes, yes I am sated. Why do you ask?

Princess Samari
07-02-2002, 02:17 AM
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Princess Samari
07-02-2002, 02:24 AM
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Due to circumstances that I am not at liberty to say Limbo is temporarily on hold.

Terribly sorry.

07-02-2002, 02:40 AM
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Princess Samari
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Limbo will be back so please remain calm.

07-02-2002, 02:47 AM
Fine to answer the lyrics thing and hope Kiva is ok...luv ya Kiva be safe....

Phantom Angel
07-02-2002, 04:36 PM
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i hope u come back soon. *huggles kiva*

sam, u take good care of her, please.

Princess Samari
07-02-2002, 05:23 PM
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09-02-2002, 08:07 PM
OOC: And awaaaay we go!

Raw looked down at Bru. The angel slowly looked up at himThe non-chalance with which he spoke angered him for some reason.

'I shouldn't let that get to me.'

"In case you have forgotten, my feather-winged friend, we have been employed for a job. Our employer seems that she would like to forget we exist, and as such I would suggest that you hurry up and lead the way. The sooner you get done here the sooner you can come back and get drunk again."

Raw patiently awaited the angel's response.

'I can't wait to be rid of this place, and hopefully him if I can help it....'

Phantom Angel
09-02-2002, 10:16 PM
OOC: is the rpg back?

09-02-2002, 10:18 PM

Yep, we're back. I'll do a post tomorrow.

11-02-2002, 02:53 AM

Her head ached. Maachini slowly lifted herself and stripped away her clothing, ducking her head under the spray of the shower. After a few minutes she turned off the water, grabbed a towel and dried herself off.

This is just going to be one of those days. Maachini wrapped the towell around her chest and twisted another one around her hair. The dizzy spells are getting closer and closer together. She left the bathroom and gently pushed Bagel out of the way. "Wait over there and keep your eyes shut while I change." After a vague gesture she walked to her wardrobe and began going through it listlessly. Am I dying?


"You're all clean, go on through!" She waved them through and watched them go to get their equipment.


My posts are going to be really bad for a while. You can all just forgive me then. Sorry.

11-02-2002, 02:25 PM
*Namazu lead the way through the back door, making her way to the familiar storage room. There she found their gear, undamaged from last night's "brawl". They set out to put all of the gear in the truck, taking several trips but finally carrying all of the stuff out there. Soon it was loaded with amps, mics, a drum set, guitars, and other such stuff.

Namazu saw Shioni's glances to the girl as they passed by and sighed... Shioni was pitiful. "I'm going to get something to take the edge off of my hangover," she rubbed her temples for emphasis.

"You know... they have food here. Why don't we get something to eat while we're out; it will be a good change from the sandwiches and canned goods that we have at home... especially the constant ramen," Higashi suggested.

"I'm really not that hungry, and I don't trust to leave our gear in the back while we eat. You guys can go on ahead," Agari, running a hand through his blonde hair (causing some of it to stick up), replied.

"Okay, Agari... we'll meet up with you back at the trailer then to finish the bridge on our new song then," Tenshin spoke for the first time since last night.

Tenshin, Higashi, Shioni, and Namazu then walked through the back door and towards the bar. They found a table and contented themselves with looking through the menus, trying to decide on what they could afford.*

11-02-2002, 05:42 PM
Honii sat at her table alone eating a bowl of greentea icecream.
She only looked up when Tenshin, Higashi, Shioni, and Namazu walked in and sat looking at some menu's.

"I wonder where Kuran is?'

I know this post blows but I do not know what else to do.. Honii is not exactly a party animal my apoliges...

11-02-2002, 06:47 PM
*Namazu looked around; all she really wanted was a beer or other drink to lessen the pounding in her head. Then she noticed the elf who had sung before her last night sitting alone at a table eating green stuff from the bowl. It appeared that she was either lonely or waiting for someone.

As she had nothing better to do, and could talk to the guys at any given time she stood up to go say hello. "Where do you think you're going?" Shioni asked her.

Namazu ignored him and sat down at the elf's table. "I saw what happened last night... so, do you make a habit of stripping like that in public?" Namazu grinned, true her joke would have earned herself a slap if she was a wolfish male... but she thought she'd try it out. Really, she had been around the guys too long.*

11-02-2002, 07:50 PM
Honii looked up surprised at what Namazu had just said.
" Yes, well I do try to put on quite a show, when I can" she laughed as she licked the spoon with her tongue.
"Namazu, you look like you could use a drink and I could use some company at the moment. So what do you say? Is a beer to your liking then?"
Honii grinned 'yes this will be quite nice'
"So lets talk shop tell me about yourself and the band?"

12-02-2002, 12:22 AM
*Namazu laughed. It was apparent that this elf had a sense of humor. "Well, it seems that you already my name... despite the fact that I haven't told you myself. It's okay... that just makes things even. You seemed to be all the rage last night, people absolutely gushing over how great 'Honii' was... unless of course, that's only a stage name," Namazu reasoned... talking almost to herself in all of her Sherlock like conclusions.

"Yes, a drink would be lovely... as if I haven't learned enough from last night," she rubbed her temples again. "As for talking about myself... well, I live with four guys: you know, the other members of PsychoNemesis. Really... it's not that bad," she laughed. "I feel sorry for them for having to put up with me."

She smiled as her beer arrived... it was fairly early, either morning or afternoon (Namazu had no sense of time at all, even with her father's old watch on her wrist, the numbers meant nothing to her... not that she couldn't read it) and already she was drinking. However, the fear of alcoholism was small to her... she was still in control, that was all that mattered. "And how about yourself? Surely you have more hobbies than putting on your 'enchanting' shows... though I'm sure the guys love them," she grinned over her drink. Conversations with other females were too infrequent, and she found herself enjoying this a lot... of course, it could partially be the alcohol.*

Princess Samari
12-02-2002, 01:18 AM
OOC: Namazu talked with Udon...no one likes poor Udon. <Udon> Don't be silly. I like me just fine.


Bagel allowed himself to be shoved off to the side and rolled his eyes turning away. "I wouldn't want to make you blush after all.." Bagel then chuckled and sighed running a hand through his hair.

"Maachini you always look good so don't take this personally. But you seem..sick almost. Is there something wrong that you aren't telling me?"

He would probably be slapped for his comment. But it came with the job Bagel noticed. It was rare when a girl slapped him. But when they did it always made winning them over that more satisfying.

12-02-2002, 02:44 AM
Honii smiled warmlly. "You live with four males, Hmm that would be interesting!" Honii could not even remotely fathom living with one let alone four men.
" I am sure that they would then be lost without you. Look now they cannot even stand that you left them to come over to me."

Honii was not stupid maybe naive sometimes more so in choosing people to trust, but stupid she was not. "Listen I wanted to tell you that you are very talented I did pay attention to your act and your band.'

There was that akward silent moment that happened just before the beer arrived. She finished the last of her ice cream. Adding to the list of things she did different today. She usually only ordered her ice cream before a performance. But like leaving her hair down , not being afraid to show her birthmark, buying a sabre and wanting to learn how to fight. Things had changed for her after the death she witnessed here.

"And how about yourself? Surely you have more hobbies than putting on your 'enchanting' shows... though I'm sure the guys love them,"

The silence was broken by Namazu with her question and female jab at being katty.

Honii smiled again looking at Namazu, "enchanting shows', hmm that is an interesting way of putting it. It is an act like an actress, I do not deny I am good at and I know I am nice to look at. Do you think that is concideded of me? Perhaps, but it is my job it is all I can do. For I Honii Keikki is nothing more than a piece of eye candy half elf, half human not belonging to either really.

She sighed playing with the spoon just a little.
" You know as for the men they come to see me yes. They buy me things and fawn all over me to which I hate. I have never had a serious relationship with a one none has ever interested me enough. I am sure one day".......she paused "my prince will come, but until then....."

" The Drunk Tank is my home and Maachini well she" Honii grinned "she is why I am here, I owe her a lot and I would never let her down. So here I stay, as sad as I feel now here I stay."

12-02-2002, 03:26 AM

"Mind your own business, Bagel," Maachini snapped, shedding the towell and choosing her clothing. She tugged the shirt over her head and zipped if from breasts to neck, before tugging on a pair of slacks.

She knew she looked good. That was Maachini Oribu in a nutshell. She looked good.

Oh, there were other things, but those were for private.

"How did your first husband die?"

"He died in a fire."

"And your second husband?"

"He also died in a fire."

"And your third hus-"

"Smoke asphyxiation.

"I'm fine, Bagel. No need to worry about me. You're paid to protect me, not pepper me with questions." Dressed, she sat at the vanity and began brushing her hair. "Things will be fine once the drunk angel Wonder Boy and his pet demon get the hell out of my bar."

No they wouldn't. She knew that. Things weren't going to be fine for a while.

Please just let us pull this off. Please let this work.

Princess Samari
12-02-2002, 03:48 AM

"All just apart of the protection proccess Ma'am." Bagel crossed his arms and fought back a sigh.

She was lying. Of course she was going to lie. Maachini was the typical independant woman. Of course she didn't want or need his help. Maachini seemed to believe she didn't really need anyones help.

All he could do was hope she discovered how wrong she was soon.

12-02-2002, 01:32 PM
*Namazu was surprised by the hurt that she saw in Honii's face by her remark. "I would imagine that it would be tough. Honestly, my situation is completely different... if guys were to fawn over me, either I or Shioni would beat him up," she smiled again, hiding her true feelings about the situation. "Hell, sometimes Shioni does that without reason to." Namazu laughed... guys could be so pathetic.

Namazu got serious for a second and met Honii's gaze. "But never forget that music is for bringing happiness. If you only make yourself sad by doing it, you defeat the whole purpose. I live in a small trailer with four guys, and I live off of canned goods and top ramen... basically surviving off of whatever we can get between shows. But I wouldn't trade this for the world," she looked away as she finished her statement. At the table with the rest of her band, it seemed that Shioni was amazing them by sticking two straws up her nose... she laughed at his display and then tured back to Honii.

"Perhaps you prince will come... or else you've got to become a prince yourself..." Namazu added. "Now don't take that the wrong way or anything... it's just that you have to learn to rescue yourself, and make the best of things."

Apparently having enough of her seriousness, Namazu chose to change subjects. "So... tell me about Ms. Maachini. We've played here enough, but I've never really met her..."*

OOC: of course Namazu enjoyed talking with Udon. However, she was sort of drunk at the time... heh. But I said that they were "infrequent"... nope, i didn't forget about Udon

Princess Samari
12-02-2002, 01:37 PM
OOC: Now I don't hate everyone!...oh wait..thats a lie. But now i'm going to take a bit more time with destroying everything! thank you! <Udon> Psycho.

Phantom Angel
12-02-2002, 01:45 PM
OOC: i waited and waited but Aku seemes dead! waaa! *huggles ron*

Alynthia and Ron were back at the Drunk Tank, and to Alynthia things looked like they were shaping up. She noticed the old woman, who owned the place - or so Alynthia thought - come in with an elf. She had immediately let her hair cover her ears. The elf looked important, and Alynthia didn't want anyone to see her. Not that she hoped she would ever pass for a human. She just hoped to distract attention from her.

Minto was nowhere to be seen, and Alynthia was very grateful that the crossdresser decided to leave her and Ron behind. She hoped she had helped the big handsome lug feel better about himself. Alynthia really hated to see him go.

She waved at Honii and the other people seated around the table. That little fairy girl was no where in her sight.

"Hey! Long time no see!" Alynthia greeted Honii. She then smiled and proceeded. "Umm.... how do we get some food around here?" she asked, hoping it wouldn't cost her many souls. Alynthia hated to go broke, especially now when other people depended on her. Well.... more or less. She waited for the beautiful singer to answer her, while she looked around the tank. They all looked shaken, but good spirits were returning. Somehow, Alynthia didn't want to leave, but she knew she must.

"I won't leave this place yet." she decided.

OOC: waaaaaaaaaa! someone bring Aku back!!!! *sobs* ehhehe

12-02-2002, 05:11 PM
Furu slowly crept forward down the hall towards the noise he heard ahead. It sounded like Maachinis voice and someone elses, which made Furu sigh with relief that it seemed that his friend was ok. Furu fluttered right up into the ceiling and glided along it forward to be as noiseless as possible, besides the Mission: Impossible music ofcourse.

" Cut the music!" Furu hissed quietly and the music stopped. Letting out a soft sigh, Furu slowly peeked inside the room he was hearing the noise through a small opening in the door.

Hmm..what do we have here?

12-02-2002, 06:59 PM
" Rescue myself...interesting thought maybe just maybe that part will become a reality, time will tell..."

Honii knew the advice that Namazu was offering was sound and she should and would follow it. It actually felt good to talk to another women about this something she did not do very often.

"So... tell me about Ms. Maachini. We've played here enough, but I've never really met her..."*

And Honii was going to answer her inquiry that was until

Hey! Long time no see!" came a familar voice as Alynthia and pretty boy came over to their table.
"Umm.... how do we get some food around here?" Honii smiled up at the pair "Well you will have to have a seat and order some" Honii smiled.
Now of course introductions were in order so Honii spoke first..
"Namazu this is Alynthia and the gentleman with her is prettyboy well I am sorry he never seems to get a chance to tell me his name" Honii giggled at him. " Alynthia maybe you could introduce us unless prettyboy wants to do it himself."

I am having writers block with Honii at the moment sorry this post blows... I might fix it later ..grrr..

Aku Shi
12-02-2002, 08:47 PM
PA, you did fine with Ron. ^_~ You coulda posted more, ya know. No need to be nervous about it. Hehe. He's fairly simple to play. Now, on with the show....

Oh wait! Before I begin, I just want to give Kiva a BIG hug. *huggles Kiva to death* Ok. Now I start. ^_^



Smiling at the elf with the white hair, Ron held out his hand to her to shake.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to introduce myself sooner, M'lady. Name's Ron. Ron Moaa.

As she placed her hand into his, instead of shaking it, he leaned forward and kissed it. He flashed another smile and slowly released her hand. Then he leaned back in his chair, his arms folded behind his head.

So... What's happenin' 'round here? No more attacks, it seems, so what else do you people do for entertainment?



He sat on a tree limb, his legs dangling down and kicking to a tune he had stuck in his head. He wore a faux lepord skin vest and tight vinyl black pants. The wind blew through his platinum hair, causing it to flow out like waves.

"Are you ready to focus on your lessons now, Minto?..."

Why do you think he doesn't like me?... Was it the dress, do ya think?

"Minto... Why don't you pay attention to more important things?!"

He was so beautiful... I should go back to see him again, shouldn't I? Just to say hi, at least... But what am I going to do about that girl?... Killing her would be too cruel. Besides, no telling what powers she possess... And, while I do have some power myself and I can fight, I don't know if she's more powerful... Besides, if she's Ron's friend then he wouldn't be happy that I killed her... He might never love me, then... I should make him not like her anymore. Yeah, that might work. Or have her go away or something for some reason... Sensei, do you have any ideas?

"If you don't start to pay attention to your lessons, then I'm going to have to find another to replace you."

You wouldn't do that. You've spent too many years on me already, old man.

Winking, Minto jumped down from the tree and drifted to the ground.

I'm going into town. I'll be back in a little bit and I promise I'll listen to my lessons.

12-02-2002, 09:05 PM

Nothing personal PA... but I'm rooting for Minto!


Peppa: He's so adorable!

Maachini: Even my heart of stone melts for this precious little homosexual.



"Fine," Maachini said shortly. "It'll be easier to get around you if you know. I'm sick. There are... reasons for it. To make a long story short I'm probably going to die. I trust that you'll leave me to my private moments of weakness when I ask."

Maachini clenched her fists. "Weakness. I hate it. I hate all things that are weak. Peppa's attitude towards you is an aspect I can't appreciate, but she's a strong fighter. Honii... I hope she's a more independant woman because she doesn't have much else to redeem herself in my eyes." Slanting a gaze at him, Maachini arched a brow. "I know I seem cruel. Unfortunately, I don't care what you think. You should know I am cruel. I have very high standards." She strode past him and pulled open the door. "We're going downstairs now."


I gotta say, Maachini, you are one stone cold -----.

Maachini: ...yes. And?

I like you! :D

Maachini: ...I see.

Princess Samari
12-02-2002, 09:19 PM

"It doesn't seem cruel. It if suits you go with it."

Maybe she was insane. Bagel frowned deeply but followed behind Maachini. He would talk to Masupan later about this. But for now he just had to follow Maachini's orders.

"Right with you Ma'am." Well she obviously wasn't going to surcumb to his charms any time soon.

"Though are you sure about dying? have you seen a doctor?"

12-02-2002, 09:30 PM
*Namazu looked around the table: it was beginning to get quite crowded. "Um... nice to meet you Alynthia... Ron," she tried to sound pleasant, despite the fact that she was aggravated that no one ever had time to tell her about Maachini. Hell, this was the second time her answer had been cut off today.

She watched as Ron kissed Honii's hand. "So... this is what you mean about guys fawning over you. I understand why you'd find it annoying," Namazu added with her trademark cynicism.*

Phantom Angel
12-02-2002, 10:34 PM
OOC: tiz ok, i understand *sobs* NOT! ehhe, i like minto a lot too. but ron is straight! and cute!

Alynthia: And all mine! *mad smile*

PA: umm.... *sweatdrop* you're not the double personalities chick

Dryan: That's me!

PA: get back to your own RPG! ALL OF YOU! Shakes head. (sorry guys.... too many things floating around my head!!!)


Alynthia smiled at Namazu. She liked the new girl/woman, Alynthia had never been good with determining ages. She just sat down and ordered a light lunch.

"So, any jobs floating around here?" Alynthia asked the others.

She was in need of some souls, seeing as how her money pouch was running low. Not low enough to starve, but Alynthia learned it wasn't good to be in a monetarily compromising position. She would have to depend on others, and that was not her intent.

The man with the bar owner looked suspicion. Alynthia wondered what his role would be in the whole scheme of things. He was elven, and he didn't like that. Nope, elves that had come from home was not a good sign. Not a good sign at all.... she sighed and sipped the drink that the waitress just gave her.


PA: Was that so bad?

Alynthia: Yes! *turns around and leaves*

PA: umm... wait up!!!!

Aku, I didn't post more because I didn't like the job I did with Ron the first time. I didn't want to ruin the beautiful character u created thus i prefered to take a leave of absence. I can control the male characters i create, but i really stink at controling others. i just didn't want to ruin ron. hehe, kiva knows that and she agrees with me. sorry.... hehe, i just liked ron too much! he spent the week at my house! lol! hehe. WB by the way!!! i hope u had a happy trip!!

12-02-2002, 10:53 PM
In case you have forgotten-

Me? Bru? Forget something. Why that’s preposterous, I can’t think of a single thing I’ve forgotten… what’s that smell ?

my feather-winged friend

God that smell is terrible Bru’s attention wandered as he looked to the side and sniffed. Then he realized the Daemon was still talking to him, or something. Friend ? have I ever met this guy before ? hmm… I guess he could be that one with the bludgeon back during the third war with the SenFiend… no, no that one got it’s head blown up. Or was it disemboweled ? O right I don’t care. Hey, he’s still talking, I guess that means he wasn’t the dead guy. Good for him.

we have been employed for a job

Job ? what job ? Bru’s eyes flicked back and forth suspiciously. Is someone trying to make me expend effort ? Sonuva… hey that smell is gone. No wait there it is. Jeez what is that ?

Our employer seems that she would like to forget we exist

Employer ? She ? Exist ? what the hell is he talking about ? I’m hungry. Bru looked down to the two dozen or so assorted plates, bowls, trays, and misplaced hat that lay arrayed before him as a testament to his eating. O I just ate. That’s a shame. Not that I could eat with that smell, what the hell could it be ?

and as such I would suggest that you hurry up and lead the way

Oh my lord and creator High Jerky McJerkyson this guy is still talking, Doesn’t he smell that odor? No, no of course not. He’s a daemon. I suppose he’s busy off thinking about slaughtering poodles or something equally daemon-y. Wait a minute… is he what smells so bad ?

The sooner you get done here the sooner you can come back and get drunk again

I really wish I knew what the hell he was talking about. No wait, I don’t care enough to ‘really’ nor ‘wish’ either. I guess I have a passing curiosity… dammit it is him, he is the source of the stench. How come nobody else notices this ? hmm must be a divine stinkiness. Hah I wonder who did it too him, I bet it was Zairces, that guy was always skunking daemons. Now there’s a fun guy, I wonder what ever happened to him ? Wait a minute, was he the one who got decapitated in the third war ? hah I bet he was ! O jeez, it feels so good to get that off my mind, that would have bugged me for years. I’m hungry again.

I’m sorry what we’re you saying ? I didn’t quite catch all that part right after the point where it started.

Originally posted by Hitomi_333
trademark cynicism.*

what did I do ?

12-02-2002, 11:08 PM
"I’m sorry what we’re you saying ? I didn’t quite catch all that part right after the point where it started."

Raw grimaced. He hated this. This angel was playing the part of a fool....a god damned hippy. He hated the hippies. Raw really did. He had killed so many of them back in the day through drugs it really wasn't even amusing. He hadn't doen that for the pleasure of killing but instead to rid the world of such bizarre people.

"We're going. NOW. You are leading me. Did you catch it that time?"

Raw was about ready to shove his claws into Bru's chest and use the hole as a carrying handle to take him out of the bar.

Princess Samari
12-02-2002, 11:16 PM

Yeah this was fun. No money no coffee. That man had left to early for her to convince him to buy her coffee. That imp wouldn't give it away. She was pretty sure Maachini wouldn't either.

"Coffeeeee..." If she were home she would have coffee. Why didn't she just go home? simple. It was a long walk. And she hadn't the money for a taxi. "I should have thought about that before I drank so much"

Damn how she wished Tamari could drive. Oh god..Tamari!! "Eeeep!" Udon stood quickly dusting herself off before calling out "I need money for a cab! quickly! can anyone spot me?" She eyed the room nervously "Look I don't wanna return to my house on fire!" Last time Tamari *missed* her he had eaten everything in the house and then almost alerted the neighbors with his noise. If they had tried to see what was going on..well they would have known she was syphoning electricty from them. That would have resulted in..


13-02-2002, 12:11 AM
OOC: You know what I meant, Trademark. *icy glare... eh, not really icy. Perhaps only frosty.* Actually... I had forgotten that you were even in this RPG... lol. But, eh yeah... the word trademark, not your s/n.

No point for an IC post now, I'll just wait for Trinity.

Hungry.... must find food... peanut butter *begins drooling*

13-02-2002, 12:42 AM
Honii: "Alynthia I can assure you Ron is all yours he is not my type...nor will he ever be..."

Yes well glad that is over hmmm... ok to the task at hand...

Kiva I hope that was ok in reguards to Maachini..


Honii mumbled under her breath "Prettyboy who fancies himself to be a ladies man." Honii was not impressed while Ron was lovely to look at and there was no denying that. He was so fake it oozed out of his every orifice she almost gagged on the sickening display.

Honii really hated that kind of male attention it was so put on. It was no wonder inwardly she was laughing upon hearing Namazu remark close to her ear.

So... What's happenin' 'round here? No more attacks, it seems, so what else do you people do for entertainment?

" We do lots of things umm I am quite sure someone as lovely as yourself could find someone ....I mean something to entertain yourself with" she smirked.

"So, any jobs floating around here?" Alynthia had asked
Honii knew right away that well it seemed to her that Alynthia was broke perhaps.
" I suggest you talk to Maachini about that when she gets back and has the time to deal with you. She has alot on her mind at the moment." she smiled.
"In the mean time if you are hungry order something and see I am charged for it ok?"

" Now Namazu what did you want to know, oh yes right about meeting Maachini. Well you just do not meet her. It is more of whether she wants to see or meet you. She is a very busy lady and I myself do not get a lot of chances to talk with her. If you like I could see if if I could get you an introduction"she grinned.

'I just bet Maachini has something to say to me in reguards to Raw anyways'

Honii waved at the bartender to bring another drink for Namazu..

13-02-2002, 12:58 AM
*Namazu grinned happily at Honii. "You treat me so well," she laughed receiving her new drink. "Actually, I was more wondering exactly who Maachini was," she sighed thoughtfully. "I'm afraid that I don't know much of anything about the Drunk Tank.... well, other than they have fine alcoholic beverages," she added grinning.

Her stomach grumbled showing its disatisfaction with only being given drinks. 'We have plenty of ramen at home, I'll just have to wait,' she thought. She decided to take her mind off of her hunger. "What was that about the attack? What was it exactly that happened last night? I should know... I mean, I was here after all, only sort of out of it," she grinned sheepishly at her lack of information due to the fact that she was drunk last night. 'Ah, well no use dwelling on the past. Can't take away all of those drinks now,' she thought.*

Princess Samari
13-02-2002, 02:20 AM

"Excuse me?! does anyone have enough to loan me cab fare?!" If she didn't get home soon there was no telling what Tamari would do. Oh god...her comics...what would he do to her comics?!

"This is important!!" she crossed around to all the tables trying to plead her case. "I have a demonic cat at home who wil burn or eat everything if I don't get back soon." Well..maybe she could call him again and ask how everything was. Maybe Maachini would let her use her cell phone. Where was Maachini?!

"Great Kami-Sama if you see fit..at least save my mint condition copy of the justice league number one.."

Aku Shi
13-02-2002, 09:20 AM
OOC, yet using characters... Hmm... They should come up with a new thing for that... Yeah, anyway....
TM, you crack me up!!! That post of yours was SOOOO funny!!! I'm still laughing!! I think I'm in love with your character... Now, how do I break it to Kev that I'm leaving him for a fictional character in an RPG?... Hmmm....

Minto: Hey look!!! People think I'm cute!!!! I hope Ron saw that... *looks around for his beloved* Then maybe he'll consider going out on a date with me or something...

Ron: Not your type, Honii!? Nooooo!!!! Damn it all... Just what about me don't you like?! C'mon, I could so rock your world, and you know it! Jeez... At least give me a chance before you dismiss me... Oh, I get it... You only like big ugly demon dudes, is that it?... *grumbles and crosses his arms* And giving me solely to Alynthia... Ron Moaa has NEVER been a one woman man, hon. The majority of the female world would mourn me if I ever committed, ya know...

Minto: WHAT?!?! No, you aren't Alynthia's!!!! Who said you were?!?! I'll kill 'em!!!!! You're mine!!!! *latches onto Ron's arm*

Heh... Hmmm... Perhaps I should post a real post now... *scratches head and thinks* I dunno... Maybe. Yeah, it might be nice...


His frosty eyes fell upon the Drunk Tank. It seemed that he had been going there a lot recently, when he never really was interested in bars before. Minto's ears twitched as he strained to sort through the voices coming from the bar. Slowly a smile came across his lips. Ron was there.

Taking a deep breath, Minto decided to let go of all his inner fear and shyness. He marched right up to the Drunk Tank and flung open the door. The light from behind him caused his outline to glow and the rest of his body to be cast into a silhouette. Then, ever so slowly, he entered, the door closing behind him. As the light of the bar illuminated his form, his eyes flashed.

The last time he had come in there he was dressed as a pretty girl. Today, however, he looked like the attractive man he was. His small silver medallion of the Gort shimmered on his chest, which was exposed through the opening in the vest. He grinned wide as he ran his fingers back through his lovely hair. For today at least, he was going to be a playboy.



As he sat back in his chair, he raised a brow at Honii. It seemed to him that she disliked him. Odd behavior for a woman in Ron's presence. Then, for some reason unknown to us on-lookers, Ron lowered his head and smiled. It was a strangely cunning smile, one that seemed to know something, or perhaps have a plan hidden behind it. Or, maybe it was just the smile of a man who had given up. Only Ron knows.

Well, ladies, it was nice talking with you all, but I really have more important things to do.

His silver eyes shot up and gave them all a strangely cold look. However, the smile remained.

Believe it or not, I actually have a life. And, there's no use wasting my time with women who do not want my company. Please, forgive me if I sound rude, but I treat people the way they treat me.

He winked at Honii as he stood from the table.

Now, if you'll excuse me, ladies... Most likely you won't see me again, so this may very well be a final farewell. Well... Good-bye.

Just as he turned to leave, however, the door of the bar flew open. In stepped a young man who looked oddly familiar. Carefully studying the man's face, Ron's eyes widened and he stepped back, bonking the table.

Oh sh¡t... Not him again...

13-02-2002, 09:31 AM

Beware, Aku-sama. I fell in love with Bru too- and then I found out that TM based it off himself.

Why won't someone just shoot me?

Peppa: Trademark is a circus midget!

Montorei: With no hair!

Paafei: anudo'nou'chissu.

Maachini: Hooray, we're doing fan service. ¬.¬ Is it necessary for me to be in my underwear in that picture.


Maachini: I hate you.

I'll do a real post later!

Aku Shi
13-02-2002, 09:36 AM
Hmmm... Well, Bru is sorta like him in a way... But Bru has wings and stuff. I like wings. TM doesn't have wings, so it's not the same. And yes, he's a circus midget. :p

Fan service?! Where?! Huh!?!? *looks around*

And please, call me Shi. No need to be so formal. *stops short* You called me sama!!!!!! *squeels and dances around* I feel special!
(So as not to get in trouble for chit-chatting, posts something. Yeah.)


Ah, Ron noticed him. He seemed surprised. Perhaps it was the way Minto was dressed. Perhaps Ron expected Minto to be wearing a dress or something. Thinking on that, Minto chuckled. Ron was so adorable....

Greetings there, Ron. How are you today?

Still grinning big, Minto strolled up to a small table near the one Ron had been sitting at and sat down. Using his foot, he edged another chair out from the table a little as a way of telling Ron to join him.

Buy me a drink, love?

13-02-2002, 09:42 AM

Moushiwake gozaimasen, Shi-sama! *bows before her* I am too embarrassed to post the 'fan service pictures' that I drew because they... well... *cough* turned into hentai.

Peppa: :_: I feel violated.

Maachini: Make the tentacles go away... *shiver*

Sorry about that, girls. I'll make it up to you later!

Chesta chesta chesta
13-02-2002, 12:08 PM
OOC: They are all running wild! Wargh! RPG characters all over the place! Kragh!


Kuran leaned back in the chair. She liked this chair, it was infront of the mirror where she was busy grooming and making herself look 'pretty'. She had managed to make Honii look alright but herself was bit more of a problem.

Not only did she overdose on the foundation, blinked when she was pathetically trying to add eyeliner, she had also realised that if you were adding rouge you should give the brush a light blow before putting it on, unless you wanted two large red blobs on your checks.

"If I do my hair like this!"

It was just a problem of getting it off, and the fact that none of Honii's lipsticks were whole, she 'kinda' rolled them up too much and they snapped. So the bottom of her feet were covered with mushed lipstick sticks and her face looked like she had a run in with a gang of psycho make up clowns.

"More white!"

But she kinda liked it, needed to be a bit more white and she was positive she could be passed off as a Panda bear.


Kuran had tried to fix the glittery dress, but the stapler she had used wouldn't fix the seams properly and it kept falling apart. So she decided that it wasn't good enough for Honii any longer and she might aswell have it. Cutting a big hole in the middle of it she had pulled it over her head and justed one of the straps for a belt.

The thing about the dress was that it was flimsy and kinda long, the think about Kuran was she was used to wearing shorts and was rather short, she added this to a pair of Honii's shoes and thought she looked great.

Wobbling through the hallway, putting the shoes back on as they kept falling off. She couldn't have been happier, apart from the time she did washing machine rodeo, which had been kinda fun but very painful.

Peering over the top of the stairs, she glanced around in the bar. The Big Meanie was still there with some Feather brain, and them Tree Hugging Elves had been multiplying again.

She sat down at the top of the stairs, hugging her knees, giving a loud sigh. She felt phobic about something but wasn't to sure about what though. Maybe how the bar wasn't as busy as it had been before 'the incident', maybe the fact that something nasty had happened or maybe it was just because she was still thinking about them damned squirrels.

"I want ears like Honii and put pearls in them" she muttered to herself, rubbing the tip of her ears between her thumb and index finger. She wanted sparkly bits aswell, then maybe people would admire her as they admired Honii.

"I am GOING to get ears like that!"

Phantom Angel
13-02-2002, 05:27 PM
Alynthia smiled at Honii, but chose not to take her offer. She was on the verge of being broke, but she chose not to take the elf's offer. No, she would handle things her way.

The elf girl chose to ignore that fact that Ron was on the verge of leaving. Alynthia could feel her temper rise, and she didn't want to lose it. It appeared to her that Ron didn't get anything through his thick skull. Her whole attempt to cheer him up was useless. Alynthia deemed him irrecuperable.

"Let him go! What do I care he didn't understand anything?" Alynthia thought furiously.

She thought back to what Honii had said to Ron. It was true that he flirted with every girl there was, but Alynthia could feel there was more to him that met the eye. His whole flirting was only a means to hide his true self. Or so Alynthia thought. But it could be the influence of too many psychological books. She didn't know, and didn't care.

"I'll just have to ask Maachini then. Umm... is she in a good mood?" Alynthia asked, fearing that the bar owner would not be so happy after he place got rampaged and turned all upside down.

13-02-2002, 06:08 PM

Honii: Its all about the ones you cannot have Ron and you should know that!! Much more of a challenge...


Honii was feeling a bit overwhelmed all of a sudden and she did not want to talk about the attack.But that did not stop her from being polite to all those around her.
" Listen any questions about Maachini or in reguards to her should in all good honesty be answered by her. I will attempt to introduce you when the time is right" she smiled.
"As for the attack, please I do not want to talk about it,....so much blood..I"m sorry.."

Honii felt a small shiver run down her spin..closing her eyes for a few seconds.

It was just shortly after that strange elf showed up who she had seen with another of her dresses. And for some reason she had the this feeling that he or was it a her had something to do with her belongings being strewn all over the The Drunk Tank.
"If you will excuse me"

Honii got up and walked to where the it sat..She was visually irritated....
" You....you there I think that you have some explaining to do? Yes you silly little thing your..... Lle n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina" she blurted out in elven..

" I have this sneaky feeling you have something to do with my belongings being strewn about" she shook her finger at him. Her face a mild crimson red. Honii was sure she was being watched by the assembled patrons at the Tank, since she rarely lost her temper and never in public.

" Stop that cowering and say something!" her eyes narrowed.

elven translation for your enjoyment....You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny......

13-02-2002, 06:22 PM
OOC: Trinity, is there a site that translates stuff into elven? I've been wondering where you find that. *sniffles* I don't know elven... hell, sometimes English is enough of a problem for me, lol.

IC: *Namazu looked up as Honii left, she seemed to be a "woman on a mission"; there was no use trying to talk to her, and even less to try and stop her. Ron had left earlier, so it was only down to her and Alynthia at the table.

"It sounds like we'll have to meet Maachini ourselves then, if either of us hope to find any answers. But then again, she may not want to talk. I suppose if we got her drunk enough, she might spill some info," Namazu said, turning to Alynthia. A grin came across her face again, she was half-kidding: she didn't really have any intention to try and get Maachini drunk, but she didn't doubt that she could get her to talk if she did. Perhaps the effect of her drinks had started to kick in... or maybe it was simply silliness of getting to talk to so many other people in such a short span of time.*

Phantom Angel
13-02-2002, 11:30 PM
Alynthia grinned back.

"I don't think she'll give me a job if I get her drunk. That's one woman I do not wish to tick off!" she smiled at Namazu. "By the way, I'm.... Alynthia." she extended a small hand politely.

The elf looked over to her side, and then back at Namazu. She hated how people left whenever she came around. It looked like she had a knack for killing conversations. First Ron wanted to leave Limbo... then Honii left abruptely, when Alynthia wasn't even talking about the masacre of the previous night. It seemed to the elven woman that she had a special ability to kill conversations. She hoped the girl in front of her wouldn't leave too. Alynthia was really getting the feeling she wasn't liked.

OOC: Hitomi, is Namazu elven? i forgot... eheh, sorry!!! plz tell me asap.

14-02-2002, 12:49 AM
OOC: Nope, full blooded demon. I have a pretty picture of her on my site, I posted it in the general information thing... but if you've forgotten it and want to see it again, PM me and I'll give you the addy.

IC: "I guess you're right. Alcohol really isn't the answer to everything," Namazu replied. Wasn't THAT the truth?

She shook Alynthia's hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Namazu Mizutaki," then she nodded her head in the direction of the table that the other members of her band were sitting at eating. "And those guys are the other members of our band, PsychoNemisis. We played here last night, between Honii's sets. You see the big dumb one? That's Shioni... I suggest you avoid him; he's even dumber than he looks." Namazu laughed internally at the fact that she had ruined Shioni's chance with another one... not like he needed the help, though.

"So, what brings you to the Drunk Tank? Were you here with that guy who was trying to hit on Honii? Guys... such pathetic creatures. But then again, life would be boring without them. I just love torturing the boys," she smirked, thinking about her high school days. What was that nick name that people had for her, "the evil b---- monster"? She almost laughed out loud thinking about those days... such fun, the band was formed even back then... except Higashi wasn't with them then instead it was........*

Chesta chesta chesta
15-02-2002, 07:00 AM
Kuran heart rose as she saw Honii walk across the floor, with the same grace as usual but her face was telling a different story. That odd looking elf looked like he had pissed her off greatly and Kuran hobbled down the stairs. Walked up behind Honii, peering from behind her back at the elf she was shouting at, giving a small nod now and again, pulling a frown that made her forehead wrinkle slightly.

Honii was teaching him a lesson, talking about some clothes, but whatever he had done, Kuran was positive that he deserved any kind of pain that could be distributed. Honii quiet down, waiting for the elf to answer her and Kuran took this as a small cue to rush up kick his leg and return from the safeness of Honiis back.

”Making my Honii upset like that! Nasty tree hugging hippie!

She stuck her tongue out at him, just to prove her point as like Honii she was not happy, Kuran wasn’t too sure why, but she wasn’t happy.

15-02-2002, 09:14 AM

"I see doctors when it suits me, Bagel." She hissed in frustration as she headed out the door, not even noticing Furu as she stepped over him. "It's none of your business in any case. Now let's get downstairs and try to make sure Honii isn't starting to cause too much trouble."

"Honii?" Bagel started and Maachini held up a hand.

"This is my bar, Bagel. Don't you think I have agents everywhere?" She swept aside her hair and revealed her earring. "They tell me what's happening when I'm not there."

"Why?" Bagel asked.

"Mr. Vances, have you seen the kinds of people who frequent my bar? I want to keep an eye on them. Now lets go before Honii makes the poor boy cry." Maachini rolled her eyes and stepped into the elevator.

Princess Samari
15-02-2002, 09:22 AM

"Okay thats it." Grumbling to herself about how it would seem that the residents of Limbo have wax in their ears Udon looked around desperatly for some stupid male to try and seduce.

"......" Well...maybe that imp...?


Wait! there was that chick she had gotten drunk with before..whats her name..good ole whats her name. "Aw hell..I can't remember..!" Udon just frowned and walked over almost throwing herself infront of Namazu. "Excuse me! you remember me from last night? I *NEED* change for a cab home. Please this is urgent! i'll pay you back I swear!"

OOC: Ignore that! ha! ahahahaahahaaaaaaa!!!!

Aku Shi
15-02-2002, 01:52 PM
Poor Ron... He's still standing next to the table, but no one notices him... :( And, Trin, Minto's wearing an open vest that reveals his masculine chest pretty dang well. His gender is only questionable while he's in drag. When he's dressed like a dude, he's a VERY nice looking young man.

He stood there, ignored. He might as well have left already, no one seemed to realize he existed anymore. Well, there was one who did... He noticed uneasily that Minto's eyes seemed to be locked on him. Honii was chewing the boy out, but the kid didn't even seem to notice. Ron found that odd, though. There was a beautiful woman right in front of Minto, but he totally looked right through her. He didn't think it was possible for someone to be THAT gay. Then again, Ron never was the type to know much about that sort of stuff. He preferred to stay away from it. Unless of course it involved women. No, he had no problem at all with women liking other women. As long as he was around to watch.

Anyway, as much as he found that punk annoying, the freak DID help him out with making Alynthia's bed. Ron had to give him that much. And, it wasn't right that the boy should be scolded for helping others.

Shaking his head, Ron strolled up to Minto's table and gently edged Honii out of the way of his chair. Releasing a deep sigh he sat down and looked to the kid, then to Honii.

Calm down, ma'am. It wasn't the boy's fault. I asked him to help me find something soft to create a bed for Alynthia. She was very fatigued, you see, and I wanted to help her out. If any damage has been done, then I shall do my best to reimburse you. But, there's no need to yell at this guy. He did nothing wrong. If you need someone to yell at, let it be me.

An obstruction had made her way into his view of Ron. Just over her shoulder he could still see his beloved's face, so he continued to stare, blocking out the yammering of the woman. Then something hit his leg. He was too distracted to really feel it. But, he did slowly raise the hit leg and cross it over the other one, perhaps to prevent another attack. It simply added to the play boy look he had going, however.

Eventually he sighed a little and looked at the woman who was talking to him. His eyes showed how unimpressed he was by her temper, and he simply blinked once slowly to build on the emotion. Or lack there of...

And why are you here again?

Just then his attention shot back to Ron as he noticed the man making his way over. The woman was moved over a little and the chair he had pushed out earlier had an occupant. He stared in disbelief as Ron went on to tell the woman to lay off. Ron was sticking up for him? What did that mean? Could he possibly--... Minto smiled a little, his eyes shimmering.

15-02-2002, 02:42 PM
*"Sure, Udon. The rest of the night is fuzzy, but I do remember you enough," Namazu replied. Damn, this fox-woman looked desperate for some money. She went to go search through her pockets, before realizing that she had none. And no money, it was Honii who had been treating her to all of those drinks.

"Uh... I don't seem to have any pockets, but if you'll wait a sec, I'll go get some money," she told Udon, getting up from the table.

She walked over to the next table, where her band was and smacked Shioni upside the head. "Ow! Damnit, Namazu, what the hell was that for?"

"Give me some money," Namazu demanded, putting her hand out.

"You'll just waste it on beer, you're like a wino," he accused her.

"I will not, and it's my money too. I'm the lead singer! And I had to strut across the stage in leather to keep the show entertaining. I deserve some of that money, or else next show YOU cand do the strutting!" Namazu exclaimed.

"She has a point," Higashi muttered.

"Fine, though it's impossible for me to strut from behind the drumset," Shioni handed her some cash.

"You're a doll!" she replied pleasantly, returning to the table.

"Okay, here you go. Um, good luck on whatever you need the cab for," Namazu said, and sat back down at the table, where she still had half a drink.*

15-02-2002, 02:47 PM
We're going. NOW. You are leading me. Did you catch it that time?

O’le stinky had a point that rang faintly factual in the back of Bru’s mind, there was something he told someone about doing sometime. Or at least he thought he had. Maybe.

With a sigh originating only in the haughtiness stemming from an arrogance found in an self-esteem based on an ego encompassing all of creation and then some, Bru announced his distaste for the effort he’d no doubt be exerting soon for a cause he couldn’t remember and a reason he’s not sure he ever had. The pure unadulterated might put forth by such an act caused a small tremor to wring its way through the Drunk Tank in a pulse of disgust, shaking glasses, tables, chairs, and people alike. Awash his own loathing, Bru stretched in a way he had perfected over the millennia to perfectly instill in his audience the exact thoughts going through his mind, roughly translated from empathy to words as Your presence annoys me, I’d hope for you to explode somehow if you mattered to me in the least.

A single tendril of his divine wing materialized through the leather of his jacket to point towards the door, the vision of the semi drooping motion so dripping with laziness anyone watching would feel their eyelids noticeably become heavier. In retrospect, several patrons probably regret looking at the brightly glowing distraction, as with another thinner, dimmer segment of O-so long and nimble wing, Bru snaked through the handles of a few mugs and pulled them toward him, instantly hiding them under his jacket nonchalantly.

A bit to wet the whistle while wandering, eh? Nothing wrong with that.

And so, with a final display of all things Bru-ish, he made his exit from the bar and onto his journey. He presumed the Daemon followed, assuredly. At least, he would presume had he cared, but no, no Bru’s mind was wrapped in the gist of wandering that always seemed to catch up with him, that freedom from the walled constrictions and emergence back into the reality surrounding him.

There was a reason Bru stuck to the material plane, beyond that of hiding from divine retribution. From the advent of his creation, Bru had found himself enamored with all this corporeal, the interaction that had the distinction lacking from the O- too smooth holy realm and a flowing interconnected bliss lacking from the O-so starkly contrasting hellish realm. The medley of both aspects inspired Bru, gave him a reason for being, a realization that his immortality was only a tool to be used to contribute and appreciate reality as it was, could be, and is. In his mind, he began the next page in his journal-

A Chariot pulled by twin steed stolen steadfast stark sealed solid in desire
Leather bindings taut and drawn harshly against muscled flanks
Flexing sexually in unrefined primal lust driven harder over stronger
Fear full throated teeth turned fangs by furious striving want.
Primed primped passion born breed and burning brawn
Flex full interspersed with light aloft lingering daintily down from sky-

His musing were interrupted as he suddenly realized he wasn’t quite sure what the mission was exactly.

So Daemon, don’t mind me as I shall refer to you as Pepi, this thing that we’re supposed to be doing for someone of importance, it would be dealing with what now?

Once Bru once on a topic, he was quite good at dealing with it and doing whatever, whoever, whenever needed to be done.


It's okay to love the Bru, the Bru loves you all.
It's okay to love the TM, simply because he is so damned lovable.

hah but please don't break it to Kev, or at least let him down lightly, eh ? Being a buddy of Bru, *cough* i mean TM, he is deserving of that. Good O'le Kev. Oooo ! ask him if he wants me to send the Noir series down, its good stuff.

*waves to everyone else* i like this RPG

Aku Shi
15-02-2002, 03:05 PM
*chuckles* TM post funny things...

Anyway, I think I'll keep Kev for a bit longer... I'll ask him about Noir, though. ^_~

*can't wait for the next Bru post*

15-02-2002, 03:37 PM
"So Daemon, don’t mind me as I shall refer to you as Pepi, this thing that we’re supposed to be doing for someone of importance, it would be dealing with what now?"

Raw's jaw dropped. It took some effort, usually, to surprise and amaze a demon as such. The complete and total disregard, the lack of any caring at all in Bru's demeanor was enough to surprise him.

"You mean to tell me you don't even know what you're doing?! I'm just supposed to escort you and make sure you get the job done. They never told me what you were doing."

Raw continued to meander behind Bru, since Bru was walking oh so lazily, it was all Raw could do not pass him.

Phantom Angel
15-02-2002, 03:52 PM
OOC: Shi.... sorry! i thought Ron made his way over to Minto.... woops... i should stop reading this from school. Anyhow...

Alynthia noticed that Honii went over to Minto and started yelling at him because of the bed Ron made for her. She sighed and decided that since it was her fault, she might as well go straighten it out herself. She didn't need anyone to fight her battles for her.

"Excuse me for a second Namazu. I have to go straighten a few things out with Honii." she said simply and got up from the table.

With fast steps, Alynthia directed herself to the small group. She gently pushed Ron aside and moved towards Honii.

"Thank you very much for your chivalry Ron, but since I started this, I better fix it." she told him, and flashed him a timid smile.

"Honii, I would like to say that this is all my fault. I was so tried last night that these guys over here took it upon themselves to make me a bed. I literally fell asleep at the table. Minto here was very nice and took some of your dressed and made a bed cover. I am very sorry they got ruined, but it is not his fault. He was only trying to help. If you will please tell me how much that makes, I will pay you back for the damage I caused." Alynthia finished her long speech. Well, actually, it was short and simple. Very concise, Alynthia prided herself on her ability to make fast deals.

She sincerely hoped that Honii wouldn't be too mad at her. The dark haired elf liked the singer. Her voice was positively beautiful.

"If anyone's to blame, it's me for not having more stamina. Don't take it out on these guys." Alynthia added and smiled at Ron and Minto.

She was glad Ron hadn't left yet. Minto however was gawking at him. Alynthia groaned internally. If Ron stayed in Limbo longer, Alynthia was curious to see what Minto would do. She guessed that the ex-crossdresser (he was wearing normal clothes, now) would make a move on Ron.

OOC: heheh, *cowers* sorry trin... your dresses were precious... but Alynthia's sleep was very sweet... *smiles*

15-02-2002, 05:05 PM

Shi I am sorry for not picking up on that I will edit my post...

Honii could tell he was not listening to her in fact it was making her more infuriated. She had felt Kuran, well no she had smelled her before she had felt her. She must have everyone of Honii’s fragrances on her small frame. Honii welcomed the support Kuran was showing her.
But still the elf ignored her. “And why are you here again?” was his reply.
She was about to do something drastic well at least for Honii it was but she got interrupted by pretty boy. She turned to look at him her nose wrinkling just slightly.

Her mind sorta went blank after “Ma’am” he called her ma’am she had been called some things but that was an insult. This Adonis wanna be who thought that he was gods gift to all women stood there calling her ma’am. He rambled on a bit before he was interrupted by still another Alynthia. Honii listened to all the rhetoric that was being placed in her direction it was becoming to much.

She was irritated to say the least, but the sheer hopelessness of all these interruptions played in her mind. She stood there and shrugged almost laughing really as it must have looked quite comical to everyone around it. She paused a brief second feeling Kuran clinging to her leg.
“ F*ck it” was all she said. Yes little Miss Honii Keikki swore and sat herself down in the silence.

Princess Samari
15-02-2002, 08:08 PM

"Thank you! oh thank you!" Laughing like a mad woman Udon turned and dashed out the door waving her money as a cab pulled up.

What looked like a giant ferret poked its head out motioning her inside. "Where to lady?" Udon hopped inside and slammed the door shut looking nervously out the window. "Pine please."

The ferret chuckled and pulled out of the parking lot before peeling out and speeding away.


"Yes Ma'am." Bagel followed Maachini into the elevator yawning. Not much had happened so far. But he had only been there a little while. He recalled Masupans phone call as they waited to go down.

Bagel: "Mm..hello?"
Masupan: "Daaaahling how are you!?"
Bagel: winces holding the phone a little away from his ear before returning it. "Hello Masupan. I'm fine. How are you?"
Masupan: "Just awful. Dahling I have a favor to ask.."
Bagel: "Yes Masupan?"
Masupan: "Well you seee..I have a friend. Her name is Maachini And she is in need of your protection right now. But this is a very serious and dangerous task and I need you to catch a cab to the drunk tank tonight."
Bagel: "That'll cost you Masupan. Its late and I need my sleep." *giggle*
Masupan: "What was that?"
Bagel: "What?"
Masupan: "Oh nevermind. In any case I am willing to pay."
Bagel: "Alright once this is over we'll discuss fee."
Masupan: "You are a gem Dahling!"
Bagel: "One question though Masupan..in all the time i've worked with you you've never said my name. Do you even remember it?"
Masupan: "What do you think the Dahling is for Dahling?"
Bagel: "Right. I'll call you later."
Masupan: "Ciao!"

Of course he had company at the time. But they didn't mind waiting for him to get off the phone. And after a few fond farewells and a couple of drinks he had his pants on and was out the door.

15-02-2002, 09:33 PM
*Namazu watched Udon run out of the bar after screaming "thank you" a couple of times. "Okay... interesting..." she said to herself. "Well, looks like I'm alone again. I wonder how I always manage to scare them all away?" Namazu looked at her reflection in the glass: spikes coming out of her arms, and large bat-like wings... "Okay, so I'm not as cute and harmless as an elf like Alynthia or Honii... but that doesn't mean that I don't have feelings too, damn it!" Namazu surprised herself by screaming the last part out loud enough for half of the bar to hear.

"Eh-heh... and I'm over here talking to myself right now. I'm not pitiful in the least," Namazu's sarcasm was targetted at herself this time. She considered sitting with the guys, but went back to finishing her drink.*

Phantom Angel
15-02-2002, 10:42 PM
OOC: you didn't scare Alynthia... she just didn't want pple to be blamed because of her. we'll be back.

Alynthia stared at Honii. The elven singer sure was weird.

"Umm... so how much do I owe you?" she asked, a little unsure of how to proceed.

OOC: trin... your post... umm... confused me...

16-02-2002, 12:41 AM
Honii just sat there her elbows on the table hands supporting her head. Alynthia started to ramble about paying for..
"Alynthia, what part of f*ck it did you not understand? Just forget it I seriously give up. You were tired that is fine. The only thing I do not understand is why though you just did not go and lie down in my dressingroom. Just forget it, finished I seriously do not want to hear about it."
Honii was really peaved at the remark of ma'am it really bothered her. She kept hearing it over in her mind.
Kuran sat down at the table with her all dolled out. Honii wanted to laugh but that would have been rude. Another one of her good dresses wrapped around her and fit for the scrap heap. She looked a sight, but still she could not get over the remark. She was ready to confront the prettyboy about it but he seemed to preoccupied with the crossdressing elf and Alynthia's attempts of denile of having feelings for him she turned her head to Kuran.

' Kuran do I look old to you?" she asked

Phantom Angel
16-02-2002, 01:19 AM
Alynthia saw that Honii was... well in lack of any other word she would have used pissed. Yes, she was very pissed. Something about her age.

"Well, what do I do? 1. Stay here and look like a fool. 2. Talk to Ron 3. Try to make peace with Honii 4. Try to smooth things over. 5. Leave and pay Honii back some other time. 6. Continue to stand here trying to look intelligent..."

Alynthia didn't know what to do. She certainly didn't want to upset Honii any longer. The elf had been a friend, and a helper, adn Alynthia wanted to repay the singer for her kindness. Talking to Ron was not an option, since she didn't know what to say and didn't want to seem like she was overinsisting he stay. Plus, he missed the point she was trying to make, so there was no use in trying to do anything about it. Smoothing things over again was unindicated, seeing as how the atmosphere was pretty tense, and Alynthia had a feeling whatever she would say would be wrong. Thus three choices remained. Looking stupid, looking intelligent or leaving...

"Iny miny miny mo. Catch a tiger by the toe...." Alynthia truly didn't know what to do. "How does one look intelligent when one already looks foolish?" Alynthia didn't know, and she didn't want to think about it. Mental puzzles were not meant to be solved now. "Option one and two are out, so I guess this leaves... three." Alynthia thought.

"This is it.. I'm leaving. I look foolish enough. I will pay Honii back later. Maybe I'll go to that Namazu girl. She looks like she could use some company. Better than just looking foolish right here. Nope, I'm done looking foolish. That's it... I'm getting out of here..." Her decision finally made, Alynthia muttered some sort of goodbye and made her way to Namazu's table.

"Mind if I sit down?" she asked smiling politely.

OOC: midnight insanity... yes my mind actually works like that... quite scary...

16-02-2002, 01:34 PM
*"But that would mean you'd be sitting on my imaginary friend," Namazu smiled. "You were sitting here earlier, unless you've managed to become my enemy in the few minutes you were gone, I'd say it's okay."

"So, what was that about? Honii seems a like upset about something," Namazu said turning around to look at Honii sitting alone, then she turned back to Alynthia to hear the answer.*

Phantom Angel
16-02-2002, 01:58 PM
Alynthia sat down beside Namazu and at the mention of Honii stiffened.

"I'm not sure why she's mad, 'cuz I wasn't there when the whole thing started. But I think it's something about her age." Alynthia said quietly.

16-02-2002, 02:11 PM
*"Age? I didn't think she was that vain," Namazu mused.

"Do you know many of the people who come here regularly, or those who are here right now? I'm afraid I don't get out much, or meet many people. And when I do, I don't remember half of what happened the next day," she joked.

Looking around the bar, she was curious as to what everyone's stories were. Meeting people had never been easy for Namazu, she wasn't shy or anything... it's just that she could hardly be called "charming." 'The hell with what they think,' she thought angrily. 'They can take me as I am, or not at all. I don't need their approval. Her defiant attitude was beginning to come out again as it did when she drank.*

Aku Shi
16-02-2002, 03:37 PM
Ack! It was just Ron being polite! He meant nothing by it, Honii!!! Oh dear... Now Ron's gonna be mad at me for making him say that...
Ron: You bet your sweet ass I'm mad... ¬_¬

"Kuran do I look old to you?"

Minto tore his eyes off of Ron long enough to glance at the elven woman. Then, sighing and shaking his head, he looked down at the table.

An elf worrying about her age... What is this world coming to? Age means nothing to us, or don't you know that?

He looked back up at her, his head still tilted slightly towards the table. The wind outside blew the limbs of a tree in front of a window and the light danced between the leaves and in Minto's eyes.

You know, when I first came here, I was drawn here by your singing. But, like any song bird, I see that you care about the way you look far too much. *chuckles* Did you know that a bird will kill itself by flying into a mirror because it feels threatened by the beauty of its own reflection? Vanity is a very dangerous thing, miss. Course, who am I to talk? I love nice clothes. But, I never worry about my age. Then again... That could be because I haven't aged in a long while....

Minto suddenly froze. He hadn't meant to say the last part, it just kinda slipped out. Maybe Ron didn't notice... Minto doubted that the man would be interested in some old dude. Managing to cover up his inner fear with a calm exterior, he played with his Gort charm, casually sliding it on its cord to give the appearance of boredom.

Alynthia came, defended Minto, and offered to repay Honii. Ron sat silently, a bit surprised that Alynthia would actually help the kid. Then Honii cursed and sat down. There was discussion about repaying and not repaying and then Alynthia eventually wandered off. But, Ron's attention was now on Honii, who seemed upset, but not as much over the clothes anymore. He stared at her, curious.

"Kuran do I look old to you?"

Ron raised a brow. What brought that on? Minto started to rattle on about something, but Ron paid no attention. Instead, he was desperately trying to figure out why the woman was suddenly so preoccupied by what age she appeared to be.

18. Maybe 19.

Ron interjected once the other male at the table ceased his talking. He knew that the question wasn't directed towards him, but he couldn't help but say something.

16-02-2002, 03:45 PM
Furu thought about what he had just heard Maachini say. So she WAS sick...and very badly even. Furu's first thought was ofcourse to try to help his friend. There had to be a way to cure her! As Maachini and her bodyguard had left, Furu fluttered softly inside the room they had just been in, still making sure that no one was around until he sat himself down on the edge of a table and sighed. He tried to think of something that resembled her illness or a cure for that.

" Darn it! My memory just hasn't been the same since that incident...hmm...I could go ask them, but don't know what kind of a reception they'd give me. Oh well...I just might make it out with a few fireballs and other spells of destruction thrown at me." Furu spoke to himself as he stood up on his hind legs and started pacing from one end to the other, rubbing his chin with a claw. He was pretty sure he could find the information needed where he thought about going, but getting there in the first place in one piece might be little bit more of a problem. Well first he'd need to analyze Maachinis illness more closely and for that he needed evidence.

It wasn't that long when Furu was digging through different drawers, looking for stuff. He already had a bag next to him that contained some underwear, the towel Maachini had just used after her shower and other items.

" Hmm..yes yes...must gather evidence..."

16-02-2002, 04:35 PM

Jam and Pill


I haven't been posting for a while. I was drawing a picture of my new character for Factory Default, the nine year old girl who is sexually aroused by firearms. I really like her. She is the tool of the devil. I have a picture of her blushing and looking lovingly at a Ruger Super Redhawk twelve-inch custom. Mmmm....


Okay, so sooner or later we're going to have to move along. I need to kick Bru and Raw out so that they can go do their thing. Things are happening! We are moving slowly but surely.

I'd like to talk to each of you either on AIM (I'm Seraphina Tevien) or through PMs. I need to work stuff out with you. Sam and I are still talking about it and soon she'll be able to completely direct you, leaving me free to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and draw pictures of little girls who have a thing for big guns.


I am monkey.


She swept out of the elevator and down the stairs into the main room of the Drunk Tank, taking in the hostile situation. Maachini arched a brow and placed her hands on her hips, holding in a frustrated sigh. And it looked like Udon had left her to deal with them all.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she spoke through gritted teeth. "Is there a problem?"

Maachini Oribu had a headache. God save them all.


I'm still pulling ------ posts. Deal with it.

16-02-2002, 11:39 PM
This did not go at all like I had invisioned it maybe I am at fault through my posting ability. Almost everyone did not pick up on what Honii was doing. Anyways forget it now..Kiva thank you for the rescue..*pours more vodka into her orange juice*


Kuran blinked a couple of times tilting her head just a little.
'This elf is a strange duck but I do like her, she has lots of shinies and those earings.'
" You are not old"she smiled before adjusting the various bangles she had on her wrist completely forgeting about what was just asked.
Honii smiled back she knew she was not either but she just felt that Ron had insulted her by calling her ma'am.

Realizing her private question to Kuran had obviously been heard around the room. And now everyone assembled was adding their own two cents after jumping to conclusions. She grew visually more irritated.When the elf who had chose to ignore her before decided to lecture her on her vainity. Honii sorta lost it.
" You sir are an *ss, oh wait you just like it there sorry! I am not vain I can assure you. Your boyfriend merely insulted me with his ma'am reference. Especially when he knew my name. So I was merely upset and was trying to make a point. Which it would seem flew over everyones head. I thought for sure you who most definately has been around the block would have had the sense to pick up on that. But I guess you cannot teach and old dog new tricks. I am assuming that you understand my meaning."
She stood up glaring at Ron " As for you I pity the poor girl who falls for such a poor display as yourself. You sir maybe lovely to look at from the outside but on the inside major work is needed. You are not gods gift to women I can assure you! but you already know that deep down, right?" raising her eyebrows. Yes sparks were about to fly.
She took a deep breath before noticing a displeased Maachini exiting the elevator and walking over to them.
"Is there a problem?" the words echoed through the room Honii knew Maachini hated scenes in her bar.
Honii just froze in that spot fearing the wrath that was about to befall her.

Phantom Angel
17-02-2002, 12:37 AM
Alynthia gulped, seeing the owner of the bar approach Honii. The elf had snapped at everyone before, and Alynthia was quite confused. Was she? Or was she not upset about the age thing? Alynthia couldn't tell. She was just happy she was sitting at Namazu's table, away from the center of attention.

"I feel this is all my fault." she told the other woman. "If I wouldn't have been tired, Ron wouldn't have made the table a bed, Minto wouldn't have gotten those dresses, Honii wouldn't be mad and Maachini wouldn't have to snap at anyone." Alynthia said, shaking her head. "Is it just me? Or is this turning into a teledrama?" she asked Namazu. "Somehow I don't think this is the best time to ask Maachini for a job...."she trailed off.

17-02-2002, 02:33 AM
*"Eh... I'm not completely understanding this babble about dresses and being sleepy. Personally, I wouldn't have chosen to sleep in a dress, but if that's how you're happiest, then power to you," Namazu tried to be supportive, despite her confusion.

"I'm guessing now might not be the best time to ask for a job, I guess. From what I've heard, Maachini isn't really in a great mood... and you nearly got yourself involved in a bar brawl. What say you show me around and introduce me to you friends, huh? I'll introduce you to the guys if you want, but they might think you're a groupie... lol. Did I mention you might want to watch out for Shioni, I think he has a crush on the little girl bouncer outside of the back door... completely disgusting. Or we could just get something to eat... my stomach has been rebelling, I'll probably have to smack Shioni upside the head again to get some money though..." Namazu had finished off her drink and was moving on to other things. Happily she said all of this to Alynthia, though half of it was her babble that sometimes happened when she was thinking of too many things at once and was weighing down her choices.*

Aku Shi
17-02-2002, 01:18 PM

Ron's silver eyes narrowed on Honii. The woman certainly thought herself better than everyone and thus able to judge and insult them as she pleased. Someone who seemed to be of great importance then entered in on everything.

Problem? No, ma'am, there is no problem here. I'm sorry if we were disturbing anyone. I suppose it's my fault, but don't worry, I was just on my way out. Nice place you have here, by the way. I assume by your air that you are the owner. Well... Guess I'll be going now.

At that he stood and as he turned to leave, he stopped close enough to Honii to whisper something to her.

No matter how beautiful a woman may look on the outside, being a judgemental b*tch makes her terribly unattractive. Besides, you're not one to talk about thinking one is all that because of their looks and yet being undesireable on the inside. It takes one to know one, I suppose.

"Your boyfriend merely---"

He didn't really hear much of the rest. Minto was kinda stuck on that one little part.

My BOYFRIEND?!?! Woo!!! She thinks Ron's my boyfriend!! Oh, it must be a sign!!!

Then he stopped short as he heard something about teaching an old dog new tricks.

Wait... Did you just call me an OLD DOG?!?! How dare you! Who gave you the right to go about insulting people who really did nothing insulting to you?! Young people these days... No respect for anyone... Such a shame.

Then the bar owner said something, and Ron said something, and Minto really didn't pay much attention to anything that was really said besides Ron saying that he was going to leave. That caused the boy to jump up and run over to the man just as he reached the door.

Ron!!! Wait!! Don't go!! I mean, do you even know where you're going?...

Ron stopped in the doorway, his eyes staring out at the path he took here.

I'm going to find my way home, I guess...

Let... Let me help you. I know a way...

Phantom Angel
17-02-2002, 02:16 PM
Alynthia watched Ron and Honii exchange some pretty heated arguments. She could see by the look on their faces that they weren't exactly friendly. Ron was heading for the door, Minto was following and Alynthia just sighed. She turned to Namazu and said.

"Well, those were Ron and Minto, but They're about to leave now." she said quietly.

"As for what happened last night, it was all a big mess. I don't want to think about it. But I guess I might as well treat them to a drink for all the trouble they went through." Alynthia sighed.

"Minto! Ron, before you guys go, let me treat you to a drink for all the trouble you guys went through." Alynthia called out to them.

Nothing more, nothing less. If they wanted to leave, let them. Alynthia just wanted to equal all scales, so her conscience wouldn't bother her afterwards.

17-02-2002, 03:28 PM

Two playboys in half as many days. Judging by the way that the women and the adorable little gay boy swarmed around him, Maachini was fairly certain that this was supposed to be an attractive specimen of a man. However, Maachini didn't play with humans or elves. Or demons. Or Thorians. There was only one race that Maachini let willingly into her bedroom and if anyone has asked she would have assured them that it wasn't their's.

"Yes, I'm the owner of this establishment."

'Bar' had such a dirty feel to it. Maachini stepped off the last stair, her bearing regal, with Bagel beside and two steps behind her. The boy knew his place.

"Honii, dear, you look upset. Should I send for some tea or juice?" Though her words were compassionate, her eyes most definitely were not. Maachini Oribu did not like scenes unless it helped business. This little get together seemed to be making people uncomfortable instead of reminding them why they wanted to drop lots of currency on alcoholic beverage. After all, if a scene could equal reliving a painful memory, and painful memories were dealt with through drinking by the patrons, and they just happened to be sitting in the establishment, then Maachini was all for depression.

She didn't like it when her patrons became suicidal. After all, if they killed themselves then they wouldn't be buying anything from her. And so, sometimes, it was said with warm smiles that Maachini Oribu was a kind individual who would listen to people's problems while pouring them a drink (and surreptitiously marking it down on said person's tab).

It looked like the demon and the angel had made their way out the door. For that she was grateful. However it looked like the adorable little gay boy who she was just too fond of (she had a thing for cute little homosexuals. The child in her wanted to dress them up in wedding gowns and do their makeup) was starting to leave as well. Then there was the demon girl who she had heard mumble the word "job" and that had promise.

So, with the professional air that only full-time prostitutes and Maachini Oribu could master, she spoke to them each in turn.

"Honii, I want to see you in my office this evening after your last set." Eyes slid from Honii to the young girl next to her. "I believe," she knew actually. Maachini knew everything. "That you want to speak to me about this young lady. You there," her eyes turned to Minto and immediately shifted to a soft warmth. "You needn't hurry your way out the door. Neither do you," her tone was far less warm when addressing Ron. "Why don't you... three," she included Alynthia in her glance, "find yourselves a table and I'll have Soy come serve you."

Ooooh, being generous. I never share Soy. He's my assisstant.

"I believe I heard you say that you were looking for a way home. Can I assume, then, that you are a shadow traveller? You'll want information and Soy, next to Udon," speaking of which, where had her favorite kitsune run off to? "is the best authority on such matters."

Finally her eyes came to rest on Namazu. "And you. I couldn't help but hear the utterance of the word 'job' from you." The girl was a demon, which Maachini found distasteful, but her set had been received well the other night, such a change from Honii's usual act. Both singers were wonderful in their own right, Honii for her smooth calm and Namazu for her hard sexuality. "If you'd like, I'll see you in my office." Then she gestured to Soy.

"Call Udon's home and make sure Tamari hasn't set fire to it." She sighed and shook her head. "And then serve those three and answer any questions the human has." With that, Maachini turned and headed for the stairs once more, before looking back at Namazu.



Y'know... I like Maachini.

17-02-2002, 03:43 PM
*"Um... eh..." Namazu was suddenly very unsure about what to do. She hadn't been the one looking for the job, but it seemed that Maachini (at least that's who she assumed the woman was) thought that she was. But now that the chance had come up, she might ask about getting some more sets... and of course explain that Alynthia had been looking for a job. "Yes, I'm coming," she concluded with with more assurance than she felt.

Namazu got up from her chair and followed Maachini to the stairs, and looked back at Alynthia as to say 'I'll take care of this, don't worry.'*

OOC: Wow... Maachini certainly knows how to take care of a situation. I can see why she's the owner of the Drunk Tank.

17-02-2002, 03:52 PM

Once in her office, behind her desk, Maachini stared across the cherrywood expanse at Namazu. Everything about the office was tastefully understated and rich. It wasn't so rich as to be stifling but one knew their place when speaking to Maachini Oribu.

"You played here last night," Maachini said calmly. "And I liked what I heard." That was a lie. Maachini actually wasn't much into their style. But it had drawn a younger crowd. Younger crowds meant more sales. "I'd like to talk to you about making you a bit more regular. Perhaps a Saturday night set every week. Mind you, I wouldn't be paying you to play the same songs every week, so you ought to hope that your muse," Maachini smirked, "is very capable."

Phantom Angel
17-02-2002, 05:14 PM
Alynthia looked at Namazu and Maachini, she took a seat and waited for the demon girl to straighten things out. She didn't want to upset Maachini, so she let Namazu straighten it out.

The owner of the Drunk Tank was not someone Alynthia wanted to get on the bad side of. Thus, she kept quiet and waited for the waiter.

OOC: i like Maachini. she's kewl!!!

17-02-2002, 05:18 PM

He was such a fastiduous creature. He stood before them in his spotless mianzi, his spectacles gleaming and smiling. His scales shone in the dim lighting.

"What can I get for you three? Once you have some food and drink in you, I can better help the young master here on his way home." Soy smiled, a friendly, harmless smile.

17-02-2002, 05:21 PM
*"Thank you, miss Maachini, that would be wonderful. I completely understand, we'll set to writing some more songs," Namazu replied, unsure about how Maachini truly felt. It seemed that Maachini felt some contempt for her, or else it was merely her way of talking to people.

The room was lavishly decorated, and Namazu was afraid of touching anything. "We'll take you up on your offer for a set every Saturday, however the talk of the job that you heard... actually it was Alynthia, the elf that I was with who was looking for a job here. She wanted to talk to you about it. But if the offer still stands, PsychoNemesis would love to play here on Saturdays. If there is an opening here that Alynthia can fill though, she would like t talk to you about it." Namazu tried to be more polite than was engrained in her mannerisms. She wanted to make sure that she helped Alynthia out, while still making sure that she got her own jo that she so sorely needed.*

17-02-2002, 05:27 PM

Fiery brow arched and finally lips tugged into a small smile.

"All right. We'll sign you up for... two month contract for now?" She slid the paper across the desk and a pen that easily cost four times it's weight in gold. "Do you need your other band members present?" She nodded to herself. "You'd want to talk it over with them. Run on down and discuss it with them and send Ms. Alynthia up then."

17-02-2002, 06:50 PM
Honii met Maachini's gaze and while her voice spoke of concern her eyes told a different story. Honii knew she had been behaving exceptionally bad she had in fact caused a scene in Maachini's bar.

"Honii, I want to see you in my office this evening after your last set."

Honii stood there like a scolded child as it should be.

Ron whispered into her ear as he was leaving and what he said was true, it snapped her back from the place that she had let herself drift. Her human side, that was where her temper came from. From the outside Honii looked like an elf, but in reality she was only half and sometimes her human half would come out in her emotions. She now felt ashamed truly ashamed for what had just transpired for it was not the real Honii that they had all seen.

She nodded a response at Maachini afraid to look into her eyes.

" If you will excuse me"

Honii was not like herself at all really, but the events kept playing in her mind like a continious looped tape. The death, the blood, her getting drunk, her behavior with Raw, her longing to be something more and the stupidity of her behavior now.

'I must apolige' a small frown appearing on her face knowing Ron and the elf were leaving. Her eyes only then lightening up when she heard Maachini's voice again asking Ron and the elf to stay.

She watched as Maachini left and Namazu followed.

Honii turned to Alynthia where she was seated " I am sorry for my behavior, it has been unacceptable. Please stay and order anything you want Alynthia. I am sure Kuran will keep you company." she bowed and made her way over to Ron and Minto.

Looking at Minto she spoke "Amin merna quen my behavior has been unforgivable and I should have been affording you respect I hope you will forgive me' she bowed slightly adding "Amin hiraetha

Finally she went up to Ron placing her hand on his arm. He of course really did not want anything to do with her and she did not blame him. Honii knew he was angry, and had every right to be.
" Ron, I am sorry what you have just seen, was inexcusable my behavior. " a small tear rolled down her cheek. " I am embarrassed, I am ashamed I hope you could see fit to accept my apoligy it is offered in sincerity." She moved her hand from his arm and smiled daring not to look into his eyes. " I must go and get ready for my set please do not leave Maachini has asked you to stay and I want you to stay as well" her eyes meeting his.

Honii turned and left for her dressing room.

Elven translation first part 'I wish to speak'....last part 'I am sorry'

Phantom Angel
17-02-2002, 08:23 PM
Alynthia's mouth hung wide open. Honii was crying, and she just apologized for everything. Alynthia was shocked. She didn't know what do, but she knew she must do something.

"I'll be back!" she exclaimed to Ron and Minto.

Jumping from her seat, she ran after Honii.

"Honii! Wait!" she called out, but the half-elf was already gone to her dressing room. Alynthia politely knocked on the door. "Honii? I need to talk to you. Please open up."Alynthia said quietly.

18-02-2002, 02:13 AM
OOC: PA, you may want to edit your post... Namazu was still upstairs when you wrote that.

*Namazu got up and bowed to Maachini before calmly walking out of the room. She then walked down the stairs at a rather reckless pace. She looked at the table where she had been sitting with Alynthia and noiced that she wasn't here. Her eyes scanned through the bar and finally found her talking to Honii near the door to the back rooms, where equipment was stored and where the dressing rooms were.

She jumped down the final stairs and walked quickly over to Alynthia. "I hate to interrupt, but Ms. Maachini would like to talk to you about that job you were looking for. She's up in her office, I've got to fly... need to discuss this contract with the rest of the band," Namazu quickly told her. 'Hell, if I'm interrupting something then she can pass up on the job. Commiting a faux pas right now is the least of my fears.'

She then sped off to talk to the rest of the band. This was big, really big. A steady job meant that they might be able to eat food that wasn't freeze dried or canned.*

OOC: I don't have enough time to finish this post. I'll get to the part where she talks to her band when I can get back on.

Chesta chesta chesta
18-02-2002, 07:23 AM
Kuran watched Honii getting more upset by the minute and it made her worry slightly.

“How odd, I thought Elves had a great sense of togetherness. But they all seem to be wanting to rip each other into pieces. Gotta put that down as a weakness!”

She watched with great curiosity as they seemed to talk to each other, raising and lowering their voices, in some twisted way it was very interesting to watch, like nature programs but more fun.

“See the elves are flock animals, rounding of each others weaknesses, but alas as we can see now this flock can also exclude one of it’s own members in favour of up holding the morale, how interesting.” Kuran commented happily along to the events unfolding into a spoon she picked up earlier, because of its nice patterns.

Watching Honii run up to her dressing room again, Kuran gave out a big sigh and walked slowly after her, someone had to protect her against them other evil elves if that big Meanie wasn’t going to do it. Maybe she could hit someone with a rolling pin or something less sharp.

Seeing Alynthia standing outside, knocking gently on the door, Kuran frowned, the elves were making her Honii upset. If Honii was upset then she would be hard to deal with and then not going to give Kuran anything, which was bad. Squeezing past Alynthia and glaring up at her, putting on her ‘serious and angry’ face. The elf was much taller than her but Kuran saw it that she had more easy access to bite Alynthia on the leg if she gave her trouble, it was never a size issue, unless you were a big demon threatening to rip her wings off.

“Excuse me, Honii is a very busy tree hugger and has no time to come out and play. I would take this opportunity to make myself scares, go down to the bar, buy some drinks and be jolly. She will see you later if she feels up to it!”

Kuran pointed an accusing finger at Alynthia, before sticking her tongue out as far as she could.

“Now shoo! We got work to do!”

18-02-2002, 02:33 PM
You mean to tell me you don't even know what you're doing?! I'm just supposed to escort you and make sure you get the job... They never told…were….

The Daemon’s words faded to the lower right corner of Bru’s attention, which is rather impressive as that would mean Bru had a three dimensional span of attention rather than the absent one most assumed.

Time. Time was needed to think. Think rhymed with drink. Bru needed to drink. This was Bru’s logic, it was really quite impressive. He once took the entirety of the Buddhist faith and had it boil down to ‘you should be drinking now’.

Bru had a talent.

But now was not the time to discuss talents and skill, now was a time to think and drink. Luckily, Bru noticed he still had the few Mugs he managed to sneak out of the Drunk Tank with. This was a good thing. Shortly after this discovery, they could only be referred to in the past tense.

Ah, now with that boost to the mind, body and bladder, Bru was ready to think. About what, Bru was having trouble remembering, but he knew he needed to do something involving a thing with a sometime. Or some such.

Ah screw it, I’m just going to assume I’m supposed to be headed to earth. I have a hankering for some good Italian, come Pepi, to the pasta !

If Raw had any objections, they were lost in the swirl of hum coasting lightly from Bru’s mouth, surrounding and supplementing the shadow of the elm before them both, the deep tendrils of darkness reaching for the two of them, grasping.

Bru crooked a thumb out.

Earth or bust, eh Pepi?

Phantom Angel
18-02-2002, 03:03 PM
"Listen little one...."Alynthia began. Her temper was rising and the fairy wasn't helping. "I just want to talk to Honii privately. This does not concern you in any way. Now if you would please be so kind as to let me make my point. She is elven. I can understand some of her pain. It would be nice if you would 'shoo' and let me talk to her." Alynthia said frowning. She didn't want to make a scene, but Kuran was annoying her. She only wanted to help Honii, not to disturb her further. Alynthia didn't enjoy seeing people cry. She hated sadness, and pain. The world was full of it, this corner of it certainly did not need it.

"Now, be a good little thief and move out of my way. I'll let you have a shiny." Alynthia said smiling sadly.

OOC: Chesta... hehe, i've got something planned with trin... lol, kuran is sooo adorable. i was rofl at the busy tree hugger line! :lol: :lol: :lol:

18-02-2002, 06:10 PM
OOC: PA, in case you didn't notice... Namazu just told Alynthia about the job offer. If you care to ignore what she said, then passing the job up is your deal...

IC: *Namazu made her way up to the table where the band was. They had finised eating and had moved on to discussing their new songs. Agari, tired of waiting for them at the trailer unloaded their gear there and drove back to join them. She stood by the table, waiting for Higashi to stop speaking so that she could tell them the good news.

"I'm not giving you any more money," Shioni accused her.

"What if I told you that money won't be such a problem any more?" she started.

"What do you mean?" Tenshin asked, both curious and suspicious.

"I just got us the chance to play a set here every saturday," she told them. "But we'll need to have new songs for each set."

"That sounds like it will be a huge amount of work..." Agari started.

"We have enough songs for at least a few sets, and have a batch of songs that are nearly ready. We need the money. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of eating canned food constantly. We can't live like this... and with this job we may not have to," she argued.

"Namazu has a point. This job sounds like the best thing that has happened to us in a long time," Higashi spoke his opinion.

"I think we can pull this off, but we'll need to practice double what we have been lately," Tenshin hesitantly said.

"Well... I guess we can do this. Eating real food sounds good," came Shioni's eloquent answer.

"Yeah, and you'll get to see your sweet little thing at the back door more often that way," Namazu teased him. Shioni's face turned bright red and he struggled to argue with him.

"If everyone else is for it, I am too. We're a band and we need to stick together. Just as long as we all know what we're getting into," Agari fiannly concluded.

"Great," Namazu said. "We'll need to go upstairs and discuss this with Maachini. You guys are better at getting all of the details than I am...... well except for Shioni," she shot him a look that would only have been more complete if she stuck her tongue out. "And then well sign a contract and can go back home to practice."

She led them up the stairs. "Now be on your best behavior and touch nothing!" Then Namazu knocked on Maachini's door and prayed that she wasn't interrupting anything.*

18-02-2002, 06:20 PM

There was a knock on the door.

That isn't the Alynthia girl Maachini thought. That's the demoness and her band members.

"Bagel, open the door and let... Psycho Nemesis in." She arched a brow eloquently at the choice of names. However, the younger generation loved it. They lapped it up. And they were reckless spenders. Maachini could forgive Namazu and her colleagues their band name.

When Bagel opened the door, showing them in, Maachini smiled. "I trust you're ready to sign," she said. Of course they were. They weren't even eating properly.

Sometimes knowledge is a curse. Sometimes a blessing. Whoever said that was completely wrong. It never hurt to know things ahead of time.

18-02-2002, 06:29 PM
Honii was not long in her room when she heard a knock at the door. Then some voices, something about a job, Maachini so she wiped the tears from her cheeks and opened the door as Kuran had told Alynthia to shoo and Alynthia had rebutted it.

" Please no more fighting, I am fine Alynthia" she faked a smile.

" Listen if Maachini is giving you an auidence one does not keep her waiting. Please go and when you are done come back here ok. We will talk before my set, I promise" Honii continued her forced smile.

"In the meantime my assistant will keep me company" she pulled Kuran in by the arm into her room.
" I will see you in a bit" Honii watched briefly before closing the door as Alynthia turned and headed for Maachini's office.

Crap post I am pressed for time so I will fix later PA you are free to move...

18-02-2002, 06:58 PM
*"I let Alynthia know that you wanted to see her, whether or not she's coming will depend on her," Namazu told her, partially as an apology.

"We'd like to discuss what time our set will be, and how the payment will work first, and then we'll sign," Tenshin, the wood elf, started. He was the most 'business-like' out of all of them... at least in appearance. Higashi (the angel) and Agari (the human) were both in desperate need of haircuts, but Tenshin always set aside money to be presentable. His over-all look was of a "beatnick", but that was better than Agari's surfer look, Higashi's romance novel hero, Namazu's biker chick, or well... Shioni was just a big dumb drummer (and a demon as well.)

The rest of the band stayed quiet and tried not to look to desperate for this job... though if Tenshin managed to anger her and make her change her mind, they were ready to skin him alive and roast him over a fire. Shioni was even on his best behavior, though he was looking around the room in awe of the lavish furnishings. He had never seen such a beautiful room in his entire life. Namazu was keeping a close eye on him, if he so much as breathed on something, she was ready to escort him out of the room. Nothing could be allowed to screw up their chances at getting this job.*

18-02-2002, 07:50 PM

Somehow, her brow arched even higher.

"I see," she said calmly and then she actually laughed. It was a rich sound, it filled the entire lush room. Then, hands folded on the desk, she eyed Tenshin with a glitter in her eyes and a wide smile. "I'm impressed. You aren't the idiot I originally took you for. Good." She cleared her throat. "All right, I'd like you to play from ten to midnight on Saturdays, short sets and all, maybe an extra hour once a month. For the first month you'll draw four souls each of half inch diameter."

Bagel whistled low. "Big spender," he muttered.

"Then, the second month, your pay will be open to negotiation depending on how many 'sponsors' you draw." She smiled pleasantly. "Does that seem fair?"

19-02-2002, 12:33 AM
*Tenshin hesitated, matters of money always made him hesitant, and he turned to the other members of the band. "It's better than what we're getting right now..."Namazu whispered to him. The rest nodded. Still he thought for a second before replying to Maachini.

"It sounds fair," he finally concluded. "I guess we're ready to sign up then."*

OOC: I read back at the money things... eh, is this a fairly good deal, Kiva-sama? The exchange rate was never really clear... so I'm not sure if I'm completely being ripped off, or getting a great deal. Tenshin isn't an idiot, and as much as I trust you, I don't want to be either.

19-02-2002, 12:36 AM

I didn't put down an exchange rate so I tried to convey that it was a good deal with Bagel's comment. ^^ Good deal.

19-02-2002, 12:47 AM
OOC: Yeah, I thought of that... but then again, I wasn't sure if it was sarcasm. Heh... but thinking of only four ofthose little black pearly things made is sound like such a small amount of money. Then I got to wondering how they would buy little things if four 1/2'' ones was a lot of money.

Phantom Angel
19-02-2002, 12:52 AM
OOC: sorry. i was doing hw. i have this math thing i need to prepare for. hehe, yes i know i've got my priorities right. i'm really really sorry for ignoring this. blame teachers not me. i try... they dump the hw on me...

Alynthia hurried to Maachini's audience room. She knocked gently on the door, hoping the owner of the Drunk Tank would excuse her for being late. She didn't mean to keep her waiting. so many things were going on Alynthia's head was spinning and she was quite uncomposed. "Way to go Sherlock. You'll sure get that job..." Alynthia told to herself. But life was life... all she had to do was try. At least her conscience would leave her alone then. She waited for an answer, praying Maachini wasn't too mad.

OOC: *bows and gets on knees* i'm REALLY SORRY. really really sorry.

Aku Shi
19-02-2002, 01:01 AM
Woo... Lots of posties happen when I'm not around... I think it's a conspiracy. Everyone's out to get me. Yes, I am the new Stalin. I will kill you all now, because you are all plotting against me.
Heh... Ok, so maybe I won't kill you...(yet). But, I WILL make you scream in pain at another of my posts! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! You know they make your eyes tear up and your brain fell like it's going to implode (or something like that...hell if I know...I'm sleepy...).

Anyway, we shall assume that our attendant is still at the table serving us. Yes, we speak in first person plural now. We are the morning and the evening star. We are Egypt. What we say is law and---oh wait... Wrong place for this....

Somehow he found himself sitting at a table with Alynthia and Minto. He wasn't totally clear on how he got there, or why he was sitting there. It was like when one awakes only to be in a dream, and nothing is really making much sense, it's just there, and it's accepted. Well, he accepted it. He even accepted Honii's apology. Although, the woman ran off before he could say anything. He had noticed that she was crying. If there was one thing Ron hated was the sight of a woman crying or in pain. At that moment he wanted so much to just hold her to him and tell her that everything was going to be alright. That he wasn't really that mad anymore. That she could yell at him some more if it would only bring an end to her tears.

Well, he wanted to do those things, at least. But, as stated, she left too soon. Plus, he doubted that any comfort offered to her by him would be welcomed. She made it painfully obvious that she was not interested in him in the least.

Then, Alynthia ran off. Ron sighed and looked to the server.

Give me the hardest stuff ya got. It's been one hell of a couple a days...

Groaning, he held his hand to his forehead and leaned back in his chair. That's when it all suddenly came back to him, like a flash. He was at the door, dead set on leaving, then the woman who owned the place started spoutin' out orders left and right. How could he have forgotten that? It was at that moment that he thought he had fallen in complete and total love. Never before had he seen a woman so in control and forceful. He loved that about a woman. More than likely that's why making his way to the table as instructed was blurry. He was too dumb-struck and in awe of the woman he had just been yelled at by.

Glad to have a table alone with his beloved Ron, Minto turned towards the server, Soy, he believed he heard the woman Maachini call him. His spirits were so much more up, and his attempted playboy image was crumbling to reveal the cute, perky fellow that he was. Well, most of the time...

I'll have a mint chocolate chip sundae with a Coke float and a Shirly Temple. I love those. Better make it two Shirly Temples. Naw, I should just wait to see if I'm still thirsty, shouldn't I? Ok then, just one. And... Do you have any chips or anything? I want something salty. But, nothing with a bar-b-q flavoring on it. I hate things like that. So um... Yeah, something crispy and salty. Ya know? Oh, do you serve steak here? I haven't had a filet mignon in such a long time!

He giggled then looked to Ron. But, Ron seemed a bit distracted by some thought. So, Minto dismissed the server and propped his chin in his right hand as he leaned on the table. In the silence, he thought about how Ms. Maachini spoke when addressing him. She seemed a bit less stern. But, maybe it was just Minto's imagination... Either way, the woman did him a great service by seating him with Ron. That was when Minto decided to just sit there and admire the other man adoringly, since conversation seemed unlikely.

19-02-2002, 01:13 AM

Oo; Oh my God, does Ron have some sort of crush on Maachini? *tries to picture it*

Ron: I love you!

Maachini: Um... what sort of life insurance policy do you have?

Aku Shi
19-02-2002, 01:27 AM
Well, Maachini IS of the female gender, is she not? And she IS lovely, is she not? And, her personality is definately a kind that turns Ron on... So, I'm sure he'd be more than willing to risk life and limb to seduce her. Well, at least until someone else offeres him her bed first and he gets distracted... Heh...
And right now Minto is cursing me for making him male.

19-02-2002, 01:46 AM

I love Minto. So does Maachini! She thinks he's adorable. Yes, I am reserving this space for a post. I'm tired and I'm cranky right now, so I'm not posting until tomorrow.

19-02-2002, 02:40 AM
Honii sat by her mirror, brushing her hair "I am not vain in the least Kuran. I never judge anyone from the outside." She paused realizing what she had just said was not true she had just done that very thing. Honii had never really given Ron a chance she had assumed and the same was for the elf who had it bad for Ron.
" A lesson has been learned, to which it would seem I have had a few in the last day or so."

"Kuran pass me the the blue silk dress it is almost transparent has drop shoulders and long sleeves from the closet please." This dress was simple yet elegant and very sexy looking. Honii wrinkled her nose fussing with her hair before pulling it up and pulling pieces down framing her face. Around her neck she wore a single teardrop diamond necklace with matching earings. Her make up done, she looked at her birthmark. "No not anymore it is silly to cover it up, let everyone see the real Honii."

Honii slipped into the dress "hmm is this to much" she said " to see through maybe, well the lights would be out but this dress would look so cool in the black light." She studied herself in the mirror. Almost blushing she hated wearing bras and well this one kind showed she was not wearing one. But she did like the feel of this dress and how it clinged so softly to her curves.
" So Kuran what you think? " she asked. But Kuran did not answer she was to busy playing with her pearls.
" Kuran you can wear them but you must be careful they were a gift from my mother. I would never forgive myself if anything were to happen to them." She was feeling better although she was concerned about her meeting with Maachini after her set.
Honii sat down on her lounge chair waiting to see if Alynthia would make it back before she had to go downstairs.

20-02-2002, 08:03 AM
"Earth, eh?"

For once Bru was actually making sense, and in a way that Raw was liking. As the tendrils of the warp crawled around them, the shadow engulfed them, Raw spoke one last thought to Bru.

"I'm buying."

Raw loved earth. More than anything else. Yes even more than bloodshed. God did Raw love going to earth . It often meant there would be even more bloodshed. Raw grinned at the thought. Fully into the shadow now, he felt as though he was hurtling through water, moving very quickly through a very thick substance. The sensation of going between the two worlds was always exhilerating, just another reason Raw enjoyed the journey really.

And then there was a feeling like water dripping off of his body. The shadow began to recede, like worms crawling over his body. Soon there was sunlight, the warmth washing over Raw's skin.

He looked around. Then he looked at Bru.

"Are we in France!?"

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Aku Shi
20-02-2002, 05:43 PM

The server dude returned and set a drink in front of him. Without even looking to see what it was, Ron picked it up and chugged it down in just a few big gulps. When he finished, he wiped his mouth with his arm and slammed the empty glass down.

DAMN! That WAS strong sh*t! Good stuff, though... I'll take another one.

Then he looked over the table at Minto as the server handed the kid a sudae of some sort. Ron sighed and wished he had someone else to sit with at the table. Perhaps someone with red hair who could give orders out well... Someone whose voice causes all to hault in their place and listen attentively. Ron tapped his finger impatiently on the table, then stood up suddenly.

On second though, cancel that drink. I'm goin' for a walk.

With that said, he quickly left the Drunk Tank and headed back towards the hill he had originally started going up before. Once he reached the top (for it did not take him long), he came upon two very lovely girls who were running errands, it seemed. He smiled at them. They smiled at him. Conversation was started, and he was invited to hang out with them for the rest of the day. This was definately something Ron needed. He was sick of all the rejection within the past couple days and was very open to some promising flirtation.

The boy choked down his spoonful of mint chocolatechip ice cream when Ron stood and announced his departure. He watched helplessly as his beloved left and disappeared into the bright daylight.

Ah well... I'll see him again.

Minto, attempting to convince himself that it was alright, continued eating his sundae and drinking from his float while he waited for his steak and Shirly Temple. He did so love to start with dessert first. But, a few more bites into the cold green stuff and Minto started feeling depressed. He was now alone at the table. And, what if he ended up having to pay for all this stuff?... He had no money! Growling, he took up another huge spoonful and shoved it in his mouth. Just what the hell did fate have against him, anyway?!

20-02-2002, 08:28 PM
Furu took a good grip of the bag in his hands. He had gathered enough...evidence...for now. By some amazing feat of perverted strenght, Furu managed to fly up in the air and towards the door leading out, a bag few times bigger than him in his hands.

" Time to...fly somewhere safe...and examine the "evidence". I might find out something about them. I'll just take a turn here..and another here..and go through that room and fly to freedo-"

As Furu opened the above mentioned door and flew inside, he was greeted by the sight of Honii wearing a blue silk dress and Kuran. Furu blinked, staring at Honii for a moment, the bag slipping out of his claws. No... she wasn't wearing a bra...definately not...MOST definately not...

" Thank you gods!" Furu said, kneeling in midair and looking up at the heavens, praising several different gods in about two dozen or so languages. One could spot a few verses from the Bible and one or two from the Qur'An among other religious texts. After his moment of praising the gods, Furu flew over to Honii, looking (looking by Furu's standards...another person would use the words "stare" or "oogle") at her.

" That's...just stunning Honii."

20-02-2002, 10:23 PM

Then Kiva was busy sorting out... problems in the Esca RPG. Then she did a post in Angel Eyes. Then she drew pictures. Lots of pictures. All of them for Angel Eyes. Raime is so effing hot. Mmmm... Raime.....


If she had been aware of the... favorable thoughts of her person rolling around in the gutter within the cavern of Ron's head, she might have been flattered. If she had known what part of her person the thoughts were specifically about, she might have been amused. Of course, if Ron had been standing in front of her, she would have proceeded to take him apart, word for word, until he was a crying, quivering mass on the floor. She was good at things like that and she only liked to dally with human or elves for the money their life insurance policy would bring. There was still one race that could just bring her to her knees. She had prudently decided to never be anywhere near people of that blood.

But as her thoughts were currently only in five or six places, one of those places being the band members in front of her, another following along beside Strobori- excuse me Alynthia (she hated having to pick up on details like that) another keeping a watchful eye on her little Thorian singing a Tom Jones song, another hovering in the corner of Honii's dressing room, and another seated across the table from Minto, she had no idea what was going on in Ron's head. She only knew that he had left the confines of her Grounds, and upon doing that had taken himself beyond the reach of her awareness.

What was most perplexing was Peppa. She was singing with gusto, which, though annoying, wasn't the problem. The problem was, with her hopping and dancing, she was hopping in and out of Maachini's Grounds, in and out of her awareness. Maachini had, for lack of a better word, 'tagged' Peppa, and every time Peppa stepped onto her Grounds it was like a small chime. She knew. There were other people she had tagged. Honii was one of them, though she was never nearly as worried about the singer as she should have been. Furu another, though his visits were infrequent. Udon as well. She would have tagged Kouraa if she could have, but he was a God, and as such above her meager capabilities.

There was another she had tagged, the one who had originally come into her Grounds, the one who had made them her Grounds. He hadn't come back yet. She was hoping, praying that he never came back. Part of her mind was always watchful, wary, waiting for the return of her enemy.

There was a method to Maachini. There was a reason the Drunk Tank never sprawled out but was always built upon going up, no easy task. There was a reason why her office was located where it was.

Minto took another bite of his sundae, worrying about money. Maachini turned her back on the band as they signed the contract and lifted a phone to her ear.

"Soy," she said quietly, "make sure the elf boy I asked you to serve isn't stuck with the bill. It isn't on the house," she wasn't that generous, "but we'll find a way for things to work in his favor."

Peppa hopped in and out. "Why can't that crazy love be miiiiiiiiiiiiine?"

Maachini grit her teeth in frustration, turning back to the band as Strobori- Alynthia, damn it.

Call her 'Alynthia', not Strobori. When she comes in, she is Alynthia.

As Alynthia raised her fist to knock on the door.

"That's that, then," she said coolly, and held out her hand to shake each of theirs in turn. "Bagel, let Alynthia in."

The bodyguard opened the door before Alynthia could knock, just in time for her knuckles to swish through the air that had been occupied by solid oak a moment ealier.

"Come in and sit down," Maachini said, eyes gleaming. "You're right on time."

One order of business finished, the extra part of her mind shot across the bar, drifting over patrons lazily as she gestured to a seat.

Phantom Angel
20-02-2002, 11:09 PM
Strobori Alynthia Mythal stumbled into Maachini's quarters. She looked around her, and noticed that the man that had opened the door for her was elven.

"Damnit... why must he be elven?" Alynthia cursed silently.

By the looks of it, he looked like an important elven official. Alynthia didn't like important elven officials. Nosiree, she did not like them at all. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she made a way to the chair in front of her.

"Hello Ms. Maachini. I appreciate that you took the time to see me. I understand how busy you must be with what happened last night and all. However, I was wondering if you are not in need of another person to work for you." Alynthia said, clearly and bodly.

From what she had seen, Maachini was a person that disliked weak characters. Alynthia didn't want to show any intimidation. She knew that she must display her strongest most subborn side. Maachini would probably like that. So, she squared her shoulders, straightened her back, and set her emerald orbs on Maachini's. Strobori Alynthia Mythal didn't know how to fail. She had done harder things than this. It was time to put her brain to work, and to leave all prejudices behind. Alynthia didn't want to have to leave the Tank any time soon. The place was rather cozy and homey.

21-02-2002, 01:02 AM
OOC: Kiva... did you forget that you have an entire band standing in your office, waiting to sign the contract?

21-02-2002, 01:05 AM

Minto took another bite of his sundae, worrying about money. Maachini turned her back on the band as they signed the contract and lifted a phone to her ear.


"That's that, then," she said coolly, and held out her hand to shake each of theirs in turn. "Bagel, let Alynthia in."

Hope that clears things up. ^^

21-02-2002, 01:26 AM
OOC: Damn it... you make me read stuff. Lol, I'm so sorry about not seeing that, I read the icecream part and assumed that you were going to talk about him eating icecream in that line. *sniffles* Ms. Maachini isn't very nice to the band, but that's okay... she gives them money, and money is good.

IC: "Let's get out of here," Agari whispered, the band followed him out the door.

They quietly walked down the steps, having closed the door behind them. "We're done here, I guess," Namazu said. "Let's go back to the trailer and work on the new songs, shall we? I haven't eaten either... I'll fix some ramen once we're back home, I guess."

Higashi looked at her thoughtfully. "You really should eat more. It's not healthy for you to eat such junk, and so little of it at that."

"It's not healthy for me to drink so much, yet that doesn't seem to stop me either," she replied bitterly.

Once they had made their way back to the truck Tenshin spoke up. "I don't know about our new employer, I really doubt she likes us... or even can tolerate us that well. She called me an idiot based on my appearance. But I guess we must mean money to her, or else she wouldn't have signed us up."

"We'd better hope that we mean money to her, if we're to get a percent of whatever we bring in during the second month," Namazu replied thoughtfully.

They drove back to the trailer in silence, all thinking about the new job... except for Shioni who was thinking about what he should eat when he got back, despite the large lunch that he had.*

21-02-2002, 01:30 AM
Honii sat there in the chair, watching as Kuran modeled another one of her dresses with her pearl earrings on. She laughed as Kuran, danced and swayed around the room, slipping her feet into a pair of Honii’s good pumps. Which were really just a little to small, but that did not stop Kuran no not at all. Twirling, spinning the dress billowing out in the air, faster she spun in a circle. Such a sight with her glittering shiny sparkled powders dabbed on her face.
“Kuran, be careful you will break you leg in those high heels” Honii giggled realising some of the sadness held in her heart.
There was a muffled ‘weeeeeee’ then Kuran landed in a heap on the floor.
“ Are you ok?” Honii asked laughing.” See I told you that would happen, silly.”

A sound was heard at the door and it flew open with a bang. A small familiar figure appearing through it carrying an enormous bag bigger than itself. Honii knew in an instant that it was Furu. The bag went with a thump to the floor. Kuran looked up as Furu made his way over to Honii mumbling just barely audibly about thanking Gods and such. Honii’s eyes saw immediately where Furu’s eyes were focused.
‘ Yes get a good look you lil devil’ Honii eyes widen as Furu spoke " That's...just stunning Honii." " He said a huge grin plastered across his face.
“ Why thank you Furu, your opinion is welcomed” she whispered tickling him under his chin like she always did.
“So my friend what have you been up to? Not going around stealing women’s panties for your ever expanding collection. With hopes of selling them one day on Ebay as celebrity briefs?” Honii watched as Furu keeping his eyes firmly set on her chest, shifted a little and rested on her lap peering still peering. “ Really Furu move your eyes up just a little and tell me what you have been doing?”
Kuran shifted and moved closer as well although the bag that Furu had dropped had also gotten her attention.

Aku Shi
21-02-2002, 02:23 AM

One of the girls, Shugaa, had invited him up to her apartment for some tea. Although Ron never cared much for tea, he graciously accepted. The other girl, Shiinamin, still had things to do and so regretfully left the two of them alone for the rest of the day. Regretfully because she wanted to be the one to ask him up for tea.

The apartment smelled sweet, like some type of flower Ron hadn't smelled since his youth, and could not place. The tea was warm, and flavored, although he wasn't able to identify the taste. Smiling, he drank the tea, despite his dislike of the stuff. He didn't want to offend the lady. And, what a lady she was. She was beautiful. Running her slender fingers back through her long sandy colored hair, she lit some inscense that added to the soft sweet scent in the air.

Finally, his cup was empty, and she did not rise to refill it. That was a relief. Instead, the woman seemed preoccupied by something... Ron.

He looked around the place. No one handsome enough to take his mind away from his sweety. The steak was set before him and his empty dishes removed. Beside the plate was a tall glass of bubbly, red Shirly Temple. That made him smile a little. He couldn't remember the last time he had a real meal. For so long he had been eating berries and roots. Not the most elegant of foods, and far from being the tastiest.

Now, though, he had a delectible portion of the finest part of the cow, cooked to perfection and seasoned just right. His knife sliced through it with ease and the meat seemed to just melt in his mouth. It was perfect. Minto was in heaven and he didn't want to leave. This beat hanging out in the trees with all the bugs and having to live off the land anyday! Maybe there was a way he could convince Ms. Maachini to let him live there... He could work for her or something. Though, he wasn't quite sure what he could do... Cleaning wasn't his thing... He was a horrible cook... He didn't know one type of alcohol from another... He could sing...but, not well... He scratched his head and took a sip of his Shirly Temple. Maybe he could run errands for her or something. With his powers, he could glide there and back in a snap. Well, he'd think more on it later. Right now, he had a steak to finish.

No dialog... I feel...so...naked.... *covers body with arms* DON'T LOOK!!!! EEEK! Ah well, no one's really talking to my people, so they have nothing to say, I suppose... Ron's too busy to really talk at the moment. Minto would love to talk to someone, because he's very bored and very lonely.... So.... If anyone would like to join the cute lil' guy, please feel free... *wink wink, hint hint*

Chesta chesta chesta
21-02-2002, 12:31 PM
Kuran poked the bag, her eyes wide in curiosity.

"What's that?"

is it gold? Diamonds? Silver? Platinum? Any other favorite shiny metal?

Glaring at the little dragon that had entered the room, he had been looking at her Honii. She briskly grabbed his head and covered his eyes.

"Don't look at my Honii, it is rude!"

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Phantom Angel
21-02-2002, 03:09 PM
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21-02-2002, 04:26 PM
" Hey what are you doing covering my eyes!? It's not rude! It would be rude not to look! It's a compliment that she looks so good!" Furu half-said, half-yelled, trying to get the hands covering his eyes off and curled on Honiis lap.

" About the bag? Well..promise you won't tell anyone? I overheard Maachini talking...she's really ill. The bag contains some stuff I need to look over to see what exactly is bothering her. I'll probably go on a small trip after that to somewhere where I think I might find help."

Furu sighed, thinking to himself.

If Maachini finds out, she'll probably snap my neck like a small twig for trying to bug in and help her...

Aku Shi
22-02-2002, 01:24 AM
The following post has been rated PG-13. Hey, if the Bond movies can pull off such a rating, I figure I can claim it, too! :p

Shugaa's lips tasted sweet, as did the soft skin of her neck. Ron's warm smile was so comforting and assuring as he slid his hands between her skin and the fabric of her clothes. Soon he felt himself upon a soft, cushiony bed, the woman sprawled out beneath him. He looked down at her, his eyes gleaming.

Is this your first--

"No, but it's been so long... You'll have to be a bit patient with me, for I may be a bit rusty... Heh..."

Shhh... You don't have to do a thing, my dear... Just let me take care of you.

She smiled and pulled him down closer to her, pressing his body against hers so that skin was against skin.
Censors: Ok! That's all that you're allowed or we'll bump it up to R!
Me: Damn.... It was just getting to the fun part....

His steak plate was empty. His Shirley Temple glass was empty. His belly was full. Sighing, Minto tilted his head back and stared up at the ceiling. He really had no idea what he was going to do next. But then again, he rarely did. He always just went with the flow. Now, however, there seemed to be a dam blocking the current and he sat floating in stagnant water....

Tapping his foot to a song in his head, Minto sang softly to himself.

Pilgrim, how you journey on the road you choose... To find out why the winds die, and where the stories go... All days come from one day, that much you must know... You cannot change what's over, but only where you go...

Phantom Angel
22-02-2002, 01:28 AM
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22-02-2002, 02:20 AM
"Furu you should know better, I mean you are dealing with Maachini. She knows everything I know your heart is in the right place but really she will not be pleased. You must be careful"
Honii liked Furu he was so sweet his heart was always in the right place except when it came to his fetishes those seemed to get him into trouble. Honii's eyes widen as she felt what Furu was doing with his feet on her lap. He was almost doing a sorta lap dance.

Honii shot Kuran a wide eyed grin.

" Furu you can stop kneading me with your feet. Really you are a devil" she smiled. Honii looked at the clock and decided she should go downstairs.
"Umm Furu I have to go downstairs and do my set you coming? If not you are welcome to stay in my dressingroom I am sure you would find something for your collection" she winked and started to stand up. Furu moved all be it reluctantly.
"Kuran are you coming as well?"she asked before standing there letting the silk dress fall gently into place.

"Showtime" making her way to the door..

Honii came down the stairs the band was on stage ready the lights dimmed ready as always to do the one thing she was good at sing. Her voice started off softly as she sang her first song, a special piece for a patron named Tom.. titled 'She must be Beautiful'

you want the lyrics pm me I do not bite...I will gladly share they are worth it...

22-02-2002, 03:46 AM
Annoyance. Annoyance followed by surliness. Followed by irritation, seconded by another heaping course of surliness. Then came the utter and complete fury, barely kept in check by the confines of laziness that so defined Bru.


Are we in France!?

And with a vehemenance borne of loathing, Bru muttered a validation.

Actually what Bru muttered was more akin to the tribal hexes and religious curses of a thousand groups since the beginning of time, but it was meant as a ‘yes’. His continuing on for several minutes could roughly be translated as a ‘nod’.

An hour later, there was nothing it could be confused with. Taking an entire hour of straight profanity is a mind boggling amount of time that could only be equated with one thing.

Pure, unadulterated, ‘passion’.

This was the passion of resentment, rage – ‘wanna-kill-them-all-with-blunt-objects-ism’, for lack of a better term.

Bru hated the French. He hated France. He hated the fact that there was a France or there were French. There was something intensely angering about them. Now Bru had been everywhere at least a dozen or so times (well except Mexico, he’d only gone there once and ended up with dysentery for a week. It took one helluva time to make an Angel sick. Hell, Bru was impressed) and the French everywhere else weren’t half bad. Hell, during his hiatus in Vietnam during the 60’s, he spent a solid week playing cards and sipping wine with French soldiers stationed there. They spent the following two days playing cards and sipping anti-freeze. The day after that, well Bru still wanted to play cards, but there were some difficulties. Hell in the 80’s Bru’d lived for a month in Canada, posing as a Mountie. He fulfilled his life long dream of doing absolutely nothing but play cards and drink. Again. He tended to fulfill this dream a lot. But he spent a great month swapping stories and booze with a contingent of the Mounted patrol, great guys. He'd even hung out in Nigeria for a bit, but the twice a day military and political coup's got old fast. But the french he'd drank and played cards with there were grand fellows.

But the French in France itself? Bru hated every last sniveling snobbish conniving surrendering uppity holier-than-thou (which is a really confusing term when used to describe someone who wasn’t an angel in comparison to an angel) arrogant conceding frustrating … Bru had gone on for an hour and three minutes at this point. This was bad, very very bad.

-------Agg...don't have...energy...finish post...must...wait till...tomorrow...yeargh

hah, i very much agree Trin, wonderful, wonderful song. Let's imagine Honii's voice as hauntingly emotional as Janis Ian's for that piece, shall we?

And you know, I was waiting to see how long it would take Shi to get down and dirty with her characters. I'm surprised she managed to hold out this long. Ah well, Minto has my vote to be involved in the next 'escapade'.
*tries his damndest to keep that word semi-ambigous and not say 'sexcapades'*

22-02-2002, 12:04 PM
"Why France?"

Raw turned and stared at Bru hard.

"Why did you send us to France you moron?!"

Raw had a love hate relationship with France. He hated it, and loved to kill French people because of that hatred.

In all honesty, France wasn't even supposed to exist.

You see, long ago, when the angels were going about creating the world and all that jazz, one demon decided to play a little practical joke on them. There was a much bigger space between Britain and the rest of Europe, not the piddly little english channel. So this one demon made a landmass there to fill in the space. Then he put the most annoyingly repulsive, snively little surrenderers on that landmass. Thus France was born. Hell and Heaven both teamed up to destroy France, but the French, in their giving-up constantly kind of way, surrendered. The armies of Hell and Heaven were both completely baffled. No one had ever surrendered to them before. So they just left, and France was allowed to exist. let me tell you the demon who made it was never seen again, but dammit he sure is loud down in hell, being tortured in the most excruciating ways for all eternity.

"Damnit man! I hate France! Now I have to go and kill all the french people again!"

Raw noticed Bru had been muttering profanities for quite some time.

"How could anyone accidentally transport themselves to France?! Stop muttering and start working to get us out of here before I start murdering people. And I swear you'll be the first one on my list."

23-02-2002, 04:12 PM

Brave bunny, she mused silently, coolly assessing Strobori.

"We don't have a lot of work right now," she explained calmly. "But I can always use another floor girl taking orders." She sighed as her awareness shuffled impatiently in Honii's dressing room. She'd have to talk to Furu later.

You'd give it away. They aren't allowed to know. You'll have to find a way to subtly tell Furu to butt the hell out of your business. She frowned. Sublty with Furu... nothing less than a bag of bricks upside his head gets through to him.

She was having a bad week. She'd failed to sense the Harvesters. She should have sensed them, but in the end it had been the thing in her that was human, not the magic, that had felt them coming.

For those of mortal descent feel death's approach.

That was bad. That meant that there was a someone out there who could shield them. They'd have to be adept with High Magick. That was worse. Maachini hated competition... unless it was good for business.

Friendly rivalry is one thing, but murder and mayhem is going to take it's toll on the regulars I think.

As Maachini droned on about Strobori's duties and answered the girls questions her mind raced. It was a gift, to do so many things.

"You'll work morning and lunchtime shift." She wouldn't be able to handle the dinner and late night crowd. Not yet. "You'll make two quarter-inch souls an hour, plus tips." Minimum wage. She's desperate enough. Plus, she likes it here. "Do you have any questions?"

Aku Shi
23-02-2002, 05:20 PM

He felt her shift in the bed beside him, but he kept looking up at the beams of the ceiling. The soft fabric of the sheets slid across his bare skin as she pulled most of the covers around her with one action of rolling over. It had been nearly an hour since he had come up to her apartment to "drink tea," and over half that time was spent in her bed. But, he felt disappointed in himself.

Only half an hour or so?... Damn, Ron, you're slippin'.... That's a quicky for you, boy, what's the matter with you? Where'd all your stamina go? Hmmm... Well, I haven't eaten all day... All I had was that alcohol and that cup of tea... Maybe that's why I'm not up to par... Yeah, maybe....

Sighing, he sat up and turned his body around so that his feet touched the floor. His actions woke up Shugaa and she sat up, too, placing her hand upon his shoulder.

"Are you leaving so soon?..."

Yeah. I've got some things I need to do... I'll call you or...something. Thanks for the uh..hospitality.

Without saying another word, he got up and pulled his clothes on.

The elf with the long white hair was singing again. Minto supposed that he could forgive her for her earlier outburst, since she WAS such a GOOD singer, after all. He tapped his finger softly on the table to the beat and nodded with the music. For a moment, he almost forgot that he had been left alone at the table. Then, he noticed all the empty chairs around him and he sighed.

Slowly he pushed his chair back and stood up. He brushed back some stray strands of platinum hair with his hands, careful not to get tangled in his small braid on the right side. (That happens to him sometimes, and he ends up having to braid it all over again.) As he started to turn towards the door, Minto stopped short. What if it turns out that he's paying for everything, and they won't let him leave?!

He didn't have too much time to think on this, for the doors to the Drunk Tank suddenly flew open to reveal Ron. The tall, handsome man stroled in and sat back down at the table with a deep sigh. Minto slowly turned around to face Ron, who had passed right by him on the way back to his chair. It was like a prayer being answered. Then, he caught scent of something....

Dammit... I'm hungry. SERVER!

Trembling a little, Minto placed his hands on the table, across from Ron, and stared wide-eyed at the man.

Ron... Did you... Did you just... Where were you just now?

I was in town. Why?

Doing what?...

Doing stuff. It's none of your damn business.

You were having SEX, weren't you?!?!

Tears were brimming in Minto's eyes, but he doubted that the other man really cared at this point. He was starting to wonder if the man ever cared at all. About anything...

Yeah, maybe... Ron then seemed to become distracted by the singing elf in the skimpy (by Minto's standards) dress. Damn... Honii looks GOOD....

Ron, how could you!??!

How could I what? He didn't even look at Minto. His eyes were still on the female elf.
TM, what ever are you implying about me?... :goody:

23-02-2002, 06:37 PM

Minto deserves so much better than Ron.

Maachini: Ron will change. I'll make him change. I just want that adorable little homosexual to be happy.

Peppa: What's a homosexual? Isn't that like a Korean shrimp dish?

Be quiet, Peppa. v_v

23-02-2002, 08:28 PM
Furu curled on the seat Honii had been sitting on and comtemplated. Honii was right, though he had known it before. Maachini would kill him if she found out. Furu hoped that she didn't have a way of finding out. In the old days he could have easily made sure that no one was eavesdropping on him...but that was then and this was now. And power didn't solve things. Wits were enough for that.

" Hmmm...I really should start planning for that trip. Get what little I own. The money's the only matter really. Heh...good thing I don't need clothes."

And on the matter of clothes...Furu wondered if Honii had gotten herself any sexy underwear. Without further hesitation, Furu started going carefully through Honiis drawers. He didn't want to upset Honii though and left everything nicely where they were. Except for the few pieces he took with him.

Wonder if Honii would wear these for me if I asked...?

Phantom Angel
23-02-2002, 09:31 PM
Alynthia smiled at Maachini, very happy at the woman's offer. With time, she could probably begin to work more. For now, it was sufficient, and the pay was reasonable. Alynthia had yet to tell Maachini that she had worked as a waitress in a small bar and had handled all the shifts. But it was all good. Maachini had told her before that she started tomorrow, and Alynthia was looking forward to that.

"Thank you very much, no other questions." Alynthia smiled at exited the room.

She made her way down to the main room of the Drunk Tank. Honii was singing again, and Alynthia looked around the room searching for her friends. She saw Minto and Ron at a table and made her way towards them.

Ron had an unsatisfied look on his face, and Minto looked like he was about to cry any minute. Alynthia wondered what had happened between the two men. Before she left, they were all fine. And she had still not got a chance to talk to Honii. She would do so after her act.

"Hi guys, I got the job!" she told them with a grin.

Seeing they were not in a laughing mood, Alynthia turned to Minto.

"What's wrong? You look so sad, what happened?" she asked slowly, putting her delicate hand on his broad shoulder.

The ex-cross-dresser was a good guy, and Alynthia liked him. Despite his obsession with Ron. It was amusing, so she liked watching him follow Ron around, like a love-sick puppy. However, now he looked really unhappy. Alynthia wanted to help him, just as he had helped her.

OOC: Kiva, I am assuming Maachini told Alynthia when to start. u did say in your post that Maachini answered all my questions... i'll work something with u on AIM later ok? (i just HAD to talk to minto)

Aku Shi
23-02-2002, 11:00 PM

"Hi guys, I got the job!"

He could hear her voice, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the apathetic Ron. It was only when he felt a warm hand upon his shoulder that he snapped out of it and turned to see Alynthia beside him, her features twisted in worry.

"What's wrong? You look so sad, what happened?"

Ron left shortly after you did... I'm not sure exactly where he went to, but... But he.... He had-

That's enough, Minto. Damn, can't you just give it up already? Besides, this is not the place to be discussing my personal affairs...

Ron's voice was so stern and cold, and Minto stared at him in disbelief. What was with that guy? Pain and jealousy turned into anger and the young man slammed his fist down on the table. That managed to catch Ron's attention away from the singing Honii....

Dammit, Ron! Alynthia likes you, too, and she has a right to know what you were doing while she was away! But, if you don't want me to tell her, FINE! You tell her you were out getting laid by the Gods know who!!!

Seeing Ron's beautiful silver eyes narrowed upon him, Minto suddenly felt very ashamed and he had to turn away.

I-I'm sorry...
Minto's so happy someone came up and talked to him!!! Well, he may not seem like it in the story, but... Trust me, he is jumping off the walls he's so happy!! *thump* MINTO, I SAID TO STOP DOING THAT!!!!! *runs off*

Phantom Angel
23-02-2002, 11:14 PM
Alynthia's face was set in stone. However, her mind was swirling in confusion. Ron was a playboy, she had seen that, but she had always thought there was more to him than his weapon collection and his way with women. But he sure moved fast, she had to give him that. Alynthia felt compassion for poor Minto, but she first wanted to show Ron how much she "liked" him. Smiling pleasantly, she turned to Ron.

"So, prettyboy, yah had some fun with some of the easy girls around the place?" she asked, a weird smile twisting her lips. "But, I guess it's your life, so the rest of us shouldn't bother to expect anything more. As you can see, Limbo offers a variety of services." Alynthia told him laughing shortly.

Pushing all her thoughts out of her head, Alynthia decided that Ron may be attractive, but he wasn't who she though he was. He just liked to use women for his own flesh pleasures. He valued no woman in particular. It was rather sad, and Alynthia didn't know why, but she felt very much compassion towards him.

"Don't worry Minto, I'm sure with your looks you can attract him over to your bed any time soon. Just don't try it now. He looks very spent." she giggled and flashed Minto a smile.

"Tired, Ron?" she asked, that same odd smile curving her lips.

Aku Shi
23-02-2002, 11:36 PM

The little prick did it. He spilled everything in front of Alynthia. Ron was pissed off, but he wasn't quite sure why. It shouldn't matter to him if the woman knew or not. But, for some reason it did, and that pissed him off more. Especially when she started in on him.

"So, prettyboy, yah had some fun with some of the easy girls around the place?"

It's not what it sounds like...it-

"But, I guess it's your life, so the rest of us shouldn't bother to expect anything more. As you can see, Limbo offers a variety of services."

Listen, you don't understand. It was just-

"Don't worry Minto, I'm sure with your looks you can attract him over to your bed any time soon. Just don't try it now. He looks very spent."

Ok, that was it. He grit his teeth and rose to his feet.

"Tired, Ron?"

No, I'm hungry. I'm not tired at all, however. In fact, I'm more than willing to go at it again. That's what you want to hear, isn't it? Just how much I enjoy using women whenever I want. Well, I'm sure I could get a few more uses out of the girl I was just with. Hell, she had a friend who'd love to do me, too! Maybe I could even get them both at once! Is THAT what you want to hear, Alynthia!?! IS IT?!!?

Then his cold eyes shot over to Minto.

And you.... Why the HELL are you so upset over what I just did?! You know that there is NO CHANCE of us EVER being together, so why torture yourself like this?! I tried to be friendly, but then you fu©kin' pull this sh¡t on me! God...

He shook his head, trying to control his temper. Angry outbursts were not his cup of tea. In fact, he hated when people did things like that, so he was trying to stop himself before it got any worse. Slowly he sat back down and looked back over to where Honii was. Luckily they were far enough away from the stage so that the yelling didn't interupt the woman's singing.

Now... If you don't mind... I'm trying to listen to Ms. Honii's lovely singing voice.

Phantom Angel
23-02-2002, 11:50 PM
Alynthia tried to suppres a smile, but couldn't. Soon, she let out a giggle, and then it was just down to plain laughing. The elven girl was laughing so hard, her face turned all red, and her eyes got all teary. She held on to her stomach, as waves of laughter shook her delicate frame. She didn't know what exactly she found funny. Maybe it was the way he said it all. Maybe it was that odd look in his eye. Or maybe it was just the satisfaction of having him blow up like that. Alynthia had never liked to play with anybody's mind before, but she had finally got a small victory over him, and for some strange reason that meant a lot to Alynthia. She didn't doubt she'd have to pay for it later, but for now she was just enjoying the comic side of the situation.

"Waiter, get this man a plat of food." she said, between laughs. The waiter nodded and went off.

Alynthia finally managed to calm down, and she pushed a few strands of rebellious black hair out of the way. She had laughed so hard that most of her heavy ebonite hair had come untangled in the process. But she didn't care very much. She would tie it up later.

"Enjoy your food Ron, and no, do not think of it as charity. You have amused me very much indeed." she told him, smiling at him, her eyes still laughing at the whole thing, as the waiter bought the food.

Not wanting to taunt him any longer, -She was afraid that he might kill her with a blow of his hand. Nope, angry Ron was not a good Ron to be around with. Especially since the guy had such strength- Alynthia said seriously.

"Well, you admit to using women. That's a pretty sad thing. But, to each his own. It's your life. You spend it as you see fit." she told him.

Then, she pulled the hair tie from her hair, and let it flow freely down her back. It was hurting her scalp to have it tied for so many hours.

Aku Shi
24-02-2002, 12:10 AM

She... She was LAUGHING at him! For a moment, Ron felt tempted to stand up and yell again. Then, he noticed her smile and laughing eyes as a plate of food was set down on the table in front of him. Was it really his actions that made her laugh? Was she not upset in the least to learn that he had just been with some woman? Ron blinked at her, bewildered for a moment.

"Well, you admit to using women. That's a pretty sad thing. But, to each his own. It's your life. You spend it as you see fit."

That made him laugh a little. Just a little. Well, more of a dark, snicker/chuckle. He then watched as she let her hair down.


He stood and walked around the table to where Alynthia stood. In a blink of an eye he had one arm around her waist, pulling her body against his, and was kissing her deeply. A few moments later, he removed his lips from hers and smiled.

They use me just as much as I use them.

With another dark snicker, he let her go and walked away, taking his plate of food up as he passed it. His destination was another table closer to the stage so that he could finally be able to listen to Honii sing in peace.

No...chance...? Minto stood there, an invisible dagger impaling his heart. It was twisted when he saw Ron get up and kiss Alynthia. Suddenly he felt very dizzy.

I... I gotta sit down...

But, he didn't make it to the chair. Instead, he fainted right where he stood.

Phantom Angel
24-02-2002, 12:37 AM
Alynthia was shocked for a few seconds.

"How dare he! How DARE HE DO THAT? It was her body and he was just using it, like she was the sleazy whore he had slept with the time before! No, she wouldn't stand for this! Even if Maachini would take the job offer she had given her, Alynthia would do this. For her own sake of mind."

However, seeing Minto fainted on the floor worried her more. She kneeled down beside him, gently slapping his cheeks.

"Come on Minto, wake up. It's not that bad. Please wake up. I'm really sorry, he's a jerkish s.o.b. Come on Minto, it's nothing." she said, gently.

Minto came about, and Alynthia gave him a glass of water and settled him onto a chair.

"I'm really sorry about this." she told him sincerely. "And now, I fear I must leave you, to get revenge on the little @$$hole that thinks can just kiss me whenever he wants to." Alynthia said furiously.

Before all this, she had ordered a special human food, called spagetty and meat balls. She had not the chance to touch her food, and it was now sitting on the table, cold and wasted. Alynthia looked at it, ravenously, an idea striking her. Gently picking up the dish, she made her way through the crowd to where Ron was sitting. So entranced was he by Honii's singing, that he did not hear Alynthia sneak up behind him. With flowing peaceful movements, the elf girl smashed the plate of spagetty on his head, and left it there, the sauce flowing down Ron's face, blidinng him, and the meatballs slipping down on his face, then rolling on his clothes, and ending up in his lap. Most of the spagetty however clumg to the plate, and hung about his face like long white and red strings, making him seem like a giant mop with a hat. Quickly, before he could react, Alynthia whispered into his ear.

"You look positively dashing. I'm sure all the ladies will die at your new look."

The other people at the tables looked about them, very surprised a the drama unfolding in front of their eyes. Some broke out in wide grins, some started downright laughing. Alynthia hated to disturb Honii's marvelous performance, but she told herself it was for a good cause. She would apologize to the elf woman later, and explain the whole story. The men were still laughing, and Alynthia grinned a little. She bowed, and quickly ran out of the Drunk Tank, into the city, hoping to escape what would most likely be Ron's wrath. She had made a fool of him in public, and that was most unacceptable. Knowing him, he would probably retaliate. Alynthia didn't want to see that retaliation.

She hated leaving Minto behind, but she hoped that the man had recovered from his shock.

As she ran out in the cool night air, Alynthia broke into a great smile of satisfaction. The night was beautiful, and she licked a bit of spagetty sauce off her fingers.

"If Maachini fires me, so be it. I will accept responsibility for what I did. My dignity is worth a stupid job." Alynthia thought. Yet she knew, that in the past, a job had been worth her dignity. Only after a very hard and painful lesson, had Strobori Alynthia Mythal learned to cherish her values.

"Oh... no...." she thought, as she recalled the memory of Ron's kiss. Her fingers went to her lips, as she continued to walk into the night.

24-02-2002, 03:47 AM
OOC: It's typical that when I finally get to go online, animeboards is having some work done on it... so I had to wait about an hour and a half. My best friend is spending the night, and she's probably already asleep on my bed. That means I'll probably have to roll her away from the middle so that I can sleep somewhere...

IC: *Namazu had taken a shower as soon as she got back to the trailer, and changed into a black leather corset and black leather pants. She fixed herself a cup of noodles, and opened a beer... not as good as the lunch that the guys had, but it worked.

Finally they were ready to get to work on the songs. Hours passed of: "No... I think the bass line should go more like this"

"Wait... I think that a guitar solo should go in here."

"How about starting this with an A dim7?"

By the end of the session two new songs were nearly complete, with just a bit more time needed to spend on details and some more practice sessions.

"I think we can call this good for today," Agari said, putting his guitar away.

The living room was eventually cleared of all the equipment. "I'm going to go lay down for a while. I went too long with too little food, and hardly any decent sleep."

"Okay, Namazu," Tenshin said. "I think I'm going to go for a ride, you guys want to come?"

"I think I'll hang around here for a while, if it's all the same to you," Higashi replied.

After five minutes of looking for shoes and deciding what they should do, Shioni, Tenshin, and Agari left for a joyride... leaving Namazu (who was already laying down on her mattress in her room) and Higashi to the trailer.

OOC: that was a really crappy post.... but I've got bigger fish to fry... and I'm dead tired.

24-02-2002, 06:57 PM
Honii knew something was going on out in the bar but the lights from the stage made it difficult for her to see. Some sort of scene was taking place out there. Her last song was ending and she noticed the bars patrons were not paying attention to her.

The lights came on and Honi could see the back end of Alynthia leaving through the doors, that is when her eyes shifted over to Ron.
'D*mn I wish I had a camera'
A small cute smile came across her lips, before a grin took over.
There she saw Ron covered in what looked like spagetti. With a few balls of ground up cow flesh balancing on his head. He looked a sight and Honii well imagined he must have done something to Alynthia.
She left the stage and made her way over noticing that the gay elf man had passed out. She did not know who to help first, but decided to drop to her knees and see if the gay one was ok?
She patted his cheeks lightly " Are you ok?" she asked. She looked up a Ron and frowned at him "What have you gone and done?" Before looking back down at the passed out one again..

24-02-2002, 07:47 PM
After sometime going through Honii's clothes, Furu felt satisfied with his foundings and Honiis taste of clothes. If he could, or really wanted to, he would marry Honii, but he appreciated his freedom too much. Now came the hard part, getting past Maachini. Taking a hold of the bag, not even bigger than before, Furu fluttered out and down the hall. He peeped through the door leading to the bar. He just had to make it to the exit. Quickly flying out of the door, Furu tried to look as unnoteciable that a little dragon carrying a bag full of womens underwear could.

Just act casual...really casual...I mean really really casual...like when you're looking at women taking a bath..yeah..now that's casual...

24-02-2002, 09:01 PM

She waited patiently and then opened the door, reaching out and wrapping her fingers around Furu's neck, pulling him into her office.

"Drop the bag," she ordered in her most commanding voice. Then she set the little dragon down on her desk and looked down at him.

Can't let him know that I know... eh, this is so confusing.

"Stay out of my dresser. I need my underwear you little pervert." She sighed and smiled fondly.

25-02-2002, 02:24 PM
Furu rubbed the back of his head with a claw, feeling quite nervous at the moment and chuckled at Maachini, smiling at her.

" Heh...Ok ok...I just took a few items, I'll give them back. But Honii said it was ok for me to take some of hers." Furu said said and pulled in the back, taking out the few panties that he had taken and dropped them next to the bag before fluttering next to Maachini.

" By the way...I'll be leaving on a small trip again Maachini. I'll...be visiting home. Heh...haven't been there in ages so I thought a visit might be in order, maybe go see if my old home is still there and all that..."

25-02-2002, 02:31 PM
Does anyone know exactly how hard it is to find a proper elm in France? One which is connected to the limbo and can be used as part of the transportation transit system, which in itself is generally considered inferior due to high ticket prices, attendants with all the courteous manners of a three legged bleeding wombat on crack, and a general lack of timely scheduling. This was a major reason most who knew how, or could, would skip the general mass transit system Limbo had worked out and instead would shadow jump between planes themselves. The freedom of using a non regulated form of transit as well as not having to deal with the horrible customer interaction and service more than made up for the lack of a complimentary bag of honeyed nuts. It probably helped that Bru didn’t much care for nuts as well, indeed that was a likely reason Bru began jumping in the first place. Hell Bru had been jumping along side the transit system for millennia, it’s a well known fact that right after making most of the greater cosmos, ‘He-Who-Thinks-He-Is-Hot-To-Trot-But-Is-Not’ created the elm transit system.

This is most likely why it is so ------ up.

Bru rubbed his head, finding a knot that he didn’t remember getting and a pulling out a stem of lilac he didn’t remember picking.

Odd, where did this come from ?

Promptly, Bru realized he was standing in a garden, the overly large impression of his fall outlined in snapped stems and torn petals. Bru found it more than passingly amusing that the Daemon had landed in a bed of ‘morning glory’s’, how appropriate.

Alright Pepi, here’s the plan- you use whatever Daemon who-do voo-doo you got to wrangle us up some vintage French wine, I’d say a fine Bordeaux Castillion or so, while I find…what it is I came here for… because this was planned. Yes. ‘wee wee’ or some such.

The most amusing part of the situation was the owner of the garden having not been absent from the proceedings, standing right before them and rather wide-eyed.

Oh and Pepi, get rid of François here, he annoys me. O but first…

See its funny because Bru took the man’s croissant, hah hah hah. See because those are good and good and so Bru took it and ate it all up like some sort of thing that eats things gourmet. I dunno, maybe Iron Chef Pac-Man. O jeez being in France making dumber me gotta find out way out soon.

yeargh, sorry about the quality of the last two posts, I've been pretty sick and me minds been rather muzzy, hard find it i make to coherent sentences. I swear, I'll try to get back in form again, I just need more tea. Much much more green tea. much more.

Princess Samari
25-02-2002, 06:02 PM
OOC: TM I think your posts are the best ^.^ Coherent or not ::thumbs up:: Oh yeah..and I have really nothing to post..so um..carry on? ::Is in slump. Don't mind her::

Chesta chesta chesta
26-02-2002, 07:39 AM
Kuran sat by a table watching the events unfold infront of her eyes.

"Tree huggers!" She exclaimed before shoving a spoonfull of mint and chocolate ice cream into her mouth and then smiling content at the ceiling.

This time she was not going to get herself involved in the tree huggers arguments, she was going to sit on this chair, eat ice cream, be nice and not steal the spoon afterwards. Maybe afterwards she'd do a bit of cleaning, just because she was so nice and obedient. Besides you do not mess with people, that could get one hurt and she didn't really fancy the idea of being hurt.

"mmmm chocolate!"

ooc: sue me.

Aku Shi
26-02-2002, 10:56 PM

It was cold. It was slimy. He could feel it slipping down his back, under his vest. His eye twitched a little, but that was all. Most of his rage he kept inside. Honii finished her song and had left the stage to rush to Minto's aid. Ron turn in his chair to look across the room at her as she said something to him.

"What have you gone and done?"

Me? I've done nothing but attempt to listen to your lovely singing. Alynthia became angry for some reason. Probably because she realized that there could never be anything between us. It's obvious she has a thing for me... I gave her a friendly kiss good-bye to let her know that there was no hard feelings and that my decision was nothing personal against her. Then, the next thing I know, I have pasta all over me.

He said all of this quite calmly. So what if he was stretching the truth a little? Honii didn't need to know every gory detail about the exchange between he and Alynthia. As he finished up his explanation, he pulled some strands of spaghetti away from his face and tossed it aside.

Not to be a burden or anything, but... Do you by any chance have a place I could clean up at? Like a shower or anything?

A meatball then fell into his lap with a plop.

Alynthia had helped him come to again and get back in his seat. She had even gotten him a glass of water. But, before he could thank her, she was storming across the room towards Ron, a plate of something in her hand. When he saw her dump the contents of the plate onto Ron's head, Minto fainted again, spilling his water on the table as he fell from his chair.

" Are you ok?"

Those words and some light slaps on his cheeks caused him to open his eyes again. He wasn't sure just how long he'd been out the second time. Maybe a few seconds, maybe a few hours. He really had no idea what was going on anymore. At that point dream and reality were starting to blur, so when Ron said his bit, Minto wasn't sure if it was true or not. It sounded good, at any rate... Maybe it was the truth...

Phantom Angel
26-02-2002, 11:24 PM
Alynthia had taken a walk through the city, the cool air of the night cooling her down. She had tied her hair back, in a french braid, and was now ready to go back and possibly explain what happened.

"That jerk! I bet he made up some lie to make himself look good! Well I'm not afraid to chuck some more food at him!"

Alynthia thought angrily.

She had fled her last workplace beacause of that evil man who thought that treating his waitress like dirt will make her go into submission. She needed money, and thus she stayed, accepting his dirty comments, and attempts to get her in his bed.
His dying father had begged her on his deathbed to stay a while longer. She had stayed for the old man's sake, not for his son's. After his death, his son became more and more cruel towards her. When she had enough money, Alynthia told him she was leaving. He tried to hurt her, and she had left him burned on the floor of his bar. It had been one of the most terrifying experiences in her life. If you didn't count what had happened before she left the elven plane. She shuddered, not wanting to call back bad memories.

The night was quite cool, as Alynthia returned from her small walk. She hoped that she wouldn't see Ron right away. He was probably furious with her for ruining his clothing, but she didn't care. First of all, she didn't want him touching her if he didn't have any serious intention, or attraction, of which Alynthia thought he had none. He had already proven to be a player. She didn't want a player. Second of all, the way he had grabbed her in his arms, and the way he had exterted his strength over her had frightened the fragile elf. She didn't like relinquishing power, and he had took her completely off guard. Not wanting to think about the kiss in itself, Alynthia licked her lips, and opened the door.

She quickly scanned for Ron, and since she did not see spagetty boy anywhere. She saw Honii kneeling beside Minto, who had appeared to have waken up. Alynthia didn't know how long she had been gone. It must have been half an hour of so, she didn't know.

"Well, I'll just go ask Honii if she can take me in until I get my own place."

Alynthia thought, and made her way to the table.

"Hello, Honii,and Minto. Honii, I am sorry for ruining your song with that small incident. It is a matter I will discuss with you later. Minto, how are you feeling. I am sorry I left so quickly. I hope you are feeling better. Do you need anything?" Alynthia said, a warm smile spreading across her lips.

27-02-2002, 01:29 AM
*Namazu lay on her back (with her wings in. ooc: don't complain about realism, think about the Draconians from Escaflowne. Namazu just likes to have her wings out most of the time /ooc) on her mattress. As she stared at the ceiling she began to wonder how her life had gotten to be where it was now. 'Am I even happy? Living with so little food... and in the company of four guys most of the time... the only place I ever go is the drunk tank. I want to get out... to have an adventure.'

She sighed, beginning to feel depressed about where she had ended up. A tear ran down her cheek as she remembered her past, and realized how little hope there was for the future.

Passing by her room Higashi paused seeing how sad she looked. Has she been crying? He walked into her room and laid down on her bed beside her. Gently he wiped the tear from her cheek with her sheets. She turned away from him, almost angry that he had walked in and got into bed with her. He put his arms around her and she turned toward him and buried her face in his chest and cried as she hadn't been able to in many years.*

OOC: How come we're always hanging out in the bar? Our characters are a bunch of drunks... perhaps something exciting could happen....???

27-02-2002, 01:34 AM
Honii helped the elf to a chair and a waitress brought some water. "Here you sit here and drink this ok?" she placed the glass in his hands.
Before turning her attention to Ron as he was speaking.

Do you by any chance have a place I could clean up at? Like a shower or anything?
Honii heard as Ron stood beside her.
" Umm sure you can use shower in my dressing room upstairs."
Honii frowned looking at Ron
" Honestly though do you not think you should go after her even with ground cow balls in your hair!"

I know it small been a bad day for Trin...sorry

Aku Shi
27-02-2002, 01:52 PM

Go after her? What, you want me to kill her now instead of when there are less witnesses around?

Ron laughed, shaking his head, which caused some sauce to slide down his face. Then he nodded to the two of them and left for the dressing room in order to clean up. He disappeared from the room just in time to miss the return of Alynthia, which was probably for the best.

Once at the shower, he turned the water on and waited for it to get warm. As he did so, he picked off the food from his head, shoulders, and pretty much everywhere on him, and threw it out the window. Then he removed his vest and frowned at the large stains on it. It was genuin leather that he had tanned himself from a deer that he had hunted down for food back when he was younger. It had always brought him great pride, that vest. Sighing, he set it down and began to unfasten all his weapons belts.

There was sauce and bits of meat caked around some of the weapons, mostly his throwing knives and the hilt of his sword. He could always clean those. No problem. Then he came to his pants, which were also handmade by leather he tanned on his own. They too had huge stains. Grumbling a little, he unfastened them and pulled them off. His skin smelled like seasoned tomatoes and garlic. Feeling that the water was now warm enough, he stepped into the shower and began to wash the sticky substance from his flesh.

Dammit... What the hell made me try that stupid spell in that damnedable book?...

The singing elf had helped him back up to his seat again. He watched with sad eyes as his beloved Ron walked away to get cleaned up. Just then he noticed Alynthia returning to the table. She seemed worried for him, and a little upset over something. Blinking, Minto took a sip of his water.

"Minto, how are you feeling. I am sorry I left so quickly. I hope you are feeling better. Do you need anything?"

What you did was very uncalled for. Just because you are rejected doesn't mean you should dump spaghetti on someone's head, ya know... And no, I don't need anything from you.

He took another long sip of his water and glared up at Alynthia.
Minto's memory is a little messed up from all the fainting, so he believe what Ron said, thus the coldness to Alynthia. Also, I agree with Hitomi... Heh...

Phantom Angel
27-02-2002, 03:20 PM
Alynthia was in shock.

"Minto? What the h#ll happened to you?" Alynthia was confused as to what made Minto think that Ron rejected her. There was nothing between them, thus, nothing to reject. Then understanding dawned upon her.

"The -------! So that's what he told them to save face!" She turned to Minto and said.

"Do you not remember, that Ron got mad at you for telling everyone he screwed that girl, and then he got pissed when I teased him about it? And then... well, I made a few other remarks and he just got up and kissed me? I can't believe you actually buy the bs the moron fed you!" she said, her green eyes glinting with anger.

"Ron...." she thought angered.

27-02-2002, 05:11 PM
Honii not wanting to get involved in anything and realizing the elf seemed to be ok decided to slip away quietly.
She spoke to Kuran" I am going upstairs to change then I have to go see Maachini you can stay here if you like and when I am done we can head home it has been a long day" she patted Kuran's head and moved upstairs.

" Ron it's Honii I am coming in"
As she knocked on her door but did not get a reply.
'Hmmm, ok then hope he is decent'
Honii entered her room and could hear the shower, she looked down at his clothes on the floor.
" Why do men do that just dump their clothes about?" she picked them up and noticed they were a little stained. She heard a noise outside her room and figured it must be one of the workers at the Drunk Tank. Pokeing her head outside she realized it was.
" Listen, can you take these to the one hour cleaners and see if they can do something real fast. Tell the gentleman there it is I who sent them and you should not have any trouble" she smiled before handing the clothing over.
Honii kind of giggled when she closed the door again as she heard Ron singing from the shower something like 'I'm to sexy for my love...too sexy' She placed her hand to her mouth stieffling her laughter.
'Maybe in your imagination'
Honii grabbed her clothes and went behind her screen to change.

Ok Shi well we can have a wee bit of fun with this if you are game that is I will leave it up to you.

01-03-2002, 06:52 PM
Raw looked down at the poor man in front of him. It wasn't his fault that they had landed in his garden. It would be so cruel of them to do anything mean to the poor sod because of a mistake that that fool angel had ma.....oh whats this? He's about to say something.

The poor frenchman would have been fine had he not chosen that moment to open his mouth. You see, Raw was feeling rather humane and forgiving at the moment, but as soon as french began coming out of the man's mouth, all was replaced with a burning hatred like no other. Raw thought for a second.

‘What's a suitable way to kill a frenchman?'

Raw grinned and opened his palms, two bottles of Bordeaux Castillion appearing in them. Lifting the frenchman up by his head, Raw proceeded to shove them into the man's chest and stomach, then hit them on the back. As the wine shot into the man's veins, his heart and veins swelled under the pressure. Just as his heart exploded, his eyes popped from the unnatural forces acting on his body. Raw released his head, the man collapsing to the ground and bleeding profusely, a mixture of blood and wine soaking into the ground. He turns and looks at Bru.

"Alright, done and done. Now what?"

Aku Shi
03-03-2002, 03:03 AM

...so sexy it hurts... Ow! Break it down now.

Bobbing his head to a tune that only he could hear, Ron finished rinsing his hair and turned around to shut the shower off. Just as he twisted the knobs to "off," his silver eyes widened, for something occured to him.

Uh... Honii...? I forgot to get a towel... And um... Sh¡t... What am I going to wear now?!

He peeked his head out, his dark hair dripping wet and little beeds of water trailing down his tanned face.

Honii?... A little help here, please?

His voice was almost a whimper, and his brow wrinkled in worry.

Phantom Angel
03-03-2002, 03:11 AM

Alynthia: Serves you right you lil playboy fool!

PA: Umm....

Alynthia: Shut up! he's such an ass! and telling big lies too! i am going to.... *whispers something in PA's ear*

PA: omg... that would be... that would be.... *breaks down and laughs with tears*

Alynthia: *snicker*

PA: well, it looks like Ron's in a wee bit of trouble now...

03-03-2002, 03:24 AM
Honii was standing behind the screen trying to get her pants on.
"Damn I hate these stupid things sometimes, has she jumped into her black leather pants. Pulling and doing a little hop, before fastening them up. They were low on her hips her favorite way to wear pants but getting into them was a nightmare. She stumbled around putting her halter top back on when she heard a whisp of a noise. An almost femine whimper if you will.

Honii thought she heard her name being called she came from behind the screen to see a very naked man standing and dripping on her floor. Honii moved her hands to her mouth
'OMG' she started to blush, profusely..not knowing really where to look. But her eyes afterall she was curious kept looking to see what all the fuss was about.
"Not much I guess" she whispered under her breath. Ron standing there not making any atempt at covering himself.
Honii looked away after realizing she was staring.
"Umm..... oh you need a towel umm err yes...one sec" she grabbed a towel from the cupboard and turned throwing it at him so it sorta smacked him in the head.
She turned and went behind the screen "Ummm tell me when it is safe to come out" she almost bursted a gut laughing ..

Aku Shi
03-03-2002, 03:50 AM
Well now...

Ron: Ha! Honii wanted to see me naked so Trin had me walk all the way out of the shower and show my everything to all the readers! Haha!! She so wants me.

Um... Right.

Standing there, holding a towel, Ron stared oddly at the screen Honii had disappeared behind. She blushed... Had she never seen a man before? All of a man? The man blinked then slowly started to dry himself off.

I like the bodywash you have in your shower.... It's very nice...

Ron actually wasn't sure what to say. He was still confused over the strange look on Honii's face. And, that since she hadn't seen a man before, then that must mean that she's a-... But a woman THAT lovely?! No, Ron couldn't believe that. Shaking his head, he wrapped the towel around himself and cleared his throat.

You can come out now. All that's left is finding me something to wear. I can't very well take my soiled garments in to get cleaned with me IN them, can I?

He chuckled a little and pulled his wet hair back a little as he awaited any ideas.

03-03-2002, 06:15 PM
Honii: oh that is so not true Ron...Trin just likes to put her chars in shall we say interesting positions...
Oi you Hons be quiet who gave you permission to talk....


Honii was giggling way to hard behind that screen, she had never seen a naked man before. Hard as that was to believe she had never gotten herself into that position. Her cheeks were very flushed and she felt sorta hot herself.

I like the bodywash you have in your shower.... It's very nice
Honii's eyes widen " Oh, yeah right its....umm Herbal Essence you know for that totally orgasmic....ummm... I meant.. I mean....for that totally organic experience 'God I cannot believe I just said that.'

You can come out now. All that's left is finding me something to wear. I can't very well take my soiled garments in to get cleaned with me IN them, can I?

Honii gentley peeked her head from behind the screen, her eyes locking straight onto Ron's well defined chest. She sorta have stumbled out.."Oh sure I sent your clothes out to be cleaned, while you were in the shower. I hope you do not mind?" she stepped toward him a bit closer her flushed cheeks most definately betraying her embarrassment...
" Yes you do need something to where..." looking around she saw her silk house coat. "Umm here use this" she tossed it at him afraid to look but compelled to do so..." It might be a bit small but well it should keep you sorta decent.
Ron put it on well it was super short and almost did not cover him completely.
Honii let out a small giggle when she looked at him standing there in her blue silk housecoat the fabric showing pretty well everything he possessed.
" I think you should keep the towel as well on. There is a hair brush over there feel free to use it and anything else you want.
She was shaking just a bit and almost stumbled over her chair to find a spot to be so as not to stare. "Ron would you like some tea?"

Princess Samari
03-03-2002, 06:39 PM
OOC: Squeeek!! oh god oh god oh god! ::runs to find bleach. Needs to wash her eyes::

Aku Shi
03-03-2002, 10:24 PM

Ron stood there, afraid to move for fear the movement would tear the silk house coat. It was very tight on him around the shoulders, even with the front left open all the way. He looked over at Honii, a look of uneasiness in his eyes. Then his expression changed. She was still blushing... And her usual grace was replaced by trembling movements and a near mishap with her chair.

You ok there?

He raised a brow and stifled a chuckle. Then he shook his head, amused, and reached for her brush. Right before reaching it he stopped short. He could feel the fabric straining. Slowly he returned his hand to where it had been then removed the house coat and handed it back to her, his towel still on.

I'm afraid that this won't do, Hon. I really don't want to tear your robe and I'd rather have something that I could leave the room in... I mean, it's nice being in here with you and all, but you're going to be leaving soon, right? And, spending hours in a dressing room alone isn't exactly what I'd call fun... Besides, I want to watch your performance when you go out to sing. I can't very well do that in a blue silk house coat and a towel, now, can I?

He picked up the brush, his shoulder muscles now free to flex and relax without worry. As he moved the bristles through his wet hair, Ron glanced at Honii. The woman was staring at him again. Very rarely, he noticed, had she actually looked him in the face while they were both standing there. Turning so that Honii couldn't see his smirk, Ron continued to brush his hair.

Tell me, Honii... Am I bothering you by being here like this? I mean, you don't seem used to this type of situation at all. Am I making you uncomfortable?

He glanced over his shoulder at her and her blushing cheeks.

You've never seen a naked man before this, have you?

03-03-2002, 11:35 PM
"Um er yup I am fine" she answered him. Honii was for all intended puposes completely at awe at the sight of Ron in her silk housecoat. The way it smoothly shaped the contours of his well defined body. It was much to small, and well there was nothing she could do about that. She bit her bottom lip, her eyes widening again as Ron took off the housecoat all of a sudden.

'Is it hot in here? Ok Hon get a grip, just caus there is a extremely attractive naked man in your dressing room there is no need to go all squirrelly.'

This was one of those awkward moments her mother had warned her about all those years ago.

Tell me, Honii... Am I bothering you by being here like this? I mean, you don't seem used to this type of situation at all. Am I making you uncomfortable?

"Oh, no of course not what ever gave you that idea" she replied swallowing hard. Of course she had no idea what Ron was about to say next and well it completely took her by surprise you could have knocked her over with a feather.

You've never seen a naked man before this, have you?

Her cheeks now hot she was sure they would need hosing down to cool them. And well he was brushing his hair as he spoke and she could see the water droplets running down his muscular back. She kept staring trying to remeber what he had asked...
'What are you going to say No! which was the truth so he thinks you are some kind of naive fool.'

Honii smiled a big grin " Why um no I have seen plenty yes plenty of naked men before." Of course she was lying but he did not know that.

Honii had to get out of this situation "Ron I asked you before and you did not answer me. Would you like some tea and I am sure once you have finished your clothes will be back from the cleaners."

Aku Shi
03-03-2002, 11:47 PM

"Why um no I have seen plenty yes plenty of naked men before."

Oh have you now?...

Ron turned around to face her, his hair now well groomed. His silver eyes studied her face closely, then looked through her like she was clear as glass.

"Ron I asked you before and you did not answer me. Would you like some tea and I am sure once you have finished your clothes will be back from the cleaners."

Ignoring her question, or perhaps he was too busy thinking of something else when she said it, Ron took a step towards her.

If what you say is true, then why do you look so nervous and distracted? Hm?

He stepped closer still, his towel catching on the chair as he went by. As a result, it slipped off when he took another step. He could feel the slightly damp terry cloth slide against his flesh, but he didn't make any motion to catch it. Instead, he just stepped closer still. His advance caused Honii to step back a little until she bumped softly into the wall. Smiling, he leaned in towards her and braced his hands on the wall either side of her body.

Tell the truth now, young lady... It's a sin to lie, you know.

Princess Samari
04-03-2002, 02:36 AM
OOC: They should be playing Barry White right about now..please don't let this turn into a Ron Jeremy flim..please...Is he gonna do some bible spankin sin eradicatin action?

04-03-2002, 02:54 AM
Honii suddenly became very uncomfortable, was not quite sure why though. She just got a small shiver down her spin and knew she was in a percarious situation. She adverted her eyes from him and looked down at the carpeted floor. Watching as if in slow motion as a towel fell to it. Honii dared not look up now. Her heart was beating faster, her breathing quickening. She stepped back and felt the wall behind her. And Ron standing in front of her blocking her against the wall.
Tell the truth now, young lady... It's a sin to lie, you know.
She could feel Ron's breath on her face he smelled very good and well he was pressed up against her.
But then a more pressing thing popped into her mind.
'There is a naked man leaning up against you and you are not doing anything about it'
Honii looked up into Ron's eyes, tilting her head just a little.
"Do I lie that badly? " she frowned just a bit.
" Fine NO!! I have never seen um err a naked man. Now Ron would you like some tea?"

Sam have more faith in me honestly...it is not what you think..

Chesta chesta chesta
04-03-2002, 04:50 AM
OOC: Sorry, sorry, I know there is a lot of them. But is like all the other raving psychotic alcoholics still in the bar? Don't make Kuran go up there and smack Ron's manhood with her sandal for flashing at Honii!

Princess Samari
04-03-2002, 09:24 AM
OOC: Thats *exactly* what one of my old boyfriends said! ::runs and hides::

Aku Shi
04-03-2002, 11:05 AM

" Fine NO!! I have never seen um err a naked man. Now Ron would you like some tea?"

No thanks. I'm not very thirsty for tea right now...

He didn't move away or even turn his eyes away from hers. Ron just stood there, smiling gently. Slowly he removed his left hand from the wall and brushed back a section of Honii's hair that had fallen in her face. Then he let his hand slide smoothly down her cheek and come to a stop under her chin. He gently directed her to look up at him, eye to eye, and his smile widened slightly.

There's nothing to be afraid of, Honii... I don't bite. Nibble maybe, but never bite.

Releasing a slight chuckle that was softer and different than his usual laughter, Ron leaned his head down closer to hers. His lips pressed gently against hers and his hand slid down the contors of her neck and collar bone. Then he let it slide down her arm and over to her waist, where his hand then made its way to her back, causing her body to move closer to his.

04-03-2002, 03:04 PM
OOC: Oh no worries...heh..Furu's about to make a small interruption..ph33r the little pervert dragon...


Furu chuckled to himsef nervously and slowly made his way towards the door leading out of the room. If he could just be fast enough...Maachini knew. Furu was sure of it and she'd try to do something to stop him.

" Heh..so Maachini..well...see ya!" Furu said and bolted out of the door, almost hitting it as he slid through a small opening in it and flew out of the room as fast as he could breathing hard, his head pounding. Somehow he felt like he should go back to Maachini. He didn't like running away from her. She was the only woman in existance who had earned his respect in the way that she had. She was the only woman he could try peeping on (part of the reason was because he feared what she'd do to him) out of respect. Not that he didn't respect women like Honii and others, but it was a different respect.

" Sorry Maachini. I'm doing this for your best..."

Furu hated to admit it, but Maachini was the only woman to "tame" him and that was what really made him scared of her. No one else had ever done that to him. No one. Oh well if you didn't count that time when those naga priestresses had...well no need to try to remember that time. He had been too drunk to remember half of what happened though the results of that night remained till today. And he wouldn't call that "taming" him really either. More like giving him one heck of a punishment. Not that it had slowed him down when it came to women. But then he had met her.

" No time to think about that...gotta get out of here and back ho-"

Furu's sentance was broken when he barged through the door of Maachini's dressing room, deciding that he'd go through there, grab a piece of underwear to replace the ones he had left in Maachinis office and then get out of here. Furu stopped and blinked, looking at some naked man standing in front of Honii, his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. And the mans back was to him, his ass plain in sight towards him.

" OH GODS, I SO DID NOT WANT TO SEE THAT! I'll be mentally scarred forever! And what the hell do you think you're doing to my Honii!?" Furu asked, glaring at the man and fluttered nearer.

" And please will you cover your ass? I do not particularry like seeing naked men. Better hurry before I decide to use my fiery breath boy. It's hard to woo girls with burned testicles."

04-03-2002, 06:14 PM
Furu Honii’s hero…she says she owes you btw…keeper..

While Ron was lovely to look at she would openly admit to it after all considering he was pressing up against her without a stitch of clothing on. Feeling his caress, his touch, ripples waved through her body. But then a brief flash of eyes a rememberence of something entered her head as if placed there by someone maybe even herself. They just appeared and with that a new feeling came over her. Honii was in a position she was not liking, not liking at all. She suddenly felt like nothing more than how a common tramp would feel. He was not who she would even consider letting touch in that way a man and women do. Honii had always envisioned it to be with someone she was in love with. Not some roll in the hay like some common trollop.

There's nothing to be afraid of, Honii... I don't bite. Nibble maybe, but never bite.

Those words rang in her head...almost like alrm bells. She started to want this man away from her she moved trying to squeeze from under his one side.

Honii heard the door open with a thud.

'Thank you'

" OH GODS, I SO DID NOT WANT TO SEE THAT! I'll be mentally scarred forever! And what the hell do you think you're doing to my Honii!?"

'Furu dear sweet wonderful Furu' But then she realized what it must look like. Her standing there behind a naked man even if she had her clothes on..
She pushed past Ron who seemed a bit irritated by the interruption and glanced at Furu. She was hoping that Furu could see the look of sheer relief his interruption has caused.

" And please will you cover your ass? I do not particularry like seeing naked men. Better hurry before I decide to use my fiery breath boy. It's hard to woo girls with burned testicles."

Honii giggled just a little from that last comment as Furu came beside her...

Aku Shi
05-03-2002, 12:39 AM

Ever hear of knocking?

Ron glared at the strange little thing that had interupted. Honii was now out of his arms and giggling at the burnt testicles comment. His silver eyes blazed with rage, but his face remained calm in appearance. He hated being toyed with, and that was most certainly what Honii was doing. She had sent out all the signals, not of one who is experienced in the game, but of one who was new and nervous, but willing to try her hand at it. Ron had been with enough women that were of both catagories to recognize the difference and the signs of each. Now, however, she seemed as if she was releaved that they had been interupted and that she wasn't interested at all. There were names for people that played like that...

Fine then.

That's all he said to them, nothing more. Quietly he reached down and picked up his towel, his eyes not once glancing up back up at Honii. He was far too pissed off and hurt. He wrapped the towel around himself and stormed past them and out the door.

Back in the main hall, Ron sat down at a table and glared ahead at nothing. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed some of the other patrons giving him weird looks. Gritting his teeth, he turned towards them.

What?! You've never seen a man in a towel before?!?!

The people quickly looked away, either down at their plate or glass, or out a window, or up at the ceiling. A few of them coughed, one chuckled, and some gasped. Still, they didn't dare look back at him again. Well, except for a few glances....

He watched with wide eyes as Ron reappeared in the main room. It was the lack of clothing that made Minto's eyes grow so wide, and a equally wide grin quickly followed. Snapping momentarily out of the daze, he jumped up and rushed over to Ron's table, pulling up a chair.

Nice outfit, Ronny.

Shut up. And, my name's not 'Ronny'....

Minto's features changed from intrigue to worry.

What's wrong, love?

He stared at the silent Ron, awaiting a reply. None was given, and Minto understood then that Ron didn't feel like talking about it. So, the elf then played with a section of his platinum hair while he attempting to think of another topic of conversation.

Phantom Angel
05-03-2002, 01:12 AM
Alynthia noticed Ron come back from wherever he went, all wrapped up in a towel that was.... not very fitting. She couldn't suppress a grin at his obvious scowling face. Things certainly had not gone well wherever he went, and he was clotheless, to Alynthia's sheer delight. She was delighted that he was in an embarassing situation of course, that she caused, and she was nice and happy, while he was scowling and experiencing great uncomfort.

"That should teach him. Never mess with spagetty!" Alynthia thought, and giggled to herself. "Well, since Minto left after his little lover boy, I might as well go talk to Honii now."

Alynthia was very well aware of the fact that Minto probably did not give squat for her defensive argument, and as he had so quickly left her, she didn't want to talk to the elf at the moment. Thus, she got up, gently, and made her way through the crowd, taking the farthest paths, so that she stay away from Ron. She had cheated death once, and Alynthia was smart enough to realise the young man blamed her for all his humiliation. Thus, she traversed the crowd stifly, avoiding Ron's field of view. Plus, she was already breaking in fits of giggle.

"The Marvelous Adventures of Towel Man, and his trusty sidekick!" Alynthia thought and giggled to herself.

Princess Samari
05-03-2002, 02:56 AM
OOC: My next song is dedicated to Keeper-Sama ::Twirls her mirophone:: Diiiiiid you ever know that you're my heroooooo?

11-03-2002, 07:27 AM

I'm working out a schedule. I'll be posting more regularly in the RPGs soon.

11-03-2002, 03:36 PM

Today is Monday. I posted in FFRPG technically this morning. Which means that I now focus on Maachini. Monday=Maachini post.


By now the angel and the demon were probably getting into suitable amounts of trouble. Maachini waved absently as Furu left and leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes against her throbbing headache.

Peppa hopped back and forth, in and out, in and out.

Ron sat naked, or mostly naked, in the front room.

In the kitchen, one of the cooks, a woman with pale blond hair, exchanged a tender kiss with one of the waitresses.

Chard was serving drinks, complaining noisily.

Kouraa sat in the hallway of one of the upper levels, muttering to himself.

This was her territory.

This was her space.

"The Harvesters had no right," she hissed to herself and slowly opened her eyes.

They had no right to invade her place.

Hopefully the two idiots were sufficiently entrenched in the Harvester plane and hip-deep in Harvester blood. Oh, it was entirely certain that they'd bring back some information, but Maachini already knew. She already knew what they had been after.

Peppa hopped in and out, in an out while Ron sat naked, or mostly naked, and Chard served drinks, and Kouraa sat in the hallway, and the cook and the waitress were sneaking off for a quickie Furu and Honii continued along their way Alynthia snickered

Maachini knew what they had been after, what they had come for, what they had invaded for.

Hopefully the demon and the angel were causing the Harvesters some serious pain.

What if they got distracted? Goddess knows I can't trust a job to alcoholic men. They're likely bopping around Paris or something killing all the French. Maachini paused and then shook her head slowly with a smile. What a ridiculous notion. Honestly, I imagine they're doing just fine.

12-03-2002, 12:28 AM
Honii was so releaved that Furu had interupted them. She had for one brief moment almost considered giving in to the temptation. Ron was very good at seduction she would have to be careful around him from now on. Especially now he had gotten her so well hot and bothered.
Sometimes she hated being a female they always managed to get themselves into less then ideal situations sometimes.
'Why do I have this small feeling of regret though?' she puzzled to herself. She knew Ron most certainly was not too happy with her at the moment.
But at the same time what he had been trying to do to her was wrong especially given that Alynthia had feelings for him..
She smiled at Furu " Furu you are my hero" she kissed him on the top of his little head. A knock at the door sounded
"come in" Honii replied... In walked the cleaners boy with ron's clean clothes.
Honii paid him and sent him along.
" Furu if you will excuse me I have to get someone" she smiled at him "feel free to help yourself" she winked.

It did not take Honii long to find Ron since well everyone was looking at him. She smiled at Minto " You seem to be feeling better then"
Looking at Ron, frowning just a little" Listen I know you are not very happy with me at the moment. And this is not the place to discuss things. But Ron your clothes are back and I think it would be best if you put them back on, would you not agree? They are in my room Furu is there as well. Please go up and get dressed, please "she reached out for his hand. "I am sorry"

12-03-2002, 03:34 PM
Furu smiled and decided to take a few selected times from Honii's dressers. The ones he had taken already were still in the bag he had left behind in Maachinis office so Honii would be getting those back so Furu didn't feel like he was being too greedy. After getting everything ready, Furu flew out of the room. Maachini hadn't come after him after all so he felt safe to leave by the front door. Furu fluttered into the main room and to where Honii was and smiled at the woman.

" I'll be leaving now Honii. I'm going to go see the elven planes. I've got business to attend to there. You can come with me if you wish. I wouldn't mind someone to travel with." Furu said, putting his bag down on the table next to Honii and waved to Peppa who has being her usual energitic self.

Hmm..it wouldn't be that bad to travel with someone. Specially since I'm going to the university. They might not attack me that fast if there's someone with me...I'm sure they wouldn't hurt Honii..heh..probably they won't do anything. I know the university is fine with me, but the others...well I'm sure they have forgotten and forgiven. It wasn't that bad...just a little grope...

Aku Shi
13-03-2002, 04:55 PM

He ran his hand back through his damp hair and stood up. Not once did he look to Honii while she stood there talking to him and apologizing. He started to walk right past her, but stopped. Without turning his head to face her, he spoke softly to her, the anger and hurt hidden in his voice.

If you are truly sorry and you really think you are able to talk to me about it, meet me in your dressing room after your performance. Sing well, sweets. I'll be in the front cheering for you.

After that, ignoring the stares of strangers, he walked back through the main room and towards Honii's dressing room. The one who had interupted them passed by him coming the other way, and Ron shot it a glare as he passed.

Woah, what did ya do to him?... The poor guy looks pretty upset. Whatever ya did, I don't think ya shoulda done it. He was already in a foul mood after what Alynthia did to him. I mean, he wouldn't even talk t-

"I'll be leaving now Honii. I'm going to go see the elven planes....."

Minto glared at the rude little guy that interupted what he was saying. Ah well, it didn't matter, anyway. Minto knew that Honii didn't really like Ron that much, so she probably wouldn't want to hear anything about how upset he was. So, the elf stood from his chair and went off in search of a pie to get Ron in order to cheer him up.

14-03-2002, 03:00 AM
What to do....what to do......

Honii tilted her head when she heard Ron's hushed reply to her request.

"If you are truly sorry and you really think you are able to talk to me about it, meet me in your dressing room after your performance. Sing well, sweets. I'll be in the front cheering for you."

Honii knew she was not singing any more tonight 'Fine' she turned her head her long hair swishing down her bare back.

She heard a familar voice before she saw the familar little body attached to it....

" I'll be leaving now Honii. I'm going to go see the elven planes. I've got business to attend to there. You can come with me if you wish. I wouldn't mind someone to travel with."

Honii smiled at the thought 'the elven planes' yes she needed that she needed to go there.. Maybe that would help her since she did not feel like she belonged here anymore...She hestitated for a few moments...
" Furu, yes I will come with you but first I must take care of some business. Can you wait I mean will you wait for me. I promise I will not be long oh and one more thing a question of Kuran she is like my......" she smiled "my personal assistant and well I would like her to come if that is agreeable of course" Honii's eyes brightened just a bit.
Furu gave her a concerned look " I will be right back, do not worry Furu" she said I must attend to something.
Honii made her way up the stairs to her dressingroom opening the door. She saw Ron standing in front of her mirror, now dressed in his clean clothes.. Closing the door behind her she spoke.. "I hope they are dry and clean now" She hated this akward small talk.
" Ron about earlier I have to explain, I am sorry" she walked closer to him. " I did not mean to send you any signals if I did I am ashamed... I just cannot well" a small tear traveled down her cheek. She just looked up at him " I am well, oh h*ll I am a virgin and you are with Alynthia. And well you should not be well you know"
'D*mn this was not working'

Phantom Angel
14-03-2002, 03:33 PM
Alynthia heard movement inside Honii's dressing room, as she made her way through the hallway.

"Good, she's in there. Now once and for all I can have that talk with her!" Alynthia sighed and opened the door without knocking.

"Honii, I know you're busy, sorry about entering like that, but I have to ask you for a big favour." Alynthia said, and looked up, as she closed the door.

Honii and Ron were in a heated discussion, that had just stopped abruplty at her entrance.

"Oh ----! This is not good. I'm going to die. Aww crap... had to walk in now.. Ronnie's upset... oh... I'm gonna die!" Alynthia thought, as she saw the scowl on Ron's face. This was not good at all.

Aku Shi
14-03-2002, 03:45 PM

He stood before the mirror, studying his clothes carefully, making sure they weren't shrunk and that the stains were gone. He heard the door open and turned to see Honii standing there. His eyes met hers as she spoke.

"I hope they are dry and clean now"

He said nothing.

"Ron about earlier I have to explain, I am sorry"

The woman stepped closer and Ron resisted the urge to move nearer still.

"I did not mean to send you any signals if I did I am ashamed... I just cannot well"

His eyes widened to see that she was starting to cry a little. His muscles ached to hold her and comfort her.

"I am well, oh h*ll I am a virgin and you are with Alynthia. And well you should not be well you know"

He let out a soft chuckle. Not one that was directed towards her, really, and not one that was mean or spiteful. It was warm, as warm as the smile that now adorned his face. Slowly he stepped closer to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

There's no reason to be embaraced, Honii... Actually, I could tell that you weren't experienced. I could tell it in how you trembled and blushed...

His smile grew and he wiped the tears from her cheeks.

And as for me being with Alynthia... I don't know where you got that crazy idea. There is nothing between us.

Just as he was about to lean down and kiss her, the door opened once again.

"Honii, I know you're busy, sorry about entering like that, but I have to ask you for a big favour."

Ron knew that voice... He looked up to see Alynthia, and his silver eyes narrowed angrily.


His voice came out in more of a growl than human speech.

Phantom Angel
14-03-2002, 03:57 PM
"Uh-oh... not good... not good... not good AT ALL!" Alynthia mentally slapped herself.

"Why do I get into these type of things. I should have knocked, no, I shouldn't have been here at all. Yes, I should not have depended on Honii, look what I did. No, not good... what to do... I know.. I'll make an excuse and then go. Yes, that's it. Slip away... fade into the crowd... go find a place to stay..." Alynthia's thoughts were all jumbled, and frankly so was she. She hadn't expected Ron to be there, or to catch Honii like that. Alynthia really hadn't wanted to ruin Honii's fun. Ron was a great kisser after all. The look on his face however, spelled utter death, and Alynthia valued her life. She had meant to let things cool for a few years before ever attempting a conversation with Ron again. It usually took a while before humans forgot about spagetty and meatballs.

"Uh... sorry Honii. I didn't mean to... uh... forget this. I'll be going now." Alynthia said, and spun on her heels, making her way to the door, grabbing the handle fast and slipping out of the room.

She had caught the last bit of conversation, and couldn't agree with Ron more. There was nothing between them, it was all a crazy idea, and all. It just amazed her that he would try his luck with another girl so suddenly after the spagetty incident.

"Well, if Honii likes him, good luck to her, and good riddens." Alynthia thought once out in the hall. "I've learned my lesson. Knock before entering."

Aku Shi
15-03-2002, 01:19 PM

Waiting for Trin to post for Honii before picking back up with Ron. :wavey:

15-03-2002, 01:25 PM
Honii's heart started to beat just a bit faster, she knew Ron wanted to kiss her and he was about to but an interuption was heard.
' Seems I attract a lot of those' she shrugged and saw it was Alynthia. Honii looked at her and well like in all true fashion common sense reared it's all too familar head again.

Honii knew from Alynthia's voice and Ron's reaction that there was something between them. The door slammed and it made Honii jump. She looked up at Ron anger in his oh so sexy eyes
" Ron, this is not going to work. I cannot do this as much as I want to and believe me I do."
Honii kissed his cheek gentlely " You best go after her or you will I think regret it" she smiled. " I think it is best if I leave, I am going to go to the elven planes for a while I need to get away." She moved her hand to his arm "Ron if you have feelings for her go to her."

Honii moved away and went out the door to find Furu and Kuran.

Aku Shi
15-03-2002, 01:53 PM
Note, all italics are his thoughts and are not said outloud. This is generally true, only with the exception of those words in italics that are in the middle of a sentance that is normal. In those cases they are just stressed words. But, you people are smart enough to know that already, so i just wasted time typing... Ah well...


Alynthia had left, and while Ron was still angered by the sight of the pasta flinging woman, he was relieved to see her gone. He looked to Honii, hoping to pick back up where they left off.

"Ron, this is not going to work. I cannot do this as much as I want to and believe me I do."

His eyes widened, and in his mind he asked:


He felt her kiss his cheek.

"You best go after her or you will, I think, regret it"

No... You don't understand.

"I think it is best if I leave, I am going to go to the elven planes for a while I need to get away."

He felt her soft hand gently touch his arm, and he wanted more.

"Ron if you have feelings for her go to her."


Then, she was gone, and Ron was left alone in the dressing room. He stared blankly at the door.

What the hell just happened here?

He blinked, then groaned and held his head.

The women here... Damn... Beautiful, but messed up. And WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE THINK ALYNTHIA AND I ARE TOGETHER!?!

The last part was loud to make sure that as many people as possible could hear him.


Shaking his head, Ron walked over to pick up his weapons belts.

Fu©k it... I don't need this.

He slung them over his shoulders and stormed out the door and into the main hall. He was stopped suddenly by Minto, who was standing before him with a pie of some sort.

I found you some pie, Ronny. Pie cheers people up, and you looked like you needed some cheering.

Minto beamed up at his beloved, holding in his hands a type of fruit pie (he hadn't bothered asking what kind) with a crumb crust. The scent was entising and Minto grew hungrier and hungrier as he held it.

Do you know how to leave this place?

The elf's mint eyes blinked as he took note that Ron didn't seem to notice the pie at all.

Uh... The door?

No, I mean out of Limbo, you dolt.

Slowly Minto lowered the pie, and his head, trying to hide his disappointment and sadness.

Yeah... I know how...

Good. Then get me the hell out of here.

Nodding, Minto led Ron out the door and torwards the forest. In his hand he still held the pie. After all, he'd soon need comfort food....

Phantom Angel
15-03-2002, 03:18 PM
Alynthia had heard Ron scream something about a pasta flinging girl. "Pasta flying? Well, I gotta admit, it sounds better than Towel Man. Oh well, at least I'm alive. Yes, it certainly feels very good to be able to breathe. In and out, in and out. Never mess with an angry Towel Man. God, what was I thinking? I could've been squished to death. He could have chopped off my head with one blow. One single blow... well, I came close to death. But it was fun, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Alynthia smiled to herself, as she saw Ron and Minto exist the bar.

"Good riddens!" she thought, although seeing Ron go didn't actually please her. Alynthia admitted to herself that aside from his little playboyish defect, Ron was a nice man, and a good friend. "Well, if he wants to go, let him go. All he'll find at home is is stupid weapon collection." Alynthia thought.

The night had progressed rapidly, and Alynthia was beginning to feel its toll. Her eyelids were beginning to feel heavier and heavier.
"Still no place to sleep.... this stinks.. Honii said she was leaving... for home. I wish I could go with her... but maybe I could take care of her place to stay.... who knows..." Alynthia looked through the crowd, scanning for her elven friend. She saw a dragon and the fairy waiting to one side, and hoped that Honii was going to come by and say good-bye to her friends. Gently, Alynthia moved through the crowd.

"Hey there Kuran." she said cheerfully. "I know you don't particularily like me, but I was wondering, have you seen Honii? I really need to talk to her." Alynthia said politely. Maybe the fairy knew something. Alynthia smiled gently, hoping that maybe Kuran didn't hate her as much.

Aku Shi
15-03-2002, 09:33 PM

His words were not elven, nor were they any language that anyone of this world may have heard of. With his head bowed, Minto spoke in a language older than time, from a world that was far away. His master had taught him the language many years before, and as part of his training, he had to use it in every spell he cast. Now, he cast the spell to return Ron home. Overhead, the moon shone brightly, casting a shadow of the large elm they stood beside. In the pale light, a diamond-like tear shone on Minto's cheek.

Eid fie gioe eoi...

That was the last line to the spell, and the wind picked up as soon as he closed his mouth. Slowly Minto opened his watering eyes and watched as a spiral of wind pulled the tree's shadow up around Ron. Just as quickly as it came, the wind was gone...and so was Ron.

Return to us soon, my love...

Letting out a tear-choked sigh, Minto fell to his knees. Sobbing gently, he took a bite out of the pie.

He stood there in his yard, staring at his house. It worked. Or, was it all just a dream? Just some crazy, messed up dream? Pulling one of his weapons off his shoulder to look at it, Ron saw that it wasn't a dream at all, for it still had some tomato sauce crusted around it. He never had gotten around to cleaning them off, he realized with a little chuckle.

With long, slow steps, Ron walked across the unkept grass and to his door. For a moment or two he just stood there, staring at the finely crafted wooden doorway that he had made himself once upon a time. That's right... He could build a house, make his own clothes, hunt for his own food... He didn't need anyone else. He never needed anyone else. But, for some reason, he felt rather empty as he turned the knob and entered his quiet cabin.

Princess Samari
15-03-2002, 10:55 PM
((Men are such assholes. Ooooh Minto! you could do so much better! someone should kick Ron in the nuts!))

16-03-2002, 01:02 AM
Sam you are so funny...and even tho I happen to love one yes they are...I can tho think of some that fit the category.


Honii heard her name mentioned as she joined up with Kuran and Furu. She looked up at Alynthia " Oh you are here listen what you saw it was not what ah yes it was I am sorry. But if you want to know nothing happened. Now Alynthia what is it I can help you with? I am going to leave for a visit to the elven planes with Furu here and hopefully Kuran."

She motioned to the waitress can you get "Furu a drink here while he waits for me which he seems to be doing a lot of" Honii winked at him.


Honii: It is so not fair I get no action at all..look at Archie she is well satisfied and with a right stud as well.

Oh stop complaining your turn will come you must practise patience..

Honii: Patience never satisfied anyone..I want well you know what I want..

Honii be quiet and well go watch 'Bridget Jones Diary'

Phantom Angel
16-03-2002, 02:38 AM
Alynthia looked at Honii strangely. Understanding then dawned upon her. They all thought she was with Ron. "That idiot. I'm going to kill him. How dare he leave and let me clean up his mess!" Alynthia thought angrily.

"Uh... Honii, first of all, I am not, nor was I ever, Ron's girlfriend. I have no idea why he kissed me, I was actually in the middle of teasing him about the latest conquest. I'm sorry if he has mislead you, but we were never together. Now that he left, I'm stuck cleaning up the mess." Alynthia sighed.

"So, you're going to the elven plains eh Honii? Would you mind if you took some pictures for me? I miss home, and I would like some pictures. I will pay for the film when you get back." Alynthia told her. "Oh, and uh.. another thing... but I guess it's kind of blown away now.. I was wondering if I could lodge with you for a while. Until I get my own place. But I guess you're leaving now.. so can u recommend a good place to stay?" Alynthia asked, smiling at her friend.

So many things had gone haywire since she had left home. Limbo was a strange place to live in, and Alynthia wished she could make do like Ron and go home. But.. there was no going back. Alynthia hoped Honii would do her the favour. She longed to see the green plains of her home once more, even though they were through a picture.

16-03-2002, 04:29 PM

Thanks for turning my beloved project into an effing dating sim, everyone. I just gave plasma and I'm a little too wiped out to post here right now as my frustration is evident and my fury is painful.

You jack-holes.

Phantom Angel
16-03-2002, 04:31 PM
OOC: I'm sorry. *hides away in shame*

Aku Shi
17-03-2002, 12:53 AM
Dating sim? That's a bit harsh there... A guy attempts (yet fails constantly) to seduce some women and it becomes a dating sim? There's not even any actual dating going on... Ron's not the kind to date. He's the kind to get what he wants as soon as possible then move on to the next. It's who he is. He's a player. I'm surprised that Bagel isn't doing the same. But, perhaps he has his duties to occupy his time. Ron was stuck in another realm, he had no duties to attend to. All he had was free time to chase skirts. So, many apologies if I upset you, Kiva-sama. *bows repeatedly* It was not intentional.

If you'd like, though, I can kill him off soon. I like doing that to characters, and I'm actually quite good at it... :devil: Blood and gore are my favorite things to write. Though, I'm really a very non-violent person and generally hate to see someone in pain. But, I do so love to create unimaginable torment for fictional characters. So, if you want, I can kill him. It would certainly remove much of the seduction. He was originally created just for Minto, and made straight to add conflict there. Can I help it that he was just made too damn well? :heh: But, I can always come up with someone to replace him in Minto's heart. If I must. No biggy. Just say the word, and his thread of life shall be cut. ^_~

His small house was filled with the aroma of seasoned meat and before him sat several empty plates that were once filled with venison, potatoes, assorted stewed vegetables, bread, and an empty glass that once held homemade wine. Outside the crickets chirped and the night birds sang their eerie songs. Ron yawned and stood from the table. He really needed that meal. If he hadn't eaten soon his stomach might have torn itself out in search of a more attentive body.

Stretching, he made his way into his bedroom. Then he sat on the edge of the bed, pulled his boots off, and flopped back on the covers. Traveling through worlds and seducing women (or at least attempting to) made a man dog tired. He was barely able to pull his clothes off and crawl under the covers before falling fast asleep.

Now, it must be mentioned that eating such a large meal with the accompaniment of homemade wine right before going to bed causes people to have strange dreams. It should also be noted that traveling through other worlds tends to lead to bizarre dreams, as well. Also, Ron himself has been known to have some rather...um...abnormal dreams on his own. So, when all these things are combined, the result is as follows...

He was back at the Drunk Tank, and suddenly the stunning woman with red hair stood at the top of the stairs, yelling down at him. She ordered him to see her in her office immediately. For some reason, Ron didn't seem to have to walk up the stairs. Or, at least, take more than one step in front of him, before reaching the woman's office door. When he went inside, he found the office to be something from an S&M porn practically (only, with a desk... But, even the desk looked like it could be used to do some damage and/or have a little fun). Sitting on the desk was the woman, wearing skimpy black and red vinyl and holding a short whip.

"Come to me, my slave." ordered the woman by use of her perfect mouth with its luscious red lips.

Yes, Master...

Without hesitation, Ron walked like a zombie towards her, hoping that she'd have her way with him, and not caring if it added any scars to his already existing decorations of battle and hunting. Hell, she was worth it! Just as he was about to reach the woman, the door behind him flew open and Alynthia rushed in.

"Ron, you jerk! What are you doing to her?!?!"

Groaning, Ron turned around to face the other woman.

GET OUT! Can't you see we're in the middle of something?!

To his relief, Alynthia quickly left. When he turned back to face his dominant goddess, however, he found Alynthia sitting on the desk, holding a plate of spaghetti. Ron's eyes widened in horror.

"Want some cold pasta, Ron?" The elf smiled at him and held the plate out.

Ron quickly turned and ran out the door. Instead of entering the hall, however, he found himself in Honii's dressing room. Only, now it seemed more elegant. There were silks draping down from the ceiling and crystal chandeliers overhead. As he made his way through the decorative maze, he came upon a large bed with white silk sheets. Laying in the middle of the bed was Honii, wearing a sheer, white silk and lace nightgown, her white hair flowing out around her. Ron was breathless.

"We're alone now, Ron my love... Please... Come hold me..."

How could he resist that?! He frantically pulled off his vest and boots and climbed onto the bed while he worked at his pants. Honii's soft arms wrapped around him as he continued to wrestle with the unfastening of his pants. The next thing he knew, they were both unclothed and laid out on the bed, she beneath him. He kissed her neck and continuously moved south. Honii, meanwhile, whispered his name repeatedly. Slowly her voice took on a different sound, until it wasn't her voice anymore. Ron's eyes opened with a jolt as he realized who she sounded like. He looked up from his kissing to see, not Honii, but Alynthia lying there.


Ron sat up in his bed, beads of sweat dripping down his face. His heart was racing and his breathing was heavy, typical for just coming out of a nightmare. Slowly, once certain that he was alone in his bed, Ron laid back down. It was very hard for him to get to sleep after that.

Aku Shi
17-03-2002, 02:12 AM

The pie tin was empty, and Minto stared at it blankly, as if in a daze. All around him the wind swirled and moaned, trying to attract his attention. Nothing could reach him. Nothing, that is, except the little dark force that was already deep inside him. It's a force that's not restricted to just elves, or just locals to Limbo. No, it is inside everyone. Even the most pious and kind-hearted of people have it deep inside. It's just covered up by fried chicken or whatever church-goes eat after going to church. In Minto, the darkness squirmed its way through the cluttered mess that was Minto's mind. It found the place it was in search of, and it took root.

Ron had left. He left because he was upset. He was upset because of Alynthia.

His eyes still daze blank, Minto stood up. Slowly he walked through the forest towards where he had been staying. In his ears, his sensei's voice called faintly. In truth, the master was yelling at him, but to Minto it seemed distant and inaudible.

"Minto!!! Minto, what are you doing now?! Minto, answer me, dammit!!! MINTO!!!"

The elf didn't answer. He couldn't hear the man's voice well enough to respond (despite his rather large elven ears and usually acute sense of hearing...). Instead, Minto kept walking.

Shortly he came upon a rather large tree. He pressed in one of its knots and a door opened on it. Without even blinking, Minto stepped inside and down a stairwell. Behind him the wind moaned sorrowfully, for it knew where that particular tree led to. Less than a minute later, Minto reemerged holding a large glaive that was even larger than he was. Strapped to his back was a quiver of arrows and on his side was a bow.

Minto's frosted green eyes glared coldly towards the direction of the Drunk Tank. He had come to a decision, if he ever wanted Ron to come back. Alynthia must die.

Phantom Angel
17-03-2002, 02:17 AM

Alynthia: oh god... what is it? so many pple want to kill me...

PA: *is laughing her @$$ off*

Alynthia: this is not funny. that's it i'm going under witness protection. i did not do this!!!!!! *dials 911*

Princess Samari
17-03-2002, 02:51 AM
OOC: Yanno...this wasn't exactly the direction Kiva and me had in mind when coming up with Limbo story line *pops up* Now i'm sure Minto won't "reallly" Kill Alynthia..::nodnod::

Aku Shi
17-03-2002, 04:38 PM
*sighs and rubs her temples* Just don't pay the characters any mind right now... Continue right along with your original plans and they'll catch up. I'm not leaving the humor out, or the action (as in like what happened to Drunk Tank with the Harvesters, not the kinda action that Ron tries to get...ya know what I mean...). Ron's at home now, he's not a threat. Just ignore him. (Though, some seem to be entertained by his dream, so you can read his parts if ya want, still.)

Also, I seriously doubt Minto could kill a fly if he tried, so yeah.

Princess Samari
17-03-2002, 09:59 PM
OOC: Haha! I am really not to be taken seriously unless I say serious comment! ^.^ besides i'm hardly a gm right now. Ya don't gotta leave them behind!

Aku Shi
17-03-2002, 10:42 PM
Sorry... Just not having the best of days today... If I sounded snappy or anything, I'm really sorry... I'm feeling much better now, though. Ok, that's a lie. But, I smell pretty now. Just a little bit ago I scrubbed my bathroom, then took a shower. So, in a way I smell pretty... Kind of a mixture of Oil of Olay, Herbal Essence, and Comet surface cleaner... :heh: Plus, I just ate a good dinner, so my belly's happy.

His boot-adorned feet stomped down the grass as he came to a stop before the Drunk Tank. The wind whipped his hair, sending it out around him and about his slender face. His eyes were narrowed sternly on the tavern.


He cried out her name once, struck the ground with the handle end of his glaive, then called her name once more.


Phantom Angel
17-03-2002, 11:09 PM
OOC: i hope you're feeling better shi. ack... LOOK at Alynthia's body stat.. she's weaker than a mouse... crap... mb i shouldn't have made her so smart....


Alynthia heard her name being called out from the outside, and moved towards the window.She saw a raging Minto with a weapon, pointed at her. Alynthia blinked in surprise, wondering what she did to anger Minto so. "Damnit! I escape one close death encounter and now I get challenged by HIM. What is this? An ironic comedy? Why does god want to kill me? I've been nice to god... granted I never went to church, or prayed to much... but come on... you can't hold THAT against me. I'm a... watcha call it, an ATHEIST... I belive in trees. Yes, and so is he. So why's god punishing me again? What did I do that was SO wrong? I just flung some pasta. Come on..." Alynthia sighed. This wasn't good, but she had to reply to Minto's challenge, her elven honour demanded that.

"I don't want to die... I really don't.. I had such a nice life. So many years ahead of me... I guess it's too late to pray to god now... I wonder who cursed me? Ron... it was Ron... he cursed me. I really didn't mean to walk in on him and Honii... why do I pick the worst people to get involved with? Alynthia, you've been a dumb girl, but I would give anything to have Ron here now... I will die... must say my prayers.. I didn't even make a will..."

Alynthia opened the door leading outside, and spotted Minto out on the field, with his weapon ready to pounce

"Now, what's bothering you my little elf?" she asked him, tired of playing stupid games.

OOC: sorry shi... the post was a bit confusing.... but i fixed it. how did alynthia hear minto over all the mess in the bar? well it doesn't matter, we'll just add that to the fantastic elven hearing now won't we? heheh, ok shi, take it away!!!

Alynthia: I want a lawyer to be there to protect me, and my body. Minto's insurance better cover all sorts of injuries. *frowns*

Aku Shi
17-03-2002, 11:21 PM
Erk. Um... Minto never went inside, hon. He's waiting for Alynthia outside of the tavern... Uh... Sorry if my post was confusing... *hides*

17-03-2002, 11:33 PM
I would like to apolige to everyone for my unispiring boring frustrated virgin Honii posts...

Honii: Damn Trin must everyone know...

Sorry to burst your bubble (no pun intended) Hons but they already know that....

Anyways it was not my intention to ---- people off....just merely killing time until Limbo got back on track...Because in all honesty I do not know what to do with her at the moment.. I am sorry...Perhaps Keeper can be a dear and have Furu drag Honii's little *ss to the elven plains..she needs a holiday besides she needs to go shopping for some lingerie. And I just know who would like to help her with that....^^my apoliges..sorry Kiva...

Aku Shi
19-03-2002, 02:11 PM

"Now, what's bothering you my little elf?"

His eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight. Through the strands of his platinum hair, Minto glared at her. The blade of his glaive gleamed and reflected the stars overhead. Moaning loudly, the wind picked up around the two elves.

It's your fault...

His voice was faint, and barely heard over the howling winds. Then he lifted his head in anger, his usually gentle eyes possessing the look of a crazed man.


The wind screamed and he held his glaive above him, ready to strike. His teeth clenched, Minto charged towards Alynthia, lept into the air, and started decending straight towards her.

Phantom Angel
19-03-2002, 03:41 PM
Alynthia blinked in surprise. "You have GOT to be kidding me. Ron left because he felt like leaving!"

Before she could say anything, Minto leaped up in the air and charged at her. Alynthia stood frozen for a moment, and then, as the elf was getting closer and closer she ducked, and ran behind a large oak tree. Once safely away, she yelled out.

"Minto, calm down and listen to me. Ron didn't leave because of me. He was homesick from this morning. He said he wanted to go back. I did not make him go back. It was his choice." she screamed out, huddling closer to the tree trunk.

"This is not good. No siree this is not good at all. No one's gonna help me now. I am in very big trouble. Correction, I am in GIGANTIC trouble. God... I have to think... yes... think... thinking is very nice... I need to calm him down somehow..." The elf thought, as she clung to the tree trunk.

Aku Shi
19-03-2002, 09:31 PM

His glaive hit only dirt as he brought it down in a forceful swing. Beneath him his knees bended as he followed the weapon to the ground. He stood, half crouching, his eyes cast in shadow, while Alynthia cried out excuses.


Screaming, Minto tore the glaive out of the earth, chunks of soil falling from it as he lifted it to strike again. His frosty eyes seemed almost possessed against the chilled night sky.


Phantom Angel
19-03-2002, 11:02 PM
"Minto, calm down!" Alynthia said, as the boy pounced out from the bushes. The elven woman screamed and began running. The ground was shaking under her. Alynthia knew she had to be strong. Her life was on the line, and she didn't want to die. She had stayed alive for too long.

"Why can't you JUST believe me? Is it soo hard to do? Gosh.." Alynthia turned and yelled. Minto was coming towards her, the weapon aimed at her, ready to slice her head off.

She grabbed her crossbow, and tried to fire. However, that weapon was only for show. Alynthia had no real practice with it. She had fired it a few times and had managed to hurt her attackers, but she knew she could never take a life. Two of her arrows flew past Minto, not even coming close to scratching him.

"Stay back!" she screamed, feeling how panic took hold of her.

"I must stay calm!" Alynthia thought.

She turned around, and began running, her only hope to find someone, or someplace where she could hide.

Aku Shi
19-03-2002, 11:36 PM

The zing of arrows flying past him caused Minto's eyes to widen slightly in stunned fury. Then he growled low and swung his glaive at her again. She had already started running again, and so escaped him another time. Losing his patience, Minto stuck the glaive into the ground and took his bow from his side. Quickly he pulled an arrow from his quiver and set it in the bow. His aim fell upon the fleeing Alynthia. He let loose the string. The arrow flew.

Minto's lips pulled back into a twisted smirk as it sailed perfectly towards the woman. Then, a sudden dull snap followed by an even duller thud caused his smile to fade.

He watched with focused eyes as his throwing knife sliced through the speeding arrow and landed on the ground. Then, placing the travel bag he had brought with him on the ground, he stepped out into the open. Turning to face the attacker, Ron was shocked to see a stunned Minto standing there holding an empty bow.

Minto? What the hell are you doing?!?

I.... I....

Ron glared at him for a moment, then turned to see where Alynthia had run off to, and if she was alright.
Yes, he came back through the shadow... He'll explain everything later.

Aku Shi
20-03-2002, 12:44 AM
The following is a joint post, brought to you by PA and Shi. Helping to build YOU a more interesting tomorrow. ^_~

From the corner of her eye, Alynthia saw Minto fire his arrow. She yelped and prepared to duck, when something came out from behind her and stopped the arrow. The elven girl did not stop to look at her saviour. She was positively terrified of Minto. She kept on running further into the forest, until she got to a clearing. There, she stopped to catch her breath.

"Alynthia!!!" shouted Ron as he caught up to her in the clearing. "Alynthia, are you ok?! What the hell was going on back there?!?!"

Alynthia was catching her breath, when someone came out of the clearing. She turned puzzled, when she heard her name. She saw Ron coming out at her, and shrieked away. "No, no... NOW HE'S GONNA KILL ME! Today is not a good day! No, not a good day! Definetely not a good day! Alynthia thought, as her breath came in short ragged puffs. "Come on 'lynthia, you can do it!" she whispered, and tried to keep on running. A hidden branch in the thick grass prevented her from doing so. She tripped, and with a small scream started to fall.

"Oh sh¡t!"

Ron quickly sprinted over and dove to catch her before she hit the ground, as if diving to save a priceless vase from falling to its doom. He lay there on his back, his shoulders scratched up from some twigs and rocks on the ground. In his arms he held Alynthia, and he stared at her with warm eyes.

"You need to be more careful."

Alynthia closed her eyes, waiting for the impact with the ground. It never came, instead, when she opened her eyes, she saw Ron's smiling face. Alynthia struggled to get herself free, but his grip on her was just too tight.

"Uh.. hey Ron." she said, looking up at him, and waiting for her slow and painful death. "Here it comes.. just wait for it... it'll be there.. she winced, waiting for his reply.

"Hey, Alynthia."

That was it. That was all he said. He just got up, pulling her up with him, released her from his grip, and dusted himself off. Then, he looked back at her, his silver eyes serious.

"Now... First off, what the hell is going on with Minto? Secondly, why the hell did you run from me just now?"

Alynthia blinked, dusting off her clothes and hair. She mumbled something about the hair not staying right and then looked at Ron, her green eyes still concerned.

"Well, Minto is trying to kill me beause YOU left Limbo, and HE thinks it's my fault, because of the pasta fliging incident. And I was running from you because undoubtfully you came back to most likely kill me for ruining your reputation and get together with Honii, and I frankly don't feel like dying tonight so I thought I might as well run for it!" she answered him, her eyes flaring with anger, her whole body starting to shake.

For a moment, Ron just stood there staring at her blankly. He blinked. Then, he started to laugh a little. Shaking his head, he walked past her and back through the bushes.

"I'm going back to the tavern..." he yelled back to her over his shoulder. "If anyone else tries to kill ya tonight, tell me, ok?" He laughed again as he walked away.

Alynthia stared after him, tears starting to well up in her eyes. This was really too much for her to bear. Embarassment, death threats, near death, the return of the man who probably hated her more than anything, plus the run. She didn't want to cry. She had to be strong and not let anything show on the outside. Little girls cried, not people like her. Slowly, the tears began to flow down her cheeks. She tried to brush them away, but they kept on coming, and coming, Alynthia just couldn't stop herself.

"It's not like I needed you to save me! It's not like I WANTED you to save me!" she screamed after him, the tears blurring her vision. She then turned around, and tried calming herself. It just didn't work. She had wanted him to come and save her, she had needed him when he showed up, but she didn't want to admit that. "I am not weak!" Alynthia yelled, as a small sob gave way and shook her delicate frame.

Ron stopped short upon hearing her yell. Then, when the sound of a gentle sob reached his ear, he turned around with wide eyes. He didn't know what to do. Girls usually never cried around him. Granted, they might have cried OVER him before, because he'd sleep with them and never talk to them again, but... But he wasn't used to them weeping in his general area. At least, not like that... Maybe just a tear or two. Silent ones that could easily be consoled... But... But she was sobbing. Ron just stood there and stared through the tree limbs at her. Should he turn back around and keep walking? Should he go comfort her? What? If only women came with instructions!!

"Uh... Alynthia...? You ok?" Before he realised, Ron had taken a step towards her.

"Go away! I don't need you!" she sobbed. "I'm fine! Just bloody fine! Mighty thanks my knight in shining armor!" she said sarcastically.

Why did he have to see her cry? Why? Alynthia felt her anger returning, yet her tears didn't subside. They just kept flowing and flowing. She guessed it was the body's way of getting rid of stress. She looked at Ron, and saw some hint of concern in his eyes. Alynthia thought bitterly that he didn't care. They never cared. All men betrayed women in the end. She looked at him, and shook her head bitterly, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

She turned away, and began to walk in the oposite direction, too tired to care about anything else, too humiliated to look back at him. Alynthia stopped after a while not far away from where she was. "Soo tired..." she whispered gently, wiping some of her tears away, as new ones flew down her cheeks. She sat down, exhaustion taking over.

For a moment, Ron couldn't take his eyes away from her. She was crying, suffering for some reason. He didn't know why he should really care... Maybe because for the first day or so, she was his only friend here in this strange place... But, she had shown how she felt about him as the time passed. Now she was walking away without even a glance back at him. Something related to anger rose inside Ron. Perhaps it was hurt pride.... Perhaps it was something else that hurt... All he knew for sure was that it made his stomach tighten and his head pound.

"Well excu-use me! I only just saved your DAMN LIFE!! But, you know what? Forget it. I don't need this. I came back for a reason, and it wasn't to waste my time getting yelled at then ignored by you!"

The words came out harsher than he had meant. But then, isn't that always how things go?... He spat at the ground, turned, and stormed off. Eventually he reached the travel bag he had set down and picked it back up again. He slung it over his shoulder and marched up to the entrance of the Drunk Tank, passing right by Minto, who had by then fallen to his knees in something like shock. Yep, it was gonna be a strange vacation, thought Ron as he pushed open the doors and went inside.

In his anger, though, Ron hadn't noticed that Alynthia had fallen asleep, leaning by a large tree trunk, her cheeks wet with tears, and her breathing regular...

21-03-2002, 05:15 PM
OOC: As you wish...Furu and co. are getting the heck out of here.. ^.^


When Honii had finished her business, Furu gathered his belongins and with a few flutters of his wings, was flying and smiled at Honii, his sharp teeth gleaming little bit in the light and nodded towards the exit.

" Just follow me, there's a pathway we can take close by." Furu said as he flew out of the bar, making sure he didn't leave Honii behind him as he flew towards his destination. One good thing about being able to fly was that you didn't have to deal with the masses of people walking around so Furu made usually good time when traveling in the city. But this time he had to wait for Honii.

" The place's close by."

It wasn't long till they came in front of their destination. It was a large wooden building with a sign hanging in front of it. The Kittens Bathhouse. Women Only. Furu just grinned at Honii and motioned towards the building.

" There's a small garden inside with artificial hot springs set around in it. There's an elm right smack down in the middle that can take us to Earth. No one uses that one anymore. Heck I might be the only one who knows that there's a portal right in there. Now let's not wait here anymore but get inside...ladies here I come!" Furu said and flew at top speed inside. It only took about 5.48 seconds before screams of women were heard inside and calls of "pervert!" ringing around. Furu quickly flew to the door leading out and looked at Honii while holding onto a bra with his teeth as his hands were already full.

"Ghome on nowh!" the little dragon said before flying back inside.

22-03-2002, 01:27 AM
Honii had in all reality left quiite suddenly, barely leaving instructions. She had not changed, whirled into Maachini's office, some how maachini had agreed she could go for a few days. being that the other group had been highered and could take her place. The last thing Honii had heard was Maachini saying only a couple of days and that she was to remeber she was under contract to her alone.
Honii loved Maachini she was like an older sister, she would never say mother though. She only had one mother, but Maachini could easily fit the bill..

She left instructions with the bartender saying Miss Alynthia could stay at her apartment providing her clothing was not used for a mattress this time.

She yanked Kuran to a standing position and just told her she was coming as well with the promise of shinies although Honii had not mentioned that they would be encountering lots and lots of elves..

Honii smiled with delight, 'Yes this was going to be fun' as she followed Furu who was equally as excited. soon arriving at their intended starting point. It took no time before somehow Furu had womens lingere products drapped around him and ladies were screaming.
"Ghome on nowh!" he called out as Honii and Kuran followed.

Grins evilly I could not leave without my favorite assistant..hope no one minds.....Trin

Aku Shi
22-03-2002, 01:38 AM

His silver eyes scanned the place, as if he had never been there before. Tossing his hair back, he walked to a table and set his bag down on it. He then pulled from the bag a rather large hunk of gold he had bought before returning to Limbo (figuring that precious metals transcend worlds, but currency is only local). Pulling out one of his daggers, he cut off a piece of it. The gold was nearly pure and was very soft and easy to slice through. Setting the larger portion back in the bag, gripped the smaller piece carefully in his hand. Eyeing everyone around him, he gave them silent threats in case they attempt to steal his gold, then he walked up to the bar and set the piece of gold down.

If ya rent out rooms, I want your best. Also, give me a bottle of your best wisky. An' don't try to tell me this ain't enough. Hell, this lil' piece could buy this place with change to spare. That's some of the purest gold you'll ever damn well see, my friend. You wanna check it out, go ahead. Now... 'Bout that wisky....

22-03-2002, 01:14 PM

God he hated it when Earthers came in tossing around gold.

"Don' you know anyfing?" Chard sighed and rolled his eyes expressively. "Gold's worthless 'ere." He leaned forward and smirked at him. "We deal in souls."


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Princess Samari
22-03-2002, 03:10 PM

*tinkletinkle* a couple souls rolled to a stop right before Chard's eyes as Bagel sat on a barstool next to Ron. "I'll cover this one Chard. He looks like he is having a really bad time here in Limbo." Bagel gave a sly smirk before looking to Ron. "You've caused a pretty big stir around here. This is your first time in Limbo right?"

Bagel couldn't help feel sorry for the poor fool. Even Honii rejected him. That had to have hurt. Of course Bagle didn' know her reputation or anything but from what he watched of her...

Maachini had him running ragged most of the time. This was the first break he had gotten that wasn't less then five minutes.

OOC: Feh.

Aku Shi
27-03-2002, 12:00 AM

"Gold's worthless 'ere."

Ron stared blankly at him.

"We deal in souls."

The foreigner blinked, inwardly snapping from all the weapons he sold and from all the money he spent on buying this hunk of gold. Now this...this person or whatever was telling him that gold was worthless!? That they delt in souls!??!

"I'll cover this one Chard. He looks like he is having a really bad time here in Limbo."

Slowly Ron turned to see the elven equvilent of himself. A strong, attractive playboy. Once again, Ron blinked.

"You've caused a pretty big stir around here. This is your first time in Limbo right?"

Well uh... Yeah, when I 'caused a pretty big stir,' it was... Then I left and came back. I thought that the gold would help me out with paying for things... But uh... I don't think I quite understand your currency here... Souls? And uh, thanks, man, for buyin' my drink.... Name's Ron. Ron Moaa. How do ya do?

Slowly he pulled himself up from where he had fallen to his knees. Ron came back... And he... He saved Alynthia... Minto was so confused! He thought that Ron hated Alynthia! Why should Ron care if Minto kills her?! And... And the look in Ron's eyes... Minto was nearly in tears, but he pulled himself together and wandered off though the woods.

"Thank the Gods you didn't kill anybody..." his sensei sighed on the wind.

Yeah... Thank the Gods...
*pokes RPG with a stick* Is it still breathing?...

Phantom Angel
27-03-2002, 12:32 AM
Alynthia woke up, a few hours later, her head gently rested on the trunk of the tree. Her limbs were sore, hurting her a little when she tried to move. She yawned, and stretched, looking aruond. Ron was long gone by then, probably still upset. Alynthia was glad Minto wasn't around. She yawned, standing up. She began to walk back, looking for her crossbow. It was still on the ground where she dumped it before she began running.

"I'm glad you're unhurt." Alynthia muttered.

She walked back to the Drunk Tank in silence, her throughts mingled by diziness and confusion. She didn't know why Ron came back, or why he saved her, but she was happy he did. Save her that was. When it came to fighting, Alynthia was as weak as a rabbit. It just wasn't her thing. She walked through the doors of the tavern, and headed straight for the bad.

"I want a giant shot of wiskey. Forget that!" she exclaimed. "Give me the whole bottle and a glass." she added.

Alynthia wasn't a big drinker. Correction, Alynthia never drank. She hated the stuff, and couldn't stomach it. Tonight however, was an exception. For the first time, Alynthia felt like getting drunk and forgetting about everything. It was too insane to be true. Ever since she stepped in this bar, she had nothing but misfortune. She took the glass and the bottle, and poured herself a full glass. She drank it in one gulp, chocking to stomach it all. She poured another one, but felt how her stomach turned over in protest as she looked at it. She decided she better sip it slow. Alynthia sat with her back turned away from everyone. She didn't want any company, no more stranger, nothing, just.... just.... she couldn't continue, feeling her stomach getting more upset with each sip. She slammed the second empty glass on the counter, and looked at the bottle.

"I'm gonna drink it, whether you like it or not!" she spoke, looking down at her stomach.

Princess Samari
27-03-2002, 08:55 AM

"I'm Bagel Vances. And I would say I do fairly well under the circumstances" Bagel chuckled softly watching Chard serve Ron his drink. "Don't worry about me paying for your drink." The elven man motioned for Chard to bring him a glass of what Ron was having as he yawned and streched his back.

"I hope this doesn't make you feel like some kind of cannibal but the currency around here is human souls. Hell..it seems to be whats landed the Drunk Tank and most of Limbo into this mess."

Nodding his thanks to Chard Bagel lightly sipped his drink and looked around. "I guess you can't get angry at the young ladies around here Ron. You missed a big slaughter earlier.."

Normally Bagel didn't go trying to enlist help from anyone (especially other guys) when young and mostly single woman were involved. But Maachini had him running ragged...Maybe he could hint at the Drunk Tank's need of help and Ron might agree?

Aku Shi
27-03-2002, 10:24 PM

"I hope this doesn't make you feel like some kind of cannibal but the currency around here is human souls. Hell..it seems to be whats landed the Drunk Tank and most of Limbo into this mess."

Ron stared at his drink, wondering both how one extracted a human soul, and what mess the man was talking about.

"I guess you can't get angry at the young ladies around here Ron. You missed a big slaughter earlier.."

Ah, he understood a little bit about what the elf just said.

Yeah, I caught the tail end of it when I arrived the first time. Even helped with the burials... So... What caused it, d'ya know?

Then Ron caught sight of someone out of the corner of his eye. At another part of the bar Alynthia was sitting there with a bottle of whisky. He stared at her with wide eyes, wondering what in the hell got into her. Then he shook his head and turned back to Bagel.

30-03-2002, 04:21 PM
Furu flew out from one of the changing rooms in the bathhouse as Honii and Kuran entered the house with about a dozen or so women, more or less dressed (generally less) chasing after him. Furu just grinned at the two as they entered and said something that came out pretty much as just mumbling because of the bras he was holding with his teeth, but he did manage to point towards the main hallway leading to the hot springs as he flew off past the two.

Slipping into the sauna that had been built into the building, Furu hid under one of the seat as the women rushed inside. The sauna was built by having the hot steam produced by some of the springs brought into the room by a series of pipes so naturally, since it was a steam sauna, the visibility was very poor.

" Where'd he go!? That pervert stole the bra I had just bought!"

" I can't see him anywhere... search around girls."

For a moment there was no sound besides women shuffling around, trying to find Furu.

"...Gin. Is that you touching my butt?"

" No Peach. Why?"

" Because something is certainly feeling me up right now."

" Hey I gotta admit girl. You've got some firm buttocks. You go to the gym often? We could meet there if you do." Furu said, grinning before darting out of the room, between the legs of the women in his way, laughing happily to himself.

" Weee! I haven't had this much fun in a while! Hah haaa!" the little dragon laughed as he flew to the hot springs area and towards the elm in the middle where Honii and Kuran were already waiting.

" Now let's not stick around any longer. Heh. I don't think I'm that welcome here anymore. Glad you two are coming with me. It's been a while since I had company on my travels. Now here we go! Cambrien or bust!" Furu said before saying some word in draconian and diving into the shadow of the elm and disappearing down it. He was on his way to Cambrien.

OOC: I just went through the Limbo info and noticed that the plane of the elves was connected directly to this one so I hope it's ok that Furu and the others can go directly there. If not, I'll just change it that they go to Earth.

30-03-2002, 04:59 PM

Keeper is right! I wasn't looking at my map. *sniffles* I post later.

Princess Samari
31-03-2002, 04:00 PM

"Yes and no." Bagel looked slowly to Alynthia and then back to Ron shrugging. "The harvesters are in reality a very nobel and decent people. For them to come in and slaughter a bar full of people is as far as I know out of character." He took a long pull from his whiskey and frowned. "The tidbits i've heard around the drunk tank give me the impression that they just got sick of being ripped off.."

Bagel's eyes wandered again as he watched Peppa converse with Chekksu.

"But I have the feeling there is a lot more to this then just a petty money dispute. If it were any other people I would not be saying this.."

Aku Shi
31-03-2002, 04:53 PM

He still wasn't exactly sure what Bagel was talking about, but he nodded anyway. Shaking his head a little, he picked up his glass and swung back the rest of his drink. Setting the now empty glass on the counter, he looked to Bagel again.

So, ya need any help with handlin' things 'round here, then?

Hell, if his gold was worthless, then he might as well see if he could get a job and earn some...uh...souls.

Phantom Angel
31-03-2002, 05:29 PM
The bottle was almost half done. All it took was five glasses. Five full glasses. Alynthia wasn't quite aware of everything going on around her. It was all spinny, and swirly and there were lots of pretty colours.

"Oh! Soo pretty... very... pretty... wow! It's all so spinny! I wish it'd stop spinning. Cuz... cuz it's makin' me dizzy!" Alynthia said, and tried to stand up.

"Ah don't think I'll be a drinkin' ne more, cuz ah don't think mah stomach can handle it." Alynthia said and held onto the counter.

She took a shaky step, almost crumbled to the floor, and grabbed on to the guy sitting at the bar beside her.

"Watch where you're going you stupid woman!" the man screamed.

Alynthia blinked. "Well ahm sorry mister, but the whole room's ah-spinnin' an' it just don't seem that ah can step right."

"Well I don't care what you can and can't do. Just keep yer hands offa me." the man growled.

Alynthia sighed, confused. She mananged to sit down on a chair, and closed her eyes. Her head was hurting horribly.

"Sorry." she whispered, and her head fell, with a silent thunk on the table.

01-04-2002, 11:54 PM
Honii had to admit they had not even left yet and she was already in stiches from the antics of Furu.. She reached out to him and tickled him under his chin, removing a bra from his head...

"This must be why I love you so much dear Furu" she grinned..

" Ready Kuran?" she asked the girl looked puzzled just a bit...
Ok Furu we best get going their coming?" she laughed..

" Kuran hold on tight to my hand oh and did I mention we are going to the elven plains..??" she then saw Kuran's wided eyed response to that.....

Princess Samari
03-04-2002, 07:38 PM

The elfin man nodded slowly and looked around the bar. "Well yes actually we could use some help. Mostly miscleous stuff but with the way things are going that could change at any time." Bagel then frowned and looked upstairs.

"If you are interested I could talk with Maachini." "More like bargain with Maachini.." "So..what do you think?"

OOC: I hate you all..so very much...

Phantom Angel
03-04-2002, 09:22 PM
OOC: uh... what did I do?

04-04-2002, 12:13 AM
OOC: so much love in this rpg -_-;; *sigh* I'll get back to posting IC when I feel the need to

Chesta chesta chesta
04-04-2002, 05:44 AM
" Kuran hold on tight to my hand oh and did I mention we are going to the elven plains..??"

The words just rung in the little faries ears and her pale wings shuddered. "Damned hippies! But non the less she still held onto Honii's hand as if her life depended on it, them jumps could be funny. Were they sure that they were going the right way? What if they ended up in some dimension of eternal slime and broken glass? Actually compared to a whole plane devoted to elves the broken glass sounded mighty tempting, at least the glass would have some trading value...elves they were...elf like.

"So what are we doing with a bunch of elves then?" Kuran pouted and took small steps trying to prolong their exit as much as possible, if she didn't like the answer then she'd turn back and stare at the ceiling fan, maybe even play with it. It looked so much fun when it went round and around, great fun. Made her think of her uncle and his washing machine. You had never experienced happiness till you had participated in washing machine rodeo, and Kuran was damned good, well in her mind anyway.

"What could possible elves offer us? Apart from trees? They don't like mechanical things, they roll around in moss and they got pointy ears. Elves are stupid!" Kuran glared back at Honii, whose expression seemed to be 'not very amused' and Kuran remembered that Honii was an elf, she always forgot thinsg like that. "Apart from you of course, because you are..ehm...look a squirrel!" She pointed towards a little fluff ball that scurried away from them. "COME HERE YOU CREATURE FROM HELL!"

04-04-2002, 05:49 AM

Please don't assume that the elves in this RPG are going to be like the elves from every other RPG you've been in. The elves are actually the most scientifically advanced race. They don't wallow around in the forests. Actually, they're nothing like what anyone has assumed.

Too much stupid Lord of the Rings for you people.

Chesta chesta chesta
04-04-2002, 06:10 AM
OOC: I know, but Blue bottle doesn't know, she is kinda..I don't know, can you say narrow minded?

Princess Samari
04-04-2002, 09:04 PM
OOC: Moving right along...


The doors flung open and the young kitsune professor made her way into the bar. From the murderous glint in her eye it was easy to tell that she had been having a very bad day. "I can't believe Tamari..making phone calls to Korea while I was gone."

Nudging a passed out drunk from seat to floor Udon slumped into a chair and waved Chard over ordering a drink. She would talk with Maachini later. Later was always Udon's favorite time.

That was probably what held her back.

Udon and her studies for some reason were considered the rebellious neighborhood child among the kitsune community attractive but too unkempt to be clean, tolerated but too undisciplined to be understood, clever but too unpredictable to be trusted, liked but too dangerous to be loved, recognized but too frivilous to be respected.

But she didn't care. Udon was only doing the work for herself. She hopped that maybe someday her work would aid in the understanding of earth human/non earth relm relations. A lot of her time was spent devoted to that subject. She wasn't sure why. Well..she only was half sure.

Tri tails swinging lazily Udon thanked Chard and sipped her tea bringing out a small notepad and pencil from who knew where.

Only Confuscious wrote in pen.

OOC: Everyone say "Yatta!" and no..I really don't hate you all..just bad week.

04-04-2002, 11:49 PM

Easyrider salad the mall who dong hide dewa goo goo goo goo pass pass pass pass OHIO!!


"Chekkusu, he looked at me," she whispered excitedly. Peppa was on her break, casting furtive glances at Bagel and half-concentrating on her conversation with Chekkusu. "He looked right at me."

"Good for you," Chekkusu grumbled. "Now, the little pervert is gone, so Remoneido is going to need her old skirt back." The waitresses customarily took to wearing pants when Furu came visiting. No one was really surprised by it. "And-"

They both stopped as they felt the icy wind of her barely contained fury snapping through the bar. Chekkusu and Peppa turned as one to look at the top of the stairs where Maachini stood, distant and furious.


A strong, commanding voice rolled down from the top of the stairs. Nothing was shouted, merely carried over the din of the bar that was falling silent in her presence, as though she were a Queen moving towards her throne. She half expected them to fall to their knees in genuflect.

Of course, the demon and the angel couldn't, now could they. She clenched the note one of her earth agents had sent her, a sober, grim-faced Thorian lacking a sense of humor and anything remotely resembling a personality. He was a good worker, and he sent her frequent updates. His most recent one, detailing a brutal murder reeking of holy and unholy presences, was clenched in her fist. She was considering incinerating it, but never in front of all these people.

But back to the voice, the smooth yet somehow stern, as though it were steel wrapped in silk, words drifting down to all the assembled patrons and employees.


He managed to keep himself from jumping at the sound of her voice. That was good.

"Come away from there," she ordered blandly. As always, Soy travelled only a few steps behind her. "Chekkusu, you're supposed to be at the front door, and Peppa, your break ended three minutes ago."

Her mind brushed over a vast, overwhelming knowledge.

"Kouraa is here," she said. "Chocolate, Banira, please see to all his needs and make sure he has a cup of treacle and something calming. Chard, your shirt is dirty. Change it."

Eyes hard as agates, they finally came to rest on Ron and then drift past to Alynthia where they softened only slightly.

"It looks like our crowd is picking up. Someone take Miss Strobori to a back room and dry her out." Her lips curled with distaste at the sheer drunkeness of the elf's mind. "Then get her outfitted. Remoneido, you'll show her the ropes." The cat girl nodded, lifting Strobori cum Alynthia and beginning to take her towards a back room to sober her up. Maachini nodded. While on duty, the girl would be Strobori. It was cuter and the patrons would like it more. She could b!tch all she wanted about it, but it was Maachini's bar and Maachini's rules.

"Bagel, I don't want to have to tell you to come up here again." There was a hint of steel in her voice. Radiant, fiery and icy all at once, flaming curls tumbling over one shoulder, she fixed cool green eyes on him. She was dressed in a trim black business blazer over a white shirt and black pants. The entire ensemble was silk, material that was both beautiful and functional as it insulated her magic and made it easier for her to focus. At her throat was a string of small souls and on her feet were small heels.

"Now come along," she said, turning and heading back towards her office. "Something's come up."


Ice Queen!

Phantom Angel
05-04-2002, 12:10 AM
Alynthia felt someone pick her up, and carry her towards something. The image was just a little hazy through the elf's eyes, but she managed to open her eyelids and control her movements a little.

"It's ok. I'm fine. I can walk." Alynthia said, and took a few shaky steps in the direction they were going. She grabbed her head in her hands, feeling the throbbing pulse, and hearing the slow rumble there. "God, what the hell made me drink? I'll be D@mned if I touch anothe drop of the stuff as long as I live!" Alynthia exclaimed, trying to stop the buzzing in her head.

It was of no success, and the elven girl stopped trying after a while. She would just have to deal with the consequences of her stupid actions. Once again, she had messsed up again.

"Foolish.. you were just foolish Alynthia... you came here looking for a job, and as soon as you find yourself threatened you just jump and do something stupid. What will Maachini think of you? How could you do this to yourself? What happened to all the promises you made yourself?" Her conscience asked, sharply.

Alynthia grabbed her head and moaned. It had been.... foolishness, and she was to blame for everything that was happening to her now, and for all that was going to happen. She sighed, hating her weakness, and reminding herself of the the lesson she learned here.

"Drinking... bad.... brings... giant... headache... and .... nasty.... conscience...."

Alynthia throdded by the cat girl. It was all starting to feel a little better, the images were coming into focus more, and her feet didn't feel so wobbly any more.

"I'm sorry about all this." Alynthia sighed. "I guess it's time for my shift right? My name is.... Strob.... err... Alynthia. Nice to meet you." she said, looking at the cat girl, her green eyes still a bit out of focus.

Princess Samari
05-04-2002, 12:35 AM

"Come up..?" Bagel followed behind Maachini far enough t be out of reach but close enough to hear her rant. She was in a wonderful mood as always. He had gotten used to her though. Maachini was the one woman he knew better then to try *anything* with.

She was beautiful..but so was a sword when it wasn't slicing through your ribcage.


"Hebie geebies." Udon winced and looked back down at her tea. She had a feeling that this little calm was only the eye. Hurricane Maachini was brewing above the Drunk tank ready to strike.

Maybe she had come on the wrong day..

05-04-2002, 06:49 PM
OOC: Its been over a month. Last night on the phone- "YOU'RE OVERDUE FOR A POST IN LIMBO". Delightful. And so he returns *puts on lennon shades*
Bru Has Returned. Woo.


Alright, done and done. Now what?

Repugnant. Simply uncouth. Uncivilized. Barbaric.

Bru cocked a dissatisfied eyebrow at the Daemon, his own cockiness shining through in an angelic light of the holiest of immodestly contemptuous eye rolls.

Messy. Quite.

With an overly bored sigh, and more than a little annoyance at the grand blasphemy committed by the act (The Daemon had wasted perfectly good wine on his little stunt, ick, so wasteful) Bru looked down at the trio of blood splatters that had found a perch on the sleeve of his jacket. Feeling that the last sigh wasn’t enough to capture the utter and complete state of ennui Bru felt at that moment, Bru frowned.

Booze gone. Jacket muffed. Bare toe being pricked by a rose thorn.

But most of all Bru felt a general languid cloud that had settled over and snuffed his motivation. His legs sank deeper into the ground, his arms hung heavy at his sides, his hair tugged forcefully in gravities unyielding grasp-

Holy Crap this can’t be happening

Bru’s eyes shot open and his neck snapped back and forth, surveying his surroundings with a look borne of a fugitive life. His harrowed brow bent thick under the weight of millennia of worry, the angle of his eyebrows a strict tangent to the dark and suddenly furious deep lenses he wore.

Bru was worried.

With good reason.

The dark lenses flared violet for a moment, casting his vision into the realm of threads, looking for any entrance to elm jump from. Anything. Anywhere. Bru knew he didn’t have much time. The faint shimmer of a chance lightly waved in the air a distance away with nothing to reveal where it would lead.

It didn’t matter, Bru had to chance it. He knew what was coming.

Through out Bru’s long existence, not so much a life as simply being present while others lived, Bru’d watched. Bru’d been content with as little work as he could find and as much relaxation as he could garner.

But Bru’d made a mistake once.

And Bru had no intention of letting it catch up with him, the stalking shadow that was always those few moments behind. He’d of settled somewhere, sometime, but they would always come, the mistake would always find its way to haunt him.

He had no intention of confronting it.


Now he’d never run in his life. Not once. Bru was proud of that. But now he moseyed with a hurried pace like none other, towards that faint glimmer of an escape. The tangling twigs snapped with pops that only heightened his pace.

Away, fast. Go.

His mind beat his legs into submission and he picked up the pace, his wing tips reaching for lampposts and overhangs on which to grasp and pull him forward with all possible speed.

Well, all possible speed this side of running. Never that. Bru had principles remember.


*gasp* whats this? Bru's past catching up with him in order to expediate his mission? O my! I love you bru-ey pooh-ey, Its so nice to step out of my sandals and into your bare feet again.

05-04-2002, 08:35 PM

It's about goddamn time. You and Hiig need to get your butts to the Harvester plane so I can close the first goddamn chapter. Now MOVE IT!!

*cuddles Bru* Poor baby, is the boogey man going to get you? You can come cuddle with me and- *freezes and then glares over her shoulder at everyone* WHAT?! I like Bru!!

08-04-2002, 05:53 AM

This space really is reserved. But I need food.

So I'm going to go eat some food, take a bath and read a book, get a little bit of sleep and then come back to do a big Things are happening in Limbo post.

Oh, and by the by, if anyone would like to die (it always sounds strange when I say that) now is the time to talk to me. I have a prime oppourtunity for you to leave the RPG, or kill your character and make a new one. I don't think anyone wants to, but if you do, as I said, now is the time.

Now I go eat, bathe, read, sleep, smoke, and mutilate puppies.

Princess Samari
10-04-2002, 07:38 PM
OOC: Yaay the elfin planes. I am hating elves. Damned pointy eared freaks.

~Magical Elf stuff~

The elvish planes. Many a fantasy novelist had attempted to properly describe the beauty of the Sidhe and what their high court looked like. It was all shining lights and beautiful trees. The Elves lived in harmony with nature. Tolkien was full of it.

Save scattered gardens the elves had taken out most of nature some time ago. Acrid yellow clouds bit at the verdant tree's that stood solitary against the industrialized backdrop of modern Sidhe, the tree's crowned with the halo of pollution, Kings and Queens among the concrete court. Pocket forests catered to the last vestiges of the once envious kinship the elves had with nature. Now, these small gardens were more reminders of the perils 'civility' brought on. Beauty lined the metropolitan sprawl, vibrant greens sparse and more often than not littered with the refuse of commercialized reality. Food wrappers licked in the wind, caressing Sidhe in reminders of what they were, as more and more of the green died, what once reminded them of what they had been. The elves had stopped looking back to their roots a long time ago.. It seemed like even their language was slowly being phased out since, Hardly any of the elves bothered to speak or write it anymore.

Not even the park bench Furu, Honii, and Kuran were sitting on was made of wood. As they all looked up to survey their surroundings they could see the towering sky scrapers loom over the tree tops reaching for the smog filled sky as if trying to rise above all the grim and reach fresh air.

There was no longer the sound of birds or crickets or even a flute. But there was the sound of cursing and honking as someone was overtaken by road rage.

Welcome to the high court of the Sidhe.

OOC: A good portion of that description was written by TM He is squeeky!

Chesta chesta chesta
11-04-2002, 06:48 AM
"I am so going to sue the educational system for fraud! Where are the hippies dammit!"

Kuran crossed her arms and pouted, this was not what she had been taught, damn them all the overgrown people who seemed to know the world better than her, it was fraud, telling her something that wasn't true. Though this reality was more to her liking than the old one, though there was something in the air that she wasn't sure about if she liked it or not.

She glared at Honii and Furu. "It smells here!" She whined and poked the bench suspiciously, he was making her behind fall asleep. Walking around with a itchy behind wasn't one of her favourite passtimes and she couldn't wait to go and do what ever they were supposed to do. "So what are we doing? Are there any cookie stands? Can I have ice cream?!"

Just something to take her mind off whatever seemed to occupy her lower regions.

11-04-2002, 01:33 PM
It had been awhile since Honii had visited the elven planes, it definately looked more grundgy has ever. With Kuran's mention of food, Honii really had a craving herself for some greentea ice cream or at the very least a green salad.

" Yes, Kuran I am hungry as well myself." She wrinkled her nose slightly as the smell of gasoline wafted in the air.

" Furu, dear where are we off to?" squintingher eyes as the glare from the glass embedded sky scrapers reflected down on them.

13-04-2002, 04:25 PM
Furu let out a small yawn and fluttered upwards in the air to take a look around. He remembered where they were. The University wasn't too far away from here so they might actually manage to walk there without getting driven over, so there was no need for a cab.

" Aaah..it's good to be back here."

Letting himself slowly glide back to Kuran and Honii, Furu sat himself down on Honiis shoulder and wrapped his tail around her neck and rested on her shoulders like a cat. Pointing down a street with his claw, Furu smiled at the two.

" The University is that way. I'm sure there's some food there you can eat. I think the headmaster will be happy to have you two visit there. They don't get that many visitors."

OOC: sorry for the short post, but I want to make sure that I got a few things right before posting a better one.

Princess Samari
14-04-2002, 02:30 PM
i've been screwed. Big bad virus. Non working modem. Even Hiig couldn't help. Hope to get modem working soon. ^.^ Will be back when possible!

Aku Shi
19-04-2002, 07:12 PM
Ah! I've been offline for so long I thought I was going to go mad!! Oh wait... Too late for that... Anyway, I'm online now and in my new apartment, which makes me super happy. ^_^ You have no idea how much of a hell the small town was I previously resided in.... Anyway... Let's see... Where were we?...

"If you are interested I could talk with Maachini."

A shot was secretly sent through Ron. It was unseen by anyone else, but he felt it deep within. Maachini... The stern yet wonderful woman who owned the place... Ron remembered her. How could he forget her?!?

"So..what do you think?"

Ron smirked. He'd do anything for Maachini...


That was Maachini's voice. Slowly Ron turned on the bar stool and looked up at the vision atop the stairs. His smirk grew. The heavenly woman continued to talk, and Ron could only hear her beautiful yet demanding (which, to Ron, made it more beautiful) voice.

Bagel had left his side, Alynthia had been escored away, everyone around him was reacting to her orders. Ron just sat there. Besides, she hadn't told him to even bat an eye. And, he hadn't.


19-04-2002, 08:51 PM

Ron cracks me up. Sam got screwed by AFN. She'll be gone another week at least. We'll be moving slowly for a while. I am lazy right now. WHOOOOOOOSH.

20-04-2002, 12:18 AM
Honii smiled as Furu curled around her neck pointing the way..

" A University, wow I have never been to one this should be very interesting." Honii grinned " Kuran can you believe it we are going to a university. Have you ever been to one? A place of higher learning I mean, where elves go to get educated even smarter."
Honii frowned a wee bit she actually felt kind of stupid. She had gone to school and well went and took music lessons as well. But she had never persude higher learning she was too busy performing for Maachini at the 'Drunk Tank'.

Her thoughts turned at that moment back there, she actually missed the place already. But she knew she must explore just a wee bit. And she guessed that was why Maachini had been kind enough to let her go.
They all walked towards the University the huge buildings coming into sight they were very old and distinquished looking. Kuran skipped a little ahead of them. " Kuran stay with us, please."

Honii then reached up at stroked Furu under the chin a question coming to her mind..

" Umm Furu dear exactly why does this big university not get many visitors anyways?"

I hope that works Keeper and welcome back Shi you were missed....

Aku Shi
22-04-2002, 12:53 PM

Minto: *walks up and pokes RPG with a stick*

Ron: Don't do that. You don't know where it's been.

Minto: I'm not going to touch it. I'm just pokin' it with a stick to see if it's still alive...

Ron: Yeah, but what if it IS still alive and it suddenly jumps up and bites your head off?

Minto: *stops short and gives Ron a funny look* What in the HELL are you talking about? Just what have you been smokin' recently?

Ron: Hey now... What's with the attitude all of a sudden? I thought you were madly in love with me.

Minto: *goes back to poking RPG with the stick* Yeah well... I just don't understand why Shi always plays you now, when you weren't even created until I told her that I needed someone pretty to oogle... I'm the character that she made for this RPG, not you. You were just an afterthought. But now she even has you as her av... And where am I? Who knows! It's just...so...not fair...

Ron: *wasn't paying attention, because Maachini happened to walk by* Mmmm.... Huh? What? Did you say something, Minto?

Minto: I'm going to come back, Ron. I will. Maybe this is what's wrong with the RPG! Maybe this is why it's sick! Because I've been absent from it! Yes!!! That must be it!!! *eyes light up and he balls hands into fists, standing in an over exagerated pose of determination* I swear I'll return and bring this RPG back to the luster it once possessed!!!

Ron: Ok, you do that. I gotta go take a ----... *walks off*

Minto: :sweatdrop:
---And now back to our show!!!---

Phantom Angel
22-04-2002, 12:55 PM

Alynthia: *sighs* Someone was supposed to awaken me from my drunken slumber and put me to work. *sees Minto* *screams in horror* *grabs broom* You come within 10 feet of me and I will wack you!

PA: just kiddin' shi!!

22-04-2002, 01:15 PM
Jam and Pill

It's scary when I have to do one of these for Limbo


You may have noticed that we're slightly... um... paused right now. Try not to OOC the thread to death. Explanations with your pill.


Sam's computer got screwed. The AFN (Ashland Fiber Network) spazzoids are supposed to come and hook her up real soon Really. Until then she's having to use this coffee shop with an internet hookup. See, Sam's computer couldn't have picked a worse time to die. Public library is being remodeled so she can't use those computers and now this- yargh.

Anyway, what that means is that we aren't moving very quickly. She SHOULD do a post here when she gets to Roasting Co. next. If she doesn't, I'll slap her around. *slap-slap*

Until then, minimize the OOC chatter, behave yourselves, and try to think of how I feel.

Heh... I love Minto.

28-04-2002, 08:55 PM

"I guess it's time for my shift right? My name is.... Strob.... err... Alynthia. Nice to meet you."

"Remoneido." She sighed. "And on the job you're Strobori. Deal." She handed her the standard waitressing outfit, black skirt and white blouse. "Change into this. You'll do a standard rotation. That means stations ten through twenty two. Twelve stations... you should be able to handle it." God save them all.

"Maachini is pissed off right now, so whatever you do, avoid her when she comes downstairs. Or, if you have no choice but to be near her, don't say anything." Remoneido handed her a hairtie. "Now put your hair up in a ponytail and for God's sake, put on some makeup."


"Hebie geebies."

"Ain't that a fact?" Chard muttered to the kitsune, and glanced toward the stairs. "I don't know what's gotten into her recently, but we're all just avoiding her right now."

He jerked his thumb towards Ron. "Get a load of the country bumpkin. Comes in 'ere throwin' gold around." He chuckled wickedly.

"An' I see 'ow 'e looks at Maachini. Boys after a bruisin' if'n y'ask me. Maachini? She 'as guys like that fer lunch. Leaves 'em cryin', cryin', cryin'. Hah. Whatta woman."


Where is Minto? I'm lost without his homo-ness!

Phantom Angel
28-04-2002, 09:04 PM
OOC: it's alive! it's alive! YES!

Alynthia nodded, not complaining. "I hate ponytails..." She thought, but figured she might as well do what she's been asked to do. The problem with a pony tail was that her extremely long and rich hair wouldn't stay in a ponytail. She wasn't going to complain to the extremely nice girl that had brought her here,a nd gave her the clothes, so Alynthia just took her things chang changed.

"Well, how do I look?" she asked, smiling at Remoneido. The elven girl spun around in the mirror, and checked to see if everything was good. It all appeared in order, and from her bag, she took out a lipstick and some eyeshadow. Carefully applying some blush to her cheeks, to cover up her pale face, she put on a bit of green eyshadow, and skin coloured lipstick and turned around.

"There, I hope that's better." Alynthia told her. "Thank you very much for all your help Remoneido." Alynthia told her, and stepped out into the bar. She looked around, and saw Ron starring off in Maachini's direction. Minto was nowhere in sight, and that was what primarily concerned Alynthia. As long as she steered clear of Ron and Maachini, then everything would go according to plan.

Stuffing her nervousness deep within her, Alynthia swallowed her pride and went out there. She hated having to use her first name. It was too... obvious. But, rules were rules, and she needed the job.

Aku Shi
28-04-2002, 10:58 PM
Due to popular demand....

Slowly he slid the liner along the tip of his eye lid. He picked up the blush brush and dusted his cheeks ever so delicately. After applying the lipstick to his lips, he rubbed them together and then blotted.

His weapons were safely within the storage tree once more. When he had returned, Minto had taken a long bath in a nearby hot spring to calm his nerves. Now, he was refreshed, and ready to go make amends.

Standing from his favorite black sued chair, he tossed his long flowing platinum hair back and giggled. He was wearing a very chic take of the traditional kimono. The top was just like the kimono, it even had an obi. But, instead of it being a solid robe, it was just the shirt, and made of red embroidered satin. The skirt he wore was made of black satin and had slits up to his thighs. On his feet he wore satin dress shoes that had a very small bit of heel (since he most likely would have to travel over dirt and grass).

Smiling into his mirror, Minto pulled up sections of his lovely hair and pinned them into small, frantic looking buns where bits of hair stuck out. It was something he had seen in a magazine once, and fallen in love with. Tilting his head around, he inspected every inch to make sure nothing was out of place and that everything was perfect.

Alright. I'm ready to go.

He blew a kiss into his mirror and then rushed quickly, yet gracefully out of his small, stylish abode.

Aku Shi
29-04-2002, 04:28 PM

Minto: *cries* I KILLED THE RPG!!!!!! :bawling:

29-04-2002, 04:33 PM

No you didn't. Sam just needs to post here. I'm going to let her do catching up posts. Then we'll move some more. Hey, we might even get a new character soon (okay not exactly SOON but whatever). Isn't that exciting, Chet?

Chet: That's TREMENDOUSLY exciting, Nina!

Just a little too much Fatal but not Serious for Kiva.

Princess Samari
29-04-2002, 04:58 PM
OOC: I am posting..did anyone miss me or am I just your rpg -----?

~--Elfin air planes--~

Old and distinguished were not the proper words exactly. Out dated and slowly crumbling was more appropriate. The community considered them more of an eyesore then anything. They were the past and something that needed to be *touched up* Maybe taller..and less brick.

The elves were always building skyward. Why look back when you could look foreward?

Soon Kuran, Furu and Honii were at the old stone steps leading to a large pair of double doors. It seemed so out of place. So small compared to everything else.

OOC: Trin baby..please I am having a few problems with you putting words in my mouth. I have been lazy but I am still part GM. Please ask me or pm me before you describe anything on the Elfin planes.

30-04-2002, 02:18 AM

"Oh jesus christ," she muttered, as the knowledge hit her full force.

She'd been too angry, too focused, too sick. The room had been spinning. Of course she hadn't caught it. Maachini slowly sat behind her desk and carefully reached into one of the drawers for her bottle of asprin. She had just remembered something. Something horribly.

"Oh sweet merciful christ, what have I done?"

Maachini carefully reached for the phone, her brain flying to come up with a solution. Perhaps if she...

She'd get the band... Psycho-whatever-they-were, and see if they could come in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But that still left the rest of the week. People would want something soft, like Honii usually preformed.

She'd have to find a replacement for while Honii was gone. Maachini could have done it in a pinch, but she knew she was too ill to preform and besides, it was bad if the proprietess was seen on stage.

She'd have to find a replacement.


I seem to recall hearing that Minto can sing. Oh-hoh-hoh? And Hitomi, if you're still here, your character's phone is ringing.

30-04-2002, 06:37 PM
OOC: Many appologies, Kiva-sama, I've been debating whether or not I should kill Namazu off. I've hardly had the time for the RPGs that I'm in lately.

I still can't decide, I need to figure some things out right now.


Aku Shi
01-05-2002, 05:04 PM

He walked in with the elegance and flare of a runway model. A few of the men whistled and shouted some propositions his way, but Minto just winked at them and blew them a kiss. Letting out a little giggle, he took a seat at the bar that just happened to be next to Ron.

Hey there, sweets.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Why are you dressed in drag again?!"

Minto shrugged in response as he was handed a drink that was paid for by a kind gentleman across the bar.

No one seems to mind it, so why not? It's who I am, after all.

He noticed Ron glaring at him and lowered his drink from his perfectly painted lips.

"It is not! You're a guy! Guys wear guy clothes and chase women! They don't wear women's clothes and chase other guys! Don't you get it!?"

Pouting a little, Minto put his hands to his cheeks and turned away a little.

Oh, Ron, you can be a real meany sometimes...
Wee! Minto's back in the game!! Oh, and of course Minto would sing for Maachini. He needs the money. I mean, he's already worn the outfit he's wearing once before!!! :rolleyes2

01-05-2002, 09:01 PM

They weren't answering the phone.

Don't panic. You've dealt with this sort of thing before.

Maachini's mind was panicking. It was rushing over the rooms frantically even as she spoke very calmly to her distributor on the phone.

"Yes, yes, I said I needed another order of Black Butte." She was starting to get a terrible stomach ache, and was chewing on Rolaids like candy.

"Like wow, you totally mean that? You really heard those noises coming from Honii's dressing room?"

Damage control would have to be put in effect there, Maachini realized, furiously scribbling down notes.

"Whatever happened to that cute demon and angel guy who were here earlier? Didn't they go off on some job for Maachini?"

"She's such a stone cold-"

A moment of static as her mind skipped away and the customary hurt settled in her stomach. She was only human, after all.

Something more.

She was only human. Insults still had a way of pricking at her.

"Oh, Ron, you can be a real meany sometimes..."

A spirit of the wind. She could hear it, skipping around them, see it, the music of the sky.

"Oh my..." Maachini whispered.

There was something familiar in that spirit, something...

"They can..."


"Bagel!" she snapped. "Get me a cup of tea and the boy dressed like a girl sitting with that disgusting moral reprobate you were talking to earlier up here in my office now!" She snapped her fingers at him. "And be quick about it!"


Awww... Maachini does have feelings!

02-05-2002, 10:25 PM
(( ooc :: okee! yay! now ... how do I put chiikira in the mix? ^_^;;; ))

02-05-2002, 11:17 PM
--~ chiikira ~--

"Oh, pardon me, excuse me..."

A timid, dulcet voice tremoured up from a modestly clad form. Chiikira adjusted her reading glasses and her bun, trying her best to look... er... neat. In the Drunk Tank. But that was Chiikira.

"...yes, please, pardon me! Oh, dear, oh ... dear. Wait. Pardon! Oh, dear, pardon!"

She made her way through the mass of patrons, a bubbly young woman that looked like she was in her twenties. She was quite normal, save the fact she gave off and empherial glow, and her steps were light -- like she wasn't touching the ground, almost.

"Oh, dear ME, excuse me! I didn't mean to -- oh! I'm terribly sorry!"

A few drunks who thought it'd be funny to try and see up her skirt nabbed their chance as she neared the bar...


The Voice of God filtered through her for a moment, slamming the two blokes into their table. Hackles raised, the young angel gave quite a "Hmph!" and twirled on her heel, making it to the bar.

"Excuse me..." she inquired carefully, looking up from her glasses and being ever so prim and proper, "may I request an audience with one Miss Maachini?"

Phantom Angel
05-05-2002, 09:53 PM
OOC: Windows XP is sooo cool! ahem, ignore me, i was fooling around with my best friend's computer. Ahem, got a litle side tracked. let me continue, now at home in front of my own machine... i like windows 2000 better. ok, enough pointless rambling.


"Stations ten through twenty-two. I can handle that, I think..." she mumbled to herself as she began to work.

It was a mindless repetitive task of just being polite, writing down the order of the customers, going to the kitchen, grabbing the food, and slamming it back on their tables for them to stuff their faces with. Politely of course. A few dazzling smiles, and a bit of hip work got her reasonable tips. Nothing she needed to break her head over.

Over the year she had spent working in the small inn, Alynthia had trained herself to do the job properly, smile mechanically and just go on thinking about matters of her own. She might be lacking money, and she might be lacking entertainment, but she was never lacking thoughts.

"I could be doing so much more with my life..."

She sighed wishfully, but knew that she was in no position to change this small detail of her life. It was lucky enough of her to get a job at the Drunk Tank in the first place. With everything that had happened... Ron, and the pasta, then Minto....

"I can't say I'm sorry I flung that bowl of pasta.." she thought mischievously and looked up from her place in the room, to see Ron and Minto.. arguing over something.

So the elf was back. Alynthia felt her stomach tighten in fear.

"Uh... Miss Strobori? Miss Strobori! Hey! Waitress woman!" The man to her right called annoyance rising a few notches in his voice with every unaswered call.

"Huh? What?"Alynthia asked. He had called her Strobori... She looked down at the name tag, annoyed. That name... that part of herself she didn't want to think about. She looked at the man somewhat annoyed, but waited for him to continue.

"Are you going to take my order or what?" the man asked frowning deeply. "I'm hungry y'know, and after lunch I need to go back to work!" he told her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I got a little distracted there! What would you wish to order?" she asked, flashing him a dazzling smile.

The man's anger melted in his eyes, and his voice became soft. "Uh, just the regular." he stammered.

She smiled, laughed, and walked away, swinging her hips a little. It was all in the body language. All of it. Hopefully he'll leave her a noce fat tip. She wasn't putting on shows for everyone now.

"But, back to what I was thinking..."

Alynthia returned to the stream of thoughts in her head before she got rudely interrupted by the customer.

"I've never been a wimp, and I'm sick of being afraid of Minto. The truth is, I don't give a d@mn any more. I've never been like this, and it's unnatural for me to leave matters unsolved. I'm not this shy, frady cat. I just know I'm not!" Alynthia thought frowning at herself.

She really found no point in her aloof and collected behaviour. True she was keeping alive the image of the "traditional" elf, the very calm collected vegetarian, so nsync with nature it drove everyone crazy, but was it really her? Alynthia knew the answer, she had known it from the day she dumped the hot water on that brute. She was not calm and collected, but she was rather passionate about everything that concerned her somewhat. And she liked meat. There was nothing wrong with meat, in fact it was quite tasty.

"I am sick and tired of hiding like a mouse."

Strobori picked up the plate with her order in one hand, with the other clenched into a tight fist. She was Strobori, not Alynthia. Strobori. Alynthia was a cheap poor excuse of a woman that had no place in her heart. She represented everything Strobori hated, everything that she had struggled not to be, everything she ultimately wasn't.

"It was a role that I played... it was a precious time I wasted!"

She was angry, so very angry at herself, and at her stupidity. It took her one whole year to realise that Alynthia was a lie? All because, all because of one pasta flinging incident that resulted in near death?

"God, I am so pathetic..."

Foolish, stupid, inexperienced, bratty, selfish, and most of all idiotic. She had relished in her fake made up life so long, she had forgotten herself, and she had no doubt paid for it dearly.

"I wish I could crawl up in a hole and die..."

She wouldn't do that. She would climb out of it, and she would prove to herself that she could bring back her old self. It was the only way she would be able to grow as a person. It didn't matter, all she had to do was be herself. Let see how they would handle that..

"But I do require a change in appearance first."

She had finally found a use for all the tips. A change in appearance would do her good. Let them see Strobori for the first time. She was proud of herself, and of her name. She was proud of all of it. That was the end of it. Screw them all if they didn't like her.

Carelessly, she losened the first two buttons of her blouse, but made sure to pull on the already short skirt a little. A pair of pants would have been so much better.

"A job is a job..."

With another smile, she gave the customer his food.

"Sorry for the wait. I hope you will enjoy it." she told him, and moved on to her next order.

Aku Shi
05-05-2002, 10:56 PM

"Hey there, sweet thing!" called a man at a table as he waved Minto over.

Minto glanced at Ron and noticed he was busy drinking and staring off towards the stairs as if waiting for someone to come down. Shrugging, Minto wandered over to the man's table, smiling sweetly.

Why, hello there, mister.

The drag queen giggled girlishly and sat on the man's table, crossing his legs. He kept glancing at Ron to see if the man even noticed...and if perhaps he was...jealous... Much to Minto's dismay, Ron still hadn't looked away from the stairs.

Hm... The big idiot...

As if to get back at Ron, Minto started to flirt with the man at the table and take the drinks that the man kept buying for him (who he thought was a her...).

Ron had started thinking about Maachini again after a while, but his daydreams were interupted by the rather loud giggling of a familiar sort. Slowly, reluctantly, Ron turned his head...

MINTO!!! What the hell are you doing, you little perv?!?!

He screamed as he stormed up to the table. Growling, he grabbed Minto by the arm and pulled him away from the man. Then, he looked to the man, anger still in his features.

Sir, don't you know this girl is actually a BOY!?!?

"Oh, don't listen to Ronny! He's just my jealous boyfriend!" giggled Minto as he waved his hand.

I am not!!! I like girls!! Girls like Trin and Maachini and...and...and that waitress over there!

Without thinking (well, with basically barely even looking, except at the cleavage of the partially unbuttoned top), Ron pointed right at Strobori.

"Oh... Her." growled Minto as he pulled away from Ron's grip.


Ron didn't understand at first, until he turned to look back at the waitress. Much to his surprise, it was Alynthia. His jaw dropped a little and his tanned cheeks blushed slightly.

Uh... No. I didn't mean... Um.. F*ck.

Phantom Angel
05-05-2002, 11:06 PM
Strobori's head snapped up from the paper, and she looked around the room to see what the screaming was all about. She frowned when she noticed that Ron was the one screaming, and he was screaming at Minto.

" I really should thank them both." She thought, but kept back, since her newest customer was dictating an order, and she was furriously scribbling away.

I am not!!! I like girls!! Girls like Trin and Maachini and...and...and that waitress over there!

Strobori heard Ron screaming that at the top of his lungs, and her interest once again perked up. She was much too curious for her own good, and she looked up again.

"What waitress?"

She blinked in surprise when she realised that Ron was actually referring to her.

"I did not hear that right... oh god... it's the skirt... I can't believe what a pervert this guy is!"

Strobori thought in annoyance. "Will he ever give up? What will he do when he finds out that Honii is gone?" She was a bit amused by the situation, but kept on task, despite her urge to go over there and annoy Ron a bit more.

"Hurricane Maachini is still in the room. Must make a good impression."

And with that, Strobori left to the kitchen, to place the new order.

Aku Shi
05-05-2002, 11:14 PM

I wonder if I should go appologize to Alynthia... Ya know, for the whole trying to kill her thing...

He followed Ron back to the bar and sat down next to the tall man once more. Tapping his well manicured fingers on the counter, Minto stared at Ron, who was staring at the floor.

If you don't like her, then why don't you just go tell her? You obviously are upset over the fact that you pointed at her just a minute ago, so you must not care for her that much. It doesn't surprise me... She's not what I'd call a great catch.

Minto snickered a little and turned to get another drink that was paid for by yet another admirer.

"Shut up... Just...just shut up." Ron muttered as he continued to stare at the floor. Minto looked at him with sad eyes. Something was wrong with his sweety....

Phantom Angel
05-05-2002, 11:49 PM
OOC: Due to the fact that I sold myself as Shi's silly monkey servant for tonight... I will make a completely sensless post Kiva will most likely kill me for... but here it goes...

Strobori came back carring a large tray with lots of food on it. There were bowls of soup, salad, bread, and all sorts of other mundane foods, that smelled invitingly. She felt her stomach give a low growl, and remembered she hadn't eaten anything in a while yet.

"I must wait until I'm off. I think Remoneido said I'll be off at 5. Only a little while until then.." She said, glancing at the clock which read 1:30.

She gently placed the food on the table, for her customers to enjoy, stealing a quick glance at Ron and Minto sitting by the bar. The elf, wearing a most positively astounding dress, seemed to be trying to cheer up a rather upset Ron.

"Oh, what has he done now? Gee, I wonder if he's going to go try to shoot himself now that he has depressed his crush. He certainly wanted to do that to me, last time I made him go away..." Strobori thought quite sarcastically.

Aku Shi
06-05-2002, 12:13 AM

Oh, there she is now. I better go and appologize before she leaves again.

After winking at Ron, Minto hurried over to Alynthia. As he reached her, however, he noticed her name tag said "Strobori."

So ya changed your name, eh? Didn't know I was THAT frightening. Heh... Anyway... I just wanted to say I'm sorry for uh..trying to kill you and all... And-

He was cut short by a man from behind placing a hand on his shoulder.

Minto, go back to the bar.

There stood Ron, his large hand rested on Minto's shoulder and his eyes locked on Alynthia.

Uh... Hey.

Princess Samari
06-05-2002, 01:42 AM

We love Minto we love Ron we love Chikira. We are really excited to have Minwa entering the rpg her credentials for the final fantasy rpg and angel eyes speak for themselves. We've been banging out plot ideas and have some great stuff. And the Obsidian cat productions website is in the works. (Kudos PA)

We are frustraited. We feel that people are not checking with us before they do things and it is messing with the plot. We know this is hard to believe. But Limbo is a very intricated very unusual role playing universe. You can't assume things. Because several assumptions have seriously foiled plot peices. That annoys us. Limbo is our baby. This has taken five years to create. It was our first rpg and we will not see it corrupted. Not even for ab members who we do love. For now Limbo is on hold basically so we can iron out the wrinkles that have been forced into the fabric of our rpg.

Be back soon.

Aku Shi
06-05-2002, 06:36 PM

If there is anything done by either of my characters that is against Limbo reg, please tell me and I will be more careful and check with you more. I know what it's like to have an RPG fall apart because it became something that you did not want it to be (poor Dawn of Darkness RPG...sniffle...). I love this RPG, and want to make sure it stays going strong for a long time. Again, if there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.

09-05-2002, 11:10 PM
I popped on to give a formal byeo and ask that the restructuring either puts Bru as an NPC or taken out as I'm off to do those things I do and won't be returning most likely. Fun times and so on, baibai all.

03-06-2002, 01:07 AM

Sam, give me a contact and let me know if you're ready for the smacking of Limbo. That should wake it up.

Yep, I'ma bring back Limbo. I'm also going to reopen character applications and move the plot along a little more quickly than I originally intended. If Sam is ready for posty-posty then I'll wake her up.

Princess Samari
07-06-2002, 01:08 AM
OOC: Yes. Lets do this thing!