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14-01-2002, 11:50 PM
Ok it's up!!! for all those who have already talked about this, you can go ahead and start roleplaying. no chara profiles are needed! i won't start until at least one other person does.
here's the discussion thread that may give you more details: http://animeboards.com/t33888/s.html

Knight guy
15-01-2002, 09:13 PM
A battlefield in Space on a Zeon Bridge.
Lt.1 : Sir, the Trogen Horse is closing in!
Captain Jordan: Arm guns. Launch all Zakus Goufs & Doms NOW!!!!
Lt.2: Launching Clamp Malfunction Cpt. It'll take awhile for it to get reperead.
Cpt. Jordan: I'm not getting any younger....
Lt.1: Launching MS Cpt.

Rec room on zeon Battleship.

Char: Don't you think it's strange that this private shows up & increases his rank to cpt. in a mere week?
Bartender: Yes it is strange.


Well. I couldn't really think about Charecters. but it will unravel in the end about cpt. Jordan ( Thats Me )

Blade R
15-01-2002, 10:51 PM
(..i'm gonna wait a sec until i can get my char together..though i have her in mind. does this rpg take place with the gundam chars too, or is this a totally new dimention? i need to know so i know how to do my char.)

16-01-2002, 05:33 AM
Sounds interesting... Count me in. *Runs off to start designing character and MS*

Originally posted by Knight guy
Captain Jordan: Arm guns. Launch all Zakus Goufs & Doms NOW!!!!

P.S. The Gouf is a ground-type MS only, just had to fit that in...

16-01-2002, 08:08 PM
ok looks good so far!
i'll be working on my MS as well

Blade R
16-01-2002, 11:32 PM
(what can our ms look like/have equiped?)

16-01-2002, 11:42 PM
it doesnt really matter, just stay away from "super robot" stuff. (Mazinger Z, Getta Robo, Zanbot)

Lt Zechs
17-01-2002, 02:21 AM
Lieutenant Zechs Merquise and Mobile Suit Tallgeese reporting for duty.
Just tell me which ones are the enemy and I'll sort out the rest.

Blade R
25-01-2002, 05:02 PM
ok then, I always give a char description, so here.

Code name: Blade Razer

Real name: Unknown

Features: Stormy grey eyes, deep brown almost black hair, 5'9" tall, 115 lbs.

Clothes: black pants, red t-shirt, black shoes, black headband to hold her bangs back off her forehead, black cloak when she doesn't want her face to be seen.

MS name: Firestorm

MS features: All blood red with black face - hands - feet - and joints, cockpit system like Escaflowne.

MS weapons: beam saber (red), fire cannon (like Nataku), and dragon head shaped shield on right arm (black with red "eyes").

Is that ok?

26-01-2002, 03:22 AM
the chara sounds cool, but the MS doesnt wuite seem to fit this RPG's setting(mostly based around Universal Centuray and One year war). Your MS is very "themed," which is really cool(i love the G-Gundams!), but these MS are supposed to be more realistic than flashy. sorry i didn't clear that up earlier! :heh:

26-01-2002, 03:35 AM
"you've gotta be kidding me!" exclaimed Ukiki as he turned around while stepping into the cockpit.
"no ukiki, we have to pull out now! there's no way we can win this one!"
"you'll just have to leave without me then!" he sat down in the cockpit of his Gouf flight type and closed the hatch!
"damnit Ukiki! get out of there! you could be court-mashalled for this!" screamed General Uribatake.
Ukiki put up a communication screen ."i don't care! if im the only one fighting, that's fine! if we keep backing away we'll never beat those s!" He turned on his thrusters and flew out through the hatch before they could close it.
"Once that kid get's an idea, he can never let go" the general sighed as he left the hangar bay.
"all right! we're gonna make it out of here! all engines to maximum thrust!" He hesitated, "but before that, fire the beam cannon one more time."

Starting Description(will change as the story goes on)

Name: Ukiki Kalamari
(starting) side: Zeon Federal forces

(starting) MS: Gouf Flight Type (http://www.aami.cc/fahq/mecha/gundam/08thmsteam/ms-07h8.htm) (linked to the fntasy and animation HQ)

Lt Zechs
26-01-2002, 09:07 AM
Hey Animeboards is back!

Character Description:
Alias: The Lighting Count
Name: Zechs Merquise
Rank: Lieutenant
Affiliation: Federation
Age: 19
Weight: 76 kg
Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Platinum blond
Moble Suit:
Classification: mobile suit
Model number: OZ-00MS
Head height: 17.4 meters
Dry weight: 8.8 tons
Armor materials: titanium alloy
dobergun x 1
beam saber x 1
round sheild x 1

"Lieutenant Zechs sir, Zeon forces converging on our flank! Shall we break formation to intercept?" - Private Tycho
"No, keep the formation, I will handle this one myself." - Lt. Zechs
"Yes sir." - Tycho
[Charges Tallgeese's thrusters to full power and moves to engage the newly launched Zeon troops.]

Blade R
26-01-2002, 05:04 PM
Ok i changed my MS It looks very similar to the Gouf Custom, but has flight abilities. Its weapons are 1 heat saber, and 1 gatling shield. Oh, and it's still red and black. Though similar to a zeon suit, blade refuses to take sides in the war....at least not yet.
By the way, i hope you don't mind the change of cocpit, but you can handle a MS better if it moves when you move rather than using buttons and control sticks. The only buttons will be for things she cant control in any other way. (like thrusters)
I have no pic of Blade yet, but am working on one.

(is this in space or in the atmosphere?)
From a distance away Blade watches. Knowing that she is out of their sensor range she sighs and rests her head on her arms.
"Fools," she says again.
She looks down at her sensor and then out at the figures in the distance.
"They're coming this way, time to move!"
Blade slams on the thrusters to make sure that she doesn't come up on anyones sensors by being too close.

Knight guy
27-01-2002, 10:46 PM
Would you call this the 'middle' of the story? Well who cares.

Jordan pulls out pistol & kills bridge crew.

Jordan: (activates the communication system) Everythings A OK send my Dragon Fang throu the time warp.

A mobile suit that looks like Talgeese 2 with an arm like Nataku flys throu the time warp.

Jordan: Lets see how good the The Feddies are against the
Earth Spear Alliance Millitary, send the rest of the Dragon Fangs.

28-01-2002, 08:25 PM
(OOC: sorry Knight Guy, but your recent post doesnt seem to have any relevance to your first one, if i'm wrong then just disregard this completely)

(BIC) Ukiki looked back at the departing Musai he was leaving behind. "those idiots don't know what they're doing, who cares about standard military tactics anymore? we already know who's gonna win the war if we dont even try . at least they helped clear some of the enemy."
He pushed his thrusters to maximum, just then feeling an explosion rock his left shoulder armor. "damn!" he said as he spun around and fired his gatling at the two GMs shooting from the desert floor. Ukiki fell back to the ground landing on his feet, pushed the thrusters back up, and glided towards the remaining GM, pulling his heat saber out of his shield. The GM fired some more wild shots at him, but he knocked them away easily, still heading towards it. He made one pass by the GM while slicing it through the cockpit. landed back on the ground and heard the last enemy explode behind him. "heh, guess all that swordsman training really payed off." he said.
Ukiki suddenly heard his sensors beep, but was too late to avoid the missles as he turned around.

Blade R
28-01-2002, 08:47 PM
Blade lands Firestorm on the sand and opens the cockpit. getting out she flips down some bonaculars from the top of her head.
"What is that pilot doing? He's crazy!!"
She shakes her head and looks around.
"Good, I haven't been spotted yet."
Hearing an explosion she turns towards the battle area again.
"This war will never be over. I swear. Oh sure I could join, but where would that get me. OH DAMN THIS SAND!!!"
Tapping her fingers on the cocpit door she waits for the sand that flew everywhere to settle.
(I'm almost done the pic)

Knight guy
28-01-2002, 10:22 PM
Uhh Ukiki. Remember Char telling the bartender that Jordan went from rank ensihn ( I'm not sure that's spelled right?) to cpt. in a week, doesn't that seem quit strange? & I thought the battle was in space. Whell, I guess I'll go with everyone eles. Well here we go.

Somewhere in the Sharia desert.

"Da**! Where are they", Said Admrial Jordan.

"It seems that the enemy chickend out" said Lt. Cmdr Coutney. In a hut nerby a lot of chickens come out & a guntank breakes throu the frame of the hut.

(I'm switching to script mode becuse :confused: just look up above /l\ I know it doesn't make since)

Jordan: But it looks like thell be destroyed before they can even make a scratch on uss! *Fires beam cannon* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EAT BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't figured it out yet the E.S.A.M is from the future. but it may sound stupid but they have time-travel capibility M.S

28-01-2002, 10:41 PM
(ok sorry about what i said earlier, but lets cut the chatter now so this RPG can get off the ground :))

Ukiki turned around to see 5 missiles heading straight at his face. He suddenly lost his balance and fell on his back. out of pure instinct, Ukiki braced himself for impact. The missiles slammed into the Gouf's head unit, completely knocking out his camera. "argh! the heat sensor's completely useless in this scorched desert!"
Ukiki opened the hatch of his cockpit and jumped out. "heh, i'm like a speck of dust on the sand to them now, but my rations will only last me about 4 days. I should just get out of here now. my logic says that if i just walk in the same direction, i'll eventually get out of the desert. he turned around to look at his surroundings. "what shot at me any- what the! that's a federation Ahgama-class! what's it doing here? i heard there were very few of those as it is... why would it be in the desert!?"

Blade R
29-01-2002, 06:19 PM
Deciding that whoever attacked the lone guy would leave she lays down on her MS's shoulder and takes out a small sketch pad. she begins to make scetches of the other Ms's she saw, addin those wo to several already in the little book.
"And some wonder how I learn all the types of MS's so fast."
She laughs abit, then flips her bonoculars down and scans the area quickly.

Lt Zechs
29-01-2002, 10:59 PM
[[Sorry but I thought the battle was in space as well, all well :)]]

[Cutting through the Zeon's Zuku suits like paper, Tallgeese regroups with the platoon, who have been holding a small bunker on the front.]
Pvt. Tycho: "Sir welcome back sir, the Zeon forces appear to be holding steady, we've managed to take this bunker from them and are preparing to amount an offensive against the main forces."
Lt. Zechs: "Cancel those orders Private, we will hold here."
Pvt. Tycho: "Sir? Are you sure thats wise?"
Lt. Zechs: "Mounting an attack would be foolish at this point in the battle and would of caused the resources spent taking the bunker to go to waste, we hold here."
Pvt. Tycho: "Understood Sir; Holding position."
[The Federation forces move into defensive formation around the bunker, two suits mount the heavy turret implacements on the sides, and I position Tallgeese to the front middle of the formation defending the forward line.]

Knight guy
30-01-2002, 12:04 PM
In the Shara Desert

Jordan: All Dragon Fangs preaper to fire all beam cannons on that bunker!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

30-01-2002, 07:01 PM
(PLEASE READ!!!!!! just a note to everybody: this RPG isn't just going to be one little battle, there is supposed to be lots of plot development and stuff. some of you should try adding a bit more detail to what you are doing. i find it very boring to make one post just Ukiki: "send all units to attack the battleship!" or something like that.)

Ukiki, now noticing that more people had arrived, and the battle had definately heated up, starting to run, trying to get away as fast as he could, leaving his MS behind.

"what is with this!? i thought this was just a conflict between our Musai and a few desert scouts! now all this? i really gotta get outta here!"

Ukiki kept running along the sand, but it seemed to be useless, the desert stretched out for miles ahead of him. he finally decided to stop and look back, and saw lots of MS fighting.

"hey, wait a minute, what kind of mobile suits are those!? i've never seen them before..." just then he saw a dragon fang "appear" out of some strange vortex. "what the-"
another missile flew over his head.
"stray missiles? these guys are crazy! they appear to be just blasting away at everything!"
Ukiki began walking agin, and after a few minutes(or hours, he had no way of telling the time now) he came apon a sudden canyon, just carved out in the middle of the desert. "hmm, that's strange, by how these rocks look, this was carved out by some kind of beam weapon" he stepped up to the ledge and looked down. "wow, this is amazing! look how deep-" just then he saw a glimmer of light shining off of something at the bottom. "hey, that kinda looks like a manipulator, like the one on my MS... i wonder..." he knelt down and began reaching into his bag.

Blade R
30-01-2002, 08:14 PM
Continueing to watch the battle Blade sees also sees the vortex.
"WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!"
In her haste to get up and leave quickly she stumbles ofer herself and falls to the ground. Panicing she quikly scrambles up and climbs back into Firestorm.
She spys the Dragon Fangs and panics more. Never had she seen that type of MS before and she had a gut feeling that if she saw them then they saw her. Slaming herself into the cocpit she slams on the 'start button' and the door slams shut. All at once one of the MS's turns and looks right at her.
"OH SH!T!!!!!"
She hits on the thrusters and her MS shoots up into the sky headign in the ooposite direction of the fight. Not caring where she would go she just wanted to get out and fast!!!!

(You guys can fire at me if you so wish!!!)

Lt Zechs
31-01-2002, 08:08 AM
Sgt. Phelps: "Sir! New enemy threat at 11 o'clock! Unknown Moble Suit type! It's some strange vortex!"
Pvt. Tycho: "Incoming enemies on our right flank; Dragon Fangs; they're preparing to fire!"
Lt. Zechs: "Disrupt the Dragon Fangs' approach; Fire the heavy laser turrets at their coordinates. Keep the defensive formation and engage with ranged weapons only, keep your distance, All suits: Proceed as ordered!"
Pilots: "Yes sir!"
[The Federation suits move into a tighter defensive position as the turret emplacements open fire at the Dragon Fangs and the terrain around them spraying up sand and creating a strom of heat, sound, and sand.]
Pvt. Simmons: "Lt. Zechs sir, another suit has just appeared on Scanners; type: Firestorm, registering as neutral, it looks like its pretty hard streched to get out of here sir."
Lt. Zechs: ("Hmm a spy maybe?") I whisper to myself as the Firestorm drives hard for the stratosphere.
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir? Shall we intercept it sir?"
Lt. Zechs: "No, leave it, we have more pressing matters to attend. It is of no threat to us yet."
Pvt. Simmons: "Yes sir."
[Moving Tallgeese into postion and using the dobergun's targeting system I single out the closest enemy moble suit and prepare to fire.]
Lt. Zechs: ("Let us hope for our sake, Tallgeese, that there is no hidden agenda we dont know about, and that moble suit is only fleeing to save its own life.")

<I'm going to be away for a few days, sorry, so my forces will just defend the bunker as much as possible and engage in melee combat only if they need to, and if we suffer to many looses we will retreat, Hopefully with Tallgeese intact and a few other MS and pilots.>

31-01-2002, 02:35 PM
(OOC: in case you didnt realise, the vortex i was referring to was the "time warp")

Knight guy
31-01-2002, 10:03 PM
Jordan: Hmmm a strange person is in the canyon. Lt. send a transport to pick him up. Maybe he could be of help. And send a message to that Firestorm. Tell the pilot we don not wish to harm him/her. And also send a message to all the enemy MS ask them WHY THE HELL ARE WE FIGHTING!!! and while your at it call for a temperarele Seize Fire.

( Hey Ukiki is that good? atleast was it better than my last post?)

Lt Zechs
01-02-2002, 02:01 AM
[The targetting crosshairs level on the enemy's MS, giving the warning tone that it has a lock. A second before firing another tone sounds within the cockpit: Incoming message.]
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir incoming message from enemy Moble Suit? They are asking for a cease-fire, and they want to ask why are we fighting them?"
[Releasing the trigger, I lower the Dobergun; powering it down so as not to over-heat it in the desert heat.]
Lt. Zechs: "All suits cease fire and keep defensive positions, Simmons: Establish a com-link with the lead MS."
Pvt. Simmons: "Yes sir."
Lt. Zechs: ("Hmm maybe now these new suits will explain themselves.")
[My thoughts reflect back to the unidentified Firestrom.]
Lt. Zechs: "Simmons: Also setup a radio-silence jamming field of 500m around our perimeter, incase we have any unwanted listeners."
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir? What about HQ? They ordered us to maintain radio contact."
Lt. Zechs: "I'm disobeying that order, information is power, we must be watchful and make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands, that includes Headquarters Private."
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir Yes sir!"

01-02-2002, 07:06 PM
Ukiki pulled out a hook and rope(for emergency situations), hooked it onto the top of the wall , strapped it around himself and began rapelling down. "if that down there is what i think it is..." said ukiki. He was interrupted by the sound of some kind of engine coming clser. "oh boy... probably one of the enemy ships coming to find me and take me hostage. i've really gotten myself into a mess this time..." He kept scaling the wall, hoping to not be seen when the ship arrived, though he knew it would futile since they would probably send a search team in after him.

After completely forgetting what he was doing, midlessly hopping over and over down the wall, Ukiki suddenly came to a stop and his feet hit hard on solid rock. "ow dammit, my- woah, that thing has to be a mobile suit!" he said excitedly as he ran over to the 'hand' sticking out of the fallen rocks. "This thing can't be too deep under if the hand is sticking up at an angle like that." Ukiki began searching for spaces in between rocks. "hey what've we got here?" said ukiki as he stared at some blue metal in a crack between two rocks. He carefully lowered himself down and examined it. "hmmm, not much yet..." he saw a space just wide enough for him to crawl through on his left. he entered the space, and just after a few feet, he saw more blue metal, then what seemed to be the inside of a cockpit. "yes! i might get lucky afterall" he said as he climbed in. "first of all... lets see..." he pressed a button on the panel, the hatch closed. "it's still operational! i don't beleive this!" he turneed the power on, and the cockpit lighted up. his main screen showed a diagram of a large mobile suit. above it, it said "RX-178+FXA-07D Super Gundam Mk. II." "what the hell?... what is this thing?"

---------------------------New chara profile--------------------------------

Name: Ukiki Kalamari

side: Neutral(well, now he is)

MS:Super Gundam Mk. II (an upgraded version of super gundam (http://www.aami.cc/fahq/mecha/gundam/z/rx-178-fxa-05d.htm) ) just has longer thrusters that extend nearly to the ankles, kinda like the ones on an arial battle frame from nadesico, but with the wings of the super gundam. it also has an upgraded long rifle, and a 12-missile pod next to the head unit near its left shoulder.

Blade R
01-02-2002, 07:18 PM
Blade gets a brief message from those she was fleeing from before the feild dissrupted it.
"Not your enemies? Could be a trap..."
She thinks and then turns Firestorm back towards the ground. She lands a good distance away, not even withing scaner range or bonocular range.
"Damn my curiosity."
She decides to wait until the field goes down before moving in to investigate.
"I'll bet that I'll regret this."

Knight guy
01-02-2002, 10:12 PM
Lt. that was sopposed to pick up Ukiki: Sir, this is transport 15. We have not figured where the pilot has gone. We will be checking this valley to see if he has climmed... What the heck! *A blue MS flys from valley* SIR a blue MS just flew from the valley! What should we do?
Jordan: I will be sending a message so I want all radio transsmison clear
Lt:Yes sir

Jordan: Pilot of the blue Mobile Suit. please respond. We mean you no harm. Please come to our transport so we can talk it over.

Lt.: Sir we have a faint reading of a mobile suit. Type Firestorm its out of normel radar range but we got it.
Jordan:Send a message to them.

Jordan: Pilot of the Firestorm mobile suit. We mean you no harm. we would like to talk this over at our desert transport. I will be sending two Maganacs for a escort. They will only have normel type machine guns.

Jordan: I also want a message to go to the Federation base.

Jordan: Lt. Zechs. I will come to your base with only an Aries with someone who would like to see you. Lucrezia Noin.
Lucrezia: Hello Zechs. I've been loking forward to seeing you again.
Jordan: So, what is your answer?

Blade R
01-02-2002, 11:47 PM
Still wary, but her curiosity gettign the best of her, Blade moves forward, meeting the escorts on the way. Giving each a quick check over she assures herself she could take both on and win, so she keeps moving. Finally she reaches the transport.
"They don't know I'm a girl," she thinks, "So I can use that to my advantage if needed. After all, most consider girls to be much much weaker than I am."
Chuckling to herself she makes no move to get out of the cocpit and instead relaexs to watch adn wait.

Knight guy
02-02-2002, 11:51 AM
Jordan: *Walks into docking bay* HEY ARE YOU GOING TO GET OUT OF YOUR MOBILE SUIT OR WHAT!!!!! (Thinking to himself now) Hmmmmm. I wonder if the pilots a girl.
Lt.: Sir... Sir! SIR!!!
Jordan: *Still lost in thoughts* Oh. Uhhhh. Lt. send a brief message to the pilot of the Firestorm. Ask the pilot why havent you come out yet?

02-02-2002, 01:54 PM
after flying around like a crazy idiot(screaming "waaaaah! woah! yaaaaa! etc.) , trying to figure out the controls of the Gundam, ukiki finally lands smoothly on the desert sand near the ship. "I am Ukiki Kalamari, pilot of the Super Gundam Mk. II." said ukiki into what he thought was the microphone.

02-02-2002, 09:57 PM
-----------------Updated MS Profile---------------------

Code Name: Super Gundam Mk. II (RX-178 Gundam Mk. II + FXA-07D G-Defenser Mk. II)

Armament: 2 x beam saber, 2 x 14-tube missile pod mounted in binders on G-Defenser main body/backpack; 4 x vulcan gun, mounted in pairs in missile pod binders; 1 x long beam rifle mounted on right side of G-Defenser II's main body, hand-operated by Gundam Mark II; 1x 10-missile pod mounted behind left shoulder on the "backpack"
Optional Armament: beam rifle, powered by replacable e-pac, 2 spare e-pacs stored in shield; 360 mm hyper bazooka, clip-fed, 7 rounds per clip

Blade R
02-02-2002, 11:41 PM
Recieving the message Blade decides to come out. THe cocpit opens and she jumps out, landing almost catlike infront of Jordan. She gets up and pushes her cape behind her as she stand up tall. She looks him in the eyes and grins.
"The name's Blade. Judge me by my looks and you woun't live to regret it, you'll die as you regret it."

Knight guy
03-02-2002, 12:07 PM
Jordan: I am Rear Admrial Jordan Brent Allen. Please fowlow me to the confrence room. We will discuse about the battle as soon as everyone else arrives. *Walks down a series of hallways and then into a conference room* Please make yourself conferble. I will send the chef down here to ask you if you would like to eat something. And *Throews a remote to Blade and presses a bouton on the wall* You also might want to whatch something while your waiting. *Leaves room* (Thinking to himself) I just hope I'll even be able to sleep tonight with her in the same transport.
Lt.: Sir. Sir! SIR!!!!
Jordan: Oh. Lt. ask the chef to send down a menu to the conference room. And when do you expect Lt. Zechs & Ukiki Kalamari will be here?
Lt: We havn't recived word from both of them sir.
Jordan: That is all Lt.

Lt Zechs
03-02-2002, 01:41 PM
"Lucrezia: Hello Zechs. I've been looking forward to seeing you again"
[The strangely familiar voice spoke over the radio, sending a cold shiver through Zechs as a flood of lost memories filled his mind.]
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir? Shouldn't we respond sir?"
Lt. Zechs: "That name..."
Pvt. Simmons: "Err sir? Lt. Zechs sir? What are your orders?"
Lt. Zechs: "That name ... that voice ... I know them ... sounded familiar, but from where and in what way?"
Pvt. Simmons: "Who? Sir we need to give them a reply the message was--"
Lt. Zechs: "A voice ... a voice from the past ... long ago ... that vortex ... time ... space ... all meaningless ... a mission: the mission."
Pvt. Simmons: "Mission sir? What mission? Isn't our mission is to destroy the Zeon threat in this area?"
Lt. Zechs: "No a mission tomorrow for yesterday..."
[At that moment one of the Federation Mobile Suits broke formation and targeted the Tallgeese.]
MS Pilot: "Lieutenant Zechs has disobeyed orders and is accused of collaborating with the enemy, he is being relieved of command and is to be punished for his crimes against the Federation."
Pvt. Simmons: "What? Treason? We have done nothing those suits out there hav--"
MS Pilot: "Those suits out there are none of your concern, they are the enemy and the enemy must be vanquished which includes Zechs Merquise and the Tallgeese. Mobile Suit Pilots: By the command of Federation you are ordered to destroyed the traitor Zechs and the Tallgeese."
Sgt. Phelps: "Disregard those orders men. Private, you are in no position to give orders. If there is going to be any executions it will be by mine or the Lieutenant’s command, we are the ranking officers here."
[Phelps's Mobile Suit moves into a flanking position behind the Rogue Suit, raising its rifle.]
MS Pilot: "That's Special Agent Hunt to you Sergeant, I have the superior authority and it is my duty to identify and execute traitors. The Tallgeese will be destroyed."
Sgt. Phelps: “You have no evidence, those suits came from out of nowhere through a damn vortex, how are we to know they are Zeon troops?
Agent Hunt: “Quiet! You have all seen too much. Zechs must die now; Pilots: FIRE!”
[As Agent Hunt’s suit takes aim on the Tallgeese Simmons’s Suit moves into his path blocking the shot.]
Agent Hunt: “You fool! Move or be destroyed like a traitor!”
Pvt. Simmons: "No! Lieutenant Zechs, Sir! Please justify yourself, you are innocent. Tell them Sir!"
Lt. Zechs: "I do not belong here."
[The Tallgeese fires it’s thruster jets and blasts off towards the Dragon Fang Mobile Suit encampment.]
Agent Hunt: "No not again! Die traitor!"
[Agent Hunt's suit changes quick aim on the departing Tallgeese, but is cut short by a point-blank shot to his generators from Phelps's rifle. Hunt's suit explodes; scattering fire and shrapnel onto the sand.]
Sgt. Phelps: "My loyalty is to Lieutenant Zechs, not some covert spy who would slit your throat at the mention of peace."
Pvt. Simmons: "And so is mine."
[Simmons's Mobile Suit turns and heads off in the direction of the Tallgeese, soon after two more suits break formation to follow.]
Pvt. Tycho: "If our objective was just a routine ‘eliminate the Zeon threat in this area’, then why are were given a spy to smoke us out?"
Sgt. Phelps: "Hopefully our friends in the desert can answer such questions, and staying here isn't going to help us."
[Sgt. Phelps then moves off towards the encampment, a moment later Tycho follows after him with the rest of the patrol.]

<The jamming field has now dropped and the bunker is undefended.>

Knight guy
03-02-2002, 02:34 PM
Jordan: Report Lt.
Dragon Fang Pilot: Some Fedaration mobile suits are attacking the Talgeese. Should I defend it?
Jordan: Yes. Fire a minature beam at one of the firing mobile suits.
Dragon Fang Pilot: Yes sir! *Fires beam* Lt. Zechs. I'm here to escort you to the base.

Blade R
03-02-2002, 11:28 PM
Leaning back in a chair and putting her fet on the table. Blade grins and turns on the tv. Patting her sword she knows that may think of her as a spy. And that many others feared her.
"Least I know I will be able to sleep without worry of attack."
She grinns again knowing darn well that she was a light sleeper and that even a cat walking could wake her up.
"After all, not many meet a swords woman who also pilots an MS."

Lt Zechs
04-02-2002, 12:52 PM
[Lt. Zechs ignores the escort and continues to fly towards the carrier.]

[The laser beam from a approaching Dragon Fang impacts on the sand just in front of Tycho's Mobile Suit, causing a massive up spray of sand, and super-heated glass.]
Private Tycho: "Woah that Dragon Fang just fired on me!"
Sgt. Phelps: "Damn they probably think we're trying to take out the Tallgeese. Simmons, you still with us? Send our miniature beam friends a message telling them that we're not hostiles and are trying giving our leader Zechs an escort, and will be just as interested to speak with them as he is."
Pvt. Simmons: "Huh? Oh, yes sir, transmitting now."
Sgt Phelps: "Also if it isn't too much trouble can you ladies out front pull back, I'm sure Zechs is safe and since we're not going to catch up to him anytime soon, we might as well keep formation and look like the soldiers we were trained to be."
Pvt. Simmons: "Err sorry sir; moving to formation position."
MS Pilot: "Orders received; rejoining patrol."

[The Tallgeese lands heavily at the loading bay entrance of the carrier, without powering down Zechs opens the cockpit and leaps out, landing on the docking ramp he moves up to an approaching guard.]
Lt. Zechs: "Who are you and where is Lt. Noin?"

Blade R
04-02-2002, 06:19 PM
as Zechs lands Blade feels the impact and is knocked off her chair.
"Damn MS's."
She shuts off the tv and looks out a window.
"If they so much as lay a finger on my MS, they woun't live anymore time than it takes me to get down there."

04-02-2002, 09:12 PM
After sitting in his MS on the sand for many minutes, Ukiki finally decided that he might as well enter the carrier, since they didn't seem to be attacking him. He flew upward slowly and into the docking bay, then landed the gundam softly on the metal floor. He was about to open the hatch when he realised that he might want to get rid of a few things, so he hastily ripped off all the zeon insignias from his uniform. "huh. somehow i've grown to hate the seon anyway" he said. he finally opened the hatch, threw on his backpack, and leaped out. "Ukiki Kalamari here. Now captain, what will you wish to do with me now that i'm on your ship?"

Blade R
04-02-2002, 10:01 PM
looks out window.
"hey, isn't that the guy who almost got killed?"
Flips down her bonoculars.
"I know I shouldn't spy, but it's soo fun!!!"

Knight guy
05-02-2002, 08:04 PM
Manneger of Docking Bay: Lt. Zechs and Ukiki. Please fowwlow me to the conference room.

In the Conference room.

Jordan: *Walks in and notices Blade with bonoculers* Umm... Miss Blade. The others will be in here in a minute so I'll be waiting in here.

In the hallway.

Lucrezia: Hello Zechs. I'll be in the conference room. Admriel Jordan gave me a good spot on his cenior crew.
Zechs: *Mouth drops* Lt. Noin? *Passes out*
Lt escorting Ukiki and Zechs: Hey. Ukiki. Help me carry this guy.
Ukiki: Okay. *Everyone walks to conference room*
Jordan: Your dissimesd Lt.
Lt: Yes Sir.
Jordan: Should we wait for Lt. Zechs to wake up?
Lucrezia: I think we should.

Blade R
05-02-2002, 08:41 PM
Blade quickly flips her bonoculars up and turns around as the others come into the room.
"Who the heck are all of you?"

05-02-2002, 08:50 PM
Ukiki sits comfortabally in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. "well, my name is Ukiki Kalamari, as for why i'm here, i suppose we'll all have to wait until this Leutentant starts talking"

Lt Zechs
06-02-2002, 01:09 AM
[Zechs wakes up from a unexpected and uncharacteristic fainting spell (:P), and finds himself siting in a comfortable chair in a conference room with Lt. Noin sitting next to him.]
Noin: "Hello Zechs."
Zechs: "Noin I haven’t seen you in a long time, what has happened? Is what I remember true?"
Noin: "Remember what Zechs? I should be the one asking you what happened."
Zechs: "All I can remember is that I have an important mission to accomplish and that it is somehow tied into the past."
Noin: "You really don't remember do you? The project was still an experimental prototype when you used it, these effects must be due to its premature stage."
Zechs: "Project..?"
Noin: "Oh Zechs..."
[At that moment a com-link on Zechs's belt pings, slowly unclipping it, Zechs answers.]
Lt. Zechs: "...Zechs here."
Pvt. Simmons: "Lt. Zechs? Sir? Are you there? Its me Private Simmons, we've decided to go with you."
Lt. Zechs: "Yes Private I am here. You may have made the right decision in coming... Tell the troops to hold position around the carrier."
Pvt. Simmons: "Yes sir I'll relay that message to the Sargent. Err sir, are you going to be alright?"
Lt. Zechs: "Yes, I am fine, and tell the Sargent to accompany me in here, this may be important."
Pvt. Simmons: "Sir yes sir."
Lt. Zechs: "..."
Noin: "Don’t worry Zechs the meeting will start soon, your questions will be answered then."

06-02-2002, 10:47 PM
Ukiki sits back in his chair some more and shuts his eyes. "i'm really starting to wonder about this guy..."

Blade R
06-02-2002, 11:08 PM
Blade's hand wanders to her sword hilt. She takes a seat on the other side, allowing her to see all the others.
"Hmph, I wonder about all of you."
Her eyes seem to scan them all, in them is a mixture of curiosity, distrust, cunning, courage, hatred, and alittle bit of panic almost.
"If it were me, to hell with meetings."
She shakes her head and leans back in her seat, her hand playing along her sword hilt.
"I don't understand how people survive with meetings. I've always lived by the kill, be killed, or run the hell away method. But I'll be damned if my curiosity ever lets me run compleatly away."
She grins. Not a plesent one, but one full of mischief.

07-02-2002, 07:30 PM
(OOC: this is really slowing down. have people lost interest?)

Knight guy
07-02-2002, 09:54 PM
(OOC: Maybe it's cause I've been gone for awhile.)

Jordan: So Lt. Zechs, as miss Noin was saying. The project was still in the primative stages. You've been here for some time. *A capt. barges in panting*
Captian: Admriel Jordan! The rest of the senior staff would like to know if they could come in.
Jordan: Well. I guess they can if its okay with everyone else. * Another admriel, a lt. commander, a ensighn, and a cpt come in* This is my senior staff. *Points to the admriel* This is admriel Buster. *Points to a lt. commander thats a girl* This is Lt. Commander Courtney. *Points to captian* This is Captian Paul. And *Points to ensighn* This is ensighn Nicolas.
Nick: This would certainly help me in the academy.
Jordan: So is it okay with everyone?

Blade R
07-02-2002, 10:34 PM
"You kidding? I'm never ok around so many others. I'm a loner and that's that. Large groups make too good targets, so I sugest we get this meeting thing over with so I can go back to......what I was doing before."

07-02-2002, 11:21 PM
"whatever floats your boat big guy..."

Blade R
07-02-2002, 11:23 PM
Rolling her eyes, Blade begins to flip her dagger.

07-02-2002, 11:30 PM
Ukiki, noticing the knife, puts his hand on his scabbard on his belt and puishes the katana up with his thumb, getting ready for what might happen. what are these people doing? this "miss blade" seems pretty suspicious, and these others aren't much better... could this be a planned assasination?

07-02-2002, 11:49 PM
(OOC: i'm gonna ask you guys a question: what would you think about changing this to an all mecha RPG? we would probably get more people, and the story will still be good. it might have some twists though, i'm still questioning the idea right now though.)

Lt Zechs
08-02-2002, 11:54 AM
[In the process of his own thoughts Zechs's gaze drifts around the meeting room; the visible tension in the room was evident, slowly turning up the heat to match the temperature outside.]
Zechs (to himself): ("This group's stability is starting to crumble.")
Sgt. Phelps: "Don’t worry sir, I think we can trust them, sure we have our differences, but we're fighting for the same goal. Anyways it doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice."
Zechs: "Yes but what our intended goal always differs from our true one."
Sgt. Phelps: "What do you mean sir?"
Zechs: "Until now you have fought no one else but the Zeons, they were your intended enemy, now you will be fighting another enemy, your true enemy."
Sgt. Phelps: "Who is that?"
Zechs: "Yourself."
Sgt Phelps: "I don’t understand sir."
Zechs: "Neither do I, but we shall find out soon."
[Zechs then turns his attention to Admiral Jordan.]
Zechs: "Admiral I suggest we get this meeting underway, the Federation and possibly the Zeons know of your presence here, we don’t know how safe it is, but I for one have many questions that need answering, and time is not on our side yet."

<Sargent Phelps snuck in when Jordan's officers entered and sat down before anyone could introduce him.>
<OOC: It wasn't slowing down; we were just waiting for Knight Guy to answer since it’s his meeting. ;) Also I guess changing to all mecha might get more people, thought I don’t know how that will effect the story, I guess I'll just go with what the group decides.>

Blade R
08-02-2002, 04:48 PM
(I don't really care.)
Noticing the half drawn katana, Blade grins.
"Draw that weapon and you have sealed your fate. I am not here to kill anyone. I carry these only to use for self defense, and on those that find me when I don't want to be found. Nor am I a spy, I mearly follow battles, help survivors of attack villages, and sketch every MS I come accross. I'm mearly a wanderer, waiting for this war to end..."

08-02-2002, 06:10 PM
"hmph, well she certainly does have some mixed-up logic." ukiki said quietly to himself. he took his hand off of his katana. there was something about her voice... why do i just beleive her like that?... He sensed the tension in everyone, and tried to loosen up a bit.

08-02-2002, 06:41 PM
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