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28-01-2002, 05:00 PM
( OOC: IMPORTANT NOTICE - This thread is for participants of the Factory Default RPG only. That means, people who have APPLIED IN THE APPLICATION THREAD AND HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED. If you wish to play, visit the application thread and read any notices in the initial post before reading the thread.

Thank you.)

IC: The future isn't exactly a bed of roses. It's not exactly a bed of venus flytraps either, mind; hell, it's probably somewhere in the middle.
The year is 2213, and the world has more or less achieved overall peace... but at the cost of some fundamental human rights. This is the story of what happens when you're stupid enough to combine human genome research and the greeting card industry.

Deep underground, in a hidden factory floor, a company known as Griston Novelties were producing the future's version of greeting cards - greeting children! These children were designed to deliver the message... and then conveniently recycle themselves. Brainwashed, stereotyped drones... sounds melodramatic, doesn't it?
Anyway, on rare occasions, machines malfunction... children escape... and one night in late October, the entire factory suffered a malfunction on a scale not previously imagined.
Red lights flashed and conveyer belts ground to a halt around the eight sections of the factory floor, as klaxons and sirens of all kinds sounded around the entire Griston building. Six children, all in the same stage of the refinement process, were hurled from the machines, to meet with a rude awakening to sudden self-awareness, brought upon by the sudden impact of the floor.
Amongst those children was a small boy, roughly eight years old in appearance. He hit the floor with a gasp of pain, and screamed with the sudden gift of awareness, using his own sight for the first time, peering through his mousey locks.
"Christ... what's going on? Who am I, again?"
Pain surged through the small child's brain as he struggled to remember something to call himself by... and then, it hit him. He was Unit 846, one of Griston's 'Birthday' greeter models.
Glancing around him and taking deep breaths of air into his small lungs, the scruffy boy spied a nearby unit, #256, sprawled across the floor... she was barely even conscious, her long, flowing black hair smothering her whole body. #846 tried in vain to rouse her with his hands, mumbling calls of her unit number, in an attempt to wake her... when suddenly, an unknown voice intruded into his head.
"Get out! NOW! They're coming! They'll kill you! Leave, NOW!"
Fear shot through the young boy's mind as he continued to try and wake the small girl - his life might be on the line, but the life of a fellow unit, one of Griston's apology models, was in jeopardy too. Slowly but surely, he felt the young girl beneath his palms begin to rise...

Meanwhile, others in the Griston building were reacting to the alarms in a very different manner. Agents, specialist hunters working for the novelty company to hunt down and 'recycle' defective and rogue children, were currently hurrying to leave their lounge on the second-to-top floor and make their way down the other 48 floors to the factory. A young agent of around 25, Josef Harbinger, took charge and screamed orders to the assortment of agents in the room.
"Kori! Moti! You two come with me." He shouted above the noise of the sirens, starting to lose his cool. "Emma, you go find Guy... Jesus, can't believe the old fool's wandered off AGAIN. And for God's sake, try to get him there fast!"
The black haired, attractive agent named Emma nodded understandingly, and darted out of the room to find the resident old-timer.
"Now quickly..." Josef began. "We have to get down FAST, I suggest we use the stairs for this."

(OOC: Here's how it's going to start... Pen, you're with me and my DC for the start here. We are in section 4 of the factory floor. As for 7th, Phantom, Hiigaran and Soul, your DCs are in the sectors as follows:
7th and Phantom = sector 2
Hiig and Soul = sector 7
As for the agents, as previously mentioned... Zepp and Femme's agents are with Josef, and Sakaki's agent has been dispatched to find TM's. TM, just put Guy wherever, so long as it's not too far away from the Agent's lounge. Heh, I can't wait to see what you come up with...

Ok! With that sorted, everyone have fun, be original, and improvise! ^_^ And don't forget the rules!)

eva_02's soul
28-01-2002, 05:14 PM
The boy awoke, not realising he had fallen asleep.

Alarms were going off everywhere, his sector bathed in a glowing red light. A machanised voice rang from a speaker close to where he'd come to life.

"Subjects Unit 420 Bithday Model. Unit665,Christmas model. You are scheduled for termination and meltdown due to malfunction. Agents will be here to carry out said orders in 1 minute and counting"

Unit 420 looked at the other "subject".A short,plump boy who looked like he couldn't run to save his life...but he was going to have to.

"Hey, Wake up, we've got about 55 seconds to get out of this room and hide,you need to wake up now!"

Phantom Angel
28-01-2002, 05:40 PM
A small girl dressed in a lacy blue dress picked herself off the floor. Her blonde curly hair was in disaray, and one of her shoes was missing.

"Stupid malfunctioning machines! They can't even give me a proper wake up call." she said in a cute but angry voice.

Getting off the floor was difficult to the eight year old and she slipped the first few times. Finally managing to sit on her own two feet, she made her way to where her shoe was so beautifully thrown. Ignoring the flashing sirens, and loud noises, she serenly waltzed to the shoe, put it on and continued to look around.

On the floor next to her, in a similar condition of disaray lay another girl. Her short black hair stuck in all directions, making her look like a mop. Unit 00321 couldn't supress a giggle.

"Come on! Get up!" she motioned to the mop girl. "I think we're supposed to run away or something!" she said laughing even harder.

The whole situation was hillarious, though the girl didn't understand what was so funny about it. She waited for the girl to get up. If she'd leave the place, at least she'd have company.

OOC: ok, so not a great introductory post.. 7th, i meant no offense when i called your character mop girl ok?

28-01-2002, 05:45 PM
Think of what an overprotected little child is like. One her parents had kept so happy and had made all decisions for her so that she had grown up a happy little girl with no mind of her own. Then image the said kid seeing her parents having sex, followed by the said parents grabbing the kid by the neck and kicking her out of the second floor window into the harsh cold reality and having some force shove something called "self-awarness" down her throath like bad medicine just as she falls down face first into the hard concrete of the street.

That's what Unit 514 was basicly feeling right now, minus the parents having sex thing and falling face first into a hard surfce. She had fallen on her back. And like any person after such an ordeal, she felt scared and incredibly pissed off. Slowly getting up, groaning because of her hurting back, 514 stood up and looked around the place. At first she was really confused about what was going on and who was she when her brain suddenly jolted fully awake, like a car that had been started and the driver had pressed the gas down while the car wasn't on "drive". Meaning it made a lot of noise but didn't go anywhere, but atleast it was on.

She looked down at herself. She was dressed in what her mind told her were goth-style clothing and somehow they just seemed to be the most natural thing to wear. Then the sound of the sirens returned her senses to other things besides herself and 514 noticed the other girl standing nearby. Her mind told her that they were both card girls, but different ones. She was an apology girl, though one can imagine what kind of a person would order a card who looked like a little goth. The other girl was a valentina girl and looked the part with her blond hair and generally bright looks. She was also MUCH taller than her. 514 was 122 cm tall (4'0") while the other girl towered over her at 150 cm. Ignoring teh girls comment for the moment, the look on her face suddenly growing very irritated. Technically she was a newborn and like any newborn, the same thought went through her mind and luckily, unlike real babies who could only cry, 514 was able to put that one thing every baby wanted to say into words.


Phantom Angel
28-01-2002, 06:09 PM
Unit 00321 gave a loud laugh.

"Not here obviously! Come on! We'll go find the washroom!" she said and looked around her.

She couldn't see much and the room was dark. The red light of the flashing sirens only showed scarce details of the room they were in. A large conveyor belt stood behind them, and a hall showed in front of them.

Unit 00321 was quite frightened. She didn't like the dark, and the loud noises scared her.

"Hey listen, lets stick close together. That way... we'll be safer!" she whispered.

The goth girl nodded, and together they ran down the hall.


"No." the girls said in unison.








"Finally! It took you a while!" the goth girl exclaimed. Pushing Unit 00321 aside, she dashed into the washroom.

Unit 00321 blinked repeatedly, as if not understanding what went on. Then, after hearing a toilet stall slam closed, she went in.

The washroom was a dark place, and the mirrors looked scary as she opened the door. The red light reflected off of them, making the whole room look unearthy, even scary. The blonde girl let go of a small whimper, as her shoes met the cold tiles in the washroom.

She shrunk, sitting down in a corner, and waiting for the other girl to finish her business. Thoughts invaded her mind. She could briefly recall flashes of people in white coats, smiling at her, others dressed in blue putting her together. Lots of long and scary faces, with big wide smiles starring at her, laughing at her. Clutching her head in pain, Unit 00321 whimpered as fear overcame her.

She was so alone. No mother, no father, no brothers, no sisters. All she had was a stupid blue dress and weird memories. It wasn't fair! Why did she have to awaken like this! That cold floor, the flashing sirens, the loud noises! She didn't even know what to call herself!

"Hey, mop girl!" she called out, still shaking from all the terror. Unit 00321 didn't even notice that she had called the goth girl mop girl. Oh well.

"Are you done yet? You're taking awful long! Did you break or something?"she asked the goth girl.

Amidst the flashing sirens and loud noises outside, crouched in a dark corner, Unit 00321 waited for a response.

OOC: i had permission from 7th Keeper to make his char talk.

28-01-2002, 07:04 PM
Agent Emma-Wren Lane, despite liking convenience, had never been one for elevators.

It was thus that she headed for the emergency stairwell of Griston Novelties, whirling herself 'round the tight turns with her momentum, leaping down the gray metal steps two by two. She knew each level of the building by heart; had it imprinted in her to such an extent that her navy-loafered feet knew the way even if her eyes could not guide her. A string of pearls bounced against her collarbone. There was a bar down a few more floors, and with luck Guy would be there.

With luck? No, she corrected herself. With consistency.

Consistency was an Agent's role, and she fulfilled it as well as any of her coworkers. Like the rest of them, she had never been one for much company, and over the years she had been with them she had picked up the techniques of the most effective of deadpans, which she used now to prepare herself for a Guy Encounter. She neither liked nor disliked her fellow Agent at the moment, but did respect his weaponry and the skill he displayed with it.

With a small huff, she used her full weight to move the heavy door which opened outwards from the stairway, and the hollow click and clop of her heels could be heard as she ran without regard to silence down the hall.

28-01-2002, 07:08 PM
(OOC: WHEEE! Short...^^)

Upon hearing their orders, Kori lapsed into a half-uttered slew of fragmented sentences and quickly drew her pistol from a brown, leather holster strapped securely to her thigh. Her irritation was more than slightly evident as her half-assed mumbling steadily grew in decibel, catching the attention of both agents, “We’re not rookies, Josef. We know the deal.” She then fixed her eyes on the heavy metal door, leading down to the stairwell. Defiantly, Kori spoke up once more, a smirk of contempt forming upon her thin lips, “And wouldn’t it best if we split up? The three of us could cover a lot more ground…”

28-01-2002, 07:24 PM
Josef sighed. Kori was right - no-one in the agents' offices was a rookie, with the exception of himself.
"Sorry!" shouted Josef, over the cacophony of orders and alerts. "You know how panicy I get. And I think we should split up when we're DOWN there, don't you?"
Without giving his fellow agent time to respond, Josef dashed out of the small lounge and leaped straight down several stairs on the stairwell, landing nimbly and poising himself for the next leap... the agents had to respond, and if the others were going to loiter, then Josef would sure as hell get on before them.

28-01-2002, 07:47 PM
Unit 665 began to wake. Not the kind of waking you have when you've had a good night's sleep. No....this was the kind where you wake up in the middle of the night after you had the nightmare about being alone in the woods at night being hunted by a pack of hungry wolves. He started, and then suddenly focused on soemone saying something.

"...seconds to get out of this room and hide,you need to wake up now!"

"I'm up I'm up. Why do we need to get out of here?"

He looked around and became aware of alarms going off, bloody annoying ones at that. Red lights flashed all over the walls and he could hear people running about wildly, in a great bug hurry to get somewhere. UNit 665 hated to hurry anywhere....it was too tiring. He looked up at the child bending over him.

"What's going on?"

28-01-2002, 10:23 PM
1- Drinking alone is alcoholism
2-Alcoholism is the first sign of fun
3- If there is a second sign, its secrets must be held in the toilet.

At least that’s where Guy always ended up looking after succeeding at the first sign all too often. Guy’s mantra had subsided his urge towards suicide for years. Not that Guy was depressed at all; more that he was often bored. Not angsty, don’t call him angsty. He’d be liable to hurt you if you called him anything as illiterate as angsty, where the hell does one come up with such a word.

If anyone ever says the word ‘angsty’ to Guy, the only delay in Guy’s reaction would be if his holster caught.

Guy had become surprisingly introspective as he posed before the porcelain idol that held all the answers, the glint of a single harsh hanging bulb cast a hellishly antiseptic hue to the stall. The inherent immaculate light was an odd counter to the writhingly virulent grime caked tile. In fact, it was this mold and filth that so captured Guy’s thoughts at the moment. It was as if he’d found his matching soul in the primordial soup of a Bar’s ceramic bathroom floor.

I now realize I am ------ up.

Guy didn’t usually consider himself moss, and even as inebriated as he was he became aware that something was off. Klaxons screeched in unnatural tones warning him how close he was to ruin, how soon the bottle would absorb him in its hallucinatory yet comforting grasp.

Guy hauled himself off the floor, a quick eye could catch the indentation of his knees on the caked ground returning to its normally fuzzed over mossy state, as if his kindred soul mate had assisted his rise with a push. Even smashed beyond the realms of a normal mans limits, Guy was surprisingly agile and limber. The secret was practice and routine. One who remained intoxicated over the majority of the week became accustomed to the slanted floors and moving objects enough to anticipate the swaying. It was a talent that Guy had been more than willing to practice.

In the oft ignored back of his mind, what most would call his ‘rationality’, Guy knew the alarms were going off. Obeying the more used and adhered to section of his mind, what most would refer to as his ‘jack assness’, Guy ambled back up to the bar and grabbed an abandoned drink sitting on the bar and downed it.

He knew he’d be sent for. He knew that it took exactly 6 minutes and 14 seconds to reach the Bar from the lounge above during an alarm. Unless they sent Lane of course, in which case it took 5 minutes and 34 seconds to reach the Bar, she was a go-getter that one.

Nonetheless, Guy knew he had time to savor one more drink, and in the hurriedly abandoned Eden in which he propped himself, that was all he wanted.

28-01-2002, 11:57 PM
Slowly, she rolled over, her hair spilling out across the floor as she stared blankly up at the ceiling. The whirring gears and pistons of the amorphic machinery above their heads had ground to a halt, but the girl in question wasn't paying attention. She wasn't paying attention to anything. Some distant part of her unformed consciousness registered another presence trying to rouse her, but she was still too fragmented to react. Her mind flowed fragile and untouchable, like a reflection from a lake.

Suddenly, her back arched up off the floor as she drew a shuddering breath through her lungs. To a new mind, the smog and heat of the factory floor was some kind of heavenly gift as she drew her first conscious breath.

...Unit 256...

Imperiously, she swung to her feet and stood up, her hair draping behind her as she stood and looked around about half as timidly as she felt.

"..Let's....Let's go.."

29-01-2002, 12:18 AM
"Woah there 'Josef'..."

Moti said as he stood up almost haphazardly, making quotation marks with his four fingers as he spoke the fellow agents name. One might have expected him to follow up with 'if that is your real name'... and even though the thought crossed his mind, he refrained.

"Are you heading for the stairs....?" He shook his head slightly and closed his eyes, almost in disgust. "What do you think this is... the 21st century? It would prove much more economical if we set off in the direction of the elevator unit... This alert is obviously-..."

He paused for a moment mid-sentance, finally opening one eye and looked about the lounge area. Josef and Kori were gone. Only the swinging of an 'old fashioned' door in front of the lounge remained. It swayed almost mockingly, and as another siren shreaked in his ear, Moti stepped foreward poking his head out into the main hall. At seeing none of his 'partners', he recoiled for a moment, reaching around in his purple jackets pocket for some unknown object. The fashion in which he dug for the thing might have led any bystanders to beleive that this object harboured his well-being. And there was a moment of sheer panic before he finally grasped onto the object. Letting out a long sigh he revealed a small silver comb. A smile curled on his lips as he slowly brought the trinket to his hair, and proceeded to slick the long red strands behind his ears.

"Thats more like it..." he whispered to himself... "Lets do this..."

Moti breathed in, and then headed towards the stairwell. Life is full of silent compromises.

eva_02's soul
29-01-2002, 02:10 AM
The plump boy looked around, unit 665, and then focused on Unit 420 asking the question on both their minds.

"what's going on?"

420 ran to the door, his hair going every which way, and looked outside. The corridor looked empty.

/very empty, this place is STERILE, where are we?/

He turned to 665, who had started to get his bearings, and said.

"i've got no idea, in fact i dont even know who or where we are, but i DO know that we've been marked for execution and we have to flee,so pump those hams and let's get out of here!"

420 ran into the outside corridor,it curved off in two directions. He decided to aks 665 which way to go,left or right.

"so, what do you think ,pork chop? that way?" He said,pointing left. "or the other way?"

29-01-2002, 04:19 AM
With the sound of a toilet flushing, 514 stepped back into sight. She felt conciderably better now and more calm and collected. Unlike the other girl, 321, she didn't feel bothered by the loud noises and the dark look of the room and the flashing red lights, actually she liked the darkness though would have preferred that the red lights weren't there, they were really annoying.

" I'm done! I'm done! Can't a girl take her time?"

514 blinked as she saw the other girl sitting in one of the corners of the room and walked to her, her hands on her hips.

" What are you doing huddling there like a little girl!? You're the taller of the two of us."

514 intentionally ignored the fact that technically they both were little girls and took her hand, pulling the other girl up and looked around.

" We've got to move now, I don't wanna be found here by anyone. We need a good hiding place. Now we've just go t- Aaaaah! What was that!?" 514 suddenly yelled and jumped into 321's arms as she heard someone speak from the toilet she had just been at and felt extremely scared, her voice wavering.

" W-w-what is that?"

The sound of the sirens made it hard for them to make out the words but 514 was pretty sure it was the flat sound of a middle-aged woman with a hint of commanding attitude to it that was coming from the toilet.

" Please remember to wash your hands after using the toilet. Remember, staying clean is your responsibility."

29-01-2002, 09:37 AM
"..Let's....Let's go.."

Unit 846 nodded quickly and urgently, taking the hand of the distant girl and dragging her as far away as possible from the site of their awakening, running as fast as his little legs could manage.
"I don't know where we're going..." began 846. "But I sure know where we shouldn't be, and that's where we're headed away from..."
All of a sudden, after quick but seemingly endless cavorting around various corridors, corners, bridges and doorways, the two children reached an abrupt dead end. Fascination overcame them both as they stared up at a confusing and complex array of colours painted on the wall, littered with seemingly random lines and arrows. Abrove the overwhelming image, three letters were imprinted... 'MAP'.


Josef let out a silent smirk, imagining the look on Moti's face when he realised that the two agents had started their descent without him. Bounding down the long stairways, leaping over banisters with ease (though not as gracefully as Kori), Josef was almost on 'auto-pilot' - even though malfunctions within the factory itself were rare, countless drills were called to prepare agents for such a scenario. He was more than used to navigating this stairwell.
However, when one switches off one's mind, bad things tend to happen... and now was no exception. Leaping over what seemed like his millionth banister, Josef's hand slipped, sending him tumbling into the gap in the stairwell. Instinctively, desperately, he reached out a hand to grab onto the nearest surface, and found himself nervously gripping onto the banister of the next floor down... with his artificial hand.
"Kori!" Josef beckoned. "Hey, Kori, help!"
Looking down at the drop below him, Josef couldn't even see the floor which he would hit with tremendous force were he to lose his grip. He knew that he'd lose his grip soon... after all, false fingers didn't grip quite as tightly as the real thing.

Phantom Angel
29-01-2002, 11:03 AM
After an initial pang of shock, Unit 00321 began to laugh, harder and harder by the minute.

"Maybe that's their way of communicating with one another. Through the toilet!" she laughed and let the goth girl slide down to the floor. However, she didn't let go of her hand, feeling it was safer for the both of them if she held on.

"Come on, we should go. I don't want to be found in this place either!" she exclaimed and dragged Unit 514 outside into the hall.

The hall... still dark, still loud, still full of flashing sirens. They had returned to the "hell" of the factory, and once again Unit 00321 felt small, scared and insecure. Everything was so big, and she was so tiny! How could they expect to make it out? They had no idea where they were! Feeling her insides twist and turn in anxiety, she turned to her friend.

"So, where do we go now?" she asked, her voice barely audible over the loud wailing of the sirens.

29-01-2002, 11:13 PM
Emma-Wren flew to the door of the bar, finding (oddly enough) that her shoes made a very satisfying skating sound against the cool, dark floor beneath her. She took a small breath and with that minute gesture composed herself, and upon calmly raising her left eyebrow, she turned the knob. She peered around the doorjamb cautiously. “Agent Darrian?” She took private note - again - that although her tone spoke of strict no-nonsense, her voice itself seemed somehow insubstantial no matter where she went or what she said. “Agent Darrian,” she repeated, smelling from even this great distance the high concentration of alcohol which she was sure suffused his entire being. It might begin to leak out of his ears soon enough, but regardless she continued. “There’s been a ... malfunction. We’ve been sent for.”

She paused to the left of the door and awaited his response, knowing better by now than to attempt to make him go anywhere, even if quickness and immediacy was quite imperative for success.

30-01-2002, 12:58 PM
A sly grin alighted Guy’s features, making the darkened bar appear, for a moment, a tad less dreary. The strictly sweet voice had made its appearance an entire 2 seconds earlier than he’d expected. It told Guy one of two things- that this was no drill and/or his watch hadn’t recovered from his last assignment when he’d used it to supplement his backhand on duty. Speaking of it, he noted he still hadn’t cleaned the sticky resin off the watch face that had given the glass a slightly pink tint.

With a supremely professional air, GRA Darrian all but pounced from the bar; legs clicking beneath him in such a fashion that one could hear the gears clicking in its clockwork. The image was all but ruined when his girth managed to give the bar a good shake and knock a bottle or two from their overly precarious perches.

The shatter of glass was taken by Guy to be his cue, an introductory chorus to usher in the background music that had invariably accompanied any such emergency in the cinematic realm. In the same vein, Guy took on his grandest persona and swept his arm regally, the loose fabric of his overly stretched uniform wagging in affirmation to his heroic pose. Had he been sober, the applause in his head would not have seemed so ideally suited, in his current state, they seemed divine.

With a tear in his eye and a thanks to the academy for nominating him, Guy strut forward to take on his role, his demeanor remaining that of the infallible hero off to save the universe from the grand fleet of evil or some such, to reclaim earth for humanity, to subside the corrupting upheaval of renegade governmental factions, to boldly stem the tide of bile rising in his throat !

With a determined and forced swallow, he replied to Emma-Wren’s urgency with a superfluous grunt and belch.

That was about as agreeable as Guy got. One took what they could get with Guy.

So with the entirety of his resolve Guy became GRA Darrian, ------- to the accused and seeker of the escaped.

30-01-2002, 02:34 PM
(OOC: Great job so far, everyone!
When I phoned Femme last night, she told me that since she has track practice stuff and coursework for the next 2-3 weeks, she won't be able to get online for more than a few minutes at a time, let alone RP. Thus, I have been given control of Kori till she returns... which makes me look stupid because now I have to RP a character saving one of my own NPCs. :p )

IC: "Kori! Hey, Kori, help!"

Now, Kori may have been a little aloof at times, but she wasn't without a sense of compassion, and she certainly wasn't about to let a fellow agent and 'friend' fall to his death when she was within a few feet of him. Rolling her eyes at Josef's ineptitude, the pretty young agent grabbed his cold hand from it's perch and proceeded to lift him up slowly, to a point where Josef could pull himself up on his own.
The neatly unshaven agent gave a sheepish grin and mumbled words of thanks to his lovely companion. Kori just sighed and ran further down the stairs.
"No more banister leaping today, I think..." Josef thought to himself. Of the 50 floor building, and of his 48 floor descent, only 15 floors now remained. Straightening his collar and running his fingers through his hair, the snappy-looking man flew down the stairs after Kori... today, he was going to overcome his 'fear'.

30-01-2002, 02:43 PM
514 sighed at the other girl and still holding her hand, started to drag to away from the room they had originally come from. She couldn't believe a big girl like her would be scared of a little dark corridor, some flashing lights and loud noises.

" This way...let's just get away from here and fast. And look for some good place to hide."

514 wasn't feeling that fond of her companion. As far as she could tell the other girl was a complete airhead and look at how she dressed! No taste whatsoever. Then suddenly as they walked along the corridors, looking around carefully for anyone who might spot them, 514 felt her eyes grow moist and looked at the other girl. She shouldn't have thought those bad things about her. I mean she couldn't help being the total blonde that she was.

" WHAAAA! I'M SOOORRRYY!!" 514 cried aloud, hugging the other girl tightly, tears running like a stream from her eyes as she suddenly felt really ashamed of herself. In her current state of mind it didn't really occur to her that she was being quite loud right now.

30-01-2002, 04:02 PM
665 looked up at the boy who had just called him "Pork Chop."

Glaring angrily at him, 665 stood haughtily.

"I'm not fat, I just have big bones...."

Not willing to make a big deal about it until they were safe for a while, He pumped after the skinnier boy who was already well ahead of him.

'I really hate running.'

eva_02's soul
30-01-2002, 05:10 PM
They passed a lot of doors, each one probably containing some "subject" or machine. The two boys ran past all of them, meeting no one.

As they were running, 420 started conversation with 665. They were going to be together for awhile so he needed to get 665's take on some things.

"Fats, do you remember anything from before we woke up? some hint of a former life,anything!" The fact that he knew nothing of who he was or where he was or even who his parents were,if he even had any,was starting to bother him. "Do you remember anything?"

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 05:31 PM
Unit 00321 hugged back the goth girl, a surprised look on her face. She didn't know why the girl was crying, or why she was hugging her so tightly, but she felt her tears stain her blue dress.

"Umm.... are you ok?" she asked her blue eyes looking at the girl worriedly.

"Maybe she's afraid!" 00321 thought. She then picked up the goth girl, and continued walking.

"It's ok, I know this place is scary. Don't cry now! We'll make it out! They won't find us!" 00321 said, stroking the girl's short hair gently.

She continued walking, a little slower, under the added weight of the girl.

30-01-2002, 05:47 PM
(OOC: MWA HA HA!!!! You've had long enough to settle in... >:D You're about to have company, folks.)

The marble floor of the Griston reception lounge was the first surface that Kori's feet actually stopped upon for longer than half a second. Not wanting to waste any time, she waited the full two seconds until Josef came leaping down after her before quickly barking out something that was half command, half idea.
"Split up! I'll take the sector 5 stairway, you take sector 1. NOW."
Josef nodded quickly and bounded down the stairs to setor 1 of the factory floor...
Even though Josef had seen the vast emptiness of the factory many times before, it still struck a chord in him as he hurried down the little staircase, hitting the metal mesh flooring below his feet with a loud 'clang'. Looking down through the interlocking strands of steel, Josef realized once more just how high up he was, and how high the factory floor itself reached... even though he was underground, the complex mid-air network of passageways and ladders before his eyes gave one the impression of being in some kind of overground warehouse.
"Sector 1..." thought Josef. "The nearest 'alerted' sector to this one is sector 2, I guess that's a good starting place."
Drawing his crossbow silently from it's holster, Josef ran nimbly and almost silently across the walkway to the upper-level door to section 2, and hit the nearby button to open the goliath slabs of metal before him...
514 and 321 had company. And as soon as Kori found her way to her target, 846 and his new friend would too...

30-01-2002, 06:34 PM
514 kept sniffing, having stopped crying little while ago, still feeling ashamed of herself.

I really shouldn't have thought that...

Then both of them heard some kind of creaking sound as if something large and metallic started to move and 514 looked in 321s eyes. Someone must have found them or was about to if they didn't do something.

" Oh they won't find us huh?" 514 snapped at 321, again feeling really mad at the girl and jumped down from her arms. 514 took position near the corner, taking a martial arts pose and waited.

Alright..now just wait for whoever it is to come out and then...and then...and then...and then what!? What the hell is this pose!? What the hell am I trying to do!? We need to run!

514 quickly twirled around where she was and looked at 321 in the eyes very calm and said one word.

" run."

And with that she burst into a quick run away from whoever was coming and looked around desperately, making sure the other girl was following.

A place to hide at, a place to hide at...

30-01-2002, 07:05 PM
"Come out, come out, wherever you are...." thought Josef, scanning the various layers of sector 2 with his eyes. All of a sudden, he heard tiny children's footsteps on the level below, running away quickly.
"Bingo.... I won't let you get away that easily."
Josef leapt down nimbly to the meshing about 10 feet below him, landing with a loud clang. Further up the pathway on which he was now stationed, he heard little childish shrieks of terrified infants, fleeing from what they suspected must be their demise. They were right.
Josef raised his trusty crossbow to point ahead of him, and sprinted down the walkway towards the two little girls, who were just coming into sight... this time, he would do it, and he wouldn't hold back.


Kori rushed into sector 5 as fast as her legs would carry her.
"Section 4 had an alert on..." she thought to herself. "I bet that idiot Josef took the loud route... good thing some of us have more sense."
Clinging onto a nearby rail, Kori flipped herself over the side of the walkway and waited until her feet were a meagre 6 feet from the floor below before dropping down with a gentle 'clunk' onto the ground. Silently, she found the archway to sector 4, about 25 yards from the spot where she dropped.
"This way, there's no loud doors to open..."

Phantom Angel
30-01-2002, 07:14 PM
OOC: oh BEEP! it deleted my post! ack! i'm sooo pissed! grr... here's a small recap.

00321 and 541 were running. The empty corridor twisted and turned like a giant snake. 00321 was feeling like she was stepping deeper and deeper into trouble. Almost like the trap was sprung and they were the tiny little mice meant as sacrifices.

"I won't let them catch me!" she thought stubbornly!

"Come on! This way!" she motioned to 541.

A black door stood in front of them. 321 pushed it, and it opened with a low grumble. Apparently it hadn't been opened for a long time. She let 541 walk in, and then closed the door with a clang.

"Oh no! They might have heard the noise! Hurry!" she said and grabbed 541's hand again.

Looking around the room, her breathing fast, like that of a trapped animal, 321 noticed a dark corner, behind a bookcase, that looked big enough to fit them both. She dragged 541 after her.

"Come on! We've got to hurry! They're getting closer!" she said, and let the smaller girl go first, into the huding spot.

Unit 00321 followed reluctantly. They needed to do more than hide. They needed something to protect themselves! But what could they use? What? Her mind ached, and her heart thumped in fear.

"If he finds us, we're dead." she thought and went to sit beside 541 in the dark nook they found.

"Listen, we need to get some sort of protection. Do you have any ideas?" she asked the goth girl in a quiet voice.

Footsteps! Footsteps could be heard all around them. Unit 00321 shrunk in fear. Maybe it was all her immagination. Maybe this was all just a nightmare. She closed her eyes and rested her head on her knees, circling them with her hands. Her golden hair spilled all over the place, covering her face, but she didn't care.

"I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die!" she thought desperately.

OOC: ok, so post sucks! but hey! i lost it the first time!!

30-01-2002, 07:36 PM
"Scared to die, little ones?"

321 and 514 quivered in fear, huddling together in the shadows, lurking in fear of the huge, masculine figure before them. Josef was efficient and stealthy when he wasn't screwing up.
"Don't worry." Josef said soothingly. "You'll be something nice in your next life." He pointed his signature crossbow right at the heart of the nearest girl, Unit 321, cold inside and out, feeling nothing but the trigger beneath his finger.
"You're not killing an innocent child... you're killing a machine, a MACHINE!"
321's pleading glare stared into Josef's eyes, and she was shocked at what she saw... while the large agent's demeanour and composure were that of a killer, he had misplaced eyes... kind eyes. Eyes that showed a flash of regret and an attack of the conscience...
Suddenly, Josef jerked his hand slightly, and pulled back the trigger. The click of metal on metal, the swoop of an arrow through the air, the scream of a helpless little girl as a sharp edge pierced her flesh... through her leg.

"It's been a year, and still I can't do this."

Josef hung his head in shame, stepped back, and mumbled. "Go. Go now. Before I change my mind... escape."

31-01-2002, 02:58 AM
256 stared at the twisting array of lights and lines, signifying something that she didn't really have a grasp on. Quietly, she reached forward and poked at it, but it refused to give up it's secrets. A smal tear rolled spontaneously down her cheek, and she was momentarily taken aback by it. Before she could contemplate it further, she was suddenly filled with another, seemingly forbidden feeling.

Before she even knew what she was doing, 256 clenched her teeth and slammed her tiny foot forward into the map. The map carried on it's task of being a map regardless of her actions, but 256 stood quietly stunned and confused at what she'd just done.

31-01-2002, 09:09 AM
"Stairs..." Moti said to himself as he reached the end of a long terminal, leading into a convenient row of elevators. "Pshhh..."

The Griston agent halted and then stepped foreward, proceeding to mash a slew of buttons all simultaniously around the interface between elevators. In the age of technology, reverting to such barbaric actions stemming from impatience seemed ridiculous to most. But one thing hadnt changed. Its effectiveness.



The elevators highly computerized voice said upon Motis entrance. The agent adjusted his collor and gently closed his eyes as the sliding, sleek, transparant door closed. He tried his best to ignore the elevator systems highly obnoxious voice, but soon began to realize why Josef and Kori had taken the stairs.

"would you like a beverage, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

Moti turned sideways, as if the computerized voice was watching him from the corner of the small elevator chamber. Once he had stepped through the threshold the contraptions descent had began, and already he wished that Gristons HQ was 50 floors smaller. Moti said nothing, as usual.

"would you like to increase the heat, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

Moti twitched, as he once again turned his back to the door.

"would you like to veiw todays news, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

"would you like to know twenty one effective ways to disarm a loaded child, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

"would you like a palm reading, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

"would you like a spray of fresh mist, GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE?"

"perhaps you would enjoy-"


Moti jumped up several feet in the air where he stood, four times, each instance his shoes pounding down on the soft elevators surface. His minor fit lasted only several seconds, but as he calmed, he was panting. Many strands of hair were flying out in front of his face as if he had just engaged in a street brawl, and he slowly slicked them back, and behind his ears. Silence ensued.

-several tips on anger management. you. cold. bastard.

The computerized voice said, completing its sentance.


Motis eyes flickered and as the rage built up inside of him, he found his urges hard to control. With one quick movement he punched the electronic screen on the elevators side wall with an amount of force that he had not seen from himself since his old schooling days. The blow immediately sent a shockwave through the small chamber area and in a burst of sparks the lights dimmed and then flickered out. Moti flung himself back, as not to be electrocuted, and as darkness suddenly surrounded him, he slipped down the opposite end of the elevators wall until he was sprawled out on its soft floor. The elevator had stopped in its place, on the 10th floor.


Suddenly the emergency power system kicked in with a burst.

"EhAghJjAJjAh hJAjh AJh HA whos your daddy

The computerized voice sputtered in, as if its plug had just been tripped over for a moment, and then readjusted.

Moti was experiencing the downside of highly developed artificial intelligence.

Phantom Angel
31-01-2002, 04:28 PM
321 shrieked in pain as the arrow pieced her leg. She looked up at Josef, her blue eyes widening in shock and surprise. She knew her blonde hair was in a tangled shapeless ball, but she didn't care, slowly, she got up, and let 514 go first. Then, shielding the younger girl with her body, she began taking backwards steps to the door.

The pain in her leg was intense, but Unit 00321 ignored it. A white fluid stained her shoe, but she ignored it also, more intent on studying their hunter.

He was a big man, his stature big and imposing, but his eyes... his eyes showed a kindness and warmth she had never seen before. He didn't look like he wanted to hurt them, and yet.... 321 looked at him again, her cold blue eyes starring into his, their gazes locked together. Hunter staring into victim's... victim's staring into hunter's. Human staring at machine, machine starring back. Were they so different? No one would know, and certainly the little girl was not aware of all that.

She looked at the man one more time, then neated her blue dress.

"Thank you." she whispered softly, before fading into the darkness of the hall.

31-01-2002, 05:08 PM
(OOC: HILARIOUS post, Keithums. :p I'm really starting to like Moti.
And just for reference... hah, the DCs aren't actually robots. They're manufactured humans, what malfunctioned was the chip in their brain, which I won't go into because it's one huge spoiler just waiting to happen.
However, just to let y'all know, you're all organic. ^_^)

IC: Josef stared down at the trail of blood that the little girl had left behind on the floor. He couldn't help but curse under his breath... curse at both his own weekness, and the fact that he just shot a defenseless child.
"God damn it... either way, I'm screwed. Maybe this job just isn't for me... I don't know."
The smark looking agent took a few deep breaths to regain his composure, and then slumped down against a nearby wall. For the first time in several months, he smoked a cigarette.
"I was supposed to have given this up... I end up giving in every time something like this happens. There aren't any saints and sinners here, are there? Not yet..."


Unit 846 watched his newfound companion explode in a fit of seemingly gothic rage at the confusing illustration. He couldn't help but think out loud.
" 'M-A-P'... that's a pretty cool word! I'll have to remember that."
256 glanced over her sholder morosely at the scruffy little birthday boy, a look of mingled apathy and sadness on her face. Though silent, she seemed to manage to convey the message that 846's comment was rather irrelevant to their present situation.
All of a sudden, very light, far off footsteps could be heard in the factory, scuttling across walkways with almost amazing speed. The dark-dressed girl caught a look of fear in 846's eyes as he heard the same noise as her.
"Look..." he whispered. "We'd better hide, and fast, I think whoever it is has seen us."

31-01-2002, 06:20 PM
When the two girls actually got out of the room, 514 looked at the other girl worried and then down at her leg where the stick the man had fired from the contraption he used was sticking in. It looked painful. Actually 514 knew it was painful. The blood that came from the wound was also proof of that.

" We need to stop that bleeding somehow...but first let's get away. The man came from this way, so the exit might be somewhere there..." 514 said, moving next to the other girl and helped her move so that she didn't have to put pressure on her wounded leg and started moving in the direction the man was going.

Phantom Angel
31-01-2002, 06:48 PM
Unit 321 looked at 514 gratefully. The blood had stained her white socks, turning them a pretty pinkish colour.

"Wait a second!" she told 514. With a grunt, she looked down, and put both her hands on the arrow. With a silent yelp, she pulled it out of her leg, a new wave of blood pouring from the cut. Carefully, she ripped up her blue dress and tied her wound tightly.

"There, hopefully we won't leave a trail of blood and have him follow us now." she told her. "We should go and try to find an exit. Any ideas?" she asked, wincing from the pain in her leg.

The girls began walking, 321 leaning a bit on 514 for support.

01-02-2002, 02:30 PM
665 looked blankly at the boy he was with.

"Do i remember anything?"

He thought about it.

"No...I just remember waking up. What happened before?"

There was nothing...a blank slate. he knew who he was and he knew how to speak, but that was all. he had nothign other than that.

01-02-2002, 03:46 PM
"Hmm... I'm sure he came from somewhere over this way..."

" Or maybe it was this way..."

" Now I'm sure it was around this corner!"

" Oh hell...where the hell are we!"

As 514's last comments reveal, her search for the exit was prooving to be quite challenging. After sometime that 514 and 321 felt that they were sure they had gone through atleast half the facility, 514 came to a picture on the wall. It had the words " Map of the Top Top Secret Greeting Card Production Facility. For your eyes only." printed over it. It had a bright red dot on it by the section of the circle that was marked number "1" and underneath the picture called "map of the top top secret creeting card productino facility" it had another similar red dot and next to it read "you are here."

" Hmm...that's weird...I'm not there..I'm right here." 514 said, looking at the picture. 514 started to think about how the picture would be here and what it described.

" I think this is something important. We better figure out what it is."

Phantom Angel
01-02-2002, 04:06 PM
321 looked at the red dot curiously. The whole picutre looked pretty, but she didn't know anything about it. It might have been important.... but.... she couldn't read it, and the pain in her leg was becoming impossible to bear. She let herself sink by the wall, and adjusted her bandage.

"Umm.... I can't read it. Sorry, it looks pretty though." she said looking up at 514.

eva_02's soul
01-02-2002, 05:25 PM
Finally, after much discussion on why they couldn't remember anything, the two boys came to a great metal door, it ran the entire width of the corridor. On it, very large, was the number 8.

420 tried pushing against it, but the door would not budge. Thinking, he turned to 665 and said.
"okay, don't worry,it's no big deal, we just have to find something that opens this door. It would have to be close by so that wheneber someone wants to use the door,they can!" He began to look around on the walls and floor near the door,trying for a hidden catch somewhere.

(OOC: Don't think i'm crazy. The DC's are just born,and would have no idea of the button/door mechanics of this thing)

01-02-2002, 08:01 PM
Kori could hear the words of the two children play up and down the sector’s stark corridors as she closed in on them from above, via catwalk. She wasn’t at all very anxious to “recycle” the children yet, that would have just been way too easy…and most unappealing…

A little game of cat and mouse couldn’t hurt.

Lifting her pistol, the young agent took aim at unit 256’s head as a frightening smirk curled upon her lips. Quickly she pulled the trigger and slid the gun’s trajectory over just shy of the little gothic girl’s head. As the bullet came into contact with one of the metal walls nearby, a shrill, almost piercing noise could be heard flying about the two units’ heads as it ricocheted from wall to wall. The bullet’s flight soon stopped after it planted itself into the black rubber of a nearby conveyer belt, allowing the eerie still to fill the sector once more.

I’ll be the feline.

02-02-2002, 11:08 AM
(OOC: A joint post between me and Pen2 here. ^^)


256 dived sideways, not paying any real attention to what direction she went, so long as it was away. The ringing of the tiny metal messenger still soared through her ears, and the direction that it had come from was entirely indiscernible to her. All she knew was that it represented danger, and she wanted the hell away from it.
846 gave a little cry of surprise, thinking at first that the bullet had hit 256, and that her dive for safety had been a post-impact collapse. The initial shock struck his heart like a quick, sharp stab, and then left him just as suddenly. Regaining his composure somewhat, the scruffy young boy dived down next to 256 and started to whisper to her.
"It'll be alright.... I think if we try to guess where she came from, and follow that path back, we'll come to some sort of exit."
For a moment she seemed as if she hadn't heard, but then she nodded with a sudden conviction. Timidly she began to let her eyes wander around, passing over manufacturing pipes and other parephenalia. She examined every niche she could see hesitantly, as if the very factory itself was about to lunge forward and consume them. When she could see nothing immediately she gently put one foot on the floor and raised herself slowly upwards, pressing her back against a wall, her eyes darting from corner to corner. She looked down at the scruffy boy next to her, her breath caught in her throat. But before she could release it a sharp sound rang through the imposing silence of the factory floor. That hadn't been the ringing in her ears.

256's eyes darted upwards, where she could see a vague form through the grilling of the catwalk, scanning around in the same way she had been.

"...Up there", she mouthed under her breath. Pointing upwards in case the boy didn't quite understand.
846 nodded understandingly, and decided silently that some form of distraction was in order. Searching desperately for anything that could possibly make a noise far away, he almost jumped out of his skin suddenly as a small, clunking noise behind him caught his attention. Spinning round with the speed of a nervous rat, the boy caught glimpse of a pipe from which the noise had originated. Following it with his eyes, he noticed that it passed the exact point at which the figure above him was standing.
"That's it! This thing carries noise... if we wait until that person moves a little further, we can make the noise come from behind her!"
256 nodded silently and slid a little further back into the shadows, her eyes riveted upwards as they waited for the right moment.

03-02-2002, 03:26 PM
514 kept looking at the map intensily. Now that she thought about it, the way the picture was drawn kinda reminded her of the halls and room they had gone past. The shapes kinda matched if you thought about it. She looked at the point marked "You're here" and traced leftwards from the point, looking at the picture and running through the places they had gone through in their mind.

" Hey...I think this is some kind of a picture of this place.."

514 kept looking at it when she saw a point marked "exit". That must be the way out!

" Hey...I think I know where we are suppose to go!"

Phantom Angel
03-02-2002, 04:56 PM
"Yay! Now we'll finally get outa this place!" 321 clapped her hands and smiled happily.

She then looked at 514, a little confused.

"Umm..... where do we go now?" she asked her friend.

04-02-2002, 07:03 AM
Moti proceeded to grab a host of wires from the control pannel and rip them out. The backup power source had kicked in, but now he was looking for two things. The first being a button to disable the elevators computerized voice for good, and the second being a way to make the elevator move... manually.
After what seemed like hours of searching, he began to dread what he knew he would have to do...

Moti reached back, and with one quick motion jerked a long wire from its current position. This was only to be done by professionals, and of course any ameature could be killed carrying out such complicated procedures like this. Basically, Moti was screwed.
Upon ripping the wire out, a loud alarm began to sound off, and seconds later, the elevators floor dropped out completely.

"HOLY ----"

Moti cried out as he felt nothing but air below him. He closed his eyes and prepared for imminent death. His life had been fulfilling in his eyes, but now, it was about to end. This was a sad moment in the agents career, and serenely he feel... and fell... and fell... all of ten feet.

His body hit the cold stone floor hard with a thud. Later when telling the story, he would say that he fell thirty feet and bounced five when he hit but in fact, the elevator had stopped at the bottom factory floor, making his descent all of ten feet down. His body was now sore, but he was alive. A fact that took him several moments to realize.
The elevators drop down floor was actually so close to him that when he began to stand up it hit him directly in the skull. Blood started to trickle down his face as he realized the his position. He had made it down.

thank you GRISTON NOVELTIES EMPLOYEE, for using this elevator. have a good day.

The factory level elevator door slowly slid open, and Moti fell foreward, unconscious. 256 and 846 crouched no more than ten feet away from the fallen agent, and be sure that if he was conscious, he would have captured them.

04-02-2002, 12:04 PM
...and with a final 'umph' Guy had reached the factory floor.

'Umph' is a phonetic spelling of a grunt, or squeal of pain really. More accurately, it is the final in a series of half drunken exclamations immediately following a world record setting 40+ floor tumble down a stairwell. To the best of Guy’s hazy recollection, he had started somewhere, perhaps 2 or 3 floors below the bar (maybe more, maybe less- one’s mind tends not to dwell after being torn out and set on puree for a good 30 or 40 minutes, and indeed that was what his fall had been equivalent to) and had now reached the factory floor.

Had he attempted this feat under any semblance of sobriety or necessity, Guy would indubitably be either a vegetable, or more likely a very, very dead vegetable.

In his semi conscious mind (semi being a completely and utterly complimentary term, in reality his mind was more akin to ‘ipso facto jacko-asso’, and this was without falling multiple stories) Guy could almost bring himself to come to the conclusion that somewhere, somehow, there was someone dizzier than himself. This was in fact, a lie. Never had anyone been quite so dizzy as Guy was now, nor had they come close without breaking or fracturing a single bone in their body. (little known fact is that for seventeen years after this event, doctors had studied the recording of Guy’s fall intently to try and find some explanation for his surviving amazingly relatively unharmed. The only conclusion they reached was wiped out when one of the scientists, after having reenacted the identical fall on well over three hundred additional specimens and coming to absolutely no possibility of discovering what had happened, went on a rampage and blew up a rather large explosive in a rather small lab)

The truly stupendous part was that Guy was standing (leaning, wavering, wobbling, and stumbling aside) and not dead. Of course this vertical state was short lived as a slight vibration shook the ground subtly beneath Guy and sent him straight to the floor.

The last three things Guy saw were two young escapees directly in front of him and one of his coworkers (Moti to be exact, but in Guy’s current state he was anything but exact) colliding with the floor simultaneously as he exited the post collision elevator only a few meters from the stairwell.

In a haze of purple blossoms and blackness, Guy had a fleeting question as to where Agent Lane had been left behind.

This thought was quickly pushed aside with an overridding thought of 'ow'.

04-02-2002, 04:54 PM
(OOC: Joint post between 7thkeeper and myself here. Good work so far, guys! Basically, after this post, everyone apart from Soul and Hii will be in sector 4. Could someone either go hunt them, or could they 'accidentally' find their way to that sector? That'd sure be nice for the plot. ^^;;
*POKES SAKAKI... in the nicest way possible* Go on, dear. :p )

514 opened her mouth to reply angrily at 321 for her stupid question. Where would they go now? Out, of course, and then....and then...then what? So the reply that was suppose to be an angry "what are you stupid?" came out as: "huh?"
The blonde girl opened her mouth to reply, but was cut short by a crossbow dart whistling over her head, narrowly skimming her light locks. Emitting a little shriek of horror, she clasped eyes on Josef once more, leaning in a doorway right behind the two girls.
"I'm sorry." he said calmly. "It's my job... please be nice and don't cry, it only makes it harder on us all."
514 blinked and jumped backwards as the dart hit the wall near them and looked at Josef, slowly inching towards the other girl. "So umm...I guess this means you changed your mind? Well...I guess the only thing I can do is...look out behind you!" it was the oldest trick in the book and the only thing 514 was able to figure out at the moment as she planned to run away and as fast as she could ... but oddly enough, Josef fell for it. He'd never exactly been the sharpest tool in the box when it came to agent procedures, but this was a new step in sheer gullability and stupidity for him. Turning round to face the doorway from which he had emerged, he had unwillingly provided the girls with a perfect opportunity to escape.
Grabbing 321 in her arms as the girls wounded leg would slow her down too much, 514 started running like her life depended on it, which it did, carrying the other girl in her arms. There wasn't much chance for loosing the guy as far as she was concerned even if she did take random turns as the noise would give them away, but it would keep those sharp pointy things away from them better atleast. " Sucker!"

Phantom Angel
04-02-2002, 05:41 PM
321 shrieked when she felt the arrow go past her. Her latest experience taught her pain, and she didn't want to feel it again.

A bit confused and dazzled as to what was going on, she barely noticed 514 was carring her. However, reality seeped back into 321 and she called out to 514.

"Put me down. I can run. It's no big deal. We're not acomplishing anything if you're tired. Apparently you've got intuition and all.... soo..... put me down. I'll carry my own weight." 321 told her seriously.

05-02-2002, 03:53 PM
514 complied to the other girls request almost immediately and let go of her, but kept a tight hold on the girls hand and almost dragged her along before the other girl catch up in speed. As the two sped along, taking random turns, a question popped into the girls mind.

" What's "intuition"?

05-02-2002, 10:34 PM

With a low growl, Kori leaned her lithe body over the metal railing containing those within the catwalk. Once again she aimed her weapon at unit 256’s head and with a sure finger, pulled the trigger-


She stood still, forcing back a scream.
Shocked and in utter disbelief the agent pulled back the trigger again and again in a vain attempt to send something, anything towards the two escapees, “God damn it all,” was all she managed to mutter just before reholstering her weapon.

No reason for worry…

She reassured herself…

I just need to get back down to the factory floor. Moti won’t do much good spread eagle.

Twisting her body in such a way Kori was able to leap off the catwalk’s grilling and grab hold of the slender railing. A quick shimmy to the right was all it took for her to be within reach of a ladder…it's destination: down.

07-02-2002, 02:13 AM
Agent Emma-Wren Lane found that her feet began to slow, and she watched with a vague interest bordering on apathy as Agent Darrian practically rolled his way down the stairs before her and out of sight. She paused somewhere near a third down the fourth flight on the path she had taken, heels clinking on the metal beneath. The sound echoed about her, though she barely noticed its hollow fade, for her mind was wandering.

She fingered her pearls, and sighed. She remembered a time so similar to this ...

Emma-Wren brushed the thought from her darkly-clad shoulders, only to find that it clung to her hands and trailed behind her as she fled. She bolted down the stairs on autopilot, reaching for her gun in preparation as she had in so many simulations, pushing the faces she saw in her mind’s eye as far from her being as she could. She was an Agent, now. The round faces with bright eyes had no meaning.

Down and down she went in a broken spiral, finding clear indications of Agent Darrian’s quick, but perhaps not entirely voluntary descent - blood, skin, threads of fabric. He was drunk indeed, though what that meant to her now was not at first apparent. Her teal eyes seemed glassy, uninterpretable. With a single shot she could take a defect down, and all that was required from that point on was the recycling.

I can ...

She had.

There was a click which brought her back to the present moment. Agent Lane hadn’t realized how close she was to the ground floor, and she stopped short at the pile of Agent Darrian which lay oozed and crumpled upon the floor. Agent Mo appeared to be incapacitated as well, though two children stood so near. She knew them by heart, knew that look which seemed taped to their faces ...

“Well,” she said, gun at the ready and now aimed at Unit 256 in a most efficient manner. Though this one was an Apology Girl, she had a visage that was as her own had once been, when she was younger and time had not narrowed her cheeks so. Her hair was as black as her own too, and though the girl's eyes were bluer ... “I’d appreciate it if you moved on.” Emma-Wren Lane chose instead to direct the full of her attention - and potential firepower - on the Birthday defective, Unit 846. She would not miss if he gave her cause to shoot.

Sounding somehow listless and reminiscent of sweets coated with dust, Agent Lane spoke again to the child who slowly backed away from her companion and conscious opponent. “This will likely be the last time I am so generous, Defect. Please take advantage of the opportunity while you may.”

07-02-2002, 02:45 PM
Unit 846 stood perfectly still, without even batting an eyelid, though inside his head he was screaming to himself.
"I don't want to go!! I don't want to. Wherever I go with her, I don't want to!" panic and confusion overcame the small boy as he desperately looked for a method of escape; a method which soon presented itself.
"Get down!" the voice of an agent shouted as two small girls ran straight into Emma's side, knocking her flying. Since the only standing agent was now ALREADY down, there admittedly wasn't much point in shouting these words.
Josef emerged from the shadow of the doorway, running at full speed. "There's more of them, I'll get them all, myself!"

Phantom Angel
07-02-2002, 03:17 PM
OOC: completely new post. heheh

321 cried out really loudly, as another one of those hunters came towards them. She didn't look like the first one, but instead she had long black hair and a different body conformation. She wasn't as bulky as the first person she met, but instead she looked quite scrawny. 321 however saw the weapon she was holding in her hand and realised she was just as dangerous as all the other guy. Reacting rapidly, 321 got to her feet and scrambled towards 514.

"What ever intutition needs, we better get it now! We're in big trouble!" 321 said, and big tears of terror began flowing down her cheeks. She didn't want to die. She didn't want more pain, she just wanted to find a way out of this wretched place. Why couldn't these others undestand that. Was it so hard? Was it so hard just to close their eyes and let them get away.

"We didn't do anything! We're innocent! Leave us alone!" 321 screamed through tear streaked cheeks. "Just leave us alone!!!"

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eva_02's soul
07-02-2002, 05:07 PM
The two boys were running down the long outer corridor or area 8. The door had been easy to open once they worked out that there was a button on the wall next to the door which controlled it, that was a long while ago, and now they reached another door.

Looking at the door,420 noticed new symbols on it's surface,reading them out load, he said
"E.X.I.T,exit huh? That sounds good." Excitedly, 420 pressed the button for the door to open.

In sector 1, there was an easy-to-use lifting box of some kind, the word next to it was elevator,so they called it an elevator.
420 turned to 665 and said. "gee,i bet you're happy about this find, hey?" as they stepped into the elevator and pressed the only other button on the panel.

"next stop,f...oy...er,foyer!

08-02-2002, 06:11 PM
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09-02-2002, 08:34 AM
Behind the dainty and innocently chiselled features of 256's face, some simple arithmetic was taking place. She had been shot at. Several people were pointing more guns at her. A man had appeared from nowhere and now lay prone on the floor. All this was building up, gaining momentum. And when the sharply confident woman pointed yet another gun at her, the equation concluded.

She didn't particularly hear the placating words the woman spoke, most likely by choice. Considering this woman as anything less than a direct threat would mean she'd be denied the emotional outlet. Daintily, sweetly, Unit 256 bent down gracefully to pick up a piece of handy piping and daintly, sweetly threw it violently at the agents head as she ran in the opposite direction, trying to escape before the situation could become anything less than Chaos.

09-02-2002, 08:47 AM
Josef, being the only agent, bar Kori, who was actually on his feet at the time, couldn't help but notice Unit 256's dainty little escape towards the sector 5 stairs. She was going to get out, unless he did something.
"Damn... I can't just leave the other children here, no-one'll take care of them." Josef pondered this for a while, before noticing the unconscious body of Moti between him and the escaping child... this could be used to his advantage.
Dashing in the direction of 256's daring dash for freedom, Josef 'accidentally' kicked the unconscious Agent Mo in the stomach while running, in the hope of giving him a sharp wake-up call. A loud scream of pain and awakening behind him let him know that he had succeeded... both in reviving a fellow agent, and doing something he'd been wanting to do for a while.
"Halt!" Josef screeched at the small girl, who was currently in the process of dashing up the stairs that lead to the foyer. Firing a warning shot at the still-running girl, Josef cursed under his breath and pursued with all the speed he could muster.

09-02-2002, 10:29 AM
Moti clutched his side as Josef passed him by, planting his foot into the fellow agents gut as he went. Judging by his surroundings, and Josefs rush, it was clear that the children had not been secured... It seemed like such an easy task... They were small children who had just been introduced to the 'outside', everything was new to them and yet they still had managed to slip past every single agent sent after them. This was a sad day for Griston Novelties.

Moti found himself, alive, on the factory floor... And yet now it appeared that after he had made such a brave descent, he would have to make the journey back up.
Imediately Moti sprang to his feet and clutched his firearm, slowly removing it from its holster. Josef was not far ahead, and he suspected that the children were still in range. Scrambling to the sector five stairwell Moti caught a glimpse of the agent, this sight soon followed by an arrow flying foreward and dissapearing up the stairs.

"How did they get past you?" Moti cried out from below

09-02-2002, 04:44 PM
Emma-Wren looked softly at the children who had tumbled her, for she had memories of that face still in her mind. She sighed and they backed up, much as defectives had done time and time before. Emma-Wren’s training was not only in simulation; she had a background that very few in very high places knew, and thus certain capabilities that seemed rather foreign to her slight body. She heard the pipe coming before she saw it herself; without thought she raised an arm and deflected the blow.

The pipe clattered on the floor. Agent Lane stood and dusted herself off, picking up her firearm from where it had fallen beneath her. She lapsed again into silence, and was apparently was plotting something up - her face was at a point somewhere near exhaustion and triumph, a strange mixture of regret and decision.

Back and forth she neatly paced around the three defective units, mirroring - and blocking - their movements when they made a desperate dash to flee. She fired when necessary though she never struck, and slowly the group jerked and convulsed to the left, moving like an amoeba in pain (were such a thing possible). Agent Lane knew where she was going, and she saw quite clearly what she was doing. She forced the three children before her up the flight of stairs in Sector Five. Agent Lane elbowed the children into the railing when they slowed, and soon they picked up their pace as best they could and ran up the stairs.

She followed without hesitation, shooting at their heels to make it seem more realistic. After some minutes that refused to pass, the children piled out of a metal door, finding themselves on the ground floor lobby of Griston Novelties. Emma-Wren Lane stood in the door and waited for both backup and for the defective units to decide.

09-02-2002, 04:51 PM
(OOC: Here is a map of everyone's current position. This should eliminate all confusion as to where your character currently is.
I'll post soon, but I have a few things to take care of first. ^^;; )

09-02-2002, 04:56 PM
(OOC: Map error! FYI, Emma-Wren is up in the ground floor foyer, not down in sector five. She forced the children up the stairs, and did not stay behind.)

Phantom Angel
09-02-2002, 11:29 PM
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10-02-2002, 08:47 AM
(OOC: Sorry about this, folks. In order to get everyone back on track, I'm gonna take control of more or less everyone for this post. FEAR MY AUTHORITY, FOR I AM GM! :p
... or something.)

Units 256, 514 and 321 cowered together, huddling in a mass behind a small boy who had chosen to make a stand. Unit 846, who had been reasonably un-brave (if such a word exists) up until this point, was standing tall and firm, his arms outstretched, protecting the three girls. The Griston employees scattered around the lobby were currently caught up between fleeing from the imminent gunfire and pondering about how gender issues had already arose in a community not more than fifteen minutes old. (However, rather than being due to gender, this was probably due to the fact that Unit 846 was the only member of the small party who wasn't either hopelessly dramatic and apathetic or a total wuss.)
"I won't let you get them!!" the small boy screamed, tears welling up in his eyes, as he faced Josef and Emma, both with weapons drawn and pointed at his skull. Emma turned her head to Josef, though Josef refused to look her in the eyes.
"I know, Emma..." the male agent thought. "You want me to overcome my weakness and shoot, don't you?" Turning his head slowly to look into Emma's eyes, he saw a different emotion there - one of regret, of pleading for reassurance.
"Josef..." she whispered monotonously, yet with some air of regret. "You...."
However, Emma's words were cut short by an inconvenient little interruption caused by Agent Mo, who had finally ascended the stairs to the foyer. Brushing his red locks back behind his ears, as he was quickly becoming renouned for doing, he gave a contemptuous look towards Josef, who seemed to be his victim for the day.
"Now listen here, 'fellow agent'..." Moti began, believing with his whole heart that he was somehow maintaining his 'cool'. "Unless, of course you are a traitor in our midst..."
Moti paced around the two agents, distracting them to some extent. Unfortunately for Griston Novelties as a whole, Moti had succeeded in attracting both the agents' complete attention, giving the children a marvellous opportunity to escape. Naturally, they took it.


"Hey! Get up, you can't just laze around all day!"
Back in Sector 4, Kori was currently in the process of slapping Agent Darrian around the face repeatedly. Even several centuries after it became some kind of 'common practice' for waking up drunk people, this method was still in use.
Guy started to mumble something surprisingly coherent. Something about how he hated being slapped round the face, and with a small blend of trivial-yet-extravagant threats mixed in. It became horribly clear to Kori that the old man wasn't going to wake up anytime soon, so she grudgingly grabbed his wrists and started to drag his plump frame to the nearby Sector 5 elevator.
"God DAMN IT! I seem to be the only agent in the frikkin' company who isn't melodramatic, incompetent or drunk!"


Up above in the foyer, a small croud of children was huddled in a corner, panting and sobbing and catching their breath. As 846, the little birthday boy, tried in vain to keep spirits up, Unit 256 was brooding and searching around with her eyes. While this might have SEEMED like some kind of attempt to weigh up their options, it was, in fact, nothing more than idle staring.
However, in the distance... she caught a glimpse of two small boys on the other side of the foyer, crouched against a wall - one fat, one thin, both quite obviously DCs like herself. Nudging the nearest child, 514, on the shoulder, she motioned silently towards the two huddled figures.
Unit 514 snapped to attention quickly. She may not be the brightest go-getter in the factory, but she knew what she was doing as she motioned with her hand for the two boys to run towads them.


"Now look what you've done!" Emma-Wren shrieked at Moti, who was currently trying to hide his own shame and maintain his 'badass' image. He wasn't really succeeding. "We could have got them there and then if it wasn't for... for....."
Emma didn't really know how to describe what Moti had done, so she simply cleared her throat, regained her composure and motioned to the two other agents to split up and make their way across the foyer.
However, just as the three started to spread out, an elevator arrived on the foyer level, and Moti, who was nearest to the newly-opened door, heard a young woman curse under her breath. Turning his head towards the elevator, he saw Kori dragging Agent Darrien out onto the marble tiles of the foyer floor.
"Hey, Moti! Help me wake him up, will you?"

(OOC: Just to recap, THE FOYER DOORS TO THE OUTSIDE ARE LOCKED DOWN. Heh, and everyone is now on ground level - the DCs are all together at the south end of the foyer (nearer the sector 1 stairs), and the agents are at the north end (nearer the sector 5 stairs).)

10-02-2002, 03:02 PM
665 nhad been quiet up until this point. He wasn't one to talk much really. But as soon as he saw the othe rchildren his mind immediately said to him 'safety in numbers.'

He grabbed 420 by the shoulder. He hauled him to his feet. Then he took off running. He had never run so fast in his life....his up to now very short life. About to be shorter it seemed as gunfire rang out behind him. 420 jogged up to his side.

"Come one pudgy, can't ya get the feet pumping just a bit faster? It's kinda important you know?"

420 grabbed his hand and ran faster, pulling 665 with him, trying to make him go faster. And faster he went. He collapsed as they reached the other kids, panting for breath.

"When did I get so out of shape? I don't remember ever having eaten anything...."

10-02-2002, 05:23 PM
514 looked at the other children around her. In a way it was great to know that there were more of them. In a way it was really really bad that she might have to deal a bunch of morons if they happened to be a bunch of morons. 514 really hoped they weren't.

" Any of you geniuses have any idea what to do now? Those people will find us sooner or later..."

Phantom Angel
10-02-2002, 05:37 PM
321 looked over at 514.

"We should... umm fight back. Running doesn't help, as we all saw. They catch us sooner or later, and they hurt us. So I say we fight back. It's the only way we'll get out of here." 321 told them all seriously, her blonden curls singed with dust, and her blue dress ripped. "We need to fight to win our way out!" she told them clenching her small fist.

10-02-2002, 05:50 PM
"Fighting won't do you any good in your present state." A deep, masculine voice rang out from nowhere.
321 gave a little squeal and almost jumped out of her skin before looking around for the source of the voice. The other children seemed equally as confused, and sat in a dumbfounded silence until 846 spoke.
"Who are you? Where are you?" he spoke up, trying to appear brave. The voice spoke again:
"I'll explain who I am later; the fact remains that you'll be dead in about two minutes unless you move. Look to your right."
The mousey-haired boy did as he was told and looked over his right shoulder. At first, he saw nothing, but then he spied a hole in the wall - a vent. He could tell that it would normally be tightly meshed to avoid entry, but someone - or something - had twisted and broken the strands of metal to make an entry hole.
"Go in through that hole." the voice instructed. "A few cuts and bruises never hurt anyone.. go in, and you'll find me soon enough."

Phantom Angel
10-02-2002, 06:07 PM
"Should we listen to him?" 321 asked, her fellow companions. She was comfused scared and tired. "I don't want to die." she whimpered and waited for the other children. It might have been a trap. The agents were everywhere. 321 didnt' know what to do.

11-02-2002, 03:02 PM
514 thought about their chances. They knew the agents from before were looking for them right now and would probably find them any minute, which meant that they would be dead,gone, kicked the bucket, bit the dust, growing daisies, bye bye, sayonara. On the other hand, if they did go through that vent, they might die. But just might. 514 carefully weighted the two key phrases here.

will die...might die...will die...might die..will die...hmm..might die sounds a lot better

" I'm going..." 514 said and without waiting for anyone else, started crawling inside. Just a little bit after her feet disappeared inside, could the others yell a complaining yell from inside.

" Whaaah! My...my clothes are all dirty and torn! I really liked these clothes and it stinks in here! Whaah! Why did I ever choose to crawl inside this hellhole!?"

Phantom Angel
11-02-2002, 04:59 PM
321 followed. Her thoughts had followed a simmilar process. However, now that she was inside the pipe, hole, whatever, she began to think that maybe it wasn't the best choice. Aside from the smell, metal scraps cut into her knees and hands. 321 could feel the blood slowly trickle down her hands. Her dress was already torn, so she didn't care very much about that.

"Just keep crawling. We might come out of this alive." she said, trying to sound encouraging. However, 321's voice sounded hollow and desolate, even to herself.

11-02-2002, 05:43 PM
Moti practically lunged at Kori and the unconscious Guy. He quickly swung one arm under the old mans limp form and assisted his fellow agent in bringing him foreward. After a moment of struggle Guy was plopping down in the center of the Griston employees, who now all looked downwards in contemplation.

"Well then..." Moti let out a sigh as he secured his gun in its holster.

"We sure ------ up."

11-02-2002, 06:36 PM
The crowd of small children whimpered and shuffled and crawled together, their faces black with grease and dirt, their hands and knees cut and torn by twisted metal.
"Come on! Keep going!" 514 shouted behind her... it seemed that her and 846 were somehow contending for leadership of the small pack of lost children.
After what seemed like endless, terrible crawling, a light began to shine from below... her eyes glowing, the little apology girl scuffled over to the hole, and found that it was another vent in the floor - prised open roughly. It looked even more dangerous than the first, especially if a child were to catch his or her skin on a branch of twisted steel and get left dangling.
"We may as well go down.." 846 chimed in from behind her. "I wanna meet whoever it was who shouted to us! Hell, it might be dangerous, but we don't have much of an alternative..."
514 agreed silently, and started to slip down the hole... she discovered that by keeping her back to the biggest shard of metal, she could keep scratching and catching to a minimum on her less-fleshy back.. even though it still hurt like hell.
One by one, the sniffling children descended together... the last being the tubby little christmas boy, who needed an extra pull from below. The sharp edges dug into his flabby, pasty skin and made him scream and cry, but he knew that it had to be better than what awaited him back in the foyer.
After the children descended, they found themselves in a low-roofed bland room, with bearly enough space for them all to stand... and crouched in the corner was a pitiful, bleached-white man, thin yet able-looking, and lonely, though somehow with an aura of sanity.
"Welcome..." he spoke crackily. "You all have a lot to learn, my children... and you must have many, many questions. I have much to tell you, too... Please, get comfortable, and only one question at a time - I'll tell all, we have a lot of time to breathe... they don't know about this place yet."

eva_02's soul
12-02-2002, 02:59 AM
The crawl was hard, 665 got stuck on the crawl down, and 420 had to stifle a little chuckle.
This new room was a damn-sight less glamarous than the foyer, but on the plus side lacked the unwelcome additions, this man actually didn't want to shoot them through the head with sharp objects, which was definately a good thing.
/well, the time to hang back and study is over,he wants a question,i'll give him one/

"I have a question, and i think it's on the minds of everybody in this room,minus yourself" 420 stepped forward,and continued. "Who are we, and why is it i have no recollection of anything before this place?"

12-02-2002, 02:46 PM
"Who are we, and why is it i have no recollection of anything before this place?"

The pasty man smiled. "Aah..." he reminisced. "The last wave asked this question too.. they always do." he chuckled to himself, drawing closer to the children, and 420 in particular.
"Alright... I'll tell you, but it's a long story." he began. "You may have guessed, but you're very different to the 'agents' that are running around out there..." the thin figure muttered something else inaudiably under his breath before continuing. "They're humans - a race that has occupied this planet for many, many years. They're the last in a long line of dominant races, as far as I can tell - though I'm not sure. I only know what I've overheard.
"Well, anyway... they are humans, you are 'greeters'." the man continued in a solemn tone. "You weren't 'born' of other beings like they were - you were 'made' in machines. Down in the factory where you came from, there are millions of others like you produced every day, but those only follow what they're told to do - you special children are different."
321 spoke out. "How are we different from the others?"
"Very simple..." the man replied. "While you were all 'made' at a certain age, with a mission of greeting to fulfill - in some of you, an error occured. The actual error is very complex in nature, but to put it briefly, a malfunction in your 'brains' lets you think for yourselves.
"Children that can think for themselves are a very big threat to the company that made you, Griston Novelties. If you get outside, the world will find out that they're using human-like shells to make their 'robots' - that's looked down upon by a lot of people."
The children simply stared at their wise man in sheer awe of what they were hearing. From somewhere amongst them, a question was asked: "Do the 'agents' have numbers too?"
A look of sheer glee passed across the older man's face. This was his favourite part of educating any child - the part where they got to show imagination and creativity for the first time. "No, they don't..." he began, still smiling. "Instead of numbers, they have 'names'... these are like identification numbers, but only using words instead - for example, one of Griston's agents is called 'Moti Mo', another is named 'Kori Kagiri', and the leader of the whole company... his 'name' is 'Gene Griston'."
The children looked at each other in confusion.
"Look..." he began to explain. "I was a child like you once... my number at the time was #942... but after I escaped, I gave myself a 'name' instead." A twinkle entered the frail man's eyes as he spoke. "My name is Lucus Benita."
Silence fell on the crowd of little greeting children for a while, before 846, who had come to a realization of his own, spoke up slowly.
"Then.... I suppose... we should all give ourselves 'names'!"
The children nodded and squealed in agreement to this. For some reason, the idea seemed very exciting to them all. Their educator's face turned to a wide grin, too - this moment made his staying behind all those years ago seem worthwhile.

Thinking in mass, the children silently and quickly pondered what their names could be...

(OOC: That's right, folks! You DC people can now have your characters name themselves. Remember, they'll most probably use 'cool sounding' words that they've picked up so far, or something that reminds them of their appearance or the clothes that they're wearing... hah, I guess what I'm saying is that it should really have some relevance to your character's experiences thus far.)

Phantom Angel
12-02-2002, 02:56 PM
321 looked up at the man/machine curiously. Her blue eyes sparkled, and a small smile formed on her face. She walked over to him, and took his big hand in her little one.

"Excuse me mister, but if you were a child like us, why are you so big now? If we're machines, we do not change.... like.... " she stopped, not being able to think of anything else. "I know you said one question at a time... but.... we don't know any names. Will you give us some options?" she asked, her voice echoing in the room. She shivered, fear, anxiety, anticipation and excitement all rippling through her. She looked up at him, smiling sadly.

12-02-2002, 03:20 PM
The pale man smiled understandingly. "You will change, too, in time.." he said. "You were made to be machines, but you're still humans at heart..."
He chuckled to himself. "As for names.. the beauty of them is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Any two words, anything that fits you, or something that just sounds right..."

12-02-2002, 04:17 PM
The faint sensation of coasting was interrupted by the all to real sense of being dragged. Were it not for the butt of his Revolver catching him in the groin, he’d be enjoying the fact that his being dragged translated into his not having to use effort.

The crotch thing was starting to ache a bit though, but in a surely complimentary, karmatic, heavenly act, Guy’s groin was spared further discomfort as Moti propped him up on the other side.

I could get used to this… Guy thought in his most imperial of inner voices.

And then he was unceremoniously dethroned in a ring of fellows. This disrupted his fantasy just enough for him to let out a disgruntled belch.

Well then... We sure ------ up

With a good bit of tumbling, manipulation, and a view most of those gathered rather had not been privy to, Guy managed to rise.

Shaking off the last vestiges of his intoxication with a quiet I Luvez u guyzes. which to all those present was no more than a semi-audible grunt, Guy immediately took charge of the situation.

Well, immediately following his expunging the contents of his martini shaken stomach under a stairwell a short distance away, then he took charge.

With a dignity omitting the previous scene, Guy wrangled the others together in a systematic search pattern. They listened, why they did was most likely because he was voicing their own opinions, but in Guy’s mind it was because of the immense respect they had for his strategic experience.

In total, they recovered a rent pipe, an odd shoe, and from somewhere no one could figure out, Guy had suddenly reappeared with a flask of aged whiskey- though it was entirely possible it could have doubled as a degreaser.

So, we’re all in agreement with Moti’s previous statement, yes? We ------ up.

Had Guy been sober (which was rarer than a rabbit hunting a Sherman tank) he’d have felt dejected. Instead, he felt relieved that there were still working elevators.

----, we’re going to be buried in paper work until Satan plays ice hockey on a Tuesday.

12-02-2002, 04:27 PM
Guy's statement regarding the paperwork necessary wasn't entirely true. While paperwork and physical action were both necessary, something far more punishing was about to happen.
A cheerful tone rang out from loud speakers across the bullet-splashed foyer, followed by an announcement in a moody, smooth, yet decidedly furious voice.
"This is... Manager Griston.... would all agents involved in the recent Defective Greeter Hunt please assemble in the Agents' Briefing Room on floor 45...."
Guy breathed a sigh of relief. At least everyone was getting into the ----, not just him for his drunken activities.
Unluckily, the announcement continued.
"... and would Guy Darrian, acting as the SENIOR AGENT of the aforementioned group, please report to my office on floor 49. Thank you."

Phantom Angel
12-02-2002, 06:10 PM
321 listened attentively to what the man had to say. somehow, she felt safe with him, and around him, almost like nothing could ever hurt her. She sighed deeply.

"How about Jane?" she asked him, looking up at him expectantly. "Will you stay with us, and protect us?" she asked, him.

By this time however, she was down on the floor, the pain in her leg too big. Unit 321 felt the need to rest, but she wanted her question answered first.

12-02-2002, 06:27 PM
The kindly figure gave a gentle laugh. "Jane..." he muttered, as if looking for some blackened memory in the back of his skull. "Same name as one of my old companions used to have... I wonder if she's doing alright?"
Compassion filled the old man's eyes as he heard the little girl's question, and saw that she was in pain. "I'll see you to a safer place... don't worry. Things will be alright, I'll make sure each and every one of you gets out alive."
Lucus bent over and picked up the newly-named girl, carrying her over to a little patch of stolen cushions in another corner, where he lay her down. "You'd better get some rest.... Jane." he told her soothingly, flashing her a warm smile before crawling back to the others in the little room.
"What about the rest of you, eh? Can't go about being called by numbers forever..."

12-02-2002, 06:42 PM
(OOC: Joint post with Mag.)

With a sigh, Emma-Wren carefully sheathed her weapon, patting her suit jacket into smoothness and her patience into high-gloss mode. There was one thing - among many - that she personally disliked about Griston Novelties ... they demanded instant gratification, with no clue of the work or the time it took on the part of an Agent to deal with these disturbances. They asked for perfection served up with a sprig of parsley and butterpats in the shape of roses.

By unspoken agreement, each Agent began heading towards a different elevator. While they were in no hurry to arrive in the Office of Doom, taking the stairs would have made that fact all too apparent to parties above.

Emma-Wren pressed the calling button on the nearest elevator with something halfway between apathy and exhaustion. As the steel cage descended the tens of floors necessary to reach her current position, she heard the footsteps of a fellow agent approach her.

"Hey..." Josef mumbled as he moved into Emma's field of vision. Although he was greeted by silence alone, he knew that she wouldn't really mind taking the elevator up with him, and this made him glad; Emma-Wren was the only agent who he didn't seem to have to expend a huge amount of energy simply talking to.

The elevator doors slid open smoothly and let the two agents inside, where Josef pushed the button for the 45th floor.

“Well,” began Emma-Wren. “Well,” she finished, and disregarded that sentence for another more worthwhile one. She leaned against the wall and crossed her right leg over the left, watching the numbers increase and flash above the doorway. “We have not failed, though technically we’ve yet to succeed.”

Josef let out a long sigh and stood up in the centre of the elevator, half-facing Emma.

"You're right..." he began. "Though... I don't know... sometimes I wonder if it's all that easy to succeed when it's cute little children you're hunting. I guess it's all part of the job, isn't it?"

“Part of the job ...” Emma-Wren echoed. Her eyes seemed half-lidded though they were not; dimmed they were now by plans that might still turn fruitless. She exhaled and picked herself up, clearing her face and presenting herself in a formal matter, though her eyes glistened only as much as her dull pearls did. She had possessed a different function once, and it seemed so long ago ...

Josef eyed Emma-Wren concernedly. "Emma..." he began, not even knowing how to finish his sentence. As she turned her head upward to look him in the eye, he stumbled for his words.

"... We won't be doing this forever." The kindly smile that Josef displayed after finishing his sentence was ripped from Emma's attention as the elevator doors sprung open. Floor 45 lay before them, and while they had no intention of going in to the briefing room without the other agents, the dreaded lecture seemed a few steps closer.

Phantom Angel
12-02-2002, 10:43 PM
Jane looked at smiled at the old man. Then, she hugged him before he went away.

"Thank you Lucus. I may not know much of this world, but I like your name. I hope we get out of this place alive." she told him before she went back to her spot.

Sleep overtook her within moments. Happy dreams of things she couldn't understand flooded her mind. Two older people, a male and a female, holding hands with her, laughing, protecting her. She felt warmth and happiness and safety. Everything she didn't feel in the outside world. Jane, formerly known as Unit 321 sunk into a deep sleep, feeling safe with the old man watching over them. When she would wake up, she would worry about the real world. For now, she was happy inside her dreamworld, with the two people watching over her, the pain in her leg gone, and sun filling all empty spaces in her limited existance.

OOC: Jane thinks of Lucus as a fatherly figure. Ok? good...

eva_02's soul
13-02-2002, 02:00 AM
420 turned to Jane, who had decided to sleep for awhile. He assumed that everybody was as tired as she was, but before he rested, 420 had something to do first. He looked down at his shirt, only really noticing it now. "Devil Child" printed in red, with a picture of a devil in diapers under it.

"my name... is Devlin,thankyou for sharing information with all of us,Lucas. I have one more question before I rest. After our recuperation, how can we escape this place? We can't stay at this spot our whole lives!"

13-02-2002, 02:20 PM
"After our recuperation, how can we escape this place? We can't stay at this spot our whole lives!"

A serious look overcame Lucus' face before he answered. "We should probably leave discussion of all this until later... but needless to say, it won't be easy. There's a lot of climbing ahead of you, and a lot of leaps of faith. I've been watching the tower, I know of a way out - but first, you must rest."
Lucus smiled at Devlin before turning to the rest of the children. "What about you lot, eh? You can't just have silly numbers forever."

13-02-2002, 03:29 PM
514 thought about it for a while. A name...what should she choose? There were so...so....actually there weren't that many choices as she couldn't figure out one. The little car engine that was her brain had suddenly slowed down and parked when she had turned to the "Your Name" street. Random thought just coursed through her mind....

"...Random...That's my name.."

Sitting down, the little girl looked at the older man, remembering something she had to ask.

" Is there any food here? I'm starving.."

13-02-2002, 03:34 PM
Lucus chuckled at the girl who had just named herself Random. "Food, eh?" he said amusedly. "Food's pretty hard to come by round here, as you can do doubt tell..." The bony figure made a hand gesture down to his thin and frail body. Random's face fell a little as she came to the realization that they wouldn't be fed any time soon.
"However..." Lucus began. "In a few hours, they'll close the canteen for the break between lunch and dinner - we can easily sneak in then and get a few bites to eat."

(OOC: Just Pen2's character, Hiig's character and my character to be named now.)

13-02-2002, 05:28 PM
665 looked at the man through blurry eyes. Blood soaked through his clothes, his dirt covered face streaked by tears.

"Can we only have 2 names?"

"Well...i suppose you dont have a limit...."

"Well then I want to be Eduardo Julio Jorge Raphael Estrada V! The 5 is because its my last digit!"

He smiled triumphantly, quite proud of his new name.

"Is there something we could call you that is just a little bit shorter?"

Eduardo Julio Jorge Raphael Estrada the Fifth's face fell.

"Well you could just call me Chuck....I guess."

13-02-2002, 09:46 PM
“Yes, we did…” Kori began, her head bowed down as if she were in silent prayer, “This is terrible.” Busliy she looked around, almost as if she were trying to avoid Moti’s gaze, “Well, what are we going to do? You do know we’re going to get utterly and ridiculously scolded at, yea?” Nervously, the young woman nibbled away at one of her fingernails, trying to keep herself from going totally insane…Griston seemed to be lacking stable employees as of late.

Damn, I should have been more involved…

Musing over the matter, Kori turned her head upward and stared blankly at the ceiling above, her bleach blond bangs falling ‘shag-style’ into her eyes, “I just hope we don’t get fired.”

13-02-2002, 11:29 PM
Moti tried to supress a laugh as Kori spoke.

"Fired... Hell that might not be so bad." He said grinning.

"We screwed up... But its not over yet." The agent closed his eyes and turned his head, slicking a strand of hair back as Kori approached the elevator. Moti cautiously opened one eye, glancing at the opening doors before them. He shuddered slightly.

"Maybe you could seduce Griston into keeping us on the payroll..." He exclaimed as they both entered the elevator.

14-02-2002, 07:18 AM
256 stood slowly tapping her foot. The succession of names continued steaming from the mouths around her, and yet she still remained silent. Slowly, she felt something dawn within her, random streams of thought and consciousness that weren't entirely hers brushing just outside the reach of her mind. Slowly she let it wash over her, as random words and phrases she'd never heard before darted silently through her mind. Slowly, she sighed, finding something caught in her consciousness somewhere....

"Niamh Araidhe" There immidately followed a preganant pause. "What, you have any better ------- ideas?"

(OOC: Yeah, it's a bit deus ex machina, but blegh. Oh, and it's 'nee-av ree-ah-dah', good ol' celtic.

14-02-2002, 04:39 PM
Lucus simply smiled, awaiting the last boy to finish naming himself. So far, then names Jane, Devlin, Chuck, Random and Niamh had been chosen... what would the last boy choose?
846 slowly began to speak... while the other children had been choosing names, he had been stringing together random syllables in his head. 'us', 'all', various words, fragments of sentances and random combinations of letters spun in his head until he found a word he liked. Coupling it with a 'nifty' word that he'd found written on a wall earlier, the scruffy boy had his name at last. Slowly, he opened his mouth and spoke his new name aloud:
"Phallus.... Phallus Map."

Lucus supressed a snigger at hearing the boy's choice of name. However, since he didnt' really consider himself one to correct a child in his first moment of creativity, he simply continued with his plans.
"Then it's all sorted!" The thin man said gleefully. "Jane, Devlin, Chuck, Random, Niamh and Phallus... doesn't sound all that bad, does it?"
Flashing a warm smile at the collection of children, Lucus began to speak again. "I'll go and get us all some nice warm bedding, and some food, too... it's amazing what you can find in the right places." he chuckled to himself.
A general air of anticipation and relief descended upon the children as Lucus turned away and started to scuttle off down another vent.
"I won't be long!"

eva_02's soul
14-02-2002, 04:49 PM
As Lucas left, Devlin turned to the others. He was excited by all he just learned.

"Cool, we're going to eat, and sleep, and then we're all getting out of this place finally. Let's hope the outside world isn't as bad as in here"

With that, he sat down in the corner, and started thinking about some things,fighting sleep until Lucas got blankets.

(OOC: okay, the post sucks, but i just got out of bed and i'm really not thinking)

Phantom Angel
14-02-2002, 05:00 PM
Jane opened her eyes. She hadn't really gone to sleep. More like.... listened attentively.

"Hey guys?" she asked, her voice inquisitive. "Do you think in the outside world everyone has a weapon and they're all hunting children? Because if so, I don't want to leave this place. Look what they did to us now... it's not our fault we malfunctioned... is it?" she asked, in the silence of the room.

New ideas had been floating through her head ever since their meeting with Lucus, and the choosing of names. Former unit 321 didn't know what to believe of good and bad. Were the hunters bad? Or were the hunters good? What about them? What were they? How did they come to be greetings? Why would anyone want that?

Jane signed, as she waited for a response from her friends.

15-02-2002, 04:45 PM
This is... Manager Griston.... would all agents involved in the recent Defective Greeter Hunt please assemble in the Agents' Briefing Room on floor 45...

Ah, relief. Relief is that grand emotion resulting from a complete and utter knowledge of oneself ------- up entirely, and lucking out by getting away with it. Or at least drag as many down with you as possible. A huff drawn from the nether regions of his bowels, the entirety of his being feeling the calming cuddle of hopping off scot-free.

You antique of a hunk you, you’ve managed to skirt severe punishment once again. Thinking about it, they really should change the idea of ‘the captain going down with the ship’ to ‘the captain getting his mates to futilely attempt to save the ship while he sneaks off into the life boat with all the supplies.’ That makes more sense to me.

The first sign something had gone wrong was the pincers climbing their way as cruel static hiss through the canals of his ears, the steady pause the most disheartening sound after ‘sir I think you’ve had enough’ or ‘ ‘have you been drinking tonight sir?’ or the most dreaded ‘ ‘Hey Earl, look how drunk this guy is, I bet we could night stick his ass for an hour and he wouldn’t feel it, hey ! lets try that’

Guy had heard them all. The static harboring that chance of what could come next was infinitely more disturbing… especially if…

...and would Guy Darrian, acting as the SENIOR AGENT of the aforementioned group, please report to my office on floor 49. Thank you.

O ---- no

The feathery flung voice caressed the ear in a lavender fear, dripping delicately into the pit of Guy’s stomach and stirring the bile to an uprising.

Dutifully, Guy entered a vacant elevator.
Officially he was bound.
Logically he had expected.
In reality? Guy was contemplating dressing up as a DC and taking the easy way out.

The worst part of antici~




~pation is the time spent awaiting and imagining the horror before you. This was what filled Guy’s mind during the chiming trip up the elevator. That’s when it hit him, the one thing worse than anticipation. The subject one was anticipating.

The next few moments were a blur for Guy as he attempted to form a semblance of coherence to his gibbering and frightened thoughts. He knew what lay beyond the immaculately clean and tidy doors, the plush carpeting, the well on admirably matching color scheme.

With his hands shivering on the door handles, his last thought was a plea to drop dead right there. Dissapointingly, he survived.

16-02-2002, 02:36 PM
Inside a professionally furnished office, seated at a neat and practically immaculate desk, was a very important man. Gene Griston, Managing Director of Griston Novelties, was idly twiddling with his executive toy when he heard the doors of his huge and intimidating room pushed open nercously.
Taking his feet off the desk, straightening the shimmering, irridescent collar of his magnificent cloak, Gene spoke loudly and with a clear tone of anger in his voice.
"Enter, Agent Darrian."
The bulky, elderly agent shuffled in through the door. His face, usually bitter, concentrating or merry (depending upon his activity) was wearing an unusual expression of shame and fear. Though he said nothing, his posture and body language indicated that he was ready to recieve a lecture.
Gene leaped over his desk and straightened his long, pretty blonde hair. Drawing a riding crop from a stand by his desk, he began to pace back and forth in front of Guy.
"Now listen here..." Gene started. "You may have been in this corporation longer than me, you may know more about your job and its intricacies than I do... but that STILL doesn't give you the right to intoxicate yourself, and frankly ---- up on MY company time, DO YOU HEAR ME?"
Gene had slammed his fists down on his desk, which he was now suddenly standing behind again. Guy gave a little flinch and a whimper of fear. While he wasn't scared by his boss' little lectures, he was absolutely terrified of what would happen next.
"Yes... you've been a VERY naughty man, haven't you?" Gene questioned mockingly, stalking around to Guy's side before running a hand along his wrinkled chin. "Yes, I think some punishment may be in order!"
Gene swung back his riding crop and slapped it hard against Agent Darrian's rear end. Guy shrieked and squealed at the tang of pain stinging through his elderly buttocks.
Gene smirked. "You'll get far more than that later... I know you want it, you fruity old man." Gene taunted, running a hand up Guy's leg. Gene was totally wrong - Guy didn't want it. He didn't want it at all. In fact, the poor man couldn't think of anything else in the world that seemed more unappealing to him, even being deprived of his favourite intoxicating substance for the rest of his days.
"NOW GO!" commanded Gene. "Get out of my sight... I'll expect you in the Agents' Lounge with the others when I get down there. You have ten minutes."
Guy trembled and shuddered his way out of the office. Letting out a deep breath, he sighed in relief of being out, but quivered in fear of facing Gene later on.

17-02-2002, 03:57 PM
Random rubbed the back of her head and sighed. The took a deep breath and...


A quiet moment followed as everyone stared at Random because of her sudden outburst.

"....I wonder if I overreacted?"

Phantom Angel
17-02-2002, 05:04 PM
Jane looked at Random a bit perplexed. She had seen the goth girl's moodswings but this one had certainly been the worse.

"Umm.... yes you did.... but come on... sit down... we don't want your voice to attract those other people. You know they can kill us with one shot." Jane said quietly.

17-02-2002, 06:26 PM
The children seemed to have waited for an eternity by the time Lucus came back. Sitting up straight and enthusiastically at the sound of their guardian's return, they witnessed the bony man crawl into the room and thrust an old, battered bag onto the floor.
"Couldn't get much." Lucus apologised. "Just some cold meat and a few bits of fruit, I'm afraid... sorry."
As the group handed round apples, bananas, peaches, and cold pieces of pork chop and beef steak around the room, Lucus began to unfurl some sheets that he'd been carrying on his back. Pretty soon, everyone was munching contentedly on the second-rate food, and neat little beds for every child were made on the empty side of the room.

eva_02's soul
18-02-2002, 01:47 AM
Lucus had returned, and he brought food.

Devlin took some spam and an apple, and sat on one of the unfurled blankets.Tasting the food for the first time in his relatively short existence, he came to a conclusion.

"Lucus,my pal, Spam is quite possibly the worst thing that will ever pass across my lips, no wonder the agents had a rough time of stopping us if this is what they serve there. The apples good though." Devlin told the wizened old man, chuckling slightly to himself.

19-02-2002, 02:49 PM
Lucus smirked at Devlin. "Cold meat may not be the most tasty food in the world, but at least it'll give you strength for what I have planned."
At this point, Phallus took a large green apple (still whole) out of his mouth for a second to ask the bony figure a question. "Umm, Lucus..." he began. "Speaking of plans, when are we actually gonna get out of here?"
Lucus gave a wide grin at Phallus' question. "Well..." he said. "I've been surveying this place for a while now, and I think I know how to get out... but we don't have very long. I'm afraid you won't get much sleep at all this time, but if we make it outside, everyone can have a nice, long rest - once you're safe, that is."
The children wanted to rest pretty badly; that much was obvious. Staring at Lucus with pleading eyes, the general message seemed to be that making an extravagant escape attempt on two or three hours of sleep would be more than a little tricky.
"Don't worry!" cried Lucus, sounding oddly comforting. "It's not too hard, we'll go over the plan when you've all had a good rest... but we should all stop eating soon, and get to bed. Come on, everyone - finish what you're scoffing and settle down to sleep."

19-02-2002, 03:27 PM
It took a lot to make Guy run. There have been a half dozen, perhaps a handful more, times that Guy has actually ran in his 60+ years on this earth. Maybe twice that many times he has moved with a ‘hurried gait’.

At this very moment, he was bounding.

Intense and overriding blatant terror can do that to a man. Guy had that in droves.

Frankly (or Guyly if you want to be an arrogant snide ass about it) Griston scared the crap out of Guy in ways that nothing but an enraged half starved puma should. Guy was half sober, which is about half more than could usually be stated about him, and truly yearned for that extra 50% of sense and memory dulling majesty.

The past four minutes following his meeting with Griston could be generally boiled down as such-

Shudder > Whine > Gibber madly > Shudder again > Squeal in fright at opening door > Shudder once more > Stop at water fountain for a drink > Spike water with a dab of Tequila > Down drink and then lightly spike remaining tequila with a double of Johnny Walker Red > Shudder until now

Now Guy was tripping over himself (and tripping over more than one unfortunate bystander who would later be questioned on what happened and most likely state ‘It was like a small hippo or large toad ran me down, I’m not sure which’, and by that description, they’d instantly deduce it was Guy) to get to the Agents lounge and somehow manage to hide himself out of the direct line of sight of anyone entering with authority. Or riding crops.

He burst through the lounge doors like a rhino on crack, large, surly, and uncoordinated, immediately taking refuge behind the overly large plastic plant that was assumed by no one in particular to be better suited than a real plant for hiding behind. He then Shuddered again.

Phantom Angel
19-02-2002, 05:24 PM
Jane took some food and limped back to her corner of the room. She muttered a small thanks to Lucus, and then sank back into her corner. She had ripped yet another strand of her blue dress and gently wrapped it around her wound. The pain was there, but at least it wasn't bleeding any more. She was grateful for that, and hoped the bandage would keep out dust and other things. Sighing, she closed her eyes, certain no one had heard her question, or if they had, it was very likely that they did not want to answer it. No one wanted to shred apart this moment of peace and security. She would ask it again another time, when it was better. For now, Jane just sat in her corner, looking at everyone as she munched on the food. It was yummy, and it made her stomach feel better... but then again this was the first food she had ever tasted.

Before, all she would have been was a simple card. A greeting card. What was a greeting card anyway? How did you use it? what was it good for? Could you eat it? Did you use it for something? Her mind was swirling with ideas, but they weren't making any sense. She felt herself get confused, and how her eyelids were getting heavier, and heavier by the minute.

"I'll ask Lucus in the morning..." was her last conscious thought, before an easy sleep overtook her.

20-02-2002, 02:01 PM
“Dodgy bastard…” Was all Kori managed to mutter just before pressing a button, causing the elevator doors to slide together with a soft thud, “Why don’t you seduce him? You already have enough STD’s to finish of the old coot.” With that, the young woman crossed her arms and let out a heavy sigh, keeping her eyes glued to the floor below.

God, Moti should be shot…

20-02-2002, 03:28 PM
Kori and Moti emerged from the elevator just in time to see Josef attempting to make some kind of meaningful eye contact with Emma. Walking in between them in a desperate bid to attract attention to the 'badass' way in which he was gliding fearlessly to the doors, Moti lead the way to the Agents' Briefing Room, and the others followed in anticipative silence.
Taking seats around the room, trying hard not to glance sympathetically at the cowering digure of Guy, the four agents waited patiently for their usual screaming-session to commence.
"I think the majority of the blame has fallen on Guy this time." Josef whispered to Emma, who was seated next to him. "Hopefully, the blame's not totally on us."
Emma opened her mouth to reply, but was rudely interrupted by the door to the briefing room being flung open angrily. Gene Griston was storming in the room, and was soon standing behind his altar-like desk, eyes ablaze.
"As you all know..." the managing director of Griston Novelties began slowly and calmly, brushing loose strands of beautiful blonde hair back behind his ears. "The recent attempt to seek and destroy rogue greeting children was a failure. Yes..." Gene began to pace back and forth. "... A horrible, disgusting, PATHETIC FAILURE!"
Gene was slamming his fists on the desk in front of him like a spoilt child, making the agents assembled in the room jump with surprise in their seats. "I DO NOT TOLERATE THIS!" screamed their bratty leader. "I WILL NOT TOLARATE FAILURE FROM MY AGENTS, UNDER MY ROOF, IN MY CORPORATION!!!"
Guy was beginning to whimper more and more loudly behind his plant as Gene continued. "I know they're still in the complex... if you don't find them next time they make an attempt to escape, you will all be demoted from Resident Agent to Field Agent status."
Gasps of horror eminated from the agents seated around the room, much to Gene's satisfaction. Most of the agents had spent at least a year or two working in the field, and it wasn't half as nice as working in the Griston tower - sure, the management kept a closer eye over you here, but at least you never had to spend nights on emergency rations camping in fields, 'hot on the trail' of a small child.
"That will be all." Gene smirked as he twirled on the spot and exited the room, his reflective, spectrum-splitting coat trailing behind him. As the door creaked gently shut, the agents began to whisper of the threat which had just been delivered to them.

20-02-2002, 07:51 PM
Emma-Wren studied the figure huddled behind the plastic shrubbery; the one renowned for driving off other agents with his sheer manliness appeared to have undergone role-reversal.

Pragmatic as always, and in this case courteous to boot, Emma-Wren rose from where she had just endured the childish harangue of that twittish fool. She could hear Agent Harbinger shift in his seat behind her ... looking over her left shoulder, she shook her head. “I’m only going to get some dinner for all of us while we have the chance,” she said quietly. “It’s nothing.”

He rose and followed her to the cafeteria anyway, helping her load plates with the standard fare of any company which involved itself with the average mass caterer - salads, breaded items which had the appearance of meat, and of course - the staple of all, rice. Emma-Wren arranged the thick plates on a cart Josef had found hidden under a stack of tablecloths in the corner, worrying a bit about the dish on the far left - the vehicle had a sticky front wheel, and it seemed that it might fall.

They took to the hallway with their load, Emma-Wren refused to relinquish control of the cart. Josef Harbinger strode beside her with a step unusually contained, a gaze directed towards his feet, and a sense of discomfort that could have been induced by any number of things both present and past. He appeared to have many things on his mind (as she had of her own), and Emma-Wren waited, sure that her fellow agent would speak what he thought if she should know.

She was not disappointed. "Heh .... I was just thinking ... you're full of sympathy, Emma. Like me." Emma-Wren looked at him quizzically but he immediately withdrew, and she let him have his victory. He was watching her out of the corner of his eye, expecting a response. “I ... guess so,” she replied, “... though I am not sure if ...” They were nearing the Agent’s Lounge, and she became quiet. He backed off slightly in both action and manner, letting her take the lead as she pushed the cart towards the door.

“Thanks ... working with you is nice.” It was nearly a whisper and not meant to be heard, so she said nothing.

But Emma-Wren smiled, and the action rounded her cheeks. She was careful to wipe the expression from her face before entering the lounge; the cart jerked over the threshold with a clatter, but the plate did not fall.

20-02-2002, 09:55 PM
(OOC: Joint post between me and Sakaki. As she said, "(This just screams sappy romance novel, doesn't it? XD)"... so there. :p )

Placing the food in the centre of the room for the agents to help themselves, Josef and Emma took a few items, placed them on their plates, and filed back to their seats. Josef couldn't help but notice that the remnants of a smile were still present on Emma-Wren's face as he glanced across at her and, seeing that his look had caught her eye, flashed her a quick smile before turning back and biting into a thick slice of lukewarm ham.
Emma-Wren Lane sat with her white plate on her navy-clad lap, taking small bites of rice with careful precision. She felt the weight of her bun descend upon her neck; it appeared that the afternoon's activities had taken their toll upon her plain hairstyle. Not one for messiness on the job (and especially not with Mr. Griston as watchful as he was at the moment), Emma-Wren quickly set her plate aside and removed the pins that bound her hair in place, releasing the long coil to unfurl across her back.
Josef watched Emma's hair tumble down from its usual bun style, cascading down her shoulders. Without thinking, he looked softly upon her beautiful locks - for some odd reason, in the months that they'd been working together, Josef had never pictured that Emma was hiding such fine, soft hair in such a professional cut.
All of a sudden, the unshaven agent noticed that his jaw was starting to fall open. He locked it shut again and hoped to God that his companion hadn't noticed.
Perhaps fortunately for him, she hadn't. She swiftly twisted her hair around and up, binding back the blackness with the onyx enamel pins she had held in her teeth. She turned her head from side to side once or twice, satisfied that it was well-done, and once again took up her fork and plate. She found that she had lost her appetite, however, and so rose, now kneeling to place the dish in the bin on the bottom of the cart.
Josef recovered from his awe at the sight to which he had been treated, and continued to eat - Emma-Wren might not have been hungry, but Josef, for one, was famished. Eating as fast as he could, though still with an air of good manners, he took in as much food as he could.
"After all..." Josef thought to himself. "You never know when you'll be eating next..."
The handsome agent gazed up at Emma as he finished his 'meal'. She was the only agent working at Griston that he felt he had anything in common with... and, he thought, working as a Field Agent again wouldn't be so bad if she was with him.... even after his stroke of luck landing him a promotion.

eva_02's soul
21-02-2002, 01:25 AM
Devlin straightened up his blanket, but decided to stay up a bit more before going to bed. He walked over to Lucus and decided to talk some things over with him.

"Hey Lucus, will this escape...will it be dangerous? I mean we can't even take on one agent, last i saw there was about 4-5 of them. They're also not too happy that we broke our programs.My fat friend over there won't be able to keep up with us either. How can we possibly run away from this place?"

21-02-2002, 02:17 PM
Lucus kept a solemn, matter-of-factly expression on his pale face as he answered Devlin. "It's all a matter of going upward..." he began. "The vents which you crawled in don't just lead from the foyer to this room - they stretch all over the building. Once we start moving, we'll keep in the vents until we can get up to the roof, and then hopefully we can get down the outside wall."
Devlin looked slightly confused at Lucus' explanation. "Not to worry..." chuckled the thin man. "I don't know what's outside of this place, but it has to be better than what's in here, right?"

(OOC: After the DCs all nod off to sleep and the agents have killed a bit of time, we'll get some more action in during this escape attempt. *smirk*)

23-02-2002, 09:12 PM
Niamh took an apple and sat in a corner silently, taking small bites as she thought. She'd chosen a name purely out of what popped into her head, and where that had come from she had no idea. She curled her knees up against her body, resting her head upon them as she chewed.

She scanned her eyes dispassionately around the small bolthole, coming to rest on each individual child. She didn't know these people. Come to think of it, she barely knew herself. But now they were caught up in some arbitrary struggle for their own survival, and running seemed to be the only memory she had. Beyond that there were vaguer, darker thoughts, dancing just beyond the reaches of her conscious mind.

Eventually, her eyes drooped and the apple core fell from her hand, thudding dully against the floor. She didn't want to sleep. She'd only just been given consciousness and to relinquish it seemed a sacriledge. But slowly her own body betrayed her, and she fell asleep on her knees.

23-02-2002, 09:35 PM
So there. Off to bed the DCs go. :p )

Lucus watched as one by one, the new 'wave' of children slipped out of consciousness, drifting off into their first ever dreams. He couldn't help but let a smile creep across his lips. Children as a whole were beautiful to Lucus, in their innocence, their immaturity, and their youthful stamina and curiosity. He knew that dreams would be something special to these children at such an early stage.
Lucus gave a sigh. Although he wasn't that tired, sleep was one thing he wished he could do more often - you couldn't be too cautious with your sleeping patterns in a place like the Griston Novelties tower. Sitting back against a wall, Lucus began his watch over the sleep of the young children, waiting for the right moment to attempt their escape... Lucus had overseen many escapes before, and wasn't about to leave the building this time - he knew that other waves of children would come after this one, and who else could be here to direct them?

(OOC: Ok, Agents... you guys have a lil' time to kill, I guess. ^_^ I'll intervene in a while and make Lucus make his attempt.)

23-02-2002, 10:37 PM
Together. That’s what it was, the fact he’d been a witness to the dainty testing of the waters those two had been going through is what had done it. With all his ---- ups, there were still some reasons that the old man was still around in Griston novelties, hell there had to be some reasons because he sure as hell wasn’t an orthodox agent. Hell, going by that, he wasn’t even a Buddhist monk of an agent.

Guy had traits that suited him. He was able. He was a good shot. He got things done. (well more he fumbled around and ------ up yet somehow it all worked out at the end and someone was shot, job done). But most of all, Guy was actually rather observant. More accurately, he’d been described as ‘An over paranoid hawk with a pair of binoculars, a police scanner, and hankering for an English tobacco pipe. Guy had never really gotten the Sherlock reference stuck in there, but ¾ ideas had still gotten through to him.

And they were true.

Guy’d been through ---- so thick that hippo’s would steer clear on fear that they’d get a wee messy, problems so deep hookers would be jealous, and cases so large they nearly matched his own ego-puffed mental image of their importance. He hadn’t been one to fail before.

In short, like the blunt nosed stogie that’s runny nose leaked the finest drip of ash on the overly rough patch of bare and used industrial ‘wipe your feet’ carpet, Guy’s life had been his job. Inside and out. His personal life had been relocated to the third straw covered hut on the second island left of Cuba in the Caribbean to enjoy its existence as separate from his own. Guy hoped it’d had a ball, as he’d spent the last 40-odd years here, sifting through refuse and muck engraved foot steps tracking down defective burden’s on both society and his companies image.

Had Guy been a more Jolly fellow, he’d mutter ‘Hooray’.

Had Guy been a less chipper fellow, he’d of shot himself long ago.

His hurried exit from the lounge looked on the outside to be another Guy’s finally going to hit the bathroom, everyone use the next floor’s facilities for the next couple of days. Had the door closed behind him a second later, the empty fluorescent humming hallway wouldn’t have been the only ears that his semi-suppressed sobs fell on.

*sniff* poor, poor Guy. See what you character development does TM? it makes characters sad...-------.

Phantom Angel
23-02-2002, 10:55 PM



Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain!

Jane was running. Where and why she did not know, for all she could see was the imense grayness of the fog surrounding her. Like a great vapour it rose up in swirrls of shrieking screams, piercing her ears and forcing her to cry in pain. Her cheeks were wet with some sort of water that was falling fron her eyes and making it hard for her to see. But she knew she must keep on running, and running, and running.

That was the only thing that was on her mind. Take big great steps, for their legs are longer than yours. Up ahead of her was some sort of duct. Scrambling inside it, the little girl tore her dress at the entrace. The iron was ver sharp, scraping against her blistered knees. Crouching and running, Jane's golden locks covered her vision, disabling her sight. Not that it did her much good in the darkness anyhow.

Thump.... thum.... thump.... thump....

Her heart was racing like mad, causing her breath to come in ragged measures, following no rythm and no pattern. All she knew is that she must run. Were she to fall, she would be dead. The bad men were after her. She could hear their voices close in the fog. Shivering, she stopped for a second to put back her hair. Listening in the eternal darkness, she thought she felt a pair of bony hands on her neck, squeezing her breath out of her lungs. Jane did not shriek, but merely continued her mad run. The end of the duct was near. She could see the grayness of the fog once more.

The girl tumbled out, and rolled upon the ground, a slope having appeared out of nowhere. She reached the bottom with a thump, and stood up. There, Jane noticed that her legs were longer, and she was taller. She was also not wearing the same clothes as before. The blue dress was gone, having been replaced by a black pair of leather pants, and a similarily tight t-shirt. Her blonde hair was no longer waist length long, but only past her neckline, the curves having been straightened out of it. It was also a shade darker than what it used to be. Her waist was slender, and her chest was full. Having noticed all of this, Jane heard their hurried footsteps, and voices once more. She began to run again, feeling how the fog wrapped around her, tripping her and holding her into one spot. The vicious vapour was like molasses in the winter, and Jane was having a harder time moving, and breathing. Finally, she colapsed, the hard ground making contact with her face, and bruising it badly.

The footsteps stopped behind her, and Jane turned her head to look at her hunter. He was holding a bow, aimed for her heart. Jane gasped.

"Thump.... thump... thum.....thu.... th..."

The little girl jumped out of her place, her cheeks soaked in tears, and her small frame shiverring violently. She was hichuping madly, and couldn't stop shivering. All the other children around her were fast asleep, and little Jane did not want to cause any trouble. Thus, she sunk back in her small corner, and stiffled her tears.

Within minutes former Unit 321 fell asleep, her breathing becoming regular and her tears drying on her dirty cheeks.

24-02-2002, 09:08 AM
Phallus found himself surrounded by blinding light. Not light of an intimidating nature, nor light of an interrogating nature; this was light of a warm, comforting nature. The untidy young boy felt his heartbeat slow from a jumpy panic down to a relaxed, gentle beating as the light around him faded, revealing several figures all around him. People he'd never even seen before.
One of them was a rosy-faced young girl in a pretty pink dress, her auburn locks tied in loose pigtails. The next figure he saw was a small boy, round, fat and dumpy, dressed in fuzzy blue pajamas with a kitten motif on the front. The last figure was draped in shadows, and gave off a strange aura of untrustworthiness.
The three figures were breathing heavily, a scared look in their eyes. Footsteps could be heard from far away, and the children in Phallus' vision ran onward into a misty gray abyss. The scruffy 'birthday' boy - though not feeling the air of panic that plagued his dream - followed them, running as fast as he could, priding himself in his superior fitness when compared to the lardy figure who was trailing last.
All of a sudden, he felt the sting of warm lead pierce his back, and he fell to the floor, growing colder and colder. As his unearthly vision slipped away from him, the last thing he pictured was the shadowy, threatening figure, laughing in a high, feminine tone at his fall.
The oddest thing about this dream was that Phallus didn't even wake up after it.


"I've been thinking..." Josef began, a half-smile on his unshaven face. "We've all got a few hours to kill, I was wondering if either of you would like to join me in seeing what the video library has to offer us... felt like passing the time."
Kori and Moti stared at him blankly for a few moments, before Kori opened her mouth to answer. However, Moti, never having been a great supporter of conversational manners, didn't hesitate to interrupt her forming sentence. Sneering down his nose at Josef (if this was possible, given that Josef was standing up and the red-haired agent was seated), he asked him a simple question in as much of a patronizing tone as he thought suitable for the situation.
"Is that... other agent... you know, Lane... is she coming too?"
Josef tried his best not to imagine punching Moti square on the nose. "Yes, she probably will, unless she has to catch up on something." Josef replied, attempting to keep his neutral, cheery tone.
Kori and Moti rolled their eyes simultaneously.
"Josef..." Kori began with a sigh. "It's obvious you want her to yourself. Go ahead for all I care, I'm not coming to watch you two lov--"
Kori's sentence was to lay unfinished for all eternity, as a little squeal eminating from Josef's lips interrupted her. She lay for a few seconds in a sort of shocked silence at having seen a grown man squeal and start to blush.
"Yeah... ah.... whatever." Josef muttered feverishly, and went to slump in his chair across the room, trying hard to think about something that didn't involve any of his co-workers in either violent or compromising situations.

24-02-2002, 11:13 AM
“Squeal again, and I’ll drown you in rice.”

Reaching out in front of her, Kori grabbed her glass and quietly sipped on her water, suppressing a yawn just before setting it back down. It was apparent something was going on between Josef and Emma, but Kori could have seemed to care less. As long as their relations didn’t interfere with their job, it was all kosher in Agent Kagiri’s eyes. As she looked up to stare at a framed picture on the wall across from her, Kori’s many earrings jingled and clanked together, breaking the odd silence once more, “Has anyone else noticed that boss’s…décor…is somewhat…well, flowery?” She asked, unsure of what to think as she stared wide-eyed at the large, sun-flower monet mounted upon the wall just behind Josef.

24-02-2002, 03:44 PM
Random slept quietly, though like her name, her dreams weren't very organized...one could say they were a mix of dancing penguins, drunken flies, one or two race cars driving around a lamppost and Michael Jackson singing "Smooth Criminal" on top of the said lamppost. Meaning it didn't make much sense but it was oddly entertaining to watch.

Turning around to her side, she cuddled against the nearest source of warmth, in this case the former Unit 321, Jane. And Random continued to blissfully sleep, muttering something about penguins and gerbils.

24-02-2002, 04:14 PM
Emma-Wren rose stiffly and left the lounge, leaving cart and plates unattended to.

She held her shoulders firm and her pace painfully brisk as she ascended harsh stair after stair from floor forty-five to floor forty-seven, where each Agent was assigned a small chamber. Cynically, she expected that the need for these rooms had been created when one by one, Griston’s Agents lost their sanity or their humanity. Perfection could not be matched or met by perfection on the opposite end of the scale without suffering, and it could not live for long when it shot something which was so close to itself. She shut the door behind her.

Emma-Wren’s room, though she had worked unending years for Griston, had not been made plush. There was something about it which was disjointed, and though quaint, it was uncomfortable. There was little furniture in the space, and a pile of textured blankets in the far right corner sufficed for a necessary place of repose when she worked overtime. There was a fragile chair of bamboo and rush in the room which had (in a brief moment of happiness) been painted with a design in maroon and ruby; a matching table sat not too far away.

Upon this small surface there rested very little, and the small mirror with a white-silver wire frame stood the tallest object in the apartment. There was a wooden picture frame which had been turned face down.

In this place which was both home and strange, Emma-Wren Lane shed her suit, and the hangers in the closet accepted the jacket and pants of Griston navy blue. She stripped off the matching stockings and draped them carefully upon the chair’s back, hardly noticing how they unbalanced it. Emma-Wren returned to her closet and reached into its shallow depths, hands using memory to locate the raspberry ribbed turtleneck she usually brought with her for days like this. Its lengthly sleeves covered her hands and its generous fabric hid her hips, and it surrounded her in warm comfort; this shirt existed as a security blanket, though she never used the term.

She thought for a moment of hiding beneath the blankets and sleeping, but knew that slumber would not come. She disliked when waves of defects appeared, for she had difficulty sleeping - if she did at all - for days afterwards. Instead she sat on her chair near her table, both quiet hands resting upon the downturned photograph. She sat it upright and looked at it; the image of herself as a child looked back at her with impish continued existence. Emma-Wren turned the picture away from herself and rested her head upon her arms, studying the fallow face of now in the unresponsive mirror.

The photograph used the reflection to gaze back at her, slowly she turned her eyes from it and pressed her forehead into her sleeve.

(OOC: Here's a doodle of the picture that Emma-Wren has ... copy/paste if you will. ^_^


... aww, she used to be so cute.)

24-02-2002, 04:32 PM
Josef sat in wonder at Emma-Wren's sudden departure. Though she could be introverted and even secretive at times, it was very unlike her to just get up and leave in such a hurry. Leaning back in his chair and pondering, he reached a conclusion after surprisingly little time.
"Oh yeah...." thought Josef. "Kori and Moti were talking about her like she wasn't even there... I guess I did it too, really."
A sudden wave of guilt overcame the tall agent as he realized that he had probably played a part in hurting his co-worker's feelings. He wouldn't have felt too bad if it was Moti that he upset, but Emma-Wren was another matter...
"Maybe I should go and apologize..."

Before long, Josef was trudging up the last flight of stairs before the 47th floor, peeking at the corridoor ahead over the last step. He knew the way to Emma's room like the back of his hand - though he hadn't been there often, his was practically next door.
Stepping up and knocking on the door remorsefully, the unshaven man awaited a response from inside.



.... nothing.

Glancing concernedly down at the door's Lock Status Display Panel, he noticed a gently green glow indicating that the door was unlocked.
"She wouldn't have left it unlocked if she were changing or something..." Josef mused to himself, pushing the door open with one hand.
The sight that greeted him inside came as a mixed blessing.
"She's..... not...... wearing..... any......... pants!
As a warm blush spread across Josef's face, he felt the blood vessels in his nostrils about to burst. His hormones and gonads told him that it must be his birthday, but his conscience and fear told him that he'd rather be Gene's new 'target' than face the wrath of a semi-naked Emma-Wren.
"I... I'm... I'M SORRY!" Josef cried, turning his back on the scene and shacking feverishly.
"She's... going.... to kill.... me..." Josef babbled inwardly, trying hard to supress the obvious bulge in his otherwise well-pressed trousers.

24-02-2002, 06:21 PM
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Emma-Wren lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at the sudden explosion of words from behind; Josef had his back to her and seemed incredibly unsettled. With soft padded footsteps she came towards him, noticing how he froze when she drew near, closing the door - and with an extra brush of her fingers, locking it. Whatever came to be this time, it would be done without an extra complement of Agents.

“Please take a seat, Agent Harbinger ...” she heard herself say. “If you’ll excuse me just a moment, I’ll cover up.”

Josef gave off a little sigh, and prayed to whatever god might exist that his luck lasted. Gratefully taking a seat in the fragile chair in which Emma-Wren had been seated, Josef couldn't help but glance at the mirror.... in which he saw, reflected, the face of a young Emma-Wren. A carefree, cute, childish face; far detatched from the busy, professional Emma that he'd come to know.

Emma-Wren watched him as she pulled on the nearest thing at hand - a khaki skirt, her hands told her - and tied the fastenings around her waist. He had seen the picture, she knew he would ... what conclusions would he draw? Crossing the room in silence, she gathered up some of the blankets in her arms and arranged them in a pile on which she could easily sit.

Josef stood up, turned the chair around with his hands, and sat back down. Resting his chin on his artificial palm, he began to speak.

"I'm.. sorry about the way things must have sounded earlier." Josef began, ignoring the stockings beneath his elbow. "I didn't mean to talk about you as if you weren't in the room... I just wanted to tell Kori and Moti who else might be coming.... I....."

Stuttering with his words, Josef stopped talking suddenly as he found himself gazing peacefully at Emma. He'd rarely seen her in such casual clothing, and it must be said - she looked rather fetching when not in uniform.

“Mm,” she said looking down at her knees. “It’s not a problem. I just ...” She laughed. “It’s rather hard to explain.” He’s made no connections ... she smiled up at him. “Would you like to stay awhile?” Emma-Wren was tempting fate in many ways, and she knew it.

Josef could hardly believe his ears at Emma-Wren's words.

"Of *course* I'd like to stay a while... it's YOU..." He thought to himself, giggling in his head. However, his words were slightly less obvious.

"Why... yes! I'd be pleased to stay for a bit!" Josef said rather enthusiastically, smiling happily. He'd never pictured that any of the other agents would want to spend that much surplus time with him, especially Emma-Wren, the only co-worker he could actually relate to.

“All right then,” she said with a nod. Fully aware that the skirt she had chosen was hiking up her thigh and giving him a freer glance than he might seem to at first be entitled to, she leaned over and reached underneath the striped afghan that often sufficed for a pillow, revealing her “secret stash” - a collection of three bottles, full of her favorite raspberry-flavored water. She took out two and covered up the final one, and stood. She advanced towards Josef and offered him one, smelling the cologne he wore as she did.

Emma-Wren thought that she would like to be close to him, but before that ... he would have to understand, see, know.

The ash that seemed ever-present in her tone was muted now. "I’m sorry that it’s warm, but there’s no fridge ... and don’t forget, bought to you by Griston Novelties, a division of Griston Sciences. Have a nice day!"

Josef giggled a little. The two of them seemed to be loosening up at last, and he enjoyed it a lot. Unscrewing the plastic bottle-top with oddly immobile fingers, he took a sip of the bottle's contents, and couldn't help but release a little noise in reaction to the sweet taste.

"Ooh, I almost forgot..." Josef began. "I hear they're showing a film in the Agents' Lounge later tonight... would you like to join me? It's not too good to watch alone."

Emma-Wren took the opportunity to back off, deciding to try again at a later date ... perhaps when he was in a thinking mood. She wasn’t sure she wished to see anyone tonight before they were called on duty again, but thought it would be unkind to turn him down. “Yes, I’ll go. Thank you for asking.”

Josef smiled warmly at Emma, looking forward to seeing her again before the night was out. He stood up and walked to the door slowly, wishing that he could stay, but not wanting to impose on his host.

"I'll see you... at eight, then!" Josef said cheerfully. "That's under an hour... heh." Waving Emma goodbye, he opened the door and disappeared into the corridor.

27-02-2002, 04:39 PM
OOC: A joint-post by me and Mag


Bang. Bang. Bang.

".... what?"

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"What's that?"

Bang......... bang.

Phallus woke abruptly from his deep sleep, yet remembering his strange dream vividly. Had the banging been part of it? Had the odd noise which has rung in his ears been something that couldn't be heard outside of his own head?

Bang. Bang. Bang.

No... this was something from the real world, something echoing through the vents. The vents beyond Lucus.

Random's eyes slowly opened up as she woke from her sleep. First real sleep she had had since..ever. First dream too though it was quickly fading away, being turned into the banging sound ringing around her. Standing up, the little goth girl looked down to see former unit 321 next to her. She must have been sleeping against her and blushed little bit before the blush faded and her face gained an annoyed look.


Bang. Bang. BANG.

Phallus shot Random a frightened look before peering past her into the darkness of the vents. Whatever was making the noise was either getting louder, or closer.... fast.

Random looked in the direction of the noise and took a few steps back, but then stopped in front of Phallus, looking into the darkness and pulled back her sleeves, cracking her knuckles. Oh what ever it was would so get beaten for interrupting her sleep...she's smack whatever-that-damn-bang-bang-noises-source-is so hard that it wouldn't recognize itself in the mirror. As the sound closed, Random snarled before squeeking like a mouse and jumped in to Phallus' arms.

"Aaaah! Protect me from it!"

Phallus wore a look of bravery and grim determination as he walked forwards towards the narrow vent entrance from which the voice was eminating.

"I've got to see what this is..." Phallus thought to himself. "If it's an agent again.... then our companions will be murdered in their sleep..."

He had no choice but to lay Random down where he stood before entering the vent. Holding her hands firmly in his so as to bring her comfort, he asked her a question.

"Do you want me to go on alone? I don't mind..."

Random quickly shook her head. She wouldn't let him go alone in there to who knows what the source of the sound was and took a step forward, holding tightly on Phallus' hand.

"No...I'll come with you."

Random took a deep breath and followed Phallus inside the vent, ready for anything. Or atleast that's what she hoped.

27-02-2002, 05:59 PM
Josef slid out of the door to Emma-Wren's room and gave out a long sigh. Why did he have to be so shy and hesitant when it came to these things? He knew that he could have stayed longer and maybe have gotten closer with her... but no, he had to leave and escape till later, didn't he?
"I've got a knack for social procrastination" Josef thought to himself as he collapsed on his bed mere minutes later. His room wasn't that tidy, really - the light-and-dark blue rag-rolled pattern on his wall was almost starting to peel, and his dark tye-dye bed sheets were ruffled on the small mattress.
"I should get changed..."

It was that opportune moment when a rather overly inebriated (that is to say, drunk as a depressed fish who'd just lost his brother to a dangling hook of bait and was trying to forget his troubles) found the bar he'd been searching for to freshen his drink. Luckily, the bar was open. Unluckily, what appeared to be the bar was in fact Josef's Dorm.

What was most humorous was Guy plopping his weight onto one of Josef's houseplants and demanding a Rum and Coke from Josef's stereo equipment.

Actuuuaally, mayke that driiink a Rum n' scotch. With Rum. And Scotch.

Josef couldn't help but sit and gawp in disbelief at the drunken figure currently sitting atop one of his shorter houseplants. Not only because he honestly believed it was a barstool and the plant-plot shouldn't technically be able to take such a weight, but also because the plant in question was a cactus.
"Oh sweet lord.... his nerves must be pretty dulled..."
Josef sighed to himself and couldn't help but smack his forehead sadly. "Guy...." he began. "This... isn't the bar, you know."

Don't yuuu try n' conf...Convu...Kung Fu... Confoool... trick me. I'm not drunk, I'm just big boned. Yuuu can't fooool me batman.

Guy tended to express himself mobily. That is, he put a lot of expressive motion and swaying into his speech, most of which was unintentional and more the result of the thin based pot he was seated on. Fortunetly, the cactus spines managed to grip Guy and keep him from sliding off.

Now wheeere is my-my-my...my-my-my you've grown Donnie, yuuu look so mush moor growned up now

Josef couldn't resist sniggering to himself. Hell, there was no way he was going to get Guy to believe a word he said about his room, so he thought he may as well play along. Concentrating hard, picturing himself speaking from the stereo... Josef tried his hardest to let go of his own voice. He was going to attempt ventriloquism.
"I hear that concentration is the main factor in pulling off something like this..."
... to Josef's surprise, the stereo said "One extra large quantity of intoxicating liver rotting garbage coming right up!"

Promptly, the pot supporting Guy's girth gave way, ceramic shards littering the floor. It seemed that none of the needles did though, most likely because the majority seemed lodged in Guys' posterior. Not that this situation slowed Guy in the least. He reached for the drink, which just so happened to be an old Bela Fleck Album, and toasted the speaker.

Mush obliged

Josef froze. No-one, no-one manhandled his supply of wonderful 20th-21st century Jazz. Not that he'd punish them - oh no. He just dived for it every time, shrieking and clutching the CD possessively to him when he had finally caught it. This time was no exception.
Wrestling Agent Darrian for the coveted and much beloved album, Josef screamed words as loudly as he could - with no consistancy or meaning, just random words that filtered into his brain, escaping his lips in a fit of panic.
The lifeless little vintage CD case slid out of their hands and under Josef's bed. Breathing a sigh of relief, Josef realized that his precious item was safe for now.

Guy was in Vietnam. Not that he'd been near alive during the time period, but he'd seen movies. So he was there. In 'Nam. A vet. And now he'd been attacked by a VC, or a wolverine, Guy wasn't sure yet. Thinking quickly, well he tried to think quickly and failed at it, by the time he'd reacted to anything the scuffle was over. Once again, Guy was on the floor of an arbitrary room with someone he didn't know or couldn't identify on top of him. In fact, it happened so often, Guy was completely comfortable and showed his relaxation by drifting off to sleep where he lay.

Josef breathed a sigh of relief as he pushed the dozing Guy out into the hallway, and it wasn't long before the elderly, hefty figure was blocking Moti's door.
"Two birds with one stone..." Josef chuckled to himself, dusting off his hands and returning to his room to change.

27-02-2002, 07:09 PM
(OOC: Joint post between Sakaki and myself. Soon, Josef will become just a big ball of fluffy, mushy, soppy, slushy romantic trash. :p )


Back in his room, after a short nap, Josef reached under the bed for his precious, precious album. Pulling it out finally, his heart leapt as he saw the familiar purple coat with hippo and planet motifs on the cover. He grinned and refrained from kissing the casing as he returned it to the top of his stereo, reaching to open his closet with his other hand.
Josef's array of casual clothes matched the mood of his room somewhat. 'Well-loved' custom made jackets, pants, gloves, scarves and even goggles were crammed into his tiny wardrobe, exploding in a burst of colour as he flung the doors open. Josef really did love his clothes - even if he rarely got new ones, the ones he did have were unique and unforgettable.
Reaching out for a pair of brown cargo pants with pockets in the knees and the word 'Virtue' hand-sewn in neat blue thread up the side of the right leg, he couldn't help but wonder what Emma-Wren was doing at that exact moment - after all, only ten minutes remained until the start of the film in the third Agents' Lounge on the 45th floor.

Meanwhile, Emma-Wren investigated her own wardrobe to the extent of which she felt comfortable. She settled without much question on a pair of black flipflops with faintly pink rhinestones on the inside heel, and augmented her existing outfit with a matching rhinestone clip above her left ear, pulling the wave of hair up and back from her face. She ran a brush through her black mane, drawing her fingers through it. With a face oddly unmatched to the excitement her feet evidence, she practically skipped out the door and flew down several floors to the lounge.

Mere moments after Emma-Wren's exit, Josef emerged from his room, having found a nice white shirt white shirt with an 'infinity' symbol embroidered on the shirt pocket, and a dark blue jacket that had been died to have faint swirls of green over it covering his aforementioned shirt. He'd even put on fresh aftershave and combed his hair back just for the occasion.
"Ok... just down the stairs, and into the lounge... enjoy yourself tonight, Josef."

Emma-Wren turned as she heard his footsteps echo behind her, and with a bit of a smile she turned aside from her direct path and ducked into the closest door to her left. She listened carefully in the darkness as Josef's step came and passed, with elaborate care she snuck out behind him and intended to surprise him. He had, however, detected the unmistakable sound of her flipflops, and he turned around as she completed her pounce.
The two toppled over in a mixture of surprise, confusion, playfulness and embarassment. Emma's pounce had knocked Josef backward and the pair of them rolled along the corridor a short way before coming to a stop. Both of them were giggling by the time they became stationary, Emma-Wren practically pinning Josef down to the floor.
For a brief moment, there was eye contact. The laughter faded away as they stared into each other's eyes, and Emma couldn't help but notice a flash of something remarkable in Josef's; a flash of passion, of closeness, of excitement. A flash so brief had to give way to Josef's regular gentlemanly mannerisms before long, but it felt like at least a minute to them both.
Emma-Wren felt her cheeks flush straight through with color, she apologized with a giggle as she separated her limbs from his and stood. She offered her hand and Josef took it, although he rose from the floor under his own power - were he to actually use her as a balance, they would both topple over again.
"Shall we go, miss Lane?" Josef chuckled, jokingly motioning for her to link his arm - and he was very surprised when she did. Trying hard to keep his moment of pleasant playfulness in composure, Josef walked side by side to the door of the third Agents' Lounge together, and held the door open for her, allowing her to enter first.
"Spirits seem high tonight considering we're all probably going to be rudely awoken later by some escape attempt or other... I'd better enjoy this while it lasts!"

02-03-2002, 11:49 AM
Bang. Bang. Bang.

Red light. The first light Phallus had seen since he entered the long, dark, twisting vent. While there were no other vents branching off his crawling path, it felt like the two children had been crawling for hours.
And now, a red light. Just a speck in the distance... or so it would seem. Little did the scruffy, dirty boy know that it was a lot closer than it seemed.
"What is it?" Random whispered through the murky dark to her comrade. He didn't reply, simply kept staring.
"Can't be too cautious.... whatever it is up there may have heard us already...."


All of a sudden, red light filled the small ventilation shaft, illuminating the darkness, casting crimson-tinted shadows against the walls. For the first time, Phallus could see what was ahead of him. And it wasn't very welcoming. A low body on thin, spindly legs of metal, a lone seeking eye with an iris-like shutter, clearly expanded since the pinprick of light the two had spotted.
And it was about three feet away from them.
Automatic weapons shining with a red gleam adjusted themselves on their under-body pivots to point at the two children threateningly. Random was starting to get a nasty feeling of déja vu, but Phallus was a little too busy panicing.
"Damndamndamnwherecanwegothecorneriswaybackthereweregoin gtodiegoddamnit"
He was right about one thing - the nearest corner the two could use for cover was about seven feet backwards.
"Random..." Phallus whispered slowly, not daring to take his eyes off the machine. "Run back... warn the others, wake them."

Phantom Angel
02-03-2002, 02:41 PM
Jane woke up startled. No bad dreams, only a strange noise coming from somewhere. It was getting closer, and closer. She jumped out of bed.

Danger, Something's coming! she thought..

Looking around herself, Jane noticed that Random was missing. And so was another boy who's name she did not catch.

"Guys! Wake up! Wake up now! Something's coming! We have to make it out of here! Into the air ducts! Come on!" she screamed and started shaking everyone.

"You have to wake up! Come on! Or else we all die right now!" she yelled. "Lucus? Lucus where are you?" she asked, frightened tears flowing down her cheeks.

02-03-2002, 04:35 PM
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Agents' Lounge #3 was almost identical to numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5. Nobody really knew why Griston had bothered to build more than one of these, but the general assumption was that they had to fill up space in their flashy, intimidating office tower and thus built a bunch of extra rooms.

Josef grinned as he motioned to two seats on a particularly comfortable looking couch with a good view of the screen. "Shall we be seated, my lady?"

“As you wish, my lord,” Emma-Wren responded in kind. She sat with her legs tucked beneath her, and smiled as Josef took up the seat beside her. Despite their cordiality and cheer, Griston’s movie selection tonight was dark. The previews flashed by on the screen (all accompanied by a rating indicating unsuitability for the younger set), giving way to a tale which Emma-Wren saw coming, and disliked before it had dampened the line upon the movie’s plot horizon. It was set in a future time, and passed itself off as a tragedy - a soldier of great merit had gone away to war, leaving his one love behind, never to return. The symbolism screamed the “Crimson Memory” title, and Emma-Wren looked down at her skirt, which had many years ago been pleated.

Josef slumped back in his chair. The movie wasn't at all what he had expected. "Jesus... in this day and age, you'd think they could come up with something a little more unpredictable."

The oddly dressed man glanced over at Emma, who didn't really seem to be enjoying the movie either. He thought how when two people usually go and see a movie like this and are more interested in each other than the content of the plot, interesting things usually happen.

"It wouldn't be too bad... Emma's very nice, after all..."

Emma-Wren darted a glance over her shoulder, discovering that indeed, Josef Harbinger was watching her far more than the movie they had ostensibly come to see. Looking at her ... at her ... A wave of distress overcame her, what would he think when he found out ...?

"It's not a very good movie, is it?" Josef chuckled. "But it's still nice to be here. I mean, it's better than being alone in our rooms, right?"

Josef caught a look of despair in Emma-Wren's eyes, and felt a tang of guilt surge through him. What if he was the cause of this sadness in her eyes? What if his 'advances' of sorts had upset her?

Placing his hand on her arm gently, he whispered, avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry..."

Emma-Wren shuddered suddenly at the contact, sending ripples of unease through Josef. He began to draw back, but without warning she flung her arms around his neck and drew him close. Ash returned to her tone and made it a whisper, she spoke while the gunfire from the screen threatened to overwhelm her. “Do you promise not to hate me ...? I don’t know how I can even ask you that ... you don’t know ... I’ve never told ... you can’t promise ...”

Josef lay his hands on Emma-Wren's shoulders and stroked them gently downward, a look of sudden sympathy in his eyes.

"As long..." he started hesitantly. "As long as... you don't hurt me.... I couldn't hate you, could I? That'd make no sense, no matter what you are..."

Emma-Wren said nothing as she rested against him quietly, her death grip slowly loosening as she pressed her face into the fabric on his shoulder. Her fingers played with his hair, while about them stereo surround sound amplified the tears on screen.

Phantom Angel
02-03-2002, 05:14 PM
OOC: i like joint posts, but i was looking around me and all... and who controls emma-wren? wasn't it jsfemme? lol, there's mags, TM, and sakaki playing two characters... umm... who's who?

eva_02's soul
02-03-2002, 05:31 PM
Devlin got woken up from an uneventful snooze, by the sound of Jane screaming in his ear.

"You have to wake up! Come on! Or else we all die right now!"

Devlin turned his half-awake head to the hysterical girl. "Look, Jane, i hear the noise too. These ventshafts get dirty so they need to employ something to clean it,right? Well, humans are too lazy to dirty work for themselves so they probably make cleaning robots to do it for them. If that's the case, we're fine. As long as we DONT go into those vents, we're safe!"

Devlin went to nod off again, but noticed that two of the troop were missing.

"oh boy, looks like curiosity is about to kill the cat!" Devlin spoke as he got up and hurried to the nearest open vent.


02-03-2002, 05:44 PM
"B-but...I can't leave you here..." Random said, swallowing and stared at the machine. This was getting pretty old quite fast. Why did everyone and everything in existance want to kill them? But Phallus was right about one thing. If they didn't warn the others, the machine might get them too. And what if there were more? Random didn't really want to think about it, but then slowly nodded.

" O-ok...I'll go...but...take care of yourself ok? Because if you don't...I'll kill you the next time we meet."

The last bit came out pretty much as a snarl as Random started moving as quickly as she could back towards their "base" and the others. She didn't care as her skirt caught in things and was torn in several places but kept moving as fast as she could. When she finally saw the light at the other end that signaled the place where they had slept, she yelled as loud as she could.


Phantom Angel
02-03-2002, 05:51 PM
Jane looked at Devling acussingly.

"What in the bleeping hell did I tell you? You stupid immature idiot!" she screamed as more tears ran down her cheeks.

"Everyone! Into the air vents! Right now!" she screamed at the other children, and ushered them in.

"Random, where's the other one?" she asked her friend, in a worried voice.

OOC: keeper posted b4 me. i edited.

02-03-2002, 06:09 PM
Random crawled from the vent and stood up. Her clothes were pretty torn because of the way and speed she went through them and she was breathing little bit heavily and an angry look was painted across her face.

" The..*huff* boy stayed..*huff* behind..he told me..*huff* to come and warn *huff* you..."

Random slowly looked down at her clothes. They were really torn bad and a few tears formed on her eyes as she saw their state and she lifted up her dress a bit, the part she took hold of falling off so that she was holding it.

" I..*sniff* loved this dress so much.."

Phantom Angel
02-03-2002, 06:28 PM
Jane emerged from the vent, her clothes now a true disaster.

"We need to get out of here! Where's the exit? We need protection? Where's Lucus? Why did the boy stay behind? Where do we go now? I can't think of any other place." she said, trying in vain to stop from shaking.

The little girl was scared, it was all happening more or less like in her dream. Darkness envelopped them, and she could feel the other children's ragged breaths. The little rest they got had helped, but Jane felt like she was back in that dream. Back in that horific nightmare that she had experienced. No, this was not the way to go.

"So, any ideas? Anyone?" she asked, her voice a notch calmer than before.

02-03-2002, 07:15 PM
Emma and Josef sat quietly as the two agents 'snuggled' up next to eath other. They seemed content despite the obviously cliche and overall terrible movie playing before them. There was a moment of silence in the small screening room as two lovers embraced in the flick, followed by a heart warming score that rose up at just the right time, producing the maximum amount of emotional impact possible.
From behind them, Emma-Wren and Josef heard a loud choke, followed by a weak sniffle and slowly Josef turned his head.
Moti daintily rubbed his eyes with a once concealed handkerchief, trying to wipe away the tears. After a moment he finally gave in, and let it all out.

02-03-2002, 07:52 PM
(OOC: For the record, since someone asked about Agent players... I am Josef, Sakaki is Emma-Wren, DrZepp is Moti, SSJfemme is Kori, and TradeMark is Guy.

Let's get some good roleplaying in, people!)


Panic. That was the first thing that Lucus saw upon his return. Sheer, unadulterated panic, children running up to him as he entered, looks of terror and desperation in their eyes. He'd only been out of the 'room' to fetch them some breakfast, and it seemed that disaster had struck in his absence.

"... Lucus, he's gone..."

"... I'm scared! Make it stop..."

"... Phallus! He's in danger!..."

It didn't take many of the crammed-in, desperate sentances to inform Lucus of what had happened.
"A Sentinel.... I thought I'd kept them out of this place."
Originally designed to act as cleaners for the elaborate ventilation system in the Griston building, sentinels had been adapted later by other divisions of Griston Sciences, the monolith who founded and owned Griston Novelties, to eliminate intruders trying to move through the vents. While they never usually came as far as Lucus' hideout, they knew how to follow. Oh, they knew.
"Ok..." Lucus began, trying to keep his cool. "I'll go and f-"
At this moment, Lucus' sentance was interrupted by the sound of gunfire. Mere moments later, a hastily crawling Phallus entered the room, a blotch of crimson blood on his left sleeve. Lucus couldn't help but panic a little, but he'd dealt with worse in his time; in a matter of seconds, he began barking out orders to the children. Every one of them was going to get out alive, and it was going to be him who made it so.

"Niamh! Go first into the vents behind me. When you reach a walkway, have the party stop and wait for me. Phallus, don't move, you're going on my back. I'll go up last, everyone else follow Niamh, QUICKLY!"


Josef and Emma had exclaimed the same syllables at the exact same time. Neither could believe that the red-haired agent had been watching them for some time. And more to the point, neither could believe that he was genuinely crying.
The concieted agent just kept shedding tears, his sobs rising over the noise of the overly romantic music blasting from the screen on the opposite wall. Josef could have sworn he heard something about 'beauty' in his mumblings, too.
The unshaven man glanced at his female companion to acknowledge that she'd reached the same conclusion - Agent Mo was milking this for all it was worth. He could sense one of the three about to make a hideously witty comment when a sudden interruption cut them short.
That interruption was Kori's abrupt entrance to the room.

02-03-2002, 08:17 PM
“I cannot believe you were—and then you have the nerve to—AGENT MO!” Emma and Josef both turned around to look at Moti, but Kori was quicker. She slapped Moti across the mouth with the back of her hand and swiftly snatched the lobe of his ear in-between her forefinger and thumb, tugging on it fiercely, “Spying on them like that! You pervert! Don’t you have porn back in your nasty little room?!” She demanded, the manner in which she did so almost motherly.

Dirty blackguard.

“Why couldn’t you just leave them be?” With that, Agent Kagiri dragged Moti out into the aisle of Agent Lounge #3 and continued to ramble on about how dirty and nasty he was, oblivious to the fact that Emma and Josef may still have wished to watch the movie.

02-03-2002, 08:41 PM
Niamh stood up, dusted herself briefly, and dashed forwards without another word. As much as the young boy she had first met seemed to be in trouble, the sheer incredulity of the situation prevented her from truly reacting. She and those like her were trapped in some concrete monolith where everything seemed hellbent on their desctruction, but Niamh wasn't even registering. If she'd only woken up in this form today, could she not wake up in another?

Regardless, the urgency in Lucus' voice gave her motion. Here was a direct objective, something that needed to be done. So, relishing the prospect of moving somewhere new more than escaping from danger, Niamh slid quietly into the vent headfirst.

She paid little attention to anything that followed her as she crawled her way through the dimly lit shaft, tilting ever so inevitably upwards. The logic in this still somewhat perplexed her. How would going further up get them out of here? But she kept crawling, twisting occasionally as the vent turned sharply to the side, barely seeing two feet in front of her own face.

Finally, a dim light beckoned above her, and she crawled towards it. It opened into an exit as she reached through it, dropping about a meter to the walkway below. It took Niamh by surprise, and she lay there for a moment on the floor before she recovered herself, waiting silently for any that followed.

02-03-2002, 09:20 PM

The cry of joy, realization and anxiety relieved echoed around the Griston Novelties Security Control Room. A particularly enthusiastic security camera monitor had just spotted the emergence of a short stream of confused children from a vent on the 12th floor. Picking up the telephone-like device on his desk and pressing the button for the Manager's Office, the employee waited patiently.

Ring ring.
Ring ring.
Ring ring.
"This had better be important."

The sound of a tired and confused Gene Griston's voice gave the employee a sudden rush of nervousness and eagerness, merged into one contradictory emotion.
"I've found the escaped party, sir! They're currently on walkway #3 on the twelfth floor."
"Excellent work. Sound the alarm, I'll go on the intercom."
"Understood, sir!"


As Josef tried not to snigger at the sight of Moti's beating by his fellow agent, a peircing sound assaulted his ears, gaining his attention. The alarm had sounded.
"Attention all Griston Novelties Resident Agents. The escaping Greeter Child party has been spotted on walkway #3 on the twelfth floor. Please intercept ASAP - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION."
The threatening voice that rang out over the intercom came to an abrupt end as the four agents in the room glanced toward each other with eyes screaming for action. Without a word, the assembled company made for the nearest stairwell.


"Go! Go!"

Lucus had emerged from the vent that Niamh and company had navigated mere moments before. Fire flashed in his eyes as he drew himself to full height, taking charge with the injured Phallus strapped to his back - this time, no-one was going to be 're-cycled'.
"They'll be here soon!" Lucus cried over the noise of the alarms. "Everyone, head on to the stairwell, and then up as far as you dare without encounters - then find a duct and GET IN! I'll follow, trust me!"
The children were still scared, dazed and confused by their experiences so far, but they saw why Lucus would follow behind - he wasn't used to moving standing up, and a weight was strapped to his bony, frail form. Though they hadn't known each other for long, Lucus was trusted by the children - after all, he was the only entity so far that didn't lust after their demise.

03-03-2002, 03:14 PM
Attention all Griston Novelties Resident Agents. The escaping Greeter Child party has been spotted on walkway #3 on the twelfth floor. Please intercept ASAP - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

The blare over the intercom system was the reaffirming slap to the face Guy needed to wake up. Reaffirming, as the initial rousing from his stuporious slumber was done by the altogether not completely unpleasant feeling of a thousand pins in his rear. Pleasure? Not quite, but a bit nicer than pain, that is, as long as he remained completely motionless and didn’t attempt to roll over. Or breathe. That aggravated the pain. Guy was having trouble avoiding the whole breathing thing, so, logically, he was in a great deal of pain.

But it was only physical, only physical. Nothing like the anguish of the psychological stress and incomprehensible fright he had for Griston. Amazingly, the intense pain that shot through Guy’s body, the epicenter of which was his tender ass, which he certainly wanted Griston nowhere near, was only semi-crippling. He lurched painfully to an elevator and punched in for the thirteenth floor. Guy figured, if they’d come from the assembly floor and were now spotted on the twelfth, they were moving up. Even if the were not, it was always wise to have multi-level coverage to organize flushing maneuvers.
Okay so the main reason was he wouldn’t have to chase them as much if he were backup. His rotund and painful rear influenced his decision more than a tad.

eva_02's soul
03-03-2002, 05:17 PM
Devlin dropped to the ground beside Niamh, and picked himself up. Looking at her, he just made a little small talk.

"too bad this place doesn't have any shadows, we're out in the open around here"

03-03-2002, 10:28 PM
Chuck wasn't terribly happy. Not at all. He had been woken from a wonderful dream...a dream of a land of donuts and chocolate rivers, a dream where he could breath under-"water" which made him very happy. And now here he was crawling through some more dirty vents with the rest of the children.

"Why must it always be like this? It's a terrible joke!"

Chuck muttered discontentedly to himself as they made thir way through the grimy dirty ventilation ducts. He became aware of the light ahead of them when he heard Niamh fall to the ground and cry out in surprise. Inching further forward, he slowly climbed out of the vent, ungracefully dropping to the floor.

Turning to Lucus, he asked, "Where are we now?"

"Attention all Griston Novelties Resident Agents. The escaping Greeter Child party has been spotted on walkway #3 on the twelfth floor. Please intercept ASAP - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. "

"Okay, nevermind."

04-03-2002, 03:02 PM
(OOC: Joint post between Sakaki and myself.)


The band of ragged children and their mentor had certainly chosen a bad time to brave the stairwell. A very bad time indeed. The fastest of the agents, Emma-Wren, had already started her descent, and the slowest of the agents, Guy, was a mere floor above them.

Totally oblivious to this fact, the young party dashed onto the stairs, flinging open a grated metal door as they ran. Panting and puffing, a line ordered around fitness and burden began to emerge in the panic - Niamh, Random and Devlin leading the way, the injured Jane and the flabby Chuck falling back to the speed of the bony, burdened Lucus bearing Phallus on his back.
"Further! Further! A few more floors!" Lucus bellowed from the back, directing his small group.

Above them, had they been paying attention to the soft mouse-like sound, they would have heard Agent Lane entering the stairwell; with flip-flops in hand she was practically flying downwards, composure regained and mission clear. Noises behind them were far more apparent, though - this was the melody of Agent Darrian's approach from behind. Having exited the elevator he took to the stairwell, pursuing the defects with grim, manly determination.

All of a sudden, a gasp from the front of the children's line indicated a threat was ahead. Random, who was now in the lead, stopped in her tracks, and the rest of the party fell still as they caught up, spotting what was ahead. They had been found.
"An agent in front of us, an agent behind... we haven't got many options..." Lucus mused to himself. While he'd like to believe that he was the leader, he was just as scared and clueless as the rest of the small band of escapees.

Agent Lane turned ‘round the flight, looking down upon the children with a quiet, dead glance. "Turn back, defects," she said, studying each one by one. "I cannot let you pass." Her eyes finally came to the last figure in the group, a bent man who carried the burden of a child. A wistful sigh remained undone, for Agent Lane remembered the power of presentation. Still ... it was hard to say nothing, and stand like a behemoth. "Lucus ... hide them for hours longer if you will ... but I cannot let you pass."

A hint of loathing, nostalgia and surprise was in Lucus' face as he addressed Emma.
"Emma..." he began, slowly. "I wish I knew how you could bear to do this. I wish I could understand."
Her face was perfect in its composure still, but there was a tremor in her voice that was difficult to miss. "Because ... it ... no matter how many escape ... all come to end. But one must survive. If all who come to consciousness perish, nothing shall ever change. Nothing. We will continue to run, to die, to be used again like spare parts." She took in a short breath. "It's ... difficult to see your face now, and I had continued, thinking you had died. I do this now because failure means my life. How many of them are fully aware? If I die ... we shall simply repeat the cycle ... I cannot let you pass. Even if the immediate result is more desirable. It is the end we all fall prey to which I desire to destroy."
"Emma..." Lucus said soothingly, a hint of sympathy in his words. "Emma... our objectives are the same. You don't have to kill to live, though. Everyone can get out."


A gunshot from behind the two highly emotional adults rang through the stairwell. A bullet from the barrel of Agent Darrian's gun had narrowly missed Lucus' ear, and the chances were it was a miss and not a 'warning shot'.

Shouting instrutions to take cover, Lucus pounced forward, pinning Emma-Wren to the floor. A hoard of screaming children ran over the two toppled figures before Lucus himself rose and began to flee from the big-built man.
"Follow if you want. It's up to you now."

04-03-2002, 03:51 PM
She twisted as she rose, running flat out, rhinestone-decorated flipflops left forgotten on the floor where she had fallen. Emma-Wren prayed that Agent Darrian would think she had gotten up as an Agent and not as a Child to pursue the escapees rather than join them; she needed every second she could get from any circumstance or misunderstanding.

It choked her, how it was. It was all the same, she could not escape ... how foolish she was, then and now. Relentless were the consequences, she seemed doomed to repeat past experiences no matter how she tried to halt the onslaught of inevitability. The cycle must be stopped. It couldn’t be stopped. But it had to be. She was caught indeed ... oh, she had been smaller then, but the fear was the same now - she would be shot in the back, tossed in and recycled, to never think as herself again. There was something even more pressing in this pain now - after all she had done, would it come to mere naught? I don’t have to kill ...

She had caught up and was beginning to pass the group now; she was suddenly thankful for both Guy’s age and the number of stairs. One of her fellow defects lagged behind, clearly favoring a leg that seemed would soon give out. Emma-Wren dropped back and pulled the girl with long blond hair up into her arms, doing her best to ignore the useless anger the child’s state wrought in her. She shifted the child to her back as Lucus had while they ran up and up and up and up, the effort ripping the pin out of her hair. It fell with clatter unheard to the floor below.

Emma-Wren Lane could only hope that they were lucky enough to evade the other Agents, for as she had been caught unawares by the alarm, she was unarmed. She knew it was too much to hope for, but pleaded with fate that if they had to run into anyone, to please, please send Josef their way. She squeezed her eyes tightly for a moment to hold back the tears.

Josef ...

(OOC: I'm in a rush, so it may not be clear ... but Emma-Wren has picked up Jane. ^_^; Gotta run to class!)

04-03-2002, 04:48 PM

Moti leaned back, a cool wind sweeping through his hair as he desperately tried to set his lighter off.
"Alert... ---- that."
The agent finally succeeded in triggering the flame and gently placed a surprisingly bulbous doobie between his smooth lips.
Moti had his 'connections' within Griston... He was sly in the deceitful weasle kind of way, but it served him well.
The path he had taken led him directly to the roof, which he had claimed his 'cooling off spot' for moments like these. None of his fellow agents knew the stairwells existence (or so he thought) and for the moment he could revell in his daily metidadion, his emotional therapy.
"And these are for you..." He mumbled looking down at his crotch. Ever since several traumatic childhood experiences Moti had trouble getting... 'up'... And he had taken these little yellow pills that supposedly corrected this malfunction for some years now. In reality he had become dependant on them, and he did not wish to kick the habbit.
Moti leaned back further on one of the ledges, puffing a cloud of smoke out the left side of his tightened lips.

05-03-2002, 03:48 PM
(OOC: *cough* Umm... theoretically, if the agents and myself kept posting for a few more posts, we'd all be on the roof of the Griston building and the DC players would have had no say. I don't think anyone really wants that to happen... DC people, if you wanna spice this up a little, then feel free... heh.)

05-03-2002, 04:18 PM
Map of everyone's current position. Thought it might be helpful. ^^

eva_02's soul
05-03-2002, 05:28 PM
Devlin bounded up the stairs, only pausing slightly to see the hunter running alngside him, carrying Jane.

Surprised but still running, Devlin was suspicious of the one known as Emma, and rightfully told her so.
"I don't care what you're doing now." Devlin said "but you're still an agent, you people kill us, and hide our bodies under mounds of paperwork. I'm going to be watching you VERY carefully,killer!"

With that said, Devlin ran faster, trying to get away from the woman behind him.

05-03-2002, 05:55 PM
(OOC: Joint-y. Maggles and I.)

Stair after stair after stair, every flight, every landing, every turned corner blurred into one as Josef fled down the northern staircase of the Griston Novelties commercial tower, Kori at his side and a short way behind him. This was not because Josef was in any way a faster runner - oh no. It was because he knew who else was down there, he knew that she was unarmed, and someone you 'like' unarmed and confronted by six or seven people is enough to make anyone gain some speed.
"Jesus... I hope we get them this time." Josef shouted to Agent Kagiri over the noisy clatter of footsteps. He knew they'd be intercepting the party of children soon, very soon.

Yea, yea, yea, this time. So you can finally get ass from Agent Lane.

Clearly apathetic to Josef’s musings, Kori hummed a tune she barely knew as the two fled down the stairs, notes and beats skipped. What mattered this time was getting the children, without any more mess-ups on the agents’ parts. She’d already been at Griston for two years, now wasn’t the time to get sent home with a pink slip. Without warning, Kori stopped mid-stride and leaned over the slim, iron banister, looking down for any sign of Emma or the escapees. Other than the footsteps of Josef, Kori could hear numerous footsteps…maybe close to a dozen. She then leaned over a little more, pressing her lower abdomen into the railing’s steal…”I-I-I SEE ‘EM!” she exclaimed, quickly regaining her barrings as she reached for her pistol, “But I didn’t see Lane!”

"Right..." Josef thought. "They're down below... a well-aimed jump and I can cut them right off."
Taking a leap of faith, Josef leapt over the thin, somewhat slippery banister, right across the gap of the stairwell. One miscalculation, and he would plummet over thirty floors - what the hell had he been thinking? Dropping, dropping, wind whistling past his ears, Josef closed his eyes and... gracefully touched down, right in front of the bewildered Random.
It was at this moment that he spied Emma-Wren... running alongside the children. His stomach clenched, his tongue caught in his throat, and all of a sudden the confused and terrified cries of the infants were driven from his mind. All that he saw was the expression on Emma's face - surprised, desperate, relieved. Something was wrong.

Following in suit, Agent Kagiri landed with nothing more than a light-footed clap from the soles of her boots, right next to Josef. At first, she took aim at one of the children, standing right in front of Josef, but as she looked up to talk, Kori caught sight of Emma-Wren Lane. Instead of taking Josef’s passive approach, Kori swiftly switched targets and aimed right between agent Lane’s eyes, “Agent Lane, what is going on?!”

05-03-2002, 08:01 PM
(OOC: Co-post with Mag)

With hair whirling about her face, batted away by black lashes over gleaming turquoise eyes, Emma-Wren stepped forward with hope, incoherent gratitude in her mind expressed only in the two syllables of his name. Barefoot on the cold metal floor, she stopped dead when she met the look in his eyes, and in turn, in dread, in betrayal - so this was what it was like on the other side - she closed her own.

He never promised not to hate me for what I was ...

Her eyes flicked open as Agent Kagiri spoke sharply, and Emma Wren knew all too clearly where the gun her fellow Agent held was pointed. She looked back to Josef, seeking eye-contact, pleading with him - please save me ... save those like me ... I need you ...

An instant. That was how long it took. At any moment, Kori's finger could have pulled back on the trigger, could have ended the life of Agent Lane. In that one instant, Josef had made a decision. He knew where his loyalties lay, in a world of no consequence - which, at that moment, was what it felt like to be standing in the northern stairwell of the Griston Novelties tower.

A scream of pain, a malicious clash of steel and flesh - Josef's left hand, his solid, artificial replacement, had hit the back of Kori's neck hard. Slumping to the floor, unconscious, she didn't even realize what had hit her, let alone hear Josef's words.

"I'm sorry..."

The silver of salt-water tears trailed Emma-Wren’s cheeks in lattice-work lace; taking full advantage of the break, the defective children about scrambled up the stairs as best they could in their confusion. So torn she was she could not utter a single sound, her steps towards him were awkward, but the forehead rested momentarily against his shoulder heartfelt. It was all she could do without further jostling the injured child on her back ... and though she desired to linger, she knew she could not. Backing away from Josef, she turned and fled up the stairwell ...

... surprised to hear his footsteps behind her.

Stairs, stairs and stairs again. Up and up, faster and faster, those burdened forgetting the weights on their back. Past the bar, past the canteen, past the agent lounges and even the dorms. 47... 48... and finally, 49.

"Just one more floor... then we can't go up any more... it's ideal to escape from the roof, since everywhere else is locked down..." Josef thought, skimming round what he thought would be the final corner.

Dead end. Damn.

Emma-Wren and the children were breathing heavily, attempting to catch their breath in the face of this new discovery. Lucus appeared even more tired and worn than he had been when she first spotted him during this accursed alarm; Emma-Wren got the sense that at the present - he had no more answers.

“I know where we are,” she said hoarsely. “I’ve been here before. Floor 50 is comprised of Gene Griston’s personal apartments, and with the sole exception of one key-swipe entry, there is no entry or exit by common personnel. If we want to escape ...”

“... we’ll have to climb out the windows,” sighed Lucus, picking up on her statement.

Josef pried open one of the tower's few windows with both hands, his surprising strength lifting the window bar as if it were nothing but a cardboard tube. The noise of wind howled into the corridor as Josef set one foot outside on the windowsill - this was not going to be pretty. Securing a foothold before heaving his body through, Josef was suddenly glad that heights did not intimidate him.

"Who's coming first?" he asked, offering a hand through the gap.

eva_02's soul
06-03-2002, 06:00 AM
/oh great, now there are two killers helping out, no good can come of this/

Devlin had been silent all through the WhamBamSlam that the new guy gave to that damn hunter. Now he had decided to pipe up again, Like it or not, the agents seemed to be wanting to help so far, and all the children needed their help for survival.

Devlin spoke up."I say Chuck goes first, if something goes wrong during our climbs, he can act as a relatively large counter-weight for pulling us up." Chuck was giving him daggers, but he ignored it. "I say Chuck, then Jane. She needs as much time as possible to rest, then in whichever order we desire. Sound good to anyone apart from me?" He asked.

Phantom Angel
06-03-2002, 12:50 PM
OOC: i'm sorry i haven't posted. i've had some problems in RL... sorry. here's a nice short post b4 i get to skool.

Jane looked at the agent puzzled. She had saved her, and them all. They were puzzled and confused, and Jane didn't know what to think. Were they really saved? Or were they caught and now they were being taken to the recycling facilities?

"Why did you save us?" the little girl asked, looking up at the agent. "Where are you taking us?" she asked again, and then looked around at her bewildered companions.

"I am not afraid. I am not afraid. I am not afraid." she kept on telling herself.

OOC: sorry for the crappy post! skool's a -----!

06-03-2002, 03:33 PM
(OOC: Sorry to hear about those problems, Phantom. :( If you want to talk about it, you can always PM me or something, but if you don't want to and/or want to discuss RPG matters, then that's fine too. ^^

And ack, I'm sorry for the short lameness of this post. In the absence of Hiigaran's online-ness at the present moment, I can't really make Chuck do much.

Oh, and I'm also gonna assume that Jane was kinda talking to both Emma and Josef with her qustions.. ^^; )


Josef smiled at Devlin; the boy seemed to have a good head for tactics and clear thinking in stressful situations, and if suggestions like this kept springing up, he'd be more of a companion than a burden.
"That idea sounds fine!" Josef exclaimed, almost in surprise - for someone who'd only been awake for less than 24 hours, Devlin was pretty smart. "But I don't know what anyone's name is... umm... whoever Chuck is, could he step forward?"
The fat boy was beginning to push his way toward the window when questions suddenly rattled off from a cute little girl, one of the 'valentine' models that he'd shot (and saved) earlier:
"Why did you save us? Where are you taking us?"
The question seemed to be directed at both Emma and himself. He couldn't answer for his fellow agent, but Josef began to give short answers, hoping to satisfy the worried girl for now: "To be honest, I don't know why we saved you, but we did. Please, trust us, at least for now..." Josef could spy a look of doubt and concern in Jane's face, but continued anyway. "And as for where we're taking you, it seems the roof is our destination. If I'm thinking along the same lines as the other adults here, and if we're right, there's something on the roof that can help you all to escape."

"Omnicopter. Flying never was my favourite passtime."

Phantom Angel
06-03-2002, 05:28 PM
OOC: *huggles* Thank you Mags, I shall!

Jane finally noticed the man. Something seemed familiar. She had seen him before. He was... he was!

"You.... you're the one that hurt me!" she said, her whole frame shaking with fear. Jane grabbed on to the nearest thing, trying to keep from falling. She had a sick feeling in her stomach, and her leg was throbbing badly. The valentine girl tried to swallow, but found that her throat was as dry as a desert. She was grabbing on to Random, who stood there, impassively. Her whole body was shaking.

"Are you going to hurt us again?" she asked him, when she regained some composure.

06-03-2002, 05:56 PM
Random looked at Jane, her right eyebrow raising up just a little. It was the only reaction that happened when the other girl grabbed her arm before she turned to look at adults. Jane was right, it was the same guy. He had let them go once, was he going to do it again and actually help this time. There actually wasn't much choice and Random decided that they had to trust them to get out of here.

"...he isn't going to hurt us...so please let go of my arm. I think my bloodflow just stopped there." Random answered dryly before sighing and then ran her hands down her clothes, trying to straighten them and get the dirt off, only managing to rip another piece off from over her stomach. Random sighed. She was going to be half-naked soon if her suit didn't stop falling apart. Who made this kind of junk anyway? They could make these with some quality.

"...let's get a move on. I don't want to think of anyone with bad intent finding us anytime soon..*small sniff* they might..*sniff* hurt us.. Whaaaa!"

Random burst in tears though as fast as she started crying out, she stopped, tears still coming out of her eyes. Looks like she had experienced another of her moodswings that made her name make a lot of sense suddenly.

07-03-2002, 02:51 AM
Niamh leaned contemptuously with her back against an adjacent window. However it was possible to express contempt through such a position, Niamh somehow managed it. The wind whipped through the corridor from the nearby open window, but Niamh's eyes remained contemplating Random as she burst into a sudden teary swing of emotion. Niamh opened her mouth to say something particularly scathing, but the fact that she herself was still attired in an absurdly cute sailor suit made her stray to the path that was less bitterly ironic.

So instead she turned to the round little child struggling to make his way to the window.

"Do I need to get a wet towel to encourage you, tubby? Maybe the impending death seems to have passed you by, but I bet a stout backside whipping would make you see the peril in the situation..."

..Damn, that felt good.

Phantom Angel
11-03-2002, 02:57 AM
Jane looked at Random a little puzzled. The girl had started, and stopped crying so suddenly, the young Valentine child was puzzled. Very puzzled. However, she knew Random was upset, and her little teary outburst had not helped anyone. If these people were going to save them, she had to trust them. For the better of the others.

"I have to be brave. I have to be brave for..... well I just have to be brave." Jane kept on telling herself. She didn't know why that thought popped into her mind. She didn't know why she needed to tell herself that, she just knew it worked. The more she said it, the better she felt, until her feelings of fear and pain subsided to a dull ache, at the bottom of her heart. She still grabbed on to Random's hand, but it wasn't a scared shake. It was a friends forever sort of shake. Jane focused her blue eyes on the little goth-like girl. She still looked like a mop, that same haircut looking awfully funny, but Jane somehow felt better that the weird girl was with her. She didn't know the others all that well, and Random had been with her from the beginning. It was the only bit of familiarity she had in the cold and dark surroundings. The only presence Jane had felt with her from the beginning of her conscious existace. She smiled, and grabbed tightly at her friend's hand.

"Don't cry, we'll make it out of here, I hope." she whispered and looked around her. Everyone seemed confused, or puzzled. All they had ever done, since the beginning was running.

"Why do we have to run?" Jane asked no one in particular. She already knew the answer, but she wanted to make sure. Was life all about running? Did everyone want to hurt them? Jane didn't know, and for now, she gripped Random's hand awaiting her answer.

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eva_02's soul
11-03-2002, 04:44 AM
Devlin saw that his friend Chuck was a little nervous, and Niamh yelling at him wouldn't have helped. Seeing as how Devlin had most experience with the plump Chuck, he thought that he could help out.

Walking over to Chuck, he said calmly. "It may seem a little scary man, and in a few respects, it IS scary. However, when we make it out of here, and meet up with others of our kind,there has to be others because Lucus here is one of us, then what would you rather be known as?" Devlin prodded Chuck's belly." Chuck, the brave boy that decided to take the first step into this large world." He said, making appropriate soaring gestures. "Or Chuck, the kid that got scared, stayed back, got shot, melted down and is now sharpening some jerk's pencils?"
Devlin took a step back, then continued. "You have to step out into the future, Chuck, or else you have no future!"

(OOC by Pen2: How'd you get 'Rainh' from 'Niamh'? I fixed it myself because I need to remind myself I'm a mod sometimes. Tee hee.)

15-03-2002, 07:30 AM
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Phantom Angel
15-03-2002, 02:04 PM
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15-03-2002, 05:08 PM
(OOC: Sorry about this, Hiig, but we needed to get moving.

This is a joint post between me and Sakaki, whom, as some of you already know, will soon be appointed as co-GM, after the second wave of characters are introduced.)

The desperate, hashed-together party stood in silent awe at Devlin's emotional and oddly motivational speech. However, despite all eyes being turned to Devlin, his eyes were still fixed firmly on Chuck, drilling into the chubby boy with an emploring and passionate look in his eyes.
"I... umm...." Chuck stammered, edging backwards. The whole room was awaiting his response to the little speech, and what had come to his mind? Nothing. Nothing at all.

There is one major disadvantage of edging backward on the 49th floor of the Griston Novelties tower - the fact that sooner or later, you fall somewhere. Very, very far. And Chuck was no exception; toppling back out of the windowsill, he emitted a frightened scream as he began his downward plunge. Luckily for him, however, he had fallen no more than a single foot.
"Hold on!" Josef shouted over the noise of the wind, clinging onto Chuck's meaty hand that he had so deftly grabbed. "Hold on tight, don't let go!"

As Josef hauled up the chubby child back to solid ground, Emma-Wren breathed as deeply as she could ... but tension prevented her from filling her lungs. Short and shallow gasps came though her face looked quite calm, and her hands were quite cold. "We have to run because we cannot stay ..."
Josef nodded in agreement, and motioned to Chuck to move along the windowsill, whilst reaching out a hand for Niamh to take.
"Emma, once we're up, we'll have to try and take the Omnicopter. Is it still there?"
"It should be, unless someone else has gotten there first," she replied. "It hasn't been requisitioned for anything for some weeks now." She watched Josef's face as he gave the children a hand out the window, one by one. Blinking back tears, Emma-Wren wondered just how far he would go for this cause ...

Niamh... Jane... Random... Devlin... gradually, the line of frightened children hugging the side of the building, their feet perched on the steel windowsill, grew. After Devlin's edging feet dissapeared out of view, moving to the side of the opening, the only two left standing in the corridor were Lucus and Emma-Wren.
"You first..." he mumbled semi-awkwardly, motioning to Lucus. Nodding, the frail man took the hand of the agent who had been his enemy mere moments before.
"We have no choice but to trust you." Lucus began. "That doesn't mean that I'm your friend, and that doesn't mean that I forgive you... Emma."
Emma-Wren's eyes gazed without sight at the corner created by the meeting of wall and floor, and her arms wrapped around her torso like snakes wrought of stiff silver, tarnished and impeded. "I wouldn't ask that of you," she murmured.
If Emma-Wren had expected Lucus to give any acknowledgement of her reply, she was horribly wrong. Upon looking up again, she saw that the bony figure had already joined the long line of escapees, the wounded Phallus strapped to his back, moaning softly in pain.
Josef shot a sympathetic gaze into Emma-Wren's eyes, and offered his hand directly to her. "Come on... we can do this, Emma."
She said nothing but took his hand, wind brushed past her cheeks, and nothing gave her reassurance. "Nobody has to die," she whispered, creeping out onto the ledge. "Nobody has to die," she repeated to herself, swallowing, looking upwards towards the sky, hair restless and caught by gusts.

"Move onward!" Josef shouted to the left, where the front of the line was. "There's a ladder not far along the windowsill, I want you all to climb up onto the roof, one by one!"

17-03-2002, 05:39 PM
OOC: Sorry everyone.....I was kind of in Florida being chased by a drunk redneck who wanted to violate my anal virginity with a pitchfork....I'm back though...I'll be posting again. Thanks Mag for taking over ^_^

The one problem with being the pudgy christmas child was that when you were trying to cling to the side of a building with a blinding wind stinging your face is that....well....you can't.

Chuck was experiencing this dilemma now. his stomach stuck out a bit in front of him, and no matter how much he tried to stick to the buildings side, it was in the way. And the wind was hard, wild and fast....and trying to blow him off the sill to his death. For the third time he almost lost his balance and for the third time Niamh pushed him back towards the building. Tears streamed from his wide and frightened eyes. Chuck had never known a fear of heights, but if he would have one it would be caused by this event. Slowly he edged across the side of the building, and then he saw it, a ladder.

Only a little bit further. Only a little more.

Phantom Angel
17-03-2002, 06:08 PM
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18-03-2002, 07:24 PM
(OOC: After Kori and Guy get to the roof, we'll be all set for a dramatic end-of-chapter... and then the fun REALLY starts when the party splits. ^..^)

"OUTRAGE!" Gene Griston roared, slamming his fists on his desk. He'd been switching from camera to camera on his viewscreen, trying to follow the movements of the party. And about five seconds ago, an unconscious Kori had loomed into view.
"If I catch the little bastard who did this... to one of MY agents... on MY company time...!!"
Gene took his riding crop from its stand near his mahogany business desk and whipped it hard on the surface of the table.
"Guy Darrian..." Gene muttered, his voice shaking in anger. "If you let the little twerp who did this to Agent Kagiri get away... oooh, you'll get a beating with this crop like no other, I'll make your geriatric little buttocks PAY!"

With one final scream of frustrated rage, Gene slipped on his irredescent cloak and drew a long, double-barrelled shotgun from a stand on the office wall, slipping it into his cloak gently.
"If you want something done right, do it yourself..."

Moments later, the Manager's Office in the Griston Novelties tower was empty.

Phantom Angel
18-03-2002, 10:41 PM
Jane moved away from Jane, the fear and excitement of the moment rippling through her. The dusty valentine girl moved over to the agent that had picked her up, and gently took her hand in hers. The valentine looked up at Emma-Wren, her blue eyes glittering. She felt sager with the older woman holding her hand. Sighing, she squeezed it hard. The waiting was long and she was still scared. The adult presence beside her did make it a little better... but not by much.

eva_02's soul
19-03-2002, 04:25 AM
If he had been looking, Devlin would have been happy to see that Chuck had made it to the ladder, and the rest of them were doing just as well. However he was too worried with his own survival to notice.
Inching ever so slightly forward, hew kept his eyes at a 45 degree angle downwards, so that he could see where he stood, but not the long drop that would spell the end of the young boy.

/come on, Devlin. Just keep it together and reach that ladder, and whatever you do, don't trip up/

20-03-2002, 01:46 PM
She was almost surprised when the Valentine’s child that she had carried reached over and took her hand, but as she thought about it, it made sense. Indeed, with so many together ... trust would come unknown to nearly all sooner or later. It was just the way of things, even if carriers were unconscious.

Emma-Wren looked down, smiling at her though there was precious little to smile about. Obviously they could not stay where they were, and there was no guarantee that the roof would be clear when they finally got up to it. The omnicopter could have been damaged, sabotaged, or simply moved. At this point, it was also only a matter of time before Gene Griston himself joined in the fray, and he had very little concern for the lives of what threatened his reputation.

It was hard not to see her face in that of the worried child ... she knew suddenly that they should have sent one of the adults up to the rooftop first, preferably someone armed, but it could not be helped now. Josef, the only one with a weapon, came along last at a snail’s pace behind her, and one by one the defective children took to the ladder towards potential escape. God, she was cold. So high up, the wind stripped her of her warmth, and she found herself wishing she had her full uniform on. She wondered how the children were faring in that regard, hoping that a chill wouldn’t slow them down, or that if that happened, sheer adrenaline alone could overcompensate for such an occurrence.

20-03-2002, 03:44 PM
(OOC: TM is bogged down with work at the moment, and Kori's unconscious, so I'm kinda borrowing Guy and Kori for this post. Yes, this is what they wanted to happen, heh. Oh, not to mention just about every other character. *giggles*)

"Just a little further!" Josef bellowed to the front of the mismatched group edging its way along the windowsill. He wasn't entirely right - he couldn't see it from his position, but Chuck had already reached the ladder leading to the rooftop. Placing a pasty hand on the nearest rung and hoisting a flabby leg to the bottom one, the Christmas boy began to ascend slowly, followed by the other in succession. Josef caught a frightened, yet somehow relieved glance from Emma, and got the impression that she was thinking along the same lines as him.
"We're doing well, but we're not out of the woods yet..."


"W... who... what? What the hell happened?"
The newly awakened Agent Kagiri was glancing around confusedly, looking for any sign of the children that had confronted her, or... the unclear figures that had sprung on her by surprise.
Kori shook her head with the strain of trying to remember, her elaborate array of earrings swaying with the movements of her cranium. She could remember something hard hitting the back of her skull, a shock, maybe some sort of betrayal - but nothing clear.
Suddenly, the full urgency of the situation hit the pretty young agent - DCs were on the loose. If they escaped, they'd all be demoted. And that meant going back outside into Oregon, or even further afield - not just in the USA, but practically the whole world, if children ever got that far.
Kori shuddered consciously at the mere thought - sleeping in tents in dangerous and faraway lands might be an adventure, but some of the horror stories of Field Agents that had reached those ears of hers...

Kori's train of thought was interrupted by suddenly catching sight of Guy, who was standing and waiting at her side. Turning to face him, she contemplated his part in her blacking out - but surely if HE was the one to have knocked her out, he wouldn't be standing around at the scene of the crime?
"... Let's go." the elderly agent mumbled. Kori was used to seeing Guy as a loud, somewhat boorish and perpetually drunk figure, a force to be reckoned with - but today, he looked somehow feeble, as if a threat worse than death had been made to him.
"Well, whatever, but we'd better follow those children." Agent Kagiri thought to herself. "They must have gone upwards... and all that's upwards in terms of getting OUT is.... the roof?"
Not even wasting time with a reply to Guy, she sped off up the stairs to the top floor. The surprising thing was that Agent Darrien was actually running behind her.


The roof of the Griston tower was every bit as awe-inspiringly intimidating as every other part of the building; the huge steel floor was adorned with various enormous vents and hatches, leading down, no doubt to a network of unused maintenance tunnels.
Chuck was the first child to emerge onto the roof, followed by Niamh, Random, Devlin... everyone was filing onto the cold, somehow damp steel. The children stared at the sky with awe at the darkened clouds swirling above them, the little wet drops that had spontaneously started falling to the ground, to their faces. After all, this was the first time any of them had seen rain.

However, a figure slumped against a vent not more than fifteen yards away was not so fascinated by the oncoming storm - oh no. He had seen the approach of the escapees, and moved into the shadows, hand on his weapon. Lord knows what had possessed Moti not to sound the alarm and take out the intruders right away, but it was probably something to do with intentionally creating a more dramatic situation and making himself look 'badass'.
"That's all of us!" Josef's voice rang as he clambered onto the rooftop, last in line. It was only at the sound of the unshaven man's voice that Moti realised what he was seeing - agents Harbinger and Lane, two who had worked alongside himself, had apparently defected to the side of the defective children. His eyes widened in shock, and he couldn't help but let a gasp escape his lips - a gasp unheard by the straggling band of fugitives, drowned out by the increasingly stronger raindrops.

"Are you hoping to use that to escape?" Lucus asked, motioning towards a multi-rotored, sleek, black capsule. To someone living in the twentieth century, it could have easily been mistaken for a helicopter, but it couldn't have been more different. This Omnicopter looked simply like a futurised version of such an ancient form of transport, but new developments in electromagnetic transport (originally pioneered on bullet trains) enabled it to move at phenomenal speeds, using a strong electromagnetic pulse to work in harmony with the Earth's own magnetic field.
Emma simply nodded at Lucus. Then, shielding her eyes from the pouring rain, she motioned the scared and fascinated children towards the strange vehicle.

21-03-2002, 02:57 PM
Something was amiss as Motis gaze shot downwards. His 'medication' (quote unquote weed) had slipped from his mouth and fallen onto the cold landing. At least that is what he thought, but he could not see the small object.

Suddenly on the roofs main strip an echoing gun shot rang out in the air, and everyone seemed to turn their heads simultaniously. Moti was revealed from the shadows, fumbling with his gun in his left hand and his right pant leg in flames. The agent was kicking wildly and after the initial moment of shock Josef was smacked in the forehead with what seemed to be an odd strip of burning paper that smelled like charred leafs.

Moti stumbled as he smiled deviously, his pant leg still in flames.
"Agents Lane and Harbinger, nice to see you!!"
The last sentance ended in a rigid crescendo as the flame spread up to the crotch area. Moti quickly tucked his handgun under his armpit and with one swift motion unbuckled his pants and stripped them off. He let out a sigh of releif as the flaming fabric was thrown to the side.

21-03-2002, 04:07 PM
(OOC: First part is my own work, second part is joint between me and Zepp, third is joint between me and Sakaki.)


Josef stifled a laugh at Moti's little escapade; there was nothing he loved more than seeing one of Moti's 'badass' moments go completely awry, which they frequently did. Josef wasn't sure, but it was as if some hidden puppet master was controlling everything that happened to Moti and making it as humiliating as possible.
However, a realisation suddenly hit Josef hard - Emma and himself had been seen co-operating with the DCs... seen by Moti, who was loyal to Griston.
Josef swallowed hard. He didn't know about Emma, but he hadn't planned on actually escaping with the children. After all, how could they ever trust or accept him now?
Choosing his words carefully, Josef spoke at last. "Moti..." he began. "Moti... how did you get up here?"
Moti managed to point his gun out at Josef as he spoke, but his knees were shivering from the shrill wind that swept across the roof.
"I have my ways... connections within this company. But shouldnt I be asking the questions?" He smiled "What the hell do you think you are doing with those children." as he pronounced 'children' Moti put two fingers with both hands, making quotation signs even with the gun still in his grasp. He seemed calmer than what one might have expected a Griston agent to be in this situation.
Josef racked his brain for an answer. Moti clearly wanted something, and if it meant reporting Emma-Wren and himself, he wasn't about to let that happen.
"Moti... I have my reasons, and so does Emma." he stated sharply. "But before you do anything rash, I will remind you..."
The unshaven agent had bought his own firearm out of its holster. "... remind you that you are not the only one who's armed."
Moti laughed inbetween a cold (literally) and hacking cough. His teeth were chattering together but he still carried on.
"So your going to shoot me?" he said sarcastically. "I wont shoot you if you dont shoot me... So lets say we make a bargain here." There was a dramatic pause as Moti cautiously stepped forward keeping his firearm outstretched.
"If i keep this hush hush.... You owe me one."
Though Agent Harbinger kept his facial expressions cold, harsh and concentrating, he mentally breathed a sigh of relief.
"It's a deal." Josef stated matter-of-factly. "Have it your way, Moti - I'll return to Griston's side, and you keep this all quiet. And... I owe you one."

Moti motioned his gun towards Emma-Wren and stroked a strand of his long red hair behind one ear.
"And what do you plan on doing?"
Emma-Wren was silent. Agent Mo raised an eyebrow to high altitudes at her lack of response, but before he could say anything about it she finally spoke up. "I plan on finding someone," she said. "I plan on marrying, I plan on growing old, and lastly I plan on dying after all has been said and done. Perhaps that does not answer your question, but that is the only answer I can give."
Josef tried to hide his puzzlement, opting to interrupt the exchange with a comment of his own. "Emma, you'll only find that if you stay here, won't you? We're not going to be accepted amongst them right now."
Emma turned to look at him, but Josef felt a strong need to make her agree... at least for now. All he could do was shoot her a wink out of his right eye.
She looked from Josef to the children, face dark with gloom. How many generations would she betray, even if it was done only with words? "Get on the omnicopter," she said to them in a voice that would brook no argument, flattened and cold. "Get on now." Emma-Wren looked to the rooftop beneath her wet feet as she turned back to Josef and Moti, unable to say that she could stay, aware that she could still not leave.
Josef let out an audiable sigh for the first time since Moti's appearance. "Go quickly" he said to the huddled children behind them, not even turning his head. All they had to do was get away, and he could go back to running away from his own morals.

23-03-2002, 03:28 PM
“It’s open, it’s open, IT’S OPEN!” Kori yelled as she leapt up to grab hold of one of the ladder’s rungs. She had almost lost her grip, but thankfully the young woman got her feet up and onto a rung just a few below where her hands were, “Its…wet? Is it raining?!” Confused, Kori looked up, only to be greeted by a light sprinkling from above, "Well, this is just great…” she mumbled under her breath as she scrambled up the ladder. Her trench coat’s metal belt buckle clanged loudly against the ladder’s side with each bound. Things were starting to get more and more tense by the second.

Finally, Kori had reached the top, spent and breathless. The rain started to fall heavier, making it even harder for her to crawl out from the roof’s maintenance hatch. Determined, Kori flung herself up and over the concrete lip and rolled over onto her side while she pulled her pistol out from its holster.

Situation is as stands: Children have been spotted, along with a pantless Mo. Josef and Emma seem to have those runts under wraps. And Guy is right beside me—right?”

She paused her train of thought for a beat to look over to her left…then to her right, “G-GUY?!” Angry, Kori peered back down the maintainence hatch and scowled, “GUY!! Get up here please! Agent Mo has no pants!”

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And...uh...well, screw a monkey. Fixed?)

23-03-2002, 04:24 PM
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24-03-2002, 04:45 PM
(OOC: Umm... I COULD go ahead and effectively end the chapter in just a few posts, but I want people to get a chance to participate... any one of the DCs or anybody want to leave their mark on the end of the chapter before I make the inevitable happen?)

eva_02's soul
25-03-2002, 01:29 AM
Devlin was almost to the copter, when the final "hunters" got to the roof. He turned and looked in shock, and in the few seconds that seemed like hours, Devlin's mind worked up a storm.

/All the adults are brave, standing tall, so shall I. I have to show my honor to these people/

With the children halfway to the copter, Devlin put his foot down, and stood eyeing both the bad hunters. Turning to the nearest child, Random, he said.

"Get to the omnicopter with the rest of them, I want to stay with Lucus and the others, I have to see how this plays out, if i can make a difference to the outcome, no matter how scary this may get."

Phantom Angel
25-03-2002, 01:57 AM
Jane stepped on the big giant flying machine thingy. She had no other name for it since she hadn't heard the adults when they said it. The valentine girl, had the misfortune of looking back, to see the hunters, and their weapons get to the roof. She gasped, and rushed into the belly of the giant, hiding in the smallest spot. She knew she had to be brave. She just had to, but she couldn't. She just wanted to be away, in a happy little place, where... where they weren't hunted. She hated being a trophy, a mere prize in a sporting game. She was a person, she had to be a person. All those feelings inside of her, they couldn't mean nothing. They just couldn't! She was real. Real like Joseph, or Emma-Wren, or even the hunters. All of them were real. They never asked to be greeting cards. They hadn't chosen their fate, they were born into it. Yet they were hunted. Treated like... like they were nothing. Just trophies to hang on walls.

"I am not a trophy. I am real. I am real." Jane whispered in her own little corner. She looked up, her eyes ablaze with anger.

"Get on everyone! Let's not let them catch us!" she called out to the rest of the children, and stood up with determination.

25-03-2002, 02:49 AM
Niamh glided cautiously, if not entirely calmly, across the rooftop. The high winds whipped insistently at the clothing she had spent all of her short life loathing as she made her way through the rain towards the shaky figure of the Omnicopter in the middle distance. She paused a moment as the children stopped to take in the scene. Guns. Adults. Threats. Niamh felt this was becoming something of an overused motif. In front of her, Devlin turned and spoke to Random.

"Get to the omnicopter with the rest of them, I want to stay with Lucus and the others, I have to see..."

"Sounds good." Niamh interjected, not particularly caring about how he finished his sentence as she walked away. The omniwhatsit meant getting out of here, and getting out of here was certainly preferable for waiting around while everyone sermonised at each other or possibly just shot each other if they weren't feeling real creative. She slid solemnly onboard the craft, finding a vacant spot and immediately claiming it, plucking once more at the damn fuku as she did so.

25-03-2002, 02:25 PM

A gunshot rang through the turbulent air, the first moment of terror in what was to become an intense, if somewhat orchestrated few minutes. The bullet had shot from the barrel of Guy's gun, and had narrowly missed Phallus' ear, causing the wounded young boy to squeal loudly into Lucus' ear.
"It's started!!" Lucus bellowed to the children already in the Omnicopter. "Start the engines, now! All you have to do is tell it to go, and it'll go!"
The bony man couldn't think of any better way to describe voice-activated systems to one-day-old children in a matter of approximately three seconds, but judging from the voices that rang out from the belly of the vehicle, his adoptees had understood.
"I'm sick of this. Just go--"
"-- anywhere! Anywhere but here!"
Two voices had rang out through the copter, and both had been obeyed by the flight computer. The badly phrased orders from both Niamh and Jane had given the system all the input it needed, and the rotors of the Omnicopter began to fire up.
"That's good..." Lucus thought to himself. "This way, they can all get in before the helicopter leaves the ground..."
The pale figure didn't know it, but he was very, very wrong. Omnicopters weren't anything like helicopters - they didn't fly by their rotors alone. Ooh no, magnets were a much more powerful form of propulsion. This was evident, as the flying machine had taken barely two seconds to elevate itself to a height more than ten feet from the roof of the Griston Tower, and it was already starting to move slowly north, as if pondering which way to go.
Lucus and the children left on the roof of the building emitted yelps of surprise at the Omnicopter's rapid ascent... and the apparent split in the party.
"It's no good!" Lucus spluttered aloud. "Once that thing has a command, it won't take any others until it reaches it's destination!" His heart sank as he realised that the party of ragged children was now practically divided for good - Phallus, Random and Devlin were now stuck on firm ground, while Niamh, Jane and Chuck were about to be shipped off to an unknown destination.
"Even if they wanted to jump, they couldn't, poor souls... the doors are already locked down..."

(OOC: We're basically coming right to the end of the chapter. Things are pretty undetermined here but for a few key things - can NOBODY kill ANY of the children or agents, and can NOBODY 'sucessfully' re-unite the helicopter and roof parties? Thanks.)

26-03-2002, 06:12 AM
Stairs are hard. Ladders are harder. But from what guy had seen, Griston had a wide array of paddles and knick knacks that were hardest, if anything was ‘harder’ than that man.

Guy shuddered at his own mind linking those thoughts. He’d of cried, but now wasn’t the time.


The first thought through Guy’s mind at Kori’s exclamation- Hey ! That’s my name !

GUY!! Get up here please! Agent Mo has no pants!

The second thought accompanying this statement was- Pants?
The first one being- I hate ladders
The only reason the second thought wasn’t first is because it took a moment for that to register on Guy’s mind. Then again, Guy’s third thought was about how dead sexy he must be to have Kori making up such an elaborate ruse to bring up the topic of pants. In the back of his mind, he was really hoping it was a ruse as he by no means was anxious to see Moti pantless. Again.

Guy finally managed to pop his head out of the maintenance hatch and get a good look of his surroundings. He was surrounded by two boots belonging to Kori and a lot of rain. Oh yes, a Kodak moment indeed.

With a final lunge/pull/stumble, Guy flung himself over the lip of the opening and sent himself rolling and sliding on the too-slick rooftop. His graceful tumble had all the elegance of Oscar the grouch during one of his heroin withdrawals, but it got the job done. What job it got done was still up for interpretation, but suffice it to say it was done. He was in one of his trademark ‘ready’ crouches, which is the term he came up for any position he appeared in after one of his trademark tumbles, bumbles, or stumbles, and the occasional lumble, but that was rare and undefined as a term as of yet.

That’s right, Guy was near sober, positioned, and had found a thin target in the high winds and curtain of rain. A shot to calibrate aim rang in a clear tone across the gap, snapped fast and hung loud in the air, the immaculately maintained python sang in a hiss of metal through the barrel, the round itself roaring in a noise painstakingly identifiable as a conclusion. He’d narrowly missed, but the first shot was merely to adapt to the environmental conditions.

The second shot would be called beautiful by any account. Its results may be disputable, but the trajectory itself was flawless. It slid through the air, a careful and painstakingly patient observer could replay footage of the shot and see it not only cut perfectly through the varying gusts of wind that shook the skies, but managed to slip past every drop of water falling from the sky, the curtain of rain parting before the perfection that lie in the point being driven forward in a fraction of a second, one the mind couldn’t count if it had tried.

The python doesn’t require poison, it itself is death alone.

*gasp* I live ! amazing !
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Sorry maggily-poo for the delay, I rove you rong time make up for it, yes?

26-03-2002, 08:34 AM
A shot. A scream. Silence.

The only person present on the rooftop who felt the fall was Phallus, his face doused in blood that was not his own. Strapped to the back of a dead man's shoulders, he saw death with his own two eyes for the first time.
"L... Lucus..."
A second scream ran out throughout the rooftop, eminating eerily from the hovering Omnicopter. The desperate, disbelieving scream of a young girl served as a stong contrast to the violent, conclusive shot that had pierced the chest of the bony man, yet acted also as a catalyst to the very real terror that had just struck each and every child present in the chaos of the scene - the fear of being hunted had gripped them from the beginning, but the sudden realization of death that can only be found in the eyes of a witness had dawned upon those present.
"G... Go..." Lucus mumbled with his last breaths, the shot to his right lung draining the life out of his fragile body. "The... fire... escape. Just go..."
Random and Devlin were now pulling the injured Phallus from the straps on Lucus' back. Shock had hit them all beyond the point of tears.
Suddenly, Lucus made one last jerk of a motion, tearing his face away from the soaked steel long enough to look Emma-Wren straight in the eyes.
"Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......"
Lucus' sentance was cut short by his own death. A final beat of his tired heart signified the last second of his life, and he felt himself slip away into darkness.


"Heh... one plain down, Benita?"

(OOC: Heh, no, none of the characters heard that last line.)

Phantom Angel
26-03-2002, 02:43 PM
OOC: *sob* LUCUS!!!! waa! i really liked him!!!!

The ornitopter had left, without the others. Jane knew it was hopeless to try and get out. They were alone. Completely alone, flying in some sort of strange machine, to some impeding doom. Two other kids she did not know were with her. The valentine girl was at the window, looking down at the building. You could still see the little figures moving on there, as they were moving away.

Suddenly, a shot echoed clearly through the air. Jane gasped, and saw as one of the little figures fell to the ground. They were too far away to see who it was.

"NO!" she screamed, her palm hitting the glass. It was useless, they couldn't do anything. They were stuck.

"We're stuck here! We're stuck here while the others are down there! And... and someone got hurt! Those evil hunters hurt them!" Jane told the other children, coming away from the window. They were out of sight by now.

"There's NOTHING we can do!" she exclaimed. "Nothing but wait..." she said, in a small and haunted voice.

There was little chance they'll ever get reunited. That girl, Random, and Lucus, and Emma-Wren, and... and the others. They were most likely... dead. Jane didn't know what dead meant, well, she wasn't sure she knew what she meant. The little girl knew pain, and fear, but death....she had heard it before.

"Are the others dead?" she asked Niamh and Devilin.

26-03-2002, 03:59 PM
"fire escape..." Random looked quickly around for whatever Lucus must have meant. A way to get away from here... Random ignored for the moment the fact that she had gotten some blood on her hands. Then she saw it. There was a small sign pointing in a direction that read "fire escape" and in that direction, there was a medal stairway on the outside of the building that lead downwards, descending back towards the ground.

" Over there! Let's hurry."

Helping Phallus up, Random started running as fast as she could while helping the other move. At this point she became aware of the blood on her hands and the realisation of what just happened hit her...she was frightened beyong anything before...and yet the blood on her hands somehow made her curious..

"...what's it like to die? What's after it?"

26-03-2002, 05:29 PM
Moti stepped towards the fallen man as the copter flew out of sight. The agent bent down to take Lucus' pulse, but there was nothing.
The agents all stood on the roof, Guy and Kori clueless as to what Josef and Emmas actions had been before they arrived, and then there was Moti. He could use his knowledge as deterrence but he was now beggining to wonder whether or not the agents paths would cross again... That is if all these events led up to one grand demotion.

At this point Moti realized for the second time that he had no pants on, and his old trousers were a heap of ash laying to his right. A sweatdrop soon appeared on the mans forehead as Kori approached.

"This is... not what it looks like..."

26-03-2002, 10:43 PM
The sleek craft raised ever higher, dragging the tower below further and further away as Niamh watched from the window. A shot rang out sharply, causing her to flinch. She tried to look down past the wind and increasingly violent rain, but she couldn't make out if the shot had hit anyone in particular. The ground was so far away now, and the Omnicopter was picking up speed in it's ascent as it seemed to get an idea of where it was headed. The image of the tower spiralled away, fading in the brewing storm. Niamh rested her head against the window glass, closing her eyes against the sheets of water running from it.

"Fugh." It didn't sound quite like the word she wanted, and she wasn't sure what word she was after in the first place. Whatever it meant, it sounded tantalisingly close to what she felt, so she repeated it a few more times, experimenting. "Fughing motherfughing crapfugh." Only when she was done pseudo-cursing did she note the presence of anyone else in the craft. She moved away from the window and slumped into one of the leather bench seats.

"So...when this thing lands at 'Anywhere', anyone got any bright ideas?"

Phantom Angel
27-03-2002, 01:23 AM
Jane sighed, and took a seat across from Niamh.

"Bright? No. Ideas yes. We get the hell out of this thing, and as far away as possible. Then... we try to come back for the others." Jane sighed. She wouldn't leave them behind. There was no way she'd just leave them all to die. "But first, we should stop this thing." she said. "Any ideas as to how?" she asked.

OOC: i know i know mags... we can't stop it, i was only asking.

27-03-2002, 01:39 AM
Niamh passed a critical eye over the control panel. Or at least she hypothetically would have, if there had been a control panel to pass her eyes over. It looked entirely automated.

"Yeah, I have an idea. We break everything we can reach. That should stop this thing, though I don't know if that would help us a lot, being a few thousand feet above the ground right now."

Phantom Angel
27-03-2002, 01:51 AM
"Breaking's not good. We don't want to.... stop functioning." Jane said. "Hey, is stop functioning like dying? Or is dying like stop functioning? Or are they different? What is dying?" Jane asked.

"I think we should wait, until we finsh the flight." she said, sighing deeply. "So? What's dying?" she asked again.

27-03-2002, 04:25 AM
Phallus had just made a discovery. It wasn't exactly a pleasant one, but it was a discovery nonetheless. In fact, it was a feeling - a feeling that was the most horrifying thing that had ever entered the young boy's brain.
This feeling was a phobia.
"We're... very... high....." Phallus gulped, staring down the wet stairs of the fire escape. Unlike conventional fire escapes of other buildings, the steps of the Griston Tower fire escape spiralled around the entire building, making for a much faster descent - if a little more dangerous.
Random didn't have time to reply to Phallus' comment. Her and Devlin were moving as fast as they could while helping the injured lad along; logic dictates that this would make for very slow movement, but you'd be surprised how the fear of several armed men and women twice your size helps to increase your velocity.
What none of them knew was that the main doors of the tower were no longer locked down... and soon, someone was to emerge from them...

(OOC: Crap post, sorry. Only had about 5 minutes free, heh.)

eva_02's soul
27-03-2002, 06:18 AM
Devlin carefully made his way down the fire escape with Random, supporting Phallus with his shoulder, and hoping that the rest of the party would land somewhere safe.

"Random, don't go too quickly, one slip up and your journey to the bottom might be a little faster than anticipated." He said, tentibely reaching another step of the slippery spiral.

27-03-2002, 07:45 AM
At Moti’s pantlessness, Kori snorted in contempt, “You have no pants, Moti. That’s what it looks like to me,” she said rather sharply as the rain continued to pour. Kori narrowed her eyes to try and keep the stinging rain out, but as the wind picked up speed and sifted through her earrings, she came to see that it would be of no use. Reaching around, she pulled her trench coat tighter around herself and tied its belt into a knot to keep from falling off of her. Then, without much of a warning, the young woman sped off towards Griston’s fire escape, weapon in hand, “Let’s go you sods!” she called back through the rain, “Let’s at least catch half of ‘em!”

01-04-2002, 01:51 PM
"We're almost there!" Phallus shouted over the noise of the wind and the rain. He could see the end of the fire escape sliding into view around the last corner, touching the ground near the main doors. Just one more right turn at those doors, and they'd be scooting away from the building, towards the moat.
However, their escape was not to pass without mistakes. The young boy slipped on a strategically placed banana skin and fell over the rails to his doom. However, the banana's position was SO strategic that Phallus took Devlin and Random with him too. They died.


Up above on the roof, Moti was lighting another joint. "Damn it..." he muttered. "I hope this one doesn't set anything alight..."
However, Moti's hopes were in vain. His joint fell from his sweaty palm, landing near Kori's heel and igniting her pants in less than a second.
"AAAAHHH!!!" Kori screamed, struggling to prise off her flaming trousers. However, they had already burned away completely, leaving only her tiny pink thong to mask her nakedness.
"Oh my," Moti exclaimed before erupting into a nosebleed that proceeded to drown everyone on the roof. They died.


The omnicopter crashed. Niamh, Chuck and Jane screamed. They died.


"Oh fiddlesticks!" cursed Gene, who was currently running to the main entrance. "Now how are we going to continue the damn RPG?"

02-04-2002, 03:50 AM
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02-04-2002, 08:11 AM
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JudgementGoddess: The omnicopter crashed. Niamh, Chuck and Jane screamed. They died
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Seraphina Tevien: o_o Why is... everyone dying in FD?

Happy April Fools to anyone who believed it, all 0.5 of you. :p

Anyway, here's the REAL post:)


"We're almost there!" Phallus shouted over the noise of the wind and the rain. He could see the end of the fire escape sliding into view around the last corner, touching the ground near the main doors. Just one more right turn at those doors, and they'd be scooting away from the building, towards the moat.
However, their escape was not to pass without interruption. As the three scrabbling children reached sturdy ground once again, the main doors to the Griston tower began to slide open. Paralysed by curiosity, the trio stopped to see who - or what - would emerge from the door.
A boot. A flash of reflected light. The gleam of a long, well-polished shaft. Gene Griston was emerging from the entrance, and the shaft wasn't anywhere near his pants - it was the barrel of his prized shotgun.
"Oh... Gezus..." Phallus thought in his head, wondering where the last, slightly inaccurate word had come from. "Not another one... I don't want to stick around and find out who this is."
But it was too late; Griston was at the ready. He cocked his huge shotgun in mid-air and pointed it at Random's head, all within one second. The young girl, too scared to move, gave the long barrel a stunned stare.
"That's right..." Gene began smoothly, noticing that the three children had frozen in place. "Make one wrong move and this pretty young thing gets her pretty young brains blown out..." A smirk crossed the pretty-boy's face as he watched the panic in the escapees' expressions - there was no way these ones were going to get away.

Phantom Angel
02-04-2002, 01:46 PM
OOC: *blushes* MAAAGS! i can't believe you kept that!!! *embarassed laughter* yes i did fall for it. silly me forgot it was april fools.

03-04-2002, 01:20 AM
“Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......”

Forget he did, for death clears all memories.

The metaphorical suit she wore as an Agent was the thin layer that kept her from shedding desperate tears then; dead-pan Emma-Wren Lane stared with fogged-glass eyes at what unfolded before her, recurrence, repetition, repeat, resume, return. The gunshots, those men, the results, all these and more gazed right back at her, and it seemed again that ghosts continually shaped the present.

She was the only one left. One. The last of her generation ... alone, by her mistakes and those committed by others. Yet she had to survive, had to, had to, had to, had to ... oh, it echoed hollowly, miserably in her head.

Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......

Gene Griston, now the highest authority in the company that bore his family name, stared down the barrel of his rifle at a stunned, abandoned defect. And Emma-Wren could say nothing.

Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......

The long run, she reminded herself. Not the short run. She was in this, as Emma-Wren or as Agent Lane, for the long haul - what happened in these moments could not be allowed to remove her from the game. And so she remained silent, though her heart strained to speak.

It was interesting, how the tables had quietly turned. Those long years ago, she had held power over her now employer, and survived because of it. But now his presence held that same power over her, and to it she yielded. He knew what she was, knew her from her very beginnings, and he alone had the true power to return her to that catatonic state.

Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......

She alone now held knowledge. It was too precious to risk.

Maybe... I can... fo... for.. g......

... forget ...

03-04-2002, 02:58 PM
Random stared at the gun with quivering eyes, scared like never before. But slowly the fear gave away to something else...the will to survive. Random knew what she was going to do was very risky and stupid, but the man seemed to be paying more attention to the others than the scared little girl so it might just work...and then suddenly Random looked at Gene with an angry look on her face and quickly jumped in closer, her foot slashing out and connecting...quite painfully to boot (pun intended)... with Gene's other "shaft".


And with that Random ran away as fast as she could and hoped that whatever weapon that man had just been holding didn't have long range.

OOC: You told me to make a daring escape somehow and o.o() this is the best I could come up with right now...

03-04-2002, 04:33 PM
Gene shouted a word which the likes of a Josef or an Emma would seldom say as he clutched his aching gonads. Ripples of intense pain surged through his groin as he fell backwards to the ground, winded.
"That... bitch!"
Gene's shotgun fired a stray shot into the night air that echoed throughout the Griston grounds. Random, Devlin and Phallus, who were already nearing the moat of the tower, ducked as they ran and screamed slightly, fearing a bullet in the back of the head. Panting and soaking, the three children sprinted and hobbled towards the surface of the water.
"Jump! Jump!" Devlin shouted. "Jump and swim!"
Random was the first to reach the bank of the huge, wide moat, and the first to leap into it head-first. The two birthday boys followed close behind, splashing into the icy cold liquid. However, one was a significantly weaker swimmer than the other two - Phallus, who had been shot earlier, could not muster up the strength to paddle.
"H... help!!" the scruffy boy squealed to his comrades between mothfulls of water. He didn't have to say more. His newly-found friends had already taken an arm each, and were beginning to swim to the opposite bank with him in their arms.
Sadly, the cold of the water, the exhaustion of running and hiding for so long, and the fear of death was too great a strain on them all. One by one, the three escapees lost consciousness, and began drifting along with the current. None of them were aware of it, but moats didn't have currents too often - however, Griston's was an exception. Even if the three fugitives had been awake, they would not have recognised the long, thin body of water ahead of them - a river, joining on to the gargantuan moat.


"God DAMN!"
Kori's fist hit the steel side of the building in frustration. For all their efforts, not a single child had been captured - not a single escapee had been caught. She wasn't alone in her anger; all agents present seemed to be in the same mindset, even if none dared to voice it.
"Griston..." Josef thought to himself, trying to keep the despair of imminent demotion from setting in. "Griston had better not treat us too harshly for this one. It was his blunder that allowed them to get away!"

The other agents, all clustered around the moaning Gene Griston, were either scowling or wearing sad expressions; Emma-Wren looked saddened to the point of tears, the half-awake Guy was shaking in terror at the thought of his private 'punishment', and Agent Mo was trying his hardest to conceal his dissapointment and anxiety behind a smug smirk.
With a final spluttering cough, Gene hoisted himself to his feet. His eyes flashed evilly, and if he had worn glasses, he would have pushed them up onto his nose menacingly as he said "Harbinger, Lane, Kagiri, Mo, and Darrian especially... up to my office..... now."
Everyone but Griston had a sinking feeling in their stomach. There was a great possibility that this would be their last night under a solid roof for some time.


"D-Did you just feel that?" Jane asked in a frightened tone. Niamh and Chuck would have turned to her attentively had they not been distracted by the same peculiar feeling. It was as though each of them had just had their stomach and large intestine stretched forward, then backward, by several hundred miles, but in the most non-painful way possible.
All three of the children in the Omnicopter had their attention captivated by a sudden silence, as if an ever-present noise had just ceased. Suddenly, realization dawned upon them - it had stopped raining. Not in the usual manner that rain winds down, or even stops abruptly, but an absolute stillness that came in less than a second.
Chuck glanced carefully out of a nearby window, and almost staggered backwards onto Niamh's foot in surprise.
"Uuuuh... I think you should take a look outside..." the flabby boy stated, dumbstuck with some kind of odd tone of shock in his voice. The two girls took his advice and peered out of the same window that Chuck had gazed through, and were similarly caught off-guard by what they saw.
Instead of the semi-neat plains and woods that they had spotted in the distance from the roof of the Griston tower, a thick green carpet lay beneath them all, as far as the eye could see. A tall canopy of tightly-meshed trees was beneath them, creatin a strong contrast with the scenery they were used to. This wasn't a forest or wood that one might find in Oregon in the year 2213 - this was a rainforest.

A loud noise echoed through the belly of the airborne vehicle, followed by a vibration and an array of sparks that tossed the present company to the other side of the cabin. Though none of the children were especially well-versed in the feelings one experienced inside an Omnicopter, a strange feeling of sudden descent was upon them.
"Please do not panic," stated a cool voice from the copter's computer system. "Please assume the emergency landing position until told otherwise by the auto-nav syst--"
The droning voice had been cut off altogether, and replaced by an eerie laugh that echoed throughout the desperate air. As the ghostly taunt faded away, it was replaced by a terrified scream from Jane, drowning out the frightened noises that the other two escapees were occasionally emitting. They were going to crash. Very, very soon.


(OOC: Please insert Disc 2.... nah, not really. :p Ok, ok, that was the end of the first chapter, ladies and gentlemen. No, the chapters don't have names, that's why I never mentioned them, hah.
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Sakaki - Emma-Wren Lane
DrZepp - Moti Mo
SSJfemme - Kori Kagiri
TradeMark - Guy Darrian


eva_02's soul - Devlin
7thKeeper - Random


Hiigaran - Chuck
Pen2 - Niamh
Phantom Angel - Jane

As for the new players who have been accepted, you will not be introduced right away - instead, you will be introduced at the appropriate juncture related to your character. Don't worry - I'll get you all in A.S.A.P.

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03-04-2002, 06:07 PM
********SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 1********

Here is the summary for the events of chapter 1. This is designed for new players to quickly read the pertinent information of past events and for existing players who need plot clarification to find it.


The year is 2213, and the world has more or less achieved overall peace... but at the cost of some fundamental human rights.
Deep underground, in a hidden factory floor, a company known as Griston Novelties were producing the future's version of greeting cards - greeting children! These children were designed to deliver the message... and then conveniently recycle themselves. Brainwashed, stereotyped drones... sounds melodramatic, doesn't it?
Anyway, on rare occasions, machines malfunction... children escape... and one night in late October, the entire factory suffered a malfunction on a scale not previously imagined.
Red lights flashed and conveyer belts ground to a halt around the eight sections of the factory floor, as klaxons and sirens of all kinds sounded around the entire Griston building. Six children, all in the same stage of the refinement process, were hurled from the machines, to meet with a rude awakening to sudden self-awareness, brought upon by the sudden impact of the floor.
The six children were comprised of a boy for Christmas occasions, two boys for birthdays, a girl for Valentine's day and two girls for apologies. Using their will to survive and their wits alone, they managed to evade five of Griston's most highly skilled agents; those designated to controlling escapes within the HQ. Those agents were:

Josef Harbinger - The newest of the child eradication task force, a tall, dark haired and unshaven man with a secret sympathy for the children.
Emma-Wren Lane - An agent with a secret past who was once a Greeting Child herself, and so has similar feelings to Josef's. His closest friend within the company.
Moti Mo - A posing and often conceited red-haired agent with a penchant for trying to look 'badass' and failing.
Kori Kagiri - An observant, sexy and somewhat mean agent with a distaste for the incompetent.
Guy Darrian - An experienced and elderly agent who is almost always drunk or intoxicated in one way or another.

The defective children evaded Griston's agents long enough to meet up with a grown-up escapee still hiding within the tower's walls, Lucus Benita, who helped them to make a further escape attempt. After some cupious flirting between Josef and Emma, some drunken antics (not to mention avoidance of homosexual persusions from the company's manager, Gene Griston) from Guy, and some collective bitching from Kori and Moti, the persuit began once again.
After Josef and Emma defected temporarily to the side of the children (unbenown to all but Moti, who kept his mouth shut, revelling in his knowledge of 'blackmail material) and helped them to get to the roof of the tower, three of the children (Jane, Niamh and Chuck) escaped in a futuristic vessel named the Omnicopter. However, shortly after their escape, Lucus was shot by Guy, and the remaining three children (Phallus, Devlin and Random) escaped by means of a fire escape circling the building. (interrupted only by a stupid April Fool's joke played by the GM upon his players.)
Phallus' party was intercepted by Gene Griston and his shotgun on the ground, and after Random resolved the situation by kicking Gene in the balls, the party again fled to the tower's moat. However, since all three escapees were so weakened from their antics, they lost consciousness in the moat and drifted down a nearby river (adjacent to the moat).

High above, the Omnicopter seemed to skip several thousand miles via some strange phenomenon, and crash-landed in the rainforests of Brazil. Back home, however, Gene Griston was dusting himself off, and declaired a meeting with his agents....

********END OF SUMMARY********

03-04-2002, 06:23 PM
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Crazy Water Village (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38703)
Liberdade Nature Reserve (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38704)

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The Agent's Lounge seemed far more gloomy and foreboding than usual, probably due to the verbal bashing that the agents were about to recieve. Each of them had just filed into the room not two minutes ago, and Gene Griston's final words to them before he slammed the door to the room still rang in their heads:
"STAY IN HERE until I've decided what to do with you all. I'll call for a meeting when I'm sure that I've devised the correct... consequences... for your IRRESPONSIBLE, DISGUSTING ACTIONS!!"

Josef gazed around the small lounge at his co-workers. His favourite agent, Emma, was slumped in a comfortable chair next to him, twiddling with the ends of her hair and shooting him nervous glances from time to time, while Moti and Kori were arguing loudly about something or other that was undoubtedly rather trivial in the corner.
"Those two'll end up together, mark my words..." the unshaven man thought to himself, watching Guy whimpering anxiously and clutching his behind, conversing drunkenly with one of Griston's slightly more convincing fake potted plants.

"Shouldn't be long now..." Emma-Wren muttered to herself. Josef simply sighed and sunk further into his chair. Demotion was imminent, his fellow agents were in dissaray, but at least he had some sort of companion in all the bleakness.

(OOC: Sorry for the shortness of the post, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to do something or other before the Big Bitching Speech.

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04-04-2002, 06:39 PM
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Josef twiddled his thumbs idly, sighing to himself. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be far, far away, somewhere where there was no Griston, and there was no work, and he could just sit around all day and look at Emma in that sweater.

Sad as it may seem, this was more or less the most 'naughty' Josef's imagination got. That is, unless he was alone. Many were the times that he was glad his door could lock, though admittedly he still wasn't 'adventurous' by definition.

Emma-Wren stared numbly into space; something in the back of her mind hinted at another long bout of insomnia. Had she been paying attention to herself, she would have seen how soaked her clothing was, and would have noted how she shivered from the chill. But her mind was far away, and it seemed that little could call it back right now.

"Are you cold?" Asked a voice from beside her. Emma turned to see Josef's kindly eyes smiling into hers, concerned and unthreatening. He offered her his hand across the chairs. "Do you want to go and warm up a little? Change clothes?"

“I ... I suppose,” she said in a quiet reply, operating at least partially on autopilot. He was worried about her, the girl knew, and if she did not take him up on his suggestion, he would worry all the more. She rose to her feet, but under the burden of the day’s events, some string inside of her snapped. Like a marionette cut down, Emma-Wren Lane fell to her knees in a jumbled heap.

Josef rushed to her side and crouched down next to the exhausted agent, gently placing and arm around her shoulder.

"Emma?" He asked worriedly. No response came. "Emma? Is something wrong?"

He froze in surprise when she grasped his artificial hand with all her meager strength, but she released him and sank further into the floor, lying down as though there was nothing about her and she was entirely disconnected. What Josef did not know was that though her body had gone limp, her mind was running at a rate that far exceeded its usual pace. Morbidly, she was thinking of the children, of being recycled, melted down, reformed ...

Josef was getting ready to fling his arms around her in a tight, passionate hug... when something unusual caught the corner of his eye. A flicker of light, a disturbance in the distance. Turning his head to look directly at the source of the disturbance, he saw the air in one spot of the room shimmering and shaking wildly.

"What's that...?" Harbinger wondered aloud, noticing that the spot was in the shape of the rough outline of a fully-grown man. Taking small, cautious steps towards the semi-invisible figure, a ringing filled his ears, followed by a shrill laugh.

"Still confused, are we? Don't worry, Josef, one day you'll know."

The shimmering outline faded from view, and the confused Josef breathed a sigh of relief. He was just coming to the realization that he was the only one present who had heard the voice, when a noise above him caught his attention. A light fitting was falling on his head. Fast.

Emma-Wren sensed the plunge as it dived through the air, and knew that it was her Josef who was in danger. She curled up tightly on the floor in distress, biting back a cry. She couldn’t risk it, couldn’t afford it, couldn’t chance it with other agents in the room, and he would be hurt because of that! She put her hands over her ears, to deaden the sound of his shout.

Even when the mind knows better, at times the heart cannot agree.

With his weight down in motion and half-way through the process of throwing himself to the right, Josef heard her high pitched scream, which rang off the walls and seemed to return to pierce her very body. Inside his head he swore he could discern words in the shrill shriek, but he had not the time to attempt to make out what they might be. Yet he waited for another blow - it had to come, he knew, gravity was undeniable like that - and found, to his surprise, that it never came. There was no sound of breaking glass ... turning his gaze to the ceiling, he saw that all was in place and operating perfectly. Josef hoped against hope that he was going insane.

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After the shriek, both Kori and Moti grew quiet as they turned their attention towards Emma-Wren. She was on the floor in a quivering heap with her hands firmly clasped over her ears. Was she afraid? Was she in pain?

Is she mentally unstable?

“Wouldn’t doubt it…” she mumbled under her breath. Perhaps it was the wait that was getting to her. Kori wondered what exactly was to become of her and her fellow agents. Sure, demotion was what to come, but why was it that Gene Griston was so intent on making the agents wait? Did he enjoy the fact that he was able to strike fear into the hearts of those who worked under him? Well, Kori wasn’t going to doubt that either. Now, rather annoyed, Kori moved from her chair and walked past Emma-Wren and Josef respectively and kept walking over toward the Agent Lounge’s coat rack. Her trench coat was a bit drenched, so she saw it fit to hang it up to dry…on a hangar, for the time being. She also removed from herself her gun and holster. They too were strung upon a wooden hangar, separate from that of her coat.

“Lane?” Kori asked, she was clearly growing weary, of everything, “Please, get off the floor.”

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Josef was breathing hard. He was so shocked by the events of the past minute that he didn't even hear Kori's comment, nor see her glide across the room. He honestly thought the light was going to hit him - honestly.... but why had it fallen?
However, the stunned agent didn't have any time to think. The door to the agent's lounge had just been flung open, and nobody even had to look in order to determine who it was; Gene Griston was summoning them.
"All of you," the pretty-boy sneered. "Follow me. My office. Now."
Their heads hung half in shame, half in grim anticipation, all five agents began to file slowly out into the hallway. Silently, they began the ascent to Griston's office, not even bothering to make eye contact - all of them knew what was coming, every one, and none felt the need to even try and resist it.

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