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The Elystra Chronicles

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The orog (mixture of orc and ogre) hobbled quickly through the network of tunnels which spread all through the mighty form of Mt. Rancour.

"These damn routes.....and no road maps either!" Thought the orog, feeling aggrivated.

He finally reached the heart of the mountain, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He slowly lifted his head and scanned the room. It was filled with mounds of gold coins, and other priceless objects. But among these treasures were skeletons of past thieves who had tried to steal from his most powerful Master. In the middle of the dark and dreary cavern, which was lit by a dozen torches, was a throne, one made of the evil black glass which only the dark powers of the land of Icyndraic could provide. And upon it was his Master, though he didn't dare look in his Master's eyes, for fear of being disintigrated right on the spot. Even though his gaze never fell upon the Master's face, he could still feel icey red eyes piercing his very heart, searching his purpose for coming into the room.

Finally, a thin, chilling voice hissed to him, "Well? What have you to say?" It was fillied with malice and hatred.

The orog stuttered, "W-well...y-you see..heh, we have gathered more goblins and orcs from the north and the east. I h-hope I haven't d-disturbed Your Most Excellency." He held his breath for what felt like ages.

His Master let out a laugh which could've sent a harassing ghost off crying. "Most pleasing indeed...now go before you annoy me further."

Thr orog didn't need to be told twice. He was off and running, yelping like a pathetic dog. All that it could hear chasing after him was the splitting laughter of his Master...

~~~In the market streets of Falcon Ridge...~~~

The bright sun of the new and crisp summer morning glared down at the bustling citizens of Falcon Ridge. The market was just as busy as ever, with the cries of salesmen trying to sell their latest catch of fish, or their freshly picked fruits. A single female figure walked through it all, and following behind her was an enthusiastic side-kick.

"Ohhh!!! Jicin! Look at those delicious...." Lysa stared at a merchant's stand with dark red cherries piled all over it. Her hand slowly reached out.

Jicin smirked and slapped the girl's hand. "Not in broad daylight. You know better than any thief." She whispered. Lysa was like having a full time job, not the easiest thing to handle.

The duo walked on through the market, enjoying the familiar sights and sounds which encompassed them. Stopping by the Copper Tavern, they burst inside, and saw the usual customers who were always there around this time of day. Sitting at their favourite corner table, they ordered the regular: stale ale with a platter or bread and cheese, with a desert of a bowl of grapes. It was their favourite snack, perfect for having long, useless discussions over, or even the planning of the coming night's duties.

"So...where we gonna go tonight?" Lysa asked excitedly through a mouthful of french bread.

Rolling her eyes, Jicin swagged down some ail, "Just the streets this time...I've decided on random targets for tonight's profit."

"Ohhh!!!! I love random targets! What if it's a hot mage....?" Her eyes went starry.

Jicin just blinked and sighed. "Is that all you can think about?" She crossed her legs, her tall leather boots squeaking from the friction against itself. Men weren't mature, ever. The last one she was with, he ended up becoming drunk and abusive, so she put a petrifying spell on him.

I wonder if he's still just the way I left him... She mused, her lips curling into a slight smirk.

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Kouto sat at a small table in the corner of the bar. He had been travelling the entire day before just to get to this town and suprisingly had spent the entire time since he arrived in the bar. Well not too surprisingly <.<

"WHOOO!" Shouted Kouto as he finally moved the glass away from his mouth which had formerly appeared as if it were grafted on to him at all times. "Barkeep! More ale for me and these lovely ladies." A sly grin traveled from one side of his face to the other as he eyed the women that were at the table with him. They were probably the 3 ugliest women in town but Kouto was too drunk to notice.

As he scanned across the table looking at the women he noticed two of the most beautiful women he had seen in as long as he could remember sitting at a table on the other side of the room (of course he drinks so much that he can't remember much of anything most of the time).

"Wowwy! well would ya look at that." said Kouto with his speech slurred from the alcohol, "Two fine ladies like that sitting all by themselves, it's just not right I tell you. Well I guess being the gentleman that I am i'll have to take it upon myself to keep them company. Right buddy?" He turned to his right and looked at the figure standing next to him.

"You know what buddy? You are a great guy. I love you man! ^o^!" He said as he stood up and hugged the figure at his side. Of course he was so drunk out of his mind that he failed to notice that the figure that was next to him was actually an ornamental suit of armor standing by the wall. One of the arms of the armor fell off as it was hugged for the first time in... well hopefully the first time ever. Kouto looked at the arm on the ground and looked up at the armor which he still saw as real person.

"Hey man, thats not right. You should really get that looked at. Well I gotta go over here now." He patted the armor forcefully on the shoulder and it fell over with a large crash. Kouto seemed not have noticed this as he was now concentrating on the table with the 2 ladies he saw earlier. Now, however, the alcohol was starting to take its toll on him.

"Hey! who moved that table all the way over there?" Kouto slurred drunkenly. He began to walk towards the table that now seemed so far away. Well i guess you could call it walking but to those around it looked more like a controlled fall in the general direction of the table. He eventually reached his destination, surprisingly without falling and making an fool of himself. Well more of a fool atleast.

"Hey there ladies. My name is Kouto and it has come to my attention that drinks have no you." Kouto said not knowing from the alcohol that he was mixing up his words. "So i thought i'd bring it upon myself to buy you a few drinky-poos. So what do ya say? " asked Kouto while attempting to keep him self from falling over passed out on the table.

11-05-2002, 05:56 PM
Jicin blinked in surprise at the sudden rude arrival of this man. Just like she had said, men were so immature sometimes. Calmly, she waved a hand, "We're fine, really....we do not require any more drinks." She lifted her mug of ale, noting her drink, and sipped more from it.

Lysa, on the other hand, screamed and sat closer to Jicin. "Ewww!!! He smells dirty!" She exclaimed. "What if he's horney and attacks us?!" She screamed again.

Jicin sighed, "I doubt he can even lift so much as a finger with the drunken state he's in.." She whispered to Lysa before she chuckled gently. "Sir, I don't believe we've ever met. Though once you've sobered up, I'm sure you'll forget all about me...which is probably for the better. My name is Jicin, and this girl with me is Lysa..do forgive her screams. Perhaps we can help you sober up so that we my all have more civilized conversation?" She held out a hand to the poor and pathetic drunken man.

Lysa frowned at Jicin's comments on her screaming. "He scared me, that's all." And she still felt afraid of him. But with Jicin at her side, she felt a little more bold...

12-05-2002, 01:02 AM
The gryphon entered the bar with the confidence typical of his kind, his golden eyes gleaming as he scanned the room. He wore the most basic of clothing about his waist, which consisted of short leggings and a loincloth, and the lamplight glinted off the finely crafted gold and beaded jewelry that adorned his neck, arms and ears.

The bitter of stale ale, sweat, and sweet tobacco smoke was familiar. He’d already visited dozens of such squalid little places in his travels thus far, and like the others there was nothing and no one he viewed as being of any interest in this dingy place. Yet he was hungry, so, drawing himself up to his full height, he strode over to a table near the back of the room and sat down, leaning the elaborately carved staff he carried against the wall. A young human waitress soon approached the table, glancing somewhat nervously at the creature.

“Brrring me meat. Fresssh meat,” he ordered, pointedly rolling his sibilants to emphasis his words. “A nice fat haunch of deerrr orrr lamb, perrrhapsss. But do not cook it, orrr I will be verrry dissspleasssed.”

The woman nodded and hurried off, and Ysidrith let his eyes close slightly as he relaxed in his chair. A nearby crash, however, snapped him out of his restful state. He swiveled his head around to spy a very drunk human male hugging a suit of armor. The gryphon clamped his beak in disapproval as the human then attempted to court a pair of female humanoids.


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Kouto just stood there looking at the hand that was stretched out before him. This wasnt the sort of thing that he was used to happening when he approached women in a bar. Usually they either slapped him in the face or came on to him really strong. He'd be lying if he didn't expect the hand that was held out to him to end up slapping him. That or for her little friend to stand up and kick him in a not so nice spot. That was also something he was quite accustomed to happening in these situations. He didn't have much time to think about it though. He felt the world being to dissolve around him. Sights and sounds slowly fading into a swirling void of darkness. With a loud crash he collapsed onto the table. He had drank way too much and this was his reward for it. He lay face down on the ground passed out with the broken pieces of table laying at his sides. His cloak slid away as he fell to reveal the massive sword that was holstered on his back. Obviously he wasn't just your normal bar hopping drunk.

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12-05-2002, 09:01 PM
Lysa gasped, "Oh Jicin! This man...look at his sword! So big! But not as big as mine..." She grinned as she held up her massive and very WIDE sword.

"Yes...and he needs somewhere to rest. I think I'll regret doing this, but let's get him to a room to rest." Jicin bent to pick him up and she slung him over her shoulder, his massive weight pressing down on her. "D@mnit...lose some pounds man..." She shifted her weight to balance.

Meanwhile, Lysa was grumbling about helping such a fool as him. "Let me carry him at least, I don't want you breaking your back..." And with that, she picked the man off Jicin's shoulder like he was a simple potato sack. She carried him under her arm, and all the people in the bar gawked at her sudden show of strength. People could tell by her funny-shaped ears that she wasn't an elf or a human...but some other....race....but the thought of it was unbelievable. How could a dwarf be as tall and slender as her?

"Thanks hun..." Jicin led them out, and just before they exited, she noticed...a gryphon? Those kind of customers were rare in this tavern, but she didn't let it bother her. "Let's head to the Twilight Lounge...I'm sure they'll have spare rooms." And with that, the odd-looking trio stumbled out and off to the nearby inn.

Phantom Angel
12-05-2002, 10:51 PM
Rizyme Ysulo Tanibel did not have a good morning. She seldomly had what she could call a good morning, but today had been absolutely horrible. Her new shipment of children's picture books had not arrived, and some idiot had decided to spill coffee on one of the most expensive books in her store. A bunch of angry parents came in looking for school manuals but found none -since the manuals were in the same stock as picture books- and on top of all that she had sat on her newest pair of glasses.

They had been the really light bendable half frames she had finally -after eight months of negotiations- 'purchased' from a friend of hers. A little wheeling and dealing combined with blackmail had convinced her 'friend' it was best she get those glasses. And now they were broken.

She had reverted to her older heavier frames, the ones she had been wearing for the last four years.

"I suppose I'll have to ask someone else to get me a pair of new glasses..."

Riz sighed, annoyed beyond words. That had been the bulk of the morning, which had been spent yelling at rude delivery boys. One of them had even dared pull her tail, while the other had been snickering like crazy.

"I could have shown that insolent little brat. Fear the wrath of my hoofs boys, fear it!"

It was the insults to her looks that stung the most. Being called a half-rumped horse, or being offered a bucket of hay, or being asked for a ride were what got to her the most. It wasn't fair that people should misjudge her just because of her race.

"Discriminational fools!" she thought, disgusted by their behaviour.

Of course not everyone was like that. No, those were just the drunken, uneducated bastards that roamed the back alleys. Usually, the others liked her, and were curteous to her. The children adored her, always asking for rides, and she enjoyed giving them. To children only.

"Watch it you gluttonous fool!" she screamed, from behind a large stack of books.

The man that had obstructed her path ran away quickly, fearing her strong hoofs.

"Yeah, that's right... run away you coward!" She grinned, showing her alabaster teeth.

Riz flossed and brushed twice a day, like a careful person should. She was very proud of her teeth, never having had a cavity in her life.

You know what they say.. never look a gift horse in the mouth. Well, if they ever did, Riz was ready. Even the smallest details mattered, and affected the overall character of a person. Riz was one for details. The centaur woman loved making sure everything was in order, and her plans followed accordingly. Success was bound to follow if you paid attention to both the small and the big details.

Or so her father had said, and her father had known a lot of things. Never - for as long as Riz had known him- had he been wrong about anything. It wasn't like a centaur to be wrong.

Her hoofs echoed softly on the wooden stairs towards her shop. With a swift kick, she opened the door, and maed her way towards the counter, where she deposited her new pile of books.

"There we go. Your stupid school manuals, let's see you come complaining now!" she shouted in the empty shop, at the non-existent angry parents of that morning.

Rizyme Ysulo Tanibel had an impecable reputations of always having the required materials. Today, for the first time ever, she had stained her record. All because of her stupid supplier, Riz had to deal with angry and disappointed people.

So, after promptly telling them to return at noon, she had closed the shop, and had gone after her supplier. The man decided to up the price for the book, wanting to make a bit more profit for himself. Riz loved and hated impredictability at the same time. On one hand, it was very nice to have a surprise once in a while, but surprises where it concerned her business were not allowed. Thus, after a strong discussion in which she outlined the many ways of Anciet Centaur Torture, her supplier had decided to give her the books at the same price.

Riz grinned at herself. The ignorant fool! There was no Ancient Centaur Torture. Her race did not resolve to such barbarisms. No, they were much too refined for that. However, it got her the desired result, so she was not complaining.

Quickly and efficiently, she put the books on the shelves.

"Let them complain now!" she thought with satisfaction, as she settled behind the counter, opening her latest acquizition, a second level Theory of Magic Book.

She adjusted her glasses, and pushed behind her ears, a rebellious lock of dark green hair. She sighed deeply, not finding the energy to be annoyed. The whole morning had been a giant mess, and on top of everything that happened, she had lost her hair tie too.

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13-05-2002, 01:33 AM
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The gryphon had journeyed long and far, and hunger drove him to abandon the polite eating manners he normally adopted when in the presence of humanoids. Ysidrith seized the fresh, bloody side of meat brought out in his foreclaws, tearing off a mouthful of the flesh, and tossing his head back, swallowing the bite whole. It was wonderful. He savored the way the rich, salt-sweet, blood-slickened meat slid down his throat. Cleaning the haunch to the bone, he then carefully preened, cleaning his beak and fur, occasionally casting an amused glance at some of the queasy patrons around him. Once finished, Ysidrith grabbed his staff and tossed a handful of coins on the table to pay for the meal. He then readjusted his wings carefully against his back and left the tavern.

The bright, busy streets of the city were filled with all manner of creatures, a few of which, he noted with satisfaction, were careful to give the great tiger stripped creature a wide berth.

Ah. Now where to?

He looked about at the various shops and booths he passed, peering curiously at the merchant’s wares, yet none caught his eye.

There must be something or someone of interest in this crowded city. Hmm? What about this place?

He critically studied the modest bookstore and the stylized image of a centaur gracing its sign before pushing open the weather beaten door and stepping inside. The gyphon had a fondness for books, and growing up he had often spent hours cloistered in the Main Library back home. Pausing a moment to let his eyes adjust to the light, he looked with approval at the orderly store and its stacks of books. Careful to keep his wings tight against his body, Ysidrith walked slowly down the asiles, reading the titles on the spines of the multicolored, leather bound volumes, his tail swishing behind him.

13-05-2002, 03:06 AM
"Yan yan YAN!"

Bookstores are wonderful for attracting any sort of creature or man, great or small. It just so happened that this current bookstore attracted something rather small... but rather... energetic.

"Ya~n yan YAN!" bounced the little bunny, as she barrelled through the door, into a big kitty-hawk thing, and over to the magic section. "Oopspardonmeyan!" she called out behind her, then enjoyed a good snug of a book about as big as her. Amazingly, she had knocked over nothing in her stead.

"Izza pretty books yan!" she cooed, giggling as she flipped the pages quickly, "I izza gonna read 'em learn magic yan!" she proclaimed, and tapped her thin staff on the floor.

"Izza nice place yan..." she marveled, and Djarei giggled, flipping her ears back, and began to read.

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Phantom Angel
13-05-2002, 05:11 PM
The sounds of voices and footsteps brought Riz out from her deep lecture. The Theory of Magic Book really was fascinating. She looked around her shop to see a griffing slowly parading through the aisles, and a bouncy rabbit hovered over a book.

"Hmm, when did they get here?"

She hadn't even heard the small doorbell chime when they had entered, so submerged had she been in her lecture.

"This sure has been some morning!" she thought sarcastically. "Might as well go do my job.. I don't want them stealing my books.." Riz thought.

One had to always be on the lookout for thieves. They roamed the city and stole whatever they could get their sticky hands on. You didn't need glue, all you had to do was find yourself a thief.

"How may I help you?" she asked, slowly coming out from behind the counter, her hoofs muffled by the soft carpet on the floor.

13-05-2002, 05:20 PM
"Phew! What an odd way to begin an afternoon!" Lysa remarked as the two left the inn, the drunken man fast asleep.

Jicin laughed and they continued on their way throughout the main market place. They stopped at a merchant's booth who was selling ornaments for one's hair or clothing. Anything that sparkled caught her eye, due to her profession, and she was now stuck in one of her trances as she examined a hair piece that was of a rose made of many tiny sparkling red jewels. It was used for when you had your hair up in a bun, and this would help keep it in place. Too bad she couldn't afford it...but just because she wasn't rich enough for it...didn't mean she couldn't own it one day....

"Hey YOU! Come back here with that!" The saleswoman shouted just as a street kid ran by and snatched the hair piece from Jicin's hands.

Lysa gasped in shock and began to run after the kid. "No one takes stuff away from the Great Ji-"

"No Lysa! I'll handle this." Jicin cut her friend off. If things went well...then....

She took out her shuriken and aimed not for the boy, but for the ornament as the boy desperately tried to get away. By now, a whole crowd had turned to see what was going on. With a strong flick of the wrist, she whipped it at the boy, and it shot like a blur, reflecting the sun occaisionally. All anyone heard after that was a *PING* as the hair piece was picked up by one of the shuriken's fours points and it stuck into the wooden wall of a fish shop.

The boy turned his head to see what had caused this to happen and he soon tripped over a merchant's stand, falling flat on his face. Jicin used a simple spell of transportation and she was suddenly in front of the boy. Bending down, she grabbed his shirt and hauled him to his feet.

"You just stole from the great Pix you little brat." She whispered.

Recognizing the name, the boy feared to say it out loud and off he went, a cloud of dust in his wake.

Laughing, Jicin plucked the shuriken from the wooden wall, and transported herself back, tiny swirls of blood red magic fading from her.

"I'm very sorry for that streetkid's actions. Do have this back." She grinned and handed the hair piece back.

"Oh no! By all means, have it! That was amazing, what you just did! I'm so happy there are kind people like you protecting us merchants from those street scum." The saleswoman smiled.

So Jicin's plan did work. But she winced slightly at the words, street scum, for she too used to be a street thief, and knew how hard it was to make a living.

As Lysa and Jicin walked on, the crowd gave way to them, half fearing them, half in awe. Lysa began chatting animatedly about the event which had just taken place, while Jicin pinned her newly won hair piece right where she currently had a hair bun. It glittered proudly in the sun of mid-day.


A tall figure dressed in purple robes which were so dark a shade, they were almost black, stepped into the bookstore which was run by a centaur. The person's head was hooded, so that her face couldn't be seen. But if one dared to look past the darkness, two blood red eyes stared back out. The figure silently moved to the darkest corner of the shop, and pulled out a book of level 87 magic skills. In the shadows of the shop, the cloaked person began reading through its contents.

13-05-2002, 06:47 PM
Ysidrith was happily flipping through the pages of an in depth study of the history of Falcon Ridge when he was nearly bowled over by a white bundle of fur and energy. He let out a small indignant squawk, his crest feathers raising up in annoyance, and glared at the creature who bounded down the isle with a cheery ‘Oopspardonmeyan’.

Lucky for you, little rabbit, I have already eaten.

After carefully shutting the book and slipping it back onto the shelf, he continued to peruse the store, one taloned ‘hand’ hovering over the gilded spines as he looked for another text that might catch his eye. The sound of hooves on the wooden floor and scent reminiscent of horse -- but not quite – filled his senses as a voice interrupted his browsing.
"How may I help you?"

The gryphon turned to face a young female centaur, her coat a sleek glossy black and her tail a shimmering white that cascaded to the ground. Of course, he thought. No human would keep such an orderly store. He smoothed his feathers and let his eyelids droop slightly in a relaxed and somewhat amicable posture.

“No thank you, Misss. I am jussst looking. Although I am interrresssted in your ssselection of magic booksss. Perrrhapsss you have sssomething of parrrticularrr interrressst? Sssomething ssspecial or unique perrrhapsss?”

From time to time the gryphon had stumbled upon tiny shops that possessed rare and ancient books and artifacts, but often such valuable items were kept locked away. As he waited, a strange feeling passed over him, and he looked towards a dark, shadowy corner where an odd robed figure read through a magic book. Ysidrith focused upon the elaborate title on the leather bound book with his sharp eyesight, and was surprised to see the creature held a level 87 text. Ah. That is one not to get into a mage battle with. Either that, or it is overly confident it it's skills. No matter. It does not concern me.

13-05-2002, 07:31 PM
The hyperactive Kender came skipping down the road and humming to himself a catchy tune. He arrived into town in the same manner. All of the sudden, he stopped and turned around. A jewelry store had caught his attention with all of the shinnig rubies, diamonds, and precious metals.

"Ohhh... Shinny..."

He stepped inside and looked through the rare collections, fingering different objects through the thick glass, leaving behind a smudge of grime and dirt.

The salewoman walked up to him: "Hello, so how may I help you today?"

Teno looked up and smmiled to the young woman. "Oh, hi! My name is Teno Underfootbush, but you can call me Teno. I love your shop. It reminds me of my cousins in Kennville. Now he had some really nice and expensive set of clocks. Got him from a troll he did!..."

"How may I help you?" asked the frustrated business woman

"Oh yea, I forgot. Can I see that earing there? It looks mighty interestin'."

The shop keeper took out a small silver key and opened the window. She then took out the earing.

"That's odd... These are ussualy sold in the same set."
"I know," answered Teno, "and I have an exact one." He reached into one of his pouches and took out an earing which was exactly the same. "That is very interesting."
"Give that back you little thief!"
"Thief? Where? Oh, you mean me? No, that's not possible. I found this for you and I was holding onto it until later. I must have forgotten. Oh well, here you are." Teno handed her the earing.

The saleswoman took out a broom from behind the counter and hit Teno over the head. "GET OUT!" she yelled.
"Fine, I'll go."

Teno ran away from the mad woman and didn't stop until he reached the market place.

"What a nice lady. Hey look! I still have the earings. she must have dropped them." He placed them in his right pouch, where they would be forgotten forever. Teno then walked happily into the marketplace.

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13-05-2002, 08:50 PM
Jicin and Lysa were talking about what had just happened so intensely, that they both walked right into a man who had run out of a jewellry store. Lysa noticed him slip a pair of earrings into his pocket. She shook her head so that her bright pink (think of shayla-shayla!) pig-tails bounced on either side of her head.

"Stealing in broad daylight!" She whispered to Jicin.

But Jicin wasn't listening. She bowed to the one she had bumped into, "I'm very sorry for that, please do excuse us." She adjusted her bun pin and looked up to see just who they had bumped into.


The robed figure snapped the book shut and stared coldly at the gryphon who had stared at the book's cover. The person walked over to the counter where the centaur stood waiting for customers, and she placed the book heavily down on the counter.

In a frail and whispy voice, she said, "I would like to purchase this item please." And with that, she dropped her hood. Her face was as pale as a porceline doll's and she had blood red eyes with matching colour hair. Her body looked slender and fragile, but something about her eyes spoke of her true inner strength. She took out a large leather pouch and dropped 20 gold coins on the table, for the book was quite valuable.

"I hope this money covers its cosst." She made a lispy sound on the word "cost" and managed a half-smile. "I wouldn't want to be mistaken for a thief." Her red eyes met the centaur's.

Phantom Angel
14-05-2002, 12:23 AM
There were times when poeple chilled her to the bone, and although Riz hated to admit it, this was one of them. Her newest Level 87 magic book, the one concerned with all attack spells lay in the hands of this stranger. It was a very dangerous book, a very dangerous book indeed, and Riz had never had any intention of selling it. She had no idea how it got on the racks, and worst of all, she had no intention of selling it. Such a powerful book should not rest in the hands of such a cold woman. Her eyes chilled her to the bone, and her voice sent shivers down her spine.

"So what do I tell her? I don't want to sell her the book!" Riz thought quickly! A faint idea flashed through her mind.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but this book is the only copy that I own. I've got a waiting list for it, and the only reason it's on the shelf is because I accidentaly misplace it. Now, I will get more copies of this book in a week. If you come back then, I'm sure you can have the copy you desire. Here, I will write down your name and add you to the waiting list, is that ok?" Riz asked, smiling politely. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience." she smiled again, at the strange woman.

"If you will please hold on a moment, I will be there with you shortly. The magic books are on that side of the store." Riz told the gryphon indicating the right side of the store. "I will attend you in a moment. Sorry for the inconcenience." she smiled warmly.

It didn't happen often, but sometimes Riz took an immediate liking to some of her customers. The magnificent gryphon man had intrigued her, and peaked her curiosity. It wasn't often one got such distinguished visitors in his or her shop. Plus, he looked like a very intellingent person. Riz loved a good conversation from time to time. It got lonely when not many people shared her zest for knowledge.

"But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I must take this, one at a time." she thought, and turned to the strange woman.

"Now, can I please have your name, so I can reserve you a copy of the book?" Riz asked in her best and pleasentest tone.


RIZ: there's no such word as pleasantest

PA: I know ^^()

14-05-2002, 12:30 AM
(OOC: This post has caused a bit of confusion. This was meant to be posted right after EvilDracy's but since i took so long to type it other posts made it before mine. This post is meant to occur at the same time as EvilDracy's in the RPG timeline. Hope that clears things up ^^)

Kouto lay spread out on a small bed in the hotel room he had been left at. His heavy cloak had been removed and folded neatly on the chair in the far corner of the room and his sword lay up against the wall opposite the bed. He was still passed out and dreaming quite happily when a knocking came from the door to his room.

"Housekeeping" claimed the voice behind the door, "please open up sir."

Kouto slowly opened his eyes. The colours began swirling back to him in a multicolor haze as his eyes met light once more. Again came the knocking from the door. Kouto merely groaned in displease of the loud noise.

"Sir, is everything alright in there?" asked the voice.

The words echoed through his head and seemed to amplify each time it repeated itself.

"Shut up" he though to himself. he tried to say this too but his throat was so dry and cracked that he couldn't form the words.

Again came the knocking at the door. Even louder this time. Without warning a boot was flung at the door. It collided with the door with a loud thump.

"That better shut her up." He thought to himself as he slowly looked around to try and figure out where he was.

He was laying on a bed. That he could tell was very obvious. He also could tell he wasnt wearing his cloak and his weapon had been removed. He turned his head to the side and could see his sword laying up against the wall.

"There you are," he thought to himself, "thought I had lost you for a second.

He continued to scan across the wall and his eyes fell upon his cloak folded neatly on the chair in the corner. He knew that it wasn't him that had taken it off since it was folded too neatly for him to have done that. His head was still too foggy to remember who had done that, or how he had gotten where he was. This wasnt bothering him too much now though. His head was aching and all he wanted to do was sleep. He closed his eyes again and began to fall back into the slumber which he had been disturbed from by the knocking. He was glad the knocking had stopped so he might actually be able to get back to sleep.

Again came the knocking at the door. It would appear that he was too early in making the asumption that they had given up. Without opening his eyes he lazily reached down and searched for his other boot. He found it and tossed it in the general direction on the door. Instead of the thump he expected to hear came a holler of suprise. He turned his head and opened his eyes to see what had made the noise. There stood a woman, human and probably in her late 30's. standing by the open door with her hand covering her mouth. Well he now knew who had hollered but he had no clue where his boot had ended up. He looked slighty to her left and saw a rather beefy looking male dwarf standing there looking down at him. His face was covered in mud and he wasn't pleased about it. Kouto could tell this from the vein that was protruding from his forehead. It looked like it was ready to burst at any second.

"Oh shi.." He began to think to himself, but was interupted as he was rather forcefully picked up out of the bed and carried towards the door.

Outside on the street the outer door of the inn opened and out flew Kouto. He landed roughly in the middle of the street as people on the street began to turn their attention to what was happening. Kouto rolled to his back and looked up and the inn and the angry innkeeper who still had the mud caked onto his face.

"And don't you step foot in my inn again!" shouted the dwarf as he hurled Kouto's boot's back at him. Kouto managed to dodge the first which flew by the side of his head. However with the second he wasnt quite as lucky as it landed in, let's just say a rather uncomfortable spot for a guy. Kouto's eyes open wide from the impact of the boot and he was now fully awake. There aren't many wake up calls that are as effective as that. Kouto held his crotch and rolled to his side in pain gasping for some air. The angry dwarf then threw the cloak at Kouto which opened up in midair and landed on him covering him completely.

"Well atleast they can't see my pain." Kouto thought. A loud scraping sound could be heard from the opened inn door. "Hmmm... wonder what that could ..." His eyes opened as he finally realized the one possesion of his that hadn't found it's way out yet. He rolled to his side just in time to feel the impact of the sword hitting the ground where he had previously laid seconds before.

The door slammed shut as Kouto began to stand up. Well attempt to stand up is more accurate. Afterall this was the first time he had stood up on his own power since he had passed out. He didn't even know how long ago that was. He was still having a hard time remembering what he did before he had woken up at the inn. He finally regained his composure though and began to dress himself in the middle of the street. First he put on his boots and then wraped his cloak around his shoulders and fastened it. He just then noticed the crowd that had gathered around him.

"Nosey people... don't they have anything better to do?" He thought. "I know..." he said as he stooped down to pick up his sword. He grabbed the hilt and picked it up quickly with ease. He swung it around once and sheathed it on his back in one fluid motion. He was glad to see that all the nosey people were nowhere to be seen now.

"That usually does the trick." He thought to himself rather pleased with what he had done.

Unfortunately during that little scuffle he had only forgotten about his hang over and the second the comotion had subdued it rushed back in at him with a fury. His head began to spin again and he could feel his tongue and throat crack from being dry. He looked around for some water and noticed a near by water trough for the horse of the customers to the inn.

His thirst overcame his logic and he dived head first into the trough. It wasn't the most embarassing thing he had ever done but it was up among the top few. He didn't care though. He needed something to drink and this was the closest thing. It's not like he was a man of respect around here anyways. Most just passed him off as a ruffian when they first lay eyes on him. Chances are noone would notice or really care anyways and he didn't care cause after drinking this he would finally be able to speak again.

He brought his head out of the trough and flug his head back spraying around water from his soaking wet hair. He then ran his fingers through it to get some of the water out and form the small spikes of his hair that he loved so much. He had always taken pride in his hair and loved it when he spiked it. It was probably a little strange for someone such as him to take such an interest in the way his hair looked but he didn't care.

"Oh yeah!", he said as the memories from earlier began to flood back into his head now that he was awake. "Those two women from the bar! They must've been the ones that brought me to the inn."

The last thing he remembered was the one elf holding her hand out to him after saying something that he couldn't recall. he did however remeber her face.

"That was awfully nice of them." he thought to himself. "*.* one of them must like me!" He thought as a big grin came across his face.

"Now I ought to find them and find a way to make it up to them for all their trouble!" He said to himself as a million and one ideas of ways he could repay them popped into his head. (You know the ones I mean ^.--)

It then dawned upon him that finding the two in a crowded place such as this would be nearly impossible. Especially since he couldn't remember either of their names. He had decided that it would be too difficult and figured he'd just continue on down the road to the next town.

He turned to continue on his journey but as he did so was nearly bowled over by a short man running past him. From what he could make out it looked like it was a Kender.

"Geh, a Kender... oh great." He thought to himself as he turned to follow the Kender. Kouto didnt like people who nearly run into him without saying anything and since this was a Kender he was dealing with it was likely that he was robbed in the process.

"Hey you!" Kouto shouted as he began to run after the kender. To his surprise up ahead of him were the 2 ladies from the bar. The ones that he assumed were the ones who brought him to the inn.

"Well that was luck." The said to himself, 'Or maybe it was fate! ^o^!" The though of this caused him to go all stary eyed and he ran over to where the 2 of them were.

14-05-2002, 01:06 AM
Djarei felt her stomach rumble, and with patheticly sad eyes, she had to put the book down. She had money but didn't know where to get food. "Djarei hungry yan..." she muttered sorrowfully as she began her way to the front. The half horse lady looked really nice ...

Maybe Djarei work, Djarei get food! Djarei learn new spells too!!!

The large birdkitty was glaring at her a little, and she shrunk back. Hope he no eat Djarei!!

14-05-2002, 04:01 AM
Ysidrith returned the robed woman’s stare with an equally icy unblinking glare, following her movements as she made her way to the counter. The look in her eyes made the fur on his hackles rise slightly, and his jaw tightened as general feeling of unease filled him.

“It isss no inconveniencssse,” he said dismissively to the shopkeeper as his beak opened slightly and ends of his mouth curled up in a gryphonic smile.

Keeping a wary ear tuned to the conversation by the counter, he strolled down to the magic section, passing by the rabbit-girl as she walked to the front of the store. “You ssshould watch where you are going little one, or the next time sssomeone might make a meal of you,” he said in a low throaty voice as she bounded by, intending his words to not be a threat but a warning.

Aku Shi
14-05-2002, 04:02 AM
The sign said "Falcon Ridge" and perched on the top was a crow that had just snatched up a small mouse. Kouzoku stopped walking and stared at the bird as it pecked at the rodent.

Well, that's a bad sign if I've ever seen one...

The woman released a low whistle and shook her head. It was in her nature to be superstitious, but it was experience that made her paranoid about signs. Still, she had to press on. There were rumors of a place that needed outside aid, and she was determined to get there. Despite the bad feeling in her gut, she knew she had to pass through this town. Still, something told her not to...

Sighing, she sat on a boulder on the side of the dusty road and pulled out a tattered map. Her green eyes squinted from the glare of the sun as she tried to focus on all the dashes and lines. She ran her finger along the path she was currently on until she got to exact location of where she was now. Then, she looked around that area to see if there were any other routes or detours around the city. There were none. And, she knew that if there had been, they would set her back a few days... That would be bad.

She sighed again, rolled up the map, and stuffed it back in her sack. Standing, she dusted herself off and looked around. No one else was on the road into town.

Another bad sign...

Kou muttered as she tossed her sack over her shoulder and continued on the path into the city.

I just know I'm going to regret this...

14-05-2002, 05:34 PM
Jicin heard the footsteps of someone close behind them. The duo turned and, surprised, they saw the drunk man who they had left at the inn before. And there was something funny in the way he was walking...almost as if he was uncomfortable about something.

Shrugging, Jicin stepped forward. "Hello there again! It's good to see you awake and..sober....hopefully..."

Lysa grinned. "I had to handle your sword, cuz Jicin here is only good with average sized ones! I'm glad to see another who can wield a big sword!" She exclaimed, and brushed aside her pink hair to reveal the massive sword on her back.

"But anyways, how may we help you?" Jicin questioned the man. "You obviously came back for a reason.." She smiled warmly.


The pale woman with red eyes slowly dropped her smile and her lips tightened. She was furious with this woman for not giving her service.

"No...no, I do not wish to be put on a waiting list. Now, since you won't let me purchase this item....I'll just go to that corner and read it." With that, she gently took back the book, not wanting to cause any form of commotion. Walking briskly to the corner, she stood there and opened the book to the contents. Turning her back on the centaur, she found the pages of the spells she wished to acquire from the book. Waving a hand lightly over those pages, small swirls of blackish-green magic danced over the words, and pulled htem into her heart. She could feel the rythmical chants flow through her veins. Soon, she had taken in 20 spells. With that, she shut the book and walked back to the counter. She knew the others wouldn't have seen what she did, because she had cast a simple spell of seeming on herself, so that it would appear to others as if she was reading the pages with gentle interest.

"Thank you, but I won't need to purchase this book." Her misty voice spoke as she smiled warmly at the centaur. With that, she drew her hood over her head and walked out of the store and onto the busy streets of Falcon Ridge. Her pale doll-like face was extremely appealing to men, especially her lucious dark red lips, which was why she kept the hood over her face. She hated attention from anyone.

As she made her way through the crowd, her thing lips curled into an amused smile.

14-05-2002, 06:12 PM
"Heyo," He replied to them overly friendly.

He was surprised to see the someone weild a weapon that matched his in size, especially someone so small.

"Um... er... that's a mighty big sword you have there." Kouto was actually a little more nervous than he normally was around women.

This was probably due to the fact that he was sobering, and probably the whole sword thing had something to do with it. <.< probably very little tho... yeah that's it ^^;;. The truth is that it sort of intimidated him, and he was not used to being intimidated by women. He wasnt quite sure what to make of the two of them. They looked like they could be just your normal travellers but the sword was strange. It definately stood out.

"Hehehe Hey thanks for what you did for me back there. You really didn't have to but thanks. It's nice waking up in a bed every once in a while. I was getting tired of the ditches I normally woke up in." Kouto said trying to bit his tongue after he said the last bit. It was too late though. He had already let it out.

"Oh great" he thought to himself thinking that they would probably think he was some sort of lonely drunk loser. So ok, maybe he was all those things but he didn't want them to know that.

Aku Shi
14-05-2002, 06:40 PM
The place was quaint... Peaceful enough, it seemed... Maybe she was just overreacting about the bad omen. She may even stay the night there. After all, she had to get some more supplies and it would be nice to sleep in a bed for once instead of a blanket rolled out on the ground.

As Kou reached a small book shop, she slowed her pace and peeked in through the window a little. Due to the glare of the sun on the glass, she couldn't see much. Just some blurred figures and shadows of shelves. Then, stepping back, she made note of where it was located. It had been a while since she had read any good books, and things get dull quickly when traveling with nothing to entertain you. It may be useful to pick up some interesting books before she set out in the morning.

She had only taken a few more steps when she came to another quick halt. There was a bar... Her eyes widened and gleamed like a child's on Christmas. Suddenly, she liked this town even more. Although she could feel herself being drawn in, she resisted the temptation of the bar...for now. Kou was a recovering alcoholic, and had been doing pretty well seeing as she hasn't had a drink in all of 46 hours... Of course, that's because she hadn't been in a town for that time, and her booze supply had run dry... But, still...

So, she kept walking, checking out the men just as often (if not more) as they checked her out. Maybe she'd even get lucky tonight. A strange smirk came to her face at the thought. Yes, the demon in her greatly enjoyed the sins and temptations of life.

14-05-2002, 06:43 PM
"Lookit 'im. He's been there since yesterday. I'll bet he's dead."

"Well let's make him DEAD dead, the freak cut off my brother's hand."

"That's what happens to pickpockets."

"Shut up and kill the stupid git."

The two thugs charged the robed figure who was huddled in the corner.


Too late, they took their swings...and looked in horror as the robed figure jumped up and clove their hands from their wrists. Leaving them to their own devices the man got up and walked off. His shining black helm gave him away to those who knew.
Morbid .

Aku Shi
14-05-2002, 08:03 PM
Her hand upon the door of an inn, she paused. Without moving her head, her long ears twitched. There was screaming... A little echoy... Perhaps down a back alley... Or maybe in another part of town and the sound was reverberating through the atmospher... Letting her hand slide off the door, she turned, her green eyes narrowed.

What was that?...

She looked around and saw that no one else seemed to notice. A few did seem to stop for a moment, as if they thought they heard something, but they soon kept on about their business. Kou shrugged and turned back to the door.

Must be nothing...

Sighing, she pushed open the door and stepped up to the front desk. With a big grin on her face, she pulled out a money pouch from her sack and looked at the clerk.

I'd like a room for the night, please.

14-05-2002, 08:41 PM
Both Jicin and Lysa immediately took the man into their hearts....after all, how often was it during their childhoods that they too had slept in ditches when grown-ups had caught them sleeping in restricted areas and thrown them out.

"Well...I..guess you can come along with us, because when I do a favour for someone, I usually do it for something in return." Jicin stated matter-of-factly. That was the rule when she was just a little "Pix".

Lysa patted the man happily. "Yay! Maybe we can teach him to ste-"

"NO!" Jicin cut in with a shout. Then, in a lower voice, she added, "Not here..." She looked around, aggrivated ((OOC: did u know "aggrivated" actually means "worried", and not "frustrated", like many have come to believe?)), but she saw that no one had seemed to notice Lysa's almost-blurt of their true profession.


The robbed woman made her way to an inn. Stepping inside, she saw someone at the clerk's counter, obviously a traveller by her lost expression on her face. Ignoring that, she headed into the inn's common room and sat in one of the private booths, shutting the curtain closed so that no one could see her. She took out a bundle of blank parchments and she waved her hand and fingers in magical patterns in the air over the parchments. Slowly, tendrils of blackish-silver magic spread from her fingertips and they caressed the surfaces of the paper on the table. Then, in a colour of ink which looked like blood, the 20 spells wrote themselves out in order of capture. Chuckling lowly to herself, she realized it would have been a waste of money to buy that book. Why had she almost been so stupid? She was almost glad that horrid creature of a centaur was suspicious of her and didn't let her buy it.

14-05-2002, 09:27 PM
He was tired. So fatigued that his legs felt as though they would buckle from beneth him, leaving him to drown in this sea of a city, awash with people. The brilliant sun shone down upon the great throngs which flooded the city with their presence, their bodies, their heat and their stink. But it was home, and Avedon loved it.

He had spent the morning performing menial tricks to brighten the faces of the poor children in the slums, and even performed on one street corner to make some money for one of the small orphanages the city ran. Now his schedule called for studying.

Remembering and using the words of magic were so physically draining for him, which presented a small problem when he needed to actually use his power. Those words, so infused with power, seemed to drain something from within him every time they were spoken, as though taking a little bit of his life from his body.

Today they had left him tired. And so very thirsty. He recalled the name of a small tavern near the library he often had to go to for ancient texts, it had surfaced just now amongst the swirling words in his mind. Liquid metal. Copper. Yes, the copper tavern would serve nicely to refresh himself before moving on to his studies.

He quietly moved out into the brilliant day sun and waded through the ocean of humanity, towards the heart of the living city.

Phantom Angel
14-05-2002, 10:05 PM
Happy that the strange woman left, and that she had time to take care of respectable customers, Riz turned to the little white rabbit.

"So you're hungry eh? I think I have something around here to eat." she said kindly, rummaging behind the counter.

Something about the non-human creatures that walked into the shop made Riz be extra kind. They were friendly, and they hadn't stolen anything from her yet, and they had spoken to her curteously. That other woman...Riz didn't want to remember her. She shuddered at the thought of those eyes, and that robe.. and the way she spoke.

"What a very peculiar person... I wonder where she came from.."

Riz didn't give the matter much thought. It wasn't her concern where the travellers came from, or where they were going. She was just here to make a living. The reason she had chosed Falcon Ridge was because it had a lot of tourism. A big place to sell boooks. Especially since she had a very wide selection of maps and travelling supplies.

"And of magica items..."

Riz thought, smiling under her breath. Only those that were specifically interested in the mogical items came to her. She was known not to sell them to anyone that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Like that woman..."

Call her superstitious, call her closed-minded, but the fact was that when it came to people Riz trusted her horse's sense. She was already a very weird centaur, with her abandon of logic and her unquenching thirst for magic studies. Some had called her foolish, some had called her crazy, and some had even called her a traitor. A traitor to what? She didn't have anything to betray, and her logic was still as profound as ever. Magic was fascinating, and she couldn't help herself, it was like an addiction.

"Here you go!" she said and passed the rabbit a large piece of carrot pie. "I hope you'll like it."

Then, turning to the gryphon.

"How may I help you sir?"

14-05-2002, 10:37 PM
Teno awakened from a dreamlike state surrounded by people. He looked up and smiled.

"Oh hello! I didn't see you there! Sorry, I think I fell asleep standing up. Anyways, so, how is everyone? I'm Teno Underfootbush, and I am a Kender. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that all Kender steal. Now that's not true! We mearly find stuff on the ground and in people's pockets and keep it for safe keeping until later."

He then chucled nervously and looked up towards the others.

OOC: bad, I know. Been busy. Must work.

14-05-2002, 11:27 PM
“Yesss,” he walked over to the counter, his tail swishing lazily behind him, and inclinded his head briefly in a sign of respect. “Actually, I am not looking forrr anything in parrrticularrr, “ he spoke with a great deal of trills and hissing as his kind were prone to do when either at ease, or, as was the case for some gyphons, extremely nervous. "I am sssimply interrresssted in acquirrring any rarrre orrr unusssual booksss orrr arrrtifactsss. Items of magical orrrigin arrre besst, but I am fond of historical documentsss asss well.”

Aku Shi
15-05-2002, 01:43 AM
With her stuff all nice and safe in a room at the inn, Kouzoku decided to go exploring. She had her money pouch strapped to her side, but she never worried about theives. After all, her pouch was sealed with magic. ^_~ Growing up with a wizard has it's perks.

She had just finished up with a big job that paid well, and had plenty of gold to spend. But, much of it was hidden away at her base of operations. Kou knew better than to take all of her money with her when traveling.

Feeling her tummy rumble a bit, she stopped at a small bakery and purchased a pastery filled with some sort of local berry. Not being a picky eater, Kou was always up for trying new foods. She left the shop munching on the yummy baked good wrapped in paper.

Yep, I was just being paranoid... This place is rather nice.

Letting out a little chuckle, she tossed the paper wrapping into a barrel looked around for the next point of interest.

15-05-2002, 07:56 AM
Morbid's of the past despised spending any of the hoarded wealth if they did not need to. The Morbid before this had hunted his own food and slept in the streets. This Morbid was quite fond however of luxuries from time to time and did not wish to mimic his teacher.
"That inn there seems respectable enough."

He entered the establishment and walked to the smiling innkeep who shivered as he saw the assassin. He leaned on the counter for support.
'Welcome to my humble inn, how can I assist you?"
Morbid slipped his hand into his purse and withdrew it, there was a gold coin balanced on each finger. He dropped them uncerimoniously on the counter.
"A room, a private room."
The innkeep nodded and scooped the coins up greedily before handing Morbid a key.
"Very good milord, up the stairs and to yer left. Your paid through for the rest of the week..."
Morbid walked towards the stairs and looked back at the innkeeper, "No disturbances."

15-05-2002, 05:12 PM
OOC: Waaiii! Nice RP-ing people! ^^ Okay, hehe, shall we continue?

Jicin smiled down at him. "Don't you worry, we have nothing against you. My name is Jicin, and my two friends are Lysa and Kouto. Pleased to meet you Teno." She smiled warmly.

Lysa nodded quickly, blushing because of her sudden assumption that the kender man had stolen something. She felt a chill run down her spine, and she turned, to see nothing but the regular throb of people walking the roads of Falcon Ridge.



In The Misty Inn the woman, who's spell-covered parchments were now rolled up and tucked away safely, stood and drew the curtain back, stepping out. She still had her hood up, and she cooly made her way out of the inn, paying the clerk for keeping her privacy before feeling the warm sun bear down on her. Walking around a corner, she saw a group of people, and one of them was a tall dwarf with an insanely large sword, the biggest she had seen a woman posses ever. She noticed the girl's bright pink hair, and made a mental note of that.

"She seems one good to have as a friend..." Her hissing whisper escaped her lips softly.

Slipping around another corner and into a secluded alley-way, she lowered her hood and waved her arms in wide archs, tracing another pattern of a magical spell in the air. Swirls of blackish blue magic swirled up around her until she was consumed by them. After some time, the swirls of magic dissolved, and suddenly, where there once was a hooded figure, was now a sophisticated-looking halfling (OOC: if you peeps dun know what a halfling is, it's basically the same thing as a hobbit). She ran out on her little legs and made her way back to the bookstore. She cheerfully burst in, looking like someone totally different and new. Running up to the tall counter where the tall centaur stood, she looked up and spoke out, "Hello there! I'm looking for some magical items! Do you happen to have anything in stock? I heard of you from around here." She smiled pleasantly.

15-05-2002, 05:39 PM
A spot of calm in a raging ocean. The eye of the storm. That is what Avedon slowly strolled in. All around him the masses of humanity surged and pulsed like waves during a storm. But none approached him. Such was the influence of a magic user it seemed.

No one touched mages or approached them except in the occasions when they needed their assitance. A bit of a lonely existance, but that was quite alright with him. In a world where the strongest succeeded, it gave him a fighting chance.

He quickly made his way off of the main streets and into the back alleys of the vibrant city, out of the heat of the sun and welcoming the refreshing cool of the shade the stone and wood buildings provided.

He emerged from the alley only to run into a woman who was looking the other way. He stumbled back and quickly supported himself on the nearest wall to prevent himself from falling over. He looked up to find a relatively tall woman with reddish brown hair on the ground before him.

"Oh dear. Terribly sorry, that I am. Not watching where I was going at all was I, no I suppose not."

He helped her to her feet.

"I do hope you're quite alright, I really would hate to have injured someone."

15-05-2002, 06:42 PM
Kouto looked down at the kender. Teno had said that he didn't steal, but Kouto knew that was what all kenders said. They merely "find" things and claim to keep them safe. He had heard another kender in the past say the same thing to him once before. That kender had apparantly "found" the pouch of coins that was in his pocket and claimed he was "keeping it safe" for him. Too bad noone was keeping that kender safe. Kouto didn't take kindly to anyone stealing from him.

He believed this kender though. Not that there was anything special about him, it was just that Kouto remembered he had nothing to be stolen. He was dead broke. ^^;

"Hehehe, listen thanks for paying my bar tab and for my hotel room." He said nervously to the two ladies while scratching the back of his head. He could tell from the look of them that they weren't going to let him get off without him paying them back.

Aku Shi
15-05-2002, 07:19 PM
Reddish brown hair? Kouzoku?!?! Yay!!! Kou now has someone to interact with!! She's happy! ^_^

Out of nowhere something hit her and she lost her balance, falling to the ground with a dull thud. She blinked, not used to being knocked down.

"Oh dear. Terribly sorry, that I am. Not watching where I was going at all was I, no I suppose not."

Kou looked up to see a young man with rather messing looking red hair standing over her. She blinked again. It was hard for her to believe that such a scrawny little thing was able to knock her off her feet.

"I do hope you're quite alright, I really would hate to have injured someone."

As he helped her up, she somehow managed to hold back from laughing. He injure her?! Why, he looked like he was just a kid! And a pretty sickly one at that... Though chuckling madly inside, Kou smiled warmly and shook her head.

No, no... I'm fine. If I can survive wars, I'm sure I can survive being bumped into on the street. You did give me a start, though. It's not everyday that Aoguroi Kouzoku gets knocked on her butt by a kid like you. In fact... It's not everyday that Aoguroi Kouzoku gets knocked on her butt.... Heh.

She laughed a little and scratched the back of her head. Then, she looked to him, studying his frail frame.

I'm more worried about you, actually. Are you ok there, kid?

There was a big contrast between the two, seemingly magnified when they stand side-by-side. While the young man may have been about four or so inches taller than Kou, his frame was much thinner, especially when contrasted to Kou's healthy, muscle-toned body. He looked like a twig ready to be snapped, while she looked like she could snap it with a flick of her finger.

She dusted herself off as she continued to look at him. His robes implied that he was of the magic folk... A wizard, most likely. At least he had some form of protection, since he looked like such a wimp.

15-05-2002, 11:32 PM
OCC: (This is Eydtman's friend, Boozer....using his nick to post...explanation kind of long and boring...so I'll spare you all...)



The city of Falcon Ridge came into view as Belag hauled his exhausted body over the crest in the muddy road.

I think I've been here before...but these towns always look the same. Well, if one thing is for sure, there has to be a good dive somewhere in town.

The streets of the town were a flurry of activity; merchants peddling fruits, vegetables, any kind of food product imaginable...drunkards, dipping their heads in animal-troughs to cool their pounding headaches, and the usual crowd of wanderers.
Belag passed unnoticed through the crowd, head hung low, hunched over his prized wooden staff. After some time searching several streets for some sign of a drinking-hole, he finally found something marginally interesting. A man, looking much like the typical bartender, was busy throwing out what looked like broken chunks of a table onto the street. The bartender wiped his hands on his dirty apron and proceeded to haul his paunchy form back into the building.

Looks like someone had some fun here recently, just my kind of place

Belag pushed the door open and heard several moans of protest as the morning light hit a few of the more "dedicated" individuals still hunched over their half-empty pints. He shook the water droplets off his tattered cloak and carried himself up to a vacant table, dropping himself heavily into the rather uncomfortable seat.

"Miss...Miss??...Excuse me...I need a drink, large, full, and preferably of the ale variety. Oh, a nice loaf of bread and a hunk of your best, and least moldy, cheese as well."

The waitress walked back to the bar, Belag examining her curves with a dedication normally reserved for those a quarter of his age.

"I've seen better" he mumbled under his breath.

Belag leaned his staff in the corner next to his seat and killed time by staring out the streaky window. The streets were still full of people, completing their morning duties or enjoying the relatively warm weather. Stretching the kinks out of his travel-weary body, he took a better look around the bar.

The bartender was still cleaning up several pieces of the table that had managed to fly quite a distance from the obviously vacant space it had once occupied. The waitress was now chatting it up with one of the drunk men lounging at the bar.

"I certainly hope she's baking the bread right now, she seems to be taking enough time..."

With that, the waitress picked up his tray and brought it over. The bread was hard, and was covered in tiny pock-marks of green mold. The cheese wasn't faring much better, completely covered in fine white fuzz. His hunger to great to avoid for much longer, Belag began scraping off the mold with a dirty knife laying on the table. The ale, on the other hand, was exceptional, and it took several rounds before Belag began feeling much better about his situation.

He felt his eyes become very heavy as he laid his head down in the pile of white mold scrapings...passing out for several hours.

OCC: Just a first peek at my very old, decrepit (and perverted) wizard....I promise....it will get much better...!!! No, really, I swear...

16-05-2002, 01:20 AM

She munched happily away at the food, never a care in the world. The horselady was so so nice!!! She would have to thank her...

(( ooc :: bragh, my dead brain is ... dead ))

16-05-2002, 10:58 AM
"I'm more worried about you, actually. Are you ok there, kid?"

"Kid? Oh yes..indeed, I'm fine. No worries at all. Just on my way to study for the day. Hard to memorize spells and all you know. Quite."

He looked around himself and noticed that the streets here were oddly quiet and un-populated. His knees felt very weak now, and he was so tired. His left leg began to buckle but he caught himself on the wall of the building he rested against.

"Oh dear. This is no good. Used that protection spell and bumping into you got me quite a bit tired."

He yawned and then stood up straight, leaning heavily on his staff. He picked up it up slowly and then dropped it forward a few feet, his body stumbling behind it to keep up.

"I just need to make it to that..what was it called? Metal? Gold? No...copper! Yes that's it. Copper tavern. If i can get there I should be fine."

As he tried to take another step, his legs gave out underneath him, his grasp on his staff holding him up.

"Dear me. This could be a problem. Sorry to be a nuisance miss, but might you be able to help me perchance? Just for a little bit I assure you."

Aku Shi
16-05-2002, 01:08 PM
Kou watched with mild amusement as the young man stumbled around a bit. She knew it wasn't right to find humor in other people's weaknesses, but who ever said she was of the kind to care about what's right? Still, there was the good elven in her that felt a little bit of pity for him.

"Dear me. This could be a problem. Sorry to be a nuisance miss, but might you be able to help me perchance? Just for a little bit I assure you."

She smirked, her green eyes gleaming.

Sure, but I don't work for free, ya know?

With that, she walked over and picked him up, cradling him in her arms like a baby. He felt like a feather! She couldn't believe that he was so light. The poor guy must be really sickly to be so thin and frail. As she walked holding him, she was careful not to hold him too tight.

Sorry 'bout callin' ya a kid and all, but... Well, you do look much younger than I am, and I guess it's just reflex or somethin'... Anyway, which way is this place you need to get to?

16-05-2002, 02:28 PM
Morbid entered his room, it had a simple elegance to it that he could appreciate. He close the door behind him and latched it shut.
He sat on the bed and drew his Kai-Gunto from its' sheath and began to sharpen it with a stone.
Each pass of the stone along the blade created a deathly peal like listening to funeral bells in the distance. The sound resonated throughout the inn and the street outside. Mothers held their children closer and men put a hand to their foreheads in pain.
"It is done, to be certain. I must find some course to entertain me, some task or mission that I can fufill. Good or evil it matters not as long as I am not bored."
He stood up and sheathed his blade.

16-05-2002, 05:22 PM
OOC: Uhh...brb.

16-05-2002, 05:23 PM
Jicin turned and smiled at Kouto. "It was no problem, but we didn't want to leave you out on the roads."

The pink-haired girl spoke up, "Well, Teno, would you like to come along with us? Or do you have other business to attend to?" She was beginning to feel the true heat of the day, and beads of sweat were beginning to form on her forehead.

"You guys are welcome to come to our place, since the hieght of the temperature is around now." Jicin turned and began to head off, Lysa quickly following behind.

OOC: Attached is the pic of Lysa!

16-05-2002, 11:01 PM
Kouto turned and followed the two. He wasn't quite sure where they were headed or what it was like but he didnt really mind. Afterall he was just offered a free place to stay, and since he was banned from the inn he didn't have much of a choice of places to sleep. The gutter or a cold alley didn't sound too appealing.

He quickly covered the gap between them but stopped a few feet short of them. Afterall he had just met them and didn't want to seem too friendly. They might rethink their offer if he did that. He defnately didn't want them to do that >.>.

"So where are we headed ladies?" Kouto asked while trotting behind them.

"Will there be food?"

Phantom Angel
16-05-2002, 11:44 PM
OOC: pressed for time, french.. ack... yah... crappy post. gomen ED-chan!


She looked at the halfling with a long and searching gaze.

"She's heard about me from around here... I wonder who told..."

There weren't many people that knew about Riz's passion, nor about the fact that, in order to make a little more money on the side she sold meaningless magical items. All the good ones of course, she added to her private and precious collection.

"Sure, right this way." Riz told her, and lead her into a back storage room, where a few shelves were filled with magical items, some more useful than the others. Everything that didn't interest Riz ended up on these shelves. She waited for the halfling impatiently.

"It's so busy today. I must say, this is the most business I've had in a week!" Riz thought, smiling to herself.

17-05-2002, 01:03 AM
He flicked his tail irritably as the centaur and halfling disappeared into the back room. With a small grunt, he stalked away from the counter, and retreated down the isles of books to the magic section.

A rather proud and vain creature, the gryphon looked down upon most humans as weak pink things, lacking fur, feathers, or claws. Not all of his kind were so discriminating, however, but such behavior was not unusual. In fact, his instructors had been careful to point out to him that he was to work on understanding all the races and learn to control his tongue when dealing with the ’lesser’ species, as he called them. His contempt for the humanoid elves and dwarves was significantly less, but automatic respect he reserved for the animal races of anthros, sphinxes, and the like. However, even those races could fall into disfavor with the creature, and Ysidrith’s mood was currently worsening at the centaur’s apparent insult.

To tend to that halfling first when I was waiting so patiently! He folded his arms across his chest and stared at the row of books. Temper, temper. I must control it as I was advised…

17-05-2002, 01:55 AM
"Mister Kittybird sir?" said a little voice behind him, "why you upset?"

Huge, sweet eyes blinked up at the gryphon, while little hands held up a book.

"Read book! Is best book here! Nice spells! Good to learn! Heal!" Djarei smiled cutely, screaming 'innocent' and 'lunch.' "Nice pictures, cheer Mister Kittybird Sir up!"

17-05-2002, 09:29 AM
Morbid stepped out of the room, locking it behind him and tucking the key into his pocket. He looked around, the inn wasn't busy people were either asleep in their rooms or out.
"It has been some time since I have been here, over a month mayhap."
The assassin walked briskly down the stairs and out of the inn. The streets bustled with the reeking masses of people going about their business. Morbid looked at his satchel and realized that he needed some supplies, mostly things he could find from street vendors. He walked to the market plaza, his smooth black helm reflecting the sun like a polished mirror...

17-05-2002, 11:32 AM
Ysidrith fixed the Anthro with an irritated glare that gradually faded as the girl smiled sweetly at him, imploring the ‘kittybird’ to ‘cheer up’.

“I am all rrright, little one,” he trilled, his voice lacking some of its usual gruffness, and accepted the large book. “Thank you forrr yourrr concerrrn and forrr the book.” The gyphon paused with the book in his talons and cocked his head to on side as he regarded the fluffy rabbit-girl. Her friendly innocence was curious and difficult to understand; surely she was not truly this naïve and trusting…or was she? “You arrre not afrrraid of me little one?”

17-05-2002, 12:54 PM
Djarei blushed and kicked the floor, giving a little giggle. "Djarei norra 'fraid! Djarei think you're handsome yan!" A little blush on the rabbit girl's face -- another childish giggle. "You also act like Uncle. He biiiig... biiig... and no hurt anyone, yan! Except badtails who attack home. Djarei uncle VERY fierce... pow! pow!" she mimiced boxing, and then a lancing motion with her staff. "Pow! No more badtails."

She shone an adorable smile up at him. "My Uncle only hurt baidtails, is like Mister?" Yes, she *is* that naive and trusting. Oh no.

17-05-2002, 02:03 PM
He had asked for help sure enough. But he was still more than a little surprised when she walked over and hefted him into her arms.

'Am I really this light? Oh dear...perhaps I should eat more...'

"Um yes...uh right. Well then. I need to get to the copper tavern, I believe it's name is. Its fairly close to the administration of the city. Especially the library if you happen to know where that is."

In case she hadn't noticed, Avedon wasn't entirely there, even if he was a nice guy. He was just a little bit odd.

"Oh! I did rather forget my name..."

He started as she looked at him rather oddly.

"Dear me...thats not what I wanted to say. I mean I forgot to tell you my name. I should get right on that, eh? Yes indeed. The name's Avedon. Pleased to have you assistance....or was that make your acquaintence?"

Aku Shi
17-05-2002, 04:24 PM
Oh... You mean that tavern near the bookstore? Yeah, I know where that is.

She grinned and started back the way she had come. Maybe she could allow herself one drink after droppin' this guy off... Yeah, one wouldn't kill her...

"Oh! I did rather forget my name..."

Kou stared at him and blinked as she walked, a brow arched.

"Dear me...thats not what I wanted to say. I mean I forgot to tell you my name. I should get right on that, eh? Yes indeed. The name's Avedon. Pleased to have you assistance....or was that make your acquaintence?"

Well, in this case, both.

Chuckling a little, she winked at him, then looked straight again so as not to trip and send the frail boy flying.

And, I do believe I said my name already, but just in case ya didn't catch it... It's Aoguroi Kouzoku, family name first of course. Heh... But, ya can call me Kou. Everyone else does.

It wasn't long until they were at the tavern and she gently set the young man back on his feet. With a toss of her auburn hair, she smirked. It was payment time...

Now, remember, mister, I don't work for free.

17-05-2002, 04:36 PM
Morbid finished purchasing the various sundires that he required, as humiliating as the simple act of shopping was and made his way to the Copper Tavern , in the past he had met prospective clients there as well as other sources of "entertainment".
"Almost makes one feel nostalgic."

17-05-2002, 05:06 PM
The ‘kittybird’ practically preened under the praise as she called him handsome. It was clear the young anthro held her Uncle in high regard, and the comparison, despite the fact that he was being likened to a rabbit, was also rather flattering.

Vain bird, he chided himself, but fluffed up his feathers slightly.

“Yesss, well, I will not hurrrt little Djarrrei. I only hurrrt thossse who dessserrrve it.” The gyrphon, however, carefully neglected to mention just what he considered as ‘deserving’. Then something the small creature had said earlier made the gryphon pause and look the rabbit over curiously. “You arrre a mage, I asssume?” disbelief creeping into his voice.

Such a innocent thing…how could she be a mage of any worth?

17-05-2002, 05:37 PM
"Free? Oh...money...right. Um...well....I don't usually carry coin or anything with me..perhaps I can give you some other kind of recompense instead? I am somewhat well known in the city I think...."

Thinking back on it, he wasn't entirely sure. He thought that maybe he remembered the book store near this tavern had once given him spellbooks for free. But that had been days or possibly weeks ago. Nothing lasted that long in Avedon's muddled mind.

"Do you read maybe? Yes...everyone reads. I can get you any book you'd like at that bookstore. Or perhaps a drink. I wonder if my name carries any weight in the tavern...if I could just remember what it was."

He trailed off and began to mutter a myriad of similar but slightly different versions of Avedon, not quite getting it right every single time.

"Bah...I know its something like that."

He turned to the girl.

"You wouldn't happen to know my name would you?"

17-05-2002, 06:13 PM
Jicin talked over her shoulder, not looking back as to avoid not bumping into anyone on their way, "We're headed to our place, and...umm....there'll be food..." She realized they actually didn't have any due to the fact that they hadn't been expecting visitors. Leaning over to Lysa, Jicin whispered, "Umm...listen..I've got....stuff....to do, so lead these men back to our place on your own, ok?" She gave Lysa a hard glance.

"Of course!" Lysa replied, and Jicin dashed and seemed to disappear in the thick crowd. Turning to the men behind her, she said, "Don't worry! She realized she had an errand to do. Just continue following me!" She smiled and faced forward again, just in time to see she had bumped into someone. Taking that chance, Lysa's hand "accidently" slipped into a pocket of the unsuspecting person, and she drew out a pathetically small coin bag. This process happened so fast, no one even noticed.

Hee! Looks like I've just made an instant small profit! She mentally patted herself on the back.

Meanwhile, Jicin weaved through the crowds, and saught fish merchants, fruit merchants, and vegetable merchants.

She made one last stop at a bakery stand. Twisting her fingers around in small, unnoticeable movements, she created a spell for a snake to appear by the baker's feet.

Suddenly, a cry rang out, and the baker ran away to grab a broom to smack the reptile, and in that time, Jicin slipped a hand back into her jacket, a large loaf held in her grip. Chuckling, she ran off to where she and Lysa stayed.


The halfling thought quickly, for she sensed the gryphon getting angered.

"I would like..well....do you have, by any chance, an orb? Specifically, an orb which can be used to collect magic of almost any kind? I am doing research on the types of magic, and I tend to enjoy hands-on work, for you know that mere halflings posses no magic skills of any sort. Well, at least, in my family." She chuckled.

In her mind, she wondered why she handn't used the friendly approach in the first place...

OOC: Attached is a pic I drew of Jicin. Hope you people like it!

Lady Fanel
17-05-2002, 07:12 PM
The small hobbit looked down upon the town from where she stood at the top of a large hill. It wasn't the first time she had come to a strange time, and she knew it wouldn't be the last. It wasn't like an ordinary hobbit to travel around, but then again, she was no ordinary hobbit. Swinging her pack over her shoulder she started down the long road heading into the town.

(OOC: This is my char's first entrance, so forgive me if my entry doesn't fit into the RPG. Just let me know.)

17-05-2002, 11:25 PM
Teno followed the young woman through the smuldering crowd. He tryied to keep up to her, but was soon lost in the flowing sea of people.

"No, not again..."

He came out from it at the side of a dark alley, and climbed onto a crate. Unfortunately the owner of a nearby shop noticed him and he had to step down. The owner took Teno by the arm and threw him back amidtds the people, nit before he recovered his 'lost' money pouch.

What a nice man!

The Kender tried once again to find the others, but did not succed. He searched for a few more seconds, but Teno got very bored. Kenders have unnusually short attention spans. so he continued wandering around, getting throuwn around here, fiding something there, and so on.

He finnaly found who he was looking for: the girl known as Lysa and he drunk human from before.

"There you are! I've been looking for you all over the place! Where did you go? Oh, yea that's right, I got lost from you. anyways, so where are we now?"

He inquiring Kender kept going without anywhere to go, and without waiting. He turned back right away.

"That's right, it's your place. And I don't know where it is."

Aku Shi
19-05-2002, 01:47 AM
Kou blinked and stared at the man as if he had gone insane. She honestly thought he WAS insane...

Your name is...Avedon, I believe... Hey, you ok, kid?

For a moment, she just stared at him... Then, she thought back on what he had just said. Before the whole forgetting his name, that is... A free book or free drink?! Hell yeah!!! This kid may be nutso but if he got her free stuff, she was willing to make him her best friend.

Grinning madly, she cleared her throat.

Now that that's settled, how 'bout that free book?

Somehow she had managed to control herself enough to pass up the drink. No, she really didn't need any... Not at all... Books are much nicer... Yep..

20-05-2002, 08:24 AM
Morbid walked into the Copper Tavern and looked around. The place hadn't changed much. He even thought he saw some of the same nondescript regulars.
He walked to the bar, ignoring the curious glances and slid onto a barstool.
"Hail Barkeep, is there any work for an enterprising soul like myself?"
The barkeeper turned his head, coming face to mask with Morbid.
"Err...Matser Morbid, good to see you about sir. Work you say? Just small, oddjobs mostly. Nothing you would be intrested in I am sure."
Morbid slipped a hand into his money bag and retrieved a shining, high-denomination coin.
"Tell me of any leads you find. It has been a slow season."
The bartender nodded and retrieved a glass of Scotch for the assassin.

20-05-2002, 06:24 PM
I'll probably post a super-long post just as soon as I catch up on what's going on. I'm soooo sorry. I forgot to mention I had a Youth Reatreat over the Victoria weekend, so I was absent for 3 days...well....hope you guys forgive me!! *bows in shame*

Phantom Angel
20-05-2002, 11:04 PM
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"Yes, right here." the centaur woman answered, and pulled out a dusty orb. "Is this the kind you are looking for?" she asked quietly.

As the woman was inspecting the object, the centaur turned and looked around her shop carefully. Thieves were known to pop out of nowhere. She hoped nothing had gone missing in her small absence. Sighing, she turned back to her customer.

"That is the only orb I have I'm afraid. If it isn't the right one, then you might want to check other local magic shops. We're usually just a book store." she told her quietly.

22-05-2002, 04:57 PM
Lysa led them up some steps into a shabby-looking stone building. "Here we are!" She smiled gleefully. Suddenly, just as the two men following had stopped, a whispers began to arise all around them. Then, little heads peeked from behind crates and from smaller rooms. Orphans came running out when they saw the pink hair of the funny woman. Lysa bent and picked two kids up in her arms.

"Forgive these kids, but they have no parents." She grinned.

At that moment, a burst of cries came from the main entrance and kids began running from Lysa and to the person who stood in the doorway.

"Elm-elmy!" (that is the main tongue of Elystra for "sister", or Onii-sama) They cried.

Jicin dropped all her items and embraced all the children who clung to her. Some kids were also hanging onto Lysa, and the two laughed. "Well, gentlemen, shall we prepare for dinner?" She asked.

"Ohh...." Said a five-year-old girl. "Does Elm-elmy have a booyyyfrieenndd?"

"And Pink-Hair-sama too?" A 3-year-old girl added.

The two women looked at each other and their faces turned red. "No!" They said in unison.


The hobbit girl looked over the orb with careful expansion. She did a small magic gesture, but not in a way that the centaur would recognize. The orb proved useful enough, is round, sphere surface glowing a pale red.

"Thank you very much!" She piped, and dropped a small pouch of coins onto the table next to the centaur. "Keep the change!" She smiled and ran out, knowing her payment was sufficient, and she threw off her disguise and teleported away.


The cold and icey voice spoke down from the throne in the heart of Mt. Rancour, "Well?" It spat.

"M-m-master, we're pretty much prepared in the matter of numbers." The orog stuttered. He just wanted to run like a stupid dog and get the h3ll out of there.

The robbed master sitting in the chair stared at the pathetic orog from beneath the concealment of a hood. "Then...be gone from my presence and begin the training an organizing of the troops."

The orog was already gone before the master had let the last word slip out. The Master laughed with a hissing sound, and it reverberated throughout all the mountain.

b00zer J
22-05-2002, 09:44 PM
OOC: This is Eydtman's friend...was finally able to register. So, here I am, introducing myself (woo-hoo)...I hope most of you caught my first intro post...yeah, the wizard who passed out in moldy cheese. I promise I can do better, it was very late and I was very drunk, I wasn't responsible.


Belag shook himself from his drunken stupor and tried to clear his vision with a few brief whaps to his cheeks. Strangley, the whole left side of his face was beyond numb, and felt quite crusty. Scraping off the disgusting cheese flakes, Belag grumbled to himself and rose out of his bench.
"I guess I had better see what literature this town has to offer."

It was Belag's custom to inspect every book store in every town he visited just to make sure there wasn't a magic book or scroll he happened to overlook in previous ventures.

Reaching into his worn tunic, Belag pulled out several coins and tossed them on the bar, a few extra for a tip as well (its hard to find a bar where you can wake up after a day or so and still have all of your possessions). He swiped his staff from the corner and hap-hazardly pulled his aching body into the now quite streets.

After several hours of stumbling about, regaining his wits, Belag found what he was looking for.

The book store was still open, strangely enough, although Belag wasn't even sure what time or even what day it was. It seemed to be light enough outside...not enough to hurt his now sensitive eyes though.

He groggily forced himself through the door and surveyed the interior of the store. There were several customers wandering the aisles. To his astonishment, there was a gryphon in the magic section, conversing to something much too short to be seen over the tops of the shelves.

Giving a lazy wave to the store-owner, Belag began patrolling the many shelves throughout the store. There were several editions that caught his attention, usually the incredibly dusty and worn out ones, but none so far that he had not read in some form or another in towns many miles away (and in countless other languages).

Belag stopped in front of one of the shelves near the back of the room, picking up an incredibly dusty book, well worn, and with much of the text on the spine worn off.

"This is impossible! I haven't seen this in ages..." Belag furrowed his brow attempting to decypher the faded gold letters on the cover "Shop-keep!....Excuse me?...." The owner had his or her back turned, and Belag couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back to the front, especially with his now furious headache.

He decided it would be best for his health if he just sat quietly and leafed through the old text instead. Plopping himself down in the far corner of the shop, Belag carefully flipped through the faded and brittle pages of the mysterious book.

As he reached the half-way point of the book, his headache began pounding unbearably, and he closed his eyes to try and calm his mind. Unfortunately, he ended up dozing off to sleep, hunching over onto the delicate pages of the old book...

23-05-2002, 12:58 AM
The tinkling of the tiny bells that hung above the door announced a new arrival to the store, and Ysidrith cocked his head as he eyed the unkempt elf-creature, giving a small snort of distain at his dirty, matted hair and beard.

These creatures, have they no pride in their appearance. He is most likely infested with lice, and to be a wizard as well... he thought with a mental sneer as the man soon dozed off, hunched over an ancient, and surely valuable, magic text. The filthy little creature will probably end up drooling all over it. Appalling!

“Ssso little fledgling,” he looked down at Djarei again. “What brrrings one ssso young asss yourrrssself herrre, ssso farrr, I’m sssurrre, from home? The worrrld isss a dangerrrousss place.”

23-05-2002, 08:11 AM
Morbid with surprising ease, considering he didn't remove his mask drank the scotch. He sighed quietly, "Beautiful scotch barkeep, do you still have what I left here all those months ago?"
The barkeep looked about nervously.
"Well, I was afraid the Watch might come in you know, so I hid it in the bookstore. It's a small book of verse, "The Darkest Light". The bookseller is holding it for me. Just told him I sent you and he'll give you the book."
Morbid nodded and put another gold Guilder coin on the bartop. The assassin finished his scotch and walked out, adjusting his belt.

23-05-2002, 01:09 PM
(( ooc :: of course we forgive you, ED. ^_^ it happens to all of us. *hug* ))

Djarei smiled up at Ysdrith and spread her hands wide. "Djarei be wizard yan!!! Learn heal, learn protect, learn boom spell!" She winked at Ysdrith. "Small Djarei be, big Djarei boom!"

She hopped around the gryphon and beamed. "You big, but bet you big boom, too, yan?"

(( ooc :: and for those of you that have seen "attack of the clones", djarei may look small and may have a tiny body stat... but by god... things go boom.
Djarei: Yoda hero! ))

23-05-2002, 08:53 PM
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Aku Shi
23-05-2002, 09:18 PM
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Phantom Angel
23-05-2002, 11:48 PM
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The centaur woman looked after the halfling, perplexed by the strange behaviour. As she counted the money on the table she found that it was almost double the cost of the orb.

"What a strange woman!" she murmured soflty.

Turning to her two neglected customers, Riz attempted a shaky apology.

"I-I'm sorry about that. How may I help you?" she asked, for the third and final time, hoping for no more interruptions.

b00zer J
23-05-2002, 11:54 PM
How long have I been asleep? Taking a quick look around the store, Belag was pleased to see the gryphon still talking to some tiny little creature a few aisles over... Well not too long, he is still here. Using his staff for leverage, Belag rose to his feet and dusted off his backside. He reached into one of his many pockets and pulled out several coins.
"I certainly hope I can afford this book, there doesn't seem to be any indication of the cost anywhere...hmmph"

He strolled back up the aisles to the front desk. Unfortunately the shopkeep was nowhere to be seen, probably in a back room somewhere, or out organizing some shelves.

Belag began tapping his staff impatiently against the floor. "I really do not have time for this..." he muttered under his breath, knowing inside he did not have any plans whatsoever for the next few months at least. Leaving the book on the counter, he decided to approach the gryphon and his minute little friend.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, Belag's tattered rags caught the corner of a rickety table. Clearly supporting too much weight for its quality, the table collapsed and the books clattered across the floor. After a few seconds of uttering some choice phrases under his breath and scratching his crusty scalp in thought, he decided it would be best to clean up before the shopkeep came out to investigate the noise.

Waving his hand, he brought together the legs and top of the table and reassembled them in their proper positions. Leaning against his staff, more for show than any useful purpose, he used his free hand to pick up all the books simultaneously and float them back to the tabletop. After arranging them in a more organized fashion, Belag decided it would be best to pay for his book and leave, before creating another mess...

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24-05-2002, 01:20 AM
Watch your pride silly bird, he continued to remind himself, before your head gets so big you’ll not be able to fit through the door.

Despite his constant reminders to himself, Ysidrith enjoyed the complements Djarei made. “Yesss, I can make thingsss go ‘boom’,” he gave her a gryphonic smile, amused by her enthusiasm and flattered by her attention. “But to rrrely upon one talent only can be a dangerrrousss thing, ssso magic isss not a gryphon’sss only weaponsss…”

A loud crash interrupted the conversation, and Ysidrith’s head swiveled towards the elf who had caused the ruckus.

Clumsy little humanoid. And that, he thought to himself, Is why their kind should not be allowed in the halls of Haven. Dirty little creature would most likely destroy half the oracles and shatter soulstones as he stumbles about.

His ears twitched as he heard the centaur return. Finally…

24-05-2002, 08:07 AM
Morbid entered the bookshop and looked about at the shelves and patrons through the mesh slits in his eggshell smooth helmet. He suspected them to be magicians or wizards of some sort, a profession not completly without honor yet vaugely distasteful to the assassin. He walked to the counter and peered over, the bookseller was crouched behind the counter doing something or another.
"Excuse me sir," he said in a voice that was smooth yet dangerous like a knife, "May I have a moment of your time?"
The bookseller groaned as he picked himself up and dusted off his sleeves. He looked Morbid up and down and raised an eyebrow dubiously.
"Help you with something sir?"
Morbid squeezed his fists causing his knuckles to crack unnervingly.
"My friend the barkeep left a book of verse to you some months ago. "The Darkest Light"?"
The bookseller nodded, "Oh yes, he mentioned that someone fitting your..ah..description might stop by. Just give me a moment..."
He crouched behind the counter again and rummaged around, producing a small pocket book a moment later. He handed it to the assassin, brushing a little dust off the surface.
The assassin thanked the bookseller and opened the book, turning through the yellowed pages until he came to the near middle of the book. He withdrew some violet petals from the pages. Anyone learned in alchemy would recognize the petals as having come from a Zoonga flower, a rare blossom reknown for it's curative properties and ability to grant the user sleep unhindered by guilt or dreams.

25-05-2002, 11:22 PM
Avedon, at the urging of the woman who had escorted him here, quickly and rather roughly entered the bookstore. It wasn't so much an urging as a controlled shoving really.

As he entered the store, he noticed the proprietor, a centaur, at the counter counting some money. Quickly he approached her and wrung his hands impatiently at his sides, waiting for a free moment of her time.

"Excuse me ....um....what was your name again? Dez? Fez? Fiz? Fizban? No that's not right..."

He saw her look at him, and recognized the expression as one of impatience. Probably had a long day today already.

"Well bother...thats not important right now I suppose. You remember me I hope. The name is....um....Avedon? Yes that's right I believe...."

She continued to just look at him with the same expression worn upon her aggravated features.

"I'm a member of the wizard's conclave here in the city. I believe we are preferred customers right? Yes yes....that seems to be how it goes since we seem to do most of the reading around here. Well anyways, I'm looking for books....obviously."

He looked about the store faintly amused at the selection. His own collection of spellbooks was larger than this.

'I'm not here for myself.'

"Um yes. Well anyways. I'll just go about perusing the shelves now. Just give me a bill for what I buy and I'll have the conclave pay for it, rest assured."

He turned to his escort.

"Kou was it? Indeed yes....thats right. Take your pick I suppose, but be careful. Nothing too expensive you know."

Aku Shi
26-05-2002, 12:09 AM
Oh wow!! Look at these!!!!

Her green eyes wide with excitement she looked over the shelves filled with books, many of which she had not read yet. There were some she had, but in finer covers than her old hand-me-downs.

Pity I can only pick one... I do so love getting free things...

She pouted her lips a little but continued to look happily over the selection. After all, she would be able to return and buy some books later. It wasn't like she didn't have the money. Suddenly she came to a stop and she pulled out a book about elven tales.


27-05-2002, 05:46 PM
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Jicin and Lysa finally managed to peel the kids off of them, and they went to the back kitchen in the dirty, small, unkept orphanage. Since they didn't let themselves get hired, they didn't really make much of a decent living, even though they stole often. People didn't carry much change with them these days.

Lysa yelled back to the men over the voices of the children, "Hey! Make yourselves comfy! This isn't the greatest place, but it's habitable!" She then turned to help Jicin prepare dinner.


The troop of dwarves ran quickly through their underground network of tunnels, and they quickly burst into the chambers of the High Council.

What is the meaning of this? said the High Mage, standing from the sudden burst.

"We have urgent news to report..." The captain of the dwarves reported.

And so, the High Lords gathered around the dwarven spies of Falcon Ridge, and listened to the piece of news which would shake the foundations of Falcon Ridge in the near future...

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28-05-2002, 10:01 AM
(OOC: Psssshh. you know very well where I was ED :P cause you were there too ^o^)

Kouto stood there at the door. His eyes wide and jaw dropped.

"K-k-k-kids... They have kids..." Kouto thought to himself. "If there are 3 things I hate they are Kids, Non-alcoholic beer, and kids!"

He hated kids. Well more accurately he was affraid of them.

"Those big eyes. Those high pitched shrill voices." He thought. They all made his blood curl. He didn't understand how anyone could like kids.

"They cry all the time, and they smell and... and... and... they just freak me out. They have to be planning something against us adults. They just have to. You can tell from the look on their faces that they are up to something." He went over this again and again in his head.

"Hiya Mister" One of the children said looking up at him with those big evil eyes.

Kouto dropped his eyes to the miniature demon that stood before him. Being only a few feet tall they weren't very strong individualy but their strength is in there numbers. Kouto didn't like it where he was. There were too many of them. They were all out to get him. All of them.

"Blwahahahahahahahahahahah!" Kouto screamed as he lept from the open door and ran around the corner frantically waving his arms in the air.

He leaned up against the wall of the closest building.

"Phew!" He said as he wiped away some of the sweat from his brow. It was a cold sweat, one he was not used to. "They almost got me, but I out smarted them! I always out smart them! Muahahahahahaha!" He laughed aloud not minding the people who stopped to look at him.

His face grew suddenly serious in expression "Cr@p!" He thought, "I just left them there. I have to go back and save them from the sticky little graspsof those evil youngsters."

He shuddered at the thought of those sticky hands. They were always so sticky. It was like it was some sort of oil they secreated from their hands. Freaky, freaky stuff. He had to go back though. He couldn't just leave them there alone. He had to do something.

"Afterall," He thought as he peeked his head back around the corner, still pressing his body frimly against the wall. "They were pretty cute"

28-05-2002, 07:20 PM
Just as the centaur shopkeeper was finally going to see to the gryphon, a tall, frail looking human-elf-man-thing barged in with another elfin looking woman, and began babbling to the centaur. Ysidrith’s eyes darkened, and he had to make an effort not to grind his beak in frustration.

Have these human-elf-whatever-they-are creatures have no manners?! Perhaps I should return when this place is less…infested, he thought with a mental sigh then looked down at Djarei.

“Well, little one, it ssseemsss thisss place is quite busssy. Perrrhapsss I will explorrre the rrressst of the city and rrreturrrn laterrr.”

Aku Shi
28-05-2002, 08:03 PM
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Aku Shi
28-05-2002, 08:03 PM
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28-05-2002, 08:20 PM
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Teno followed the two women to the orphanage. There were many children running around, some short and chubby, others tall and lean, with red hair, or black hair, or blond hair, and freckles. And of course many different races. Teno looked like he could fit right in, if not for his age.

"Hey, mister! What's that?" said a short little human girl with golden long hair.
"You mean this?" answered Teno, pointing to his hair. "That's how my people wear their hair."
"I don't really know. There are many different stories about that. I think I'll tell you some later. But for now, have some candy!"

Teno opened the side pocket of one of his pouches and took out a bag filled with lollipops. He handed them to every child in the place and kept one for himself.

"Have you seen that other guy who came in here earlier with us?" he asked one of the children.
"...Checkk *slurp* outside..."

Maybe he wanted some fresh air.

The Kender walked into the kitchen to see if he could help.

"Ohh, I see you are making dinner. I guess I shouldn't have given out the candy. Oops! Oh well, they'll still be hungry. Mind if I help?"

with the last comment he picked up a spoon, but instead of trying to cook, he put it in his pocket.

Phantom Angel
28-05-2002, 11:48 PM
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Lady Fanel
29-05-2002, 12:18 PM
The small hobbit finally made her way to the town. She walked through the town, taking in the sights. Nice place, she thought. Not quite like home, but it will do for a while. Walking down a crowded street, she noticed a small bookstore off to her left. Her eyes widened in excitement. Finally! she thought. I've been waiting for some new books to read.

The doorknob was up so high that Lilita practically had to jump to open the door. When she finally got in, she looked around. The store was much bigger than some of the ones she had seen. It appeared to be well-kept, and many of the books appeared to be quite old.

In the middle of the store, she saw a gryphon and a small rabbit talking. She also saw what appeared to be an elven gentleman picking up some books that had fallen off the table. Hoping no one would notice her, she selected some books off the shelves, sat herself on a chair, and started reading.

29-05-2002, 02:20 PM
Morbid carefully put the Zoonga petals back between the pages of the book and put the small book of poetry in his satchel, fastening the pearl button.
"What a crowded little shop, there must be a large reading public in this town."
He rested his hand on the pommel of his sword and looked out the window towards the sun, rays of light glinted off his black dome helmet, painful to the eyes.
"There must be a bit of work in such a city, if I am delayed from action any further things might become...less than comfortable."
The assassin made his way to the door.

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30-05-2002, 07:38 PM
Jicin stood and faced Teno. "It's alright, really!" She grinned when she noticed his hand slip back out of his pocket. She narrowed her eyes slightly. Walking by him, she looked around for the now-sober man, but he was no where in sight. She opened the palm of her hand and found a spoon in it. Walking back to Lysa, she bent and continued preparing the dinner.

"Teno, you are welcome to look around. Just don't be taking anything, even if it's "by accident"." She gave him a hard look and held the spoon. You're not the only theif in here, so we know the tricks of the trade." She smirked and continued working on the dinner.

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30-05-2002, 10:25 PM
"Well, how did that get there? It must have fallen into my pocket from the counter. Hey did you just call me a thief? I am not a thief. Fortunately I don't really get mad when people do that. I guess I'm preety used to it by now. My cousin Athe, on the other hand... He din't like that. I remember this one time, he and I were traveling along, minding our own business, when all of the suddain, we meet this gang of mercinaries. And we say, 'Hello, how are you today?' Unfortunately things didn't go so well from there..."

Teno continued talking, and talking, and talking, his story getting more and more interesting. By the end he had seen a great dragon, ridden it and saved the world. It is very hard to know when a Kender is telling a story, or something that had happened in real life. In this case, it seemed to be a little of both. So from all of that talking his mouth got very dry.

He took an empty cup off of a table, filled it with cold water, and drank it all down. He then wipped his mouth with the back side of his hand wanted to stash away the cup. However, his better judgement disagreed so he put it back where it belonged. He started walking around throughout the kitchen, exploring.

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31-05-2002, 02:56 AM
((OOC: Morbid was in the same bookstore??? He spoke to a male bookseller and PA’s is a female centaur and only owner of the store.))

The modest bookstore was beginning to feel crowded with all manner of humans, elves, and halflings, annoying the gryphon to no end. Ysidrith loved books, but his patience was wearing thin, and he decided it best to leave now before he bit someone’s head off, literally. Tail swishing behind him, he stalked towards the door, casting an indifferent glance at the hobbit who had entered last and causing a small gust as he passed by.

Ornately craved wooden staff clutched in his talons, he stepped out into the afternoon sun. The sunlight glittered off his golden armbands and exquisite gold and beaded jewelry. The gryphon relaxed a bit and looked out at the city as he wondered where to go next.

01-06-2002, 05:00 PM
Jicin kept a mental note on Teno as she continued to help Lysa in the finishing touches on the dinner. After setting it all out on the table, Lysa screamed, "Food's ready kids!!!!!", causing Jicin to cover her ears in pain.

Soon, a stampede of kids ran into the eating hall, and sat at a low-set table. They sat on cushions, since the table was so low, and Jicin helped Teno to his little seat of honour. The kids immediately began to devour the food. Wandering into the entrance hall, she looked around for Kouto, but he was nowhere in sight.

Now where could he have gone?

"Lysa! Come here! We seem to be missing our little friend Kouto..." Jicin sighed and shook her head sadly.

"Is that so? No problem!" She cuffed her hands around her mouth and prepared to yell at the top of her lungs, intaking a large amount of air. Jicin took this opportunity to cover her ears tightly.

Finally, Lysa let loose, "KOUTOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"But this is proposterous! Falcon Ridge has been a safe haven for over 400 years...this can't be true! I won't accept it!" The High Lord of the Kuta region banged his fist on the Council table.

"Your Most Gracious, you know quite well that we would not be reporting this unless we were positive about the news we bring upon the High Council. You have set guidelines for us, and we obediently follow them." The head-Dwarf bowed.

"We can't possibly fight this on our own...I mean, who knows how much the Master's power has increased over time? We need warriors on our side. Possibly wizards more or less powerfull than ourselves, if that's possible." The High Lord of the Jukoto region put in.

A High Lord of the Futaje district (known for its rate of thieving), rasied a hand, "I must say, we could also use some thieves in this. Sure, they do criminal offences, but what if some of them can't help it? Like orphans, for example. It's not their choice for their parents to die."

"Oh? Then what about the older thieves? They know the law and-" The High Lord of the Yoti region got cut off.

"Hah! But they were orphans perhaps? Then thieving was the only thing they knew since childhood, so even if they know the law, they can't help it, because they know no better. And because they acquire excellent skills for sneaking around and stealth, then they'd be perfect for this situation as well." The Lord of Futaje argued.

The High Lords each pondered this suggestion. It seemed fit enough. They each in turn nodded to one another, ensuring the presence mutual agreement.

"Very well," The High Mage declared before turning to the 100 messengers who constantly waited on their masters. "Go throughout the city, and declare that all mercenaries, thieves, and wizards of all power levels be brought to the Parliament of the Council of High Lords. Make sure all here that they will not be put to punishment for anything, but rather, their cooperation is required."

And with that, the messengers were off, separating onto the many roads of Falcon Ridge in all directions.

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Phantom Angel
01-06-2002, 05:46 PM
OOC: Holy crap! my bookstore is crowded!!! sorry for my disappearance. i uh.. .was very lost and very busy.

Riz looked out into her small shop, at the throng of people that walked it. It had never been so busy, and the room looked like it was about to burst and spill over.

"At this rate, I'm going to have to hire extra help." she thought, as she frowned, not knowing where to begin. She cleared her voice and shouted.

"Please form two lines by the counter. Those that want to make purchases, and those that want help." she called out to the people in the bookstore.

Hopefully, her plan would work.

01-06-2002, 08:38 PM
The city was crowded and reeked of sweat, dust, tobacco, food, and a dozen other scents. After the crowded bookstore, Ysidrith wanted to find someplace where he could literally stretch his wings. Tail waving lazily, he made his way through the crowd, glaring menacingly at anyone who dared to step too close.

As the gryphon neared a plaza decorated with a carved stone fountain, a harried messenger stepped in his way. Ysidrith glowered at him, and began to step around the creature, but the man simply stepped in his way again and placed his hand up in a signal to wait as he caught his breath. With an impatient little snort, Ysidrith waited, folding his arms across his chest and wondering what was so important that this human would persist on annoying an obviously ill-tempered gryphon.

“You…you are a mage?” the man asked finally and stood at attention to look up at the carnivore.

“Yesss,” Ysidrith answered warily, accentuating his sibilants again. “But how isss that any of yourrr busssinesss?”

Unphased the man continued in a practiced and official sounding voice. “It has been declared that all mercenaries, thieves, and wizards of all power levels within Falcon Ridge be brought to the Parliament of the Council of High Lords.”

Ysidrith stared at the tiny man incredulously. “Declarrred? By the Council?” The bird clicked his tongue and turned to walk away. “I have no allegiancesss to yourrr Council.”

The man was determined, however, and hurried after the gryphon. “But… you will not be put to punishment for anything, and your cooperation is required…”

Upon hearing these words Ysidrith rounded upon the man, eyed glittering and crest raised in anger. “Rrrequirred? Rrrequirred?! I take orrrderrrsss from no one. Do you think you can orrrderr my people about like common ssserrrvantsss?” he hissed, clutching his staff and bringing his wickedly curved beak close to the man’s face. “Now, ssstop following me, and go harrrasss sssomeone elssse,” he finished and stalked off into the throng of people.

((OOC: Heh. He just needs some time to cool off and a bit more convincing.))

02-06-2002, 03:41 PM
Morbid was walking along a cobblestone lane when he felt a tug at his sleeve. He turned around and was face to face with what appeared to be a civil servant.
"Ahem...urr...*cough*. You are M..Morbid right? Morbid Zalost?"
Morbid bared his teeth though the messenger could not see the grimace. Morbid just stared at the bloke, awaiting something further.
"The council requests your presence in an effort to gather a sizable number of magi and mercenaries."
Morbid clicked his tongue against his teeth, turned sharply and walked towards the Council Building.

02-06-2002, 10:15 PM
Finally, Lysa let loose, "KOUTOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kouto heard the cry for his name.

"They must be in trouble! I was right about those kids! Of course I am always right! Muahahahahah!" he said. "I guess it's up to me to save them... as usual."

"But how?" He thought. "There have to be atleast 20 of the little fiends in there."

Kouto only really had the one option open to him so he took it...

*CRASH* Kouto ran into the house kicking open the door and screaming like a madman. He ran up to Lysa and picked her up under his arm and then headed to Jicin. He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. He then grabbed Teno with his free hand and dashed for the back door. When he reached it he kicked it open and ran as fast as he could away from the evil children. He didn't make it very far as he was stopped by a messenger.

The messenger stepped right out infront of the charging Kouto and stuck out his hand telling them to stop. Kouto slammed on his breaks sliding to a stop just short of the messenger.

The messenger looked at Kouto.

"From the sword on your back and the armour you are wearing i'll assume you are a mercenary. It has been declared that all mercenaries, thieves, and wizards of all power levels within Falcon Ridge be brought to the Parliament of the Council of High Lords. You are to report there imediately."

02-06-2002, 10:41 PM
Jicin's temper snapped, "PUT ME DOWN!" She screamed, and she slipped out of his grasp easily. Then, looking at the messenger, she raised an eyebrow. "The Council of High Lords needs us, eh? And thieves? That's an odd request." She leaned over to her pink-haired friend and whispered, "I don't trust the damn council...we can say we're mercenaries for now until we find out what's going on..."

"Good idea..." Lysa nodded, before facing the messenger. "Very well, we are all mercenaries, and we shall accept."

With that, the two girls headed towards the The Parliament of High Lords.

"Why the heck would those b@sT@rds need us in the middle of the year? Can't they figure things out, with their little "powers" and spells?" Jicin muttered under her breath. She dispised them all, all of them and their little snobbish behinds. They didn't really care for the city, or so she thought...

Lysa shrugged and sighed, "Who knows? And I think you should give them a chance. So far, no harm or danger has really ever occured in Falcon Ridge-"

"Then why don't we have parents like the rest of this city?" Jicin interjected.

The two went silent as they paused in front of the trail which led to the Parliament of the Council of High Lords.


"M-m-m-master.....t-the C-council....th-they-" The orog started.

"SHUT UP FOOL!" The Master screamed. "I know they already know...but I must know how much they have found out..." The robed figure let its voice trail off.

"P-perhaps I could be of service?" The orog suggested.

The Master sat in its throne and slowly let out a blood-curdling laugh. "You? You? You're nothing but a pathetic tool, a puppet. Mine to control. I will do this job myself, since nothing much is secret now.." The Master stepped down and vanished into thin air.


A female elf, elegant and graceful, bumped into a messenger and she steadied herself with her mage-staff. "Do pardon me!" She exclaimed.

"Oh no, my most humblest of apologies, but the High Lords request that all mages, wizards, thieves, and mercenaries proceed to the Parliament for an important notice in which all cooperation is needed." The messenger relayed dutifully.

"Alright then." She smiled gently and turned immediately towards the Parliament.

Already, a buzz was spreading throughout Falcon Ridge, on this latest developement of news.

I do hope it's nothing serious... She thought. But if thieves are called also...this can't be a good sign.. She ran the rest of the way.

b00zer J
03-06-2002, 06:00 PM
"Now...which way back to the town..." Mumbled Belag. He couldn't believe he had gotten lost in the woods. He had just dropped off his book at an old acquaintances house for safe-keeping, which was only a few long strides from the main path. "I guess my mind is going now too??? he said as he plunked himself down on a mossy log.

After several hours of thought, most of which was on completely unrelated topics, he jumped to his feet and headed off in some random direction. His intuitions proved most correct and he came across the path several minutes later. "I don't think I'll be letting anyone else now about this little incident..." .

A few minutes later Belag emerged from the woods, with Falcon Ridge a stones throw down the path.

As Belag hobbled down the path, he saw a strangely dressed figure running along the path in his direction. Arms flailing wildly, the person was yelling something incomprehensible as he planted his feet in the ground to stop. Unfortunately, the mud was surprisingly deep and his feet flew out from under him.

After a short fit of laughter, Belag offered the muddy individual his staff to pull himself out of the mud. "So, my friend, what business is important enough to fly into a mud puddle like that?" asked Belag, keen to hear some explanation.

"Have you seen da wizard Belag 'round town? Old guy, 'bout yay high...kinda hunched over, matted hair, dirty lookin', also he kinda smells like sour chee......!?!" , a look of absolute embarassment crossed over the boy's dirty face.

"Dirty, and smelling like sour cheese, eh? he paused for a few seconds, lifting his arm to smell underneath it, he chuckled "My boy, I think you may be right about that one. Now, why would you be looking for me?"

"Oh, I'm not, but there are a whole bunch'o people roundin' up all de mercinaries, tieves, wizards and the like all over da town...somefin kinda 'mportant goin' on at da Parliament place. You gotta hurry mister, its s'pposed to be really big, REALLY REALLY BIG!!!!" The boy turned and ran back towards town, only getting half way before slipping into a mud puddle again.

Belag laughed again, and headed after the boy to help him up again. He offered the heavily embarassed child his staff again, pulling up out of the mud, which appeared to contain more than dirt and water. "I think both of us will be turning heads with our odours today, friend...". The boy sniffed at his mud covered clothing and burst out laughing. Belag gave the boy some of the bread he had kept from the tavern and a tiny piece of candy he had in the folds of his robe, thanking him for his help. The two parted ways, Belag heading up the path leading to the Council Buildings.

03-06-2002, 06:13 PM
"Imma go where now?" Kouto asked the messenger while being utterly confused.

The messenger replied. "The Parliament of the Council of High Lords."

Kouto stared blankly at the messenger... "Imma go where now?" he asked again even more confused.

The messenger let out a sigh as he pointed in the direction the elf and her friend went. "Just follow those two and you'll eventually end up where you are meant to."

Kouto still stood blankly at the messenger. "So imma go there now?" he asked while pointing in the same direction as the messenger.

"Yes! Now for the love of everything holy go!" stated the messenger impatiently.

Kouto turned and tucked Teno under his arm.

"Comon short stuff... you're coming with me. I'm not getting lost in this city on my own." Kouto said as he ran off in the direction he was told.

03-06-2002, 11:01 PM
"Hey who you calling short? Oh me! Allright. Well, I am a kender you know. Not that I steal or anything... Kind of crazy... you know." Teno was smilling innoncently to the messanger. He didn't look back.

The Kender then looked back to Kouto.

"Not that I don't mind the ride as I enjoyed it before, but I can walk too you know. It's not like you can get lost or anything. Small town...I think...I don't know, I haven't been here before. This is all new to me. But it's your arm, and since you insist on carying me..."

The Kender went along, humming happilly, and of course annoying people in the ussual Kendel fashion.

"So," he said after about a minute. "We're going to the Parliament, was it? Allright. Haven't been there before either."

Lady Fanel
05-06-2002, 12:10 PM
The small hobbit looked up from her book. There seemed to be some kind of commotion coming from the street. Deciding that this was the book she wanted, she made her way to the line in front of the till. The line didn't seem to be moving. "Hurry, please, hurry," she urged.

05-06-2002, 09:05 PM
A flash of white and flurry of motion caught the gryphon’s attention as he left the stunned messenger behind. Ysidrith spun about, preparing to give the human another tongue lashing, but stopped, beak open, to see the young anthro rabbit-girl smiling up at him. .

“Djarei likes Mister.” One ear flopped over in a overly sweet and charming manner, she blushed suddenly and looked down at the floor, hands toying with a loose thread on her garments. “Kittybird is powerful big, like Djarei uncle, and wizard like Djarei, yan!!” Regaining her confidence, the girl giggled and began to fidget. “So Mister and Djarei look around the city and find magic and adventure, yan?”

Ysidrith stood speechless. Not many a creature took it upon themselves to follow a gryphon around without an open invitation, yet this innocent little creature, not much more than a child in his eyes, had apparently taken a liking to the short tempered bird.

“Yesss,” he sighed. “I sssuppossse you may tag along with me forrr the time being. Howeverrr, I have no parrrticularrr dessstination in mind.”

As he spoke the council messenger reappeared, as determined as before, and cleared his throat to interrupt the conversation. As the man tried to explain to the gryphon the order again, and how imperative it was all mages, thieves, and mercenaries go to the Parliament of the Council of High Lords immediately, Ysidrith pointedly ignored the man and looked lazily about. Several other messengers wandered the city and small groups of what were apparently the mages, thieves, and mercenaries in question were already headed towards the Parliament building. Drawing his argument to a close, the man stood stiffly and waited for the gryphon’s reply. Before Ysidruth could say anything, however, the anthro girl piped up.

“Djarei powerful mage too. Make big boom!” She winked at the human and hopped excitedly around. “Djarei and Kittybird go now and work heal spell, and protect spell, and all spells, yan!”

With a resigned sigh Ysidrith gave in. The human would obviously not stop pestering him until he either killed the man or agreed to go, and the rabbit girl would surly be a constant pain in his…side if he did not take her. Since killing humans generally was a bad idea, he reluctantly agreed to the “invitation”. Jaw clenched and in an even worse mood than before, the tiger stripped gryphon shoved his way through the throng towards the Parliament, a happily excited Djarei in his wake.

((OOC: I hope this is ok Minwa. You mentioned she’d probably follow him, and since the bookstore is so crowded, I figured I’d drag her to the meeting with kittybird.

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Phantom Angel
06-06-2002, 04:46 PM
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The Centaur woman took the book from the small hobbit and smiled kindly.

"Will that be all ma'am?" Riz asked kindly, smiling at the hobbit.

"After all these customers leave, I am taking a break, and going to hire some help. I can't do it alone if every day's going to be like this one..." Riz thought.

She smiled sublimenly thinking of the statement she was making. As a centaur, she had been taught that she must always try until the odds were completely hopeless. What would they say now, seeing her hire help so easily.

"I have learned more since then... I don't care..." she sighed, and turned to the hobbit.

"That would be 3 golds please." she said kindly.

b00zer J
06-06-2002, 09:13 PM
Having never been to the parliament buildings before, Belag had no idea where to go. He was wandering aimlessly through the streets, hoping for some hint as to the important location. Hearing muffled laughter, he turned to see a tall, strange looking man (probably some kind of mercenary) carrying a much smaller individual under his arm. "A kendar...haven't seen one of those people in a while.." he muttered to himself. Overhearing a portion of their conversation, something about going to the parliament buildings, Belag decided it would be best to follow them.

Coming around a bend in the road, Belag suddenly realized he had lost the two he was following. Uttering several choice phrases, he angrily kicked at the mud...splashing some all over two rather large men in front of a tavern.

"Oh dear, as if this couldn't get any worse..." he thought to himself. "Gentlemen, I am terribly sorry for the, uh, mud-flinging incident...perhaps I could treat you to a round of drinks as some form of recompense?". He knew he was grasping at straws, as both men appeared to have plenty of alcohol in their systems already. Both men began advancing on the old wizard, wiping the mud off their faces as they approached.

"You think yer some kinda wise guy, eh? Said the first, and biggest man, who was almost in range of Belag. "Hey, Finnigan, I say we'se teach this old clod a few lessons!"

"I couldn't agree with you more! But I really must be going, I have important business to attend to at the parliame..." He couldn't even finish his sentence, as the second man's fist flew right past his face, brushing against his beard. The first man saw this as the perfect opportunity, hurling himself at Belag and falling with him into the mud.

A rather large crowd began assembling around the three men as they jostled through the mud, Belag trading kicks and punches with the first man as the second circled, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Seeing a break in the action as Belag and the first man separated a few steps, Finnigan jumped in between them, sending a swift kick towards Belag's midsection. Seeing the incoming kick, Belag grabbed the man's foot, and much to his surprise, spun him several times in mid-air. Finnigan landed hard on his ribs, sending mud spraying over the crowd. Several cheers went up after seeing the old man take the drunk down. "Oy, Curik, I think he broke me ribs!!!! said Finnigan, grasping his swelling side. With his friend now out of commission, Curik was beginning to second-guess his chances of beating the old man.
"Surely you're not afraid of me, my friend..." said Belag, toying with the drunken idiot "You should easily be able to take down someone of my age". Belag's taunting infuriated the hooligan, and he charged. Belag tried to dodge to one side, but was a fraction too slow. The charging man caught Belag's shoulder, sending a sickening pop through the air as it popped out of place. Belag fell to the ground screaming in agony, squeezing his shoulder in an attempt to stop the horrendous pain. Curik stood up and wiped the accumulated mud off of his tunic. Laughing in victory, he walked over until he stood towering over the huddled wizard. There was a second pop as Belag's shoulder was snapped back into place, and before the drunk realized what had happened, Belag snapped to his feet. He shoved the drunken man a few feet away and began drawing in his concentration. A pulsing mass of brilliant blue water began forming in the man's wrinkled palm. He thrust his arm forward, sending the massive sphere of water hurtling at Curik's shaggy head.

The ball hit square on, instantly knocking the man unconscious. He toppled backwards into a heap on the ground. Belag chuckled to himself, brushed off some of the mud that stuck to his beard and cloak, and started walking back up the path to resume his search for the parliament buildings. The crowd stood huddled in silence, staring first at the two crumpled men, both easily over seven feet in height, and then at the old man, hunched over his cane inching down the street, and then back again.

OOC: boy that was fun, eh? I thought it would be more fun than typing about walking to the buildings for a few paragraphs.

07-06-2002, 09:16 AM
OOC: Just waiting for the events at the Parliament Building where Morbid has already walked to

08-06-2002, 10:35 AM
Jicin and Lysa stopped in front of the massively tall doors of the Parliament building. It's shadow engulfed them and they could only stare in silence and awe of the doors which kept in 7 of the most powerful people in Falcon Ridge.

"I can't imagine what it must be like..." Lysa whispered.

"Well, we're about to find out!" Jicin grasped one of the large knockers and banged heavily.

In unison, the doors swung open and an elegant entrance hall greeted them. The floors, pillars, walls, and almost everything else where made of highly-polished marble. The one exception was the ceiling, which was made of what looked like glass, but every so often, it seemed to ripple. When they looked more closely, they noticed exotic fish swimming around.

"My gosh! It's a magic-aquarium!" Lysa exclaimed. There were rumors of such unimaginable things which existed in the parliament. As the two thieves continued further into the building, they were greeted by some servants, who led them up a bunch of stairs. There were many servants in the entrance hall, who each led whoever came in.

Jicin was curious about how the High Lords would let in people so easily, but then they had probably set various spell shields within against explosions or untrustworthy trespassers.

But still...what could possibly be so important that would require the aid of random strangers throughout Falcon Ridge? She wondered.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the servant's words.

"We're here. But you must stay here and wait for the rest of the crowd to arrive." And with that, he left.

Lysa tried wandering, but as soon as she did, she hit an invisible magic barrier. She screamed and jumped back quickly.

So...we're probably being watched...and whoever is watching has set a limited access zone...to prevent people from wandering away and causing damage to the Parliament. Jicin made a mental note of that and stayed standing on her spot.

09-06-2002, 08:56 PM
Avedon stepped up to the counter after having been relegated into the lines. He always managed to get the worst part of every deal, as he now had found himself at the very back of the line. But he was tired, and there were places he was sure he had to be, even if he couldn't recall quite where those places were.

"Ahem." He pushed ahead and handed the book to the centaur. "Please charge this to the council of mages please. If you could hurry I have to be somewhere soon, I think."

He smiled sheepishly at the proprietor, hoping this would go smoothly.

12-06-2002, 04:55 PM
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Lady Fanel
12-06-2002, 05:20 PM
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The small hobbit reached in her pockets and pulled out a handful of coins. Searching through them, a sense of panic came over her face. She looked up at Centaur. "Did you say three golds?" she asked. The shopkeeper nodded. She looked up at the woman sheepishly. "I'm afraid I don't have three golds," she said, her face growing red.

12-06-2002, 10:48 PM
The pair were an odd sight, the scowling gryphon with his head held high and eyes gleaming challengingly at anyone and anything in his path, and the cheerful rabbit anthro who bounded alongside him, chatting happily about her home, her uncle, how excited she was to be here, and what a great adventure this would be. As they walked through the massive doors of the Parliament building his claws clicked hollowly upon the pale veined marble. Ysidrith sniffed indifferently at the magic aquarium above their heads, refusing to be impressed by anything these arrogant and most likely humanoid –- who else would have the gall to order all mages, thieves, and mercs to their service -- council members created. Djarei, however, pointed at wondrous sights around her.

“Mightly powerful magic it is,” she commented, admiration in her voice. “One day Djarei will be powerful enough to make magic like that. Djarei is already a strong wizard, yan,” she nodded and giggled.

Ysidrith tried his best to ignore her and maintain his stoic demeanor as a servant greeted them and led the duo to the main reception area. There several creatures were already gathered, including the dirty unkempt wizard from the bookstore and an odd helmet clad humanoid. As they walked farther into the room, a young pink haired female nearby screeched and jumped back a few feet as if she’d been scorched by some invisible field. Ysidrith cocked his head slightly and cast an inquisitive glance at the woman and her companion, one apparently of elven decent and the other, although as tall as any human, who smelled distinctly non-human…

They look familiar…the tavern I think, but it doesn’t matter. Soon enough this little meeting will be over, we will all go our separate ways, and I will never see any of these creatures again. Even the little one and I must part company, he thought as he looked down at his energetic companion.

The servant then said something about ‘staying in place until the others arrive’, but the gyphon merely looked at him with calm acceptance. After a moment, he nodded with grave politeness but said nothing, for the nod itself meant no more than that he had heard and not that he would promise anything. The gryphon hated waiting, and after the servant left, he flexed his wings in an attempt to relax, causing a flurry of protests from those he bumped around him, but he quickly silenced them with a soft hiss and angry, irritated glare. With a sigh, Ysidrith folded his wings back against his back and waited in the great pillar lined room, Djarei still talking excitedly while he muttered an occasional “yesss, I sssee,” in response.

((OOC: Feel free to interact with Ysidrith, although he's always in this darn bad mood and may bite your head off...I think he needs prozac))

b00zer J
13-06-2002, 01:20 PM
The main hall of the Parliament building was impressive, not as ornate or decorated as some of the others he had seen, but still quite accomodating. Belag looked around at the small crowd that had gathered; some pink-haired girl was yelping in pain after attempting to cross the magic barrier, probably won't do that again..., and the gryphon from the bookstore was also present, along with some tiny little thing that kept pointing at the ceiling and hopping excitedly around the gryphon's feet. Belag glanced up at the ceiling to try and figure out what the commotion was about. Hmph....magic aquarium....not too bad either he exclaimed The ones in the Far South are a bit more striking, though .

He also noticed a few other people he had not seen before in the town, most of whom appeared to be mercenaries of some sort. I would really like to know why my services are so greatly needed, especially with magic-wielding individuals capable of such a spectacle as that , wondered Belag, raising his eyes to the magic ceiling. He chuckled to himself about his little joke, and decided it would be best if he rested while the party waited for news.

He sat himself down on the floor and let his mind and body relax.......

OOC: I actually do love the idea of the magic aquarium ceiling, but I am just trying to show Belag's age and traveling experience by having him comment on the ceiling like that!!!

13-06-2002, 01:28 PM
Kouto finally arrived at his destination. The giant doors of the Parliament building loomed over him.

"Wow..." He said in amazement. He had never seen a door this big before ever.

" I guess we go in then." He said.

He reached for the large knocker that was infront of him on the door and knocked with it. The doors then opened and revealed a grand entranceway before them.

"Pretty Swanky." Kouto said as he entered.

He then realized that he was still carrying the Kender tucked under his arm like a football. Kouto gently put him down.

"Well it looks like we made it and we didn't get lost once." He said to the Kender.

Kouto then began walking around the entrance hall, looking around in amazement. The ceiling was of particualr interest. It appeared to be some sort of aquarium but their was no glass. It was actually kind of creepy.

"Gwah!" Kouto exclaimed as he tripped over something and fell flat on his face.

"Ouch, ouch ouch ouch ouch!" Kouto said angrilly. "I'm so stupid! I shoulda been watching where I was going."

b00zer J
13-06-2002, 01:46 PM
OOC: I have Eydtman's permission to use Kouto in this post...

...without warning, Belag felt himself being kicked over from his spot on the floor. Cursing in several dialects, Belag rose to his feet, looking for the oaf that had tripped over him...

"Can you not even see the floor in front of you, you dolt!" Belag was fuming now, ready to teach the man in the brown cloak a quick lesson in fisticuffs. But, remembering that the magic barrier was engaged, and the town council would very much hate to see a fight break out in their lovely entrance hall, Belag backed down. Plus, it didn't help that the man had quite a massive sword slung over his back.

"Terribly sorry for being in your way there............" he waited for the man to give him a name to work with. "Uh...oh yeah....Kouto...name's Kouto..." the man finally blurted out. "And you are....?" asked Kouto, rather sheepishly. "I am Belagor'et....Belag, if you don't like long names...".

Now that the two were introduced, the conversation turned to a series of questions on who each man was, what they were doing, what they thought the meeting was for. The conversation lasted several minutes before a worthwhile topic was brought up, interestingly enough, by both men at the same time.
"You visit the taverns often???" Both men burst out laughing at that, and proceeded into some detail about their past drinking exploits; who could hold the most ale, the weirdest taverns they've ever visited...and so forth. Well, if the rest of the people here are anything like this Kouto fellow, we certainly won't get very much work done sober! thought Belag, with a muted chuckle. He was now looking forward to whatever the council was intending.

13-06-2002, 01:57 PM
Kouto looked around nervously for a second. He made sure noone was watching as he slipped his hand under his cloak and brought out a small flask. His eyes lightened and a smile grew across his face.

"Yes! I still have some left!." He said as he began to undo the cap.

"I shouldn't have to ask if you know what this is old man." He said as he sniffed the contents of the flask. The fumes were strong. So strong that they made his eyes water. This was his secret stash. He picked this particular drink up in a small town he had visited a few weeks back.

He took a swig and tensed himself as the smooth liquid warmed him from the inside.

"Whoooo! Yeah now that's the stuff!" He said as he passed the flask to his new friend. "Try this. You'll love it. It was orignally made to strip paint but it tastes quite good. If you can stomach it that is."

b00zer J
13-06-2002, 02:05 PM
Belag took the flask, sniffed the contents, and nearly dropped the container on the floor. "My, you certainly weren't joking about the paint-stripping part...". Belag carefully lifted the flask to his lips, and tasted a tiny bit on the end of his tongue....it didn't burn. Yet. He took a large swig from the bottle and handed it back to Kouto. He felt the warmth in his stomach as the contents settled, but really nothing else. Suddenly, he started coughing hysterically, pounding at his chest to try and force the air out."Oy, the stars! That stuff has one nasty kick to it!!!!" he wiped some spittle from his mouth and rested his hands on his knees to catch his breath. "Thats some fine drink you have there, friend, but you have to try the Mhelinniaen ale from down South...now that stuff will burn the hair off your chest, if you've got any yet, young lad!" said Belag, starting to feel a bit more mellow as the fast-acting drink was starting its work.

The two men continued joking back and forth, sharing the noxious drink as a way to pass the time.

Phantom Angel
13-06-2002, 05:00 PM

Tired, and weary, the centaur didn't care any more. Whatever the hobbit had, that's how much she would take for the book. All she wanted was to get out of there and be on her way. Where, she did not know. Hopefully somewhere with a lot of peace and quiet.

"I'll take whatever you have. Think about it as a discount ma'am, and no you do not need to be embarassed or pay me back. It's my pleasure." she said smiling softly.

Passing a hand through her hair, Riz struggled to maintain her smile.

"Just a few more minutes, and you'll be out of here... don't lose it now." she thought.

Lady Fanel
13-06-2002, 05:12 PM
The hobbit shifted her weight from foot to foot uncomfortably. "Are you sure, miss?" she asked. "I can go and get some more money if you want. I have more money, I swear. I can get some more golds. I wouldn't want you to think I was trying to get a discount on purpose..." And on and on went her rambling and bargaining.

14-06-2002, 03:02 PM
Jicin finished helping her friend, before turning around to notice that they were not the only ones who were waiting outside the High Lords' council hall. She spotted a rather grumpy-looking gryphon, beside an over-enthusiastic little rabbit, who was rambling continuously to the uninterested gryphon. She decided to talk with the others to see if they knew anything more about what was going on.

"Will you be alright Lysa?" Jicin called over her shoulder, "I'm going to wander around and gather information. You should do the same if you aren't badly hurt."

Lysa grinned, "Of course I'm ok! It takes more than a spell barrier to stop me from moving." And with that, she turned only to see Kouto and a rather old-looking wizard. "Oh! It's you again!" She ran over to them.

Meanwhile, Jicin strolled casually towards the gryphon and the bunny. "Hello there!" She greeted once she reached had reached them, bowing. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jicin, just Jicin, and am most pleased to meet you." She stood straight and smiled at the gryphon, her violet eyes meeting his.


The elf girl burst in to see servants waiting. She was immediately escorted to an area up a flight of stairs where many others were waiting. There must have been at least 100 others there, of all sorts and races. She stood alone off to a corner, and watched everyone with intense examination. As she observed, she took notes on everyones behaviour, wanting to get to know them all. She noticed the servant starting to leave, when suddenly she felt an urge....

"Excuse me! Sir! Where are the bathrooms?" She ran up to him.

"Oh! Just this way!" And with that, he led her to the ladies room, and she walked in. As the door closed, she heard the footsteps of the servant fading away.

So many people to meet, so little time. She thought sadly.

Aku Shi
14-06-2002, 04:28 PM
Kou was growing impatient. It was taking far too long to get her free book. So, sighing, she tapped the frail little man on the shoulder.

I'm goin' over to the tavern. When ya get my book, meet me there, ok?

She gave him a little wink and smile, so as to seem less rude from the sudden departure. Then, with a toss of her long soft hair, she walked out of the book store and across the dusty street toward the bar.

Inside she scolded herself because she was throwing herself off the wagon. But, she was thirsty and it had been a long, drawn-out day.

As soon as she entered the dark, noisy tavern, there came about a abrupt silence, save for the creeking of chairs as peopled turned to look at her. Kou was used to men looking at her scantily clad body. So, she walked unphased to the bar, her soft leather "boots" padding dully against the floor.

18-06-2002, 01:03 PM
Ysidrith looked at the young woman critically. She was apparently Elvin – slightly better than an ordinary human. Temper, temper, grumpy bird. Watch your tongue, he reminded himself again. The seconds slowly passed as he continued to stare at he with his predatory gaze, trying to decide what to say. Conversation was never his strong point. Small talk. I despise small talk. He cleared his throat.

“Good afterrrnoon, Misss.” Enunciating carefully to omit his usual trills and hisses from his name he continued, “I am Ysidrith k’Sheyva Tre'valen.” He paused and looked down briefly at the cheery anthro hovering by his side “And thiss isss Djarrrei,” he reluctantly introduced her with a small sigh as she smiled shiningly at the newcomer.

“Izza very happy to meet you yan!” Djarei greeted the violet eyed girl.

Ysidrith looked at the rabbit girl for a few seconds in silence, an unreadable expression in his eyes, as he still struggled to decide whether this rabbit-girl was naively charming or just plain annoying. Shaking his head slightly, golden jewelry swaying gently in response, he looked back at the purple haired elf-girl.

“Ssso, you arrre eitherrr mage, merrrcenarrrry, orrr thief.” She didn’t look like the warrior type, but then again, people were rarely what they appeared to be. “I don’t carrre which. I sssimply wonderrr how long thessse council memberrrsss intend to keep usss waiting. I have otherrr thingsss I’d rrratherrr be doing." Trekking through a patch of fireweed, more instance, would preferable to this wait…

((OOC: FYI k’Sheyva is his clan name. *edit*typo-monster.))

Phantom Angel
18-06-2002, 04:29 PM

The centaur smiled at the hobbit. She was a very nice and polite woman, and Riz felt she should be rewarded for that.

"Yes, I'm sure. You're not getting a discount miss. Let's just say that out of all my customers today I like you best and decided to lower the prices ok?" Riz told her smiling.

"Now, I can assure you, it will be no loss for me or my shop." she told her quietly.

Then, eyeing the other person in line, she turned and smiled presently.

"How may I help you sir?"

Lady Fanel
22-06-2002, 12:54 PM
Lilita gaped in astonishment. No one had ever given her a discount before. "Thank 'ou, miss," she stuttered. "Thank 'ou very much." With that she turned and walked out of the bookstore.

It was then that she remembered about the commotion in the streets. Turning away from the bookstore, she went to find someone whom she might ask what was going on.

22-06-2002, 04:15 PM
OOC: Ahem, since some of you are takin long to get to Parliament, I will now begin the Council meeting...cuz I'll be away from my compu from the 28th of June to the 8th of July.


Jicin nodded, "Yes..I have an orphanage to look after and my..uh...business." She grinned and was about to start an actual conversation when a well-dressed butler stood in front of the impatient crowd.

"May I have everyone's attention. The High Lords are now ready to see you." And with that, he turned to face another set of large doors, which were engraved in intricate designs of vines.

The gateway slowly opened, and revealed a large, oval shaped room. It was marble all over, exept for a great mahogany table with oak chairs placed around it. At the head of the table, they saw six High Lords, all were men, and each richly dressed in robes of different hues and patterns. Some were old, some where in their mid-age, but at the very head of the table, seated upon a finely-crafted dwarven throne was a single woman, who had in her hand a staff of a mage, the top shaped in the fashion of an eagle's head, with two eagle's wings spreading out of either side of the base of the staff. She was obviously the renowned yet never-before-seen-in-public High Mage, the seventh High Lord of Falcon Ridge. Placed on the table before each Lord was a copper name sign, on which was not their names, but rather the section of Falcon Ridge of which they looked over. Their names, going from left to right and not including the mage were as follows:

Lord of Kuta
Lord of Jukoto
Lord of Futaje (pronounced Futaye)
Lord of Yoti
Lord of Tanju
Lord of Nigui

The High Mage had long flowing blue hair which trailed to the ground around her, and it looked almost as if water was trickling down her shoulders and spilled onto the floor. Her eyes were a sharp blue hue, and behind a great depth of knowledge shone through. Her facial expression was so calm, even the most anxious of people would be brought to peace in her presence. As a matter of fact, all of the High Lords had this expression, as if they were of one soul and one mind.

In a most gentle, musical voice, the High Mage spoke to the crowd, "Please, have a seat, for we have grave news and a great burden to bestow upon you, as well as ourselves. Whether you wish to accept the fate to be handed over to you or not, it is up to you. None of us intend on forcing anything beyond your capabilities."

Lysa let out a silent whimper, and Jicin felt her stomach knot up. A ripple of insecurity spread throughout the crowd. They all took their places around the table, (Jicin finding her spot beside Lysa), and the doors remained open for any late comer who might have a long way to travel to get to parliament.

The Lord of Futaje stood up and bowed to everyone slightly, "In fact, we do not intend on telling you anything.."

"..Unless you ask us the right questions. Then we will speak." Finished the Lord of Kuta, before the two Lords sat down again.

Right...questioning time.... Jicin looked to Lysa, and the two exchanged a glance before each racked their brains as to what kind of inquiries they had on this unknown issue.

22-06-2002, 05:03 PM
The gryphon sat, arranging his wings carefully gainst his back to reduce the chance of any clumsy latecomers tripping on the tips that brushed the polished marble floor. An excited Djarei, meawhile, sat beside him, her eyes wide and full of unspoken questions. The pink violet haired young lady he had started to talk to was on his left.

So these are the High Mages… he thought.

They were truly impressive creatures, with an aura of powerful magic about them, yet their gaze held no malice, and Ysidrith nodded imperceptivity in satisfaction. If the council had to summon everyone, al least they were not coarse, common, ruffians. Their next words, however, made the fur on his hackles rise in irritation.

So, they summon us and then tell us they will say nothing unless we play their games? Insulted, he was tempted to walk out right then and there. Let the humanoids deal with their own problems. The gryphon had no time or patience for this. Ah, but wait a moment featherhead. They said no one is obligated to help, and perhaps you can gain some useful information to take back to the clan. That is one of your missions, is it not?

“Ssso, you with to play gamesss?” Ysidrith stood and looked over the council members, meeting each of their serene gazes with his own, challenging and full of contempt. “Verrry well. I ssshall asssk the firrrssst quessstionsss. ‘Grrrave newss’ and a ‘grrrave burrrden’ you ssspeak of, ssso what isss thisss grrrave newsss?” The gryphon, drawing himself to his full height, paused and cocked his head slightly. “Furtherrrmorrre, I asssume yourrr city isss in dangerrr, and I want to know what thisss dangerrr isss and why you believe we,” his clawed ‘hand’ swept across the table to indicate the thieves, mages, and mercenaries assembled, “arrre needed. You’rrre powerrr is evident, even to thossse lacking magesssight, thusss I find it ssstrange that you cannot deal with thisss on yourrr own.” His monologue complete, the predatory creature sat down, resting his talons on the mahogany table, and waited. He would be patient for a little longer...

Lady Fanel
24-06-2002, 11:52 AM
No one seemed to notice as the tiny hobbit slipped into the room. Having finally found someone who told her what was going on, Lilita hurried to Parliament just in time to heat the High Mage's speech. Looking for somewhere to sit down, she saw that the only empty seat was beside a haughty and imposing-looking gryphon. She was afraid to sit by the gryphon because of the stories she'd heard, but her little legs were getting tired and the chair looked awful comfortable. Creeping over to the chair, she sat down; as far away from the noble bird-creature as possible.

Phantom Angel
24-06-2002, 12:40 PM

Tired, angry and hungy, the centaur looked at the person in her bookstore. He didn't seem to be making up his mind any time soon, and Riz needed a break. She looked up at the clock, and gasped in shock. The council meeting had already started! She was late!

"Excuse me, you will have to vacate the store. I have to attend a council meeting. Come back in a few hours and I'll sell you the book you want at a half price discount." Riz muttered quickly as she ushered the customer out of the store.

The centaur woman made her way quickly through the crowded streets, shoving and pushing for the Parliament building.

"Ah, there is it." she whispered, in a sigh of relief.

Her hoofs echoed on the marble, indicating her presence, as she stepped into the room. The council meeting was in full go, as she trotted into the room.

"Excuse me." she whispered softly, and stood in a corner, trying to get the hang of the conversation.

24-06-2002, 01:22 PM
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24-06-2002, 01:25 PM
((OOC:Er, Ysidrith has already asked some questions.))

24-06-2002, 01:56 PM
Kouto looked around the room and drunkenly staggered the closest seat and, nearly falling over, sat in it. He had forgotten just how strong that alcohol he carried was. This wasn't the best time to get drunk either. The lords must have something important to say or they wouldn't have dragged them all there, bu Kouto didn't think and drank with the old wizard. Kouto never thought before he did things though he knew that he should.

Aku Shi
24-06-2002, 09:02 PM
Kou came staggering out of the bar. Her canteens were refilled, and her thirst was quenched. Now she was perfectly content to lean against the tavern outside and whistle at the guys that walked by. A few would stop to talk to her, but she would end up trying to kill them in her drunkeness. Well... Let's take this instance for example...

"Hey baby," said a man after she hooted at him.

Hey dere! Watcha doin', bay-beh?

"Nothin' much... But I'd be willing to change that. Want to have a little fun?"

Sure ting, sweets! Ya gots a plashe where we can go? Hey... Wait... Hold shtill... Ya gots a fly on yer head....

She slowly pulled out a dagger, while the man held as still as stone, eyeing the weapon wearily.

"Uh... Ya know, I just remembered I had plans... Yeah. So, uh... Maybe some other time, babes... Heh..." Gulping nervously, he started to edge away.

No wait!! Cha gots dat fly up dere!! I gotsta kill it befur it eat yer head!!!!

Screaming madly, she lunged at the man with her dagger.

"YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!!" He managed to escape just in time, and bolted down the street in a cloud of dust.

So, now Kou was just leaning agaist the tavern, taking a sip from one of her leather canteens every now and again.

Thish plashe ish so dull...

b00zer J
25-06-2002, 09:52 PM
Belag nodded in agreement. The gryphon had a point. Why is the council chained to their chairs on this matter, surely they possess the necessary power to deal with all but the greatest of devilry and evil. Looking at that ceiling back there, they could have washed away all evil with a barrage of fish and coral...Belag mulled over this development for several minutes before approaching the high council. Perhaps they cannot leave the confines of Falcon Ridge, and must send others to complete the necessary tasks. That seemed plausible enough to the old wizard, so he decided to inquire further into the matter.

"My gracious lords, why have you summoned common thieves, mercenaries, and mages of probably not much greater power than yourselves here? Is what you speak of too great a distance for the council to prove effective against it?" Belag calmly waited for a response, and when none was given, continued: "I only ask because the noble Gryphon lord presents a valid argument. And it seems logical that the mighty council could easily combat any situation" He decided he had said enough, and judging from the hushed conversation amongst the council members, realized it was not his turn to speak.

25-06-2002, 10:17 PM
Golden eyes looked over those around him, taking note of the strangers who arrived one by one and tried their best to seat themselves discreetly. He clicked his tongue softly as he recognized several of them from the city bookstore, including the small halfling, who to his satisfaction appeared rather intimidated by the bird-like creature, and the centaur store owner herself. As he thus studied the audience, another voice rose in the silence, that of the vagabond elf-man Ysidrith had seen earlier as well.

"I only ask because the noble Gryphon lord presents a valid argument. And it seems logical that the mighty council could easily combat any situation"

Another brave enough to speak his mind I their presence, he thought with approval, recalling the words the wizard used to describe him. Perhaps I judged the man too hastily. Grimy and unkept he may be, but he speaks with restraint, intelligence, and respect.

Lightly tapping his long ebony talons on the table, the gryphon continued to wait, drawing his tail under his chair to keep it from harm’s way as more people shuffled in.

25-06-2002, 11:21 PM
Teno was dropped in front of the parliament. He started at the giant gates for a while and then went in. The building was massive, and the magical overhead aquarium was truly a magestic sight. The Kender stared up at the fish swimming up ahead.

Ohh, fishy...

He tried to touch the field holding the aquarioum in place, but he was just too short. After a few unsucesfull tries, he tried searching for a latter, but since he could not find one, Teno walked in.

The large room was starting to get full. He decided it would be best to stay in a corner. The Kender approached a large centaur.

"Pssstt... Down here Miss. Centaur Lady! The name's Teno. What did I miss, eh?"

25-06-2002, 11:29 PM
Council meeting? Avedon wondered to himself as he was ushered from the store, book in hand, what council meeting there was. Vaguely it dawned on him that the council building was somewhere near a place he needed to be quite soon.

Come to think of it, how had he gotten here when he had been on the other side of town this morning?

As he exited the dingy bookstore, into the sunbathed streets which glared harshly in the overbearing brilliance of the sun, he remembered as the most drunken person he could ever remember encountering stood outside the nearby tavern rambling to herself.

He held the book before him as he approached her slowly, a slightly dangerous, very inebriated look in her eyes.

"I believe this is your payment....Tou was it? No no...Kou! Thats it. Yes indeed."

He edged towards her, leery of her precariously balance intelligence, which seemed quite prepared to vacate the premises of her mind on a moment's notice.

Phantom Angel
26-06-2002, 01:32 AM
Riz had been paying attention to the council meeting, trying to make heads or tails of things, but so far she wasn't succeeding at all. When the little kender approached her, she was more or less frustrated and angry, but she didn't let that show through. A centaur never let his or her emotions get in the way of things, and she certainly wasn't about to live down on the expectations of everyone else.

Expectations you're no longer tied to...

The little voice inside her head was somewhat irritating, and Riz brushed it away instead focusing all her attention on the kender.

"My name is Riz." she told him sternly. At that point in time, being reffered to as centaur-lady did not exactly please Riz, and a satisfying image of her trampling over everyone in the room came to her mind. "Apparently everyone is assembled here. The high lords have something to tell us. People have been wondering why we're here, and that's about all." she managed to soften her voice down to an amiable tone.

"Today just isn't my day.." Riz sighed and looked forward.

"Can you see all right from down there?" she asked the kender.

You need a drink, and a long rest. Why are you still being nice to strangers? the same annoying voice droned on.

There were times like these when Riz wished it would just shut up. She didn't need a conscience did she? No.. so why was it bothering her now... when she was trying to pay attention.

Mindlessly, she stamped her hoof on the marble floor, in a mixed gesture of impatience and frustration.

OOC: grouchy centaur on the loose. proceed with caution. =)

27-06-2002, 10:13 PM
The Lord of Tanju stood and bowed to the assembly, then at the old wizard who had posed the first question.

"A wise starter. Yes. We, the High Lords of Falcon Ridge combined have probably more power than Elystra combined. But, there are far greater powers outside our city." He sat down.

"Yes," The Lord of Yoti stood. "We have recieved news from our honourable troops of dwarves who constantly keep an eye on the affairs of our city, but also of the affairs which surround it. The High Mage will now show you of the latest developements."

With that, the mage, who had remained silent and placid, stood with calm patience, and waved her staff in the air. A misty image filled the air, and to everyone's surprise, the image of a stuningly beautiful woman who had pale skin and red hair with red eyes hovered above the crowd.

"This, is a mage, who should have been dead over 4 centuries ago. She probably found a spell to keep her youth for extended periods of time. We, the High Lords, thought we had destroyed her, but apparently, not enough. As you can see, her power must be awsome to be able to withstand us, and so, we have reason to also believe her power had massively intensified, past all of us combined. Many of you might have read about her in history books. She is Alcydra. Or at least, this is the version of her which was identified recently." The mage spoke all of this with a straight, peacful tone. She waved her staff, and the scene changed so that a large army of trolls, ogres, orcs, and other vicious creatures of different races were training, fighting, eating, or doing other activities. "This..is her army. She has assembled them over the time which she used to regain her power and dominance. And so.." The image dissovled and the mage's face was suddenly stern and urgent. "We ask all of you for your assistance in this most desperate of times. All of you." After her last words escaped, a hush fell on the assembly, with the dawning of awful realization.

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Aku Shi
28-06-2002, 02:58 PM
Kou looked up from her canteen to see people making their way into a certain building. It seemed a lot of people were going, so she thought maybe there was a party or something. That caused to cheer up a bit and she placed the stopper back on the canteen.

Ise jusht folla dese peepuls.

So, staggering, she followed them into the parliment building. And, tripping over chairs, she made quite a ruckus. Finally she sat down and looked around. This didn't look like much of a party, but maybe if she stayed there long enough something interesting would happen. So, she leaned back in her seat and yawned.

Within a few minutes, she had fallen asleep, and began to snore rather loudly.

28-06-2002, 03:00 PM
Morbid listened as the wizards went on about some wizard or another, he was only paying minimal attention, when they finished speaking he glared at them through the eyeslit of his helmet.
"I have questions for this 'honorable' assembly. What is it you would have us do, what is the reward for doing it, and the consequences for not doing it?"
He had little time for their grand tales and whatnot and he did not know why in the face of danger they chose to be mysterious. These seemed to be people who tended to not get results on anything they did. A massive web of red tape that made the work at a snail's pace. For all their power they had to ask for complete outsiders to do some bloody dirty work.

28-06-2002, 04:00 PM
((OOC: You should know that Ysidrith is now DEEPLY offended and wishes to gut someone...anyone.))

He watched with increasing anger as the Lord of Tanju bowed to the assembly and then the old wizard who had simply rephrased the gryphon’s own concerns.

“A wise starter,” the lord began, but Ysidrith listened with little interest. The Lord's failure to recognize the gryphon as the one who had first spoken may have been an honest oversight, but his race were a proud lot, and he himself even more so.

Apparently the council thinks little of the non-humanoid races of this land, or, he clenched his beak as his thoughts fueled his ire, perhaps it is something they hold against only my people. Unconsciously, his ‘hand’ tensed, scratching the polished mahogany table, dark curls of wood spiraling up as he tore deep grooves in the surface. He blinked, and looked down at the marred table, as if surprised at what he had done. Watch your temper bird. Ignore their disrespectful behavior for now and see what you can learn.

The gryphon forced himself to relax his taloned hand, and bit back the slew of unkind words he wished to say to these High Mages, yet his tail continued to swish irritably behind him, betraying his dark mood.

b00zer J
28-06-2002, 10:54 PM
OOC: Kayay, Belag was realizing how little the council paid attention to Ysidrith's question, so he rephrased it. Hoping it would get an answer....hehe...no offense meant.

Belag grumbled as the High Council launched into a lengthy and, again, mysterious answer to the Gryphon's questions. As he was sitting in his seat, fuming, another stranger stood and adressed the assembled Lords. The man appeared to be some kind of mercenary or assassin, Belag couldn't tell, but he did wear a strange helmet and seemed rather angered by the way the meeting was proceeding. The man's question only served to accentuate his frustration with the council; peppered with sarcasm, and general distaste towards the situation.

I can tell having to work with HIM is going to prove mildly annoying. Well, as long as he doesn't talk to me, I will not have to do anything about it. It was obvious that the meeting would take several weeks to finish if the answers always proved this irritating and vague, so, his questions finished, Belag started poking around the Council Chamber. There were several ornate tables lining the walls behind the assembled party, each with a very interesting floral arrangement placed on top. Belag didn't recognize many of the flowers, and figured that was best, as he wasn't in the mood for a botanical lecture from one of the Parliament's many sages. Realizing the Council Chamber was actually quite bland, Belag wandered over to where his new acquaintance Kouto was seated, rather haphazardly, in one of the many seats. The man was obviously suffering from one too many drinks, rubbing his temples and staring at the floor infront of him...

Lady Fanel
29-06-2002, 01:50 PM
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16-07-2002, 07:34 PM
The Lord of Nigui stood. "I sense some anger and resentment from the gryphon. Do not worry, we recognize it was your question, and we acknowledged it. Just because we say certain things to a person in front of a crowd, does not mean it is directed at that person." He sat back down.

The High Mage stood next, and faced the warrior who had stood and so boldly demanded materialistic answers. "If you do chose to help out the country of Elystra, then we will have you taught more of the enemy, and trained according to that information, so as to be more prepared. I trust you are a fully trained assembly, but still, there are things yet to be learned. As for punishment, we have no consequences for those who chose to decline this invitation, for we understand war is not for all, but the reward? Ahh, now there is a question worth explaining. Do you expect money? Jewels? If we offer those, then I'm afraid we'd be hiring people who will not put their whole hearts into fighting for the lives of possibly an entire nation, if not, the entire world. For once her dominance is set here in Elystra's capital, then further capture wil be easy. The reward is the recognition that you offered your lives for the sake of all you love. For, why should we offer material things? People might join just for that, and thus get killed due to lack of heart. Then, what kind of reward will you get? You will get honour and respect, which is worth more than all the treasures of the world. For what does a man gain if he inherits all the world, yet loses and forfeits himself? Now, we the council are not acusing you of expecting materialistic rewards, but we are merely trying to put forth a reminder of what you are about to accept. So please, we hope as to not cause any offense to you, or to anyone." With that, she smiled gravely, and bowed her head, taking a seat. Her held her staff as though she had suddenly fallen weak, but she was merely weary with concern as to whether or not the people of Falcon Ridge would accept.


Jicin could barely hear anymore words. The sudden shock of an attack was too much.

A war..? What could this mean...? And Alcydra...how could she still be alive? This seems more like a bad dream than reality..

"Oh my....how could this be Jicin? What should we do?" Lysa tugged on Jicin, who was lost in her own thoughts.

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Aku Shi
16-07-2002, 09:43 PM
Kou sad... Kou make lots of noise durring meeting and no one notice. Kou feels like she not loved no more... *sniffle*

The elfish woman's ears perked at the words "money" and "jewels," thus causing her green eyes to open suddenly. If anything could wake this mercenary up it was the sound of a possible job. But, her heart fell as she caught the rest of what the speaker said.

"The reward is the recognition that you offered your lives for the sake of all you love. For, why should we offer material things?"

This made the still drunken woman growl a little and she sat up in her chair as best she could before pulling her swaying body up upon her staggering feet.


Kou did not yell, but instead projected her voice with the experience of an actor on stage. This was a talent that always made her a fantastic public speaker...but...when she was more...shall we say...sober.


If sober Kou had stood by and listened to drunken Kou, she'd get so angry and ashamed that she'd kill herself. But, there was no sober Kou. Just a drunken one, doing all she could to remain standing. To this drunk creature, her words made perfect sense. To everyone else, however...

17-07-2002, 11:04 PM
The Lord of Jukoto stood and had a slight look of amusement at the prospect of a drunken mercenary speaking out in such a place at such a time with such words. "I'm well aware of that, my lady, but no one ever said that you had to join. If you wish to gain money for food, I suggest you leave to find possible jobs with other clients. Otherwise, all fighters will be provided with food during the battle, if that's what your concerned about. And there always is the possibility of hiring thieves in this room to get foood for you." He sat down, with the mute chuckles of the other High Lords.

Meanwhile, Jicin was not at all pleased by the manners of the one who had just spoken.

If one will attend the Parliament, one should keep oneself sober...how pitiful. She thought.

Lysa stood up next. "This is truely news of great importance, and we acknowledge the risks and rewards, but...well...wizards and mercenaries in war are understandable. But what of the thieves? Of what sort of assitance can we possibly provide?"

At this statement, a collection of audible agreements rose around the council hall.

The High Mage stood again and spoke with a gentle voice, "Yes, about the thieves..." She paused to let the buzz die down. "We know that thieves are highly skilled in stealth, and are capable of retrieving items....and maybe even information. Some of you also have minor magic skills, but minor is better than none, for not all of Alcydra's army possess power of that sort. Now, I hope that enough was said, for you should be intelligent enough to figure the rest on your own. Some of you will fight, some will provide vital information on the sucess of our battle." She sat back down to let the crowd digest this. "Are there any more concerns?"

((OOC: feel free to ask, cuz this is the only time you're getting a lot of info at once.))

Aku Shi
18-07-2002, 03:14 PM
Kou remained standing, swaying a little bit, her green eyes narrowed and focused as she tried to process what was being said. Then, as if she just gave up, she plopped back down in her seat. What really happened in her drunken mind was that she decided that she could take this job even if she wasn't paid, because she was still well off from her last job. Grinning like a fool, she raised her hand to the one who had responded to her earlier outburst.

Awright, I'm in! I dun needs da money now anyways.

Of course, since she hadden't been there from the start of it all, and she was sleeping during the part she was there for, Kou really had no idea what she had just volunteered for. But, it was certainly something besides sitting around in the streets drinking, and maybe it would actually be fun. Besides, Kou was very self assured and was quite certain that she could handle anything that was thrown at her.

Jusht bring id on!

Phantom Angel
18-07-2002, 03:59 PM
OOC: Eddie... you better get your a$$ and post in kudana. *glare*


The centaur had listened intently to all that the High Mage had been saying.

"It's all a bunch of political bullsh!t." she thought unhappily, but decided to hold her tongue in check.

"I have a question. What exactly are we protecting, and how strong are Alcydra's forces?" Riz asked, stepping forward, her hoofs echoing softly on the marble floor.

The centaur wasn't going to risk her life for glory if they were already outnumbered. She knew a lost cause when she saw it, and she wasn't about to get involved in something that would end up in death. She had many years ahead of her, years which she could spend repairing the damages of the past.

She frowned at the high mage, her glasses sliding off her nose revealing her green eyes.

"Just what are our odds of winning?" she asked cooly,

19-07-2002, 01:40 AM
Morbid scoffed and listened to the response to his queries and to what others had to say before speaking again. "The respect of your people comes more as a punishment, bringing unwanted fame. As for love, I love but two things: myself, and myself being wealthy. Do not be concerned with my heart or mettle, I do not claim to be a good or just man, but I am the consumate professional. Adequatly paid I fufill a contract, even a better offer will not divert my hand. But be warned if you do not aqquire my services first, I will have no qualms with serving your enemies."
Morbid did not care who ruled this city or that, the entire world could be ruled by an inbred, half-blind rat As long as he could ply his trade.

Aku Shi
19-07-2002, 04:16 AM

Kou turned her green eyes onto the man who had just spoke up. She blinked in her dazed drunkeness and then took on a look of thought. The wheels in her mind creaked a little as things clicked into place. He had said something very similar to what she would have said earlier if she had been more clear-headed. It wasn't just the need of money for food, but this was an occupation. That meant that workers gets paid for his job. This was a profession, not a volunteer line of work. One had to be well trained, and to go that far, one must be serious about it. If that's the case, then one stakes one's whole life on doing well at it to earn a living.

But, Kou had already agreed to help, and she never went back on her word. Granted she didn't make the best choices when she was drunk, and she'd most likely regret it in the morning when she realized what she had gotten herself into...but, it wouldn't be the first time.

That guy's right, ya know? Most professionals are like that. A contract is never broken, but a contract means payment of a sort. You are offering none.

For some reason she seemed to be a bit more sober... At least her words were coming out clearer. Holding her head, she sighed and slumped back in her chair.

Still... I said I'm in, so I'm in. I want at least a free drink after this is all over with, ok?

Grinning a little, she looked up at the council and winked befor uncorking her beer canteen and taking a swig.

19-07-2002, 04:48 AM
Ysidrith muttered a string of gryphonic explicatives -- which sounded little more than harsh hisses, deep trills, and gutteral sounds -- in response to the Lord’s ‘apology’. Humanoids and their ignorance astound me. They are all excuses and no apologies…

Through the haze of anger, he listened to the female speak. Drunk she may be, yet she had a valid point…

He tilted his head as the Lord of Jukoto asnwered. “If you wish to gain money for food, I suggest you leave to find possible jobs with other clients. Otherwise, all fighters will be provided with food during the battle, if that's what your concerned about…”

The arrogant fools. Even were they to take your jest seriously, with what will they pay the thieves -- honor and respect?

Ysidrith thought cynically as the High Mage continued the discussion. “…now, I hope that enough was said, for you should be intelligent enough to figure the rest on your own.”

Ah. Now that sounded like a thinly veiled insult to me. This council will slit their own throats if they are not more careful choosing their words.

“It ssseemsss in yourrr wisssdom you have failed to prrroperrrly consssider the isssue of pay.” The gryphon stood as he spoke. “The otherrrsss have a valid point. Do not sssoldiersss and warrriorrrsss at leassst get paid a wage? You call upon ourrr altrrruissstic tendenciesss, sssaying the rrreward isss the rrrecognition, yet honorrr and rrrespect do not feed the ‘loved’ onesss left behind durrring a campaign. A dissstrrracted fighterrr hasss as much chance of being killed in battle asss one who ‘lacksss the hearrrt’. I admit, you have peaked my currriosssity. The quessst for knowledge temptsss me to accept yourrr offerrr, yet I wonderrr if we will be alliesss and equalsss,” he paused for a bit of dramatic effect, “orrr merrrely pawnsss in thisss battle.”

The gryphon squared his shoulders in anticipation of the rebuttal. Joke and poke fun if you like, yet if you do not respect us, you will get nowhere with many of those assembled.

((OOC: Heh. He’s irritated and not going to be easily placated.))

Aku Shi
19-07-2002, 01:33 PM
The canteen slowly lowered from her lips and her eyes were locked on the griffon. Then, as much as Kou felt she needed a hard drink at this time, she corked the canteen and pulled out a small vial of brownish liquid. Her "Super Special Quick Sober-up Potion." She then downed it, making a face as she did so, for it was not the best tasting stuff in the world.

Tucking the vial back inside her travel bag, Kou stood up. Things weren't as hazy now, and her head was clearing up fast. She needed to be at her sharpest right now, if she was going to get into a serious conversation with these council members. And, as her head became clearer, she regretted saying she would help even more.

Look here, what the griffon man says is right. For some, there are others besides themselves that need the money for food and life. What you are asking is for people to fight and die for free. I'm not surprised you're looking for such people as us to fight for you, since if you ever tried raising a normal army on such rediculous ideas you'd fail misserably.

Kou tossed her hair back and narrowed her eyes on the council member who had been talking the most.

And, I know I'm a woman of my word and all, but since no formal contract has been written up yet, I hereby reserve my right to decline any help you request. For a moment, in my stupid drunkeness, I was going to do a bit of charity work. That's not like me, you see. I'm a professional. I do this for a living. I make a lot of money because I'm good at what I do. So, for a secound I thought I could do this even if I wasn't going to get paid, since I still have quite a bit left from my last job. But, the more I think about it, the more unfair it seems. And by unfair, I mean ridiculous. You want to hire people to fight for you, but you don't want to pay them? That's just plain dumb. If you want to get serious, figure out a form of payment and call us back when you're ready. Until then, no one in this place should lift a finger to aid you in your cause. If they do, then their just as stupid as you are.

Look, you say that this enemy will take over everything once they take over this place... You say that this concerns us all and that's why we should fight for free... But, I'd rather live in a world dominated by this "evil" enemy and get paid for a job then live in the world as it is now and get zilch for risking my neck. I don't have a place that I call home. I don't have a leader that I pledge my loyalty to. So, what does it matter to me if the ruler changes? I'm not in this business because I like protecting people. I'm in it because I'm damn good at what I do, and this is the best way I can make a living. So, I don't give a damn if this place is taken over, you see. It's no skin off my teeth.

Anyway, my point is, as stated before, you either pay for this job, or you are going to be greatly short-handed.

20-07-2002, 12:40 AM
"If dey pay us, we go, yan?"

Djarei tugged on Ysidrith's tail from behind, her huge eyes looking up at him curiously.

"If dey pay us, feed us, we go, yan? We go! Learn more! Learn! Want learn ya~n! If they trick, we get out of hole. Is easy for rabbit. Djarei dig tunnel." She smiled cheekily and hugged Ysidrith's tail.

"I go, if Kittybird go, yan! We learn together! Magic!"

b00zer J
20-07-2002, 08:50 AM
Belag couldn't believe he was hearing all of this. He stood up from his spot on the floor, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He looked at the bustling group of thieves and mercenaries all talking amongst themselves about pay and rewards, some even addressing the council members every once in a while.

'Do you people not know of fighting for love, honor, and respect? There are times when these things transcend all material boundaries, yet you are all worried about your measely pay. And for what? Food?! I thought you were professional mercenaries, thieves, whatever! You mean with all of your skills you people can't find a way to get food?...'

As he continued, a loud clamour of conversation roared up from the crowd of people.

'...I offer my services to this council out of my desire to help rid our great world of all who seek to damage or destroy it, and those who live on it.' With that, he bowed to each of the council members in turn, and went to leave the council room. He had heard enough from this group of rabble, and it seemed like now was a good time to visit one of the taverns.

But first, he had something to do. He approached the recently sobered-up individual who had just finished addressing the council before him.

'That sobering potion you have there...could I trouble you to learn where you received it? He asked, rather excitedly. 'I used to have quite a large amount of it, but recently ran out, and for the life of me I can't remember where I got the stuff.' He chuckled a bit at his own troubling mind, and scratched at his scalp, smiling at the person.

20-07-2002, 02:16 PM
He looked down into the eyes of the rabbit-girl, his own gaze softening slightly. She seemed so young and innocent, and, despite being something of an annoying furrball at times, the gryphon was beginning to actually grow…fond of the anthro. You're getting soft, he chided himself as he watched her hug his tail. You let her tug on your tail, and the next thing you know you’ll be giving her rides.

“Pay isss not the isssue, little one,” he spoke to Djarei in a low voice lacking the haughty arrogance he had used with the council. “I fearrr thessse Magesss arrre grrreatly misssjudging the very people they wisssh to ‘hirrre’. To them, asssking money is sssome terrrible sssign of grrreed and dissshonorrr, yet to condemn people ssso doesss not sssit well with me. Isss it ssso terrrible to want to be asssured of the welfarrre of one’sss family? They have theirrr idealissstic headsss in the cloudsss if they think honorrr and ressspect can accomplisssh all they assk forrr. Sssadly the worrrld isss not sssuch a rrrosy place.” He shook his head, his crest swaying with the motion, and sighed. “If they can rrredeem themssselvesss in my eyesss, I will go, and,” he added somewhat hesitantly, “we will learrrn what we can.”

I must be slowly losing my mind, he thought. ’We’? Since when do I travel with anyone, especially a naïve little thing like her?

Phantom Angel
20-07-2002, 02:52 PM

The centaur was furious, and her blood was boiling in her. She was very tempted to give the High Mage a kick in the rump she would never forget.

"First, they wouldn't pay us. Then, they wouldn't tell us what we're going into. They're asking us to put our loyalty blindly into them. NEVER!" she frowned mentally, and glared poisonously around her.

The drunken woman brought up a point. So did the griffin. They were people of reason, people governed by more than just flimsy morals. The man that had stood up and offerent his services so freely, on the the other hand, was either stupid, or incredibly vain, in Riz's opinion.

"Morals don't help you when you're outnumbered, and on the brim of death. Neither do, love, honour and respect. Now, something more substantial might help improve our fighting skills." Riz spoke loudly, and then turned around, and walked towards the griffin and the little rabbit woman that were in her shop a while earlier.

"Mind if I join your party?" Riz asked, her voice blank, containing no inflections whatsoever. Her green eyes were glossy, and fixed on something that seemed to be past the council room.

The centaur was hard at work, trying to expose all the weaknesses in the Council's plans.

"I have no intention to die for anyone."

20-07-2002, 03:16 PM
Amongst all the noise from the arguements about rewards Kouto had managed to find the chair he was sitting in rather comfortable. A bit too comfortable actually. Somewhere around the point where the wizard, Belag, had restated the griffon's question, he had fallen asleep. He had forgotten just how potent the drink he had before the meeting was and this was the result of that drink.

Kouto sat slumped in his chair with his hands hung freely st his side and his head tilted back. His toungue hung slightly out of his mouth and to the side with a slight trail of drool underneath it. This wasn't one of the times when he looked his best to say the least.

A loud snore escaped from Kouto's open mouth.

"It's ok mommy... we can both have some pudding..." Kouto said aloud in his drunken slumber.

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Phantom Angel
20-07-2002, 03:33 PM
OOC: as you requested Eyd...


Still deep in her thinking trance, the centaur did not notice what she was actually doing.

"Why did this pop up now?"

"What is the council High Mage trying to do?"

The questions kept on popping up, and she did what normally helped organize her throughts. She flicked her long tail, trying to order her thoughts. However, the space was cramped, and behind her, was a sleeping man.

"I don't like this."

"War is for idiots.."

Her tail kept on brushing past the man's face, tickling his nose. He however, seemed still asleep.

20-07-2002, 04:14 PM

Kouto stood up as he sneezed loudly. It had awakened him from his sleep. He looked around him to see the room full of people. All of which were now staring at him. He couldn't quite remember how he had gotten there or why he was even there in the first place. Kouto looked at the people in the room around him.

"Uh... Hi.... " He said as he could feel the stares of the people piercing through him.

Kouto sat back down feeling embarassed. He nervously fumbled through his pocket. His hands met something cold and hard. He pulled it out to see it was his flask of "the good stuff".

"Well that explains a bit." he thought to himself.

It looked as if everyone was discussing something important but he had been too busy sleeping to know what that was.

Kouto poked the centaur woman that was standing by him.

"Hi, um could you possibly tell me what's going on?" Kouto asked her feeling embarassed.

"I sorta fell asleep and now have no clue what's going on." he said with a friendly, but mostly embarassed, smile.

Aku Shi
20-07-2002, 04:46 PM
Kou glared at the self-righteous idiot that just sold his soul for free. Then, her eyes narrowed as he dared to approach her. Resting a hand on her hip, the woman narrowed her eyes even more.

I made that potion myself. Something I picked up on my travels. But, I will not tell you how to make any nor will I sell it to you. The reason being that you seem too much of a child to even be drinking booze, let alone enough to have to sober up. And, I don't give a damn what your age is. You're just a child. Look at you! You think that you know everything, don't you, you little stuck-up brat!

The hand not on her hip was now balled into a tight fist and she gritted her teeth.

Honor means nothing! Respect is empty! And love is fake!! I have seen "honorable" men cheat and rape. "Respected" men do the most despicable of deeds. And as for "love"... My god, you are so naive. Love has been misused so much that it means nothing anymore!! Fighting in some war doesn't make anyone a better person! It doesn't magically change you into some fairytale knight that can do no wrong!! If anything, it makes you more tainted, your hands soiled with the blood of another's life!! Don't you get it!??! War is not for idealistic children like you! LIFE is not for idealistic children like you! Besides, you said it yourself...we are PROFESSIONALS. Don't you realize that THAT'S how we make a living?! That THAT'S how we are able to feed ourselves and our families!? Professional doesn't mean that you do your job for free.

Kou shook her head and turned away.

I'm wasting my time... If you've made it this far being a child, you will never grow up. Get out of my sight.

She continued to look away, even after the loud sneeze that caused everyone else to look at a fellow drunk.

Phantom Angel
20-07-2002, 07:51 PM

Her tail swished angrily, and hit the young now-awake man around his waist, transposing some of her anger. She hated any sort of physical contact, and she wasn't about to let some stranger touch her.

"No... please no...."

The memory, faded and torn; made it's way in the front of her mind again. Years had passed, and yet the scar still bled, from a simple action of a stranger. Why? Why couldn't she put it all behind her? Shuddering, Riz closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"He doesn't know. It's not his fault."

Turning to the young man sharply, the centaur woman muttered.

"They're trying to enlist us to fight in some stupid war, by giving us the gifts of glory and love. Can you believe it? Fighting someone else's war for FREE?" she laughed, somewhat half-heartedly, then turned away, focusing her attention on the discussion.

"Oh, and by the way, touch me again and you'll get one of my hooves up your delicate human bottom." she growled, turning briefly to eye him through her specs.

20-07-2002, 08:00 PM
Morbid smiled under his helmet, it seemed as if most of the people speaking up were people of reason. Why indeed, should people of his calibur work for free?
"This is obviously not how the honorable council planned this meeting to go, no doubt you thought we would leap to the chance to do good. This is not the case. Therefore we should not waste anymore time; I submit that you offer some sort of tangible reward. A set fee, a bounty, tax exemption, land, looting priveleges, or something that would otherwise entice us into your service."
He looked at Kou and Ysidrith in the mildest admiration, the fact was that in these odd times there were many who could be swayed by stirring speaches and honor. These people represented the hard truths of life and the willingness to overcome it's challenges. It was for these people that he reserved his respect, not people like the council members; they had accomplished much but in the name of ideals long since outdated.

20-07-2002, 09:19 PM
"Here yan!"

There was a little paw-pat on the side of Kou's torso. Djarei was holding up a little flower, one of many she seemed to keep (alive) in her hair.

"Pretty lady shouldn't yell, yan! Smile smile yan!" the little rabbit child said, placing the flower down at Kou's feet before skuttling back to the centaur and the griffon. She tapped in the griffon's side, tilting a head curiously.

"Why everyone so upset yan? Everything bad, yan? We not do? Bad? Like farmer tricking rabbits to be made into stew, yan?"

Aku Shi
20-07-2002, 10:58 PM
Blinking, Kou looked down at the rabbit girl and the flower. Her eyes softened a little and she bent down to pick the gift up. She still refused to turn and look at the foolish child she just yelled at, but she seemed to be calming down a little. Smiling ever so slightly, she raised the flower to her nose and inhaled its subtle yet sweet aroma. It was too bad the rabbit girl skuttled off before Kou could thank her. She glanced over her shoulder to see where the cute little thing went, and desided that she would give her something nice later as a thank you present.

Tucking the flower in her hair, Kou walked away to another chair, turned it around, and sat on it with its back at her front. This, of course, was a very risky position for a woman weary so little clothing to be sitting in, but Kou didn't care. She never did. If anyone wanted to look, let 'im. No biggie to her.

What the man in the helmet said. Figure out a way to compensate us for our labor and we'll be more likely to place our lives on the line for you. This is how business is done, ya know... Someone wants to hire somebody else to do something, that someone has to pay that somebody for the job. Do_you_understand?

21-07-2002, 12:12 AM
((OOC: Meep. This are moving along rapidly. Poor ED, we’re making things so difficult…yet interesting!))

“I do not mind you joining us at all,” he answered the centaur’s earlier question then settled back in his seat and watched the increasingly hostile audience. Things were not going as the council had planned, and the bird-like creature almost chuckled at the situation. You must use all your ‘wisdom’ and ‘good sense’ if you wish to turn the tide of this battle High Mages.

The anthro girl’s words pulled him from his thoughts and he looked down at her as she tapped his arm. What was is about this creature that broke through his gruff defenses? He’d never been one for company, especially that of children. In fact, he had little patience for the squawking, hyperactive little bundles of fluff and energy back home. Adults of the clan saw to the welfare of all fledglings, and the mage often watched over them as they wandered and explored the ruins or scrambled about the cliffs, but he avoided playing with them at every turn. They pulled his tail, tugged at his wings, and clawed and nipped in play. So why, by Haven, did he tolerate this young rabbit-girl? You’re getting soft, and she feeds your over inflated ego. Your vanity will be your downfall, silly bird.

“No little one, you have done nothing bad,” he assured Djarei, not caring who overheard. “I do not believe the Council meansss to ‘trrrick us into ssstew’. They and many here sssimply do not agrrree. The High Magesss think honorrr and rrressspect ssshould be enough to fight a warrr that may grrrip the entirrre land and that the idea of fighting to sssave livesss ssshould be enough. But even ssshould ‘we’ win, what isss left afterrr the sssmoke clearrrsss? Honorrr doesss not feed a family afterrr a warrr, and that isss when gold isss mossst ussseful in rrrebuilding crrrussshed homesss, rrressstocking decimated herrrdsss, and planting burrrnt fieldsss, forrr example, and sssome hold no allegiancesss to anyone. The conceptsss of good and evil mean little to them. Asss long asss therrre isss sssomeone to put gold in their pocketss, they are sssatisssfied. Isss thisss rrright or wrrrong?” He shrugged as he rested his talons on the table. “It isss all a matterrr of perrrssspective young one...do you underrrssstand?”

b00zer J
21-07-2002, 01:03 AM
Belag chuckled at the woman's apparent stupidity. One day, you will realize that material things mean nothing in the end. You will be sitting on the ground, a blade embedded in your stomach, and you will think back on all the time you wasted searching for money, for possessions, for rank.' He shook his head in vain, this person had no clue what she was doing, seemed to lack the most common of sense. 'I have been walking this earth for far longer than you have, my dear. I have seen horrors that you could never imagine, I have participated in the most fierce of battles. And I am still here. A child you say? Until you have heard my life story, my hardships, my losses, you have no right to refer to me as that...' He looked her up and down, 'A pity, to waste something with such obvious talent and potential.'

Belag stared into her eyes, thousands of memories flooding to the front of his mind. His wife of well over a hundred years, dying in his arms after their small farm was raided by a race of savage beasts. Her screams as she was savaged by a them, and tortured to near death, before they strung her up from the rafters. The thirteen gravestones of his children, lining the crest of a hill near his favorite town, everyone of them outlasted by their father. It was sacreligious. He could feel the tears begin to well, and quickly turned away. As he turned, he caught a slight whiff of the odour of her sobering-potion. Thats it! I remember now! It suddenly clicked, and he remembered how he once figured out how to brew it himself while he was away from towns.

He smirked at the girl, turned and approached Kouto, but restrained himself, as it looked like he was busy with someone else at the moment. He decided to wait back a bit for them to finish before he offered to take Kouto for some drinks. He desperately needed to wash away his current state...

Aku Shi
21-07-2002, 02:09 AM
Uh... He couldn't have looked into her eyes. She's been turned away from him for quite a while....

Suddenly Kou started laughing, a loud, very amused laugh. She stood from her chair, causing it to slide noisily against the floor. Kou was laughing so hard that she held her sides and leaned over a little. Then, calming herself, she stood straight again and wiped away a tear formed from all the laughter.

You are so ignorant! And, I can see why!!

She laughed a little more and shook her head to restrain herself from getting too carried away with it.

You don't listen to a damn thing that's being said to you!

Suddenly her laughter stopped and her green eyes fell coldly on the "child" she had yelled at before and who remained as childish as ever.

What we seek is not just material items, you fool. We need to be able to support ourselves. Some are merchants, some are cooks, some are metalsmiths. WE are mercenaries. THIS is how we get by. THIS is how we are able to sustain life. My god! You don't listen to a damn thing anyone says, do you?! No, you've got your head so full of a false sense of honor that nothing else will fit. Look, I'll explain this again...

Kou cleared her throat and glared at him.

Fighting in a war brings no honor. It brings no respect. It brings no love. It merely brings death, whether it be yours or your enemy's. That is what war is. It's killing. It's no better than murdering a man on the street. Each side fights for a cause and each side believes that cause is right. To the enemy, we are evil. To us, the enemy is evil. Don't you get it? You don't become a better person by fighting in a war. Only in your pathetically delusional mind.

And, as I said before, your age has nothing to do with the fact that you still act like a damn child. Despite what you may have experienced in life, you have decided to remain ignorant and naive. Do you really think that honor and respect mean anything in this world? Maybe to vain, idealistic children like you, but not to the rest of the population. You take your honor and respect and try to support yourself. Try to live day to day without any money for food or shelter. Hell, you'll be fine and dandy as long as a handful of people think you're hot sh*t, won't you?

Look, child, this is not a game. This is war. This is murder. And, this is a JOB as far as many people here are concerned. You just don't seem to be able to get it through your thick head that people are supposed to get PAID when the WORK at a JOB. I don't know where the hell you're coming up with the idea that any of us care about your honor. The demon that raped my mother and thus produced me was very respected amongst his kind, but the elves hated him. Tell me, does it make him a good individual because to SOME he had honor and respect? Does it, you pathetic child? No. And, if you fight and gain your imaginary honor and respect, you still won't be any better than you are now. You'll still be a nobody to me and many many others. But, if it will make you happy to die knowing that SOMEONE thought you were cool, then by all means fight for your selfish causes. We PROFESSIONALS will fight for our bread and shelter.

Sighing, Kou walked over to the griffon, centaur, and bunny girl. The sight of the cute little rabbit-like creature made her calm down a bit and she sat down on the floor next to it. She had desided that she was just going to be wasting breath on the idiot child over there, so she might as well just give up on him and relax. Plus, she had a debt to pay.

Hey there, little thing. Do you like shiney things?
Sorry for all the green. When Kou starts off on a rant, it's hard to stop her.

Oh, and Kayay, I've been meaning to ask you... Is your av Dee from Fake? I love that anime!!! MMMmmm... Yaoi... :liplick:

21-07-2002, 02:01 PM
Kouto noted to not poke at centaurs again. He didn't much care to have a hoof as a permanent resident of his body. Kouto was suprised at the centaur woman's reply however.

"They want us to fight for them for free? Even their own army gets paid. They expect us to do something they wouldn't even send their own army to do and not even give us the same treatment as them? Honour and glory can't fill your stomach at the end of the day. I'm sure that they don't have to worry about what they are going to eat at the end of the day, or even at the end of the week. Some of us aren't that lucky, some of us aren't that smart and the only reason we have lasted this long is by charging people for our skills. For them to expect us to risk our lives for no reward is insane. If it's something you aren't even going to send your army after it has to be something extremely dangerous. Our lives are all we have. Once that's gone it's all gone. Nothing matters if you're dead, not glory nor honour.... nothing...."

Kouto was suprised that he managed to sound so serious while still so drunk.

Kouto looked at the wizard he had met earlier and then at the woman that had been arguing with him. She was right. He knew she was.... and she was really hot!. Kouto couldn't help but stare at her, especially since he was drunk.

Aku Shi
21-07-2002, 02:16 PM
Kou looked up from the rabbit girl to the fellow drunk sitting nearby. Yes, he was saying exactly what she had been saying all along! It seemed that many people shared this point of view, greatly outnumbering the foolish child who thought honor was worth more than preventing your own starvation. Something else caught Kou's attention, too... This drunk was rather handsome. She smiled a little and winked at him before turning to look back at the bunny girl.

I want to thank you for the flower and calming me down earlier... Here...

She pulled out a necklace she had bought for herself a few towns back. It had a fine gold chain and a sparkly pendant studded with tiney green jewels. Smiling warmly, she handed the cute little thing the necklace.

I want you to have this.

Then, she stood up and walked over to the drunk man, her smile growing. Once she stood in front of him, she leaned down and looked him in the eye while her right hand played with a few stray strands of his hair.

I don't believe we've met yet. My name's Aoguroi Kouzoku, but everyone calls me Kou. What's your name, cutie?

21-07-2002, 02:53 PM
Kouto saw the woman he was looking at heading over his way.

"Uh oh, she saw you looking. Now you're in for it!"

The woman walked up to him and leaned down infront of him.

"Oh boy. Here it comes. Now i'm in for it, and infront of all these people too."

Kouto saw the woman raise her right hand. Kouto closed his eyes and braced himself for the painful sting that he was sure would follow.

"You think i'd be used to this by now."

Kouto was suprised when he felt her hand begin to play with his hair. Kouto melted into his chair.

"What the?"

He opened his eyes. He was suprised to see hers looking back down at his. She had beautiful green eyes. He loved the volor green. It was his favorite.

I don't believe we've met yet. My name's Aoguroi Kouzoku, but everyone calls me Kou. What's your name, cutie?

"Aoguroi Kouzoku. So that's your name. I'll be sure to remember that."

"Well hello there." Kouto said trying to restrain his drunkeness. "I don't think it'd be possible for me to forget someone like you so this would have to be the first time we've met."

Kouto raised his hand to hers and gently grasped it, pulling it down from his hair.

"I believe being called 'cutie' by someone as beautiful as yourself should be a crime."

Kouto raised her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

"My name is Kouto, and I am at your service." He said as he lifted his eyes from her hand and fixed them squarely on hers.

Aku Shi
21-07-2002, 04:40 PM
Kou grinned at the man. He smelled of her favorite beverage and he was handsome and he was on her side with the issue of payment. Kou certainly wouldn't mind getting to know him better...

At my service, hm? Careful, I might just take advantage of that. Oh, do you mind if I sit here?

Without waiting for a response, Kou slipped fluidly into his lap and crossed her legs. He was comfy.


She let out a little giggle-like laugh (Kou is not the giggling sort...) and rested her head on his shoulder. You see, Kou has a tendancy to get...distracted. Especially by beautiful men. She also didn't care what kind of scene she made, just as long as she got to have fun. If she were still drunk, she may have done more than simply sit in his lap. But, since she was sober now, she could at least control herself partially.

So, Kouto, where ya stayin' in town?

22-07-2002, 01:42 AM
Kouto shifted slightly as the woman sat in his lap. It was unexpected but not unwelcomed, definately not unwelcomed.

"I wouldn't have extended the offer of my services if I didn't intend for you to take full advantage of them."

The woman rested her head on his shoulder. Her hair was soft and it smelled good too. Kouto wrapped his arm around her. It felt like the natural thing to do at a time like this.

So, Kouto, where ya stayin' in town?

Kotuo didn't really have anywhere to stay. He was really only planning on passing through Falcon Ridge. Places like this weren't very good for business. They were generally too peacfeul for his line of work. However maybe he could stay in town for a while longer for other reasons.

"Where am I staying?" Kouto repeated her question to himself.

"Your place sounds nice." Kouto said with a sly smile on his face.

22-07-2002, 05:27 AM
(OOC: Just want to post a plug for my own RPG; As Deadly As Nightshade. Check out the application thread and the rpg itself, if you like what you see then post an application!)

Morbid was slightly annoyed with the delay in the Council's response, they were about to lose at least half of the applicants on this important venture of theirs and they couldn't even be bothered to answer the concerns of the various people assembled.
"How gauche, the Council has no response. Do you intend to burn up all of the day's light sitting with your thumbs firmly planted up your rears?"

Aku Shi
22-07-2002, 03:09 PM
"Your place sounds nice."

Kou then smiled a smile much like Kouto's. In fact, if one was to analize their mannerisms, one would find that they were quite similar in many ways. Some say opposites attract, but Kou's opposite would be a cold, stiff, sober, virtuous man with no sense of humour and no desire to have premarital intimate relations with her. In other words, he would be someone that she would hate with every fiber of her being. No, Kou much prefered someone more like herself. Which, wasn't too hard to find, since she was a lot like the typical men in her profession. She knew how to fight, liked to cuss, liked to drink, and was always horny as hell.

Sounds like a nice idea to me. In fact, why don't I show you where I'm staying as soon as this damnedable meeting is over?...

22-07-2002, 09:46 PM
This was turning out much better than Kouto had imagined it would.

"I'd love for you to show me your place, but first why not go grab something to eat? There should be plenty of places to eat around here, and maybe even have a drink or two. My treat of course. Then if that goes well maybe we can talk about having breakfast too."

"Now if only this meeting would end. There are other matters that need my attention now."

Lady Fanel
23-07-2002, 11:00 PM
Lilita had been listening to the conversation with wide eyes. Everyone seemed to have valid questions, but the Council didn't seem to be giving any clear answers to anyone. Looking at the rabbit girl that was sitting beside the gryphon, Lilita smiled at her.

Aku Shi
24-07-2002, 10:19 AM

Kou was liking this man more and more. He certainly thought along her lines of thinking. Plus, he was going to pay for a meal and a drink! A true gentleman! Smiling a little, Kou turned her head on his shoulder and nibbled at his ear some before whispering into it.

Breakfast will be on me...

Now Kou could care less about the meeting. At the moment all she could think about was...well...other things.

You know... This meeting is boring me anyway... Why don't we just leave early and start our lovely evening together?

Besides, she'd just be wasting her time there, anyway. It was obvious that the council didn't want to pay for her services, so she didn't have to stick around any longer. If they changed their minds, she'd come by and talk with them... But, until then, it would be more eventful to spend time alone with this gentleman than to sit and listen to people preach of honor.

27-07-2002, 06:36 PM
((OOC: I just wanted to apologize. I had gone to a youth camp for one week, and I had no time in advance to post a notice. so, I will now read from where I left off and do an update, once again my apologies))

The High Mage stood once again. "Please, everyone. Try to settle somewhat." She snapped her fingers and a parchment with writing appeared in front of every person in the room. On it, were the words of a contract, stating that once signed, they would become official members of the Falcon Talon Army. (of course, there is more content, but the other information is irrelavent, such as terms of loyalty and such).

These people...so materialistic....when they die, they won't be able to take a single worldly possesion with them..and yet they yearn for it so much....only true hearted people will be truely rewarded in the end...but if these citizens won't even accept this knowing there is no reward, then they all truely want Falcon Ridge to be ruined, along with the world, and they all truely want to die...the sad souls... Thought the Mage.

"Now, as for the centaur, our odds of winning...." Started the Lord of Tanju, standing. "With the combined power of all us Lords with the Mage, we would be able to defeat all her army. But, we require your help, since we don't know what kind of power Alcydra is using to aid her army. She won't aid them a lot, but she will raise their power slightly. And that's where you all come in. Should you all accept, I believe...no, we the High Lords believe that there is a good chance of the downfall of Alcydra once and for all..." His voice trailed off as he paused.

The Lord of Kuta continued for him, "Yes...I think that was what our ancestor Lords were missing in the war 574 years ago...The aid and hearts of true citizens and warriors of Falcon Ridge."

((OOC: If there's anything I forgot, let me know in a PM))

Aku Shi
27-07-2002, 11:19 PM
Kou was now forced to focus her attention back to the offer from the council. She glared at the contract that had appeared before her and then gripped it tightly in her fisted palm. Growly a little, she stood from the comfortable lap of the handsome Kouto and held the contract up at the mages.

Look here! If you want us to be an army, treat us like one, dammit! Armies don't work for free!!! My god, did you fail to hear any of what we have just said?!?! Some of the people here have others to support besides themselves!! Honor won't feed widowed wives and fatherless children!! Offer us something in return, or a great many of us won't take you seriously!

28-07-2002, 06:28 PM
The High Mage sighed and leaned over to the Lord of Yoti. "What kind of people have we come up with in this city?" She shook her head sadly. Standing slowly, she scanned the crowd with great weariness. The thoughts of the other Lords were transmitted to her mind with magic, and she flipped through each mentally.

The insolent fools...

How could they think of such things at such a time?

Really....how much honour do these people have???

The thoughts zoomed to and fro. Finally, the Mage made up her mind. "I see you all require some form of payment. And..seeing as these are desperate times, I think we will consent to a payment at the end of your duty. But before I add that to the contract, I would like to ask, what use is a payment, should we hire a bunch of greedy citizens, who will cost us the power of authority over Falcon Ridge, and in the end, you do not get your payment? For should Alcydra win, you can kiss your payment good bye, let's just say. For she gives rewards to no one."

She sat down, and put her head in her hand.


Jicin could not believe what was going on. Money? Was that all the world ran by? What happened to patriotism? What happened to all an honourable mercenary or wizard stood for? Did the world really corrupt this much. Of course, if in the end, a payment would be offered, she would gladly accept it to help the orphanage, but if one wasn't offered, she would still fight for the sake of the only city she knew.

The parchments were all changed in accordance to this new decision, and when Jicin looked over to Lysa, she was already scribbling away her signature, oblivious to the changes.

Jicin read over hers,

As a citizen of Falcon Ridge, or of Elystra, I hereby agree that once signed below, I will have formed an alleigance with the High Lords to fight in a war against a national enemy.

A reward will only be rewarded at the end of approximately 25,000 gold shickles, but should I be killed in action during battle, the reward will be lost to me and any friends/relatives.

I swear total loyalty to the High Mage and the city of Falcon Ridge, and thereby declare myself as a skilled member of the Falcon Talon Army.

Should I fail to meet these requirements, I agree to facing punishment of death and/or torture, but should I fail to accepting this burden, no form of penalism will fall upon me.

I am aware that by signing this contract, I am sealing my fate with a dangerous mission, and once signed, I cannot quit out of cowardice.

I agree to recieving full training for this mission, and will aid any of my comrads should they have trouble, whether in training or in combat.

Signed, _______________

Jicin grabbed the quill from Lysa and signed hers as well. She was going no where in life, and as far as she was concerned, she had been waiting for this kind of event to happen.

Lysa on the other hand, was full of anxiety, but wherever her "boss" went, so would she. Besides, it wouldn't be that bad would it? Just kill off a bunch of goblins or something, then leave the big bad woman to the High Lords. Or was it that simple? She couldn't even imagine what would happen, but she knew that this would be something she would never forget....should she survive long enough to ever try to...

28-07-2002, 07:05 PM
((OOC: Sorry I didn’t answer your OOC question earlier Aku Shi, but Sid had nothing to say. Actually my avatar is Ryo. Nairohe has one of Dee. If you take a lookie you can see they’re gazing into each other’s eyes, about to…to…*giggle*))

The gyphon stood, ignoring the contract before him. “Forrrgive my bluntnessss High Magesss, but in yourrr infinite wisssdom,” he laced his words with heavy sarcasm as he spoke, “ you ssseem to be judging everyone herrre unfairrrly. While money isss not the deciding factorrr asss to whetherrr I will orrr will not assissst you in thisss battle, I find yourrr harsssh denouncement of thossse asssembled dissshearrrtening. You call thessse people grrreedy, but wherrrein liesss the grrreed when one seeksss to prrrovide forrr the futurrre of one’sss family? Isss it selfisssh to wish to feed one’s childrrren, orrr do you expect them to rrrace off into battle not knowing wherrre theirrr little onesss will find theirrr next meal? “

Ysidrith picked up the contract and frowned.

“A reward will only be rewarded at the end of approximately 25,000 gold shickles, but should I be killed in action during battle, the reward will be lost to me and any friends/relatives,” he read the line word for word, carefully omitting his usual trills and hisses, then let out a chuckle.

“I fearrr you have, dessspite yourrr grrrand knowledge, forrrgotten that it isss in death that the ‘rrreward’ isss most needed by yourrr soldierrrsss. Ssshould they die, who will prrrovide forrr theirrr loved oness?”

Golden eyes looked back at the parchment and he read on. “ I swear total loyalty to the High Mage and the city of Falcon Ridge…Should I fail to meet these requirements, I agree to facing punishment of death and/or torture…I am aware that by signing this contract, I am sealing my fate with a dangerous mission, and once signed, I cannot quit out of cowardice. ”

The creature paused and set down the paper as he shook his crested head slowly in dismay. “People arrre fallible. You expect ssso much yet even you, High Magesss, arrre farrr frrrom perrrfect. Soldierrrs arrre often capturrred and forrrced to ssspeak through meansss both mudane and magical, and ssshould that happen doesss thisss mean that they will be punissshed upon theirrr rrreturn? Yourrr contrrract all but callsss us cowardsss and inspirrresss verrry little loyalty.” Ysidrith sat down and let out a sigh. “Not all herrre arrre interrresssted in money, but until I know you rrrespect usss and do not sssee usss as merrre cannon fodderrr I cannot accept. No amount of gold will sssway my mind until I know you arrre truly kind and just rulerrrsss who underrrssstand the needsss of the people you claim you wisssh to prrrotect.”

...and not the arrogant, highborn humanoids I am beginning to suspect you to be, he added to himself. Are there no reasonable humans about anywhere in this world? These mages must understand their soldiers and not belittle them, after all, I will become one of those soldiers if I accept. Bah. The clan would be forced to agree with me this time were they to witness this farce. To ally my people with these mages may be a terrible mistake, and I must proceed with care.

(OOC: Gomen ED, but I must empasize that its not money Ysidrith is interested in.))

Phantom Angel
28-07-2002, 08:17 PM

The centaur pushed the glasses higher on her nose, and bent on the contract, reading the fine print. Slowly, a smile began to tug at her lips, until she let out a half neigh, half giggle sort of sound.

"Really! This is ludicrous! Just look at the contract you're wanting us to sign. It's like saying we're no better than scum, yet you're going to use us anyway!" she exclaimed, her voice booming, yet holding the right amount of acidity in it.

"The griffin is right! By gods, he's so right! You don't trust us, as far as you could throw us, and this contract shows it! Through this contract you insinuate that we have no honour, we have no morals and no sense of right or wrong. Just because we care about money lady, doesn't mean we don't know the world, or that we don't hold our teachings in high regard." Riz continued, stepping forward, her marvelous white tail swishing angrily.

"What you fail to understand is that this world is goverened by money. Only if you have the coin, can you survive through these trying times. It is not a lack of morals to want money for your services, nor is it a betraying of one's ancestry to wish for security in the future. Down here, in the real world, we call it common sense." Riz told her, biting her tongue and holding off a few more observations about the high mage. Insinuating that she doesn't know her people was bad enough.

"You see, High Mage, you called us here, and it's in your interest to see us signing this contract. I personally find it revolting that you hold you "troops" in such low regard. You, all of you, told us that we have a change of winning against the Alcydra woman, if we join your troops. I find that this contract mocks us as citizens and discourages our capabilities. Or do you think we'd be so savage as to let our "comrads" die in the field if they are hurt?" Riz asked, a sly grin twisting her face once again.

She was out for the kill, and she wasn't going to back down. Offended down to the deepest core of her being, the centaur would not stand down until some amendment would be done to the contract. Riz was through being insulted, by fellow citizen or High Mage alike.

"I will not offer my services freely, nor will I let them insinuate I have forgotten my culture or my manners. I am a centaur. I do not forget." she thought angrily, as she awaited, the no doubtly angry reply from the High Mage.

OOC: you messed with the wrong horse heheh, jk!

28-07-2002, 08:58 PM
His tail swished about irritably as he sat with his arms folded across his chest and chin down, listening to the centaur speak. His eyes were half lidded, giving the impression that the bird was relaxed, but his tail indicated otherwise. Ysidrith looked aside at Djarei, hoping the proceedings were not frightening the small thing, then mentally shook himself. Why did he even wonder such things? The anthro girl was not his responsibility…although her big expressive eyes and sugary sweet nature was rather charming… Cut it out stupid bird!

“It is good to hear that some members of this city have common sense,” he rumbled after Riz finished her speech, just loud enough that those in the vicinity could hear but not the High Mages. “I am, however, finding it increasing difficult to refrain from eviscerating any of these foolish council members,” he sighed. “And I am starting to get hungry…”

28-07-2002, 11:27 PM
Morbid examined the contract carefully and put it aside, "This is unacceptable, we could not come up with a decent working relationship or a compromise so I shall simply take my leave. I won't even charge you for my time. You mention that if Alcyda wins that none of these people would recieve their rewards; didn't it cross your minds that you are hiring them to get rid of her, if they failed that point would be moot. For a pack of Wizard-Lords you seem shall we say a bit..."under-priveleged" when it comes to matters of intelligence. Good day ladies and gentlemen."
With that Morbid bowed sharply at the waist and walked out the doors.

Aku Shi
29-07-2002, 12:01 AM
The entire time, Kou's hand gripped tighter and tighter about the laughable excuse of a contract. Her fist became so tight that a few drops of blood trickled from between her whitening knuckles. With her eyes cast in shadow, she ground her teeth and growled low. The demon in her was most displeased.


That was it. Kou could hold herself back no more. This was just too insultingly rediculous. So, bearing her fanged teeth, she hurled the contract at the council, the paper wad hitting the wall behind them and bouncing to the ground right before them.

What part of PROFESSIONAL don't you understand?!!? And, as said, just how much of your DAMN HONOR will FEED the MOUTHS of the WIDOWS AND CHILDREN of the DEAD SOLDIERS!??! You've shown us only how much you think your better than we are!! NOT HOW MUCH YOU REALLY WANT US TO HELP!!! My god! You must be the least organized, most unprofessional people in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! If this place really is the set of the world's possible end, then I pity the world, because this place is run by incompatant fools!!!!!!

So, if you don't want to give money to the families of those who are going to die fighting for your cause, then how about this: if someone dies fighting for your, then his/her family has the right to pick out one of you and EAT YOU! How about THAT!??! I'm sure you're tender enough sitting there all day judging others on something you have absolutely no experience in!!

Slowly Kou lifted her bleeding hand to her lips and licked the blood away, all the while keeping her eyes intently on the council, a strangely sadistic look on her face. It was almost as if she was thinking of consuming them herself. Of course, she really wouldn't... But, she liked to freak people out since she was half demon. She'd even gone so far as to bite a chunk off of someone before.

You have proven yourself useless to your cause. I do hope that you hold an election or something for more compatant leaders. When either that happens or your minds deside to grow the part that handles common sense and reason, get in touch with me. I'll be here till tomorrow sometime, unless you convince me otherwise sooner. And, trust me, it would be worth your while to convince me. I've been in this business for a while, and I've never lost a war I was hired to fight in. Catch you later, your majesties.

With that said, she turned around and grabbed Kouto by the hands to pull him to his feet.

C'mon, babe, let's get the hell out of this nut house.

Kayay, I thought it was Dee because it looks like he has dark hair in that picture and Ryo is the one with light hair. Anyway, I LOVE Fake!!!! *is a major yaoi/shounen ai fan* ^_^

29-07-2002, 12:12 PM
((OOC: :sweatdrop Umm...looks like you people are tough players....sheesh..if you guys don't like what the council proposes, I suggest you make your voices heard as to what exactly you DO want. Cuz really, you're all starting to ---- me off....Oh, and Aku Shi? It's "competent", not "compatant". Forgive me, I have a habit of correcting. Should I make a mistake myself, feel free to correct me as well.)

The High Mage stood abruptly and shouted, "Just a moment! Don't any of you dare to leave. Nothing we have said is final, and you are all over-reacting. So please, just remain a moment longer while we try to finalize arangements. We can see that...the majority of you all wish for a payment in advance. No problem there, we will provide you with that then." She clapped her hands the the contracts all changed once more. "We are only doing this due to the circumstances. Should this have not been an emergency, we would let all those who thirst for money go. But seeing as you all lust for money, we will provide you with that. 25,000 gold shickles. The money will appear in a pouch in front of you once you have signed the contracts." She remained standing, her eyes burning with great fury for the safety of Elystra.

Jicin stood up also and everyone turned to face her. "I too agree. I think that those of you who demand moeny in such a way disappoint me and the rest of Falcon Ridge." Scattered murmurs of agreement rose. "For what good is a payment now, should we all lose and get robbed by Alcydra? Sure, it will benefit us should we win, but how will you use it? Buy endless amounts of Ale or beer? Buy new weapons or armour? Tell me, how much of the world can you take with you to the afterlife? I...I just..I can't understand..." She paused. "I used to work for money myself....but now...it's all meaningless. I only use the money for the orphanage I work at. Money doesn't buy you victory or loyalty...but true and honourable hearts do." She sat back down quietly, Lysa patting her on the back.

"You did well Jiss, you did well..." Lysa looked around slowly.

No...I didn't....these people, these people....they won't give a d@mn about what I just said...they don't have the right hearts to comprehend it all...do they..? Jicin remained lost in her thoughts.

((OOC: For those of you in Kudana: Shame on you. Willing to fight and whatnot in Kudana for free...shame on you.))

((OOC: Yes, please do not get offended by any of the comments above. IF you do, I apologize. But hey, I'm not the stubborn one here.))

Aku Shi
29-07-2002, 04:52 PM
First, I don't mind at all that you correct me...even though I haven't seen you correct others on their mistakes. Heaven knows I'm not the best speller in the world. Oh, and since you asked to be corrected, yourself, you spelled "money" "moeny" one time. But, I really don't see how that matters, because we still understood what was being said.

Anyway, it has been stated so many times that we are getting very sick of saying it---- The characters aren't upset because they are greedy for money. Payment is something that is expected to be given to a professional doing a job. It's just the way things are. You want to HIRE someone, you PAY that person. Also, I'm sorry to say that Jicin-san seems to be very out of character for a thief. First off, what do thieves do? They steal. Why? For money. Also, if she has the children at the orphanage to take care off, then she needs the money just as much as everyone else does, if not more. And, that addition where the council would not pay it to beneficiaries if the soldier happened to die would be VERY bad for Jicin, since there would be no way for the poor little orphans to get by. The money is more than seldom used to feed family who are not fighting than it is to feed those fighting.

If someone said to America "Please, everyone, let us go over and fight those who are trying to harm us! Oh, but none of those who come to fight will get paid for their labor. And, if you happen to die in battle, your loved ones will get nothing and have to sell what they own just to buy food." Do you really think the American people would just jump at the chance?! Hell no!!! Asking something like that of people is just unheard of! Oh, unless you wish us to be fighting for a "better cause," like the Talaban members who think that by killing themselves and others they'll go to heaven? Please note which country is more prosperous. Please note which country has less people starving to death. Besides, I'm sure that even terrorists get something... If they don't, then they are just being blind fools that have been suckered into sacrificing themselves. Are you asking our characters to be like this? Are you asking them to forget their families, those that need their support and their very livelihood so that they can work for free in some volunteer army?

There is no sensible reasoning behind what you have the council and the thieves say. And, you are vastly outnumbered in your opinion. Look, I will say it again.... And this will be the last time.

When someone wants to HIRE someone to do a JOB, whether it is mowing a lawn or fighting in a war, that person must PAY for the other person's LABOR. It's not out of line to ask for payment to do a job. And, lust for money has nothing to do with it.

Look, I like this RPG, but this argument has dragged on far too long. You say that you will listen to what we want done, but if that was the truth then you would have listened back when this was starting. We've only been saying the same things over and over again. It's not that hard to understand us, is it?

29-07-2002, 11:42 PM
Morbid turned when the wizards insisted that they not leave, he listened to what they had to say.
"Honorable lords of Falcon Ridge. I can understand yur desire to battle this "evil" and your concerns. Furthermore, I apologize for my curtness. However I believe that my skills are ill suited towards warfare, if you are familiar with my reputation then perhaps you might wish to enlist my services outside this meeting. As far as I can determine, this meeting is intended to raise an army. I humbly await a response."
Morbid stood perfectly still, his voice was cold and heartless but he seemed sincere.

(OOC: ED, sorry for giving you so much trouble, if things dont work out between the council and Morbid, could he possibly serve Alcayda? Also, in case you didnt see my post in the application thread, the wizard character that I first submitted would happily serve the council...)

29-07-2002, 11:55 PM
((OOC: Yes we are making things tough, and perhaps you feel we are being stubborn and unfair by not readily accepting the terms of the contract, but I have already stated what Ysidrith wants and, again, IT IS NOT MONEY. Both Ysidrith and Riz, unless I'm mistaken, are offended by the council's insistence that everyone who refuses to sign the contract are greedy, money, grubbing fools. They are proud races, and Ysidrith wants to know his employers understand that before he accepts any job. The council, however, has done nothing to ease his concerns. Thus, simply accepting the terms of the contract, while making your job easier, is not in character. In Kudana, by contrast, those who are "fighting for free" either are:

(a) altruistic individuals who's nature it is to help,
(b) have hidden agendas and hope the quest will further their own goals,
(c) hope to make a bit of money on the side.

The players and situation are different and comparing the two and chastising us for RPing in character is not fair.

RPing is uncertain and dependent upon both the GM's plans and the whims of the players, and I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that none of us wish to see this RPG fail. We can accommodate each other as much as possible, but this uncertainty is what makes it all fun. For example, the meeting, although I'm sure it is not going as you intended, has been interesting. The debate was good for the game, IMO, but I must concur that it is becoming tiresome.

We now return to our originally scheduled program...))

Phantom Angel
30-07-2002, 12:45 AM
OOC: yeah, centaurs ARE very proud of their culture and morals. Riz doesn't offer her services for free, however she does have VERY VERY VERY high morals. she's deeply offended. while money is a necesity, her morals still stand. uh... yeah, centaurs are stubborn and proud.... *grins*

Aku Shi
30-07-2002, 04:32 PM
Yes, it is also true that the council members have been treating the other characters with no respect what so ever. Besides not wanting to work for free, a vast majority do not want to work under people who treat them like pond scum.

Look, this whole meeting thing has gotten off to a very bad start. You can either have them change their attitudes now, or we could rewind and start that whole section over. Granted, Kou will have to hit on Kouto again, but she's more than alright with that. ^_~

Kou: I'm gonna take him home and not let him leave till I'm done with him!!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Why do I have such slutty RP characters?... -_-;;

Kou: Hey!!!! *bonks Shi over the head* Watch your mouth!! I want respect, too, dammit!!!

*rubs head* Oh, you are sooo gonna pay for that....

30-07-2002, 06:51 PM
The High Mage stood and said, "We have made the final touches to this contract, and here they stand:

As a citizen of Falcon Ridge, or of Elystra, I hereby agree that once signed below, I will have formed an alleigance with the High Lords to fight in a war against a national enemy.

An advanced payment will be made of 25,000 gold shickles.

I swear total loyalty to the High Mage and the city of Falcon Ridge, and thereby declare myself as a skilled member of the Falcon Talon Army.

Should I fail to meet these requirements, I agree to facing punishment of death and/or torture, but should I fail to accepting this burden, no form of penalty will fall upon me.

I am aware that by signing this contract, I am sealing my fate with a dangerous mission, and once signed, I cannot quit out of cowardice.

I finally agree to recieving full training for this mission.

Signed, _______________

And as for you, dear mercenary, you may not be fitted for war, but I assure you, we can help you train for this event. But should you still not want to, we do not hold you back. We apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused you and/or your clients." She sat down, feeling more and more drained as the tension built.

The Lord of Kuta stood. "In CASE you all think us arrogant, snobbish, b!tchy Lords, it is only because of our great concern for this nation and its people. You might not understand how we feel, but maybe you do, if you had formerly been a leader of a great town such as this."

Next, was the Lord of Jukoto, "Excuse Kuta's language, but we do care for every individual, and should you choose to think it all a lie....well...who's to stop you?" He smiled gently, his forhead creasing.

"We never wished for this sort of debate to happen in this council..never have we thought we would be involed in such immature behaviour..but I guess even Lords have their quirks." The Lord of Futaje chuckled.

"But now, the fate of all the world lies in your hands, oh people of Elystra. Choose now...and choose wisely." The Lords said in soft unison.

Aku Shi
30-07-2002, 07:55 PM
Kou's eyes glared coldly at them. They would never change. They would never see how horridly they acted towards others. She had seen feudal warlords with more manners than them. But, something in her made her walk up and pick up the wadded up contract from the ground where it had landed earlier.

I need none of your money. I said those things because what you were asking of us was unheard of. Also, know that we will never be friends and you have shown yourselves worthy of no respect in my eyes. That may not mean anything to you coming from a mercenary, but I'm also someone who may be working under you. If those who work for you have no respect for you, you are a poor leader. It's almost tempting to fight for your enemy, simply because you have already antagonized yourself with your attitudes.

Sighing, she uncrumpled the contract and set it on a nearby desk. Then she pressed the tip of her right index finger to the point of one of her fangs to draw blood. Knowing deep down that she would regret this, Kou scribbled her name out with her blood onto the contract.

I have bound myself to your service with my blood and will not rest until my job is finished.

She bowed to the council then walked back over to Kouto. Looking at him made her smile return and she took his hands, pulling his arms around her body. After this meeting was over with, she had every intention to release her stress in the way she loved most....

Kayay, ok, I saw Nairohe's av with Dee on it. Is that by any chance taken from when they are outside on the balcony? If so, then that may be why Ryo's hair looks a littler darker than usual... Cuz it was outside and night and all... Yeah. God, I gotta go watch that again now... Just thinking about it makes me all happy and giggly and stuff!! Mmm... Shounen ai and yaoi.... Ahhhh... Heavenly.

04-08-2002, 08:23 PM
"We understand your anger, and we acknowledge your decision. We do not require the respect of our people, just their cooperation." The Mage managed a weak smile. She knew they had been harsh and inconsiderate, and she knew it was too late for apologies, but one had to be made. "We also ask for your forgiveness. Although we know you probably will refuse to respond to our request, we still humbly present ourselves in apology to you. We must remind you that the immense stress put upon our shoulders has caused us to act rather....out of character. We...were not quite prepared for this sort of event to suddenly appear, and so, perhaps we snapped under the burden. But even through our harsh words and intollerant behaviour, you still decide to sign the contract, and for that, we respect you tremendously, even if you do not wish to return anything of the sort." She bowed low to the one who had signed in blood, then took her seat.


Suddenly, bags of gold could be heard falling to the floor in front of all those who had signed the contract.

Jicin jumped up in surprise, then bent to pick hers up. She opened it and saw 25,000 worth of gold shickles. Lysa was squealing with joy at the site of so much money.

"Think of how this would pay off our debts and help the orphanage!" She grinned brightly.

Jicin bowed to the council. "Your generosity is boundless. I, Jicin, would like to thank you on behalf of our orphanage." She glanced at the girl who had caused so much fuss, almost gropling all over Kouto. She shuddered slightly and waved at Kouto, who she hadn't noticed for a while until now, and managed a decent smile at the girl who was all over him. She sat back down, examining the crowd now that she had more of the chance.

Lysa did the same, brushing bright pink hair out of her face. She couldn't wait for this silly war to be over, then she could tell the orphans great stories for bedtime....or maybe they'd be too scary..

06-08-2002, 12:38 AM
Morbid again stopped on his way to the door when the council offered him instruction, "I thank you for the offer of training the ways of war but I could not disrupt the honor and purity of the School of Concept Devotion by training in another style. Our way is not of war per se, but death."

08-08-2002, 02:54 PM
OOC: This is an announcement from EvilDracy - This RPG is on hold until the 20th of this month. Reason being that she is out of town until this time. Sucks, dun it?

Lady Fanel
19-08-2002, 11:07 PM
OOC: Okay, I know this is only the 19th, but I just wanted to write and tell everyone that I am back and, although it probably doesn't make much difference in the plot, so is Lolita. See everyone after the 20th!

21-08-2002, 06:35 PM
((OOC: I assume the RPG will be back in action again, so Ysidrith will post his decision soon. Minwa-san is still getting into the regular 'swing' of things, so I may have to control bunny girl a bit again.))

23-08-2002, 04:54 PM
He rested his elbows on the table and beak resting on his loosely clasped talons. Head cocked to one side, he listened to the Council. A soft mummer rose from the gallery and the bird-like creature let out a deep breath. The Mages finally appeared to have acknowledged their own weaknesses, and Ysidrith pondered his decision silently as he listened to others voice their opinions, and, somewhat uncharacteristically, decided to get a second opinion. Turning his head slightly towards the centaur he spoke in a voice that would not carry beyond the small group around them.

“So they appear to have found their sense after all, but I have heard that centaurs are a most reasonable race, Miss, and wonder what you make of this new attitude. But after all that has been said, do you think them sincere?” The corners of his beak turned down in a gryphonic frown, and he idly slid the parchment in from of him around the table with his talon. “I’ve never held much respect for their kind, I admit, and I find it hard to forgive them completely, but should this threat be real it may benefit my clan to be involved.”

((EDIT: OOC: Its been over ten days since the 20th with no word from ED. I guess this is dead then?))

20-09-2002, 05:44 PM
No...this thread is not dead. In fact, it's back up...that's a stupid thing to say...of course it's back up if it's not dead...well anyways, post post post! ^^

23-09-2002, 12:49 AM
From behind one of the tall pillars slid forth an impossibly tall man wrapped in white, tatters of white cloth fell from over his arms and legs. His face was concealed by a white desert hood and veil.
"I have felt the karmic reverberations of evil all the way in the deepest regions of the deserts, I have come as ambassador of the desert tribes. In the intrests of peace and the preservation of our Dharma I shall aid you in combating this evil. All I ask in return is love betweem our city and desert brothers and a lock of hair from the fairest maiden in the city to seal the pact."
He wrapped his arms around his back and wrapped his fingers together. His cape brushed back displaying a huge silver scimitar in all of it's glory. It shone with the sigils of the Romany, the legendary nomads renown for their mystical power and insight.

Aku Shi
23-09-2002, 02:10 AM
Distracted from the lovely Kouto, Kou looked over at the desert man and raised a brow. Then, just as quickly, she looked back to the handsome man in her arms. Licking her lips slowly, she pressed her body against his.

Come on... Sign or don't sign, but don't take too very long. I want so much to get out of here and spend some time with you, Mr. Kouto.

Her now moist lips stuck out in a little pout as she twirled his hair around in her long, slender fingers.

*dusts Kou off and gets her back in the game*

23-09-2002, 05:23 PM
The Council of High Lords regarded the desert man's request. He was obviously from some form of nobility, or great honour by his uniform and also in the way he spoke.
The High Mage stood and teleported right in front of the man. Her hair spilled like a waterfall all around her. Her sharp yet gentle eyes met his and she dipped her head slightly in acknowledgement. "Of course, we will immediately send in an annoucement of peace and tranqulity between Falcon Ridge and those of the desert. Although I don't know why they would think otherwise, for we have always considered them kin. We would do anything to have you join our forces, and so, choose now from our bountiful crowd gathered here. I am sure that some of Falcon Ridge's fairest ladies are gathered here." She smiled and her arms spread in a general motion to take in the entire crowd and present them to this man.

23-09-2002, 10:58 PM
Risque unwound his arms and dipped his long fingers into a pouch at his belt withdrawing a lusterous lock of black hair tied with a white ribbon.
"This sable hair comes from the fairest maiden in all the desert lands, she is the mistress of the Oasis of Heros where all great knights who seek purity of Dharma slake their thirst. She never fears the scorn of sun nor does she suffer the wrath of the howling winds and sands. I give this to thee as a sign of my good faith."
He handed the lock ever so carefully to the Mage and he stood up on the very ends of his toes held in place by some otherworldly power. And just through his veil the High Mage could see the Romany's third eye of enlightenment...

Aku Shi
24-09-2002, 12:37 AM
Again Kou looked over at the desert traveler. She desided that being latched to Kouto would prevent him from signing if he so desired, so she let her arms slip away from around him. While giving him time to make up his mind about the contract, Kou walked over to the high mage and the Romany. She had met many a Romany in her travels, and had picked up on a lot of things having to do with the peoples. Kou was even accepted into one tribe as one of their own. Their name for her had been Kham Kale, a very contrasting name (kham=sun, kale=black) for a very contrasting blood line.

Droboy tume Romale.

She bowed a little to the Romany as she gave the traditional greeting, hoping that he spoke the same dialect that she had been taught.

Me som Kham Kale. Me san de Chergariski shey.

Eventually she stood straight again and smiled brightly at the shrouded man. She loved Romanies. They were usually the most fun-loving of people! Her kind of people! She wondered if the tribe he was from was just as spirited.

24-09-2002, 01:51 AM
"My apologies but I know you not and your tongue is most odd. If you would seek to share words then you would do well to learn the trade tongue or the words of The People."
He leans back, supported by nothing but the force of his will and a stray moonbeam.

Aku Shi
24-09-2002, 08:13 AM
First note, I have no idea what you just said... *blinks* What dialect of Romany is that? *blink blink*
Second note, she says that she is the daughter of Chergari, not this uh...Siphistirostos person. Um... *sweat drops* I'm so very confused. Uh... Uh... I guess that could be the "father's" given name, since she gave the last name.

Kou stared at him blankly as he leaned towards her. Did he just hit on her? Her eyes looked over to Kouto and she bit her lip. She may be a player, but she must confess that she could only go one at a time. Well, sometimes more... But, she doubted these two were willing to participate in THAT.... Pity though. But, she was starting to grow a little uncomfortable with that creepy third eye of his glaring at her the way it did.

So keres?...

The man had not moved, and was still nose to nose with her. Now she chose to speak in the language she knew more about, and glared back at the eye.

It is hard to believe that the Chergari are dead. They were nomads who could fend for themselves when anything came along. I should know, I was first their enemy before I was their daughter. But, if what you speak is truth, then grief ways heavy upon my heart and I shall light candles for them, as they would for me. I now leave them to god.

As for 'entertaining' me, we shall see. Right now I have many things to occupy my time, but perhaps later I shall be more free to be in your presence.

She bowed a little out of respect for him and then flashed her green eyes back at his three.
For everyone's sake that don't speak Romany (not that I do, really... I love the internet).
from other post:

Droboy tume Romale.
-Traditional greeting, usually answered by "Nais tuke," which is why Shi is so very very confused. :nod:

Me som Kham Kale. Me san de Chergariski shey.
-I am Kham Kale. I am the daughter of Chergari.
This post (even though there's only one Romany thingy in it)

So keres?...
-What are you doing?

24-09-2002, 01:21 PM
((OOC: I checked your history and saw nothing about Romany so I simply pulled the name out of nowhere. I'm not too familiar with dialects but Phralendar means "By the Brothers". I don't actually speak the language so you could just as well type whatever the hell you like.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Romany race as depicted by my character is purely my own invention for the purposes of this rpg and has nothing to do with real Romany, so whatever you know can be left at the door.))

24-09-2002, 04:06 PM
Kou's arms slipped from around Kouto and he was suddenly aware of the world around him again. Her beauty had ensnared him in a trance like state as all the distractions of the outside world faded away. It also didn't help that he was still feeling the effects of his drink from earlier. However, now that the beauty had made his way from him, he became aware of the outside world once again.

Before him sat a contract. It had been revised from it's earlier state in order to appease the individuals that wished to participate. Now, instead of offering nothing, a payment of 25,000 gold shickles was being offered.

Kouto signed the contract infront of him and a pouch containing his payment appeared before him. He reached out and took the payment and tucked it safely under his cloak.

Kouto then looked around for the lovely Kou. He spotted her standing over by another man dressed in white and talking to him.

Kouto let out a slight muffled growl. He so did hate having rivals.

"Looks like the ball is in my court now." He said to himself as he fixed his hair.

Reaching into his cloak he produced from it a small vile containing a blue liquid. He popped off the cap of the vile and drank the contents quickly. He then raised his hand to his mouth and breathed into it heavily so as to smell his own breath.

"Much better." He said as he tucked the vile back into his cloak.

Kouto walked over to where Kou was now standing and talking to the man. Her back was facing him. Slowly he leaned closer to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He brought his mouth close to her ear and breathed softly on it.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting." He said to her softly. "I've completed my task here now. You still up for that drink?"

(OOC: Bet you all thought I was dead :P )

Phantom Angel
24-09-2002, 04:22 PM

ED, I'm sorry. You can whip me with a wet noodle, but I can't handle this rpg any more. U know how insane my life is. things haven't been too good lately. u can do whatever u wish with Riz

24-09-2002, 04:23 PM
She curled up against Ysidrth's leg, hugging the tip of his tail. All this talk was so boring... and she didn't quite understand all what was going on. Though the little girl wanted nothing more to follow kittybird ... they'd learn magic together! What a nice man... bird... cat... he was. A little stuffy, she thought with a buck-toothed smile, but she'd wear him down a little...

There had been a lot of shouting, and a lot of angry people. All she wanted to do was find more magic... did it really need so much shouting? Maybe Kittybird will let me follow him she thought happily, no matter what!

She played with her staff a little after tiring of his tail, listening to him talk. Djarei wanted to do something soon... And I'm hungry.

(( ooc :: SHE RETURNS! and as bored as ever! probably the most innocent character in the whole roleplay ^^;;; ))

24-09-2002, 06:02 PM
The High Mage looked at the woman and the two men in front of her and she cleared her throat. "I believe you said you wished for a lock of hair from our people as well, if not, I guess I heard wrong. But in any case, here's the contract, just sign and you'll get your payment." She handed it to him before teleporting back to her seat. "It appears that most of you have completed signing...well then, we shall get started now. If you'll all follow me. She pointed to two large doors behind her, and they opened on their own, revealing an enormously large field, split into two sections: Sword/Hand-to-Hand combat training, and Magic training.

"Behind me, you may go and begin your training at once. If you wish not to use our facilities, that is up to you, as long as you prepare yourself. Please keep in mind that this is a war for the freedom of all who live on this planet, so don't slack off." She smiled before continuing.

"In the magic area, you have access to spellbooks of all nations, cults, languages, dialects, you name it. If you wish, you may cast translation spells on books you don't understand, as long as you reverse the spell after use. There are also potion elements in there. As for the more Hand-to-Hand type, there are weapons off all types, and you can train with any new weapon you wish, or simply continue the usage of your old one. I do reccomend you learn a variety, because you never know what you're up against when it comes to war against the enemy. Escpecially an enemy of her power and skill. The landscape is magicaly enchanted to change every 5 hours. So it looks bright and sunny now...but in approximately...." Her voice trailed off as she waved er staff in the air and a number 2 appeared. "...In approxmiately 2 hours, it will change to a randomly selected weather pattern, such as rain, or hail, or snow, or just plain strong winds. It is good to train this way, sincce when fighting a powerful sorceress, you never know what kind of weather she'll conjur up for the occasion." She then let out a chuckle, "And for those of you training with metal weapons, be aware of lightning. We've magically enhanced the weapons to be shock-resistant, but you'll still recieve a numbing buzz, no pain though. The buzz is just to tell you that you would've died had you not been in training...now that I think about it..it's a little harsh...but it's just a wake-up call to stay alert. Now, if you've completed signing, just head right in and get familiar with your resources." She turned and headed out into the huge field.

Aku Shi
24-09-2002, 06:18 PM
Actually, I personally don't know Romany, and Kou, as stated in an earlier post, simply ran across them and befriended them. She isn't so fluent in the language, either. I'm sorry that I didn't provide a translation the first time... *lowers head*
Anyway, the reason I do know some Romany and stuff is because I have to for another character I play (Kalila in the FF RPG). She's Romany. Welp. Yeah. That's all I got to say about that.

She leaned into Kouto's touch and gentle breath on her ear. Oh, how she wanted him. Kou was so caught up in her desires that she barely noticed the mage move away or the whole speach about the training grounds. Only a few words reached her elven ears. New weapons, and spell books. That was almost tempting enough to draw her away from the treat she had standing oh so close to her. Almost being the key word here.

Mmm... I've been fighting most of my life, I think I'm pretty ready. How about you, Kouto? Do you need to go train in the fields, or would you rather spend possibly our last days living having a little fun? Because, I don't know about you, but I'm dying for that drink right about now...

Her voice was coming out in a gentle mewling purr as she leaned back against him, feeling as though she would melt into him. The Romany had been totally forgotten. All that Kou was aware of at that moment was Kouto and his warm arms which she directed to wrap around her bare stomach.

Only... Mmmmm.... How about we just go get you settled into my room since you're staying with me, and we can order room service or something...?

24-09-2002, 06:59 PM
"I've been training most of my life, I could use a little fun right about now. I don't think I could possibly refuse an offer from you anyways." He said to her as he gently pressed his lips on her neck before resting his chin on her shoulder.

He felt her pull his arms around her stomach. He could feel the warmth of her bare skin as he closed his arms around her and held her tightly against him.

"Room service sounds great. I don't have much to bring with me so it should take me too long to settle in."

He eased his hold on her as he slid one of his arms from the embrace and ran his finger gently up and down across her stomach. He leaned his face closer to her ear and gently kissed her earlobe.

"Perhaps we could find something else to do to fill the time." He whispered in her ear with a smile.

Aku Shi
24-09-2002, 07:41 PM
A smirk spread across Kou's lips. She was liking this man more and more by the minute! Softly, an unchecked sigh escaped her as she felt his warm lips upon her skin.

"Perhaps we could find something else to do to fill the time."

That was it. She was about to lose it. They had to get out of there and NOW! Somehow she managed to hold herself together long enough to bow to the Romany man, moving out of Kouto's embrace. Practically pulling the handsome man out with her, Kou paused only slightly again to bow to the council.

Sir Kouto and I must leave to refresh after this long day. If your training grounds are going to remain open for us, we may return later to brush up on our battle skills. Untill then, farewell.

25-09-2002, 06:40 PM
"One second" Kouto said suddenly remembering something.

He made his way back to his seat where he left his sword. Reaching for the handle he grasped it and picked it up with what appeared little effort. The sword easily weighed as much as some of the smaller individuals in this room but you wouldn't have told from the way Kouto handled it. This sword had been his only true companion through all his journeys. It was the one thing he could always depend on when he needed to. It had saved his life many times and he knew it would continue to. To think he almost forgot it here bothered him. This sword was his only family...

He swung the sword around to his back and placed it in it's sheath. It wasnt really a sheath, but more of a holster. It was made of a thick iron bar that ran the length of his back on an angle. At one end was a steel "cup" that the tip of the blade sat in to keep it off the ground, and at the other end was a leather strap which held the handle to the bar so that the sword would not fall from the holster. All this was hidden under his cloak though. Only the handle could be visable sticking out of the top.

"Um yeah... we have to go discuss urgent battle strategy and stuff... So we'll be off now." Kouto waved his hand at the high mages with a single flick of his wrist before making his way back to Kou.

"Shall we?"

25-09-2002, 08:04 PM
Risque raised his left foot and tucked it behind his right knee, "I sense you seek entertainment in matters other than the pursuit of your dharma and enlightenment. I will leave you to your pleasures but seek me out when you seek to resume the path your adoptive tribe started you upon."
He leaned back onto nothing and stood in place. He would sign no paper of the Mage Council, that was not the Way, his word and the lock of hair from the Maiden of the Holiest Oasis of the Moon was his bond.
Morbid looked at the Romany in curiosity, it had been said that the founder of his school had been a Romany and he was most intrigued in his talk of enlightenment. Even a warrior-born could seek to attain the zenith of self-understanding.
"Mayhap I shall join this endeavor after all, if only to observe the desert ambassador. I suspect I can learn much simply by watching and listening."
He got a copy of the contract and signed it with a flowing M .

Aku Shi
25-09-2002, 08:18 PM
Green eyes gleaming, Kou licked her lips at the sight of Kouto handling the sword. Oh, how she loved men who knew how to handle their weapons. And she especially loved men who could do that and also had really big....swords.

"Shall we?"

Devilish gleam in her eyes, Kou nodded and headed out with Kouto onto the streets. She blinked a little at the light and then looked around, trying to remember exactly where the inn she was staying in was at. Quickly she got her bearings and walked with Kouto, her arm around his, as she led him to where they would "discuss urgent battle strategy."

Despite the size of the city, they were there farely shortly. Kou waved at the desk clerk and made her way up the stares with her new roomate. Once finally inside, she locked the door and smiled at him.

Mmmm... Finally out of that stuffy city hall.

Once again her tongue slipped out to wet her lips as she began to remove her armor and set it with her travel bag. Soon she was only wearing the leather under garmets that were there to prevent the hard steel from digging into her skin. She was just as clothed as she was before, but was now able to move around easier. Releasing a happy sigh, she let herself fall back onto the bed, her sun-kissed hair flowing out around her on the covers.

Please, feel free to make yourself more comfortable. Oh, and I have some wine in that travel bag over there if you want any.

She lifted herself on her elbows and gazed at him with a warm smile on her moist lips.
City size fixed. *salutes*

Lady Fanel
26-09-2002, 03:21 PM
Lilita looked at the paper in front of her. Everything looked in order, but something about the contract bothered her. Still, she needed the money for her family, so she picked up the quill and wrote LILITA PROUDFOOT on the line in clear letters. Picking up the bag of money that fell on the table, Lilita lifted it up and placed the heavy parcel inside her knapsack. Looking around, she saw a tall woman and a tall man walk out the door. Wondering if the meeting was over, Lilita turned back to the front where the Mages were seated.

26-09-2002, 06:13 PM
OOC: Shi, the city is actually large, but that's ok. and fanel, didn't you read my last post? the meeting IS over, and you were either to procede into the trainig grounds, or go off on your own.

Lady Fanel
01-10-2002, 03:26 PM
(OOC: Yes, I read your post, Lilita was just waiting for conformation that the meeting was done before she went anywhere.)

02-10-2002, 05:26 PM
OOC: Ok then. Go right ahead, the meeting's over.

02-10-2002, 07:21 PM
Risque glided towards the conjured library intrested in the lore of the city-folk. He wondered how the people who enclosed themselves within artificial boundries and stayed in one place could learn so much.
"Well now let's see what we have here..."

(How does the combat area work besides the weather thing, are there conjured monsters, do we fight each other?)

09-10-2002, 09:50 AM
Jicin walked with Lysa up to the battle grounds and peered inside. She saw everything that was meioned at their disposal, and the minute the first person had stepped inside, an army of trolls, orcs, ogres, and other monsters came racing over the hills and raised their weapons. Jicin couldn't believe her eyes, had the council hired a buch of suicidal monsters? They looked real enough, but she saw one elf at her left shoot an arrow at the nearest orc and when it pierced its head, the orc seemed to dissolve.
Lysa drew her mega-sword and ran at the nearest orog (misture of orc and ogre, orog's are huge, scary, hairy, and trememndously strong and dangerous with huge claws and teeth). She hacked at its tough skin, but it dodged one of her blows and jabbed its spear into her leg. She fell, grabbing at it, but she saw no blood.
"Lysa!!!" Jicin yelled and ran to her companion. Helping her stand, she made sure nothing had been injured. While supporting her friend, Jicin drew her own sword and finished off the orog by driving it deep into its eye socket and into the brain.
"I'm ok Pix...really, my leg is just numb....numb so that it can barely move..." Lysa wobbled a bit before resteadying herself. She now knew that anything that happened here would not actually kill you. Rather, it would numb you in the correct places so as to prevent any kind of movement that wouldn't be possible HAD that attack actually occured.
Jicin knew what she had to do, should this situation actually be true...
"A mage! Quick! We need a healing mage!" She cried out at the top of her lungs. Although she herself had magic in her blood, she wasn't powerful enough to heal a deep stab wound, even if it was simulated. So instead, she cast a minor shield spell around Lysa, which was good only against forged weapons. When she completed the correct hand movements and chanting, she turned and continued to fight off any enemies who tried to penetrate the shield around her friend. While she fought, she continued to call out for a healing mage.

(OOC: That should answer your question, Guildenstern)

16-10-2002, 11:45 AM
((OOC: I'd nearly forgotten about this RPG, thinking it was dead. However, after such a long period of inactivity and no one to post with, I'm uncertain how to proceed with Ysidrith. I need to rethink things, form new alliances, and possibly re-appear as things pick up. end message.))

17-10-2002, 06:46 PM
OOC: *sighs* Since no one is posting, I suppose I will just...post more.


"M-master....you're back....we have been....anxious for your return, and now await your command." The orog, named Youkano, bowed when he saw the shadowy form of the powerful sorceress appear on the black throne.

"The time has come....for it is too late. The High Lords know too much and have gathered many in order to try to defeat me. They will probably anticipate an attack to happen in a month or more..." She let a slow grin crawl across her face. "But I will not wait until then. I need to kill as many as I can before the anticipated time..." She pulled out one of the scrolls with the copied spells on them. "Then...I will cast a minor barrior around this cursed city so as to prevent any new-comers from joining..." She snickered for a moment.

"You are most wise, Master. What can I do for you then?" Youkano asked and looked up at the throne, just as the gloom parted momentarily, revealing her ghost-white face with ruby eyes.

A loud hiss escaped Alcydra's lips and a large ruby-red lightening bolt engulfed the orog. All through the mountain, his agonizing cries rang and ripped through the air.

"Never will I let a disgusting creature such as you look upon my face so casually again....." She growled before glancing behind her. "Bukurai....you know what to do." She spoke menacingly.

"Hai." And with that, the Shadian, born of the shadow world, faded out.

"Mmhmhmhmhm....." She chuckled deeply. "High Lords...hasn't anyone told you that curiosity kills the cat..?"

"You are to go into the city, and find out who's invovled with the High Lords of Falcon Ridge, and kill anyone who is. If someone isn't, but they still look eligible, kill them off anyway." The Shadian ordered, before becoming one with the shadows of the mountain.
His Shadian army formed false skin, and all assumed the look of mercants, but inside themselves, they carried invisible darts, each coated with the quickest, deadliest poison known to wizards. Because their skin was false, it held an odd yellowish tone to it, but it was only noticeable up close. With everything set, the Shadian army scattered and headed into the city.

OOC: feel free to train, or wander around, but PLEASE post so I know where everyone is, and where everyone's headed, cuz you all seem scattered...except for Kouto and his lover. XD

04-11-2002, 10:37 AM
Morbid looked at the army of beasts bounding towards him with bloodthirsty howls and snapping teeth, "Stupid Monsters." He drew his sword, ancient and chipped yet still as sharp as it was when his school's progenitor first drew it a thousand years ago.
He bent at the waist but kept his face trained towards the army with his sword held against his back at an angle. With a slight nod of his head, Morbid charged into the horde leaping onto the back of one large ogre. He struck down those around the ogre before leaping onto a troll and repeating the process. He worked with such speed that anyone looking at the battle from above would see a spidery forming in the ranks of the enemy as the dead vanished.
"Quantity will never surpass quality, remember this magi. I shall do the same to the armies of your enemies."

Risque pored through a voluminous text, more concerned illustrations and epic tales then about any spells, rituals, or formulas that were available.
"A decent selection I'll give these wizards that, but thier siege mentality is deplorable. Why bother living if you do so in fear of others? If they go to war with this woman it should not be because they fear their destruction but because they seek out glory and honor, or a valorous meaningful death. Ai! But I shall not swoon at the sight of evil for I know I am rooted in sterner stuff than this."

05-11-2002, 08:04 PM
Kouto followed the womans lead and also removed his armor. Fir he took off his heavy cloak and piled it on the floor by the wall. Then he removed his sheath and sword and leaned them agaisnt the wall where his cloak was. Lastly he removed his breastplate and and armgaurds and placed them onto of his cloak. These were the only peices of actual armor Kouto wore. He found that he was slowed too much by alot of clunky armor that covered his whole body so he chose only to wear a single piece protecting his chest and 2 armgaurds to block with.

He watched the woman with great interest as she made her way over to the bed. She looked amazing with the armoron, and even more amazing without. It wasn't too often that Kouto came across such a beauty in his line of work. It proved very refreshing to have found one such as her.

Kouto made his way over to the bag she had mentioned and from it produced a bottle of wine. He looked around the bag for some glasses but none were to be found.

"I found the wine," Kouto said as he made his way back over to the bed and took a seat beside her, "but I couldn't find any glasses."

He opened the bottle and took a long swig of the liquid inside. It was quite good despite being warm from the bag it was stored in.

"I didn't think you'd mind if we drank from the bottle." He said to her as he passed it her way. "It's almost like a second hand kiss..." He added.

(OOC: *kicks self* >.< I put this post off waaaaaaaaay too long. Gomen x.x)

06-11-2002, 06:46 PM
The old lady had finished another hard day of labour in the fileds just outside the main district of Falcon Ridge. She stepped over a puddle and set down her basket to wipe the sweat from her brow, when she heard the grass rustle behind her. Spinning around, she faced nothing but the entrance to the forest which led up to the dreaded mountains. The trees' shadows were unusally long, but she decided it was the trick of her aged eyes. Turning around, she picked up her basket and walked down towards her home in the main district, where she would sell what she had collected for the day. An icey presence gripped her ankle and that was all she felt...

The young couple laughed lightly as they walked down the street, sharing the last few hours of the evening together peacefully. The woman turned her head to gaze at the beautiful rice fields, when she saw an old woman fall down ont he street. Gasping, she alerted her lover, and the two ran to assist the old woman. As the bent down to pick her up, they felt her body as cold and hard as ice and they dropped her. Five unsubstantial shadows rose arond them and consumed the 3 victims into eternal icey darkness, drowning their screams.

The Lord of Kuta snapped his attention to the other Lords suddenly, for at the very instant they all felt a very slight pinch in the city's magical wards.
"Alert the High Mage! And get those who are training in the fields! We may be under a surprise enemy attack!" The Lord of Jukoto cried, and he ran off to gather potion bottles containing explosive and other attacking magic liquids.
The Lord of Nigui burst into the training fields and cast an amplifying spell on his throat, then blared out to the people, "Prepare yourselves and head for the main entrance, there you will head out and surround the border of this City! We're under attack!" (OOC: dun pause at the main entrance, just head straight for the boarders)
At the crystal scrying ball, the Lord of Futaje informed the High Mage of the current situation.
"What are the enemy?" She demanded.
"We're not sure, but they may be from the shadow realm. We noticed some strange insubstantial movement across the fields surrounding Falcon Ridge." Futaje replied.
"Have you deployed those who have gathered to fight with us?" She asked.
"Yes, and we will be accompanying them soon." Futaje bowed and left, heading for the main entrance.

The High Mage appeared at the entrance of the training grounds. She too cast an amplifying spell on herself. "The enemy are those from the shadow realm, therefore physical attacks are not possible until they choose to show up in their physical form! So all those who have no magic, please find someone who can weild it, so that you can have defense with each other. We don't know the size of the army, but please, be on guard, and don't take your eyes off of the ground! For they may appear as harmless shadows. Be cautious!" And with that, she disappeared and transported herself to the main entrance of the city, preparing a shadow-vision spell.

OOC: can't post any longer now, g2g, will add more posting 2morrow, k?

Aku Shi
06-11-2002, 09:08 PM
Kou is happy now. She's been frozen in place for far too long no da. ^_~

Smiling a little, Kou laid so her head was resting in Kouto's lap.

Glasses tend to break, I've discovered. As for a second-hand kiss... Why bother?

Releasing a slight chuckle, she reached up and cupped her hand behind his neck, thus pulling him down towards her. In turn, she leaned up a little so as not to bring any discomfort upon him by pulling him down too far. She then caught his lips were own, savoring the lingering bitter sweet taste of the wine. With her other hand, she reached up and took the bottle from his grasp. Then she placed the bottle out of the way and started easing him onto his back, her lips never parting from his. Once he was fully on his back, she shifted possitions so that she was laying directly on top of him, her body blanketing his. Only then did she end the kiss and look into his eyes with a grin.

I'd much rather experience a first-hand kiss. Don't you agree?

10-11-2002, 05:32 PM
"Well I must admit I enjoyed that much better than any second hand kiss." Kouto replied.

He had been playing it relatively safe from the beginning since he didn't want to scare Kou off, as he seemed to with so many others. He felt he didn't have to worry about that now. Kouto searched out her hands with his and locked his fingers inbetween hers. Her hands were soft. He stretched his arms wide, in turn streching hers with his until they were as wide as their arms would let them, leaving her completely open to him. He leaned forward and kissed her again. At the same time he brought their amrs close to their bodies and rolled the two of them so that Kou was now on her back. Bringing her one hand close to his mouth he kissed it gently, and worked his way up her arm to her neck. He did the same thing to her other arm. With their fingers still locked together he brought her arms above her head and leaned forward putting some weight on them, pinning her to the bed somewhat. He inched his face ever so closer to her's once more until they were nearly touching then paused for a second as he stared deeply into her eyes. Then he kissed her again.

"I do agree," Kouto said to her. "This is much better."

(OOC: Bah x.x my description skills have completely fled from me today. >.> Still, you should get the idea XD)

Aku Shi
11-11-2002, 01:11 AM
Shi: :inlove: Kouto, will you marry me?!? :drool:
Kou: *bonks Shi over the head* NO! He's MINE!!!
Shi: *rubs her head* Itai... Sorry. It's just that I LOVE that kinda man!! It's soooo sexy when they take control like that!!!! :o
Kou: Yeah, I know. That's why he's mine. Now shoo!

Kou couldn't help but smile as he kissed her again. She knew she did right by picking him up. He certainly knew what he wanted, and knew that she wanted it too. And now he was taking the lead. As agressive as she may be on the battlefield, she'd much rather be the submissive one in bed. Now Kouto was on top of her, pinning her there with his strength. Licking her lips to savour his taste, she gave him a half-lidded look in the eye.

Mmmm... You certainly know how to get what you want from me, Mr. Kouto. Now that you've caught me, what do you plan to do with me? Hmmm... Maybe I should grant you a wish. After all, we are going to battle soon and there's no telling if we'll make it back alive. So, I shall do whatever you want. Consider me your....slave.

Ooo, this would be fun. Hopefully he would take full advantage of this. There had been many others in the past that, when given this opportunity, simply had her clean house or some other stupid chore. It seemed to have escaped their simple minds that the form of slave she was reffering to centered on being in bed.

11-11-2002, 11:14 PM
Jicin and Lysa raced out of the training fields, Lysa's numbness was cancelled out by the abrupt end to the battle simulation. Racing past the front doors, they followed one of the High Lords, and saw a group of other warriors already standing at the edge of Falcon Ridge's main district. Taking positions, Lysa drew her sword, and Jicin cast a minor spell of a shield around her, just so that she'd recieve warning if a surprise attack were to occur behind her. She didn't bother doing so for Lysa, since her half-dwarven friend was extremely skiled in defense.

Jicin's eyes scanned the fields, and she spotted an old farmer man some fifty metres away pulling in his ox afer a hard day's work.
"Please sir! Retreat to the main district of the city! We may be under attack!" She yelled at him, and he began jogging towards her, urging his ox to move faster.

"At this rate, he may die!" Lysa exclaimed, and she began running out to the man to help him.

A fleeting shadow in the failing sunlight caught Jicin's attention. "Lysa!! NO! Wait!!!" She cried, and her friend stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a shadow sword slash through the ox, and then finally passing through the old man.

Lysa screamed and ran back, then turned and ran towards the shadow soldier. She did this not from fear, but from the shear shock of the whole attack.

Jicin ran forward also, to find a way of bringing Lysa back to reality. "Physical attacks don't work Lysa!" That when she decided to bring up a shield spell around her friend. A shadow soldier hit it, and it briefly came into clear view. Jicin hastily signaled Lysa, and the girl spun around and slashed, causing a pool of black liquid to erupt where the shadow warrior had just been. Lysa ran to Jicin, and hugged her quickly, then the two ran back to the defense line. The High Lord of Futaje, whom they had followed, raced up to meet them.

"Miss! I do NOT appreciate the behaviour you had just shown. A civilian had just died, but that doesn't mean you run blindly and attack! You must wait until they are close, and then wait further for a person of magic to locate and make visible the enemy. Then you may attack, as you have just experienced." The Lord turned and spoke to various other soldiers, giving them tips and advice.

"Let's not do that again..." Lysa mumbled, her pink hair already stained with the first signs of war.


No one noticed the black shadow slither into the inn and make its way up the stairs. It paused once it had rached the top, scanning for two innocent and random people to attack.

Aku Shi
12-11-2002, 12:15 AM
Kou was about to pull him back down for another kiss when something caused her long elven ears to twitch. Screaming? Had the battle already begun?

Wait! Kouto, I heard something!

She sat up suddenly, causing the man to practically fall off of the bed.

----! I need to get my armor back on! Something's wrong!

Pushing him aside, she lept to her feet and proceeded to reassemble her outfit. She quickly tucked the wine back in her bag, and sifted through its contents until she found a small wooden box. Opening the box, she pulled out a few strips of some sort of talisment and stood still, her ears twitching slightly as she straigned to sift through the city's noise.

12-11-2002, 12:52 AM
(OOC: Kouto: One word... BIGAMY! XD plenty of me to go around!)

Kouto fell to the floor with a loud thump. Something had alerted Kou.

"pssssssssssssssssssst....... Kouto... something's coming. It's headed right for us."

Kouto too was now at alert. "Why the hell did you wait so long to say something? How long have you known?" Kouto shouted frantically as he raced to reequip himself.

Again came the voice that fell only upon Kouto's ears, leaving the elven woman unaware of it's existance.

"Well... you seemed to occupied and all.... I didn't want to disturb you...." came the voice again.

"Bullshit!" Kouto yelled angrily at the voice. "How long have you known?"

"about 5 minutes or so...."

"WHAT?" Kouto exploded as he reached down and grabbed his sword and gripped it forcefully with both hands as if he had it in a choke hold. "You've known all this time and didn't say a god damned thing?!!!"

"HEY HEY! Not so hard! I did let you know now didn't I? Isnt that good enough?"

Kouto stared angrily at the hilt of his sword. "Oh when this is over.... you are sooooooo scrapped!" He yelled.

"Well if that's how you plan to be about this then I guess you'll just have to deal with this without my help!" replied the voice.

Suddenly Kouto felt the sword he was holding grow in weight greatly. With a loud crash it fell upon the floor trapping Kouto's fingers underneath it. He let out a cry as his fingers were compacted under the massive weight of the sword. There was no way that he'd be able to weild it, let alone lift it, whilst it was like this.

"Why you son of a.... come back this isntant right now or else I'll!... I'll!.... I'll melt you down and turn you into cutlery!" Kouto screamed at the sword.

The voice lay silent...

"I'm sorry...." Kouto mumbled under his breath.

"What was that? I couldn't quite hear you..." came the voice once again.

"I'm sorry...." Kouto reluctantly repeated.

"A little louder now..." replied the voice.

"I"M SORRY? OK!? Is that good enough fo you?!?!" replied Kouto.

"Very well. Apology accepted. Now ready yourself, for it is here!" said the voice.

As quickly as the sword had gained it, the weight dissappeared leaving it as light as a feather and easily wieldable by Kouto.

"God I hate this peice of crap..." He thought to himself.

"Get ready.... here it comes..." Kouto said.

(OOC: Incase you cant tell the voice was from the sword, and only Kouto can hear it ^^ It's magical! *makes sparkly noises*

Poor Kou.... now she's gonna think she picked up a crazed lunatic ^^)

Aku Shi
14-11-2002, 03:58 AM
I've picked up a crazed lunatic...

Thought Kou as she watched the man yell at no one and then direct his anger at his sword, her right eye twitching a little. Then again, maybe he was just really really smashed. She's sure she must act equally odd when she's drunk off her arse. Granted, she doesn't tend to remember what she does when drunk, but she's SURE she must act weird. Ok, maybe not THIS weird... o_O


She blinked a little, tilting her head slightly. Then she shook her head a little and tried to keep her mind and ears focused. Anyway, she didn't have time for this, she reminded herself as she looked back to the door. Just forget about him and his strange behavior. Right now she has more pressing things to worry about. Holding talismen in both hands, poised ready to throw them, she began chanting softly as she focused on the door. Her spells could be pretty strong, but they were often times too lengthy for normal combat. If she started now, she would hopefully have time to finish the mantra before they were attacked. And she had just the spell for whoever this creep was that interupted what she and Kouto were about to do.

14-11-2002, 12:50 PM

Morbid had crept to the scene of the disturbance and observed what he could, a bit of gore and aparantly creatures that defied sight. He could not kill what was not there but he remained calm and looked back on the teachings of Morbid and the School of Concept Devotion.

When your foe tricks your sight you must fold your eyes, see through the sword. The sword see only that which it would kill to the exclusion of everything else...

He closed his eyes and folded his sight. Everything was blackness; slowly, he lost his sense of smell and hearing, he could no longer taste the air or feel the earth under his feet. Then it happened, something pierced the darkness. He could see his adversaries and his "allies" for the sword made no such distinctions. He would have simply attacked the nearest being but his mind was still in control.

He leapt towards the closest shadow being and cut in a downward arc, depriving it of a limb. A second stroke relieved him of his head and the assassin ran towards the next opponent. Each of his small steps were lost in his speed.

Lady Fanel
14-11-2002, 11:49 PM
Lilita jumped up from where she was sitting; the pile of books that had been on her lap tumbled to the floor. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," she mumbled to herself. "This doesn't look good." Grabbing her small sword from where it lay sheathed on her belt, she ran out of the room and down the hall, heading for the door to the town.

16-11-2002, 05:47 PM

Kouto had completely forgotten that he was the only one who could hear the voice. To everyone else it just looked like he was talking to himself when infact he was talking to the spirit of the sword.

"Umm... I'll explain it to you later, we haven't much time here for such things." Kouto said to her in attempt to shift the focus off of him and back to whatever was approaching.

"Kouto, I'm not going to be much help this time... This enemy is a being from the realm of shadows, thus until it sheds off it's shadow form and takes up a physical form only magic attacks are able to harm it."

"So you are saying that there isn't anything I can do?" Kouto asked.

"Well I've been telling you that for years." The voice said with a slight chuckle. "But seriously until it decides to take a physical form there is nothing either of us can do. I may be an enchanted sword, but there isn't even anything I can do against such an enemy."

Kouto gritted his teeth. He hated not being able to do anything. The feeling of being powerless was one of the ones he hated most. He quickly surveyed the room looking for the closest exits incase they had no other choice but to escape. Unfortunately all he saw was a lone window on the far side of the room which lead to the street below. The problem was that this wasn't the first floor and they'd have one hell of a drop. He had no choice but to hope that there was something that Kou could do.

"Kou, this enemy is from the realm of shadows, there is nothing that I can do seeing as it is resistant to physical attacks until it takes on a tangable form. I hope you have some tricks up your sleeve cause we've got to either attack it with magic or force it into a physical form, though I don't know how to accomplish that." He said to her.

18-11-2002, 10:18 AM
OOC: Guildenstern....I think you haven't gotten the idea yet that Shadians can't be attacked unless forced into physical form by magic, or unless it, for some reason, chooses to go into physical form. Submersing yourself into the Shadow Realm is not enough, you must have them visible in reality as well before attacking.


The Shadian slithered across the floor and stopped in front of a door, which behind it could hear both a man and woman, speaking with voices of alarm, and a clattering noise came from some sort of sword one of the two was holding.
It hissed and spoke softly, "You may sense me..but since you have not run away......you are too late.." It slid under the door and rose up, using the bed's shadow to conceal itself.
"Say...good night..." It murmured beside the female's head.

Aku Shi
05-12-2002, 06:36 PM
*bows repeatedly*
Sorry for being away for so long!!!!

"Kou, this enemy is from the realm of shadows, there is nothing that I can do seeing as it is resistant to physical attacks until it takes on a tangable form. I hope you have some tricks up your sleeve cause we've got to either attack it with magic or force it into a physical form, though I don't know how to accomplish that."

She was too busy chanting to be able to respond. Instead, she squeezed her eyes closed and chanted louder.

Dammit.... Don't you think I KNOW that?! Gah... Focus, Kou... Just ignore him right now and focus... You must visualize the spell as you chant... Don't forget.

Her talismen began to glow, the scribbled characters blazing the brightest. The words were a strange combination of demon and elf, like Kou herself. She had worked it out herself, combining both of her bloodlines into one form of spell casting that had her own personal signature on it. And now was another chance to test it.

As her spell was coming to completion, she remained waiting, almosting daring it to come in and attack. Kou wasn't going to let something like a shadow monster ruin her day. Hell no!

Aku Shi
11-12-2002, 10:37 PM
*poke poke* Did...I...kill it?...
Waaahhh!! My first post in the Elystra thread since I get back and I kill the thread!!! Why?!?! :bawling:

12-12-2002, 03:18 AM
OOC: It died while you were away >.> I'll prod ED into posting tomorrow. *pulls out the pordding finger of d00000000m!

Aku Shi
22-12-2002, 11:40 PM
*weeps openly* I miss it!!! Make it live again!!!! :bawling:

Lady Fanel
22-12-2002, 11:53 PM
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23-12-2002, 03:42 PM
OOC: News Flash!


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*holds up shiny new GM badge* Tada!

w00t! I bugged ED into giving me GM powers too so I can move things along :D

A battle system still needs to be made, it was one of the things that never had been planned when the RPG was created. So that's what's been keeping Elystra going fairly slow at the moment. Imma have to figure something out tonight, so dont be suprised if in the next little while you hear me asking you for different stats to be filled. At the beginning, when you created your characters you did fill in some stats but chances are some will be added.

Also, I would like for all those who still plan to participate in the RPG to PM me and tell me so, or to PM me and tell me they aren't. I know that some have lost interest due to the slow pace that the RPG has been stuck in for the last while but it'd be nice to know for sure who exactly is and isn't going to be posting. Hopefully if we get things moving again we might attract back some of the players who have lost intrest.

Um... hmmm... *thinks for anything else to say at the moment* ummm... that's about it for now ^^

Kouto: I miss you Kou o.- :?:

31-12-2002, 07:16 PM
(OOC: Ok, This post is in attempt to move things away from a battle at the moment since we still have no battle system, cause um.. we suck... and stuff...)

Kouto looked around nervously. He didn't like not being able to do anything in a situation like this and it was starting to get to him. He knew that even with his enchanted sword he had no way of fending off or attacking this enemy. His only hope stood with Kou. Hopefully she had the means to deal with this enemy. But what if she didn't? What if she is unable to attack it too? What then? Kouto didn't like the thoughts that were going through his head. If Kou couldn't do anything there was a very good chance that she could be killed. They both could be killed.

Kouto checked his only available exit again. It was the window on the side of the room opposite the shadow demon, but they were still 3 stories high. It wasn't the best he could have hoped for but it was all that was available to him. Tensions rose as neither Kou nor the shadow demon made their move until Kouto couldn't stand still anymore. He had to do something.

Kouto quickly slung his sword back into it's sheath on his back and dashed towards Kou. He wrapped his arm around her stomach and pulled her tightly against him. Then, taking a few giant steps backwards he threw himself, back first, though the open window with Kou. Kouto saw the entire thing in slow motion from the second the glass shattered. Luckily Kou was unharmed by the shards of glass as he had hoped by placing himself between her and the window. His cloak was tough and thick and none of the glass managed to penetrate it and slice his back. He held Kou tighter to him as he watched the window slowly grow smaller and further away from them both. Then he felt the first impact. He felt the impact throughout his entire body as he hit the wooden roof of the salesman's booth, outside of the inn, back first. Almost immediately after he hit it, the wood snapped and gave way and they fell once again, a much shorter trip into the man's booth and landing atop of his wares sending them flying in all directions or being crushed under their weight.

Once the dust settled Kouto lifted his head to see if Kou was alright. From as far as he could tell she was unharmed and he had taken the full impact of the entire trip down. He rolled his head to the side and saw the crowd gathering around them to see what had happened. Surely the shadow demon wouldn't risk being exposed in an attack on them in such a crowded place. Atleast that was what he hoped as he felt his conciousness slip away from him and he felt himself fade into darkness.

(OOC: Again I must request that anyone who still wishes to participate please IM me and let me know so I can spend more time moving along the areas where there are active players. So far only Aku Shi has responded to let me know that she is still in. So please, the sooner you let me know the sooner I can attempt to advance your area of the RPG. ^^ Sanku!)