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Anyone interested in the Mentiras RPG should NO LONGER POST IN THIS THREAD. There is a more recent thread in the Open RPG forum for Mentiras applications and questions. This thread is simply here for those who applied previously to reclaim their applications, or for new applicants to get a 'taste' for what their apps should look like.

Thank you!

~Mag and Femme


A civilisation is being born on a desert planet countless millions of miles away... 70 years after a mysterious procession of spaceships crashed, releasing the humans inside into the dusty atmosphere, things have gotten on pretty well - a 'wild west' style society has been formed, supported by massive, steam-driven devices constructed from DaVinci-esque technical drawings; drawings found in the only structures on the planet not built by the settlers - the ancient libraries of their predecessors.
However, all is not that simple. People in this strange new world are born with hi-tech cybernetics and prosthesis already mysteriously implemented into their bodies. Coupled with the 'weapon blessings' performed by the church (which give firearms and blades supposedly 'magical' properties), in this climate of political vacuum, where powerful bandits and gangs are struggling for dominance, that makes for some rough living.
And yet, that is not the biggest of this brave new world's problems. Somewhere out there, an unknown enemy is preparing to strike, and in a few days, a terror unknown for hundreds of years will return to the human race...

Interested? Well, read on... it's all here:

So what will the RPG's 'feel' and 'atmosphere' be?

Well, it's orientated around the structure of your typical anime. The RPG will take place in 26 'episodes', with each episode having it's own beginning, sub-story, and conclusion. However, as the RPG goes on, the storyline gets less and less episodic, and episodes that follow on directly from one another become more and more common.
At the start, the comedy/drama balance of the episodes will probably not be more or less evened out, though it depends on your character and roleplaying style - you could play a character that had mostly 'comedy' encounters and escapades, or one that dealed with the more dramatic undertones, or a bit of both. However, as the story becomes more and more serious in tone, the underlying issues will have to be addressed by the RPG - but that doesn't mean that we can't still throw in the 'fun factor' that makes good anime series what they are!
If you're looking for a specific tone to relate to an anime you've seen, the closest match is probably Trigun, and the worst match would probably be Lain or Eva.

What about characters? What're you looking for there?

The first thing that I must address here is the issue of 'names'. Think western - what sort of names would your typical cowboys/bandits have? There's no real way to describe it, it's all about the 'feel' of the names (for example, two of the starting NPCs are named 'Colt McEdwyn' and 'Carrie-Lynn Ermingard'). In short, try to aim for something with either American or Spanish connotations - please, no typical Japanese-high-school-anime names. It really doesn't fit in with the feeling.
Secondly, you MUST have some kind of prosthesis or implant. These can be internal or external - for example, metal claw-like hands or cybernetic implants which allow night-vision. These should be very high-tech in nature, and remember - your character was BORN with them. So was everyone else in the RPG world.
And lastly... sorry, people, but I really do want to keep the 'feel' of the RPG different from several encounters I've seen. So, as a result, there are some odd-sounding rules below:

Your character cannot be bishounen.
Your character cannot be Japanese.
Your character cannot be overly melodramatic.

I always wanted to say that. ^_^

*gasp* NOOOO! I can't be a BISHIE-CHAN!

Get over it, you fangirl.

Femme: We'd also like to say that "CREATIVITY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!" We do not want to see carbon copies of Vash, Faye, Or even Goku. You stand a much better chance of being accepted if you dare to be dangerous. Well, you know what I mean. Mag and I will also be accepting bribes and sexual favors.

So come on, what's the current level of technology?

Think 'steam mecha'. Think 'Victorian industrial revolution', only with bigger, clunkier things. Locomotives as long as a small skyscraper is tall, rare airships with decks as big as two football fields, etc... yes, it's unrealistic, but we're sacrificing 'realism' for 'fun' here.
As for building materials, wood is still all the rage. Bricks if you want to build something strong, like a bank or a jail, but wood for things like saloons. Just like in the old west, folks. Oh, and when it comes to machinery, iron and the odd bit of steel are the best choices - the planet of Alamo has huge deposits of iron beneath the surface.

Are you sure I can't call my character 'Makoto Yamazukashi'?


What about the rules?

Ok, ok... here's the list:

There is no main character in this RPG. Just how involved your character gets with the story is up to you, but it's a good idea to talk to the GMs and get some gritty story-interaction rigged up. Go on, be extravagant!
Please be as nice as you can to the other players in this thread. The occasional argument in OOC tags is just fine, but I REALLY hate having to act like some kind of ass and ask people to take their disputes onto the PM system. Please, do it yourself so I don't have to.
ABSOLUTELY NO use of 'txt' shorthand, l33t, or any other kind of abbreviation language will be tolerated in IC tags.
Once again, your character is not a bishie, is not overly melodramatic (I got this scar.... on that day... that horrible day, that haunts my past in my dreams, churning up the memories I can't bear to face into my jaded mind...), and does not belong in some kind of Japanese high school romance RPG. Please, please.....
Please, keep names and descriptions and clothing appropriate to the setting. I understand that there's a lot of deviance with clothing, as you'll probably want to pic typical 'wild west' attire and modernise it somewhat, but so long as you keep this in mind it's ok.
I'm sorry to say it, but you must have previous roleplaying experience to apply. Apologies if any inconvenience caused.

Ok, ok, I get the picture. Where's the app form?

It's right here:

Player Name: (Just your AB name here.)
Character Name: (Your character's real or birth name. Any answers of 'Unknown' will be mocked, laughed at and ridiculed.)
Age: (Self-explanitory.)
Race: (You don't have much scope here. No-one on the planet really HAS a nationality, but you can describe the sort of race they'd look like were they from Earth. Please, keep it in with the theme.)
Weapon of Choice: (Put simply, what your character likes to use for a weapon. This can be ANYTHING AT ALL, from a revolver to a flyswatter. But don't put blessings on it yet - you'll get them blessed later.)
Description: (A physical description of the character. Please, be as comprehensive as possible, don't worry about being long-winded.)
Personality rundown: (What your character is like as a person. Again, please be comprehensive.)
Brief past/history: (The past/history as you want other players to see it at the start, without any 'revelations'.)
Previous RPing experience: (Please include links to one or more RPG in which you have participated so that your skill and style can be evaluated. If Mag or Femme has RPed with you closely before, you needn't bother.)

Femme: Also, if you have a picture of your character, that's great too! In fact, the both of us were hoping to recruit some artists since Mag and I lack in the artistic department.


Uncensored past/history: (Go on, cough it up. All the spoilers about your character.)
Requests/intentions for ties with the story: (Basically, if you'd like your character to tie in with the scenario in any way, list it here and I'll look it over. If you need to know anything specific about the plot, ask either of the GMs and we'll consider telling you. ^_^)
Other: (Anything else you think we should know.)

I'm bored. Let me apply already.

Ok, ok... but just remember, if you have any questions, contact Maguamaru or SSJfemme on AIM or over the PM system.

Femme: HEY HEY HEY! One last thing! Music! Music is another thing that will help you get the feel of this RPG's setting. IM either I or Mag if you want some really awesome songs to help ya along. Righto, now we're done.

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Player Name: KtHM

Character Name: Annie Kidd (known alias) The Yoyo Kid

Age: 17

Race: Y'know... American... ish.

Weapon of Choice: Silver yoyos. Yeah, you heard me. Two yoyos in revolver style holsters at either hip.

Description: She's pretty short, about 5'3" with straight straw-blond hair down to her shoulders, a dash of freckles and bright blue eyes. She wears blue jean cutoffs (short shorts!) and a brown leather jacket with fringe (FRINGE!) over a white... shirt... thingy... Has cowboy boots that look comically large for her and heavy leather fingerless gloves. I guess I'm just going to have to draw a picture to make you understand. Did I mention that she wears her hair in low pigtails that stick out and has a big cowboy hat? Her prosthetic is actually some sort of implant that heightens her reflexes, which is why she's so good with those yoyos. I don't know. One of you talk to me about it and help me.

Personality rundown: Annie has a very strong sense of justice and doesn't like seeing people get picked on. She's childish in the way that lets her play with the other kids and mature in the way that lets her do the chores and take care of them as best she can. Friendly to most everyone as long as they aren't picking on someone smaller than them, she has an innate charm about her, that cuteness that makes you want to either go 'awwww' or throw up. But there's also a layer of grit underneath all that cuteness. Annie sees herself as a kind of hero, because of her protecting the orphans (oh yeah, so spaghetti western) and therefor can ignore the fact that deep down she really likes kicking the crap out of bad guys. Maybe just for the kicking.

Brief past/history: Typical "abandoned by her parents" sort of thing. Annie was dropped off in front of the orphanage as a baby and grew up there. mmmyep.

Previous RPing experience: Do you really need all those links?

Femme: Also, if you have a picture of your character, that's great too! In fact, the both of us were hoping to recruit some artists since Mag and I lack in the artistic department.


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11-06-2002, 08:08 AM
Well i caught sight of this on your Livejournal yesterday my dear Mag, and i now have an idea for a character worthy of Elroyd.(who was pretty much my best accomplishment until now imho, heh)

Just so that no one applies with the same idea as me until i post it tonight, it is a dwarf(like there are small people in the real world :p ), old and grouchy, who is a doctor, of course with the barbaric side of medecine from the far west times heh.


Player Name: Foryth

Character Name: Mulligan Yves, but usualy called "Doc" or "Doc Yves".

Age: 48

Race: Thick bearded midget.

Weapon of Choice: A rifle almost a metre and a half long, about an inch thick by the middle and a bit more than a centimeter by the end of the cannon. Originaly used to hunt large game, it was slightly modified by Doc himself to include a small targeting scope and a more efficient way of loading ammunition. It uses two inches long by around one centimeter thick bullets, and a shot from this archaic looking baby can easily go through several layers of thick leather protection. He calls it the "Bull Mauser". He also sometimes uses the blade that he usualy uses to amputate limbs.

Description: Mulligan Yves is a verticaly challenged person, more commonly called dwarf or midget. Yet all three of these appelations, as well as most other similar ones, irritate him. In stead of his right eye, he has a telescope which enlongates itself as he focus with it, pretty handy during operations that require precision or for sharpshooting. Another conspicuous physical feature is his wide, thick and unkempt beard and hair, both of them in a dark gray tone with shades of plain bright gray through it. He looks rather grouchy, with his ruggy skin and the counless creases and furrows on his face. As for the outfit i have many designs on paper, but i have yet to decide on which to use, i'll have to see which one i draw more, or if i'm able to actualy make good drawing with the one i think is my favorite(i kind fumbled on that one). Many sketches already done, scans coming soon.

Personality rundown: Did i mention he was grouchy? Well, it isn't the only highlight of Doc's personality. It takes a lot to scare Doc Yves, it's certainly not an impertinent gun totting bandit that will scare him away from his turf, he'll rather chase him away with his trusty rifle while yelling colorful, yet often archaic, insults. But once one gets to know him and not get on his bad side, he proves to be a very loyal friend in who one can place his entire trust in times of need. Many see him as a cold hearted individual as they sometimes hear the scream of some unfortunate patient who required an operation, but screams are the ambience of any surgeon's office due to the numerous near barbaric tools and practices of the medecine of the time, a surgeon's case could pass for a fancy and exotic butcher's set. But it is only when it comes to medecine that he is cold hearted, deep inside he's a big softie. Okay, i wouldn't go as far as saying he's a softie, but he is able of kindness and socialisation.

Brief past/history: One of the prominent figures in town, along with Sheriff McEdwyn, Sheriff Ermingard and a few other town elders and businessmen, he serves as the local doctor. He also has a knack for fiddling with technology, be it explosives, electricity, machinery, clocks, you name it he fiddles with it. Doc Yves hasn't been living in this town for his entire life, he only settled there twenty or so years ago as he got along well with the Sheriff of the time (i don't know if it'd be Colt or some old coot who died by now, since i currently don't have Mag at hand to answer my chains of countless questions), the town seemed to be in need of medical help, and simply because he found it to be a good spot to settle down after the rough adventuring times he had been through after finishing his study of medecine with the circle of medecine of Westinshire.

Previous RPing experience: Dawn of Darkness, Factory Default, Animeboards Final Fantasy RPG, Animeboards Evangelion RPG, Animeboards Dragonball RPG(not a reference heh), Seichou High School RPG as admin (the direct opposite of what you want :p ). That should do it.

The PM part of it should come in soon, although it's getting pretty damn late over here so it might not be sent tonight.

11-06-2002, 10:06 AM
I drew this while listening to 'Scum of the Earth' by Rob Zombie. Yeah. So not Western music.

11-06-2002, 10:18 AM
I have a little question before i go on. The implants, do you want high tech Shadowrun like cybertech or can we go for steampunk like implants? (for example a telescopic eye that enlongates itself when focusing like those old telescopes used since the time of pirates)

11-06-2002, 01:20 PM
Anything from steampunk-style machinery to highly advanced futuristic cybernetics is fine by me... it can all work into the story I've planned, and hell, it's more fun than sticking to such rigid mechanical rules. *grin*
And Kiva, I may be forced to sing along with you there...

11-06-2002, 10:15 PM
Sing with Kiva? Say what? What does that mean? :confused:

Bah, anyway, Kiva dear, you can always IM us when we're on, but I'm sure you'll do that anyway if you see either of us on. If its urgent, PM us, I'm sure you know the deal anyway. =p

HEY! And what was with the "Hmm?" Tell meeee! I'll tell you what a hoozer is. :p

11-06-2002, 11:59 PM
This is MY spot, ho! Step off! You best be frontin' cause I got the bio commin'!

12-06-2002, 01:12 AM
Originally posted by KtHM
One of you talk to me about it and help me.

Well, for established ones there is the cabled reflexes, of Shadowrun, Johnny Mnemonic and other Cyberpunk fame. Basicaly consists of cables running through your body and sending electrical surges to the nervous system as well as stimulating adrenalin. Otherwise i guess you can just make up your own system that would result in similar effects.

12-06-2002, 01:25 PM
Originally posted by SSJfemme
Sing with Kiva? Say what? What does that mean? :confused:

Aah, she named that song with the screaming and the loud stuff in a post on the first page, I was saying I like it too. :p


Player Name: Maguamaru
Character Name: Colt McEdwyn
Age: 28
Race: American-y
Weapon of Choice: The 'Fire Eyes', a custom-built shotgun that appears to have no brand or model number. Adorned with strange patterns and sporting an unusual style, it also has the unusual feature of being triple barelled.
Description: Thanks to his unusual prosthetic legs, Colt's height varies between 6'0" and 6'4", but when standing, it evens out as 6'2". Reddish, slightly greasy hair in a short, untidy cut adornes his head, matching the hazel shade of his brown eyes. Laziness in the self-maintenance department accounts for his seemingly permanent bristly stubble, and his almost carefree attitude seems to have given him relatively ungristled facial features, save for the relatively minor scar stretching from the left hand corner of his mouth down to his neck.
Colt's medium-built frame is home to his distincrive, yet not out-of-place clothing. Although his well-loved animal hide jacket has been steadily losing its colour for some time, anyone with any level of observational skill can spot a green tint to its fabric, hinting at its original shade. Under his jacket is a far more unremarkable shirt, with different shades of light grey in a roughly coloured pattern.
Colt's 'boots', with their distinct colour clashing against his blue-black cowboy pants, are where the real surprise lies. Upon closer inspection, they are actually prosthetics, built into his legs! If one were to remove either the legs from Colt or Colt from his legs, one would see that even though they are in a distinct 'boot' shape on the surface, the actual fibres of the implants reach almost up to his hips, running inside flesh and bone marrow. The prosthetic legs enable Colt to run faster, jump higher, and dodge more easily, with auto-adjusting telescopic features doubling up as an advanced shock-absorber system. The prosthetics themselves are a silicon grey in colour, with an intriguing 'spider web' pattern of gold embedded into them.
And of course, what sheriff would be complete without a cowboy hat, eh?
Personality rundown: While Colt may at first appear to be a straightforward and carefree person, he is actually acutely observant when it comes to his work. Even without any kind of visual enhancements, he is able to percieve details in his surroundings that others may skim over, and his avility to detect an enemy's bluff makes him a formidable opponent in both shootouts and card games.
However, there is one aspect in which Colt is oblivious rather than observant - girls. Should the opportunity arise to peek, touch, make a pass, accept an offer, anything of the sort, you can count on Colt to totally and utterly miss it. 'In one ear and out the other', as they say. That's not to say he has no sex drive, or 'swings the other way' - as soon as he steps foot into a bar or saloon, he becomes obnoxiously persistant and forward with the opposite sex. Unless you work with him, in which case, he'll see you more as a person than a 'hot chick'.
Colt is a very friendly and outgoing person by nature, but if you get on his bad side, he can be a formidable opponent. Even discounting his combat and strategy abilities, Colt has another ace up his sleeve: talking people to death. If he captures somebody, he can't resist telling them the very, VERY long-winded version of how he planned and executed their undoing, and he always seems to come up with extended analogies and exaggerated stories for every situation. Talk, talk, talk - on a social basis, it's his strong - and weak - point.
Brief past/history: (The past/history as you want other players to see it at the start, without any 'revelations'.)
Previous RPing experience: I don't need to do this. Nyaaah.

12-06-2002, 05:00 PM
Just here to reserve my spot!!

Bio coming soon!!

12-06-2002, 05:05 PM
OH! Fresh blood!

Anyway, here's my character!

Player Name: SSJfemme

Character Name: Carrie-Lynn Ermingard

Age: 26

Race: Caucasian

Weapon of Choice: A six-shooter pistol Carrie-Lynn’s affectionately named “10 Paces.”

Vital Statistics:
Height - 5’8
Weight - 201 lbs. (Yes, metallic implants are accounted for in this measurement).
Implants: Internal – Located in the jawbone and throughout her cranium. Think of them as metal reinforced bones and platelets. Joints, which include her wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles are also metallic implants. Carrie-Lynn is also missing her left eye, but puts off getting a glass eye, so in the mean time, she wears a patch of sorts over it.
Picture of Carrie-Lynn attached to application.
(EDIT) Seeing that the picture only shows a bust shot of Carrie-Lynn, I'll have to tell you what the rest of her attire is like. =p
Day in and day out Carrie-Lynn wears the same pair of faded blue jeans and black leather chaps. The leather of her chaps are essentially the same texture and feel of that of her sleeve-less shirt. They hide most of the holes that Carrie-Lynn has worn into her jean's knees and pockets and refuses to ever trade them in. She pulls both her chaps and pants over matching black leather cowboy boots with silver spurs, silver tipped toes, and silver-half-inch-heels.

Personality rundown: Anyone who’s come to known Carrie-Lynn has become aware that she is rather serious-minded, responsible, and above all, stable. She has been given the gift of tact, and possesses an easy-going nature, which endears her to others. She remembers the thoughtful little expressions of affection and appreciation that mean so much to others, and has an uncanny ability to create a warm and loving environment. However, she tends to put things off and sometimes avoids facing issues because of a lack of confidence and uncertainty. Carrie-Lynn often needs encouragement before she can come to a decision.

Brief past/history: Being the joint head of law enforcement in the rinky - dinky town of Cliffton has never been a bowl of cherries, especially with Colt McEdwyn as your colleague. Carrie-Lynn’s been in numerous scrapes both solo and along side Colt, which has brought the two of them to evens. Most people know the young Carrie-Lynn as the quiet half of the duo and has even been known to keep her louder, male half in check. She comes across as someone who has got a lot under her belt and is by no means a rookie.

12-06-2002, 06:39 PM
Poorly drawn picture. Color test. Whoosh.

12-06-2002, 06:48 PM
Aww! How rapeable!

12-06-2002, 06:50 PM
o_o Must not draw bondage Annie pics... Must not draw bondage Annie pics. No Kiva. Don't do it. Bad Kiva. Don't. She's too cute, too sweet to tie up and-



12-06-2002, 06:59 PM
Expect me to IM you and blackmail/bribe/beg you for them ASAP. ^.^

Princess Samari
12-06-2002, 07:12 PM
Is there enough room for me to squeeze myself into the rpg? ::Obviously looking for an invitation:: I bes good! me promise! I won't make a lame character...unless ya need a gimp!

12-06-2002, 09:09 PM
Sam, apply or the SWAT team will conveniently put a horse's head in your bed. :p
In other words, hell yes!

13-06-2002, 01:02 AM
YAY! another good RPG to join!

Player Name: Ukiki
Character Name: Hawk Sterling(kinda Generic but i imagine they will all be)
Age: 34
Race: American-ish
Weapon of Choice: Knives(or daggers), revolver
Prosthetics: Big Metal Cylindars that can be powerfully magnetically charged by the nervous system(just like movement of the body can). they usually serve as more of a weakness than anything else.
Description: Dark brown eyes; short, semi-spiked hair that's been sun-bleached to the point of no return(grey/silver) and flows pretty freely, you can tell he doesn't shave as often as he should(like that samurai "gung-ho gn" guy from Trigun), a decent build, but not all that muscular. stands about 6'2". He wears a semi-long blank coat that reaches about the middle of his thighs, usually unbuttoned, over a t-shirt(just about any color). He also wears grey, black, or midnight blue baggy pants and brown boots made of suede.
Personality rundown: A very fun-loving person that gets into trouble a lot. a decent fighter, even though he doesn't care whether he's fighting or not, one way or another. Hawk is also picky when choosing friends and allies, but becomes close to them very easily. He also likes watching sunsets... but only if it involves having a gir| with him :D He doesn't drink very much, but when he drinks, he DRINKS; mostly because he doesnt get to very often. He keeps a journal, which he hides from everyone, in order to hide his "soft side."
Brief past/history: Ditched his parents at age 13 with his two best friends to live in an old wooden, abandoned mantion in the middle of the desert.
Previous RPing experience: http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35192&pagenumber=4
(take note that this is by no means my best RPing. too much confusion in this RPG. i've done some much better RPing on my own sites which i've unfortunately shut down due to lack of interest :()

(sorry, i can't draw too well tonight, unless i just made a chibi pic of my character. hey it'd be better than nothing.)

13-06-2002, 05:30 PM
I fixed the first picture of Annie (http://animeboards.com/attachment.php?postid=537567083) so that her jacket looks more like leather and less like something that was done in about five minutes on Photoshop. Check it out and then tell me there was an easier way to do that than at 900% with the dodge tool. You bastards.

I did another... uh... pic of Annie, but I can't post it or George will kick me out. Mag already saw it. I consider pics like that my bribery for getting in. Horny guys, this is your chance. Want crazy bondage pictures? Then start an RPG and hope I apply with a cute female character.

I'll probably be gone all weekend. Family stuff. Blegh. But it'll give me a chance to write about the dusty country and... uh... hippies on mushrooms. Or something.

Sam should join. Or I'll kill her.

Those of you who want me to draw character pictures, drop me a PM. I will do my damndest to draw them. Unless you're playing a cute little girl who can be drawn tied up, I can't guarantee it'll look any good.

14-06-2002, 02:05 AM
Ill be wanting to join too.... gimme a day or two to think about character.

14-06-2002, 08:13 AM
Mag. I'll be going sailing for the weekend at Saimaa so I won't be able to post my character then. I'll be back on Sunday and do my post then ^.^ Irving Fortune will be ready by then.

17-06-2002, 12:52 PM
Player Name: 7thKeeper
Character Name: Irving Fortune
Age: 19
Race: Western European

Weapon of Choice: Cards...literally. Read the Implant part.

Implant: Irvings right arm is mechanical from the elbow down. It otherwise functions just like a normal arm (it’s just tougher concidering that it’s made out of metal), but it contains one speciality. The Deck Dealer. There’s a slot on the top of his arm, little bit below the elbow where Irving can push a deck inside his arm, which can be then dealt out through a forward pointing slit at his wrist. The Deck Dealer is also a weapon and when Irving wills it, it shoots out the loaded cards like projectiles at extreme speeds that have high cutting power. Lookwise the cybernetic arm has a very smooth steel surface with silver and gold figures in it (think tribal tattoos).

Description: Irving stands at 5’10” with short black hair that falls right above his eyes in the front, with a split combed that runs down slightly to the left instead of in the middle of his head. Irving tends to dress in very high class and likes expensive clothes. His most priced possession are his black leather boots that are decorated with silver thread (the thread forming a horse on either side of his boots) and have the heels made out of silver. Irving spends a lot of time every day taking care of his boots, making sure they stay in top condition. A fact that Irving keeps hidden is the fact that he has to use reading glasses and he usually hides this by wearing special prescription sunglasses so that everyone thinks that the glasses just go with his style. Depending on his mood, Irving either shaves himself clean or leaves a small stubble to grow there, depending on if he wants to go with the “handsome young man” look or the “charming rogue” thing. His clothing varies also depending on which mood he’s in to better suit the style. After almost managing to get himself killed after a poker game he won (Irving claims that he didn’t cheat) when he got shot in the chest by a revolver, Irving has taken the habit of wearing a specially made small (and very fashionable) jacket underneath his clothes that has small metal plates woven into it that can stop most handguns and shotgun shells (though maybe not from point-blank range), though if the latter hits him, he’ll feel like he had gone through a meat grinder and probably wishes he’d be dead.

Personality rundown: There’s one thing that everyone will notice about Irving after spending just a little bit of time with him..he has an ego the size of the desert, which equals to..about the whole planet. He firmly believes that he’s superior in poker, among other things ,to anyone, but doesn’t go around trying to prove himself to everyone. He sees no reason trying to prove himself to those of lower stature than himself, as it should be quite obvious that he’s so much better. Irving also enjoys money, luxury, expensive clothes, drink, food and women. He doesn’t activly try to look for company for himself, but he doesn’t try to avoid it either and likes the company of a beautiful lady and his behaviour towards women is generally very gentleman-like and nice. He’s also very self-concious of how he looks and doesn’t want to look but his best in front of others. But these things aside, Irving can be a very determined young man who can keep his calm under any circumstance and thanks to his observation skills and ability to keep his cool, Irving has become a master at poker, taking to the game naturally. The implant he grew with is also a sure sign that points towards his natural ability to bluff his way through trouble and win any game.

Brief past/history: Born to another famour poker player, Irving took after his dad in the game, winning his first game at the age of 5 and first tournament at 12. Moving away from his home at 14, Irving has been traveling ever since from town to town, looking for a challenge in poker and gathering lots of money on the way (though he tends to spend most of it right away). His constant winning has made him slightly arrogant and have made his ego grow in large proportions. It’s left to see what happens to him when the bubble finally gets popped (or even scarier, when it doesn’t and it just keeps on growing)

Previous RPing experience: I’d tell you, but I refuse to sink to your level... (heh..like you said previously Mag..if RPGs were conflicts, we’d be warbuddies.)

Phantom Angel
17-06-2002, 04:26 PM
OOC: ok keeper-sama, I'm convinced. I'll join, but i'm in a fowl mood right now and I can't think of a char, so uh... i'll come up with something one way or the other. that is if there's enough room for me...

17-06-2002, 07:34 PM
Will create a character later on this week. Must study for exams.

This space is taken.


Oh yes, I forgot: Can the weapon be energy based? ie: plasma rifle or something?

18-06-2002, 12:38 AM
Damn you, Mag, now... I must... join anOTHER RPG... damnit... *cries*

I will HAVE my cleric girl! Yes! Sweet and innocent and... INNOCENT AND SWEET! Yes. Ella Shaw. Wasn't it Ella Shaw? Or Emma Shaw. Maybe it was that. ARGH!

I'll think of something. Let my brain re-gel.

But I want to see if I can get a friend sucked into this... ufufufu.

18-06-2002, 02:35 PM
Minchan, tell me what she looks like so I can draw Annie tying her up and... uh... *cough* I'm not a pervert!

Just got back from the Colestin. I feel marvelous. I'm also slightly hung over. Oh God... the Ramminaider... eeeep

Princess Samari
18-06-2002, 05:47 PM
Player Name: Princess Samari
Character Name: Maria Luisa Angese Luera
Age: 27
Race: She looks like a spanishy type chick!

Weapon of Choice: a pair of Ruger Vaquero (Lulubelle and Annabelle) /shot gun hidden under the bar.
Implant: Behind her eyes there is a secret. Really thats where her implant is. Her eyesight has been enhanced enough to make a hawk weep.
Description: Caramel skin and somber dark brown eyes. Maria is tall and lean with rich curly brown hair held back in a pony tail. She wears a pair of Jeans tucked into dusty snakeskin boots across the pair of jeans are two belts criss-crossed low on the hips. Red and white checkered western style blouse and a black cowboy hat. When working, she keeps her sleeves rolled up and a vest on.

Personality rundown: Apathetic in one word. Maria stopped caring about changing the world some time ago as her hard expression shows. The only going ons she cares about have to do with whats going on in her bar. The rest of the world can buy a drink or get out. She doesn't want to hear it and frankly doesn't care.

Brief past/history: Maria doesn't talk much about her past. She was married once and then widowed on the job. After her husbands death she took the money that they had saved and bought herself a saloon that she now runs called "Whiskey Buisness"

Previous RPing experience: Um...we haven't been that close but you know who I am! I am a giant kiss ass when it comes to rpgs! ::gets on her knees begging:: Pleeeeeeease? I don't want a horse head in my bed...

Oh and if you ever get a chance to listen to a cowboy bebop cd listen to "Don't bother none" that is very Maria! and much thanks to Kiva for the tip and help!

18-06-2002, 09:47 PM
Player Name: Hiigaran
Character Name: Furio Luigi Antonio Minelli
Age: 37
Race: Italian

Weapon of Choice: A single six-shooter, known as the "Peacemaker" or the "Equalizer" It has a 7.5" barrel and shoots .45 caliber rounds. He also wears boots that shoot spurs at a high rate of velocity when he kicks. And a handlebar moustache waxed to two shiny, deadly points (in case of close encounters)

Description: Tall and Italian to the fullest. Thick black hair, a handlebar moustache. Big eyes and incredibly skinny. Dresses in a long black gunslinger kind of jacket and a poncho. Carries a gun belt with a single six-shooter and .45 shells. Wears a Ten-gallon hat, a grimace and a squint. Always looks rugged or dirty, as though he’s been out hunting outlaws and bandits for a few weeks and has just returned for his bounty. Oh. Did I mention the Mexican midget mariachi band that started following him around a few years ago that plays the theme to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” when he fights? He also has a "bionic arm" which he uses to draw his pistol out faster than any human being alive. However it only has one motion, which is the draw, so he can't use it to do anything else at all. (Once he accidentally punched the sheriff of a town in the gut because he accidentally used that arm, and spent 5 nights in the local jail.)

Personality rundown: Ever watched a good “Spaghetti” Western? The ones by Italian directors? Sure you have. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is the most well known one to be sure. Furio is straight Spaghetti Western. Think Clint Eastwood at his hokiest. A total loner, he’s crude and mean, yet all the women seem to fall into his bed. Everyone is out to get him, but he always saves the day and has no idea why people hate him. A bad attitude but a soft….oh wait, no soft heart. Total badass. Or dumbass. He’s incredibly clumsy and has terrible eyesight, though he refuses to admit it. That’s the real reason he always squints. He’s also incredibly clumsy and often trips over his poncho, which is incredible because it doesn’t even reach his feet.

Brief past/history: Ever since his parents were killed by roving bandits, Furio traveled with a group of Indians who had taken him in. They taught him how to survive and then left him in the wild to his own devices. Soon he traveled to a town where he began to realize that there was money to be had by bringing criminals to justice. He always hoped he would find his parents’ murderers, but that hope dimmed as he began to enjoy hunting bounties and living the good life, gunfights and all. Now he travels around looking for bounties sometimes, other times just rambling on his way, the storybook loner.

Previous RPing experience: I suppose I could joke here, but that would be a waste of time. Oh wait, I just did that.

Phantom Angel
19-06-2002, 01:42 AM
OOC: the freaky thing was that i created a character almost identical to sam's. without seeing sam's application. so i had to go and change it. it was scary!

Player Name: Phantom Angel

Character Name: Ril'inea Isingdanangough

Age: 23

Race: I dunno... like half aboriginal half american???

Weapon of Choice: Flamethrower

Description: Ril is an average height girl with long black hair that looks very dark blue and extremely sparkling blue eyes. She looks like she's tanned, but that happens to be the actual colour of her skin. She's slender and wears a cream top with a jean jacket and jeans. She has a pair of black pants and boots (think vash boots). She carries her flamethrower strapped on her shoulder. Ril's implant gives her the ability to connect to any computer through this socket like terminal in her right hand. (Can i do that please? please? pretty please?)

Personality rundown: Well, she's grouchy and bitchy and completely unsociable when you catch her in a bad mood. She can be nice and indiferent when she's in a good mood. Some say she has a personality disorder, but she's just plain moody. Her moods change with temperature. The hotter it is, the more intense they are... (wow, that sounds really bad..... but you get my point right???) She has also a very good memory and doesn't forget things often.

Brief past/history: She's been a wanderer, doing many odd jobs here and there, never staying in one place too much.

Previous RPing experience: I own Kudana, and it's doing pretty well... I play in every one of Kiva-sama's RPGs, and I rp-ed with you in FD

19-06-2002, 01:48 AM
Player Name: Millions
Character Name: Cleveland Ferris
Age: 33
Race: White
Weapon of Choice: .38 Colt Revolvers.

Prosthetics and mechanical implants: Unknown at this time.

Description: Clad in a gray trench coat, Ferris is usually seen with his dusty tanned cowboy hat poised low over his dark green eyes. While his skin gives no real hint to his actual age, the long gray ponytail that hangs low from under his hat suggests he’s seen many long days under the sun.

Personality rundown: A reserved, quiet man, Ferris prefers to lounge in the shade, away from the prying eyes of larger crowds. A typical wastrel cowboy, Ferris bounces from bounty head to bounty head, looking to pick up some money wherever and whenever he can. With a cigarette between his lips and the sun in his eyes, this well-known quick draw bounty hunter sets out for his next job, his next reward and a fast reload.

Brief past/history: With no family to call his own, Ferris has wandered the desert planet all his life, just looking for a little extra. Quickly earning himself a ‘quick draw’ title in many towns he passes through, Ferris offers his fast guns up in exchange for cash. A ruthless cowboy and mercenary, Ferris’s many adventurous have landed him a few decent acquaintances and countless enemies. Recently, Ferris has found himself splitting the bounties he makes with Dexter Longhorne, another rouge simply looking for a way to survive in the barren wasteland that is Mentiras.

Previous RPing experience: MGS RPG, DOD RPG, YRMAMA RPG. So on and so forth.

20-06-2002, 01:24 AM

Player Name: minwa
Character Name: Ella-Jane Darling Shaw
Age: 17
Race: Caucasian
Weapon of Choice: Ornate Walking Stick (as much as she fights... *snort*)

Description: A demure young home-town beauty. She has pale skin lightly freckled, and long, light coppery hair. Her eyes are blue-green, nothing quite remarkable about the colour. She hasn't got the perfect body, but she is womanly just the same. Her normal clothing consists of a modest, pastel dress and lightly frilled undershirt with huge sleeves, or something with an apron. Occasionally plaits her hair. When she goes into town, she carries a basket and always has a belt on her, with many pouches. Sometimes carries her walking stick to fend away snakes or large dogs.

Her implant is something that will heighten one of her five senses if she concentrates on the feeling enough -- sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing. It does not work unless she concentrates on the sensation, and she has not yet mastered using more than one sense at a time.

Personality rundown: Gentle and kind by her appearance, but no one seems to know her. She keeps to herself and prefers being quiet, normally over-thinking everything and somewhat quick to judge people. Sort of the "ghost girl" in town, the mystery, yet is willing to help anyone in need if there's a fight or a shoot-out. She truly wants to be a doctor, but for now, is good with herbal remedies and bandaging, minor first-aid things. She abhors the thought of fighting, but would do it to protect herself or someone else.

Brief past/history: Ella-Jane seems to be the lovely new girl in town that rarely shows up, save to buy supplies. She doesn't have any friends at all, or seems to miss anyone from where she came. With that mysterious aire, certainly rumours would start ... especially since she has been seen in town on seperate occasions with two older men...

Previous RPing experience: ...*sniffle*

20-06-2002, 06:12 PM
Good work, people!

Femme and I will start sifting, sorting and accepting applications sometime around this weekend. And Ella-Jane is rapeable.

23-06-2002, 12:08 AM
Better late than never!!! :)

Player Name: fatdaddy
Character Name: Dexter Longhorne
Age: 26
Race: American-ish
Weapon of Choice: Dual Mini-guns. Mounted on his back and shoulders.
Description: Dexter is a large man. He is very muscular, about 6’6” and 280Lbs. He has jet-black hair and goatee, and brown eyes. He doesn’t have any mechanical implants, and is very proud of being 100% pure human!

Dexter isn’t one to stand out in the crowd. He sports the casual pair of black jeans, black button up shirt, and silver vest, and a ragged cowboy hat that his father gave him. To protect himself from the harsh landscape of the desert he wears a large brown cloak. Dexter’s cloak helps conceal his huge stature. On regular occasions he likes to use this to his advantage, in case he has to go toe-to-toe with somebody!
Personality rundown: Dexter is a very casual minded person. He likes to enjoy himself in life. He knows that he would go insane if all he thought about was his final goal. He regularly partakes in various past time activities like women, drinking etc. Only 3 things can ---- Dexter off outlaws, watered down booze, and the taste of his own blood
Brief past/history: Dexter’s father was of an outlaw group. Sadly the group that his father instilled his whole life into turned their back on him, and savagely killed him. Dexter only 10 at the time was held captive and forced to watch it. This event in his life has made Dexter desperately want revenge on the outlaws. Sadly Dexter doesn’t even know the name of the group that his father belonged to. Dexter knew that he had few options to find this band of outlaws. First Dexter decided to become a heavy arms dealer, knowing one day this man he's looking for will have to buy guns from him. Well maybe not…he never came around. The next option for Dexter was to become a man of the law. He hung around his town for a couple of years keeping his friends and family safe, but sadly he became very depressed, knowing that every day that went buy was a day lost on the revenge that he so desperately wants to have. So one day he left his home vowing to never come back until he had his revenge. Now he is a rogue sheriff on the search for a man who he doesn’t even know. In an unlikely duo Dexter has teamed up with Cleveland Feris. Together they seek to collect the bounty on men.

23-06-2002, 01:02 AM
Originally posted by fatdaddy
He doesn’t have any mechanical implants, and is very proud of being 100% pure human!

Are you sure you read everything carefully? Unless you have something arranged with the puppet masters?

23-06-2002, 07:23 AM
hmm... fatdaddy, I'm afraid you'd need some form of implant... but I have an idea, so expect a PM about it. *grin*

Me and Femme will start going over and approving applications today. I just have to wait for her to get online... anyone who applies after this will be considered equally, people can come into Mentiras at almost any time.

23-06-2002, 08:21 AM
Ok then, Maggles and I are sifting now. If you do not get a PM from me saying that you've been accepted, then you haven't--period. If you'd like to talk to either of us about this or anything else about Mentiras, feel free to IM either one of us. Thank ya kindly ma'am! ^_~

23-06-2002, 08:57 AM
Ok, we're done sifting through. Those of you who are accepted have been sent PMs, with the exception of fatdaddy, who we need to talk to further about a few minor things to do with his app. ^_^

25-06-2002, 06:24 AM
Player name: Endurance
Character name: Elwood "Wandering Poet" Lynchmound
Age: 20
Race: English (Like those immigrants wild west used to have)

Weapon of choice: Half-dozen of lighweight Ango-spears (spear itself is designed so that it buries itself as deep in the flesh of the enemy as possible, however what makes it special is small protruding hooks that does not hinder the spear from burrowing itself in the enemy. If the spear is pulled out, hooks will rend horrible amount of flesh at the process, effectively hurting the hapless victim)

Description: Elwood is 5,8 long and has lightly tanned skin and completely green eyes, short black hair that reach just to his ears . He wears spectacles but only because of the style. He fancies combination of Scarlet-crimson and black colors. Likes to wear knee-long black leather coat with combined hard collar. Below his coat is scarlet colored linen shirt. Pants are black leather and decorated with crimson strings.

He can extremely well control his voice because of implant on his vocal chord. He can vary it from heavy manly sounds to pleasant squekish womanly tone. He can make his sound pitch so high even glass and other fragile substances shatter and nearby wooden object splinter, not to mention eardrums of nearby people.

Personality: Elwood has seen much of the world and is not easily shocked.He is happy as long as nobody is picking a fight. He is very open minded to most things happening around him. He likes women and to drink booze whenever he can afford it, what is rare thing to happen. Usually bartender gives him one shot if he entertains the crowd for a bit. He likes to perform at bars and other public places, althought his singing voice is not as good as he thinks. Elwood has rather interesting sense of justice, he does not care about who is villain or innocent as long as he gets paid.

On the other hand, he is known to be merciless if he ever begins to fight somebody and has no need to hold back. He uses dirty fighting techniques to achieve advantage in a fight, like throwing sand to opponents face or slicing enemy who has already became unconscious or is begging for mercy.

Brief history: Elwood came to town few months ago and has been there since. He has made pretty good living as a perfomer at local bar. Elwood has been searching for a vacant job sometime now but no one seems to trust wandering performer that much.

Previous rpg experience: Escaflowne rpg: Freid

Phantom Angel
27-06-2002, 06:55 PM
well, i had to take the hard road, but i made it. thank you so much maggles, and femme. here's jam's appy. *blushes* yes, i didn't get accepted with ril, but she was a crap character, oh well. meet drunken sleazy bag of nothing everyone.

Player Name: PA

Character Name: Jamey Nataniel Jones

Age: 28

Race: Caucasian

Weapon of Choice: Knives

Description: Jam, as he likes to call himself, is a tall broad-shouldered man. With ruffled mahogany hair, Jam stands as tall as 6"3. His eyes are a mixed colour of green and brown, and he usually shaves when he remembers. Which isn't often considering he's usually in a drunken stupour. He wears tattered jeans, and a black t-shirt. On top of it he has a ripped up jean jacket. Across his broad chest is a row of knives that are sharp and sparkly. They're about the only thing on him that's clean. He has a nice and charming smile, but he usually never smiles. He tries to cover up his drunkedness under a pair of sunglasses which he almost never takes off. He keeps his hair lose, or sometimes ties with a hairband in a tangled bun. His inplant is his ears, enhancing his hearing abilities. He can hear a pin drop on the other side of a crowded room. Also, he has an auditory memory. He can remember anything that he has heard from the moment he was born. This only happens when he's sober though.

Personality rundown: He's a drunken depressed failure at everything. Jam spends most of his time in taverns among sleazy whores and other drunks. He doesn't talk much about himself, or doesn't remember that he talks about himself. Jam runs away from everything and hides behind a bottle. He believes himself too dumb to be able to accomplish anything in his life and thus gives in to the stereotype that people like him can never be reformed. Of course he puts up the front that he doesn't mind being a drunk, and that being at the bottom of the social ladder is what he wishes. If no one expects anything of him then he is much safer trying to acomplish nothing. Secretly he wishes to be a decent man with a respectable reputation and a loving family. However, he is too drunk, and too uncaring about what happens to him to work up to his dream.

Brief past/history: He's been treated like dirt by everyone in his life, and has come to believe it. He tried a job as a bounty hunter but found he liked whiskey more. He tried coming clean, and that lasted only about 6 days, and then found himself drinking again. Since most of his life has been spent in drunken stupour, most of his past are just floating images of dirty taverns or ditches.
Previous RPing experience: mm, you know me right???

27-06-2002, 07:55 PM
Ok, I finnaly have time to post my char!

Player Name: UNITMK1

Character Name: Samuel Smith

Age: 25

Race: Americanish

Weapon of Choice: 2 nail-guns; see implants

Implant: Samuel has 2 nail-guns inside both of his arms. However, his arms are NOT mechanical, but biological. Therefore, whenever he needs to shoot someone, the guns sort of pop out of his flesh. However, he feels no pain and there is little blood loss. The skin, muscle, bone, etc. are fixed immediatly after the gun's use by nanobots, as is any MINOR damage done to his body. (Eg: scratched, bruises, etc. The nanobots are mostly located in his arms so that's why only the arms can regenerate in a larger area) Both guns shoot out 10 cm long part screw, part nail projectiles. (There is an actual name for those and they are used to hold concrete, I think. Does anyone know?)

Description: Mr. Smith is 5'9". He has short, straight brown hair, green eyes, and a scar on the left cheeck. Well muscled, yet still quite fast. Samuel wears a white sleeveless overcoat which can get quite dirty in the desert. He also wears a brown t-shirt, jeans and boots. Samuel prefers to wear amber-colored sunglasses with a protective shield on the side instead of the common 10-gallon hat.

Personality rundown: Sam is a perfecitionist, especially when it comes to food and drink. For example if a glass he is being served beer in is a little bit dirty, he may through it at the waitors head and then refuse to leave until he is served properly. He is also impulsive and a bit of a party freak, but can hold his liqour.

Brief past/history: Sam was born in a small city in the middle of no-where. His father was am engineer in the only working factory in town, and his mother a teacher at the nearby school. His was teased as a child, but not for his mother's occupation (who worked in the same school). At the age of 12 the factory was shut down so they had to move with his grandparents in another town. At the age of 18 he left town and went off into the world. He survived by doing several odd-jobs as well as a little bit of bounty-hunting.

Previous RPing experience:

Magical Web; The Story of Kudana (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36445)

The Elystra Chronicles (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40644)

Spirit of Fighting (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39301)

28-06-2002, 11:32 AM
Well, here i uploaded a bunch of doodles of "Doc". The scan quality sucks.

This one is the "halfway good" one. It has the outfit i'll use in the RPG.


These ones suck. There was another but it sucked even more so i didn't bother scanning. I did them real quick and didn't really take the time to put any thought in them, so that's the result hah.


30-06-2002, 01:34 AM
Player Name: Guildenstern

Character Name: Arthur Tyrell Macabe

Age: 30

Race: Caucasian, (Jewish-English)

Weapon of Choice: Mechanized Gun

Implant: A special regulator running parrallel to the spinal cord and into the cerebrum with wires throughout the nervous system. The regulator allows for greater control of the synapses in his brain and nervous system allowing him frighteningly sharp reflexes (he can catch arrows and low velocity bullets with his hands, assuming they were protected) and pain managment, unfortunatly it puts him at greater risk of electrical death (still rare but if lighting was to strike it would hit him rather than the man next to him).

Description: Arthur is 5'11 1/2 " and of lean build. His brownish-red hair is wavy but kept short with sideburns running down to his chin. His nose is a bit large but not bulbous with an impressive handlebar moustache beneath it. His eyes are blue or green, depending on the weather, with dark bags beneath. When socializing he wears a sporting red smoking jacket, white trousers, and loafers (with a fez if he is at a gentleman's longue), at work he wears a crisp white Captain's suit or a rugged brown aviator's coat. There is a tattoo on his shoulder of a "sporting lady" resting on an ornithropter (A DaVinci style airplane)

Personality Rundown: Arthur is a jovial and generous man with a taste for spirits, women, and luxury. He loves his job as an airship captain and is thus, a very happy man. On a darkner note he is violent and prone to gambling when drunk though he has proven himself to be a good card player he would do well to keep away from tdicegames.

Public History: Born to an upper-middle class, Arthur had a comfortable childhood, never lacking for anything. He attended the famous Aeronautical University in the town of Machine and later became a commissioned officer in the Air Force. His parents were brutally murdered while he was away on his tour of duty, the case was never solved. Arthur now owns his own Zepplin the MAF Silverado. With the collapse of the Machine Republic, an attempt to civilize the wasteland, Arhtur has no master and is now a charter pilot and tour guide.

Previous RP Experience:

The RPG's at Mysteryandmagic.com

Clock Tower RPG
The Elystra Chronicles
All Mecha/ Gundam RPG