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EVA Type-R
21-06-2002, 08:52 PM
Okay, this RPG failed once, and I'm not going to let it happen again. :p

This next part is a conversation that I had with someone and I think this would be more understandable than having to put it up as a paragraph. Here goes.

Mac Daddy Sijo: Hah the story's about 1000 or so years after impact number 3.
Mac Daddy Sijo: EVA, of course.
Mac Daddy Sijo: Shinji and that weird Asuka chick rebuilt the world, but they kind of failed.
Mac Daddy Sijo: The world ended up in mass amounts of unions, and people were given a choice to join different ones...
Mac Daddy Sijo: But once the unions were made, they needed to get a way of defense.
Mac Daddy Sijo: So then the mass production of EVAs come in...
Mac Daddy Sijo: Each union has at least one clan of EVAs which defend their continent from any major harm as in war, and sometimes mass crime.
Mac Daddy Sijo: Then came along a union called the Confederation.
Mac Daddy Sijo: (Corny name, I know...)
Mac Daddy Sijo: Heh. :P
Mac Daddy Sijo: Anyways, the Confederation comes along with their new and improved EVA clan, the Phoenix Clan.
Mac Daddy Sijo: The Phoenix clan comes with the message of ending all of the poverty and "leigonism" (play of words from legion and racism) wtih the legions that currently exist. They wanted everyone to be one, to be all part of one union, filled with peace, and no type of money. (basically they're communists)
Mac Daddy Sijo: Well, ya see what happens to the Phoenix clan... All the other clans team up and beat the sh*t out of it. ^_^
Mac Daddy Sijo: So the Phoenix clan is destroyed... And the Confederation again is just a legion without any firepower... So here comes along this scientist guy, with blueprints, preaching about the new minerals and elements that were added to the Periodic Table after impact three.
Mac Daddy Sijo: He says this matter is stronger than any other metal of that day and that it could withstand many different types of glasurations.
Mac Daddy Sijo: So the Council of Raven gives him the parts and manpower to build the new EVA fleet with those new elements... He takes years to build it, and finally does so.
Mac Daddy Sijo: Now this is where the RPG comes in. ^^
Mac Daddy Sijo: The EVA Fleet was built, with the scientist giving it the name of Raven, seeing as there are five EVAs in the fleet, (at least about the ones they know about)...
Mac Daddy Sijo: Humm... What am I missing? :confused2
Mac Daddy Sijo: Oh yes!
Mac Daddy Sijo: The scientist chose 4 people to pilot the EVAs from their Confederation profiles or whatever... And there, they start their adventure.

-As you old members will see, I changed it from the WPL to the Confederation. World Peace Legion made them sound like pansies.

That was all of it. But I just noticed that I forgot to explain the Council of Raven, which I will do now.

The Council of Raven (which was once called the Confedarate Council) is basically the commanding factor of the Confederation. Everything that goes on and all laws and rules that are passed are from the Council of Raven. There are six members in the Council of Raven; here are their profiles:

C-R-1 (Council-Raven-1 and so on)
Name: Acronia Enarsai
Age: 48/male

Name: Karina Yolen
Age: 42/female

Name: Sonare Katsuri
Age: 41/male

Name: Imiko Sinari
Age: 39/female

Name: Destrado Kane
Age: 40/male

Name: Akameh Patro
Age: 39/male


Basically you're not supposed to know much about the Council... They're all secretive and badass and sh(i)t. There are also other factors like the other clans and Unions, which will be a biiig part of the RPG. The different Unions are:

The Confederation

Fire Legion

The Dominion


The different clans are grouped by Union. Unions are in bold and italics and clans are just in italic. They are:

The Confederation

Raven Fleet

Fire Legion

Black Fire Clan

Quake Clan

The Dominion

Unknown Clans


The Dominion is a Union that is brand new. The Confederation doesn't know much about this union yet, but its followers are increasing and increasing as the days are going along.

A couple more things, and then we'll get to business.

Domes. They are the world's cities. Over the course of the years, the ozone layer has become fully depleted. Protection from UV rays and radiation are extremely minimal in out-dome conditions. Therefore, do not say your character came from the outdomes. More on that will later be published, but now, there's no outdome life that the characters will know of. The EVAs and vehicles made for outdome transport will be the only things that can sheild all that stuff. The main capitol dome for the Confederation is called the Central Block Dome. The Fire Legion's main capitol dome is called Capitol City. The main dome for the Dominion is not known yet because no one knows where and what they are.

Transport Tunnels. Those are inter-city transport. They're just huge tunnels that you can get by through with any sort of vehicle. I'd think they'd be too big for walking, but sometimes people get out of their vehicles and watch the sky because those are the only liveable conditions that you can watch the beauty of the outside world without all the city lights blocking the view of stars and stuff.

GMs: The GMs will be me and SSJFemme. I'd like to thank her for offering, and stuff. ...Thank you for offering. :heh:

Now. Down to business.

Wait, no I lied. For now, the character sheet and the join info will not be up. First, I have to consult a few things with my other GM and then we'll be starting to accept characters.

Thank you for coming to read this. I will update you soon.

Commander Fuyutsuki
21-06-2002, 09:50 PM

22-06-2002, 01:23 PM
I remember when I helped you bust this thing together a year or so ago. Dude. . it's been a long time. I'll help and RPG in this one since I feel a sorta obligation to it.

EVA Type-R
22-06-2002, 01:39 PM
Okay, I'm back. I really didn't discuss anything with my GM hah... I never saw her on. But I will just go as planned.

Clan Joining

You may have the choice of joining any of the three legions. However, if you would like to join the Dominion, you must PM me your application. And you may also not be able to join the RPG for a while. There will be a lot of controversy on this matter...

I might let you have two characters if you want to be a part of the Dominion.

If I know that your RPing skills are exceptional and that I think you can handle it... I might give you two. Send me the request through PM, and I'll think about it. If and once I accept you to the Dominion, I will give you all the info you need through PM.

Joining the Raven Fleet will be somewhat hard. If I find I have too many characters that want to be in the Raven Fleet, me and the GM will choose however many we think would be right. We really can't have that many people in the Raven Fleet because of its "superiority."

Joining the Fire Legion will probably be the other way around. It'll probably be where the majority of the characters are, unless l do that with the Dominion. Anyways, that's about it. I will now post up the application. It's not a very distinguished application... Not much glory... But it's an app that we can all use. When you want to post your application up, do it in this thread. If you are joining the Raven Fleet, I reccommend you have another application for another Union ready. Like I said, it may be hard heh...

The Raven Fleet RPG Application

Character Name: Name of your character.
Age: Age can be no lower than 25 and no higher than 35 unless you have a damn good reason.
Union Applied For: Choose Confederation, Fire, or Dominion.
Personal Characteristics: What your character is like in both body and mind.
Character History and Experience: Your character has no relation, recolection, or knowing of past Evangelion events. This story is only loosely based on EVA, and I plan to keep it that way. Remember the thing about domes... And the experience part is basically whatever you want it to be. And Ancient Japan is a barren wasteland, other than... Well I can't tell you that yet. :p Hah so you can't have your character from there. But you can make up names all you want.
Additional Information: Whatever else you think we need to know about your character. What they like to do in their spare time blah blah blah... You could also leave this space blank heh...
Tests: This is just another one of those what he/she likes to do in his spare time thing heh... But there are restrictions.... The tests taken are blood test, Alcohol test, and Urine test. Blood and Urine must both be negative to join the Raven Fleet or the Dominion... For Fire Legion, only Urine test must be negative. Alcohol test can be whatever hah...

Okay, that's the whole application. Hope you have fun figuring who your character is going to be and stuff. If you have any other ideas for the plot or your character or whatever, PM EVA Type-R and SSJFemme.

Edit: If you want to put a character concept picture in the Other part, that would be fine too... I don't require it, but I do highly push for it and reccommend it.

22-06-2002, 05:55 PM
The Raven Fleet RPG Application

Character Name: Cless Overline

Age: 26

Union Applied For: (Still choosing!)

Personal Characteristics: Cless is a easygoing nice-all around kinda guy. He rarely insults or makes fun of anyone unless it is out of sheer sarcasm and joke, and almost always has some positive thing to say. He enjoys talking to people a _lot_. When the time calls though, he can get deadly serious, a complete contradiction to his normal behavior. He loves helping people and hates peanut butter. Loves to dance, sports, drink, activities.
Cless has blond hair with light auburn blends here and there. Hair is a tad scruffy, but still done in a style. Bangs have a length to the mouth when combed straight, and the hair on the back of his reaches to the base of his neck. His right eye is light sky blue while his other is the same with a hint of turqoise. When not in a plug suit, he wears a short sleeved white collar shirt with an unbuttoned light black jacket, black loose dress/casual slacks and white shoes. Has a earring on his right ear and a silver cross necklace.

Character History and Experience: (confused about this)

Additional Information: Hates peanut butter and pandas. Loves food, sports, and hacking comp stuff.

Tests: (I don't understand what goes here)


This is what I have so far, is this kinda like what you are hinting at?

EVA Type-R
23-06-2002, 03:41 PM
Well you basically have what you need so far... Now for the rest of the things. I'll post up a character here so people can use it as an example. It will be my character though.

The Raven Fleet RPG Application

Character Name: Luke Seigel
Age: 28
Union Applied For: Confederation
Personal Characteristics: Luke is about 5'10" and 150 pounds. He is of an average build, not too strong, but not weak either. He has forest green eyes and center-parted dark-brown hair. He doesn't have a set personality, but most of the time, you can see the personalities all colliding together at the same time. Nice, determined, mean, weak, commanding, passive... It's all there. But some say it may be a front. You have to sift through it to see his real personality.
Character History and Experience: Luke was born in the Central Block Dome and went to school in the University of Central Block. He studied there for 8 years getting a PhD in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. During that time, he applied for funding from the Confederation for his idea of building the Raven Fleet. He was approved, and worked on it at the same time he completed the other half of his schooling. His father and mother moved to a smaller dome after he finished college, so he was recriuted by the Confederate Council into the design team of the Army. There, he made many adjustments and additions to the Army's forces, one being the final design of the Raven Fleet. He was promoted and sent to be the commander of the fleet right at the time the Confederate Council changed their name to the Council of Raven. He was given 500 possible 'applicants' to choose from for the pilots of the Raven Fleet, and he had been working on it for a week until he finally decided.
Additional Information: Luke is basically a regular guy with a title. Don't be fooled by his commanding attitude. I mean let your character be fooled, but don't be fooled yourself. He's as squishy as the next guy. In his spare time, he reads a lot, and also was into playing the guitar until the Raven fleet came into his life. He also knows four languages: Union Common Language (UCL, which is basically the language all the clans use to trade or talk to eachother), Ancient English, Ancient Japanese, and the language of the Confederacy, which is similar to UCL.
Blood test: Negative
Blood Alcohol Level (at time of test): 0.01% - Acceptable
Urine Test: Negative

Okay, I hope that helps you guys. Maybe this will get more people to post applications... :look:

EVA Type-R
30-06-2002, 04:16 AM
Oh yes... Did I happen to mention that character applications are now being accepted? Yes! New! Exciting! Kind of!

01-07-2002, 05:11 PM
Hah....patience young one....I'm getting to it...

25-07-2002, 09:11 PM
Hope this takes off. Though its not really eva

Character Name: Kain Omix

Age: 34

Union Applied For: Fire Legion

Personal Characteristics: Premitureally white hair. Blue eyes
Character History and Experience:
An expirienced EVA pilot he was once a member of the Elite Merc outfit The brigade. When the group disbanded several years ago he became a wanderer.
Using a UV armoured jeep and a potable dome he spent a year wandering the waists before stumbling into a small domed village. After spending a few mounths there he settled into the life of a Hydroponic farmer.
The the Village was destroyer. No one had a clear idea of what happened that night though the rumors were of a Raven fleet black op.
His anger evident he was later approched and recruted by a Black Fire opperative.

Additional Information: Slightly imbalanced after the incident he has beenknown to dissapear from time to time.
Currently test pilot for all the new outdorr vehicles for the clan

Blood test: Negative
Blood Alcohol Level (at time of test): 0.0%
Urine Test: Negative

EVA Type-R
26-07-2002, 12:07 AM
Hah well, there's a lot of doubt in me that this will ever shoot off. But if I do get enough characters, I'll start it, no matter how long it's been on the forum. :)