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28-06-2002, 03:53 PM
Background:The land of Primus is changing. After centuries of anarchy and lawlessness following the collapse of the Golden Age of Magick, civilization is creeping back. Magick is feared and in many places outlawed, the civilized races have turned to technology. Mortals have harnessed the power of the elements through science. However the Old Powers do not look kindly upon the hubris of the mortals and conspire whenever possible to wrest power again...

As Deadly As Nightshade takes place in a land called Primus, more specifically in a pestilant metropolis called Canal City.
As in most urban areas of Primus, there are constant innovations in Technology that both improve and diminish the lives of those in the city. While there are great marvels of technology such as raising bridges, street cars, running water, and electric lights the dezinens must deal with soot and fowl air.
The story begins during a holiday season known as The Nights of Saint Gaul. It is full of chaotic revels and parties culminating in a show of fireworks. It is the aftermath of the festival in which the players begin...

The Characters:
Characters in As Deadly As Nightshade have many options when creating a character. However there are many things that one must do such as choosing Race, Occupation, Abilities, Advantages and Disadvantages, and creating a history.

The Races: These are the races available to the players...

Humanity - The humans are a race of great variety capable of great good and evil. They come in many sizes and colors from the tall, pale skinned Northmen to the jade people of the Viveccian Islands. Humans are among the more short-lived races and without magic or scientific assistance can hope to last around 60 to 70 years before their bodies begin to fail them.

Followes of Ichrond - The results of experimentation in eugenics, the last Brengan Wizard Ichrond was able to breed superior humans. Followers of Ichrond tend to be robust, intelligent, and beautiful to the eye. They live longer than their human cousins reaching an average of 120 years. However the Followers seem to have no apptitude for magic in the slightest and "normal" humans are usually jealous or fearful of these superior humans.

Morbians - These creatures once walked among the spirits of the forest, they are tall and lithe with a strange beaity around them. Slanted eyes and long, angular faces. Their hair is actually alive unlike human hair and so tends to reach great lengths as they are loathe to cut their hair. The Morbians have a great apptitude for magic though they are physically weak. Their skin color can be of almost color but will always be pastel, metallic hair colors are the most common.

The Awakened At the end of the Golden Age of Magic when the Old Powers battled amongst each other, the god Sharpei, Patron of the Bards and Scholars fell to Primus, his blood rained down on the land and sea. Many creatures drank of this blood and became as men. The awakened look like the animals their ancestors were and share the same abilities (the Avians can fly, venomous creatures have poisonous bites, mammals have their sense of smell and superior eyesight, Amphibians can survive in land and water.) Note that those Awakened from purely aquatic creatures must wear special armor to traverse the land and typically wear glass bowls over their head filled with the fresh or salt water they need. Another note is that most of the awakened are compatible in terms of breeding avians can breed with other avians, aquatic creatures can breed with other aquatic creatures, etc. but cannot completly cross lines (reptiles cannot breed with mammals, avians cannot breed with aquatic, etc.)

The Mountain Folk These are the dwarves and gnomes that live within the mountains, they tend to be excellent with the more mechanical areas of technology and are master craftsmen. They are all short, the tallest amogst them are only five feet tall. Their hair and skin colors tend to be earthy and subdued.

The Hill People The hobbits and kender that live in the hill are shorter than even the Mountain people and tend to be better magic-users than their Mountain cousins.

The Darklings Foul creatures, scions of the Dark Gods. The Darkling races include Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, Hobbes (Bipedal ctiger-like creatures that predate the Awakened), and the terrible Hobgoblins (Goblin/Hobbes crossbreed) The sad state of affairs is that there are many Ogre-Human and Goblin-Human crossbreeds in their number as well.

Occupations: Everyone must have a living of some sort, there are two parts to picking an occupation, the class and the Position

The Classes:

Magic Users Are those gifted people that alter reality through sheer willpower and mana. The years of study and practice needed to learn magic as well as the stress it puts on the spirit restricts magic-users to three schools of study. The schools are

Elemental: Control over the base elements of the cosmos (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air)

Para-Elemental: Control over the mixed elements of the Cosmos (Steam, Ash, Smoke, Mud, Ice, and Dust)

Necromancy: The power over life and death, healing and power over the soul

Mental: Power to dominate others and create illusions.

Photography: Power over Light, Darkness, and Shadow

Alteration: Transformation of both the animate and inanimate.

Conjuration: The summoning of creatures and objects.

Force I: Power over gravity, intertia, and pressure

Force II: Power over time and fate, one of the most difficult schools to master.

Apocalypse: "Seeing beyond the Mortal Veil" the magic of inspiration and information gathering, divination.

Guardian: Spells of protection and abjuration.

Enchantment: bestowing magical power onto other creatures and objects, used in conjunction with other schools.

Technologist:[/I] The dedicated people who will herald the next age, these people do not alter reality so much as harness it and work with it's laws and ways. The technological fields are as follows, One can only master three scientific fields:

Chemistry: The knowledge and application of chemicals to create medecines, explosives, enhancers, and other substances.

Mechanics: Using clockwork and steam power to create moving machines to create effort and power from simple pumps to complex automatons.

Navigation: Using the tides, winds, and the postion of the stars and planets to determine location, time, depth, distance, and weather.

Smithy: The creation of tools, guns, weapons, etc.

Engineering: The study of super advanced machines such as submersibles, lighter-than-air ships, ornithropters (heavier-than-air ships), steam boats, and trains.

Power: Harnessing the power of lighting, wind, and water to generate electricity.

Medecine: The art of healing through proper application of medicine, electric shocks, surgery, etc.

[B]Combatant: These people battle without the benefit of magic or guns, using their bodies or less complex weaponry. There are many forms of battle and a combatant may choose to be proficiant in the use of several weapons of his choice except for guns.

Thief Skilled in the less-than-legal art of larceny, thieves can pick locks (and pockets) disarm traps, and are stealthier than others.

Positions There are several positions in society, as Primus very much has a class system which is more rigid in some places than others...

Noblity: The noblity rules supreme in most lands, born in to wealth and power members of this class expect respect and legal benefits wherever they go. While they have more money, they live riskier lives fulls of plots and machinations. The poor tend to dislike you greatly, the twits!

The Landed Though certainly rich and in some cases more powerful than the nobility, the Landed face
disrespect (though not openly) from both the lower classes and the nobility. The former are jealous of their wealth and the latter look at the Landed as "wannabe-nobles".

The Clergy From the various temples and churches rise the clergy, they are feared and revered by many and have greater wealth than all but the landed and nobility. The Clergy though have many responsabilities and must uphold their faith at all times

The Gentry/ Sans Coulatte The upper middle-class, those with their own businesses. The Gentry enjoy many luxuries but must work hard for them and be on guard for thieves and politicians. The burden of taxation falls on the Gentry more often than not.

Freemen Though not under the thumb of the nobility or landed, the Freemen usually have very little resources, but they have their freedom and are usually free from the machinations that plague the wealthier or the desperation of the poor.

Serfs You are cared for but you are not free, such is the trade off, you may be protected and housed but yours is a life of hard work and few luxuries.

Combinations: Your class and position combined make your Occupation which is as follows...

Magic User / Technologist
Noble- Magus / Professor
Landed- Wizard / Scholar
Clergy- Cleric / Monk
Gentry- Cabalist / Sage
Freeman- Sorcerer / General Practicioner
Serf- Hedge Tinkerer

Combatant / Thief
Noble- Knight / Ninga
Landed- Officer / Assassin
Clergy- Templar / Inquisitor
Gentry-Constable / Burglar
Freeman- Mercenary / Vagabond
Serf- Soldier / Footpad

Advantages and Disadvantages:
Everyone has these, maybe several. You can choose anything you like as long as you balance it out for example being super-rich but being incurably deaf would be appropriate, being super rich and walking with a limp would NOT.

History As Primus has not been truly drawn out this is where you can prove your creativity to me. Create your character's homeland and write a brief history, including how your character came to Canal City, note that no character can be from Canal City. You may also equip your character as would be fitting based on it's wealth and background.
*For technologists the guns are not 20th century style, there are revolvers, flintlocks, wheelocks, gattling guns, single shot rifles, carbines, shotguns, grenades, dynamite, cannons, electric guns, you are free to create your own guns as long as they are not too powerful. Guns cannot be magic though bullets can (but they are rare, custom jobs).

Blade R
28-06-2002, 10:42 PM
hmm hmmm....seems interesting.. *grins* I know exactly what I wish to be, if you will let me be it of course.


Race: One if The Awakened

Type: Mammal

Description: Wolf like in appearance. She has kept most of the same traits as her ancestors. Hearing, eye sight, and smell are all still heghtened. She stands like a human though, and has lost the ability to run on all fours. Her thick fur is the color of freash snow, while her often perked ears are as black as her shoulder length hair. Her eyes are an icey blue-green.

Personality: Her hot temper and often reckless attitude often get her into more trouble than she can get out of. But on the other hand, she is often quiet and is almost always thinking of something to do, or of a plan to get out of one of those situations her temper causes. Her silence is often deadlier than her frontal attack though, which is necessary for her job...

Class: Theif w/some fighting expiriance (Namely small projectile weapons (no guns) fist, claw, and fang)

Position: Freeman

Job: Assassin (THough she doesn't always do things from within shadow..)

Advantage(s): She has her freedom to be thankful of, and what little money she gets, but little else.

Disadvantage(s): Her mercenary life pays barely enough for her to survive in a cultured world (She often has to pickpocket). Once on her job, she got too careless, had too much valor and she payed for it. Her left arm can no long support her weight, or the weight of anything more than 20-25 lbs.

History: Born and raised in the small forest side town of Sa`Ron, she grew up with a respect for both magick and machines, but also for the world apon which all lives. She learned to survive off of what was avalible to her when money and food was scarce. Her family was never a rich one, but always a free one. When food and money became too scarce though....Most of her family became serfs for the local land owner. A few other packed up and left to try and find somewhere else to live. She was too young at the time to do most of the hard work, so she was simpley a sort of "lookout." She watched for thiefs, beasts or anyhting else that shouldn't be there. But by watching, she also learned. She learned of the weak points in the walls, the art of steath, and of theivery. Once she was old enough, and strong enough, she left the serf's life...via nighttime. She set out and became a assassin, ocasionally having to steal from time to time. She uses no weapons, only her natural ones. But one time she got herself into too big of a mess, she couldn't move fast enough, and her arm was hit. Now, while still often reackless, she tends to think up an escape plan first, before charging into battle..or whatever it was she was hierd for. She came to Canal City origonally on one of her 'missions'. But when she finished she found that it was indeed a good place for stealing and such, and thus she decided to stay, for the time being at least. As far as she's concerned, the more structures there are, the more shadows there are...

(How was that?)

orochi X
29-06-2002, 09:31 PM
Lets see.

Name Shingo Arcadia

Sex Male

Age 28

Race Humanity

Occupation ClassTechnologist:Engineering PositionThe Gentry/ Sans Coulatte

Advantages Good with words, using his sly tongue Shingo can fool many unexpected nobles and higher class citizens into believing their craft/vehicle is in dire need or repair.

Disadvanages Though his sly tounge and use of words has gotten Shingo into quite alot of trouble with some of the Followes of Ichrond Nobles. It sees they have found out about Shingo's sly tongue.

Description Shingo tall and lanky. Pasty white in colour due to all the time he spends inside his store fixing crafts and vehicles. Short scruffy black hair with a rat tail at the back, he is mostly seen with a red bandana around his head, usually wearing glasses but on occasions he uses contacts.

Personality Shingo is a sly one, his weapon is his sly tongue and use of words. Clever in haggling and getting his way, loves to be a bit of a bastard to his clients but its all fun and games.

History Shingo let an odirnary life as a young boy from the island of Mipross, his family were of middle class. From the first day he could lay his eyes on crafts and vehicles, Shingo grew a passion for engineering. As he grew older he took classes in the well known Mipross Universaty of Mechanics and Engineering where he received his degree.
As he hit 25 years old, Shingo knew he could lead a life of an engineer in the small island of Mipross. His parents knew to he, giving him their life savings Shingo left to Canal city to open a store where he repeairs crafts and vehicles for higher class citizens

Blade R
29-06-2002, 10:21 PM
(Forgot my age)

Age: 20

02-07-2002, 01:26 PM
You two may post in the As Deadly As Nightshade play thread if you would like.

orochi X
02-07-2002, 09:12 PM
I think ill wait for some more people to join the RPG first

Lt Zechs
03-07-2002, 01:57 AM
Sorry I would like to join, but would you believe that one of the windows that got shut down, just before I lost my hdd, was a window with my character information in it. :(
I can't remember what I had down, only vague hints, but if no one else joins and you need more players, then I'll try and remember what I had written down or just start over.
Just one question: Exactly how advanced is the technology? Make a rough time frame if possible?

03-07-2002, 05:38 PM
The current year is 1000 on the Silver Age calender. The Golden Age ended in a Jyhad between the Brengan Empire and The Republic of Xerxes. It is unknown what gods they worshipped or why the Gods decided to interfere but the age ended in a flood of Godsblood as the god Sharpei on Brenga, destroying the city.

(it is commonly believed by scientists, wizards, and just about everyone that the universe exists in "Ages" that last 10,000 years. They have been named for various metals the Platinum and Gold ages have passed, it is said that after the Silver age there will be a Copper, Iron, and Lead Ages. At the end of the Lead Age, the entire universe will be undone.)

1 SA-The Mountain People first used Clockwork Technology to assist in many aspects of life within the mountains. Because of their isolation from the wars being raged outside this technology was not available outside. The Wizard Ichrond attempts to breed Perfect Humans to realize his dream of the recreation of the Brengan Empire.

100 SA- Human merchants bring Clockwork Technology back to the human civilizations. The smallsettlements quickly grow into small cities. The second generation of Ichrond's "Perfect Humans" are born, when the wizard sees that neither generation has any magical potential he goes to his homeland, the empty fields where Brenga stood and dies, the last wizard of the Brengan Empire.

500 SA- Dwarves and Humans recognize that Clockwork Technology has reached the pinnacle of it's existance. Inventors race to diversify while Magic-users try to rekindle the Magickal Empires of the Gold Age.

550 SA- Two friends, Robert Guilliman and Griegor Pryce create the first working Steam Engine. Using the Steam Engine they are able to drain mine shafts and resurface drowned land.

551 SA- Guilliman and Pryce Steamworks is created, the two work on refinements of their steam engine and related inventions. The Dwarves experiment with Blackpowder which they use for blasting.

560 SA- While on safari in Brenga, Robert Guilliman finds Ichrond's "Perfect Humans", they have dubbed themselves the Followers of Ichrond and have built a temple over his grave.

570 SA- Guilliman and Pryce strike a deal with the Followers of Ichrond and build Steam City over the site of old Brenga.

600 SA- Several Technology Guilds have risen to contest the power of Guilliman and Pryce. Gatsby & Sons create the Hot Air Gondolla; Tabitha Wright's Air Bladder allows for greater exploration of the seas; Font Firearms creates the Flintlock Pistol.

650 SA- An experiment gone wrong causes Steam City to sink, crashing into the ruins of Brenga. The Tech-Guilds form the Pace of Progress, rules that define how quickly they would allow technology to progress.

700 SA- Canal City is built over the sunken ruins of Steam City. The first wave of new technology is released: The Steam Boat, the Submersible Chair (one man submarine), the wheel lock pistol are the major releases. Improvements on old inventions are also released.

725 SA- The Guilliman family buys out Pryce but retains the company name. A novice technologist Daniel Telsa, harnesses the power of lighting with his lighting rod, eventually creates the electric torch and forms Telsa Electric-Works.

750 SA- The second wave of technology is released: The Steam Train, the Submersible Coach, and the Repeating Rifle. With the advances in electric technology the Old Guilds decide to abandon the Pace of Progress. Dr. Edwin Vagirs discovers an herbal concotion that cures Small Pox, he forms the Vagirs Medical Consortium.

800 SA- The Canal City Centennial, the city gates shut for unknown reasons, record storms and earthquakes are recorded all over Primus. The Vagirs Consortium finds cures Yellow Plague and Brengan Flu, as well as a treatment for Consumption. Daniel Telsa is struck by lighting.

801 SA- Edwin Vagirs dies from Consumption. The Pace of Progress is restarted, the Third Wave of Technology is released: The Steam Lift, the Submersible Gondola, the Mechanized Gun.

825 SA- Using the Air Bladder as a basis Joshua and Vivian Von Braun create the Hot Air Derigable, they join the Pace of Progress.

850 SA- The forth wave of technology is released: The Steam Cannon, The Submersible Galley, The Mechanized Cannon, and the Floating Boat. The Awakened reveal themselves to protest the rate at which humans depopulate the trees of the forests.

875 SA- Telsa Electrics finishes a power network stretching from coast to coast, New Year's is lit up by hundreds of electric torches. All the streets in Canal City and all the cities across Primus have electric torch lamps.

876 SA- Telsa Electrics creates a network of Light Towers along the coastlines to assist ships. The first two "Air Ports" are created to accomodate the growing number of Floating Boats.

880 SA- The fifth wave of technology is released: The Steam Tank, the Submersible Train, the Rocket, and the Zepplin. In protest of the rise in technology many wizards form the Brengan Ressurection League.

900 SA- The Canal City Bicentennial, once again the city gates shut but this time open two months later. The occupants of the city have no memory as to why.

910 SA- The Brengan Ressurection League declares war on Canal City and the Technologists.

950 SA- The war ends in a stalemate, the League rules over the eastern continent and does not allow any technology from past the First Wave.

975 SA- An upstart inventor, Oliver Dread creates the Heavier-Than-Air Ship. Outfitting several with a mechanized gun he creates the Warbird. The Pace of Progress is abandonded again.

990 SA- The Morbians approach both the Brengan League and the Technologists and warn them never to approach the Northern Forests. The warnings are taken seriously.

1000 SA- The current year, Canal City's Tricentennial. The gates have shut as they are wont to do.

((All the technologies mentioned as well as any reasonably similar technologies have been made.))

Lt Zechs
04-07-2002, 06:11 AM
Thats a very good storyline, is this apart of a story/series that I don't know of, or have you created it all yourself?
My character was going to be a follower of Ichrond, a Professor, who was famous for some technological discoveries, also he was going to have all sorts of gadgets and devices that he used for measuring and recording information. I don't know if that'll fit in or not, maybe he could be apart of Telsa electronics?
I don't know, I'll let you decide, this is a very interesting story.

Blade R
04-07-2002, 02:44 PM
It'd be nice to have you join us...considering I doubt anyone else will be.

04-07-2002, 06:29 PM
The world of Primus and its history is of my own design. You are welcome to do what you wish with your character based on the guide lines I made but please re-write your application so it looks like Blade's and Orochi's, it helps me get a better idea of what your character is all about, be sure to mention how your character came to Canal City.

Lt Zechs
05-07-2002, 12:12 PM
Alright, I've summoned the effort to rewrite my character. :)

Name: Dr. Wayen Kleskov
Race: Follower of Ichrond
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Class: Technologist (Power, Chemistry, Medicine)
Position: Noble
Occupation: Professor
Advantages: Wayen's main advantages is his vast intellectual ability, he excels in all mind related tasks, being able to calculate data and work out solutions in his head, in mere moments. His other advantages are that he is very skilled in the use of scientific and logical devices, his work in the field of science has made him quite an expert in using a wide range of such devices/machines.
Disadvantages: Wayen's primary and probably most annoying disadvantage is that although quite the intelligent one, he is also very absent minded, his ability to calculate vast amounts of data, falls flat when he does not posses the wisdom to know how to use it effectively. Wayen is also somewhat short-sighted requireing the aid of perscription glasses to help him see. Other than is absent mindness Dr. Kleskov also seems like a fish out of water when forced to employ skills other than what he uses in his own field, making him a good expert, but too much of an expert in the one area, leaving the other ones to fall.
Personallity: Dr. Kleskov is very serious with his work, and from this tends to come off to some as a little arrogant, but it is not his intention to do so, Wayen has a great passion in his quest for knowledge, but his absent mindedness tends to make him forget about the other people and events around him. Once you get past this small defensive wall, people find Wayen as a kind and gentle person, who sometimes finds it hard communicating with other people of subjects that vary from his own field, but as soon as anyone gives the slightest hint of interest in his work, Wayen can talk and lecture for hours, he is sometimes known for putting people to sleep once he gets started. This has made it hard for him to make many friends and he mainly keeps to himself and to his work, most of his relationships are professional ones, even though Wayen works alone for a large majority of the time. He is a lonely person, but sees it as a worth sacrafice for his persistance and determination for the work he does.
Description: Although being impressively more intelligent than humans, as most Followers are, Dr. Kleskov does not seem to share the other qualities as graciously as the rest of his species. is quite robust for his age, but with balding white hair, a large pointy nose and glasses, he is not as charismatic as his fellow people. Wayen stands slightly taller than your average human, but this is rarely seen since he is almost always in a hunch, be it over some new experiment or at his desk working on his scientific reports or even in the city streets recording some vital information on his notepad. He wears a long white lab coat, and other basic clothing associated with that of a Professor of science. On his person he always carries a magnitude of small measureing and recording equpiment/devices (eg: notepad, pencil, slide rule, abotcus, etc), for he is never at rest when it comes to his research and always like to be prepared.
History: Wayen started his schooling at an early age, where he soon excelled through the ranks to become one of the nations leading students. From there he studied at the world's best institutions, where he found himself fond of the work and research done with electric power and chemistry. After graduating from his first PhD, he was taken in by Telsa Electrics where he became one of the leading research scientists, which gave him a main role in the construction and design of components which were used in a wide range of various technological wonders. In his work he assisted and made numerous advancements to the technological break throughs, writing up great novels of his discoveries and work. He also became a member of the Vagirs Medical Consortium, contributing his skills as a professor to aid the cures and treatments being improved. After being acknowledge for his efforts, he was given command of a small research and development division, where he has spend most of his life researching and experimenting with the various theories and discoveries as of late.
Wayen has travelled to Canal City on a mission of his own, as he is interested in a libary in the city, said to hold some very old and knowledgable texts on the evolution of the techological ages. He was also drawn to the city by his curiousity, into the myths and legends surrounding the city's activities nearing the celebrations, decideing the matter needed a logical mind to solve its underworkings.
Wayen has only packed with him his personal measuring equipment, various scientific journals, and notebooks to record information in. He has also packed one days worth of clothing and supplies, since he has figured his stay will be a short one. (though he has mistakenly packed three socks, only one change of shirt, four ties, and has left his toothbrush and other personal effects behind.)

I hope thats alright, feel free to add/change anything that doesn't fit right.

14-07-2002, 12:46 AM
Oh! This looks cool! Let me post a bio in a minute... i have to think....

14-07-2002, 02:32 AM
Okay here it goes... (if i messed up tell me)

name: Cormia
race: morbian
gender: male
age: 25

class: magic user
postion: freeman
occupation: sorcerer

magic types known: elemental, para-elemental, conjurtation

advanatges: Cormia is incredibly good looking. He can make some girls/guy's blush just by standing 3 feet away from them. He can manipulate people by his good looks into doing trivial things. (such as: buying him dinner, sparing some change. things like that)
And being able to use magic is the only other advantage Cormia has. For he cannot in the least defend himself any other way...
(see disadvantages)

Disadvanatges: Cormia is allergic to... well... many things.
He cannot defend himself with a sword because he is allergic to the touch of metal, which is also why he cannot use guns. If he touches it he loses feeling in his arm(s) and cannot move it(them).

Also, he is incredibly allergic to wood. If his skin touches or comes in contact with it he will become feverish, faint, and not be able to use any sort of magic for 2 weeks.

Description: Cormia's skin is a light pastle yellow, with golden color eyes. He is tall, around 6'8 to be percise. He is fragile looking, because, him being a Morbian, he is naturally lithe.
His hair is metallic amber which is wavy with wisps of hair that is(naturally), curled up here and there. He finds no pleasure in cutting his hair so it has grown to knee length.
Also, because of his, um, allergy to wood (and metal), he always wears a red turtle neck with long sleeves that come down past his finger tips by 5 inches. He has swade riding pants that were dyed to be dark blue. And his shoes are brown leather riding boots. (the kind of boots that come up to your knees)


Cormia was raised in the small village of Liunk, by his great-grandfather sence he was an infant because his parents were killed. His grandfather was a sage and taught his grandson magic to protect himself with.

He was thankful for his grandfathers teachings and helped his grandfather out in anyway he could.

One day when his grandfather was on his deathbed he told Cormia that he was such a great grandson and that he was greatful to have lived this long to see him grow into a skilled sorcoere and gentlemen. But, he also told Cormia a horriable family secret. His grandfather told him how his parents were murdered by an Ogre; and how most of his entire family was killed by diffrent creatures of The Darkling races.... Cormia grew scared & bitter at The Darkling race and left the village of Liunk (which had a goblin-human for a mayor). He travels friquently, searcing for a town that would not have any Darklings living there.

After 3 years of travling, Cormia came across a hobbit that spoke very kindly of Canal City. Mostly how it did not have an Ogre's, Troll's, Goblin's, or any memebers of the Darkling race living there (at the time).
Cormia decided that this 'Canal City' would be an ideal place to settle down if no Darklings lived there, and set off at once for Canal City.


*huff* *puff* How was that? It took my forever to figure out what to write! If I did anything wrong tell me and I'll fix it. :)

OH! And one more thing! I said before that Cormia is very very good looking. And that some girls/guys blush when they see him...
It is strictly up to you if your character blushes when Cormia is around. If you want your character to think Cormia is cute/hot/okay/ugly/repuslive then that's fine with me. Whatever ya want, it's you character :)

(edit: change in heighth and added magic abilitys ^^; sorry I forgot)

(oh one last thing! Cormia's hands are never seen unless he's washing his hands or bathing because of the fact that his sleeves are 5 inchs to long. That's done on purpose `cause of his allergys)

16-07-2002, 07:51 PM
name: Akai
race: morbian
gender: female
age: 27-ish

class: magic user
position: freeman
occupation: sorcerer/healer

magic types known: necromancy, mental, guardian (slight elemental(fire) when in real need)

advantages: She excels with her skill using a bow and arrow, among her specialities is firing arrows which burn in an eerie blue, causing the victims to scream from the pain invoked by the arrow. (makes them feel all the pain they've caused others through their life in an instant). Animals are drawn to her, and on some subconscious level she can communicate with them. She also speaks several languages, learned from different books, thus her speech have faults, but she can make herself understood.

Disadvanatges: Akai is distant, a loner. Her interests are learning more magic. She's often seen with some old book reading by herself. She is not to fond of humans, and some of her own race dont like her since she's one strange creature even to be a morbian. She doesnt like to touch metal - she believes it restrains her magic abilities, and also the touch discusts her. On a bad day the mere touch of metal makes her vomit.

Description: Akai has red hair, red eyes and pale pastel white skin. She is about 185cm tall. She has the lithe body of someone who never rests. Her hair reaches down to somewhere around the knees. When it is untied, that is. She usually keeps it tied up in a high ponytail. she's very goodlooking, and has been through hell caused by her looks, so she wears simple, loosefitting clothes of brown suede. (think native american). She wears a small piece of silver shaped as a teardrop to restrain some of her powers... She also has scars from chains on her wrists and several scars over her body. She likes to wear a cloak that covers her, head to toe, when in crowded places.

Akai comes from a mountainvillage in the distant highlands called Iljantara. Not much is known about the villagers from this town, and Akai is not keen to speak about her upbringing, she might not even remember. What she can is all painful, since she has come to believe she killed two small children with her magic by accident when she was learning a new firespell. Akai was about 17 years old when this happened.

The same day of the accident Akai was sent to the counsil of the village elders. The custom in Iljantara is "an eye for an eye", but instead of being killed or burned, Akai was sentenced to a 40 year ban, where she is seen upon as walking in the spiritworld, and cannot return to the living until she has repented her sin (the children were very high class in the society of Iljantara).

At first she stayed just outside the village, clinging to the only world she knew... She stayed motionless for a week. On the night the 7th day, one of Akai's old friends Shiroi came to see her. Shiroi brought her some clothes, food and the little money he could spare.
Shiroi: "You can't stay here Akai, you must go on... the children survived though, with serious burns... but they'll live, scarred... I thought you wanted to know."
Akai: "Can't I stay? I don't want to leave, I don't know what's out there..."
Shiroi: "... you must. Everyone here sees you as a spirit now. And besides the counsil can't change the verdict even though the children survived... they will lose face. I'm so sorry Akai..... Do you see the path between those trees? Follow that, and you'll come to a small town. Go see a man called Suvi... he might be able to take you in... I must go now. I wish you well Akai... "

A sad Akai began walking the same night, and came to said nameless town. Shyly she asked an old woman for the whereabouts of Suvi... The woman shone with delight and pointed to a low house in the outskirts of the town. Shyly Akai approached the house and knocked on the door, and when it swung open she stood speechless in front of a man who oozed of magic. Akai became his apprentice in the arts of Medicine, since he, Suvi, was an old Monk and thus a healer. Akai was taught to read and write, and to operate guns etc.
Suvi discovered Akai was afraid of her own magickal powers, so one day he asked Akai for a hair. Trusting him Akai gave him one.
Suvi: "Dont worry, I'll return it to you." And he did, a few days later, in the shape of the now so familiar metal teardrop around her neck. "Now you cant hurt anyone, so go ahead and learn to use your power without hesitating."

Now Akai really began learning magick with the tutoring of the old monk. She was a natural so she learned fast. And the day came when Suvi had no more to teach her. "Never forget my child, it's whats in your heart which matters, and dont forget an old man like me..." was his parting words to Akai.

Since then, she has been travelling Primus... learning many things. One in particular, beauty is not always a good thing. It makes you stand out in crowds. She got used to pain when captured and sold as an exotic slave. Her human owner was one with a grim taste - torture. When he found out he could restrict her magic with metal he kept her in a metal collar and chains. On a 'good' day he took of the chains but let Akai keep the collar... and he forced Akai to fight against another slave. Weak and not a fighter from the beginning, Akai turned to magic. Needless to say she was severly beaten before she used any magic, taught only to heal with her power. Tired of it all Akai concentrated and as the collar around her neck broke, she hit the slave with a blue flame focusing on pain. As the slave died screaming, Akai collapsed on the floor.

Akai's master who got scared of her sold her off to a young Lord who had seen the fight. He told Akai if she could master him with a bow and arrow he would let her free... "Wild things are meant to be free..."

Restlessly she has been travelling, become somewhat paranoid and cautious of men, her beauty has not become less from the scars, but more... interesting.

Akai not knowing where to go next sat by her fire and thinking over something Suvi had said... something about a secret part of Canal city's library containing magic books. Could it be worth it? A town packed with people...? Just over an old rumour Suvi heard when he was young and visited Canal city...

Akai's curiosity took over, and she headed out in her cloak and personal belongings tucked in a backpack.


That's it in short. I might change some of it later on... =)

History and occupation, hope thats good enough Guildenstern? Otherwise just tell me what to change further...
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