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30-06-2002, 02:14 AM
---> Canal City Prelude

This is the night the final night in the racous festival known as Nights of Saint Gaul , for three days and four nights the entire city has been caught in this feverish tribute to Saint Gaul, the God of Commerce and Pleasure in a few moments the display of fireworks shall begin, bombards from Silver Hill fire the shells into the heavens lighting up the sky with brilliant reds, yellows, greens, and violets...

---> Unknown

"At last, the final night of this accursed festival. The stars are right and our timetable has been set. Soon the will of our ancient master shall be made manifest and the dreams of Ichrond shall be realized! Be wary my minions, though our time is soon upon us, the stones tell me of people in the city. Their power is nothing to ours but the silver cord of fate leads to them and where the Old Powers are concerned, anything is possible...

---> Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody Hotel

On the third floor of Canal City's premeir hotel, several of the rooms were occupied by various newcomers to the city, all awakened by the fireworks. Besides their own possessions they have a large number of gaudy glass bead necklaces, feathers, masks, comical hats, and jester wands. There's not a soul among them who can remember the recent events from the past four days very clearly, just fleeting images of blood and glass, the crack of a gunshot. The memory of a dying man's words...

"Gods help us! After all these years, it wasnt who we thought! Finally the truth...awakened and I cant do a thing to stop it! Who could have known, is there not good amongst them? It does not matter now, he can still do great evil after all this time, the city is proof of that. You must warn my friend, Priest! Tell him, It was Davenorn...*cough* Daven..."

(OOC: This is the starting point all characters start off at the Peabody. The staff do not know who paid for your rooms, only that they are paid through to end of the week. Do as you will, converse amongst yourselves, exlpore, try to participate before the festival ends, whatever...)

Blade R
02-07-2002, 02:40 PM
Listening to the booms of the fireworks, Akari puts a silver feathered wolven mask over her own wolf face. Donning a black cloak to go with her black pants and silver shirt she opens her door, locks it behind her, and walks down the steps and out into the crowds. Looking up she sees the fireworks, watches them for a few minutes,a dn then walks down street.

She says nothing as she walks making almost no sound except for the sound of her claws clicking a bit against the street. She looks around at various shops, but stops at none.

"Money is not to be spent on such foolish things," she mutters.

Eventually, she finds her way onto a roof top, where she sits and watches the fireworks.

04-07-2002, 02:50 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter

"Eh wot, a visitor to Join ol' Egsby?"
A young chimney sweep sat down next to Akari, though his clothes were filthy he had managed to keep the soot off his face. He watched the fireworks light up the night.
"Dont trouble yeself none Miss, just watching the fireworks. The Millennial is something aint it? Three 'undred years of history this burg has. This is a right proper place to be, Millennium Quarter. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Ah well, no rest for the wicked!"
The young lad resumed with his labors.

Blade R
04-07-2002, 02:52 PM
She watches the young man come and go with amusement. Her tail wags slightly as she snickers.
"What an interseting place this is."
Gettign up she moves to another roof, then to anothera nd then she lands in an alley and makes her way into the crowd.
~No rest for the wicked? Heh, our work is never done.~
Snickering, she dissapears into the crowed streets.

13-07-2002, 09:57 PM
---> Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Centennial Square

The last of the fireworks were accompanied by a volley from the Canal City Police Mechanized Calvary. Upon the stage that had been assembled at the square stood the Senators from the various districts of the city. The Chairman of the Senate, Senator Bliss approached the phonograph speaker to say a few words.

"We, your representatives and leaders of Canal City wish you all a fantastic new Millennium. We know that Canal City will continue to prosper and lead all of Primus into the new technological era! Canal City stands as proof of the decline of Magick, do we not stand over the ruins of Brenga? And did not all of the great Technologists begin here? Yes, Canal City has stood for three hundred years and the Machine God willing it shall stand forever!"

His speech went on for some time longer, while Bliss and one of the younger looking Senators looked confident, the others shifted about uncomfortably. Their gaze moving from Bliss to the other Senator from time to time, as for the Prince of Canal City, there was no sign.

---> Unknown

Four men stood on a high rooftop looking down on the people far below. Their gazes were dark and unpleasant and not one of them looked alike.
A white haired youth with red eye spoke first, his voice was soft and soothing, "The celebration is soon to end, our master has bid us to act but I nary believe we all need to move at once. Morbid and I shall take care of the of the first portion of our mission. Smythe, you watch the newcomers that the Master saw in his vision. And you Dreeg, you find Priest and deal with him. If we get him first then the newcomers will be of no consequence."

The men departed and faded into the shadows, the words of the man were lost in the cheers of the people below.

14-07-2002, 09:52 PM
The handsome Morbian, Cormia, stood outside the Peabody hotel arms crossed and leaning agaisnt it's wall, watching the fireworks.

It was fun to watch this lovely sight, even though he was somewhat annoyed at this crowd of people.

Brushing back his metalic amber hair, Cormia wandered back into the hotel's lobby. But accedently knocking down a young human boy on the way up to his room.

Cormia offered a sleeve-hiddin-hand to help the young man up but he mearly blushed at the sight of Cormia's handsome smile and ran outside.

"Nn..." He rolled his eyes, smirking slightly, and started off for his room again.

When he made it to his room he enspected the furniture to see which was made out of wood. A chair next to an oval shaped window was made out of metal/plastic, but Cormia wanted to see the fireworks from this window, mainly because this had a great view and no people could see him from outside.
So he pushed the chair aside with his boot and kneeled down so he was able to see out the window better.

"How... serene this is..." Cormia's eyes serch for one peticualr type of fire works... the ones that make small but beutiful exsplosions... it reminded him so much of how his grandfather would stare on as Cormia's spells would exsplode into a bright red when he made a mistake... how Cormia missed those days... Not the exsplosion's but his grandfather.

The Morbian sighed but forgot those thoughts as the firework's exsploded into a bright blue and purple.

orochi X
15-07-2002, 07:16 AM
The sky lit up with the colours of the fireworks, the sounds of celebration could be heard across the city.

Shingo pushed through the crowded streets with his hand holding his metallic mask, "Move it move it!" he shouted, "Im going to miss the . . too late" Shingo slipped off his mask, turned around and headed back the way he came.

Argh, stupid crowd you can't get anywhere in time, might as well get back to the hotel the festivities are over now anyway

Moments later Shingo stood outside the Peabody, "Well whoever paid for the hotel could of got me a better room" he shook his head and headed into the Peabody.

15-07-2002, 11:56 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter

Although the Nights of Saint Gaul had officially ended after midnight, there were many post-festival parties taking place and the feverish throngs of people did not disperse. The senators withdrew into their motor coaches and drove to their respective homes.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The celebration within the Peabody was a bit more subdued, there was some light conversation in the bar and the longue. There was one man who seemed to be at the center of attention; he wore a black smoking jacket and top hat, a carefully groomed goatee and handlebar mustache adorned his face. He seemed unusually vigorous and spritly. The ladies hung at his elbow and all the gentlemen toasted his health. He glanced momentarily at Cormia and Shingo as they went by...

Lt Zechs
16-07-2002, 01:46 PM
[Wayen stood in a small darkened basement, holding up the book he was read and adjusting his glasses to get a better view with the small amount of light seeping through the windows above, he sighed as a spectacular firework exploded in the sky, giving the whole room a tempory tinge of orange-red depsite it being underground. Placing the old textbook back on the desk he rubbed his worn eyes, stood and walked over to the small gap of a window leading the crowded street above.]
Wayen: "What could all this commotion be about? The celebrations are not due untill tomorrow are they?"
[Without moving his glaze from the window he called out to his assistance.]
Wayen: "Plevin, why are the people celebrating early, today is the final day before the festival right?"
[After a long pause of silence Dr Kleskov turned to see where his assistance was, but saw nothing but a dark, empty room.]
Wayen: "Ah thats right, I am alone for this trip."
[He checked his watch to see what time it was, flicking through the various 'modes' of the watch he came across the day's date.]
Wayen: "Oh my, today is indeed the day for the celebrations, it must of slipped my mind. I should get going before I miss the entire cerimony."
[Returning to the desk he picked up his journal and placed it on the bookshelf where the books go, then put the book in the draw where his journal is meant to go. Searching around the desk and room he scatched his head.]
Wayen: "Now where have my glasses gone?"
[He searched the draw, taking the book out again and placing it under his arm, then he walked over to the coat rack and put his coat on, which was inside out.]
Wayen: "I could of sworn this coat had pockets. Oh wait here they are."
[Fixing his coat he walked up the stairs and into the hallway above. Stopping outside the door he patted his pockets in search for the keys.]
Wayen: "Oh dear I've left them behind."
[Returing down the stairs he searched the room, and found the keys on the coat rack. Going over to the desk and picking up some more notes he left behind he walked back up stairs, locking the door behind him and moved out into the street, leaving the keys in the keyhole. He gazed up into the sky as the last firework exploded in a blaze of glory, admiring the use of colors he took a guess at what components where used in the power as the sound Mechanized Guns could be heard. Looking around he made his way through the crowd as the Senator spoke, trying his best not to be knocked over, or knock anyone else over, he found himself lost in a sea of people. Not paying much attention Dr Kleskov seeked around for some refuge from the crowd, he found a small clearing outside a hotel, named the Peabody, which seemed familar. Realizing it was where he was spending the night he made his way towards it. When got there he found a nice spot and set himself to hear the rest of the speach, wishing there was somewhere he could sit down, but just as he stopped the Senator finished talking and they were moving off the platfrom.]
Wayen: *sigh*"All well, nothing but political riff-raff anyway."
[Bracing himself Wayen then moved back into the crowd to make his way back to the library, but moments later he came out of the crowd to find himself back where he started. Thinking to himself, he decided to enter the Peabody to ask the barkeep for some directions, but ended sitting at a table in the corner lounge reading the book he had somehow placed under his arm.]

16-07-2002, 11:51 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The popular young man took note of Wayen's arrival and excused himself from his various companions. He gracefully made his way to the scientist.
"Dr. Kleskov, we are honored to have such a renown technologist in our midst. You are an elusive gentleman, a man of your talents should be at the top of Canal City's social circles. Pray tell Herr Doctor, have you come for business or pleasure?"

Lt Zechs
17-07-2002, 09:52 AM
[Wayen continued to read his book whilst the young man spoke, only after several seconds of silence as the man waited for an answer, he realised he was being spoken to. Raising his head upbruptly, he looked up at the man, placing his book down and adjusting his glasses.]
Wayen: "Oh excuse me, I don't believe we have met, I am Dr Kleskov."
[Standing he reached out an shook the young man's hand, trying to find the correct words for conversation.]
Wayen: "Well I erm, an interesting question you have presented me with I think. What happens when one's business is very well one's pleasure? Ha yes ah, the quest for knowledge is never done, won't you say? Indeed."
[Still shaking the man's hand not knowing what to say next, his glance caught the book he was reading and the right topic he was searching for came to mind.]
Wayen: "Why just now I was reading a interesting piece of writing on the technological chronicals of the scientific improvements on the processing mediums that are used in a wide range of subject devices and common elements with local and non-local substances in the regional area. The facts are quite impressive with such texts in the historical recordings of the transesional progression of the elements themselves is quite enough, but the vast detail that is written when such boundries are not found can be quite suprizing even as the context becomes involved in such cases it opens up the field to more tidings of evolution but in the restricted listing. In fact it is found that some proceedings are ... "
[Wayen continued to lecture on about the various writings and discoveries in the book, plus adding his own opinions and anaylsis. On occasion he would pause to flick through the book or pull out one of his notes and show the young man a diagram, or read a certain passage from the text. The high knowledgable pace and langauge he was using could only be understood by those of his own profession, or any specialists in the field, meaning anyone else would become quite bored or loose attention after a while.]

17-07-2002, 05:50 PM
After deciding there was to many ways to come in contact with wood, Cormia left his room and strolled down to the lounge.

The Morbian felt like spitting with digust that in such a nice hotel as this, that they even had wood in here!

'...but I do supose most do not have an allergy as annoying as mine...' Cormia sighed and took a seat on a cushioned chair that did not appear to have any sorce of wood on it.

Maybe, he would be happy in this town. So far, there were no sorce of any Darklings.

Cormia relaxed his shoulders so they slouched a bit. He looked over to an man, middle age or so, looking to be in a intellectual conversation with a younger man.

The Morbian's golden eyes glistened a bit, and let the sleeve on his shirt fall back so his fingers were visable. Cormia did this only so he could run his fingers threw his hair; it always relaxed him. Then let the sleeves fall back over his hands.

"Exscuse me sir," Cormia looked up to see a young waitress with two goblets in her hand. Her voice sounde riddled with bordem."These are from th` people over there." She pointed over to two young twins, both wearing a long red dress, and over to an older man sitting next to the twins. He was dressed in a normal tux, with curly blond hair that matched the twins blond hair.

Cormia looked at the goblets."...what are they?"

"Two glasses of white wine sir..." She sounded more alive then she did before... for some reason.

Cormia took the two goblets from the waitress, and held both goblets in one hand.

'Somthing free already... and I didn't need to minuplate them...' To be respectful, Cormia flashed a pleased smile over to the twins and the man. The twin girls giggled foolishly, while the man just looked annoyed at the two girls.

'...I wonder if he is their father?' Cormia raised his hand slowly over the goblets in his other hand. '...they do have a resemblance.'

Suddenly the wine inside the goblets glew a light blue then it faded.

Cormia had, now, water in the goblets. 'That wine may have been free but I do not trust free things if I wasn't there to see them order it.' He thought while setting down one of the goblets.

"Cannot seem rude..." He mumbled to himself, then he drank the 'wine' down without removing the goblet at anytime until the water was gone.

"Ah..." Cormia let his eyes wander into space. And involentairly wiped a small trickle of water off his cheek.

(OCC: cormia could care less about who sends him free drinks/food/gifts. If it's free, he'd take it from a one eyed crossdressing dragon! :p ...but if the girl/guy comes over to him in person and gives him somthing Cormia can seem quite rude, or, stubborn/deficult. He is not comfortable around people who would just give him free things without knowing him. ...but he'll take the gift anyway :D )

18-07-2002, 04:21 AM
---> Canal City, Podol Plaza

Far from the raccous celebrations in Millennium Quarter the cats of Podol Plaza leapt up from their perches and began to yowl and hiss. The ground rumbled and the streets cracked. The water in the smaller canals moved back and forth. There was a great grumble and groan under the ground...there was a low voice that though great in power and stature could only be heard by either those with magickal powers or with Follower blood.
"Come forth childer of Brenga...the hour of ascension is nearly at hand...break the seal! Release me..."
The cats's hissing drowned the voice and the rumbling stopped, the voice died leaving not even an echo.

19-07-2002, 03:14 PM
Akai entered the Peabody, dressed in her covering cloak. She was happily humming a Morbian tune as she closed the door behind her.

Pretty, pretty fireworks... I could almost touch them... And not too many people where I watched them in the sky... she smiled.

She went over to the bar and ordered some ale, as she was about to pay, a small coin dropped to the floor and rolled to a stop at Cormia's feet.

Now where did that coin go? Ahhh, there. Akai knelt down to pick it up, and as she did the hood dropped down revealing her striking features. She noticed the feet in front of her and glanced up.

She blushed violently, looked away, mumbled some excuse and went back to the bar as she covered her face in the hood once again.

Shocked she gulped down some ale and began coughing violently.

19-07-2002, 10:50 PM
The young man listened to Dr. Kleskov in mild intrest, in brief moments of stammering and silence from the scientist he interjected with his own views and tidbits. It was apparant from what he said that he was highly intelligent and knowledgable but had no real direction.
"Well Doctor as much as I would love to stay and talk shop...there are revels to be had and things to be done. I dont suppose you can hear the whispers of the winds?"
With that he walked off.

19-07-2002, 11:28 PM
Cormia watched the young female Morbian rush back to the bar, while smiling to himself.

'It has been awhile sence I have seen another of my race...' He stared into space while taking a sip of water out of the goblet.
'I forget how long exsactly....'

Cormia shrugged it off, and placed the goblet on an end table next to him.

The fireworks were so peaceful sounding that Cormia wanted to fall asleep. But that was somthing he learned not to do. When he fell asleep last time, (about 2 years ago), he accedently touched a wooden table and he was unable to do magic.

The Morbian shut his eyes and decided just to relax for a while...

...Cormia needed a break. There had been an upset two towns over which was caused by his magic. Some accedent when he saw a darkling and set a building on fire.

He had been running and he just needed to...


20-07-2002, 12:16 AM
Akai had calmed down and sipped on her second ale as she looked around the room. She looked at the old man seemingly having a discussion with a younger man about something, showing off a book now and then. The conversation ended as the old man seem to lose himself in the book.

Hmmm... interesting. Seems like a person who would know where to find the library in this huge town...

Akai thought and looked over the crowd, glance falling at the morbian.

Falling asleep in a place like this? I wouldnt do that. Ah-ah... noway. But it's not my business anyhow... though he is one of my own... my own? I dont have anyone to call my own...

somewhat depressed Akai resumed drinking. Although the thought of sleeping in a crowd kept disturbing her, and she looked over at the morbian. And found he was about to be pickpocketed.

(OOC: Akai uses telepathy and sends these thoughts directly to Cormia)
[i]Oi... Wake up.

20-07-2002, 01:26 AM
Oi... Wake up.

"Hn?" Cormia opens both his eyes to see a hand trying to reach into his pocket. The theif looked into Cormia's golden eyes and blushed lightly.

Cormia shook his head lightly, stood up, and grabbed the theif by his collar, lifting him up into the air.

It was a boy, probably in his teens, with brown hair and eyes. Quite plain looking, with beat up clothes.

"Eh? Now what do you think you would get from me?" Cormia raises his hand next to the boy, so the palm of his hand is facing the ceiling. "It is not smart trying to rob someone when you think they are asleep." His golden eyes glittered. "It could be dangerous for you. Not knowing whom your robbing... it could be a murderer. Or a vagabond... or a sorcerer. Hell, it could be all of them combined..."

A red/orange light began to glow in the center of Cormia's hand. Then a small flame appeared, floating in his hand.

Cormia smiled, weather it being suductively dangerous or mystirous was up to the viewer.

"Now then. Which one do you think I am?" The fire began to grow a deeper crimson red... almost like magma.

Lt Zechs
20-07-2002, 10:26 AM
[As the young gentleman walked off, Wayen stood there caught in mid-sentace his mouth open and his finger pointed at a paragraph in the text. After a moment he began reading the book again, not knowing that he had sat back down in the process. A minute later he stopped reading and gazed up at the ceilling, in a thoughtfull expression, and pondered to himself.]
Wayen: "Hear the whispers of the winds? I wonder what he could of meant by that? Interesting..."
[He thought for a while longer, anaylising the possiblities of the question, then he flipped to a section in his book on the developments in phonetic and sound devices and began comparing them to the same eras of wind and air measurements and equipment of the same stages. Making an assorted complex list of linkings in his mind. He continued to read his book, shutting off the outside world as he usually does whilst reading, soon he was so deep into his findings that he forgot exactly why he started in the first place.]

20-07-2002, 12:38 PM
(OOC: telepathy directly to Cormia)

A voice hinted with terror, Please. You're scaring him.
Akai let a glimpse of the young boys fear of magic creep into Cormia's mind.

Akai stood behind the boy and knelt down and whispered something in his ear at the same time as she kept eyecontact with the handsome Morbian. The little boys eyes went blank for half a second and then returned to normal.

Here kid. Akai smilingly held out a coppercoin and gave the boy. I saw a woman selling glaced apples a few blocks down... do you know where?

The boy nodded and looked curiously at the readheaded female kneeling on one knee to speak with him. The little boy spoke: Are you a princess? He reached out a hand to touch a scar on Akai's cheek.

Akai smiled softly.
No, little one. Akai allowed him to touch the scar with trembling fingers. I'm just like you. All alone... She took the hand in her own and patted it.

The little boy looked at her with big blue eyes: Will you be allright miss? He asked with concern, seemingly he had forgot about Cormia.

Run along now, and dont worry about me. Akai pushed him towards the door. This is no place for a kid, she thought as the boy left.

Akai still with her back towards Cormia: Now, sir. Will you please let your fire go, and join me for some ale? She turned around to face the morbian.

20-07-2002, 07:39 PM
He raised his eyebrows, "Join you?" Cormia let the fire die and crossed his arms. "Very well." He really had no intrest in this Morbian, nor did he have any intrest in anyone. But... it would be nice to sit down with someone who looked like they could hold an okay conversation. ...Most people he sat with were not in the least intellegent.

"Oh, but one last thing," He spoke in a serious tone. "Please do not interfear in my buisness anymore. I did not mind you helping that child but do not interfear again, alright?"

Cormia was not trying to be rude or ungreatful. He just had no tolerence for being helped... he grew close to his grandfather because of him helping Cormia out. So he has refused to let anyone help him in fear that he may become friends with them... and he may lose them... one day.

'I am not trying to insult you. I just wish people would leave me alone.'

(OCC: cormia wants to be left alone... unless of course gifts are involved :heh: )

20-07-2002, 07:59 PM
Akai silently watched him with her head slightly tilted to the right.

I didnt mean to interfere, normally I wouldn't have. It's just the combination of children and fire that gets to me. Akai smirked. It looked a little crooked because of the scar on her cheek.

And it's been a while since I saw one of my own race. It's hard speaking to anyone being a spirit. She said sarcastically.

How about me buying the first round? I really dont know anyone here, and some chitchat would be a nice change to silence. That is, if you dare drink with someone who walks in the spiritworld. Akai winked and smiled a real smile, showing off her breathtaking magnetism.

Her eyes sparkled, her hair moved like burning fire and her skin seemed to glow from within. (OOC: illusion lasts 'til Akai turns away, about 2 sec.)

Akai went over to the bar and signalled to the barkeep for another round. not watching to see if Cormia followed or not.

Akai to herself:
Well. That was utterly stupid. What am I doing? Geez. Akai, get a grip. Just because he is the first Morbian you've seen for 10 or so years, and such a handsome devil too. You dont need to act so desperate. Desperate? Akai felt her cheeks going hot again.

Akai, shut up. You dont know what you're talking about. Just drink, and remember to speak.

20-07-2002, 11:26 PM
Cormia sat down next to the Morbian and watched as the bar tender filled their glasses.

"That'll be-" The bartender started to say the price of the drinks but a voice interupted him.

"Do not bother the lad." Cormia turned his head sharply, causing some amber strands to curl up. It was that blond man that was with those twins earlier.
He flashed a smile at Cormia, then looked back at the bartender. "Put whatever he drinks on my tab." Then he turned and went back to his own seat.

Cormia let his eyes sparkle a little, and spoke to the bartender. "This lady is with me so whatever she drinks goes on his tab as well."

He nodded and went back to waiting on costumers.

"That happens a lot," He spoke to Akai. "Many people buy me things without me asking for them." He shrugged. "So ignore that and just enjoy your ale."

He didn't look at Akai when he spoke, he just kept drinking out of his glass. And only sat it down when it needed to be filled.

20-07-2002, 11:30 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Manor of Senator Adrian Bliss

Senator Bliss' coach pulled up to the steel gates which opened to permit access then closed once the coach was within. The manor was large had impressive gardens, a rare luxury in Canal City.

--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Zazuburg Hotel, Royal Suite

Senator Octavius Caesar's coach stopped outside of the famed Zazuburg, the most luxurious hotel in all of Strauss Plaza and second only to the Peabody in Canal City. He took the water-pressure lift to the Royal Suite where he kept his residence.

--->Canal City, Podol Plaza, Home of Senator Justinian Tibuld

The moment Senator Tibuld's coach came to a rest, several cats leapt upon it and began to nap. Tibuld stepped out and took a moment to scratch the ear of a content Calico. He stepped over another cat and made it to his pleasant house.

--->Canal City, Axe Town, Home of Senator Morgan Hess

Hess' coach came to a stop disgorging the Senator and his three Hobgoblin Bodyguards before racing out of the slum neighborhood. The four entered the Senator's home; once a magnificant townhouse from Axe Town's glory days.

--->Canal City, Old Towne, Unknown

The coach of Senator Vincent LuRoe rode into the mist-enshrouded Olde Towne and vanished from sight...

--->Canal City, Silver Hill, The Palace of his Majesty Prince Maxamillian Vandal

The young prince stood upon the balcony of the high tower and looked at his subjects below sadly. He only hoped that the revels might bring them some joy. Defeated, he walked back indoors...

21-07-2002, 12:16 PM
Mmm. Yeah. I've seen it happen once or twice. Good looks makes people do stuff. And if it's for their own pleasure or profit, people will do anything to get what they want. Some are worse than others in pursuing their goals...

Akai raised her glass to drink and when she did, her wide sleeve slipped down and revealed long ago healed scars. But from the looks of them, they had been serious wounds. Akai didnt seem to notice as she spoke again.

And I'm no lady. I'm just Akai, your average wandering healer... She smiled a little and glanced at Cormia.

I'm told there's a decent library in Canal city, ever heard of it? On the other hand, you dont strike me as the type to be interested in dusty old books... Akai grinned saracstically to herself and out of bad habit she stroke the scar on her cheek.

21-07-2002, 02:41 PM
"A library?" Cormia rested his head on his knuckles. (or more so sleeve covered knuckles)

"I wouldn't know. I just arrived in this city earlier today," He motioned for the bar tender. "I only came to this place because I heard from a hobbit that this town had no... darklings." The last word came out with filled disgust.

The bar tender filled up his goblet but Cormia didn't move to pick it up.

Memories were locked in his mind, but he had to face the fact that Darklings still exsitited... and if one ever came across him... Cormia didn't know what he would or could do... or worse... what he couldn't stop himself from doing.

21-07-2002, 03:32 PM
Akai began to get affected by the alcohol.

"I love books. Too bad you dont know of the library." Akai pouted, and suddenly came to think of something. "I didnt catch your name by the way..." Akai smiled sweetly, obviously from the effects from the alcohol and Cormia's presence.

Akai got a thoughtful look as she spoke:
"Darklings? What would those foul creatures be doing in a town?" Akai slurred. "The bastards leaves the ugliest wounds which are almost impossible to treat. They get infected and suppurates quickly, and almost every time, the bodypart must be amputated. That is, if you dont get a good medic to the scene... in time." She winked. Clearly talking about herself.

Akai pulled back her hood and let her hair out, almost reaching the floor where she sat. The hair moved by itself, like slowly flowing water. Akai hummed an old morbian tune low, as she ran her fingers through her hair, and gently massaging her scalp.

I feel oddly relaxed... weird. Even though there are lots of people in this place I feel at ease. I might aswell enjoy it.

22-07-2002, 12:40 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

A well-groomed Ogre in the Peabody's bar looked at the two Morbians in distaste. He adjusted his white gloves and tugged at his wirey goatee.
"Sir and Madam, if you wish to insult one's people you should do it out of earshot of said group. It is true we Darklings have our roots with the Evil Gods but it is falsehoods like your "infectous wound" stories that will stifle progress."
Though he sounded educated his thick ogreish accent was still prevalent.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter

The revels continued for several hours more before they started to die down. Weary party-goers began to slink their way homes and hostels. It wouldnt be for a few hours more before the first of the visitors to Canal City (and there were many) realized that they were trapped in the city...

Blade R
22-07-2002, 11:45 PM
(ack!! I'm soo sorry for not posting sooner, I was on vacation for a week and didn't get the chance!!! sorry sorry sorry sorry!!! I tried to read everything everyone had written, so if I screw something up just tell me and I'll fix it.)

Akari wandered back into The Peabody Hotel after a while. Her money pouches seemed a bit bigger than when she had left...come to think of it she didn't have any when she left. But, no one seemed to notice. She looks around and sees two Morbians and an Ogre. She frowned at the later and kept walking.

Not feeling tired yet, she makes her way to a chair and sits down. Removing her mask and pulling off her hood, her white fur and wolfish head make it plain for anyone to see that she is one of The Awakened. Pushing her black hair behind her equally black ears she turns slightly to the right, allowing herself to evesdrop on the Morbians and the Ogre.

Someone comes up and asks her what she wanted:
"Water," she replied, her voice itself having a sort of smooth, almost water like sound.

Keeping her ears on the selected group she takes her water and pays the amount, then scans the rest of the room with her blue-green eyes, but seening nothing else too interesting also turns them on the group.

orochi X
23-07-2002, 02:44 AM
OOC: Ugh i forgot about this RPG :heh:

IC: Shingo collapsed onto his bed face first with a thump, "Urgh" Shingo started to moan, "Today has been a big waste" He rolled over onto his side and stared at the wooden panels of the door.

Well tomorrow the festivities are over and ill be back to work, back to the labourous work

Shingo shuffled across his bed, making his way to the small bedside table. He removed his silver watch and placed it onto the table. "Nothing better to do then sleep i suppose" he mumbled to himself.

23-07-2002, 06:08 AM
Akai looked at the ogre, then looked at Cormia, then back at the ogre again as she thought, this is why I dont like crowds... People tend to "eavesdrop"...

"Well, Ogre sir. You seem to be a civilized person. I'll say this to you, the wounds I have seen and treated are no fantasies. But sir, feel free to educate me on my "incorrect" beliefs of darklings, since I'm only a simple healer and dont know much of things, other than I have seen through the people I've treated."

23-07-2002, 11:13 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The Ogre shrugged, "I do not pretend to be an expert on battle or medicine, but I have read that less reputable warriors are known to spread poison or filth on their weapons, and some among the Awakened and the Darklings have even taken to poisoning their own claws. The fact is I cant be certain but Darklings are not the evil beings everyone believes them to be, how would Morbians act if they were hounded at every turn? Denied even the most simple of occupations and hunted down in the more remote regions. In the east that accursed Brengan League even hunt us down for our base components! It is a sad state of affiars outside Canal City...

Blade R
23-07-2002, 02:50 PM
Akari listened intently to the conversation. She had to admit that she had considered poisoning her claws once, but decided against it. Wanting to here more, seeing as how she had never heard the flip side of the coin before, she turns her head a little more twords them, though still not seeming like she was listening to them.

23-07-2002, 05:19 PM
Akai listened intently at what the ogre had to say.

"Poison, you say? Hmm..." Akai nods to herself as she thinks it through while stroking her scar. "I thought so myself when the wounds would not heal... but it must be one strange poison, I have never seen anything like it, or anything that reacts the way it does. What it reminds me of most of all, is some kind of acid... I wonder..." Akai got thoughtful.

"Oh sorry Sir, here I go talking/thinking medicine... " Akai smiled and then suddenly got serious.

"And if Morbians were hounded? I dont know how I would act, since I cant speak for any clan or village. I believe it would be a survival for the fittest... I'm sure not all Darklings are evil, although I haven't had the pleasure of knowing one, as said before, I have only seen the reults of Darkling-encounters..."

"Brengan League? Never heard of, who's he? If you dont mind telling me, sir. I'm not from the neighbourhood you see."

Lt Zechs
23-07-2002, 09:05 PM
(OOC: Went over new download limit :( so internet is disabled untill next month (using Uni connection), sorry, just use my character as a NPC or he can just sit in the corner reading untill I get back, sorry. :( )

24-07-2002, 01:02 AM
Cormia listened to the orge. Not liking it a bit though.

"What you say is that some Darklings are not evil..." Cormia turned back around to face the bar. "I cannot change my dislike for your race so quickly just because of what you say... I just won't act harshly on you Darklings.... until I am given a reason to. Alright then?" He titled his head back; letting his long amber hair touch the ground a bit.

"Now if you do not mind... go bother that lady over there." He pointed to Akari. "She seems to be interested in what you have to say."

Cormia smiled knowing that women had no idea that he knew she was listing.

'My ears do not only hear, you know? The sence as well.'

Not knowing how, but Cormia could always detect when someone was being nosy.
But that women looked like the type not to listen just for gosep's sake... she probably was interested in somthing the Orge had to say.

'Aye whatever... now she has her chance.' Cormia sat up and contiued to drink.

24-07-2002, 01:22 AM
Originally posted by Lt Zechs
(OOC: Went over new download limit :( so internet is disabled untill next month (using Uni connection), sorry, just use my character as a NPC or he can just sit in the corner reading untill I get back, sorry. :( )
(OOC: Wow that really sucks, you must have the police state of all internet providers! See you in a bit.)
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The ogre looked at this bumpkin of a Morbian she was actually unfamiliar with the Brengan League!
"The Brengan Ressurection League, they are those bloody wizards in the East. Our mortal enemies, they wish to restore the horror that was Brenga. Because Canal City stands on the ruins of Brenga, well let's just say we are not on the best terms. They are fanatics, they destroy technology whenever possible, I swear they are such regressive fools, very powerful though. They also have an odd relationship with the Followers of Ichrond, they are the remenents of Brengan genius but they are not intrested in magick; they were the ones who built this city along with Guilliman and Pryce."

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Guilliman Manor

The last son of Guilliman sat deep within his clockwork home, the celebrations had ended and he was still alive. The family curse was seemingly thwarted, still he would be cautious for some time. Even on the eve of the Millennial Celebration on the final Night of Saint Gaul , his power and influence was able to get workers at his home; adding more and more traps and secret areas. The Guilliman manor was a giant fortress of churning gears and hissing steam...

Blade R
24-07-2002, 07:23 PM
Akari practicaly bolted upright when she heard the voice.

"The hell?"

Turning, she sees one of the Morbians looking at her. She glares and then snorts.

~Well I know when I've been found out and when I'm not wanted. Time to move on.~

Getting up she takes her mask in one hand and nods at the small group. Finishing her water, she moves towards the steps and heads for her room.

~I do wander who paid for my room though......~

25-07-2002, 04:47 PM
Telepathy from Akai to Akari.
(Akai sent a mental image of herself before speaking) You know, if you find a conversation interesting, why not just join it, instead of eavesdropping? Then you'll be sure to hear what you want. Akai smiled amusedly and terminated the mindlink.

Akai looked at the ogre, enjoying the conversation she was having.
"Well, sir. Would you please sit down? And who was Brenga?" Akai blinked twice with her red eyes which shone of intelligence as she met the ogre's gaze.

"I suppose it's some kind of legend hinted with true bits and pieces? A city's tale is always a good story." Akai smiled charmingly.

telepathy from Akai to Cormia.
And why dont you take the opportunity to speak with this seemingly civilized Darkling? I'll leave this link open so you can communicate with me directly... if you wish too.

25-07-2002, 06:53 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody
The ogre bared a tusky grin momentarily, "Poh, poh. Truly Madam, for a Morbian you are lacking in education. I am surprised that your community would let you leave the Northumbrian Forests in such a state.. Very well, the task it seems has come upon me. Brenga was not a person per se, but an empire. The greatest empire of the Golden Age in fact. The Brenga family forged an empire from chaos, using their mastery over the forces of magick to tame the barabrians of Hesperia and bring order to the west. The ruled for five thousand years right until the Godswar. Brenga made a poor choice in judgement choosing to side against all of the Gods. In his hubris, Emperor Brenga MCXIII thought he could overpower the heavens and rule the world. For his troubles though the slain God Sharpei was dropped onto the Empire crushing it entirely. The capitol of the Empire, Brenga rests hundred of feet below Canal City's sewers, bruied under the ruins of Steam City. That's all ancient history though"
Across the room the young man that had been talking to Dr. Kleskov sneered and walked to the gentleman's washroom. His mind was churning with thoughts most urgent.
They seem dazed, they act as they would. The little thief has recovered quickly enough to be certain. But they don't seem concerned with their lack of memory. Or the ordeal they all went through. These strangers all united by what they should not have seen. Besides Priest, they are the only potential threats to the cause. Will they force our hand again or will the enchantment be enough?

Blade R
25-07-2002, 10:41 PM
Stopping in her tracks, Akari turns and looks at the girl, then walks over and looks her face to face.

"I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want, but stay out of my head," she growled. "If I want to evesdrop, then I damn well will evesdrop."

Bearing her fangs a bit, she stands back up and looks at them.

"Besides, I doubt any wicked are wanted here."

With that she turns again and walks toward the stairs.

28-07-2002, 02:41 PM
Akai just looked at the Awakened as she barked. So this is what I get for playing nice? Akai thought and took another sip of the ale.

I wont allow any eavesdroppers next time... A look of steel flashed in Akai's red eyes and vanished as she smiled to the retreating back of the Awakened.

Akai turned once more to the ogre:

"Well, I'm actually from the Highlands, and in the part of leaving, I had not much to say about it. Feh? Conquer the Heavens. Impossible! But still, five thousand years as lone ruler is impressive. Ancient history? Hmmm... this actually sounds interesting... do you think I might find any books about it at the city library?"

Akai suddenly put her hand to her mouth and coughed violently.

"I... I'm sorry, all of a sudden... I don't feel very well." Akai looked at the bartender. "Which way to the restroom?"

The bartender pointed in the direction of where the young man had been walking, and Akai excused herself:

"I'll be right back." She murmured barely audible behind her hand, and hurried off.

My... head... is spinning. Akai coughed and felt a stinging pain in her stomach. ...I... there's something... I should remember... Images flashed rapidly through Akai's mind as her brain went wild. ...I'm burning!!! Akai unsteadily walked and stumbled into a table.

"Oi! Watch where you're going you drunk! You nearly knocked my wine out!!" Some angry human shouted after her.

...What.... is... this...?

Akai collapsed by the wall, and as she wasnt in control of her magic abilities, she seemed to be lying in the midst of pale fire.

(OOC: the fire is an illusion created by Akai's mind, though she herself isnt aware about it. I doubt she's aware of anything right now... Oh yeah, since the mindlink to Cormia wasnt terminated... he might sense some of Akai's confusion. It's up to you to decide that Magicfangirl. =) And heh, I must say, this character turned out quite different from what I had planned. And sorry for my late post, I've been pretty busy with work. =)

29-07-2002, 02:26 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody
The young man looked at the Morbian woman's display, Oh Gods! What's that tramp up to? Best find out methinks...
He stopped just short of the gentleman's washroom and walked to Akai.
Akai was dazed and confused, lying the midst of illusional flames of her own making. Her vision was distorted, everyone was blurred and seemed to be moving at a snail's pace. The only ones that she could see clearly were that Awakened walking towards the stairs, Cormia, Dr. Kleskov, and a figure walking towards her. At first it seemed like an extremly handsome human in an expensive suit. But as he strided towards her his movements seemed jerky and out of focus, his smile seemed manical and he had drawn a straight razor from his coat, he seemed to be growing taller and wider as blood seeped from the floors...
"He is coming and brings with Him the end days, seek not shelter and try not stay his hand. Even in the days of Gold, all the power of Brenga could do not but cringe! You fret and strut your mortal desires but when he comes I shall not be found wanting!"
The razor flew from his hand flying straight towards her eye...
"Madam are you ill, do you need a physician? Please milady, try to stand up. Take my hand."
Standing in front of Akai was a handsome human male in an expensive looking suit. He held out a gloved hand ready to help her up. Everything looked normal, everyone was moving at the correct speed, and there was no razor wielding loony.

29-07-2002, 02:58 AM
Cormia had gotten up and ran over to Akai, (better then be anywhere near that orge), but before he could get to Akai a human man offered a hand to help her.

Making sure Akai did not thing Cormia was rude, he helped her up before the human could.

Showing respect to the human male's kind actions, Cormia flashed a smile that could melt a Darklings heart, (if they have one), and nodded his head a little bit. " I thank you, kind sir for offering to help this women."

Cormia's attention where both on the human and Akai. But he was more concerened with what had happened to her just then.

"I do not understand why you just fell like that," He began. "I find that quite odd... from what I saw, you suddenly became faint/dizzy out of no where? Correct?"

Cormia was not anymore intrested in this Morbian then he was any other person, but he was curious about what had caused her to faint.

(OCC: sorry I no post sooner :bawling: I been busy! But I'm back on my normal posting chart! As many times a day as possable :p )

29-07-2002, 12:49 PM
Akai stood, supported by Cormia, blinking as she came to and the fire faded. Akai stared at the human as she slowly put her hand to her face and over her left eye...

She was trembling slightly of fear. She felt nauseous...

What, did I just "see"? I have had no visions of this kind... since... the early beginning of my training... another timeframe?

Akai removed her hand from her face while staring intently at the handsome human.

Akai to Cormia: "I dont know either why I fainted... I think I just need some rest to recover."

Akai to the handsome human: "And no.... I need no doctor,...........sir. Thank you for offering to help, may I ask your name?" Akai was very cautious now, trusting her visions and instincts. This man was a possible threat to her freedom, as she saw it. And why was it that only that Awakened, Cormia an old man and that human had been in focus during the vision when everything else was blurred?

Blade R
29-07-2002, 12:51 PM
Akari stopped in midstride and watched the girl. After she got up, Akari was interested to know what happened. She had seen lots of things....but nothing like that before. Walking closer to them, she looks over the others shoulders and perks her ears.

(Ever the little evesdropper isn't she?)

01-08-2002, 11:33 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The young man decided that it was not a good time to interact with so many of them at once, while the Morbians were occupied he stepped back and seemingly disappeared into the shadows

Lt Zechs
09-08-2002, 11:54 AM
[Dr. Kleskov sat at his small table, now covered in a messy array of hand written notes and diagrams he had been creating. He was fascinated in his findings on picture imagery and geographic progression over the last few decades, plus the subtle yet strange similarities between them was quite evident. Finalizing what he had just discovered he sat back and peered over his notes, reviewing them, the events occurring in the hotel and all around him going unnoticed.]
Dr. Kleskov: "Ah yes, whispers of the wind--"
[He stopped short as he realized his mistake; he had mixed the fields up somehow. Going back through his pile of notes, he found out that he did start with sound and wind data, but seemed to of moved on to image and geographic data. Pondering over obvious errors in the conclusion, he was brought back into the real world by what he perceived as someone mentioning his name.]
Voice: "I need no doctor"
[Wayen put his notes down and looked around the room, in response and noticed the commotion near the washrooms with a young woman and two gentlemen, one of them looking somewhat familiar, annoyingly so. He determined that it must of been the female who had called out, she looked quite shaken, and he wondered if he should make himself of some assistance standing in the process, but the other gentleman was already helping her up. He paused for a moment and looked at the other gentleman, who seemed to disappear right before him. He took his glasses off and cleaned them with a handkerchief and placed them back on adjusting them.]
Wayen: "How strange, maybe I met the fellow at a Technologist convention..."
[He continued to stand there, trying to put a name and place to the person he saw, occasionally taking his glasses off to inspect them.]

(OOC: Back again :D with another 650mb to use up :rolleyes:. Sorry I hadn't posted sooner, time's been short and there was some reading to do. If anything doesn't fit/make sense, just let me know and I'll try and correct it.)

09-08-2002, 12:47 PM
Akai watched in disbelief at what was happening as she was still shaky, and when the young man disappeared in the corner of her eye she freaked, spinned around and froze.

"What the?!"

Akai stood motionless, radiating an eerie aura, making everyone around her in a 50 cm radius uncomfortable... She made a mental search for the man who had disappeared... She noticed the old man standing confused, looking their way with his glasses in his hand, a waitress handing out her private key to a customer, and Akai sensed a drunken man puking his guts out against a wall outside. But no trace of the man before. Not even a whisper, it was like he never existed.

Akai didn't know what to think of this. Something was not as it was supposed to be... She felt chills down her spine, something was very, very wrong.

She looked determined as she looked over the little group.

We are connected somehow... my vision tells me so... And I can feel someone has been tampering with my mind. Why would I else have reacted that way a little while ago? Maybe coming to a city was a bad idea after all.

"I think I need some sleep, after all, it's kinda late, and I have an early start tomorrow. Please excuse me."

Akai left mumbling the word/name "...Brenga."

09-08-2002, 07:30 PM
--->Canal City, Podol Plaza, Home of Senator Tibuld

Tibuld was awakened by the slightest of noises on his windowsill, his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness. All he could see was the familiar bedroom and the seven or eight cats laying about. He looked at the window and saw a shadowy figure looking at him.
"Who are you! What are you doing here?"
"You have come to kill haven't you"
Tibuld smiled smugly, "You can't enter can you, my cats won't let you. I am versed in the Old Ways, I know how to keep your kind away! Why else do you think I forbid the slaying of cats? They show me their favor..."
The figure slipped off the window and sailed off into the night...

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter

The young man walked away from the Peabody whistling, he could feel the tendrils of the Morbian's magick looking for him but with his sight, he could simply avoid them. He made his way into the darkened alleys as the first rays of the sun stole over the horizon.

--->Canal City Morning I
Most people save the most energetic went to their homes or hotels, seeking rest after a hard night's partying.

14-08-2002, 03:42 PM
Akai awoke early. She sat in her bed and watched the sun rise...

She got dressed, and walked downstairs and ordered some breakfast. Akai sat down and waited for her food. She noticed that not many people were awake...

"They probably have a hangover.... I'm surprised I'm feeling ok. Based on my strange behavior yesterday I shouldnt." She thought.

She smiled. "Oh well, maybe I can find the library today."

14-08-2002, 03:44 PM
--->Canal City

After a brief sunrise the skies became overcast with black and grey clouds and it began to rain...

14-08-2002, 07:25 PM
Cormia quickly ran into a pawn shop to escape from the rain.

Breathing heavly, Cormia kneeled down to catch his breath...

'I know I am not allergic to rain... but I don't like to get wet.'

Cormia caught his breath and stood. Taking a quick glance over at the swords... Cormia ignored them and went over to look at the cross bows... at least those weren't made of metal.

15-08-2002, 04:17 AM
Akai paused when she was about to take a bite of bread as she looked outside and saw the rain.

"Great, rain.... "

Akai pouted sourly and finished her breakfast, put down a few coins on the table, took her cloak and headed out entirely shrouded in it.

Out in the streets Akai stopped a young woman, "I'm looking for the library, do you know where it is?"

Lt Zechs
15-08-2002, 11:32 AM
[Dr Kleskov awoke slowly to the tapping of rain on rooftops and the stone pathways outside. Opening his eyes he almost overwhelmed by the onslaught of words and figures that enveloped his vision, moving to a more upright position he realized where the confusion came from as the text book he had been reading fell of his face and into his lap. Gazing around the room he got a bearing on his surroundings, he could note familiar objects, like his unpacked luggage sitting in the corner, or his notes neatly stacked on the table next to the bed, but he couldn't recalled ever being in this room, or for that matter ever coming into it.]
Dr Kleskov: "How odd."
[He thought as he swung his legs over the side of the bed, searching for more clues as to his whereabouts, a small note dislodged itself from its place and fluttered to the hard timber floor. Reaching down he picked it up as the book on his lap replaced the note's position on the floor with a dull thud. Holding the paper up to the light casting through the window beside him for a better look he read its contents:
Dr. Kleskov,
It would be preferable if you slept in the room which had been prepared for you to stay in, rather than the lounge downstairs, for the duration of your visit. Your luggage and personal belongings have also been delivered from the library and should be in your room when you awaken, the keys have been left on the dresser table and a spare set is available at reception.
As arranged, payment is taken care of and we apologize for any inconveince this has caused.
The Peabody Management Staff.
[Placing the note on the table he thought to himself, his eyes staring at the keys placed there in a query he spoke out loud.]
Dr Kleskov: "Keys... Now why would I be worried about keys all of a sudden?"
[Suddenly it hit him, as the events of last night came back to mind. He stood quickly, knocking the book across the floor as he went over to his lab coat hanging on a hook behind the door. After searching the pockets he gave up and slapped his hand onto his forehead.]
Dr Kleskov: "Keys! I left the library keys behind! Oh dear I'll have to go back and get them, would be a shame to loose them."
[He then hurriedly put on his coat, and gathered up his notes and books, cramming them untidily under his arm and in his brief case and left the room, stopping just before the door closed to run back and get the room's key off the bed side table and then left. He rushed down the stairs and through the lounge, his glasses slipping as he stumbled on the door step. Peering out towards the darkened skies and the rain pouring down from them, he shook his head.]
Dr Kleskov: "No time now, rain or not I must be off."
[Using his brief case as a shield against the rain he hastily moved down the streets towards the library. Not watching his direction he almost knocked into a pair of people on the pathway, one a young lady, the other covered in a heavy cloak. Straightening his fogged up glasses and walking by he exclaimed an apology.]
Dr Kleskov: "Excuse me, I'm sorry."
[He then moved on his way down the street quickly as he could towards the library.]

15-08-2002, 11:14 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The young woman looked at the Morbian, "Library? Why there are several in Canal City. The two most famous are the Library on Silver Hill and the old Steam City Hall which is on the border of Millennium and Podol Plaza. You can only get to the one on Silver Hill by invitation or appointment though."

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody (Lounge)

In the lounge a familiar young human male watched the happenings in the lobby, his white and silver suit made it painful to look at him. Despite the eyesore of a bright suit, the ladies in the lounge could not keep their eyes off him, such was the presence he radiated...

16-08-2002, 09:09 AM
Akai listened intently at what the woman said and memorized the details.

"I thank you kindly." She smiled.

Suddenly a powerful presence struck her mind... painfully. Akai made a face. "It's _him_. I have to get back to the inn..."

Akai rushed back to the Peabody, and stood gasping in the doorway, gazing for the man in question. Her hood had fallen down and her flaming hair hung loose and tangled down her back.

Akai regained her composure and closed the door, and moved silently into the shadows watching the man in the white/silversuit.

16-08-2002, 01:08 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The young man was talking to several young ladies from out of town who all giggled and chittered at his stories. He seemed to be deeply into his conversation but one of his eyes turned sideways to glare at Akai and his lips turned upwards into a horrific snarl, "Rude little girl, it's terribly impolite to stare. Come a little closer so I can tear your throat out!"
But within the blink of an eye it was as if it never happened. He was still smiling and talking up the young ladies, oblivious to anyone else in the lounge...

--->Canal City, Podol Plaza, Biddle & Bailey Pawnbrokers

The man behind the counter looked at the handsome Morbian, "Hello sir? Do you need any assistance?"

16-08-2002, 10:32 PM
"Eh?" Cormia looked up from a crossbow he was looking at. "Oh," He picked up a wooden crossbow and arrows (but his sleeves covered his hands so he would not have an allergic reaction) and walked over to the counter.

"Yes actually," Cormia placed the arrows in front of the clerk. "Do you know if these arrows are strong enough to break threw small spells? Like if I were to fire it at water sheild or so, would it break threw or would the arrow just break?"

Cormia had trouble finding weapons that could break threw even the weakest water sheild. And if Cormia ever became unable to do magic he would have to be able to defend himself with normal weapons....

"If these arrows can't break threw a water sheild do you have any other weapons that can?" Cormia leaned on his elbows and smiled at the clerk.... maybe he could get a discount if he played his cards right.

17-08-2002, 12:59 AM
--->Canal City, Podol Plaza, Biddle & Bailey Pawnbrokers

The gentleman behind the counter scratches behind the ear of a cat perched on the countertop.
"While a few people have been known to pawn small magickal trinkets, the idea of selling one's magickal heirlooms to us is absurd. If it is enchanted weapons you seek you could try the forge of the master arms maker Herr Gustav Von Braun. The good Von Braun can be seen only by appointment however, you seem like a reputable gentleman though so I shall write you a letter of introduction."
He withdrew a fountain pen from his apron pocket and pulled out a small sheet of marble-print paper, scratching out a simple letter to introduce Cormia, or "This Morbian gentleman of good standing" as the letter describes him. He signs the letter, "Your steadfast friend and associate, J. Terwillinger Biddle; Biddle &Bailey Pawnbrokers">

17-08-2002, 01:54 PM
"Now, this is strange..." Akai wrinkled an eyebrow and looked around, but everything seemed normal.

Akai turned to talk to a lone man who also sat in the shadows smoking a pipe. The red glow made Akai's her to look like burning fire.

"Excuse me, but who is the man in the white/silversuit getting so much attention?"

17-08-2002, 09:04 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The gentleman with a pipe exhaled a long draught of smoke in the Morbian's direction, it was a very heady and aromatic tobbacco weed.
"That my dear is one of the Smythe Brothers, twins so I hear. I seem to remember them being a bank family, some sort of tradgedy but I cant seem to remember..."

18-08-2002, 03:04 PM
"He's an important person then?" Akai glanced at mr.Smythe and back at the old man.

"And umm... yeah, you wouldn't happen to know who I should talk to, to visit the library on Silver Hill? I'm doing some research in medicine you see..." Akai smiled sweetly.

Lt Zechs
20-08-2002, 10:56 AM
--->Old City Library.

[When Wayen reached the library he was nothing short of soaked, his case, coat, and shoes were dripping with water. Trying to brush off as much water as possible, he walked into the main library, leaving a wet trail behind him as his shoes squeaked across the finely pollished floors of the library. He got to a set of door leading to various other areas of the library and paused, searching his memory, he could not remember which door led to the basement and being private areas there was no obvious signage. He squeaked over to the reception desk and opened his mouth to talk to the librarian who had been watching him ever since he entered.]
Wayen: "Er-"
Librarian: "The door you are looking for Dr. Kleskov is second to the right, that one leads to the basement area."
Wayen: "Oh er thank-you."
[He proceeded to the asigned door, and lifting his wet, foggy glasses to inspect the lock he discovered there was no key in it. Taking his glasses off to clean them, he turned around to find the librarian stand right infront of him, who startled him, and he dropped his glasses, but before he could pick them up she spoke.]
Librarian: "Dr. Kleskov if you intend to continue to use our library's facilities then I suggest that you take better care of them and respect our strict security code."
[Bending down she picked up Dr. Kleskov's glasses, and when she came up she had them and a set of keys in her hand.]
Librarian: "Luckily these were found before they fell into the wrong hands, the texts in this hall are very rare and hard to come by, most being the only copy ever written, I would expect in future you are to take better care of them."
[She then handed Dr. Kleskov his glasses but kept the keys in her hand.]
Wayen: "I erm-"
Librarian: "Unfortunately the basement is closed for today and you will not be able to enter, the few misplaced items that you had left here are at the reception desk. Now if you excuse me I must find a cleaner to dry our floors."
[With that she walked off and through a door clearly labelled 'Staff Only'. Wayen stood there cleaning his glasses, when he was finished he placed them back on and walked over to the reception desk, he located a pile of familiar papers and his journal, putting them in his case he peered around the library.]
Wayen: "These books do not interest me, what I want is in that basement. All well for another time I guess, what harm could staying here another night do?"
[With a sigh he moved over to the doors and checked outside, it was still raining, bracing himself, he dashed off into the street and hastily headed back towards the Peabody for a change of clothes, an umberlla, and some breakfast.]

20-08-2002, 11:48 PM
(OOC: For future reference could all players try to put some sort of indicator as to where your characters are at the top of your post? It will help me manage the npc's and guide the story more efficiantly, thanks)
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody, Lounge

The man clenched his teeth down on his pipe in thought, moving his eyes left and right before speaking."Well Silver Hill is the Prince's private area, a Senator could get you in I'm certain, or a high ranking priest. You might try one of his friends such as Guilliman, but then again you might need a letter just to see him! No I would think a Senator would be your best bet, just be sure to pick the right patron."

--->Canal City, Sewers

A trail of bubbles originating from the harbor surged down the passages with deadly accuracy. It's final destination was unknown but it had some time to go...

Blade R
21-08-2002, 07:11 PM
(sorry I haven't posted for a while, I was on vacation.)

--> Peabody Inn

Akari woke up later than usual. Looking outside she noticed that it was raining.
"I hate rain," she mumbled to herself.
Putting on her clothes and a long rain jaket she walks over to the door and sees a note. Picking it up she grins as she reads it.

My dear wicked worker,
I need some infor mation, if you can answer my questions, then I may have a job for you. Meet me atop the black roof around noon, you know the one.

Stuffing it in one of her pokets she heads out to get something to eat.

(if any one of you want to be the note sender feel free. It can be a trap if you want it to. If no one wants to that's fine, I have my own sender I can put in. If you want to, just let me know)

21-08-2002, 07:57 PM
{pawn shop}

Cormia took the letter in hand. "Thank you," He held the note in his hand lightly. "Sorry to ask so many questions. But where would I find," Cormia peaked at the letter. "Mister Van Braun?"

The Morbian crossed his arms but smiled so he wouldn't give off a anxsious look.

'I didn't realize that it was so hard to find magical weapons. Back home all's you had to do was walk outside and you'd see dozens of magical weapons in a Morbian's hand.'

22-08-2002, 02:22 AM
(OOC: Blade R, I don't know where you want to go with that, if you would like I can help your little SL along once you really get it started...)
--->Canal City, Podol Plaza, Biddle & Bailey Pawnbrokers

J. Biddle drummed his fingers lightly on the countertop, "Von Braun's home and workshop are on 1200 South Arris Way, Strauss Plaza. Be sure to go between noon and la hora verde. Von Braun favors closing shop after his absinthe..."
He removed his spectacles and gave them a good polish.

Blade R
22-08-2002, 04:24 PM
(basically, I'm trying to get more involed in this somehow. AKA: he job involes her trying to assassinate one of the other characters, or someone seeing her try to 'compleat her job' on someother yet to be named person. Just thought characters would have to meet again sometime, so why not make it interesting?)

23-08-2002, 12:06 PM
(OOC: Okay Blade, I can make it work if you would like me to take care of it.)
--->Canal City, Axe Town, Home of Senator Hess

Senator Hess sat at his desk, working by the light of a lantern. His home had been deemed to old and unstable for electric wiring. His pen danced up and down a sheet of paper, bills and proposals, he worked constantly to improve the situation of Axe Town. He was working so hard that his heart skipped a beat when he heard two subdued thumps.
"Jon? Dorn? What's going on out there? Come on, what is it?"
The door slowly swung open and the two Hobgoblin guards fell in, their throats cut. Hess immediatly threw one of his desk drawers open and pulled out a revolver, pulling the hammer back with his thumb.
A metal star flew across the room and struck the barrel of the pistol, causing it to fly from the senator's shoulders
A dark shape ran like greased lightning past Hess, his hand on the pommel of a sword. When he reached the other end of the room he stopped and leaned on the wall. Hess stood up and looked at the figure.
"You! You serve.."
before he could utter another word his head fell neatly from his shoulders.
"That takes care of Hess, be quick and get that vellum with the master's spell out..."

Blade R
23-08-2002, 03:11 PM
(yes, thank you, that would be wonderful.)

--> Dinning area of the inn

As she ate her semi-warm breakfast, Akari began wondering over who sent her the message. She had learned to tell who it was by how they began their letter, for none of them, of course, used her true name.

Bennings? No he calls me Huntress. Kuno? couldn't be, I'm the Night Watcher to him. Maybe it's Caldon....but he only calls me by the names of elements.

Growling lowly in frustration she tries to think would would arange a meeting at noon.

It could be T'lon, he picks interesting times. Then again, he also calls me by nonsense names. Maion has been known to call me Wicked Watcher, or Restless Wicked, but never Wicked Worker.

Sighing, she gets up and leaves. Maybe she was going to get a new empolyer. Out on the street, she sighed again. If it was the roof she thought it was, she would have to make haste. With her left arm unable to hold her weight anymore, she would also have to find a different way to get up to it. Wordlessly, she moves into the mass of people.

25-08-2002, 02:05 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, A Black Rooftop

An odd looking man awaited, at first glance he seemed to be Morbian; tall and lithe with creamy green skin and ankle length bronze hair. But there were too many inconsistencies, he possessed an incredibly muscular frame, a small smooth potbelly, and four small fangs. He wore black leather pants and vest, his forearms wrapped in black bandages. At his belt were a pair of pistols and a wicked looking knife. He seemed out of place amongst the gentle and oppulant surroundings of the Millennium Quarter.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Sewers

From the murky and fetid waters arose a dark and giant figure. It burst from the sewers and into an alley near the Guilliman Mansion...

Blade R
25-08-2002, 05:00 PM
Finally reaching the building that she would have to get ontop of, she stops and looks around. Moving to the shadowed back of the building she looks at the thin alley that appeared between it and the next building. Bracing her back against on wall, she uses her right arm and her legs to grasp small cracks and ledges. Faster than you would have thought she could have moved, she pulls herself up the wall and onto the roof. Seeing the figure she moves over to him.
"You're the one who called for me I presume?"

25-08-2002, 10:36 PM
{pawn shop}
"Thank-you kind sir." Cormia nodded his head a bit and returned to the busy street.

Scratching his head (with only one finger visable) Cormia pondered on what item he would most prefer.

'Anything wood would be quite out of the question....' He shook his head, decideing he would think about it when he gets there.


Cormia frowned, looking up and down the street.
'It would be nice to be able to know where things are once in a while...'

As Cormia was about to ask for help, a small child had bumped into him.

"Ah," She flattend the wrinkles out of Cormia's pants. "I sorry!"

This child was much to young to be able to know an address... but she might know this mans name.

"I will forgive you if can tell me where a Mister Von Braun lives."

She tilted her head back and let out a small giggle. "Heehee, I know." The small girl pointed at a building that Cormia had overlooked. "He live there. Hope you find what you look for!" She hopped off, bumping into a few other people but not stoping to aplogize.

"Ah," Cormia smiled cheerfully. "The Morbian God of luck smiles apon me today!" He rushed down to the workshop, (not bumping into a single person).


{Inside Von Braun's Workshop}

"Um," Cormia stammered. Everyone in the shop was busy talking to someone else. "..." If Cormia spoke up he didn't want people to think he was rude... So he waited.

(OCC: Cormia has no problem asking for help but when people are talking to someone else he doens't like to seem rude)

26-08-2002, 12:24 AM
--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Workshop of Von Braun

Von Braun was a human man in his early 50's. He was 6'3" with long white hair tied back in a ponytail and a goatee and beard adorning his face. He wore bright red pantaloons and a tunic with puff-and-slash sleeves that were several shades darker. He wore a number of gold chains and rings and had a beautiful sword at his belt. He shook hands with a wealthy looking client and escorted him to the dor, "You have my hand on it Lord Bahaus, the dagger will be ready in two weeks time."
He turned to Cormia once the door closed, "Well my good Morbian, I do not recall any of your kind in my appointment book, I should hope you have something worth my time?"

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, A Black Roof

The freakish Morbian looked at the Awakened Wolf and flashed a curled lip smile.
"I am Dreeg, Dreeg is me. Word has traveled so to speak, not in the literal sense as words are not capable of locomotion; but anyway that said, it has ben mentioned that you are the type prone to stealthiness as in you are obvious-challenged. I that is to say, my master for whom I am servant has a mission for which he will pay a sum which is to say quite simply is massive. A massive fee for a difficult job, are you intrested in making a lot of money or are you lacking in character?"

Blade R
26-08-2002, 04:25 PM
While the man interested her, the offer interested her more.
"As other clients of mine would tell you...I do not back out of a job once I have answered the summons of a letter. In otherwords, what do you want me to do?"

26-08-2002, 06:43 PM
"-I should hope you have somthing worth my time?"

"It will be worth it if you are up for a challange."

Cormia smiled while shuffling threw his pockets for the note the man at the pawn shop had given him.

He found it and handed it to him. " I was wondering if you happened to have or can make me a weapon that is restentint to magic." He shut his eyes and sighed. "Such as: a sword that could cut threw fire spell or an arrow that could break a water shield?"

Cormia knew it would be hard enough to find an enchanted weapon in this town. So even if the weapon had to be made out of somthing he was allirgic too, Cormia's sleeves were long enough so he wouldn't have to touch it.

26-08-2002, 11:48 PM
--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Von Braun's Workshop

Von Braun guffawed mirthfully as he examined the letter, "I have traveled the lands of Primus twice over and have divined the greatest lore of weaponmaking, furthermore I am Canal City's master of the School of Enchantment.There is nothing I cannot do with a weapon. An enchanted weapon that cuts through other magic you say? This is simple enough, what materials do you wish to be used and exactly what kind of weapon do you want?"

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, A Black Rooftop

Dreeg smiled hideously, though his left hand was used in ardant gesticulation, his right was shoved tightly into his pocket.
"I need you to find a way, a way into darkness and darkness is His name, no wait forget that bit as it is most irellevent to the matter at hand. The Senator of this district, Bliss has something my employer wants. I want you to find the safest way into his house for he has many traps and guardians. Do nothing to Bliss and steal not that which we desire merely map the true path. This is all, ALL that is required a most simple task for the stealthy one such as yourself, yes?"

Blade R
27-08-2002, 05:46 PM
"So all I need to do is map the safest way in?" she thought a second, then turned to him, "In will be the easy part my friend, shall I also map the best way out?"

Lt Zechs
02-09-2002, 09:19 AM
--> Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody Inn
[Wayen arrived back at the Inn, twice as soaked as he was when he left the Library, taking his wet shoes off at the door and carrying them, he went back to his room for a change of clothes. Drying himself with a towel, he changed into a new set of clothes, much like the ones he was wearing before, except that his socks were odd which he mistakenly placed on the wrong feet. Feeling much better he took his case, full of papers, and an umbrella downstairs and entered the dining area. Ordering a light breakfast he sat down to eat it, taking out a small notepad and a large map of the city to read whilst he ate.]
Wayen: "Hmm finding another library is easy, but finding the right one to do research in may not be."
[Studying the map and thinking outloud, letting his breakfast go cold, he set out his list of priorities and decided to pursue another field for the time being untill the other library is available.]
Wayen: "I think I'll turn my research to medicine for now, the city is said to have one of the best institutes and greatest records, yes I think the benifits speak for themselves."
[He continued to study the map, and checking his notes, every so often pausing to eat the breakfast and write in his notepad.]

02-09-2002, 01:11 PM
(OOC: Wayen, any map of Canal City will change slightly each time you look at it and you will not be able to discern anything about Old Town, it's there you just see it as a blur)

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, A Black Rooftop

Dreeg crossed his arms and leaned back dangerously over the edge, rocking back and forth.
"In and out, map the paths return to me and have your reward. Speak to nobody, we did not meet, you do not talk I will not speak! Now come back in one day's time!"

Blade R
02-09-2002, 05:57 PM
----> A black roof

"Yes sir. I will furfill this, or die trying."
With that she turned and lept to the next roof, and continued along...as she did nearly everyday anyway.

06-09-2002, 12:46 PM
(OOC: I had hoped someone else would post first but it seems as if I must step in, I refuse to let this RPG die without a fight!)

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, A Black Rooftop

Dreeg smiled and stepped off the rooftop, falling into the darkened alley several floors below.
"We shall meet again, Wicked One."

--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Von Braun's Workshop

Von Braun looked at the Morbian who must have been thinking and shrugged. "Whenever you are ready sir, I just write to make a note."
He went to the far corner of the workshop where there was a small, neatly arranged desk. Von Braun grabbed the gold pen on the desk and scribbled something on a loose sheet of parchment.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody

The Smythe brother stood up and excused himself from the company of his "lady friends" and walked towards the door, collecting his white coat and hat at the front desk.

08-09-2002, 01:19 AM
Cormia wasn't sure which weapon he would like...

"A sword is somthing that I cannot use... but arrows are somthing I could." He opened his eyes, which sparkled. "If you could make arrows that could cut threw a magical sheild or a magic spell that would be perfect... whatever matrial's you'd use is alright."

Arrows...his grandfather said they were quicker then swords, and twice as deadly if used right.

"If you could make me those... then that would prove to me that you are as great as they say."

He should have no problem touching arrows, even if they were metal or wood.

"How long would that take," He smiled. " Kind Sir?"

(OCC: I'm sorry for not posting earlier!! Busy.. arg)

Blade R
10-09-2002, 11:52 AM
(no prob.)

---> rooftops

Akari runs across the rooftops, heading for Bliss' house. It woulb be too dangerous to go in during the day, too many witnesses. Pulling a sheet of paper and a pencil out of her pocket, she sits down on the last roof, and begins to scetch the outside defenses. Also, she begins to plot her way inside.

Lt Zechs
11-09-2002, 08:53 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Peabody
[Wayen eventually finished his breakfast, sitting back he took up his notepad and read what he had written down. What was there appeared to be a scramble of random words and locations, all having nothing to do with each other in any relation. Placing the notepad down he looked at the map, then to his notepad and back to the map.]
Wayen: "Strange, this map is not quite what it seems, experimentation is in order."
[He laid the map flat on the table and put his finger on a place and noted its location, then he purposely looked around the room, giving a warm smile to those who gave him funny looks. He then checked the map and discovered his finger was no longer pointed at the location read on the map, he repeated this a few more times, noticeing an area that was somewhat blurred. Thinking he hadn't his glasses on he searched for them only to find them on his head.]
Wayen: "If I'm not mistake I'd say that this map is trying to fool me, and succeeding."
[Puzzled he left the Inn, deciding it best to take a walk to clear his head. Proping up his umbrella he strolled along the puddled streets and after a while started to whistle, he enjoyed the rain, when it wasn't so wet, it enspired him to learn when being locked in doors all day didn't seem as perculliar when the outside was pouring with rain.]
Wayen: *Whistle.*
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Book Store
[After sometime he passed a small book store, the neatly arranged stacks of novels reminding him of his previous intentions. Snapping his fingers he entered the store, but left his umbrella in the door enclosure to dry off. He looked around for a while finding some books interesting but not exactly what he wanted. Giving up he decided to ask the store clerc for advice, going up the front desk he cleared his throat and asked.]
Wayen: "E-Excuse me sir, you wouldn't happen to have, or know the whereabouts of any expert medical journals or texts on the study of medicine or related areas? I'm doing some research in the fields and I-I... erm well yes do you?"

(OOC: Sorry I didn't know about the maps, also for not posting in a while. )

11-09-2002, 12:52 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Rooftops overlooking Senator Bliss' Estate

From her location, the Awakened Wolf could see that the Senator's sumptuous mansion was surrounded on all sides by a neat stone walls with a wrought-iron top. The gate was large enough to allow a large motor car access. A canal ran along the western wall.

Within the walls was the manor house itself, several gardens, a gazebo, a small building on unknown function, a garage, and a building in the corner that apparantly housed the staff. Three pairs of guards walked about the grounds accompanied by sleek black dogs. There was a seventh guard at the gate and another on the one visible balcony.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers

Wayen had entered the closest thing Primus had to a book store chain. All the shrines to Sharpei, the Dead God of Lore had bookstores within. The bookseller examined the Follower closely before smiling broadly.
"Of course Sir, it is an honor to have a scholar of your reputation in our humble shop. We do carry copies of most of the treatises released from the Universities as well as pamphlets from leaders in the field. Naturally we have Vagirs Catalogue of Medecince and Maladies*."

*Vagirs Catalogue of Medecine and Maladies would be the equivalent of Mayo Clinic and the Center for Disease Control texts. Proportional to Primus' bizzare technological evolution of course.

--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Workshop of Von Braun

The weaponsmith smiled, "Ah, a chance to express my true skills as an artisan, it is refreshing to once in a while have a customer who leaves the specifics of the weapon to me. Before I give you an estimate, I'll need to know your budget. I'll need to think about the materials I wish to use."

Blade R
11-09-2002, 05:21 PM
---> rooftop near the senator's house

Akari mapped out all that she could see and began to draw the beginings of her enter plan.

"Let's see, the gaurds travel in three groups of two. If I time it just right I can make it to the gardens on the first round, the gazebo the next, then the staff house, and then to the building without being seen. The dogs'll be my worse problem, I'll have to mask my sent. As for the wall, the gate itself is too risky, so I'll have to climb the wall of find a way through the canal."

Deciding that climbing was her best bet, even with her hurt arm, she decided to wait int he canal while she used rope and other cloth (no noise) to create a pully for herself.

"Of course, I'll have to see if anything is lit during the night. The balcony gaurd may be a problem, but not if I get him with a sleeping power first. Then I'll simply have to pully my way onto the balcony. That'll be the easiest way in. Course I could technically just knock out or kill all the guards, but that's not my job. I could go in through the garage too...hmm, But I don't know what's in there...or inside the house for that matter. Hmmm."

Pondering a bit more she scetches her plan onto the outside map, making a few adjustments and making sugestions for other people to try (For example creating a false permit or what-not and just driving in.)

11-09-2002, 06:30 PM
"My budget isn't imporant when it comes to weapons. Whatever you'd think is the best matiral for inchanted weapons then I'll pay whatever that costs."

Cormia would get the money, he'd just minuplate whomever until the price was reached.

Lt Zechs
21-09-2002, 12:14 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers

[Wayen pondered for the moment, scratching his head, he tried to think if he had read any of those texts before, some sounded familiar, but he wasn't completely sure. Pausing with a shurg and snaping his fingers together he spoke out loud.]
Wayen: "Well I guess I will not know the answer unless I find out huh?"
[Seeing the puzzled look on the shopkeeper's face he gave a weak smile and put his hand in his coat pocket, searching for his money pouch.]
Wayen: "Ah I think I'll take a look at the Vagirs Catalogue if you may."
[Still smiling he searched his coat and other pockets for his money pounch, but couldn't seem to locate it.]
Wayen: "Now where on Primus could my wallet be?"

22-09-2002, 06:25 PM
--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Workshop of Von Braun

Von Braun nodded, "Very well in that case I shall construct a bow from the Gray Wood from the enchanted depths of the Twisted Forest, it is legendary as a conductor for magicks. As for the bowstring I shall require two strands of your own living hair to attune the bow to you. And I shall make five arrows fletched from pheonix feathers with stone arrowheads from the Carpatheian Crags. Such a weapon armed with such arrows could penetrate all but the most powerful of spells. However this weapon will cost in excess of fifteen thousand guilders. Ten thousand for the bow and five thousand for the five arrows.

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers

The bookseller found a new copy of the thick text and wrapped it in brown paper.
"No need to trouble yourself sir, your employers maintain an expense account for their scientists, I shall simply bill them if you will sign this ticket."

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, The Rooftops

From her perch Akari could see a pair of men dressed in aristocratic finery step onto the lawn, step away from each other and bow. They then draw rapiers and begin to fence casualy. Her advanced sense of hearing could pick of traces of their conversation over the clash of their blades.
"That was quite the speech last night, you had the people in the palm of your hand. Tell me Bliss, what are your plans for the New Millennium?"
"Always with the questions Priest? Well *clash* that boil called Axe Town is in need of some major renovation but that dog Hess keeps me out with his every bill! *clang!* are putting pressure on me to expand their zone."
"Don't buckle to them Bliss, if you hold out long enough then Tibuld and Ceasar will get on your wagon. Have you done a *clang!* that little problem I brought to your attention?"
Bliss shook his head as he parried his companion's attack, "The Military Police are on the case but they *clang!* that friend of yours. What was he researching anyway?"
The rest of their conversation was drowned in a flurry of blows.

Blade R
22-09-2002, 07:54 PM
Akari growled as the most important bits of converstion were drowned out. Though she did manage to write down what she heard. It might come in useful later after all. Grinning she continued to work all the details of her entrence. She wouldn't know what, or who, was inside and where until she got there. Not a problem though. Not even hidden entrences would get past her eyesight, and the faintest buzz or footstep would aleart her hearing.

"Now all I need is darkness," she grinned almost evily.

27-09-2002, 10:42 AM
--->Canal City, Afternoon I

The various belltowers and city clocks herald the coming of noon. It is the single brightest minute of the day when the sun penetrates the perpetual gray clouds and the people of the city can remember the sun in all of it's majesty and glory. The rain halts for a few moments and the citizens look up as if in recall. Before they can make anything of it however the clouds darken and everyone resumes their business.

--->The Minds of our Protagonists

In the brief glory of the noon-time sun those who came to the city only too recently gain a flicker of insight. The briefest memory...

Everything is in creamy shades of caramel, ochre, and mustard. It's bright and sunny, standing in a field of manicured grass with carefully trimmed trees and carefully arranged flowerbeds adorning the landscape. You see other people around you in fine iron lawn chairs. The man in front of you looks VERY important.
"You are the last people I can trust with this important matter..."

And then it's gone. The real world rushes back with a vengence and they all rub their heads in momentary pain...

01-10-2002, 08:56 PM
Cormia smiled, and pulled two strands out of his hair. The small amount of pain didn't bother him in the least. "Well then," He handed the strands of hair to Von Braun, and put his hands on his hips. "Tell me when the arrow and bows will be done and by that time I'll have the money."

He wondered how long it would take to con people for that much... oh well. He would get the money, probably easier then one would exspect.

Lt Zechs
05-10-2002, 09:18 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers
[Wayen ceased searching his pockets, as the store was lightened by the shinning of the sun, almost humbled by the moment he notices the storekeeper waiting for him. Smiling he cheerfully signed the ticket given to him and handed it back to the storekeep, exchanging it for the textbook.]
Wayen: "There you go, I think everything is in order."
[As he reached for the neatly packed parcel containing the text, his mind briefs him a faint memory, pausing he is then brought back by the darkening of the scene and the resume of rain drops falling on the rooftops and pavement outside. Giving his head a slight rub from the sudden pain, he sways a bit reaching out to hold onto the counter to steady himself, his vision moving to the wet streets outside and the pouring rain.]
Wayen: "Oh dear, walking in the rain has done its worst, I must be coming down with something odd."
[Knowing that sickness would only hinder his research more so, he decided to take care of the matter before it could become any worse, he looked back at the storekeep and asked a question.]
Wayen: "Ah excuse me sir, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a pharmaceutical or medicine store? I fear this rain may be takeing its toll on my immune system."

06-10-2002, 01:33 AM
(OOC: Cormia, a Morbian's hair is just as alive as any other part of the body, they are extremly loathe to cut their hair. Just as you or I would not be so quick to say, cut our fingers off. It is not meant to be a small amount of pain, but rather a traumatic sacrifice.)

--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, Von Braun's Workshop

Von Braun took the ropey, vine-like strands of hair and handed Cormia a length of clean gauze to staunch the flow of blood.
"There there, it shant bleed for more than a minute or two. Be sure to spend an hour or two in a park if you can manage it. I don't need to remind you but you should stand barefoot in some fresh earth or moss. I'll get to work on the bow as my schedule allows, I have two other contracts at the moment but It wont take long. I usually give the challenging ones priority, just make sure you have my money before then."

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers

The bookseller directed the absent-minded scientist to a pharmecy in the area between Millennium Quarter and Strauss Plaza, a "respectable and god-fearing alchemist" as he put it.

06-10-2002, 09:42 PM
(OCC: Oop sorry! Didn't know that ^^)

'Ow ow ow ow ow!' Cormia had forgotten about his hair being so alive, it had been years sence anyone asked him to cut his hair.

'Is my brian dead or somthing!?' Trying not to whimper, and remain proud, he still tried to smile. He wrapped the gauze around the strands he had yanked off so carelessly.

"I'll, ow, have the money. I'll check back in a bit."

Holding the gauze on his head, he left the shop.



Barefoot, Cormia sat down on the grass, cursing the fact that he was born a morbian.... or at least that his hair was alive.

15-10-2002, 09:59 PM
OOC: My apologies for the lapse in my response time, real life has dropped a load on me recently and I'm running thin on material. While you are free to have your characters pursue anything they wish keep in mind that events will happen on a time table I have created regardless of your character's involvement with the main storyline. The consequences or rewards of this will become apparant as time progresses. I have sent PM's to the players that haven't posted in forever, I have not yet recieved a response so it seems that it's just the three of you: Cormia, Wayen, and Akari.

--->Canal City

The various clocktowers in the city struck the hour though they seemed to be in conflict. Some read noon and others one o'clock a few even said half past eleven...

--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Sewers underaneath the Guilliman Manor.

After hours of inactivity the lumbering shape again burst from the sewers and probed about the grounds around the manor. Despite it's size and stench it went unnoticed. After a few minutes it retreated to the safety of the sewers.
"Vnge rn Gllmun!"

--->Canal City, Unknown Location

"Why is it Risque, that you and your men have not yet slain the Senators? They are bastions of Order and that is something our radiant lord cannot tolerate. The night of his ascension draws ever closer and yet I sense you faltering? Say not so."
"Not at all lord, Hess is dead and buried Tibuld and Ceasar will follow shortly. But if me and mine did anything more than our enemies would notice our presence. I would draw outsiders into doing the work and draw all suspicion away from us."
The assassin's master licked his teeth and smiled. The assassin rose and left the well appointed room.

Lt Zechs
17-10-2002, 11:58 AM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, House of Sharpei Booksellers

[Wayen thanks the helpful storekeep for the information, and with the package under his arm he walked outside into the street, umbrella in hand. He decided to walk at a slow casual pace, not wanting to cause anymore harm to his condition. But the pain had settled and Wayen took it onto himself to come up with a diagnosis.]
Wayen: "Hmm the pain appeared to have isolated itself in the cranial region, concentrating on the cerebral cortex, which doesnt fall into any common symptoms with any temperature related illness, which considering the conditions are likely to begin in the sinus, throat, and chess areas of the body. The inflicted area does rate similar to illnesses related to stress and over work of brain activity, which has been occurring, but the joining symptoms of this have not appeared, especially since I haven't involved myself in any over-strenuous physical activity which may result in such problems, and they are less likely to occur in such weather. Hmm strange indeed, I will have to do some more research in the field of medicine."
[Pondering on his discoveries, he made a mental note to stop by a book store and purchase a medical journal of some sort, only to soon realizing what was underneath his arm. With a small chuckle Wayen continued on his way, trying to determine a scientific way to solve the recent pain and strange memories. Soon he reached the pharmacy and entered through the door. Not knowing a great deal about procedures he found a spot to stand in and waited for assistance.]

26-10-2002, 04:26 PM
--->Canal City, Millennium Quarter, Stave of Light Pharmacy and Alchemy

The druggist looked at the doctor, "Just leave your prescription on the counter and go to the bar, you can try one of our new soda waters. Fantastic things they are, great for a sore stomach."

--->Canal City, Strauss Plaza, St. Maxwell's Garden and Greenhouse

After several minutes in the highly manicured imitation of nature the Morbian Cormia felt the pain in his hair subside, there would be some minor scarring due to the unnatural fashion of the park and the sacrifice needed to power the bow.

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Blade R
11-11-2002, 09:21 PM
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Lt Zechs
14-11-2002, 07:26 AM
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