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Rina Leigh
22-07-2002, 08:33 PM
Who thinks they are or not, and why-ishness?
As for me--I think they ARE, MUAHAHAHAHA
Why--too many cute poses for comfort--also how neither have girlfriends or seem interested in girls. How cute hehehe.

22-07-2002, 10:31 PM
Yeah, they are a couple. They're yaoi.

23-07-2002, 10:49 AM
the author himself, yoshihiro togashi says' that they're not a couple. It's on a convention held in south america, somewhere. I need to hunt down the site or get a quote from it. most yyh sites with the interviews are down since lots of people lost interest long since its a really really old anime.

Magus Zeal
23-07-2002, 01:22 PM
In the end of YYH (SPOILERS) Hiei lives with Mukoro, who is a girl.

23-07-2002, 02:47 PM
"Togashi Yoshihiro, Ms. Takeuchi's husband, jumped in at this
point and agreed with his wife expressing concerns on how several of his characters in his notable series "Yu Yu Hakusho" are interpreted as being homosexual. Mr Yoshihiro pounded his fist on the table shouting "They're not gay!" several times before finally breaking down."

That was in a email I got about how fanfiction might become illegal...Ne wayz Togashi Yoshihiro said they're not gay but my option is that they're very gay..and very happy together!

23-07-2002, 03:10 PM
Laughs from reading above post*

Oh, i'm sorry. I hope I don't offend you but, that 'email' is a fake. This is nothing but a fake. It doesnt prove that Kurama and Hiei were intentionally gay either. That email was an APRIL FOOL'S joke.

This is just a summary of that letter for those who don't know. I'm a member on several YYH MLs.
most of it came from takeuchi naoko-san and yoshihiro
togashi-sama! (they're married you know.) o.O
togashi-sama deshou! >.< they claim that they want no
one to take their characters or story without written
permission from them or something. there's a few of
the mangakas that are flattered by the fanart and the
fics actually and say that they don't mind. but the
article seemed stronger from the point of view of the
"haters". (*coughcough* if you know what i mean. gomen
ne, togashi-sama!! i love you very much!!)

naoko was complaining that she doesn't favor fanarts
(more specifically doujinshi) because there are many
that defiles her characters. (you know the girl/girl
lemon bit) and the same goes for fanfics.

and there's togashi-sama. he said that he doesn't like
it that other people portray his characters as gay
because they're not. (score a point for us!! bwahaha!!
kurama x hiei supporters can eat tar then if this is
all true. they can't flame us. >=D)

and there's yukiru sugasaki-sama!! (for those of you
who don't know, he's the creator of dark-chan deshou)
she (she? i don't know *sweatdrop) is against fanart,
doujinshi, and fanfiction too saying that it's her
work...blahblah..i forgot.

it also concerns ff.net because it hosts a lot of
japanese manga/anime fanfics and uhh..you get the
picture. i really don't want the anime section of it
to be gone because rnh and yyh are a part of it.

anou this is bothering me. does this mean we can't
post up our fanart? ours isn't lemony or guy x guy or
girl x girl. it's perfectly safe - kiddy safe. (except
for fics deshou where it gets lemony or lime-ish
*sweatdrop*) does this mean we can't write our fanfics
and post them up? but..but this is the basis of the kb
shrine!! ;_; this is the basis of my site!! this is
the basis of why we're all here damnit!! (well,
actually not really. we all just support kxb although
this ml has gotten to the point of more than just
that. you guys are the best deshou. ^-^)

i hope that it's just a hoax or something
because..that's just sad. shame to those people who
are hentai maggots!! >.< doujinshi hentai artists
especially. o.O what sick pleasure do they take in
showing kurama and hiei or "prepubescent girls" (as
naoko takeuchi said of her characters in bssm) having
uhhh..intercourse? *sweatdrop* stupid punks!!

at any rate, i believe it all started because of
doujinshis because even if they put disclaimers, they
make profit from it. and the rightful creators are
carping saying that they work hard to put their works
out and the profit that they receive from that is what
they use to put food on their table. (i guess in a
sense i can understand then. but still!! my love for
drawing and writing is at stake...;_;) if it's true,
what are we gonna do!? please, please oh let it not be
true. i don't wanna say goodbye to dark-chan or
hiei-chan deshou. or k-sama or b-chan. or even
kuwa-chan!! ;_;

There is an interview somewhere claiming that Togashi gave a rather 'vauge' answer whether they really are a couple or not but he implied that they're not. Since these YYH fansites are down now, (not to mention Selena Yuk, the FIRST EVER YYH fansite on the net no longer exists. pout*) Anyway, he simply laughed about it but didn't really answer the question.

(hehe, this is turning out to be similar to taht michiru x haruka thang.)

As much as I'd like to see the two actually paired up, officially, they aren't. A lot of the events that unfold in the series point to this. As Magus Zeal pointed out, Hiei actually becomes an agent of the Makai and guards the gates, even stays with Mukuro. He even gave a birthday present to Mukuro. Of all people, he only showed some sign of 'affection' towards his sister(secretly), and obviously, to Mukuro.

Kurama? Is he gay? is he not gay? I really don't know. he dresses somewhat gay though... koff* I didn't mean that as a bad joke, in fact, i'm a BIG BIG BIG kurama fangirl. drools* Anyhoo, Kurama ends up staying with his mother and running his step father's business. This doesn't really say much.

Now, if you run over and read the manga, there's a little short titled "two shots." You can find this at the end of volume 7 of Yuyu hakusho manga. This is a tale about how Kurama and Hiei first met. There is a girl named maya Kitajima who has a crush on Kurama. There is a frame where Kurama actually blushes because he 'cares' about her though you can interpret this either as 'just because he only cares about her' or he 'actually likes her.' But it does show that he does care for her.

It's a pretty lame, straightforward story of how they met. no, not as dramatic as the wonderful yaoi doujins done about kurama and hiei, but there you have it. I'm still going to look for that interview or article and such.'

I'll believe you if you link me to a press release straight from togashi's MOUTH or statement rather that my kurama is gay. ^_^

other interesting items to read.

In Depth: Yu Yu Hakusho Couples (http://sky.anifics.com/written/couples.htm) -Covers a lot of interesting insights on Couples in Yuyu Hakusho.

The YY Question : article about Yaoi and Yuri (http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Palace/6042/psych/yyquest.html)

Magus Zeal
23-07-2002, 10:17 PM
Kurama is not gay, and here's why. After the Makai Tournament, Hiei was going to give Kurama the Tear Gem back to Yukina. When Hiei offered this, Kurama said: "Thank you for your offer, but I'm really not interested in that kind of things…" which is saying he is not gay. So neither of them are gay. The only one that is gay in YYH is Jin (Sensui's spirit detective partner).

23-07-2002, 10:47 PM
Damnit! That email was a april fools joke?!? :mad:

Oh man and here I though fanfiction was really going to be illegal......but I'm not changing my mind about Kurama I think he is a bi...is really does like both hiei and maya ( :) yes I've read the two shots and I think kurama looks better with short hair)

Oh well... :lol:

29-07-2002, 11:23 PM
Hiei doesn't seem to be the type to bed down with anyone, let alone live with anyone… :p

Magus Zeal
01-08-2002, 02:53 PM
Wait until the Yukina Saga and you'll see Hiei's more sensitive side (the side that actually cares).

04-08-2002, 05:52 PM
Im sure there not a couple. But if they were they would be sooo cute together!

26-08-2002, 10:15 PM
Hiei going out with anyone is a scary thought.

07-10-2002, 08:42 PM
no no nooo!! >_< they ARENT together!!! noo...kurama and i will be together forever and ever!!! *swoon* (is a HUGE kurama fangirl) *kisses pic of her and kurama together that she drew* i swear, the pic is a figment of the future!!! OUR future!! :D heheheheheeh *continues giggling girlishly* :rolleyes:

07-10-2002, 09:21 PM
OMG....I guess you were pretty serious when you said you're a Kurama fan girl...I use to by a minor kurama fan girl but I've moved on to Shigure from Fruits Basket...just look at how hot he is!!*points to avatar*

Just move on...

08-10-2002, 03:17 PM
ah, i love kurama, but im not a woman who is very devoted :rolleyes: i have my other bishie loves as well....i cant help myself:D

08-10-2002, 09:01 PM
Aren't we all the same?! We just can't have one favorite!!

03-01-2003, 06:10 PM
There is no way there gay!:mad2: That's just ludacrious! Hiei isn't gay, just more into killing than chicks. maybe that was a cop-out, but i don't care! Hiei being gay? no way! Kurama is justa fool, not queer. I would have more concern for kurama though, i think he just gets into all those fight to be around guy! :joke: Whatever... believe what you want, but i doubt the're gay.

06-01-2003, 02:54 AM
No... I don't think so.
Hiei and Kurama a gay couple? That's a scary thought!!!:eek2:
They're both too hot to be gay! I would believe that maybe, just maybe possibly, Kurama might be a little gay... with his rose whip and pinkish clothes... but Hiei? Nah... couldn't be... could it?:heh:
Ok, I'm starting to doubt myself here... but I'm sticking with my opinion. Kurama might be bi, but Hiei is not in the least bit gay. (I loved it when he took his shirt off and showed his true demon form. That was the best YYH episode I've ever seen!) At least I don't think so... Of course I haven't watched the movie yet... gonna watch it tomorrow cuz its getting late... so I might have missed a key factor in the desision making. But oh well.
Plus, I couldn't picture Hiei showing love for anyone, so it's doubtful that he would have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Kurama, however, showed enough love for his "mother" to give his life for her, so I could picture him in a relationship.
So there's my opinion. You don't have to agree or disagree, it's just there for you to read and so on...:look:

(By the way, Kurama and Hiei are both really hot!!!) *faints*:faint:

08-01-2003, 07:42 PM
Hmmm... Well, you have to admit they'd be a cute couple. And there are all those "looks" that they keep seeming to give each other in the anime. And how Kurama is always interpreting Hiei's anti-social actions and words for everyone else. Kurama seems to understand Hiei pretty well. I've heard a little bit about the back story behind them, but they really seem to act as if they know each other a lot better than what the back story accounts for.


12-01-2004, 07:49 PM
Ya'll have to stop joking, Kurama and Hiei in no way are homos.

12-01-2004, 10:58 PM
Ya'll have to stop joking, Kurama and Hiei in no way are homos.



14-01-2004, 09:05 PM
I just have to say NOOOOO! no.no.no.no. Noooooooooooway! They're just friends, so not couples (well at least to me). see what I say is that Kurama and Hiei are perfect, but Hiei is just a bit more perfect then Kurama. ^^ That means I like Hiei....hmmm....myae I should write a YYH fanfic after my Inuyasha one... *wonders around thinking*

Gary Stu
16-01-2004, 08:00 PM
To caption the above Picture -

Kurama: *thinking* Now just a little more, and I can strangle Hiei...
Hiei: *also thinking* Little does he know that I have a gun in my jacket...


Anyway... No, they are not gay. Nothing you say can change my mind, not even that picture. By the end of the series, it is pretty obvious they are NOT.

17-01-2004, 03:46 PM
lol...funny caption...but that would be just a smidge weird...lol