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Title: Not Another Martial Artist

Theme: High School Martial Arts Romance Comedy

School: Seienha High School

Time: Autumn, 2000

Not Another Martial Artist is a Martial Arts Romance Comedy (think Ranma ½ and Real Bout High School) which tells about the students of Seienha High School. The otherwise ordinary High School happens to be Tokyos freak magnet, drawing almost every extra-ordinary (or just plain freak) student around there. Naturally, the educational athmosphere at Seienha is quite unique. A constant battleground between students, there’s hardly a boring day. It’s not to say that normal students don’t attend Seienha, but they can’t be that normal, or atleast completely sane, to stay there.

Most of the students also belong to many of the different Clubs that inhabit Seienha. Besides the usual art clubs, etc, the most prominent Clubs in Seienha are the Boys Karate Club, Girls Karate Club, Engineers/Mechanics Club, Kendo Club and Seien News Club. More detailed info on the Clubs of Seienha will be found after the Application Sheet, followed by the Dramatis Personae list.

Not Another Martial Artist will concentrate on character interaction, humour, martial arts (or mecha or whatever you are into) and sweet romance so keep those in mind when you rp and create your characters. DO NOT TAKE YOURSELVES SERIOUSLY!

NOTE: Please make a mention in your History if your character has just transferred to Seienha or is an old student. This is a fairly important thing to know. I’d appreciate it if most students would be new to the school.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE THAT YOU MUST READ: This about how strong the martial artists are at the beginning of the rp. First of all, decide a general style that you character fights with (strenght-based, speed-based, etc..or even a particular martial arts style). Now, as for what you can do. You know one ”special technique” (be it a simple ki-strike, nothing fancy or outright powerful, or some other ability). Now as far as what the characters can do. Well think Ranma ½. Jumping unnaturally high, taking high amounts of beating and general over-the-top athmosphere would be how to look at it. The PCs are above average in Seienha, but the top fighters in the school are more powerful. Not to say you cannot develop to be that powerful, but Seienhas constant fighting makes it certain that those who’ve been there for a long time, have an advantage.


GENDER: (hah..this way if people say ”yes please” they will look like freaks)
CLASS: 1st/2nd/3rd year in school (freshman, junior, senior)
CLUB: what (if any) Club of Seienha High the character belongs to
HOBBIES: (martial arts, reading, swimming, etc...)
DESCRIPTION: (physical and mental description)
HISTORY: (your childhood story and specially details on how you ended up in Seienha High School)


STORY WISHES: (Not Another Martial Artist will be run in an sort of episodic styly, going through a small plot that I will announce at the beginning of the episode. Tell me if you have any wishes for some plots that somehow relate to your character, or any other story ideas or anything that you want to tell me or ask me)

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(Below are the five ”major” clubs, followed by various other clubs. With some of the smaller ones, I’m not even writing a description for them)


The Boys Karate Club is powerwise the number 1 Club in the school. The Clubs captain, Tetsuo Manchi is one of the most powerful martial artists in the school (the most powerful according to himself) and has an ego that can crush bugs. Also the most Club containing the most members, despite it’s name, every form of martial arts is practiced in the Club. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Drunk Fu, Kung Fu, Capoiera, etc. Whenever there’s a fight going on, there’s usually a member of the Boys Karate Club involved. A crudge is currently running between the Boys Karate Club and the Engineers/Mechanics Club.


Seia Yoshida is the captain of the Girls Karate Club and one of the most sought after girls in the school (and the center of attention of Tetsuo of the Boys Karate Club). Concidering the sizes of the Clubs in Seienha, the Girls Karate Club falls in the middle, but is one of the most notable due to Seia’s high skills in her own style of martial arts, great teaching abilities, looks and sweet character. As with the boys club, not only karate is practiced in the club. They are generally liked by everyone, though scuffles happen sometimes when a boy lets slip that he thinks that girls just can’t kick that well.


Perhaps the most feared Club in the school because of their tendencies to build huge mecha that generally cause high amounts of colleteral damage to the school, robots that start running amok and power-armour. This is where the highly skilled mecha otakus gather and actually do what most otaku dream about. There’s no real central figure in the club although a student calling himself Doctor O is respected in the club above the rest for his skills. Even though they are the ones who most often wreck the school besides the rampaging martial artists, they also generally rebuild it with their machines. As a side effect, they have become so skilled at building that some of the companies nearby have started using them as a contsruction company.


Though not very large in numbers, the Kendo Club stands out because of their captain, also the schools main Music teachter, Mr. Ozaki. From all the clubs in the school, the Kendo club is one of the more normal ones, generally concentrating on practice and not on crudges against other clubs/persons. That’s why most of the Kendo Club members are quite skilled (the Schools Kendo team won the last national tournament between schools) and liked among the more normal students. Not to say that their members would get into fights also.


Not really a club and more of a collection of people who dig up the dirt and rumours on everyone in school. Numbering very few people (only around 20), this Club is very cautious about letting new people join. Their numbers include a few ninja (well no one is sure if they are real ninja, but they are damn good at sneaking around in black costumes), which explains their information gathering abilities. They are the people you come for information about your next fights opponent. Besides raising money for themselves by being information brokers, they set up the various events (quite many of them fights between students) and sell the school newspaper filled with news and rumours about the school, students and faculty. The club is lead by Mio Suzuki; tall, beautiful and moneyhungry.

(the following are the other, ”minor” clubs of Seienha)


Yes...there are people who practice magick in Seienha. From throwing fireballs to summoning demons, these people have done it all. They get noticed in school when either the Witch Hunters Club or the martial artists in the school have to put down a berserk demon that has happened to escape their summoning circle. Most of the members aren’t all that powerful and their spells generally take time to cast (thank god), but the most prominent three members are people to be reckoned with.


The Club was soon founded after the Sorcerers Club appeared and for good reason too. They are the ones who keep their experiments in check and hunt down demons and generally make sure that the supernatural forces leave Seienha in peace. The Club has a small dislike of Takashi Sakura, explained in his profile below.


Not a match in fighting skill as Sumo wrestling isn’t a pure fighting art, the Sumo Club has gained some reputation thanks to its...large captain Masamune Tsurei and his misadventures. Has very few members since martial arts draw most of the interested candidates to the Boys Karate Club, the Sumo Club is a bit bitter at them.

MOTORCYCLE CLUB (Takashi belong to this club)



OTAKU CLUB (though it’s more well known by it’s unofficial name, the Pervert Club for obvious reasons)


Offshoot of the manga club, those who concentrate on superhero comics and shows... it’s rumoured that some of the members actually have developed superpowers of their own.. a scary thought.



The Arts Club is somewhat of a mix. People from all backgrounds with varying degrees of aptitude in arts and drawing join it. Be they the good student type or angst driven teens, you can find them here. The latter "freak" part of the Club is known for their after-school parties, which generally leave quite a mess behind. Otherwise they do what the name of their club implies. Draw, paint, sculpt, etc.


Not a Club a student can join, the Enforcers are a five-person collection of former students of Seienha, whom the teachers hire to keep the students under control when things get out of hand. One might wonder how only five people can keep a school full of ki-blast throwing martial artists under control, but concidering that the leader of the five, Senshi Makaze, managed to beat Tetsuo and Takashi in a 2-on-1 match, not many students want to stand in their way.

(There are other Clubs besides these that I for lack of energy/brains have not listed, so if you don’t find something you are looking for or think something should be added, PM me about it)

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Name: Tetsuo Manchi
Gender: Male
Class: Senior
Club: Boys Karate Club

Tetsuo Manchi is the captain of the Boys Karate Club and a highly skilled martial artist who prices speed over strenght and his lightning fast strikes have felled opponents before they’ve even had time to blink. Having attended in Seienha since his freshman years, during his first year he built a reputation as the schools best martial artist. It lasted until the arrival of Takashi Sakura, who in their first match ,started by Tetsuo, struck him down with inhuman strenght when Tetsuo underestimated Takashis skills. After that the two have been constant rivals, which has lead them both to develop their skills by leaps and bounds. Now starting his last year in school, Tetsuo vows to regain his title as the greatest martial artist in the school. Tetsuo stands at 5’7” with his black hair cut short in a buzz-cut style.

Name: Takashi Sakura
Gender: Male
Class: Senior
Club: Motorcycle Club

Takashi Sakura entered the school a year ago and right on his first day, made himself known in the school for being challenged by Tetsuo Manchi and defeating him. Personalitywise a fairly pleasant young man, he just cannot resist a good fight. Takashi has built his techniques around his immense physical strenght and ability to take injury and is fairly well matched against Tetsuos speed and agility. Takashi’s life got little bit more complicated when the truth about his strength was revealed. He was a half-demon. Though his friends soon accepted the fact, Takashi continually had trouble with the Witch Hunters Club, which has lasted till today. Takashi is 5’8” tall with wild shiny jet black hair that reaches below his ears, expect for one strand of black hair in the front over his right eye that falls down to his chin.

Name: Seia Yoshida
Gender: Female
Class: Senior
Club: Girls Karate Club

Seia is concidered by most of the male student body to be the Venus of their school. A beautiful young girl with long straigth blond hair and other notable assests, Seia is a warm person and fairly lady-like. As a result from being hounded by boys constantly, she has developed a slight dislike of boys, though she has become good friends with Takashi (reason being that he shows more romantic interest towards his Harley than Seia). One of the few martial artists in the school who can match up the the boys, including Takashi and Tetsuo, Seia is little bit saddened by knowing this is her last year at Seienha and is looking for a person to take over as the captain of the Girls Karate Club for next year.

Name: Mr. Ozaki
Gender: Male
Class: none (teacher)
Club: Kendo Club, Music Club

Mr. Ozaki is the calm pillar that every student can lean against in times of trouble and maybe the most loved teacher among the students because he seems to understand them. He also holds great respect among the students for his swordmanship. Ozaki lives alone near the school with only his guidedog Alita (Mr. Ozaki is blind) as company. He’s the music teacher of the school and runs the Kendo and Music Clubs.

Name: Daydalas
Gender: Male
Class: Junior
Club: Kendo Club

Daydalas is a mystery as far as his origins go. A gaijin who appeared at the school in the winter, starting a few fights with the local martial artists, Daydalas decided to enroll soon after and has made a name as the best swordsman besides Mr. Ozaki in the school and is the blind teachers protege now. He’s tall, handsome with rich red hair and the schools player. For some unknown reason, everyone, for some reason or another, think that he’s a homosexual.

Name: Leona Sakura
Gender: Female
Class: Junior
Club: Firearms Club

Leona is the gun grazy girl in the school and also is a cheerleader for the boys sports teams, someone just has to tell her that it’s not right to shoot at the opposing team if she thinks they’ve done something wrong. Not a tomboy, but not exactly a lady either, Leona dresses in jeans, white t-shirt with a red vest over it blond hair (she’s actually a brunette but dyes her hair) tied in a ponytail. She runs the Firearms Club with her father, who everyone calls Mr. Bazooka (his real name is Ken Sakura). She’s not related to Takashi, even though they share last names.

And these include just a few people inhabiting Seienha High School (though these are the people you will most likely see the most).

Princess Samari
31-08-2002, 10:37 PM
PLAYER NAME: Princess Samari


GENDER: Female

CLASS: Freshman

CLUB: The Witch Hunters club, and a few study groups

HOBBIES: Avoiding being hit with blunt objects during the class changes, helping her half blind and slightly insane ninja business woman mother, tending to her fathers wounds.

DESCRIPTION: Chihiri is not what one would call an exceptional beauty. Most can't seem to remember her face even. Chihiri has long straight black hair and hazel colored eyes. Neither tall nor short, neither thin nor fat she is just middle of the ground. That was why the Witch Hunters club liked her. She was *so* average that a demon would overlook her completely and go for the more "juicy" female student. Chihiri has managed to master the art of blending in and being forgotten. Much more so then she has wanted to. Easily blustered and frustrated this young ninja girl has developed a deep seated loathing of the questions "Who are you?" and "Are you supposed to be here?" But she keeps her head held high hoping to someday find her 15 seconds of fame in Seienha Highschool.

OOC: I pm the rest! wooo

orochi X
31-08-2002, 10:37 PM
CLASS: 2nd year (Junior)
CLUB: Music
HOBBIES: Practising his long rod fighting techniques, video games,karaoke (even though he cant sing if his life depended on it)and lacross.
DESCRIPTION: Ryuji loves to have fun with his friends but the same cant be said about his education, Ryuji doesnt care one bit about his education. His easy going attitude has landed him quite alot of friends in school but at the same time a few enemies. Ryuji isnt the smartest kid in class but he knows a few cunning tricks up his sleeves.
Ryuiji is 5'5", lean built with soft black hair that curls near the end, which hangs down over his dark brown eyes. Mostly seen wearing a grey striped Mooks short sleeved shirt unbuttoned over a dark red T shirt and indigo coloured jeans.
HISTORY: Since his parents died in a freak car accident on their fith wedding anniversary, Ryuji has been living with his Aunt Athena. The first year living with his Aunt, Ryuji has been a nightmare staying out all night, trashing the house, skipping school and being constantly getting in trouble from school. His Aunt knew Ryuji couldnt stay living this way being a bad child she knew she had to do something, so she pulled Ryuji out of his old school and sent him to Seienha High, her old school hoping that he would change by going to one of the top schools in the city. So for the past two years Ryuji has been attending Seienha High, his attitude hasn't changed one bit since his changing school. His Aunt has given up all hope in him aswell, she knows Ryuji will never change his ways.

My story wishes will come soon, im still thinking about it. Hope this last longer then SoF

Blade R
31-08-2002, 11:00 PM
(I was laughing when I read all of this, hopefully the game will be just as fun!!!)

PLAYER NAME: Blade R (sorry, don't give out my real name uless I HAVE to)


GENDER: Female

CLASS: 1st (Freashman)

CLUB: Kendo Club

HOBBIES: Martial arts, drawing, archery, and horse back riding

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: Dark brown hair with deep blue stripes that hangs down to her mid back but is normally in a ponytail, thin but not weak, 5'9" tall, unusual black eyes with a starburst of silver around the pupil, lightly bronzed skin.

MENTAL DESCRIPTION: She's as sane as anyone else in the school, not that that's normal, with an almost carefree attitude on life. Quiet, sometimes, though anything but shy she sees life as a lose lose situation because we will all die. SO! She takes life with a smile and enjoys it however she can....even if that means breaking a few rules now and then. She also tends to talk metaly to herself and often drifts into a daydream while still paying attention to what's happening around her.

HISTORY: A bit of a renagade due to her outlook on life, she has never hesitated to break a few rules (or other things) to enjoy her life while it lasts. Ever sinceshe took up the martial arts, she has had boys always telling her that she is too skinny, and thus too weak, to ever be able to defend herself. This has caused her to have a bit of a grudge against nearly all males, and often the grudge leads to fights, many of which she actually wins. Her only brother is living over seas and her father past away when she was little. Thus, her mother has gotten a full-time job and is rarely at home. With her mother gone most of the time, Kaya has had to learn to take care of everything around the house by herself. Of course owning a horse, two dogs, and four cats doesn't help the situation either. By now though, she has learned how to take care of everything in and around the house as good as any adult. She loves to practice archery (especially horseback) and martial arts in her backyard in her spare time, but if she cannot practice she prefers to sit and just draw. One odd habit she has always had though is sneaking her orange and white cat into school. The only reasons she decided to go to Seienha High School are it's martial arts programs, and that fact that it was the closest school to her. (She has to walk or ride after all)

(how's that?)

01-09-2002, 04:01 AM
PLAYER NAME: Steathassasan

CHARACTER NAME: Aie ( Hikaru Hayashi )


CLASS: 1st year freshman


HOBBIES: practicing his swordmanship, and working on various projects on his custom laptop

Physical DESCRIPTION: 5'7 He has blue hair that comes down slightly past his shoulders...his eyes are a dark blue..which slightly match his hair... He usually wears a large black tee and baggy jean shorts that come past his knee...he has a large bag that he wears over his shoulder that he keeps his laptop in..and a pair of "cyber dive " goggles rest on his head. ( the goggles that Ed wears in Cowboy Bebop ) . he also wears black lo top sneakers and a digital watch..that has a small video screen built in

Mental Description: Aie ..as he likes to be called ...is a happy and out going person despite the fact that he spends most of his time on his laptop. He is always willing to listen to what others have to say...basically Aie is super nice...because of this ..Aie is constantly taken advantage of .

HISTORY: Aie was raised as any normal kid..he grew up in a normal nuclear family...he studied hard in school ... you know ..the regular non empressive stuff.. when he turned 14 his dad bought him a wooden sword after he was terroized by the local bullies...Aie gained some expertese using the sword and has established him self as a "ok" swordsman. His laptop was bought 2 years afterwards and he progressed rapidly in programing and using CAD software. He occasonaly does some work for a local software developer as a consaltant. He also can do what he calls " digital wizardtry" (sp.) due to some thing he calls "Virtual On"( taken from the game ). Named after his favorite game..the system can cause what ever he creates on his laptop to be materialized..after the system has been set up properly. He came to Seienha High School because of its reptiable clubs and classes ..he hopes to increase his skill with his wooden sword as well... so that he could never again be bullied

( is that to much crap..or should i cut it ? )

01-09-2002, 05:06 PM
So far so good ^.^ I'll let everyone know when we're starting..just looking for a few more people and we're ready..

01-09-2002, 06:56 PM
...this is a pretty pretty looking RP.

GENDER: Female
CLASS: 1st year in school, freshmeat~
CLUB: Music
HOBBIES: Cooking, singing, dancing, falling down stairs, ignorance

DESCRIPTION: A pettie girl with long hair in a high ponytail dyed an absurd aqua color, who wears typical schoolgirl cuteness--uniform with extra short skirt and big loose socks. To the outfit she's added a belt with a case to hold her portable CD player, roaming everywhere with headphones on her ears.

She loves to dance and sing, ignorant of everyone who she may be bothering. Tora is a wonderful dancer and singer, but when not interpreting song, she becomes a clutz and can often be seen tumbling down stairs headfirst. Naive and as innocent as they come, she's oblivious to the fact that her school is full of freaks and acts as though everything that goes on is perfectly normal. In fact, she thinks the demons are rather cute.

HISTORY: She lives a normal life with her parents and twin sister, usually running home from school to help in the kitchen at her mother's resturant. Her twin sister is very intelligent and goes to a more prestigious school, while she attends crackhead high. Being only slightly above average in grades, Seienha is the first time she hasn't had to live in her sister's shadow.

02-09-2002, 05:14 PM
Mag and I are both working on something. *grins* I will probably edit my app in this post once it's ready. (also, you still haven't answered my PM ;) )


CHARACTER NAME: Marie (the name was chosen because of an interesting coincidence that I think only Mag knows about)
GENDER: Female
CLASS: 2nd
CLUB: Arts, Sorcery.
HOBBIES: Painting, sculpting, drawing, smoking, fighting, hanging out with friends.

DESCRIPTION: Marie is what most people would define as an hardcore punk. She often dresses with heavy boots that lace up to under the knee, with olive socks coming out from them rolled under the knee, a black short skirt or sometimes black washed up jeans often with some holes around the knees or back pockets, a loose camisole(usually olive or black), a studded leather bracelet with two rows of small studs and a studded leather collar. She vigorously refuses to wear any uniform. She has an intense dislike for authority. Even with her rebellious attitude, Marie has a sort of shy expression on her face, thus most people think she is a very shy person before getting to know her(or seeing her shove her boot up someone's ass). Her hair is jet black and she usually tries to tie it in an original way, her eyes are blue. She has a very athletic body from all this street fighting.

She is also a gaijin, from France. One of her important vices is her addiction to smoking, she has developed quite an aim for stamping her cigarette in the face of annoying fanboys too(Otaku Club members have often tasted her burning fury). Even though she is quite a fighter, she refuses to join the Girls Karate Club because it's what every other female fighter does and she doesn't want to be a sheep. She can do some magic tricks, but she mostly only uses magic to light her cigs.

A few other important facts I’ll enumerate rather quickly because I’ve already taken enough space for this. She is a lesbian and is quite open about it. She doesn’t hate guys, but needs less of a reason to kick a guy’s ass than a girl’s, unless she hates the girl or this girl is a symbol of authority. I feel I’ve forgotten some details but I can’t think of them and anyway I shouldn't give everything away in the app. ;)

HISTORY: Born from a rather opulent family, some would be surprised of what she became. She had always been good at school, always in the top grades of her class, but once she reached her youth, rebellion began. She spent a lot of her time in Paris' poorer streets with her punk friends, often getting into fights. After she was fired from her previous school for beating up some of her co-students and refusing to abide by the school’s clothing code(but mostly for the beating), her parents decided to send her over to her aunt in Japan after hearing of a special school, hoping to straighten her up. She thinks she got in Seienha because she still kept very high marks even with her attitude problems. Thus she now begins her second year at Seienha.

I feel I might have forgotten something, but I always do so this should be allright.

02-09-2002, 07:34 PM
Tora doodle. I should have colored it, but I didn't. Lazyness is deadly.

03-09-2002, 05:06 PM

GENDER: (yes please, oh wait it doesnt work anymore, lol) Male
CLASS: 2nd
CLUB: Kendo club, Go club
HOBBIES: Keep training for kendo, Picking fights with seniors.
DESCRIPTION: Though not much to look at he has a surprising ever remaining smile upon his face which never fades, even when during a fight. He has short spikey black hair with one strand being white. He stands 5'8 tall and useally wears the prussian militairy uniform that alot of middle school male student in Japan wear.

HISTORY: Living with his grandfather who was a marine navy officer during the war, he was brought up with strict dicipline and the only time Ashiro wont keep smilling. is when his grandfather is present. His grandad used to be the no.1 kendo champion of Japan and Ashiro feels constant preasure from his grandfather to exell as well in order to maintain the family honour. He came to Seienha after a sieries of fights with seniors at another school. The schoolboard wanted him out and his grandfather placed him at Seienha in order to toughen him up.

03-09-2002, 08:22 PM
I edited in my app in my above post. I should PM you soon with the other part and with the details about the arts club. I'll probably work on something interesting for the arts club tonight since I don't have class in the morning tomorow. :D I also think I should communicate with Mag by PM since we wanted to get some ideas together since our characters might know each other(not necessarily a good relationship *laughs*) and AIM Express doesn't work anymore in the compu labs. I'll add the stuff later or Mag will when(and if, you damn unpredictable Alex) he posts his app or we'll simply do later(I don't want to stop Alex from posting his app as early as he wants).

Here is a sketch of Marie that I drew yesterday evening. I screwed up at some places but I still feel this helped me improve. :D Now I'd need to color this in Painter 6 with my new Wacom pen(I can only say my Wacom pen, because the pad belongs to the college thus I can't say my Wacom pad). Also, the scan quality toroughly sucks.


Blade R
03-09-2002, 10:17 PM
(I changed part of my character sheet)
(Picture is coming soon.)

04-09-2002, 06:44 PM

CHARACTER NAME: Oishiida Lychee (family name first)

GENDER: Female

CLASS: 1st year

CLUB: Engineers/Mechanics Club

HOBBIES: Reading, building mecha, destroying small townships, getting shoved into lockers, getting knocked over, trying to find her glasses, messing around with her scooter (A Vespa! Cream and crimson 1979 P200E. No, I don't know what that means. GO look up a picture.) and zipping around town.

DESCRIPTION: One part megalomaniacal super villain, one part would-be hero, one part genius, one part idiot, and one hundred percent nerd, Lychee (her name roughly translates to Yummy Lychee. Lychee are like raspberries.) is incompetent to the point of idiocy. While her mechanical skills are practically unmatched (this girl loves mecha) her vision is sometimes a tad too grand. Her hair is shoulder length and a pinkish-strawberry red (the color of lychee rinds, in fact) and her eyes might be a kind of blueish color (deep violet in fact) but are rarely seen behind her stunningly large, shiny glasses. Neither tall nor shapely, she's either seen in her schoolgirl uniform, or her mechanics jump suit (and occasionally leather jacket when she tools about on her bike). And if she isn't wearing her ridiculous glasses, she's wearing her ridiculous goggles.

Being such a nerd and recluse that she has, literally, no friends, Lychee spends the majority of her time trying to build friends. She's almost succeeded in the form of a squirrel she caught and augmented the brain of. There was a slight glitch in the brain chip. Occasionally, Gizmo (named for that neat-o American movie, she says) is brilliant. And sometimes he eats paste.

But that isn't stopping Lychee from trying to take her revenge on the students who have bullied her. She entertains delusions of building a mech so powerful that she's able to overpower everyone and rule the student body with an iron fist.

HISTORY: Lychee comes from such a normal family that it's scary. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife and she has an annoying older brother who goes to a different high school. Her parents always wondered if maybe something was wrong with their daughter, what with the maniacal laughter and the weird noises coming from the garage.

When she built her first mech, a crude, steam powered eight foot tall thing, and rampaged through the business district, they decided that she needed a school that would recognize her needs and special talents.

A friend of the family suggested Seienha. Lychee applied with her high school entrance exams and got in.

From there, things went downhill.

From being shoved into gym lockers, to get swirlys, to just getting the crap kicked out of her, Lychee was the favorite target. She joined the engineering club and was hurt to find that no one wanted to be her friend. Amazingly, Lychee was labeled "weird" in a school full of psychotics. While she still attends engineering club meetings, she only remains a member for the use of their garage.

A loser in every sense of the word, this little nerdling thinks that she's working on the side of right, but more often than not comes off as a mecha-suited villain trying to take over the school. Unfortunately, nobody thinks she could ever pull it off.

04-09-2002, 07:10 PM
Kiva.. *huggles* that's brilliant..I want you in this..no I insist (if it's not too much trouble for you) ^.^ it wouldn't be the same otherwise.

Everyone who has posted so far is in. I'll probably post the start tomorrow or friday, depending on if I have the time. The first episode is an introduction for each other.

now...you all shall face the scariest during the start of every Seienha school year.

Club Recruitment Week.

This is the week every club in the school goes out and tries to recruit students to their club for the year (some people may have signed earlier because they looked the club up by themselves, but this is the main way new people join). General mayhem and fighting generally ensues as the clubs fight between each other for possible new members.

You can either choose that you've joined before the week or join during this time. This will be so the characters can get to know each other better and for you to meet some of the NPCs around you. There's no real objective for this episode besides that.

Princess Samari
04-09-2002, 11:34 PM
This is a picture of Kiva's character. Unfortunately, the scanner is screwed, so we took a digital picture of it.

05-09-2002, 12:14 AM
Application still open?

School just started, but I should be able to fill out the app and get a character sketch done within a few days, if so.

This RPG looks really interesting ^_^

05-09-2002, 06:14 AM
We're still open so go ahead.

Blade R
05-09-2002, 07:56 PM
(Here's a sketch of Kaya)

06-09-2002, 01:02 PM
PLAYER NAME: Guildenstern
CHARACTER NAME: Catherine Van Dyne, AKA "Honey Bunny"
GENDER: Female (That's a first for me)
CLASS: 1st
CLUB: None
HOBBIES: Shopping or otherwise spending money, dieting, working out, studying
DESCRIPTION: Catherine seems like the sterotypical dumb Barbie blonde American with blonde hair, blue eyes, and seemingly flawless figure. She (of course) wears only pink and white and has pink square-framed glasses with rose tinged lenses.
HISTORY: Despite her Aryan-Christian Schoolgirl appearence and Dutch last name, Catherine is actually a Sephardic Jew with a frightening knowledge and skill in Kabbalah (and thus mathematics). She came to the school in Japan to see the world and find parallels between her beliefs and those of the Japanese, she was quite shocked to find out the number of "intresting" people who were her classmates but has adjusted well. She has been able to use her knowledge of Kabbalah to predict future events to some degree and thus has excellent grades, some say there is a darker side to her powers but that's just a rumor.

06-09-2002, 06:17 PM
Notes: Added the Arts Club in the Club list. I'm putting a "map" of the surrounding areas of the school, which has a few areas highlighted in it.

School: this is Seienha High...duh..

Abandoned lot: an old abandoned parking lot, rarely used as such nowadays. Most of the major fights are held here under the supervision of Seienha News Club.

Kansas Bar: it's what it sounds like..a bar... as it's near the school, it's a favourite place to gather for some of the students and have a good time. Karaoke is sung there often. (P.S. If you are wondering how they can drink there, concidering the nature of most of the student body, not many people want to say "no" to them." and so far everyone has behaved there.) Run by an ex-student of Seienha.

Gamerz Arcade: a large arcade hall, very popular among the students. It's owned by Mrs. Choko Lid, an aging old lady and run by her grandson. Lid is a nosey old lady and has a tendency to get herself involve in the students romance business and "helping" to get people together. Her plans often backfire. It doesn't stop her from helping or friends of students coming to ask her for help.

School football field: Actually a general sports field, this and the gym hall are where all the martial arts and sports classes and matches are held.

Furui Park: a large park built near the school, it's a popular place to go when you need some place calm and it's also a famous dating spot where to take a girl on a date. It has an artificial lake with a small island in the middle and lots of beautiful trees and bushes. A very beautiful area when the sakura bloom.

06-09-2002, 08:04 PM
PLAYER NAME: Endurance
CLASS: 1st Freshman
CLUB: Sorcery
HOBBIES: Gambling, demon summoning, Cursing things and people for profit. Beating up local people for profit.
DESCRIPTION: Yosuke's appearance would be rather normal if he would have not found a way to alter the style of his clothes and color of hair via magical means. Yosuke sports long, untamed pure white hair, black loose pants and pitch black short coat that can be turned to long, ethereal cape at will.

Yosuke is tall and well built but his dabbling at magical arts has affected his mental health making him cold-blooded and ruthless. Recently his azure colored eyes have started to turn bright red for some unknown reason.

HISTORY: Yosuke was born in rich shintonese family at japanese countryside, place became haunted soon afterwards. Exorcists found out that child was cause of all trouble, but they were unable to drive away the evil spirits that dwelled within Yosuke.

Yosuke's early life was horrendous. He got teased because he caused bad luck (for a good reason) and soon everybody in elementary school started to call him "Jinxed". That's when he learned to channel his powers effectively. Many of those who had teased him quickly began to suffer from freak accidents and mishaps. Not many dared to publicly humiliate him thereafter.

At age of 10 Yosuke's parents decided cheer their lonely son up with a present. It was a really cute fluffy puppy-dog with big, innocent eyes. He calmly accepted the present mumbling something about "regular sacrifices".

Puberty was a proving ground for young man. Usual small demons were willing to go back where they came from when they were hit by a trusty hammer or shot with firearms. One demon however managed to injure Yosuke's parents and Yosuke himself was badly hurt from fighting with lunatic demon. He decided to learn self-defense because all his spells were either far too weak or slow to hurt rampaging demon.

Fighting style that matched well against brutal demonic attacks was basic street fighting mixed with techniques that most martial artists would call "dirty", included blinding, well laid traps and tripping. He also started fighting fire with fire, honing curses to weaken his opponents beforehand and summoning small demons to practice with.

Yosuke enrolled for Seienha high but noticed that he lacked money. Kame's parents tried to sold their far too spacious house but not too many people were intrested to buy a haunted house from countryside. One fateful day house burned to ground (Luckily Kame's family had rather good fire insurance). Insurance company suspected deception but could not prove anything, house was burned badly even though many firemen were extinguishing the burning house (magical flames are surprisingly hard to extinguish for some reason) and so Yosuke and his family moved out live in Tokyo.

Phantom Angel
06-09-2002, 10:54 PM
ok, i finally got my appie done. see, i told you i'd get around to it, sometime!!!

PLAYER NAME: Phantom Angel

CHARACTER NAME: Derry (Derrien) Newman

GENDER: Passes off as male.

CLASS: 2nd, Junior

CLUB: Superhero Club

HOBBIES: Reading and Drawing Comics and talking to the inanimate (superpower) and playing the guitar.

DESCRIPTION: Everybody knows Derry as the boy who talks to himself in the hall, and sometimes has weird and strange conversations with objects around him, that seem to reply to him in very rude and obnoxious ways. He's somewhat short and scrawny for his age, not at all "man-like". However, his cargo pants and baggy shirts seem to take care of that, and most people just think he's just naturally skinny. Most of the time Derry hides his shoulder length greenish hair under a hat that hides his big sparkling blue eyes. Personality wise Derry is funny and charming, and blends in perfectly amongst the members of the Superhero Club. He is however shy and somewhat quiet when meeting new people. He does have that odd thing about talking to inanimate objects, but he tries to control it when he is around people. Overall a very normal and balanced teenage boy.

HISTORY: Derry is actually a girl named Derrien, who is a year younger than she passes herself off to be. Enrolled at Seienha High under the name of her older brother, she lives his life during the school hours, and returns home as the obbedient younger girl. Derrien's brother died two years before in a car accident, a few days before he was to start school at Seineha High. Her familly had suffered terribly from the loss, and the most affected had been Derrien who had been very close to her older brother. Then, in a desperate attempt to have her brother back, she made a friend change the school records, and she attended school under the name of her brother. After her brother's death, both her parents became engrossed in their works, rarely paying attention to their daughter. At first, Derrien had played her brother's role in a desperate attempt to bring him back, and renew her memory of him. A while later, she realised that nothing would bring her brother back, and ever since then she had been stuck playing the role of a guy, which lead to a few very comical situations and revelations about members of the oposite sex.

07-09-2002, 01:52 AM

PLAYER NAME: Hitomi_333

CHARACTER NAME: Kuchigawa Harumi (family name first)

GENDER: female… barely

CLASS: 3rd, Senior

CLUB: none. She hates conformity.

HOBBIES: being a general bully and punk

DESCRIPTION: Harumi is about 5'4 with spikey black hair that seems to have come out of the 80s. She's of strong build, which makes up for her height when it comes to bullying people. Her clothing also seems to have come from the 80s, being the typical clothing for punks to wear at the time: holey jeans, leather boots, and a leather jacket.

There's no way of avoiding it, Harumi is a bully. She picks on people for the fun of it, and just to prove that she isn't someone to mess with. She has no respect for authority and is often caught smoking or drinking on campus.... that is, when she's not skipping school althogether. She's also not particularly smart.... sure, she's street smart, but not book smart. But this mostly comes from laziness, and her blatant lack of respect for rules

HISTORY: She never knew her father... hell, her mother wasn't even sure who Harumi's father was. Her mother provided for her.... not a whole lot, but she kept some form of a roof over their heads. After living like this until she was 12, her grandmother finally stepped in and let her stay in her house. However, the kindness shown by her grandmother by her did little good. She began smoking and drinking and mixing with the wrong crowd, despite all that her grandparents did.

Try as they might, her grandparents couldn't bring any change to her. Throughout middle school she was the head of a gang, constantly in turf wars. However, they did manage to see that she got into Seienha. But at the age of 15, Harumi ran away from her grandparents and into an apartment nearer to the school. She would have dropped out, but perhaps some shred of anything good left in her convinced her to finish high school. (So yeah, she's a returning student)

I will get the rest to you soon. Recently my drawing ability has gone AWOL.

08-09-2002, 02:10 PM


CHARACTER NAME: Sosuke Toyonobu


CLASS: Junior

CLUB: Engineer/Mechanics Club

HOBBIES: Welding, working on cars


Physical Description: Sosuke stands just shy of 6’0 with deep green eyes and short blonde hair that always stands on end. His main attire consists of light blue coveralls with a heavy leather welding apron over it. He also rarely takes off his tool belt, which he keeps stocked with any smaller tools he might need. The most interesting part of his outfit is the portable mig welder/oxy-acetylene assembly that he always carries strapped to his back. He also is normally seen with a welding mask on his head and heavy work boots.

Mental Description: Sosuke is friendly and outgoing. He’ll do almost anything for a friend in need, but he also gets easily distracted by cars and machinery which he finds interesting. He is also a mechanical genius of sorts. He can construct just about anything as long as it doesn’t have much to do with electronics.

HISTORY: Sosuke is the local boy. He was born and grew up in this area. His mother died giving birth to him so he’s only ever known his father. Sosuke takes after his father a lot. His father is a local mechanic in town and Sosuke learned his skills from helping his father in the garage. This is also where his affinity for mechanics and cars comes from. As a down side, being brought up by his father alone has left him rather clumsy with females unfortunately.

09-09-2002, 08:41 PM
I thought I should post to elaborate about her fighting style and such other details about her if that's ok. Tell me if there is anything I should change.

Her fighting style is mostly diversified moves learned through street fighting and from her previous openents, although she has been training to modify them use her ability with magical fire. (if you want a concrete example, think Kyo or Saishu Kusanagi) Though currently she can only make it appear in her hands, otherwise it takes some time to cast.

Magic wise, Marie specialises in fire magic. She can cast very few other spells, but has mastered enough the basic fire conjuration spell to make a small flame appear in her hand through an effort of will. Of course, casting it constantly in that way would strain her too much and could make her faint. She regularly uses it to light her cigarettes.

Her family name is (has yet to be decided :p ).

10-09-2002, 07:55 AM
PLAYER NAME: tamaritha
CHARACTER NAME: Miraka Chateris
GENDER: Female
CLASS: 2nd year
CLUB: Calilography and if there is one, chess.
HOBBIES: Swimming, bending spoons with psychic power, and sword-dancing.
DESCRIPTION: Pale green hair with electric blue streaks. Brown eyes. Slender, frail looking body, but if you crash into her, you'll find it's all muscles! The only fat on her body is on her ahem, chest... She looks so cutey and innocent, people mistake her for a pretty child, and often try to push her off the grounds! (well nicely though, the prettiness counts well here, and perhaps the ahem, chest)
HISTORY: Came to Japan as exchange student, then kinda lingered here. Currently lives alone, parents in America. Used to be famed as a child genius, and now prefers to be left alone. She learned how to handle her own blade from the exchange family she used to live with.

21-09-2002, 01:55 PM
There you go guys, I colored the sketch of Marie. I did some other sketches but am not satisfied enough with the results to scan them in.


28-10-2002, 11:27 PM
the Apps still open? I'd Love to Join!!! It be my first RPG of this kind (soo excited..cant stop shaking...!) sooo if i can join just kinda bear with me for a bit till i get the hang of it!

orochi X
29-10-2002, 12:42 AM
Well 7thKeeper message in the play thread said his gone for two weeks. So you'd have to wait for his return

29-10-2002, 03:47 PM
Post a char here and wait for aprouval.......i suggest you go join another RPG while you wait for this one.....

Itll never hurt to join multiple RPs at once

29-10-2002, 07:15 PM
well I'm back now and yeah we're accepting.. so go ahead and post your character.. since nobody bothered to actually post in the thread while I was away, you're in a good time to join since it'll be a little while before the next chapter.

Princess Samari
29-10-2002, 07:38 PM
*Sniffle* I had no room left to post...me posted into a corner till you say next class or Chihiri is yelled at for jumping on roofs....which I doubt would happen at that school.

29-10-2002, 07:53 PM
it's ok.. I didn't specifically mean you.. I left it open for some people to continue.. oh well.. it's partially my fault too. Don't worry about it ^.^

29-10-2002, 10:22 PM
Yippie! okay here we go:

Player name: Dave

Character name: Dmitri Valmir
Gender: Male
Class: 1st
Club: Engineers\Mechanics
Hobbies: Mech repair, mech design, nuclear physics, weapons experimentation, avoiding bright lights, defending those who cant defend themselves.
Description: Born an albino, he has medium length light blue hair (never kept in any particlar style), dark crimson eyes that are usually hidden by round black sunglasses during the day because of their sensitivity to light. His features are rather elvish in appearance (making some students wary of him)giving him a strikingly good look. Under his eyes are the dark circles that show the hours of sleep that was robbed from him by insomnia. He wears a black trench coat that hides a sword that he defends himself with. Besides this, he wears rather normal clothing:kinda baggy jeans and a tee-shirt.
Dmitri is what most people would call a mathmatical saviant. His incredibly early mastery of diffucult math (see History)
shows this. He also has a knack for repairing rather complicated machinery (mechs, for example). Most normal people shy away from him, so his parents felt that a more ...unusual... school would suit him better. He's far ahead for his age as far as maturity and wisdom are concerned. Although he's usually a kind-hearted person (though most dont know it, because of his usually emotionless demenour), during battle that same heart turns cold and hard. Once, during a fight, he said to his opponents a second before he defeated them "I never started this, but you can be sure that before its over your going to be lying on the ground in pain."

History: The son of a well-known russian physist and german chaos mathematition, Dmitri grew up in a relativly nice house hold. Tutored by his parents till he was 12, his skill at math was exeptional, having master advanced college trigonometry at age 7. Seeing this, his parents sent him to the finest high school in the land at the age of 12. This, however, proved to be a poor decision for such a young and unusual child. Ridicule, cruelty, isolation and pain followed him around for those three horrid years. His parents were painfully unaware of this until Dmitri attempted suicide (luckly enough, the rope was too weak). Desperate for help, they searched for a proper school for an unusual person such as him. During this time, Dmitri discovered the world of mecha (dramaticaly happy music cue here). He researched EVERYTHING that he could and developed an intense interest in building his own. He also developed an iterest for nuclear physics in conjuction to this, and even started work on the minatirization of fusion reactors.

Around this point, his parents found Seienha High. Knowing a match when they saw it, they had him pack up his Mech work (one of his prototypes had run amok and made downtown look like a war zone) and go to Japan.

There we go! Hope its good enough. and anyone artsy can go ahead and draw a pic, if they want!

(edit: OppS! forgot his age and height!
Age: 16
height: 5' 10")

('nother edit: I changed the descript a bit.)

30-10-2002, 10:46 PM
...when exactly will i know that i'm in or out...?<shrugs> guess I'll just have to wait...

02-11-2002, 12:32 PM
hmm.. well... I guess it's...:thumbup: ok

02-11-2002, 01:15 PM

04-11-2002, 10:22 AM

PLAYER NAME: Cetacious
GENDER: Female
CLASS: 1st
CLUB: Hasn't joined any yet
HOBBIES: Tae Kwon Do
DESCRIPTION: Hinako has almost everything necesary to be invisible: Short, silent, neither atractive nor uggly. Long black hair flows by her everserious face. Her temper rarely changes, but when it does, it is not recomendable to stay near. And a high percent of her time she is glad to be invisible, for it evites unnecesary involvement with stupid people she considers a waste of time.
HISTORY: Since her first years of school Hinako has hardly done a thing but studying. Her marks were remarcable, but her parents still woried because psicology books indicated children should be more sociable at that age. So they put her to learn Tae Kwon Do, which theoretically, as a recreational activity, should be FUN and therefore motivate her to interact more dinamically with her companions. Hinako, however, did not have FUN, which would be an utter waist of time, but trained intensively to soon acquire her black belt and beat her teacher. Her fighting relies on speed rather than on strength.
After she completed primary school with honours and two years skipped, her parents chose to send her to Seienha High for this being a policrome heterogenious enviroment, which should motivate their daughter to meat new people and maybe open up her mind to recreational activities, which are highly promoted within the educational center. She, however, sees this as a chalenge, for the rumours are whide spread of that martial artists with legendary skills asist here.
NOTE: Hinako takes herself serious, I don't. I promise to make fun of her.

04-11-2002, 06:12 PM
It's Chihiri's evil twin! Quickly, Lychee, to the B*tch Cave!

04-11-2002, 10:23 PM

05-11-2002, 08:22 PM
Ceta... talk to Sam.. your characters are so similar that unless she says that it's ok and it doesn't bother her, you're not in.. but if it's ok with Sam and she's not bothered, you're in. So talk to her.

Oh...and btw... I'd rather you not post in the play thread before I've let you know that you're in...

Oh by the way...If she says "NO WAY YOU F****** B****!" or something along those lines, start creating a new character.:)

06-11-2002, 11:13 PM
...you know what i just realised? Looking back at all the apps... blue hair is really popular!

07-11-2002, 01:30 AM
You know, 7th, I posted my character app and sent everything to you months ago and you never got back to me on it...

heh, but forget it anyway... I've got too much stuff going on right now XD

07-11-2002, 11:09 AM

Right. I'm an idiot. That should teach me to ask first and post later.

11-11-2002, 11:03 PM
Um..... are you still accepting characters or no? *crys* I wish I had noticed this thread earlier

17-11-2002, 11:48 AM
Originally posted by Hitomi_333

You know, 7th, I posted my character app and sent everything to you months ago and you never got back to me on it...

heh, but forget it anyway... I've got too much stuff going on right now XD

Same thing with me, but I've lost interest now ^^;

17-11-2002, 12:27 PM
I just sent pms to everyone on the list here o.o() I knew there were a few "oops, I didn't tell you?" cases...

18-11-2002, 09:17 PM
Player Name: Magicfangirl


Character name: Itsume Choi (prounoced -it-sue-me)
Gender: Female
Class: 1st year (new student)
Club: Girls Karate, Motercycle club.

Hobbies: Fighting/training, motorcylces, (being hateful ^^)

Description: She does not care about her looks or her attitude. But she is very nice looking even without the help of makeup. She has grey eyes and black hair. She wears her black hair tied in a tight thin braid that stops at mid back. Her skin is a little tanned but is normal color for an asian. Height: 5'5, Weight: Is built like a lady but also like a warrior (like shampoo from ranma 1/2)
Always wears a black T-shirt with normal blue jeans, and black sneakers. (^^ hee...)

History: Raised by her Grandfather in China, he trained Itsume in the styles of Tae Kwon Do and Kung fu. She is skilled at kicking and naked blade reception. (catching a blade with her bare hands). But is acceptionally skilled at punching and jumping/dodgeing. Itsume has this 'I hate people' thing going, and hates people with big ego's or that thinks she needs to work on some of her fighting skills. Even though not liking people at all, she does have a sence of humor once you befriend her. ...But the only people she seems to like are the ones that like her motorcycle or her fighting skills.
All her family lives in China exsept for her older sister. Itsume lives with her older sister in an apartment building (it's only 10 minutes away from the school) and does most of the housework because her sister is always out on dates at work. (she seems to hate people a little more now...)
But besides her sis, she does not regreat coming all this way to go to Seienha High school. She loves it's rep for fighting and battles.

(is that okay? ^^)