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CHAPTER 1 - Battle of the Clubs!

(Objective: For this chapter, just get to know each other and join your respective clubs unless you have already joined)

Autumn was slowly arriving at Japan and schools had started. The time was nearing the end of the first class at the start of the second week of school, which held one significant fact to the student body of Seienha.

Club Recruitment Week.

During the time of this week, the clubs of Seienha would take it to the hallways and yard of the school, advertising their club and all the advantages of being part of it. Naturally, concidering the nature of most of the larger clubs in Seienha, this generally meant that new members were fought over. Quite literally.

With a ring of the bell, students starting to rush out, juniors and seniors moving to their clubs to begin advertising their clubs, dragging new students who seemed to show promise to see their members display their skills, robots, art, etc.

Takashi Sakura, the half-demon martial artist and with Tetsuo Manchi, probably the best known martial artist and student in the school was waiting with great joy towards the coming week. If it even came to being anywhere near as exciting as last year, it would be a blast. Walking outside, to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle he owned, Takashi lifted the the bike up, setting it on his shoulder like it weighted nothing and carried it over to the area their club had snatched at the large yard.

The yard was this year dominated by the Boys and Girls Karate Clubs, as usual, both clubs members demonstrating their skills. Usually the Motorcycle Club had to satisfied with the small spaces inside, but after Takashi had joined the club, they had found out the obvious advantages to having a top martial artist being part of them as he had demonstrated the advantages of moving to the gym hall to the Sumo Club.

It was a small club, set next to the Firearms Club booth where Leona had set up a small firing range, allowing people to try out some of the firearms in her quite insane collection. To his relief Takashi noticed that she hadn't brought the bazooka or the heavy machine gun she owned with her.

" Hey Takashi! How you guys doing?" Leona waved to him as he set his bike down on display, giving it an affectionate pat as he grinned at the blond haired girl.

" Ok I guess. It's a better spot than last year. Heh..wouldn't mind one or two new members."

Their conversation was interrupted when a fight erupted at the door leading to the gym hall. The Kendo Club had it's area inside and it seemed that a fight had broken out between one of their members and a member of the Boys Karate Club when they had both tried to convince a new student (who had taken the opportunity to flee) to come and join their respective clubs. It didn't take long when more people from both clubs joined the fray and general mayhem started.

"Aren't you going to intervene?" Leona asked Takashi, leaning against her booth, cleaning a .50 Desert Eagle.

" Naaah...heh..it's actually chasing the crowd in this direction!"

Ofcourse, Fate had to intervene at this point as a member of the Karate Club kicked a bokken out of a Kendo Club members hand, which flew up in the air in a beautiful arc...and hit Takashis bike as it landed, making a nasty scratch in its side.

The wild haired boys eyes grew wide as he saw this and he sank on his knees, staring in shock.

" my....bike..." he said, raising his hand to slowly run over the scratch as few of the other club members walked to him and patted him on the shoulder, telling they can fix it. Takashi slowly stood up and cracked his knuckles and turned towards the fight.

" no Takashi..don't..it's not worth it man..no do-"

The Motorcycle Club members were too late to stop him as Takashi started walking towards the fight, cupping his hands in front of him, clearly quite pissed off.

" no one...damages...my bike..and gets away with it! Dragon Charge Blast!"

Releasing a ki-blast in the form of a head of a golden dragon with its maw open, the blast hit in the middle of the fight, throwing people around, stunned or out of it and Takashi jumped into the fray and soon people were flying around as the boy took out his anger, sending people into the orbit.

" Hmm. Yep. I'd say it's the start of another usual year at Seienha High. Man I think they're all ganging up on Takashi. Oh well... like they could do anything to him," Leona said to herself, smiling a bit before turning to a new student that was standing close by, staring in shock at the huge fight. "Hey there! Want to try this gun out? Ammo and guns are courtery of the Club if you join. Just as long as you don't try to steal them."

Princess Samari
06-09-2002, 06:26 PM
Edging past the crowd Chihiri winced as a bokken landed only inches away from her face. "Oh oh..." she shuffled backwards as a very angry Takashi dashed past her towards the kendo club. "Well he's going to get himself hurt again." Chihiri just frowned and walked quicker.

If she didn't hurry all the good clubs would be filled and she would have to join something lame like the otaku club. Nothing but filthy perverts and cosplayers. "Gun club..." She stopped looking up at the banner "That might be fun!" She smiled to herself walking towards the sign up booth.

"There he goes again!"

"If only one of us could get close enough to put an end to his inhuman... um... demoning once and for all!"

"...Demoning isn't a word, aho."

"Don't call me that, you trendy jerk!"

Chihiri looked over at the small group of people glaring daggers towards the small brawl that had broken out.

"Trendy jerk is the best insult you can come up with?"

They all wore strange outfits with bizarre pendant clasps of cresent moons and small jewels. One carried a large book with spidery, foreign script and one was drawing a pentagram on the ground with a piece of chalk.

"I'm going to challenge that demon and send him back to the netherworld once and for all!"

"More likely he's going to kick your ass up and down the schoolyard. None of us can get close enough to-"

"Excuse me," Chihiri interrupted, hands clasped nervously. "But... um... why are you all dressed so funny?"

Four heads adorned in bizarre, tall black hats that looked like something a priest would wear in a bad horror move turned to look at her. They all wore strange, swirled glasses and had handfuls of long strips of parchment with messy kanji scrawled on them.

"Y-you... you mean you don't know who we are?!" one of the boys exclaimed. Chihiri shook her head slowly. The group gasped collectively.

"Who are you?" Chihiri asked

"I am the fabulous Hiroshi, senior of Seienha High and leader of the amazing Witch Hunters Club! We fight demons and those irresponsible, wicked witches of the Sorcerers Club! We are the pinnacle of light shining into the fetid... um... thing.. that is... the school and... We fight the ghosts and demons who threaten our school and-"

"Why are your glasses all swirly?" Chihiri asked.

"Because they allow us to see all things!" another piped up. "Allow me to introduce the rest of us." She was a short, pudgy girl who looked like an irregularly shaped marshmallow in her robes. "I am Tomoko, second year, and this is Keitaro," a skinny boy nodded to her, "Rei," a lovely, bored looking boy waved half-heartedly. "And together we form the four elements of demon banishing!"

"Oh, um... I guess you're full then." Chihiri sighed disconsolately, and turned, stepping into the crowd and disappearing immediately.

Quite suddenly, she heard shouts. "Where did she go!?"

"That was amazing!"

"Miss! Miss, please come back!"

Confused, she stepped back out of the crowd. "Yes?"

"What's your name?" Hiroshi asked.

"Igawa Chihiri. I'm a freshman." Tilting her head to one side, she waited patiently.

"How did you disappear like that?" Tomoko exclaimed.

"...what do you mean? My parents taught me how to do that. They're ninjas, you see."

There was a stunned silence and then Hiroshi bowed at the waist. "We would be honored to accept you into our ranks! Onegaishimasu!"

Chihiri's eyebrows shot up and then she began to bounce happily. "Really? REALLY? That would be great! What forms do I have to fill out?"

Hiroshi coughed. "Um... What was your name again?"

((ooc: I made some NPCs for the Witch Hunters Club. Hope you don't mind!))

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Standing on the outskirts of the engineering club's booth, Lychee took a fortifying breath and put her best foot forward.

In her first hour at school, she'd been pushed and shoved, had her omusubi taken by a bunch of bullies, hd been called a couple names, and had been tossed into a trash can. Now, a little battered, a little tired, a little worse for wear, she stood in front of the booth and gave a small wave.

"H-hi. I'm Lychee. Oishiida Lychee. I signed up at registration, remember?"

The member at the booth looked at her with some derision.

"Oh yes, we remember you." Lychee winced. "Well, welcome to the Engineering Club. Don't you have something else you should be doing right now?"

Crestfallen, Lychee wandered away from the booth towards one of the benches in the schoolyard. She sighed and took off her glasses, polishing them quietly. She sniffled and put her glasses back on before turning her attention back to the rampaging students.


Lychee's eyes widened in surprise as a large gray squirrel laded on her shoulder. Over half of the squirrel's head was a metal mask wth a glowing red eye and an antenna stickng up to transmit and receive radio waves. Her jaw dropped in surprise.

"Gizmo! What are you doing here? You know you aren't supposed to follow me to school!" The augmented squirrel pressed a tiny hand to her cheek and then rubbed against her face, chirping with delight at having found her.

Lychee hugged her only friend carefully and then let him rest on her shoulder, before standing and glaring out at the crowd.

"Gizmo... nobody is very nice here. And you know what that means."

The squirrel looked up from munching on an acorn it seemed to have produced from thin air.

"They must be punished! Quickly, Gizmo. Summon the Mighty Bastard III!"

"Squerping" with surprise, Gizmo twitched his tail and began transmitting across town to the suburbs where the giant mecha, Mighty Bastard III, was crouched in a back yard next to a lawn mower. From across town there was a rumbling noise as Mighty Bastard's jet engines began to power up and the mech moved to the street for take off.

Lychee began to laugh maniacally.

06-09-2002, 07:51 PM
(OOC: That's ok ^.^ I liked how you potrayed the four.. you can make up minor NPCs to suit your needs so that it's easier to make posts..)

orochi X
06-09-2002, 08:30 PM
It was complete chaos at Seienha High more so then often due to recruitment week. Hordes upon hordes of students ranging from freshemens to juniors wandered the grounds in search for a club.

It was Ryujis second year at Seienha High, as usual around this time he would wander aimlessly through the crowds till the week was over. He never thought of joining one of those clubs.

"Sigh, i hate this week i hate all these stupid representitives of them clubs harrasing me to join" Ryuji continued wandering until he arrived at the Boys Karate Club, as always they had one of the biggest stalls and as always they were showing off their skills infront of the crowd.

"Hmph! . . showoffs" he grumbled to himself, Ryuji looked around and decided to find a more quiet spot, if there was one. Pushing his way through the crowds of students, Ryuji spotted a small stand with the banner MUSIC.

Music? Ive never seen this club before . . . maybe because i never ventured down this way

Ryuji straightened himself, shook his jeans and headed closer to the stand, "Well should I join? Its been a year and i guess im the only junior who isnt in a club" He looked up to notice he was standing only a few centimetres away from the stall.

"Uhh umm . . " Ryuji started to stutter, "Th th this is the mu music club right?"

The man behind to stall nodded and smiled, Ryuji looked to see none other then Mr Ozaki and lying down on the grass next to him his guidedog Alita.

"Mr Ozaki . . how how are you?"

God im such an idiot!

Ryuji rubbed his arm and continued, "This is the music club uh right?" He could feel his face turning all red, he placed his hands on his face and waited for Mr Ozakis reply.

06-09-2002, 08:46 PM
:: aie looked around at the different booths in amazement...::

wow..they are all so cool !

:: the young lanky man walks past each booth in some what of a daze...he was amazed by the variety of clubs and spectacular skills that every one had.....Aie was so concentrated on the other booths and such that he forgot where he was walking and walked right into the Engineering Club's recruting table...the edge poking him in the leg ::

ow....:: he looks at the slightly bored gentleman :: hello...is this the ..:: he pulls out a peice of paper :: Engineering club

:: the man gave off a large sigh and points to the large sign in front of the table ::

i duno sherlock ..you tell me

:: Aie :: oh....well im Aie

:: recruter :: come again ?

:: Aie sighs :: Hayashi Hikaru

:: recruter :: ahh yes..here you are..

:: he hands aie a few papers ..suddenly a large shadow looms ever the two ..aie looks up ..and suddenly his facial expression changes...to that of a kid on chrismas day ::

:: aie :: WOW ...A MECHA !!!

:: he quickly sits on the ground indian style and pulls out his laptop and places the pair of goggles of his eyes ...he flips a switch and the laptop begins to hum...it quickly anylizes the components of the mecha.....he pushes his goggles back onto his forehead....his stare suddenly turns to the one laughing ::

excuse me....are you in the Engineering club too ?

06-09-2002, 08:51 PM
( i accidently posted twice...gomen :( )

Blade R
07-09-2002, 12:36 AM
Kaya ducked, crawled, jumped, and swerved around attacks and people as she made her way to the Kendo Club table.

Wow! Man this place is big, and crowded, and...oh look!! Another fight broke out!! Maybe that's where the table is.

Wandering towards the fight, she manages to avoid being hit by most fists, feet, and the occasional thrown person....Only to trip over someone who was sitting on the ground. Falling flat on her face a muffled "meow" comes from the bag she's carrying and a small orange and white cat face pokes out. Quickly she pokes it back in then turns to the guy she tripped over.

"HEY!! What's the idea of you just sitting in people's ways?"

That's when she notices the shadow. Looking up, her mind quickly tells her what to do.

Ok, first, I run over and sign up before we have to evacuate or something, then I'll take it from there.

Spottign the Kendo Club sign she dashes over to it.

"Kaya Misura, I want to sign up."

"Ok, here's the papers.....and you have a bit of blood coming out of your mouth."

"Oh, thanks. I got caught in the fight."

Wiping it off she takes the papers quickly fills out everything she needs, hands them back to him, thanks him, and then runs back to watch the mecha.

07-09-2002, 02:37 AM
Super-villain laughter was cut short as a query came from next to her.

"Excuse me... are you in the Engineering Club too?" The boy who asked this was a blue thing with goggles and a look that said he hadn't been dumped into a trash can that morning. Lychee scowled viciously.

"As a matter of fact, I am. But if you'll excuse me, I have some rampaging to do and-"


The muscle under Lychee's left eye spasmed as she spun to look down at Gizmo who was writing with a twig in the dirt.

"What do you mean I'm out of gas for the Mighty Bastard?!" she exclaimed and began pulling at her hair. "Curses! Foiled again! Damn the economic slump and embargo on Iraq causing an increase in the price of crude oil! DAMN THEM!"

It was, at that point, that the Mighty Bastard III gave a mechanical shriek as, frozen from the lack of fuel, it teetered back and forth, poised on one leg. There was a hushed silence as Lychee watched in horror. Then, without much fanfare, the mech toppled forward, crushing a stand of trees, a bench, and a few of the club booths that had been vacated by screaming students.

"Uh-oh..." Swallowing the lump in her throat, Lychee plucked her squirrel off the ground and beat a hasty retreat.

07-09-2002, 12:53 PM
Club Recruitment Week was the best week ever, it was so great to see all the other students have so much fun. Everyone was having a good time rough housing and romping around. Or at least, that's how the entire scene appeared in the mind of Tora as she skipped through mayhem, the tune of some pop group blasting in her ears.

Oblivious she passed the huge fight the Karate Club was in, accidently smacking one member in the back of the head as she twirled in time to the music. When the boy turned to take care of the new opponent she had already skipped away.

Shortly thereafter, she heard words that beckoned her to remove the headphone which were helping block out the angry noises of the outside world.

"Uhh umm . . Th th this is the mu music club right?"

The MUSIC club...! Oh good! I was beginning to think I'd never find it!

Joy welled up within her heart and she gave an extra bounce of glee as she came closer to the stall.

But at that point, without the sound of music to move her on, she tripped over her own feet and into the nervous sounding boy.

"Oh...! I'm so sorry, sir! Very very sorry! Really!" Tora offered sheepishly as she brushed the aqua colored bangs out her eyes. But then she turned her attention to the teacher. "If this is the Music Club, I'd like to join, pleased!"

07-09-2002, 05:07 PM
Mr. Ozaki patted Alita gently on the head, the guidedog laying with her head between her front paws, sleeping while the fight that had changed from the Kendo and Boys Karate Club fighting against each other to both of them fighting against Takashi slowly ended. Neither the teacher or the dog seemed phased and the man slowly stood up, holding his bokken in his hands in front of him, the tip set on the ground.

" Oh I'm just fine Ryuji-san, thank you for asking. Yes our booth is here right next to me." the long blue-haired teacher said, tapping the side of the booth with his bokken before turning his face towards Tora.

" Oh I don't think we've met. I'm Mr. Ozaki, nice to meet you. You can sign at the booth and pick up a paper that shows the times the Club meets." he said to the young girl before turning towards the fight that had just ended, letting out a soft amused sigh. The Kendo and Boys Karate Club members were laying around in a pile with Takashi sitting on top of them, wiping his hands with a small grin on his face, before jumping off.

" Hmm. Well I guess I can expect a few students to miss todays Kendo training. Heh. Though I think they just had enough training for a few days even if they could arrive, fighting against Takashi."

In the area where Mighty Bastard III had landed, a member of the Mechanics club, dressed in power armour which seemed to run thanks to about a dozen or so mouses running inside small wheels on the back, was cleaning things up, taking the mecha apart limp by limp and carrying the parts away.

As the members of the Witch Hunters Club were about to ask something more of Chihiri, Takashi suddenly popped up behind them, throwing his arms around two of the guys necks in a loose hold like they were old buddies, grinning at them.

" Hey guys! Anything interesting happening?"

As Lychee made her daring and fast escape from the scene, she managed to see someone run from behind the next corner quickly and turning her way. And that was all she had time to see before colliding with that person. Which was followed by the chain reaction that as Lychee fell down backwards, the person she had ran into fall backwards also, right into the person who had been running behind him, causing the second person to fall down and him fall down forward.

The result was that the boy ended up with his head between Lychees legs (though his face was quite well buried in the ground at the moment), who had fallen down on her butt while the other girl was glaring at the boy, quickly standing up and brushing her skirt.

" Tatenoko! You pervert! First you start spreading false rumours about me and now you're peeking under girls skirts!?"

Before the boy had time to look up or reply, the girl was on him, twisting his head into a painful lock, after which she continued to apply different strangleholds and arm/leg locks on him.

" Aaah! I didn't look at anything! And I only asked if you were writing that love poem to Takashi! Ow! That hurts!"

" There you go again! I wasn't writing that poem to my b- to Takashi! It was for my Classic Japanese class!" the girl said, putting a hand over the boys mouth and twisting his head to the side, holding him in a headlock painful enough to cause his eyes buldge as she smiled at Lychee. She was dressed in a school uniform like everyone else, with slightly wavey brown hair that fell down to her shoulders and round glasses set on her eyes.

" I'm so sorry! I'm Kaori. Kaori Akodo and this jerk here is Tatenoko Sawamura. Are you alright?"

As Kaya came back to watch the fallen mecha being hauled away in peices, she noticed a tall boy near her, dressed in the school uniform, but with a bokken strapped to a belt around his waist, his red hair falling just below his shoulders. He tapped the ground with his feet, looking at the pile of students whom Takashi had knocked out, now starting to wake up and stand up, bruised and battered and go to their own groups.

" Hmm. Looks like he hasn't rusted during the summer."

Turning to look at Kaya, the boy raised an eyebrow as if trying to figure out who she was.

"...you just signed in to the Club a moment ago didn't you? Saw you by the booth. I'm Daydalas, vice-captain of the Club." the gaijin said, introducing himself.

OOC: The attached picture is of Ukyo Tachibana from Samurai Shodown. Mr. Ozaki looks pretty much like him, except that he has somewhat longer hair and looks a little bit older. But he dresses that way, even at school...

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Pair of dices which were carefully covered by black cup rattled against wooden board. Yosuke raised his gaze to freshman who was gambling with him and asked his usual question in calm tone.
"Odd or even?"

"Even" Player uttered nervously, staring blankly at black cup that hid dices from view. "It's gotta be even this time, I just cant lose five times in a row"

Yosuke's smirk widened as he lift black cup from the board. "Four plus three equals seven, you lost again. Pay up"

"Geez, I'd swear that your board is cursed or something..." Man gave his lunch money away, still glaring at board suspiciously "...What are those weird engravings in it for anyway?"

Fight that had started a while ago grew larger as one man attacked the battling group from flank, making people flying around wildly. Yosuke was instructed to find a member of Sorcerers club so his earlier application could be verified today. "How in hell I am supposed to find anyone from crowd like this? Heck! better make a performance that everyone not too busy in fighting will notice."

Yosuke ensured that he had enough space for his little show. He started it by a drawing large intricate symbol to ground with his feet. Yosuke sticked his arms forward and pulled them back to his chest and started to chant loudly so that everyone could hear it.
"Cloth black, Hair white, Fulfill my earthly desire!" Yosuke's coat started to grow longer and his hair first turned to gray and then totally white.

By now most people looked at him curiously, for most this was not their first magic show but it was still rather interesting. Yosuke spreaded his arms wide open, embracing the flow of magic around him. "Cooling winds from far north, make leaves dance for me!" His fully transformed cape started to flutter in howling air wildly, sand and dust billowed in huge clouds around the yard, there was no doubt he had not been noticed.

Girl dressed in black attire ran toward Yosuke waving her hand wildly. "You are Yosuke, right? You shouldn't have done that, now you will be surely nailed by couple of witch hunters today"

"Speaking of the devil" Girl pointed at two priest looking guys who were walking toward them "Let's scram!" Girl grabbed Yosuke's hand and they both started running away from yard. Girl laughed wickedly as she led Yosuke through all fighting. "Dont worry. It's always like this, but if we find out own booth we should be rather safe from harm, not too many are eager to jump against our club's combined magicks"

Yosuke felt happiness, at times like these he didn't regret moving to Tokyo, all havoc and chaos around him was fun in it's own way.

07-09-2002, 08:38 PM
Silence and pauses as Lychee was addressed. Her glasses were crooked from her fall and she was, if possible, even more ragged looking now that she'd taken a tumble.

Silence and pauses.

In the fall, her skirt had flipped up around her waist. It wasn't her most mature or sexy pair of underwear, either. Plain white with pandas printed on it. A couple of the gathered boys snickered and Lychee felt her face turn hot and red.

And then a shriek.

Lychee screamed and jumped to her feet, backing away. She tugged at her skirt self-consciously and glared at the boy. "Filthy PERVERT!"

Then she glared at the girl. She had a feeling that the 'oh-so-friendly' act was just that. An act. How many times today had she been teased and beaten up? Gizmo chittered and ran in circles around her legs.

"Stay away from me!" Lychee exclaimed, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. How much more indignation would she be asked to endure in one day? "Ju-just... just stay away from me!"

With that, Lychee turned and ran, Gizmo racing after her. After ten feet, she started to sob and blindly hit the doors to the school, throwing them open. Humiliated nausea rolled in her stomach as she ran into the bathroom, dirty and blushing beet red with streaks of tears cutting through the dust on her face.

The girls in the bathroom looked up from applying their make up and gave her sneers of contempt. Whispering and giggling amongst themselves, a few of them pointing to her, they left the restroom. Lychee lurched to the sinks and gripped the porcelain like it was a lifesaver and she were floating in a sea of sharks.

She sobbed, hurt, angry, choking noises that shook her whole frame. After a few moments, she regained some control. Still crying, she turned on the sink and set her glasses on the counter.

Lychee scooped cold water into her scraped palms and splashed it on her face. Through an open window came a concerned chittering noise, and when she looked up she saw Gizmo, jumping down onto the sink. The squirrel scurried up her arm to her shoulder and began picking a few twigs out of her hair that had become tangled in the locks when she had fallen.

"Gizmo," she cried, "I hate highschool! I hate this school! Hate this place!"

Sniffling, she sat down on the bathroom floor and drew her knees up to her chest. "I wish I'd never heard of Seienha High."

07-09-2002, 09:00 PM
((ooc: Before I forget, I did a character study of Lychee (http://animeboards.com/attachment.php?postid=537624601) so now you can all see what she looks like if you can stomach my lame, lame sketchies.))

orochi X
07-09-2002, 09:10 PM
"Hey . . ." Ryuji looked down at the aqua haired girl, "Ugh never mind" Ryuji had more important things to deal with besides a clumsy freshman.

Ryuji listened closely to what Mr Osaki had to say, Ryuji nodded at Mr Osaki and sidestepped over to the booth and grabbed a timetable. Slowly folding it in half and then half again and finally slipping it in his pant pockets.

"Uhh . . " Ryuji scratched the back of his neck and stepped closer to Mr Osaki, "Just wondering do you need to be some pro singer or instrument player to join . .. ?"

The nervous looking Ryuji paused and waited for the reply, suddenly he noticed what he actually said.

Great! well done Ryuji you complete baka, now Mr Osaki knows you cant sing or play and instrument. There goes all my chances of joining

Ryujis eyes started to wander around the yard looking around at the other boothes and stalls and then back at Mr Osaki.

"Well say something . . ." he said to himself.

Phantom Angel
07-09-2002, 09:15 PM
It happened every year, and every year it was the same chaos, confusion and destruction everywhere you went at Seieneha High.

"Club Recruitment Week... again." Derry muttered as she kicked a bunch of papers out of her way.

"Hey! Don't kick us!" one of them yelled.

"Yeah, don't you have any respect for the trees that died making us?" A particularily pink piece of paper asked.

"Shut up pink-face!" Derry exclaimed in an urgently hushed voice.

"Don't tell me to shut up freak-face! Look at how many wrinkle's I've got now!" the paper yelled back in full shriek. A bunch of new students turned around to see who had spoken, and Derry hunched over and pulled her hat over her face in an attempt to disguise herself.

She quickly picked up the discarded papers and tucked them under her arm, fading into the throng of people as quickly as she could, without tripping over her over-sized cargo pants.

"That's better freak face." the pink paper muttered in satisfaction.

"Won't you ever just shut up wrinkly?" Derrien bit back, annoyed by the paper's persistance. Inanimate objects were always like that: demanding and inconsiderate. Their dry annoying traits most likely came from the fact that they were inanimate and had nothing to do but watch animate things all day. The trick was knowing how to treat them.

Derry sighed unhappily as she dropped the papers into the nearest recycle bin, and scurried away quickly. The Super Hero Club booth was somewhere in that hallway and she was anxious to see what new additions had been made to the club.

07-09-2002, 11:39 PM
Just as they did every year during the time of club recruitment, a bunch of members teamed up to build some gigantic piece of art, attracting the interested students by making something that'll stand out of the crowd, while some others just run around franticaly asking anybody to join the club like in every other club. Marie was working at the foot of the construction, which was some sort of modern art pedestral that didn't really ressemble anything, with an humongous bottle of beer sticking out of it.

The part she was working on was one of the weirdest parts of the sculpture, she wanted to promote freedom and unconformism in her abstract art. They had to store their constructions away after the recruitment week or else they would probably get destroyed in the madness of the school. Sometimes they don't even make it past the day.

A pale, skinny and black haired girl was running towards the french student, waving her hands and screaming in a very frantic way.

"Marie! Marie! We need you at the sorcery club!"

Being a member of more than one group was fatal on that day, you're always on the run. The sorcery club needed members like Marie who could hold their own in a fight against members of the martial arts clubs, otherwise they often just get ki blasted away while they attempt to recruit members before they got enrolled by these clubs. The rebellious gaijin spoke with a thick french accent.

"Right. What'cha need Kei? Some p..."

She cut short her phrase as she spotted a seedy little guy sneaking up a look under her skirt through his thick framed glasses. Just as he got the color of her panties imprinted in his mind, all he could now see was the color of the sand as an heavy iron capped boot crushed his head against the ground.

"Don't you ever learn! Espčce de putain d'pervert! You putains d'Otakus are pissing me off!"

A faint "I got her color..." came out from the poor otaku club member as he was still suffering under the boot of punishment.

Princess Samari
08-09-2002, 04:53 PM
" Hey guys! Anything interesting happening?" The fabulous Hiroshi was not amused.

"Take your hands off me Demon!" Rei drew back sniffing delicatly and removing Takashi's hand.

"How undignified." Chihiri just stared at the odd group as Hiroshi drew himself up pointing a finger under Takashi's nose.

"I, the fabulous Hiroshi, challenge you to a duel after school. Where you shall be defeated and sent back to the netherworld, hellfiend!" He struck a heroic pose "Prepare for iminant banishment! NYAHAHA!"

"Umm..." Chihiri began but stopped short holding her tongue as Hiroshi continued.

"You may be fast demon, but we have justice and good on our side!"

Out of the corner of her eye Chihiri saw Tomoko fumbling around in her backpack pulling out hand-made scrolls.

"What are those for?" Tomoko looked up at her and smiled.

"Why these are banishment scrolls of course! You can't fight demons without banishment scrolls."

"How do you use one?" Tomoko just stared.

"You slap it on their forehead and demons vanish...or so the book said." Chihiri nodded and took one turning to the argument heating up between Takashi and Hiroshi.

She stepped out of her anonymity. All Takashi could see was shimmering heat waves for a moment, and the next there was a girl standing in front of him, a girl of plain coloring, with a blank expression.

Holding a scroll.

As Takashi's eyes widened, Chihiri reached up and stuck the scroll on his forehead. There was a long pause, a moment of complete silence. "Um... demon begone," Chihiri murmured.

Hiroshi fell to his knees next to her, laying his forehead on the ground. "My great Goddess and Queen! You have defeated the demon! I worship thee!"

08-09-2002, 05:07 PM
Takashi blinked for a moment, his eyes crossed as he looked at the scroll stuck to his forehead.

Nothing happened.

Tapping his foot against the ground, crossing his arms across his chest, Takashi turned to look at Tomoko.

" If you bought these scrolls somewhere, I suggest you return them. And I gotta admit, that was a pretty good move, I didn't sense you but a moment before you appeared. Heh.. been training in ninjitsu for long?...you're new here aren't you? Don't recognize you..."

Actually the scroll was working quite well, it was just confused. Both demon and human blood flowed through the boys veins and the scroll had a moment of indecision as it was not sure if it should work or not. In the end, it decided that it was better to be sure. As Takashi reached to pull the scroll of, sighing in boredom, the kanji on the scroll started to glow and Takashi had time to let out a confused "huh?" before something looking like a lightning bolt that started from the scroll zapped out, circling Takashi and...

...hit him in the rear, causing him to jump up, hands on his rear as the scroll vanished in ashes.

" Ow! ow! ow! What the heck are you trying to do!? That was like I came to you and pinched your butt! That stung! What did I ever do to you!?" Takashi asked, rubbing his rear (which was smoking a little bit from the zap), looking at the Witch Hunters and Chihiri.

Princess Samari
08-09-2002, 05:13 PM
"Yatta!" exclaimed Tomoko. The group circled Chihiri and lifted her up onto their shoulders. "Yatta, yatta! Yattaze, whatever your name was!"

"Chihiri!" she cried. "My name is Chihiri!"

"Whatever! We did it! You did it! Yay!"

Hiroshi set Chihiri down and turned, making a face at Takashi.

"We're going to beat you now, fiend! You can run, but you can't hide. Our new secret weapon, the amazing ninja..." He paused and leaned over to Chihiri. "...name?" he whispered.

"Chihiri," she practically sobbed. "Igawa Chihiri."

"The amazing ninja, Igawa Chihiri-san is all we need to take you down once and for all!" He slung his arm around Chihiri's shoulder. "Come on, everyone! I'll buy us all juice in the cafeteria! We deserve to celebrate!"

Laughing and singing ridiculous Japanese victory songs, and occasionally waving white fans with red circles on them, they danced their way towards the cafeteria, dragging Chihiri along.

Blade R
08-09-2002, 06:02 PM
"...you just signed in to the Club a moment ago didn't you? Saw you by the booth. I'm Daydalas, vice-captain of the Club."

"Hmm?" turning she looked at him, unsure of whether to trust him or not. "Yes, yes I did. I'm Kaya, It's nice to meet you."

Another muffled 'meow' came from her bag and the little orange and white head stuck out of it again. Sweat dropping a bit she scratched the cat's head and then looked back at Daydalas.

"Eh heh, heh, this is Bandit," she gestured to the cat who had now gotten his front feet on the lip of the bag, who in return glared at Daydalas.

Sighing she looked around, the words run and hide weren't in her vocabulary, so she didn't even think about running in embaressment.

"So...how many people are in this club?"

09-09-2002, 02:22 PM
"For crying out loud, too late for my 1st day at my new school?"

Normally Asihiro is quite a punctual student, but due to the extra prolonged childhood stories of his grandfather, he couldnt make it on time.

He was quite late allright. The entire schoolyard was packed with people standing in line, in order to join their favourite clubs.

He had no clue whatsoever as to the location of the kendo application stands. Suddenly a young man came flying by, landing with a big groan. Apparently he was punched real hard.

"What an odd school indeed...." Ashiro thought by himself.

"Excuse me, my fellow student, but may i ask as to the location of the kendo application stands or even better; the location of the great swordsman Daydalas?"

His grandfather mentioned Daydals the day before he went to school. Apperently his swordsmanship skills are unmatched.

The boy lied on the floor pointing in a western direction.

Ashiro could see 2 persons standing in the open. One was a rather comely shaped girl probably of the 1st grade and the other person was a bit blurry in the distance, though his red hair was quite unique.

But to his great dismay, the red haired man, whom the boy pointed as Daydales, was a...........a Gaijin....

"Excuse me sir, to my great shame i thought you were Daydales the famous swordsman. But naturally you can't be him because you are a gaij.......i mean a foreigner......."

Ashiro started to get agited, because he thought he wouldnt ever find the kendo application stands.

10-09-2002, 05:19 PM
"Oh I don't think we've met. I'm Mr. Ozaki, nice to meet you. You can sign at the booth and pick up a paper that shows the times the Club meets."

Tora gave a lil' bow though the teacher could not see her, and gave a beaming smile, happy to be spoken to. "I'm Tora, I just started here. But I'm really happy at this school! Everyone's always having fun!" she said cheerily. She then caught on that his attention was directed elsewhere, towards the fallen students who had attempted to take on Takashi.

"They're silly boys..." mumbled the girl, becoming distracted as she noticed the boy, Ryuji, taking the papers they needed. With a quick hop and skip she went over to snag herself a paper, then jotted her name down in sloppy handwriting.

That was when the question about being a professional singer or instrument player came up. She stopped and turned towards the teacher. "...d..do you? I can kind of sing...!"

10-09-2002, 07:10 PM
As Derry neared the booth for the Superhero Club, she saw a few of the members of the club practising their one-liners. Such as "beware evil-doer!" and "In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!".

" No no! More feeling into it! You guys couldn't be VAs for a bad superhero show, much less real superheroes if you can't put some feeling into it!" said a guy dressed in a purple cape, body suit and mask. He was the captain of the club and called "Purple Avenger". No one ever claimed that he had much imagination for good names, though he was a good superhero. He didn't have power per-se but had a lot of nice little gadgets that would have made even the Mechanics club members feel at home. Seeing Derry walk closer, he waved at her, smiling.

"Hey Derry! Came to see how things are coming?"

* * * * *

Tatenoko and Kaori watched as the girl run away and Kaori looked down at Tatenoko before kicking him sharply in the side.

" Look what you did! You made her mad and cry! Go apologize!"

Tatenoko stood up, beaten up, but the boy had gotten used to it during his years of being in the school. In fact, he was able to take more punishment than most martial artists in the school.

"Alright... I guess it is my fault. I just hope I can find her. Hey...when you see Takashi, tell him I need the manga he borrowed back soon." Tatenoko said before he walked off in the direction the round-glassed girl had gone to. As Kaori started to walk to her next class, she saw Marie giving the Boot of Punishment to a member of the Otaku club and as she walked by, just "accidentally" walked over the guy, a loud crack emitting from his spine as it got stepped on.

"Oh so sorry..."

* * * * *

Daydalas looked at the boy who had walked to him and raised an eyebrow at him.

" I am Daydalas, vice-captain of the Kendo Club. Or did the name somehow sound japanese to you? And yeah I'm a gaijin. What did you want?" Sighing, feeling annoyed by the boy right now, turned back to Kaya.

"Don't worry about the cat...so lot of things happen against the rules here, I doubt anyone's going to mind a cat."

Looking at the school clock, he noticed that class was suppose to start in about 10 minutes and sighed.

" Biology...damn... please don't let it be Buzzsaw."

* * * * *

As the four Witch Hunters dragged Chihiri along to the cafeteria, dancing in joy, they failed to notice a student ahead of them and bumped right into him. The boy didn't lose his balance though and looked at them annoyed, his hair cut into a short spiky buzz cut and a regular boys school uniform on.

" You clowns. Watch where you're going." Tetsuo said, glaring at them as he pushed his way past them, turning around the corner. Unfortunately, Hiroshi made one small mistake when he thought that Tetsuo was gone.

" What a jerk..."

Before the words had barely had any time to leave his lips, there was a slight blur and Hiroshi suddenly found his head caved into the wall of the corridor with a glaring Tetsuo next to him, arm held straight after a punch. The boy had come back around the corner and punch the Witch Hunter in a blink of an eye.

" What was that?"

"...sorry..." came the muffled reply from inside the wall.

" Right...hmph. Baka..." Tetsuo said before leaving as Hiroshi tried to pry his head from inside the wall.

Princess Samari
10-09-2002, 08:09 PM
"Fabulous Hiroshi!" Keitaro cried out rushing to their fallen leader.

"Gyaaaah...." The fabulous Hiroshi whimpered in pain and slid from the wall to the ground.

"Hiroshi..." Rei moved quicker kneeling down he sighed and helped their clubs leader to his feet. The fabulous Hiroshi winced in pain shaking the stucco from his hair.

"That Tesuo thinks he is sooo great! just because he is the president of the boys karate club."

"Don't worry Hiroshi-senpai...they don't help the school like yo- I mean we do." Tomoko smiled and handed Hiroshi his glasses.

"You're right Tomoko! we have been banishing demons and spirits from our illustrious school for ages now. The Witch Hunters club may have lost some of it's former glory...but now with the help of-"

"Igawa Chihiri." Chihiri prompted.

"Igawa Chihiri we can rise to the shining heros our club once was!" Hiroshi exclaimed thrusting a fist into the air.

Chihiri sighed hearing the bell begin to ring. "Um...I should be going to class now." She turned and stepped into the crowd heading for her next class, P.E.

Blade R
10-09-2002, 09:10 PM
"Heh, good. I was hoping to at least make one day without getting sent to the office this year."

Humming she pulls out her schedual.

"Math...lovely way to start the day..."

Sighing she walks back into the halls, how she hated math. The teachers from her previous school were always strict, bossy, and hard graders....and none of them had liked her cat.

10-09-2002, 09:35 PM
Lifting her glasses, Lychee wiped them down with the soft cloth she kept in the case. Gizmo was on the windowsill, watching her expentantly.

"I really better get to class, Gizmo. You aren't supposed to be inside the school, so go wait for me outside at... hmm." Lychee braced herself on the sink, and lifted herself up, peering out the window. "That big tree over there, okay? We'll share lunch."

Dropping back down to the floor, she lifted her bag and hurried out into the hallway. People were pushing and shoving their way past booths and trying to get to class. Lychee lifted her schedule and adjusted her glasses, looking down at it.

"Great. Now how am I supposed to find A-12?" She huffed, a small sigh, and began squirming through the crowd until she could see one of the signs.

C Class. Room 35.

"Great! I'm on the wrong side of the building!" Making a face, Lychee slammed her elbow into the side of one of the girls in the hall. "Out of my way! Scientific genius coming through!" Thoroughly annoyed, Lychee began to (violently) make her way to class.

11-09-2002, 03:52 AM
Turning my back at me? Now it was certain that this was a Gaijin.

However, if this really was Daydalas, then Ashiro had to show him all the respects due to a grand master.

"Im sorry for my disrepect, i just thought it was an artist name or something......."

This wasnt going well. Finnally Ashiro had the chance of learning with a grand master and now he was making tactical errors all over the school yard.

"I , I am Onizuka Ashiro and I beg Sensei Daydalas to teach me Kendo.
Even if...........if that means eating McDonalds and drinking beer all night with you!!"

Somehow that last line didnt sounded too well.
Ashiro was feeling really dumb now and started to chuckle out of misery.

11-09-2002, 02:09 PM
Girl, who was giggling to herself like a lunatic, dragged Yosuke effortlessly through all fighting.

"If you aren't deaf-blind you should have already noticed that Seyenha high is not your average high school by any standards. Don't make too much fuss, otherwise you are going to end up flying in the air and land to rock hard concrete, okay?."

Booth of Sorcerers club was not too decorative, actually people behind it were decoration enough. Most wore robes or capes around their normal school clothing, others had only a odd shaped necklaces and like but their clothes were so richly colored that they could make clothes designer weep.

Odd girl let go of Yosuke's hand and wiped it to her pants, seemingly disgusted. She raised her gaze back to new club member and smiled.

"Oh! it's nothing your hands just sweated a lot. Yuck."

She circled to other club members and started to introduce them.

"This is vice-president of our infamous club" she pointed at slender man who had black short hair and weared same kind of black attire as girl who had introduced him.

"Masakuraki Shiro, Senior of this school and vice president of sorcerers club" Masaruki bowed to Yosuke formally and smiled. "You mentioned in application that you specialize in curses. We are honored to get a new member with such skills to join our club"

Phantom Angel
11-09-2002, 04:39 PM
"Well, what do you think Numbskull!" The floor under Derry burst out before she could answer.

"Be quiet Flaty!" Derry exclaimed annoyed at the floor's impertinence. Allarmed, she looked at the other members of her club, aware that she had used a voice that sounded somewhat feminine.

"Uh.. yeah. I wanted to see what new recruits we have." She said, clearing her throat and lowering her voice a little. Nervously, she pulled the hat over her eyes.

"With that attitude you'll all be a bunch of losers and not attract any members once again." the floor interjected.

Derry rolled her eyes and silently mouthed to the Purple Avenger to ignore the floor, returning his smile.

16-09-2002, 04:41 PM
:: aie ..struggles to get to his class dispite the rush of studdents pushing him the other way...the scene is like that of watching fish swim upstream...saddly the poor studdent isnt as strong as some of his seniors and is eventually trampled by the mob.....as the rush passes aie lets out a great sigh of relife...suddenly he is ran over once more...before he passes out he hears the voice say::

"" your in the way of progress...evil genius coming through!!"

:: after such a tramatizing experince..he gets up and dusts off the large foot prints left on his uniform and shakes the dust out of his hair ::

sheesh...such bad manners around here...ahh..:: he looks into his bag and checks his laptop...he pulls it out and checks it ...then puts it back into his bag and sighs ::

looks like i might have to bring the all purpose crowd disperser tomorrow ..aka ..stink bomb.. :: he chuckles to him self a little..suddenly the ground shakes ::

what the....it feels like a ...:: he turns around ..in horror and sees a mob of studdents moving in his direction :: Stampeed!!!!!

:: aie runs as fast as he can..but he trips over a small penicle....luckly his laptop survived the secound attack..to him thats all that mattered....he slowly ..and wearily gets up and walks into his class room.....he sits down at his desk ..and sleeps ::

{{ such rude people }}

Blade R
16-09-2002, 06:13 PM
Sittign in the back of the classroom, Kaya had her feet resing on her desk with her chair leaning back against the wall. Bandit was sound asleep on her lap. Not many people seemed to be in the class she noticed, only about half that chould be in it. Seeing someone stumble into the class room and take the seat infront of the one infront of her, she grinned. Pulling out a small hollow reed she stuffed some paper inot it, and fired at the unsuspecting person.

Shovign the reed back into her back she grinned as the paper hit his head dead on.


It was at that point that the teacher came in....non of the students bothered to sit up streight or stop throwing things....ok, a few did, but most had heard that this guy let you get away with almost anything.

"Good morning class, my name is Mr. Osekie....."

She heard him drone on for a few more minutes, but her mind was elsewhere. Where? Who knows. Someone, thinkign she was in a full out day dream threw adn eraser at her, but she caught it in midair. Daydreaming? yes, but in no way was she unaware of what was happening.

16-09-2002, 07:19 PM
"I , I am Onizuka Ashiro and I beg Sensei Daydalas to teach me Kendo.
Even if...........if that means eating McDonalds and drinking beer all night with you!!"

The last comment caused Daydalas to fall in the traditional anime way and he slowly picked himself up, standing and looked at Ashiro, a mild look of annoyance on his face.

" Nice to know that you have your facts straight about as gaijin..." Daydalas said and sighed, shaking his head, " Fine I'll teach you, but you gotta join the Kendo Club first. Ozaki-sensei should be by the Music Club booth...he's the captain of the club and my instructor." Daydalas said and started walking towards the booth, his bokken slung against his shoulder. As they neared, they could see Mr. Ozaki standing next to the booth, talking to some students.

" Oh I'm sure we can find use for singers. Do not worry. We'll talk more about that during the next Club meeting." Ozaki said and turned his head towards Daydalas and Ashiro as the two walked closer.

" Oh good day Daydalas. And my my, I'm meeting new people all the time right now aren't I? Who's the person with you?" the blind teacher asked, smiling at the two.


The bells rang, announcing the classes starting and there was slight chaos going on in the gym hall where the PE class for the girls was about to be held.

" But we still haven't found a teacher!" the vice-principal said, looking little bit worried. The last PE teacher had resigned last week, taking off without notice and they hadn't been able to find a suitable teacher in such a short time. The vice-principal and school secretary kept talking to each other about what to do when suddenly the door leading to the gym hall opened, a young man in his early 20s walked in. He had short wavey red hair and was wearing jeans, white t-shirt and a vest over it with "By Your Side" printed in the back and holding a paper in his hand. He looked around slowly and walked towards the two, looking at them and the paper and spoke with highly accented but understandable japanese.

" Umm.. I saw this notice about a job here. You were looking for a -" the man said, but was quickly interrupted by the vice-principal who grabbed his hand, shaking it and smiled. Their problems were solved!

" Yes! Yes! You can start right away Mr...?"

" Umm...Chad..Chad Garrison."

" Mr. Garrison! Now just sign here, here and here. Here's a small guide on what the course is suppose to include." the man said, stuffing a pen in Chads hand and pushing papers in front of him and grabbing them almost before the pen had time to leave them and then stuffed a book in the mans hands.

" Course? But I thought you were looking for a-" Chad said, feeling confused right now.

" Now the students will be here shortly so be sure to read the guide quickly and make sure everyone exercises. Have fun!" the vice-principal said and quickly left the hall, leaving Chad standing there, jaw hanging little bit, a dumbfounded look on his face.

" Students? W-what? What the heck did I just sign up for? I thought they were looking for a guy for manual labour here to fix a broken roof and wall..." Chad spoke to himself as he looked at the contract and the guide he had been giving, reading them carefully. As the vice-principal and secretary walked inside the main school building, a cry sounded out from the gym hall, heard by pretty much everyone in the school.


* * * * * *

In the biology class, everyone was feeling very quiet and down at the moment. They knew what was about to begin. It was Mrs. Buzzsaws class. That was just a nickname, but no one called her anything else in the school. She was the mean teacher of the school and equally feared by almost everyone because of her cruel ways. The class stood up as the door opened and Buzzsaw walked in. She was a woman in her middle-late 30s, with long waist lenght dark purple hair and cruel eyes. She wore black high heels and a black miniskirt and a tight black shirt that let the form of her ample cleavage show. She would have been the sex goddess of the school (and she did teach sex ed. also as part of biology) if not for her more.. sadistic streaks. Though this just meant that some of the students worshipped her even more.

" Be seated! I'll be calling names now."

The students made quick glances around, trying to notice if anyone was late. It wasn't good to be late for Buzzsaws classes, atleast if you were a guy. It usually meant staying after school for her..punishment..

OOC: Well a few wishes for you guys.. most people should try to head for the PE class (specially if you are girls) or the biology class.. if you aren't go to a class that already has a PC in..I think someone was in math..

16-09-2002, 08:54 PM
As soon as he was released, the poor student ran for the club's secret HQ to add this roughly gained information to their files. Quite dedicated those buggers. From all the beatings they constantly took, they probably were the ones able to endure the most pain in the whole school.

"Merde! I'm late for Buzzsaws' class."

There was no time to even explain her hurry to her friend Kei, being late for Buzzsaws' class could be fatal. Running through the crowd, making spines crack as she made her way, she hoped not to be the only one to be late, that way the punishment could be spread.

The dreaded teacher could be seen through the doorway as she neared by it bullet fast. "Merde! Merde! Merde!" Rushing into the class, she made a student fall over with his desk in her hurry and made her way to an empty desk as fast as she could. She could already feel the teacher's dreaded voice drilling her ears even before she said anything.

orochi X
17-09-2002, 01:54 AM
The bells started to ring, the crowds dispersed and the students headed back to class.

Ryuji nodded at Mr Ozaki and headed off, he slipped his hands into hs pocket and pulled out a few sheets of paper. Shuffling through he pulled out his cass timetable, he ran his index finger down the paper till he found his class, Biology with Buzzsaw.

"Oh god, not that -----" Ryuji muttered, he galnced down at his watch and noticed he was late and being late to Buzzsaws class isnt good, he picked up the pace speedwalking through the corridors until he arrived outside her classroom.

Ryuji tidied himself and stepped into the room, he nodded at Ms Buzzsaw and progressed slowly to a desk, "Please dont call me! Please dot call me" he said to himself.

Blade R
17-09-2002, 09:22 PM
(yeah, steathassasn and I are in math...is that ok?)

Kaya glanced at the guy she had hit with the paper ball, irritated that he hadn't even looked back at her, she chucked the eraser at him. Another direct him.

If this doesn't work, I'm throwing my book at him.

Hearign a scream from somewhere in building, she wander who it was, what happened, adn why she hadn't been the one to do it.

18-09-2002, 04:19 AM
:: aie looked at the erasser and balled peice of paper and sighed..he picked up the two items and looked at them...getting inspiration he pulled out his knife and wided at the erasser...seening that the erasser was to his liking..he unwraped the paper ball and refolded it into a desirable shape...he smiled and tosed the paper back at the one named kaya...the paper figurine hits her in the head and lands on her dest....it was a paper figurine of himself ..the eraser had been turned into a small wooden sword repilica....a small tag was left on the figurine's foot ..which read

" hi..im Aie...please..stop throwing things at me...thank you "

:: aie turned around slowly and looked at kaya..and blinked waiting for her reaction ::

Blade R
18-09-2002, 05:58 PM
lookign at the figure, and then at the note, Keya bursts out laughing. Writing a not back she folds it into her desired shape,a dn the throws it back at him. The paper airplane lands neatly on his desk.

"The name's Kaya, my cat is Bandit"

18-09-2002, 06:11 PM
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh god god god......!!!!"

Ashiro started to hyperventilate.

Could this be a dream come true? Ozaki...THE Ozaki!!

"S-s-sir........i mean sensei....or that is what i hope you'll be......
My grandfather told me all about you!! The blind kendoka who won the national cup!! Even my grandfather fought against you with no avial..........wow.....this is sooooo coooooool!!!

Suddenly Ashiro remembered he was facing one of the great kendokas of his time and should show more dignity, not only to Ozaki but most of all to himself. For crying out loud, he was acting like some stupid fan girl.

Ashiro suddenly stood straight a said with the best samurai look on his face:

"I am Onizuka Ashiro, and I beg Ozaki-san and Daydalas to be my senseis and show me my errors in order for me to improve.........uuhm, please"

Suddenly he realised that the school yard was empty......
It would seem that he was late for class.

19-09-2002, 09:16 AM
School's bell started to ring as a sign of classes starting. Girl who had introduced Shiro seemed to be very disappointed and gave a evil glare towards bell.

"I need to destroy that thing sometime... Every year same thing, i never get enough time to introduce club members properly. Hmph!"

Every club member was already picking their stuff up from the ground and heading for their classes. Only vice-president and girl remained for a moment longer.

"So unforunate" Masakuraki stroked his hair, ready to leave "You should be able to introduce yourself to Marie and other club members in one of our regular meetings, sorcery club is not a secret society after all" With that he and girl walked away, leaving Yosuke behind.

Yosuke had memorized school's layout beforehand so there was no way he could get lost. He arrived to biology class just in time. Yosuke sat down, but had to stand up as door opened and purple haired teacher walked inside.

"Be seated! I'll be calling names now"

In front of Yosuke was one of the most evil teachers of school. He had heard rumors of her but Yosuke didn't feel same kind of dread most other students had.

"She can't be more evil than a rampaging demon" Yosuke thought "I'll survive"

20-09-2002, 02:21 AM
:: aie smiles and looks at the plane..::

{{ so..her name is kaya ..hmm..interesting}}

:: he turns around and looks at kaya and smiles slightly...it wasnt the most confident smile but it was a smile none the less ::

:: he sighed and crossed his arms and placed them back onto the table and slowly fell asleep ::

Blade R
20-09-2002, 04:50 PM
Keya sighed as Aie fell back asleep.

Well, there goes my fun....

She wondered how the kids in Buzzsaw's class were doing. She heard the teacher was the meanest in the whole school....

Princess Samari
22-09-2002, 02:10 AM
It had been easy for Chihiri to make her way through the crowd. (Being a ninja and all.) So she was one of the first to show up in the girls locker room.

That much she was grateful for. It wasn't that changing infront of the other girls made her uncomfortable. It was beause they all acted like she wasn't there and did some pretty embarassing things infront of Chihiri. So she rushed through her changing and kept her eyes facing foreward as she came out into the gym the first girl ready to go.

"WHAT!? I'M THE GIRLS PE TEACHER!!?!?" What the heck was going on?

"Um..." Chihiri blinked seeing the source of the anguished scream and walked up next to the confused foreign man holding the papers.

"Excuse me Sir...are you alright?" He sure didn't *look* alright.

23-09-2002, 02:26 PM
::Aie poped up a few moments later ..he packed his things away and moved towards Kaya's seat...he spoted a empty seat next to her and set his things on that desk ..he sat down and looked at her and whispred ::

its easier for us to pass notes this way dont ya think

:: he smiled and pulls out his custom laptop and a mic and camera..he falls back to sleep..allowing the laptop to record the class..he hands kaya a note just before he falls asleep ::

" feel free to wake me up if ya wana talk ""

Phantom Angel
23-09-2002, 04:49 PM

The green haired girl suppresed a smirk as she glanced with interest to the girl's side of the gym. Something always went wrong every new school year. Whether it was stuff exploding, the school burning down or a spell going wrong, something had to happen. This year, it was the girls getting a male gym teacher.

"Well, I don't know if it's a curse or something...." Derry whispered.

"Of course it's a curse! This whole place is cursed! All you people are a curse!" The floor shouted out matter of factly.

"Oh shut up, you're just bitter about being stepped on all day." Derry had a sudden urge to talk back to the floor. She hadn't talked much to anyone all day, and arguing with a floor sure beat being lost in her own bitter thoughts.

"Do you little monsters even SEE the things that get attatched to your shoes? All those bits and pieces of gum, or of garbage... I shudder to think of how you dirty my person!" the floor lamented.

"Are you talking behind my back again flatface?" Derry's right shoe suddenly asked, sounding very insulted.

"Well what if I am? What are you going to do about it?" the floor asked.

"I'm just going to step in the nearest puddle and then come walk all over you!"

"Don't drag me into it..." the left shoe - who had been listening carefully - jumped in.

Derry rolled her eyes, and decided to end the argument before it got out of hand. Her shoes were incessantly annoying when they started talking to eachother. She was glad half the time they were too angry with one another and pretended to ignore each other to be talking.

"Hey you guys, stop it. No one will be going anywhere."

"And what will you do if I drag you in?" the right shoe asked.

"I'll eat your laces while you're sleeping!" Left bit back.

"How? You don't have any teeth!"

"I'll get Skippy to do it! You know he'll do anything for me!"

The right shoe humphed and lapsed into silence, obviously angry his counterpart. The floor laughed, amused, and Derry couldn't suppress a smile.

"Lefty, Righty, how about you two make up? It's really a useless cause to be arguing like this." she said, hoping to placate both their tempers.

"I am not saying another word to to.. that deformed blob until she apologises!" Righty sneered.

"Deformed blob? Why I never.... if my father would hear you now... he'd... he'd... throw you out to be recycled!"

"Lucky me I'm so far away." Righty's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Guys... stop it. You want to be mad, fine, be mad. Just shup up or else I'll get in trouble!" Derry whispered urgently. She was already getting weird stares from the rest of her classmates.

The shoes went silent, and Derry sighed a thankful sigh. While it was fun to argue with her shoes, gym class really wasn't the best place to do this. Head crouched low, she continued looking over to the other side of the gym seeing what had happened to the girl's male gym teacher.

23-09-2002, 08:11 PM
Tora beamed as she heard that she would get to sing in the music club, and was about to gush over that very fact when she noticed the bell had rung for class. With a squeal, she pulled her headphones back on.

"Thank you, thank you very much!! ...kya~! I'll be late!"

The girl ran through the school for the gym, a few unfortunate students getting smacked down by a swinging school bag of doom. As she saw the gym in sight, she pulled the headphones off her head and tried to slow down. Alas, a piece of scrap metal from a recently busted mecha laid astray in the girl's path. As it often did happen, she tripped, stumbled through the gym doors, and just barely missed knocking over the screaming foreigner and some plain girl who seemed concerned. Thud went the ponytailed girl, face down on the ground.

"...kyaa...teacher please don't mark me tardy.... ..uh.. ..mister?"

Blade R
23-09-2002, 10:00 PM
*looking at him she sighs and shakes her head. Scribbleing a note she tosses it at him*

It reads: you sleep too much.

25-09-2002, 01:32 PM
:: aie looks at the note then at kaya..his eyes narrow..his body shifts as he crosses his arms..he rests his arms on his laptop and look at her sternly..and in a low and soft tone he replys to her ::

i wouldnt be this tired if i wasnt a technical consoultant..those people call me at 3 am asking why their server is working...i go there..and come to find out...the thing server isnt even powered up ....:: he sighs and looks at kaya saddly::

its been a long day..sorry ....:: he looks at his watch in dread ...gym was his next class...his laptop had successfully recorded the class and aie starts packing everything away..his mind wanders to all the torturus sports and bullies he would encounter..he takes a deep breath and waits for the bell..his eyes some what fixed on the clock at the same time he watches kaya out the corner of his eye ::

{{ i really wish she would stop throwing things at me...}} ::sighs::

25-09-2002, 07:59 PM
(I'll post here tomorrow.. I've been busy with some personal trouble with my gf, she's been feeling down..but I'm feeling up now so I'll post again, I'm moving things ahead and soon close this chapter and start the first real episode)

26-09-2002, 07:24 PM
Chad looked at the girl that had just walked next to him, asking if he was alright. Alright wasn't the word he'd use to describe his current situation. He had never taught anything, not even martial arts to anyone! How was he suppose to teach PE, specially to girls!

Before he could answer to the first girl, another girl came rushing to class, almost hitting him as she tripped and fell over and Chad let out a nervous chuckle as the girl asked not to mark her tardy.

"huh...uuuh...n-no that's ok. So you're here for the PE class? umm.. I guess I'm suppose to be your teacher...atleast that's what this paper here says."

Take it easy.. it can't be that hard. Umm.. let's see... there are some basketballs... I guess I could split them in teams and have play basketball..

Soon the whole girls PE class was there, little bit over 20 girls and Chad divided them in two teams pretty much randomly and picked up a basketball, rubbing the back of his head nervously.

"Heh.. umm..hi.. I'm your new PE teacher. I don't know how the classes are usually handled here, but today we'll play a team sport. Basketball. Alright?"

There were some nods and whispers exchanged between the girls. Some about how he looked. Some about why did they have a male teacher. Some about did he even know how to teach. Then one girl lifted her hand up and Chad looked at her.


" What are the rules?"

" Huh? Rules?" Chad blinked, sweatdropping. The last time he had played basketball was when he was in middle-school. He didn't remember the rules!

* * * * * * *

Inside the hidden basement of the school (actually there were several of them. The mechanics club had one in use as a mecha bay, the witch hunters had a library about demons hidden, etc.) of the Sorcerers Club, an apprentice wizard was trying out one of his summon spells. He had the summoning circle drawn on the floor with a piece of chalk he had stolen from the class. Chanting his spell, the student concentrated on drawing out a minor demon and asking it to do his homework for him as a small test of his spell. But then something went wrong and the summoning circle started to glow.

" What the? I haven't even finished yet!"

There was a explosion of gray smoke and the student saw a female form stand in the middle, looking around. As the smoke cleared, he could see the demon clearly. She was a fairly tall girl wearing green pants and white shirt with green symbols drawn around it, writing in demonic and green eyes that reminded him of a cats eyes and green spiky hair, with one stand falling down in front of her face, over her eyes and down to her chin.

" Hah ha haa! What foolish mortal tries to summon the incredible, the beautiful, the extra ordinary, Eriko!"

For the moment the boys hopes were rising. Not only did he summon a demon to do his homework, it was a good looking demon. Inwardly Eriko sighed to herself in boredom. Another third-rate sorcerer trying to get out of doing homework the lazy way, having someone else do it. She knew the guy hadn't finished his spell but she had grown tired of waiting and had decided to arrive on her own. She looked around and suddenly something caught her interest and she sniffed the air before a broad smile grow on her face.

" Takaaaashi-kun!! Your favourite big sister is here!!" she yelled, jumping out of the summoning circle, easily breaking past the protective barriers the boy had put up, like they weren't even there and ran off towards where she sensed his little baby brother to be. The boy stared in horror for a moment. She had broken through so easily...slowly he gained his wits and pushed a button nearby, setting off the alarms around the school. A demon was loose.

Blade R
26-09-2002, 09:10 PM
Kaya was on her way to her locker when an alarm went off. A bunch of people began running around, and she managed to grab one.

"Hey, umm, what's with the alarm? Is it a fire or something?"

26-09-2002, 09:37 PM
"How dare you be so irrespectuous as to be late to MY class?!"

A whip, seemingly appearing from nowhere, was now heard cracking as the dreaded teacher began her speach with one of the most annoying voice most students had ever heard.

"You little impertinent scalawags! You will pay dearly for this mistake. Oh oh oh oh oh!"

The unfortunate student that Marie made fall over was still agonizing under his desk. Buzzsaw suddenly whipped him as she screamed "Shut up!" and turned back to the rest of the class just as quickly. Even though Marie had caused quite a ruckus when reaching her place, she was the last of the maniac's interests. Their teacher was MUCH more interested in the poor young man who was also late, oh the fun she was going to have torturing him. She bent in closely to poor Ryuji, giving him a panoramic view of her overly ample cleavage.

"Your name young man?"

So caught up in her torturing mood, she was still oblivious to the alert that began to ring throughout the school.

orochi X
26-09-2002, 11:54 PM
That voice, that high pitch annoying voice no one else had a voice like that. Ryujis heart thumped harder and faster as Ms Buzzsaw bent down closely to him, so close that he could feel her breathing onto him. Sweat streamed down Ryujis face, "Uh . . .um my . . . my name is Ryuji Yabuki"

Ohh great she is off her head at me, i mean im just late a few minutes it aint that much but then again this is her class and every minute counts. I hope she doesnt notice i didnt bring any books to class i dont think things can get any worse then this, can they?

The alarm continued to ring through the whole school, outside it was chaos students pushing and shoving it seemed they were fleeing from something but what Ryuji didnt know but one thing was for sure it was something bad.

"M . . m . . miss the alarms are . . are set off . . . something . . might be . . . ."

27-09-2002, 12:42 PM
:: aie was just about to walk out of the door then all of a sudden alarms suddenly blared through the halls...aie pulls down his goggles and a small sensor pops out of his backpack ...the school's security system had already been hacked before he entered for schooling that year and was sending him a run down on what was going on in the school ...::

hmm..looks like we got a code 23...:: his goggles continue to give aie extreamly detailed layouts on the deamon's wear abouts as well as the demons capablilties...suddenly aie was momentarily shaken from his virtual world as he feels some one grab his arm...he lifts his goggles and places them back onto his forehead and looks over his shoulder only to see Kaya again ::

:Kaya: "Hey, umm, what's with the alarm? Is it a fire or something?"

;: aie :: no just another demon running lose...im sure someone will catch it ...:: he pulls off his goggles completely and places them over kaya's eyes ::

here you can see for your self ..its not even near us...:: the goggles cotinued to give out building scematics and other detailed information at a very fast pace ..aie takes his goggles back and places them back on his head and smiles :: hmm..i wonder when my next class starts....

Princess Samari
27-09-2002, 04:47 PM
*BREEEEEEEEEEEEEE* The girls P.E class had barely gotten underway when the alarm went off. "Now whats that?..." Chihiri paused idley bouncing her basketball.

"Oh...thats the demon attack alarm. We'll probably have to clear out and wait for it to be stopped." The girl next to her commented yawning.

"Demon attack...they must need my help! Sensei!! I need to go!" Looking over to Chad Chihiri bounced the basketball at him and jumped up from the bleachers and out a window.


*BREEEEEEEEEEEEEE* The fabulous Hiroshi squeeked, nearly dropping his chess peice as the alarm went off. "Oh no...Deeeemon attack!" jumping from the stool Hiroshi ran to the corner of the chess club room and grabbed his bag.

"The others should be getting ready!" The chess players just watched coughing politely as he ran from the room dropping a trail of books and notes along the way.

"Wonder what was his problem?"

Across campus the team had assembled and were all ready to go. Tomoko shook her head peering nervously across the school yard as they waited for Hiroshi and Chihiri. Rei just examined his nails muttering quietly. "Did anyone think to explain the rules to...her?"

"Fear not! the fabulous Hiroshi is here!" Hiroshi came to a screeching halt infront of Rei. "I got our supplies and and some extr scrolls since the others worked!" He held up the bag scanning the crowd.

"Hey...wheres that girl?" Rei just sighed.

"We didn't explain much...and none of us had class with her. She probably doesn't know what the alarm means." Keitaro pipped up.

"Just great....I suppose we'll have to fight it on our ow-EEEEK!" Hiroshi jumped as he felt something poke his back. Hair on end and eyes wide her turned around slowly only to come face-to-face with Chihiri.

"Hey guys! sorry about taking so long...no one told me that the alarm meant a demon attack. I had to ask someone in my class... Then I had to excuse myself. *Then* I had to run all over looking for everyone! So what do we do?"

"So good of you to ask Miss! we need to find the demon and nullify it post haste." Hiroshi adjusted his glasses and reached into his bag handing each member of the group weird looking statues and more scrolls.

"Use the statues of Bhudda to trap the demon. These scrolls should enhance the power and banish the creature. Keitaro I want you to head for the Caffetirea with Tomoko. Rei you patrol this area and the classes. Chihiri since this is your first demon attack you shall accompany me to the fields. After 30 minutes unless attacked we all meet back here!"

"I still think we need walkie talkies!" Keitaro hmphed.

"We cannot afford such luxuery items! alright everyone lets go! te school's safety is depending on us!"

"Right!" The Witch Hunters Club was on the move!

Blade R
27-09-2002, 11:43 PM
Kaya looked through the gogles with amaze ment.


Glancing around she thought of where the gogles had said the demon was.

''OOOO! I'm going to see what it looks like!"

With that she dashed down the hall.

28-09-2002, 05:33 PM
There was chaos in the hallways. One reason was because of the amount of students who came to see what was going on. Second was the assortment of martial artists and sorcerers trying to stop the demon. Third was because Takashi kept running around, sometimes through classrooms, quite literally, trying to hide from his sister who cheerfully chased after him.

Crashing through a wall, Takashi quickly looked around before spotting Hiroshi and Chihiri, turning to look at him as he suddenly appeared behind them and he ran to them, hiding behind them and peeked over their shoulders at the hole, sensing his sister getting closed.

" You gotta stop her! (though I doubt you can)" Takashi told them, adding the latter bit with a quiet voice as the green haired demon girl appeared through the hole in the wall and saw the three and smiled.

" Takashi-kun! Are these your friends?" Eriko said and ran to them and before any of them could really do anything, was next to Takashi, hugging him tightly, the half-demon boy trying to struggle to get free of his sisters grip.

" H-hi sis.."

" Takashi-kun, why haven't you kept contact with home? We've all been worried sick about you... well I have atleast."

The last statement was quite valid. Takashi was the youngest in their family and the only half-demon, his mother having been a human and the only one who really liked him in their family was Eriko who thought that he was her cute little baby brother.

" Now Takashi-kun, who are these people?"

" Umm.. the guy in the weird clothes there is Hiroshi. He's in the Witch Hunters Club here. He generally tries to banish me or something.. doesn't do a very good job. And that's...umm..." Takashi said, looking at Chihiri, rubbing his head.


" Chihiri. That's right...she's new at the school. Guess she joined the Hunters too...managed to slap a ward on my forehead."

Eriko looked at Chihiri for a moment as if evaluating her and then smiled at her and Takashi, pinching her brothers cheek.

" Aaaw you don't have to hide it. You like her don't you? Come on, you were powerful enough to beat half of the forces of Hell half a year ago when they tried that silly invasion thing and cause the end of the world and all that... you must have let her put it on didn't ya? Aaw you don't have to hide it. Then it's decided! Since you like that girl, I'm going to arrange the most romantic date ever for you two!"


I knew it! I knew it! I knew she'd do this to me! What's with her obsession of getting a date for me!?!?! Why couldn't I outrun her!? God, why do you hate me so!?

Inside him, Takashi gave himself a mental slap for the last thought.

* * * * * * *

In the gym hall, Chad was left blinking in confusion, holding the basketball.

"Demons? Wha-?"

Blade R
01-10-2002, 07:40 PM
Kaya looked at the crowd, shruged and barreled through them, coming to a stop at to edge.

"....That's the demon?" She wanted to laugh, but dared not to. She asumed the brother was the school's half-demon. "Doesn't look very demon like to me," she mutered under her breath.

Lookign arouns she decides to wait and see if anything interesting would happen. From within her bag, Bandit mewed again.

01-10-2002, 08:05 PM
"Hmm weird, how come everyone is running and screaming all of the sudden?"

Ashiro heard bits and pieces about "running for your life" and "demon aaah", yet for some reason he couldnt make a link between the two and only thought about being too late for class.

While Ashiro ran towards class 12 he suddenly saw a girl with googles coming out of a corner but it was too late.....


both fell to the floor and Ashiro bumped his head to the school drinking fountain and destroyed the crane in the proces resulting in an artificial rain within the school.

"Ouch och,....im sooo very sorry miss, its all my fault I...."

The following wasnt on purpose, really not. Ashiro would never do such a thing, never ever, but he unintenionally had a split second peek of the young girls' pantie. His blood was streaming out of his nose in an anime style way and he immediatly looked the other way with his face all red.

("just my luck, finnaly i bump into a good looking girl and now im messing it up again........hey isnt this the girl that signed in to the kendo club? Oh my, a girl that likes kendo and is good looking aswell? please dont mess up now Ashiro!!")

" I ...I.....I didnt see anything, i mean... i didnt saw your.....i mean...."

("Im such an idiot")

"Are...are you allright?"

Ashiro never was good with girls but this was just too akward for words.

( "please dont let her me hate God, please, just let me have luck with girls this once")

01-10-2002, 09:45 PM
Tora looked at her teacher questioningly. Somehow it seemed he didn't know about the demons at all! With a smile, she stepped forward to explain to him the wonderful way the school worked.

"Yes, demons! Didn't you know, teacher? The magic people at this school sometimes summon demons!" she bubbled, one hand to her cheek at the thought. "I heard some are REALLY cute! And then the witch hunters fix it and make the demon leave back to where ever demons come from, and then the people with the big robots fix all the damage the demon does! Isn't it so cool?"

Somehow he didn't seem to share her enthusiam.

Oh, maybe he's scared! How silly! They're just demons! Or maybe he's shy... Oh, he may be shy, because he's a new teacher and a foreigner...

With a shy look she stepped closer to the teacher, slowly took the basketball from his hands, and smiled.


Then she grabbed him by the wrist, starting to drag him out the gym.

"Lets go see the demon, then you won't be scared! Maybe you can even make friends! A new teacher should meet all the people they can! Then you won't be shy anymore! And I bet if you stop the demon, you'll be REALLY popular!"

It did not cross her mind that perphaps a student should not bodily drag a teacher from their class to go see a demon. But it wasn't in her nature to think things through. So off she, and her teacher, went to see the demon.

Blade R
01-10-2002, 10:55 PM
Keya yiped as she toppled over.

"HEY!! watch where you're going!!! There's a demon around you know! Sheesh!"

Sighing she looks at him and helps him up.

"You do know that you have a nasty cut on your head don't you?"

Turning his head she looks at it.

"Actually, it's not bad," She turns to walk away, the suddenly lashes out at him with her foot, sending him to the floor again. "That's for running into me. And for making me loose my spot. Follow me if you wanna see it, the demon i mean."

With that she again began to plow through the crowd to get a look at the demon.

02-10-2002, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by Blade R

"Actually, it's not bad," She turns to walk away, the suddenly lashes out at him with her foot, sending him to the floor again. "That's for running into me. And for making me loose my spot. Follow me if you wanna see it, the demon i mean."


"Thank you God for allowing me to get a 2nd chance"

To his great dismay she allready left him to search the demon


Ashiro crawled over the masses and finnaly reached her.

Giving his best smile and charm, he said
"I....I...Im Onizuka Ashiro......nice to meet you, and you are....?

(goodlooking, but sure a bit tempered...)

Blade R
02-10-2002, 10:11 PM
"The name's Kaya Misura, and my friend in the bag is my cat, Bandit. One of my cats actually."

Sighing, she turned her attention back to the demon and her brother.

"Damn, that's gotta be embarassing," she mutters to herself.

05-10-2002, 05:47 PM
It seemed that most of the student body had gathered in the hallway with Takashi and his sister (though most of them were first year students to whom this was quite new. The people who'd gotten used to this generally didn't bother to see what happened, though some curious ones remained to look around as it had been a white since Takashi's sister had appeared last time). Slowly releasing himself from his sisters dreathgrip/hug on him, Takashi took a deep breath, his face returning into a somewhat normal colour as he got some air in his head.

He wasn't suprised at all that this had happened. He had expected this from his sister. Takashi was more worried about how the new girl would react to having a date set up for her without being asked. Guess she'd have to get used to it Takashi thought, letting out a sigh.

In the hallway, Chad and Tora arrived at the scene, the new PE teacher feeling quite confused after the days events.

He had come to fix the roof and walls and was now suddenly a teacher. And then suddenly an alarm went off and one of the students said that it was the demon alarm. It was almost too much for a normal man. Luckily Chad wasn't too normal.

"...for some reason I thought demons would have looked more...demonish." Chad said as he looked at the green haired girl, who had proceeded to start check out Chihiris form so she could pick the best outfit for her date with Takashi.

Suddenly appearing next to Kaya and Ashiro, Daydalas looked at Takashi and sighed.

" It's always like that when she's around. Better try to stay out of her sight if you don't want to suddenly find yourself with a date."

" Heeeyyy! Is that you Daydalas-san!?" Eriko yelled, waving at Daydalas.

"Oh no..."

Princess Samari
06-10-2002, 08:08 PM
This was just a tad bit much for the young ninja to stand. On one side was the demonic sister of Takeshi and on the other side was Fabulous Hiroshi protesting in his loudest voice.

"She would never touch demon scum such as you!" Hiroshi had pumped himself up trying to stare down Takeshi who had *obviously* arranged this himself.

It was like an angry possum standing infront of a speeding 16 wheeler screaming "Come on! BRING IT!"

Chihiri just stared foreward. She had craved the attention but now...this was not what she had in mind! She couldn't seem to escape the fluffy demon girls eye until...

" Heeeyyy! Is that you Daydalas-san!?"

This was her chance. Moving quicker then the student body eye could follow Chihiri grabbed her things and lept into the nearest tree. She then used that momentum to propell herself onto the science building where she made her escape for the next class.

"Why on earth would she think he liked me?! oooh...I should have banished them!" Chihiri vented to no one in particular. "So...why am I running away"

"You can't just assume that a lady of miss...*mumblemumble* would go on a date with YOU. It's banishing time!" Hiroshi held out his hand shouting "Hand me a scroll...assistant!" but no scroll came.

"Eh?" The fabulous Hiroshi was at a loss...He turned only to find no Chihiri "Hey now where did she get to?"

Chihiri was running for her life.

Blade R
06-10-2002, 09:13 PM
"Find me a date huh? Pha. Yeah right," She had almost said 'I'd like to see her try' but something told her not to.

" Heeeyyy! Is that you Daydalas-san!?"

She couldn't take it anymore, it was just too much. The look on his face, the whole situation. Kaya burst out laughing. If most demons were like this she'd have a fun school year. Even though she tried, she couldn't stop laughing.

"This is great!" she thought.

orochi X
08-10-2002, 02:05 AM
A crowd started in the hallway outside Ms Buzzsaws classroom, the chaos had settled down but a few freshmens were still screaming "Demon! Demon!" Thats was what the whole comotion was about a dmeon was on the loose.

Ryuji still cowered behind his desk, he knew Ms Buzzsaw was angrier then ever. No one dared move an inch, it seemed their class was the only one not out there panicking about the demon.

God this is killing me, Ms Buzzsaw isnt saying anything and there is a demon out on the loose and Im missing out on all the action but then again it wouldn't of mattered Takashi or Tetsou would have prolly finished it off already.

09-10-2002, 03:00 PM
Small amount of noise echoed from hallway in the classroom. Ms.Buzzsaw gritted her teeth furiously and her glare promised instant torment and suffering to those foolish enough who dare to leave their seats without her permission.

It was all so boring, there was a demon outside and Yosuke was not allowed to see how powerful it was. Gathering all his willpower Yosuke raised his arm limply in the air so Miss. Buzzsaw could see that he had something to tell.

"With all due respect i'd love to see what is causing this ruckus" Yosuke's word's halted for a second when he gained full attention of cruel schoolmistress. Assuring himself that before him was a mere human, althought cruel one, Yosuke managed to continue.

"Surely I can compensate my absence somehow, please" Buzzsaw's stare smited Yosuke's willpower, making plea sound more like a whimper than actual question.

11-10-2002, 05:18 PM
(I'm going to be gone for the next two weeks so I can't post during that time. Everyone just continue and you can control the npcs a bit to fit your needs. Just have fun. When I come back I'll start the first real episode)

29-10-2002, 07:52 PM
Tetsuo sighed in boredom as he walked towards the gathered group in the hallway, noticing Takashi there with an obvious look of discomfort on his face and soon noticed the source of that discomfort. His sister. She was right now busy hugging Daydalas hard enough that he could almost swear he heard bones cracking. Unfortunately for the swordsman, Takashi's sister had always liked him very much to the point that you could say that she had a crush on him. Trying to keep the cold sweat from forming on his neck, Tetsuo forced himself to look cool and under control as he walked to the noticeboard close by, putting up a paper there.

It was a notice about the starts of the school year party to be held at the mansion he lived in with all the students invited. It was a tradition at the school that Tetsuo had started. He kept several parties at his place through the whole year and this one was the first for this year.

" Hey Tetsuo-san! How are you!?"

Gritting his teeth together to keep himself calm, Tetsuo turned around to face Eriko.

" Just fine Eriko..."

" What's that? Oooh you're holding a party again! Can I come!? That would be a perfect place for Takashi and Chihiris first date!"

A small smile formed on Tetsuos lips as he heard this. He didn't know who this girl Chihiri was, but he knew how much Takashi hated to get dragged on dates by his sister.

" Sure..I'd love that."

" I'll kill you..." Takashi growled, glaring at Tetsuo.

" You're welcome to try..."

Moving into a ready position, Tetsuo just grinned as Takashi did the same and the ones who knew what to expect backed off away from the two, some of the new students looking around in puzzlement and unfortunately, standing too close to the two martial artists.


Most of the new students eyes buldged out in shock as a golden ki-blast, resembling that of an dragon with an open maw shot out from Takashis hands towards Tetsuo. The other boy was quicker and dodged aside, the blast going past him and hitting the wall, causing concrete to fly around and throwing some nearby students around. In a flash, Tetsuo was infront of Takashi, the two of them pummeling each other with punches and kicks. Tetsuo was clearly the faster of the two and Takashi had hard time keeping up with him, but when it came to strenght and toughness, Takashi was the clear winner. The hits that got through Takashi just took them as they were, ignoring them.

Stepping aside to dodge a punch, Tetsuo grinned as he twirled around and landed a devastating crescent kick on Takashis head, causing the boys head snap to the other direction, rocking his body. Unfortunately for him though, Takashi paid back in full, coming back and throwing his wholy body into the punch, slamming his fist into Tetsuos chest, causing the boy to quite literally fly down the hallway and slam through the wall and to the outside. Running after him as Tetsuo started to stand up among the pile of rubble, the fight was taken outside.

* * * * *

At Ms. Buzzsaws class, a beep was heard suddenly from Buzzsaws waist and she looked down at her beeper, an annoyed scowl forming on her face before she had time to respond to the student about leaving the class.

" Hmph. Looks like you have your wish. Class' dismissed. It looks like I'm needed right now."

Without saying anything else, Buzzsaw walked out from the classroom and the students were sure, that as she closed the door behind her, that they could have heard the sound of a whip being snapped.

* * * * *

At the roofs a boy dressed in an all black bodysuit looked down as the fight was taken outside, Tetsuo and Takashi mauling each other and their surroundings. Reaching out to take out a cellular phone, the boy dialed a number in and waiting for the person who wanted to reach to answer.

" Yes... it's me... uh huh. Yeah another fight, Tetsuo and Takashi. Just started. I'd say the usual odds. Yes Mio-sama, I'll keep watch."

Closing the phone, the boy suddenly raised an eyebrow as he saw Chihiri standing on the roof nearby and a small amount of cold sweat formed on his back from being started and amazed.

I didn't even sense her! Who the hell is she?

" Who are you?" the boy asked, his stance loose but ready for trouble.

* * * * *

Closing her phone, Mio Suzuki smiled to herself, tugging the phone in the specially made pocket meant for it in her jacket. She had shoulder lenght chocolade brown hair and brown eyes and was dressed in comfortable but quite trendy and business-like clothes. Looking at the notepad she had in her other hand, making calculations in her mind, a small smile spread on her lips. Profits for their club again.

" Biki-chan... you'd be proud of your cousin."

Princess Samari
29-10-2002, 08:37 PM
Now what class did she have next? Stopping to take a breather Chihiri sighed and opened up her backpack looking for the class binder.

" Who are you?" Giving a startled eep Chihiri jumped back clutching her backpack. Fortunatly it wasn't Takashi or his Sister. letting out a sigh of relief Chihiri loosened her death grip on the backpack and smiled bowing.

"My name is Igawa Chihiri! This roof seems to be popular, I didn't distrub your study time did I?..." She eyed his stance and the boys dress. What was with the all black clothing?

Meanwhile! The fabulous Hiroshi was running for his life as Takashi and Tetsuo battled it out. He couldn't decide who he wanted to win. Takashi the demon or Tetsuo the mega-jerk? did they have any respect for school property?!

30-10-2002, 12:10 AM
"Eh?" The gym had cleared out. Lychee stood on the court holding a ball in her hands. There was something both miserable and pathetic about the expression she had, like a puppy that had been kicked too often.

She let the ball slip from her fingers, heard its hollow bounce and stepped back. The gym was empty save for thick, sweat stained air. A muscle in her jaw spasmed.

"I hate them all."

Raising her hands to her face, she adjusted her glasses. "I hate every last one of them. I'll make them all pay." Turning, she kicked the ball, watched it fly across the room. "They will all pay!!"

She knew she shouldn't leave class, but everyone else had, including the bone-headed teacher. Snarling to herself, holding back tears, she stormed to the locker room and stripped her gym clothes away. She was clean and dressed almost immediately, moving quickly, scowling dangerously. Gizmo sat on the windowsill, chittering at her. He leapt onto a bench, climbed up her skirt and the back of her jacket and found himself a perch on her shoulder.

"I hate them, Gizmo. They've completely ignored me. I've been shoved in lockers. I've had my head shoved down toilets today. I can't take much more of this."

Fingers curled in tight against her palms, into shaking fists. "All. Will. Pay. I will make them all wish they never crossed paths with me." Gritting her teeth, she tilted her chin up while the squirrel stroked a little paw along her jawline. "They will understand that you don't take Oishiida Lychee lightly. I will bring a host of mecha to this school like it has never seen. And after the battle, when they beg me for mercy, I will enslave them and rule this pathetic institution."

She turned and kicked one of the lockers, hopping back and stepping down lightly on her foot with a wince. "I am Oishiida Lychee and I vow to conquer this school and its students and teach them a lesson they will never forget!" Limping towards the door, squirrel on her shoulder waving little fans in a cheer, she smiled. "All will suffer my wrath!" She slapped her palm on the door and pushed. And pushed. After a moment, she straightened and pulled on the handle.

The door opened.

"..." said Lychee before storming into the hall. Angry steps took her through groups, cut across busy streams of people. She stepped outside and was walking across the grass, looking for a peaceful place to gather her thoughts as her brain worked to come up with a plan. There had to be some devastating time for her to reign her vengeance down on the vile fiends.

"If only I had some kind of... I don't know, oppourtunity. Some place where they would all be vulnerable. Some time when they'd least suspect an unleashing of my vengeance..." Lychee rolled her eyes, lenses reflecting the mid-morning light. "Yeah, right, like an oppourtunity like that is just going to fall right into my lap. Who am I kiddi-"

The wall exploded. Or rather, something burst through it. Or rather, someone burst through it. Lychee shrieked and fell back, covering her head with her arms. She sat up just as Tetsuo, at least that was what she thought his name was, stood from the rubble. Slightly dazed, she stared as he and the boy... Takashi was it? She stared as they rushed off in their battle. As they did, something fluttered down from the sky and settled in Lychee's lap. It was a flyer.

"...Beginning of the school year party? All students invited? Come relax and get to know your classmates?" She stared down at the paper and then broke into a wide smile, chuckling to herself. Standing and brushing herself off, she closed her fist around the flyer. Her chuckle had grown into full maniacal laughter.

"I'll get you all! I'll show all of you! Soon you will all learn who your true God's name is, and that God is ME! OISHIIDA LYCHEE! Bow to me!" Her laughter was cut short as a rock, knocked high into the air by the fight, came falling from the sky and hit her on top of the head. Lychee fell back on the ground, unconscious with a line of drool on her chin, flyer clutched in her hand.

Gizmo was licking her shoe.

orochi X
30-10-2002, 12:53 AM
The door closed behind Ms Buzzsaw, the class stayed silent until she was out of sight. The class let out a sigh of relief and the majority quickly rushed outside to see the comotion.

From outside there were cheers to be heard, Ryuji slipped his pen into the pocket of his jeans and headed outside following the crowd and the trail or damage outside. It seemed Takashi and Tetsou the two top fighters were duking it out in the hallway, no one dared to interfere or stop the fight not even the teachers.

Ryuji stood in the large body of students, "Well both of these guys are arrogant, no ones going to lay down their gloves, ohwell at least this is more entertaining them Ms Buzzsaws class"

30-10-2002, 02:57 PM
:: aie wondered the halls for quite a while as he looked for his class...there was suddenly a large explosion and smoke ..he covered his eyes and mouth to shield them from the dust ...the two figures went through the next wall like it didnt exsit and continued to head out side::

never a dull moment here is there...:: he steps over the rubble or so he thought as his foot catches onto something ..causing him to fall over..::

sheesh...its gona take a army of janitors to clean this up ...:: aie adjusts his googles back onto his head and stood up..then looked around :: now..what did i trip over....:: he looks to his left and spots one of the students ..a squirle was currently licking her shoe ::

oh my :: he picks up the knocked out lychee and her cracked glasses and tries to carry her to the nurses office ...but because of his weak stature he falls over ;:

this looks like a job for the :: pulls out his laptop and opens the : Virtual ON progie version 2!

:: a floating green cube surounds lychee..:: hmm...i know..the hover board should get her to the nurse in no time...:: a long blue board appears underneath lychee and starts to levitate..aie grabs the squirl and places it on her stomach..he puts her glasses back onto her face and waves bye as he puts his foot on the back of the board..and kicks lychee down the hall ::

she should get there in 3 min..oops..forgot about breaks..oh well..:: aie gathers his stuff and begins walking towards his next class ::

Blade R
31-10-2002, 11:41 PM
Kaya whistled as she looked out of the hole and at the battle.

"Man, I love this school!!"

Grinning she sat on a broken peice of wall and pulled out Bandit, watching the fighting below. She didn't care where she was supposed to be right then, she was just having fun watching them fight. Sighing she shtretched and her hand touched a peice a paper. Pulling to her she saw that it was a flyer for some party.

"Right, like I'd go....but still, of why not."

Taking out a paper and a pencil, she began to scetch the battle scene below, as well as she could what with the landscape changing every so many seconds.

01-11-2002, 09:33 PM
Her teacher and classes forgotten, Tora scurried over to look out the new "window" that the two upperclassmen had so thoughtfully decided to put in. She gazed down at the "playful" battle down below with a grin, brushing bangs out her face. There was nothing the freshman liked more than excitement, seeing people being energetic.

"Right, like I'd go....but still, of why not."

Upon hearing a classmate, she turned her head curiously.

"Go? Go to what?" she asked, leaning over to try to look at the flyer. "Oh! There's a party! You should go! I bet there'll be great music and lots of fun and excitement--just like here at school! You should go, it'll be fun. And I bet there'll be lots of cool things for you to draw there too!"

Tora did not realize how annoying she must have been, leaning closer and closer with each word until she was almost in the poor girl's face. But her smile was at least sincere, if not aggravating.

Blade R
01-11-2002, 11:51 PM
"Go? Go to what? Oh! There's a party! You should go! I bet there'll be great music and lots of fun and excitement--just like here at school! You should go, it'll be fun. And I bet there'll be lots of cool things for you to draw there too!"

Kaya leaned further and further away from the girl, who kept moving closer and closer, until she fell over backwards, almost falling out of the building. Picking herself up she looked at the girl.

"Anyone ever tell you that you're annoying?"

She knew she was being mean, but she hated when people tried to burst into HER life. Picking up her drawings she stands on the rim of the hole and looks down. Badit had calmly pearched himself on a pile of rubble at ehr feet and was cleaning himself.

"And I don't draw so called "cool" things. I prefer the tearms realistic, fantasy, and grusome."

Grinding her teeth together she hoped that last one would scare the girl off so she could continue ehr sketch before the fighters killed eachother.

Phantom Angel
02-11-2002, 02:55 AM

"Wow, everyone actually left!" Derry exclaimed in surprise. She wouldn't have actually guessed that classes would be dismissed because of demon accidents or something. Usually demons running amock was not something out of the ordinary.

"Well... I guess I better get going too." Sighing, she stood up, and headed towards the door.

"Watch where you put your hands you filthy animal!" The door exclaimed as she was about to push it open. Derry starred at it frowning. She had forgotten that this was the vain door, the one that couldn't stand to be touched by students. The other one was quite nice and understanding, and it only got angry when people slammed it. Derry guessed it was a pet peeve or some sort. After all, if she were a door, she wouldn't appreciate people slamming her all day long.

"Yeah yeah, can it ok?" She spat back, and kicked the door open, just to spite it even more.

"Abuse! Abuse! Call the police! Call the police!" The door screamed as Derry walked away sticking her tongue out at it.

There was no one in the halls at the moment, so she didn't have to care about others thinking she was some weird freak or anything.

Suddenly, the building shook rather violently, and Derry struggled to keep her balance and not slam into a wall.

"Stupid children demolishing my family again.." she heard the hallway mutter in fuming anger.

The green haired girl pulled her hat over her eyes tighter. It was probably the martial artists going at it again. It seemed that they always had SOMETHING to prove to eachother. She really couldn't understand why they just wouldn't get along. It really wasn't THAT hard to come to an understanding with someone. Of course, they never did things the normal way. It was first the sword and then the questions with them.

"Get out of my way unless you want to get trampled. I am NOT afraid to trample any of you filthy students!" Something screamed loudly as Derry was absent-mindedly continuing her journey to the next class.

She looked up and her blue eyes widened with horror, as an unconscious girl and her mechanical squirrel were speeding towards her, on a blue hovering board that seemed to have no intention of stopping whatsoever.

"What are you doing? Stop! Stop!" Derry yelled, waving her hands frantically, in a pathetic attempt to get the board to stop.

"Do you think I have BRAKES you little prat? Do you even think I WANT to stop? I will trample all you feeble mortals with my mighty trampling power! And I will run you over, and over and over and over and over!" The board screamed maniacally.

"Not if I take out your batteries!" Derry yelled back. For some strange reason, her brain did not seem to register the imminent threat of the flying inanimate object. The conversation had taken place in a matter of seconds, and by the time Derry thought to get out of the way and let the hoverboard have its way, it was too late.

The tip of the board promtly slammed in her stomach, causing Derry to bend at an angle at which no human being should bend. She was beind dragged, or rather pushed by the hoeverboard, her feet dragging on the floor, and her hands struggling to catch onto something, anything!

"There! I've got you!" she exclaimed, as her hands dug into unconscious Lychee's clothes, pulling her off the hoverboard.

Derry's head slammed against the concrete floor, as Lychee's unconscious body fell over hers. The hoverboard continued flying, laughing maniacaly, while the little iron squirrel rode it.

02-11-2002, 01:48 PM
"this is confusing..." Dmitri muttered under his breath.

He had just gotten to his new school, walked in and already alarms were going off, things exploding, and he couldent even find his way to his first class! "guess it would help if i could *read* japanese..." he muttered again as he walked down the hallways and looked at the signs on the door and avoided the people running through the hall. Some of them stared at his odd attire and appearence, but he was used to that. He would just mutter some curse words in russian at them, knowing that they wouldent understand any of it.
He sighed, rounding a corner and looking down the next hallway, he found it not quite empty. In the middle of it stood a odd looking boy that seemed to be having a conversation with himself.
"what the...?" he wasnt able to finish his sentence as the boy got hit by a hoverboard carrying a girl and a odd little squirrel. He watched silently through his dark sunglasses as the girl and boy escaped the hoverboard, but didnt quite register the fact that the board and squirrel were headed his way until it was too late.
"HOLY @*$%!" he shouted.
The board hit him, send him and the squirrel flying into the air. They landed hard. Bam! whump! The board sped off, probably to cause more chaos.
"oww!" Dmitri rubbed his head in pain. when he opened his eyes, he realised that his sunglasses were missing very quickly. His crimson pupils shrank down to pinpoints.
"OOOWWW!!" He put his hands over his eyes and begain to search franticly for the missing eyeware.

Blade R
02-11-2002, 02:52 PM
Hearing some comotion from the floor below her, which by now alos had a hole in it, and wondered what could make more noise than the two fighters. Shrugging she jumpped out of the hole and landed outside the other on a pile of rubble. After triping, brusing, and cutting herself, she finally made her way into the hall, Bandit behind her. Lookign at the brused, bleeding, and unconsious people she cocked an eyebrow and almost laughed.

"Whatever it was that did this...I wouldn't mind meeting it."

As she continued to walk, she saw a guy holdign a hand over his eyes and searching for something. on the other side of the hall she saw some sunglasses. Walking over, she picked them up and then knelt down holding them out.

"Is this what you're looking for?"

02-11-2002, 09:13 PM
She was sore all over, face resting against warm flesh. Sprawled on top of Derry, cheek pressed to his throat, she opened her eyes and tried to focus despite the cracks in her glasses. One minute she'd been planning the destruction of the school and the next...

...what had happened?

She rolled off of Derry, came to her knees slowly, and looked around.

"Eh...?" A pale boy had a hand over his eyes and was feeling along the floor, while a girl stood next to him, holding out a pair of sunglasses. A... boy, she assumed, though he looked rather feminine, was on his back next to her, on the floor.

"Dare...?" She didn't know who any of them were and assumed that was for the best. The boy on his back looked extremely pained. Then she realized what must of happened. She'd been on top of him on the floor. Had she fallen on him?

"Ah! Moushiwake gozaimasen! Daijoubu desuka?" Smoothing her hair, coming to her feet, she stared down at Derry with worry.

What happened? I think I started to come around but I was... on my back and... moving and... oh my! Did he save me? ...I wonder why... She stared for a moment. The knight. Which makes the pale boy... Turning her eyes towards the one looking for his sunglasses.

"Ouji...?" She narrowed her eyes. "The blind prince?"

But what does that make her? ...the theory is still too fresh. I need to refine it. Tucking her plans for domination aside, she turned back to help up the 'knight', as twere, when a small device beeped in her pocket. Pulling it out, she scanned the incoming message from Gizmo.

"Tasukete? ...'Help, I've been captured by the...'? By the what, Gizmo?" Nothing else appeared on the screen. "Oh God... what if his transmittered has gone out? ...He's in trouble!" Looking up, wild eyed, she scanned the halls. Who had her squirrel?

Phantom Angel
03-11-2002, 01:07 AM
OOC: Ok, just to clarify this, in case you pple didn't get it. When the inanimate objects talk around Derry, the normal people can hear them too.


She felt sore all over, and numbness raced through her body. Her head hurt like mad - she was surely going to bruise - and so did her back and stomach.

"You almost ripped me!" her shirt exclaimed unhappily.

Derry's eyes flew open, and immediately her hand went to her hair. The hat wasn't there! THE HAT WASN'T THERE! She quickly scrambled to her feet and dashed for the hat that was sitting on the floor, then stuffed it over her green hair, patting it happily.

Once her disguise was safely back in place, she turned to look at the girl she pulled off the board.

"Uh... I'm sorry to pull you off the board. It an-- came towards me so fast, I couldn't avoid it." she said, lowering her voice a few octaves trying to sound 'masculine'. She was about to say that the board announced it was going to hit her, but she sort of ignored it, but realised people didn't have to know about her uncanny power.

"Yeah, and almost shredded ME!" her shirt added untactfully.

Derry coughed loudly, hoping to mask the talking shirt. "Sorry, now shut up." she muttered under her breath.

"So... uh... what's your name? I-I'm Derry." she said, looking down at her feet, trying not to blush, and hoping Lychee wouldn't think she was hitting on her.

03-11-2002, 01:33 AM
Squinting at the girl's hand that held his sunglasses, "Oh!", he took them and put them on, "thankyou very much!" He spoke japanese gruffly, mostly due to his obviously heavy russian accent.
He looked at the girl that had helped him out for a few seconds, brushing light blue hair out of his face and trying to think of what to say since most people dont bother talking to him, much less help him out.
"um..."a bit of a pause"The name's Dmitri Valmir." He stuck his hand out for her to shake. "whats yours?"

Blade R
03-11-2002, 01:27 PM
She takes his hand.

"Kaya Misura. Interesting school, isn't it?"

Looking around she sees her cat wondering.

"Don't go to far, and don't kill anything!" she yells at him.

03-11-2002, 03:18 PM
"Kaya Misura. Interesting school, isnt it?
He nodded.He watched the cat,not showing much emotion. why does she have a cat with her? he thought. "Why do you bring animals to school? They might get hurt, you know."

Blade R
03-11-2002, 06:24 PM

His question took her by surprise, it was simple...but she hadn't thought of it before.

"Why?....," she turned her head away, "Well, I guess it's cause I know I can count on him, my cat I mean. I've always brought him with me to school, just like I always ride my horse here."

She sighs and looks at the floor.

"I always like to have someone I can trust around, since my mom's normally away on work.....I've had to learn to trust my animals. That answer your question?"

She hadn't ment it, but her last sentence came out very harsh.

03-11-2002, 07:53 PM
((ooc: Well. There goes the plan. -_-() Heh.))

Blade R
03-11-2002, 11:02 PM
(Hey, KtHM. I fixed my posts so that you can do your plan. btw just so none of us unknowingly do this again, it might be better just to say you have something planned and to not have anyone do anything to that character, just a thought. Is everything ok now?)

03-11-2002, 11:45 PM
"That answer your question?"
The harshness of her voice stung a bit.
Dmitri, you idiot! You probably said something wrong. He thought to himself. He decided to change the topic, seeing as the current one wasnt helping.
"So..um..you wouldent happen to know where the engineering club would be?"

(ooc: edited mine too!)

04-11-2002, 12:33 AM
Things suddenly seemed to happen very fast to Tora. The girl called her annoying, and then seconds later she had hopped out the "window." Shrugging off the insult with the power of her own naivity she hopped out the hole after the artist. She didn't seem like a bad person. Staying off to the side, she watched the artist, "Kaya" meet a boy with a funny accent, "Dmitri."

She stooped down, noting Kaya's cat and petted it idly with a smile, not noticing the nearby tension between the two others.

"What a cute kitty you are..."

orochi X
04-11-2002, 12:42 AM
"Sigh this fight isn't going anyway Ive been watching it for at least fifteen minutes, Ive seen these both fight many times and well this fight it just aint as spectacular as the others Ive seen" Ryuji muttered to himself as he pushed through the crowds. He headed back inside where things were more settled.

With his hands in his pockets he strolled down the corridors, smiling and wistling random tunes. "I have totally lost track of time sigh I wish I wore my wristwatch today"
He continued his treck down the hallway passing a group of freshmen, one of them which was the girl from earlier today the one who also joined the music club. Ryuji walked straight passed the three towards his locker.

"Wonder what class I have next . . . " Ryuji pondered for a while, "Hope it aint anything too boring heh"

04-11-2002, 06:24 PM
<<ooc: Ive got a pic of Dmitri!!>>

Blade R
04-11-2002, 06:55 PM
Puting a hand to her head, Kaya sighed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh...I guess you could say that I've just never gotten along well with guys before. I've gotten too used to having every question be an insult. The engineering club? No, I really don't know where it is."

Standing up she looks around and sees the girl petting Bandit.

"Wow I'm amazed, he doen't like too many people. Come here Bandit."

Picking up the cat she looks down at Dmitri.

"If ya want, I can help ya look for it. I have art next and I don't know where it is either. SO I can help you look for your class while I look for mine."

04-11-2002, 10:21 PM
He listened as she talked, geniunly interested seeing as how this was the first person to talk to him (and even help him too!). His eyes, however, started to drift a little low. He looked up, blushing a little. just a little too low... he thought.
"Art Class?", he looked behind him, "i think I saw one back there, but I'm not sure... I cant quite read the doors" He was a little embaressed at that."Why dont we check?" He started to walk in the opposite direction of where he was going, also the direction of the hoverboards path of pain and anguish.

04-11-2002, 10:36 PM
Tora hopped to her feet and went over to catch up with Dmitri.

"Hey, uhm...the engineering club, I think it's that way...!" she offered with a smile, wanting to be of help as she pointed down the hall. Down that hall and to the, uhm, left maybe? Cuz I saw really big mechas there earlier..."

Sheepishly, she looked over her shoulder at Kaya. "But I dunno where art is, sorry..."

Blade R
05-11-2002, 12:20 AM
"That's ok, I'll find it. It's bound to be down here somewhere."

She looks around at the mess and destruction.

"Hey, um, Dmitri....what happened down here anyway? This place looks a mess and you don't look much better. No offence, but you look like someone chucked you across the hall."

05-11-2002, 11:13 AM
The first thing Hinako noticed on her first highschool day was she had got up late. The clock had not rang its bell as it was supposed to, and now it was 6:32. She should have been already in the shower by 6:31, after getting up on 6:30. Not one, but two minutes wasted. She would therefore have to acelerate her day ignition plan to compensate and arive at a propper time to attend the lessons. She ran into the shower quicker than usual but took the bath at the common speed for it to be efective. Next she jumped out, skipped drying her hair and just put her school uniform on quickly. 6:35. Time regained. Scedule stabilized. In the living her parents were walking half asleep from one side to another.
-Konnichiwa, mama and papa- Hinako said, trying to awaken them.
-Konnichiwa Hinako-chan- her dad yawned and stumbled.
Her parents did not seem to take live seriously. Any other day this attitude would have been tolerable, but today was the first day in a new level of Hinako's life. Still there was not much to do about Hinako's parents when they behaved improperly. It took them like fourteen minutes to set the desk for breakfast and sit down.
-Today's your first day at highschool, Hinako-chan!- her mother noticed- Isn't that great?
-When I first got into highschool I was so excited I almost brought up my breakfast- the father laughed.
-Yogata, don't say such things!- mother complained.
-Okay, sory. But it's true you know...
-I made my best friends when I was at highschool, you know. Of course I kept on meeting my old friends from...
-I just hope you make lots of good friends ther.
-You'll probably be the youngest girls there...
-Hinako we're so proud of you!
-STOP!- Hinako shouted- I'll be late. I have to leave this very moment.
Her parents, still in pijamas, looked at her with the usual confused faces.
-Eh... Are you sure you can make it on your own up to there?- her father asked- I'll go with you to the train station...
-It's Okay, I can get there myself.
-Take care of you Hinako-chan! And have fun!
-Sayonnara Hinako-chan- her mum said, sticking a wet fat kiss onto her cheek.
-Sayonnara- Hinako said as she ran out of the door.
7:14. She had been told to arive at 7:30 and no train would take her there in time. However, if she took an alternal route, she would still be able to get there on 7:45, and considering that the first fifteen minutes would be dedicated to the inscription into the extracuricular activities, for which she did not have mayor interest, she would not to miss any relevant class material. She ran into the train and quickly sat onto a seat. Now it was just about waiting.
-This train ends here.
The vehicle had stopped on less than half of its route. The rails had been damaged by a giant robot that passed by some minutes ago and were theorically no longer safe. They were just scrached, any train could still have passed, but they seem ed to put safety above efitience and punctuality. No train would bring her to school now. and she was already 8 minutes late. Only one chance left: RUN! Hinako jumped up onto her feet and dashed off leaving dust clouds behind her. The distances were just too big to cross them by foot in an apropiate timing. Still after a while she discerned the green gates of Seienha High in the distance.
-Timioti Chagi!!!*
With a kick she broke through the iron doors and landed sliding on the frontal schoolyard. As the doors loudly fell to ground behind her she looked at the clock. 8:03. Late on her first day at highschool.

*OOC: I did Tae Kwon Do some years ago and don't really remember the names of the kicks. Timioti Chagi was one of them, I don't know which. I never got to do a flying kick anyway. And sory Sam, I had only read the play thread, not the apps, so I didn't know about descriptions. Guess it's too late now, we'll have to get over the evil twin thing...

05-11-2002, 08:44 PM
The fight between Takashi and Tetsuo continued for a little while outside before the two slowly disengaged from each other, breathing little bit heavily and Takashi grinned at the other.

" Huff...been training haven't you Tetsuo? I can almost feel your hits now."

" Same...huff... goes for you... huff... you don't make me fall asleep while waiting for your slow punches."

" Now boys, calm down and go to class. You're almost late." an older voice sounded from nearby as Mr. Ozaki walked closer, smiling slightly at the two students who looked at their teacher and blinked. Sighing, Tetsuo dusted himself off before walking towards the school building.

" Lets settle this later demon-boy. Maybe after the party?"

" I'll be there. Till then rich-boy."

" Whatever... see ya." Tetsuo said with a small wave before entering the building, looking at a few new students who were staring at the destruction the two had caused. The surroundings had been torn up, large holes from punches, kicks and ki-blasts in the concrete and other forms of collateral damage.

" What you two staring at? Never seen a sparring match before?"

* * * * *

At the roof, the ninja boy raised an eyebrow as he looked at Chihiri.

"Study time? No no, I'm not studying here... I'm watching the match." the boy turned and carefully watched the match. Inside the school, betting was going on about who was going to win. When the fight finally broke off, with no victor, the boy grimaced a little bit. It wasn't good for the betting when the fights ended without a victor, but when he heard that they'd do a rematch later, he relaxed. The bets would be transfered to that fight.

" Hmm.. well that takes care of that...you must be pretty good Chihiri. I didn't sense you there as you arrived and I'm fairly good at that and hiding my own presense."

* * * * *

At the hallways, students slowly started to move in their new classes. The day would continue normally now as already several repair mecha and students in specially designed armour from the Engineers Club were being released to repair the damage caused by the fight. They'd be done within the hour.


OOC: Ok.. we're wrapping everything together.. just make a small few posts and then we'll end the day and move to the next chapter. Everyone expect PMs from me about it.

05-11-2002, 08:45 PM
"Thankyou!" he said to the odd girl whom gave him directions.

"...what happened down here

"to tell you the truth, " Dmitri said, looking into the different classrooms in the hallway, "I'm not even sure what happened exactly. All I remember is a hoverboard-riding squirrel hitting me at about Mach 2..." He paused, looking into a particular room.
"ahhh! I think I found you art class!" The room was filled with people painting, drawing, and sketching. Strangly, no teacher seemed present.
"Well," he turned to look at Kaya," I guess this is where we say goodbye!" He took her hand and, instead of shaking it, he kissed it.
"it was really nice meeting you."He said, looking into her eyes, even though his were hidden by his dark sunglasses.
"bye!" he turned and walked off to find his club.
It was easy, now that they were reparing damages.
Walking up to one of the working mechs, Dmitri shouted up to it, "HEY! YOU!"
The huge machine stopped working and turned over to Dmitri the cockpit opening to reveal the pilot, who happened to be one of the registration officers that Lychee had incountered . "yes?!" the pilot sounded rather annoyed.
"Are you people the engineering club?"
"I'm Dmitri Valmir, I signed up for the club."
The reg officer appeared to be thinking for a second. "Ah! You! We've been searching for you! Good, good. Now, do you have a mech?"
"umm...a prototype..."
"well, does it work? we havent had much, luck with...new people ...today." the officer pointed to to fallen Mighty Bastard.
"it works relativly well..."
"then start helpin out!" the cockpit closed and the mech started to work agian.
Dmitri sighed as he took a small cylinder out of his coat pocket. He pressed a small button on the top. Suddenly the loud whirr of jet engines could be heard, and a powerful wind kicked up. A huge Mech landed in front of him. It looked more like a mechanized dragon then a mech, with a pair of foldup wings and 4 legs, along with a large barrrel long-rang rifle mounted on the shoulder. Dmitri hopped inside and started work on rebuilding the school.

05-11-2002, 09:47 PM
"...is your shirt talking?" Lychee stared at Derry for a moment and then looked down the hall. "Gizmo... I think he's in trouble, but I don't know where he could be." Taking off her cracked glasses, she pulled a soft swatch of cloth from her jacket pocket and wiped down the lenses.

She didn't even know where to start looking for Gizmo. Better to just follow the path of destruction and see where that would lead her.

"I... I better go. My frien- ...Giz- ...That little squirrel is probably hurt or something and I better find him." She bowed at the waist. "Sorry for the trouble."

Blade R
05-11-2002, 10:56 PM
"Hey, thanks."

Suddenly he took her hand and kissed it. After he left she stood there for a little while, blushing. Then shaking ehr head she quickly went to her seat. The person across from ehr who had seen it began to snicka nd make jokes. Kaya quickly grabbed a sheet of paper and made a rough sketch of the person being used as target practice for her archery. Though a sketch, it was graphic enough to make him shut up. Grinning to herself she began a new sketch.

Wonder if he'll be at the party.

05-11-2002, 11:25 PM
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Phantom Angel
05-11-2002, 11:54 PM
Derry blushed vigorously and pulled the hat over her eyes. "Uh... no.... why would my shirt be talking? That's really silly." she finished lamely, looking around the hall, trying to find something to concentrate her gaze on, but failing miserably. Derry knew that the moment she would look in the girl's eyes, she will be forced to tell the truth. She had always been a horrible liar. Good at keeping up appearances, but horrible at lying. It was a wonder how she had managed to impersonate her brother for so long.

"Gizmo... I think he's in trouble, but I don't know where he could be." Derry heard Lychee tell her.

She looked down at the girl, who was wiping her glasses and looking all together not very happy about the whole affair. Gizmo? She wondered in silencce. There had been no one else on the board but her....

"I... I better go. My frien- ...Giz- ...That little squirrel is probably hurt or something and I better find him."

So Gizmo was that little squirrel she had seen on the board, right before the whole crash. Derry was oddly amused by the name. It was creative all right.

"Sorry for the trouble."

"W-wait." Derry mumbled, making a grab for Lychee's hand, as she got ready to leave. "W-would you mind if I... help you find Gizmo?" she asked, stealing a glance at the girl. "I feel responsible for you loosing him and all." Derry heard herself say, and felt how blushed from her neck up.

Princess Samari
10-11-2002, 12:53 AM
Chihiri paused following his glance down at the schoolyard below frowning as Takashi and Tetsuo battled it out. They seemed pretty evenly matched. Though she really had no idea why they insisted on beating the hell out of each other.

But not much at this school made sense. Least of all the club she had joined. But she couldn't complain. At least she was in a club and doing something good for the school. She would finally get some recognition and friends.

But like all things the battle came to an end and the dueling pair parted ways. Chihiri almost regretted not sticking around. "I wonder what that was all about..." Chihiri turned away from the ruins down below smoothing out her skirt.

" Hmm.. well that takes care of that...you must be pretty good Chihiri. I didn't sense you there as you arrived and I'm fairly good at that and hiding my own presense" Blinking softly Chihiri looked back down at the mess.

"Oh I'm not really that good. Mom and Dad taught me a few things. If you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have even noticed you!"

10-11-2002, 08:06 AM
:: aie wanders out of his last period class and starts walking down the hall way suddenly he hears screams coming from the girls locker room..a boy from the otaku club had been caught spying on the girls..aie just sighed

{{ its a shame that such a great institution has such pervereted students..}}

:: aie cringes as he hears a large thud and blood curdling screams as well as the ripping of clothes::

poor guy...why did he have to spy on the track team..you know you cant out run them..oy...:: suddenly a paper flyes into his face ..:: what the ...:: he takes it and reads it ..:: hmm..a party..i wonder if they need a DJ ..lol..maybe its time to take my turn tables out of retirement..lol...

:: his attention turns to the many different mecha working on repaing the school...suddenly there is a voice screaming over the loud speaker::

- those who are part of the Engineering club, and have not joing int the repair effort..we would greatful if you could lend some assistence in repairing the school..thank you -

::always wanting to be helpful Aie opens the window and jumps out of it ....he quickly pulls his goggles which were sitting on top of his head down ..and shouts" VOS Release... Dor Ray" :: a green flash is seen and a large hollow clang is heard ..the constructin mecha appeared ..but aie..by jumping from the 2nd story window ..missed the entrence and had slamed into the side of the large mecha. the mecha picks aie up and drops him into the control seat and closes the door ..and beings helping in the repair of the school automatically ::

( sorry about the long post ..oy ..if you have any problems dont hesitate to pm me..and ill adjust post haste ..^.^ (V) )[COLOR=skyblue][COLOR=skyblue]

Blade R
10-11-2002, 04:52 PM
Looking out of the window in the room, she saw huge mecha repairing the school.

Well, there goes my shortcut to get to the first floor from the second.

Sighing she looks at her paper and relizes that she was about half-way through a mecha sketch. As the call was made for mechanics club members to help with the work, about 1/3 of the students left. She figured only about half that went were actually in it.

I wish I could pilot a mecha, evena small one....but I've never been good with machines. Not even my computer likes me!

Trying to control her envy, she continues to sketch the picture of her mecha....if she had one.

10-11-2002, 05:39 PM
(OOC: It must have been obvious since I haven't posted in so long, but I must abandon you. Sorry for the trouble this might cause, though I doubt it'll cause any.)

orochi X
11-11-2002, 01:06 AM
RYuji scrambled with his lock, the locker door popped open and his books avalanced down onto his feet. He glanced down at his feet then at the two varsity students a few metres down the corridor. They were snickering.

It has to be them, those oafs think they run the school

Ryuji bent down and shuffled his books into a neat pile and placed them back into his locker, he reached into his bag and grabbed hold of his pole, "Ill break their faces . . ." then he hesitated taking on varsity students is suicide, "Bah ill get them next time"

Ryuji scanned his timetable which was stuck inside the locker door, "Hey looks like I have history next"

11-11-2002, 06:29 PM
(alright, just letting everyone know that during this week, maybe even tomorrow but at least during the next two or three days, you'll receive PMs from me about the next chapter and the "plot line" for it.. after I've sent them, I'll officially start the next episode :The Haunted Party)

16-11-2002, 01:28 PM
(eek.. sorry for everyone that things dragged on, but the next chapter is starting.. tomorrow! So wait no more. So the next chapter is the party at Tetsuos house, hope everyone has fun there ^.^)

17-11-2002, 10:52 AM
Not Another Martial Artist! Episode 1: Party at Tetsuos

(Note to all the players: You've all been divided into your own "sub-episodes" with certain goals to do during the episode. Don't reveal them to the others. You all can figure out what everyone's trying to do, but it's more fun this way ^.^)

It was Saturday. A beautiful calm Saturday. It wouldn't remain so for long. At Tetsuos mansion, everything for the party had been set ready. Food. Drink. Karaoke. Entertainment. Few hundred maids in nice maid uniforms. A roaming one-midget midget band. Yes. Everything was in order.

Tetsuo walked down the stairs to the large lobby and looked through the windows to the gate. People had already gathered outside to wait to be let in. It looked like it was going to be a fairly full house. Concidering that the mansion covered more ground than the school (and that was not counting the gardens, large frontyard, outside swimming pools and the dojo) and had five floors, that meant that there were going to be a lot of people, most of them probably wouldn't see even half the people at the party while they were there.

"Master, should I let them in?" Jeeves, the familys old butler asked Tetsuo, who just nodded.

"Very good, sir." the butler said and left to open the gates. Tetsuo hoped the old man would make it out of the way of the rush of people that would occur when he opened the gates. The gate wasn't only locked electronically from inside the mansion, it had a large lock that had to be opened physically there. They didn't use it all the time, but concider the mass of people outside, Tetsuo thought the precaution was necessary. Last time poor Jeeves wasn't quite fast enough and got trampled under some few hundred people. The old man never limped the same after that.

Tetsuo sighed and watched as some of the maids carried food to the main living room on the first floor. There were several dozens of rooms on the floors which had tables full of food and drink and music playing in them. As he kept watching the maids (trying hard not to drool or whistle or howl) he saw a small blur go by one of the trays and could swear he saw a sandwhich disappear.

".... did I see things?"

The line of thought was interrupted as a red headed maid behind him tripped in the stairs and fell down on him. Tetsuo didn't even move an inch as the girl fell against his back and his hand shot out to grab the large plate before it fell down on the floor. Then something penetrated his mind. The back of his head was pressed between something soft...and warm... Tetsuo slowly turned his to see what it was. Yes...his head WAS pressed between the maids breasts.

" Oh Master Tetsuo, I'm so sorry! I'm so clumsy. Thank you for stopping my fall and catching the plate. It won't happen again!"

As the maid took the plate from his hand and continued off to the main living room, Tetsuo didn't hear a thing. He didn't notice a thing. In fact, he didn't even move. Slowly a small trail of blood trickled down from his nostril and then he wiped it off, before turning back to the door with a small smile on his face.

" Black bra..."

Outside, poor Jeeves let the guests inside and got trampled. Again.

OOC: Interesting but useless fact: When Tetsuo was originally created for RPG use with the BESM-rules, he had the defect: Easily Distactred 1 (Beautiful girl).. that's why he keeps staring at the maids.

17-11-2002, 04:41 PM
:: aie walks over the trampled buttler and helps him up and dusts him off ::

your gona get your self hurt laying on the ground like that mister.

:: seeing that he is alright he walks off and starts to mingle with the rest of the party goers .. he was wearing only a white tee and a pair of comfortable slaxs and black sneakers ..and as always he wore his goggles and kept his laptop near his side...he eventually walked into Tetsuo ::

oh ..a ..hi nice party you got here :: he had witnessed one of his battles before ..and it was best not to get on this guys bad side ::
a can you excuse me ...:: he walks slowly away from the guy and moves towards a small corner of the party and plugs in his laptop and watches the rest of the students enjoy them selves ...he holds a cup of water in his one hand ::

( i wana see what everyone else does first .)

Blade R
17-11-2002, 11:46 PM
Kaya waited until the first wave of people had thinned out. Than she lept through the door and off to the side, into safety. A few seconds later the next wave came rushing in. She was dressed in black pants and a green backless sleeveles top. She had a small bag with her in which, of course, was Bandit.

Looking around she decided to wander....and for a while that's all she did. She started to get a bit hungry after a while and looked around for the nearest food. She found it alright....in the next room with nearly everyone standing between it and her.


Lookign around she finds that there is an open door outside right next to the food. Grinning she walks around and eventually finds her way outside.

"Hmm, not many people out here. Now where did that food get to?"

She starts walking around the house when a sudden chill creeps up her back. It was the kind of chill that said 'run or die'. Breaking into a trot and then a full out run she didn't stop until the feelign was gone. Glancing around she shudders and begins walking around the outside of the house again.

Her mind begins to wander and she doesn't pay attention to where she's going or where she is until she relizes that she can barely see anything.

"Odd, but the lights around the house are on and the house is right.......there?"

She looks all around her but doesn't see any sign of the house. Come to think of it, she didn't hear anything either. immediatly her heart began to beat faster. She'd heard of the rumors about the house. That it contained a ghost and stuff like that.

"Ok Kaya, calm down, just go back the way you came.....wait. Where did I come from?"

She looks around but with the almost non-existant light and from looking around, she had gotten compleatly turned around. Swallowing hard her eyes grow wide.

"It's ok, someone will realize I'm gone..I think? Yeah yeah, Ummm Left! that's right I came from the left, I'm sure of it. Yeah, I'll just keep talking, there's nothing to be afraid of. I probably just walked into a small ditch or something. Yeah...just a small ditch under the ground that has a man eating ghost inside of it. No! I can't think like that!"

Babbleing on to herself she begins to walk.....

(dun dun dun)

orochi X
18-11-2002, 01:05 AM
It was Saturday and is the day of Tetsous party everyone was talking about at school. Each year at his mansion he would hold the party of all parties.

Standing outside the main gates in his indigo blue T-shirt with the words FOOL printed on them accompanied by his green tie loosely around his neck, he watched as Tetsous butler pried the gates open, he followed the crowd into the main living room, where maids were bustling to and from with trays of food. "Now that’s what I like chicks serving food" he let out a quiet chuckle and headed straight for the tray of sandwiches. Ryuji looked at the sandwiches, "Alright! Last sandwich!" he was about to grab the last sandwich until it disappeared right infront of his eyes. He stepped back in shock, how could it be the sandwich just disappeared.

Man! I'm hungry I didn’t eat anything today just so I can pack myself full of food at the party, whoever stole my sandwich is gonna pay!

"Well just a minute ago I saw two maids place another two trays at the other table" he said under his breath, he did a 180 degree turn, pushed through the crowd to the other table to see that was empty too, "Ok ok this cant be no one can eat that much in a minute!!" Ryuji was getting angry but more importantly he was getting hungry.

He scanned the whole living room to find that all the trays were empty, Ryuji decided to ask what the hell was going on. Strolling up towards Tetsou, Ryuji smiled. "Hey great party here Tetsou you really did it again but uh anyway not to be all negative and such but there is really a shortage of food around here, I mean take alook all the trays are empty and also Tetsou buddy theres a trickle of blood under your nose."

18-11-2002, 04:05 PM
*Kuchigawa Harumi found herself at Tetsuos mansion for a party, despite all of the talking down that she had done on it. Even though everyone was invited, for the last two years she had chosen not to attend. "Parties are for squares" was her motto, and she chimed it again and again for the months that people had been buzzing about how great the party was to be. This was mostly because she had never been invited to parties as a child, hell... she had never been to a party that didn't include a keg and a wide assortment of illegal substances.

So she surprised even herself in showing up. When asked about it earlier, she had been quite against the idea of showing up at all:

It was during school hours and she and a few of her "friends" were hanging out in the basement of an abandoned building. Harumi took a slow drag on her cigarette.

"So, are you going to the party?" someone finally asked.

She turned to them lazily. "What party?"

"You know, the party that Tetsuo has every year at his mansion. Everyone's been talking about it for months!"

"Oh, that party..." Harumi finally said in response.

"So are you going?!"

"Of course not. Parties are for squares."

'I'm only here for the free food,' she tried to convince herself. 'And I'm planning on crashing it anyway... so it's not like I'm really here for the party.' Her thumb brushed over the flask in her coat pocket. 'I just hope that no one gets to spiking the punch before me.'

When the gate finally opened, she made her way slowly into the building, pushing a few people along the way: not because she was anxious to get in, but because she could. Harumi scowled at the crowd once inside and set to looking for the punch. Before she got to it, she found the sandwiches instead and set to putting a few in her ample coat pockets.... the more she swiped here, the more she'd be able to eat for the next week.*

18-11-2002, 06:21 PM
edit: Please ignore anything that was written here before!!

(By this time, Dmitri has wandered into the party and is mixing about the mass of people that was there)

18-11-2002, 08:06 PM
OOC: *coughs* hold your horses.. I'll tell you when the mecha arrives.. I am you GM and according to RPG rules of mathematics that is:


there are already plans for how the mecha will appear.. hold your horses and enjoy till then.. interact with other people..

Blade R
18-11-2002, 08:35 PM
(Hey Keeper, it's ok that I'm in the catacombs already right?)

Kaya was getting really scared by now. Bandit refused to come out of the bag and wouldn't stop growling at....something. She had been wandering for what seemed like forever and, having no watch, she could be sure. All she knew was that she was running out of things to say, songs and rhymes to sing, and math problems to solve in her head to keep her mind off of the rumors of the man eating ghost.


She almost started crying but kept ehrself focused and movign forward.

"Oh for love of God I'd rather a ghost, demon, or whatever show up than to be alone."

All of a sudden the floor dropped out from under her and It was all she could do to grab the edge of the holea nd pull herself up.

"Great, just GREAT!!! Not only is this place dark and spooky, but it has TRAPS TOO!!!"

Muttign to herself she slowly works her way around the hole and continues on.

18-11-2002, 10:51 PM
Originally posted by 7thKeeper
OOC: *coughs* hold your horses.. I'll tell you when the mecha arrives.. I am you GM and according to RPG rules of mathematics that is:


there are already plans for how the mecha will appear.. hold your horses and enjoy till then.. interact with other people..

ooc: OOPS! :blush: I am really sorry (and I'm a complete moron) about that!! i 'll edit it right away!!

20-11-2002, 08:18 PM
While Tora was within the first flood of people, the girl somehow managed to avoid being trampled by the unruly crowd. It was finally time for the big party! She had been so excited about it and managed to dress up quite cutely for the entire thing. However, her mind was no longer on the fun of the party, but rather the consumption of the potentially expensive food the rich boy would have set out for guests. As a cook herself, she could only wonder what kind of fanciful fare may be availble.

She browsed idly and finally fixed herself a little plate of munchies, small delights that she herself could have made easily, but food always seemed better when someone else had to do all the work.

Just then, she noticed the boy from music club talking to the host, Tetsuo. He was mentioning something about a lack of food. She giggled a little, he just wasn't fast enough. Deciding to be nice, she started to walk over to offer the goodies she had gathered.

It was at that time she realized that the entire plate was cleaned off. The girl's mind processed the thought for a few moments. Did she eat the food without even knowing it? No, she'd still be able to taste some of it in her mouth if she had she decided quickly.

Finally her mind clicked. If she didn't eat the food, then...

"S...someone stole my food!"

Not knowing what else to do, she stalked over to Tetsuo, lower lip quivering as she whimpered. But then she just didn't know what to say, so she stood a few feet away and hugged the empty plate as she waited to see what would come up.

orochi X
21-11-2002, 02:18 AM
Swaying back and forth with his hands deep in his pockets, Ryuji waited for a reply from Tetsou. He knew it would be a while seeing as he was busily oogling over his maids and when his busily oogling its hard to stop him.

He noticed a few feet behind him stood a young girl, a cute girl at that. It was the freshmen he saw a few days ago who also signed up for the music club. Ryuji noticed she was cuddling an empty plate.

Empty plate hmm so that little bartard hasnt just been stealing food of me has he, ill make him pay!! . .

Suddenly his stomach started to grumble, "Sigh I really need food" he mumbled. Ryuji nodded at Tetsou and turned around heading towards the freshmen.

"Hi there, Im Ryuji Yabuki, your the same girl who joined the music club right?" Ryuji asked as he pointed down towards her empty plate, "So I see that mysterious food theif has struck you too huh"

21-11-2002, 06:41 PM
*A self-satisfied smiled crossed Harumi's lips. Her pockets were full of expensive food and she had just heard whines from others about there not being enough food. People found it sick how she derived pleasure from others' pain, but she really found nothing to be better. "Should'a been faster... 's your own fault if you can't get any," she thought to herself. Looking down at her bulging pockets, she added, "I didn't have any problems getting food."

Nonchalantly she stood next to the punch bowl, munching on a sandwich and sending glares to anyone who looked at her. Inside she was laughing at the struggle to get enough food to the crowd. Finally when she thought no one was looking, she swiftly pulled the flask out from inside her coat and empied the contents into the punch. "One spiked punch, coming right up."*

21-11-2002, 10:46 PM
Tora blushed shyly as Ryuji introduced himself. "Yeah...m'Tora! And...and someone took my food!" she sputtered, holding the plate tighter as she pouted. "I was just standing there and all the sudden someone took all my food and I'm really hungry and I wanted to bring some home to big sister and..and... ...how could someone do that? It's not very nice at all, Ryuji!"

She looked around at the crowd, wondering where the food that could fill her stomach could be. But then she realized that she wasn't being very nice at all, getting so upset over the entire thing. After all, there had to be a reason someone was taking the food...

"Maybe we should try to catch them and ask them why they took it! Then if it's a good reason, we can help them get more, and if it's a BAD reason we can tell Tetsuo!"

22-11-2002, 07:41 PM
It took a while before Tetsuo snapped back to reality and looked at the few fellow students who'd gathered around him and he raised an eyebrow.

" Disappearing food? Hmm.. so I wasn't seeing things. There must be a thief or thiefs around here somewhere. I'll look into it, but you better try to catch the thief yourselves too. It's a big place, he could be anywhere."

In the shadows, a small shape slowly sneaked away and headed for the second floor. Behind him he could hear someone yell.

" Hey...! Where'd all the pizza go!?"

* * * * * * *

In the tunnels, Kaya was having a joyfull time trying to avoid the traps. Only thing still missing was the ghost or some sort of monster...and as the thought crossed her mind, she saw a large shadow on the wall from someone walking behind the corner. It was human-like, but not. It had the features of a rat, but it was huge! It moved silently forward, the shadow growing larger and larger... as images of wererats and giant mutated sever rats crossed her mind, a small gray rat walked from behind the corner on its back feet, its front paws stuck inside its fur in a very human manner of boredom and Kaya noticed that there was a white bandanna with a red circle on the forehead tied around its heaed. As it saw Kaya, it blinked and wiggled its whiskers.


orochi X
22-11-2002, 09:10 PM
Why do I have to find the culprit I mean its not like my duty to do it anyway right? Sigh but Im hungry so I might aswell

Ryuji smiled, "Uh sure thing Tetsou, Ill have a look for this food thief, well Ill leave you to your business"

He turned around and looked down at Tora, "Alright then lets go Tora, your the genki type so Im sure it wont be soon till he find the culprit" Ryuji lowered his voice, "And hopefully this culprit will share some of the food with us!" He let out an evil laugh and grabbed hold of Toras wrist, "Well come on lets go!"

Blade R
23-11-2002, 12:36 AM
Kaya almost runs over to it, but decides that would scare it away. Yeah, she knew it was a rat, but it was a very humanish rat, and it was the only life form she had seen down there. Getting on her hands and knees she crawls over to it.

"Hey there little guy, what are you doing down here?" stupid question, she knew, and she also began to wonder about her own sanity...."Listen, I'm kinda lost and I bet you know this place pretty well, you think you could help show me the way out of here? Or at least to some food? Please?"

Yes, she was asking a rat for help and yes she was begining to worry about herself, but it was a cute rat with a bandana and had nothing else to do but to talk to it.

23-11-2002, 11:51 AM
Wnadering around the party, Dmitri was getting kind of bored. He heard people complaining about not enough food, but he could care less, since he wasnt hungry himself. He did notice a girl standing over the punch with a flask (which he assumed was filled with an alcholic beverage of sorts). He walked over to her.
"What do you think you are doing?" He asked politly.

23-11-2002, 05:12 PM
The girl blinked in confusion at her companion Ryuji as he grabbed her wrist, as if they were about to go somewhere.

"But where are we going to go?" she questioned, looking around. Her mind went on it's merry way, puttering it's way to a plan. Food was being taken. Where did food come from? Well, from the kitchen, of course.

"Why don't we sneak into the kitchen, I'll dress up as a one of the girls serving the food, and I can bring out some new food and then we can sit and watch the food and see who comes to take it? And plus we can grab some food while we're in there!"

It made perfect sense to her at least.

23-11-2002, 08:05 PM
"Nerd, watch where you're going." One of the upper classmen glared at her when she accidentally bumped into him. Lychee went stiff and flaming red, and bowed her head.

"S-sumimasen. It's crowded." She adjusted her glasses and took a few hasty steps back, bumping into another boy.

"Watch it!" he snarled, glaring down at her.

"Su-sumimasen!" she repeated with a low bow. "I..." She shook her head, turned and hurried through the crowd, trying to shrink in on herself.

So far the only person who was nice to me at all was Derry-san. I wonder where he is? I don't want him to get hurt when I unleash mechanical sufferance and DOOM on these lower life-forms.

She paused at the buffet and got herself a bit of the shabu shabu, popping it in her mouth and looking around at the students. There was talk of a food thief but, as Lychee hadn't really put anything on a plate yet but had rather picked at the table every now and then, she hadn't been struck by the mysterious thief yet.

It was nice of Derry-san to agree to meet me at school tomorrow to look for Gizmo. ...Gizmo... I hope he's okay. I wonder why I can't pick up any transmissions from him? She scowled to herself, tapped her chin. I don't know, things really haven't been that bad, and I'm not sure if things are going to go as smoothly as usual without Gizmo. I really need a communications expert for this sort of thing. Remote control is difficult and-

"Did you see her outfit? God, what a dweeb!"

Lychee stopped and tilted her head to one side, listening to the whispering coming from behind her.

"She was talking to a squirrel in the girl's room. I bet she's crazy or something."

A little ball of poison hurt turned in her stomach.

"Look at her shoes, those look like something my Grandma would wear."

She felt her eyes narrowing and burning with unshed tears. Her face turned a darker shade of humiliated red.

"It's not wonder she hasn't got any friends, not to mention no boyfriend."

Carefully, afraid she would break, she lifted her hand up to her glasses, adjusted them, and pressed the tiny, almost invisible button on the side of the lens.

"And those glasses! Doesn't she know that contacts are so much more stylish?"

The lens came to life. On the outside, it looked completely normal. Lychee was staring at a list of commands through one eye. She pushed the sleeve of her cardigan up a little bit to reveal her bracelet. Twisting the pink rhinstone on it, she was rewarded when a small, virtual screen appeared, faint blue against the white tablecloth.

"I wish this party weren't open to all of the students. Would you look at that cardigan? It's so last year."

Lychee passed her hand over one of the virtual buttons, and the gemstone of her left earring began to glow faintly.

"But after I got them to leave and shut the door and turned off the light it wasn't any good," Lychee said quietly in heavily accented English. The glow on the earring grew a bit. "It was like saying good-by to a statue." The jewel on the earring turned in its post, a quarter turn. "After a while I went out and left the hospital," another quarter turn, "and walked back to the hotel," another quarter turn, "in the rain." The jewel made the final turn and clicked into place.

Seven miles away, there was a faint rumble. From the river, there came bubbling. Water streamed off of the bright pink metal that emerged. The mecha towered in the city of sky-scrapers.

Slowly, ponderously, it began to make its way through the water, up onto the shore. It's activation code had been spoken, voice recognition was right on.

Pretty Doom IX was on its way to the party.

((ooc: No, you can't all see the damn mecha yet. Keep your pants on.))

23-11-2002, 08:10 PM
*"What do you think you are doing?"

Harumi turned to the boy. "What's it matter to you? Huh?" she threatened while pushing him. "Whacha gonna do? Tell on me?" With every question she gave him another push. This is what she lived for: bullying others. Sure, he was only a first year but he was a full half foot taller than her. Still, her strong build did make up any height disadvantages.

She was a bully. She fed off the the fear and anger of others, caring little for what they thought of her. The thing that people don't understand is that bullies aren't how they are because of inner insecurities, because they do think highly of themselves. Harumi just didn't care... threatening or beating up people because she could was all in a day's work.

"So.... whacha gonna do, cry about it?" She said, giving him a final push, which almost landed him into the punch bowl itself.*

Princess Samari
23-11-2002, 10:46 PM
Crouching Pizza, Hidden Paycheck

Leaping off the roof, Chihiri soared through the air with the greatest of ease. She landed on the red shingled roof of a suburban home and knelt down, hidden in shadows. Her weapon of choice was in one hand, a small pebble in the other.

Tossing the pebble a few times, she flicked it towards a house, watched it bounce off the doorbell. As soon as the door opened, Chihiri was in, swinging in over the head of the housewife on the doorstep without so much as a glance.

She landed in the living room, looked around and pressed herself into a corner, imitating a lamp. Staying close to the wall, the shadows her path, she made her way to the kitchen and set her ‘weapon’ on the table.

One pizza, large and loaded, extra anchovies. Fragrant steam rose from the box and made her eyes water. She took an apprehensive step back, looked to her side as the alarm was sounded.

A small, aged, toothless Yorkie with a bow in her fur tapped her unclipped claws across the kitchen floor, growling and staring at Chihiri.

The guards! Chihiri thought. Leaping into the air, she grabbed one of the cupboards and pressed herself into the upper corner of the kitchen.

”Pookie?” A middle aged woman walked into the kitchen and patted the Yorkie on the head. ”Is something the matter? Oh! The pizza is here! It must have been that nice ninja pizza person they have down at Dominos.”

She was holding a check in one hand. Chihiri raised one of her ninja stars and stared at the check.

“But she didn’t pick up her-“

In a blur of movement, Chihiri was past the woman, holding the check. The ninja star was imbedded in one of the cupboards, holding up a buy one get one free coupon.

Back at the local Dominos, Chihiri stopped to pick up her check.

“Boss!” she called. “I’m back! And it’s pay day!”

Her older boss stared at her for a moment, his bristly haircut going gray and his face heavily lined. He was a thick man, not so much fat as he was muscled.

“Who…?” he began, and then looked at the note on the wall.

The girl in all black is your ninja delivery girl. Her name is Igawa Chihiri. Don’t forget to give her a paycheck.

“Oh, yes! Igawa-san!” He flipped through through the paychecks and found one that had a yellow sticky note on it that said “ninja girl” on it. He peeled off the sticky note and held the check out to Chihiri. “Here you are. Good work!”

He was assuming. He had no idea who she was.

“Thank you, boss!” With a bright smile, Chihiri made her way out the door. I have just enough time to change and go to the party!


The party was in full swing by the time she arrived there. She wore a bright red v-neck shirt that screamed “look at me” over a pair of black pants.

She spotted Hiroshi and gave him a wave.

“Hiroshi-senpai!” she called.

He stared at her, mouthed ”Dare?” to himself and Chihiri slapped her forehead.

“It’s me, Chihiri!” She stopped next to him. “Hi, Tomoko-san!” Tomoko stared at her.

“Oh, yes, Chihiri! Chihiri…uh…” Tomoko stared at her.

“Igawa Chihiri,” the ninja offered with a crestfallen expression.

”Right!” Hiroshi laughed. ”We knew that!”

24-11-2002, 02:11 AM
"Whats it matter to you? Huh?"

As she pushed him, Dmitri kept his calm. he just looked her right in the eye through his dark sunglasses.
"Whatcha gonna do? Tell on me?

Her pushing sent him back a step or two. She's pretty strong... He refused to get angry at or scared of her.

"So... whatcha gonna do, cry about it?"

The last push nearly sent him into the punch, but he quickly balanced himself. He sighed. "No. I really dont want to get into a fight with you, because I have no reason to and I refuse to hit a girl..." He said rather politly, with his heavy russian accent.

24-11-2002, 03:49 AM
:: aie walks past Dimitri and Harumi and waves to his fellow classmates as he dips his cup into the punch bowl..he smiles and walks away from the two ..the cup in hand and begins to look for food ::

wonder where the food is

:: he continues to wanter around ..bumping into various people ..but manages not to spill a drop of the spiked punch::

{{ i knew i should have brought my turn tables with me ..}}

hmm..wonder where kaya is ...i thought she would be at this party ...

25-11-2002, 01:46 AM
*What? That wasn't the right answer? Why wasn't he bawling or getting angry? Harumi was thoroughly confused by the boy's ability to stay cool.

"Hmph!" Harumi said and pulled a sandwich out of her pocket and walked away. She had spiked the punch, so for now she had nothing else to do, but sit back and watch.*

orochi X
25-11-2002, 01:55 AM
That plan Tora presented sounded good in theory but would it actually work? Ryuji didnt bother with thinking about the consequences, he nodded at Tora and the two headed off into the kitchen.

Inside the cooks and the maids were bustling around with dishes, pots, pans, the lot. Ryuji noticed when one of the cooks opened the fridge that they seem to be stocked to the brim with food. So where was all the food going?

"Well okay Tora all you need now is a maids outfit but where are we going to find one?" he asked, "Im not going to gag and strip a maid for you, ya know . . . though . . ." Ryujis mind started to wander.

25-11-2002, 07:21 PM
She giggled and gave Ryuji a pat on the head, barely able to contain her laughter.

"Oh, you're so SILLY! I know where to find them!"

Tora skipped off, ponytail bouncing. Mere minutes later she returned, clad in the uniform Tetsuo had so carefully picked out for the servants. It fit her well, and she didn't seem to notice or care about the way it displayed her body so adaptly to the general public.

"See? Nothing to it, Ryuji! Now...!"

Bending down to pick up a tray laden with food, she unknowingly allowed Ryuji and the kitchen staff a glimpse of her pastel pink panties. Then she turned to her fellow detective with a grin. "Lets do it then!" Skipping happily, she made her way out the kitchen, humming a merry tune to herself as if the role of servant was one that came naturally to her.

25-11-2002, 11:34 PM

Dmitri shook his head as Harumi walked away. Well, at least you know who *not* to talk to anymore... , he thought to himself. He shrugged and looked around for someone to talk to.

He watched as a "maid" walked out of the kitchen with a large plate of food. Hey... wait a second... I know her! She's the girl who gave me directions yesterday... but what is she doing in a maid's uniform? Looks nice on her...

"hmmm..." He walked over to her. "Haven't I seen you before, at school?"

orochi X
26-11-2002, 01:23 AM
"Huh . . huh . . ." Ryuji mind wandered somemore as he caught a glimpse of Toras panties. He followed the merry Tora out to the living room, she seemed to be really into this role of a maid.

Ok Ryuji focus! No more indecent thoughts, I have a task to complete! I must . . No I will find the culprit and make him or her pay!!

Ryuji suddenly noticed a freshman was talking to Tora, "Uh no he could blow her cover and ruin our whole scheme . . uh plan I mean", Ryuji snuck up behind the freshman and tapped his shoulder, "Hey buddy this is a maid of Tetsous, I highly doubt she goes to your high school so you best leave her be and let her go finish her job."

OOC: Anyway on another note, I guess ill be gone for a while with exams and studying and my internet plan is about to stop around now so I guess ill be internetless for a week or so. So drag me along if you have to.

Sorry for any inconveinces, ill try to get back as soon as possible

26-11-2002, 07:35 PM
The little rat looked at Kaya for a while and rubbed its head, thinking for a while before it let out a "squee" and motioned her to follow him. As the two, rat and girl, walked on, the rat occasionally let out a small squee before Kaya managed to trip one of the several traps laid in the tunnels.

It didn't take long for her to start watching her step when she heard the rat speak. Too bad she didn't understand what he said so she'd know where the trap was.

It took only a few minutes when they arrived at a deadend and Kaya could see a small hole in the wall near one of the corners of the end. The rat walked in and after a little bit of rustling, walked out. It had cheese in its hand. A bit of cheese the size of Kayas fingernail and he was offering it to her.


* * * * * *

The moment Tora flashed her panties at the kitchen proved one of Newtons laws. If no force affects an object, that object will remain in motion or motionless. This was proved by several of the kitchen staff walking into each other, one walking into the wall, a cook forgetting to stop applying the oil on the pineapples about to be flamed, so that when he finally did flame them, there was enough oil for the burst of flame to set his clothes on fire. To make things short, the kitchen was quite a mess when Tora finally walked out. And the flamed pineapples were no longer there.

Almost in the second floor, in the stairs, a dark figured watched Tora, Ryuji and Dmitri below before disappearing upstairs.

* * * * * *

The party downstairs by the door was going as usual when a sudden silence fell over the place. A girl walked in, but this was no ordinary school girl. She had long straight silky blond hair and shining sky blue eyes, matching the colour of her dress. Seia Yoshida, the Girls Karate Club captain had arrived.

She sighed a bit at the staring eyes and walked slowly towards Tetsuo.

" Tetsuo...have you seen Takashi yet?"

" No. Not that I miss him that much." Tetsuo said and started walking towards the punch. He had tired of greeting everyone who walked in and wanted something to drink right now. Many noted that in her case, Tetsuo wasn't staring at her...assets. Tetsuo had been after Seia from the moment she had enrolled at the school. After several months of getting slapped, punched, kicked and otherwise physically brutalized had taught him that in Seias case, it wasn't good to stare if you wanted to be her boyfriend.

" That's odd. I saw his bike parked outside..."

Blade R
26-11-2002, 11:14 PM
Kaya sighed and carefully took the bit of cheese. So what if is wasn't that much?! It was the thought that counted!! Thanking the little rat she was about to pop it in ehr mouth, but then broke off a small section first. Popping the larger section into her mouth adn eating it she handed the smaller section back to the rat.

"I'd feel rude if I took this and it was all you had, so I figured we could share it," she smiled at it. "It's too bad I can't understand you though."

Still holding out the small section of cheese she leaned against one of the walls, resting her legs.

"So, this is your home I take it? You wouldn't happen to know anything about a ghost would you?"

If it communicated no idea about the ghost, she'd at least get that fear out of her mind. Sighing again she continued to hold out the little section of cheese from her small section to the rat.

(i'm gonna be gone for about three days, c ya all later!!)

30-11-2002, 01:41 AM
Tora looked at Dmitri, about to answer that of course she was that girl, ready to introduce herself and all. But then Ryuji cut in, and it seemed to her as if Ryuji didn't want the accented boy to know that she was a student. It seemed silly to her, Dmitri seemed too nice a boy to be a food thief. However Ryuji was an upperclassman and probably knew best, so she just smiled and nodded at Ryuji's comment about her being staff.

She gave Dmitri what she hoped was her cutest "maid" smile, ducking her head down in what she believed to be a "servanty" manner. "Yes, I'm really really busy! Someone keeps taking all the food and I just don't have time to talk to cute boys like you two! If you'll excuse me!"

Skipping, she went off to serve the masses, not realizing the flirty manner she had taken with her two classmates. Instead her mind was more focused on the song playing in her head, and she danced about happily, narrowly avoiding the guests as she set trays about with a flourish. It was something that came naturally to her, her parents owning a resturant and all. Often she had to wait tables, help out with the cooking, and other small tasks. Her flirty manner was nothing more than a learned behavior she didn't even realized she had learned--the cuter she was, the more she would make in tips.

01-12-2002, 06:11 PM
Dmitri just ignored Ryuji's comment, determended to figure out what was going on. He recognized her face, it had to be her...

"If you'll excuse me!"

"But...," Dmitri stood there, watching her run off. This was confusing. From the way she sounded, it was almost as if she liked him. Dmitri shook his head. *That* wasn't possible.Was it?Maybe i should play along with this obvious ruse...

"Hey! Wait a sec!!" He ran after her. Running up behind her, he put his hand on her shoulder.
"If your so busy, then you woulden't mind if i helped out, would you?," He asked sincerly.

orochi X
01-12-2002, 11:12 PM
Ryuji let out a sigh, "Some freshmen really ---- me, not listening to their elders" He followed the two, keeping his distance waiting for the thief to strike at any moment.

What a second what the hell am I doing? She is carrying food around and what am I doing? Waiting for a thief to steal them when I could be munching down on them right now!

Ryuji picked up his pace, "Wait a sec" he shouted across the room. Finally he caugh up with the pair of freshmen. He smiled at Tora and patted her on the head, "Ill be taking a few snacks if you dont mind" he went to grab a handful when something just blurred pass and what food was left on the tray was gone.

"THAT'S IT!" Ryuji grew angry, "Damm you thief! Why do you make my life a living hell!"

I'll catch you, ya punk stealing food from me. Oh you'll pay!

"Come on Tora . . . Uh I mean uh crap" Ryuji slapped his forehead, he had screwed the plan. Now that freshman knew shewas from the school.

02-12-2002, 06:59 PM
Clad in the uniform of a maid, Tora had set about to her business when the accent boy reached over, touching her shoulder and offered his assistance. Confused, she turned to face him, her ponytail accidently smacking him across the face as she did.

"What? Oh...oh, uhm... ...uhm... ...but I really...ah..."

Before she could stutter any further however, Ryuji was on his way over. She thought it was another attempt to make accent boy go away, but instead he was just coming for food. She giggled at him, then stopped as the food on her tray vanished without a trace. Her lower lip trembled. Her plan didn't work at all!!

"Ryuji... ...my plan didn't work at all...what are we gonna do?? It's...it's not a very nice thing to do, steal food! You must have a really good idea on how to catch them though, don't you? I know an upperclassman like you must have a really good plan and were just letting me try my plan to be nice! What's YOUR plan, Ryuji?"

04-12-2002, 11:47 PM
Luckly for Tora and Ryuji, Dmitri didn't catch a word of their conversaion, seeing as Tora's crazed ponytail knocked off his sunglasses, blinding his light sensitive eyes. As quick as a blur, he was on the floor, franticaly searching for them. Being blinded scared him more than much anything else did.
"Where are they?!," He started to talk to himself, "This isnt good! Knowing my luck, that bully girl's probably gonna smash them to peices! Oh no!" It was a bit unusual for him to lose his cool like this... but then again, losing sight is enough to make ANYONE lose it.
He kept searching franticaly, his pale hands sweeping the floor.

Princess Samari
05-12-2002, 09:23 PM
OOC: This space is reserved. I make happy post! wheeeeeee!

orochi X
06-12-2002, 04:42 AM
And once again Ryuji was totally lost in his fantasy world.

Huh huh wow, a cute girl said I was an upperclassman. Yes me Ryuji an upperclassman. How cool being called that! Wow . . uh anyway back to reality

Ryuji glanced down at Dmitri, he was on his hands and knees desperately looking for his glasses. "Might aswell give him a hand" he softly kicked the glasses towards Dmitris hands, "Hey there they are"

"Well Tora I think I have plan to catch the culprit" he leant towards Tora and started to whisper in her ear, "We have to get him or her into a room and lock her in, and this is how we do it we place a tray of food in the middle of the room and wait for the culprit to wander in and then BAM! We close the door and trap him or her or it or yeah you get it"

Ryuji took a step back and started to chuckle, "So what do you think Tora?" he asked her.

Yeah this plan will work and Ill show Tora how much of an upperclassman and maybe Ill get a reward from her . . . hehe Im so naughty!!

Drool started to drip from Ryujis mouth and down onto his shirt as he continued on his fantasies.

07-12-2002, 01:12 AM
"Hey there they are."

"oh!", Dmitri's squinted eyes widen a little. "Tank you," He said graciously, picking the dark sunglasses up and putting them on. "ahh, much better!"
He stood up and bowed slightly to Ryuji. "Tank you very much, sir. I think I owe you now...," He stops talking as he notices Ryuji looking down and drooling. Dmitri read the expression easily.
Quite immature for an upperclassman..., He thought to himself. He sighed and started away. Maybe it was best *not* to owe him... He looked around the room, searching for someone he knew or had seen before. His eyes fell on Lychee, who looked as if she was talking to herself. wasnt she in the hallway when that hoverboard desaster happened? Hmm... maybe she's in the engineering club...

He walked over to her, polite as ever. "Hello, and what might your name be, Ma'am?"

<<ooc: The "tank"s arent misspelling, their me trying to incorperate the Russian accent.>>

Princess Samari
07-12-2002, 03:05 PM
Arching a brow the fabulous Hiroshi inched closer to Tetsuo and Seia. If they were talking about Takashi then he had an obligation to the school and the members of the witch hunters club to gather information(eavesdrop.)

" That's odd. I saw his bike parked outside..." Hiroshi's eyes lit up as he giggled madly scooting back over to his fellow witch hunters.

"Team I hate to inform you all but everyone is in danger!" Rei just rolled his eyes and straightened his vest.

"I'm sure you are torn about it." Rei snorted crossing his arms as Chihiri and Tomoko gasped ignoring Rei's sarcasm.

"What is it Fabulous Hiroshi?!" Tomoko took his arm staring up at her leader.

"I'm afraid...that Takashi the demon is at the party. I believe he is responsible for the ghost attacks." Hiroshi beemed his glasses fogging over as he continued.

"Now if my research on demons is correct he is in the basement as we speak using a virgin as a sacrafice to his dark gods!" Yawning loudly Rei sipped his punch muttering to himself.

"Hmm...this punch tastes a little stange..."

"Oh Fabulous Hiroshi whatever shall we do?!" Tomoko continued to cling to Hiroshi buying every word he said.

"Thats obvious...we...errr.." His speech meant that they would *have* to go into the basement. He hated the dark.. but if he didn't want to look like an idiot infront of...her he would have to do something. Hiroshi looked around nervously before spotting his patsy.

Keitaro hadn't even been paying attention. The poor boy was nursing a wound from the last girl he had asked to dance. Grinning evily to himself Hiroshi loomed over Keitaro.

"Keitaro-san...I have a very important mission for you." Keitaro looked up blinking.

"Mission? what kind of mission." He asked hesitantly moving away from his senior.

"A demon hunting mission..." Keitaro squeeked and opened his mouth to protest but before he could Hiroshi clamped his hand down over Keitaro's mouth.

"It would make you look good infront of the ladies. I would go myself but I have to stay up here and protect the party goers incase there are more demons." He took his hand off Keitaro's mouth and smiled.

"Well...?" Keitaro sighed and rubbed his bruised cheek.

"I guess I'll go...is anyone else coming with me?" Hiroshi nodded eyes shifting to Chihiri.

"The new girl shall be with you. She needs to get the hang of it and all" Chihiri caught Hiroshi and Keitaro staring at her and waved obliviously.

"Are you sure about this Fabulous Hiroshi?" Hiroshi nodded and stood walking to Chihiri.

"Well it's been decided. Keitaro and...you" He pointed to the ninja girl smiling "Shall undertake this task! do well and you will be legends in the school!"

Chihiri's eyes widened. That was a good enough reward for her. If...she were legend then no one would ever forget who she was!

"R-really Hiroshi-sempai?" Hiroshi nodded and motioned to Tomoko who scrambled over with her backpack. "*ahem*" Hiroshi began.

"You both will be going into dangerous territory. I was smart enough to ask Tomoko-san to pack ahead." He opened up the backpack.

"Inside are stakes, scrolls, flashlights, vials of holy water from Mt. Fuji, seals, crosses, banishment spells-" He stopped and lifted his hand from the bag pulling out a gummy worm.

"Oh...I use that for school too." Tomoko looked down appologetically. "And gummy worms." Hiroshi nodded and zipped up the backpack handing it to Keitaro.

"We salute you both!" Hiroshi nodded and pushed the two along until they reached the basement opening. "Good luck!" Then with a quick bow he pushed the both of them inside.

"They'll be fine! and if they get lost...they have gummy worms!"

"S-so it looks like we better get to work" Chihiri stuttered reaching into the backpack and feeling around until she grasped a flashlight.

"I guess Takashi-san is up to no good?" Keitaro winced sheilding his eyes from the light as they began walking.

"We're after Takashi-san? he doesn't seem like the stealing food type."

Chihiri frowned as they turned a corner. "Well something must be wrong if Hiroshi is so worried." Keitaro just sighed and follow along.

08-12-2002, 10:04 AM
Scowling over her shoulder at the boy speaking at her, Lychee took a step away from him.

She didn't trust him. She certainly wasn't about to answer him.

He's one of them, I just know it. One of those snooty, awful students who- I hate this place so much!

From outside, there came a long, low rumble. Lychee's eyes widened and she managed to smother her smile. It wasn't a pleasant smile. It was lit with hellish vengeance.

"Oishiida Lychee is my name. You'll want to remember it." Her place as school dictator was assured, she was certain.

Turning and hurrying away, Lychee lost herself in the confused crowd, trying not to snicker as students looked around in confusion.

((ooc: Cue Jurassic Park homage.))

One student was staring at the bowl of punch. There was a distant rumble from outside the house accompanied by the candy-red liquid's shivers.

Another rumble. Another ripple.

"Do you think it's an earthquake?" one student whispered.

The whole house shook with the next earthen growl. Lights flickered uncertainly from the disruption.

There was a mechanical scream from outside as the giant pink mecha lifted Takashi's bike and began to ball it up, crumbling the metal as though it were a sheet of paper.

Pretty Doom IX on site. Orders?

The voice was crisp and mechanical in her mind. Ducking down behind a table, Lychee keyed in her orders of destruction and then began working out the limitations.

No killing. No major damage. I just want to scare them, after all.

Before she could send the limitation orders, however, one of the students screamed and backed up into the table, pointing towards the window where Pretty Doom IX could be seen.

The bowl of punch teetered and then fell over, drenching Lychee in juice that smelled like booze. The holoscreen flickered and then flashed "error" at her.

...this is bad.

Orders confirmed. Commencing total destruction.

Oh my God! It has no parameters! I have to- Her bracelet sparked and sizzled before the holoscreen flashed "Error: Lockout" at her and then went gray.


((ooc: Important: You can't hear what Pretty Doom IX is saying. That stuff in pink is being transmitted directly to Lychee so, no, you can't hear what it's saying at all.))

08-12-2002, 03:23 PM
"Oishiida Lychee is my name. You'll want to remember it."

Dmitri watched, confused, as she ran off. He wanted to chase after her to tell her not to be so rude, but he decided that that wouldent be the best course of action. "I will..."

The screaching of crushed metal and rumbling of heavy weight hitting the ground made him turn his head. "what the..." He ran outside as quickly as he could, shifting around in the confused mass of people, dodging those going the opposite direction. He looked up while he was running. Dmitri stopped dead in his tracks. His eye twitched a little.

"oh no..."

Is Oishiida responsible for this?
That evil smile of her's was convincing enough to him, then the fact that she ran off before all this started...

08-12-2002, 07:59 PM
:: aie was sitting in the corner of the party and watching the activities of the students through his nearly see through googles ..at he same time he was watching the News, the anime channel, and another tech channel...suddenly there was a shake::

hmm..something tells me this isnt a good thing..

:: another larger shake causes the house to move as well as his cup of untouched punch to tip over ...convinced that this was not any ordary phenomenon... he closed all the televeision windows and pulled up a sismograph as well as a servalience satilite which happened to be in orbit around the area::

odd its not like a quake...the disterbances are too far apart..more like ..foot steps...

:: just as he finished that statement the servalence satalite brought him the pictures of the surounding area::

what the heck is that .. ..vos..analyze

:: another small windowed appeared in the already crapmed display..giving a small read out of what the disered object was made off...suddenly he was stripped from his virtual world of displays and readouts ..as he heard a large object fall to the ground ..at the same time he saw dimitri run out of the party::

whats going on :: he said as he raised his goggles so that they rested on his forehead ::

:: just then his proximity alarm went off ...not wasting any time aie jumps up and follows dimitri out the door ::

{{ i cant just let him go out there alone }}

Blade R
08-12-2002, 10:51 PM
Even from under the ground Kaya felt the vibrations. As bits of dirt and rock fell onto her she decided that moving was a good idea.

"I don't care what it is that's doing that, I don't feel like getting traped down here!! I gotta find a way out."

Grabbing the little rat (she didn't want him getting crushed either) she begins to run through the corridors avoiding traps with more grace than one would have thought she'd had, but I guess panic does that to people. After going down one tunnel she stopped and listened.

"Whatever it is, or was, at least it dosen't reach over here....or at least not this far down over here."

Slumping down against a wall she looks at the little rat in her hands.

"Hope you didn't mind that too much. But at least now we know we'll be safe right?"

15-12-2002, 09:43 PM
OOC: sorry about posting so rarely... my fault and no excuse.. I'll try to direct everyone to their correct paths now ^.^ I'll post somenow (it's late) and the rest when I get back on after sleep.


As Keitaro and Chihiri walked down the basement, they could slowly start hearing water dripping down, slowly, casting a feel over the basement as if it hadn't been used in ages (in fact it wasn't being used). As they slowly walked around, Keitaro could suddenly feel something give away under his foot and then the noise that everyone hated was heard.


And before they had time to hear anything, the floor slid from under them and they fell down a tunnel to god knows where.

* * * *

The vibrations had stopped, but slowly Kaya started hearing a strange noise. It was becoming stronger and... it was coming from over her. Then a hidden doorway in the ceiling slid off and she suddenly heard the sound much clearer. It was someone screaming and before she had time to move, two bodies fell down from the hole and unceremonially landed on top of her. Except that Chihiri, thanks to her training, made a perfect landing. Squee blinked and looked at the three, sweatdropping but then suddenly, from the direction Kaya had been traveling, an eerie moaning sound was heard.

* * * * *

(Posting the parts for the food thief hunters and the mecha tomorrow)

Blade R
15-12-2002, 11:36 PM
Kaya tried to run when she saw the trap door open, but it was too late. The next second two people were on top of her and the rat was looking almost sad. She was about to say something nasty to the other two, when a moan began to echo down the corridor. Quickly she stood up (dumping the two who had been on top of her onto the floor) and looked around.

"I really, truly, honestly hope that's not what I think it is..."

Princess Samari
17-12-2002, 11:30 AM
OOC: Chihiri didn't land on Kaya. I like pie.

"Oh god I am so, so sorry!" Keitaro had no idea where they were now and the poor boy was practically sobbing on the floor. Peering through the gloom Keitaro looked to the person he had used as a mat and blushed. He had landed on a girl and never got the chance to grope her.

Chihiri glanced to Keitaro and the girl before eyeing their surroundings. It didn't seem much different from they had been to begin with.

"Come on Keitaro-san we have to find Takashi and get out of here." There was no way she was going to let a small matter like being lost stand in the way of her and schoolwide fame.

"Keitaro come o-" Keitaro's face paled as he crab walked away from the sound of ghastly moaning trying to hide behind Kaya.

"W-what is it?" Chihiri felt a catch in her throat as she began searching for the source of the moans and groans. Could it be that there was more down in the basement then just Takashi?

Blade R
17-12-2002, 11:45 PM
OOC: Sorry.

Kaya looks at the boy behind her, then down the tunnel where the sound was coming from.

"Honestly, I have no idea what it is," She scratches her head and sighs. "But I've been lost down here for too long and at this point I would rather be eaten by some ghost or demon or whatever than to just continue to wander."

Picking up the rat she sets it on her shoulder and begins walking towards the sound. Pausing a second she turns to the others.

"By the way, I'm Kaya. You guys, uh, gonna come too?"

10-01-2003, 11:43 PM
ooc: <pokepoke> Hello? anyone there... Its been awhile since any posting, and i havent posted cause I'm waiting on ya, 7th, but please take you time if you wish, its okay. <grins and shuts up now cuz he probably said too much>

12-01-2003, 03:20 PM
Well just to inform that the rpg will go down due to the fact that I'm entering my mandatory military service tomorrow and won't have time to run any rpgs here on AB. Sorry guys, was busy during the winter holidays that I wasn't able to post. Well I'll still be appearing here from time to time when I can. Until then, see ya guys.

12-01-2003, 05:50 PM
oh dang

orochi X
12-01-2003, 05:50 PM
No SoF died and now this, I really liked both those RPGs. But youve gotta do what ya gotta do 7thKeeper.

Well um uh good luck :)