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14-12-2002, 12:42 AM
Ok, I just finished watching Rah Xephon, and I still have a lot of questions. Maybe they answered them and I just didn't catch it; whatever. Let me know.

1. What exactly is MU? Where did it come from?

2.How was Tokyo Jupiter formed?

3.What is Rah Xephon/ Xephon? How do these two names differ? Who made it?

23-01-2003, 09:26 PM
Disclaimer: The following is what I've deduced to be the most plausible explanation based on what I know. I may be wrong, but given the information, these are the best answers I have (which is the anime and various scraps on James Churchward). I have only seen this series only once through, but I have browsed through various key episodes/scenes in order to pick up on specific details.


The Mu in RahXephon are actually based on a series of books written by the pseudo-archaeologist James Churchward, who theorized a continent and a civilization called the Mu. The Mu were supposedly the ancestors of humanity and all human learning. They had a culture based along the lines of the Native Central American empires (hence the Mayan pyramids you see in RahX), but they contained elements of all cultures.

Now according to the literature, Mu, like Atlantis, mysteriously disappeared. The anime of RahXephon seems to suggest that the Mu have somehow gotten themselves stuck inside an alternate dimension. They were there all along, outside of our reality for tens of thousands of years. They apparently returned in the year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, trapping Tokyo in a space-time bubble. The Jupiter effect can be seen as an extension of the Mu's dimension in our reality. It seems that the Mu are incapable of existing outside their dimension without being bonded to a machine called a "dolem." The goal of the Mu appears to be to reassert their rightful existence in the world, as they truly are more "human" than humans.

The theory I have about the dolems is that they were created by the Barbem Foundation as a tool for the Mu to remanifest themselves in the physical world. It is pretty much established from episode 15 that the Barbem Foundation created the dolems; however, their reasons are not defined. Lord Barbem himself had spent time in the Mu's dimension, and though he is a red-blooded human, it would seem that he has sustained himself all these centuries through advanced Murian cloning technology. In a perverse way, I believe that he thought it would be a fascinating game if he "gave" the Murians the tools to make their return (the dolems and the xephon). It would also seem that he created Maya and Ayato for the purpose of facilitating that return, as they are Murians capable of physically manifesting themselves without the aid of a dolem. The entire conflict was manufactured by Barbem as a sort of cosmic chess game.

And what about RahXephon? It's certainly the lynch pin of the whole operation, for Barbem and the Mu. Rah (later an Egyptian god), according to Churchward, was the head of the Murian pantheon. In this sense, Xephon can be interpreted as being the "god's vehicle," and it is the tool by which Rah can shape the world according to his vision. RahXephon would mean the merging of the god and his vehicle, a system capable of "retuning" the world. Ayato is Rah--the messiah I guess. The Murians wanted to control him because they wanted to make the guy to execute the Murian vision of the world (at least some of them did), perhaps to allow their ancient race to have dominion over the earth. We never really know what the precise nature of their plan was, so I could be quite wrong about their goals. As for Barbem, I feel that the old geezer was more in on it for the novelty effect. He did not care what happened with the Xephon system, as long as the world was reshaped by his creation. He knew very well that he did not control Ayato, and he didn't care--the sheer sight of creation was his end. After all, he did give Ayato free will to act upon his convictions (unlike Sayoko and the rest of the clones).

*chance of spoiler*

My theory on the ending:

At the end, somehow, the Mu are probably still around. Perhaps they form a segment of the "natural" human population, or even everyone has been "upgraded" to Murian. You don't see their blood or Tokyo's architecture in the Coda, so we can't say for sure. I'm basing this conjecture on three points.

1. In the third episode, Ishtori says "Sing, RahXephon, in order for everything to become one someday." Now this can be interpreted as the unification of Human and Murian worlds, a reunification of the human race, so to speak.

2. Throughout the series, Ayato learns that "people are people" no matter what form they may take. He comes to terms with the fact that he is at least part Murian, and when he returns to Tokyo, his mother tells him that the Murians are "blue-blooded humans who cannot continue to exist unless a dolem matches with them. Yes, Murians are people. They are human. They are not monsters." (This, incidentally, supports the reunification of the human race conjecture). The theme of "people are people and have a right to exist" is brutally reinforced in ep19, where it is really hard not to miss. When Ayato is searching for the vision of a new world in the final episodes, I would think that these experiences are not wasted upon him.

3. If you look at all the characters' hair, with few exceptions they are all black or varying shades of gray--very realistic by anime standards (hell, there's a professor at my school who looks about 30 with gray hair). There are two with pink hair, but one of them, Quon, is a Murian, so that doesn't count so much. It's basically assumed that Megumi dyes her hair. Now it is interesting to note that baby Quon has pink hair in the Coda scene. I suspect that the Murians are around.

Sorry if this might seem like a ramble. I am seriously sleep-deprived after having final exams for three days straight. Argh. Hope this helps.

P.S. In the show, I think Itsuki off-handedly dismisses the Churchward theory of Mu in episode 5, but the hints and clues are too numerous and obvious for the Mu to be some random aliens (Mayan calendar, pyramids, etc).

24-01-2003, 12:16 AM
Well someones definatly well read....

But that answers a few of my questions...

As for #2


the humans who sided with the MU would have done it...
As the commander did to Whats it's name island... What was the devide call? A jupiter maze?

End spoiler...

26-01-2003, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by death

the humans who sided with the MU


I wonder if they were human collaborators or Mu infiltrators. As we all know, Colonel Kuki and Captain Miwa were bonded to dolems near the end. It seems unlikely that mere humans are capable of that.

26-01-2003, 04:25 AM
Damn it, I wish there was a claping smiley. Anyway, great post 3line ! Haven't had an interesting read like this in the anime formums for quite some time ;)

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