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07-01-2003, 12:14 PM
In the line of Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Ranger and Medabots, comes the ultimate adventure for you and your very own mon, in the struggle to be the best and save a misterious world from unknown forces!(!!)

The world:

It has been long since we can speak of the world as a whole. The locat ions are unpredictable, everywhere you can come to different spaces, long stairs leading to an abbys, trees as tall as the eye can reach or inmense desserts. Old fallen temples can be found here and there, no-one remembers who built them anymore or how to read their inscriptions. They are said to be from the time of the empire of the gods, when They lived on earth along with people. Now humans live in small towns and their tecnology is few more than medieval. In the distance, near the horizon, some belive to see large cities, but there are more fairytales than whitnesses to them. And outside the towns, there is the untammable wilderness, full of dangerous wild mons.
As on pokemon, there is no school. Children are taught all they need to know by their parents and most of them end up doing their same jobs. Since very short ages children are encouraged to catch a mon. A mon is a protectors, a friend and a responsability. But adults always insist it is not a weapon or a toy, and mon battles are forbidden by authority. But there are quite enough places to hide when it comes to a mon match, and in practice they are very frecuent, helping to decide from gang territories to who is the smartest.

The Mons:

Mons here can speak some more than pokemon, but it's also rare to find one who can give you a fundamented opinion or sustain a conversation about religion and politics. There are no two equal mons, as there are no two equal persons. However, they may have of course simmilar atacks.

-Water - All water mons can swim since their first level without this counting as a power
-Air - All air mons can fly since their first level without this counting as a power
-Leaf / Wood
-Earth / Rock
-Normal (Other / None of the above)

The advantage/disadvantage relations are specified in the attached pic. Each player will be alowed to catch up to 3 mons.

Evolution levels:
-Larva: Useless chibi thingy like Pichu or Koromon.
-Pup: Somewhat more respectable, sorda Pikachu or Agumon.
-Imago: The oficial adult version, as good as Raichu or Renamon. Could already hurt a human quite bad.
-Magnum: The mon starts getting large and mean, like Taomon, Metalgreymon or Charizard.
-Ultra: Huge and hyperdestructive, could blow entire buildings with a single atack. Sakuyamon or Lughia.

Evolution is partially reversable from state posterior than Imago. The mon can switch between imago and its highest stayed archieved without much problem. With each upgrade, the mon wins a new atack while his old ones become stronger. The further the evolution, the larger the instant growth. That is: A water type larva might even win against a fire type Imago, but a fire type ultra squishes any water type magnum. The diferences are more notable as we go down the scedule. A pup is some stronger than a larva, an ultra is VERY much stronger than any magnum. Think of it as an exponential graph.


Name: (Your characters name)
Gender: (Binary)
Age: (5 to 13. That just IS like that on mon shows)
Physics: (What your char looks like. Green hair, pink eyes, anything goes.)
Past and psyche: (People change with time and you are what you do, so life and personallity should be linked)

We'll be using this one pretty often, every time a mon evolves or a new one appears. You'll all start with just one larva, so post it just once, but think already of other mons and your own mon's evolutions.

Name: (The generic name of your mon, changes with each evolution)
Nick: (Optional. The way the master calls it, should not change with evolution)
Type: (1 out of 7)
Level: (You'll all start off with Larva)
Apearance: (What the mon looks like)
Atacks: (Start with just one, you'll get more later. As said, water don't put swim and air don't put fly here, those are free)

If you got ideas for mons you'd like to see on the game or how you would like to fit your char into the plot, please PM them to me.

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Wow; this one died in the womb. Mine don't last much longer though.