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25-01-2003, 02:14 AM
Loose Ends
A Japanese Horror Story

A fictional conversation concerning Loose Ends:

“Don’t get me wrong,” I said quickly, waving a hand at the quizzical glance Berry Bear was sending me. “There will, of course, be some bumps, but every RPG has those. I mean, look at the start of Valor Axis. Hoo-God, that was a mess. And I know that maybe starting this RPG will lead to some friction. I can only hope that Cetacious understands that this is inspired by their idea, not ripping it off.”

Berry Bear snorted derisively, and took a drag off his cigarette. What was left of my coffee had gone cold.

“But, see, the idea is hardly original. Japanese high school students in a small normal town. Horror and suspense.” I sighed. “Jesus, I might as well be doing a synopsis of Uzumaki.”

Tapping my fingers on the table, I pursed my lips.

“But Japanese teen horror/suspense movies aren’t supposed to break that mold. And Loose Ends wouldn’t be about that. The great thing about those movies is the sheer unexpencted bizarreness, the unreal monsters, the psychologically creepy. I have this really awesome idea for part of it…” Trailing off, I shook my head. “Look, think of it like this. A group of teenagers in a small town filled with history. An old Japanese inn, a shrine on the mountain, hot springs, forest, and death. Not anonymous death.” I grinned. This was the triumph of the plan, a way to transmit the ‘clutching-in-your-stomach-peeking-between-your-fingers-at-the-screen’ suspense of watching horror movies to a player in an RPG.

“You see, they can die. They might not. They might. But I won’t be killing off the characters I like or dislike, not for those reasons.”

Berry Bear seemed intrigued. I beamed.

“The choices their characters make. Not luck of the draw. Not OOC conflicts. If I kill someone’s character, it will be because of something they did IC.”

My stuffed companion applauded. Then paused. “How will you handle the suspense?”

“Joint posts, mostly. People who don’t know what my AIM screen name… I suppose I’ll have to put Seraphina Tevien in bold somewhere easy for them to find.”

“Bah, make them look for it. They should be devoted, don’t you think?” His smiled was viciously amused.

“I like the way you operate, teddy bear.” I tapped a cigarette out of his pack that lay on the table.

“All right, tell me more.”

“The RPG will run like a book- no, more like a manga series. We’ll all be playing to an audience. It will be a Japanese horror manga in the spirit of The Ring and Uzumaki. It will be suspenseful, like when I read The Shining in fifth grade.” I grinned. “It’ll be a bunch of Japanese high school students with creepy scenes and gruesomely mutilated bodies.”

“How will your application start?” Berry Bear asked.

“Like the start of Uzumaki. I’ll even borrow the town name because I liked it so. There will be ‘Loose Ends’ in bold and italicized below it will be ‘A Japanese Horror Story’ and then I suppose there will be a blurb explaining the genre, the feel of the RPG. I’ll try to make that part interesting to read. I’m usually bored to tears with those.” Tapping my chin speculatively, I began to draw up the application in my mind, began to form the NPCs, the way the town looked.

“And then I’ll steal a line from Uzumaki. It’ll look creepy sitting there alone and it will offer an opening.” I looked up, closed my eyes, and concentrated. “Kurozucho, town of my birth, let me tell you the tale.”

Kurozucho, town of my birth. Let me tell you the tale.

A beautiful, small Japanese coastal town, rather wealthy, very elegant, is your home. There are no rumors spreading through Kurozucho that would indicate that things are about to go horribly wrong. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this picturesque town largely dependant on tourist trade.

No ghosts are rumored to haunt the old hot springs or the traditional Japanese inn or the shrine atop the mountain rising behind the town. No monsters or spirits are said to roam the town.

Well. Not usually.

There are the select few in Kurozucho who are convinced that there’s something wrong. A small group, and each of them insist that there’s something very strange in town. It’s so easy, however, to dismiss their wild allegations as the delusions of those not quite right in the head.

Parents hush their strange children telling stories of things in the woods. They fall deaf when they’re told that there’s something or someone up by the lake. They do not listen to when the children swears that the same something or someone is in the old rokugan.

Something stalks through the streets, the children say.

Since 1944, the number of paranoid schizophrenics in Kurozucho has grown exponentially every year, until 1995, when the number began to drop off again.

However, according to the information I’ve managed to gather in the time I’ve been here, I’ve discovered that the occurrences haven’t stopped, or even slowed. People just don’t seem to be reporting them anymore.

Something here is driving people insane. What’s even stranger is that something else is making families, teachers, and doctors all want to cover it up. Everything is quiet here. Mental illness is passed off as social quirks.

These aren’t quirks. The things that these children tell me are too outrageous to be quirks.

I don’t know where the things come from. But I do have an idea where I can continue my search. The investigation is stagnant. I’ve hit a dead end. The residents may have caught on, may have figured out whom I work for.

And now my own superiors want me to pull out of there. They want me to leave it alone.

Goddamnit, whatever it is, it’s making them turn away too.

Or maybe it reached me. Maybe I’m like those nervous, insane little children. If I went to a doctor, they’d probably tell me that I was exhibiting signs of paranoid schizophrenia.

---- that. I’m not leaving until I have all the answers.

Kurozucho is the perfect town.

Player Name: (Either your AB name or a nickname you prefer. This is here for the benefit of me and my lazy self.)

Character Name: (Please, make it suitably Japanese. If you don’t know Japanese names, don’t make something up that just ‘sounds cool.’ PM me and tell me if you’re playing a boy or a girl and I can help you come up with a typical name.)

Age: (Might I suggest something between fourteen and seventeen? It helps if you’re all students at the local high school, but if you have another idea post up the application. Wow me.)


Description: (You should include height, build in your physical description, and also a short description of how they come across to other characters. Certain things in your character’s expression, the way they move, body language transmits a message about them. Please don’t forget to tell me if your character has cruel or kind eyes, a face constantly drawn with worry, certain nervous habits, fidgeting. This part is actually here for your benefit. Discover your damn character.)

Short History: (You might not want to give away too much here. This is the place where you put the stuff that other characters would know about your character from rumors and gossip. Also, it may be a good idea to include a short dialogue concerning the gossip surrounding your character.)

AIM Screen Name: (Loose Ends is going to be rather dependant on joint posts. After all, you can’t have a scene with suspense unless you have the puppet maste- er… that is, GM with you.)

PM this part to Kiva.

Full History: (Don’t hurt yourself with this. If your character is just a normal boy or girl, that’s fine. If, however, you’ve worked something out on AIM with me that involves you more directly into the plot from the get-go, you might want to write up stuff here.)

Furthermore: (Plot involvement ideas? Questions? Comments? Blind adoration? Rage?)

Writing Sample: (If I’ve RPed with you before and you haven’t changed since then, I won’t need one.)

26-01-2003, 09:12 AM

Player Name: Maguamaru

Character Name: Nakai Shingo

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Description: Shingo stands at a height of 5'11", clad in a variety of gaudily coloured garments designed to strike fear and respect into the hearts of others; everything from his pink-tinted sunglasses to his green and yellow hawaiian shirt has been hand-picked to make him look as badass as possible.
Except he's a decade too late.
While such a look may have simply oozed 'cool' in the Japanese eighties, in the early twentieth century it simply serves to make him look slightly questionable. However, his combination of a medium-large, reasonably well-built frame and (what would be, were it ever let down) eye-length, obscenely gelled back hair exudes a certain freeform, loveable style nomatter what the century.
Sporting almost toxic blue, dazzling eyes, a well-chiselled facial structure and a repertoire of facial expressions ranging from 'ecstatic' to 'moderately thrilled', Shingo often comes across as a surprisingly easy person to interact with, despite his obvious and overblown attempts to establish himself as the Japanese equivalent of The Fonz. His body language is usually deliverately overacted, but in times danger, his movements become precise and somewhat calculated, revealing a more honest and functional person underneath.

Short History: There aren't too many rumours concerning Shingo, save for the ones referring to his somewhat unusual fashion tastes; "He was in prison for twenty years!" and "He's a time traveller from 1985!" were two of the most popular jokes made about him a few years back, but some of the more paranoid and unhinged members of the community even seem to regard these ouutrageous examples of classroom humour as semi-truth.
Not that this bothers Shingo. He thinks an air of mystery makes him cool.

AIM Screen Name: MaguaKarnov

Edit: Kiva, if you draw me a picture of this i rove you rong time.

Princess Samari
27-01-2003, 08:26 PM
Player Name: Princess Samari

Character Name: Shirobara Himeko


Gender: Female

Description: Himeko is a typical 5'2, thin and underdeveloped. Your average Japanese girl she has jet black hair and dark brown eyes. Though curling just next to her left eye is a strand of gray which she stuggles to keep under an array of hats. Much like the lock of gray hair Himeko is very strange and prone to nervous fits. She is drawn into herself and has a very pronounced stutter that has been carried with her since middle school. Most just pity her though some would say she is strange and something is wrong with her.

Short History: Not much is actually known about Himeko other then her bizzare stuttering and antisocial habits. What is known is that Himeko was born in Kurozucho and has grown up in Kurozucho. Though there are stories


"You have to be kidding me." Yumiko's eyes widened as Misako shook her head close to her friends ear. "Thats just what Toji-chan told me." The Misako continued waving her middle finger.

"He said that he had heard she was so jealous of all the attention he was getting that she did it herself. In the middle of the night while her parents slept."

"Really?!" Yumiko gasped

"Really. I bet she did too...that girl is *weird*."

"n-n...no pppi...pickles please.." Himeko walked up next to Yumiko holding out a hand for her lunch tray. Yumiko and Misako stepped back and nodded knowingly to one another.

AIM Screen Name: Tengu Sensei

Mwahaha I have Kiva here so I don't gotta do any of that!

28-01-2003, 01:26 PM
Player Name: Femme, Abra, Baba, Llama

Character Name: Sayaka Moriya (Or Moriya Sayaka if you're going to be all correct and stuff. Grr, I don't get it...just know that Sayaka is her first name!)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: “The Girl You Love to Hate.”
Perhaps the worst thing about wonderful people is that they know they are wonderful. Sayaka commands respect from the lower classmen as well as the upper classmen, but interestingly enough refuses to consort with anyone outside of her clique. She is tall, for a young Japanese girl, and stands at about 5'6”. Unsurprisingly, her hair is straight and black, and falls down to her lower back. She shuns anyone who wears anything but designer clothes, and looks down upon those she considers unworthy of her fashion prowess. Sayaka is pretty, but not “beautiful”, in any sense of the word. Her eyes are brown and ordinary and lack any real depth. She has a body that most girls would die for: a trim waistline and breasts just too big to be “A” cup, slim hips, and petite shoulders.

Short History: It’s not unusual to have rumors concerning you flying left and right when you’re popular. Much of the gossip, though, about Sayaka is false. There have been tall tales from involving a feline, cat food, and a certain someone’s genitals to Sayaka cheating on her boyfriend with her twin sister, Ayame.

AIM Screen Name: SSJfemme, oOSinzAngelOo

(DRAW HER! NOW! *lick lick Kiva*)

EDIT: For grammar!

28-01-2003, 03:28 PM
Okay, but I won't draw sister incest porn no matter how many times you and Mags try to surreptitiously sneak it into my 'to do' pile.

28-01-2003, 03:47 PM
Kiva. We're talking about the Japanese equivalent of the Olsen Twins. HAVING LESBIAN SEX. How, HOW can you say no...?

29-01-2003, 02:45 AM
Player Name: Stellerex

Character Name: I suck badly at names so uhh I'll give it a shot but if you don't like it uhh well magic?

Nithus Kasota

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Nithus, well He's way to short for his age, standing at 5'1, and on first sight you would think with his green eyes he's an innocent school boy (which he sometimes wishes he was).Though he may be short, No one ever mistakes him for a kid, as he has a small beard. Though it may not be much, It almost always gives away his age. He never could manage to comb his hair, so rather then bother his thoughts are "no fuss no muss", hence the reason he shaves it all off. Nithus is one of those guys you see doing something stupid and you ask yourself, "How err Why is he doing that?---isn't that Illegal? ... Hmm." He tries to make friends, but well not many take to his partly crazy personality. To the contra, although he's a 'dare devil' when it comes to girls he's the shyest they come bout expressing his true feelings. Also on a side note, when in a serious situations, he tends to speak in a low voice and loses nearly all his energy. Whenever hes being himself, he almost always seems to be joking around. If you don't know him very well it can be diffcult to tell when he is joking and when he isn't, For the reason that you haven't seen him in a 'serious mood'

Short History: Nithus was considered by most to be a loner, until freshmen year a group of people walked by while he was talking to one of his few friends (who happend to be a lesbain). As if by luck the group heard only the words from the lesbain, "Oh yea you were good last night." Well as the school soon found out they were just joking, and nothing had happened, however It changed peoples view about him. They now saw him as the 'crazy perv' Which he didn't mine because it was better then being considered a 'loner'

A typical conversation between him and his best friend:

"Dude what was that chicks name?"

"Pbbbttt how should I know, you are the one trying to get with her"

"Shut it! Besides were just friends.."

"Yea well your so smart, why don't you ask her retard?"

"Fine I'll ask then..."

5 minutes later
The after result

"Oh yea bright idea! Next time you suggest something remind me to stab you."

"Oh man that was great. Times like this I wish I had a camera. You just had to see it. It was the sight of a life time."

AIM Screen Name: StellerexUO

Just wondering, maybe I missed it but around what time does this take place? Present day? Ehh wasn't sure about 'slang' so a year would be nice :D

EVA Type-R
30-01-2003, 08:31 PM
My sincerest apologies to Kiva as I have not yet posted up my character application. It will be up by saturday.

EVA Type-R
31-01-2003, 11:34 PM
So I'm finally done. Here's the end result.

Player Name: Sijo

Character Name: Moragi Yui

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Yui is a short girl of 5’3”. Her facial features are proportionate to the rest of her body in that they are petite, small, and cute. She always has her books hugged close to her when she’s walking around school, and it is rare to see her facial expression with anything less than a smile. Her green eyes are also always bright and soft. Her school attire is the traditional school uniform and she wears her hair a different way every week; the light-brown hair still complements her painfully cute personality, so it’s usually pig-tails, pony-tail, or just worn down to her shoulders. One of her key features is her legs. She has very nice legs, and she knows how to show it. Outside of school, she is a little more natural with her clothes. Dresses and skirts are preferred and the only skin that Yui really shows is her legs and arms. So the blouse goes all the way down to the belt line. Choice of shoes when going out is usually boots. While walking, she is never really slouched over or looking down, but she’s usually smiling and brightly skipping to where she needs to be.

Short History:
Gossip - Yui is generally a liked person; she has no enemies (that she knows of) and she really hates no one. Therefore, any rumors would come from underachievers that she would have to keep in after class. Such rumors would be:

“She probably masturbates to the teacher. [dirty look]”
“The cuteness is all a front. She worked me like a dog. [lugs self to bed]”

Known Facts - Yui is an overachiever. She was chosen to be Class Rep and constantly deals with children that have not been showing up to class or have not been performing up to par. Being a strong believer in school pride, she is always trying to set up school rallies, School Pride days and other activities such as those. On weekends, one may see her in places such as the town department store, the library, the school, or at home studying for her classes.

AIM Screen Name: Mac Daddy Sijo


Do tell if there are any problems.

EVA Type-R
01-02-2003, 12:20 AM
Just thought I'd add the picture.


This one was by Doku. She is all mighty goddess. Or something.

01-02-2003, 03:00 AM

EVA Type-R
01-02-2003, 03:05 AM
Come on, people. You know you want a piece of Mary Sue. She's ready to take your order.

01-02-2003, 11:38 AM
I'll have a Snapped Hymen Special for starters, please, followed by a double helping of clamped nipples and a plate of tortured screams on the side.

Project Akira
01-02-2003, 07:59 PM
Ah an excuse to bust my Birthday Party albums and reread Domu!

Player Name: Project Akira or PA. If I like you, then maybe I'll let you call me Dan without getting chewed out.

Character Name: Ryo Watanabe

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Ryo is a short little guy even for a Japanese kid and a skinny one at that. Yep he's your standard 98 lb. weakling that most of the kids like to beat up afterschool. As a result Ryo walks in a very wired and uptight way in public. His eyes always seem to be darting and often he makes expressions like he's about to explode at someone, you just can't figure out who. He likes to keep to himself though occasionally opens up to let others talk to him though these conversation never last too long since he often starts telling people to shut up. What his problem is no one can figure out.

Short History: Ryo and his family are new to the town of Kurozucho. No knows too much about the family since they like to keep to themselves. Rumors abound that the family has moved from town to town because the son is a trouble maker or that the father works for the government. Of course the weird sounds and lights that come from the house at night don't help either.

AIM Screen Name: senor akira but I rarely am able to get on AIM so the PM system works much better with me.

*EDIT* I'm going to have to withdraw this application due to school, work, starting up a few projects in the next few months, the fact I'm in a few other RPGs where I have yet to start, and personal reasons.

04-02-2003, 01:33 PM
Argh! WHY? I mean, I think I do have the right to feel, if not upset, at least somewhat anoyed. This starts so way exactly the same as Edge of the World but will most definitely not have the surrealist poli-dimensional part which was supposed to come once players were into it. Goddam, why does MY RPG only work when YOU do it? Sigh. Well I guess I'll join anyway.

Player Name: The Cetacious, Ceta-san, Cet

Character Name: Iki Eiri (First name first)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Iki stands always straight at his 1.63 meters (Sorry, I dunno about inches), with a serious, afronting expresion in his pale face. His neck-long black hair hides the ears. He is good at shooting out frases first, but when questioned, Iki has probelms finding an answer and prefers to pass from verbal comunication on to his Judo training. He likes to keep the class within the oficial order and usually stands on the teachers' side when it comes to disputes.

Short History: Iki has lived in Kurozucho all his live long. His fammily is one of the oldest in the town and has always been known as kind, open persons. When smaller Iki was not that rough, this started when he was around ten. Most people asume he must be traumathized somehow, but details vary from parental abuse to alien abduction.

AIM Screen Name: I'll see if I can get one, but this far PM is better.

04-02-2003, 05:45 PM
“Don’t get me wrong,” I said quickly, waving a hand at the quizzical glance Berry Bear was sending me. “There will, of course, be some bumps, but every RPG has those. I mean, look at the start of Valor Axis. Hoo-God, that was a mess. And I know that maybe starting this RPG will lead to some friction. I can only hope that Cetacious understands that this is inspired by their idea, not ripping it off.”

Now, we could have a quick and easy explanation and just say that I've been in a few more AB RPGs than you and I have a pretty good reputation with them, not to sound arrogant.

Or we could just say this:

You gave people a vague idea that they couldn't find a way to fit into. I gave them a much more solid platform they could stand on. You must understand that "Edge of the World" only gave me an idea for a Japanese horror story. "Loose Ends" is by and large based off of Uzumaki (the manga. Christ, the manga was so much better than the movie) and Ringu.

If it upsets you so much, don't join. Very easy.

06-02-2003, 12:38 PM
No, don't worry, It's not BAD, it's just itchy, you know. But you're right, it's gotta be cause I've hardly RPGed round here or at all, and that's mainly because I've only joined RPGs which don't take off or break down at the moment. I'll have to pass through the just player fase for a while more, though I don't like it, it's a fact of life.

gaspacho soup
08-02-2003, 08:28 PM
Player name: Shuvo

Character name: Enomoto Eiji

Age:19 (Although he pretends to be a 17 year old.)

Gender: Male

Eiji Enomoto stands an average height of 5"7 and weighs 60 kg. He looks like an ordinary japanese boy with short straight hair, not attractive but not unattractive either. Their is nothing about his appearance which would make a lasting impression to a strangers eye, with the exception of the many scars on his face which were a result of careless, quick shaving.

Aside from conforming to class decorum, shaving and maintaining basic hygiene, Eiji has little care for personal appearance. As a result he often comes to class with his hair uncombed, his fingernails dirty, and often their are missed patches of stubble covering his face. When he's not in school uniform, he wears a faded black shirt and black cargoe pants.

Because of Eiji's quasi-grumpy personality, he has no close friends, but he has no enemies either. Eiji does sometimes 'hang out' and chat with different people from his class during breaks, but usually it happens only to fill awkward silences. Also, he is very poor with academic studies, and was held back in grade 6 and 7. None of his classmates know this, however, as he transferred over to this school after graduating grade 7.

Short History:
Raised in a dysfunctional family, Eiji really doesn't really have a perception of what is 'right', but that doesn't mean that he's a bad guy. In terms of D&D, he would be a 'True Neutral' character.

In an attempt to escape all this constant bickering he had with his father, he moved out the moment he was legally allowed to, at the age of 16. Which was just as well, as in all likelyhood Eiji's father would have thrown him out had he not. Now the boy resides in a small one-room apartment near the school, and supports himself by working as the school janitor late at night on weekdays (Another one of his secrets).

Eiji is secretly is in love with the class rep. He would never admit that to anyone, no matter the circumstances.

"Gruthar...are ye sure about this??" The Rendear city gates loomed in front of the small party of 6 thieves. Gruthar noted that their were several guards posted on top of the walls near the gate, mostly bowmen, and on the ground were a dozen armoured swordsmen. They all proudly bared the sigil of the royal family on their shields and breastplate, the Red Eagle of Rendear.

"Huh?" Gruthar suddenly realized that he was asked a question. Turning to face his men, he realized he didn't exactly hear what was asked, or who it was that asked, being lost in thought...

"I was askin' if this were a wise decision?" It was Gruthar's 2nd, Ravax, who was asking. After leaving the barn, Gruthar had suggested that instead of stealing pocket change from strangers, to instead rob an actual noble or rich merchant family. It had caused quite the uproar. "Rendear be a dangeorus place for our kind!" he said shaking his head. The Rendear royal family had one of the largest police forces in the world, possibly even the biggest. Crime was always dealt with swiftly, and very often harshly.

09-02-2003, 09:49 AM
Player Name: DNA_Master

Character Name: Azumamaro "Azuma" Kumasaka

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Azuma, as he is known to pretty much everybody, stands about 180 cm tall, with short-ish straight black hair, an 'antenna' style fringe (naru narusegawa style, but shorter), and large, square glasses that frequently slip down his nose or become opaque. He normally dresses reasonably neat, wearing his school unform most of the time, and wears anime t-shirts when hes in casual clothes. He is usually clean-shaven, or at most has a bad case of bum-fluff. He is not solidly built, but not skinny either, coming in just a touch taller than stocky but not lanky. Hes nearly always reading the latest edition of Newtype or pouring over an artbook or graphic novel. His CD player plays anime OSTs almost exclusivly.


Azuma is slightly ecchi, has a large collection of porn magazines, and has a habit of thinking out loud, usually at the worst times. While he may seem a little tactless at times, mainly due to thinking out loud, his friends have found him to have a heart of gold underneath the perversion. Hes a good friend who can be relied on to provide support and advice, or keep secrets, no matter the situation. He watches a fair amount of anime, and has an obsession for anime robot-girls.

Short History

Azuma has lived in the town all his life. His father is a salaryman out of town, and his mother's cooking is famous. Azuma's older sister moved out some time ago, and is living in Tokyo. A year ago, Azuma's Osakan girlfriend left town, and hes had no close relationship since then, but is on the lookout for other Osakans. Azuma's academic perfomance has been slightly above average, with higher marks in biology.

AIM screen name: Zeruelofmecha

Note: I'll be away for 5 days between 17-21st of Febuary, but I should be on regularly after that. I'm usually on AIM from about 7:00 AEST onwards, but that might change due to study commitments. However, I should be able to go on AB at least once a day, so PM me if I'm off AIM for a couple of days.

Akito stopped at the truck.
"Himoto, I'll stay here and give the pigs a hand with the boomer. It looks like they'll need it. You get Julia back to the garage and show her how to use the hardsuit. I haven't put in the offensive weapons yet so you'll have to use melee weapons. Theres a couple of spare iron bars in the garage, and if you get some proper rounds for it the bazooka for my suit should work. I'll be fine here."
Akito wheeled his suit around and stomped back into the cafe. Data flickered down his VR helmet display as his on-board computers assesed the situation. The boomer was just ignoring the hail of bullets that the large blue K-suit standing near the door was pumping into it. A couple of unarmoured troopers also stood nearby shooting at the boomer. Akito stomped up and tapped the K-suit on the shoulder.
"You want a hand with that?"

gaspacho soup
11-02-2003, 01:21 AM
So uh, this thread is almost 3 weeks old now. Any idea when this will be starting, KtHM? (: Or has it already started... ):

11-02-2003, 01:47 AM
Actually, my plan was to post accepted characters, and make the thread tonight. I'll just... uh... get right on that.

Rejoice, for thou art accepted!

Nakai Shingo - Maguamaru
Shirobara Himeko - Princess Samari
Moriya Sayaka - SSJfemme
Moragi Yui - EVA Type-R
Iki Eiri - Cetacious
Enomoto Eiji - gaspacho soup
Azumamaro "Azuma" Kumasaka - DNA_Master

Those are the accepted characters. I'll go about making a play thread for all of you before midnight.

If you'd still like to join, please post your character within the next two weeks. If you weren't accepted and wish to know why, you can PM me or catch me on AIM. And if your character wasn't accepted, it's nothing personal. You can apply with a new character and probably still get in.

11-02-2003, 03:35 AM

Go there. Have fun.

Riesz Fenrir
12-02-2003, 08:52 PM
Meep, hope Im doing this right@_@

Player Name: Riesz, Ninsun

Character Name: Mai Kayemine

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Mai is pale, lanky and somewhat frail looking. She has large, misty blue eyes that always seem to be worried or sad. Her hair is long, black and straight as sticks. When not wearing her school uniform she is mostly seen wearing a v-neck black shirt and dark velvety pants. She is musicly inclined, both vocally and musically preferring the flute and guitar. Her hopes are to become a singer, she is a good dancer too but for reasons unknown she doesn't want to take a career in it. Mai is quiet, reserved, and observant. She prefers to listen then to speak, and is not good at verbalizing herself. However she is not shy. She is an ok student, wonderful at creative expression and english, horrible at math, and alright is all other subjects.

Short History: Shiroji and Sonomi stared as Mai passed down the hall, as normal staring at the ground.

"Did you know she was an orphan?" Sonomi whispered to her best friend.

Shiroji's eyes widened slightly, "Really?"

"Yea, she was left at an orphan, they say someone took her in but they sent her to some foster home for some reason.

Shiroji snorted, "Obviously she must of done something ~bad~ '" They both snickered at what their idea of 'bad' was and hurried off to classes.

AIM Screen Name: Qwefier


Writing Sample: From one of my earlier rpgs :Yuri struggled through the lower reaches of the Northern Crater unaware of where she was, or where she was heading. She fell badly over a hidden rock and landed roughly on another producing more cuts to her already badly bruised body. She huddled against a frozen rock and clutched her arm to keep it from bleeding, moaning in frustration and almost crying from the feeling of complete desperation. She had know clue where she was, and had been hiking for nearly a day and a half trying to find the base of this wretched place. Her normally light blue skin was now nearly as white as the snow, cuts and blue spots ran down her arms and legs. She had awakened to darkness and solitude and had only vague memories of what she had done to reach where she was now. She felt her only hope was to reach the bottom of this place and see where to go from there. She sniffed sadly and continued on her way down. Even this was to much for a Naiad.

Chesta chesta chesta
13-02-2003, 04:10 AM
Player Name: Sarah or Chesta, either’s fine.

Character Name: Ohgami Sakaki (last name first, but you already knew that)

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Description: Sakaki is lean, 5’9”, with dark brown eyes and hair. It used to be hi-octave orange but faded and grown out, now it’s kept short (preferably in spikes) with the left side of the fringe gelled down tightly against his forehead. No matter what time of day it is though he always sports black nail varnish, eyeliner and silver necklace with a cross. His body language is slow, as if he thinks every movement over in his head before acting upon it. Usually slouching over his desk with his arms crossed. He doesn’t say more than is required of him, it could be taken as a sign of arrogance. But they’re the lucky ones - his parents sometimes have a hard time getting full sentences out of the boy.

School Sakaki wears the normal attire of the school uniform but his trousers seem to be too big and long for him. He wears it with a frown, thinks it uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Spare-time Sakaki is more extreme. Usually he dons a black fishnet top with a leather west, topped of with buckled leather trousers and boots. Perfection.

Short History: Once his parents were in fear that he would contract hikikomori, secluding himself from the outside world. That was before he met the small group of ‘outsiders’ in the school. Now they spend most of their time during school hours to stand around in corners and sniggering over the pretensiousness of their peers to discussing the new Malice Mizer album and what to do over the weekend. Yet, though seeming to hate anything ‘school’, Sakaki has managed to notch up some good grades.

The rumours seem to surround the group more than each individual from the torture of small animals to wild sex orgies and drugs.

“Kahori told me. She saw them,” the girls leaned in further and lowered their voices into mere whispers. “They were doing it there. Right there. In plain day light.”

“That can’t be. They never go out during the day unless it’s a school day.”

“And wearing sunblock.”

“Don’t forget the essential sacrifice. Do you think they’ve done anything ‘bigger’?”

AIM Screen Name: TystnadNu

You will bow to his sense of dress!

13-02-2003, 11:19 PM
Suppose I should mention here that the both of you have been accepted.

Riesz, please remember to PM me your full history.

Quicky problem. I'm going to do a post tonight, but I'm having some medical problems. This means that I have to go back to my parent's place for a few days- four tops. I'll do a post that will open up some free time for the lot of you to be talking and all that. Just try to keep yourselves amused for a couple days while I go to the doctor's.

Believe me, I'm even unhappier about this than you.

Princess Samari
16-02-2003, 06:37 AM
I have a picture! KtHM was nice enough to draw it!

heart havok
04-03-2003, 08:13 PM
Player Name:
heart havok [havok]

Character Name:
Fujiwara Noé *



Noé is 5'4" in height, and though not particurly skinny, she sports a considerably petit build. She may come across as a hypocrite to others when taken to consideration that she smokes while she is also diagnosed with Chronic OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]. This certainly doesn't help her image, which is usually perceived as permiscuous and wrongfully delve into the supernatural. The general male student would probably perceive her as either strange or creepy though attractive in some uncomprehensable sense. Meanwhile, the general female student would probably perceive her as a threat, inhuman (figuratively) and unnatural. Her uniform is always creaseless and, aside from her daily washed hair, she always smells of her natural scent [boys, get your minds out of the gutter] because she doesn't feel the need to cover up with artificial chemicals. Though she has grown quite accustom to her diagnosed "desease" and in most occassions can cope quite well when feeling dirty and uncleansable or around too populated a space, Noé gets uncomfortable; which leads to nervous shaking, difficulty breating, and muscular ticks. She always carries around a hankerchief in her shirt pocket, for various occassions she may feel neccessary. Noé's walk is rather simple and unmoved which is a great contrast to the distance in her sympathetic eyes. Her hair is cut quite short, her glasses supported by round cheeks. She is mature and very well composed for her age and can be found constantly reading or doodling with her permanent black marker (even in class sometimes). If ever given a reason, Noé will smile for anybody.

Short History:
Noé is in her final year at Kurozucho High. She is young for her grade, nothing near a model student, and she is constantly referred to as a "slacker." She is often looked down upon because of her supposed "beliefs" and her hypocracy. After smoking, she can easily be spotted washing her hands and brushing her teeth in the nearest restroom. She appears entirely independent because no one has ever seen her parents; though on record, they do reside in the same house as she. Thus, by being passed such judgement, it isn't a surprise that rumours often suggest that she had exchanged sexual favours to skip a grade or two. Unfortunately, one sexual rumour leads to another. Due to her "phantom" family and pale skin, most students suggest that she is into the occult and supernatural, though Noé cedes such rumourmongers satasfaction of clarification or denial of such statements. She is not bothered nor effected by anything people say about her, she thinks.

AIM Screen Name:
[in AB profile =P] ps.. i don't do joint posts.


* name pronounced: Noh-ei. her name is derived from Noh theatre, which played a large role in her family history. '-ei' is added onto it as a common extention in many femenine names. her parents chose the French 'é' to represent the katakana 'ei' for romanji-visual reasons of personal preference. [rhyming words: Rei, Day, May, Pay, Sensei, et cetra.]

i've pictures already. i just need to take the time to scan them up.

11-03-2003, 04:08 PM
Did I forget to mention here that Havok is happily accepted? Blah blah blah?

Sorry for my short absence, everyone. Medical problems abound!

heart havok
17-03-2003, 10:26 PM
yes! Blah blah blah!!! i'll start posting come the following day.

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