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20-05-2003, 11:16 PM
Now if I am right mishma is the soul of rahxephon and she is the younger verison of hakura. Then put those two together what do you get. Because what do you think that represent there. Like do that represent that ayato or hakura love is so strong that both made this giant to fight off the mu army. Or it may mean that hakura love was so strong that her young self came to this time and wanted to see ayto again. WHAT DO YOU THINK

21-05-2003, 11:15 AM
My short take on this...

Reika Mishima aka the Ishitori the Goddess of the mulian race assumes the appearance of a younger Haruka.

Ishitori and Haruka are different people all together, Ayato had his memories messed with but one was so strong (his first meeting with Haruka) that he expressed it through his paintings. The Ishitori wanted to seduce Ayato into tuning the world so took the form of a younger Haruka which was a strong memory for Ayato. She tryed to seduce him in the ep Ayato sliced the painting but failed.

Ishitori did not take over another younger version/clone of Haruka, she just used her form because it was familar, like when she used Ayato's with Quon (ep 23 I think....)

I'll like to see 3lines, Sheex and MDwigs opinion on this, I've only completed the series once so go off memory if you haven't seen it twice, noones going to be completely right...

21-05-2003, 07:38 PM
My thoughts are similar to yours Westlo, though I haven't had time to think about this issue in depth yet, plus like you I've only had the chance to watch the series through once, so I don't want to make any absolute statements at this time.

I think it is clear that Ishitori is a separate entity to Haruka, that it was a manifestation of convenience of sorts.

The question I find the most interesting though is what her intentions were. You talk about getting Ayato to tune the world, but ultimately what did she want to achieve by doing that? The world the came to exist eventually, or something entirely different. Ishitori is a constant factor throughout the entire series, she plays a large part in orchestrating a number of events (at least indirectly) and yet at the moment I don't understand her real intentions.

Perhaps they are explained in the series, can anyone remember? I think understanding Ishitori's intentions is the key to understanding what exactly she is.

21-05-2003, 08:06 PM
I agree with you because I have been wonder the same thing. Because just like rei from eva you did'nt know her real intenion until the end and for Ishitori I do not know, maybe she is like hakuro just want to be with him so she serve him in order to create the world so that her and he can be together or I may be wrong. But thats one of the things I like about her because she is pretty and always pop's up every now and then. So it is interesting to what is her real intenions are.

And another thing what do you think is maya's true intenions are to.

22-05-2003, 09:28 AM
gah...nah, I won't say it.

Well, the way I see it, Rah is the deity (the Will), and Xephon is the vehicle (the Force or Means). They are two sparate parts of a whole--together they constitute the supreme deity. Ishtori is Xephon's "soul," and she seems to be guiding Ayato (Rah) into union with Xephon as a sort of divine "completion." In order to guide Ayato to his destiny, Ishtori assumes the younger Haruka's familiar form.

This choice of appearance suggests that Ayato and Ishtori are mentally linked, and perhaps Ishtori is partially a construction of Ayato's divine mind. I think on a few occasions Ishtori tells Ayato "I am you."

If Ishtori is such a construct, then the relationship between Ayato and Ishtori can be viewed as an internal conflict. Ishtori reflects the "nature" of divine ascension, and Ayato reflects the "nurture" of his environment. At the end, he reconciles his mental conflict. He accepts his divinity, but he does not proceed down the blind, instinctive path of deification; instead, he carries with him the cares and convictions from his mortal existence as Kamina Ayato. Instinct and environmental conditioning are reconciled.

Conveniently, this theory also goes well with the reunification theme of the series.