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02-07-2003, 07:46 PM
Episode 1: Festive Romp in the Nightmare Maze

An ancient mechanism turns down the ambient light in Sector 37, centuries ago this would have signaled residents that it is in fact nighttime on Earth. Such is the arrogancy of the throne that it would ignore the rotation of planets and the distances of stars and enforce it's own clock on the universe. Today though, as the sector lights dim, the buildings cast a red and green glow. For Sector 37 is the Eternal Palace and when the lights go down DJ Protex raises a call to arms, and the desperate hordes from sectors near and far flock to him, hungering for a scrap of entertainment in these hungry times.

The faux-steel walls and floors pulse with hundreds of thousands of amps coursing through the Palace. Hundreds upon hundreds flail their limbs about to form the latest dance craze. There is a group that does not fit in though, their tight red collars and starched pants do not allow them to dance, the swords on their belts keep other revellers away. Godfried Strauss, the youngest third cousin to the brother-in-law of the Duke Strauss himself comes on business, business with Protex himself.

"Welcome! Welcome friends, your dour faces betray that you are not here for the music. Perhaps you had some business in mind? Hmmm?"

"Don't waste my time Protex, we could just as easily take this to the Swan."

"Don't start, that's five sectors away from an ALLEGED little lillypad. A lot can happen between there and Hebron. Rowdy miners, mutants, gangs, cults, dare I say....Sly Guns? No you won't give it to them, they might pay you more but your dear little master doesn't approve of their agenda does he?"

"Whatever let's do this."

Godfried waves over one of his retainers holding a sealed case, the quality of the case prompts Protex, the disaffectionate druggist to whistle in appreciation.

"My goodness, who did you have to kill to get this?"

"So you see the urgency of the situAAARGH!"

Bullets silently pass through the young nobleman's shoulder, his five retainers fall to the ground, three dead and two from fear. Protex jumps over his chair, scrambling for a darkened corner. Two men walk up to the injured Godfried. The first is rather short, obviously of asian decent wearing an archaic cowboy costume with a cow spot theme, a black bandit's mask conceals his eyes. The second is dressed in a glittering white suit studded with rhinestones. His hair is impossibly huge and angular, held up with enough gel to tame a lion's mane.

"Who the ---- are you? You...you can't ------- touch me! You're dead! You are meat! The Duke will glllccchk!"

A bullet through the throat silences the nobleman and the asian man picks up the case.

"Come on Jappy, let's get the hell out here."

"For the last time you walking turd, my parents were Korean."

The two of them walk out of the club, the feverish pace had not slowed a step...

03-07-2003, 09:45 AM
slash and hack, slack and hack....

Teru, a light shadow in the alley ways was moving again.

this sectors clear

Putting away his sword Teru Zipped up his cloak hiding his sword and suit and walked into the building.

The sound a cocking shot gun came to his ears

WHAT ARE U DOING HERE!!! The brute said. He had the clear signs of being a miner. Big, rough with alot of scars and bulging muscles.

In the background Teru could see a child in the back cowering behind a chair and a mother crying on the couch

we have reports of irresposible treatment of a child here. im here to stop that Teru said with a slight grimace on his face noticing the whip that was thrown to the side of the room.


The smell of acidic powder roamed the air as the beastly man shot.

B****** DON'T INTERFER WITH THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT The ruffian screamed as he emptyed the barrel and the bullets he had in his possession.

From the smoke in the door way a hand emerged.

Is that all............ im afraid that if you are to bring aggression to this matter i have no choice but to follow Teru said silently. Suddenly in a much louder voice exclaimed YOU WILL PAY IN THE NAME OF THE CYGNUS as he pull apart his clock revealing the bullets caught on his clothing due to the metal padding underneath

Teru lunged forward dodging a first swipe with the brutes fist. Ramming the brute into a cabinet Teru drew out his sword and sheath. Locking the sheath in place he attacked with the sheath on the blade protecting the sharp blade. As he ran forward a unexpected swipe of the shot gun hit him with a blast from it near his shoulder


Teru flung the sheath unlocking it and flicking it straight into the brtues fore head.running forward Teru punched him with his left arm winding him.

As the brute groaned on the floor Teru picked up his sheath locking it to his uniform again. He turned to the wife and child.

Tieing the brutes arms and legs with a metal elastic wire he threw a bag of credits to the wife and child

You've been moved to another sector. Teru said trying to smile.

He walked out the open door and into the area again rushing of like a shadow.

Unit 1093 has been reprimanded. I need a small crew to pick him up and help move the couple in there. That was my last unit tonite. Teru Logging out The shadow said standing on a cliff face of the planet waiting for hims transport

frame... how long have i been here. This lousey miserable place

as his eyes closed he blankly looked at his right shoulder. Blood running prefusly out of it.

F*** SH**

Teru collapsed as car pulled up beside him.

03-07-2003, 03:46 PM
leaning against the pusling wall on the far-end of Sector 37,Synapse removes his light flitering ConTacs

ahh,..much better

Synapse leaned against the wall for a while letting the virbrations resonate against his bones.

this music....first time i heard it, i hated it.
but it grows on you

Bleep Synapse, there has been a distubance in the south end of Sector 37.Investigate. Bleep

Yes Sir .....always on call..

Synapse appraochs the bodies of four slain men,the music and danceing never missing a beat dispite the deaths.

What happend here? Synapse asks a dancer with blood on her pants

the dancer stop danceing for a second and suveys the scence

I dont know and I dont care

so much for "love of the fellow man"this place is crazy

Synapse notices a shell on caseing on the ground,he picks it up and examines it.

i better have this analyzed

pocketing the shell he gets up and walks toward Protex HQ

Pressing the transcevier on his arm synapse contacs HQ

My investigations done.assasination.looks like whoever did it was after something and was in a rush.one shell caseing recovred retuning to lab to analyze. send a clean up crew.Synapse out.

Then again,after a while this music gets kind of annoying...

04-07-2003, 12:20 PM
DJ Protex stumbled over from behind his chair and ran up to Synapse, his eyes bulging to comical proportions, "You...you IDIOT! Those were Sly Guns! Both of them! How the hell did they get in here? Damm, damm. Listen errr...Sinape is it? The kid's peeps in Hebron are not going to like this, find me a patsy. Under no circumstances does anybody find out that those two were responsible. ----. Well get the ---- to it! I'm going to need an answer for those people real soon and I'd rather it not be the truth."

The DJ shook his head feverishly and sucked on an inhaler which seemed to relax him greatly.


Teru's driver was Virago, a promising initiate who came off as being more level headed then his fellow students. He rolled his head to look towards Teru, "You will pay in the name of Cygnus? You realize that all the other initiates eat that stuff up, you could do with a little subtlety. Not that it's my place or anything, but you're supposed to be some mighty kicker of ass, fighting for the goals of the Swan. Why then do they assign you these stupid little missions? I mean getting rid of slavers is nice but it does'nt contribute to the greater Order."

04-07-2003, 08:42 PM
I heard that ------- Teru Groaned.

Whoa.... watch out there your shoulder is pretty badly injured. We need you back in HQ to heal. I still don't believe someone like you could take a blast from a shot gun and not get his arm blown off. Virago

uggggghh what ever. Whats the ETA till we reach base?

we got 2 more minutes. Just lay tight we still gotta go through security. U feel up to flashing that eye of urs to the guards?

Course i am idiot

Teru tryed to get up but accidently putting pressure on his right arm collapsed back down again as they entered the pearlie gates of the cygnus foundation

05-07-2003, 12:08 AM
Its SYANAPSE, thats not a hard name...

Calm down,sir. ill get on it right away.

Stuipd fool..blameing me for leting them in.. i didnt even SEE what happned

HQ, scrub the clean up crew, send a Vapor team Code Blue,we need to get rid of this body

Should i tell him about the shell?.......no i still need to analyse it

Syanpse turns around looking at the bodie again...

This seems a little messy for the Sly Guns...hmmm

08-07-2003, 02:54 PM
Cowpolk AZN tossed the last of the occupants out of the car and put a bullet through his head, "Hey Prince, do you think you could have removed the people BEFORE shooting them? You got blood on the seats."

"Shut it Jappy, this would be a non-issue if you hadn't forgotten where you parked the car. Just count your blessings, we found this piece of ----."

The Pompadour Prince spat out a wad of bright green chewing gum and hopped into the driver's seat. His partner took shotgun and they drove off into the darkened sector night.

Meanwhile, at the latest Swan's Hold, Virago and Teru were cleared past perimiter security. It was nothing truly noticable, no established building or anything, just some guards hidden amongst piles of refuse, and an old man on a sidewalk who noted their arrival. Virago eventually made it to the base proper, the old Theta City town hall.

"Home again, home again, diggity dig. Here you are sir, this is as close to the building as I can take you. I'm sure Carlos will want to see you."

Carlos, the junior officer in charge of this particular outfit. Teru wasn't officially ranked in Cygnus but he recieved his orders through Carlos who was apparantly in contact with the next link in the Cygnus chain.

And back at the Protex Club scene, Synapse was approached by some Protex goons, these must have been specials of some sort, they didn't have uniforms. One of them dressed in a latex nurse's outfit brandished an envelope at Synapse's face.

"Here, you mentioned you needed something analyzed? We'll have it sent out to the lab. The names Ingred Von Braum by the way, these are me goomba-brothers Chet and Barnsworth. We'll be backing you up on this investigation."

She gestured to Chet who tossed her a Protex inhaler. She took a drag on it then looked up, "What do we know about the incident so far? We weren't exactly briefed other than hearing something about some Strauss kid."

09-07-2003, 07:11 PM
Synapse took the envelope and put the shell inside


doesnt protex know i work better alone

Walking over to incident Synapse pointed out key features
look at these 3,they died before they had a chance to see the attackers.

how can you tell? asked Chet

Beacuse the angle the bullet penetrated into the head, that could only be done from a supirse attack. gaurds of this rank would never let an attack get behind them because that is where there charge is

Who do you think is responisble?

Synapse hesitated...

I don't know... you guys examine the sence further i need to contact HQ

Pressing the tranciver on his sleeve,Synapse contacts HQ

HQ,this is synapse,Requesting a tranfer to Operations


You know i work better alone

yes but i thought it would be faster to have more than one person on this.."type" of operation

I cant,and wont,guarantee thier safety

They will be fine

They better be, i dont want another incident on my head. Synapse out

10-07-2003, 12:53 PM
The thousand changing lights and beat and fire and now I am no more than just a piece of jelly throbbing to the universal cosmic divine beat the great master rhythm throbbing burning aching through this small pale black haired blue plugsuited transparent shiny piece of jelly finally integrated into the cosmos matesis universalis let everything everything everything everything everything be one only huge burning member I'm high so high squished against the roof green blue yellow red bring in the marines I'm blue the uniform is red, the house of Strauss, evil amoral usurpers shall be annihilated, listen Anasthasia I can't hear you the beat's too loud the beat is everywhere the universal cosmic divine beat is everything everything everything everything everything just call me An cause I'm high so high so throbbing like an orgasm and everywhere and still here and I just love it all love the lights love the people love the broken windows love the little pale black haired blue plugsuited jelly love the Strauss folks getting shot love the universal cosmic divine beat over everything for he delivered you to the Promised land FRAME the house of God and God is a DJ and he shall give you all you need once you had chemicals boy once you're high once I'm high I'm high so high flyin' high in the summersky higher even higher where you can never reach - WHAM!

Huh, things look different from down here like what just happened and stuff people look funny from bellow must've been that goddam stair I'm lying on now my head hurts dam bad hehehe I wonder what the Strauss folks were up to now there are another three guys talking about round that place crap can't think straight can't think straight argh bet they had chemicals boy the universal cosmic divine beat is still there in you little blue plugsuited jelly An go get some more of the stuff that keeps you going bet they had something real heavy if they end up shootin' better drop by the entrance to get yer gun just in case but first of all you gotta get up, gotta get up, I have to get up. Yes, on my feet again. I'm fine. Don't look at me like that! I'm fine I can walk I can make it forward throbbing to the beat and truning all around oh crap can't think straight can't think straight, okay An, now you go down the stairs, carefull. Yeah. Step-by-step. One - after - the other. Now the left foot... See? Wasn't that hard whoeversaid I couldn't keep myself undercontrol up to the shiny tiny entrance thing the dude who's got my uniform, yeah huh now I suddenly already have the belt on me isn't that thing the other way around how did it get onto my hib in the first place the universal cosmic beat calls you the heavy stuff calls you why don't you come and feel like flyin' too now that kid sure looks cute Hey honney what's up you got some new drink? I didn't just say that out loud did I? nevermind it sounded cool I'm such a cool pale black haired blue plugsuited jelly circunscripted in the matesis universalis those boys must be dying for me right here right now on and on and on the universal cosmic divine beat continues throbbing in me...

10-07-2003, 09:59 PM
There was the sound of glass against glass as thick, heady pear nectar spilled from it;s ancient bottle into a Shriner glass. The flickering light overhead glared off smooth flesh and a finger carefully traced a Z upon it, following lines of black ink that had been put there years ago.

"This is an evening to be certain, quite the evening. An ill wind blows south from Hebron, carrying the rank scent of old glory. Go forth then, and seek out the object of my desire. Seek out the Gilded Key."

Green lenses concealed the eyes of his audience, but they set out to obey. The glass reaches his lips and the sweet liqour passes through his clenched teeth.

Miles and miles away a gleaming red car just stolen from a Protex lot, smashes into a ten high pile of discarded vehicles, sending the mound of debris crashing down.

"Way to go dumbass, way to go. Let's move."

26-07-2003, 03:14 AM
Deep in Protex HQ Synapse sits at the table examineing the shell with a pair of ultra-mag glassess

great just my luck this is a plain she-- wait a mintue..

setting the glasses mag level to max synapse see's a tiny image laser cared into the base of the shell

hmmmmm........what the hell? a Swan?! why would the sly guns be useing Cygnus shells?

getting up synapse walks over to the door just as the lights go out

What the.....

a glass falls and breaks behind him..
removeing his ConTacs Synapses eyes adjust all world comes into black and white focus for synapse alone.
Synapse see's 3 men clad in black stealth suits with masks on
one of them steped foward and electronicly filtered voice echoed from the darkness.

Come with us, do not reist and no harm will come to you

Synapse quickly pocketed the shell before they could see it
and just where exatcly are you takeing me?

The room suddenly filled with gas and synapse fell unconcious, the last thing he saw were the amber eyes of the masked inturders

26-07-2003, 12:07 PM
Yet another gun fight, the Pompadour Prince's sequin and rhinstone studded costume had revealled their location, and identity to a group of Neo-Sparta miners.

"Revenge for our fallen comrades! Death to the Sly Guns!"

"Open wide queer-boys I've got some nice hot lead for you!"

"Damm it you slant eyed Jappy sumbitch, ya'll shouldn't be so insensitive to their condition.....naaaah kill 'em all. I wanna see what's in this damm case and I'm getting tired of these interuptions"

Cowpolk AZN's nostrils flared as the Prince called him Jappy, he began shooting again making several headshots, "Stop calling me that!"

And at Club Protex Ingred and her two lackeys had finished interviewing the partygoers around them and came back to the scene only to find Synapse gone.

"Did he leave without us?" Chet asked.

Ingred shook her head, "No, that smell is knock-out gas. Pretty localized area of effect, Synapse got his fool self kidnapped. We need to find him, he'll lead us right to the responsible party and we get the credit."

30-07-2003, 06:41 AM
fk that guy. i don't need to listen to him ill just go where ever iw ant

Teru walked through the corridors of the foundation with curious looks from his fellow warriors following him from the blood stained shoulder to his grim expression.

Hey Teru!! yelled a voice appearing behind Teru Been a while ^_^

Standign there was Naomi, one of cygnus espeanage agents used for scouting information.Commander wants to see u you know...
i know but i just can't be bothered going....

but despite his attempts teru got dragged into the commanders office

30-07-2003, 02:19 PM
Through my veins through my breathing through my eyes through my ears through my sweat through my shaking little pale black haired blue plugsuited jelly self we all breath and bleed the same one through the other come on come on honey cute black plugsuited taned amber eyed bishi boy still standing by the dead Strauss dudes and not even listening hey I'm talking to you can't you hear me goddam slam me against the wall of his deft black back don't you know who I am goddam you're gonna get a piece of me but wait up what's that smell ugh it's sorta funny the gas clouds change shape and colours with the raver lights and dance around me but I can't breath oh crap I better get out of here I'm coughing dam and walk even worse than a moment ago and a couple of buddies cary the unconscious cute black plugsuited bishi boy away and now I can really really not do anything but lie there and watch them as they take him away and you're on your way to a new tension headache somebody give me a toilet crap the grey world melts around me and smells like an old overpeed corner where sick dogs die and the beat ain't cosmic at all but keeps on doing the same stupid rythm behind that glass wall as I, Anasthasia von Karlot und zu Nordwestpommern, bound to the heritage of Carpath, drow in my own vomit.

19-09-2003, 12:33 PM
Woke up all heavy, feeling just the fat headache and my overtired body. I couldn't move it, but after a while at least I noticed it still had the plugsuit sticking on my sweaty skin. I was back in the big bed, home, and it was about morning already.

I stumbled out the door all my bones cracking, into the large classic hall, onto the polished marble floor along the tremendous windows and pillars. Windows as tall as three men, and yet one could not see anything through them. Here on frame no window was transparent, after all there was nothing to see outside. A servant stood at a side, waiting for something.

"Don't just stand there, make me a hot bath."

"At once, my lady!"

My buttocks really itched, I couldn't wait to get the dam plastic suit off me. Something else had me worrying too. Usually I wouldn't have bothered, but the last thing I remembered was really uncomfortable, so I wondered just how I finally came back to palace. Last time my uncles had heard I came back walking alone all the way from the club they had gone real upset, they almost didn't buy me a new cellphone. They wouldn't be much happier if they knew I had been about to start shooting while on crack this time. They'd start blabbering about the future leaders and responsibility and all that junk, Anathasia you're almost of age how can you, bla bla bla... Those old folks really give me the creeps. Better to get into the bathroom quick, before they caught me, and stay there as long as possible.

"My lady, thy bath is ready."

"Was about time..."

27-09-2003, 02:10 PM
The gang of baldies looked with their blank goggle eyes at the elders of Hebron. The elders seemed somewhat mortified at what they had been told, and at the same time their eyes gleamed with excitment.

The Duke of Buena Vista too was shocked at these turn of events, relayed to him by a retinue of Zalost Freemen. He played with a handsome dreadlock that hung over his noble brow and nodded.

"Oh yes, this is most agreeable sirs. Most agreeable."

And then of course the nobles holding the walls of Carpath saw this ripe opportunity for all it's worth, it was too good to be true, too good to pass up.

Ana's bath was interrupted by Chantal, one of her younger cousins. Chantal was annoying in that she did all the things that Ana did but never got caught, she was also annoyingly bustier.

"Oh Ana, you'll never guess who's here! A bunch of those wierdo Zalost Freemen. They talked to the Duke for over an hour. I hear the Duke was so happy that he broke out with a bottle of Martian Brandy!"

Chantal saw Ana's expression and then leaned her head back, as if to look for a spy or something. Then she disrobed and slipped into the tub.

"You were out again last night, doing drugs? Ana, if you don't practice a little moderation and subtlety they're going to marry you off to a Strauss kid! Like that turd Godfried. I heard he can't even get it up."

She laughed at her own gossip and continued droning on, never even pausing to breathe.

02-10-2003, 12:40 PM
"Chantal, get out of my tub!" I yelled up, slipping backwards as a reflex. T'was a healthy reflex, Chantal intoxicates on contact. There she sat again, blabbering to herself unstopably, sitting nude at my side in the big round tub. Once she started to talk she was as good as deft.

"Get out of my tub, Chantal!" I insisted, but she really didn't listen, she really had some sort of mayor problem up there.

I clibed out of the tub myself and started drying my bodie. She had been speaking of the Zalost guys. Why would anyone be happy of having that kind of misfits near? Then she mentioned Godfried Strauss, that dumbass... I thought I might have seen him last night somewhere, in a situation with lots of blood, but I could really not tell what happened. I prefered not to tell Chantal his dear Godfried could be dead.

"Don't talk about drugs as remote dark things, you know'em better than I do." I said, putting on my underwear.

09-10-2003, 08:15 AM
Lord Mordred Karlot, a cousin to the Duke himself strode into the bath chamber, walked up to An, held he face aloft his right hand and gave her a tremendous slap with his left.

"Off whoring again you despicable girl? Your actions will bring only shame to this great house, I doubt you'll be fit to be wed to the Berlin heir at this rate. And you end up an old maid you know what they'll do to you, confinement in the Tower of the Four Winds. Now make yourself presentable we have some esteemed guests and I'll not having my get, my blood looking like such abominable wretches."

He then noticed Chantal who was still in the bath and gave her a great slap as well, sending her under the water.

"And that's because you probably did something as well you horrible girl."

He strode out, his cape fluttering behind him. Chantal, who had been keeping her hair dry until this point surfaced, waited until he left and then started screaming.



"Holy ----...I don't believe it. I didn't believe it existed, but It's right here in my ------- hands. That means that old story, the one Gui yammers on about is true..."

The Pompadour Prince looked at his masked companion and then at the open case, adjusting his sunglasses and raising a carefully trimmed eyebrow.

"Hell 'Polk, you can't be serious can ya? Tha's muhfuggin 'mpossible, muhfuggin capital AH-mpossible. How 'dya think them Strauss folks got it."

"I don't know, I'm more curious as to why they would want to get rid of it?"

17-10-2003, 12:52 PM
It itches to be presentable. The long white dress made me look tremendously stupid, like a piece of cake of something. Small ribbons in a pink tone showing up here and there, the skirt ample and with flower prints... Yuk! And then, of course, one also had to wear presentable glasses and everything. I look stupid with glasses, I tell them all the time, I seem like a real nerd who'd burry herself in the library. Without them I can see alright, maybe not enough to hit a running slygun from a hundred yards distance, but fine. At least with green glasses I seem to have a certain sense of style yet, but anything that looks at least a little nice isn't presentable, so I have to look uggly every time there's some silly formal event. I tried to compensate adding a little make up, but there was still that red hand imprinted on my right cheek.

Thus I slendered into the hall, trying not to believe I appeared as awefull as I did, staying near the walls and pillars pretending to remain as unseen as possible.

07-03-2005, 09:11 AM
Mordred glided over towards the wayward Karlot girl, smiles and handshakes until he reached her at which point his scowl returned. He grabbed her ear and hissed in a low, deadly voice, "You are the ---- of the world you miserable girl, but I might not have your ass thrown out on the street if you quit hiding. Look pretty and say nothing, you're nothing but window dressing anyways."


Ingrid was one of the few people who could make bondage gear and latex into viable combat fatigues, a rare but dubious skill at best. She and her berky brothers-in-arms were on two trails. Synapse's kidnappers on one way and the pair of troublemakers from the club at the other end. Chet and Barnsworth nursed cigarettes, things were getting a little nervewracking and both began to mentally question how far their leader would go.