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26-10-2004, 10:26 PM
Sorry for the generic title, but I'm not in the most "open" state of mind to come up with something really accurate. The purpose of this thread is two-fold:

First, it's just a place to list manga, preferably uncommon "below the radar" kinda manga that is good enough to mention, and deserves at least an initial reading. We all know the "popular" and "good" stuff, but there are tons of manga that go almost unnoticed that turns out to be a great read. Of course, I'm still limited to what gets licensed or scanslated, but meh, gotta start somewhere.

Second, this forum is SO dead. I prefer manga over anime, in general (for many reasons that need not be discussed at this moment) and having a dead manga forum hurts me deeply. So, even if I'm the only one here posting, I'll just use this thread to post new (to me) manga I come across, that, as the title states "...should be read."

I figure a short unspoilerific synopsis along with your brief thoughts on the manga, and maybe a short "TO THE POINT" review (if the manga is complete) would be good for the posts. Specifying the genre of the manga would help to.

If at all possible, do not discuss any of the mangas in this thread. Either dig up an old thread regarding the manga, or create a new one. This is just so we can keep this thread "pure" with just suggestions on unknown mangas. I won't be a anal though, so post what you will if you believe it's relevant. I could careless.. especially since I'll probably be the only one posting here anyway *sigh* (prove me wrong with intellegent suggestions!!)

Well, that's that. My first suggestions will follow this initial post.

EDIT: Hmm, for genres, I guess it's best to have a set list of one's to be used, so as to not confuse people with 5 different words/phrases that all lead to the same genre. Therefore, I'll just write down as many as I can think of here, and continue to edit it as more come up (feel free to list any not on the list). I'll define the few that may seem abstract, but the majority should be self explanatory.

Science Fiction
School - More of the setting, but prevalent enough to be a genre I think

Content - Basically, what to expect while reading the manga.. in terms of the images it contains... can be better explained be reading the following categories:

Ecchi/Fan Service
Mature - Nudity, Adult Situations, Violence or Language (General levels or adjectives for these would be Mild, Not-Graphic, Graphic, Extreme.. and so forth).

26-10-2004, 10:42 PM
My first entry will be one that I came across very recently. The title is:

Deep Love by Yuu Yoshii & Yoshi

Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Mature - Nudity, Adult Situations (Not Graphic)

Um.. my future synopsis' and reviews will by my own words, but due to my inability to think creatively and thoughtfully, this one will just steal the synopsis from the scanslater's forum. Pardons!

"Based on Yoshi's hit novel series, Deep Love depicts the struggling life of Ayu, a 17 years old high school girl who believes neither in a future nor the happiness it could bring her. By selling her body as a teenage prostitute, she's trying to justify her existence, which is as bleak as her heart: it's void of joy, sorrow, love. It's not until her encounter with a kind-hearted old lady that Ayu begins to realize the true meaning of happiness..."

Plus, that synopsis is really good and, in short, gives a very thorough guide to what Deep Love is about.

Only one volume has been scanslated, but the amount of story that this single volume covers is amazing. Although some parts of it seem rushed, it's just the authors way of displaying the important aspects of Ayu's story, instead of dawdling on certain areas for too long (i.e. typical shounen romance comedies).

WARNING: This manga is not for kids. Though it is not graphic, it does have it's share of nudity and adult material and plenty of implications to adult situations. Don't let this turn you off though. The adult material isn't there just for lame fan service.. it can be considered a necessary evil to tell Ayu's story.. as tragic as that may sound.

All in all, check this one out. I haven't enjoyed many shoujo mangas, but I am enjoying this one. Due to the nature of this manga, I will not provide any links, but it is scanslated by Kotonoha. Well, maybe just one link (http://www.google.com). :p

28-10-2004, 11:55 PM
Compared to the first entry, here's one that's alot more upbeat:

Yotsubato! by Kiyohiko Azuma

Genre: Comedy

Yotsubato! is a simple, but wacky story of a 6 year old girl who moves out of the country and into a "normal" city life with her father. Kiyohiko Azuma was the mangaka behind Azumanga Daioh, and if you enjoyed Azumanga Daioh, you will definitely love Yotsubato!

It incorporates the same type of humor, just among different characters (tho there are some similarities). Yotsubato! doesn't use the 4-panel comic strip format but is in normal manga fashion. In either case, I actually found Yotsubato! to be more hilarious then Azumanga Daioh, and Yotsuba is one of the cutest manga characters around (and incredibly funny).

Currently, there are 2 volumes scanslated from Momotato Daioh. Here (http://www.google.com) you go. :p

orochi X
29-10-2004, 01:42 AM
Well I definately enjoyed Azumanga Diaoh, hmm I did a quick Google search on Yotsubato!, well the main girl from Yotsubato! looks just like Chiyo from Azumanga Diaoh but with green hair. I guess I'll check out this manga and see how it is.

01-11-2004, 03:57 AM
Hmm, how about something with action:

Tokko - Devil's Awaken by Fujisawa Tooru

Genre: Action, Mature - Extreme Graphic Violence

Tokko is short for Tokushu Kouannbu (Special Public Safety Division) and this is a subdivision under Tokki which is short for Tokushu Kidou Soutatai (Special Riot Investigation Division). These translations were taken from HnGo.

5 years ago: The Machida Incident. An incident that brutally slaughtered and dismembered families in 185 households, including the parents of Shindou.
Today: Graduation. Shindou has now become an investigator for Tokki. He has spent the past years working his way up to take revenge and fight out the truthe for what had happened to his parents.
Enter Tokko - A small division of members who exhibit strange behavior and seem to hide behind a veil of mystery.
What happened during the Machida Incident? What exactly is Tokko's objective? Who are these quirky members of Tokko? And most intriguingly, what will Shindou's relation with Tokko be in the future?

Haha, I tried to be "mysterious" in my synopsis.. dunno if it came off well. Beh, it doesn't matter. Anyway, that's the gist of it. I chose to write up about this one for no specific reason. There isn't much of Tokko out so far, but I find this one strangely appealing. I guess the way the mangaka is unfolding the story's mystery is working really well on me.. it's piqued my curiousity. Plus, swords in today's time is tight.. heh, gotta read to understand that :p

Fujisawa Tooru - if that name seems familiar to some, that would be because he is the mangaka behind GTO. Of course, the material is vastly different between these to mangas.

As to how many volumes have been scanslated.. um, that's not easy to answer. The chapter order, and some of the content, between the tankoubons (graphic novels) and the chapters in Afternoon KC (serial magazine) are a bit different. For more information, check the projects page for Tokko from HnGo.

HIkaru no Go Transaltions is scanslating the serial magazine while AnimeWaves is scanslating the tankoubons. Here (http://www.google.com) once again is your best friend. :D

03-11-2004, 10:26 PM
This one isn't very new, but I recently got into it since it's anime counterpart recently began showing.

Beck by Harold Sakuishi

Genre: Shounen, Music, Comedy, Drama, Mature - Mild Nudity

This story revolves around Tanaka "Koyuki" Yukio. He's your average, normal, unknown, bland 14 year old middle school kid. He has no drive, no aspirations.. basically no goals.

That is, until he is reunited with an elementary school friend, Ishiguro Izumi. One day, they go out and Izumi has Koyuki listen to a song from one of her favorite bands, a very popular rock group named Dying Breed. The events that unfold after this moment change Koyuki's life in ways he never imagined.

When I watched this anime, I instantly got into it. The laid back pace, along with hitting all the important points without dawdling around made it quite the interesting watch. But, the manga still managed to impress me, even after watching 3 eps of the anime.

As the series goes on, it's quite apparent that Sakuishi either enjoys American rock, or has done alot of research because there are MANY references to American rock throughout the series.. references from the 60s to almost the present. I'm a huge fan of 60's and 90's rock, so I suppose I had a bit of a bias towards this manga.

The story is basically a "rise to fame" story. Many of the hardships for bands in the music world, though somewhat exaggerated, are displayed in this manga. The humor is great too. Especially the scenes that involve Saitou-san (pwahaha, I still laugh when I think about it).

So far, 19 volumes have been scanslated by Mangascreener.

05-11-2004, 01:37 PM
I suppose it was inevitable for me to post a manga from this genre... heh, had to happen eventually:

Open Sesame by Kawakata Kaoru

Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Danjou Yamato recently moved to Tokyo due to his family. He came from the countryside, where he was well-known, especially for his boxing skills. Where he came from, he was a boxing champion. Now in Tokyo, he's had to switch High Schools, and of all schools, he ends up at one that used to be an all girls high school (but is now co-ed).

Not only that, but the girls at this school literally reign supreme. As he finds out on his first day, the girls have a significantly higher amount of power and command then do the boys.. especially since the boys are well outnumbered. Of course, Yamato can't possibly accept that.

Here begins his battle for "male pride" against the girls at his new school, especially when confronted with the schools "Four Queens" and the mysterious girl that seems to know him from his past, who leads all the girls... Mogami Maki.

Wow, for something I'm writing kinda out my ass cuz it's so fuggin early in the morning... that came out nicely (if I do say so myself.. which I do..).

Anyway, this manga isn't partcularly spectacular, nor original. You've got all the basics for a shounen romance comedy: A harem of girls, a childhood friend, a girl who seems to have a mysterious past with the main character, a high school setting, and of course, fan service.

The art is acceptable, but hardly great. Many of the features on the characters are similiar.. hell, at times, only the hair differentiates the girls. The personalities and the characteristics are not that original either.. nor does it vary enough to really contrast itself from other series' in this genre.

Well, I seem to be bashing this manga more then praising it, huh? The sole reason why I post this manga is because of the main character himself, Yamato. I've read my share of romance comedies, and I've nearly hated most of the main characters. The whole teenage angst and indecisiveness and "why the hell can't you just say what you think ya fuggin pussy" kinda main characters get a bit tiresome. Not that there haven't been some great manga that had this type of main character... but that doesn't keep me from hating the damn guy for most of the manga.

But I digress... The point here is that Yamato ain't a loser. He's decisive (more so then others), he's not weak (duh, he's a boxer, and a good one to boot), and he's not afraid to talk smack with the chicks. Basically, he's "cool." That's why I feel this manga deserves a reading. He's not your usual main character in this genre, and that greatly appealed to me from the moment I started reading Open Sesame.

As I said, it's a bit of the same 'ol, but it's still a fun read. It defintely makes me laugh, and the story is just interesting enough for me to want to read the next chapter asap.

Currently, there are 8 volumes scanslated by AnimeWaves.

EDIT: Haha, of all my posts, I choose to write the most on this manga.. I should stop posting w/o sleeping.. I think I ramble too much. :p

09-11-2004, 08:53 PM
I haven't been reading many new (to me) manga lately, so I'll dig up an older one just because I likes it... hahahha:

Magister Negi Magi (Mahou Sensei Negima) by Akamatsu Ken

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Action, School, Magic, Ecchi

Upon graduating from his school for wizards, Negi Springfield was sent to an all girls school to become a teacher, as part of his continual wizard training. Here, he will continue to work hard in his course to become a master wizard. Sounds simple?

Not in the least. Negi finds out very quickly how difficult it is dealing with 31 (yes, thirty-one) mid-teen girls. Not only that, he must not reveal his magic to anyone.. a task that becomes much harder then it seemed. Many challenges await Negi during the path he has chosen, and many unlikely allies and enemies will be born from this course.

What can I say? I was a sucker for the humor in Love Hina and had to check this one out when it hit the States. Although I'm not big on the magic/fantasy type manga, I just can't turn down anything by Akamatsu :P .

This manga is fun. The humor is good, especially if you're a fan of Love Hina. The story is solid, and shows promise. There is a bit of romance but I left it out of the genre listing because it's light. The comedy side of the typical romance/comedy is still apparent, and still just as humorous. And, how can you beat a harem of 31 girls! Although only about half of them get consistent screen time, nearly all of them show up periodically and are not just thrown in the background.

Magister Negi Magi is licensed by Del Ray. 3 volumes have been released in the US so far.

17-11-2004, 02:07 AM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas owns me. Therefore, this is all I can offer:

Happiness by Usamaru Furuya

Genre: Drama, Mature - Mild Nudity

Notice: GTA has nothing to do with this manga. I just noted it because, due to GTA, my recent manga readings have declined. Why? I just said, GTA: SA owns me. In conclusion, this synopsis is stolen from Kotonoha because, once again, GTA: SA owns me.

"Takuya Watanabe leads a miserable life. As a victim of bullying, he always has to take fright at his peers' cruel pranks and corporal violence. One day, he encounters Ruka, a mysterious girl who seems to suffer the same fate. Together, the two teenagers make a murderous pact."

Yea, I'm lazy. But, that is a good synopsis.

Anyway, this manga is... interesting. It's just a one-shot, so don't expect too much from it, but even so, it tells quite a dark tale. I want to use the word "dismal" yet, that may not be true of this manga. Instead, I'll leave it with this question:

As Takuya Watanabe, how would you find happiness?

This one-shot manga was scanslated by Kotonoha.

19-11-2004, 08:32 AM
GTA: SA still owns me, but somehow I decided to finally read this one.

Dogs by Shirow Miwa

Genre: Action, Mature - Mild Nudity and Violence

Mihai. Badou. Naoto. Haine. This is the story of four "Dogs." Each with their own story, and all forced to live either by the blade or by the gun. Individual stories that inadvertantly entwine.

I tried out the "mysterious" synopsis again... I think it went over better. Heh, but then, it was alot shorter. Anywho... the four characters in this short manga are, more or less, not involved with each other. Each "Dogs" story is one or two chapters long. There are cameos among the characters and by the volumes end (yes, only one volume long), we can see a beginnings of sorts that may involve them all. BUT, who knows?

This volume seems incomplete, and it damn well probably is, but there is no more. It showed promise and the artwork is very well done. But alas, this is all we can hope for.

There is another short chapter called Dogs - Hardcore Twins. This one is set in the same town, but involves two different characters, named Luki and Noki (yes, they are twins... that was hard to guess, huh?). I'm not sure if this came before or after Dogs but the story takes place after Dogs, so I'd say it's best to read this one second.

As I stated, there is only one volume available on scanslation by Manga Translation. The single chapter of Dogs - Hardcore Twins was also done by the same group.

24-11-2004, 08:36 AM
Not much new on my plate lately, so I'll go with the one that stands out the most... and stand out it does...

The Hating Girl by Rokunishi Hoji (I think)

Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Yamada Ryouji recently transfered to a new school. There, he sees a very peculiar girl by the name of Torii Asumi. Although she acts like a normal girl, talks like a normal girl, thinks, dresses, eats, sits, stands, walks, runs, moves, plays... all like a normal girl; she is still a bit peculiar. Why? Because she has an ARROW STICKING THROUGH HER HEAD.

A-yup. That's exactly as you read it. This manga isn't particularly impressive in it's writing or it's art... nor does it have extremely touching and deep romantic moments... nor incredibly outlandish or hilarious humor... but daaaamn, she's got a fuggin' arrow sticking through her head. I just had to check it out.

Disregarding that teeny lil issue, the manga is ok. I haven't started many mangas lately but I wanted to write about something, and well, this is it. If there was more then half a volume of it out, I may have had a more meaningful post, because there are moments in the manga where it could actually show some promise. Unfortunately, only a handful of chapters has been scanslated, though I believe there are 5 total volumes finished in Japan.

1 volume has been scanslated by Zombie Scanslations. Note that each chapter is only 8-9 pages long.

28-11-2004, 05:03 AM
Ooooh, a change of pace as well as an attempt at something different.

Parfait Tic by Nanaji Nagamu

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance

Kameyama Fuuko is a normal 15 year old girl. She leads a normal, teenage life... until 2 boys move into the apartment room above her. Enter Ichi and Daiyo: Both boys' parents had to move to China due to business reasons, and have opted to live together... in the apartment room above Fuuko. Of course, that's not all. Not only does Fuuko find out that are Ichi and Daiyo are her next door neighbors, but they are also the same age as her AND have enrolled in the same high school as she had (which begins the next day). What is to become of Fuuko's "normal" lifestyle now?

Yep. This manga is definitely for girls. *Ahem* But, a friend of mine... a male friend, I should specify... recommended this one to me since I was running low on "new-to-me" manga and, well, um... yea, so I checked it out.

Now, as for the "something different" comment I made at the beginning of this post. I like to read as much of the manga as I can before I post about it here, but I've opted to post about Parfait Tic now, with only a little bit read. I wanted to post something here but, as my previous post mentioned, I haven't had much on my plate lately. So, I will make additional comments in this post as I read more Parfait Tic in the future (if more comments are warranted).

Now back to the manga... Hey, I like it. This is probably only the 3rd shoujo manga I've ever read (Fruits Basket and Marmalade Boy being the other two) and I'd say my track record for shoujo titles has been pretty solid thus far. Given that I've only read 3 shoujo mangas, my assumptions on certain elements of shoujo is a bit general. Having said that, it seems a common personality trait for the main female character in shoujo mangas is... being a ditz? Or should I say, being a bit stupid? At least, that is how they are perceived by some of the other characters. Kinda like how a big trait for shounen lead male characters is indecisiveness or kindness (more the latter, I guess, cuz indecisiveness isn't really a personality trait, but I thought it was worth mentioning).

But I digress. Again, back to the manga at hand. As I said, I've only read a few chapters, but it really is entertaining. Fuuko's antics are what entertain me the most, and probably the biggest reason why I'll keep reading.

12 volumes and 4 chapters have been scanslated by Manga Project. As of now, I have only read 1 volume and 2 chapters. (Ha... strange I could write so much while having read so little... heh heh).

EDIT: I just realized that this manga might not be very "under the radar" to be posted in this thread, since I'm not that familiar with shoujo titles (hardly as much as say, shounen titles), but... oh well, it stays!

Um... I suppose this edit doesn't have much of a purpose, but... oh well, it stays too! :P

01-12-2004, 05:16 AM
Something I found recently that stood out due to it's art style.

Sing "Yesterday" For Me by Toume Kei

Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Uozumi Rikuo recently graduated from college. He works at a corner convenience store and just lives his life at the steady pace he's been comfortable with. Suffice to stay, he has very little aspirations and seems content with his ever-slow, yet ever-moving life. That is, until he meets a strange girl with a pet crow. With this catalyst - past, present, and future decisions begin to change Rikuo's placid lifestyle.

Hmm... re-reading that synopsis, I think it might not capture what this manga really is about. Bah, I'm too lazy to edit it and it kinda sounds cool anyway so.. uh.. I think I'll move on before I get even more confusing. Err, that last line was probably confusing.. hmm... moving along now...

The content in this manga is normal. The story is a slight detour from typical romantic comedies but is nonetheless along the same lines as usual. The thing that stands out is the art. Not extraordinary in itself, but it's the inking that caught my eye. It seems more like it was inked with charcoal or something thereof. Although some of the pages, like the cover or inserts may have been from that, I doubt the main parts were charcoaled in any way (though that's just a presumption).

I can't quite make intellectual comments on it since I don't know that much about the "terms" for art or what-not... just what I see and this looks different then the usual mangas I read. I see thicker and more solid blacks and a larger variety of shadings. Suffice to say (damn, I used that phrase twice now, bleah), I like it. For one, it helps with the mood and ambience of the manga as well as bringing more life into the art, especially the backgrounds.

Anyyyyyway, that's enough of my pseudo-art examination. I just liked the art and the content is good enough to keep following so I can see some more of the art. Works out nicely, eh?

1 volume has been scanslated by Inane. Yes yes, they do more then just friggin' "I am Uber Ninja Boy! Sexy-no-Jutsu!!"

06-12-2004, 09:24 PM
This one reminds me alot of Anne Freaks. Not so much content but just that it's daaaarrrk. Morbid, even. The mood, the atmosphere.. so eerie. I love it.

Goth by Otsu-ichi & Kenji OOIWA

Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Mature - Extreme Graphic Violence, Nudity

Kamiyama Itsuki could be a normal high school student. On the outside, he seems to talk about typical things as a normal high school student would. Yes, all would be normal if it wasn't for his "hobby." Itsuki shows great interest in murders... the stranger it is, the more interest he has for it. One could even call this an obsession. Then there's Morino Yoru. She too seems to have an interest in this "hobby," but those around her would not consider her normal even on the outside. Is this the reason why Itsuki has found an interest in her? What is it about Yoru that piques Itsuki's curiosity? Where possibly could this "relationship" head?

Um.. I think I babbled on a bit, but I think I covered the gist of it. To be honest, I only checked this one out because it was a short read. Just one volume. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say I'm a "big" fan of dark manga or dark anything, but the psychological aspect of this manga really kept me in. Although I feel it told a thorough yet compact story, this is one of the few times I would actually say I'd want some more. I feel fairly satisfied and complete with this manga, but still... I found the two characters quite interesting, especially on how they played well off each other, and makes me want more of their story told.

Oh well, at least I had a feeling of completeness. I'm surprised a short manga as this, given the material, could make me feel that way.

One volume (all there is) has been scanslated by Kotonoha.

12-12-2004, 07:48 AM
I been reading alot of shoujo lately. I think it's unhealthy... but I can't stop.

Mintna Bokura by Yoshizumi Wataru

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance

Minamino Noel just transfered to Morinomiya Junior High School. Noel had just one purpose for transfering: to bring his twin sister back to their old junior high school. Why? Because his sister, Minamino Maria, went to Morinomiya because she fell in love with someone at that school, and Noel just didn't like that. Noel and Maria grew up as twins normally do: Hanging around together all the time and dealing with whatever life threw at them... together.

Of course, there is one catch. Morinomiya only had room for one female student to enter and board on campus, therefore Noel decided to become a girl to achieve HIS goal.

Sounds a bit corny and out there, huh? I will tell you straight out that this is a romantic/comedy that far surpasses anything I've read, in terms of the "relationships" that occur. "Girl meets guy and story follows girl and guy?" Nothing of the sort. The crazy, rollercoaster relations that occur in this manga is quite different from any I've read. Not only that, although Noel is the primary main character in this series, Maria is big enough to be one as well. I'd say both are the main characters, and therefore the relations that occur around each of them make these relations even more hectic.

This is all quite entertaining really. There is an ample amount of comedy in this series. It's more of a COMEDY/romance then anything. And I will say that I laughed quite a lot reading it. Trying to keep up with all the relations while laughing all throughout... very very entertaining.

I recently read Marmalade Boy and loved Yoshizumi Wataru's comedy style. To me, it was somewhat unique as is Takahashi Rumiko is for shounen. This was the main reason why I checked out Mintna Bokura, and I enjoyed it much more then Marmalade Boy (tho it was still good). Alot less teen angst and overdrawn out drama, and much more "to-the-point" stories and great comedy. Gotta love it.

The volume count is a bit confusing. From my limited research, I believe there were 6 total volumes to this manga. But, the group that scanslated this, Manga Daisuki, used Spanish volumes to do so and there were 18 volumes in the Spanish translation. It would appear that the Spanish company cut up the 6 volumes into 18, but that's just an educated guess. Anyway, these were done by Manga Diasuki and the series is complete.

15-12-2004, 05:35 AM
A short one I found recently.

Today in Class 5-2 by Sakuraba Coharu

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Ecchi

Experience the 5th grade all over again. Join Satou Ryota and his classmates as they live their school days in class 5-2. Then again, 5th grade would have been quite... entertaining if ours was the same as those in class 5-2.

Yea yea, lame synopsis. I couldn't think of a good one. This one's a simple, short manga revolving around 8 5th graders in class 5-2 of their elementary school. The main character, and primary focus of the manga, is of course Ryota.

This is basically a comedy manga. There is light romance, and plenty of ecchiness as well. Um... mind you, the ecchi scenes do involve 5th graders, so yea. Remember, it's comedy! Not pr0n!! Don't be thinking like that now!


Anyway, this was a fun read. Short, funny stories within short chapters, but unfortunately, only one volume's worth.

This was scanslated by Jinmen Juushin.

23-12-2004, 08:49 PM
I got way too much things to do, and only 10% of the time to do it in. Therefore, I'm copping it and throwing in a short one because I'm lazy, hahaha. *ahem*

Dirty Work by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki & Takaha Mako

Genre: Shounen, Drama

Hmm, no fancy synopsis attempt this time. I'm writing this without the manga in front of me (not on my home comp) so this is off of memory. Anyway, a simple story about two childhood friends, with a slight twist. Romantic elements are touched, but it's more a story about "true friendship" told in a bit of an unorthodoxed manner.

In any case, I found it touching, especially given the length. Yea yea, this is a cop out write up, but hell, I still thought the manga was fine.

This is just a one-shot scanslated by Jinmen Juushin.

29-12-2004, 02:45 AM
Hmm... hmm... ..... hmm.... Yep. I got nothing for here. Then again, I guess I don't need anything up here...

School Rumble by Kobayashi Jin (I think)

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance

Meet the cast:

-Tsukamoto Tenma is a bit slow.. no, really slow... actually, she's extremely slow. She's a little childish and immature, but has alot of heart and diligence, especially when it comes to "suki."
-Harima Kenji is, to put it nicely, a delinquent. He looks like a 30 year old biker, acts tough, fights all the time, skips school... and so forth. But when it comes to "suki," he becomes a bit.. weak.
-Karasumaru Ooji is... wierd. He looks plain, doesn't stand out, and seems oblivious to his surroundings. Basically, he's wierd.

Tenma likes Ooji. Ooji doesn't know it. Kenji likes Tenma. Tenma doesn't know it. Tenma and Kenji go through much hardships and come up with some rather unorthodoxed methods to get themselves noticed by their liked ones. And with this, the story opens up...

I think that sounds good. I wasn't sure what to write up about because everything I tried ended up being long. The comedy style of this manga reminds me a bit of Azumanga Daioh. It's kind of "out there" and random, and out of no where, I'll start laughing out loud. It's not really really like Azumanga Daioh, it just somewhat reminds me of how I was when I read that.

I just find this one extremely funny. I laugh alot reading it. It's more like, short episodes going through it because all the chapters are short. Still, it's alot of fun, and the characters make it that much more fun.

Five volumes have been scanslated by the now defunct, Mangainc (meaning they will no longer be continuing this series). Yanime recently picked up this series, but they are starting from the beginning. So far, they have released the first two volumes.

29-12-2004, 05:55 AM
I'm going to buck the trend and make a post in here, not even a post for a manga! This goes out to a Korean Manwha by the name of Priest, by Min-Woo Hyung.

Type: Spaghetti Western, Horror, Adventure, (and most definitely) shonen
Gore: A lot, though mostly involving undead hordes or demons. Little to no nudity (don't remember particularly), no sex. Much blasphemy.

First, my friend Paul's review: "Holy crap. That filled in all my holes in Catholic history. I'm afraid." Paul is a lifelong, devout Catholic who takes his religion with a grain of salt. I, on the other hand, am in no position to make such a judgement call.

Ivan Isaacs was adopted by a rich man on the American Frontier (think Texas, Arizona, that kind of frontier, not like the Oregon Territory). Eventually, he comes to realize he is in love with his adopted family's daughter. The father also realizes this and sends him off to Catholic school in the Vatican. There he has some odd experiences, which lead to him being sent to the Frontier again, near his hometown. His brilliant theories and thinking throw the Frontier and world into danger, as he unleashes a great evil which had been sealed up for centuries.

Trust me, that's the least spolierrific review I can write while still giving an actual clue as to what is going on.

Min-Woo Hyung's artwork is amazing: He does no coloring except for the covers (which are absolutely awesome), but does exceptional drawings. Shading isn't as existent as it could be, but it works very very well all the same. The dark scenes are dark and the not-so-dark ones not-so-dark. There are few if any light, happy, scenes.

Tokyopop has this manwha licensed and 13 volumes are available as yet and there does not look to be an end in sight (last I read, Ivan had completed only a small part of his large task).

orochi X
06-01-2005, 09:06 PM
A short one I found recently.

Today in Class 5-2 by Sakuraba Coharu

Recently finished reading that, quite amusing reminded me of Azumanga Diaoh but with 5th grader fanservice ... (quite a few panty shots here and there) and yes it would of been nice if it was more then 20 odd chapters as I think it was too short to get to know all the characters well besides Ryota and Chika.

11-01-2005, 08:02 AM
Yay, two posts in a row that weren't mine!

Ichigo Channel by Tajima Mimi

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

Synopsis taken from Shoujomagic. Sorry, I got lazy.

"Ichiko's brother Ken is willing to do whatever it takes to become an idol... including turning his sister into a boy to form the male idol group TRIJET! The third member of the group turns out to be Kanzaki -- the rising star who tried to kiss Ichiko on the street one day because she was such a cute girl! It's a good thing he doesn't recognize her when she's dressed as a boy, though, because Ichiko musn't tell anyone who she really is for the full year she's agreed to be part of TRIJET. But it's impossible for Ichiko to spend every waking moment as a male, and when she ventures onto the streets as a female, she bumps into Kanzaki again. To keep her identity a secret, she tells him her name is "Ichigo" ("Strawberry"). Having no idea that she's really TRIJET member "Ichigou" -- whom he detests -- or "Ichiko" -- the girl he almost kissed... Kanzaki begins to fall for "Ichigo"!"

This one might be more popular then I might think, but as I stated in a previous post, I'm not that aware of shoujo titles and their popularities as compared to other genres. In any case, oh well!

I don't know, shoujo manga is like pringles or ruffles chips or something. Once I try one, I can't stop. I swear I'm overloading on shoujo mangas lately, haha. Anyway, this one stood out for me. At it's core, the plot is your typical romantic comedy with it's share of love triangles, rivals, and the like, but it has it's twist. Hmm, yes, it's cross dressing, but I try not to think of so negatively, heh.

I don't know, I guess the characters were interesting... Ichiko isn't as angsty as other MCs in these types of mangas... um.. funny, yea. Okok, I'm not quite sure why, specifically, I like this one, but I do. No one thing really stands out, but as a whole, it's a good read.

Five volumes have been released by Shoujomagic.

11-01-2005, 08:36 AM
I finally finished this series today, along with the anime, so I'll throw it in here along with Ichigo Channel.... just for the hell of it.

Midori no Hibi by Kazurou Inoue

Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Sawamura Seiji is your basic tough guy. He fights all the time (and wins) and is feared by many. Even so, he's still a young man, and wants a girlfriend. Of course, he always gets rejected... Kasugano Midori goes to a different school from Seiji. Yet, she's had a crush on him for several years, but has never had the courage to approach him, and tell him. Then, one day, Seiji wakes up and sees Midori in his room... and she had become his right hand.

I love this series, and followed it religiously but due to other demanding concerns (stupid FFXI owned me), I forgot about it until recently. Hell, I'm still finding things I neglected due to my... concerns. Suffice to say, I finished the rest of the series today (~4 volumes) as well as marathoning the anime. Due to the anime, I'm sure this series has more recognition, but I think it's deserving to be in this thread anyway.

For those not aware... yes, the concept is very weird. Even for a guy like me, who's read countless mangas and watched many animes, I still find it very strange. But, that's what makes this one stand out from your typical romantic comedies. I should emphasize the comedy part, because it's incredibly funny. Every single character makes me laugh, it's not just one or two that stand out.. they all have distinct personalities and separate antics that just make me laugh out loud way too often. Haha, just thinking about some parts is making me laugh right now, like Seiji's sister... wahahahahaha, she's too much. And her animated self is even funnier. (Man, how did I ever forget about this?!)

Hell, the whole "Midori is Seiji's right hand" thing is so intriguing, that my roommate marathoned the anime with me. I should note that a) he's not a big romantic/comedy buff and b) he rarely watches more then a few eps of any anime in one sitting. Truly disturbingly entrancing, I should say.

Hmm.. I read that this one was recently licensed, but I have not been able to track down any info from any official sources. Therefore, I shall only give a hint... kekeke. All eight volumes have been scanslated by "a character from Peanuts." Hehe, that's all you get!

22-01-2005, 07:03 AM
Not too much on my plate lately, so I'll throw one in that I read a lil while back.

Kimi Shika Iranai by Yoshizumi Wataru

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

Totoki Atsumu has never fell in love before. He's spent 16 years and never showed interest in anyone.. that is, until the fateful day he meets Kurihara Akane. As their encounters increase, Atsumu learns a little more about Akane, until one day, he finds out her biggest secret... Akane, who is the same age as Atsumu, had once been married and is now a divorcee!

Wow, that's probably the most compact yet informative synopsis I ever wrote. Anyway, this is another one by Yoshizumi (Mint Na Bokura), which is probably why I liked it. The story is a simple one, your typical romantic love story, but with the whole "divorcee" issue, it gets slightly more complicated. In the end, it's still a simple romantic comedy.

The story is short and sweet, just two volumes long. Through some research, it seems Yoshizumi rushed the conclusion because she wanted to take a long-needed break. I'm not for sureif the ending was rushed, but the last few chapters do feel rushed, so it could be possible. In any case, I still enjoyed the series and the ending, so no biggie.

Heh, I think I've read nearly all of Yoshizumi's works, hehehe. She reminds me of a shoujo version of Ranma 1/2... the style of humor she uses is somewhat unique as was Ranma 1/2 for shounen stories.

This series is complete at two volumes and was scanslated by Toriyama's World.

24-01-2005, 07:16 PM
This one had such an odd appeal about it, that I had to read it...

Flowers by Yoko Nihonbashi

Genre: Drama, Mature - Mild Nudity, Mild Adult Situations (Non-Graphic)

*Short synopsis stolen from Kotonaha cuz, it was pretty damn good*

A mysterious disease. A young man fated to die. A woman whose love accompanies him to the unavoidable end.

Just a lil one-shot I read just now. It turned out to be a solid read. Bittersweet in the end, but hardly unsatisfactory. The strong analogy to life is very interesting. All in all, I liked it.

As stated, this is just a one-shot scanslated by Kotonoha.

02-02-2005, 10:58 PM
I read this one recently, just after I marathoned the anime. Very cute series.

Aishiteruze Baby by Yoko Maki

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance

Kippei is a playboy, who suddenly has to take care of his 5 year old niece, Yuzuyu, due to her mother suddenly disappearing. Now, Kippei's world is turned upside down and here begins the story of Kippei and Yuzuyu, and their new life together...

Yea, something like that. This series isn't new, and the anime's been long since done, so I won't get too into this one since, if anything, I'm the late one checking it out.

In any case, a fun read. I really started reading this to see the differences from the anime, and to see how it truly ends (tho it's not finished yet). I've read the ending differs from the anime, and I'm dying to know how it does end. I've almost read spoilers for the manga ending like 8053094580 times. Thankfully I've avoided doing that so far, but I don't know how long I can last...

If you liked the anime, the manga is more of the same, but not as slow paced. Late volume 4 and what's out for volume 5 is a bit different, but nothing that significant. Anyway, can't wait for more... hmm, maybe I'll post in the anime thread too for the hell of it...

Four volumes, and a few chapters of volume five, have been scanslated by Dragon Voice.

08-02-2005, 07:09 PM
Hehe, another fun one that's like Azumanga Daioh.

Ichigo Mashimaro by Barasui (I think)

Genre: Comedy

A sorta "slice-of-life" manga, riddled with comedy, revolving around 5 girls.

This one is cute and very funny, especially Miu... I swear, she's like a mix of Osaka and Tomo from AD... too funny I tells ya.

That's all I got. It's just... funny. I don't know how else to describe it, hehe.

For those interested, you can also check out the trailer for the upcoming animated adaptation of this manga: http://www.ichigomashimaro.com/ .

Three volumes have been scanslated by Akatsuki Manga.

EDIT: Oh yea, a minor warning. If you're adverse to (ever so mildly ecchi) loli-related art, stay away. No, I'm not into that stuff either, but a good comedy manga is a good comedy manga and as long as no lines are crossed, I can accept it. Where your line is drawn, well, that's something you have to figure out. For comparison, it's about as "bad" as Today in Class 5-2.

EDIT2: If I lived in Japan, I think Monthly Dengeki Daioh would be my favorite serialized magazine, hahaha. *Ahem* I think I'm done now with edits.

15-02-2005, 11:23 PM
More shoujo to overload mi breiiiinnn...

Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai by Yazawa Ai

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School

Saejima Midori is a very outgoing, friendly girl who's easy to get along with. She just entered the newly opened Hijiri Academy as one of the first year high school students. New friends, events, opportunities, and romances await her new life at this school.

This is a very light-hearted manga focused around Midori. Romance is a key part of it, but after reading what's out so far, it's more about the characters and their interactions as friends and classmates then just the romantic elements... tho, don't get me wrong, that is a large part of the plot.

Still, it's a fun read. I find it nice to read manga like this without so much angst that my throat feels like it wants to eat itself. (Don't ask me what that means, but for some reason, I feel it belongs here).

Two volumes have been scanslated by Dragon Voice.

Project Akira
19-02-2005, 12:40 PM
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Yes this comic is by that Miyazki. It's his only work in comics and it's a masterpiece. It tells the story of Princess Nausicaa, a girl who has as much love for her people as she does for the mysterious Ohmu who populate the landscape of a ravaged earth. However, Nausicaa one day becomes caught up in war that she neither wants to take part in nor has a choice in her participation.

My description above doesn't do justice to the comic itself so just read it already. This is just a gorgeous comic. Miyazaki's line work (you can tell the man is compensating for his usual brilliant use of color) is just phenomenal in the comic. The characters are rich and wonderful. I think that a lot of people don't give Miyazaki credit for creating three-dimensional characters and his ability to do so shines here.

Someone on these boards years ago told me to read this comic. I finally got around to doing so this year and I'm glad that I did. It's the best $70 I've spent so far this year.

Viz last year released the series in a set of 7 volumes printed at I think 8 1/2 by 11 and with beautiful sepia ink (which is how it was published in Japan). They're $9.95 each and certainly worth the money.

23-02-2005, 04:40 AM
I've been hearing more and more things about Nausicaa lately.. maybe it's a sign to finally check it out. Once my funds get sorted out, I'll have to put this one up on top my priority list.

And for my post... did you guess it? Of course you did... shoujo...

Ichiban!!! by Yoshikawa Arata

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance

Hinako, during her 2nd year of middle school, ends up moving to the big city because of her fathers work. The new school she enters was much more then she expected. It turns out that it used to be an all-male school, and she is only one of 3 girls in her class!

Simple romantic comedy, done in the way shoujo does best. I just found a certain draw to this one, and felt compelled to post. Also, it's probably the first time I have actually seen a complete love square. By complete, I do mean that the relationships follow the path of a square.. did that even need an explanation? Meh, whatever...

Short, two volume series, but only up to three chapters in volume 2 have been scanslated by ShoujoMagic.

23-02-2005, 05:00 AM
Yep, another shoujo. This one didn't stand out but it had something different about it so I chose to throw this one in along with Ichiban!!!.

S+M by Sumoto Amu

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, Mature: Mild Nudity and Adult Situations (Non-Graphic)

Ryou has a huge complex about her big breasts, and ends up being hounded by more then her share of perverts. Then she meets Masaki, who saves her from a pervert. She wonders if she'll ever see him again, when suddenly, her mother gets her a tutor... and it's Masaki! She gains a sudden interest in him because he doesn't seem to be affected by her big breasts. In fact, he seems really cool and composed, to the degree that he comes off as being cold. They take a break and go to Masaki's school, which is a prestigious school and one that Ryou is aiming for. At the school, Masaki suddenly changes personalities, and is all over Ryou and her big breasts, just like a pervert! She runs away from him, and bumps into someone outside... and it's Masaki! And suddenly, he's become unaffected and cold again. What's going on?!

Whew, that's alot. Um, that's like most of the first chapter I think, haha. I left it off at where the sudden plot twist was at.

I found this one appealing because it strayed away from the typical shoujo story and plot (of those I've read thus far). The main character has a figure that stands out and the relationship twists were unusual, and unexpected. It felt sudden, but that was due the the length of this manga. If it ran for a few more volumes, I think it could've turned out much better.

The thing I thought was... almost... horrid.. was the ending. It's not just that she didn't hook up with the guy I thought she would (and the one I prefered, given her own personality, and all the backstories), but it also felt like it got cut off. I don't know, maybe I missed something... this could be attributed to the length as well.

One last comment is for the side stories. I noticed alot of shorter, 1-3 or so volume shoujo mangas have side stories in each volume. Usually, they're just about some random person and generally unaffiliated with the main story. I liked this one because a couple of the side stories were related to the main story (and/or it's characters) which was nice. You get more back story without interupting the flow of the main story.

Whew whew whew.... I wrote alot of a manga that I just barely felt I should put here.. hehe.

ShoujoMagic has completed the scanslation for all three volumes of this series.

24-02-2005, 04:18 AM
More teh funnay from the manga that brought you Today in Class 5-2.

Minami-ke by Sakuraba Coharu

A simple, "slice-of-life"-esque, comedic manga revolving around the three Minami sisters: Haruka, the oldest, Kana, the middle child, and Chiaki, the youngest.

As noted, it's by the mangaka that did Today in Class 5-2, and so far, the humor seems similiar. I'd just chalk this one up as "If you liked Azumanga Daioh.... as I did with the other one.

Of course, this is only based on two very short chapters. Yep, just like in 5-2, the chapters are short. And, this one has just recently begun being scanslated, and therefore only those two short chapters have been released.

This was co-done by Jinmen Juushin & We, the Fans.

orochi X
26-02-2005, 08:06 PM
Started Miname-Ke, quite enjoy this as I liked Today in Class 5-2 and Azumanga Diaoh. I hope this will series will span longer then one volume ala Today in Class 5-2.

27-02-2005, 12:34 AM
Yea, definitely. Sakuraba's style of humor, though not necessarily unique, has a nice mix of styles (and randomness) that warrants more then a volumes worth of manga. Plus, Sakuraba's characters are cute and fun... something that would be pretty interesting were it more fleshed out. (That's refering more to Today in Class 5-2 though I'd expect similiar interesting characters out of those in Minami-ke).

EDIT: Hmm, I'll throw something in for the hell of it cuz I just finished it.

Dengeki Love Machine by Hayakawa Tomoko

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

No synopsis. Why? Cuz you don't deserve one! Haha, no, not really. It's because this is a short volume of one-shots, meaning, each chapter is it's own story. I liked all the stories in this one, which is not common when I read one-shot manga series' as this one. Anywhoo, that's that.

The only volume has been completed by ShoujoMagic.

EDIT2: "one-shot manga series'"... what the hell is that? This ain't an anthology, cuz I view anthologies as compilations with different mangakas... um.. what to call this..... geh, screw it.

14-03-2005, 07:21 AM
Whoo, been a while. Was hoping there'd be some others who'd post during this time I hadn't, but alas, I had hoped too much.

I checked out the first volumes of both Priest and Nausicaa. Both were very good and I will definitely get some more copies down the road (finances are rather tight lately). Kudos for the solid recommendations from TeldakSS and Project Akira, respectively.

Now for something very grisly... I had started this a couple years back, but put it off and kinda sorta forgot about it until recently. I slap myself for doing so, because it's been a solid read.

MPD Psycho written by Eiji Otsuka & drawn by Sho-u Tajima

Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Horror, Mature: EXTREME Graphic Violence, Nudity

Taken from Omanga's website:
"A detective with multiple personalities and a dark past struggles to find out who he is while solving cases and unraveling more threads of his past"

I didn't write up my own synopsis because, well, for something like this, I'd be REALLY long-winded. The concept of multiple personalities has always intrigued me, since I've always been interested in human psychology. The way it has been portrayed here was what initially hooked me.

The first 5 or so volumes is like a series of detective stories with a dark main story floating in the background. Eventually, the main story starts to kick in hardcore, and well, it's hasn't been as fun of a ride. The storytelling is still well done, but some parts of the plot don't flow as well as the earlier volumes.

Nonetheless, I have been enjoying this and I breezed through eight volumes in one sitting, so that accounts for something. Once again, I slap myself for having put this off.

Ten volumes have been scanslated jointly by The Hawks and Omanga. I think I'll give my brain a break and finish the last two tomorrow, hehe.

Just before hitting the "submit reply" button, I did a quick search and noticed there had been a thread about this manga. The link is right here (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?t=50720&highlight=mpd+psycho). Regardless, I'll keep this one in this thread since it still doesn't seem to have gotten much notice.

22-03-2005, 07:04 AM
Note: I decided to write up about this one a few days ago (after I had caught up to what's out) and just now, I randomly find out that it's been licensed. Oh well, I'll throw it in here anyway. Also, this one has been sparsely mentioned in this forum (mainly just by snowcherry, really), but, even though I'm quite late to it, it feels deserving enough to be here.

Nana by Yazawa Ai

Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Mature: Mild Nudity (very mild)

Komatsu Nana and Oosaki Nana have absolutely nothing in common, except for their first names. Komatsu is very open, energetic, outgoing, and talkative. Oosaki is musically gifted, and has a cool, laid-back attitude about her. The Nana's may as well be oil and water. Two girls with completely different personalities from very different pasts will fatefully encounter each other, and end up beginning a future together that neither would have ever imagined.

This was the second manga I've read from Yazawa Ai. The first being Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. I hadn't realized it was by Yazawa until after a few volumes, when I finally started noticing a similiarity in the style of humor used. Seeing as how I am thoroughly enjoying TNJN, it's no surprise that I've been enjoying this one (as well as the third one I've recently started by Yazawa entitled Gokinjo Monogatari). Yoshizumi Wataru had been the only shoujo mangaka that I've enjoyed all the works of until now. I've yet to be disappointed in Yazawa Ai's works (though it's only been those three I've read).

Anyway, back to this manga. The dramatic, yet lighthearted tone of the manga is incredible. The story, and especially the monologues, really draw me in, but it doesn't overdo it to the degree of them other angsty mangas. That is definitely a huge plus for me. The stories that open up for these two very lovable girls, and the not-so-predictable twists that occur, really kept me from sleeping early, as I had planned, the night I marathoned this.

As previously mentioned, Nana has been licenced by Viz and will premier in April (I believe), along with a few other shoujo titles, in the upcoming Shoujo Beat anthology. The promotional one-year subscription wasn't that expensive so I signed up for this one for at least a year. If it starts off as well as Shounen Jump did in it's first year, it should be worth it.

Project Akira
25-03-2005, 01:02 PM
Glad you liked Nausicaa. It's honestly become one of my favorite comics of all time after reading it and I'm more than happy to suggest it to people.

Might I also suggest that you look into Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix? It's a really interesting work from Osamu Tezuka, the god of manga, that I think are representative of interesting ways to present words, pictures, and iconography in comics.

07-04-2005, 03:55 AM
Nothing new lately, so I re-read this one the other day, and decided to throw it in here.

Alive by Tsutomu Takahashi

Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Drama, Mature: Mild Nudity, Violence

Yashiro Tenshuu is on death row, and on the day of his execution, he is presented with a way out. But, is this path really better then death?

I had mixed feelings about this one when I read it way back when, but after re-reading it, I can understand it better. The strange twist to Yashiro's reason for his stay of execution superceded what I felt was the real trial he was going through.

Ooooh, I wanna say more, but I can't. I actually wrote down a couple paragraphs of what I felt, but of course, I deleted it because I don't want spoilers in this thread, even if it is marked. Anyway, by chance, if someone still remembers reading this, or someone decides to read it now, maybe I'll start up a small thread about it. It really is interesting though, how a more objective reading made me view this manga in a completely different light.

This is only one volume and has long since been completed jointly by Snoopy Cool and Omanga.

12-06-2005, 11:33 AM
Wow, it's been two months. Amazing. I haven't read anything new in that time. Well, a couple things but most not worth mentioning. Actually, in the past two months, I haven't read much manga, period. Only the one's I've really enjoyed, have I kept up with. So, what's this post for? I'm glad you asked!

I just started this one today. I randomly picked a new one to download, off a very complicated list I created through a system that I took WAY too much time making. Anyway, it's a decent read, and thought, hey, why not post it here? If I don't, no one else will! (Post here, that is... not post this exact manga... though that wouldn't happen either... hrm, nevermind. Just move along now.)

Beauty Pop by Kiyoko Arai

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance (?)

Synopsis stolen from Dragonvoice's website:
"This is a funny story of 3 boys, a hairstylist, a nail artist and someone responsible for the overall balance. They are the make-over team in school and they select a girl who they will transform into a beauty. Naturally they are popular, but does it really give them the right to pass judgment around as they do? Well there seems to be an anonymous hairstylist with rivaling talent around who doesn't share their opinions and offers help to whoever needs it..."

Sorry, too lazy for my own. That's the jist of it. This being another shoujo is purely coincidental. I had a very thorough list of titles I randomly chose from, and most of it was NOT shoujo. Maybe it's a sign.

Anyway, this one has been a fun read so far. I like the comedy, and I like the main character, Kiri. She's very different from the typical shoujo heroine, and that's why I like her. It's really the only reason I'm still reading this one. The subject matter is so-so, the three boys are so-so, and the overal story/plot is so-so. BUT, as I mentioned, the comedy is good and Kiri is great. Therefore, I'll keep following.

I gave "romance" a question mark because, well, I assume this will be a romantic comedy but there hasn't been any romantic elements yet, so that's why the "?" is there. Why?

Because only the first volume has been released by Dragonvoice.

20-01-2006, 01:25 PM
Wow. Over 4000 views with a measly 37 posts (38 after this one). I suppose at least two or three hundred of those views are from me, hehe.

Anyway, since I've gotten back into manga/anime, I figure, why not update this one?

Ai Yori Aoshi by Fumizuki Kou

Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Mature: Nudity

Synopsis stolen from the back cover of Ai Yori Aoshi Volume 01:
"Just as Kaoru Hanabishi resings himself to going through his college years alone, he runs into the childhood sweetheart he hasn't seen since leaving home. Her name is Aoi Sakuraba and she has come to be his wife."

Call me lazy, but that synopsis is as consise yet to the point as can be written.

I've been buying manga lately (more then usual) and I picked this one up about a month back. I've watched the anime, but since it's been a while, I wanted to check out the AYA story again, but this time via manga.

I've gone through the first 5 volumes and I must say, it's been quite refreshing. Yeah yeah, it's a harem story, but unlike your typical "guy trying to get the girl" main character, this time around he's already hooked up with her from the start. Also, the pace and the stories in AYA are very laid back. I could even call it a slice-of-life shounen romance comedy. Very low angst level, mild drama, fun characters, good comedy, and plenty of ecchiness. Waaaay more then I expected. Plus, the MC has an ominous past which allows for plenty of drama in the future.

It's a refreshing change to the typical shounen romance comedies and I'm definitely liking it. I enjoyed the anime (sans the weak Enishi sequel), but I'm enjoying the manga even more. Hell, after I finish up my forum whoring here at AB, I think I'll go order the next few volumes, hehehe.

Mini-plug! Justmanga.com is a damn good site.

Thus far, 11 volumes have been published by Tokyopop.

13-02-2006, 12:11 PM
I only found a teeny-tiny thread about this one so, since I've begun collecting the official NA releases, I'd try to garner more interest in it in this thread.

Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi

Genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy, Mature: Violence

Gon is your relatively energetic kid. He would've just lived out the rest of his life peacefully on Whale Island with his Aunt Mito if it wasn't for an encounter with a Hunter. Not just any Hunter, but one that knew about Gon's father. This fateful meeting thrusts Gon into the world of Hunters, something his Aunt Mito kept him clueless about. The manga begins as he sets out on a quest to find his father, but before all that, he must become a Hunter. What is a Hunter anyway? Follow Gon as he slowly finds many answers to that same question.

Hmm, that was half a synopsis and half a plug to make you read this manga, hehe. I've been a longtime HxH fan, and as I said, my recent decision to start picking up this manga has re-sparked my interest in it. Besides DBZ, HxH was my first experience into this aspect of shounen (action/comedy) and it is still one of my fave shounen series' (One Piece would be my other). I love the deep storylines in HxH and most of all, I love the characters, and I'm not just refering to the "good guys." The many villians in HxH are also portrayed with deep personalities and back stories. Some are so personified that you even feel sad or sorry for them, even though they are as evil as can be.

Hopefully this will spark some more interest. This is a series I highly recommend to any shounen fan, and it is now more accessible since it's being released in NA.

As of now, six volumes have been released by Viz.

23-03-2006, 10:23 AM
Sorry! Nothing new!

Due to intense boredom, I was reading through all sorts of threads here on AB and went through this one as well. I noticed several titles are now licensed. Seeing as how I *am* bored, I thought I'd update the one's that are licensed.

Yotsubato! - ADV (as Yotsuba&!)
Beck - Tokyopop
School Rumble - Del Ray
Midori no Hibi - Viz (as Midori's Days)
Aishiteruze Baby - Viz
Ichigo Mashimaro - Tokyopop (as Strawberry Marshmallow)
Beauty Pop - Viz (Unconfirmed)

//rant on//
I'd like to note that I firmly believe in supporting what I can, especially if I enjoy them. I own all released volumes of Yotsubato! (3) , all released volumes of Midori no Hibi (4), the recently released 1st volume of School Rumble, and have the 1st volume of Aishiteruze Baby on pre-order. I plan on getting both Ichigo Mashimaro and Beauty Pop once they get released.

For previously licensed titles in this thread, I own all released volumes of NANA (2), all released volumes of Ai Yori Aoshi (12), and the first 2 volumes of Hunter X Hunter.

I also own many titles not listed in this thread.

My point? Every one of the titles listed above, except for the last two, were purchased solely because I read the scanslated manga. YES. It was scanslations that allowed me to enjoy these and also what caused me to buy them.

I have nothing against scanslations. In fact, I love them. I will admit I still read one's that get licensed. However, I will purchase the majority of those that I read once it's released. Obviously, I'll only read titles I enjoy so purchasing them makes sense.

Go support the manga you like! If it's licensed, go buy it!
//rant off//

I'll step off my soapbox now.

17-10-2007, 11:12 PM
Shameless bump but since my other thread (http://animeboards.com/showthread.php?t=60373) is gettin' no love (as of this post, 112 views but no replies!), I'll continue this should-be-long-dead-but-I'll-use-it-for-my-own-purposes-as-I-have-been thread.

Sumire 16 by NAGAYOSHI Takeru

Genre: Shounen, Comedy

Sumire is an energetic 16 year old High School girl with above average morals. She has a somewhat strong sense of justice and isn't afraid to overstep any bounds to make things "right." But for the most part, she's a normal girl who slowly befriends her share of friends and this is a story about her High School life.

Oh, did I forget to mention that she's a life-sized puppet who is controlled by a middle-aged male ventriloquist and due to the Principal of this High School, "she" is allowed to attend just as any other normal student?

I should've left that last part out and made ya'll go check this ---- out, hahaha.

I'm serious. It's exactly as you read it. Sumire is not human and both "her" and her master, the old man ventriloquist, attend this High School. He throws his voice and acts Sumire as a normal girl and interacts with anyone as if Sumire was... yes, a normal girl. Of course, the world around "her" is not make-believe and thus, hilarity ensues.

A lot.


I laughed out loud more during this manga than many other comedy mangas; more than ones I'd consider extremely great and maybe even more than ones I'd stick in my virtual top ten list. Yet, this one would not be something I'd consider "great," it's just friggin' hilarious. You have to be open-minded while reading. The comedy isn't crude or abstract or slapstick, it's relatively normal... its just that it involves a puppet... often... OK, it's sometimes crude but seriously, I'd still consider it normal humor.

I had to share this one cuz it's been far too long since I've laughed so much while reading manga.

26 chapters have been scanslated by an unknown source. A special chapter has also been done by hobo1.

I have absolutely no idea what chapters are in what volume or if chapter 26 is even the last chapter of volume 2 (which is supposedly the end of the series). It definitely doesn't feel like the last story but given how low this manga is on anyone's radar, I doubt I'll ever find out unless I get back to learning Japanese (which has been uuuuuuber slow cuz the only time I don't procrastinate is when I actively try to procrastinate).

EDIT: Scratch that. Ch. 26 was the last chapter of volume 2 (it was written plain as day on the last page... way to put my pseudo-Japanese to some use). The last page also mentions for people to check out the special when it comes out... so... that really was it. I can assume it was simply canceled for some reason.


24-10-2007, 12:04 PM
Cannon God eXaXXion.

Project Akira
01-07-2008, 11:18 PM
This one isn't very new, but I recently got into it since it's anime counterpart recently began showing.

Beck by Harold Sakuishi

Genre: Shounen, Music, Comedy, Drama, Mature - Mild Nudity

This story revolves around Tanaka "Koyuki" Yukio. He's your average, normal, unknown, bland 14 year old middle school kid. He has no drive, no aspirations.. basically no goals.

That is, until he is reunited with an elementary school friend, Ishiguro Izumi. One day, they go out and Izumi has Koyuki listen to a song from one of her favorite bands, a very popular rock group named Dying Breed. The events that unfold after this moment change Koyuki's life in ways he never imagined.

When I watched this anime, I instantly got into it. The laid back pace, along with hitting all the important points without dawdling around made it quite the interesting watch. But, the manga still managed to impress me, even after watching 3 eps of the anime.

As the series goes on, it's quite apparent that Sakuishi either enjoys American rock, or has done alot of research because there are MANY references to American rock throughout the series.. references from the 60s to almost the present. I'm a huge fan of 60's and 90's rock, so I suppose I had a bit of a bias towards this manga.

The story is basically a "rise to fame" story. Many of the hardships for bands in the music world, though somewhat exaggerated, are displayed in this manga. The humor is great too. Especially the scenes that involve Saitou-san (pwahaha, I still laugh when I think about it).

So far, 19 volumes have been scanslated by Mangascreener.I second the recommendation for Beck. I'm a huge rock geek so it appeals to me on that level. I also love how there is an actual buildup for this band's creation and the fact that the main character actually isn't very good at the beginning. There is a real charm to this series and you're really rooting for Koyuki to just hit it big. I've not read a lot of manga in awhile but this one makes me smile.

06-07-2008, 02:31 PM
Ditto on the Nausicaa manga. Simply exquisite.

Akira manga anyone? It was even better than the movie in my opinion.

29-01-2009, 07:15 AM
I've got a few series' I'd like to throw in this thread since they deserve some notice. On a side note, looking back at some of my entries, I have to think, "what the hell was I thinking when 'recommending' that?" By no means are any of the manga here horrible but surely they don't belong in a "should be read" thread.

This one definitely should be read though:

Lucu Lucu by Asari Yoshitoo

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Slife of Life

Synopsis stolen from Snoopycool:

"Humans are a despicable lot, committing sin after sin, filling the endless boundaries of the underworld with tortured souls. Now, it would seem, Hell isn't so endless after all, and it has become dangerously close to filling, and then overflowing into the human realm. Princess Lucuha sees this imminent disaster and has a plan: save Hell by making humans decent again. Of course, the Angels can't simply allow Demons to roam freely on Earth, and they do their best to stop Lucu and her dastardly plans."

Basically, Lucu and some demons want to make the world a better place to slow down the number of people going to hell. Her plan is not as grand as it sounds. She becomes a live-in maid, of sorts, for Rokumon, helping him out, in her own way, with his daily life while doing various things to help "better" humanity.

That's the setting. There's kind of a plot but for the most part, it's a light-hearted read with great comedy while all throughout the stories, there's this ominous feeling behind every page cuz, well, it's about demons. And the angels? Well, the demons are trying to do good things so if the angels keep interfering and messing things up... you can figure out what that will lead to. The characters really drive this one, especially Lucu. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite manga characters evar.

If you read all this, I'm sure you already have some preconceptions. Read the first chapter. That'll twist around much of what you were expecting. Then read the second. Now you're hooked... haha... or so I hope. Many things in this manga are flip-flopped, bordering contradictory. The way the story is told given the subject matter, the positions and actions of the demons and angels, and the characters. Especially the characters... especially Lucu. Nearly every character, except Rokumon (gotta have a straight man, right?), is not what you initially think would be.

This is a great read. Check it out. And if you find me a GIF of Lucu dancing, I'll give you my first-born.

7 volumes and 2 chapters (56 total chapters) have been released so far by SnoopyCool.

25-02-2009, 07:27 AM
The little boy in me giggles like a... well, little boy when I read this manga.

Nagasarete Airantou by Fujishiro Takeshi

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance, Harem, Ecchi

Ikuto runs away from home, out to sea on a ship. He carelessly falls overboard and ends up on a remote island. He soon finds out there are only women on this island. Great news, right? Unfortunately, even though this is set in modern day times, this island has been isolated for over a hundred years and has not advanced like the rest of the world... no electricity or any modern technology.

Or something thereof.

It's your typical, outrageous plot device to get the harem stories rolling. Why, of the billions of harem comedies, is this one worth noting? Cuz it makes me laugh, dammit. It may be cliche and unoriginal but it's cliche done right. Nowadays, you'd be hard-pressed trying to find something original that doesn't overuse shock factor to maintain that originality; nearly everything has something that's been done. The key is to find something that does it well regardless of originality.

Harem comedies are common and for a good reason, they can be fun to read. This one is HIGH-larious. The mangaka doesn't simply throw in large, splash pages and backgroundless scenes filled with one-liners and panty shots (though, of course, this has its share of both). There's tons of comedy elements WITHIN the normal comedy panels and full utilization of as much of a page as possible. I daresay the mangaka put much thought into the delivery of every scene.

Okok, I'm sleep-babbling again. This one's good stuffs. If you want some laid-back, silly comedy with cliches that should re-define cliches, check this out. Be sure to read into each panel or you will miss many subtle comedy elements. I tend to scan-read new manga and on my second read of this one, I can't believe how much crap I blew past... or maybe that's just me, hahaha.

This has been scanslated by several groups over time but is currently being done by Ala Atra and is up to volume 9, chapter 50.

27-02-2009, 01:03 PM
ry gantz im reading it right now its intense!

Project Akira
01-03-2009, 11:24 AM
Pluto by Naoki Urasawa

A retelling of Tezuka's story "World's Greatest Robot" and it's easily one of the best comics being made today. Someone is murdering the world's strongest robots and leading authorities on Robot rights. The only clue is a pair of horns found at the crime scenes. Robot detective Gesicht must investigate to learn who is committing these crimes and the same time learn their connection to the 39th Asian Conflict that he was involved in years ago. There are tons of twists and turns making this one exciting story. The way that Urasawa updates the story while it doesn't improve on the original I think looks at in ways that makes as relevant to today's world as the original was to the past.

03-07-2009, 12:40 AM
Insert (pseudo) witty comment here.

K-ON by Kakifly

Genre: Seinen, Comedy

Remember Azumanga Daioh? Silly girls doing silly things in high school
Remember Ichigo Mashimaro? Silly young girls doing silly things anywhere.

Well, Yui just started high school and has joined Keion (Light Music Club). Her high school life debuts with her childhood friend and the three new friends in this club. Will there be massive drama like Beck with epic battle of the bands? Or insane angst-ridden relationship chaos as she tries to find the one boy for her?

Hell no. It's silly girls in a sorta band doing silly things in high school.

And it ROCKS! (pun intended)

Hahaha... that's probably the most creative synopsis I've ever done. It hits all the general points about this manga. If you liked the two series mentioned early on or others like Today in Class 5-2 or Yotsubato!, then this series is a must-read. Of course, I'm sure many are aware of this series as with the release of the anime a few months back, there has been K-ON crap EVERYWHERE. It caught on like the Swine Flu....... scare. The actual thing barely did anything.

BEE TEE DOUBLE YOU... the manga trumps the anime a hundred-fold. Of course, I'm biased as I love manga way more than anime.

This series has been scanslated by a variety of groups, the most recent of which is Houkago Trans who have done up to volume 3, chapter 6.

04-07-2009, 03:46 AM
I've got a suggestion:

My Girl by Sahara Mizu

Genre: Drama, Slice-of-life

This manga is an extremely moving series about a young man who learns that he has daughter, and both father's and daughter's struggles to adapt as the young girl moves in with him.

Sahara Mizu has fantastic art. But more than that, this series is just brilliant in how it displays the emotions of the characters. The characters are complex and multi-faceted, and there's no real antagonist. There's only people being people, without cliche plot devices.

So far only nine chapters have been scanlated (by Storm in Heaven), but just those nine chapters are enough for me to highly recommend this series. I can't wait for more to be released. Check it out!

23-08-2009, 09:49 PM
Another suggestion:

Watashitachi no Shiawasena Jikan by Sahara Mizu

Genre: Drama

Juri is a woman suffering from a past trauma who has already tried to commit suicide three times. Yuu is a man who killed three people and is locked up on death row. Out of obligation to her aunt who is a nun, Juri begins to visit Yuu in prison. And in these fleeting weekly visits, the man who is condemned to die and the woman who has condemned herself discover a unique and uplifting connection to each other.

This series absolutely deserves to be read by everyone who cares even a bit about dramatic manga. I can't say enough about this series. The characters are so believable, and their interactions are extremely moving. The art is fantastic and so amazingly expressive, just as in My Girl (also done by Sahara Mizu). This series is uplifting but also crushing in its impact. I was bawling like a little baby by the end of it, and that reaction is a total first for me, even after all the hundreds of manga series I've read.

Read it. Now.

And while you're at it, check out My Girl too.

09-10-2014, 08:11 PM
Wow, it's been ages. I read manga off and on nowadays (...nowadays meaning, the last decade) but have recently been getting back into things. Due to that, it spurred my interest to recommend a couple.

Alyosha! by Kondoh Rururu

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Action
(Officially, it's probably considered Seinen due to the magazine it is published in but it feels more Shounen, imo.)

Alyosha is a masterful, elite assassin who has been fighting for her country since she was only a few years old. Now, at the age of 16, she is on what should be her final mission when suddenly, plans change. She has now been directed to live a normal life as a high school girl.

All Alyosha has ever known is war. What new challenges await her?

I think that about sums it up. If you read the MU synopsis, you'll get more info about the premise but it'll pretty much spell out chapter one for you. In any case, this series is incredible. OK, that may be too strong a word to use and I do so since I just finished the series last night... I should probably have waited a few days or a week before considering a recommendation but eh, what the hell.

It's good. It's a very laid back series even though it contains a decent amount of action and plot. And the main kicker... Alyosha is SO FRIGGIN' ADORABLE. The contrast of her old character with her new is SO FRIGGIN' ADORAB... wait, I mean, it's interesting. And also, Alyosha IS SO FRIGGIN' ADORABLE.

It's only 5 volumes and it's fully scanslated. You only need the first chapter to get a feel for the style of the manga but I'd say at least the first TEN to truly know how the story and characters will progress.

So yeah, if you're gonna read 10, you might as well read all 36 chapters.

C'mon. Do it.

09-10-2014, 08:26 PM
And another...

Shinozaki-san Ki o Ota Shika ni! by Hikawa Shou

Alt title: Don't Become an Otaku, Shinozaki-san!

Genre: Seinen, Shoujo-Ai, Comedy

(The Shoujo-Ai is mild at this stage (17 chapters))

Shinozaki Akina has always been a "hip" girl and part of a popular clique in middle school. She was looking forward to maintaining her status at her new high school. That is... until she got sick and missed the first week of school.

Now, all the girls have formed their own cliques and Akina is alone... until she notices that the Otaku girl who sits next to her, Sasamura Kaede, is actually very attractive. Akina now has a new goal. She wants to change Kaede from being an Otaku and turn her into the perfect high school girl (her belief, of course).

And the only way to do that is to pretend to be an Otaku herself...

Ah, my synopsis on this one sucks. I think it gets the basics across but not how I truly feel about it.


She really is adorable. Her diligence in trying to turn Kaede and the hilarious situations that occur from it has got me hooked. There's plenty of comedy to be had, almost gag-ish but overall, the characters are what truly drive this series.

Only 17 chapters are available so far. Sad face.

Check it out!

19-10-2014, 01:15 PM
This next series is probably decently well-known but since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here...

Yandere Kanojo by Shinobi

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance

*Note: "Yandere" doesn't mean what it normally means. It's a derivation of "Yankee" and "Dere-Dere" and has no crazy in it.

Manabu is your typical quiet, bespectacled student who encounters Reina, your typical outgoing yankee (delinquent).

It was love at first sight. Thus begins their hilarious school life together.

It's a partial gag comedy story with some actual seriousness strewn about. Mostly, it's a light-hearted read with awesome characters. And, Reina is ADORABLE.... I sense a pattern with my current recommendations, heh. Hijiri is adorable, too.

This has been one of the most enjoyable manga I've had the pleasure of reading. Since it came out in 2009, it's one of the few series' that I always catch up on when I get back into reading manga (as briefly noted, I don't constantly keep up with manga and will read off and on, sometimes with up to a year hiatus).

My enjoyment of this manga had been so great that I actually learned Kana so I could read raws when I caught up on scanslations. I'm not nearly as addicted to it now but it still is a great read.

There are two concurrent series' running for Yandere Kanojo, a magazine and online version. They are mostly standalone but will reference each other at times. Combined, there is about 14 volumes out so far.

19-10-2014, 02:28 PM
I wrote more than intended for this post so there's a TL;DR below.

Oddman 11 by Dowman Sayman

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Mature: Nudity, Suggestive Themes

Setsu likes Itami.

Itami is... odd. Hence, he is one of the Oddmen at this school. There are 10 others, one of which is his sister, and the rest his ex-girlfriends, each with their own... let's call it, quirk.

To date Itami, it seems Setsu must "defeat" all the other Oddmen.

Crazy fun Dowman Sayman hijinks ensue.

This story is loosely based on Scott Pilgrim. The start of it, at least. Very loosely, though. The "Shoujo Ai" is there for a reason.

I wanted to throw up a Dowman Sayman manga in here and chose this one. I enjoy all his works so I could have recommended anything but this series probably has the most "normal" and connected plot. The majority of his works are standalone stories with occasional followups.

The plot in The Voynich Hotel is connected but I find the characters in Oddman 11 more appealing. I'm also partial to the plot since I enjoyed the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels (wo0t! for the color editions).

In the end, I would recommend all of Dowman Sayman's works. His writing style is so intriguing and quite unique and I love his dark humor. Sure, sometimes it's hit or miss but overall, it's great. He is one of the few mangaka that I follow... meaning, I read nearly everything he puts out. A bit challenging at times since a good bulk of his work is adult-oriented and there is no furigana to assist with my severe lack of memorized kanji.

Which is why I would like to give a MASSIVE shout out to thetsuuyaku for the MANY Dowman Sayman scanslations. Kudos to the various others that have scanslated his works but without thetsuuyaku, I would be experiencing extreme Dowman Sayman withdrawals.

Back on topic for Oddman 11, 17 chapters have been released so far.


Dowman Sayman is great. Read Dowman Sayman.

If you want to start with something safe, check out his Nickelodeon series. "Safe" as in, probably SFW but it does still contain his usual dark humor.

31-12-2014, 10:10 PM
A fun one to ring in the new year:

Majo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane by Hebe

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Yuri-ish

Noriko is a 17-year-old High School girl who has a new neighbor. She is the 10-year-old, self-proclaimed witch(-in-training) Rhianna. They become fast friends and possibly more? Now begins their cute and fun story.

Yeah, lame synopsis.

I came across this one recently and had to share it. It's a hilarious comedy with Yuri-ish elements and a silly but incredibly fun cast. I say "Yuri-ish" because the Yuri is mostly suggested (to the characters themselves) but the overall theme and material has obvious Yuri references. Especially for one particular character.

The comedy is all over the place. Sometimes normal, sometimes contains gags, and other times it's downright outrageous. It's been a while since I read something that made me laugh out loud... as in, literally, not just a silly "lol" but actual laughing out loud. The comedic themes are a-plenty: Witches and magic, yuri, lolicons, magical girls, general pervertedness, love, and many others. Seriously, all over the place. And it's great.

At the same time, it knows how to be an uber cute manga. I'm talking Nukoduke levels of cute. OK, maybe not that extreme but pretty darn close.

And don't be turned off (or turned on) by the "Witch" portion as that is used mainly as a story enabler and for gags and not-so-much for the plot. This is a purely character driven, almost slice-of-life story.

Thus far, 37 chapters have been released which is about a quarter of the 3rd volume. Sadly, I found out just yesterday that this is the final volume. It'll be a few months (or longer) before it's completion but still,... sads.