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Asuka's Man
23-11-2000, 04:37 PM
ALL applications for main characters are to be e-mailed to me and approved by me before you begin playing. I want these characters to be used at their best so I will be choosing the best people to play certain parts. If your not a main character, you may join the regular military at any time. E-mail applications for the following character to me at finaljustice69@yahoo.com

First, heres the open slots:
Zechs "Wind" Marquis/ Tallgeese 3: Wanted
Noin/ Taurus: Wanted
Sally Poe/ Taurus: Wanted
Lady Une/ Taurus: Wanted
Quatre/ Sandrock 3: Wanted
Duo/ Deathscythe 3: Wanted
Trowa/ Heavyarms 3: Wanted
Wu Fei/ Altron 3: Wanted

Now, they've already got their mobile suits. When those characters are taken, there are the soldiers who fight the war too:


Physical Description:(Age, Hair, etc.)


Plans for Character:

Personality Traits:

Your mobile suits will be chosen for you depending on where you are fighting.

Standard issue Mobile suits include:
1. Land Operations:
A. Leo(Land)
B. Aries(Air)
C. Cancer(Water)
D. Pisces(Water)

2. Space Forces:
A. Virgo
B. Taurus
C. Space Leo's

Later on, you may be upgraded to special forces and get to choose between these special edition mobile suits:
1. Wing Gundam
2. Heavy Arms 2(mass produced in Endless Waltz)
3. Mercurious
4. Vey 8

P.S. Some of you may be wondering why there is a character application. Its because I want the main characters prtrayed by the most qualified people. E-Mail those applications to me quickly because there are limited openings!

24-11-2000, 01:53 AM
Okay, this is the third time this has happened so I figured i'd make a statement. If it sounds overly bitchy, I apologise, having said that......

The Open RPG forum is currently only running the "Another Universe" Story Arc. You aren't allowed to run your own stories here, although we might allow you to if you ask us nicely in private, with a detailed description of what you have in mind. Eventually, considering the current Story Cycle is starting to slow a little, we'll be doing different Cycles, but for now, live with it ^^

So Asuka's Man, I'd appreciate it if you took your idea elsewhere, or at least discussed it with the existing mods beforehand. Sorry. I've left this thread open in case you want to reply.

Forever Z.E.R.O.
25-11-2000, 12:46 AM
Ok, sorry. I guess I thought too much of the "Open" in the title.

09-01-2001, 10:22 PM
See, I've already got a very elaborate GW RPG character created. Can't I use her here? There wouldn't be much of a problem from the form that you put up, except for one thing--my mobile suit. It doesn't have a name...YET...but it's like a supremely modified Taurus. A taurus Custom. Is kicks large portions of fanny, and I can send a copy of the specs to anyone who need them. My character's also a preventer...will that be a problem? Please respond.

Please, just because my icon thingie or whatever is Krillin, DON'T confuse me for a guy...-_-;;

Forever Z.E.R.O.
10-01-2001, 07:39 PM
Sorry, this game got scrapped since Pen2 said we couldnt have it here. Maybe later since someone(Ko I think) said a Gundam RPG isnt completely out of the question.