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06-02-2001, 03:36 AM
How about this for an idea of an RPG... a cross between Ghost in the Shell and and Breath of Fire IV...

Artificial intelligence is created which discovers a means of existing independently of its power source by fusing with a human host... these creatures i'll call 'bio-humans' neither the human nor the mechanical nature of these things are dominant, so they become something different... and as they are randomly born into the world, they question the meanings of their existence...
Enter a biohuman who begins to band together biohumans into an army which threatens the peace...

Setting: An enormous metropolis ruled by a human monarch who lives in a massive castle at the cities center. It set out roughly like this.....

North (slums)
West (Industrial) --- CASTLE --- East (Commercial)
South (Residential)

Outlying town (Servia)

Biohumans are born mostly in the commercial district, when experimental Artificial intelligences detach and fuse with relatively young technicians...

is anyone interested by this?
Someone should take the position of the main 'villain' the biohuman... also someone to be the king of the city...
Maybe the concept should be expanded a little bit more, does anyone have anymore ideas? this is just a rough framework after all...

06-02-2001, 05:39 AM
I like. Take it away Dazman :)

But as for expansion, you probably need to develop what will be planned to happen in the course of the RPG....is it going to be an all out war? Tactical espionage?

Are the RP-ers all to be biohumans or is there an equal distribution between the two?

Sounds interesting though.....

07-02-2001, 10:57 PM
yeaaah, i think i'll sort all the details out first here...

it oughta be decided by the characters as to whether the story will head up into a full scale war or espionage, for now the characters should be mostly biohumans or human sympathisers

weapons in this world:
Cutting weapons - Swords, knives etc...
Bow-like energy projectiles
Bashing weapons - like clubs, staves etc...

i wanna try and give players most of the creative license, but there'll also be set classes:


Technicians - these guys can access big machines to use as weapons, but they need time, they're very smart and can communicate with machines

Weapons AI's - usually they have energy weapons grafted to their bodies, they have increased reflexes and close combat capabilities... Weapons AI's have subclasses: Swordsman, Dragoon, Archer, Assassin... how the weapon is used is up to the character

BioMed AI's - These guys can fix any biohuman or human body (within reason), offensively they are weak, but defensively they are capable of projecting high energy shields to protect themselves and up to three others


Soldiers and Elite Soldiers - these are the enemies, they shoot with guns, but generally rely on numbers to overcome

Mercenaries - mostly Assasins, but occasionally weapons specialists arrive in the city

Sympathisers - access any of the above classes

07-02-2001, 11:09 PM
Character Submission:

Race and Class:

Appearance and preffered weapon:

Traits (these are like strengths and weaknesses):

*For later characters: How you want to slot into the story:

All characters should have some weaknesses to make up their personalities, and make this thing interesting

also with the exception of the first three people to post in the game's thread... please let someone to introduce you into the story before you jump in... help each other out... you know whenever your both ready, that way you don't sorta bust into character conversations :)

Oh yeah i think i'll cause this RPG... Biohuman... (well not exactly the strongest name... but its functional)