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Dino 09-12-2014 11:33 PM

Any ideas on making this place active again?
As the title reads, any ideas and spicing this up and giving it that spark it lost? :p

Rei IV 02-02-2015 04:09 AM

Thing is, forums just aren't a mainstream way of communicating anymore. It's sad, but I can't really think of any way to change that, apart from interfacing with what is mainstream, which for a lot of old farts like me, would just take away from the nostalgia that this place represents.

tl;dr Sorry dude, I got nothing.

eva2000 03-02-2015 03:17 AM

Yeah it's unfortuneate I don't have the time. But how active a forum is, is up to each and every member as well.

hakai 28-03-2015 02:11 AM

Every old message board that I still go to is pretty much dead or dying. Twitter, Facebook, Skype and anonymous image boards are the new popular forms of communication on the web now. :(

kuzronk 10-04-2015 10:04 AM

I know forums are not as popular as they used to be but bigger avatar size might help.

MrSharingan 12-08-2015 01:04 AM

I just signed up to this forum.
I think it's awesome and has things other forums don't...

I hope it gets busy again...

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