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Alucard21 16-09-2015 04:55 AM

Animazing finds! Came across this recently....
I came across this recently and love it. I now try to brush my teeth like this in the morning. Makes my whole day.

What have you come across lately? Share some animazing clips or other golden nuggets that you've stumbled upon.

Preferably something that we can try to emulate lol.

ParaZoanoid 17-09-2015 04:18 AM

That's great, haha - nice to see this forum waking up a bit with fresh blood and humour too !

One thing that stuck out:


Originally Posted by Alucard21 (Post 537909963)

.dance? what's next, .sleep? .breathe? .brushingteeth?! :lol:

Alucard21 17-09-2015 04:49 AM

lol right!?!??!?!

I love it. I was looking through some of these new top level domains. Some of them are pretty creative.

.ninja is my favourite. I'm figuring out a reason to grab a .ninja domain.

Maybe we will eventually see .manga or .anime. That would be pretty awesome.

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