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Robotech Master 28-05-2002 01:10 AM

The Duel between Kashue and Ashram
Some Spoilers ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, where do you guys think Ashram and Kashue really stand in terms of sword skills and combat? Do you think Ashram is better? Kashue? Are they evenly matched to the point of relying on the lucky hit to win the match?

The Duel between Kashue and Ashram in episode 8 of Chronicles is kind of hard to read, so to speak. They declared it an honorable duel, started by a priest no doubt, and thus it is obvious that Ashram was not using the power of the Demon Sword at that time. He was using the sword as just that, a sword, and thus Kashue and Ashram had about Equal equipment.

Now, the battle would seem to show them as equals. They both severly injured each other, and it seemd to be only luck that Kashue managed to lift his sword to meet Ashram's charge, scoring an injury that was much more severe than the one he suffered.

But at the same time, Ashram was injured in the battle with Shooting Star, and he only allowed Hobb (the priest) to partially heal him. Had Ashram been at Full strength, would he have taken Kashue no problem?

Where do you think the Black Knight and Mercenary King Stand?

Dark Genesis 30-05-2002 10:15 PM

In the end, I do believe that Ashram is stronger. Like you said, he was injured by Shooting Star and is now taking on an incredible swordsman who wants to poke holes in him :D

Add that to the fact that he's not using the Demon Sword to it's full potential, I think he would've won, but not without some serious injuries. Another thing is I don't think using the Demon Sword to it's full capabilites would be dishonorable, it is in itself an extension of Ashram, and he deals with the potential corruption of his mind and soul daily in exchange for it's power.

Kashue may be a gifted swordsman, but he breechs the code of honor when he kills Beld in Chonicles, and Ashram hasn't really done anything even close to that. He's also been spending time as a ruler where as up to now, Ashram has been practicing his swordskills as a leader in the Marmo army till this point. He's stronger with the sword, mentally, physcially, and morally I believe.

Just my 2 cents.

Nulani 31-05-2002 05:41 PM

I think I'll conclude with Ashram being slightly stronger then Kashue -, though, Ashram seems to be have a certain arrogancy concerning his own sword skills. Isn't that one of the things he learns later?

Dark Genesis 31-05-2002 08:44 PM

Yes he is arrogant, but of course he has character flaws.

Robotech Master 01-06-2002 01:45 AM

I wouldn't say he's THAT arrogant, and even then he grows beyond it as the series goes on. He's just extremely confident, and his desire to fulfill Emperor Beld's dream have made him a perfectionist. Failure is not an option for him, so he practically suffers mental breakdowns if he does fail. But when he failed to keep Kanon under Marmo Control, he seemed to accept it just fine.

Ashram certainly doesn't have arrogance like, say, Vegeta of DBZ has. Ashram's arrogance has rarely, if ever, cost him a victory. Arguably the only time which it did would be the Kashue/Ashram fight, and only because he didn't allow Hobb to heal him more.

assyria 18-07-2002 08:41 AM

Do I even need to say that my votes with Ashram? Not that Im bias or anything :p

C'mon Ashram was beaten up by shooting star and still kept going! Id like to see Kashue do the same. No actually Id like to see Kashue eaten by shooting star, oh wait I wasnt suppose to be bias in this post! Damn.

NB:Good too be back in the ROLW forum!

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