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BigShot Jordan 01-12-2000 08:26 PM

i have so many people come and ask me why anime is so expensive.i thought some of you questioned this also so i decided to do some research to come up with an answer.
here is my long long answer,please try to read it all.

There are actually two schools on this one. There are those fans who think that we should be grateful to be able to obtain anime without having to pay import prices, and then there are fans that believe that anime in the US is largely too expensive. By ratio, anime in the US is roughly the same price it is in Japan. We may find $30 expensive for a single anime VHS tape here in the US, but in Japan, a copy of Ghost in the Shell on VHS, new, can cost as much as $150 depending on the version you buy! Feature length anime movies on VHS in Japan rarely cost less than $50. A copy of the Utena movie on VHS or DVD costs roughly $88 in Japan, and a copy of the Nadesico movie on LD or VHS in Japan costs roughly $100! When AnimeNation charges $29.95 for an import anime soundtrack CD or J-pop CD, it`s because you`d pay roughly $25 or more for that same CD if you were to fly to Japan yourself and buy it in any Japanese record store. From one perspective, it`s a lot nicer to be able to buy Blue Submarine No. 6 episodes on DVD in the US for $20 per 30 minute disc as opposed to the Japanese retail of roughly $50 each per 30 minute DVD. The upcoming American DVD edition of Tenamonya Voyagers will contain all four episodes on a single DVD for $30. At any retail store in Japan, those four episodes are available on four separate DVDs that cost roughly $60 each!

Anime is expensive in the US because translating companies have to cover the costs of licensing shows, then translating packaging, marketing and distributing them. To lower production costs, companies have to produce in massive bulk quantities, which anime simply can`t do. To us anime fans, anime may seem as though it`s a gigantic powerhouse in the US now, but a single American mainstream studio release like Mission: Impossible 2 can generate more revenue by itself than the entire American anime industry can earn in a year. Anime simply doesn`t have the big financial backing or mass market necessary to allow for lower prices.

On the other hand, I personally do believe that it is reasonable to question the expense of anime in the US. Without mentioning names, there seems to be an odd discrepancy between US anime distributors. Slayers and Irresponsible Captain Tylor, for example, can sell for $20 with four subtitled or dubbed episodes while Evangelion retails at $30 for two subtitled episodes. Early tapes of Brain Powered contain two episodes and retail for $25 each while later volumes of the same series contain seven episodes for only $5 more. Japanese contracts may have something to do with this. I don`t know enough about the American industry to say that licensing contracts don`t mandate minimum retail prices. There are many anime titles that have not yet appeared on DVD in the US yet because the American licensee may be contractually obligated to with-hold an American DVD version until the title is released on DVD in Japan first to guard against video piracy and Japanese people importing cheaper American copies rather than buying Japanese versions. American anime companies may also be obligated to pay royalties or continuing licensing fees on titles. At the same time, though, it does seem odd that Anime Village titles cost the same as other company`s titles when Anime Village/Bandai releases titles Bandai already owns the distribution rights to. The same applies to Viz`s retail prices for series like Ranma and Maison Ikkoku, both of which are titles owned by Shogakukan Publishing, Viz`s parent company.

-Bigshot Jordan-

see you space cowboys.

heerogf 01-12-2000 08:51 PM

isn't in japanese the money are in Yen?

BigShot Jordan 01-12-2000 09:53 PM

i converted the money into U.S dollars so it would be less confusing.

heerogf 01-12-2000 10:11 PM

oh, i get it now

~~*UrArA-cHaN*~~ 01-12-2000 11:27 PM

im thinking that im gonnas start appreciating those prices we have alot more. i never thought the dvds were over-priced though.

fooj 01-12-2000 11:38 PM

Japanese people get ripped

Yui_Reborn 01-12-2000 11:49 PM

Isn't everything comparitively much more expensive in Japan?? The question is, is anime THAT much more expensive there than any other good would be comparitively?

Foryth 02-12-2000 01:25 AM

Well, last year in school we compared the living prices of different places using the price of a big mac. And Japan was the second most expensive place in the list of place we compared, only followed by sweden i think.

BigShot Jordan 02-12-2000 02:39 AM

yeah,things are expensive down in the land of the rising tickets cost at least 14.50,14.50!!!atleast!!!
if you ever see a movie in japan(i will) you will probably really want to see it really bad if you want to see it in a theater.

see you space cowboys.

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BigFire 02-12-2000 07:13 AM

Piracy must be rampant in Japn

Tamachan 02-12-2000 10:44 AM

Actually, piracy is practically non-existent in Japan. Reason being, there are HUGE fines for being caught selling pirated items (it is in the government's interest to ensure the big corporations are kept happy and healthy...happy companies, hapy japanese economy)...and it's a lot easier to crack down on, for instance, pirate PSX games, within the country where the parent company is based.

eddiefb3 26-06-2006 06:53 PM

Wow, $14.50 for a movie ticket. I only pay $5.00 for mine...I always found the dvds reasonably priced. I think it depends on where you buy them. Best Buy has all the $30 dvds for $20, and you can find them ebay, amazon even cheaper. Case Closed dvds cost $20 already(Except for the new ones) but you only get 3 eps a disc. But at wal mart they are $13.87.

Nokari 26-06-2006 07:46 PM

H o l y s h i t

Oldest thread rebirth ever...

ADdispatcher 26-06-2006 08:16 PM

I thought I'd seen some pretty damn big post time jumps, too.

eddiefb3 26-06-2006 08:36 PM

:D Well what can i say, when its the only good topic available!

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