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chriscrews 26-10-2009 12:24 PM

hello folks
Ohayo gozaimasu,

Finally decided to join up instead of just reading posts. I'm a longtime anime and manga fan, and actually interested in using anime and manga for academic theorizing. Right now I'm a graduate student (hopefully starting my PhD in a month) in political theory, and I'm really interested in seeing how anime can be used as a medium to look at and engage the world and a range of questions; politics, animals, spirituality, identity politics, consciousness, etc. So for example. right now I'm writing about the figure of the yōkai and bakemono in relation to boundaries of species identity (human-animal-monster) in Mononoke Hime.

Just out of interest, I also started a social group in here for anime scholars, in case there are others like me here, although I'm as much a fan as a scholar of anime.

So yeah, hello and nice to meet you all!


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