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MeMyself 13-11-2011 06:51 PM

Sin: The Movie
If I knew that Sin: The Movie was based on a video game, I probably would not have bothered with it. Now knowing that, this hour-long DVD is better than what I would expect.

Blade is the tough, but tender-hearted head of a paramilitary unit. He has cybernetic implants, after surviving an assassination attempt on him and his father. Now he and his team are trying to solve the mystery of several missing teenage girls. The search brings him face to face with a series of monsters genetically created by the semi-nude industrialist Elexas Sinclair.

There is a lot of blood and guts, thanks to disemboweled bodies. There is also one almost sex scene. So this is not one for young children. There is also continuous action, but through it all they actually have time to develop a continuous storyline. In other words, the violence is not there just for the sake of grossing out the viewer. It does serve the plot.

One big flaw, however, is the continuity. Or should I say the lack thereof? For example, we see Elyse, the young girl in distress, bound naked by Elexas to a gurney. After she is untied, Elyse is suddenly fully clothed. Maybe the video game can explain that one. Or maybe they had different teams working on different parts.

The only thing that makes this anime stand out from other blood and gore action animes is that this one actually has a good story to keep one interested. A longer movie would have been better to develop the plot and the supporting sub-plots. Still, it is amazing that so few of the characters come off as one-dimensional. A lot goes on in this one hour anime.

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