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johnny46 27-03-2009 05:57 AM

Big breasts ruining anime?
Dragonaut ~the resonance~ - Ok so I've been following this anime for the last five episodes. I'm not a big mech-anime fan but it looked interesting enough, the plot has so far seemingly enough substance to make for a good view; the character variety is interesting and for the most part the animation is good. However, I have an issue with the so-called "fan service". And I just wondered if anyone else shared this opinion.

See my problem is that nearly every chick apart from Toa has massive breasts. I'm not talking massive but realistic, I'm talking so big it's just ridiculous. It's not fanservice, it's not erotic, it's distracting and annoying. Every time one of said female characters appears on the screen I subconciously shake my head. I'm actually considering dropping what is otherwise a good anime just because I can no longer put up with the constant boob shots. Some of you might consider this weird? How can I not like breasts?

The thing is, they're too big to be even close to realistic, they're thrust in your face every 10 seconds (not to mention the women wearing armour that for some reason leaves their chest, the most vunerable location on their body, nearly completely exposed) and nearly every female character has them. If I wanted H I'd watch some damn H. Seriously it's too much. Does anyone else get incredibly frustrated with the several anime that have this particular problem? Or feel free to disagree with me.

Takahashi 29-03-2009 06:02 AM

Dragonaut wasn't so bad, if you really want to be annoyed you should see realbout highschool something, I don't even want to remember that. Then there is ikki tousen, they take romance of the three kingdoms and gives every heroes gigantic boobs and they make sure that every fight involved some/everybody tearing up their dresses, not to mention that they are already dress up like whores to begin with. Then there is the thousand pantyshots in min agent Aika, mind boggling how the japanese mind works, I'm thinking these guys needs to get laid and the government need to ease up on the mosaic thing, the less they have to desire the less likely they will expose us to perverted thoughts.

724496 29-03-2009 09:08 AM

Big breasts are fine. This character in Kenshin has big breasts, and no one seems to mind......

But some people find the paedophilia offensive.

Darkandiel 29-03-2009 10:52 AM

I saw this exact same subject posted on another forum. Copy/paste mister, that or it's you under a different name, either way, doesn't matter. Truth is, Japan has always over-exaggerated features on animated characters. No one's eyes are that big. Take Rei Ayamani as an example, her legs are unnaturally long. They do the same with breasts for the fanservice. If an anime is pure crap, by that I mean storyline, what better way to sell it than through fanservice.

I actually hate it myself, but that's just how Japanese animation is. What annoys me more is when they put huge breasts on a woman with the face of a 10 year old. It's disgusting. It does explain why so many weirdos hang around anime forums. I hope not here, but I've come across a fair share of them.

Pengi_Ken-Ohki 30-03-2009 04:41 AM

I've often felt that anime harmed its image with this sort of thing, but I can't deny that it seems the vast majority of anime lovers I know who aren't anime geeks as such do tend to like those types of anime.

It is annoying to me to see girls floating around in Zero-G with short skirts and yet still trying to maintain their modesty, or big busted gun babes who it looks like it must hurt a lot when they run or jump.

kamikazefstorm 02-04-2009 06:20 PM

Boobs sell. Lack of boobs = no sales. No sales = death. That's the only reason why. :(

bankaimaster 23-06-2009 07:24 AM

Big breasts are are more than fine it's awesome ... some animes wouldn't have been so popular if it wasn't for big breasted girls jumping or running on the screen.

Sex sells and it's more popular than anything else + how else are we as otaku's gonna grow and make anime the biggest and most popular thing to watch ? haha lmfu

John Faulkner 02-07-2009 10:12 PM

Fan-service is indicative of a juvenile mind-set and should be eradicated at all costs.

Anime needs to evolve into a higher art-form and fan-service retards this evolution.

Takahashi 03-07-2009 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by John Faulkner (Post 537854899)
Fan-service is indicative of a juvenile mind-set and should be eradicated at all costs.

Anime needs to evolve into a higher art-form and fan-service retards this evolution.

Not everybody thinks anime is an art-form, almost rightly so as it is geared towards childrens(mostly).

Pengi_Ken-Ohki 03-07-2009 04:27 AM

If its geared towards children then why the big busted babes?

I think its just lazy or immature artists/execs.

Takahashi 04-07-2009 05:30 PM

I did say mostly, the other halves are otaku's, immature little boys and girls, still figuring about the birds and the bees. We westerners are kind of an exceptions to the rules, though some of us are borderline(dare I say some crossed the line) otaku's.

kamikazefstorm 07-07-2009 01:05 AM


Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki (Post 537854912)
If its geared towards children then why the big busted babes?

The major portion of what sells outside of Japan is busty babes because most buyers happen to fall into the young teen category. :)

Hardcover 07-07-2009 05:12 PM

Well, I just finished watching Gravion, which was effectively ABOUT boobs (oh yeah, and a giant robot that stops an alien invasion. But forget all that, the thing's about boobs), and I still found it enjoyable, so I'm going to say big boobs are okay with me. I like the corny fan service. My particular favorites are the important conversations that just happen to take place in a shower or hot springs so they can say its part of the plot. ;) Doesn't fool anyone, but it fun.

direking 22-07-2009 04:16 AM

it's anime, so the big breasts are acceptable
i like them, emmm

oppa 22-07-2009 04:41 AM

Anime is heavily built on niche and meeting the various niche markets. And when I say "various", I imply the thousands of genres/categories/fetishes/etc.

Big breasts, bouncing breasts, jiggling breasts, flopping breasts... I'd go on but I'm running low on synonyms... this is a niche that meets demand. If no one watched these shows, then they would gradually disappear on their own. This applies to anything and everything regarding these niches.

Is it "niches"? I've never pluralized that before. That doesn't sound right and I'm too lazy to search. Ah well...

There are plenty of anime w/o big breasts or any other distracting element; some that are great and others that suck just as bad as the one's built solely on bouncing boobies.

My point is that whopping whoppers don't ruin anime. It's the viewer letting them be a distraction that may ruin said anime. Of course, I have to admit that sometimes, it is very hard to not let it distract me. It's especially worse if it's something I'm getting into. But, if it was really that good, I doubt the surplus of massive mammaries would prevent me from watching.

When I'm less lazy, maybe I'll post examples of anime with titanic titties that turned out OK (my assumption there was one... there must have been one... probably).

BTW, I used the word "niche" way too much and now it's lost all meaning.

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