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TrashMan 14-02-2007 06:34 AM

Is this box set uncut?
Does anyone here know if this is uncut?

MrBS 14-02-2007 08:27 AM


Somewhat interested in why you would think it was censored, did the TV run get butchered or something?

Rainalkar 16-02-2007 05:38 AM

I believe I can answer for Trashman since we're buying Escaflowne series and movie each. If you're asking for an opinion why was the series censored, I have never seen it on Fox (and it was never shown in Croatia), but a wild guess would be that some parts were by someone's opinion "unappropriate for a targeted age". Or the network simply wanted to have more time for commercials ;)

hell 04-05-2007 06:17 AM

the bus about the forum years back was that fox got their hands on it saw the first episode and got caught up in the recent anime interest and decided to add something else to their previously poor series selection. they never thought to look beyond the first ep or so and then had a bit of a suprise when the series kicked it up a notch. or so thats what i was lead to believe ^^ i could always be wrong but whatever the reason they did butcher it. when i got my own version on dvd i was amazed what had been ripped and edited from the original. and the spoilers! grrr i cant help but be thankful to fox for introducing me to my favorite series ever. after all i doubt i would have gotten around to seeing it - at least not as early on as it did. but i still feel kind of sour over how they went about it.

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