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kurtz 17-03-2003 08:20 AM

How do you start up a board
Okay. I have a dilemma

I have everything I need to start a forum up. Web design skills, forum software, and some professional web space. I want to produce an anime/rpg forum (loosely) for local people in my area.

My problem is that I'm going to need some initial traffic. How do you go about promoting your site without rudely plugging it on every other forum and therefore pissing off the admins?

any tips?

Sigurd Fatima 17-03-2003 07:52 PM

I am in fact setting up my very own forum community based on anime as well, but it will be a little while. Hmm, plug a link in your sigs. on other anime boards (animeboards itself may have these up coming this April but that is completely unknown even to this day lol) you post on, and you do post on other anime boards correct? Uh, then try collecting some affiliates and make your boards look right (original and being good to the eye is very important). People say making a plug in a community and then never returning is rude and makes you desperate, but who cares if they wouldn't go to your website anyway right. Some message boards allow promotions in plugging ones site so go for that unless you feel you could do better and make sure you read their rules first for doing so on their community. People are also attracted to relatively fast loading times and short urls and no ads of course. :p

This is also just getting started. To get people to post you can't just expect to sit there and watch (although it works for eva2000, but he spends thousands of dollars to accomplish this (something you probably don't want to do lol)), you must engage in the posts as well so make so forums you are sure to have something to input about but I think you already have that worked out. If this wasn't of much help to you then you probably won't be able to get much else out of anyone else. :rolleyes:

Peace. V

kurtz 18-03-2003 04:40 PM

I think a fast server and a short url shouldn't be a problem for me... i have the plans laid out for that already. I don't go to a lot of other forums though, so i guess i'll have to get spamming away, and doing all the link exchange stuff once i get my webspace. :D

cheers for the help anyway, useful stuff ^^

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