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Ex 13-10-2000 09:17 PM

OK...since most anime webmasters uses free website hosting, I'm going to dedicate this thread to advance webmasters who host their own websites with their own root URL.

There's 2 types, hosted or dedicated. Hosted means you rent webspace and given a set amount of traffic per month and its quite affordable. Dedicated means you get the whole machine for your own use. More bandwdith allocated, more configuration possibilities and best of all, the resources are for your own use (no sharing).

I'll be going on the webhosted thing first.

First, you need to decide how big your site is going to get. Will it host files such as images/music or other high bandwidth files (meaning files that ppl will download). If you do, better don't use webhost as you find yourself without a site very fast as many webhost cannot afford the bandwidth you need. If not, you'll be ok with webhost. Why? Many offers up to 400mB of webspace with around 5-10Gb of bandwidth which is more than enough. However, make sure you have CGI enabled or better still, pHp or SQL enabled.

For dedicated, you're planning a big kick A$$ website with lotsa of room for improvement. You're looking at around US$400- US$1000 a month depending on your requirements. These dedicated hosting gives you the ultimate flexibility in configuring your server to best suit your site, the only problem is that you'll need to be technical savvy about it. for me, I'm hosting Anime Genesis dot Com under my own dedicated server which cost me a bomb because it uses around 80 - 120Gb of bandwidth a month. I don't know how much Eva2000 use, but I'm running on a RAQ (easiest to setup) 3i+ with SCSI drives and 512 MB ram..gosh..and that's not enough!!!

Again..I've talked too much.....ciao..

Your premier anime entertainment channel

and its aftermath,

eva2000 13-10-2000 09:33 PM

hehe i can related to both.. webhosted accounts are referred to in the hosting biz as virtually hosted accounts.

i have 2 virtual hosted accounts and 1 dedicated server.

Virtual accounts are for - and - i'll be moving them to my dedicated server once i can get the server to settle down :)

Dedicated server i have a dedicated red hat linux server, AMD K6/2 500 with 384MB of ram and a 10GB Eide hard drive. Which hosts 36 of my sites. Looking at an upgrade from my host -

I believe ex you're with DigitalNation and Verio company ?

Raq3i's are good but for perl and cgi intensive stuff they fall away and php/mysql well :). The new Raq4i's are slightly better.


- i use 25 - 35GB/month
- for this forum i use 25 - 30GB/month
- the rest of the sites around 10 - 15 GB/month

expensive hobbies huh :D

eva2000 13-10-2000 09:40 PM

btw, will be compiling a webmasters' tips section based on my own experiences and what i have learnt... :)

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