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MeMyself 11-11-2012 11:28 AM

Step Up Love Story
Oh boy! First of all, keep this one away from the kids! If Step Up Love Story is not soft core hentai, it comes pretty close. In reality, aside from all the sex, this is a pretty sweet love story.

Makoto and Yura are a pair of 25-year-old virgins in love. They get married. Now they have to deal with sex – a subject neither knows anything about. With the advice, some sought and some unasked for, they try to become comfortable with their individual and their partner’s sexuality.

This series comes on two discs with two episodes on each disc. Actually, I am not sure this is not an OVA. The last two episodes take place after a year of marriage when all the bedroom kinks have been worked out, but lack the innocence of the first two.

Artistically, this anime breaks no new ground. Some of the animation borders on less than average. But it does have some good characters and a strong plotline, which generally comes as a last minute afterthought in pure porn (based on my limited exposure). So I will recommend Step Up Love Story – except not for kids or the prudish.

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