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MeMyself 12-03-2013 10:32 PM

Lady Death
I don't know if you would consider this 2007 movie to be anime. It is an American production animated in Korea. But the style is certainly anime, just as the storyline is certainly anime influenced.

Hope is a15th century Swedish maiden who discovers she is the daughter of Lucifer. After being separated from the man she loves and being burned at the stake, she finds herself in Hell. That's where this modest maiden becomes a mostly naked warrior leading an army in revenge against her father.

The story moves to quickly to really establish any ground rules, but that should please those who like action without too much to think about. The animation in most parts is just so-so. It really looks like it was done in a rush and on the cheap.

Still there is some excitement and you really are not too sure how the story will end. In all, I rate this one average. It is too bloody for children, but should appeal to anyone not into anything ultra-cerebral.

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