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reddymk 26-06-2017 03:07 AM

Using custom domains with WIX
Hello Guys.

I am looking at publishing a Wix website with my custom domain.

I currently have the domains purchased via VentralIP
I am using Office 365 for Emails
And I want the website from WIX to use the same domain.

I was told to change the name servers (currently is from 0ffice 365 IIRRC) to the wix ones. This would make our emails unusable so I would then need to connect the office 365 through to WIX? Is this the correct method?

I also read that you can connect the wix site to a domain via poinitng but apparently it is not recommended by WIX. This there a real reason not to do that?
It seems with pointing I would just need to change/ add an IP Adress, create a CNAME (don't know what is that, but I can probably find it and just copy and paste without any problems), type something in the AAAA Record and then it should be set. Would the emails be affected in this way?

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