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hfrsgjsdfhjksghjksg 20-03-2002 04:51 AM

winamp lists
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post your winamp lists

Hanzo 20-03-2002 11:29 AM

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here mine

Kawaii Miko 20-03-2002 11:48 AM

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Well its 0244am and talking to Tifa and ATh so I thought OK might as well post this up then. Don't you love my bishies?! :naughty:

ATh 20-03-2002 11:52 AM

Well if you press crl alt and g you get your full list.

this is jsut what i am lsitening to now

Aphrodite - Style From The Darkside
Freestylers - The Darkside
ltj bukem - atlantis
Ltj Bukem - Demons Theme
Ltj Bukem - Journey Inwards
ltj bukem - music
Unknown Artist - Ministry of Sound - Trance Nat
Sir Pete
01 - Vampire Princess Miyu - Opening Theme
Tenchi Muyo- - Talent for love
Pretty Sammy - Groovy! (ending)
Serial Experiment Lain - Duvet
18 - Vampire Princess Miyu - Ending Theme
Yoko Kanno - "Blue"
Yoko Kanno - "Words That We Couldn't Say"
Yoko Kanno - "Mushroom Hunting"
Yoko Kanno - "Chicken Bone"
Yoko Kanno - "Adieu"
Yoko Kanno - "Call Me Call Me"
Yoko Kanno - "Flying Teapot"
Yoko Kanno - "Wo Qui Non Coin"
The Pillows - Blues Drive Monster
the pillows - I think I can
The Pillows - Kim deal
The Pillows - Little Busters
FLCL Ending Theme - Ride on Shooting Star
The Pillows - Subhuman
Unknown Artist - "Hateshinai Toiki"
Unknown Artist - "Nantoka Shinakya!" ?
Macross Plus - Information High
komm, susser tod
Perfect Blue - 05 Virtual Mima
Perfect Blue - 09 Baachiya Mima (Voice Versi
Pokemon- Lucky Lucky (Kojiro)
The Pillows - Please Mr. Lostman
The Pillows - We have a theme song
Unknown Artist - Sora to umi to akai no yume
Kitty N and the Sunshine Band - KittyN's Theme - Bust A Groove
Bust A Groove - Shorty's Theme
Various Artists - The Natural Playboy
Bust-A-Groove 2 - 10 - Kitty-N - Hello! Kitty-N
Numan, Gary - A child with the ghost
Gary Numan - A Prayer For The Unborn
Gary Numan - Berserker
Gary Numan - Everyday I Die
gary numan - here am i
gary numan - I Die, You Die (Information Society Mix)
Gary Numan - I Sing Rain
gary numan - play like god
Gary Numan - Radio Heart
Various Artists - Bill Sharpe & Gary Numan - No More Lies
Gary Numan - Tribal
gary numan - You Are, You Are
Pixies - Gigantic
Pixies - Is She Weird
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
The Pillows - Climbing On The Roof
The Pillows - Paper Triangle
the smiths - cemetery gates
the smiths - How Soon Is Now (Long Version)
The Smiths - Is It Really So Strange
the smiths - money changes everything
the smiths - Ouija Board, Ouija Board
The Smiths - Paint A Vulgar Picture
The Smiths - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Oth
The Smiths - Sweetness
the smiths - the more you ignore me
The Smiths - What Do You See In Him
Smiths - Wonderful Woman
The Smiths - Work Is A Four-Letter Word
Hypnotic Vampire
blondie - fade away and radiate
blondie - fan mail
Blondie - Forgive and Forget
blondie - screaming skin
Ba - Little Miss
Boa - Welcome
Breeders - Lord Of The Thighs
Gary Numan - You Are In My Vision
Gary Numan - Down In The Park
Gary Numan - No More Lies
Gary Numan - Change Your Mind
Gary Numan - Voices
Gary Numan - A Question Of Faith
Gary Numan - Are 'Friends' Electric?
Gary Numan - Call Out The Dogs
Gary Numan - Cold Warning (extended version
gary numan - Creatures
Gary Numan - Cry The Clock Said
Gary Numan - Cry
Gary Numan - Devious
Gary Numan - Don't Call My Name
Gary Numan - From Russia Infected
Gary Numan - Generator
gary numan - God Only Knows
Gary Numan - Hanoi
Gary Numan - I Still Remember (7 inch)
Gary Numan - I Wonder
Gary Numan - like a refugee gary numan.mp3
Gary Numan - Little InVitro
Gary Numan - Love And Napalm
Numan, Gary - Love Needs No Disguise
gary numan - magic
Numan, Gary - Moral
Gary Numan - My Breathing
Numan, Gary - Only A Downstat
Gary Numan - Razed in Black - Gary Numan -
Gary Numan - Respect
Gary Numan - Slowcar To China
Gary Numan - Something's In The House (Orig Vers)
Gary Numan - Stormtrooper In Drag
gary numan - Strange Charm
Gary Numan - The God Film
Gary Numan - The Need
Gary Numan - The Seed Of A Lie
Gary Numan - This Disease
Gary Numan - This Is Emotion
Various Artists - Gary Numan - U Got The Look
gary numan - video killed the radio star
gary numan - voix
Numan, Gary - We Have A Technical
Gary Numan - Wonder Eye
Gary Numan - Young Heart
gary numan - your fascination
Heatseeker Project - Lunar Explosion
the crystal method - trip like i do
Sisters of Mercy - Cry Little Sister
The Cure - One Hundred Years
The Cure - Pornography
The Cure - The Hanging Garden
VNV Nation - Dark Angel (Das Ich Apocalyptic Mix)
VNV Nation - darkangel (gabriel)
VNV Nation - Freude (Schlachtfeld Mix By Wu
VNV Nation - Kingdom
VNV Nation - Legion (Janus)
VNV Nation - Rubicon
VNV Nation - tempest
Weezer - Undone (The Sweater Song)
Wierd Al Yankovich - It's All About The Pentiums
Weird Al Yankovic - The Jedi
Radiohead - Airbag
Radiohead - Paranoid Android
Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien
Radiohead - Exit Music (for a film)
Radiohead - Let Down
Radiohead - Karma Police
Radiohead - fitter happier
Radiohead - Electioneering
Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls
Radiohead - No Suprises
Radiohead - Lucky
Radiohead - The Tourist
Afro Celt Sound System - Release
ATB - 9pm (Till I Come) Dont Stop
Cyanide Music - Victoria
david bowie - heros
dj shadow - building steam with a grain of salt
Faithless - Flowerstand man
Faithless - Salva mea
Foo Fighters - Down in the Park
gerling - enter space capsule
groove terminator - you can't see
Kruder & Dorfmeister - Boogie Woogie
Leftfield - Original
Manitoba - Paul's Birthday
Massive Attack - Eurochild
Massive Attack - Protection
Mi-Sex - Computer Games
Mr Scruff - Midnight Feast
New Phunk Theory - La Nebula del Verano
orbital - doctor
pendulum - coma
Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk
resin dogs - que-cumbers
Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion
Roots Manuva - Movements
Sigur Rs - Svefn G englar
T-Power vs. MK Ultra - Mutant Jazz
the chemical brothers - galaxy bounce
Chemical Brothers - In Dust We Trust
The Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control
The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence
The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist
the orb - star 6 & 7 8 9
The Prodigy - Skylined
The Prodigy - Speedway
The Tea Party - Psychopomp
TOOL - Lateralis
TOOL - Third Eye
u2 - one
underworld - dirty epic
Underworld - Jumbo
Young MC - Bust A Move
box - always
% - cactus - planet andy
clinique - discussion dreamer
darkhalo - purity
% - distaint - que
dnatrance - asyncronize
genocyber - ectomorph
% - hunz - volume
% - joegi - sense of summer
% - jokah - underwater voyage - remix
missing organ - extreme use of force ep
% - necros - point of departure
% - pries vs b rosu.xm - b1 - b rosu mix
% - psylent buddhi - trancewaves
% - psylent buddhi - turiya
skrebbel - above
% - trance jax & hge - rain
(unknown) - (unknown) in-good
4t thieves - the abyss
the alpha conspiracy - indigo
aquaboogie - little star
Bassic - Rain
tokyo dawn records - bt's - faismoifremir (prymer+selimsonos)
Books On Tape - Don't mess with Texas
Comma - Dawn Over My Jetta (2001 Mix)
darkhalo - psychosisparadise(final shore)
eskimo - club 2000
Euji Acha - Conspiracy
Fraze - Midnight Cruisin' (chillout)
willbe - separate ways (hoffman rmx)
Hoffman - Assault Systems
hoffman - unreal 2001
idmonster - the force may be with you
kenny beltrey - hydrate (the beach)
luminfire - upside wookie
markus - miia' s ham interlude
marumari - argonaut
tokyo dawn records - mentz - dusty rhodes
pendle - caffeine low
phasmid - the smallest ghosts
pretty boy crossover - autumn week
sense - icy l tap
tokyo dawn records - smash - last train
Subi - Trying 2 B Hardcore
super science - sometimes we're happy
t.wilton - shanks
Tawan - Baby Dove
TbO&Vega - House of Music(XtendedClubMix)
vae - mistral
Willbe - Flavasource
willbe featuring sear - back, back, back
Xentar & Dr. Morpheus - Visions
ramone - intro
ramone - weapon assassinator
ramone - radio mono
ramone - ah yeah
ramone - til we come
ramone - boomin the funk
ramone - i hear things
ramone - smooth operator
ramone - work it out
ramone - keep funkin
ramone - number one
ramone - interlude
ramone - dope jam
ramone - we like
Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise
Bjork - Army Of Me
Covenant - Dead Stars (Version)
Covenant - Like Tears In Rain
Covenant - One World One Sky
covenant - slowmotion
Covenant - stalker
Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl.
Siouxsie and the banshees - Peek-a-boo
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Dazzle
Siouxsie and the Banshees Melt!
Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Passenger
Get higher
Going out of my head
It's over , it's under
Joyful girl (peace and love mix)
Leave you far behind
Red Tape
Sunray 2
Superpredators (metal postcard)
Swallowed (goldie toasted on both sides remix)
Toothache (chemical brothers remix)
Apartment 26 - Evils
Apartment 26 - Random Thinking
Apartment 26 - Backwards
Apartment 26 - Basic Breakdown
Apartment 26 - Death
Apartment 26 - Doing It Anyway
Apartment 26 - Epilogue
Apartment 26 - Hallucinating Intro
Apartment 26 - Keep You
Apartment 26 - Question Of Reality Intro
Apartment 26 - Question Of Reality
Apartment 26 - The Fear
Apartment 26 - Void (Bonus Track)
Apollo 440 - Astral America
Apollo 440 - Don't Fear The Reaper
Apollo 440 - Film Me & Finish Me Off
Apollo 440 - I Need Something Stronger
Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool
Apollo 440 - Millennium Fever
Apollo 440 - Omega Point
Apollo 440 - Pain Is A Close Up
Apollo 440 - Stealth Requiem
Phil Fuldner final
Adesso E Fortuna (Instrumental Version)
Record of the Lodoss Wars - Fantasia of the Wind
Kaze No Orchestra - Rain of Stars (Instrumental Version)
Record of Lodoss Wars BGM - Parn Saves Deedlit


ParticleEffect 20-03-2002 01:11 PM

209 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:17
Playlist length: 18 hours 24 minutes 27 seconds
Playlist files:

7.1 - Eurodancer
7.1 - Relax
7.1 - Airplay (piano mix)
7.1 - Don't stop
7.1 - Bring that beat back!
7.1 - Subspace leap
7.1 - Our World (remix)
7.1 - 7 theme
7.1 - 2001: Feel the vibe (trance mi
7.1 - Goodbye! (eurodance mix)
7.1 - My Jazzy Techno House
7.1 - Dream disco (master)
Digital Explosion - Abducted (CE3K)
Digital Explosion - Like An Angel
Digital Explosion - My Life
Digital Explosion - Dark Passion
Digital Explosion - Take Me Away To Paradise
Digital Explosion - Hardcore Symphony
Digital Explosion - Classical Ecstacy
Digital Explosion - Summer in Belize
Digital Explosion - Techno Viking
Digital Explosion - Electric Dreams
Digital Explosion - Dance Le Petit Prince
Digital Explosion - US Airforce's Project Bluebook
Digital Explosion - Partie Deux Les Vacanses Du Co
Digital Explosion - J'ai envie..(Re-edited version
Digital Explosion - Stars above
Digital Explosion - Finlandia
Digital Explosion - I'll be your lover
Digital Explosion - Can You Feel it?
Digital Explosion - Terror From Beyond
Digital Explosion - Love Me Like I Want To
Digital Explosion - Emilie de Ravin
Digital Explosion - Story of Snowman and sunshine
Digital Explosion - Sequential Matrix Of Life
Digital Explosion - Champs-Elysees
Digital Explosion - Eternity (E-Nature remix)
Digital Explosion - Je dsir faire l'amour tu
Digital Explosion - Visions of the Hero
Digital Explosion - Nevada's Highway 375
Digital Explosion - Take Me AwayTo Paradise (E-Nat
Digital Explosion - Aegean Sea Concerto
Minister - Maxber
Minister - String Express
Minister - Downhill Jump
Minister - Think About
Minister - Optical Vibrations
Minister - Crystal Ambience
Minister - Strike One
Minister - FREEDOM
Minister - Praeludium
Minister - Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D
Minister - Between Rains
Minister - The Drop
Minister - Theme For Trance Strings
Minister - Miracles
Minister - VITO's Theme
Minister - Internal Interlude
Minister - Momentum
Minister - Chromatic
Minister - Drivers Seat
Minister - Party Parade
Minister - Answer
Minister - Rush
Minister - Strings In Trance (Radio Mix)
Minister - Massive Neurons
Minister - Strings In Trance (Club Mix)
Amok Vibes - Energy (Rave mix)
Amok Vibes - Never Stop !
Icebird - The Spacestation
Icebird - Arctic Breeze - (Trance Versio
Aura - the source of trance - Song of the siren
Aura - the source of trance - Destination skyline
Aura - the source of trance - Himalaya
Aura - the source of trance - You [Re-edit]
Aura - the source of trance - You
Aura - the source of trance - Hold my hand
Aura - the source of trance - Better than you
Aura - the source of trance - Cry [Aura floor mix]
Aura - the source of trance - Walking Generations [Club Mix]
Aura - the source of trance - Autistic
Aura - the source of trance - The final saga
Shojin - Solar Storm
Fluid in Motion - Forever 2002
Fluid in Motion - Heatseeker
Fluid in Motion - The Plan
Shojin - Zendra
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Fuzz
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Generation Love (remix)
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Misunderstanding (Raymond Wave remix)
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Love indication
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Floating
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Running
c l u b s k i l l s - Misunderstanding (french touch remix)
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Butterflies
c l u b s k i l l s - Be Free (progressive mix)
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Misunderstanding (original edit)
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Dreaming of the Ocean
MELON (club/dance/trance) - Be free (1998 original edit)
c l u b s k i l l s - Sincere
ASTRAL PROJECTION - let there be light
ASTRAL PROJECTION - dancing galaxy
ASTRAL PROJECTION - people can fly
ASTRAL PROJECTION - anything is possible !!!
ASTRAL PROJECTION - life on mars
ASTRAL PROJECTION - another world
ASTRAL PROJECTION - journey through your mind
ASTRAL PROJECTION - techno terror( sfx ).
ASTRAL PROJECTION - cosmic ascension
ASTRAL PROJECTION - tryptomine dream !
ASTRAL PROJECTION - solid electronic`s.
ASTRAL PROJECTION - electro static!
ASTRAL PROJECTION - analog voyager
ASTRAL PROJECTION - allah acbar ( sfx ).
ASTRAL PROJECTION - different atmosphere ( sfx ).
ASTRAL PROJECTION - ten minutes to sunset.
The Cynic Project - Blue Cherry
The Cynic Project - Lost in Paradise
The Cynic Project - Another World
The Cynic Project - Start the dance [Eurodance mix
The Cynic Project - Dream Formula [Raymond Wave ed
The Cynic Project - Into the night
The Cynic Project - Endless Palm
The Cynic Project - Trance Generation
The Cynic Project - Start the dance [Trance mix]
The Cynic Project - Matrix ][ (trance mix)
The Cynic Project - Formant [demo version]
The Cynic Project - Sidewinder
The Cynic Project - Dreamin' [Cynic Project Remix]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Atomic Dance Explosion [Radio
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - On the Other Side
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Dream of Trance
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - The sign of life [Adrenaline Flow Mix]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Inside [Aggressive House Mix]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Psychotic Chaos
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - The beat goes on [TB House Mix
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Deep Minded
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - The path to Eternity
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Begining of the End
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - This is my house
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Come to Daddy
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Vision of Mind [Live Simulatio
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Bring out the Dead
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - we are no strangers
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Beyond 303 [TC Edit]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - The way Home [Promo Edit]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Dream of Trance
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Addicted - PROMO [2000-05-28]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Another Beat [Re-Mix]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Trapped [1999 MIX]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Underground Raver
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Deep Vibrations - PROMO [[2000-06-12]]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Love and Desire [CD Release]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Goa Project
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - I Love Trance [Airplay Mix]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Phazed Reality [[ 2000-09-05 ]]
FLASH TRAXX - trance[]control - IN TRANCE WE TRUST
FLASH TRAXX - trance[]control - LATE AT NIGHT
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Atomic Dance Explosion [Millenium RMX]
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l - Distorted Minds
David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails - I'm Afraid Or Americans
Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers, Inc.
Nine Inch Nails - Head like a Hole
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
NIN - Perfect Drug
Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie
Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
Nine Inch Nails - Mr Self Destruct
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine - 07 - Sin
Nine Inch Nails - Were in this together now
Nine Inch Nails - The Great Below
Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine - 08 - That's What I Get
Nine Inch Nails - Your God is dead
Nine Inch Nails - The Way Out is Through
Nine Inch Nails - Deep
Nine Inch Nails - March of the pigs
Nine Inch Nails - 06 - Gave Up
Enigma- - The Matrix Theme
[Dark City]--Sleep Now
Daft Punk - One More Time
Daft Punk - Burnin'
Daft Punk - Da Funk
Daft Punk - Fresh
Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club
Daft Punk - Mothership Reconnection
Daft Punk - MothershipReConn
Daft Punk and Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Daft Punk - Around the World
Daft Punk - Phoenix
Daft Punk - 03 Revolution 909
Daft Punk - Space Technology
Daft Punk - Electric Funk

Chesta chesta chesta 20-03-2002 05:48 PM

Miko.... I have to say that is a very nice winamp you got there.

ABBA - Dancing Queen
ABBA - Gimme Gimme Gimme a man a
Abba - One Of Us
Abba - The Winner takes it al
Aerosmith - I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing
Anastacia - Paid My Dues
Aneka - Japanese Boy
Anime - Princess Mononoke Theme Song
Anime - Princess Mononoke - The Legend of Ashitaka Theme
Anime Cardcaptors - Syaoran's Theme
Anime Esca - A Far Cry
Anime Esca - Ask the Owl
Anime Esca - Deja Blue
Anime Esca - Empty The Pocket.
Anime Esca - Escaflowne
Anime Esca - Fatal
Anime Esca - Flying Dragon
Anime Esca - Hikari No Naka E
Anime Esca Film Yoko Kanno - Colors
Anime Esca Film Yoko Kanno - Enter The Dragonslayers
Anime Esca Film Yoko Kanno - Horse Ride
Anime Esca Sakamoto Maaya - Aoi Hitomi
Anime Esca Yoko Kanno - Black Escaflowne
Anime Escaflowne - Dance of curse
Anime Escaflowne - Machine Soldier
Anime Escaflowne - Memory of Fanelia.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - My best friend.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Mystic Eyes.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Perfect World.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Shadow of Doubt.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Shrilly flute.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Sora.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - The Days the Wind Blows.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Tree of hearts.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Vector.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - We're flying.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Whatcha Gonna Do.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - You Are Not Alone.mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Yubiwa (Flute).mp3
Anime Escaflowne - Zaibach.mp3
Anime Escaflowne -Take My Hands.mp3
Anime Escaflowne Film - Fist Vision
Anime Escaflowne Time Of Gold Flowing.mp3
Anime Evangelion - Cruel Angels Thesis (piano).mp3
Anime Gundam - Arashi No Naka De Kagayaite.mp3
Anime Gundam - Burning.mp3
Anime Gundam - Endless Love.mp3
Anime Gundam - White Reflection.mp3
Anime Gundam Wing - Code Name Heero Yuy.mp3
Anime Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz Ending - True Reflectio.mp3
Anime Gundam Wing - Just Communication.mp3
Anime Gundam Wing - Last Impression.mp3
Anime Love Hina Sakura Saku Musical Version.mp3
Anime lovehina.mp3
Anime My Neighbor Totoro - Tonari no Totoro - Neko Bus.mp3
Anime Ninja Scroll -The Eight Devils of Kimon.mp3
Anime Orphen - Ending Piano.mp3
Anime Orphen - Last Kiss.mp3
Anime Orphen - Marui Taiyou.mp3
Anime Orphen Kimi Wa Majutsushi.mp3
Anime Orphen Revenge Sondemotte Kiss.mp3
Anime Orphen Theme tune.mp3
Anime P Mononoke Joe Hisaishi - The Land of the Impure
Anime Princess Mononoke - Requiem II.mp3
Anime Princess Mononoke - The Encounter.mp3
Anime Rurouni Kenshin - Kimi Wa Dare Wo Mamotte Iru .mp3
Anime Rurouni Kenshin - Overture Kimi Wa Dare Wo Mamotte Iru.mp3
Anime Toonami - 2nd coming.mp3
Anime Toonami Elevator Music.mp3
Anime trigun - kaze wa mirai ni fuku.mp3
Anime Trigun - Sound Life.mp3
Anime Trigun- Scattered Rain.mp3
Anime X - Myuji - eX Dream (OP).mp3
Annie Lennox - Love Song For A Vampire.mp3
Army of Lovers - Israelism.mp3
Army Of Lovers - Obsession.mp3
Army Of Lovers - Ride The Bullet.MP3
army of lovers-sebastien.mp3
Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist.mp3
B52's - Love Shack.mp3
Babybird - If You'll Be Mine.mp3
Babybird - You're Gorgeous.mp3
Basement Jaxx -Where's your head at.mp3
Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive.mp3
Bell and Spurling - Sven Sven Sven.mp3
Ben E. King - Stand by Me.mp3
Big Star - Give Me Another Chance.mp3
Big Star Nature Boy.mp3
Bjrn Afzelius - Sng till friheten.mp3
Blue Swede - Hooked on a feeling.mp3
Blur - Beetlebum.mp3
Blur - On Your Own.mp3
blur - tender.mp3
Blur - You're So Great.mp3
Boney M - Daddy Cool.mp3
Boney M - Ma baker.mp3
Boney M - River of Babylon.mp3
Brainpool - Bandstarter (Lollipop version).mp3
Brainpool - Breakfast in bed.mp3
Brainpool - Probably.mp3
Brainpool - You Are Here.mp3
Britney Spears overprotecte.mp3
brittney spears - im a slave 4 u.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr Bumper Sticker Writer.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Chinese Food Delivery Guy.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Garden Gnome Maker.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Outside The Stadium Peanut Seller.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Pickled Pig's Feet Eater.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer.mp3
Bud Light Presents - Mr. Underwear Inspector # 12.mp3
Bud light Presents Mr. Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer.mp3
Bud Light Presents Mr. Putt Putt Golf Course Designer.mp3
Bud Light presents Real American Heroes - Mr. Jelly Donut Filler.mp3
Bud Light Salutes Mr. Bowling Shoe Giver Outter.mp3
Buddy Holly - Everyday.mp3
Buffy Musical - Drawn to the Fire.mp3
Buffy Musical - Life's a Show.mp3
Buffy Musical - Where Do We Go From Here.mp3
Buffy Musical Rest In Peace.mp3
buffy the vampire slayer-spike quotes mix.mp3
Bush - The Chemicals Between Us.mp3
Cake - I Will Survive.mp3
cake - race car ya-yas.mp3
Cake - The Distance.mp3
Cake-Short Skirt, Long Jacket.mp3
Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting.mp3
Cartoon Invader Zim - Gir sings Doom Song.mp3
Cartoon Invader Zim-Gaz Theme.mp3
Chemical Brothers -Setting Sun.mp3
Classical Beethoven (requiem in D minor).mp3
Classical Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata.mp3
Classical Beethoven - 2nd Symphony.mp3
Classical Beethoven - Fifth Simphony.mp3
Classical Bond - Victory Remix.mp3
Comedy - Eddie Izzard - Crazy St Peter.mp3
Comedy - Zim acts out DBZ.mp3
Comedy Dennis Leary - Traditional Irish Folk Song.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard - Christianity.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard - in bed with god.mp3
Comedy eddie izzard - James Bond.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard - Religion.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard - Shaggy and Scooby.mp3
Comedy eddie izzard - the tyranny of ducks.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard - They Lie To Us.mp3
Comedy Eddie Izzard Starship Enterprise.mp3
Comedy Really ------- Shitbags - Osama Bin Laden.mp3
Comedy Southpark - Cartman tea party.mp3
Comedy the Shirehorses - Bellow
Comedy The Shirehorses - Dick Cave & The Bad Cheese - T
Comedy The Shirehorses - pardon- indecipherable boys
Comedy The Shirehorses - Ugly Bleeder
Comedy The Shirehorses - You're A Bastard
Comedy Weird Al - The Devil Went Down to Jamaica.mp3
Comedy Weird Al Yankovic - Parody of Eye of the Tiger.mp3
Comedy Weird Al Yankovic - Star Trek Rhapsody (Parody of Queen) .mp3
Comedy Weird Al Yankovic - Star Wars Smoking Weed.mp3
Comedy Weird Al Yankovic -- Livin' La Vida Yoda.mp3
Comedy Weird Al Yankovich - Star Wars - The Saga Begins.mp3
ComedyEddie Izzard - Hitler and Britain.mp3
Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cecilia Lind.mp3
Cornelius Vreeswijk - Brev frn kolonien.mp3
Cure - Pillbox Tales.mp3
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic.mp3
Daft Punk - Around The World.mp3
Daft Punk - Harder Stronger Faster Better.mp3
Daft Punk - One More Time.mp3
Dandy Warhols - Heroin is So Passe.mp3
David Bowie - China Girl.mp3
Destiny's Child - Emotions.mp3
Destiny's Child - Surivivor.mp3
DMX - Omen.mp3
E-Type - Russian lullabye.mp3
Elton John - Daniel.mp3
Elton John - You'll Be Blessed.mp3
Elton John - Your Song.mp3
Elvis Costello- She.mp3
Eminem - Guilty Conscience .mp3
Enigma - Gravity Of Love.mp3
Enya - Anywhere Is.mp3
Enya - Secret World.mp3
Enya - The Memories of Trees.mp3
Enya- Only Time.mp3
Erasure - A Little Respect.mp3
Erasure - Only You.mp3
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven.mp3
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams.mp3
Fat Boy Slim - Weapon of Choice.mp3
Feeder - Buck Rogers.mp3
Feeder - High.mp3
Feeder - Insomnia.mp3
Feeder - Piece by Piece.mp3
Feeder - Seven Days In The Sun.mp3
Feeder - We Can't Rewind.mp3
Feeder -Just A Day.mp3
Feeder-I'm Going Out For A While.mp3
Film - Devil's Advocate Finale - Al Pacino Speech.mp3
Film - Devils Advocate Theme.mp3
Film Dune - Harkonnen Battle.mp3
Film Dune - Rise Of The Harkonnen.mp3
Film Final Fantasy Winged Serpent.mp3
Film Gladiator - Barbarian Horde.mp3
Film Gladiator - Elysium.mp3
Film Gladiator - Sorrow.mp3
Film Gladiator - Strength and Honor.mp3
Film Gladiator - Theme Song.mp3
Film Highlander - Say Goodbye To Kate.mp3
Film Highlander- Who Wants to Live Forever.mp3
Film Last of the Mohicans - Finale.mp3
Film Matrix Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up.mp3
Film Matrix - Lobby Fight Scene.mp3
Film Matrix Manson, Marilyn - Rock Is Dead.mp3
Film Matrix Rob D - clubbed to death.mp3
Film Moulin Rouge - Come What.mp3
Film Moulin Rouge - Elephant Love Medley.mp3
Film Reservoir Dogs - Little Green Bag.mp3
Film Shawshank Redemption - Marriage of Figaro.mp3
Film The Omen - Theme.mp3
Final Fantasy Movie - Lara Fabian - The Dream Within.mp3
Foo Fighters - Walking After You.mp3
Foreigner - Cold As Ice.mp3
Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Something Stupid.mp3
Frank Sinatra - I Did It My Way.mp3
Games Fina; Fantasy 8 Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (Chinese Version).mp3
Games Final Fantasy - Utada Hikaru- first love.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 4 - Celtic Moon Enya.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 4- Celtic Moon.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7 - Aeris Theme.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7 - Prelude [Dance Remix].mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7 - Sephiroth theme.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7 - Vincent Valentine's Theme.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7 Cid Highwind.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 7-Tifa's Theme (Piano).mp3
Games Final Fantasy 8 - Liberi Fatali.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 8 Faye Wong - Eyes On Me.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 9 - Beatrix and Steiner.mp3
Games Final Fantasy 9 - Melodies Of Life .mp3
Games Final Fantasy X - Crystal Theme.mp3
Games Zelda - Sheik' s Theme.mp3
haven - Say Something.mp3
Hel & Ultima Thule - Gryning.mp3
helen love - long live the uk music scene.mp3
I Monster-Daydream IN BLUE.mp3
Just D - Tre gringos.mp3
Kate Bush - Babooshka.mp3
Keith - The Wings I Wear.mp3
Keith - The World in Ice.mp3
Kelis - I Hate You So Much Right Now.MP3
Lightning Seeds Baddiel and Skinner Three lions '98 .mp3
Limp Biscuit - Product (Mission Impossible 2 Theme).mp3
linkin park - My December.mp3
Lisa gerrard - liquid moon.mp3
Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice.mp3
Lisa Gerrard - Sanvean.mp3
Lou Reed - Such a Perfect Day.mp3
Manic Street Preachers - If you tolerate this.mp3
Mariah Carey - Hero.mp3
Mariah Carey - Without you.mp3
Mercury Rev - The Dark Is Rising.mp3
Metalica-Whiskey In The Jar.mp3
Metallica - One.mp3
miss saigon - 6Please
Miss Saigon - I Still Believe
Miss Saigon - Movie in My Mind, The
Miss Saigon - Movie in My Mind, The
Monkees - Daydream believer
Monkees - Monkees's Theme
mop - cold as ice
Muse - Bliss
Musical Hair - Let The Sunshine In
Musical Jesus C Super Star - Herod's Song
Musical Miss Saigon - I'd Give My Life for You
Musical Miss Saigon - The Morning of the Dragon
Musical Miss Saigon - Why god
Musical Peter Joback - Guldet blev till sand
Musical Peter Jback - En sng om oss
Musical Phantom of the O - The Phantom Of The Opera theme
Musical Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
Neil Diamond - America
Neil Sekada - Oh! Carol
nina simone - my baby just cares for me
OPM - Heaven Is Halfpipe
Orbital - Halchyon on and on
Paul Anka - Diana
Phish - Sample in a Jar
Phish - Strange Design
PPK - Resurection
Queen & D Bowie - Under Preassure
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - I Want To Break Free
Queen - I Want to ride my Bicycle
Queen - Killer Queen
queen - we are the champions
Queen - We Will Rock You
Radiohead - Pop Is Dead
Rally - Fiskarna I Havet
Rally - Gullefjun
Rally - Gunde - Staten Och Kaptialet
Rally - Hon heter Annika
Rally - Leif Loket Olson jag saknar dej
Rally - Mr. Taliban
Rally - Nalle Puh i den Tyska version
Rally - Vder Annika - Jag Kan Inte Sga R
Ricky Martin - She Bangs
Rikard Wolff - Pojken p mnen
Robert Broberg - Uppblsbara Barbara
Rod Stewart - I Dont Wanna Talk About It
Roy Orbinson - Crying
S Club 7 - Don't Stop Moving
S.P.O.C.K - Astrogirl
Savage Garden - Chicky Cherry Cola
Savage Garden - Tears Of Pearls
Savage garden - To the moon and back
Series Captain Scarlet
Comedy Shirehorses - sha la la la, tum tee tum
Comedy the shirehorses - why is it always dairylea
Comedy The Shirehorses - Alladin-Ane - Bill Oddity
Comedy The Shirehorses - Feel like shite
Comedy The Shirehorses - Edwyn Bobbins - Girl Like You
Sin With Sebastian - ShutUp and Sleep With Me
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - 21st Century Rip Off
Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
Sparks - When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way'.mp3
SPOCK - Never Trust a Klingon.mp3
SPOCK All Ets Arent Nice.mp3
Spooks - Karma Hotel.mp3
Spooks - Things I've Seen.mp3
SubVision - Farscape (Extended)
The Calling - Wherever You Will Go.mp3
The Cure - Lullaby.mp3
The Cure - Tainted Love.mp3
The Cure - The Love Cats.mp3
The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York.mp3
The Superman Lover - Starlight.mp3
The Tea Party - Angels.mp3
The Tea Party - Lullaby.mp3
There She Goes Again.mp3
Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual.mp3
Truly Madly Deeply.mp3
two mix - Time Distortion.mp3
Two-Mix - Beat Break.mp3
Two-Mix - In Your Eyes.mp3
Two-Mix - Meeting Of The Planet.mp3
U2 - Discoteque.MP3
U2 - One.mp3
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name.mp3
ulf lundell ppna landskap.mp3
Ultima Thule - Frken Cecilia Lind.mp3
Vaccum - I breathe.mp3
Vapers - Turning Japanese.mp3
Velvet Underground - all tomorrows parties.mp3
Velvet Underground - Heroin.mp3
Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs.mp3
Village People - In The Navy.mp3
Village People - Macho Man.mp3
Watchmen - Say Something.mp3
William Orbit - Barber's adagio for strings.mp3

Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and the Village people?! :dodgy: They ain't mine?:heh:

Ishara chan 20-03-2002 07:29 PM

I have 1,747 mp3s on my computer. They take up about half of my 25.4gb hard drive. o.O

strawberrygurl 20-03-2002 09:17 PM

where do you go to download winamp?? i couldn't find any web addys for it!

Hiigaran 20-03-2002 09:29 PM

OK...well considering i have well over 100 skins which change every time a new song plays, posting a picture of my list would be idiotic, not to mention I have this many song on my list:

AC - DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
ACDC - Big Balls
AC-DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
Aerosmith - Aerosmith - Angel
Aerosmith - Come Together
Aerosmith - Cryin
Aerosmith - Dream On
Aerosmith - Jaded
Aerosmith - Jane 's got a gun
Unknown Artist - Aerosmith - Crazy
American Music Club - All Your Jeans Were Too Tight
American Music Club - Apology for an Accident
American Music Club - Goodbye To Love
American Music Club - I've Been a Mess
American Music Club - If I Had a Hammer
american music club - kathleen
American Music Club - Johnny Mathis' Feet
american music club - outside this bar
American Music Club - Sick of Food
american music club - western sky
american music club - what holds the world together
Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 - Waiting for You
Kanno Yoko - 24hours OPEN
Kanno Yoko - Clutch
SEAT BELTS - Yo Pumpkin head
08 - Yoko Kanno - 3.14
Yoko Kanno - Call Me Call Me
Kanno Yoko - Gotta knock a little harder
COWBOY BEBOP - Rain (demo version)
Cowboy Bebop - Adieu
Unknown Artist - Blue
Cowboy Bebop - Memory
Cowboy Bebop - Cowboy Bebop - No Disc - The Singing Sea
Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues
Cowboy Bebop - Words That We Couldn't Say
Cowboy Bebop Movie - Future Blues - 12 - Powder
SEATBELTS - 7minutes
Yoko Kanno - Tank!
Seatbelts - Ave Maria
Vision of Escaflowne - Theme
Escaflowne - English Opening Theme
FLCL - A-6
FLCL - advice
The Pillows - Another Morning
FLCL - B-5
The Pillows - Back seat dog
The Pillows - Beautiful morning with you
The Pillows - Blues Drive Monster
FLCL - Brand New Love Song
FLCL - Come Down
The Pillows - Crazy Sunshine
FLCL - Flame
The Pillows - Funny Bunny
the pillows - Good Dreams
FLCL - Happy Bivouac
the pillows (Ride On... SP) - Hidden song
the pillows - I think I can
FLCL - Instant Music
FLCL - kaburefusuki
The Pillows - Kanojyo Wa Kyou
The Pillows - Kim deal
Furi Kuri OST1 (the pillows) - Last Dinosaur
FLCL - Nowhere
FLCL - Rever's Edge
The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star
The Pillows - Rush
FLCL - Sad Sad Kiddie
the pillows - Scent of sweet
FLCL - Selfish
the pillows - She is perfect
FLCL - Sleepy Head
FLCL - Stalker Goes To Babylon
The Pillows - Subhuman
the pillows - White Ash
Kabarofski - Yorii Gallop
The Pillows - Skeleton Liar
Konna Yukari - Tokimeki no Doukasen
Fushigi Yuugi - Opening (Soft Version)
Akemi Sato - Apollon - Itooshi Hito no Tamen
Fushigi Yuugi - Opening Theme
Haishima Kuniaki - LOVE SONG
Gasaraki OST 13 MIHARU2
Hayashibara Megumi - Sakura Saku
Unknown Artist - End Title
Robotech - Robotech Main Title
Macross Plus - Idol Talk
Yoko Kanno - Information High
Macross Plus - OST1 - 01 - National Anthem of Macross
Macross Plus - OST1 - 03 - After, in the Dark ~ Torch
Macross Plus - OST1 - 05 - Bees and Honey
Macross Plus - OST1 - 06 - In Captivity
Macross Plus - OST1 - 10 - Very Little Wishes
Macross Plus - OST2 - 02 - Jade
Macross Plus - OST2 - 03 - Nomad Soul
Macross Plus - OST2 - 05 - Go Ri A Te
Macross Plus - OST2 - 07 - Pulse
Macross Plus - OST2 - 08 - 3cm
Macross Plus - OST2 - 10 - Pu Qua O
Macross Plus - OST2 - 11 - Sweet Feather
Macross Plus - OST2 - 12 - A Sai En
Macross Plus - OST2 - 13 - Bad Dog
Macross Plus - OST2 - 14 - Child Myung
Macross Plus - OST2 - 15 - Coma
Macross Plus - Sharon Apple - 04 - Santi-U
Macross Plus - Sharon Apple - Wanna Be An Angel
Macross Plus - Borderline
Macross Plus - Voices (Cello)
Macross Plus - Voices (English)
Macross Plus - Voices (Japanese)
(Neon Genesis Evangelion) Hedgehog's Dilemma
Evangelion - Sasha Arnkoff - Touch of Reality - THX
Asuka, Misato, Rei - The Thesis of a Cruel Angel
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis
Megumi Hayashibara - Cruel Angel's Thesis (Ayanami)
End of Evangelion - Komm, suesser Tod
Evangelion - The Image of Me - Vocalise
Evangelion, Death and Rebirth - Pachelbel Canon in D
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Refrain of the Soul
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Suiten Fur Violoncello
Neon Genesis Evangelion --Ode To Joy
Neon Genesis Evangelion End of Evangelion Single II Air
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Beast
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Misato
Evangelion - Thanatos - Symphony of Eva
Symphony of EVA - NERV
NGE - Symphony of Eva - 11 - Rei I
NGE - Symphony of Eva - 16 - Kanon
NGE - Symphony of Eva - 22
Neon Genesis Evangelion - NGE - Symphony of Eva - 25 - H
Shin Seiki Evangelion - Live Symphony - Disk 1 - 07 - Eva-00
inst - Child of mine
A Record of the Lodoss War - Main Theme.mp3
Record of Lodoss Wars BGM - Parn Saves Deedlit
Record Of Lodoss Wars - Deedlit's song
Record of Lodoss War - Ending Theme
Record of Lodoss War Best Collection - Deadrit's Theme
Record of Lodoss Wars BGM - Parn Saves Deedlit
Record of Lodoss War [Opening] - Kiseki no Umi
Rinbu - Revolution Full
Serial Experiment Lain - Duvet (opening)
trigun the first donuts - H.T.
Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest
Ayumi Hamasaki - appears
Ayumi Hamasaki - Audience
Ayumi Hamasaki - End of the World
Ayumi Hamasaki - End roll
Ayumi Hamasaki - Paper Doll
Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons
Ayumi Hamazaki - Depend On You
Ayumi Hamasaki - NEVER EVER
Ayumi Hamasaki - Too Late
Ayumi Hamasaki - Whatever
Ayumi Hamasaki - Vogue
Hamasaki Ayumi - Endless sorrow
Ayumi Hamasaki - teddy bear
Beatles - (Beatles w. Jimi Hendrix - Day Tripper
Beatles - She Came In Through the Bathroom window
Beatles - 01 - Come Together
Beatles - Eight Days A Week
Beatles - A Day in the Life
Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Beatles - Across the Universe Ultra Rare
Beatles - Across The Universe
Beatles - All my loving
Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing
Beatles - Back In the USSR
Beatles - Blackbird
Beatles - Blue Jay Way
Beatles - Buffalo Bill
Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
Beatles - Carry That Weight
Beatles - Come Together
Beatles - Day Tripper
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
Beatles - Decca (extremely rare) - September In The Rain
Beatles - Decca (extremely rare) - September In The Rain2
Beatles - Decca (extremely rare) - Take Good Care Of My
Beatles - Decca (extremely rare) - Three Cool Cats
Beatles - Dig It
Beatles - Doctor Robert
Beatles - Don Quijote's Marijuana - (Rare Unreleased)
Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
Beatles - Drive my Car
Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
Beatles - Everbody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My M
The Beatles - Follow the sun
Beatles - For No One
Beatles - Free As A Bird
The Beatles - From me to you
The Beatles - From Me To You
Beatles - Get Back
Beatles - Good Day Sunshine.
Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning
Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Beatles - Hello Goodbye
Beatles - Help!
The Beatles - Helter Skelter
Beatles - Here Comes the Sun
Beatles - Here, There And Everywhere
Beatles - Hey Jude
The Beatles - Honey Pie
Beatles - I Am The Walrus
Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There
Beatles - Hello Goodbye.mp3
Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
The Beatles - I Will
Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
Beatles - In My Life
Beatles, The - It's All Too Much
Beatles - It's Getting Better All The Time
The Beatles - Julia
Beatles - Lady Madonna (Ultra Rare Track)
The Beatles - Lady Madonna
The Beatles - Let it be
The Beatles - Long Long Long
Beatles - Love Me Do
Beatles - Lovely Rita (for my mother)
Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles - Martha My Dear
Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard
Beatles - Michelle
The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son
Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has
Beatles - Nowhere Man
Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Beatles - Octopus's Garden
Beatles - Octopus's Garden
Beatles - Old Brown Shoe
The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road
Beatles - Paperback Writer
Beatles - Penny Lane
The Beatles - Please please me
The Beatles - Real Love
Beatles - Revolution 9
Beatles - Revolution
Beatles - Rocky Racoon
The Beatles - Savory Truffle
The Beatles - Sexy Sadie
Beatles - Sgt Peppers lonely
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's(Reprise)
Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band & With A Littl
Beatles - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Beatles - She Loves You
Beatles - She Said She Said
Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There
Beatles - She's Leaving Home
Beatles - Something
The Beatles - Strawbery Fields Forever
Beatles - Suicide (RARE)
Beatles - Taxman
Beatles - The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Beatles - The Fool On The Hill
Beatles - The Long And Winding Road
Beatles - Ticket to ride
Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
Bealtles - Shout
Beatles - We Can Work It Out
Beatles - When Im Sixty-four
Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Beatles - With a Little Help From My Friends
Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Beatles - Yesterday
Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money
Beatles - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
beatles medley - Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End
Beatles w. Jimi Hendrix - Day Tripper
Beatles White 2 - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Fo
Beatles - Hey Jude
Beatles- It's Getting Better All The Time
Beatles - Revolution (regular version)
Jon Lennon - Imagine
Beatles - Revolution 9
The Beatles - House Of The Rising Sun
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Amazing Grace
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Cheeseballs In Cowtown
Bela Fleck - A Celtic Medley
Bela Fleck and the flecktones- Victor Wooten - Bass Solo (awesome)
Bela Fleck - Victor Wooten - Bass Solo (awesome)
bela fleck - Untitled
bela fleck - Untitled
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Outbound - Hoe Down
bela fleck - Untitled
bela fleck and the flecktones - stomping grounds
bela fleck - Untitled
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- The Sinister Minister
Bla Fleck and the Flecktones - Throwdown At The Hoedown
Bela Fleck - Clarinet Polka
Bella Fleck and the Flecktones - Balled of Jed Clampett
Bruce Hornsby and Bela Fleck - Tangled Up in Blue
Bela Fleck and Boyd Tinsley - FLECK:Dueling Banjos
Dave Matthews Band & Bela Fleck - Live Jam #41
Bla Fleck and the Flecktones - Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
Billy Joel - All About Soul
Billy Joel - Allentown
Billy Joel - Big Shot
Billy Joel - Blonde Over Blue
Billy Joel - Captain Jack (live)
Billy Joel - Captain Jack
Billy Joel - In The Middle Of The Night
Billy Joel - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
Billy Joel - Leningrad
Billy Joel - Light As The Breeze
Billy Joel - Longest Time
Billy Joel - Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Billy Joel - Movin' out
Billy Joel - My Life
Billy Joel - New York State of Mind
Billy Joel - Billy Joel - Oh What A Night
Billy Joel - Only the Good Die Young
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Billy Joel - River of Dreams
Billy Joel - Rosalinda's Eyes
Billy Joel - - Scenes from an Italian Restu
Billy Joel - Scenes From an Italian Restaraunt
Billy Joel - Summer Highland Falls
Billy Joel - The Downeaster 'Alexa'
Billy Joel - The Entertainer
Billy Joel - The Great Wall Of China
Billy Joel - The River Of Dreams
Billy Joel - The River Of Dreams
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire
Billy Joel - Auld Lang Syne
Billy Joel - She's Got A Way
Billy Joel - The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Blues Traveler - Fallible
Blues Traveler - Girl Inside My Head
Blues Traveler - Hook
Blues Traveler - Just Wait
Blues Traveler - Run Around
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - Mountain Dew 1969
Bob Dylan - Positively 4th Street
Bob Dylan - Knocking In A Heavens Door
Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower
Bob Dylan - All the Tired Horses
Bob Dylan - Black Crow Blues
Bob Dylan - Blowing in the Wind
Bob Dylan - Changing Of The Guard
Bob Dylan - Desolation Row
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice
Bob Dylan - Duelling Banjos - 11 Rock And Roll Star
Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned
Bob Dylan - Gates Of Eden
Bob Dylan - Ring Them Bells
Bob Dylan - House of the Rising Sun
Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan - Hurricane
Bob Dylan - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Bob Dylan - Jokerman
Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling vStone
Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time
Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man I
Bob Dylan - One Too Many Mornings
Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde -
Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm
Bob Dylan - Sittin' On Top Of The World
Bob Dylan - Stuck In The Middle With You
Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue
Bob Dylan - The Man In Me
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - Girl from the North Country
Bob Dylan- You Belong to Me
Bob Dylan-Isis
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - Orange Claw Hammer
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - Dali's Car
Captain Beefheart - China pig
Captain Beefheart - Crazy Little Thing
The Beatles - I Am The Walrus
Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Mi
Captain Beefheart - Captain Beefheart - The Spotli
Captain Beefheart - My Human Gets Me Blues
Captain Beefheart - Pena
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - The Blimp (mousetrapreplica)
Captain Beefheart - Veterans Day Poppy
Captain Beefheart -Big eyed beans from Venus
Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp
Bach - Air for a G String
Bach - Allein Gott In Der Hoh Sei Ehr
Bach - Badinerie
Johann Sebastian Bach - Allegro Concerto #3
Bach - Concerto and Alleluja
Bach - Fugue in G Minor (on brass)
Bach - Jauchzet Frohlocket
Bach - Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring
Waterworld - Bach's Little Fugue (Rave Mix)
Bach - Little Fugue
Bach - Ode to Joy
Bach - Three Chorales (Empire Brass)
Bach - Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor
Bach - Wie Will ich Mich Freuen
Bach -- Orchestral Suite SWV No. 1068, Aria
Bach -- Allegro Concerto #3
Bach - Cello Solo #1
Bach -- Double Violin Concerto Vivace
Bach -- Fantasy and Fugue
Bach - in dulci jubilo
Bach - nun danket alle gott
Bach -- Toccata and Fugue (Canadian Brass)
Bartok - the Miraculous Mandarin
Beethoven - Violin Romance
Beethoven - Symphony No5 mov1
Beethoven - 7th Symphony 1st Movement
Beethoven - 9th symphony 4th Movement
Beethoven - 9th Symphony
Beethoven - Fur Elise [techno]
Beethoven - Fur Elise
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
Beethoven - Beethoven - sonata no14 c mino
Beethoven - String Quartet no 6 in B-Flat
Beethoven - Tempest
Beethoven - Egmont - Overture
Beethoven - pathetique
Beethoven - Piano Trio in B Flat-Allegro 2
Beethoven - Piano Trio in B Flat-Scherzo
Beethoven - Piano Trio in D-Allegro Vivace
Beethoven - Piano Trio in D - Presto
Beethoven - Tempest
Beethoven -- Violin Concerto
Beethoven-Pathetique Sonata
Bizet -- Prelude to Carmen (version 2)
Bizet - Menuet from L'Arlesienne Suite No2
Bizet -- Carmen -- Les Toreadors
Boccherini -- Minuet
Borodin - Polovtsian Dance
Brahms - Hungarian Dance #5
Chopin - Minute Waltz (no. 6)
Chopin -- Fantasie Impromptu -- Opus 66
Chopin -- Nocture in E Flat
Chopin -- Revolutionary Etude
Unknown Artist - civil war
Classical - Beethoven - Ode To Joy
Clementi -- Sonata in B minor -- Vladimir Horowitz
Copland - Appalachian Spring
Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man
Copland - Rodeo - Hoe-Down
Debussy -- Claire de Lune
Diamonds Are Forever - commercial
Duxas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Dvorak - New World Symphony
Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No
Faure Requiem - Agnus Dei
Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
Grieg - Hall of the Mountain King
Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt)
Grieg -- Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor Op. 16 -
Grieg -- Norwegian Dance
Handel - Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)
Handel -- Bouree
Handel -- Water Music
Haydn --Divertimento No. 1 in B flat major
Haydn-String Quartet No. 62 in C Major
Joe Satriani - Tears In The Rain
Joplin - The Entertainer
Khachaturian -- Sabre Dance
Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No 2
Liszt -- Execution Transcendante
Liszt --Consolation in E major
Mendelssohn -- Bartholdy Symphony No. 5 in D major
Mendelssohn -- Saltarello [Italian Symphony]
Mouret - Fanfare & Rondeau
Mozart - Don Giovanni
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Mozart - Exultate Jubilate
Mozart - Marriage of Figaro Overture
Mozart - Requiem Dies Irae
Mozart - Requiem Mass - XII (Agnus Dei)
Mozart - Symphony 25 1st Movement
Mozart - Symphony 40
Mozart -- 20th Piano Concerto - 1st Movement
Mozart -- 21st Concertp Andante
Mozart -- Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Mozart -- Concerto No. 23 01 Allegretto
Mozart -- Concerto No.1 in D K.412 -2
Mozart -- Concerto No.1 in D K.412 -3
Mozart -- Concerto No.2 in E flat K.417 - 1
Mozart -- Concerto No.2 in E flat K.417 -2
Mozart - Concerto No.23 - Allegro Assai
Mozart - Concerto No.23 - Allegro
Mozart -- Concerto No.3 in E flat K.447 -2
Mozart -- Concerto No.3in E flat K.447 -3
Mozart -- Concerto No.4in E flat K.495 -2
Mozart -- Flute Concerto No. 2
Mozart -- Fragment in E K.Anh.98A
Mozart -- Rondo alla Turca
Mozart -- The Magic Flute
Mozart- The Abduction from the Serail, Overture
Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain
Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain
Pachelbel - Canon in D
Purcell March & Canzona
Rachmaninoff - Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini
Richard Morris - Rachmaninov Prelude, Op. 23, N
Rachmaninov - Vocalise
Rachmanioff -- 3rd Piano Concerto 1st Movement
Ravel - Bolero
Respighi -- Feste romane -- Circus Maximus
Rimsky-Korasov -- Flight of the Bumblebee
Rossini - William Tell Overture
Relaxing-Schubert - Death And The Maid
Franz Schubert (1797-1828) - Fantaisie pour violon et piano
Schumann -- Traumerei
Sibelius -- Finlandia
Sousa - Stars and Stripes Forever
Stamitz --Cello Concerto in G major
Strauss -- Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 Introduction
Strauss -- Blue Danube Waltz
Strauss - Radetzky March
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Reed Flutes
Tchaichovsky - Nutcracker medley
Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet
Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake (Hungarian Dance)
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto No.1-3
Tchaikovsky - Andante Cantabile From Symphon
Tchaikovsky -- Sleeping Beauty Waltz
Tchaikovsky - Waltz From Serenade In C Major
Tchaikovsky- Romeo and Juliet - A Time For Us
Verdi - Requiem Mass Dies Irae.m
Verdi- Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves [Nabucco]
Vivaldi - Concerto for Strings in C Minor
Vivaldi - Concerto for Trumpet
Vivaldi -- Concerto in D Major
Wagner -- Die Walkure -- Ride of the Valkyries
[Beethoven] - 5th Symphony Intro
[Beethoven] - 6th Symphony (1st Allegro ma non Troppo)
Beethoven - Fur Elise
[Beethoven] - Moonlight Sonata in D
Cream - Sunshine of Your Love
Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses
Cream - White Room
Eric Clapton - Layla
Eric Clapton - While my guitar gently weeps (live)
Cream - Crossroads
Derek & the Dominos - Layla
038 David Bowie - Changes 1972
David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - John, I'm Only Dancing
Bowie, David - Suffragette City
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Davie Bowie - Fame
Doors - Backdoor Man
Doors - Break On Through
Doors - Hello I Love You
Doors - L.A. Woman
Doors - doors - light my fire
Doors - Love Me Two Times
The Doors - People Are Strange
Doors - Riders on the storm
Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Doors - The End
The Doors - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
The Doors - End Of The Night
The Doors - I Looked At You
The Doors - Soul Kitchen
The Doors - Take It As It Comes
The Doors - The Crystal Ship
The Doors - Touch Me


Hiigaran 20-03-2002 09:31 PM


Dream Theater & Joe Satriani - Mission Impossible
Dream Theater - 08 - Home
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
Dream Theater - A Fortune in Lies
Dream Theater - Acid Rain
Dream Theater - After Life (Mission Impossible)
Dream Theater - Another Day
Dream Theater - Beyond This Life
Dream Theater - Blind Faith
Dream Theater - Burning My Soul
Dream Theater - Caught In A Web
Dream Theater - Caught In Alice's Nine Inch Tool Garden
Dream Theater - Children of the Grave
Dream Theater - Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure
Dream Theater - Cover My Eyes
Dream Theater - Disappear
Dream Theater - Erotomania
Dream Theater - Eve
Dream Theater - Fatal Tragedy
Dream Theater - Finally Free
Dream Theater - Flight of the Bumblebee (Guitar Solo)
Dream Theater - Freedom of Speech
Dream Theater - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Live)
Dream Theater Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence - CD02 05 Goodnight Kiss
Dream Theater - Hell's Kitchen
Dream Theater - Hollow Years
Dream Theater - Home
Dream Theater - Infected Mushrooms
Dream Theater - Just Let Me Breathe
Dream Theater - Kindred Spirits
Dream Theater - Learning To Live
Dream Theater - Lie
Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows off a Dream
Dream Theater - Liquid Tension Experiment
dream theater - Live Scenes From New York 03 Strange Deja Vu
Dream Theater - Misunderstood
Dream Theater - Moon Bubbles
Dream Theater - Necronomicon Epilogue
Dream Theater - New Millenium
Dream Theater - One Last Time
Dream Theater - Osmosis
Dream Theater - Overture 1928
Dream Theater - Paradigm Shift
Dream Theater - Perfect Strangers (Live on BBC)
Dream Theater - Perfect Strangers
Dream Theater - Peruvian Skies
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Dream Theater - Regression (Live At HOB Orlando)
Dream Theater - Regression
Dream Theater - Rush Covers
Dream Theater - Silent Man
Dream Theater - Solo (John Petrucci on Guitar)
Dream Theater - Solo (Mike Portnoy on Drums)
Dream Theater - State of Grace
Dream Theater - Status Seeker
Dream Theater - Strange Deja Vu
Dream Theater - Surrounded
Dream Theater - Take The Time
Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity
Dream Theater - The Killing Hand
Dream Theater - The Miracle And The Sleeper
Dream Theater - The Mirror
Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries on
Dream Theater - The Stretch
Dream Theater - Three Minute Warning pt. 1
Dream Theater - Three Minute Warning pt. 2
Dream Theater - Three Minute Warning pt. 3
Dream Theater - Three Minute Warning pt. 4
Dream Theater - Three Minute Warning pt. 5
Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes (Live at HOB Orlando)
Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes (Live in SF CA)
Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes
Dream Theater - Through My Words
Dream Theater - Trial of Tears
Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon (Live)
Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon
Dream Theater - Universal Mind
Dream Theater - Voices
Dream Theater - Wait For Sleep (Acoustic)
Dream Theater - Wait For Sleep (Instrumental)
Dream Theater - Wait for Sleep
Dream Theater - You Not Me
Dream Theater - Ytse Jam (Live in Tokyo)
Dream Theater - Ytse Jam
Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
The Eagles - After The Thrill Is Gone
Eagles - Best Of My Love
Eagles - Desparado
Eagles - Desperado
Eagles - Heartache Tonight
Eagles - Hotel California (Live Ver.)
The Eagles - Hotel California
The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why
Eagles - James Dean
The Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane
Eagles - Lyin Eyes
Eagles - New Kid In Town
Eagles - One Of These Nights
Eagles - Take it Easy
Eagles - Take It To The Limit
Eagles - Tequila Sunrise
The Eagles - The Long Run
Eagles - Witchy Woman
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Crystal Ball
Enigma - Gravity of Love
Enya - 03 - On Your Shore
Enya - Fallen Embers
Enya - Silver Inches
Enya - Anywhere Is
Enya - Braveheart Theme
Enya - Celtic Fiddle
Enya - Enya-From Where I Am
Enya - Only Time
Enya - Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars
Enya - Sail Away
Enya - Book of Days
Eyna Shepherd Moons
Enya - Caribbean Blue
Guns 'N' Roses - Dust 'N' Bones
Guns 'N' Roses - Right Next Door To Hell
Guns n Roses - Paradise City
Guns N' Roses - Dead Flowers
Guns N' Roses & Elton John - Bohemian Rhapsody (live)
Guns N' Roses - Ain't It Fun
Guns N' Roses - Anything Goes
Guns 'N' Roses - Back Off -----
Guns 'N' Roses - Bad Obession
Guns N' Roses - Civil War
Guns N' Roses - Coma
Asphalt Ballet - Crash Diet
Guns n' Roses - Don't Cry (alternate lyrics)
Guns 'N' Roses - Don't You Cr
Guns 'N' Roses - Don't Damn Me
Guns 'N Roses - Don't Damn Me
Guns 'N' Roses - Double Talkin' Jive
Guns N' Roses - Dust in the Wind (Live - Kansas Cover)
Guns n' Roses - Dust in the Wind
Guns 'N Roses - Estranged
Guns 'N' Roses - Garden of Eden
Guns N Roses - Get In The Ring
Guns N' Roses - Heartbreak Hotel
Guns N Roses - It's So Easy
Guns 'n' Roses - Knocking on Heavens Door
Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die
Guns N' Roses - Mr. Brownstone
Guns N' Roses - My Michelle
Guns N' Roses - Night Train
Guns n Roses - One In A Million
Guns n' roses - Out ta get me
Guns N' Roses - Patience
Guns N' Roses - Perfect Crime
Guns N' Roses - Pretty Tied Up
Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen
GUNS N' ROSES - Shadow of your Love
Guns N' Roses - Shotgun Blues
Guns n' Roses - Sweet rain in November
Guns n Roses - Sympathy for the Devil
Guns 'N' Roses - The Garden
Guns N' Roses - Think About You
Guns N' Roses - Used to Love Her
Guns N' Roses - Yesterdays
Guns n Roses - You Aint the first
Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine
Guns 'n Roses - You're Crazy
Guns N' Roses - Aint Goin Down
Guns N' Roses -- Tastes Good, Don't It
Guns N' Roses - Dead Horse
Guns n' Roses - Since I Don't Have You
Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
Guns & Roses - Sweet Child O'Mine
Guns n Roses - November Rain Acoustic
Joe Satriani - Love thing
Joe Satriani - Cryin'
Joe Satriani - Speed Of Light
Joe Satriani - Summer Song
Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai - Answers
Joe Satriani - You're My World
Kansas - Dust In Wind
Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man / Mirrors
King Crimson - Court Of The Crimson King
King Crimson - Crimson And Clover
King Crimson - Doctor Diamond
King Crimson - Elephant Talk
King Crimson - Epitaph
King Crimson - I Talk to the Wind
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson - Epitaph
King Krimson - Red "live"
king crimson - Red
King Crimson - Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
King Crimson - The Court of The Crimson King
King Crimson - THRAK
King Crimson - VROOOM VROOOM
King Crimson - Walking On Air
King Crimson - Heartbeat
Vincent Gallo - Moonchild (by King Crimson)
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
led zeppelin - tangerine
Led Zepplin - All of My Love
Led Zepplin - Black Dog
Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (live)
Lynyrd Skynryd - sweet home alabama
Lynard Skynard- Free Bird
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting Of The Spirits
John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu - Reincarnation
Unknown Artist - Track 3
Unknown Artist - Track 3
John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Worlds
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Thousand Island Park
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Planetary Citizen
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Wings Of Karma
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Track 7
Mahavishnu Orchestra - John McLaughlin - Gita
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Miles Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra - One Word
Unknown Artist - Untitled
John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain - Lotus Feet
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Steppings Tones
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Vital Transformation
Mahavishnu Orchestra - You Know, You Know
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Vital Transformation
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Awakening
Metallica - Disposable Heroes
Metallica - Fade To Black
Metallica - Master Of Puppets - 04 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium
Metallica - No leaf clover
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Metallica - One
Metallica - Orion
Metallica - The call of ktulu
Metallica - The Outlaw Torn
Metallica - The Unforgiven
Metallica - Wasting My Hate
Phish - Auld Lang Syne
Phish - A Picture of Nectar - 11 - Tweezer
Phish - Bliss
Phish - Billy Breathes - 11 - Swept Away
Phish - Prince Caspian
Phish - Steep
Phish - Billy Breathes
Phish - Blister in the Sun (Live)
Phish - Bouncin Round the Room
Phish - Carini
Phish - Cavern
Phish - Chalk Dust Torture
Phish - Dirt
Phish - Divided Sky
Phish - Farmhouse
Phish - Father Time
Phish - Fee
Phish - Fluffhead
Phish - Free
Phish - Gettin jiggy Wit It
Phish - Gin & Juice
Phish - Guyute
Phish - Hampton Comes Alive - Boogie On Reggae Woman
Phish - Heavy Things (Radio Edit)
Phish - Heavy Things
Phish - Landlady
Phish - Lawn Boy
Phish - Mound
Phish - Obladi Oblada
Phish - Phat Funk Jam (Live) 12-3-97
Phish - Piper
Phish - Prince Capsian
Phish - Punch You In the Eye
Phish - Sparkle
Phish - Rock & Roll
Phish - Rock and Roll Part 2
Phish - Sample In A Jar
Phish - Sparkle
Phish - Terrapin Station
Phish - The Inlaw Josie Wales
Phish - The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
Phish f/ Pink Floyd - Time (Live)
Phish - Tweezer Reprise
Phish - You Enjoy Myself
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
04 - Pink Floyd - Sheep
Pink Floyd - Us And Them
Pink Floyd - Keep Talking
Pink Floyd (The Wall Live) - 2-14 - Outside The Wall
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
Pink Floyd - Remember A Day
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother Suite
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage
Pink Floyd - Breathe
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
pink floyd - dark side of the moon - brain damage
Pink Floyd - Dogs
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds
Pink Floyd - Fearless
Pink Floyd - In The Flesh
Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There?
Pink Floyd - Keep Talking
Pink Floyd - A Pillow of Winds
Pink Floyd - 04 - San Tropez
pink floyd - echoes
Pink Floyd - Money
Pink Floyd - Mother
Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away
Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (1)
Pink Floyd - Seamus
pink floyd - shine on you crazy diamond (part I.)
Pink Floyd - Sorrow
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Pink Floyd - Time
Pink Floyd - Welcome t he Machine
Pink Floyd - When the Tigers Broke Free
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd-Empty Spaces
Pink Flyod - Pigs
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
Powerman 5000 - Tomorrow Is Yester
Powerman 5000 - The Meaning Of Life
Powerman 5000 - The End Of Everything
Powerman 5000 - Neckbone
Powerman 5000 - Nobodys Real
Powerman 5000 - Supernova Goes Pop
Powerman 5000 - Ultra-Mega
Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide
powerman 5000 -06- tonight the stars revolt
Powerman 5000 - The End Is Over
Powerman5000 & Rob Zombie - Blast Off to Nowhere
Powerman5000 - The Earth vs Me
Powerman5000 - The Son of X-51
Unknown Artist - Powerman 5000 - Anyone For Doo
Queen - A Kind of Magic
Queen - Breakthru
Queen - A Day At The Races - 04 - The Millionaire Waltz
Queen - Another one bites the Dust.mp3
Queen - Another One BitesThe Dust
Queen - Bicycle Race
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - Breakthru
Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Queen - Double Vision
Queen - Fat bottomed girls
Queen - Flash
Queen - Friends Will Be Friends
Queen - Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
Greatest Hits II - Hammer to Fall
Greatest Hits II - Headlong
Greatest Hits II - I Want It All
Greatest Hits II - I Want To Break Free
Greatest Hits II - I'm Going Slightly Mad
Queen - Immortal
Greatest Hits II - Innuendo
Greatest Hits II - It's A Hard Life
Queen - Killer Queen
Queen - Love Of My Life
Queen - Now I'm Here
Queen - One Vision
Queen - Play the Game
Queen - Princes Of The Universe
Queen - Princess of the universe
Queen - The March of the Black Queen
Queen - Save Me
Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye
Queen - Somebody to Love
Queen - Someone 2 Love
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Queen - The Invisible Man
Queen - The Miracle
Queen - The Show Must Go On
Queen - untitled
Queen - We Are The Champions
Queen - We Will Rock You
Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
Queen - You And I
Queen - Under Pressure
The Ramones - Rockaway Beach
Ramones - Gabba Gabba Hey
Ramones - Hey Ho, Lets Go
Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Ramones - Poison heart
Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Ramones - What I Like About You (1)
Ramones - What I Like about You
Ramones - Cretin Hop
Ramones - Rock 'n' Roll High School
Punk Covers - Reel Big Fish - Brown Eyed Girl (ska)
Reel Big Fish - Beer
Reel Big Fish - Big Star
Reel Big Fish - Brand New Song
Reel Big Fish - Come on Eileen
Reel Big Fish - Down In Flames
Reel Big Fish - Everything Is Cool
Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks
Reel Big Fish - Hungry Like The Wolf
Reel Big Fish - I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too
Reel Big Fish - I'm Cool
Reel Big Fish - Join the Club
Reel Big Fish, Operation Ivy - Unity (uncut)
Reel Big Fish - Scott's A Dork
Reel Big Fish - Sellout
Reel Big Fish - She's Famous Now
Reel Big Fish - Somebody Hates Me
Reel Big Fish - Song #3
Reel Big Fish - Take On Me
Reel Big Fish - Thank You For Not Moshing
Reel Big Fish - The Kids Don't Like It
Reel Big Fish - The Set Up (You Need This)
Reel Big Fish - The Victory Over Peter Bones
Reel Big Fish - Trendy
Reel Big Fish - Unity
Reel Big Fish - Untitled
Reel Big Fish - We Care
Reel Big Fish - You Don't Know
Reel Big Fish- Alternative Baby
Reel Big Fish - Kiss Me Deadly
Rolling stones - -----
paint black
Rolling Stones - Angie
Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby
Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden
Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet - 09 - Factory Girl
Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones - Get Off Of My Cloud
Ike & Tina Turner - Honky Tonk Woman
Rolling Stones - I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
Rolling Stones - Lady Jane
The Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler
Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
The Rolling Stones - Route 66
Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
The Rolling Stones - Time Is On My Side
Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia
The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Rush - Finding My Way
Rush - Need some Love
Rush - Take a Friend
Rush - Here Again
Rush - Anthem
Rush - Best I Can
Rush - Beneath, Between And Behind
Rush - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
Rush - Fly By Night
Rush - Making Memories
Rush - Rivendell
Rush - In The End
Rush - Bastille Day
Rush - I Think I'm Going Bald
Rush - Lakeside Park
Rush - The Necromancer
Rush - Caress of Steel - 05 - The Fountain of Lamneth
Rush - 2112
Rush - A Passage To Bangkok
Rush - The Twilight Zone
Rush - Lessons
Rush - Tears
Rush - Something For Nothing
Rush - A Farewell To Kings
Rush - Xanadu
Rush - Closer To The Heart
Rush - Cinderella Man
Rush - Madrigal
Rush - Cygnus X-1 Book II
Rush - Circumstances
Rush - The Trees
Rush - La Villa Strangiato (An Exerci
Rush - The Spirit Of Radio
Rush - Freewill
Rush - Jacob's Ladder
Rush - Entre Nous
Rush - Different Strings
Rush - Natural Science
Rush - Tom Sawyer
Rush - Red Barchetta
Rush - YYZ
Rush - Limelight
Rush - The Camera Eye
Rush - Witch Hunt - Part III of Fear
Rush - Vital Signs
Rush - Distant Early Warning
Rush - Afterimage
Rush - Red Sector A
Rush - The Enemy Within
Rush - The Body Electric
Rush - Kid Gloves
Rush - Red Lenses
Rush - Between The Wheels
Rush - Force Ten
Rush - Time Stand Still
Rush - Open Secrets
Rush - Second Nature
Rush - Prime Mover
Rush - Lock And Key
Rush - Mission
Rush - Turn The Page
Rush - Tai Shan
Rush - High Water
Savatage - Beyond the Doors of the Dark
Savatage - This Isn't What We Meant
Savatage - Dungeons Calling
Savatage - SAVATAGE-Follow Me
Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King
Unknown Artist - 10
Savatage - There In The Silence
Unknown Artist - - Voyage
Savatage - Warriors
Savatage - All That I Bleed
Savatage-power of the night
Savatage - Fighting For Your Love
Dreaming in Technicolor (Part 1)
Dreaming in Technicolor (Part 2)
Dreaming in Technicolor (Part 3)
Dreaming in Technicolor (Part 4)
no artist - AudioTrack 08
no artist - AudioTrack 04
Unknown Artist - Mojo Rising
Unknown Artist - Rising Sun
Sea of Green
Unknown Artist - The Lizard
Unknown Artist - The Wings I Wear
The World in Ice
no artist - AudioTrack 06
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
The Who - Boris The Spider
The Who - Cousin Kevin
The Who - Happy Jack
The WHO - I Can't Explain
The Who - I'm free
The Who - Join Together
The Who - Magic Bus
The Who - My Generation
The Who - Pinball Wizard
The Who - Squeeze Box
The Who - Summertime Blues(Live)
The Who - Teenage Wasteland
The Who - The Seeker
The Who - We're Not Gonna Take It
The Who - Who Are You
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Full L
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
Tom Petty - 05 - It's Good To Be King
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl
Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More (1)
Tom Petty - Free Falling
Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down
Tom Petty - Into The Great Wide Open
Tom Petty - Last Dance With Mary Jane
Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker - Learning To Fly
Tom Petty - Life Is A Highway
Tom Petty - Roll Another Joint
Tom Petty - Runaway Trains
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A Dream
Tom Petty - You Don't Know What Its Like
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Breakdown
Right Now-Van Halen
Van Halen - Girl You Really Got Me
Van Halen - Hot For Teacher
Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin
Van Halen - Mean Street
Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
Van Halen - Eruption (Best Version)
Velvet Underground - Ocean
Velvet Underground - Heroin
Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason
Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet
The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
X Japan - Forever
X Japan - Celebration
X Japan - Dahlia
X Japan - Desperate Angel
x-japan - endless rain
X Japan - Forever Love Acoustic
X JAPAN - Goodbye Piano
X-Japan - Dead Angel
X Japan - Longing
X Japan - MoonLight Sonata
X Japan - Rose of Pain
X Japan - Rusty Nail
X Japan - Say Anything
X-Japan - Silent Jealousy
X Japan - Stab Me in the Back
X Japan - Tears(Original)
X Japan - Unfinished
X Japan - Weekend
X Japan - Drain
X - Japan - Orgasm
Vinnie Moore - Classical Guitar Sol
Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitar Solo
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Merlin's Castle (rare demo)
Yngwie Malmsteen & Dio - Dream on
Yngwie Malmsteen - Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Bite The Bullet
Yngwie Malmsteen - Black Star
YJM Rising Force - Blue
Yngwie Malmsteen - Braveheart
Yngwie Malmsteen - Burn
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - C'est La Vie
Yngwie Malmsteen - Cavallino Rampante
Yngwie Malmsteen - Child in Time
Spanish Guitar - Acoustic Guitar Solo
Yngwie Malmsteen - Climb Up The Mountain (Demo)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Toccata
Yngwie J, Malmsteen - Evil Eye
Yngwie Malmsteen - Faster than the speed of light
Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire And Ice
Yngwie Malmsteen - Flamenco Diablo
Yngwie Malmsteen - Fugue
Yngwie Malmsteen - Gates of babylon
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Heathens from the North
Unknown Artist - (Yngwie Malmsteen) - I Am A Vi
Yngwie Malmsteen - Icarus' Dream Suite Op.4
Joe Lynn Turner & Y.Malmsteen - Lazy
Yngwie Malmsteen - Leviathan
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Memories
Yngwie Malmsteen - Mr Crowley
Ron Keel - Yngwie Malmsteen - [Steeler] No Way Out
Yngwie Malmsteen - Overture 1622
Unknown Artist - WildStringdomFIGURE1.wav
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Perpetual
Yngwie Malmsteen - Prisoner Of Your Love
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Requiem (Japanese Bonus Track)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Riot in the Dungeons
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force
Yngwie Malmsteen&Ron Keel - Serenade
Yngwie Malmsteen - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Yngwie Malmsteen feat. Keeling - Speed King
Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember...
Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Overture 1383
Yngwie Malmstein The seventh sign
Unknown Artist - Untitled

Hiigaran 20-03-2002 09:32 PM

....and finally

Frank Zappa - My Guitar Wants to Kill Your M
Frank Zappa - Titties and Beer
(Zappa, Frank)-Alley Cat
Frank Zappa - Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It
Frank Zappa - St. Alfonzo's Pancake Brkfst..
Frank Zappa - Father O'blivion
[Zappa, Frank] - 914
[Zappa, Frank] - A Token Of My Extreme
[Zappa, Frank] - Another Dimension
[Zappa, Frank] - Aybe Sea
[Zappa, Frank] - Be-Bop Tango (TYS)
[Zappa, Frank] - Beat it with your fist
[Zappa, Frank] - Biaxident
Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown
Frank Zappa - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
[Zappa, Frank] - Catholic Girls
[Zappa, Frank] - Crew Slut
Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
[Zappa, Frank] - Didja Get Any Onya
Frank Zappa - Dirty Love
Frank Zappa - Disco Boy
[Zappa, Frank] - Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
[Zappa, Frank] - Duke Of Prunes
[Zappa, Frank] - Dupree's Paradise
[Zappa, Frank] - Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula
[Zappa, Frank] - Echidna's Arf (Of You)
[Zappa, Frank] - Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt or Wet T-Shirt Nite
Frank Zappa - Flakes
[Zappa, Frank] - G-Spot Tornado
Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime
Frank Zappa - Jewish Princess
[Zappa, Frank] - Joes Garage
[Zappa, Frank] - Little Umbrellas
Frank Zappa - Montana
[Zappa, Frank] - Naval Aviation In Art-
[Zappa, Frank] - On The Bus
[Zappa, Frank] - Outrage At Valdez
Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia
[Zappa, Frank] - Pedro's Dowry
Frank Zappa - Po-JamaPeople
[Zappa, Frank] - Regyptian Strut
[Zappa, Frank] - Run Home Slow Theme
[Zappa, Frank] - Scrutinizer Postlude
[Zappa, Frank] - Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
[Zappa, Frank] - Sleep Dirt
[Zappa, Frank] - Stairway to Heaven
[Zappa, Frank] - Stick It Out
[Zappa, Frank] - Teen-Age Prostitute
[Zappa, Frank] - The Central Scrutinizer
Frank Zappa - Tink Walks Amok
[Zappa, Frank] - Uncle Meat- Main Title Theme
Frank Zappa - Valley Girl
[Zappa, Frank] - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee
Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp
Zebra Head - Mindtrip
Zebrahead - All I Need
Zebrahead - Breathing Test
Zebrahead - Check
zebrahead - Chrome
Zebrahead - Feel This Way
Zebrahead - Fly Daze
Zebrahead - Get Back
Zebrahead - Hate
Zebrahead - I Am
Zebrahead - Jag Off
Zebrahead - Move On
Zebrahead - Now or Never
Zebrahead - Someday
Zebrahead - Swing
Zebrahead - The Real Me
Zebrahead - TIme
Zebrahead - Wannabe
Zebrahead - Waste Of Mind
Zebrahead - Wasted
ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses
ZZ-top - I Thank You
ZZ Top - La Grange
War - Low Rider.mp3
ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
ZZ Top - Tube Snake Boogie
ZZ Top - Viva Las Vegas
ZZ Top- Looking for Some Touch
ZZTop - Pearl neckless
ZZTop - Shes got leggs (1)
ZZTop - I'm Bad I'm Nationwide

Drizzten 20-03-2002 09:41 PM

317 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:10
Playlist length: 27 hours 17 minutes 55 seconds
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AFX - 000890569
AFX - 0180871L
AFX - 0180871R
AFX - 1993841
AFX - 215061
AFX - 55278037732581
AFX - 942937
AFX - AFX 6 8
AFX - CAT 00897-A1
AFX - CAT 00897-A2
AFX - CAT 00897-AA1
AFX - CD Only Track #1
AFX - CD Only Track #2
Aphex Twin - 73 Yips [On EP]
Aphex Twin - Actium
Aphex Twin - Ageispolis
Aphex Twin - Delphium
Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb [Donkey Rhubarb EP]
Aphex Twin - Green Calx
Aphex Twin - Hedphelym
Aphex Twin - Heliosphan
Aphex Twin - i
Aphex Twin - ICCT Hedral (Philip Glass orchestration) [Donkey Rhubarb EP]
Aphex Twin - On [On EP]
Aphex Twin - Pancake Lizard [Donkey Rhubarb EP]
Aphex Twin - Ptolemy
Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth
Aphex Twin - Respect List
Aphex Twin - Schottkey 7th Path
Aphex Twin - Tha
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Asthma Beats mix) [Ventolin Remix EP]
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Carharrack mix) [Ventolin Remix EP]
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Crowsmangegus mix edit) [Ventolin EP]
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Cylob mix) [Ventolin Remix EP]
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Deep Gong mix) [Ventolin Remix EP]
Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Marazavose mix edit) [Ventolin EP]
Aphex Twin - We are the Music Makers
Aphex Twin - Xtal
Autechre - 19 Headaches
Autechre - bine
Autechre - Blifil
Autechre - Calbruc
Autechre - cfern
Autechre - Cichli
Autechre - Cipater
Autechre - Drone
Autechre - eidetic casein
Autechre - Gaekwad
Autechre - Gelk
Autechre - Hub
Autechre - Inhake 2
Autechre - Konlied MX
Autechre - lentic catachresis
Autechre - Milk DX
Autechre - Nuane
Autechre - parhelic triangle
Autechre - pen expers
Autechre - Pule
Autechre - Recury
Autechre - Rettic AC
Autechre - sim gishel
Autechre - Stop Look Listen
Autechre - Tewe
Autechre - uviol
Autechre - VI scose poise
Bjork - Lilith (Plaid)
Blue Jam - Porn
Boards of Canada - amo bishop roden
Boards of Canada - An Eagle in Your Mind
Boards of Canada - Aquarius
Boards of Canada - Bocuma
Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling
Boards of Canada - in a beautiful place out in the country
Boards of Canada - Kaini Industries
Boards of Canada - kid for today
Boards of Canada - Olson
Boards of Canada - One Very Important Thought
Boards of Canada - Open the Light
Boards of Canada - Orange Romeda
Boards of Canada - Pete Standing Alone
Boards of Canada - ROYGBIV
Boards of Canada - Rue the Whirl
Boards of Canada - Sixtyten
Boards of Canada - Smokes Quantity
Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
Boards of Canada - The Color of the Fire
Boards of Canada - Triangles & Rhombuses
Boards of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Boards of Canada - Wildlife Analysis
Boards of Canada - zoetrope
Broadcast - Hammer Without a Master
Dusa'b Mebaxeb:n - Garfus
Ha-Lo - Theramin Carousel
ISDS - Faem
ISDS - Soft Fade (Acc3)
Jamie Lidell - Daddy's Car
Jamie Lidell - Entroscooper
Jimi Tenor - Wear My Bikini
Mark Bell - a Salute to Those People Who Say ---- You
Meat Beat Manifesto - 3 Floors Above You
Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again
Meat Beat Manifesto - Book of Shadows
Meat Beat Manifesto - Everything's Under Control
Meat Beat Manifesto - Funny Feeling
Meat Beat Manifesto - Hail to the Bopp
Meat Beat Manifesto - Let Go
Meat Beat Manifesto - Lets Have Fun
Meat Beat Manifesto - Oblivion/Humans
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (Dub)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (Edit)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (The Herbaliser Remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada)
Meat Beat Manifesto - The Thumb
Meat Beat Manifesto - The Tweek
Meat Beat Manifesto - Wavy Line
Meat Beat Manifesto - Where Are You?/Enuff
Meat Beat Manifesto - Wildlife
Mira Calix - Sparrow
Mira Calix - Umchunga Locks
Mount Florida - Lost in Satie
Mount Florida - Rock the Bukowski
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
Naohisa Furusawa - E++
Nightmares on Wax - Fishtail Parker
Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits (Radio Edit)
Nightmares on Wax - Smoker's Delight
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails mix)
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Plug mix)
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Spacetime Continuum mix)
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (The Orb mix)
Pan Sonic - Liuos
Panasonic - Parturi
Plaid - 3 Recurring
Plaid - Abla Eedio
Plaid - Air Locked
Plaid - Android
Plaid - Angry Dolphin
Plaid - Anything
Plaid - Assault on Precinct Zero
Plaid - Blah
Plaid - Bo Bootch
Plaid - Booc
Plaid - Bouncing Checks
Plaid - Buddy
Plaid - Chirpy
Plaid - Choke and Fly
Plaid - Churn Maiden
Plaid - Cold
Plaid - Dang Spot
Plaid - Dead Sea
Plaid - Eph
Plaid - Eshish
Plaid - Extork
Plaid - Eyen
Plaid - Fer
Plaid - Fly Wings
Plaid - Forever
Plaid - Gel Lab
Plaid - Getting
Plaid - Headspin
Plaid - Ilasas
Plaid - Jolly
Plaid - Kortisin
Plaid - Ladyburst
Plaid - Lamb's Eye
Plaid - Last Remembered Thing
Plaid - Lat
Plaid - Letter
Plaid - Light Rain
Plaid - Link
Plaid - Little People
Plaid - Manyme
Plaid - Milk
Plaid - Myopia
Plaid - New Bass Hippo
Plaid - New Family
Plaid - Norte Route
Plaid - Ooh Be Do
Plaid - Perplex
Plaid - Pino Pomo
Plaid - Porn Coconut Co
Plaid - Prague Radio
Plaid - Prig
Plaid - Rakimou
Plaid - Ralome
Plaid - Reishi
Plaid - Scoobs
Plaid - Scoobs in Colombia
Plaid - Seph
Plaid - Shackbu
Plaid - Silversum
Plaid - Sincetta
Plaid - Slice of Cheese
Plaid - Small Energies
Plaid - Soft Key
Plaid - Spudink
Plaid - Squance
Plaid - Summit
Plaid - Tak 1
Plaid - Tak 2
Plaid - Tak 3
Plaid - Tak 4
Plaid - Tak 5
Plaid - Tan Sau
Plaid - Tearisci
Plaid - Ti Bom
Plaid - Twin Home
Plaid - Uland
Plaid - Undoneson
Plaid - Uneasy Listening
Plaid - Whirling of Spirits
Plaid - Yak
Plaid - Zala
Plaid - Zamami
Plone - Plaything
Polygon Window - Quino - Phec
Polygon Window - Untitled
Prefuse73 - Nuno
Red Snapper - 4 Dead Monks (Original Demo)
Red Snapper - Bussing
Red Snapper - Get Some Sleep Tiger (Plaid)
Red Snapper - In Deep
Red Snapper - Keeping the Pigs Together
Red Snapper - Last One (DJ Food mx)
Red Snapper - ShellBack
Red Snapper - Some Kind of Kink
Red Snapper - Swank
Red Snapper - The Rough and the Quick
Red Snapper - They're Hanging Me Tonight
Squarepusher & AFX - Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid
Squarepusher - A Journey To Reedham (7am Mix)
Squarepusher - Boneville Occident
Squarepusher - Brain Bug
Squarepusher - Circular Flexing (Yee-King Mix)
Squarepusher - Co
Squarepusher - Come On My Selector
Squarepusher - Cranium Oxide
Squarepusher - Decathalon Oxide
Squarepusher - Dimotane Co
Squarepusher - Full Rinse (featuring MC Twin Tub)
Squarepusher - Future Gibbon
Squarepusher - Go! Spastic
Squarepusher - Goodnight Jade
Squarepusher - Greenways Trajectory
Squarepusher - I Was Livid
Squarepusher - I Wish You Could Talk
Squarepusher - Jacques Mal Chance (il n'a pas de chance)
Squarepusher - Kodak
Squarepusher - Lone Ravers (Live in Chelmsford mix)
Squarepusher - Massif (Stay strong)
Squarepusher - Metteng Excuske v1.2
Squarepusher - My ------- Sound
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
Squarepusher - North Circular
Squarepusher - Plaistow Flex Out
Squarepusher - Port Rhombus
Squarepusher - Problem Child
Squarepusher - Shin Triad (Wagonchrist Mix)
Squarepusher - Significant Others
Squarepusher - Smedley's Melody
Squarepusher - Song: Our Underwater Torch
Squarepusher - Square Rave
Squarepusher - Squarepusher Theme
Squarepusher - Tequila Fish
Squarepusher - The Barn (303 Kebab mix)
Squarepusher - The Body Builder (Dressing Gown Mix)
Squarepusher - The Exploding Psychology
Squarepusher - The Swifty
Squarepusher - Theme from Ernest Borgnine
Squarepusher - Tommib
Squarepusher - Tundra
Squarepusher - Two Bass Hit (ae Mix)
Squarepusher - U.F.O.'s over Leytonstone
Squarepusher - Windscale 2
Squarepusher - You're Going Down
Sync, Synthetic - Lapse
Tom Jenkinson & Andy Trex - Pulse Fiction (CL & DAVE mx)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle (Klart Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle (Simulant Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Bunker (Villalobos Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Circulation
Two Lone Swordsmen - Its Not The Worst (Lali Puna Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Neuflex (Decal Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Neuflex (Dry And Heavy Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Rotting Hill (Cause Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Rotting Hill (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminder No 1 (C-pij Remix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders No 1 (C-pij Remix Vocal)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders No 3 (Calexico Remix)
-Ziq - 27
-Ziq - Commemorative Pasta
-Ziq - Dance 2
-Ziq - Ethereal Murmurings
-Ziq - Gob bots
-Ziq - Hector's House
-Ziq - Make It Funky
-Ziq - Nettle + Pralines
-Ziq - Organic Tomato Yoghurt
-Ziq - Riostand
-Ziq - Sick Porter
-Ziq - Sick porter
-Ziq - The Metal Thing #3
-Ziq - The Wheel
-Ziq - Twangle Frent
-Ziq - Zombies
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Chinese Bakery
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Daughter of a Child
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino 1
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino 2
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino 3
-Ziq vs. The Auteurs - Underground Movies

This is my IDM/experimental/electronic noise list.

Drizzten 20-03-2002 09:45 PM

936 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:22
Playlist length: 68 hours 14 minutes 5 seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file.

A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras
A Perfect Circle - Brea
A Perfect Circle - Judith
A Perfect Circle - Magdalena
A Perfect Circle - Orestes
A Perfect Circle - Over
A Perfect Circle - Renholdr
A Perfect Circle - Rose
A Perfect Circle - Sleeping Beauty
A Perfect Circle - The Hollow
A Perfect Circle - Thinking of You
A Perfect Circle - Thomas
Alice In Chains - Angry Chair
Alice in Chains - Angry Chair (Unplugged)
Alice in Chains - Brother (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Alice In Chains - Dirt
Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole
Alice in Chains - Down in a Hole (Unplugged)
Alice in Chains - Frogs (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Godsmack
Alice in Chains - Got Me Wrong (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Hate To Feel
Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Iron Gland
Alice In Chains - Junkhead
Alice in Chains - Killer is Me (Unplugged)
Alice in Chains - No Excuses (Unplugged)
Alice in Chains - Over Now (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Rain When I Die
Alice in Chains - Nutshell (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Rooster
Alice in Chains - Rooster (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Sickman
Alice in Chains - Sludge Factory (Unplugged)
Alice In Chains - Them Bones
Alice In Chains - Would?
Alice in Chains - Would? (Unplugged)
Amorphis - Against Widows
Amorphis - Better Unborn
Amorphis - Cares
Amorphis - Elegy
Amorphis - My Kantele
Amorphis - My Kantele (acoustic reprise)
Amorphis - On Rich and Poor
Amorphis - Relief
Amorphis - Song of the Troubled One
Amorphis - The Orphan
Amorphis - Weeper on the Shore
Anthrax - American Pompeii
Anthrax - Bare
Anthrax - Belly of the Beast (Live)
Anthrax - Bring the Noise
Anthrax - Chromatic Death
Anthrax - Drop The Ball
Anthrax - Fueled
Anthrax - I'm the Man '91
Anthrax - In A Zone
Anthrax - Keep it in the Family (Live)
Anthrax - King Size
Anthrax - Mild (ode to Billy)
Anthrax - Nothing
Anthrax - Parasite
Anthrax - Perpetual Motion
Anthrax - Pipeline
Anthrax - Protest and Survive
Anthrax - Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
Anthrax - Riding Shotgun
Anthrax - Sects
Anthrax - Tester
Biohazard - Black And White And Red All Over
Biohazard - Business
Biohazard - Chamber Spins Three
Biohazard - Disease
Biohazard - Loss
Biohazard - Man With A Promise
Biohazard - Mistaken Identity
Biohazard - Punishment
Biohazard - Shades of Gray
Biohazard - Tears Of Blood
Biohazard - Urban Discipline
Biohazard - We're Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)
Biohazard - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Bjrk - 5 Years
Bjrk - Alarm Call
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Album Version)
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Funkstorung Exclusive Mix)
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Guy Sigsworth Mix)
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Plaid Mix)
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Strings)
Bjrk - All Is Full Of Love (Video Version)
Bjrk - All Neon Like
Bjrk - Bachelorette
Bjrk - Hunter
Bjrk - Immature
Bjrk - Joga
Bjrk - Pluto
Bjrk - Unravel
Bush - A Tendency To Start Fires
Bush - Bonedriven
Bush - Cold Contagious
Bush - Communicator
Bush - Distant Voices
Bush - Greedy Fly
Bush - History
Bush - Insect Kin
Bush - Mouth
Bush - Personal Holloway
Bush - Straight No Chaser
Bush - Swallowed
Bush - Synapse
Chemlab - Electric Molecular
Chemlab - Exile On Mainline
Chemlab - Exiled "Suck On This" Mix
Chemlab - Jesus Christ Porno Star
Chemlab - Latex
Chemlab - Lo-Grade Fever
Chemlab - Pink
Chemlab - Pyromance
Chemlab - Vera Blue (96/69)
Coal Chamber - Amir Of The Dessert
Coal Chamber - Big Truck
Coal Chamber - Bradley
Coal Chamber - Clock
Coal Chamber - Dreamtime
Coal Chamber - First
Coal Chamber - I
Coal Chamber - Loco
Coal Chamber - Maricon Puto
Coal Chamber - My Frustration
Coal Chamber - Oddity
Coal Chamber - Pig
Coal Chamber - Sway
Coal Chamber - Unspoiled
Cranberries - Daffodil Lament
Cranberries - Disappointment
Cranberries - Dreaming My Dreams
Cranberries - Empty
Cranberries - Everything I Said
Cranberries - I Can't Be With You
Cranberries - No Need To Argue
Cranberries - Ode To My Family
Cranberries - Ridiculous Thoughts
Cranberries - The Icicle Melts
Cranberries - Twenty One
Cranberries - Yeat's Grave
Cranberries - Zombie
Danzig - 777
Danzig - Am I Demon
Danzig - Blood And Tears
Danzig - Devil's Plaything
Danzig - End Of Time
Danzig - Evil Thing
Danzig - Girl
Danzig - Her Black Wings
Danzig - I'm The One
Danzig - Killer Wolf
Danzig - Long Way Back From Hell
Danzig - Mother
Danzig - Not Of This World
Danzig - Pain In The World
Danzig - Possession
Danzig - She Rides
Danzig - Snakes Of Christ
Danzig - Soul On Fire
Danzig - The Hunter
Danzig - Tired Of Being Alive
Danzig - Twist Of Cain
Days of the New -
Days of the New - Bring Yourself
Days of the New - Cling
Days of the New - Enemy
Days of the New - Face of the Earth
Days of the New - Flight Response
Days of the New - Freak
Days of the New - How Do You Know You?
Days of the New - I Think
Days of the New - Last One
Days of the New - Longfellow
Days of the New - Not the Same
Days of the New - Now
Days of the New - Phobics of Tragedy
Days of the New - Provider
Days of the New - Shelf in the Room
Days of the New - Skeleton Key
Days of the New - Solitude
Days of the New - Take Me Back Then
Days of the New - The Down Town
Days of the New - The Real
Days of the New - Touch, Peel and Stand
Days of the New - Weapon & the Wound
Days of the New - What's Left for Me?
Days of the New - Where I Stand
Days of the New - Whimsical
Deftones - 7 Words
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) LP Version
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) Remix
Deftones - Birthmark
Deftones - Birthmark (Live)
Deftones - Bored
Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)
Deftones - Digital Bath
Deftones - Elite
Deftones - Engine No.9
Deftones - Feiticeira
Deftones - Fireal
Deftones - Fist
Deftones - Knife Prty
Deftones - Korea
Deftones - Lifter
Deftones - Minus Blindfold
Deftones - Nosebleed
Deftones - One Weak
Deftones - Passenger
Deftones - Pink Maggit
Deftones - Root
Deftones - RX Queen
Deftones - Street Carp
Deftones - Teenager
Filter - Consider This
Filter - Dose
Filter - Gerbil
Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot
Filter - It's Over
Filter - So Cool
Filter - Spent
Filter - Stuck In Here
Filter - Take Another
Filter - Under
Filter - White Like That
Fiona Apple - A Mistake
Fiona Apple - Carrion
Fiona Apple - Criminal
Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can
Fiona Apple - Get Gone
Fiona Apple - I Know
Fiona Apple - Limp
Fiona Apple - Love Ridden
Fiona Apple - Never Is a Promise
Fiona Apple - On the Bound
Fiona Apple - Pale September
Fiona Apple - Paper Bag
Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer
Fiona Apple - Sleep to Dream
Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey
Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl
Fiona Apple - The Child Is Gone
Fiona Apple - The First Taste
Fiona Apple - The Way Things Are
Fiona Apple - To Your Love
Foo Fighters - Alone+Easy Target
Foo Fighters - Big Me
Foo Fighters - Doll
Foo Fighters - Enough Space
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Foo Fighters - Exhausted
Foo Fighters - February Stars
Foo Fighters - Floaty
Foo Fighters - For All The Cows
Foo Fighters - Good Grief
Foo Fighters - Hey, Johnny Park!
Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
Foo Fighters - My Hero
Foo Fighters - My Poor Brain
Foo Fighters - New Way Home
Foo Fighters - Oh, George
Foo Fighters - See You
Foo Fighters - This is a Call
Foo Fighters - Up in Arms
Foo Fighters - Walking After You
Foo Fighters - Wattershed
Foo Fighters - Weenie Beenie
Foo Fighters - Wind Up
Foo Fighters - X-Static
Gorillaz - 19-2000
Gorillaz - 5/4
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Gorillaz - Double Bass
Gorillaz - Dracula
Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
Gorillaz - Left Hand Suzuki Method
Gorillaz - M1 A1
Gorillaz - Man Research (Clapper)
Gorillaz - New Genious (Brother)
Gorillaz - Punk
Gorillaz - Re-Hash
Gorillaz - Rock The House
Gorillaz - Slow Country
Gorillaz - Sound Check (Gravity)
Gorillaz - Starshine
Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today
Green Day - 1,000 hours
Green Day - 16
Green Day - 409 In Your Coffeemaker
Green Day - At The Library
Green Day - Disappearing Boy
Green Day - Don't Leave Me
Green Day - Dry Ice
Green Day - Going To Pasalacqua
Green Day - Green Day
Green Day - I Want To Be Alone
Green Day - I Was There
Green Day - Knowledge
Green Day - Only of You
Green Day - Paper Lanterns
Green Day - Rest
Green Day - Road To Acceptance
Green Day - The Judge's Daughter
Green Day - The One I Want
Green Day - Why Do You Want Him?
Helmet - Beautiful Love
Helmet - Better
Helmet - Biscuits For Smut
Helmet - Clean
Helmet - FBLA II
Helmet - Give It
Helmet - He Feels Bad
Helmet - I Know
Helmet - In The Meantime
Helmet - Ironhead
Helmet - Milquetoast
Helmet - Overrated
Helmet - Role Model
Helmet - Rollo
Helmet - Sam Hell
Helmet - Speechless
Helmet - Street Crab
Helmet - The Silver Hawaiian
Helmet - Tic
Helmet - Turned Out
Helmet - Unsung
Helmet - Vaccination
Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow
Helmet - You Borrowed
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight (live)
Iron Maiden - Afraid to Shoot Strangers (live)
Iron Maiden - Be Quick or Be Dead (live)
Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter (live)
Iron Maiden - Can I Play with Madness (live)
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (live)
Iron Maiden - From Here to Eternity (live)
Iron Maiden - Hallowed By The Name (live)
Iron Maiden - Heaven Can Wait (live)
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (live)
Iron Maiden - Prowler (live)
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow (live)
Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (live)
Iron Maiden - Running Free (live)
Iron Maiden - Sanctuary (live)
Iron Maiden - Tailgunner (live)
Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant (live)
Iron Maiden - The Evil that Men Do (live)
Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast (live)
Iron Maiden - The Trooper (live)
Iron Maiden - Transylvania (live)
Iron Maiden - Wasting Love (live)
Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare (live)
Korn - 4U
Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S
Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Synchro Dub)
Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. (The Wet Dream Mix)
Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Under Pressure Mix)
Korn - All In The Family
Korn - Am I Going Crazy
Korn - Ass Itch
Korn - B.B.K.
Korn - Beg For Me
Korn - Cameltosis
Korn - Chi
Korn - Children Of The Korn
Korn - Counting
Korn - Dead
Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
Korn - Dirty
Korn - Falling Away From Me
Korn - Freak On A Leash
Korn - Good God
Korn - Got The Life
Korn - Got The Life(D.O.S.E Woolyback remix)
Korn - Got The Life(DeeJay Punck Roc Mix)
Korn - Hey Daddy
Korn - I can remember
Korn - It's Gonna Go Away
Korn - It's On
Korn - Justin
Korn - K@#0%!
Korn - Kill You
Korn - Let's Get This Party Started
Korn - Lost
Korn - LowRider
Korn - Make Me Bad
Korn - Mr. Rodgers
Korn - My Gift To You
Korn - No Place to Hide
Korn - No Way
Korn - Porno Creep
Korn - Pretty
Korn - Reclaim My Place
Korn - Seed
Korn - Somebody Someone
Korn - Swallow
Korn - Trash
Korn - Twist
Korn - Wake up
Korn - Wicked
Korn - Wicked (Tear The Roof Off Mix)
Korn - Wish You Could Be Me
Limp Bizkit - Clunk
Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit
Limp Bizkit - Everything
Limp Bizkit - Faith
Limp Bizkit - Indigo Flow
Limp Bizkit - Intro
Limp Bizkit - Leech (demo version)
Limp Bizkit - Nobody Loves Me
Limp Bizkit - Pollution
Limp Bizkit - Sour
Limp Bizkit - Stalemate
Limp Bizkit - Stink Finger
Limp Bizkit - Stuck
Machine Head - A Nation On Fire
Machine Head - A Thousand Lies
Machine Head - Block
Machine Head - Blood For Blood
Machine Head - Davidian
Machine Head - Death Church
Machine Head - I'm Your God Now
Machine Head - None But My Own
Machine Head - Old
Machine Head - Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
Machine Head - The Rage To Overcome
Megadeth - 502
Megadeth - Anarchy In The U.K.
Megadeth - Architecture of Aggression
Megadeth - Ashes In Your Mouth
Megadeth - Captive Honour
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth - Foreclosure of a Dream
Megadeth - High Speed Dirt
Megadeth - Hook In Mouth
Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
Megadeth - Into The Lungs Of Hell
Megadeth - Liar
Megadeth - Mary Jane
Megadeth - Psychotron
Megadeth - Set The World Afire
Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth - This Was My Life
Metallica - Am I Evil?
Metallica - Battery
Metallica - Blitzkrieg
Metallica - Breadfan
Metallica - Crash Course in Brain Surgery
Metallica - Damage Case
Metallica - Damage, Inc.
Metallica - Disposable Heroes
Metallica - Don't Tread on Me
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Metallica - Helpless
Metallica - Holier Than Thou
Metallica - Killing Time
Metallica - Last Caress / Green Hell
Metallica - Leper Messiah
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Metallica - My Friend of Misery
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Metallica - Of Wolf and Man
Metallica - Orion
Metallica - Overkill
Metallica - Sad but True
Metallica - So What
Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy
Metallica - Stone Dead Forever
Metallica - The God That Failed
Metallica - The Prince
Metallica - The Small Hours
Metallica - The Struggle Within
Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
Metallica - The Unforgiven
Metallica - The Wait
Metallica - Through the Never
Metallica - Too Late Too Late
Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
Ministry - Breathe
Ministry - Burning Inside
Ministry - Cannibal Song
Ministry - Corrosion
Ministry - Dream Song
Ministry - Faith Collapsing
Ministry - Grace
Ministry - Hero
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Ministry - Just One Fix
Ministry - N.W.O.
Ministry - Never Believe
Ministry - Psalm 69
Ministry - Scarecrow
Ministry - So What
Ministry - Test
Ministry - Thieves
Ministry - TV II
Nine Inch Nails - A Violet Fluid
Nine Inch Nails - All The Pigs, All Lined Up
Nine Inch Nails - Art of Self Destruction Final
Nine Inch Nails - Art of Self Destruction I
Nine Inch Nails - Art of Self Destruction II
Nine Inch Nails - At the Heart of it All
Nine Inch Nails - Beauty of Being Numb
Nine Inch Nails - Erased, Over, Out
Nine Inch Nails - Eraser
Nine Inch Nails - Eraser (polite)
Nine Inch Nails - Gave Up
Nine Inch Nails - Happiness in Slavery
Nine Inch Nails - Help Me I Am In Hell
Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
Nine Inch Nails - Last
Nine Inch Nails - March of The Pigs
Nine Inch Nails - Physical
Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
Nine Inch Nails - Pinion
Nine Inch Nails - Reptilian
Nine Inch Nails - Suck
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails - Underneath The Skin
Nine Inch Nails - Wish
Nirvana - About a Girl (Unplugged)
Nirvana - All Apologies (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Aneurysm (live)
Nirvana - Been a Son (live)
Nirvana - Blew (live)
Nirvana - Breed (live)
Nirvana - Come as You Are (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Drain You (live)
Nirvana - Dumb (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Heart-shaped Box (live)
Nirvana - Intro (live)
Nirvana - Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Lake of Fire (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Lithium (live)
Nirvana - Milk It (live)
Nirvana - Negative Creep (live)
Nirvana - Oh Me (Unplugged)
Nirvana - On a Plain (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Plateau (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Polly (live)
Nirvana - Polly (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice (live)
Nirvana - School (live)
Nirvana - Sliver (live)
Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit (live)
Nirvana - Something in the Way (Unplugged)
Nirvana - Spank Thru (live)
Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World (Unplugged)
Nirvana - tourette's (live)
Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Unplugged)
Our Lady Peace - 4am
Our Lady Peace - automatic flowers
Our Lady Peace - big dumb rocket
Our Lady Peace - car crash
Our Lady Peace - carnival
Our Lady Peace - clumsy
Our Lady Peace - hello oskar
Our Lady Peace - let you down
Our Lady Peace - shaking
Our Lady Peace - superman's dead
Our Lady Peace - the story of 100 aisles
Pantera - (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin
Pantera - 10's
Pantera - 13 Steps To Nowhere
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
Pantera - Clash With Reality
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Pantera - Domination
Pantera - Drag The Waters
Pantera - Floods
Pantera - Heresy
Pantera - Living Through Me (Hells' Wrath)
Pantera - Medicine Man
Pantera - Message In Blood
Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Pantera - Psycho Holiday
Pantera - Shattered
Pantera - Suicide Note Pt. I
Pantera - Suicide Note Pt. II
Pantera - The Art of Shredding
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera - The Sleep
Pantera - The Underground In America
Pantera - War Nerve
Pearl Jam - Animal
Pearl Jam - Around The Bend
Pearl Jam - Blood
Pearl Jam - Daughter
Pearl Jam - Dissident
Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Pearl Jam - Glorified G
Pearl Jam - Go
Pearl Jam - Habit
Pearl Jam - Hail, Hail
Pearl Jam - I'm Open
Pearl Jam - In My Tree
Pearl Jam - Indifference
Pearl Jam - Leash
Pearl Jam - Lukin
Pearl Jam - Mankind
Pearl Jam - Off He Goes
Pearl Jam - Present Tense
Pearl Jam - Rats
Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror
Pearl Jam - Red Mosquito
Pearl Jam - Smile
Pearl Jam - Sometimes
Pearl Jam - W.M.A.
Pearl Jam - Who You Are
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place
Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
Radiohead - Idioteque
Radiohead - In Limbo
Radiohead - Kid A
Radiohead - Morning Bell
Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack
Radiohead - Optimistic
Radiohead - The National Anthem
Radiohead - Treefingers
Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack
Rage Against the Machine - Bullet in the Head
Rage Against the Machine - Fistful of Steel
Rage Against the Machine - Freedom
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name
Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy
Rage Against the Machine - Settle For Nothing
Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back
Rage Against the Machine - Township Rebellion
Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up
Refused - Bruitist Pome #5
Refused - Liberation frequency
Refused - New noise
Refused - Protest song '68
Refused - Refused are ------- dead
Refused - Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine
Refused - Tannhauser / Derive
Refused - The Apollo programme was a hoax
Refused - The deadly rythm
Refused - The Refused Party program
Refused - The shape of punk to come
Refused - Worms of the senses / Faculties of the skull
Sepultura - (demonic laughing)
Sepultura - Altered State
Sepultura - Ambush
Sepultura - Amen
Sepultura - Arise
Sepultura - Attitude
Sepultura - Biotech Is Godzilla
Sepultura - Born Stubborn
Sepultura - Breed Apart
Sepultura - Canyon Jam
Sepultura - Clenched Fist
Sepultura - Cut-Throat
Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
Sepultura - Desperate Cry
Sepultura - Dictatorshit
Sepultura - Dusted
Sepultura - Endangered Species
Sepultura - Infected Voice
Sepultura - Itsari
Sepultura - Jasco
Sepultura - Kaiowas
Sepultura - Lookaway
Sepultura - Manifest
Sepultura - Meaningless Movements
Sepultura - Murder
Sepultura - Nomad
Sepultura - Propaganda
Sepultura - Ratamahatta
Sepultura - Refuse/Resist
Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots
Sepultura - Slave New World
Sepultura - Spit
Sepultura - Straighthate
Sepultura - Subtraction
Sepultura - Territory
Sepultura - The Hunt
Sepultura - Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
Sepultura - We Who Are Not As Others
Slayer - Behind The Crooked Cross
Slayer - Cleanse The Soul
Slayer - Dissident Aggressor
Slayer - Ghosts Of War
Slayer - Live Undead
Slayer - Mandatory Suicide
Slayer - Read Between The Lies
Slayer - Silent Scream
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Slayer - Spill The Blood
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Smashing Pumpkins - An Ode To No One
Smashing Pumpkins - Beautiful
Smashing Pumpkins - Blew Away
Smashing Pumpkins - Blue
Smashing Pumpkins - Bodies
Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Smashing Pumpkins - By Starlight
Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
Smashing Pumpkins - Cupid De Locke
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
Smashing Pumpkins - Farewell And Goodnight
Smashing Pumpkins - Frail and Bedazzled
Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos
Smashing Pumpkins - Geek U.S.A.
Smashing Pumpkins - Girl Named Sandoz
Smashing Pumpkins - Hello Kitty Kat
Smashing Pumpkins - Here Is No Why
Smashing Pumpkins - Hummer
Smashing Pumpkins - In The Arms Of Sleep
Smashing Pumpkins - Jellybelly
Smashing Pumpkins - La Dolly Vita
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
Smashing Pumpkins - Lily (My One And Only)
Smashing Pumpkins - Love
Smashing Pumpkins - Luna
Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins - Muzzle
Smashing Pumpkins - Obscured
Smashing Pumpkins - Pissant
Smashing Pumpkins - Plume
Smashing Pumpkins - Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
Smashing Pumpkins - Quiet
Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket
Smashing Pumpkins - Silverfuck
Smashing Pumpkins - Soma
Smashing Pumpkins - Soothe
Smashing Pumpkins - Spaceboy
Smashing Pumpkins - Spaced
Smashing Pumpkins - Starla
Smashing Pumpkins - Stumbleine
Smashing Pumpkins - Sweet Sweet
Smashing Pumpkins - Take Me Down
Smashing Pumpkins - Tales Of A Scorched Earth
Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty-three
Smashing Pumpkins - Thru The Eyes Of Ruby
Smashing Pumpkins - To Forgive
Smashing Pumpkins - Today
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
Smashing Pumpkins - We Only Come Out At Night
Smashing Pumpkins - Where Boys Fear To Tread
Smashing Pumpkins - Whir
Smashing Pumpkins - X.Y.U.
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero

Rock/metal/alternative list, part one.

Drizzten 20-03-2002 09:46 PM

Part two.

Soul Coughing - 4 out of 5
Soul Coughing - Blueeyed Devil
Soul Coughing - Bus to Beelzebub
Soul Coughing - Casiotone Nation
Soul Coughing - City of Motors
Soul Coughing - Collapse
Soul Coughing - Disseminated
Soul Coughing - Down To This
Soul Coughing - How Many Cans?
Soul Coughing - Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
Soul Coughing - Janine
Soul Coughing - Lazybones
Soul Coughing - Moon Sammy
Soul Coughing - Mr. Bitterness
Soul Coughing - Paint
Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues
Soul Coughing - Sleepless
Soul Coughing - Soft Serve
Soul Coughing - Soundtrack To Mary
Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz
Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
Soul Coughing - Supra Genius
Soul Coughing - The Idiot Kings
Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita
Soul Coughing - Uh, Zoom Zip
Soul Coughing - White Girl
Soundgarden - 4th of July
Soundgarden - An Unkind
Soundgarden - Applebite
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Soundgarden - Blow Up The Outside World
Soundgarden - Boot Camp
Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand
Soundgarden - Dusty
Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days
Soundgarden - Fresh Tendrils
Soundgarden - Half
Soundgarden - Head Down
Soundgarden - Kickstand
Soundgarden - Let Me Drown
Soundgarden - Like Suicide
Soundgarden - Limo Wreck
Soundgarden - Mailman
Soundgarden - My Wave
Soundgarden - Never Named
Soundgarden - Never The Machine Forever
Soundgarden - No Attention
Soundgarden - Overfloater
Soundgarden - Pretty Noose
Soundgarden - Rhinosaur
Soundgarden - Spoonman
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Soundgarden - Switch Opens
Soundgarden - The Day I Tried To Live
Soundgarden - Tighter & Tighter
Soundgarden - Ty Cobb
Soundgarden - Zero Chance
Static-X - ..In A Bag
Static-X - A Dios Alma Perdida
Static-X - Bien Venidos
Static-X - Black And White
Static-X - Burn To Burn
Static-X - Cold
Static-X - Get To The Gone
Static-X - Machine
Static-X - Otsego Undead
Static-X - Permanence
Static-X - Structural Defect
Static-X - This Is Not
Stone Temple Pilots - "Unglued"
Stone Temple Pilots - Army Ants
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman
Stone Temple Pilots - Creep
Stone Temple Pilots - Dead & Bloated
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Stone Temple Pilots - Kitchenware & Candybars
Stone Temple Pilots - Lounge Fly
Stone Temple Pilots - Meat Plow
Stone Temple Pilots - Naked Sunday
Stone Temple Pilots - No Memory
Stone Temple Pilots - Piece of Pie
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic Take 1)
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic Take 2)
Stone Temple Pilots - Pretty Penny
Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman
Stone Temple Pilots - Sin
Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains
Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline
Stone Temple Pilots - Wet my Bed
Stone Temple Pilots - Where The River Goes
Stone Temple Pilots - Wicked Garden
The Offspring - Bad Habit
The Offspring - Burn It Up
The Offspring - Come Out and Play
The Offspring - Dirty Magic
The Offspring - Forever And A Day
The Offspring - Genocide
The Offspring - Get It Right
The Offspring - Gotta Get Away
The Offspring - Hypodermic
The Offspring - It'll Be a Long Time
The Offspring - Kick Him When He's Down
The Offspring - Killboy Powerhead
The Offspring - L.A.P.D.
The Offspring - Nitro [ Youth Energy ]
The Offspring - No Hero
The Offspring - Not the One
The Offspring - Nothing From Something
The Offspring - Self Esteem
The Offspring - Session
The Offspring - Smash
The Offspring - So Alone
The Offspring - Something To Believe In
The Offspring - Take It Like A Man
The Offspring - Time to Relax
The Offspring - We Are One
The Offspring - What Happened to You?
Tool - (-) Ions
Tool - Cesaro Summability
Tool - Die Eier Von Satan
Tool - Eulogy
Tool - forty six and 2
Tool - H.
Tool - Hooker With A Penis
Tool - Intermission
Tool - Jimmy
Tool - Merkaba (Live)
Tool - Message To Harry Manback
Tool - Message To Harry Manback II
Tool - No Quarter
Tool - Part Of Me (Live)
Tool - Pushit
Tool - Pushit (Live)
Tool - Stinkfist
Tool - Third Eye
Tool - Third Eye (Live)
Tool - Useful Idiot
Tool - You Lied (Live)
Tool - nema
Tori Amos - Agent Orange
Tori Amos - Beauty Queen/Horses
Tori Amos - Blood Roses
Tori Amos - Caught A Lite Sneeze
Tori Amos - Doughnut Song
Tori Amos - Father Lucifer
Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter
Tori Amos - In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Tori Amos - Little Amsterdam
Tori Amos - Marianne
Tori Amos - Mr. Zebra
Tori Amos - Muhammad My Friend
Tori Amos - Not The Red Baron
Tori Amos - Professional Widow
Tori Amos - Putting The Damage On
Tori Amos - Talula
Tori Amos - Twinkle
Tori Amos - Way Down
White Zombie - Black Sunshine
White Zombie - Cosmic Monsters Inc.
White Zombie - Grindhouse (A Go-Go)
White Zombie - I Am Legend
White Zombie - Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A)
White Zombie - Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B)
White Zombie - One Big Crunch
White Zombie - Soul-Crusher
White Zombie - Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)
White Zombie - Starface
White Zombie - Thrust!
White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65
White Zombie - Warp Asylum
White Zombie - Welcome To Planet ------------ / Psychoholic Slag

I still have quite a few CDs to convert to MP3.

TradeMark 20-03-2002 09:59 PM

O joy a thread where everyone tries to top each others size. yay.

2246 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:19
Estimated playlist length: 199 hours 21 minutes 4 seconds
(1 track of unknown length)


Akira - Kaneda
Akira - 08 - exodus from the underground fortress
Akira - Geinoh Yamashirogumi - 09 - Illusion
akira - tetsuo
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper Reprise-A Day in T
Beatles - Day In the Life
Beatles - Any Time At All
Beatles - Come Together
Beatles - Abbey Road - entire album
Beatles - Golden Slumbers
Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard
Lentos-The Beatles - Oh! Darling
The Beatles - Polythene Pam
Beatles - Abbey Road - She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
Beatles - Sun King
Beatles - The End
Beatles - Abbey Road - You Never Give Me Your Money
Beatles - Abbey Road Medley
Beatles - Abbey Road Side 2 Medley (Rare Short Version)
Beatles - Anthology3 - All Things Must Pass
Beatles - Anthology3 - Because
Beatles - Anthology3 - Octopus's Garden
Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun
Beatles - Gone Tomorrow Here Today
Beatles - don't let me down
Beatles - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Beatles - Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Beatles - Free As A Bird
The Beatles - Glad All Over
Beatles - Golden Slumbers (Carry That Weight/The End)
The Beatles - Hallelujah, I Love Her So
Beatles - Help! - Another Girl
Beatles - Help! - You're Going To Lose That Girl
Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love..
Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
Beatles - Hey Jude
Beatles - How Do You Do It
Beatles - If I Fell in Love with You
Beatles - I'll Be back (demo)
The Beatles - I'll Be Back (Complete)
Beatles, The - It's All Too Much
Beatles - It's Only Love
Beatles - I've Just Seen A Face
Beatles - Let It Be - Across The Universe
Beatles - Long Tall Sally
Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Beatles - The Fool On The Hill
Beatles - Baby You're A Rich Man
Beatles - Blue Jay Way
Beatles - Flying
Beatles - I Am The Walrus
Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour - Strawberry Fields Forever
Beatles - Your Mother Should Know
Beatles - Matchbox
Beatles - Maybe I'm Amazed
Beatles - Money (That's What I Want)
The Beatles - Not Guilty
John Lennon - It's Not Too Bad
Beatles - Paperback Writer
Beatles - Past Masters Volume One - 05 - I'll Get You
Beatles - Please Mr. Postman
Beatles - A Taste Of Honey
Beatles - Please Please Me - Anna (Go To Him)
Beatles - Do You Want To Know a Secret
Beatles - Please Please Me - Misery
The Beatles - please please me
Beatles - Real Love
Beatles - Revolution (Acoustic)
Beatles - Revolution
Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing
Beatles - Doctor Robert
Beatles - Here, There, And Everywhere
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
Beatles - Revolver - TaxMan
Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Beatles - Rubber Soul - Girl
The Beatles - If I Needed Someone
The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
Beatles - In My Life
Beatles - Rubber Soul - Michelle
Beatles - Norweigan Wood
Beatles - Rubber Soul - Nowhere man
Beatles - Run For Your Life
Beatles - Rubber Soul - The Word
Beatles - Think For Yourself
Beatles - Wait
Beatles - Rubber Soul - What Goes On
Beatles - You Won't See Me
The Beatles - "Sea of Holes" - The George Martin Orchestra
Beatles - Sgt, Pepper's - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
Beatles - Within You Without You
Beatles - A Little Help From My Friends
The Beatles - Fixing A Hole
Beatles - Its Getting Better
The Beatles - Good Morning Good Morning
Beatles - Lonely Hearts Club Band (Repri
Beatles - Lovely Rita
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's - When I'm Sixty Four
Beatles - Within You Without You
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper
The Beatles - She's Leaving Home
The Beatles - Sweet Litlle Sixteen
The Beatles - The Honeymoon Song
Beatles - The White Album 1 - Back in the USSR
Beatles - The White Album 1 - Blackbird
Beatles - The White Album 1 - Dear Prudence
Beatles - Don't Pass Me By
Beatles - Glass Onion
Beatles - The White Album 1 - Happiness is a Warm Gun
Beatles - i will
Beatles - The White Album 1 - I'm So Tired
Beatles - Julia
Beatles - Martha My Dear
Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Beatles - Piggies
Beatles - Rocky Raccoon
Beatles - The White Album 1 - The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
Beatles - The White Album 1 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Beatles - Why Don't We Do it in the Road
Beatles - Birthday
Beatles - The White Album 2 - Cry Baby Cry
Beatles - Good Night
Beatles - The White Album 2 - Helter Skelter
Beatles - Honey Pie
Beatles - Long, Long, Long
Beatles - Mother Nature's Son
Beatles - Revolution 1
The Beatles - Revolution 9
Beatles - The White Album 2 - Savoy Truffle
Beatles - Sexy Sadie
Beatles - The White Album 2 - Yer Blues
Beatles - The White Album 2 (Complete Album)
The Beatles - This Boy
Beatles - Till there Was you
Beatles - To Know Her Is To Love Her (extremely rare)
The Beatles - 20-Crying, Waiting, Hoping
The Beatles - 26-I Got A Woman
Beatles - All My Loving
The Beatles - Don't Bother Me
Beatles - Wanna be Your man
Beatles - Not A Second Time
The Beatles - You Really Got A Hold On Me
Beatles - Yellow Submarine - Hey Bulldog
The Beatles - You Can't Do That
The Beatles - Young Blood
Beatles - For No One
Yoko Kanno + the Seatbelts - Piano Black
Yoko Kanno - WALTZ for ZIZI
Yoko Kanno - FELT TIP PEN
Yoko Kanno - American Money
Yoko Kanno + the Seatbelts - Cat Blues
Cowboy Bebop - Memory
Yoko Kanno - Odd Ones
Yoko Kanno - Words That We Couldn't Say
Yoko Kanno - Spy
Seatbelts w/Mai Yamane - Blue
Yoko Kanno - ELM
Cowboy Bebop - Tank
Yoko Kanno + the Seatbelts - Pot City
Cowboy Bebop - Rain
Cowboy Bebop - Rush
Cowboy Bebop - Space Lion
Cowboy Bebop - Yoko Kanno - The Egg and I
Kanno Yoko - Doggy Dog
Cowboy Bebop OST 2- 11- Green Bird
Yoko Kanno - Fantaisie Sign
Cowboy Beebop Ballad Of A Fallen Angel
YOKO KANNO - Dance of curse II
Yoko Kanno - Flying Dragon
Escaflowne - Lovers Only - Zaibach
Yoko Kanno - End Song
YOKO KANNO - Final Vision
George Clinton - Soul Bossa Nova
Cowboy Bebop - Go Go Cactus Man
Macross Plus - Voices (English)
Yoko Kanno - Black Escaflowne
Kanno Yoko - Forever Broke
Yoko Kanno - THE REAL MAN
Yoko Kanno - CALL ME CALL ME
Yoko Kanno - Colors
Yoko Kanno - Sora
Yoko Kanno - Sora's Folktale
Hajime Mizoguchi - Grace
(13) Dali's Car - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Captain Beefheart - Safe as milk
Captain Beefheart - 15 - Sheriff of Hong Kong
Captain Beefheart - Ah Feel Like Ahcid
Captain Beefheart/Magic Band - Ashtray Heart
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - China Pig
Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot
artist - captain beefheart - crazy little thing
Captain Beefheart - Dachau Blues
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Captain Beefheart - Electricity
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - Frownland
Captain Beefheart - Grown So Ugly
Captain Beefheart - Hair pie- bake 1
Captain Beefheart - Hard Workin' Man
captain beefheart - I Love You, You Big Dummy
captain beefheart - long neck bottles
Captain Beefheart - Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish [Trout Mask Replica]
Captain Beefheart - 81 Poop Hatch
Captain Beefheart - Grown So Ugly
Captain Beefheart - Safe as Milk
Captain Beefheart - Same Old Blues
Captain Beefheart and The Magi - Tropical Hot Dog Night
Captain Beefheart - Pena
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Sugar 'n Spikes
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Bills Corpse
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Spotlight Kid - Clear Spot
Captain Beefheart - Diddy-Wah-Diddy
Captain Beefheart - Moonlight on Vermont
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Safe as Milk - 06 - El
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - Yellow Brick Road
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Ella Guru
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - Ant Man Bee
Captain Beefheart and His Magi - When Big Joan Sets Up
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - When Big Joan Sets Up
Captain Beefheart - Moonlight on Vermont
Captain Beefheart - Abbazabba
Captain Beefheart - Evil
Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes Are Blue
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian
Captain Beefheart - Sweet Sweet Bulbs
Dust Blows Forward
Elastic Goldfish - Demons Make Good Housepets
artist - Track 10
white stripes - SubPop 7inch Captain Beefheart
Savatage - Of Rage and War
Savatage - Prelude To Madness
Savatage - 24 Hours Ago
Bela Fleck and the flecktones- Victor Wooten - Bass Solo (awesome)
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Lochs of Dread
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - New South Africa
Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Stomping Grounds
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Throwdown at the Hoedown
Medeski Martin & Wood - It's A Jungle In Here
Led Zeppelin - Good Times, Bad Times
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - A Celtic Medley
Bla Fleck and the Flecktones - Cheeseballs in Cowtown
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Hurricane Camille
Bla Fleck and the Flecktones - Sojourn Of Arjuna
Bla Fleck And The Flecktones - Road House Blues
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - The Sinister Minister
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Victor Wooten - Norwegian Wood
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- Sea Brazil
bluegrass- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Showdown at the Hoedown
Classical - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Savatage) - Mephistopheles
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Sunset Road
Savatage - Desire (Acoustic piano Version)
Savatage - Wishing Well
Savatage - Agony And Ecstasy
Savatage - Alone You Breathe
Savatage - Anymore
Savatage - Believe
Savatage - Believe
Savatage - Beyond the doors of the dark
Savatage - Bohemian Rhapsody(live)
Savatage - Chance
Savatage - Christmas Eve Sarajevo
Savatage - Commissar
Savatage - This Isn't What We Meant
Savatage - All That I Bleed
SAVATAGE edge of thorns
Savatage - Edge Of Thorns
Savatage - The Edge Of Midnight
Savatage - Red Light Paradise
Savatage - Forever After
Savatage - Gutter Ballet
Savatage - Last Dawn
Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King
Savatage - Hounds
Savatage - Hyde
Savatage - If I Go Away
Savatage - Intro!!s
Savatage - Jesus Saves
Savatage - New York City Don't Mean Nothing
Savatage - Morphine child
Savatage - Mozart and madness
Savatage - Not What You See
Savatage - The Dungeons
Savatage - Overture
Savatage - Sirens
Savatage - Sleep
Savatage - Stay
Savatage - Strange Wings
Savatage - Summer's Rain
Savatage - The Storm
Savatage - The Hourglass
Savatage - Voyage
Savatage - Wake of Magellan
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Sava - Mozart Figaro
Savatage -06 Visions!!s
Savatage - Judas Priest Cover - Electric Eye
Savatage - Holocaust
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Sava - Ithe Dreams of Candlelight
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Overture
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Sava - The Dark
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - UFO Tofu
Blues Brothers - Flip, Flop & Fly
Blues Brothers - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Blues Brothers - Gimmie Some Lovin'
Blues Brothers - Hey Bartender
Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock
Blues Brothers - Money (That's What I Want)
Blues Brothers - Peter Gunn Theme
Blues Brothers - Rawhide
Blues Brothers - Rubber Biscuit
Blues Brothers - Shake A Tail Feather
Blues Brothers - Soul Man
Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago
Blues Brothers - Theme Song
Blues Brothers - Minnie The Moocher
Blues Brothers 2000 - Cheaper to Keep Her
Blues Brothers 2000 - Ghost Rider In the Sky
Blues Brothers 2000 (Jonny Lang) - 634-5789
Blues Brothers 2000 Soundtrack - 16 - The Louisianna Gator Boys - How Blue Can You Get
Blues Brothers and The Louisia - Mississippi Queen
Blues Brothers - Green Onions
Boston - Amanda
Boston - Cool the Engines
Boston - Don't Look Back
Boston - Foreplay Long Time
Boston - It's Been Such a Long Time
Boston - Let Me Take You Home Tonight
Boston - More Than A Feeling
Boston - Peace of Mind
Boston - rock &roll band
Boston - Smokin'
Boston Pops - Lawrence Of Arabia Overture
The Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
the blues brothers - funky nassau
Blues Brothers - The Lousiana Gator Boys
007 - Monty Norman Orchestra - Dr. No - James Bond Theme
John Barry Orchestra, The - On her majestys secret service
Aha - The Living Daylights
Best of Bond James Bond - 11 - Matt Monro - From Russia with Love
Gladys Knight - License To Kill
Various Artists - Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever
Duran Duran - A View To A Kill
Various Artists - You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinatra
Duran Duran - License To Kill
Garbage - The World Is Not Enough
Theme - Bond - Moonraker - Shirley Bassey
Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack - Dammit Janet
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction Double Feature
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Theres A Light
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp (1)
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me
Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies
Shirley Bassey - Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Bond - James Bond 007
Tina Turner - GoldenEye
Tom Jones - Thunderball
Richard O'Brien - Science Fiction - Double Feature- Reprise
Credence Clearwater Revival - Green River
Jim Croche - Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Credence Clearwater Revival - Born on a Bayou
CCR - Down on the Corner
CCR - Fortunate Son
CCR - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi
CCR - Mustang Sally
CCR - Old Time Rock and Roll
CCR - Proud Mary
CCR - Rolling on the River
ccr - SusieQ
Creedence Clearwater Revival - The Midnight Special
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' band
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop The Rain
CCR Lookin' Out My Back Door
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
CCR - I Heard It Through The Grapevi
Jim Croce - Alabama Rain
Jim Croce - I Got A Name
Jim Croche - I Have To Say I Love You in a Song.mp3
Jim Croche - Mr. Bojangles
Jim Croche - Old Man River
Jim Croche - Operator
Jim Croche - Photographs and Memories
Jim Croche - Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)
Jim Croche - Time In A Bottle
Jim Croche - Workin At The Car Wash Blues
Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Remember The Titans CCR Up Around The Bend
Loreena McKennitt - C H Mise Le Ulaingt? - The Two Trees
Loreena McKennitt - 05 - Full Circle
Loreena McKennitt - All Soul's Night
Loreena McKennitt - Annachie Gordon
Loreena McKennitt - Skellig
Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer
AlbumWrap - Loreena Mckennitt - AlbumWrap Album
Loreena McKennitt - Annachie Gordon
Loreena McKennitt - Skellig
Loreena McKennitt - The Book Of Secrets (Album)(1)
Loreena McKennitt - The Highwayman
Loreena McKennitt-The Lady of Shalott
Ozzy Osbourne w/ Dweezil Zappa - Stayin' Alive
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Blackbird (Beatles cover)
Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa - The Peavey Medley (70s)
Dweezil Zappa - Les Toreadors
Eddie Vedder - You've got to hide your love away
Tool - Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover snuh LIVE)
u2 & bob dylan - Rain (Beatles cover live)
Bob Dylan - All the Tired Horses
Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me
Bob Dylan - Simple Twist Of Fate
The Doors - Dawn's Highway
Jim Morrison & The Doors - Newborn Awakening
The Rolling Stones - That's How Strong My Love Is
Bob Dylan - Outlaw Blues
Bob Dylan - Gates Of Eden
Bob Dylan - Yesterday.mp3
Bob Dylan - Blowing in the Wind
Bob Dylan - Friend Of The Devil (acoustic) - Live '96- East Lansing - Ann Arbor (2)
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited - 02 - Tombstone Blues
Bob Dylan - Queen Jane Approximately
Bob Dylan - House of the Rising Sun
Bob Dylan - Hurricane
Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
Bob Dylan - Mr. Bo Jangles
Bob Dylan - Mr. Tamborine Man
Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women
Bob Dylan - Ring Of Fire
Bob Dylan - Shelter From the Storm
Bob Dylan - Stuck In The Middle With You
Dylan, Bob - Subterranean Homesick Blues
Bob Dylan - Summer Days
Bob Dylan - The Man in me
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind - 04 - Million Miles
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind - 05 - Tryin' To Get To Heaven
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind - 07 - Not Dark Yet
Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower
Bob Dylan and Johny Cash - You Are My Sunshine (live '69)
Bob Dylan w Emmylou Harris - My blue eyed Jane
Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned
Bruce Springsteen - Forever Young (live) (with bob
the Doors - Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Doors - Brake On Through
Doors - The Doors - Hello I Love You
Doors - Love Me Two Times
The Doors - Love street
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
The Doors - Peace Frog
Doors - End, The
Doors - People are Strange
Bob Dylan - Cry Awhile
Jim Morrison - Doors - AWAKE.{IS EVERYBODY IN-}.{POETRY}.320
Jim Morrison - Angels and Sailors
Jim Morrison - Curses, Invocation
Jim Morrison & the Doors - An American Prayer - 16 - The hitchhiker
Jim Morrison & The Doors - An American Prayer - 17 - An American Prayer
Jim Morrison - A Feast of Friends
jim morrison & the doors - the movie
Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
The Doors - Back Door Man
Doors - House of the Rising Sun
The Doors - L.A. Woman
Doors - Run With ME
The Doors - Touch Me
the doors - twentieth century fox
The Doors - When The Music's Over
Doors - Light My Fire
Travelling Willburys - George Harrison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan,Roger Mc Guinn)
Van Morrison & Bob Dylan - Crazy Love

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