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fasad 16-10-2005 11:09 AM

SLI/video card dramas
my brother's pc has been causing troubles (like everything else he buys), and as the closest "nerd-of-kin" i'm expected to spend my sunday night fixing it...

anyway, his pc runs the accursed asus a8n-sli deluxe with 2 6600gts. now that we've fixed the raid controller dramas, it's decided to have massive graphical troubles :
- every second frame seems to be covered in 20% opaque green noise. this only happens in fullscreen 3d games (rome-tw and quake3 = directx/opengl??).
- corrupt 2d video playback in game. 2d video outside of game is perfect.
- quake3 can be windowed and runs perfectly. civ3 runs perfectly fullscreen.
- disabling sli removes the problem.
- directX9 eye candy runs perfectly in fullscreen. (maybe not using sli??)
- underclocking gpu + video ram doesn't fix problem (never over/underclocked before)
- happens immediately after cold booting (not heat??)
- the system has been running for 8 months, with no gfx trouble
- it's not the monitor or video out port/socket/thing
- done the driver thing
- checking hardware tomorrow
- i'm tired and grumpy

i've never seen a dieing video card in action, but from the searches i've done tonight, small momentary green flashes seem to be the more common symptom, rather than selective corruption of the entire frame???

so, what i'm asking is really one simple thing really :
- is this normal behaviour for dieing/cooked ram on a video card??

good night all : )

ATh 17-10-2005 04:13 AM

my guess would be something up witht he hardware.... :)

my vid card started acting up all of a sudden and it had to be returned.

Try 2 different vid cards and see if the problems occur. if so then it is the mobo. if not one or both cards have a problem.

not sure where you would get 2 different cards from though. at least agp you often have an old card lying around to test.


fasad 17-10-2005 09:37 AM

hey man, it's been a while!

the joy of his system is it uses two video cards as is, so testing that will be easy.. but i was too busy do that today : )

when your card went, did you get small blobs or fullscreen interference?

ATh 18-10-2005 05:46 AM

yeah wondering how you were.

Me? i got a whole range of problems. Snow, funny colours, problems booting. Lost the HDD...

Put it into my other machine, even the bios loadup was unreadable. then it would beep and reboot.

Knew it wasnt my mobo because i put my old 9200se in and it worked fine.

Got a whole new card so there was something up with it.

Anyhow not the usual symptoms of a dead card is what i got. The HDD one threw me off for a while. I really thouhgt it was my mobo.


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