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MeMyself 24-05-2012 11:47 PM

Here's one I was not too sure of at first.

Blassreiter is on a four disc set with six episodes per disc. I finished disc 1, episodes 1-6.

Dead people are coming back to life as amalgams, robot like creatures that kill normal people. Except that motorcycle racing champ Gerd is not dead, but can turn into an amalgam who kills other amalgams. But is he really the hero?

The first three episodes start badly relying on cliches to tell the story. But by episode 6, there are sub-plots, mystery characters and unexpected twists. It is just enough to keep me interested in finishing the series. Oh, and the action sequences are well done.

After watching the first two episodes twice, once in English and once in Japanese with subtitles, I decided to go only with the English version. The subtitles with the Japanese version seem incomplete.

I will comment further when I have seen more of the series. If anyone else wants to comment, please no spoilers!

MeMyself 31-05-2012 09:40 PM

I finished disc 2, episodes 7-12, which completes part 1 of the series. Things happen pretty fast and get complicated quickly.

Malik, a bullied schoolboy, gets revenge, but with unforeseen tragic consequences. Joseph, a human amalgam, is thought to be the villain, but some villains turn out to be heroes and some heroes villains. The XAT continues to fight to protect humans from these monsters, but an act of betrayal could destroy them all. There is a scientist with a bitching hot body, who is a bit of a bitch and maybe worse? A major character dies changing the entire series focus. Actually a lot of people die changing the focus. All that is at stake is the survival of the human race.

There is a lot of blood and profanity. There is also one sex scene. So this is not an anime you would play for the kids before bedtime.

So now I am really into this series. I have to watch part 2. So more later.

MeMyself 10-06-2012 11:44 PM

I finished the first disc of part 2, episodes 13-18. XAT member Amanda seems ready to team up with Joseph, after Joseph gives her his back story. But soon they both make a deal with the devil -- or in this case the Knights Templar, existing in the shadows for centuries, but now rising to take the lead in the battle against the amalgams. Soon everyone's plans go wrong.

The battles get furious, but there is bound to be more to come. Hey, there are six more chapters left.

The only problem is that the story takes on the cliche of bringing dead characters back to life -- not all of them, but more than enough. Still even here there is a bit of a twist.

I will give my final review when I finish the next and last disc.

MeMyself 13-06-2012 11:18 PM

I have now finished the series. Characters are dying off one by one leading up to the final confrontation between Joseph and his arch enemy Xargin. The action sequences in the final episode are great, so the series really ends with a bang.

On the down side, we get a bit of confusing philosophy suddenly thrown in just before a rather predictable ending.

All the pieces are there. Sometimes they come together, and sometimes they don't. Overall, I will rate Blassreiter a bit better than average, but not quite as good as it good have been. But if you like action, you probably won't be disappointed.

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