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dudumiaomiao 04-05-2009 10:26 PM

Making Money guide
Hey folks, Iím a pretty new person here but I was looking on some information on how to make money. On my tour here i put some information together. I donít want credit for these infos please because Iím only putting all the ways I have found out together in one thread thatís all. Credits go to every person who has posted each way.
You are welcome to respond and add more ways and I will edit this post and put them into one post. You will be credited as well.

Lets start then, from what I read you can do the following:

- Kill Elite Mobs from Realm 2 - 15, sell diplomatic items dropped by them (donít know prices but seem high for some of the items) also elite mobs drop a random amount of silver.

- If I got that right, you can Sell Puzzle Pieces for 1 Gold each?? need confirmation on this.

- At level 20 you can do moon/star quest. Find a partner of the opposite gender that you can trade with daily. Gets you 90 Silver. Amount increases the higher you get? confirmation please

- In higher levels you can solo Dungeons I guess. just the mobs alone appearantly drop 1 silver each? for the first dungeon id suggest a lvl of 30 since its minimum requirements are 15-25 and not all classes can solo it within that range..

- You can buy Fog's for low and sell them for higher. I donít know how much they go for but I guess it will be around a couple silver maybe checking out the market would help. Also can farm some Fog's and sell.

- Possessing over night. Donít know how exactly that would work.. do you stand in town or what? Maybe someone could give infos on that.

- Some monster cards can be sold for 1G especially if thereís a collector looking for them, you can sell for high.

- Apparently you can sell reputation items dropped by monsters. Not sure how much it go for.

I guess thatís about it.

Donít judge me if something in these infos is incorrect as Iím not really the author of all these money making ideas. Credits go to everyone who has made an input on this all around this section.

More ideas and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to add more.
Also feel free to give confirmation or further infos or price ranges.

Hope this helps you people out there.. And I hope it helps me too
The source is .:)

Tsunami-X 02-06-2009 01:14 PM

Is this for the warhammer mmorpg?

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