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verilix 22-10-2009 07:16 AM

English Anime Site
Hey everyone,

I own Animepalm/run it with two friends. We have forums with a couple thousand members, and have about 15,000+ episodes, 500+ series. We're looking for more active forum posters to help us liven them up - as they're not very active. We're also looking for people to help out uploading Anime for us, so we can place the streams and downloads on our site. We're constantly growing, and we add 2-5 series a day.

If you can't help by posting/livening up our forums, then feel free to chat in the chat (chatango). We're trying to get the website as active as possible. We have 60-80 people just sitting there quiet cause nobody knows what to talk about, and nobody initiates conversations (lol).

Also, if you's don't have time to check in sometimes and chat, then if possible, take our link: and post it on forums/sites/blogs/yahoo answers or whatever you go to. Helping us advertise our website, would be awesome!

If you'd like to help out upload, chat, post, advertise, or whatever, then please do. Asch, Flay and I are welcome to everything.

Thanks for listening, and reading.

jasoncarey 14-04-2010 05:02 AM

WOW! Your site is really great and attractive. I too would like to join you site and do some sort of chatting and share the ideas that lied in my mind since a long time.

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