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Fizzgig 26-09-2004 10:06 PM

Need Help Upgrading/Adding PHP
Greetings everyone,

Once my hosting company gets back to me, I'll be able to update my site again. I have a tall order for what I want to do. I want to make a login for my site using PHP and I know it will have a mySQL database for it. So first I need that script. Then I want to use that script/database as the means for users/visitors to sign up for a site newsletter, post to php forums, add pictures to the gallery php script, add a link to a php links script. Those are the main ones I might want to do other php stuff down the road but that is where I want to start.

I honestly don't have much time to learn php so I'm wondering if someone out there can point me in the direction on who might be able to do this for me either free or as cheap as possible if I have to pay.

Also any sites suggestions on where I can learn PHP in my very little share time?

Thanks to all, Peace.

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